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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

6:00 pm name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a jack tapes when writing -- a jacka apes when writing to the factor. again, thanks for watching, i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out we are definitely looking out for you. closed captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: tonight the president is breaking new records with his disapproval rating. dick morris on why president obama may wish he was still on vacation. can you afford four more. >> the president: i'll be putting forward a very specific plan.
6:01 pm
>> sean: why wait. shouldn't we be hearing about this amazing plan tomorrow? dana perino and stuart varney are back. >> the kind of headline you might see one of the supermarket tabloids. >> sean: colin powell hits back at the allegations in cheney's new book. >> these cheap shots he's taking at me. >> sean: plus, more hot air. >> it is no more difficult than it was for southerners to talk about the evil of race. . >> sean: al gore compares -- we are on the road to 2012, hannity starts right now. the polls of august have not been kind to the anointed one. now that his vacation is over president obama is forced to face the painful reality that the american people are rejecting his vision for this country. let's look at the bad news that greeted the president upon his return to the white house. first, his disapproval rating
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has reached an all-time high of 55%. his approval rating has also ticked down three points since the last survey to 38%. on the economy only 26% of those surveyed approve of the way the president is handling the economy. that is by far the lowest number of his presidency. by the way, overwhelming majority 71% disapprove of the president on the economy. not surprisingly, when the country is asked if the country is headed in the right direction, 14% of americans say yes. 79% believe we are headed in the wrong direction. with all of this mine it is safe to ask the question could the month of august be one of the worst months that any u.s. president has suffered through in history? former clinton adviser dick morris is back. welcome back. >> good to be here. >> sean: 55% approval, how do
6:03 pm
you get him reelected? >> you don't. 27% of the people that voted for barack obama now do not approve of him. 13% actively disapprove of him. the statistics are more dramatic than that. the people were asked who approve of obama, what do you think of him? 34% of them said we are disappointed in him. but not yet to the level of disapproval. obviously, his disapproval is going to mount. his approval will drop. when you look in particular at his base vote, like latinos, two years ago he had an 85% approval among hispanics. now it is down to 44%. his rating among young people has dropped by the same order of magnitude. ratings among african-americans remain high. but, you are talking about a man whose potential for
6:04 pm
reelection is slipping away, as we speak. >> sean: we've been following the independent numbers closely. 27% of democrats not wanting to vote for him for reelection is astounding. i said let me make a comparison to carter. this was a historic midterm election. 700 legislative seats went republican. ran governorships went from 23 to 29. 63 house seats and six seats in the senate. in carter's midterm election in 1978 there were only 15 house seats gained, only three senate seats gained. this is a year later now. the news is even worse for the president. >> i think obama is going to be resoundingly defeated in 2012. the comparison i think back to is bill clinton because i worked on that.
6:05 pm
in august his approval rating was 45-47%. by the end of september, into october, it had passed 50. by the time he gave the state of the union address it was in the high 50s, close to 60. because the economy was coming back. he won the budget show down with the republicans. -- but obama has nothing going in his favor. the economy is going south. he's losing his confrontation with the republicans. and i just do not see how this guy can get reelected. >> sean: the lowest number that clinton had was 37% in the second year of his presidency. maybe his success sees, meaning obama's legislative success, stimulus, budgets got passed, democratic house and senate, obamacare, hillary care didn't make it for president clinton so he didn't have that burden to carry.
6:06 pm
maybe the republicans helped. clinton was willing to change. i don't see the willingness to change in obama. >> that's true. the question which he's going to run, not whose fault is it? how well did you do? what were you able to do? the question is what will you do in the next four years that you have not tried and failed with over the past four years? there is literally no answer to that question. >> sean: yeah. what do you think of these attacks, kill romney. is perry dumb? perry is the guy whose state created 47% of the jobs in this country, since the recession. one state created all those jobs. it seem like he's too dumb to me many he's won 10 straight elections. 10-0 in terms of winning elections. he's created more jobs in any other state. are they trying to turn him into ronald reagan who they
6:07 pm
referred to as an amiable dunce? >> they are. i had one democratic operative say their strategy was to talk about a dope, joke and fraud. perry is the dope. bachmann is the joke. romney is the fraud. i don't think either of those three are going to work. in 2010 the democrats waged a wall to wall negative campaign. they didn't attempt to defend obama's record in any of those house and senate races and they backfired massively. it did in the work. i don't believe it is going to work any better in this election. i do not think that obama can come back from this. >> sean: does perry hold the lead that he has? he hasn't been in any of the debates yet. >> that's his problem. when he goes into these debates he's going to come :iéñ with high expectation and a very large low chair. that's frankly unfounded.
