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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 28, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> sunday morning from new york city, it is wet and the storm has come through, i'm shepard smith and this is fox news continuing coverage of tropical storm irene, a hurricane, as it barrelled into new york city, making history and the national weather center in miami has downgraded now but, make no mistake it is incredibly dangerous storm. pictures now, these are the visible satellite loop and the infrared loop, and you can see the eye of the storm passed by
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new york city, up to 4 million homes and businesses on the east coast, now said to be without power, and emergency crews tell us that irene has killed at least 9 people, trees and power lines are down all over the place and new york city at a near complete stand still. that is 6th avenue, looking from the 40s up to central park and i count three cars on the move. streets of manhattan mostly empty, 65 mile-an-hour winds reported at coney island, but a major fear is in the metro area has been the storm surge, we're beginning to see serious flooding in low-lying areas and talking the coast of brooklyn, queens as well as battery park and lower manhattan and beyond. we have a map of hurricane irene now, moving along quite a pace now. but as we reported the winds have dropped below 74 miles per hour, on the threshold for a hurricane. we have been watching this, the storm is moving at about 25 miles per hour, forward progress, compared to 12 or 13 we were seeing last night and it
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will whip through new england and hopefully a sunny day, may be head, though windy and our correspondent julie bandaras in the southern tip of manhattan at what we call battery park. with a special guest. good morning. >> reporter: hi there, shep. we had a lot of rain earlier in fact the whole promenade down by battery park was completely flooded and, now it is absolutely not flooded which is incredible how quickly the water receded. high tide at 8:00 a.m. and i've never before seen the new york harbor lap up against the seawall like this before. there is flooding along the seawall throughout the hudson river and battery park however we are not out of woods yet because there is storm surge as a result and win gusts picked up here as rain is not as much as a factor. actually i have a special guest, new york city police commissioner ray kelly is here and, you have not slept, either, you have been watching over our city. how did we weather the storm? we're not out of woods absolutely yet but it seems like we did okay.
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>> so far, so good and there is damage and we are assessing it and the bridges are open, bridges over the east river, holland tunnel just has been closed, new jersey-bound but, we're doing okay. >> reporter: i notice trees are down. we don't have a lot of trees in new york city but the parks branches are down. what kind of damage have we seen. >> out lying burroughs, queens and brooklyn there will be more trees down and the police department, we had almost 50 trees down and that will increase and people are going back, as they go into those areas, that have been evacuated, we expect the work orders to pick up. but the wind has been high, but, certainly not as high as, you know, we anticipated. so... >> reporter: and no injuries to report. >> we have had the ordinary cases you get in a city of this
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size but we haven't had any really significant -- anything really significant as far as the storm is concerned. >> reporter: commissioner kelly, thank you again, see you later. we fared pretty well in the storm, however like you said, the outer areas are really going to be suffering more, rockaways and queens, low-lying areas, severe flooding there and as you have been seeing long island as well, and if you could swing the camera here i'll show you the flooding we are talking about, shep and this is pretty much a minor example, because there is actually more flooding as you go into the financial district, the district to give people perspective is actually over my shoulder that way and come tomorrow morning, for all of those stock brokers that need to get to work the situation will be grave as far as getting there because the entire public transportation system, subways, and buses will be closed until late tomorrow. so we're talking about shin-high water, not the worst of it and we have not lost power, good
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news. however throughout new york city, con-ed is actually reporting 70,000 people without power and about 300,000 statewide. shep. >> julie bandaras, southern tip of manhattan island, a little bit of water came over the seawall and other reports from our producers who have driven the lower part of manhattan, west side highway closed in some areas, a look in midtown, rockefeller center and, what, radio city music hall on the right and i didn't see any high water except battery park city, a little bit on the lowest west and nothing in the west village, area that floods a lot and an area about which there were concerns and tree limbs are down here and there and that's about it. the big city fared better on the western side of the city, and, the low-lying areas around the coast, areas we have been showing you, howard beach and queens and then, the other areas along long island, had flooding
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and rick reichmuth from the extreme weather center, live on the big wall, i see wind speeds up there. >> rick: there is wind and you see julie with that kind of report and water having come over the seawall and had there been a foot or two more of storm surge it would have been a different scenario and they do all the precautions and part of the reason there were not fatalities and injuries is because people got out of the way. good news and we still have winds, though, that are big, especially out across the eastern parts of long island, 55 in framingham and, it is windy out there and that will continue for a lot of the afternoon and the rain is down and might see one final band moving through as the storm winds up, getting rain across parts of maryland but the heaviest stuff across parts of new england and, we're seeing big-time clearing. good news, at least as far that's rain goes and means no more of the flash flooding from rain that is falling at least on the southern side. but a lot of rain will move into
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the adirondacks and the berkshires and those are mountainous terrain and you'll see it funnel down and cause bigger flooding concerns, across the areas into new england. >> i want to show our viewers something now, this is elms fern new york, a rescue underway right now. the editorial guidance is limited here, but abc-7, our agreement with abc-7 is we can take their legislators but not their live report and we showed you a rescue, one of the things that happened -- i have been guilty of this myself as a one-time coastal resident. let's watch again, the rescue is underway, i don't know the particulars but one concern police had and have is so many people who made the decision not to evacuate when they told you to. and, the emergency managers are we think this area will flood
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and this is elms ford new york, the name of the town, pictures from wabc, and the abc flagship station in new york and our network news affiliate and, if everybody would evacuate they wouldn't have had to do these rescues. >> rick: category-2, category 1 and people think it will not be as bad. >> it seems to me. i don't know your thoughts but it seems category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, can be as deceptive as it can be helpful. it was worse than a category-1 storm because of the surge and other factors. >> rick: in our minds as humans we thing of these things in an orderly fashion and storms aren't orderly and they are all different and you have to pay attention to the broader context we try to give you. >> give us a little more. >> rick: another storm. jose. >> a new tropical storm. >> rick: out here, jose, you'll
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hear the name and think, oh, no. this is another one, don't be worried. it will continue a day or so, to the west of bermuda and crews are going to bermuda and you might have a problem but nothing that will cause significant issues. however that said, shep, we are hitting the peak of hurricane season, september 10th the statistical peak and watching the waves off the coast of africa. we don't have a satellite that goes that far, but a significant wave is coming off the coast of africa and the models are picking up on that and it will become katia and will get, looks like, maybe dangerously close over towards the bahamas, turks and caicos, with -- around ten days from now. >> which just got hit. >> rick: i'm not saying we'll get hit by it and it will do what storms typically do, getting towards the east coast and they deflect off but the next one, we'll watch. >> can you give us an idea of the rest of the day that's storm
