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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 22, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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march in kansas, dozens of soldiers, returning home from iraq, greeted li friends, families and their beloved pets! one pooch, look at that, woman's best friend! last year we had that huge dog climbing over the soldier he came home to. gregg: lots of hugs and kisses there. have a great day, everybody! "happening now" begins now. >> jon: we begin with this fox news a
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back up a short time ago. >> jenna: you've been there several weeks, and i don't know how you might take this question, but is it scary? are you afraid of where you are now, does it seem like the pressure is increasing as far as what's happening with qaddafi forces and the rebels? >> >> reporter: i think the pressure is beginning to increase, only because when we were operating here, before, we had a heavy security presence, everything we did, and last night the fighting was close and heavy, and now we're in this position where we aren't getting much information from outside and it's been very hard to get information out. i'm on one of the few phones still working here. so it is tense, and it is edgy, and you know, the people who are guarding our complex say they're here for our safety, but when we ask if we can go out, we're told
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no, that's not possible. jenna: tadek, we'll continue to be in touch with you as far as updates throughout the day, tadek is in tripoli, in a hotel, jon, where he's not allowed to leave but is giving us the best report we can get from the ground there. jon: very dicey times there now and plenty of battles still raging but if you take a look, the sights and scenes relayed by alex crawford with sky news, alex traveling with the rebels as they moved into tripoli. >> the head of the convoy hag been going on, they don't want to take anything too for granted so they have to edge it along. most of the time -- >> [inaudible] >> and they seem to be waiting, very much a feeling so far in tripoli that things have gone very, very well for the rebels, and
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well, they feel like they've liberated the city. they are pouring out of their homes, suddenly, it was like well, we are welcomed. we weren't sure. remember, they kept watching state television, that's what they got into their homes, day after day, state television, telling us how it was going to be a blood bath here. >> [inaudible comments] >> they seem to be rallying the troops again. it's the scene -- we're very, very close to the center, and geographically, it doesn't seem to make much difference where they are in tripoli. we've driven through the entire half of the capitol and instead of qaddafi
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forces and checkpoints, it's been hundreds of civilians coming out, celebrating. jon: that's the incredibly courageous alex crawford from sky news, or sister network. now our chief correspondent james rosen joins us live, from the pentagon with the latest. we didn't hear so much about libya for so long. bring us up to speed. nato has seemed to ahave achieved or helped the rebels achieve a stunning victory here. >> that's right, nato airplanes have flown 20,000 missions over the past five months and that includes the 46 that they flew yesterday, close to 40 percent of nato's air missions, about 7500 runs, have been strike sortes, although not necessarily the dropping of bombs. yesterday's strikes included 18 indirect hits in tripoli proper, including the destruction or disabilityment of three cold and control facilities, one military sight, nine surface
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to air launcher, two radar installations, a tank and other targets. pentagon sources have confirmed to fox news that increased although i'd -- allied cooperation with the rebels, surveillance and reconnaissance proved key to the advance on the capitol yesterday. despite what appears to be the positive outcome, some military analysts remain skeptical of the process and decision making that led to it. >> when you decide to use force and it's arguable whether you should have in this case, i do think physical property. >> also, yesterday, five nato aircraft delivered
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humanitarian supplies, jon. jon: you know, i guess general cain was talking about this, it really depends how this all plays out for the ordinary libyan citizens. it really depends a lot on colonel qaddafi, what happens to him, if he can be found. what do we know about his status? >> reporter: well, the u.k. prime minister, david cameron, just wrapped up a session at the british national security council and emerged from that saying, quote, we have no confirmation of qaddafi's whereabouts. that's the state of play now intelligence sources have told fox news they have no evidence that qaddafi has left libya but of course this is a fluid situation, subject to change at any mom. these sources however also say that qaddafi's options were he to try to leave libya would be exceedingly limited now principle because rebel fighters are now believed to control 90 percent of tripoli or better. however, rebels had not at last check captured the bob al zawizia compound, that is
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where qaddafi is last known to have been holed up. jon: and it will be an interesting 24 hours ahead. james rosen at the pentagon for us right now, james, thank you. jenna: for more on this, we're joined by aaron miller, former adviser to six secretary of states, also author of the much too much promised land. aaron, you say that qaddafi is the least of our problems. why? >> it's the long term that's important. remember the last six months, i remember the breathless optimism and enthusiasm that many people evidenced, and yet, when you look at the situation, yemen, inconclusive, syria, assad still in power, bahrain, halif is still in power, even in tunisia, these are long movies, they're messy, and they're going to require an enormous amount of will and leadership on the part of the people who live in these countries. in libya, you've got a situation unlike any of the
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others, where for the first time, you actually will have a fundamental change in the political structure. qaddafi left for resilient institution, the political structure of this country, is ridden with tribal, political, geographic and ethnic divisions, is going to present a huge problem. so i think this is a wonderful outcome, whether qaddafi flees, whether it's captured, whether he takes his own life, or whether he's killed in the fighting, another bad man is not going to be with us for very much longer. but the long arc here, the future of the libyan people, their political institution, transparency, the whole oil issue, that's what really ought to concern nato, the arab league, the u.n. and certainly the united states. jenna: what should our role be in the next development? >> you know, i was one of those, i spent quite a while, 25 years, providing some good, some bad advice to secretary of states. this was a tough call.
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the president had a decision to make, do we intercede to prevent civilian atrocities or do we do thog -- nothing, so basically he split the these places is not can we win in iraq and afghanistan, it's when can we leave. so the last thing we need is another major american commitment of money, men, and resources. we need to do what we can, help with weapons collection, unfreeze libyan assets, try to cobble together perhaps a u.n. peace keeping force, in that's required, and provide what development assistance we can.
