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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 23, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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air give me a headline let me know what you are talking about. our skis we have spotters they come to me and select them. give me that great headline. o'reilly you -- fill in the blank. keep it clean. thanks for wahing. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for definitely looking out for you. closed captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. rebel forces have tan gadhafi's compound. many began looting the palace after they entered and grabbing anything they could get their hands-on. one rebel fighter climbed on top of gadhafi's iconic statue, a giant fist crushing american jet. tonight no sign of the defiant libyan dictator who has not
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been seen in public since june. last night despite rebel claims they captured the son, saif he merged to announce his father is still in tripoli and he would prevail in this battle. for the latest on the ground we check in with steve harrigan standing by in tripoli. >> reporter: sean, 3 a.m. here. we are still hearing nato warplanes jets flying overhead, as far as the historic battle today, a victory for those rebels. they over took gadhafi's compound here in tripoli. it has been a symbol of gadhafi's power also a tactical nerve are for the dictator. heavy bombing all morning before the rebel fighters overran it. for the rebels, a sense of triumph. many came from all over libya putting their jobs and families aside for the past six months. they've made a lot of mistakes and paid a heavy price.
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but tasting victory and euphoria today. as far as the fighting, it isnot over. small pockets of gun battles around the capital. a fight around the airport. possible bat shaping up in gadhafi's home city. as far as gadhafi him , not clear where he is. in a recent radio address he said he would defeat nato or suffer martyr dom. when it comes to losing his compound in tripoli, he says it was a tactical retreat. >> sean: as a rebel victory looms so does a prospect of a post gadhafi libya. concerns are rising about what the country might look like after his fall. the draft constitution of the new regime has appeared online. it states that. . islam is the religion of the state and the principle source of legislation is islamic jurisprudence, sharia law. is this a huge matter for
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concern? joining me with analysis, former ambassador to the u.n., potential presidential candidate, john bolton. >> good to see you. >> sean: it is sort of like, ing was happening with the arab spring. i'm saying, -- wait a minute, listen to the muslim brotherhood that is saying prepare for war with israel. it now appears, in my estimation and i think you agree, the likelihood is they are going to take over, am i right? >> sweetness, light and democracy is not about to break out. having gotten rid of gadhafi, i think it is clear he cannot regain control of the country. the issue of what happens next is very much up in the air. we've spent six months watching this happen and we've not prepared for it. >> sean: these are simple questions to me. what happens in the short term? i know the president is on vacation. i know he didn't have time for an economic plan. maybe if he could take time off the golf course what
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happens in the short term and long term? your best guess what should america's role be? >> in part is why you have a state department and defense department to do long range planning. the first question is how gadhafi exits if it is a bloody fight to the end if he carries through on his threats. these circumstances will make it difficult to create a true government of national unity. number two, the rebels themselves are very internally divided. there are some who believe in democracy, pluralistic society. plenty of others believe the opposite. the balance of power within the rebel council is not known. >> sean: if you read this constitution, you and i had a private discussion about this last night. it talks about freedoms. freedom of the press. freedom of assembly. all these freedoms. they are all words. then it goes into the sharia aspect. i think we have a good idea what would emerge if in fact as they say islam is the religion of the state and the
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source of their legislation islamic jurisprudence, sharia law. >> over the years i've had a lot of discussions with arab diplomats about women's rights. they are in favor of women's rights subject to sharia law. i think that's a good example of what remains to be thought out. you have to go beyond the transitional national council. they know they are playing to the west on their best behavior. it is the people who aren't talking english to the western reporters who pose the problem. >> sean: how are we to interpret the president's actions? does he now agree with george w. bush in terms of preemption? i thought that's what he ran against. >> he did. we did not authorize military force in the president's mind to overthrow gadhafi because of his threat to return to international terrorism. under this doctrine known as the responsibility to protect. which would have us launching
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american military force on humanitarian missions everywhere. he has never backed off that. people say he achieved his object -- objective. he did not. >> sean: as a conservative, george w. bush sought and he received the authorization for the use of force, as it relates to iraq and the war on terror. as a matter of fact, as it relates to iraq, hillary clinton and john kerry -- >> of course this isn't war. under the state department's definition. that shows that the president is being too cute by half here. it does undercut american credibility overseas. i think people understand the games that are being played. it does not help us in the future. >> sean: it seems the white house wants to use this -- they are still crucifying george w. bush over his policy with iraq and his silence about what happened here. i'm not a supporter of the war powers act. but it still is the law of the land.