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continues into new england and canada? >> rick: it is moving so fast now, good news, we'll be talking about a storm out of here, pretty quickly, by tonight there will be rain in northern vermont and new hampshire. parts of maine and maybe tomorrow morning, windy here, throughout the afternoon. tomorrow morning, everybody waking up and seeing sunshine. >> that will be great. we're watching the rescue happen on the monitor here, and the producers are telling me to go to it. again -- elmsford, new york. i was wearing elms ford. i would be better off in mississippi. any rate, elmsford, new york and it is my understanding -- it could be wrong, the information i have been given is the people decided not to evacuate and now need help evacuating, the bottom line and our understanding is everybody will be okay. here. but the authorities wish we'd all evacuate when they tell us to and that will never happen. and didn't happen during andrew
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or hugo go or katrina and is not happening now. as we watch it. rick reichmuth. new information? >> rick: we don't know all the small towns, to the east of terrytown. up the hudson river, 30, 40 miles, and off to the east of there. a small town, nowhere near the coastline. at all. this is inland flooding from rain. not storm surge or anything like that. >> you warned us about that. the rain information of the storm is enormous. >> rick: exactly. we are seeing cases of flooding and causing fatalities, far inland, and we always say, actually the far majority of fatalities is from inland flooding, not anything along the coast an these pictures now, dramatic rescues and somebody that far inland not thinking i have to be prepared for something from a tropical storm or a hurricane because they are
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so far away from the coast. and here you go. that far away and they are dealing with ramifications of it. >> the rescue happening now, looks like we have a young one there. probably a little bit embarrassed as the taf cameras are there and another young one there and police from elmsford new york will be with us, for that little girl it has probably been not very fun and overnight and into the morning. bags to go, because the house is flooded, can't stay there. and off they go, one wearing a rally cap and one ate a standard version, these pictures from wabc, the abc station for new york city and the tri-state area as they watch in elmsford, new york. i hate to do this to you at home, in the booth, do you have a cop for me, or -- let's pretend they are checked in. it's a hurricane and we can deal with it. look at fox 5, while we're doing
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that. look at fox 5, long branch, new jersey, the skies are opening over long branch. let's get to the police in elmsford. i don't know who you are, sir, thanks for coming on. how are those folks and tell me about the rescue. tv is fun sometimes, isn't it 1234 they will not let me have it. maybe we broke the rules about checking people in. long branch, new jersey, fox 5 new york. listen: >> reporter:... how the water is coming up to the piers and even under the pier. it took out the railing. just to my left, camera left there. and it was really rocking the pier and the boardwalk as well. and, again that is why i was holding on along with the wind. and, the swell, you know, the storm surge, we have talked all about that, has been the biggest concern and we're hearing of flooding, just talking to a gentleman a while ago who mentioned the side streets over here and we haven't had a chance to head over there.
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but, some of the side streets are dealing with a little too terrible now. there was damage, i don't know if we have the video from earlier, though, of the apartment complex, that had the roof torn off. and, also a tree went down, taking out power lines and there has been outages as well in the the area. in terms of the evacuation, you know, some people left overnight and the hotel, route 36, two miles inland, saw a lot of people coming overnight, booking rooms... asking if rooms are still available. but, now, it seems everybody is coming back, you know and out to the beach and it wasn't as crowded, as much of a party atmosphere as it was yesterday, but certainly people are coming out and checking out the swells and the surf. but no surfers out here yet. i can assure you of that and i don't think anybody will be heading into the swells today. >> not the surfers but you can
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see the sun on the left-hand side of the correspondent's face and rick reichmuth it looks to me, we are in the -- thank you, rosanna, back to rick. rosanna, it looks like we'll be getting sunshine. >> rick: we will, a nice sunset i think today. good news, not if you are across parts of upstate new york, across parts of new england you'll still get this and there will be a few bands moving through the back side of this and you might see sunshine and a big storm but, for the most part conditions, anywhere, i would say from long island south, getting much better as the day goes on. however winds to deal with and there will be winds that will gust maybe up to 50 mimes, some of those bands go through, without those band, keep in mind, shep, we have had 20 inches of rain in the last two weeks, across the areas and you can be sometimes in central park where it happened last couple of years, out of the blue, a branch falls and we have been having -- you get wind and you can have trees topple over and winds, 50
7:16 am
miles per hour and you might think it's not ranining and it s windy and it is danger, not a catastrophe. >> all you need is a dead branch and a gust of wind and that's it. we'll regroup around here and making our way toward the northern stretches of the viewing area here in new york city. we'll take a look at massachusetts, the rest of new england, where it is going and i've gotten dollar amounts on troubles for north carolina. in addition, we'll go out live to the hamptons and the mayor of west hampton dunes, new york. updates from across the region on america's choice for news and information. this is continuing coverage from fox news channel. of hurricane irene. [ music playing, indistinct conversations ] the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill.
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>> shepard: fast approaching 20 minutes past 10:00 on the east coast of the u.s., flooding in lower manhattan, not significant and flooding east of the city on long island and, i'll fly and show you areas along long island so you get an idea of what we're talking about, 6.5 million people living there, that is lower manhattan and as you move along long island, the beach, and then you get to fire island, about there, and you begin the hamptons about there. and west hampton dunes and west hampton beach and keep going, south half ton and all the rest
7:21 am
and right in the middle of all of that is a town, west half ton dunes, the early 1990s, the thin stretch of land there, there was a no name storm -- '80s, i guess, the storm washed out the road and created a new channel in there and they thought maybe they would have to shut the town down and instead won a lawsuit against the federal government over a dispute with jetties and were able to rebuild the community, and there are 300 homes, a gorgeous stretch of white sand out there and great fears, there were over the last day that the surge would cut a new channel and make the whole thing impassable. the mayor is on the line with us. how is west half ton dunes, mr. mayor. >> caller: good morning, shep, we're doing okay. you know, as you know, it is doing what it is supposed to do. sustained minimal damage, but, part of the beach is washed away but we'll be okay. >> i saw to the west of you,
7:22 am
west half ton beach at pikes beach flooding a little bit, what the locals know as pike's beach and the road overrun and no new cut put in there. >> caller: that is exactly riecht and it is still with in the village boundaries and site of the original overwashing and breaching in the '90s and watched over because, you remember that is an access point to get to the beach and there's a lot of road traffic, that gets over, kind of makes the do you know... (inaudible) always the sweet spot for the storms but, now is still holding up well enough and we have overwash, and that's all. >> and we have still pictures from that spot. we know, mr. mayor, there are sutwly gets topped during a bad nor'easter or a bad storm in the winter and second do you know has been holding up pretty well, and saves all the house and the road. is it good? >> caller: you are exactly right. and you have to remember these homes today are built to a
7:23 am
completely different standard than they were in the '70s and '80s and the homes are designed to maintain full structural integrity through these type of wind conditions and if, good forbid with a storm event large enough to get through the secondary do you know, the homes would withstand, easily, the level of 100 year storm, the pilings are down probably 25 feet below the sand level and, so, the fema requirements are such that -- and construction requirements are such these homes can withstand a huge amount of impact. not even close to what we are seeing today. >> mayor of the little village of west hampton dunes. in i guess west hampton township. >> caller: southhampton town. >> ought on the tip end of long island. mr. mayor, good to talk to you, thank you very much. that terms us a lot about what would have happened east of there. southhampton, east hamp top, and
7:24 am
