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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:45pm PDT

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>> shep: good afternoon from fox news. i'm help ard smith. it's 3:00 on the east coast and this is continuing coverage what was hurricane irene. she is carrying maximum sustained winds of 60 miles an hour and they predict will it lose strength over the coming hours but it is doing plenty of damage in new england and we'll get there shortly. it's done damage to the south and disrupted a number of lives.
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in elmsford they had to save half a dozen people from homes. one man said he thought it was prepared and he had been there 30 years and never seen anything like this. >> i have pumps and they are working but it was not enough. >> shep: not enough. the owners of this sailboat were trying to make it to maryland to the coast of virginia. rescuers had to pull pull two people and cat when the boat got stuck. now in fair haven massachusetts got quite a workout. this couple trying to make it to their home. new england is where irene landed after leaving new york. now that it's gone from the big apple. the mayor announced he is lifting evacuation orders for people in low-lying areas. in fact that just happened. but some are going to come back to pretty unpleasant sights. this owner of this car picked an
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unfortunate place to park in soho which is in lower manhattan. one all the flooding and damage, a lot of folks took the storm in stride. across the east river in the burrough of queens, this guy decided it would be a good time to take his dog out for a walk or is that a swim. craig reports from new port rhode island where the storm is still whipping up quite a problem. >> reporter: certainly the low-lying areas are the problem and going to get flooding as we've had been all day. high tide should be around 8:00 this evening. they are still looking forward is the high tide. they have to be prepared for a storm surge three to six feet. it's going to be a little bit larger of a storm surge at 8:00 this morning. sustained winds, been checking on my wind meter, 20-30 sustained. i was over to the cliff walk about an hour and a half and gusts upward to 45-47.
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so we have a pretty good bit of irene to go through this evening. one thing they did do, they removed 55 of boats from the marina here at the yacht club. there is still one more boat that was left behind. it was about to go. it's a race against time. i can't get around there but it's a situation for one boat that is remaining. the ones are pretty good shape, they are riding the storm out pretty well and lots of people got power outages. we can get around inside the hotel. there was a bride we talked to that went ahead with the wedding last night, on with her honeymoon, they have to stay put but i think they will be okay. >> shep: rain in new port. craig boswell, thanks. we reported throughout the
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evening yesterday the who are or atlantic city shut down the casinos, why rick leventhal is there is beyond me. are they back open? >> reporter: they tell us they will open tomorrow morning. rain stopped about an hour ago. we have seen pieces of blue sky but still getting significant wind gusts, some of them feel like over 30 miles an hour. did a knowledge is minimal. we can show you a quick tape of the tropicana hotel where a ceiling collapsed outside a parking garage entrance. they do have trees down and power lines down and localized street flooding. mandatory evacuation order has been lifted. state and expressway is open. they can come back but they are going to see some rough weather still and minor damage. you got stuff washed up on the beet beach. take a look the surf.
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it's still kicking up pretty violently as we pan all the way down to garden pier that was battered overnight but managed to survive the storm. you may have heard the governor earlier mention a couple of deaths. there was one death in new jersey. a woman in a car called for help by the time police got there she was already dead. a firefighter that was involved in a rescue attempt was hurt and he is in critical condition. so that is one reason why they asked people to get out. they didn't want to try to rescue people and put their own lives at risk. the city was a ghost town, still virtually is a ghosted town. they are losing millions of dollars over this storm. based on the flooding we saw on the streets last night, it probably was a smart idea to get most of the people out of here. >> shep: it probably want. rick live down on the boardwalk. a windy day, do you have any
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more yet. you are about to? >> it stopped for been an hour. there are definitely dark clouds in the sky. like i mentioned we're seeing some blue and that is the first for a couple of days. >> shep: i'm going to show the satellite loop from the fox weather center. they will be able to see, remember how large those bands were. it stretched out 400 miles. it stretched farther now as the outer bands have begun to peel away. from our loop, you are about to get a pretty good downpour and then headed to new york city and then clear skies are coming but the rain so the way bro. >> reporter: we got pounded. we got heavy downpours starting early saturday morning, throughout the day into the night. when high tide there was a concern that the ocean would meet the bay. of the side streets the deeper the water got.
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it was very difficult for us to get out of our live location. we were concerned we might get swamped. there were issues out here and a lot of the police and firefighters, they stopped responding to calls because things were so bad out on the road. a lot of that water dissipated. >> gregg: live in atlantic, new jersey. these are the pictures we've been saying how the rain has become a one-sided event. it was fascinating last night to see the dry air come kaim in all the rain was left side of the storm and rain and surf push was on the radios of push. honored to be joined by commander of the u.s. coastguard in atlantic city area. how are things from the seaside of things? >> good afternoon.