6:08 pm
i'm not opposed to perry, i don't know him well enough. it is not something he's earned through the debates and the long exposure romney has had with people. there's a good chance even if he does well if the debate it is not the overwhelming thing he did when he ended the race and he begins to cool off a bit that is possible. and it is wrong to look at this at this point as anything other than at least a three-way race with some others from the bottom that might get in. christie and palin might get in at the top. >> sean: what about your belief this is the tea party versus the establishment, where does perry fit into that scenario? >> maybe he falls between the two chairs. he has to win iowa against bachmann which is the tea party evangelical caucus. a caucus not a primary it is that kind of state. he's two point as head of bachmann now. with this huge national surge he probably will fall behind
6:09 pm
her. then he has to win or win new hampshire. the jobs and growth state where he has to face romney. while he probably is now equal with romney in new hampshire he will fall become he loses iowa and new hampshire he has problems. one thing before your music comes. the guy who want to build the ground zero mosque have applied for federal funds from the lower manhattan development corporation the entity is created to rebuild after 9/11. i'm outraged by that if youue go to dick, please sign the petition, upper right hand corner of the site to stop this. to ask us to pay for their mosque to rub our noses in it, after 9/11 and teach sharia law at that mosque is incredible. it is august 29th, otherwise i would think it is april 1st. >> sean: morris, thanks. >> the president is back from his vacation. when it comes to the jobs plan
6:10 pm
he's been promising. all we are hearing is radio silence. dana and stuart here to react. and make sure to tune in tomorrow night. my exclusive interview from wyoming with former vice president dick cheney. thursday night part two of my interview with the vice president. he's going to sit down with me in -- and a live studio audience. getting enough vegetab? maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at try this. bayer aspirin? it's not a heart attack. new bayer advanced aspirin's for pain. it has microparticles and enters the bloodstream faster. works twice as fast as before. did you invent this or something? dr. eric first, from bayer. wow. [ male announcer ] new bayer advanced aspirin.
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>> sean: it took a hurricane for president obama to cut short his vacation on martha's vineyard, albeit, five hours. he's still not ready to unveil his economic plan that he claims is going to put americans back to work. although he told reportered to to expect the announcement next week. even his -- even his top advisers are clue less as to what the plan is and when it will be revealed. -- >> on-the-jobs speech next week. what day is it going to be? >> we don't have a date to announce. i will repeat what the president said that you can expect it next week. i don't have a date or location to give to you today. >> what is the reason for not telling us when it is going to be? >> it could be because we haven't finally decided. when we have an announcement, we will make it. >> sean: not decided? three years in. joining me now two people who have real answers, the host of varney & company stuart varney.
6:15 pm
former white house press secretary, co-host of the five, favorite show of mine along with varney & company. you've been at that podium? >> yeah. i can sympathize with jay carney. sometime even though you know something is coming. you might even know the date but you are not ready to announce. then all the cable news will have graphics and music. remember governor romney his plan comes out september 6th. today when president obama announced his new council on economic adviser chairman using a -- two teleprompters for three minutes, he said it was going to be coming out. natural the white house would ask. i think it doesn't give much time for the economic advisers who give advice if they are announcing today and he's coming out next week. >> thank heavens the new adviser alan kruger, academic.