montauk and most of long island is fine and rick reichmuth, there was a time when the real fear was, the storms -- well for the people out there, would go over the center of long island and instead it moved to the west. >> rick: and made bigger damage across long beach and pictures have been big and they'll have a lot of beach damage there. they'll have to get in and fix and, some structures that will be a little compromised, looks like cars and such and flooding and one man's poison is another man's pleasure, and that is certainly the case with this. the storm went towards the more populated area, not as populated towards the half tons and they were spared. >> shepard: and, populated in queens, new york where mike tobin is standing by now. howard beach, it is my understanding, how are they looking now the tide is going out? >> reporter: amazing, shepard, how much the swiss changed since the last time you came to us. so much wind and the barometer i have been watching has bumped up about 6 milibars and to make
7:25 am
sense when the pressure goes up on the barometer it takes good weather with it and what is left behind, a bunch of water standing on the street. the main drag, the cross bay boulevard and a lot of people are looking around to see what happens and got their arms in the air and are waving and usually you see the people with the smartphone out in front of them, taking a picture of what happened and down the boulevard, there is flooding as far that's eye can see. police tape across the street an emergency vehicles and every now and then, people walking across the boulevard and something else that is neat. the last time you came to me, shepard the wind was all blowing from the east to the west, in that direction and as we look across the water. look at that tree. that is now blowing in the exact opposite direction. and, that is -- plates a part in why y -- plays a part in why you see so much water. it is considerably less deep because the tide has gone down and that plays a role and you
7:26 am
also had the wind driving the water inland, now is driving the water out. just not with the same kind of force. we're seeing the water recede a little bit, a lot of water up here and the wind changing direction, much more calm out here, shep. >> shepard: mike tobin live for us, howard beach, borough of queens and city of new york. good to see you, thank you. pictures from the damage down in the state of north carolina. this is moorehead city. it is my understanding and we have been able to get estimates of damage for insurance lots. they have these agencies that come in and rate the losses for the insurance company. eqecac, one of the ratings agencies, north carolina suffered insurance covered lots, 200 $200 to $400 million in the carolinas and, say the bulk of losses from north carolina and estimates only covered the
7:27 am
carolinas, north carolina and south carolina was mostly spared and we have estimates from the governor of new jersey who said roughly billions of dollars in the state of new jersey, as much as $10 billion or tens of billions according to the governor and we can only hope he's on the high side of things, tens of billions of dollars, rick reichmuth would be a horrible hit to a mightily struggling economy. >> rick: and you have to wonder the end of summer will they recoup so people get back next weekend for the labor day last go at it? that will be a big question, maybe people will say, yes, one last week and we have to get there. new jersey got so much rain across the state and there's mountains on that northwestern side of new jersey, a lot of rain and the entire state was covered in flash flood warnings and flash flooding happens fast and hits you and can go away quickly but the rivers flood quickly and they are getting rain and some rivers that flooded a lot this spring, we had so much flooding this spring, across especially a lot
7:28 am
of new jersey, we'll be dealing with more of that now and some of the raveivers, cresting at record level. levels that hey have not seen on those rivers, looking good now on the radar picture. especially across the hillier regions, the water has to go somewhere and the threat across the river for a little bit. >> shepard: new jersey and... >> rick: maybe by 2, you have -- >> put stuff out of the washer and into the drier and get on the elliptical for a minute and deal with the tan later. apologies. we'll be right back in a minute. and take up to new england where the storm is hitting and get further damage assessments up and down the coast. a sunday morning across america. and, as well as things go, within thing my writers are not allowed to write, it could have been so much worse. but in this case it really could have.
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>> shepard: 32 minutes past 10:00 on the east coast and fox news channel's continuing coverage of tropical storm irene and we have gotten information that tells this is storm is blamed officially for 11 deaths across states from north carolina to connecticut. travel changes now, washington, d.c. is beginning to resume flights, of course the d.c. metropolitan area got a glancing blow from the storm, so flights are beginning to resume there and not in new york city, j.f.k. international airport and la guardia international airport and newark liberty international airport across this river in new jersey and airports in white plains and, long island, all the airports are now closed and not expected to reopen and times square, man, still weird to see this. you might see a few european tourist showing up, trying to figure out what is going on in
7:34 am
the world and they will not be able to use the buses an trains and the city cannot reopen the transit system, everything has to be manually inspected and they can't get the works in on sunday and have to inspect them on a monday and can't do it overnight and, have to have light of day and will be after the monday rush before transportation is available to new yorkers and news from the future, new yorkers are livid. they are mad because the mayor tried to save them from themselves. and he did and tomorrow they'll be mad because the subways aren't there. wait, mad new yorkers, you like mad new yorkers, tune in here tomorrow. i believe we'll have some for you. and, one other things, the state of delaware has just lifted its mandatory evacuation orders and a state of emergency remains in effect with all of that in mind, let's get to jersey and wtxf reporter, live from lumberton, new jersey, how are things
7:35 am
looking. >> reporter: not too good on main street, and, the lumberton fire department, were they prepared for irene, and they were but the south branch came up on main street and there were 6 inches on the street and now there is a foot-and-a-half and it is coming from the creek onto tropts and into the street and flowing downhill. behind homes, and, we spoke to folks in a house, looking and the water is at the top step of the basement and you will see, down the back here, there is a dumpster, picked up, about 100 feet from where it was at 7:30 this morning, lit pole back there, is four feet longer than it looks with the water and around the corner, what you cannot see are a couple of cars under three-and-a-half feet of water, all of the e water here coming in is ending up in the basements of these homes, folks here, the third time they've been flooded since '04.
7:36 am
'04, '07, and now, 2011. very upset about the water coming in, a lot of folk got their stuff out of the basement, so they wouldn't be damaged but you have heating unit and air-conditioning units and things like that in the basement that suffered damage, and they will not be able to get down there for a while. the water is still coming up and, it is, are you prepared for irene and they were prepared and they still got walloped. shep. >> rick: this is rick reichmuth, and the water is rising still? how high do you think the water will go up? >> reporter: the way it is flowing now, when we got here at 7:30, there was 6 or 8 inches and now there is a foot-and-a-half and is still, you can see along the fence line there, flowing in here pretty heavily and the water has come up, a good 30 feet towards us. since we have been here. live since 8:00 this morning. >> rick: nervous number of hours ahead for the folks in lumberton, dave, thank you very
7:37 am
much, wtxf, and laura ingle is live in long beach, new york, bricki bringing us reports from and there what does it looks like no. >> reporter: we're in long beach. it is a mess but people are freely moving down the street and look at these cars here. blasted with the sea foam and man, it is gross. it came up from the ocean, a short while ago when we were in the thick of things and it is as thick as you can imagine, all up and down east broadway here, this is a main section of town. a lot of people concerned about their homes, many people will probably come back to come off of the mandatory evacuationses to find they'll be okay. a lot of these places were boarded up and a lot of people but masking tape over the windows and when the coast is clear they'll be allowed back. nassau county, an absolute mess as we have been reporting and suffolk county on long island and one of the things we have
7:38 am
heard is the national guard, and we knew it would be happening and the fire chief in long beach, specifically requested troops come into help with the cleanup and the flooding and as far as you can see inland we get major flooding and all the streets were flooded and waves were lapping up against the businesses and we couldn't get over the long beach bridge to get to island park and as we continue to monitor the situation the waves are absolutely massive and you have seen jonathan hunt today on the boardwalk, literally on the back side of the building and we have people who are coming out now and coming out, still looking at the waves because they are still big but it is still dangerous, and, authorities want people to be careful as they start getting a little antsy to get back into their homes. we'll continue to watch things from here, in long beach. back to you. >> rick: laura, thanks, an amazing scene with the sand and mud.
