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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 23, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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from tripoli. >> difference a day makes. no special effects here. a celebrity's real life rescue when fire breaks out inside the $10 million mansion of richard branson. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hello, everybody. welcome to our tuesday telecast. it's good to have huddy in for gretch. we start with the fox news alert. >> yes, we do. an explosive danger diffused on the national mall. man from florida under arrest for allegedly planning to set off fireworks inside his car on the mall. the suspect's jeep was found in an isolated park of the regional park in bethesda, maryland. inside that jeep, large amount of fireworks, wires and tubes. the suspect from stewart,
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florida on the east coast of florida about half way up told police he was minutes away from driving to the national mall. his plan, police say, he wanted to draw attention to issues he has with the banking industry. the suspect says he didn't want to hurt anybody. the exact charges against him are not known at this time. joint terrorism task force is investigating and explosives investigators say the area is safe. interesting. >> well -- >> they got him! >> incredible. yesterday we told you that the heir apparent it looked as though for muammar qaddafi when he would eventually relinquish power was captured and would be turned over to the international courts and the international courts kind of confirmed this and said yeah, we're going to get him and then muhammad, his other son in a crying rage turned himself in so it looked as if the regime collapsed, go find qaddafi and then go to the tough task of trying to put what of a representative democracy in. then all of a sudden, look who we have!
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out well and spewing good as his armored car pours in along with his convoy in a tripoli hotel. >> that's exactly right. there he is, qaddafi's son outside the hotel where all the press corps has been essentially quaranti quarantined, captured in effect, contained, i should say. there he is. my dad is in tripoli and he's fine. what this brings into question -- calls to question, though, are the rebels' claims, do they really control 80% of the tripoli? maybe not if they say this guy had already been captured. and was in their custody. >> our guy in the hotel, when we mentioned the 85%, his feeling was it might be a little bit less. he was sequestered in his hotel, he couldn't get out because of qaddafi's people. >> talked to him yesterday at length about what they're doing essentially indicating and this
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is the positive spin that the rebels fell into a trap by coming inside. now, they still have -- >> he's basically saying this whole thing is a ruse. what we thought initially yesterday was is this is some sort of coordinated thing with nato. >> that's not true. clearly it's not a trap. i mean, did they want to lure the rebels in and let him take off? he's saying enough to say i'm out here, i have a convoy. we have some loyalists. my dad is still around. they still control sirk and they still control a military base on the outskirts of the capital city which is fortified, ready to go and here's the bigger story, there's a whole bunch of mustard gas unaccounted for and sarin gas unaccounted for and the shoulder rockets that could take out a plane. >> yeah, so the battle for tripoli is far from over and the rebels, while they say they're in control, there are deep pockets of resistance and as brian mentioned, the city that
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is kind of between benghazi and tripoli, and the hope is by the rebels that the people inside the town will rise up. the problem is most of the people in the town are from qaddafi's tribe. it's not like let's overthrow qaddafi, they're not going to do it. >> talk about deep pockets. it could be from $35 billion to $250 billion. he's been there for 40 years. population of four million, it's not a huge population. it's a very, very wealthy country. >> $250 billion they think he's worth. they're going to track it down. they don't think he has access to it and the pentagon does believe, not for sure that he's still in the country so there's going to be some dramatic things taking place and the other thing that for gillebrand coming forward saying now that we're here, can we grab the one that had terminal cancer supposedly 2
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1/2 years ago. we have to grab him and send him back to our country. we'll hold on to him. >> let's find out what happens with that. in the meantime, let's take a look now live at a long line of cars filled with libyans waiting to escape to tunisia trying to get the heck out of town. so far, things are calm. there have been reports of qaddafi forces trying to stop people from fleeing the country. yeah, there are still qaddafi forces with guns that work, dominique is live in tunisia with the very latest. good morning -- good day, good afternoon to you there. >> good morning. it is very calm here in the capital of tunisia, many who -- who want to come back on the back of the rebel takeover of the city, the capital of
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tripoli. here in tripoli today, however, there are explosions around the complex where colonel qaddafi -- >> ok. we're having a little problem with our stream box signal from dominique, we'll try to get you back very shortly but effectively what he's talking about is the fact that people are trying to get out. there has been the worry as brian said of the mustard gas and other chemicals but the thinking is, perhaps, they've got those under control. >> think about it, it's kind of like the wild west at this point. you don't know who is in charge. >> they're shooting guns willie nilly. >> what a turn of events. yesterday, we thought ok, it looks like qaddafi's regime has melted away but today, you know, hold on before you get -- you jump into it. >> now, that's an interesting point right there. >> i know exactly what you're going to bring up. >> the hold on point. so you look there and you see the chaos and you see that nobody is really in control. and yet, yesterday, the president of the united states took a little time out from his swanky vacation up there in martha's vineyard to go over to the podium and say, it's over
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for qaddafi. stick a fork in him. >> this much is clear. the qaddafi regime is coming to an end. and the future of libya is in the hands of its people. in just six months, the 42-year reign of muammar qaddafi has unravelled. >> he did say there's still fierce fighting. we haven't found him yet. >> situation fluid. >> the waksituation is fluid. he didn't come out and say we won, call it a day. pat me on the back. >> he said the regime and stuff. >> but dick morris thinks it's a mistake and he talked about that and we recorded it. >> what's underscoring libya which is why i think this speech he gave today declaring success because qaddafi is more or less out of power, i think, is like bush's mission accomplished. libya is the east vs. the west. they're practically two different countries. the rebels are from the east, the regime is from the west. it took 5300 u.s. sorties to
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dislodge qaddafi. that -- they are dug in. and they took their weapons home with them. they took their guns home with them and i believe you're going to have another iraq there. >> and remember back in april it was 2003 when the fall of baghdad and suddenly, where's saddam hussein? which inspired an insurgency which haunts forces over there to this day. >> one thing they did do ahead of time this state department, they put together the interim government so they have somebody to step in immediately. number two, they've been pushing these factions and tribes to talk to each other before and pointed out to iraq how bad this can go for everybody if you don't find a way to put this stuff behind you, if that indeed works so they're trying to and they also did not -- they also were going out of their way to say stop the vendetta stuff. it's not going to be effective. >> easier said than done when you're talking about family members being killed, this goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. >> if you hold medical support, if you hold financial support over their heads to say if you
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start the random killing, we're pulling out. meanwhile, there's one thing that's also pretty clear. a major difference between the way president bush looked handled the leadup to iraq and the way president obama handled the leadup to libya. >> yeah, remember george w. bush, he went to the united nations and got bipartisan support and created a coalition. eventually took out saddam hussein and yet, he has been so ridiculed by so many in the mainstream media and also on the left and what's the difference between what he did and what president obama has done? >> by the same token, obama has been criticized for this sort of slow, languished and in some folks' minds of strategy in dealing with what's happening in libya right now. could he have had more sorties more quickly? >> but if you look at the mainstream media, they effectively gave him a victory lap yesterday saying he did everything exactly the same way or he -- mission accomplished is what the mainstream media said. the administration doesn't say
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that and he said yesterday, the situation is fluid. but still why did he say it yesterday? >> forget about the media. people like dennis kucinich said you totally bypassed the congress. you were over in brazil cutting an oil deal and you make the announcement that we're going to be leading nato's coalition for a couple of days into protecting whatever it was, protecting libyan citizens from the would be onslaught from qaddafi but never went back and got congressional approval and never went back and explained the mission. if it turns out that the so-called smart power ends up being effective, that would be interesting but it's still not going to get past the fact that for the first time maybe in our history, congress was never addressed before military action was taking place and according to "the new york times" today, many in the obama white house wish they could do it again and went back and asked for permission, they would have avoided a lot of headaches. now, your headlines. >> yeah, no.
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>> i was going to bring something else up. i'll save it for a little bit later. i'll tease you for it. there is a bright side to all of this today. >> we'll want to hear that. >> i know you are. >> headlines. >> here you go. most powerful earthquake to hit the state in over 40 years. colorado rocked by a magnitude 5.3. it was centered about eight miles southwest of trinidad near the border with new mexico. some homes were damaged. there are reports of rock slides there. two other quakes hit the same area yesterday before the big one hits. speaking of little natural disasters, hurricane irene strengthening by the second as it heads to the bahamas now. likely to become a category 3 storm today. could grow to a cat 4 by thursday. threatening florida, georgia, south carolina, they always get hit this time of year. check out these images of the massive fire caused by lightning from that storm. that mansion, you read about this in all the "us weekly" and stuff like that. it belongs to richard branson. actress kate winslet and her
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kids were staying there when it happened. winslet helped save branson's mother when the house burned down. the president of standard & poor's stepping down weeks after the company issued an historic downgrade of the u.s. credit rating. he will remain in sort of an advisory role until the end of the year. in the statement s&p made no mention of the downgrade are on the justice department investigation into the company's mortgage business. he will be replaced by douglas peterson, the chief operating officer at citibank. >> good luck. >> and we are mourning the loss of a legendary songwriter this morning. >> ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ain't no valley low enough ♪ >> wow, nick ashford, 1/2 of the duo ashford and simpson, he
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died of throat cancer. he was a young guy, 70 years old. >> wow. >> all right, meantime, on this tuesday, now the that qaddafi's regime is falling apart, what's next for libya? does president obama have a plan? our next guest has a plan and he's a retired colonel in the u.s. air force who served four tours in vietnam. >> and take a close look at this video. this guy breaking up a random fight in the streets or is he? he's a hollywood superstar. and he took action. >> who is it? >> i can't tell you. i'll whisper. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider.