6:16 pm
>> sean: another one? >> yes, another one. >> sean: he's going to lead us into more economic turmoil. >> he likes the vat, value added tax. >> sean: on top of, not to replace. >> on top of economic taxes. he was part of the cash for clunkers deal at the treasury. he has written has the minimum wage does not destroy jobs this is now the chief economic adviser to the president of the united states before he comes up with a plan to produce jobs. this is a bad omen. >> he also had said, buried in that article, increasing taxes decreases economic activity. which will be somewhat at odds with what president obama going to announce. >> sean: all he's going to do is repackage the same plans cash you disagree? >> no, there is nothing there. an infrastructure bank to please the unions. payroll tax extension, proved
6:17 pm
useless. >> sean: social security bankrupted any way. >> of course. we are going to have tax credits. what about obamacare? >> if the payroll tax was permanent, then that might have some sort of effect. >> maybe. sean used the expression clueless for the administration coming up with this plan. you are absolutely right. they are clueless. >> sean: thank you sir. >> you are right. they have no clue what they are doing. they don't have a plan. and they simply do not have any idea how to turn this economy around. >> sean: was talking to dick morris about this. 55% disapproval, they repackaged this now five ways. the american people don't like it and it is not working. where is the person in the white house that has the courage to walk into that oval office and say mr. president, it is time to pivot? >> he needs a major game changer what is surprising they had this opportunity to
6:18 pm
put in on the council of economic advisers it would have sent a signal there was a change coming. >> sean: that's not a change. >> last week a poll said 51% of american people still blame george w. bush for the bad economy. that number is higher than i would personally like. however, i cannot believe it is only 51%. that's a number i worry about. >> sean: greenberg and carville this is carville's partner. they said this blaming bush thing is not working any more. we are going to blame the tsunami. arab spring. the sunshining in the morning. >> do you think the economy is going to be rip roaring expanding come november of 2012? it is not. cbo -- >> if they repackage, remember what we said they are going to call what he's doing
6:19 pm
reasonable. anyone who disagrees is unreasonable. then they set up the narrative for the campaign things would have been better if congress >> sean: in many ways this president has been successful with the democratic house and senate he got his stimulus money that he wanted, he got his budgets, he got obamacare. clinton didn't get hillarycare that probably was a blessing if in disguise in the end. it matter what they say. the platitudes, stickers, slow agains, i don't think work. >> he can re-- he cannot roll back all the regulations, he can. >> sean: it is not in him me way >> >> it is in the in him. if he did it would repudiate his presidency. the game changer, tax reform. lower tax rates -- >> sean: way in guy wants a value added tax. which is the fair tax as we
6:20 pm
call it, right. my buddy neil boortz wrote a book on the fair tax. they want to add a new tax national sales tax on top of -- >> 5% to bring in 500 billion dollars a rear to spend on the social programs. >> sean: they don't think it is spending. they think they need more money. >> that's investment. >> i'm coming around to a feeling that we need comprehensive tax reform. if that results in more revenue, i'm for that. as long as there's some spending -- >> sean: you are saying you want a tax increase. >> no. >> sean: how are they going to get more revenue? >> there is room for tax reform. >> sean: the only way the bureaucrats in washington are going to have a tax reform program is if they backdoor tax increases. >> do you realize how that would revitalize president obama's presidency?
6:21 pm
he lowers tax rates. increases tax revenues coming into the government. wildly popular that would turn around the presidency. and he's not going to do it, under any circumstances. >> sean: guys good to see you both. the bra media, they love obama now they -- they -- they are asking is rick perry dumbment colin powell versus dick cheney as the former vice president slams the former secretary of state in his new book with general powell fighting back in the sunday programs. that and more coming up. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. my name is lacey calvert and i'm a yoga instructor. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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>> sean: we may be starting didn't the road to 2012, but is already clear the mainstream media has set their sights on rick perry. he's been tarred as a racist, religious zealot. today has a headline blaring is rick perry dumb? strip away the euphemisms and perry is con tonighting an unavoid question is he -- the article guess on to read:
6:26 pm
>> sean: question of intelligence is one the mainstream media never bothered to ask about president obama. today big, they doing that. they want to know is president obama smart? joining me with reaction the editor of the daily caller, tucker carlson. democratic strategist, steve mcmahon. let's take a run down memory lane. if he's such a genius he would have not lost 2 1/2 million jobs, he would have cut the deficit in half like he promised. let's look at some of obama's gaffes that a lot of people didn't pay attention to. >> i've been in 57 states. on this memorial day, as our nation honors its broken line of fallen heroes, i see many in the audience here today. i don't know what the term is in treeian. wheeling and dealing. navy corpsman brushard.