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jenna: aaron, let me jump in. i have breaking news from the pentagon crossing the wires, a pentagon spokesman saying at this time that any post-qaddafi mission does not include boots on the ground. that's one of the headlines coming across at this time, that also, our surveillance missions over libya will continue over the coming days, and finally, that they also do not believe that qaddafi has left libya. let's go back to one of the points you mentioned in passing about weapons. there's been a lot of variety of different reports of what qaddafi does or does not have, and what happens to those weapon, whatever they are, once this government falls. again, as far as strat good and our own national security, what is the best move? if we don't have boots on the ground there to find out what's there? and also to keep our country secure? >> it's true we may not have boots on the ground, but we have other kinds of shoes on the ground and have had them there for the last five months. jenna: what does that mean? >> it means that just
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because there are not formal military personnel on the ground in libya, that doesn't mean we don't have people there and those individuals who know the weapons business and the intel business can probably play a major role in securing weapons like the portable fa-7, which can be used to shoot down civilian airliners. the real problem for us is you've got a hemorrhaging, probably, from libyan stockpiles. now, if the next libyan government is prowestern, if it's coherent, if it essentially plays by the rules, it will be less of a prorks but if it wants to sell niece weapon, it could becomes factionalized. this can be a significant problem not just for the united states but for the west as well. jenna: and that's a fate we don't know yet as to what happens with the next government. aaron, always nice to have your insights, thank you for joining us. >> pleasure to be here. jon: there is word now that libyan state television is
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off the air, but over the weekend, one libyan anchor woman issued a chilling warning to opposition fighters amid warnings they were advancing towards tripoli, she lifted up a handgun and told rebels trying to oust qaddafi that staffers at that television network were ready to become martyrs. we will of course bring you up to the minute breaking news out of libya, get all the latest video to you as it comes out of the newsroom and if they go back on libyan tv with more handgun waving we'll bring you that. also stay online for continuous updates on the situation in libya right there on jenna: new evidence in the suspicious disappearance of an american in aruba, why investigators say a new witness could be key to finding out what happened to this woman. jon: also, a call to stop the violence, after two fights and two shootings at a preseason nfl game. police now searching for suspects, and a motive in these brutal weekend attacks.
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jenna: we have this fox news alert on a monday morning for you, an update on the storm track for hurricane irene. we first thought it would go towards florida, now we're getting word from the national hurricane center that it looks like it's going to be headed for south carolina as a category three. hurricane center is announcing, category three in south carolina. maria molina is going to be along in a short while to give us a breakdown of what we can expect from irene. jon: a search for suspects underway right now after a violence erupts at a preseason football game, two men wounded after one is shot, the other beaten. patti ann brown live with the latest. >> reporter: jon, actually, there were three major violent incidents during sunday's preseason northbound game in san francisco, as well as
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multiple brawls, as the 49ers took on the oakland raiders in candlestick park during the game, a 26-year-old man was knocked unconscious in what was described as a savage beating, he also remains hospitalized. as if that were not enough, there were multiple fights in the stand during the game, many caught on cell phone cameras and posted online. some say the word on the street is some of the violence was gang-related, others incidents may have been fueled by alcohol and team rivalry. no one is arrested yet, investigators loo fog for suspects and witnesses.
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san francisco police are seeking a man, 25-30 years old, at least 6-foot, 3 inches, 225 to 260 pounds. sergeant mike andrechec says he has a goatie, long hair tied in a pony tail and wearing blue jeans. this evokes memory of another act of violence involving two california rival teams, the near fatal beating of a san francisco giants fan outside dodgers stadium, 42-year-old brian stow suffered severe brain injuries and remains hospitalized in serious condition. jon: somebody needs to remind those fans, it's just a game. >> for sure. jon: patti ann, thank you. jenna: a massive new search underway now in aruba where police are coming the island for a -- combing the island for a trace of robin gardner, her traveling companion says robin was swept out to sea while they were snorkeling but a new witness may be poking hole
8:20 am
necessary that story. phil keating is streaming listening from aruba. >> reporter: this witness tells police he was on his boat close enough to the shoreline where jerry giordano and robin gardner were walking. he told police he identified them, saw the woman, the blond with the tattoos and her companion and said they never snorkeling but they walked on the beach, got back into his car and drove off. police don't believe the drowning story, either. they thoroughly searched weaforts around aruba and never found a body that they say would have surfaced had robin gardner truly dr [ male announcer ] it's a fact:
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when they go in that store, that may serve as a deterrent, jon. jon: i hope we figure out a way to get a handle on this problem. thanks for joining us. keep us updated. >> thank you, jon.
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jenna: breaking developments out of india at this hour where rebels are standing poised to take over the oil-producing nation from moammar gadhafi. this as the hunt for the libyan dictator rages on. we're liver with the latest developments from libya just ahead. plus how a change at the top of the country could after faebts e affect the -- global economy and your bottom line. we'll go in depth, next.
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jon: a fox news alert and a change in the track of hurricane irene. take a look at the storm as
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it roils right over san juan, puerto rico right now. authorities are saying now that the track has been adjusted to the north. it is now predicted that irene is going to head towards south carolina and, charleston is right in the center of what janice dean would call the cone of uncertainty. they don't quite know this far out exactly where it will hit. the track will take it toward south carolina. thinking it could hit south carolina or maybe north carolina as a category 3 storm. hurricane hugo hit charleston back in 1990, maybe '91. i believe that was also a category 3 storm. it tore that city up pretty well. let's hope that it doesn't get another direct hit from this storm but that is what it expected of hurricane irene. we'll keep you updated from the fox extreme weather center. jenna: fox news alert. headed back overseas to libya where rebels
8:34 am
reportedly control most of the capital city of tripoli. while two of qaddafi's sons are in custody the libyan dictator is still in hiding. dominic, what is the latest on that report and what is happening in the region? >> reporter: jenna, there are conflicting reports with regards to exactly where colonel dpa introduce if i -- gadhafi is at this time. same said he fled to algeria friday morning. some say he passed through tunisia border to do that in a convoy of 15 land cruisers. no confirmation of that. we haven't seen him. he was saying he was in the capitol and calling on people to defend the city, the city is fallen. tripoli, 95% of the city controlled by the rebels now. there are apparently still skirmishes and fighting going on in several parts of the city.