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unlike george bush, bush sought authorization for the use of force. obama did not. why is there no outcry in that case? we don't know the outcome. i think projections of democracy in egypt, north africa, mideast, i don't believe any that >> it is not going to happen. i'm happy to see the war powers act trashed. the sooner the better. the president made a big point how he went to the u.n. security council to get authorization. only to protect the libyan civilians not to overthrow gadhafi. there's hypocrisy even in the conducting of the military operation. >> sean: i thought i was mu mill ing and embarrassing with our vice president in china. -- humiliating and em-- embarrassing with our vice president in china. he defended their brutal one-while policy, saying i fully understand it. i'm not second guessing one child per family.
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otherwise one person going to be paying for four people, it is not sustainable this is a policy of forced abortion. this is a policy that has been brutal toaoztó women and girls - >> anti-girl policy, no doubt about it. i find it unspeakable that he would say this. in you don't want to say anything, don't. to say you understand it. i don't understand it. i don't think the american people understand. >> sean: the vice president is at the all are of the communist chinese -- at the alter of the communist chinese not to pull out the billions they've lent us? >> there's a lot of prosperity in china after switching to market forces 25 years ago if you think the statistics tell the full story you ought to think again. i'm not worried about china over taking the united states any time soon. >> sean: if we keep going in the way we are going. "washington post" today, in 18 months it will be official
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that president obama has created less jobs than any other president in modern history. >> and put us four trillion -- the difference is we hold the key. we can change this. >> i'll know by labor day. >> sean: ambassador bolton, good to see you. >> his name mentioned as possible vice presidential nominee. marco rubio will join me tonight. >> tense moments between congresswoman waters and a top white house jobs adviser, caught on tape as the president hits a new low in the polls. dana and stuart will be here dana and stuart will be here next with analysis and much [ jon ] up in alaska, we find the best sweetest crab
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>> sean: president obama may be in hiding in martha's vineyard. as' tempts to remain out of the public eye his plummeting numbers continue make headlines. according to a new rasmussen poll he has reached an all-time low only 19% say they strongly approve of the job he's doing. 45% strongly disapprove. the bad news doesn't stop there. in the latest gallup poll 38% say they approve of the president's performance, all-time low for this white house. as we've been reporting the administration has been losing support in the african-american community as well. among his most vocal critics has been california
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congresswoman maxine waters at a public forum hosted by the congressional black caucus last night in miami. she repeated attacked the executive director of the council on jobs, graves. at one point he was interrupted by waters. >> everyone across the country understands that communities have been hit harder than other communities. >> let's hear you say black. >> black, african-american, latino. these communities have been hard hit. they've been hard hit. the president understands that. we have to focus on getting people back to work in every community across the country. >> sean: of course the tea party can go straight to hell. here with reaction the host of varney & company, stuart varney. former white house press secretary co-host of what is -- you and beckel, what a pairing --
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>> great show and you look terrific. >> thanks. >> sean: you get him to admit. >> i always get him to say i had a good point. >> sean: plummeting poll numbers. president at martha's vineyard. the imam -- the images makes for a bad picture. >> it was on the golf course today when the quake hit the white house must have been beating their heads against the wall, august is never a good month to take a vacation. i think right now for democrats seeing poll numbers going down after a three-day bus tour, it is not panic time, but nervous about next year. >> sean: the bus tour didn't go well. bus refited in canada. as he's trying to create jobs in america. i'm going to come up with a plan in september. the anxiety is killing me. i can barely contain myself. >> he doesn't have a plan. he's making it up as he goes.