6:27 pm
he responded to the men and women like corpsman brushard. >> sean: what is a navy corpsman? [ laughing ] >> i don't know sean. >> sean: he read it three times. he didn't know what a corpsman is. >> the conversation we should be having -- >> sean: listen, i want to have my conversation. i want to know what president obama doesn't know what a navy corpsman is, i want to know! that's my conversation. i ask the questions, you answer them. why did he said corpsman three times in one speech. >> sean, come on. >> sean: come on what? >> you are going to sit here and call the president names. the guy was the president of the harvard law review. >> sean: i'd like to read his thesis. >> he was president of the harvard law review. it is not a school filled with people who can't smell their
6:28 pm
name. or who can't pronounce words. >> sean: excuse me, with all due respect. it is impossible -- this isn't a gaffe. he read the teleprompter three times and he didn't know the name corpsman. he's the commander in chief and you don't have the courage to admit it! >> i'm admit that he mispronounced the word but i will not have a conversation about or not president obama is a smart man. >> sean: if he's such a genius -- [ talking over each other ] >> hold on, slow down. he's not the own person who went to harvard, so did george w. bush he was derided as a more ranch the is point is not your credentials, how much you brag about your intelligence. you can claim to be the greatest quarterback in american history if you don't throw any touch down passes you are lying. we just judge it by its fruits. if obama is so smart the
6:29 pm
fruits don't suggest that. the country has not become a better place to live in the almost three years he's been president. it has become a worse place to live. >> you are a washington guy, sports fan. when the the redskins replaced their coach. you've heard of rebuilding. you don't put in a new coach in -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i gotta stop you. two years he had a democrat tick house, senate, promised unemployment wouldn't go above 8%, cut the deficit in half, economy has never been worse, none of his promises have come true. you still want to blame the tsunami, the arab spring, george w. bush. it is not working with the american people steve. grow up and put your pants on, time to take responsibility. >> this is the conversation we should be having. whether the president's policies were smart for the country. >> sean: they failed. >> you have one view, i have another.
6:30 pm
voters get to decide which is correct. >> sean: 71% of americans say this president is doing a horrible job on the economy. >> the president is the first person to admit it. but he inherited a tough economy. >> sean: so did ronald reagan, so did george bush. >> the question is the economy getting better? >> sean: no. >> that's the question people will cast their votes in 2012. [ talking over each other ] >> by every measure it is worse. the numbers tell that story. that's not rhetoric, not a talking point. >> sean: tucker, do you think if you read corpsman three times this is fascinating to me, because he's such a genius. didn't he write a thesis at columbia? i would love to see what it was about. i think in the spirit of being the most transparent administration he would be will going give it to us. do you think he made a mistake or do you think he didn't know what a corpsman was? >> i don't think he has a world populated by many
6:31 pm
corpsman you know that's the problem. that's not the milieu he comes out of. the point, i would be satisfied with a dumb president, actually or one with bad taste or bad breath. i just want a president who has an understanding of basic economic principles sufficient to write the economy. this guy who i think does have a high i.q. doesn't understand basic economics and that's the problem. >> corpsman, come on. >> you are saying when politico does an ad hominem attack on rick perry it is wrong. and you sit here for a segment making finance of the president it is -- making fun of the president, it is an ad hominem attack. >> sean: liberals like yourself referred to reagan as an amiable dunce constantly attack sarah palin's intelligence, michelle bachmann's intelligence. george bush's intelligence. every is a genius who drives
6:32 pm
the economy into a ditch. [ talking over each other ] >> first thing, you are a moron. then you are a racist. >> you don't see me doing that. >> no, but your friends do. you should ask them to stop. >> okay they should stop. but we should have a conversation about the policies these candidates for president are pursuing. that's the conversation -- [ talking over each other ] >> we are not having it tonight. >> sean: wish all the navy corpsmen out there my best. appreciate you being with us steve. >> that is a riot. i love that. >> when do i get an easy segment? >> sean: do you think he made a mistake or didn't know? >> i think he made a mistake. he caught osama bin laden. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: listen, he gave the order, i give him credit.