8:35 am
loyalists and parts of the libyan army still holding out. but the rebels, are completely steam rolling through the city in the past 24 hours. it started off with 12 to 15,000 troops. they have all convened on the city. apparently more reinforcements for rebels are coming in from the south and east to the west. we're hearing they're also arriving by sea. a definitive claim on the city. until colonel gadhafi actually appears, jenna, we don't know exactly what his status actually is. will he resign? has he been captured? his two sons are captured. the criminal court in the hague are preparing to receive those. we don't know exactly how they will be transported but that is where they're heading to answer for their crimes against humanity. that is one of the charges they're facing. jenna: as dominic reports a variety of reports coming out of tripoli. it is tough to get journalists in to move around freely. dominic dinatale from
8:36 am
tunisia. jon: we're joined by christian white, former state department senior advisor. christian, i guess we want to be glad that moammar gadhafi is ink considering by his fingernails to power and he is on his way out but who comes in next? >> jonathan, it will be transitional national council that is body many in washington lamented we know very little about. this is group of people more knowable and better known to us frankly than any of the other revolutions that swept across the middle east. they do have a plan in place. they brushed it up at the end of july and have on about working on it since how to take control, transition into power and stand up a democratic government with a president. there will be a lot of turbulence ahead. but actually i think there is cause for significant optimism on the road ahead in libya. jon: you sound fairly positive? >> yeah, i think there's, i think things on the ground in libya will look a lot better frankly than they did in egypt and certainly a lot
8:37 am
better than bag gadd. -- baghdad. a lot of inappropriate analogies being drawn to the postwar situation in iraq. trope pillly is a lot different. libya is not sandwiched between iran and iraq. a lot of better factors at play here. frankly, jon, i think the bigger story what this war says about the broader strategic environment we now find ourselves in. jon: what does that say to you? what's the answer to that question? >> well, i think some new realities are becoming apparent both abroad and domestically. most significant to me i think is the increasing irrelevance of nato and western europe. this should have been nato's finest hour. they just contributed to a war concluded successfully but frankly from the beginning it is now apparent nato is nothing without the united states. we were dragged into this war, somewhat reluctantly by france and britain. our role was supposed to be transitional at the beginning but it became apparent even a modest air operation couldn't be pulled off without the u.s. and the
8:38 am
american taxpayer contributing more than 75% of the military and the dollars. so we've talked about a point in the future where western europe and nato become less relevant. i would say that is now the present. jon: if you are assad in syria, are you shaking in your shoes a bit more right now because what happened to gadhafi? >> certainly doesn't look good. an untold story of all these revolutions the fake republic, dictatorship dressed up as pseudo democracies have not fared very well at all. they fared much worse than the monarchies frankly. assad and another head after fake republic should have a lot to worry about. the revolution there, the uprising there taken a different and perhaps even a smarter path. one of nonviolence at least on their part. the regime is being extremely violent the fact that it persists despite levels of violence frankly would even make the chinese
8:39 am
government blanch is testament to the quality of that dissent movement. jon: former state department senior adviser. christian, thank you. >> thank you, jon. jon: viewers can catch more of christian in about an hour. he will join jonathan hunt on keep up with all the latest developments in libya. jenna: we're also watching the oil markets for the impact on prices. this is one of the side stories we watch as we watch these developments. joining me the co-host of the five, eric bolling. hurricane and fed chair speaking and now libya? does this surprise you? what do you think of the reaction thus far? >> early this morning on the heels of libyan news, oil was down $2 a barrel. the 1.6 million barrels that had been basically off-line in libya will come back online. so oil traders look for prices, more oil on the market, oil prices go lower.
8:40 am
that turned around a little bit as the stock market started to tick up. people are saying hey, if this is good for the american economy, that means there will be more demand for oil products, prices started to go up. as the stock market retreats, if you're watching this, so did the oil price. in other words at one point the stock market was up 200 points. now it is 40 or so higher. the oil price jumped after the lower morning is starting to ease. about $82.5 a barrel right now. very important to note, the rebels in libya were very, very smart. they protected the libyan oil fields. 48 to $52 billion in that range in oil revenues will come out of that region if the oil price stays at $83 a barrel. remember, we were up to $115 a barrel at one point. jenna: right. >> average price around $95 a barrel. there is substantial revenue coming from that area. they didn't attack those areas. they were very smart. remember before, saddam hussein was he can tracked out of kuwait he lit the kuwaiti oil fields on fire.
8:41 am
that put upward pressure on prices. jenna: interesting perspective about this. what a couple weeks it has been for the markets. now we have the spotlight on libya. the question now, eric as we take a look at market levels, general stock market, oil prices do you think that traders have priced in turmoil in the middle east? >> i do. jenna: is that already in the market right now? >> i do, jenna. you're 100% right. everyone knew the peak production is 1.6 million barrels a day. very high quality oil. people expected that to come online as soon as there was kind of a resolution going on there. i think they're seeing that. the real interesting play here, the interesting part of this, the politics of it, you know, france and great britain were out in front of this they led the charge into removing gadhafi. guess who will benefit the most from a post-gadhafi oil world? it is france and great britain. total, bp, they will be the first ones back in there. some of the countries
8:42 am
pro-gadhafi, china, russia, they will have a hard time getting back into those oil regions. the world really needs that oil. it is light sweet, very high-grade oil that produce as lot of gasoline. very good for the gasoline markets around the world. jenna: interesting to see those pieces come together. i was trying to get you to predict stability. do you see that? >> whatever goes on in the middle east makes prices go higher. whatever goes on in america makes prices go higher. we need to drill more here to get stable prices. jenna: this is something you will talk about at 5:00 p.m. eastern time with the five. eric, thank you very much. jon: honoring a fallen pilot after a tragic accident. why organizers said the show must go on even after this terrible accident at a us air show. jenna: wow, take a look at that. potentially deadly storm bearing down on puerto rico right now. we'll have more on hurricane irene as the new forecast as it is strengthening and
8:43 am
hidded right for us on the east coast. jon: also, a stunning tribute to an american civil rights hero. why dr. martin luther king, jr. larger than life memorial is being called the first-of-its-kind in more ways than one.
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jenna: right now the brand new martin luther king, jr. memorial is open to the public for the first time. in fact it has been open about 46 minutes right now. it will be dedicated on sunday in a special ceremony by the president on the 48th anniversary of this historic speech. >> i have a dream, that one day this nation will rise up. jenna: harry johnson, president and ceo of the martin luther king, jr. national memorial project foundation. mr. johnson, congratulations. how does it feel to finally be here at this point? >> oh, what a great feeling it is for us to say that we're here. the dedication is here. we're going to dedicate this
8:47 am
memorial on sunday. jenna: since 1996 congress granted permission for this memorial to happen, to be built. how, it was going to be done with another question, we're taking a look at what the memorial looks like at this time. it really has been a labor of love, hasn't it? you had to raise a heck of a lot of money during a tough economic time. what was the biggest challenge getting this project done?. >> money of course. when we got ready to kick off the public campaign, 9/11 happened the same week. so it delayed that a week. then tsunami and katrina. every 18 months there was something. we persevered. how grateful we raised 115 of the $120 million needed. jenna: $5 million more. where does the money go to? where was the major expense? >> major expense of course was construction dollars with material, labor. so, that's where most of it went to, yes. jenna: you split it between corporate sponsors and individuals.