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actually i'm in st. resolution, i oversee the atlantic area. we've been dealing with irene since you it started in puerto rico. as you know up in new england we have actually stations in lake ontario as a result of the storm. >> lake ontario is still getting it? >> yes, they. >> shep: what has it been like? have you done a lot rescues? >> i am extraordinary proud to lead our coastguard team. this is an extraordinary experience. i think the teamwork has been great. preparation has been terrific across the board when i was down in puerto rico all the way up the coast. now, we're really fully into the response and recovery stages. thankfully we haven't had a lot of search and rescue offshore. that is a good preparation by
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folks. as you are seeing a lot of different just along the coast and people into issues with floodwaters and swift water just. by and large the search and rescue went well because all the assets is going to help get the ports reopened for commerce. >> shep: that is good news. people don't need to be searched and rescued. that is great news. it was after hurricane katrina i thought the coastguard got way too little credit for saving thousands of high school is man the coastguard does incredible work sometimes with so few eyes, you are mighty proud of it. it's very impressive. thanks for all you do. >> thank you. thanks for getting the word out to help people understand the dianks that are there. it's not as well understood around the water. we continue to see people that get put at risk that may not
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understand the hazards. >> shep: right on. and actually let's look in on fox 5 in new york. they have been able to gather pictures through ureport. all those people were saying this storm is nothing. this northeasterners complaining we live with this and live with that. if you were in that house right there, this is a very, very bad storm. let's listen and greg kelly at the helm at the ship at fox 35. my friend had another three-year-old. we worried about the kids. >> how are the children handling all this you? how are you getting a handle on all of this? >> well, we're making the best we can. we got vehicles and we are
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getting around and qiaws. if worse comes to worse we have to jump in the water in case a building collapses. >> that could be very dangerous situation. >> we want to see if you can get help. you called 911. john, describe to us again when you saw all of this happening and exactly what you saw for people who are joining us right now. we're talking to someone who is at hotel. john escovel in platsville, new york. he is trapped in this hotel, worried about this building clapping. one us through this one more time this? >> morning, i would say around 7:00 the alarm went off. i look out the window it was raining. i jumped in and i tell my wife, maybe we need to get higher ground. by the timer got out of the shower, there was a 12-inch
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flood, the dam broke and water came up so quickly that we had to come up to the second floor. it happened so quick. it was unbelievable. it turned into a raging river. 450 yards wide. >> john -- go ahead. >> it's bad. we need to get out of here. >> john, i know you probably said this to yourself, stay calm. try and relax as much as you can. it's very difficult situation for you. you're at moore's hotel. >> 21 individuals here. >> we are as we speak get on the phone and call our people downstairs and any way we can make calls for you. do you have anything else in your room. you said you had food and some supplies, do you have a radio
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handy? >> no, we don't have no radio or power or water. we got water i brought in. i'm glad i did. i'm just worried about the other dam, if it breaks. >> i want to make sure you stay calm w your family and we are calling around to make sure local authorities there are 21 people at the hotel where you are and the water being very dangerous. stay where you are. we'll try to advise you. in the meantime,. >> shep: on fox 5 new york across town. they brought up a situation which we've been working to confirm at fox news channel. we were listening to a man that was trapped inside a hotel he believes. i can tell you the back story on why it happened. it's more so in pratsville
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new york which is down river from a dam. it's not very far from west point. the military academy there and there has been a occurrence we were not hundred percent sure of earlier in the day. right now ses jessica is bringing the script down exactly what we've gotten. there is a dam that we believe in had breached and it's called the name of it is gilboa dam. it's up state. if you were go up the parkway, 120 foot concrete and brick dam. it's up in the county and completed way back in 1926, but the word is of an emergency at this dam in upstate new york. officials have apparently declared something called a type "b" emergency. they have launched all
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communications with the devices that monitor the dam. the dam doesn't necessarily going fail but it does increase the possibility. officials say the failure sirens it is time to evacuate. fast forward to the interview we just heard on fox 5 new york. this man in hotel where all of a sudden the water rose at a level they never dreamed possible. as a result 26 people are now trapped in moore's hotel and very serious occurrence appears to be playing out before our eyes. we got word from residents about an hour ago there was serious concerns about this dam. we spoke with the people that run the dam that explain they lost contract with the machinery electronically that controls it. now, we get word there is a water rushing downstream. gilboa dam, not too far from
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west point. pratsville is where the moore's hotel. they are telling us that they have not been notified of any dam collapse. this is in the catsskills. so i guess what is happening the details of this are coming about sort of in live time now. we have this information of the lack of contact with this particular dam. this is when they were doing construction on it. they upgraded in 2005 but now we know certainly a large amount of water is working its way over the dam and number of people, 26 people in pratsville seem they are trapped. the best thing is to find out what happened. we'll get a chopper or ground
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crews to find out what has happened in the catskills as 26 people believe they are trapped inside the hotel. a quick commercial break to iron things out in a potentially difficult situation. i told you so far, we'll check to make sure it's right. more on fox continuing coverage irene. 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge! [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. a mouthwatering combination of ingredients...e for you!