7:39 am
spread so high. sea foam, some of the pictures of sea foam, have been disgusting, to be honest. >> shepard: does the sea foam speak? does it is have the nasty smell? >> reporter: it does. it does! it is actually not very pleasant. i'm going to move out of it. >> shepard: like dead fish smelling or sewer smelling? what is it. >> reporter: you know, it is more of a salty smell. but, people earlier today were saying, there could be sewage in it but the people in this building at least, you can show, rob show them the front of the building, it was absolutely plastered with the stuff earlier, white sands, it is gross and gross inside the lobby, too better they are cleaning up and down there in the parking lot which is halfway under water. back to you. >> shepard: laura ingle on the streets there, and let's get to jonathan hunt at the seawall. the wind has calmed down and look at the sun, a little bit of light behind you, johnnie! >> reporter: there is a little
7:40 am
bit of light here, shep and the light at the end of the tunnel for most of the people here in long beach. you can see now a lot of people have come out and there's a feeling the worst has passed here. as you look at the ocean waves, if you were watching our air earlier when we were first broadcasting you could see how big they were. they would come down a good bit and there were fierce waves but certainly a lot less than we were seeing, just a couple of hours ago. i can also tell you, shep, the ocean waters have receded and were right up going right beneath where i'm standing right now, underneath the boardwalk and pouring through as we showed you earlier, onto broadway, the main thoroughfare, along the ocean, here in long beach, but, now, the water does not seem to be going through anymore and that does not mean there is not significant flooding and we heard from a police officer a short time ago the ocean actually met the bay a little bit from where i'm standing on laurelton boulevard in long
7:41 am
beach and the ocean waters went so far through they met with the bay coming from the other direction and there is certainly some very significant flooding. i would say, at the height, if we are past the height and i believe we are, at its height there was probably two feet of standing water in the lobby and basement of our hotel here, two feet of water coming through, beneath the boardwalk and going straight out, into the many, many homes that line broadway here, on long beach, so there will be a lot of clearing up to do but as you can see, as i'm saying now, a lot of people thinking, they are through the worst of it here and we got through it and, perhaps it wasn't as bad as some have feared and obviously, there is going to be a significant dollar cost in damages. you can also see now, the police are out there, patrolling the boardwalk, again and got some of their vehicles off the boardwalk, at one point today when there were fierears about structural safety of it, one trying to run me over here,
7:42 am
thankfully going past and heard one part of the boardwalk where and this part seems okay, now, shep and things, i think are beginning to get back to normal in long beach but as i say, it doesn't mean there has not been a lot of dollars worth of damage done to a lot of people's homes, and cleanup operations will get underway, pretty quickly here and it will be tough for a lot of people out here, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt there and the reason waters receded, for one thing the tide has gone out and the storm moved past the location and figure it goes counterclockwise, right so first they were here and the storm pushes the water and waves and everything from the sea onto them and now it has gone past and the same winds are pushing the water out which is draining everything away. just as predicted. and the winds from one direction to the other and if you had trees tilting in that direction, pounded and pounded and pounded
7:43 am
and here they are and roots are loose an ground is wet and now the wind comrection, that is th tharts want you -- that's why t you to stay inside and emergency management officials are saying, don't go outside and there is great damage and danger possible. >> rick: and there is definitely danger from trees and power lines going down and janice dean. >> shepard: the weather machine. >> rick: sent this in from queens, she said a bunch of trees were down across the area. that is inland, not on the coast, significant damage there and another picture sent to me on twitter. tompkins park in new york city, lower east side. so, definitely trees down, all across the city. people are sending those pistons and, that likely not done and the worst is over. >> shepard: and seacaucus, new jersey, we have a lot of monitors you cannot see,
7:44 am
seacaucus, new jersey. >> reporter:... if you don't know where we are, the sister station to fox 5 is in the shadow of the stadium where the giants and jets play, of course and you cannot see that now, surrounded by trees and water here. flooding of course was the thing we were really concerned about, more than anything. >> shepard: low-lying flooding there and that is about the extent of it. what about new york city proper? manhattan? we'll look at that when fox news channel coverage continues right after this. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household isilling to lay claim to its origin. but now is not the time for blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer. getting an amazing discount on a hotel with travelocity's top secret hotels. [ gnome ] ahhh... [ male announcer ] the easy way to get unpublished discounts of up to 55% off top hotels.
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7:49 am
lurking in the background and the cme group which runs the new york mercantile exchange, the lower part of manhattan, the financial district, people are taking pictures and seems tour i.r.s. are back and there -- to damage on long island and bridge hampton, new york, southhampton, east hampton... bridgehampton trees are down everywhere and that will be the case across much of heavily wooded long island. as the winds came in in a big way. part of the problem on long island was that we had a massive storm, i don't know, 10, 12 days ago, early part of last week i believe it was, two weeks ago now and that storm produced between what, rick, 8 and 12 inches of rain? >> rick: across a broad area from parts of western new jersey to central parts of long island. >> shepard: and left the ground super saturated and the roots loose and wind and more rain and
7:50 am
you get trees down. >> rick: and a lot of reports of the bay meeting the road from the back side and the long island sound, not just flooding from the ocean side, but, water that has been coming into the long island sound and the bay, now flooding in back on the back side. >> shepard: all right, pictures from brooklyn, it is my understanding, tree down in brooklyn and a picture that came in, not sure what part of brooklyn, but, brooklyn. brooklyn, a big borough, two-plus million people, from associated press and, i think it tells the general story, look how little those cars are under that thing. trees are down and flooding in soho, meaning both south of canal -- houston in new york city and this is manhattan island and there is flooding in soho and it is my understanding there there is minor flooding in west village and lower manhattan and we have a picture from battery park city where our correspondent, julie bandaras is live, and you can see or will be able to see the water is lapping
7:51 am
around and, julie, still clad in green, we'll get to julie in a minute and continuing coverage across the region. this is fox news channel. america's source for news an information. good sunday morning, to you and yours. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities. excuse me? my grandfather was born in this village. [ automated voice speaks foreign language ] [ male announcer ] in here, everyone speaks the same language. ♪ in here, forklifts drive themselves. no, he doesn't have it. yeah, we'll look on that. [ male announcer ] in here, friends leave you messages written in the air. that's it right there. [ male announcer ] it's the at&t network. and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. the pain was so frustrating. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia --
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>> shepard: we are getting ing reports from across the greater new york city area. tunnel which connects new york city the middle tunnel on the westside of manhattan is closed. this is times square. not many flooding problems, european tourists omni presence. minor flooding in the west village. which is sort of low teens upper single digit street numbers on the westside. battery park city, there were concerns if the storm came ashore where it did, there would be flooding. julie banderas is live there. it is my understanding you got a little water but flooding could be an exaggeration. >> julie: i would say puddling is more accurate. where i was standing it was flooding 8:00 high tide time. that was a couple hours ago.