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that's why you have to wait until after labor day. look, the twin crises in america, which i think have lead to these low approval ratings are the jobs and housing crisis. they are both getting worse. today we had more bad news on housing. because the unemployment situation continues to deteriorate. that's the plunge, not exactly plunge off of a cliff for the economy but the deteriorating underlying sense of prosperity and where we're going that is really hurting this president. >> sean: you've got david plouffe, david axelrod, they are blaming the tsunami, arab spring. it is lame in terms of and george bush. by the way the earthquake was george bush's fault. here's what i think is happening. they are polling, focus grouping. come up with a few new
9:17 pm
buzzwords. repackage his old ideas. and act as though this is a big new idea and blame republicans. accurate? >> right. if you looked on the sunday morning talk shows david axelrod said several times we are going to present something that reasonable people should be able to interpret. anybody who disagrees with it and doesn't like it will be unreasonable in addition the other thing that was interesting and it could have been a nuance. president obama said i'm going to introduce a plan. axelrod said he will produce an outline. those two things are different. a plan is detailed. an outline could be just rehashed stuff from before. that won't be enough for businesses. >> we said 5&us before, the president cannot change course. he cannot do what is required. he cannot lower tax rates and increase revenues to the treasury with tax reform. if he went for tax reform he
9:18 pm
repudiates the first 2 1/2 years of his presidency. he's locked in. >> i don't think he cares about that. >> sean: also losing his left wing base. go ahead. >> i don't think he cares as much about the past two years. remember, it was seven months ago he said the worst thing you could do is raise taxes in a recession. four months later they wanted to raise taxes. he might call for a big comprehensive tax reform he knows he can't get. >> if he knows he can't get it, he knows he can say the republicans wouldn't let me do this the republicans would let him do tax reform. -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: it is not like they are going to sit like potted plants and not counter with a plan of their own. connie mack-penny plan, cut, cap and balance again in a modified form. >> governor romney is coming forward with his plan september 6th, the day after labor day. he's decided to put himself out there with details so he can become the pinata. i think that is right at this
9:19 pm
point in the republican primary. >> sean: i agree. you gotta lead. go ahead. >> i want to bring up the earthquake today. >> sean: i felt it, i was shaking. i was thinking left wing for a few minutes. >> i didn't feel a thing. supposing it had been more serious? supposing there had been serious damage up and done the east coast? suppose the an -- suppose the hurricane approaching does serious damage? we have no margin for error, no financial cushion this president has spent us into massive debt. we are completely in debt. we have no cushion to deal with any kind of emergency. >> sean: good point. you hear the left wing base of the president turning against him. i say all the left wingers will go back. they are not going to opportunity tea party, the republican candidate. but, -- some may stay home. >> enthusiasm is big and
9:20 pm
turn-out is important in every election. i notice lots of democrats love it. the media used to do this, talk about how divided the republican party is. there's a lot of division on the left as well. >> the key constituents of the president are not going to vote against him. they are not going to go for the republican. but will they vote in the same numbers with the same enthusiasm as they did in 2008? the answer is no. republicans will vote with enthusiasm in numbers, democrats won't. >> sean: great job with beckel. i'm empressed i love the show. and i always watch you after imus. >> thank you. >> sean: it is child abuse or discipline? an alaskan mother makes her son drink hot sauce? first, could this man be tapped as the vice presidential nominee on the republican side in 2012? senator mar [ male announcer ] life is full of missed opportunities. like the trip around the world you never took.