8:48 am
individuals can donate as well if they like to donate to this memorial? >> yes, they can. how pleased we are, we had great corporate sponsors, foundations high dollar net worth individuals and every-day americans who have donated $5, $10. they can still donate. go to the dedicate the website and make a donation in any amount. we would appreciate it. jenna: mr. johnson, you've been on forefront of getting this memorial done. just as a personal journey, how has that been for you? >> it's been a labor of love, as you stated. and what better place can one put himself or herself in than to say you helped build a national memorial to a man like dr. king, the first of his king, to a man of peace, nonpresident and first man of color on our nation's mall. jenna: it is one of those times in history, isn't it, you wonder what would he say now? what would it be now to have his leadership here? obviously a question we can't answer but at least we
8:49 am
can celebrate his legacy. as you mentioned the 48th anniversary of the i have a dream speech. the president will be there. you expect 250,000 people there at the mall? >> 250,000 to 300,000 people. how apropos it is this is living memorial. so we have dr. king's words etched on a wall. and they will live into infamy and they have relevance today as when he first spoke them. jenna: mr. jobs son thanks for joining us on this historic week and congratulations again, sir. >> i appreciate it. jon: it will be amazing place. check it out. jenna: that is spectacular. jon: tracking the latest in libya. the search is on for colonel qaddafi as rebel leaders plan their next move to penetrate his compound in tripoli. the question is, is he inside? it has been a long and bloody battle for the capitol of that nation. also tracking hurricane irene. the fast-moving storm slamming parts of puerto rico already.
8:50 am
when and where it is expected to hit the u.s. we'll get your foxcast coming up.
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jon: which have a warning the video in this story is pretty hard to watch. it is of an airshow stunt that goes horribly wrong in michigan. it was caught on tape. of the wing walker you see on the biplane is trying to grasp that helicopter skid. he then lost his footing and fell 200 feet to his death. witnesses say, there was a strap, he was trying to get his hand inside of on that helicopter skid but the helicopter or the plane pulled away before he was fully able to grasp onto the skid and his hand was
8:54 am
secured. now that stuntman has been performing this aerial stunt for more than 25 years. he was a well-known wing walker. his death is certainly a tragedy in the aviation world. jenna: extreme weather alert for you now. hurricane irene quickly gaining strength over the caribbean where strong winds and heavy rain devastating parts of puerto rico. you can see downed trees and flooded streets. just some of the destruction in the wake of the fast-moving hurricane. now we're learning irene is making its way towards the bahamas. maybe days away from hitting the u.s. coast. the question is where and when. hopefully maria molina can answer the questions. she is in fox news weather center. >> hi, jenna. we're tracking a storm that could potentially impact the southeastern coast of the u.s. it is important everyone in the area remain alert and make preparations now. it is never too late to
8:55 am
actually get started. we are tracking the storm system. like you mentioned, jenna, we have the storm system pulling away from puerto rico. conditions should gradually improve throughout the day. most of the heavy rain making its way off towards the west towards the dominican republican where we can see hurricane conditions as early as this afternoon. south eastern bahamas could see hurricane conditions by tuesday and late tuesday we could look at the hurricane conditions in the central bahamas. this is pretty quick-moving storm system and pretty powerful and will continue to gain strength as it moves into open waters the next several days. currently sustained winds at 80 miles an hour. a category 1 hurricane. it is expected to rapidly grain strength as it moves to the north, northwest. the next 12 hours will be telling the exact track the storm will take to the southeast u.s.. the closer to the dominican republic waker the storm will remain. it pulls its energy from the
8:56 am
warm ocean waters. now it is forecast to remain north of the dominican republic making a north, northwest track before making a northward track as we head into the week and into the weekend. big change here. there are is change in the forecast track. many forecast models have the storm pulling further off towards the east away from the coast of florida. that said, florida is still in the cone of uncertainty. so that means that there is still a chance that we could see impacts out here. if the storm does stick to that line in red, that is the forecast track, it would be impacting charleston, south carolina by saturday morning as a major hurricane, category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 115 miles an hour. of course there is still a lot of time to go here. we could continue to see changes. many models continue to pull the storm further off toward the east. as far as hurricane advisories. we have had changes. hurricane warning in effect for southeastern portions of the bahamas and a watch for
8:57 am
central portions of bahamas. jenna: something to keep an eye on. thank you very much. jon: the hunt for libyan dictator muammar qaddafi is on. there is new word from the pentagon where he might be. this as rub else -- rebels take control of most of his capitol city. we'll have live team coverage from tripoli on very fast-breaking developments there.
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never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ why settle for a one-note cereal? get more with honey bunches of oats. four nutritious grains come togetfor more taste, more texture, more healthy satisfaction. have a bowl of happy. jenna: high noon on the east coast. fox news alert. u.s. officials believe today of requires still in libya. that is according to the pentagon. we are so glad you're with us on this monday, i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. rebels are celebrating in the streets of tripoli after claiming they control most of that capitol city. rebel forces of hunting down moammar qaddafi and telling him to surrender. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with the latest for us. >> reporter: defense officials suggest that the latest intelligence suggests that
9:01 am
moammar qaddafi has not left tripoli. they think he is still in tripoli. that makes some sense since his two sons were left behind. they were caught by opposition rebels yesterday as they entered the capitol of tripoli. opposition forces are in control of an estimated 95% of the capitol. the last time the world heard from moammar qaddafi was on state television this worker, in which he urged his supporters, to keep fighting and take up arms against the quote, rebel rats. he has not been heard from since. david cameron issued the following statement this morning, quote, we have no confirmation of moammar qaddafi's whereabouts but at least two of his sons were detained. it did add two predator drones to the mix in recent days to help opposition forces as they moved into the capitol. pentagon reporters were told a
9:02 am
few moments ago that the u.s. would not commit any boots on the ground in the post moammar qaddafi era but would continue flying intelligence and surveillance flights and refueling missions over libya. nato took control of the mission. the cost has been close to a billion dollars. that does not include foreign military sales to nato's allies. there also was $25 million that the u.s. government gave to the transitional national council. that is the opposition group representing the rebels, jon. jon: changes are changing there by the second. thank you. jenna: from the pentagon to the state department where we've expecting a briefing on the situation in libya any moment. wendell goler is there with the latest. >> reporter: the president says the momentum against moammar qaddafi has reached a tipping
9:03 am
point and tripoli is slipping from his grasp, and the president's focus is shifting from moammar qaddafi to the opposition, the transnational council, mr. obama calling on that group to demonstrate the leadership necessary to get the country through the turmoil by respecting the rights of the libyan people and avoiding civilian casualties. the season of conflict the president says must give way to one of peace. mr. obama has been monitoring events from his vacation site on martha's vineyard. his deputy security adviser john brennan is there with him. here is ban ki moon. >> what we are witnessing is testament to the courage of the libyan people to seek a tpre and democratic future. it is crucial now for the conflict to end with no further loss of life and retribution.