7:56 am
now it has cleared out. this is not the atlantic ocean this is the new york harbor. we are seeing light caps. winding blowing around 20 knots or so. believe it or not, look to my left. you've got cruise lines, tourist cruise lines they just pulled up their ferries and docked. there is still a mandatory evacuation in effect affecting 370,000 people. maybe they are getting ready for monday. hoping it is a big tourist draw considering a lot of people may be curious to see the damage. most of the damage downed branches and debris. >> shepard: very big tourist week, coming up on labor day weekend holiday. one of the busiest times. we are expecting something from the transit agency for an update on bridges, tunnels, buses, subway trains. top of the hour, top of the
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> shepard: good morning across america! 11:00 on the east coast i'm shepard smith in new york. continuing coverage of what is now tropical storm irene. the national hurricane center has just updated us during commercial break imax mum sustained winds of 60 miles-an-hour, which is tropical storm force, headed north northeast at 26 miles per hour. irene lost a bit of strength
8:01 am
as it hit new york city. the storm surge still caused flooding. southern tip of manhattan waters lapping along the s of battery park and south street seaport. a if foot of water in front of the new york mercantile exchange or did where folks trade gold and oil. that exchange will be open as scheduled tomorrow. one man in soho said he saw a newspaper stand floating done the street. not the worst of things, but a picture. flooding is closed one of the tubes of the holland tunnel that connects new york city with jersey city, new jersey and beyond. hundreds of thousands of people in and around the city of new york have lost power. at least four million total up and down the eastern sea where. irene is blamed for killing 12 people in five states that's the new number in hour. some of the deaths in traffic
8:02 am
crashes. others when trees pop pell on to cars on homes. -- toppled on to cars and homes. this morning the president was scheduled to speak to discuss the federal government's response to hurricane irene. first our chief meteorologist rick right mut on this storm. how is it looking -- >> moving quick, 26 miles an hour north northeast. the center well to the north of new york city moving up the hudson river valley it is going to continue to move quickly. 8:00 tonight northern new hampshire the center of it. still rain to be had for the most part we are going to be calming down especially across more populated areas. look at this picture somebody sent to me on twitter. one of the rain bands moving into north carolina yesterday. that's the band moving in that pin wheel thing that you see on the radar picture better. that give you an idea of the curvature of that unthat the heavy rain and winds.
8:03 am
these pictures coming in on twitter good. great information. hearing reports of a lot of trees down well inland 130 miles inland causing power outages, falling on people's homes and cars. a lot of damage. all of this area in this marine flash flooding continuing extending across parts of massachusetts up towards vermont and upstate new york, very significant flooding going on. some areas will likely see another four to five inches of rain on top of what has already fallen. that means the northeast is going to be in a world of hurt for the next four to five hours towards new england. heavier rain across coastal areas mostly gone. a little rain boston, portland, really far northern new england and heading into canada the majority of this as we move to the next few hours. >> shepard: rick reichmuth, we'll get back to you.
8:04 am
>> first in the center of manhattan. we are at 1211 avenue of the missions or 6th avenue this is up the street 1290 avenue of the missions. right hand side, 51st street this isn't an exercise it is a fire in the basement of an office building there. we don't know extent. basically there's nobody in manhattan or nobody in midtown . we have no reports of injuries. quite a scene this center of 6th avenue at new york's finest have come out. normally this would cause a traffic not mire. not today. we are expecting an update if the metro transit north in a short time from now. the word was all new york city subways and buses would be closed tomorrow. i suppose it is possible they could run limited bus service. they have to expect all tracks on all of the subway system. all of the train tracks all
8:05 am
over the five boroughs of new york before they can open them up they have to do that during daytime hours. tomorrow they have to bring in workers while somehow new yorkers are supposed to get to work. seven million or so take one form of public transportation or another. between the long island railroad, new jersey transit, bus, subway, metro north railroad, ferry lines. none of that scheduled to be open tomorrow. we are expecting something if you from the transit north in a moment. quick look at radar coming now from fox 25, which is fox news from boston and the met tolton area there. providence in the middle, chatham, hartford, spring field to the left, bridgeport, left, rain fall totals five to six inches in that area. look up to the north, manchester, nashua, nashua home of the great jay wallace where they are expecting four or five inches of rain.