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>> president obama praising nato for the advances in libya yesterday. >> it has proven it's the most capable alliance in the world and the strength comes from the fire power and the power of our democratic ideals. >> but some say the president's lead from behind strategy is not a real plan and we're headed for more bloodshed. the lieutenant colonel is the former vice president chief of staff for the air force and joins us right now. first off, your greatest concern at this hour. >> well, my greatest concern right now, brian, is how are we going to fix this? we are going into that period that we haven't done well in iraq nor in afghanistan. this is very difficult because what they're going to find out is they got to go into the nation building phase, the stabilization phase. who is going to be the international stabilization force, who is going to help these "rebels" we still don't
3:18 am
have a name for them and don't fully know who they are. who is going to help them create a nation and that's the part that worries me the most. >> they still have, do the loyalists to qaddafi, this base which is at the edge of tripoli. they still have his hometown which they say is going to be harder to take down than tripoli and they still have this son, the heir apparent running around and did i mention, we haven't found muammar yet. clearly, the rebels in town in the capital is a good thing but the jubiliation is now turned to wariness. >> well, you just outlined a very formidable problem that we have facing us. i say we because fundamentally, we've been leading from the back seat looking in the rearview mirror and although we have provided the bulk of the forces, if you look at the joint stars, the global hawks, the reapers, the predators, these are
3:19 am
intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets and you had b-2's, f-15, f-16's, f-18's, a whole host of u.s. aircraft inventory was really used to take this down. now, they were successful after five plus months. but the real hard part that i've always maintained is who is going to rebuild libya and will it be a democratic country or a radical islamic country and i'm afraid it's tilting towards radical islam. >> they drew up a rough constitution and essentially they're mentioning islam and saying that sharia law will play a role. we can help them set up a parliament but america is not into spending and as some have brought up, we didn't break this one. we shouldn't have to fix this one. real quick, i want you to hear what graham said. "americans can be proud of the role our country has played in helping to defeat qaddafi but we regret that the success is long
3:20 am
in coming due to the failure of the united states to employ the full weight of our military power." john mccain will talk more about that when he joins us. thanks for kicking us off this morning. how vice president joe biden is looking to beef up u.s. credibility with the chinese. you won't believe this one. we don't have money to fix the roads but we've managed to pay for these signs. finally, frogs are being protected! hop right here, pal. we'll wait. we'll wait. we're waiting. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet.
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>> got quick headlines for you on this tuesday. former head of the international monetary fund dominique strauss-khan could be cleared of sexual assault charges and head back to france later today.
3:24 am
prosecutors here in new york city dropping the case yesterday saying that the hotel maid repeatedly lied to investigators about being attacked. and new video of vice president joe biden in one of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. this comes as word -- comes as the prime minister is likely to step down next week. before arriving in japan, biden got the chance to size up a sumo wrestler in mongolia. all right, brian? and juliet? >> that's a lot of oinking. this street sign is not a joke. the new york state department of parks and recreation is using your tax dollars to install those signs on roads near ponds and other bodies of water. >> now, is that really a good use of government money? steve leroy is a town supervisor. you can correct me on the
3:25 am
pronunciation of your name, i'm sorry. he's in wayne county, new york. good to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> all right. so your area, you're too broke some say to fix the roads there. yet, you got these no -- watch out for the frogs street signs up there. how are you feeling about this? >> ok. it's true. i got the word about two weeks ago that new york state was in fact installing these signs. and like anyone else, i couldn't believe it. we're trying desperately to replace our infrastructure, roads, bridges, install water lines and this is what the folks down in albany send us. frog crossing signs. >> was there a laugh track in the envelope? here's what the new york parks department says about this. listen to this. there is concern over the well being of hundreds of frogs, turtles, snakes that cross the road. the hope is the motorists would be aware of the creatures
3:26 am
crossing the road and drive cautiously as they pass through the area. for example, if you go to ongoing traffic and see a frog, don't be afraid to swerve off the road. is that what we're supposed to learn from this? >> i think so. it makes no sense at all. i mean, i think this could probably cause more accidents than anything else. people are not going to be able to avoid a frog in the road. >> no. they're about 100 bucks for the sign but if you take a look at the sign there, we should show that again. you see a line going through the middle there. that is where the sign folds up. explain where you're concerned about that or fired up about the folding aspect of the sign. >> from what i'm told, the reason there's a hinge across the center of this sign is because in the winter time when the frogs are not crossing the road, we're probably going to be paying a state employee to come and fold the signs down and then, of course, we'll have to pay him to come back in the spring to put the signs back up. >> i can just hear the conversation in the car. honey, you can speed up, it's
3:27 am
winter. we don't have to worry about frogs. >> it's crazy. >> it is absolutely insane. so now, if frogs are able to survive at a record rate now, will that make anyone's life better if less frogs are run over? >> i wouldn't think so. and i can't believe that these signs are going to save a single frog. if the folks down in albany think this is cute, believe me, upstate new yorkers aren't looking for cute. they're looking for tax relief and sensible spending and this is not the way to do it. >> and they're not in danger. these are not special frogs. they're just frogs. >> that's correct. that's correct. >> all right. thank you very much, steve, for joining us and we'll obviously be following this story and give you the developments as they become available. >> and we share your -- >> thank you for having me on. >> we share your disbelief. thanks for taking action. meanwhile, straight ahead, don't call him a drunk. he's just disabled. could a guy really get his job by arguing alcoholism was his
3:28 am
handicap? >> and this is no hollywood action movie, folks. a police officer shot in the neck. he refuses to back down. wow, look at that. all caught on camera. we'll show you what happened. we'll tell you what happened. [ male announcer ] heard this one? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us.
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>> it's your shot of the morning. i'm sorry. i got caught up in the video. shot of the morning. oscar nominated actor ryan gosling, the guy in the striped shirt. the 30-year-old jumped into action and managed to break up a fight going on in the middle of the road. he brought his head shot to the fight and put it on the center of the screen. now, gosling, i'm so stupid? >> no, that was funny. >> most famous for his role in the movie "the notebook" and now starring in "crazy stupid love." >> half nelson is what he's really known for. incredible move. >> so many people like aidan, joel and chris would walk by that. our crew guys would walk by this but not an almost award winning
3:33 am
actor. >> here's the funny thing, if you listen to the audio here, two girls are shooting it. oh! >> i don't think they realized it was him. >> they didn't. >> you know what's weird to me about that, why you would wear that striped shirt. >> perhaps he was appearing in something. >> i tell you, if i was in a fight and had to be broken up, i'd love for it to be with a famous person. like i'd like stallone to pull me off steve doocy at noon out in the middle of 46th street. >> i'd love to see a fight between the two of you. can we organize that ? >> yeah, can we organize that. >> you are a famous person, though. >> that's right. donny osmond jumped on me, attacked me and you did nothing clam>> what about the guy -- >> how many times have you jumped on various guests? what is the name of that famous baseball player?
3:34 am
>> lenny dykstra. pulled a hamstring. took his wallet, obviously. >> ever since then, things have not looked good for mr. dykstra. >> can't break into the mets line-up. >> beware. headlines for you on this tuesday, that horrifying stage collapse at the indiana state fair claiming its seventh victim. the family of megan toothman made the painful decision to take her off life support. her family kept the 24-year-old cheerleading coach on life support so her organs could be donated. that's a tragedy. >> a story that broke here on "fox & friends" yesterday morning. a police officer shot in california. we have the dramatic video of his heroic action after he was hit. look at this. the shootout played out between two cops and a guy inside his home. the officer standing behind the white truck there, there he is, shot in the neck. holding his neck. look at that. he runs for safety. later, his partner drags him out of the lun of fire. -- line of fire. he is in stable condition.
3:35 am
wow, the suspect is believed to have killed his 14-month-old daughter and mother-in-law. he was found dead inside his home. whoa. >> september 11th first responders and relatives of those killed in the attacks demanding the government not finance the construction of a controversial mosque near ground zero. >> i don't want my tax dollars spent to support this mosque. and we should all be prepared to let our elected officials have a prepared answer for them when they come back and request this money again. >> we should have the right to ask our government not to provide them with funding. >> the mosque planners are expected to reapply for federal grant money after their application was denied last week. >> for a father and son, fishing on the gulf, it's like a scene out of "jaws." >> we're going to need a bigger boat. >> that was "jaws", of course, that was kevin stevens and his
3:36 am
son must have been thinking when they caught a seven foot black tip shark nearly as big as their kayak. that's why i don't go kayaking. if you think 9-year-old hunter is scared, think again. he's the one working the camera. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah, daddy! >> there's my shark. >> that's a big boy! nice, isn't it? >> we have to book this kid. no surprise, hunter wants to be a marine biologist. yeah, baby! when he grows up. >> look at that shark. the shark looks drunk. >> he's just lolly gagging. >> when is the first time we had such amazing video? >> the shark is probably thinking he got brought in like this huge fishing boat. a guy in a kayak takes his final last move with the kayak. >> crazy. speaking about the water, let's take a look at irene. irene now a hurricane.
3:37 am
and there you can see it's been tearing up the caribbean and in fact, that big fire at richard branson's place, part of the tropical storm as it moved through that area. let's move on to the next thing. going to show you where the track of the storm is going over the next couple of days. it is expected to -- ife now, y- there we go right there. it is expected later on today to become a category 3 hurricane. right now, it has maximum sustained winds of 100 miles an hour. it's moving to the west-northwest at 14 miles per hour. as you can see, by friday, very early, it's going to be scooting up the eastern coast of florida as a category 4 and while the cone of uncertainty still does bend even further to the east, it does look like it could make landfall sometime on saturday, perhaps in the carolinas, perhaps near charleston as a category 3. a major hurricane so we're going to be keeping an eye on that.
3:38 am
in the meantime, updating that fox news alert from earlier, a florida man under arrest for planning to set off fireworks inside his jeep on the mall in washington, d. washington, d.c. that was his plan. he was caught in an isolated part of a park in bethesda, maryland a few miles from the mall. >> aubrey barnes from our fox affiliate is live with the latest. a aubrey? >> good morning. a police officer on patrol in the park spotted this jeep cherokee parked in a remote section of the park and the park had been closed for the evening. now, part of that jeep was also covered with a tarp, which really raised his suspicions and once he pulled that tarp back, they found a movable part on top of this jeep cherokee and inside the vehicle, a huge stash of fireworks and other devices. that's when the joint terrorism task force was notified. and montgomery county's bomb squad was also called in to
3:39 am
check out the devices and explosives inside that vehicle. they have determined that they were fireworks. there are several different wires and tubings where this man said he was going to take all of that stuff down to the national mall and then explode them. now, glenn neff has been interviewed by investigators. he's telling them that he didn't intend to harm anyone. he wanted to ignite those fireworks to draw attention to his problems with the banking industry. back to you. >> all right, we thank you for that live report. that is troubling. >> oh, yeah, i'd say. >> they got him. >> the tarp was kind of an indicator. >> right. let's talk money. just weeks after standard & poor's fit the united states with its sterling triple a credit status, the president of the credit agency stepping down. >> shortly after the downgrade,s justice department initiated an investigation into the s&p for its practices about mortgage securities from some -- causing
3:40 am
some to question whether or not the obama administration was retaliating. >> is it payback? stuart varney joins us right now. i've heard two stories. one is that they had initiated the investigation before the downgrade and that one suggests after. >> yes, look, is this a case of bullying? is this a case of pushing the guy out of the door? is this a case of revenge because you don't like what he did to america's triple a credit rating? >> of course it is! >> well, "the new york times" says that talking to -- according to people briefs on the matter, no, it's not revenge. nothing to do with it. >> then that must be the truth if "the new york times" says it. >> look, if you want to get private enterprise moving and the private sector to hire people and expand the economy, how do you do that if you're the administration? do you bully them? do you go after them? do you tax them and regulate them? do you go afternoon them like this? no, you don't. this is not a very good way for the administration to set about rejuvenating the economy.