9:04 am
>> reporter: egypt today recognized the libyan opposition as the legitimate government as did a bo the council prince in abu dabi. they said it would hoped it would end the violence. hugo chavez one of the few world leaders still supporting moammar qaddafi. [speaking spanish] >> democratic governments are europe, well not all of them but we know who they are are demolish tripoli with their bombs, and the allegedly democrat, democratic government of the u.s. too, just because they like to or feel like it. >> reporter: asylum was ruled out for moammar qaddafi as he's wanted for war crimes.
9:05 am
jon: let's take a look at the political implication -gs of possible regime change in libya. bret baier joins us. president obama wanted moammar qaddafi out of libya. what comes next? >> reporter: it's important to tput th put the caveat on there that it hasn't happened yet. it is expected to happen at one point. we've heard for weeks on end that his days are numbered. that number may be a lot smaller now. i think the white house and the president are playing cautious with the statements. they are trying not to get ahead of the situation on the ground, and nato has put out statements looking for a calm from this transitional national council. there is a lot of uncertainty here as you start this process, and moammar qaddafi if he than deed gets out soon, when you hand over power in a regime change there is a lot of
9:06 am
uncertainty. one european official last night saying we are now entering the beginning of the twilight zone. nobody knows what comes next. this is a very dangerous time on the ground in libya. jon: a lot of if's obviously, if moammar qaddafi does go and there is some kind of regime change ain't looks like that's basically been accomplished, does the congressional displeasure with the way this war has been run by the administration, does that go away or is that still to be investigated? >> reporter: i think there will still be folks who think could could have been done better. if the end result is that moammar qaddafi leads and the traditional national council sets up quickly and establishes some sort of control over the country, which again is a big question mark, then i think a lot of the criticism will die down a bit. we'll have the chairman of the house intelligence committee mike rogers on special report tonight to talk about that very question, about the criticism, about what he knows about this incoming force the tnc.
9:07 am
remember that libya is a very tribal country, different pockets of different tribes. making sure that they all come together when you don't have a strongman who has been in power for 42 years is a big challenge in a place like libya. jon: nobody seems to assume that the government that comes out of this is going to look like, you know, the usa in miniature. it's going to be a very different libya without moammar qaddafi in power. >> reporter: sure, you had a dictator there who essentially ruled by power, and ruled by force, and to here and the ta dotes of people on the ground about how that happened over the years is pretty telling. but how to get control of all the different factions in libya with a centralized government as this transitional national council is getting rec noosed from around the world is a big challenge as we saw in iraq,
9:08 am
obviously after saddam hussein, specially in the early days after that transfer. jon: bret baier thank you. we'll look forward to the special report this evening. he'll have a wrap-up of all of today's news from washington. congressman mike rogers is tonight, and every week night 6pm eastern right here on fox news channel. jenna: the president says jobs are his top priority but his approval rating on the economy is sinking to record lows. now republican presidential candidates are focus using on getting americans back to work as they hit the campaign trail. shannon bream is live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: as a country awaits the president's september speech in which he will layout his jobs plan the gop candidates are already rolling out theirs for potential voters to consider. former massachusetts governor and presumptive frontrunner mitt
9:09 am
romney says president obama has focused on what he calls an antijobs, antigrowth agenda. his plan is to cut spending, repeal obamacare and waist full programs. the man who is getting a whole lot of attention because of his record on jobs, texas governor rick perry says he's the one with the right formula. >> 40% of all the new jobs created in america have been in texas. i want to take that success to this country, because what we put in place in texas with the low taxes, and the fair and predictable regulatory climate and the legal system that doesn't allow for over suing. we have freed the entrepreneur. >> reporter: congresswoman michelle bachmann says if she implements her plan you'll start to see results in just 3 months. part of they are plan is reforming the tax code and that's something rick santorum has h high on his list as
9:10 am
well. >> i would cut the corporate tax for all manufacturers from 35% to zero. you want to get jobs back in this country you create a tax system that allows us to make things here and compete here and be profitable here. >> reporter: there are number of other gop contenders with their own jobs plans, too many for this report. but we'll keep looking at others throughout the day. jenna: and the viewers are anxiously waiting what one works. whatever that is. >> reporter: yes. jon: new developments to tell you about today in a dramatic shootout with police, one officer shot in the neck. police responding to a call this an armed man had set a home on fire. we'll tell you what they have now found inside that home. we are also awaiting a briefing at the state department on his rapid fire developments coming out of libya right now. moammar qaddafi's 40--year-old regime crumbling before our eyes. we'll bring you the latest,
9:11 am
coming up. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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jenna: a quick fox business alert. let's take a look at the dow after a rough couple of weeks. the dow is trading slightly higher today up 63 points. it almost seems normal after we've seen 4-hundred point flings. we were in great international turmoil and turmoil in our own economy, it's better to reflect on what we with do better with our money. we have dave rhames see, host of the dave ramsey show, financial adviser beings ordinary. dave, what can you tell folks that are rattled by what is happening in the world today. >> reporter: there is always something happening in the world. there is an interesting study done on the stock market if you go back and look at all the geopolitical events that occur that caused the market to go down, if every time you did that, every time the stock market dropped because of some
9:15 am
kind of situation like libya you were to freak out and sell, you could destroy several fortunes in one lifetime. so the stock market is all about looking past those things and riding it out with a long-term mentality. jenna: long-term mentality. what is your long-term advice what it comes to the gold market? one of the headlines we woke up to this morning is gold is pushing $1,900 an ounce. is there a strategy for an average investor who would like to dabble in the gold market? >> if you want to dabble in the gold market you're not really an investor, you're more of a speculator. i would guess between now and christmas you could probably make money on gold. i don't know that for sure, obviously. i won't be trying, i don't speculate, i'm not a gambler and i don't buy into markets that are fear driven. the gold prices are totally driven by fear of the economy and fear of the world situation right now. they are not driven by any
9:16 am