8:06 am
some of the bad news for them. boston and springfield heavy rain six to eight inches expected. newport, rhode island not noted on the map, that's where molly line is. are you getting blown around a still? >> reporter: we are the one of the big concerns that the r. officials have is because the event is now downgraded, that people will not take things seriously and we take a look, check out the big waves and a tragedy will happen because of that we've seen bike riders, people bringing their kids down. the concern is because there are a lot of trees coming down, live powerlines will be down. cranston, rhode island power outages. across the state 140 or so thousand people without power. crews are trying to get things turned back on. there's folks out walking
8:07 am
their dogs. there are folks checking things out. that's the big concern authorities have. people are not taking things seriously and could be hurt. they are asking people to stay inside. a little further north, you mentioned boston. they've shutdown the trains. they want to keep people inside. they want things back to normal monday. right now we are keeping an eye on things. we've spoken with a number of fishermen this is their livelihood on the line. a lot of folks are pleasure boaters these guys want to get back to work. there are folks on their boats today, riding out this storm. they are ready to batten down and chase things, anything gets loose. the they say later on the high tide comes in again boats will rise and could come crashing down on the dock or crash into other boats. there is still a big concern in the state of rhode island. a lot of folks looking towards their livelihood authorities hoping no one gets injured
8:08 am
will they are checking out what is certainly still a big event. >> shepard: molly line in newport, rhode island. now to massachusetts this is in the heart of boston from fox 25. showing it is still a very rainy day on the boston harbor. museum of science closed today. these are live pictures, marion, massachusetts where man alive, it is rocking out on the water today. pictures courtesy of wbz television our news service affiliate in boston. there's a swish pan underway if give us another view of the boats. it is rocking and going to continue to be rocking for the better part of the day. they've got a few more hours of this to go in and around the boston area. all of rhode island for the vast majority of new england as well, as this storm continues to steam roll is way toward the fadian border. burlington, vermont at the -- at the top of the screen
8:09 am
starting to get bad rains. we've gone from the carolinas up the jersey shore past new york, up pass albany. now up pass through new england and working our way toward canada. jonathan huntsman watching from one of the areas, suburban new york city on long island. jonathan's picture appears to be frozen. he has a special guest with him. jonathan, take it away. >> reporter: i'm with i had the nassau county chief executive. we seem to be through the worst, how bad was the worst >> pretty bad 120,000 residents without electricity, 20 transmission lines down. downed trees, flooding, roads impassable. dangerous conditions many people should stay in until we get the all-clear. we weathered the storm without reported injuries, that's important. people followed the plan and
8:10 am
we got through this, without injuries to the safety of our residents and that's primary concern. >> reporter: one thing we know, just looking out here on broadway, the main thorough fair that runs along the ocean, a lot of hopes -- badly flooded. >> flooding of homes and business significant. we are under an assessment, fema is deploying an assessment team as we spook. it is important we do that task. primary keep the public safe. next task to return us to normalcy that is underway >> reporter: no dollar figures, but it is pretty bad. >> million worth of damage sustained in this storm. >> reporter: county executive for nassau, thanks. shep, we are through the worst as ed was saying. the waves still big. they definitely calmed down. the tide we passed high tide. emergency management
8:11 am
executives telling us they are still concerned tonight's high tide. that bringing in more water. we were talking to ed about the flooding. pretty much it is hard to believe that every single ground floor apartment and ground floor of every house on broadway did not flood. the flood waters came through here around 7 a.m. this morning. rushed under this board wac where i'm standing. we are in two feat of water in the lobby and the basement of this -- two feet of water in the lobby and basement. every building would suffer something akin if they weren't sandbagged even then it would be difficult to avoid significant flooding. a couple of the buildings ed was at on broadway that main oceanfront thoroughfare the flood line appeared to be as high as six or eight feet. waves rather than a consistent height of the water. it was getting up high. when they start counting the damage it going to be a lot of
8:12 am
dollars worth of damage as ed was saying, probably millions here alone that's the story that it looks will be told across the seven million population of long island. >> shepard: jonathan hunt live on long island. first of the beach communities in boston they are watching the local weather and the storm is coming ashore there. let's listen to bill reid from the national hurricane center talking to fox 25 in boston. >> it is going to take a while for rivers to respond to this rain because the drainage is going to take a while if you would for a moment, bill could you talk to us about the speed that irene is moving away and what that means for potential storm surge later today? kevin and i have been concerned about the next high tide cycle for buzzard's bay it looked more hike a southwesterly component of the wind. it looks like we may have still somewhat of a concern, perhaps now that irene is moving more quickly the
8:13 am
concern is not as great as it looks even a few hours ago. what is your take on that? >> we looked at it carefully. we are going to keep the same expectations in there for what you said. with the center up in here this evening a west or southwest wind that water up those bays. until that threat is -- until it is gone, i think i want to keep that threat in as a possibility. >> definite possibility. we've experienced a little storm surge this morning on the front end of irene with that strong east southeast want. strong wind gusts with some of the squall lines and -- >> shepard: local coverage out of boston. public schools closed tomorrow. dairy, new hampshire, eagle heights academy. we have national news. fema is preparing for a news conference. i think we have a podium to show you. we'll take you to fema in just
8:14 am
a minute. fox 5 new york watching long branch, new jersey we are seeing a lot of inland trouble. you can see roofs off buildings and trees down in streets. new pictures of this coming out of brooklyn, new york as well this is long branch, new jersey. as we are able get crews to more areas we are able to see the damage has been more significant in some areas than maybe we anticipated, especially inland. continuing coverage of what is now tropical storm irene, throughout the day and night. this is fox news channel on satellite and cable across america and around the world. [ music playing, indistinct conversations ] the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast?
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8:18 am
. >> shepard: 17 minutes past the hour. let's get to the latest. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. >> headed north, 26 miles-an-hour. all kinds of pictures coming in that look like this. we've been saying we think there will be a lot of power outages and trees down. i've heard of a report of a boat sunk in the long island sound. certainly stuff going on. live shot courtesy, wfsb out of hartford, lyme, connecticut
8:19 am
that will be going on a couple more hours. the center of this storm traversing that far western side of connecticut up towards massachusetts and then across vermont and new hampshire. still windy, still rough conditions on the seas. another cycle of high tides tonight. there will still be a southern or southeasterly component to the winds. that is going to cause another rough night potentially flooding nothing like we saw from in last one. we could see more impacts. still heavy rain across new england, upstate new york, wrapping around parts of pennsylvania. clearing for most of new jersey, long island, new york city, southern parts of connecticut, though it is still windy, no more significant rainfall. last band of rain moving across parts of maryland. will continue to wind out of pennsylvania. we are about to be done with that. still significant flooding concerns. flooding pictures coming in
8:20 am
have been dramatic that is going to continue. some of the rivers across areas of new jersey and upstate new york, parts of pennsylvania are going to be cresting near record levels. a lot of flooding across rivers especially in the springtime. we are going to be dealing with those kinds of situations across interior sections from so much rain. >> shepard: rick reichmuth, thanks. i was getting pictures in. it is my understanding from wsb, is that who this is from? marion, massachusetts, rick, maybe 10, 15 minutes ago this looked much worst. is the storm getting past in? >> the storm is well west of what you are seeing here. probably i would say 150 miles to the west of it. so much energy from such a big storm, we've been saying there would be storm surge not just right along island but up to narragansett bay, buzzard's
8:21 am
bay, a lot of that energy move into the boston harbor up to portland, maine. rough seas this is a day you don't want to be out there. problems coastal areas to the south like jersey, we'll continue to deal with this for another 12 hours across the oceans of the far northeast before the storm moves up to canada. then will calm down for everyone. >> shepard: this is wbz boston we thank them. i want to get to broad channel new york in queens where there has been bad damage and a lot of flooding. stacey walsh is on the line. she has been good enough to send in pictures she took around her property. wow, you have flooding don't you? >> yeah it was pretty bad for a while. water seems to be receding now. >> shepard: when was the worst of it? >> i think between 7:00 and
8:22 am
8:00 this morning was the worst. we had 4 1/2 feet of water around my house. >> shepard: covered a lot of your property but not into your home? >> my house is a few cinder blocks higher than the water. >> shepard: is that a tank? >> propane tank, yeah they snapped free and floated out. >> shepard: what about problems in your neighborhood? looks like some houses weren't up on cinder blocks? >> we had two houses that crest into the -- crashed into the water on the eastside of the channel on 12th road i'm on 14th on the westside. on the eastside two blocks down tears a bunch of houses on pilings and they just went into the water. one is completely gone the other 3/4 gone. >> shepard: broad channel, zone a was that a mandatory evacuation zone? >> yes. >> shepard: you didn't heed that, right? >> sometimes you have to stick it out.