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>> shep: breaking news coming from the white house, president obama will address the nation 5:00 this afternoon from the rose garden at the white house, that is 5:00 eastern time. 1 hour 40 minutes from now on the aftermath of hurricane irene. the storm is still steaming through new england and on its way to canada but the president will speak about the progress of the storm. at least 14 people have been reported killed by the storm in one way or another as it raced up the eastern seaboard and now is leaving the country. in addition we are following what we believe a developing story out of new york. there is a man on the telephone. he is with 21 people, some of
12:22 pm
them children at the hotel. they were looking out the window and all of a sudden, it looked as two tiny streams became one enormous river that described it as 450 yards wide. debris and tanks coming down this river. they feel like they are trapped there. there may have been a problem that is upstream there. it's possible there has been a problem with this dam. possible that a large amount of water came over the spillway? or is there a problem with a very important dam in the catskills. we are not sure. john is speaking with our local anger from fox 5 in new york. let's listen. >> reporter: are you able to move up any higher, john? >> yes, we can go up break the window from the attic and get up to the roof if we have to.
12:23 pm
>> reporter: be careful. i'm concerned about your phone. i assume you are on a cellphone right now? >> correct. >> reporter: do you have enough power because you won't be able to power up the phone? >> i have a little bit. i have a couple of lines on the battery. >> reporter: listen, i tell you what, we're going try and get back to you. we are working to getting you help. i want you to stay there and be careful and be patient. pray, call your friend, whatever you have to do. >> we're in contact with state officials. stay on the line is what you are hearing. we will keep you posted on the phone. >> reporter: who is with you right now? >> a friend of mine and couple guys here. they were here at the hotel as well. >> reporter: is anybody there next to you right now? >> yes.
12:24 pm
>> let me see how you are handling the situation. put them on this. >> is family style. >> get on the phone we are seeing the firemen up there they got a backhoe only. >> reporter: something is starting to happen then? >> my grend frend jerry is here. >> reporter: jerry, how are you doing my friend? >> i'm doing okay. we're faring okay. you and john are sticking things out and ready to really do whatever you have to do. i'm sure you are going to get help, but we do have some activity. you do have officials try to help you out. >> steve: we are watching local coverage. we had tips there might be a problem with this dam. i tell you the governor of the state of new york tour this had
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dam and did an inspection earlier today. their reporter is on the line with us, middleberg new york. what do you know about this situation that has some people believe there may have been a real problem with this dam. >> hi, there. i'm with the family. we are all a road here which is flooded on the north end and south end. we are stuck but middleberg has been evacuated where i am. we heard the gilboa dam sirens going off just about an hour ago and people have been trained. they hear that sound and it's scary for them. however, we are -- we understand that the dam has not been compromised at this point. that was precautionary measure because they lost contract with the folks over at the dam that are monitoring the situation.
12:26 pm
obviously we have been pummeled the rain has gone on for hours. like i said, i'm here with some families, residents here on the road in middleberg. we are stuck, two-mile stretch of road north bend and south bend are both washed out trying to find higher ground at this point. >> shep: so the thinking is it wasn't a compromise in the dam, not the dam was breached but a lot of water went oh over the spillway and because of the volume of water and it's just a mess. >> that is exactly it. it was a precautionary measure. they are concerned that something could happen with this dam. if that were to happen where i am right now, this dam is about 15 miles south of us. that water will come rushing north. it would be right where we are.
12:27 pm
so obviously people here are scared. there is still power here and they are watching the news just trying to figure out when maybe this water will recede. the winds are picking up but the rain has slowed down a little bit which we are hoping is a good sign. >> shep: the water would rush north because the dam is higher elevation so it would come down on you in that unthinkable situation? >> i believe that the water will run toward the mohawk river. i'm not sure, but that is exactly the way the water would flow. we are in that path here in middle burg. >> you said the sirens went off, what they mean to the locals the
12:28 pm
dam has been compromised. in this case they are saying, dam or no dam, you got to get out of here there is so much water on the way and you have to seek higher ground? >> yes. there is a mandatory evacuation. we are actually stuck. there is no where for us to go. i am staying, i've been in and out of a couple of homes in a two-mile stretch of roadway speaking with people who are gathering together around the tv and watching what is going on. there is really no other option for them. i did speak with a family whose entire farm basically washed away. they just made it out on time. they have one family member still stuck in their house. they do believe that the structure of the home is okay but she can't get out of the house. there is more than a foot of water all around the house and the water is really moving around here. people are trying to get away from the rushing water.