reality. translation it's a bubble. there is going to be a point the thing is going to take a drive. i don't know when it's going to be. it has gone up a lot in a couple of years. you could make money if you're thinking in a one or two year window. i advice our clients with 401k and life savings to invest it with a ten or 20 year goal set and gold would not be a good place to do that. jenna: even though we're dumping into the 401k, what is the right questions to ask about making sure your position for that long term strategy you're mentioning is sound. >> reporter: you want growth, and mutual funds. i spread mine across four, growth, growth, income, aggressive growth and international. the way i check those funds is not against the headline of the
9:17 am
day, and not against the emotion of fear that we all face when there is uncertainty out there. i check those funds against other funds or in decksess in similar categories. if i've got an aggressive growth stock mutual fund, everyone else's is shooting up, mine is going down, i may have picked a bad one. so i do an annual checkup. jenna: an annual checkup. a personal question for you dave, we everee talked over the past couple of years about investing. i'm curious about this crisis that we everee been through or are still in now in our country, has it changed the advice that you've begin folks? have you personally learned something from the crisis that you think is important to share? >> no, not really. the think that has really been solidified in my mind and i've taught people this for a couple of decades is do not be investing in the stock market unless you're going to think long term. this stuff will give you an ulcer, it causes people to jump
9:18 am
out windows, it's crazy out there. the 2008 when things dove with all the tarp stuff and that, i laughing lee said every time the president makes a speech i place another order, and i don't. long term, long term. i'm a lot heavier in real estate than i was. thinks the best time to buy real estate in the last 50 years. jenna: that's interesting if you have the money to invest that might be something to take a look at. dave, thank you very much. always nice to talk to you, sir. >> thank you, jenna. jon: what about dave ramsey for secretary of the treasury. so kauplg. new developments in a shooting of a police officer in southern. the officer was hit as he responded to a call that an armed man had set a home on fire. patti ann browne at the news desk with the latest on this. >> reporter: this story gets bigger and more tragic. we want to warn everyone that the video we are good to show you is extremely graphic, be
9:19 am
aware of that. violence rocked a residential street in southern california yesterday evening. it's possible that three people are dead, although police will not confirm that. police say it began with a call about a man seen entering a house in el cajon carrying a gun. when police and fire units respond they say someone fired several rounds from inside the house. an officer was shot in the neck. fellow officers as you can see in the video dragged him to safety with the help of a civilian. then the house went up in flames. nearby homes were evacuated while firefighters fought the blaze. helicopters dropped water on the fire. it could be seen from blocks away. when it was safe s.w.a.t. team members entered. they found at least one dead body by the front door. el cajon are not releasing any details as they continue their investigation. they will not say whether the dead person was the shooter and there are conflicting reports as to whether order bodies were found in the house. local reports identify the shooter at 32-year-old kevin
9:20 am
collier. he's also suspected of killing his one-year-old daughter and his mother-in-law. the local cbs station says his wife had filed for divorce. craigslist had an add for a garage sale on prince street. the listing says, i need everything gone asap. as for the wounded officer the 28-year-old is in critical but stable condition after surgery. he is not being identified and detectives are still investigating this tragedy, jon. jon: incredible. scary. jenna: hurricane irene picking up strength as it pounds puerto rico today. this storm is on track to hit the east coast. we have all the breaking developments out of libya. in moments former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton will join us. we'll ask him what our role in
9:21 am
this country should be just ahead. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system.
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jon: a fox extreme weather alert. right now hurricane irene is slamming puerto rico and threatening to hit the u.s. mainland this weekend. maria molina is keeping an eye on the storm live in the fox weather center. what is up, maria. >> reporter: we are tracking irene, unfortunately the storm system is expected to strengthen very rapidly over the next several days. we did get direct impact from the storm system in puerto rico early this morning that's when it was deemed that this was a hurricane with sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. it has street end since then. now it does have sustained winds at 80 miles per hour, and currently bringing in heavy rainfall into eastern portions of the dominican republic. we are expecting turk conditions
9:25 am
along northern pourings of the dominican republic as early as this afternoon across southeastern portions of the bahamas as early as tomorrow and central bahamas by late tomorrow night. this system has a lot of moisture. there are isolated amounts that could receive up to ten inches of rain over the next several days, including southeastern portions of the bahamas. that's where we're looking at the greatest impact as far as storm surge goes. we could see water levels raised 4 to 6 feet above tide levels. that will be a concern. mod aels have a tendency to pull the form further off to the east. now we're thinking the center of the storm should remain east of the coast of florida and also it begins to impact portions of the carolinas as we head into this weekend. there is still a lot of uncertainty. there's several days that we need to continue to track the storm system. we'll keep a close eye on it. the storm system is expected to continue to strengthen the next few days, become a category 2
9:26 am
hurricane as we hea over the bahamass and category 3 as it strengthens. jon: thanks. jenna: the pentagon believes moammar qaddafi is still in libya. in the meantime congressman mike rogers says, quote, we should be proud of the role the united states and its allies have played. let's ask ambassador john bolton. a former ambassador to the u.n. and also a fox news contributor. is this something we can be proud of as a nation? >> i don't think we can be as proud as we'd like to be. there is no doubt the rebels would not have prevailed without nato's assistance. if nato did what it did this weekend, the real question is why we didn't do it five months ago. i think had nato acted swiftly
9:27 am
and decisively we would have reduced the human toll of this five-months long war. jenna: why do you think we didn't do it? >> i think lack of presidential leadership. france and britain couldn't carry it on their own. nato has always been the united states, it always has been. we left our nato allies a drift. that's why it took five months to get here. jenna: we don't know yet if the dictate eris gone. there is a lot of uncertainty here. we see the video of celebrations in the streets but we have limited access to really get live pictures of what is happening inside of there. do you have any concerns about some of these early reports? >> i don't think there is any doubt moammar qaddafi's ra skwroepl has been toppled. i don't see how he gets back to power. the question now is how bloody the exit is going to be. both he and other bitter enders loyal to him could make it very bloody indeed. jenna: that is the question that is out there today. what about a template?