3:41 am
i think it is a case of revenge. i think it is a case of bullying the guys who downgraded you. >> if it was happening before the downgrade took place, i would say your logic is correct. but if they took -- they already took the fire. they already took the hail of bullets. now, all of a sudden, after the dust settles, they make this change. what does that serve? >> do you remember moody's? moody's did not downgrade america from triple a. did you know that warren buffet has a huge stake in moody's and handling with president obama? he's the darling of the administration. he didn't downgrade them. and so he proposes higher taxes for people and therefore, his company, buffet's company makes a lot more money. it's kind of an ugly situation here. >> replacement, too. >> yes. yes. the formerly government owned bank will replace the top guy at s&p. >> he's hard to replace at the fox business network. he's on twice a day now.
3:42 am
stuart varney going to be on this morning at 9:20 eastern and then tonight at -- >> oh, that's right! >> with a special guest this evening. none other than mr. kilmeade himself. >> it's going to be the quality time we don't get. >> just us -- >> just me and you. >> having trouble booking guests. >> hurts my feelings. >> hey, let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead, just so you know. he's not drunk, he's disabled. could a guy get his job back as arguing alcoholism as his handicap? we'll debate it. >> bernie madoff's wife ruth just resurfaced. guess what she's looking for. cash, money, green. >> she'll get it. just not hers. also get a free flight.
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>> glad you're up. quick headlines.
3:46 am
fugitive on the run for almost four decades captured by police. his name william walter asher, he's the third -- he's the third to escape from a minimum security prison back in 1975. boy, was that minimum? the 66-year-old convicted murderer fled to canada before settling near sacramento. phone records led to his capture. and the wife of convicted ponzi schemer bernie madoff going incognito in florida. ruth madoff was spotted taking money out of a an atm in boca raton with his brand new honda civic. he's reportedly severed her ties with her husband. steve? >> that guy was fired from his job as a florida state university administrator after 28 years without cause. but frank stevenson claims the school fired him because he's an alcoholic. something he claims is a handicap protected under the americans with disabilities act. joining us right now for a fair and balanced debate on this topic, we have trial attorney
3:47 am
justin lito and criminal defense attorney rachel kuvo. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> rachel, you say that alcoholism is protected and is recognized by the american with disabilities act, right? >> that's right. it has been and it should be. i mean, we certainly should give benefits to those who are willing to seek treatment and that's what the ada is about when it concerns alcoholism. he, of course, has to prove to meet that standard but it absolutely has been recognized as a disability under the ada. >> so, it's recognize the but at the same time, one of this -- this fella's -- fellow employees who filed a complaint against him said he was abusive and he was mean toward her and he had memory lapses. he was suffering from all those things that come with alcoholism. and that's why florida state fired him. >> right in florida, under florida law, florida is an at will state. you could be terminated without cause for any reason. i'm not saying that alcoholism
3:48 am
is not recognized under the americans with disability act. what i'm saying is you still have to perform the same as any other person would at your job. the allegations here is this man was abusive. he wasn't doing his job properly and he was having memory lapses at work. that could create a safety risk. he doesn't get special accommodations because he's an alcoholic and i don't see this case going anywhere with him. he was performing lesser than anyone else on the job. >> going forward, if this guy -- currently, he's suing for $75,000 to get his reputation and some money back from florida state. but going forward, if people are able to use this as a defense, they could never be fired because, you know, they could say look, i'm an alcoholic. you can't fire me! >> it doesn't work like that. there's a standard that the plaintiff is going to have to meet. it's not that alcoholism itself is a recognized thing on a list. what it is is that they are entitled to prove that being an alcoholic impacts the ability to perform important daily tasks. >> but it sounds like, you know, if he's abusive and he's got
3:49 am
memory lapses, it's impacting his ability to perform his job. >> that's right and he is entitled to some special treatment and some reasonable accommodations if he can show that he is in fact an alcoholic. >> justin, let me just insert this, the people there at florida state university apparently have known for years that he was an alcoholic so they knew it. >> well, he doesn't deserve any special accommodations just because he's an alcoholic. if they know he's an alcoholic going in, they can't fire him just for that reason. but if he's doing things like abusing his co-workers or he's not performing his job up to the standard, he doesn't get special accommodations. and in this case, the allegations that he was doing just that, in fact, when you read the complaint, he never says that they specifically discriminated against him just because he was an alcoholic. they're saying that he deserves some special higher standard of care because he's an alcoholic and he doesn't. >> interesting stuff. we'll have to find out what the courts down in florida do. justin and rachel, thank you very much for this peppy debate early on this tuesday morning. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> 11 minutes before the top of
3:50 am
the hour. he killed 250 people when he bombed pan am flight 103 but al-megrahi got his life back when he was let out of prison. what should happen to him next? a woman who lost her husband on that flight reacts and president obama might be jealous of the head of ultimate fighting on a hiring spree. dana white here to reveal how he's able to create so many jobs while washington can't. okay, d the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole gin oats that can helpower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? maybe not.
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>> welcome back. about 7 minutes before the hour. for one group of americans, hearing that muammar qaddafi's 42-year rule over libya is hopefully nearing its end carries a very special meaning to them. they are the families of some of the 270 lockerbie bombing victims who have been waiting more than 20 years to see the day that they might be able to
3:54 am
hold qaddafi and his regime accountable for the murder of their loved ones. joining us now is victoria who lost her husband on pan am flight 103. thank you so much for joining us today. we appreciate it. we don't know where qaddafi is. his son for what it's worth says he's still alive and in tripoli but at this point, obviously we don't have any confirmation of that. what does qaddafi represent to you? >> well, qaddafi is really the face of evil and a mass murderer and he has reigned for over 40 years, a brutal -- with brutality and force, we experienced that brutality for one day in our lives but, you know, the libyan people have for the last 42 years lived under his oppression. you know, what we have seen over the last six months has been something that the family
3:55 am
members related with. here, we have the average libyan person that has come together to try to hold qaddafi accountable in their search for freedom. and it's really been more than our country or any other country has done to try to hold qaddafi accountable for his actions. >> and you actually have been working. i mean, you have been working effortlessly to try to get him to be brought to justice. explain what you're doing. >> well, unfortunately, the u.s. government has never issued indictments to -- indictments against qaddafi or his brutal regime. so they have never really been pursuing qaddafi or trying to hold him accountable. we have over the last 22 years have been trying every which way possible to make sure that he will be brought to justice. we've been working with the transitional national council in
3:56 am
trying to get any evidence or any testimony linking qaddafi to terrorist acts including the bombing of pan am 103. most recently, since the revolt had started, we have been trying to obtain the testimony and the evidence from the chairman of the transitional national council who used to be qaddafi's minister of justice. he back in february had stated that he had proof that qaddafi had ordered the bombing of pan am 103 and other terrorist acts. we'd like to bring all that information to the international criminal court. our hope is that either in the libyan court and justice system or through the international criminal court that qaddafi will be prosecuted and then held accountable for the mass murder of civilians whether it's the libyan people that's -- >> right, you're also -- i'm sorry to interrupt but you're also really pushing for al-megrahi as well. he, of course, is the man who
3:57 am
was in scotland and released from scotland back to libya because he was supposedly dying. of course, that was three years ago and we know he's been out at pro qaddafi rallies. thank you very much for joining us. we'll be watching this i'm sure just as you are as well. all right, what a difference one year can make. take a look at these smiling middle east dictators. we're going to go one by one. where are they now? what's happening? what's the status? [ ben harper's "amen omen" playing ]
3:58 am
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where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have beetreated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. get back to the things that matter most. good job girls. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. >> good morning. today is tuesday, august 23rdrd. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. a fox news alert. terror team just bust a man who was destined for d.c. with a truck full of explosives. that's it. what was he trying to do? we'll have the breaking details on that. brian? >> all right, chaos and confusion in libya. we thought qaddafi had been toppled but he's still m.i.a. and his son is touring the streets? all this in the wake of more explosions this morning.