8:23 am
>> shepard: sometimes you do. how do you feel about the decision now? >> i'm glad i made it. i had no matter inside the house. as long as you can weighed through the water you can get around -- you can wade through the water you can get around. >> shepard: don't have alligators. >> i have jellyfish and a couple of crabs, that's about it. >> shepard: jellyfish and crab on your front stoop never seen that? >> no, the boulevard is littered with jellyfish, every. >> shepard: you got to get pictures of that. >> i tried to take pictures because the jellyfish are clear you can see them. >> shepard: the only time you are positive they are there is when they end up on your skin and you get that horrible itch. >> these are the little ones that don't sting you. they get between your toes and they squish and it is nasty. >> shepard: that is fiesty.
8:24 am
crabs all over the neighborhood? >> i had a couple small blue fish jumping in my backyard on my grass. >> shepard: who was with you? >> my husband. >> shepard: what was the mood like? >> 6:00 this morning he started getting worried and thought we should bail, but we stuck it out. >> shepard: i talked to people who said as the worst of storm came through this city, 7, 8, , depending on where you are, you got to the point where i was like that is enough if it gets worst i'm not comfortable. was that you guys? >> yeah, but there was nothing we could do they closed the bridge. once we were in, we were in. >> shepard: for the most part you are like all right, did the right thing? >> yeah, i think i made the right decision. >> shepard: couple more feet of storm surge, which they were projecting, and you would have had a couple feet in your house. i guess that wouldn't have been as pleasant.
8:25 am
>> no. had we got what they said it would have been in my house. only six, eight inches from my stoop. >> shepard: you got lucky this time. i hope luck continues when they inspect things and make sure nothing is rotting up there. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: stacey walsh calling in from queens. linden hearst, long island we have pick from there now. listen real quick. >> i don't think it is supposed to be that close i am meanwhile, corrina from rahway, new jersey they are dealing with heavy heavy floods. >> radar from yonkers sent this picture of a flooded parking lot. up over the tires or close to it. >> shepard: just a quick idea of how many of these pictures are coming in. new york city's fire department has made dozens of
8:26 am
water rescues around the city due to irene. you can kill their audio. dozens of water rescues due to irene. rescued 61 adults and three babies from 21 different houses. thank goodness for the fd y. watching fox 25, they still have a big wind event along the coast in new england. we'll continue to get to our correspondents throughout the hour in just a moment, we are expecting a fema news conference scheduled to begin 11:30 a.m.. so we don't miss that we are going to take a quick break watch is the word on when people can get out and about? what is the word on transportation and closings tomorrow and power situations? we'll get all of that from fema. continuing coverage of the aftermath of irene. looking good! you lost some weight.
8:27 am
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she did it is half past 11 o'clock in new york city and up and down the east coast. on the left side podium set up up for fema about to give an update on irene. we'll listen in as that begins. it was scheduled to start about 49 seconds ago. as they get started we'll take you there. to new york city and midtown manhattan, 6th avenue, avenue of the missions and 51st street new york -- new york's bravest work on a fair in the basement of the 1290 avenue of the missions building. according to the fire department, all hands fire, 30 trucks, 120 firefighters. still working this thing. no injuries. 6th avenue is shutdown at 5 withst up up cash at 51st street uptown central park.
8:32 am
we are watching manhattan beach brooklyn as correspondents are out for fox 5 news. brennan is out. we are able to see the number of trees all over brooklyn. reports from the eastern end of long island, central end of long island all over brooklyn and queens, lots of trees down. the wind is still blowing up in newport, rhode island where our new england-based correspondent molly line is. >> reporter: still morning, we've got a long way to go. winds still kicking up. a lot of people coming to look at the sights. along the storm wall the water is kicking up. kids and dads checking things out. that's the concern the authorities have because of the number of downed powerlines. 480,000 people go through the grid, 160 without power. >> shepard: molly, thanks.
8:33 am
we are interrupting because of a fema briefing. we feel like there will be important information. janet napolitano the homeland security secretary speaking. >> we encourage individuals to listen to their state and local authorities as we move to the response for irene. we just concluded briefing president obama on our ongoing efforts to support state as affected by the storm. he has instructed us to continue leading forward on our response. on the call with the president, were other members of his cabinet, including the secretary of transportation, ray lahood, secretary of energy and secretary of treasury as well as other white house officials. our number one message, for individuals and families up and down the eastern seaboard in morning is that we are not out of woods yet.
8:34 am
irene remains a large and potentially dangerous storm. hazards still persist in communites that have already seen the storm pass. right now, hurricane irene is leaving the new york/new jersey area. it is going to continue to move up the coast into new england throughout the day. if you are in any of those communities, please stay inside and away from the shoreline. our local state and federal partners in north carolina, virginia and other mid atlantic states remain focused on search-and-rescue, debris removal from critical roadways and other critical missions this morning. power outages remain an issue, up and down the coast. we are working with our private sector partners in the electricity sector to make sure that they are getting the power up and running as soon as it can be. no matter where you are this morning from north carolina to maine, we encourage you to
8:35 am
stay off the roads as much as possible. so that we can keep them clear for first responders, and for vehicles who are working on power restoration. we also encourage everyone to continue listening to the instructions of their state and local officials. and to visit for tips on how to stay safe after the storm. downed powerlines flooding, generator issues and fallen trees are some of the dangers that exist after a storm. by taking a few simple steps you can improve your level of safety and level of safety for your family. we saw the -- we still have a ways to go with irene. i did want to take a minute and thank everyone who followed the instructions of their local officials yesterday and last night. as i said, unfortunately, we have seen some loss of life. by and large, with the evacuations and other precautions taken, we have dramatically decreased the
8:36 am
risk to life over the course of the storm. we want to thank the public for helping us achieve that goal. now, as i've been saying all week, this storm is three phases, preparation, response and recovery. we are now in the second phase for the most part. that is initial part of the response. damage assessments are already underway. i spoke to governor perdue of north carolina this morning, as the storm clears the east coast, we will be conducting damage assessments, with our state partners in all of the affected states to determine the area of the storm's impacts in the -- and the next steps that need to be done in the response and recovery process. we have a ways to go. but i think it is safe to say that the worst of the storm, at least up to and including new york and new jersey, has passed. the storm will proceed up
8:37 am
through new england this evening and out of the united states by late tonight, early tomorrow morning. with that, i'd like to turn this platform over to bill read from the national hurricane center to give the estimate of the storm. >> thank you madame secretary. you actually a great job of capturing what the forecast for the storm will be. i want to add a few things. we were very fortunate to be able to get a unique opportunity. we had the aircraft from the air force reserves, fix the center of the storm as it was coming into new york city earlier this morning. now, that it has passed centers on the connecticut, new york state line we still have the onshore flow with the high surf, tropical storm force winds and still some threat for tidal flooding. especially when the winds become more out of the west and then southwest this
8:38 am
afternoon the west facing buzzard's bay and areas along r. 's coast will be the next issue for the -- rhode island's coast will be the next issue for coastal affects. everywhere south of there conditions will be improving. we still have tropical storm force wind gusts and tropical storm warning continue down through chincoteague to the south of the center of the storm. pass through new england today into the eastern canada and maritime provinces overnight tonight. then it will be the impact and the follow-up after that. next slide please. heavy rain is going to be the ongoing issue. heaviest rain exited the new jersey and pennsylvania area. still continues for eastern new york state up into the adirondacks and all of northern new england and should be exiting most of connecticut and scepter extreme western massachusetts -- and except for extreme