9:28 am
we're looking at what is happening in the quote unquote arab spring, i guess now the summer. you look at places like syria. based on what we've seen over the last five months is this something that he we could follow a template, use in syria, for example, because of requests for bashar al-assad to step down just like moammar qaddafi was asked to step down. >> iran has a huge interest in keeping bashar al-assad's regime in power, and they will spill a lot of blood to do that. i don't think there is a template. the only honest answer going forward is we don't know what will emerge. jenna: let me mention the statement that i was listening to in a news conference, a representative from the national cons eugs tphal council was speaking earlier today. one of the things he said, we are to prove we are a moderate islamic nation that respects human rights. i thought that was an interesting statement. this has mainly been a secular
9:29 am
situation in libya. we haven't talked about the muslim brotherhood as we have in egypt. is there something we should be talking about? is an islamic current somewhere in the unification of some of these tribes. >> it is a muslim country. i think that statement is actually quite encouraging. i hope that's what they are able to do. nato said some months ago there were al-qaida elements among the rebel forces. i think one likely scenario is a struggle among different rebel leaders to see who will emerge as the leaders of the post moammar qaddafi regime. we have a big stake in that, we won't prowestern believers in an open free society not radical islamists to take control. jenna: still in the region we've been following this story of the two american hikers imprisoned in iran. we have the u.n. council meetings coming up in december. ahmadinejad usually comes here, makes statements at that time. we always expect news from him.
9:30 am
we got news over the weekend these two hikers have to serve an eight year sentence and didn't hear much else. what can be done, what should be done, what do you think about the state of these two americans. >> this is a traffi travesty. the worse thing they did was make a mistake in judgment. they shouldn't be sentenced to jail as all. they are being used as bargaining chips in a larger iranian strategy, probably involving the nuclear weapons programs. unfortunately these two young people are victims. it serves as a lesson for parents in american tell your children to observe the walk and don't walk signs at crosswalks and don't go near the borders of iran. jenna: always good to have you. >> thank you. jenna: jon. jon: rebels are pushing closer to taking control of that country. after six months of nighting they want something that can never be taken for granted.
9:31 am
>> they don't speak much english but they know the word freedom. chloe is 9onths old.
9:32 am
she is the greatest hingr.
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9:34 am
jenna: fox news alert, the president keeping close tabs on rapid developments in libya today from his vacation spot in martha's vineyard. that's where we find chief
9:35 am
correspondent henry. it's a busy time for the president, vacation or not. >> reporter: that's right, jenna. we have not seen the president yet today, laying a little bit low. yesterday he was trying to stay in vacation mode. we got pictures of him with the first lady coming out of a restaurant here in the martha's vineyard area. he played a little bit of golf yesterday. in between all that his aides say he was getting briefings and regular updates about the situation in libya. late last night about 9pm eastern time he convened a secure conference call at the home that valerie jarrett, the white house aide is using on the island. he had leon panetta and others join that all from all around the world. the president has not come out on camera yet. in part he told the media in a brief comment that he doesn't want to get out ahead of the facts on the ground. he wants to wait to see what kind of confirmation the u.s.
9:36 am
gets about moammar qaddafi's whereabouts, et cetera. he did put out a written statement, saying, quote the momentum against the moammar qaddafi regime has reached a tipping point. tripoli is slipping from the grasp of a tyrant. the people of libya are showing that the universal pursuit of freedom and dignity are far stronger than the iron fist of a dictator. that came out late last night. in about 45 minutes we will get a briefing from josh earnest the senior press aid traveling with the president. it will be the first formal briefing during this vacation. it will give us a chance to press him on details about exactly what kind of information the president has been getting and what we can expect from the administration in the days ahead. one little hint we got at the end of the president's statement last night. he had a message for the rebels to have a smooth and quick transition to democracy as
9:37 am
possible, this administration keeping that close eye on what that transition is going to be like and making sure that this is not chaos for an extended period of time. jenna:ed henry thank you very much. reporting live from martha's vineyard today. jon: for more on the developments that the president is money erring while on martha's vineyard, developments in libya we are joined by elliott abrams, former national security adviser to george w. bush, also a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. you have been critical of the way mr. obama has handled this libya situation so far. now it appears that the united states and nature tore on the verge of success in toppling this guy. does the president get to claim the credit? >> well the president gets to claim a little credit, beating moammar qaddafi is something the united states and nato were always going to be able to do, the problem is it's taken a longtime to get there, a lot of dead libyans, and a real crisis in nato. if we went in there with nato
9:38 am
and then the president pulled back. next time we us need to use nato i'm wondering if the kwroerpl yans wilthe europeans will be as willing to go along. we could have done it earlier with with more leadership. jon: ambassador bolton said we could have done it earlier and it wouldn't be so protracted. >> we could have done it months ago. this is a tin horn dictator. the whole world is united against him and it took six months. the whole thing is the obama leading from behind pose, particularly on the military where we went in and pulled back, that gave very much the wrong message. jenna: what about bashar al-assad in syria, what is the message to him? what does the future hold for him? >> i think this swivel's everybody's guns to assad.
9:39 am
i think the next step is onto toda damascus, the final dictator who has to go. the president called for his departure last weeks, months after the rebellion against him had begun. we need to tighten the economic sanctions right now. we have to try to prevent any exporting of oil from syria. it's about 150,000 barrels a day. it's a big deal for the economy of that regime. i think that is really the next step. jon: so, in terms of the president's claiming, you know, victory in libya, and perhaps taking credit for a good decision, i mean, yeah it took a little while to get there, but, you know, you've got libyan dictator moammar qaddafi on his way out. it does seem that the president can make it a political issue as he gets ready to run again. >> well, he will try. i mean the white house line is going to be that this proves the
9:40 am
president handled it brilliant lee. i just don't think that's so. i think we could have been here months before. the question i would have for the white house is the permanent lingering damage we've done to our closes allies, to our best alliance, to nato, i think that is obama-inflicted damage that didn't need to happen. jon: you're talking about the way the air campaign began and then after a few days the president essentially pulled out and said, you know, this is nato's baby now? >> that is exactly right. i mean we have unique capabilities, the air to ground a10 aircraft, the president pulled that back. that did not need to happen. this could have happened a lot sooner and with a lot less damage to libya and to our most important alliance which are nato. jon: are you fairly confident about who takes over once moammar qaddafi is gone? >> no i think it's probably wrong to assume this is going to be a kind of velvet revolution. there will be a lot of ups and downs. libyans, like america and americans.