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>> sean: as the field of republican presidential contenders continues to sort itself out. one name is often mentioned as a possible vice presidential nominee, the wildly popular freshman senator from florida, marco rubio tonight he joins me from the ronald reagan presidential library in
9:25 pm
beautiful simi valley, california. he delivered a major address. welcome back sir. >> good talking to you again. >> sean: there's a lot of people speculating. another big step in the career of marco rubio, stepping out on the national stage there in simi valley. what is your reaction to all that talk? i know it is flattering -- >> yeah it is. they've said it about other people before. they will say it about other people in the future many i'm here because mrs. reagan invited me after the election. i grew up in ronald reagan's america. i was in 4th grade when he was sworn in and senior year in high school when his presidency ended. ronald reagan and the things he stood for defined so much of what i experienced. to have a chance to talk about two major issues, one, what would america's role in the world be? that led to the end of the cold war. the other is what is the role
9:26 pm
of government? and what the role of government should be in america? he fought that battle to try to get us back to the right place. because we are not there now we are facing this day of reckoning. the way to understand it is, we have -- america has built a government that not only we the richest country in the history of the world can continue to fund. >> sean: when you were in 4th grade i was graduating from high school. which means i'm older than you, which is really annoying. >> i'm getting older too. >> sean: we all are, everyday. i raised this question last night, i wonder now as the white house and political operatives from president obama try and grab credit for libya, even though i don't think we have any clue as to the final outcome. does he now support the bush doctrine of preemption? what does it mean in the short term, the long term. did we break it and now we own it has colin powell once said?
9:27 pm
>> unfortunately, on libya the policy was too late to come to a coherent policy. i'm happy that gadhafi is not going to be around in libya. i think the administration didn't handle that well because they waited too long to move way or the other. they had to make a move early and be -- decisive. not doing that has allowed this to go on longer. the world will be a better place that gadhafi is not in charge of libya. one of the most important roles we play is to be an example to the world to show you can have prosperity and still be a compassionate country. that market forces and the free economy allow people to overcome circumstances of their birth and live a life their parents couldn't imagine. the fact that we exist. the fact that america exists is an inspiration to people all over the world. ronald reagan knew that he knew it wasn't so much what we said, it is how we live. the fact that if america was america, the rest of the world would be better. >> sean: imf says the chinese economy will over take the
9:28 pm
u.s. economy in 2016. the vice president in china, trying to calm fears about our economy. and saying don't count the u.s. out. and at the same time our vice president affirms china's one-child policy he said, i fully understand, i'm not second-guessing one child per family. the results going to be you are in a position within wage earner taking care of four retired people is not sustainable. forced abortions. brutality towards women. >> that's a country where the government dominates society in china the government is the country that's the difference between countries like that and us. america is not a government. america is a nation of people. the government works for us. we have a government that is supposed to serve us and do things that governments do, act in our national security, build roads and bridges. countries like china the government is the country. soon we will see the errors
9:29 pm
that people will call out for free -- their people will call out for freedom as well. we don't have access to google. we can't look up any website we want. that day is coming for them as well. aspirations americans have for their children are universal. america needs to continue to be a beacon for the world and lead by example. living and being who we were always meant to be. >> sean: you are loved in the tea party movement across the country. which a lot of times your name as been mentioned -- which is why a lot of times your name has been mentioned as vp. maxine waters said they could go straight to hell. fellow floridian congresswoman suggesting the real enemy is the tea party movement. just either today or yesterday. why do you think there's these attacks again the tea party? and why double standard this is one group you can say
9:30 pm