4:01 am
>> meanwhile, wine to commemorate 9/11? not kidding. look at the label of that thing. is that just tacky or would you donate to the cause? we report, you decide. "fox & friends" hour two for a tuesday starts right now. >> hi, everybody. it's dick vitale, you're watching "fox & friends." they're awesome, baby! >> hey, dick vitale, baby. good morning, everybody. >> hi, steve. >> good morning, huddy. good morning, brian. >> juliet in for gretchen and you will be for quite a while. until thursday, right? >> wow! >> senator john mccain will be here coming up shortly and he'll be talking about this. it looks as though sayef qaddafi, we thought he would be replacing muammar qaddafi. >> the rebels -- >> his son and then we heard he was captured and turned over to the international court. yesterday, he turns up and talks to our producer. >> that's him right there. >> in a hotel and there he is, arrives in an armored car with a convoy and is greeted like a
4:02 am
hero outside and then rolls up to say this is all a trap. we let the rebels in. now we're going to take them out. >> that's what he said. he said government forces have lured the rebels into a trap, broken the back of the opposition army, pro qaddafi forces in control of the city. that's what he's saying right there. what this brings into play is how much of what we've heard from the rebels can you actually believe? yesterday, the rebels said this guy had been taken into custody and that the international criminal courts had said that, international criminal courts came out and said we never said that he was taken into custody. also, sayed said yeah, my dad is right here in tripoli which makes it sound like he could be at that bombed out compound on the southern side of tripoli. >> well, the tone has definitely changed a bit from yesterday to today as you probably have noticed. and, you know, one of the big questions first of all, the rebels. there's so many -- when we say rebels, it's not just one all encompassing group. it's several different factions and tribes. >> patchwork. >> who is in charge of this
4:03 am
country right now? muammar qaddafi still may be in tripoli. still got the guys out there. >> nobody is in charge. >> thank you very much, steve. i was hoping you say that. >> you were going down that -- >> you answered correctly. >> there's still so much to do. that's why prime minister cameron said enough, i'm going off vacation. i'm going to start working this thing. and they are. they have to figure out where to go from here. they have to get all the factions into one, into that transitional authority. get the interim government running and the fear that could come into fruition is horrible, tough, gritty, urban fighting could be looking the rebels straight in the eye right now as we find out that sirt is more fortified than ever before, the hometown of qaddafi and we have a worry as a country in that we know for sure there's unaccounted for chemical weapons, sarin gas and mustard gas and shoulder fired missiles. we know he stockpiled that in the 1980's when we bombed him and he had no recourse. >> disagreement within our
4:04 am
government as to whether or not these are accounted for. at one point, these weapons, the mustard gas, for instance, it seemed as though it was accounted for. now you have the congressman mike rogers saying whoa, hold on a second. we don't know. that was then. this is now. >> it's interesting, and this is now and this is what president obama had been pushing for but remember when secretary of state colin powell warned president bush on iraq, the pottery barn policy and that was if you break it, you buy it. well, you know, we had tom mcinerney in the last hour and he was talking about going forward, what is the new government going to look like? there could be sharia law in the constitution and what they could be aiming for is a radical islamic government. is that what president obama wanted? well, that is what could happen there. >> yeah, because you got the east, you got the west, you got the south and all these different factions. but if nato is not done yet, nato says they're not done until the fighting stopped to the -- they put down their weapons to
4:05 am
the loyalists to qaddafi or and the humanitarian aid is flowing in. we're not close on any of those fronts. this mission far from through, the president came out yesterday and said, you know, he's pleased, qaddafi's days are done. turn yourself in. but he also said that victory isn't here. >> right. david cameron, like you said, called off his vacation because he said it was a crisis right after the president made his speech, he went back to playing basketball at a middle school on martha's vineyard. meanwhile, with word of the fresh fighting in tripoli, more libyans are desperately trying to flee the country and who could blame them? >> dominique is live with the latest. dominique? >> good morning to you. here i am on the tunisian-libyan border just moments ago, an ambulance arrived here where a fighter had been wounded in a missile attack. he comes from 120 miles, taken out by the tunisian medical services and taken on to better care there. the people behind me, cars lining up there are libyans coming into tunisia to pick up
4:06 am
medical supplies to take back into cities across the country. they had to pick up insulin for people suffering with diabetes. they're here to pick up heart medicine but with the steady flowing coming in and going straight back as soon as they have. we're hearing that there's still fighting going on in the compound which has been the headquarters of qaddafi, still believe the fighting is going on with tank fire and the small arms fire we're hearing as well. we're hearing also that government forces have started firing three scud style missiles. nato says it will continue its bombing campaign until full security is restored. back to you guys. >> one of the many things that tunisia is needs is a corporal link. because clearly, single file is not doing it. >> the infrastructure needs to be improved clearly. >> we need to go over that. >> what's the plan going forward? the president of the united states led us into this and immediately handed it off, ok,
4:07 am
we got this thing started and blew up all those tomahawks and then somebody please take over. we don't know what the president's plan is on jobs, the economy or the stock market and colonel oliver north was on the channel last night saying he didn't think the president has a plan. >> clearly from what he said today, he doesn't have one and it's a case of irrational exuberance talking about all this arab spring business, you know, on the 22nd of march while he was traveling in latin america, mr. obama said this was going to be an operation that would take days and not weeks. so here we are now five months on and we still don't know where qaddafi is. there's been ambivalence. there's been uncertainty and there's been no coherence to american policy in this case. it was leading from behind, pushing others in front of us and now you've got a country that's descending on absolute chaos with no law and order. >> what is the plan? >> yeah, he's so linked with qaddafi, too, from the 80's on down so we'll find out what the
4:08 am
president's plan is on jobs in a couple of weeks and i think libya, it's time to unveil it. >> john mccain will weigh in on weights going on libya coming up in the next 10 minutes so put down that remote, he'll be here shortly. juliet huddy with breaking news out of maryland. >> explosive danger diffused just outside of washington, d.c., a man from florida under arrest right now for allegedly planning to set off fireworks inside his car on the national mall. it was found in an isolated park in bethesda, maryland. inside it, fireworks, wires and tubes. the suspect is neff from florida. he told police he was going to drive to the national mall. he wanted to draw attention to issues he was having with the banking industry. the suspect says he did not want to hurt anybody. it's the most powerful earthquake to hit the state in over 40 years. colorado rocked by a magnitude 5.3 centered about eight miles
4:09 am
southwest of trinidad right there on the border of new mexico. shaking could be felt as far north as colorado springs, about 130 miles away. homes were damaged and there are reports of rock slides. another natural disaster in the making. hurricane irene strengthening by the second as it heads towards the bahamas likely to become a category 3 today and could grow to a cat 4 by thursday threatening florida, georgia and probably south carolina as well. likely south carolina. >> exactly. >> check out these images. this is a massive fire, as you can see, it was caused by lightning. the mansion that you're looking at, you always read about this mansion in all of the celeb magazines. it belonged to billionaire richard branson. yeah. kate winslet and her kids were staying there when it happened. branson says winslet helped save his 90-year-old mother as the house burned down and we are remembering the life of le
4:10 am
legendary rock 'n' roll songwriter this morning. >> ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ >> gary lieber along with his song writing partner wrote the hit "hound dog" along with" yakity yak" he was 78 years old. those were the headlines. >> i can't believe this. in 10 years, it's going to be 10 years since the 9/11 attacks. side note, we'll be live and go over that day in all the different perspectives, looking back and looking forward. when people talk about raising money, they're talking about raising money for the museum that's going to be down there and a lot of people using innovative -- going about innovative programs to do so. this to me, i believe, is a little bit of a reach. maybe it was well intended but a little bit of a reach. >> the winery on long island has
4:11 am
unveiled a couple of commemorative wines for september 11th. they've got the -- there you see the 9/11 memorial commemorative merlot and chardonnay. yeah. 10% of the memorial -- of the money will go to the memorial. a father of a fallen firefighter said 10%. if it was 40%, maybe. but 10%, come on. also, peter vallona, a councilman here in new york city said what's next? the 9/11 pa stramy sandwich? -- pastrami sandwich? he also said i don't care about the small amount they donate to charity. if anybody is profitting off 9/11, this wine leaves a bad taste in my mouth. they do have good intentions, you would think, you would hope. >> who knew? but apparently this particular winery has been marketing a wine since september of 2004, the september the 11th merlot $0.91 of the $9.11 bottle has been going to charity.
4:12 am
>> "fox & friends""fox & friends" tell us what you think. they're going to make wine anyway. >> 10%? the retailer gets $6 a bottle. >> wine is celebratory. it's something you toast with wine. >> you know what that means. >> i don't like it. coming up straight ahead, i got that -- >> juliet? thanks. >> kicked out for too many coupons. told to leave because she was saving too much money. is that fair? write us and let you gos know what you think there at friends at >> man. president obama might be jealous of the head of ultimate fighting. he's on a hiring spree. dana white, there he is right there, live in the studio on how he's been able to create so many jobs. >> are you sure you're not fighting? [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
>> it's the fastest growing sports organization in history and now ufc is on a hiring spree despite a stalled economy. how have they done it? how do they do it? what can president obama, perhaps, learn from the ufc about creating jobs? shut the door and get it done. dana white is here and excited about not only what's happening in brazil this weekend with the huge fight, ufc 134 in rio saturday but also, your big fox deal. you're on network television. you joined the family. congratulations. >> thank you. >> tell us what you bought and tell us what you have. >> originally when we bought the ufc, this thing was dead and basically going out of business. i had called my partners and said this thing might be for sell. at the time, we were talking about getting involved in box. when this thing popped up, we bought it for $2 million 10 years ago and then invested another $44 million into it before it turned around. you go through good times and
4:17 am
bad times and once we got a television deal. this thing had such a bad stigma attached to it back in the day, it wasn't even on pay-per-view. we got it on pay-per-view and our long-term goal is to get it on free tv. we got a deal with spike tv and then we ended up getting our big fox deal. >> but along the way, as this continues to grow, we're going to las vegas and have a fight here, how many jobs are created? >> well, not only how many jobs are created but how many people do we touch? see, the ufc when we roll into a city, people come from all over the world. this is an international event. and we just did 55,000 people up in toronto and our economic impact on the city of toronto was $44 million. people come in and they say in hotels, they eat in restaurants. they go to the clubs and go to the malls. it really has a huge impact on cities. >> what is your advice for washington as they try to figure out how to get people like you into the economy spending money? what's your advice? >> yeah, well, it's all about capital.
4:18 am
anybody who wants -- there's a lot of creative, smart people out there. with a lot of ideas to start businesses. look at ours. >> where are they, though? >> they're out there. they need the capital to be able to do it. without that $2 million investment and the $44 million that went into this thing which is a huge investment in something that might not have turned around. this thing would have never happened and now, not only do we just create jobs in like i told you when we roll into a city or stuff but there's t-shirt companies, all the people from production that touches this thing. all the products that are build around mixed martial arts. we've created an entire industry, not just here in the united states but worldwide. right now we're in 155 countries, 22 different languages and a half billion homes worldwide. >> we can get rid of regulation if we can make it tax friendly, movies are now into new york city, things go where they're going to be done the cheapest and the best. >> that's true. >> congratulations on the fox deal. we'll look forward to seeing you. what are the details for saturday? >> we got a big fight in rio. the pound for pound best fighter
4:19 am
in the world is fighting this saturday live on pay-per-view. >> wow. congratulations. look forward to seeing you again. meanwhile, 18 minutes after the hour. how many jobs can you buy with a half million stimulus dollars? 1.7. sounds like a great deal, right? then senator john mccain blasted president obama for his lack of a plan in libya. will we see a similar approach for our economy? more -- is this going to be more of leading from behind? senator john mccain is here next.
4:20 am
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>> welcome back. time for news by the numbers. first, 45,000.