8:39 am
western massachusetts this afternoon. next slide, please this is the forecast for the rainfall continuing rainfall from on. we are still looking at some two to six inches of rain across this area, very highly prone to flash flooding, mountainous and hilly terrain already saturated grounds. next slide please. these are the impacts we are looking at. we are already getting some record reports in the river systems in philadelphia area responsibility widespread to moderate to major flooding southeast new york, western connecticut. our and is with the rainfall going up into the river systems of new hampshire and vermont we could see record flooding. flood stages on those rivers. the details for that is best had through our local forecast
8:40 am
offs. by going to and clicking on that area you will find the details for each one of the river systems. that's what i have for now. >> thanks bill. >> as the secretary says, we are moving in to response. a lot of this being done by state and local officials. we are supporting. we've been with the teams well before the storm hit. as they begin their response, we are starting to look at damage assessments, already in north carolina, teams going out and doing the preliminary assessments. we'll be working with governors to determine what assistance may be needed on top of the emergency declarations that president obama has already issued. our focus is in the next 72 hours. as bill says, we may not yet have all of the impacts from the storm as rivers continue to come up. and we look at additional flooding. but we do have substantial power outages. flooding, coastal impacts, as the secretary pointed out,
8:41 am
unfortunately, loss of life. conditions are improving, we are able to get in quickly and begin assessments. we'll continue to work with the governors to determine what impacts and what assistance may be required. what preliminary damage assessments are you seeing particularly in north carolina? >> north carolina it has been the flooding. a lot of trees down. coastal areas several highways have had damages from the flooding also a lot of trees down. >> cost? >> no dollar figures, not at this point. >> when will you have those? >> generally it taxes several days. -- it takes several days. we are not counting insured losses. what we are looking at would be damages that would be the responsibility of government that is uninsured. when you start hearing numbers about storm damages, and you
8:42 am
hear numbers from us, we are looking at what is the cost to the government? also, what is the uninsured losses to individuals. that will not tell you what the insurance losses were. that's a separate number. as the secretary was getting reports from governor perdue, agriculture impacts would be in usda. there's been substantial impacts in carolina as well. >> what is the latest you have on loss of life? >> right now that number, we do not have official numbers. what we see is what you are seeing and what we have reports from the states. i believe from governor perdue they had one additional fatality. >> bringing up to six in north carolina. >> there have been fatalitys and states are working on what the official number would be. unfortunately, new jersey had somebody swept away today that may also become a fatality.
8:43 am
>> [ inaudible ] >> the last thing people want to do, we ask them to heed local officials. we know ocean city, maryland has announced people with start coming back. i think in some areas people will be able to get back faster than others. heed local officials. they want to make sure things are safe before people return. >> are you aware of any communities that you have not been able to reach because of storm damage? >> in north carolina, they are working to get teams out. they've been doing a lot of swift water rescue and getting ferry service back up. they have a robust plan. we don't have reports on not being able to get in areas doesn't mean that is not the case. people have resources to do that work right now. >> a lot of people think it is sunny and think why the heck did we have to evacuate? what would you say to that?
8:44 am
you have announced you are diverting money from previous disasters, most notably -- >> shepard: simple answer to why you had to evacuate is they have to plan for a worst-case scenario. all of a sudden stacey walsh's home was two feet above, they are -- they ared on the side of caution. we'll have continuing coverage of the storm. i'm shepard smith, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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8:48 am
. >> shepard: 12 minutes until noon on the east coast. we've just gotten an update. 13 people have been killed in -- during the storm as irene moved north from the carolinas up through jersey past the delmarva through jersey, connecticut and the rest of new england as it continues to churn toward canada. further indication of trees
8:49 am
down and the like around manhattan this is lower manhattan. the location is irving place, between 3rd and erving. there's some trees down around and about. a lot of this is wind with the ground saturated with water and the winds coming through. this is one of the reasons authorities are asking people to stay inside as the storm continues to move past. one of the people who is staying inside is joey from staten island, new york trying to protect his home. i understand you sent pictures. looks like you got water, water everywhere. go ahead joey. >> how are you? >> shepard: good. how is it looking? >> water is receding thank god for some sunlight now. people are just around the neighborhood getting their life back together from in water. >> shepard: i'm seeing the pictures you sent. maroon-colored pick-up truck
8:50 am
with a grey bottom around a white picket fence where a road is supposed to be. you had a lot of water there on staten island? >> oh yes, especially the low-lying areas. i'm looking at the truck right now i can see the tires again. but the sewer, the water is still pouring out. still a lot of runoff coming down from the hills, from staten island. >> shepard: water coming out of the sewer that would indicate you don't want kids or adults wandering around in this water? >> no, definitely not. >> shepard: you say the water has gone down, how much? >> significantly. i would say it was past my house earlier about , 7:00, 8, 9:00, then the sun came out, i guess the wind changed. and it just went down. down to the end of the block now. >> shepard: good to hear. joey arenas calling from
8:51 am
staten island one of the they had a lot of flooding. winds are blowing out to sea that should chain the direction of the water and push everything -- should change the deck of the water and push everything back down that doesn't mean it is safe to go outside. we are expecting an update on transit and traffic near new york city with a live look at times square. a few people out, not many stores open. fox news channel coverage continues. gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill.
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8:55 am
. >> shepard: flights have resumed in the washington, d.c. area. this is new york city where we've just gotten word from the transit authority that workers are out assessing damage to tracks and beyond. and we may have an update on when the subway and bus lines will be back up and running. right now we are told they will all be shutdown tomorrow. that might change. mayor bloomberg scheduled to speak top of the hour. we are waiting for word from governor of new jersey. we've been watching reports coming in from new jersey. there's still a lot of flooding going on in the garden state. the storm of course has moved well north. but the flooding has not all receded. some of it has in suburban new york city. jonathan hunt is live outside
8:56 am
in long beach, new york. we saw you whipped around earlier today. how is it looking now? >> reporter: pretty good. we talk about the calm before the storm. i have to say there's a sense of calm after the storm here in long beach, right now. this boardwalk the famous boardwalk busier than average summer sunday. people come back to this city now and take a look at the damage that was done. out on the beach, the waves have receded a gate deal. still churning but receded. there were 20 foot sand berms, the waters came over this morning, swept under this boardwalk there is a lot of flooding. while everybody is enjoying a sense of fun right now about in, a lot of people will have suffered a lot of damage. any ground floor, basement homes and apartments on broadway will have suffered very bad flood damage. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you.
8:57 am
bill hemmer and martha maccallum, after this. about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. how'd you learn to do that? what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories evn better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. add some style to your sink, with this moen banbury faucet for the new lower price of $79.
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