anything about, no ramifications? >> without having heard specifically all those comments i can only tell you my experience has been the more heated the rhetoric the likely it is -- likely it is they can't win the public policy argument. the policies this administration has pursued has not worked. unemployment higher, our economy is not growing. i love my country more than i love my political party. i want america to do well. the policies pursued in washington are not going to get us there. if you supported those policies you can't defend the policy. the only way you are going to win and convince people to vote for you is to demonize the other sigh. that's why you see over-- heated rhetoric. the problem facing our country is we spend more money than we take in every month the government borrows 120 billion dollars that it doesn't have to pay and as a government. everyday our tax code destroys
9:31 pm
jobs, regulatory system destroys jobs, obamacare will kill jobs. that is the real problem. we need leaders that will focus on those issues. >> sean: i know you are not supporting, haven't endorsed anybody. what do you think of the current field of gop candidates that want to take on barack obama? >> i think it is an underrated field. as i tell people, running for president is not a decision, it is a process. you can't say i want to be president, you have to do it. that means long days on the road. speech after speech, audience after audience a lot of hands you have to shake, waking up at 4:00 in the morning to do morning shows and staying at cheap hotels across iowa new hampshire, south carolina and the early states, because you want to be president. that tests people from that process you will get someone to face the issues a president has to face. i'm confident, when the primaries are over we'll have a nominee on the republican decide that is going to lead our country in the right direction. true be told, any of them
9:32 pm
would be better than who we have now. >> sean: senator, rubio, thanks. >> she made her 7-year-old son drink hot sauce as a form of punishment. is that discipline or child abuse? we'll tell you how the court we'll tell you how the court rule, after this break. motorcycles, boats, even rv's. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early. casey mears, driver of the number thirteen geico toyota camry. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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>> sean: it is every kid's nightmare the soap in the mouth punishment when you tell a lie or let a bad word slip, sort of:ú1y' likeok bob beckel. what about mom making you drink hot sauce? that's what one mother did to her adopted 7-year-old son. she has been convicted of misdemeanor child abuse. she tried to blame her actions on none other than dr. phil. she was featured on the well-known tv show last november in a segment called mommy confessions. >> we've been having a lot of problems. he will -- it will stay inoñ[f ñ bathroom until it is handy.
9:37 pm
when he gets a cold shower i'm at the end of my rope. nothing has gotten the results that i want. >> sean: in california another mother is in hot water for shaving her adopted misbehaving 12-year-old daughter's head to an inch of uneven hair. after the girl's school called child protective services the mom told the social worker would take something drastic to get her attention and she prizes her hair most of all. that mom cast cleared. stories such as these beg the question how far is too far when it comes to disciplining your children? joining me bill cunningham, soon to be a syndicated tv host. congratulations. also with us new york prosecutor anna sigga nicolazzi. good to see you. good idea? was that correct to try this mother, this alaskan mother,
9:38 pm
hot cause, cold showers for a kid misbehaving? >> the answer is once you see tape, yes. you hear it you say slippery slope. are we getting too much into the family. i saw that tape and it is sickening. >> sean: i don't hit my kids. i don't have problems with parents that do. if they want to use -- as long as it is within reason. i've seen parents swat their kids in a store. soap in the mouth, you have a problem with that if they curse? >> i don't. but that is not hurting the child. i'm not going to do it. >> sean: soap in the mouth? >> we'll see what my daughter does when she older. >> sean: when she mouths off to mom, you might have a different story. bill cunningham, defense attorney. >> i've tried lots of child abuse cases. i reached out to some prosecutors, anna is one of the best in this state this is a case-by-case situation. the only thing the alaskan
9:39 pm
mommy dearest is guilty of is videotaping it. when i was a kid my mother stuck soap in my mouth, made me eat it and the bubbles cape out of my nose. if that was taped, what would happen? >> sean: my father f i did something wrong, i look back and i deserved it. if you sawn-vow that today would you think arrest my father? >> you look, it is a question of degree. >> sean: you can take the belt to your kids? mother hitting their kid with a spoon or paddle or switch? >> it is a question of degree. usually it is going to be okay. >> sean: the belt was wham, wham. if you saw that -- >> what were the marks after? >> sean hannity with all due respect, i would say because the state is so involved it is one of the reasons of many why children today are out of control.