12:29 pm
>> shep: katherine, i guess you were there for the reporting at the time when all this went down right? >> i was actually here to meet with the governor this morning. at which point the power authority, the people and officials were saying they weren't concerned at all. they were almost positive without any concern that the dam would hold up through the rather of irene. -- through the rath of irene. >> shep: we have seen things make a turn. i want to put the pictures up. there is a picture of a couple vehicles that are swamped downstream from where this dam where this dam would be. we're talking about water volume and not the dam itself. katherine, is there somebody that needs to be called.
12:30 pm
i guess nobody can do anything at the moment. >> believe that is can case. we weren't exactly -- obviously if the dam were to let loose, yes, a lot of people would be in harm's way. at this point there is stretch of roadway where we will head for higher ground and we'll be okay. make the best of the situation and keep our hopes up. >> shep: katherine underwood, great attitude. a reporter in middleburg new york and we're getting updates on all of this and should we find any details about this dam and all this flow we'll certainly let you know. it's been a very difficult afternoon for people all up and down the new york region now into new england as the storm continues to churn to the north. water coming up on the coast and would you look how far it stretches.
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>> shep: fox news continue go coverage of the aftermath of hurricane irene, tropical storm and churning through new england. on her way to canada before fizzling out to nothing. lots of problems up and down shore. in the state of delaware they took down all their emergency warnings and stopped the evacuation orders a short time ago, a couple hours ago. darrell green of our station whq but on the road on the beach coverage the storm. what are you finding there? >> honestly, not much at all. open for business. boardwalk started crowding up. the governor opened the restriction on the roadways after 9:00 a.m. there was no
12:36 pm
damage to any of major structures. there was a tornado that touched down about three miles away from here. about 50 homes had significant damage but other than that and some low level flooding south of here on dewey beach, no real damage, economy wise, this is a resort community, town of 1500 that as well as to 60,000 on a given weekend with labor day weekend approaching. merchants were counting on a lot of visitors. that didn't happen yesterday. one guy that owns a restaurant said he expected to lose between $40,000 to $80,000 this weekend. his restaurant is still not open. people are trying to take the boards down and fill up the boardwalk. >> shep: darrell green, fox 13 from the mid south. thanks very much. we've been following this story out of catskills. a dam that now has a level "b"
12:37 pm
emergency going on. that is what they will tell us but they won't tell us anything further what that means. we don't know it's been compromised, the people that run the dam won't tell us. rick riechmuth is live. a lot of times when we can't get a straight story out of somebody it gives us concern. >> yes, it does. i'm sure there is a lot of confusion because of the situation that is breaking there. i'm sure they are having a hard time gathering what is going on. this is the river up in the catskills. pratssville but doppler radar estimates show 12 inches of rain. that rain falling so quickly, it called for record of gilboa dam. things were running completely
12:38 pm
fine and then the rain came. river went up by over 20 feet in just a matter of around four to five hours. right there is their prior record. they are two feet above their prior record and all that happening in four to five hours. they will remain that way for about a day and a half. but you get that kind of level change that quickly and i'm certain they don't know what hit them. they are trying to figure out what is going on with this river right now. >> shep: one of our producers was seek weigh a police department that is not far from there and they were overloaded. didn't have time to explain it. that is the whole explanation, they got a lot of rain and worried about that dam and would ho wouldn't be. >> 12 inches of rain probably fell in matter of 8 hours, a 20-foot rise on the river. you have homes right along that
12:39 pm
stream, you get that kind of rise in that quick of a period and you end up with the situation they've never seen before. they were already inspecting that dam, not sure what shape it was in, they are testing this dam in a way they never seen before. >> shep: i know they put a lot of money in it. federal money and state money and upgraded it significantly. but there are concerned about it because of events like this you get so much water out of the hills. >> it will be cases upstream into the river which comes down into the hudson river. a lot of drainage. keep in mind we've been saying this will be a flooding event inland because of all this rain. >> shep: inland folks think we can't be hurt by this stuff. you can, indeed the rick
12:40 pm
riechmuth in the weather center. we are working to find out what more we can. we have local reporters and we are working our soushsdz, as well. hope is they got a lot of rain. statment going to hold. we know there is a lot of cars and other things under water as a result of this. a lot of people quite frankly are quite scared at this hour in pratsville, new york. continuing coverage and rest of the aftermath of irene as fox news channel comes right back. we believe doing the right thing never goes unnoticed. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> shep: there is breaking news now on fox news channel. a level "b" emergency at gilboa dam. that is about the most i can confirm at this point. that and the fact they had 12 inches of rain in a very short of time. here is the dam in catskills. it flows down into river but it flows to the north because of
12:45 pm
elevations in this area. it would flow down into that. in the valleys of this area there are a number of cars that are


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