4:23 am
that's the number of striking verizon employees heading back to work this morning. as they negotiate a new contract. among the sticking points, health care benefits and pensions. next, 60%. that's how many members of congress are not holding town hall meetings during august recess. the majority of those who do have town halls planned are republicans. finally, 1.72. that's how many permanent jobs were created from $490,000 in stimulus money in clark county, nevada. a little over one job. it was supposed to revitalize neighborhoods by putting people to work planting trees but, of course, it got caught up in the bureaucracy. >> meanwhile, the battle is not over yet. overnight, muammar qaddafi's son who supposedly was captured by the rebels yesterday showed up at a hotel in tripoli. that's him right there with the bald head. he says his father is alive and
4:24 am
vowed to start. >> this much is clear, the qaddafi regime is coming to an end and the future of libya is in the hands of its people. in six months, the 42 year reign of muammar qaddafi has unraveled. >> or has it. >> joining us now, senator john mccain from phoenix. things have certainly changed in 24 hours. welcome. good to see you. what's your reaction to that line? was it premature? >> no. can i first of all, you mentioned the town hall meetings. i've been having town hall meetings and there's a poll recently that you've shown on fox that 10% of the american people approve of congress not one person of that 10% have yet to come to the tawn hall meetings. i know you're out there. please come. >> all right. >> could i say that this is a p.r. kind of thing? qaddafi's son running around
4:25 am
tripoli, but it's over. how finding qaddafi is not going to go down easy. a lot of his people are mercenaries from other countries in africa that have nothing to lose but in a lot of our air power advantage has been negated in this kind of urban warfare but he's on his way out. we have to concentrate on making sure there's not the kind of baghdad experience that we had. we need reconciliation. we need to get the arms depots under control. we need to get the prisons if not thousands political prisoners, get those people released and preserve the government.
4:26 am
>> so what we might wind up with over there is something closer to a radical islamic government and that's not what we want. >> first of all, that's not going to happen and this business about a constitution, i mean, sharia law, they made a statement last march where they specifically stated that it is their mission to make sure that the rights of women and equality of women are insured so this guy qaddafi was a blood thirsty murderer, there's no doubt about that and the people in the world will be better off. if he had survived, then i think he would have seen libya become a training ground and hotbed of radical islamic extremist and he would be committing -- trying to commit attacks against the united states of america again. this is -- these are always tough. democracy is tough. but to think that the world would not be better off without qaddafi is, i think, foolishness
4:27 am
and they can, i know, these people. i know these people are a lot of them are very good people and it's going to be hard and tough and democracy is tough. took us over 100 years and a bloody civil war to figure out what kind of country we are so let's try and help them out. not through money. they got enough money. but they need the kind of technical help that makes governments run. >> i was going to ask you, you just said we have to help them out but as this point, i mean, we heard president obama talking yesterday and recently we don't seem to hear any plan. we don't hear plan for the jobs and we'll hear that down the road. the market. >> after vacation. >> yeah, after vacation. no plan for libya, at least not any sort of technical definitive plan. it's a concern to a lot of folks. >> first of all, the fact that we did not use the full weight of u.s. air power caused the needless loss of deaths and wounding because it would have been over a lot earlier. >> would have been over five months ago. >> exactly. if we use the full weight of
4:28 am
american air power. now, as far as this plan that we are all awaiting for job creation and nirvana, i haven't frankly heard this much hype about a secret plan since nixon had a plan for us to get out of vietnam. >> good point. >> so you're not getting your hopes up? >> no, listen, i want the president to come forward with a plan. we want to work together. we want to get this thing done but, you know, one of the things that you're talking about it earlier, why did he just announce a two year moratorium on new federal regulations? wouldn't that send the right kind of signal to business? they're holding back. they're holding back a trillion and a half year. they're holding back a trillion overseas that we should be helping incentivize them to bring back and create jobs and investment in this country. moratorium on the regulations, cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% and close all the
4:29 am
loopholes. that would be a great statement. >> senator john mccain, always great to see you. >> thanks for having me on, gang. >> see you back here. >> no one talks about the trillion you have in your locker. spend it. this looks like out of a video flick but this is all too real for one police officer. how he refused to back down after being shot in the neck. >> kicked out for too many coupons. you know what it's like. they're saving money. >> she was asked to leave because she was saving too much money.
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
>> irene is a hurricane and as you can see, these are images from the dominican republic. >> not a good day to be in a hut. >> no, it's not. especially down in the caribbean because it's a gigantic storm and moving through the caribbean ever so slowly. let's go ahead and take a look at the map. and there you can see some folks in mount pleasant, south carolina, one of the suburbs of charleston as people prepare because people have been told in
4:34 am
charleston that thing right there, hurricane irene with maximum sustained winds of 100 miles an hour could be headed towards the charleston area. let's go to one of my maps and i'll show you exactly what the track looks like. right now, it's way down in the right-hand corner of the screen. by early on tuesday, as you can see, it's going to be continuing as a category 3 but thursday into friday, it's going to be moving up the florida coast and then probably very early on saturday, it could be a category 3 hurricane as it heads towards the carolinas. and that is one of the -- of course, this is -- that's just the code of uncertainty. there are other models that, perhaps, have it going to new york or new england. stand by. >> all right. now the rest of your headlines on a different note. the horrifying stage collapse of the indiana state fair also weather related claiming its seventh victim. the family of megan toothman made the painful decision to
4:35 am
they kept the 24-year-old cheerleading coach on so her organs could be donated. >> it's a story that broke right here on "fox & friends" yesterday morning. a police officer shot in california, watch this dramatic video of his heroic action after being hit. the shootout played out between two cops and there's a guy inside a home that was shooting at hthem. the officer is standing behind that vehicle right there. there he is, he's shot in the neck. he stands up. he's covering the wound, obviously to keep the blood in. he runs for safety and his partner later drags him out of the line of fire. the suspect, by the way, is believed to have killed his 14-year-old daughter and mother-in-law. he was found dead inside his home. wow, that is crazy video. >> it is. meanwhile, new protests erupt on the streets of san francisco in the wake of a police decision to silence citizens by shutting down cell phone signals. >> if you fail to return to the
4:36 am
sidewalk, you will be subject to arrest. >> that's pretty clear. about 40 people busted last night. traffic was blocked and two metro stops shut down. people are angry over the shooting death of a man in july. it sparked the decision to shut down cell phone service at metro stops preventing protesters from organizing in large groups. trying to contain the flash mobs. >> stunning new memorial to martin luther king jr. now open to the public in our nation's capital. he's the first person who is not a president to be honored with a major memorial on the mall. and our own doug mcelway got a dmrims. >> one enters the king memorial to a path in between two granite stones. on the other side sits a slab of granite with a sculpture of martin luther king jr. he appears stern turning westward. at the base reads the inscription "out of a mountain of despair, a sfoen for help."
4:37 am
it's now open to the public. congressman john lewis of georgia is the last survivor of the 10 who spoke there that day. >> i've been there to see it. i was invited to go up on the scaffold. and rub the head and the face of dr. king. and i shed some tears. >> the memorial is not without controversy. ed dwight, the sculpture originally hired for the project left over creative differences about how king should be portrayed. >> he's very humble man and if he had seen himself 30 feet tall out on that mall, i mean, he -- he would have walked away in disgust. i know what he would want out of this whole process because he was too humble for this kind of ostentatious monument. >> dwight and others have complained that the design was rendered and the granite stone was cut and sculpted in the peoples republic of china. the chinese sculptor today defended that decision. >> martin luther king is not
4:38 am
only a hero of america but also a hero of the world. >> criticism did little to dent the pride of those tasked with raising $120 million for the project. there are only $5 million short after many setbacks. >> got ready to kick off our fundraiser in earnest, 9/11 happened so we had to shut down for a year. after that tsunami, after that ka tina, and then the recession. so it's always something every 18 months. >> one conspicuous absence from the memorial, excerpts from king's iconic "i have a dream" speech but there are 14 other quotes etched in an arc bordering the 4 acre site. that geometric shape is a fitting metaphor at the king memorial because one of the quotes on it reads we shall overcome because the arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice. in washington, doug mcelway fox news. >> that looks great. >> let's go down to georgia, shall we? you go to the kroger store and trying to get your kids screaming and you want to get
4:39 am
your milk and your cookie crisp and all that business but you can't because there's somebody that has a book of coupons and she's going through her coupons. taking a long time. she was ousted. this actually happened. >> it did and, you know, there are so many people out there, thanks to the popularity of these coupon shows. >> coupon. >> coupon, to the extreme where you can go in and buy -- you can buy a couple of carts full of stuff and wind up paying just pennies on the dollar. here's the mom in hampton, georgia who was rejected, she says by kroger for having too many coupons. >> walked up to me and his only words are i'm not taking those. i'm not taking them coupons. i asked him why. because you're an habitual coupon user. >> good one! >> that's a great one. >> you're a habitual coupon user. better that than -- >> this is a statement from the store, i believe. >> kroger. >> i'll read this out loud in my voice. there's not a limit on the am of
4:40 am
coupons per transaction. however, kroger does limit one coupon per item and reserves the right to limit quantities. so there. >> so she needs to follow the rule, one coupon per item. but if she has a bunch of items, you know. >> sure. >> what do you think? do you think it's appropriate for the store to limit -- place limits on your couponing or, you know, they're out to make money after all and a coupon is an incentive to get you in and spend some money but if you wind up getting everything for free. >> how do you feel about this? >> we'll put it on twitter. >> the grocer is reimbursed by the manufacturer for the value of the coupon. >> cut it out. >> straight ahead, help wanted from finance to retail to engineering, we reveal the top five companies hiring this week. >> cheryl casoni is coming in and congressman paul ryan breaking a lot of hearts announcing he is not going to be running for the white house.
4:41 am
>> and huge news on sarah palin. frank luntz is here. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the cc. and every volkswagen includes scheduled carefree maintenance. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the volkswagen cc sport for just $289 a month. ♪ visit today.
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4:44 am
>> welcome back. quick headlines, former head of the international monetary fund dominique strauss-khan, dsk, could be cleared of sexual assault charges and could be heading back to france today. prosecutors in new york dropping the case saying the hotel maid repeatedly lied to investigators about being ataxed. -- attacked. and what's this brand new bmw? stay in school. a high school in arlington, texas, they do interesting stuff down there, offering students the chance to win that car if they have perfect attendance. the program was successful last year.
4:45 am
brian and steven? >> all right. get a flu shot. congressman paul ryan making it official. he will not run for the white house in 2012. the man he turned to for advice is frank luntz. >> take your business from ordinary to extraordinary, frank today joins us from cincinnati. frank, so you did some advising and some chatting with mr. ryan before he decided not to run? >> i can't -- i'm really not an advisor. i was one of many people that he apparently reached out to. i spoke to him just before his family vacation. i took a survey of some of the unannounced candidates, those people who might consider running, jeb bush, marco rubio, the governor of new jersey, chris christie and there was considerable support for paul ryan particularly among tea party advocates and if he had decided to make a run at it, he would have an instantaneous national grassroots operation but i respect him for his
4:46 am
decision. he is clearly the leader of the balanced budget effort on capitol hill. and he's going to have a great career and the guy is only 41 years old and talking to him about a national figure for the next 20 years. >> forgive me for saying this because i've never asked you anything about like should i run for this or student council but all the answers you're giving are so positive, why don't you think he ran? >> i respect him. he is dedicated to his family. and really believes that he wants to be a good father for his kids. and he puts his family obligations first. he loves his country and he's committed to the future and he believes in the free market system and free enterprise and he will continue to fight for it. but so many people in politics and you know i know a lot of these people, that they get so caught up in their careers that they forget their other responsibilities. i think paul ryan has his priorities in order. he will be missed on the campaign trail. i would have liked to have seen him run.