9:41 am
we don't have any colonial history there the way europeans do. i think we could have a significant influence there. i'd like to see is ramp up the u.s. embassy now. it's out of libya now, when we go back i think we need a much bigger and stronger embassy to allow american influence to grow in libya. jon: he will yacht abrams was a national security adviser to george w. bush. thank you. >> thank you. jenna: interesting to hear from he will yachfrom he will yacht aeu brahms, we should turn our attention to syria. human rights groups are reporting more than 2,000 syrians have been killed in the violence. leland vittert is live watching this story. >> reporter: it's interesting there are a lot of similarities in the narrative between what is going on in libya and what is beginning to happen inside of syria. bashar al-assad is basically saying to his troops, crush this
9:42 am
rebellion as whatever the price and the violence is really overwhelming. they've taken on a new two prong approach there. they have gunmen walking the streets randomly killing people, that has happened today. the military is trying to white wash and cleanup a lot of what is going on ahead of a u.n. security group coming to inspect parts of the country. the opposition is getting a lot of support from all over the world, the u.s. and a number of european countries all said that bashar al-assad must step down, the time to go is now. turkey has offered a lot of help to the opposition, a place in the northern border to help organize. he is equally as defiant as moammar qaddafi was. bashar al-assad is brutal in his tactics but he's slightly more polished on how he presents himself and a little more civilized in his tone when he spoke on syrian state tv. take a listen.
9:43 am
>> this is a call to the president that the u.s. has put into power. the syrian people don't take orders from the outside. we need to look to iraq, afghanistan and libya to see millions are suffering, to know which president should step do down. >> reporter: there's two things that bashar al-assad has in his corner which moammar qaddafi did not. number one is his air force which is much more sophisticated, much stronger and better equipped than the libyan air force was. he hasn't used it there. there would be no reason to call for a no-fly zone. number two bashar al-assad is closely aligned with iran. moammar qaddafi dew point have any friend out there, bashar al-assad has a big friend in the ruling marty in iran and that also means he has a lot of protection. the word has gone out if somebody wants to try to military intervene inside syria to stop this violence that's killed more than 2,000 people, you're not just picking a fight with bashar al-assad, you're picking a fight with iran too and that is something that could
9:44 am
very easily start a regional war in the middle east. jenna: that examination the story, leland thank you very much. a story we'll continue to watch. jon: that dramatic shift where rebels say they control tripoli sets the stage for new leadership in the country. straight ahead national reaction from world leaders, and who takes over? tritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system. ensure clinical strength... helping you to bounce back. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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9:48 am
crime, then they were set free, where they will remain. why? in today's "kelly's court." see you at the top of the hour. jenna: world leaders are saying the end is near for moammar qaddafi's regime. still, no one can find him and his forces are fighting at this very moment. nato says it will keep up the pressure and won't let up until all of moammar qaddafi's forces surrender. the question is how bloody will the final battles be, what is next? greg palkot is live in london with more on this. >> reporter: european nato have been two of the main forces behind this revolt in libya. now that it looks like we could be seeing the end games the leaders in europe are coming out and speaking out. u.k. prime minister david cameron has been one of the big advocates of international action. he talked up the idea of freeing up funds which had been frozen as a part of the freezing of the
9:49 am
assets of the regime of moammar qaddafi, and also had this to say about what exactly his experts are saying is happening on the ground right now. take a listen. >> we have no confirmation of moammar qaddafi's whereabouts but at least two of moammar qaddafi's sons have been detained. his regime is falling a part and is in full retreat. moammar qaddafi must stop fighting without conditions and clearly show that he has given up any claim to control libya. as for his future, that should be a decision for the chairman and the new libyan authorities. >> reporter: secretary general rasmussen announcing today that the moammar qaddafi regime is crumbling. while one rebel spokesman said today that perhaps nato could ratchet down its operations there is no sign of that. in fact in the last two days we have seen 40 individual strikes, sortis against targets in and around tripoli, and that is the
9:50 am
most intense of this month-long campaign. folks here in europe are planning for the future looking beyond moammar qaddafi and trying to avoid the chaos that perhaps we have seen in other situations like this. we heard today from french president nicholas sarkozy he'll be meeting with the head of the national transitional council this week and next week there will be a meeting of the contact group, the countries that will try to plan a future for libya once moammar qaddafi is gone, when that happens. back to you jenna. jenna: some say nicholas sarkozy is really the winner here. we'll see what happens again as things play out over the next couple of days. greg, thank you very much. jon: what happens to moammar qaddafi? the hunt continues for him. we have late-breaking details on what the u.s. thinks about his location coming up [chanting]
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jon: new developments on casey anthony's whereabouts. according to her defense attorney, jose baez she is back in florida now. patti ann browne has details from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: that's right, jon. casey anthony was found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter. she is nonetheless widely disspiesed especially in florida and she was hoping to live anonymously somewhere else. that may not happen thanks to her conviction last year for check fraud. judge stan struck land sentenced her to probation for that crime. he says she has to serve that year now in florida. casey's lawyer says she fulfilled that while behind bars on the murder charge. belvin perry upheld strickland's ruling that she owes the time. she has appealed. prosecutors will respond to the
9:55 am
appeal today. if perry's order is upheld casey anthony's probation will start friday and she will be in florida for a year. baez confirmed to fox that casey is in florida right now preparing for all possible outcomes, jon. jon: thank you. jenna: amateur video coming out of syria we believe. here is what the reports indicate. again, we can't verify these reports. supposedly this was in the city of holmes in syria where there has been a lot of fighting and protests, this is supposed to be the do you mean station of some of the syrian forces firing on a crowd. supposedly the crowd was gathered in clock square there because they thought a humanitarian team was going to show up. when they gathered there, well bullets were fired. still a lot of differing reports coming out of that country but we do know violence is happening and we do know that the regime is under fire there. here is another look at that, the crowd gathers and you hear the bullets fly and everyone runs. more on this developing story in
9:56 am
syria throughout the day, and throughout the next few weeks. the question is what happens next there now. jon: let's hope bashar al-assad goes the way of moammar qaddafi. think about this the next time you fill up, the price of oil plunging 38%, but the price you pay for gas is dipping less than 10% what is happening to that money? who is pocketing it? are you being ripped off? answers to those questions coming up. we'll continue to watch the breaking news coming out of libya. moammar qaddafi is in hiding now, all of the new developments here on fox.
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jon: here in the northeast it is a beautiful day. for you folks in the carolinas a lot of nervous waiting to see what happens with this hurricane irene. jenna: i like what you said to maria molina, if we can choose you want theat


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