9:40 pm
parents are afraid to properly discipline. because prosecutors like anna may lock 'em up and there await the key. it is a case-by-case basis. everyone knows the number to cps. kids are told in public. my mother took a ping-pong paddle to me and chased me around and hit me with soap coming out of my nose. if that was on videotape, anna would say lock her up. >> it depends what you did. look at what happens to some of these kids. there's a reason i end up with the defendants i end up with. sometimes the things that happen to them is children. they become socio-paths. that doesn't mean if you get smacked, spanked. >> sean: it was common to get hit with a belt. >> it doesn't mean that is supposed to go. -- that is the way you are supposed to go. >> sean: in retrospect i deserved i. >> did you see the tape?
9:41 pm
>> mother would say go to the tree, get me a switch. bring it back to me. i remember this kid, i won't give his full name, his first name was bob. >> sean: beckel. >> no, i wish it was. he would bring back to his mother, she would hit him. welts would show. this woman would lock up that poor woman and we don't need that. you got enough tough cases without making criminal bad parenting. >> it didn't mean you can ignore these things. it is case-by-case. >> sean: you have kids? >> i do. >> sean: what would be the worst punishment, you could give your kids? >> at this point letting her cry in her crib for five minutes. >> i say watching bob beckel. in a loop. we need parents, spare the rod, spoil the child. i say beat kids appropriately, and with love. >> in these cases that was not done with love.
9:42 pm
humiliating children. this is adopted little boy. >> sean: all i have to do is say give me your ipad, get in your room and stay there. >> that is child abuse. call the number! >> sean: 10 years from now we'll be debating can you legay]xk take away your kids' ipad? >> too many tough prosecutors. bad parent something not criminals. >> sean: thanks guys. greta, what do you think? >> i was taking notes. here's a note i took from you sean. that you deserved it. i thought that would be the follow-up question what did you do that you deserved it? >> sean: may kids may be watching. nothing i will admit public. you will never hear about sean hannity's past from 23 and below. after that i became a christian. i've been on the straight and narrow. before that, everything was on the take. >> greta: anyone who knows sean from age 23 and below call me tomorrow.
9:43 pm
>> sean: god help me. what is coming up tonight? >> greta: a lot going on. what is going on with the tea party? that is all i'm going to say. chief chewed up the tease with me soliciting your old friends. >> sean: our great, great american panel is next. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at
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9:48 pm
you deal with this in your book. can we not discipline our kids? i don't understand putting tabasco in a kid's mouth. >> that is not good parenting. >> sean: or shaving your daughter's hair for lying. nuts. what is interesting it does raise the issue of parental authority. i talk about that in the book. the government knows best doctrine, there's a line that we need to watch and talk about. how far can the government go? those examples are extreme. anybody would agree. what if you want to raise your kid in your religion? put your kid if a certain school. >> sean: she circumvent the values of the parents and put condoms on cue cumbers in front of the kids -- cucumbers in front of the kids. >> parents won't take their kids to get medical treatment because they believe that's
9:49 pm
against their religion. things like that government needs to step in i think -- >> sean: i'm not so sure. unless it is life threatening, this is a fine line. >> it does happen life-threatening stuff. >> sean: do we have freedom of religion or not? >> that's the point. it is a tough line. >> i never got hit with a closed fist. my father did discipline us. >> my dad spanked my brother and i when we were bad. once time did mouth off against my grandmother and he smacked. and never, ever did i -- i -- [ talking over each other ] >> i learned my lesson one time. my dad was a good father. he dolled out -- he doled out the love as much as he did the spanking. a lot of these reality tv shows, trying to be on dr. phil or whatever are making parents do extreme
9:50 pm
things trying to get a rise to get on television, which is awful. i feel bad for those children. >> sean: good point. kids now can -- you swat a kid in the store and somebody wants to have you arrested. usually a liberal do-gooder. >> and it happens. it does happen. parents are now challenged more and more about the decisions they make on behave of their kids. the case in arizona i think it was, texas, arizona was the case of the judge telling the woman she couldn't spank her kid, we don't do that any more. >> sean: since when does the judge decide? >> this isn't just liberal do-gooders everybody sees this stuff and some respond differently. things have changed. i'm not saying -- >> sean: joe, did you ever get hit? >> >> sean: you should have been. >> i was hit with a switch and it made me decide i was going to learn how to run faster.