4:47 am
but i think he made a decision to focus on his home, not just washington, d.c. and he should be applauded for that. >> indeed. meanwhile, i'm sure you saw this. another polling outfit, a little company called gallup did something, frank, if the presidential election were held today, a new gallup poll shows that mitt romney would defeat the president by 22% and the other three g.o.p. frontrunners right behind him. he's actually -- the president actually ties with rick perry at 47%. what do you make of this? >> ron paul, too. >> it doesn't matter who the republican nominee is. there's a segment of the american population and it's clearly over 40% that's going to vote against barack obama no matter who the opponent is and he should look at these numbers with some concern. up until a couple of months ago when it became pretty clear that the economy was deteriorating yet again. you see a big swing depending on which republican was up against him. now you don't see that swing and you see even candidates that
4:48 am
aren't well known running, tied with, or even a point or two ahead of barack obama but let's face it. there's still another 14 months to go. the question is will the job rate be below 8% which no president has been re-elected with it below 8% and will the expectations improve between now and then? >> september 3rd, we got word that governor palin will have a major announcement. september 3rd, significant? what do you think palin is going to do? >> nobody knows and i think she was very clear for all those pundits who have spoken out, one thing is clear about her potential candidacy, should she announce, she would have an instantaneous national operation, grassroots operation, that would be effective in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina but anyone who tries to guess is making a big mistake. it's going to be difficult for her should she decide to run because of michelle bachmann's candidacy. they do appeal to the same people but sarah palin doesn't
4:49 am
have to play by everybody else's rules because she has hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters on her side and they would be motivated by her candidacy. >> right. frank, could sarah palin win? >> it would be very tough at this point but, you know what? i've learned in this campaign, we don't know who is running. we don't know who's out. we're all expecting haley barbour and expecting mitch daniels. who knows? >> right. >> i always thought there would be word out she was pulling staff together like we heard about rick perry for the longest time and heard about huntsman before he actually did it. i don't hear anything about staff gathering or keeping it dry in case sarah palin calls. >> she ran a different campaign when she was the vice presidential nominee and she's always run -- i guess you call it marching to the beat of your own drummer and that's one of the reasons why she has such a step, remember one thing, in the iowa state fair unlike all the other candidates that were surrounded by security people,
4:50 am
sarah palin walked among the public virtually alone shaking hands, connecting to people. she's a breath of fresh air. and she doesn't have to do it the way other candidates do it. >> thanks, frank luntz, have a great day in cincinnati. >> thank you. >> coming up on this tuesday, help wanted from finance to retail to engineering, we will reveal the top five companies hiring this week. grab a pencil and a paper, details coming up. >> and the number one song in 1974, the night chicago died. remember that. [ male announcer ] heard this one? listen to this. three out of four americans don't get enough vegetables. so here's five bucks to help you buy v8 juice. five bucks. that's a lot of green. go to for coupons. you can count on us. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria
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>> juliet: good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, august 23. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. a fox news alert, terror teams, catch ago man destined for dc with a truck full of ex employees. >> steve: new explosions, more chaos and confusion in libya. we thought gadhafi had been toppled, but he's still missing in action and his son who was supposedly captured yesterday, that's him, free as a bird out on the streets. >> brian: it could go down as joe biden's worst gaffe ever. on what he said to the chinese about their children. "fox & friends" starts right
5:01 am
now. >> juliet: the rooster still makes me laugh. >> brian: it wakes you up. >> steve: we've all been doing this show off and on for, what -- >> juliet: 100 years. >> steve: 13, 14 years. >> brian: you're the only one here who was woken up by a rooster, you were a farm boy. did they find you on the farm and tell you you could be a broadcaster? >> juliet: he had a pitch fork and the hay? >> steve: it's great to have you today, juliet in for gretchen. a fox news alert. >> juliet: in tripoli, reports gun battles near the gadhafi compound. gadhafi forces may have been
5:02 am
reenergized after the appearance of gadhafi's son, asif, who was reported captured, but is roaming the streets. >> steve: despite these new developments, senator john mccain told us in the past hour he's confident gadhafi, gone. >> gadhafi is not going to go down easy. a lot of his people are mercenaries from africa who have nothing to lose and a lot of our air power advantage has been negated. >> juliet: they're trying to flee to tunisia for supplies. dominic is live with the latest. >> we've seen a stream of ambulances come across from libya into tunisia, fresh wounded. rebels that had been injured during a missile attack, they say.
5:03 am
the people in the cabs hyped me are libyans returning to pick up medical supplies because they've run out in libya. they're picking up heart medicine, insulin and turning around and going straight back. different scene 24 hours ago when there were many libyans who were waiting for the fall of gadhafi. he was talking about explosions in the city. the focus is on gadhafi's compound now. it's believed he's still inside that compound. we're not sure where he is, but the indications where that he is there and that's why the fighting is so intense. elsewhere in the country, though, scud-like missiles have been fired by pro-gadhafi forces toward misrata. nato won't stop its air campaign until total security is restored. nato bombed the region where the scud missiles came from, the home region of gadhafi. some people thinking he may have escaped there.
5:04 am
it's still very fluid and the situation is very much in flux, back to you. >> steve: all right. dominic on the border, we thank you very much for the live report. that's interesting, all those people are going back into tunisia to get medical supplies because there aren't many. would you go back? >> juliet: probably not. >> brian: to tunisia where it's so calm and serene. that's where the whole thing started. >> juliet: it's a little oasis there. another fox news alert. outside of washington, a man from florida under arrest apparently right now for allegedly planning to set off fireworks inside his car on the national mall. the suspect's jeep found in an isolated part of cabin john regional park, in bethesda, madeleine albright. inside, fireworks, wires and tubes. the suspect is glenn neff, from florida. he told police he was about to drive to the national mall and reportedly wanted to draw
5:05 am
attention to issues he's been having with the banking industry. the suspect says he didn't want to hurt anybody. it's the most powerful earthquake to hit the state in over 40 years. it happened overnight in colorado. a 5.3 magnitude earthquake centered eight miles southwest of trinidad, along the border of new mexico. the shaking could be felt as far north as colorado spring, which is about 130 miles away. some homes were damage and there were reports of rock slides. hurricane irene strengthening by the second as it heads toward the bahamas. likely to become a category 3, which is fairly significant. that happens today. could grow to a cat 4 by thursday. threatening florida, georgia and south carolina. check out these images. this is a massive fire caused by lightning from the storm. that mansion is actually what you hear about in weeklies. richard branson's island. indicate winslet was staying
5:06 am
there and her kids when it happened. branson says winslet helped save his 90-year-old mother as the house burned down. no more of that. we're mourning the loss of a legendary song writer this morning. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ ain't no -- >> one half of the ashford simpson duo wrote that hit "ain't no mountain high enough." he died of throat cancer. >> steve: they had a lot of great songs. now let's go to laura ingraham who joins us from our nation's capitol. she's got the new book out there, it's doing great. it's on the charts. good morning to you. >> hey, how are you? >> steve: doing okay. good news they caught that crazy person with the jeep filled with fireworks before he could drive it down to the mall. >> he wants to raise awareness about his issues with, what?
5:07 am
dodd frank bill? >> juliet: but he doesn't want to hurt anybody, but it's loaded with fireworks. >> brian: let's talk about politics. governor huntsman is really upping the ante, trying to raise his profile because he's not resonating with anyone. what about what he said yesterday about a possible number two slot with another candidate? >> steve: laura? >> i thought you were running the video. sorry. the thing about huntsman is that on sunday, he basically clear cut the entire republican field. he's on this week or something. he said something nasty about pretty much everyone in the race. of course, we know he has about 1% standing in the polls right now. so when he started off in the campaign, remember how he talked about how he was going to be substantive and no personal attacks and he was going to keep these things? well, it turns out that everybody was kind of worthless
5:08 am
except for huntsman. then he's asked about running his vp and he kind of laughed when he was asked about romney, running with romney. then when it came to bachman and the tea party folks, he kind of sat up straight and he said, i'd consider that. i mean, in your dreams, are you going to be the vice presidential choice after what you said about pretty much everyone in the race. it's been a very bizarre motorcycle ride for him from the very beginning with that video going off into the desert. i think his campaign has been stuck in the desert. it hasn't ever really come out. >> steve: you mentioned mitt romney a moment ago. this new poll came out, he actually beat the president of the united states by two points. the president of the united states, when he gets back from vacation in a couple of weeks, he's going to unveil his jobs plan. apparently mitt romney -- this is the poll right there -- mitt romney is going to release his jobs plan the day after labor day. >> i'll show you mine if you show me yours. i don't know what to make of this because here is the risk,
5:09 am
of course, is that romney reveals his plan, but nobody really talks about his plan because they're waiting for the obama plan. and i understand what he's doing, he wants to the kind of upstage the president. but it might be a little bit difficult and it kind of looks like you're playing catch up with him almost depending on the timing of when this really comes out. i think everybody is waiting to see what obama says. they've been leaking details that it's going to include some tax increases, it's going to include yet another stimulus, and some maybe jobs training programs. but with romney, it's going to have to be so starkly different that people kind of sit up and take notice. we don't know anything yet about it. this broke last night. we'll see how it develops. >> juliet: romney said all along, i'm not going to do much until after labor day. i'm going to lay out. and he got criticized for playing defense, now he's going on the offense. we'll see. >> i would have released it now. this is what i don't understand about any of these guys. you want to run for president, okay. we have a real problem in our country, everybody knows it.
5:10 am
people are doing staycations. look at all of you working all week. >> brian: what about you? >> well, i have a few days off. and so now we have to wait for weeks? we're waiting with baited breath to see what you do as far as leadership goes in this economy. to me, none of it makes much sense. >> juliet: let's move to vice president joe biden who has received his share of guff for some of the comments he made. this one might be the kicker. this is a quote from joe biden regarding the chinese children. one child per family policy. quote, you have no safety net. your policy has been one which i fully understand. i'm not second guessing of one child per family. the result being that you're in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people. not sustainable. laura? >> not sustainable. so i guess we should then conclude that because we have difficult economic conditions here in our country, it wouldn't be out of the realm of
5:11 am
possibility for someone to propose this in the united states. here is where we have a chance to make a real statement, a real moral and common sense statement about freedom, individual freedom and liberty. he goes over to china and a couple of days ago, he talked about how offended he was, he was offended by something, he was offended by people who make fun of other people who stutter. okay? i understand that. that's a mean thing for anyone to do and it's horrible. but probably not as horrible as actually exterminating hundreds of thousands of little girls in the womb because you have a one-child policy or little boys in the womb because you have a one-child policy. so again, america looks foolish on the international stage and the chinese are undoubtedly laughing at us because they have a lap dog in vice president biden and it's embarrassing to the american public. >> steve: there he is pictured with a sumo wrestler. i thought he was proceed-choice and he comes out, i understand
5:12 am
your one-child policy. it's not like the chinese couples are choosing the size of their family. they're forced to have abortions. they are forced to be sterilized. and he understands the policy. >> he understands it and also, look, he's a catholic and he's a roman catholic and all of us who try to live up to the standards we set for ourselves are watching this play out and thinking, on the one hand it's funny, on the other hand, there are human lives on the line and this is where a lot of the pro-life folks around the country and around the world think this is all going any way, to control the population. there are a lot of undesirables breeding and that's what margaret sanger was all about when she founded planned parenthood. that was part of the mantra from the beginning. control the undesirables. >> brian: keep in mind, there are a lot of chinese people who are not for the one child policy. mark stein wrote a book saying our greatest hope against china
5:13 am
is the fact they have one child policy. they're going to run out of ways to procreate. >> i must say that the president is making this big push for the latino vote out there, back door amnesty. i wonder what the very religious latino population in the united states is going to think about the vice president basically saying it's okay to have government control of childbirth. i wonder what they're going to think about this. they're very religious people. >> steve: it's not something they're talk being in the main stream radio, but we are today. laura, thank you for dropping by. >> sorry about the pause. but don't i blend in with the tv set? >> steve: thank you. coming up, this ain't no fish story, folks. >> oh, yeah, daddy! >> steve: a little boy with a camera and his father with a fishing pole catch a shark. they are on a kayak!
5:14 am
>> juliet: and what a difference a year can make. take a look at these smiling middle east dictators. we'll go one by one. where are they now?
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
>> juliet: welcome back. 16 minutes past the hour. rebels advance not guilty libya and launching new attacks on gadhafi's compound. this is not the only dictator to lose control over the last few months. this is from last october. moammar gadhafi, egypt's mubarak, tunisia's dictator and one more. where are they now? take a look. ousted, attacked, m.i.a. and revolted. the president of the american islamic forum for democracy and a former united states navy lieutenant is here and joins us live from phoenix. thank you for being here today. >> great to be with you. thanks.
5:18 am
>> juliet: what a difference a few months makes. >> i can't tell you, as somebody whose family fled syria, came to the united states to experience freedom, to see the power of social networks and that these thugs that have been part of the arab league that photo basically says it all. they thought they were going to be there forever. they thought they were libya or egypt or tunisia or yemen. they thought that as the country went, they went. but that's not true. it's about the power of the people and ultimately freedom and democracy will hopefully come forward and our concern about what may come forward, but it's not just those four. we have assad now still holding on in syria and many ofs from syria are hoping he will go the same way. it's much more entrenched with soviet-style leadership and circling his town with tanks but at the end of the day, they're all thugs that will be part of history and i think the arab people will have a new era. we don't know what it will be. they've been living in a
5:19 am
political winter where they haven't had any inis that structure. so hopefully they'll be able to build that over the next few generations. >> juliet: you mentioned syria's al assad. given what is happening right now and over the last 24, 48 hours or so, things seem to be a little fluid, maybe yesterday a little too much enthusiasm. it seemed like maybe gadhafi was out of power. now we're not sure where he is. the rebels obviously, it's a motley group. so there seems to be a lot of unknowns at this point. al assad will be watching this, obviously. and you've got to wonder what's going through his mind. what do you think is happening there? >> well, i think he's seeing his arab league friends falling one by one and sees he may be next. but we can't underestimate how much more solidified and entrenched the military is and tyrannycal control. he has more solid control than
5:20 am
what libya had or tunisia had. it will be a train wreck, if you will. this is why we need clear leadership from washington and from europe to work together to impose stronger sanctions and make sure that we do everything we can to make sure there is something left in syria that's salvageable. our families are dying there. their towns are surrounded. they're being starved. electricity is cut off. and all in 2011. this isn't 1982 anymore. it's 2011. yet, this is continuing. but i think ultimately syria is hanging on because of its connection to iran and there is probably no country more important to american interests to change than syria because of its connection to hezbollah and state sponsored terrorism. i think as we see a transformed middle east, there is no country that will change more than syria. >> juliet: we thank you for joining us. thanks very much. >> thanks. >> juliet: your e-mails are pouring in on this one. this is a mother feeding a family of ten, we told but this last hour. kicked out of the grocery store because she was using too many
5:21 am
coupons. is that fair for her to get kicked out? we're reading your e-mails on that. then the gop candidates reveal the books they love. what do the books reveal about them? we're reading between the lines, coming up. oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. great! did i mention no hands in the bundler? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today. i'm not looking forward to my flight. try this. bayer aspirin? i'm not having a heart attack. it's my back. no, this is new bayer advanced aspirin... clinically proven to relieve tough pain twice as fast as before. what, did you invent this or something? well, my team did. i'm dr. eric first, from bayer. wow. look. it has microparticles.
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>> brian: i got to tell you, two quick stories to share with you. you see this little thing? you're looking right now at the outside, looking live at the rented apartment of dominic strauss-kahn. he's having some legal problems. he's heading to court this morning and expected to be cleared of sex assault charges and heading back to france. prosecutors dropping the charges sense the maid lied under investigation. let's look at this and we'll start moving the video. look. standard and poors' president
5:25 am
announced he's probably going to call it quits and he is. he's going to step aside. his company issued a downgrade of our credit. we didn't like that. he's gone. he'll be replaced by douglas peterson. he'll bring the glory of citibank with him. let's go back downstairs. >> steve: be on the campaign trail is no excuse for slacking off on summer reading. so what are the 2012 gop candidates reading and what can we learn about them based on their book marks? a senior fellow at the hudson institute and former deputy secretary of health and human services under president george w. bush joins us for the second day in a row from seattle. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: okay. i know you did a lot of research into what some of these candidates are reading. let's start with mitt romney. he has been reading "decision
5:26 am
points, ," twilight, and the bible. twilight? >> in terms of "twilight," he is a sci-fi fan and he read "battlefield earth." i think it's a way for him to counter his reputation of being stiff and formal. but i also think you wouldn't mention that you read those type of science fiction fantasy books unless you really did like them and have an affinity for them. in terms of the bible, that's a con sendtive conservative move. bush, remember, captured the mantle of conservatives in 2000 and it shows leadership, that he knows what it's like to be president, or at least from reading this book. >> steve: let's talk about rick perry. you have cancered that some of the -- ascertained that some of the books he's reading, what that say about him? >> i call him in the article a red meat conservative. this shows he understands some core conservative constituents,
5:27 am
reading about texas history, world war ii history, that's a red meat, all american boy kind of thing to do. i think it shows that these are the people that he can appeal to in a conservative primary caucus. >> steve: meanwhile, michelle bachman reportedly is reading "game change," which is a great book. "burr" and "capitalist freedom." >> with her, "game change "shows you understand the rigors of the campaign. it's a fascinating behind the scenes look at campaigning. "capitalism and freedom" says that she likes to read these conservative economists and shows she has core free market principles. in terms of burr that, is one of the cynical novels about american history and she called it a snotty little book that convinced her that she's a republican. so that's kind of a converted conservative story that shows that she made the switch from left to right. >> steve: finally, ron paul, some of the books he's reading "dying to win," "blow back ,"
5:28 am
and" atlas shrug ." >> the first two shows he's critical of the standard republican foreign policy, the establishment of foreign policy that we've seen over the last 20 years and shows he's got a different take 'cause those are very critical of gop foreign policy. "atlas shrugged" he has an affinity with the author, but it fits in with his libertarian world view. >> steve: very interesting stuff. not a single copy of harry potter. we thank you very much for joining us today from seattle. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: straight ahead, the video looks like something out of an action film. but this shootout is all too real for that police officer. he was shot in the neck and still not backing down. we'll tell you what happened.
5:29 am
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>> juliet: your shot of the morning, people. like a scene straight out of jaw s. >> we're going to need a bigger boat. >> juliet: that was scary. with a that's exactly what kevin steven and his son, hunter, must have been thinking when they caught a 7-foot black tipped shark in the gulf. it was all of a sudden as big as their kayak. but if you think nine-year-old hunter is scared, think again. he's working the camera. >> oh, yeah, daddy. that's a big boy. huh, mama? >> steve: at least the shark is not taking a bite out of the kayak. that's a guerdoning. >> juliet: why wouldn't he? >> steve: seems sedated. look at him.