9:51 pm
-- >> sean: did it destroy you psychologically? >> look at me sean. >> sean: good point. there is something missing. a missing chip in terms of your politics. i wonder if -- i'm a big ten miss fan. there's not tough top american tennis players. i had one discussion with a friend of mine. he thinks american kids are soft. >> they are soft. >> sean: american kids are spoiled. we give them too much. they are not hungry. >> remember you told me the story about your son who threw a tantrum and you took him out of a match. he responded. i think he's doing better than ever. some might go that is so mean sean, that's child abuse. what if somebody said that? it is ridiculous. >> sean: is the kid allowed to tell the umpire to blank off and we are not going to take our kids out of game? >> the entitlement culture, our kids are growing up into they feel they are entitled to
9:52 pm
-- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: look at kids in england. we deserve these things. go work. go wash dishes. [ talking over each other ] >> this is not liberal or conservative. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: by the way we have a tradition every time the one and only leeann tweeden is here -- it over tonight ranger [ gnome ] ahh... [ male announcer ] this is what it's like
9:53 pm
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we continue with our great american panel. assault on the tea party continues this is florida congresswoman wilson. she said let's remember who the real enemy is. she guess the real enemy is the tea party. the -- she goes the real enemy is the tea party. the tea party has been called, maxine waters lashed out the other day. she says the tea party holds congress hostage. there's no compromisinging with them. they have one goal in mind. >> let's all remember hot real enemy is. and the real enemy is the tea party! [ applause ] >> there is no compromising with them. they have one goal in mind to
9:57 pm
make president obama a one-term president. >> sean: of course they can go straight to hel according to maxine. in the new -- age of obama civility. >> can i say she is the enemy of fashion wearing that hat. i'm not sure what that was about. making attacks against other people in america when a lot of america is unemployed now is wrong. and you're not helping your own people. if she is saying that blacks aren't employed enough, what is she doing that is helping her constituents? people need to help themselves and get educated. >> sean: where is the moral courage of this president? he lectures us on civility after gab giffords and the shooting. everyone after sarah palin for targeting districts. something you have done and every democrat. all of a sudden they are terrorists?
9:58 pm
ed by . maxine waters go straight to hell. where is the president? >> i've said it is not helpful to demonize the tea party. they are formed the -- out of same cloth that happen in the democratic party in 2004. we didn't like what the establishment in the party was doing. the tea party didn't like what the establishment with bush spending and things. they are responding to angst inside the -- >> sean: i go that. where is obama? why can't he have -- this is a golden opportunity it is teed up, here, belt it out of the park. >> i don't have an answer for that. it may be he doesn't want to take on the base and some people saying these things. >> sean: so he's gutless? >> i think it is a mistake. >> sean: are you saying he's gutless? >> i said it is a mistake to demonize the tea party. >> sean: it is cowardly? >> i'm not going to get into -- can i take a vow? >> sean: can i take a pass you
9:59 pm
mean? >> exactly. some of the people i know on the left who complain about the tea party have never been to a tea party function. they don't know who those people are. [ unintelligible ] they are just regular americans. >> sean: what do they want, balanced budgets? >> they go out and put up placards and they are regular americans. >> sean: is this backfiring? i think every time they do this, all it does is pain the democrats as elitist, out of touch, -- arrogance, condescending. >> it energizes the tea party and the republican party. i think that's why i think, look democrats should be appealing to some of the issues that these people are talking about. >> not necessarily the tea party regular americans that hardworking want less government regulation that want to live their lives and not be told what to do. have less spending that don't raise taxes what


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