5:34 am
>> brian: he's had, he's humiliated. he was caught by a guy in the kayak. >> steve: interesting stuff. >> oh, yeah, daddy. >> steve: that's really something. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. if you're just getting up, breaking story we've been following all morning long. this is something. a florida guy now under arrest for planning to set off fireworks inside his jeep that he would park on the national mall in washington, d.c he was caught in an isolated part of cabin john regional park in bethesda, maryland a number of miles outside of washington, d.c that's the jeep right there. >> juliet: our fox affiliate reporter is live at the scene and has the latest. audrey? >> good morning. as you said, an officer on patrol here spotted 27-year-old glenn neff of stewart, florida, sitting in his jeep. that officer went in for a closer look and found that that
5:35 am
vehicle was loaded with fireworks and other devices. perhaps even more disturbing than that, neff had retrofitted the top of his jeep with a moveable turret that would allow him to fire those fireworks randomly in all sorts of different directions. the local bomb squad was called in to render those devices safe and then the joint terrorism task force joined in to question neff. he told investigators that he never meant to hurt anyone. he said he was going to ignite those fireworks on the national mall to raise attention to his beef with the banking industry. we found some posts on neff's facebook page that are more ominous than that. in fact, he told his friends that he was going to save the world and he told them to wait and watch and listen to find out how. glenn neff is currently in custody and investigators tell us charges are pending. back to you. >> steve: all right. >> juliet: funny when you do a
5:36 am
little investigating, you find out a little bit more. >> steve: stay tuned. more later. >> brian: i'd like to thank audrey. that horrifying stage collapse at the indiana state fair claiming its 7th victim. family of meghan made the painful decision to take her off life support. they kept the 24-year-old cheerleading coach on it so her organs could be donated. >> juliet: it's a story that broke here yesterday morning. a police officer was shot in california. we have dramatic video of what happened next. the shootout played between two cops and a man inside his home. the officer is shot in the neck. you can see him there. he's by that white truck. he's holding the blood, covering the wound. he runs for safety. his partner later drags him out of the line of fire. he is currently in stable condition. the suspect is believed to have killed his 14 month old daughter
5:37 am
and his mother-in-law. he was found dead inside his home. >> steve: september 11 first responders and relatives of their victims demanding the federal government not finance the construction of that controversial mosque near ground zero. remember that? >> i don't want my tax dollars spent to support this mosque and we should all be prepared to let our elected officials have a prepared answer for them when they come back and request this money again. >> we should have the right to ask our government not to provide them with funding. >> steve: what are they talk being? the mosque planners are expected to reapply for federal grant money after their application was denied just last week. that's a quick look at headlines. let's talk about this. we told you about an hour ago about how a long island winery has a couple of commemorative wines, one is a merlot, one is a chardonnay. they're donating 10% of the proceeds to the memorial. >> brian: a lot of people think
5:38 am
it's tacky. should we be doing this? >> rick: 10%? >> something should you have 9-11 on it, period. meanwhile, we're getting responses from you. peter said to add to the story, he does not like this. he's our local official. he says, i don't care about the small amount to donate to charity. if anyone is profiting off 9-11, then this wine leaves a bad taste in my mouth. >> steve: what do you think? >> juliet: joany e-mailed us, from ohio, says wine is for celebrating. not a 9-11 -- 9-11 is not a celebration. nobody should profit from 9-11. >> steve: micah in missouri, i find no fault in someone who would store this wine for ten years or more and open it on an anniversary of 9-11 for a somber toast to the heros of that day. we toast to the fallen of pearl harbor. why not 9-11? another point of view. >> brian: how about this?
5:39 am
private industry should sell what it wants unless it's illly, of course. the market will decide whether it's worth buying. >> steve: here is another tweet. anybody who wants to make a profit from 9-11 should have their citizenship revoked. >> juliet: lot of good points on those e-mails. >> steve: we also told you about this mom down in georgia who is a couponner. >> juliet: i don't approve of that pronunciation. >> steve: but apparently she was denied the use of a whole bunch of coupons, coupons, at kroger, down in georgia. listen to this. >> he walks up to me and his only words are, i'm not taking those. i'm not taking them coupons. i asked him why. because you're an habitual coupon user. >> juliet: that gets me every time. >> steve: she's the mother of ten. she's using the limited access she has. she's using the sunday paper to try to save money. besides, it's legal, isn't it?
5:40 am
the grocery store is reimbursed by the manufacturers. what's the problem? >> juliet: it takes up time and this is what the grocery store says. there is not a limit on the amount of coupons per transaction. however, kroger does limit one coupon per item and reserves the right to limit quantities. they're allowed to do that. >> brian: what does mean see feel? coupon limits set by the store so there is enough for other shoppers. i agree with kroger. the lady needs to chill. >> juliet: you know what that means, brian? >> steve: lady needs to chill? >> juliet: calm down. >> brian: i'm going to watch the show back and try to make sense of any of it. >> steve: i'm a cashier and have been yelled at by customers because i don't take a coupon. people need to realize we don't have to take them. hate to be there on double coupon day. >> juliet: they should lower prices across the board and do away with coupons and rebates. they're a pain in the neck. but you got to do what you got
5:41 am
to do. i like to fold and then rip. >> brian: you're a bold woman. >> steve: what about the ruler? >> juliet: it's a little too much. >> steve: too old school? >> juliet: yeah. >> brian: i know you want to go on and on about this. >> steve: you started it! >> brian: chances are there is buried treasure in your own house! >> juliet: showing your word robe. >> brian: showing what you you have that can make you a whole lot of money. >> steve: get out your antique scissors. then we put moammar gadhafi on the psychiatrist couch. will he surrender? will he go out feet first? the doctor who spent decades analyzing leaders for the c.i.a., including anwar sadat is here coming up next. stay tuned. more live from new york city. wave to all, would you? [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider.
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>> steve: welcome back. quick headlines. $490,000 in stimulus funds was supposed to create jobs in nevada and it did. it created exactly 1.72 jobs is the estimate. the money was given to clark county, so it could hire people to plant trees. and a bird man from burbank, caged for feeding pigeons. it's not a crime to feed birds in the city, but charles douglas was given several warnings about it. his business is near the airport and pigeons are causing a hazard for airplanes. brian, over to you. >> brian: all right. he may be losing his grip, but is moammar gadhafi really ready to let go of his leadership? his son, saif resurfaced last night and says his father is not going anywhere and the pentagon believes he's still in libya. this doctor is a doctor and professor of psychiatry and political psychology and
5:46 am
international affairs at george washington university. he spent decades analyzing leaders for the c.i.a. so, does gadhafi profile as somebody that will run, fight, or hide? >> gadhafi is not someone who will shrink into exile nor commit suicide and while he may hide temporarily, it is in the service of ultimately having his people who all love him and support him rising to his defense. for him, it's inconceivable that his people are turning against him. therefore, this is all the west and nato and at one point he talked about them slipping ha louis in a generals to the youth. >> brian: would you label him borderline insane? >> no. he's what i call a borderline
5:47 am
personality. most of the time he's above that border of sanity. there are two circumstances when he can slip below the border. one is when he's succeeding and the other is when he's failing. he has never been under as much pressure as he is now. the fact that his son, saif, has apparently not been captured will be important because the isolation that he would have experienced with all of his sons gone would have had him increasingly erratic. >> brian: i remember the quote the quote from hitler is essentially the german people didn't deserve me in the end. how is gadhafi rationalizing everyone leaving, the world collapsing on him? how does he rationalize that with his immense ego? >> his immense ego is quite correct. he has said i created libya. i can destroy it. he sees himself as the very
5:48 am
embodiment of libya. he still believes that his people love him and that may sound quite crazy and in part that's because he's below the border. but i find his language is very interesting. this may sound like a lewd chris comparison. but churchill during the blitz really steal the people of great britain. he always spoke in the first person plural. gadhafi speaks in the first person singular. my people love me. they will protect me. and there is nothing about the way he's speaking designed to rouse the spirit of those who are loyal to him. >> brian: he did not study under tnute rockne. you do not see him going to a lavish lifestyle and hopefully we'll have an end to that soon. coming up next, our final segment, can you tell which one is trash and which is treasure? the keyno brothers are here telling how this stuff in your basement could be worth a lot of in up and change your lives.
5:49 am
let's check this with gregg jarrett to tell us what's on his show at the top of the hour. >> the powells are like this. just like you and me. coming up, we'll be talking with ambassador john bolton, can we stop the terrorists from taking control of a brand-new libya? what do we do there? here at home, new polls are out showing a vulnerable president politically. that as legendary investor warren buffet comes to his rescue. but is buffet right when it comes to taxes? we'll debate it coming up. getting grime from deep inside grout takes the right tools,
5:50 am
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>> steve: are you short on cash? there could be some cash hidden in your attic or basement. the brothers lee and lesley are crossing the country helping you turn your trash into treasure. take a look.
5:53 am
>> the strings. i left all of that exactly the way he had it. >> i've got to do everything in my power to figure out if it's the real thing. it's going to impact his life one way or the other. >> juliet: look who is here. the keno brothers host of the new show on fox. welcome. it's called "buried treasure." >> i can't believe it's tomorrow night already. >> juliet: are you going to have a big premiere party? >> something at home. >> juliet: will we see some of this stuff on? >> you might see some of these things. >> steve: let's start with these two things here. they're shirts and one is real and worth a lot of money and the other looks like it's real, but perhaps is not. >> this is native american style. you can see the horses, the tepees, a warrior scene. what we look at is whether or not these have been actually worn. look for the wear signs of human usage. >> juliet: how can you tell? >> see these stains here? that's a good sign. it's a great sign to see the
5:54 am
cracks along the edges. and sure enough -- >> brian: you're leading us to this one. >> steve: i go with the dirty one. >> you're right. this is an original sioux indian shirt. >> brian: you don't just go to rich people and look at expensive paintings on the wall. you also go to families that could really use a break and try to make this happen. >> exactly. what this show is about is we go on a treasure hunt. we get a few photos and it's maybe pieces in the back that we notice. go to the door, it's all in scripted reality and look for treasures. what we really do is change these people's lives. people in need that really need the money. so we're coming in at a critical point, finding treasures and we bring that csi team in, kind of laboratory. >> we're look at the beads. >> juliet: how do you know all this stuff? that's what boggles my mind.
5:55 am
what did you study? >> this is amazing. this was in a house, actually covered in magazines. literally covered in magazines, buried. i found it in the back room. it was a dog bowl and her dog drank out of it and a bird feeder. guess how old this is. >> brian: i would say 100 years. >> this is 1200 to 1600 bc. it's from manila brought back in 1905 from this lady's grandfather. >> steve: how do you know that? >> look at those great inscriptions on the side of t. decoration. >> we do our homework and check with experts. >> steve: one is a real rembrandt ask one is not -- and one is not. >> this one in front is a big oil and then up on top you have an etching. on the show, we tell you which one is real. a real rembrandt these days
5:56 am
could be worth $20 million. >> brian: what do you think, which one do you think is real? steve? >> this one. >> brian: what do you think? >> juliet: that one. >> brian: i'm going to go with steve. >> steve: is he right? you'll find out tomorrow night on their show. >> thanks for having us. >> juliet: thank you, guys. >> steve: we'll be back in two minutes. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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5:59 am
>> steve: keno brothers, take a look at some of the cool stuff available. >> juliet: how old is this? >> this is a future treasure. this could come on the show some day. >> and worth a lot of money. >> steve: they've got hats and umbrellas. >> juliet: brian kilmeade, do you notice we don't have brian kilmeade sitting here? >> steve: the kenos -- you have brought that rembrandt into the


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