6:33 pm
but it wouldn't have happened without the intelligence from enhanced interrogations. i got that go. thanks to all our navy corpsman viewers out there. coming up colin powell lashes out at dick cheney over the contents of his new book. >> plus, our great, great american panel and more coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the most legroom per dollar of any car in america. the all-new nissan versa sedan from $10,990. innovation sized. innovation for all.
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6:38 pm
shots? >> they are. he says i went out of my way not to present my positions to the president but to take them outside of the administration. that's nonsense. who went to the united nations regretably with false information me. i supported the president. >> sean: joining me with analysis, former speechwriter for president george w. bush mark thiessen and kirsten powers. welcome back. i read the book. it is coming out tomorrow. i signed this disclaimer saying i wasn't allowed to disclose the contents. mark i'll work around the edges here. i went out to jackson hole we are going to air the vain you with the vice president tomorrow and then a live audience thursday. here's my point. richard armitage knew, absolutely knew that he was the one that had leaked the information. he didn't say anything. from all accounts now we know
6:39 pm
that colin powell knew that it was richard armitage. meanwhile, we have a prosecutor, special prosecutor patrick fitzgerald bringing all these people in, some that don't make a lot of money, having to hire lawyers, karl rove is taken to the edge of worrying about being indicted. scooter libby unfairly brought up on charges. and i'm looking at this, saying why didn't these men speak out? that's a legitimate criticism. why didn't colin powell and armitage say no, it was me, i was richard? why didn't they do that? >> that's right. cheney points out something very, very simple in that book. he says a few days after powell learned that armitage, his deputy was the one who leaked valerie plame's name, he sat next to the president of the united states in a cabinet meeting, while the press corp was brought in and barraged him with questions on who was responsible for the leak.
6:40 pm
the president took that barrage and say i want if get down to the truth. next to him was the man who knew the truth. who knew his own deputy caused this entire crisis and never told the president of the united states. that is, as you point out had consequences for karl rove, scooter, it had consequences for the president they were all ensnared in an investigation. >> sean: kirsten this might be something you and i agree on. a lot of times these special prosecutors are set up. in the case of scooter libby as soon as they know where the name valerie plame came from, and the prosecutor knew from day one, i don't think -- the investigation was over. and yet they continued in this. i wouldn't want a democrat to have to go through this. i wouldn't want staffers. this is absolutely unnecessary. for the people that knew and didn't say anything, i find that unconscionable. >> we agree on the idea that
6:41 pm
often these prosecutions turn into fishing expeditions where they try to catch people and get them under and get them tripped up and they contradict themselves and the next thing you know they are being impeached for example. or in scooter libby's case he's going to jail. >> sean: you mean like sex with an intern. >> i do have an issue with that so we agree on that colin powell's defense in this situation is that as soon as they found out that he was the one who -- that armitage was the one who originally -- was the leak they immediately call the fbi. the fbi came in. they were told not to tell anybody that's his defense. they had done what they felt -- >> sean: they were telling his boss? >> he's saying he was told not to tell anybody. ongoing investigation you are counseled not to share any information that's his defense. >> sean: mark? >> but he also said that he
6:42 pm
told president's council gonzales. but he didn't tell him. he just told him that he had information. the point is, colin powell sat by while the critics of the president went for years saying that bush had lied and war in iraq and he leaked this stuff. he gave ammunition to the president's critics during a time of war that undermined him as commander of chief in a critical time of war in iraq. ammunition to his critics as the 2004 election was going on. and his silence, as he sat by that could have stopped this investigation, harmed the lives of a lot of people. scooter libby's life has been changed forever because inform. >> sean: we'll have dick cheney tomorrow and a live audience show thursday night. guys, thanks for being with us. >> one of the most -- 7 -- one of the 75 most powerful richest women in america. look at that.
6:43 pm
i'm surprised you talk to me. >> greta: i want to get in on this panel. armitage told the prosecutor what in the world is the prosecutor going forward on this case? this is so appalling. >> sean: it is. >> greta: any way. we have a great show tonight. you caught me off guard. we have rick klein, louise story. appear bass door bolton and so much more. -- ambassador bolton and so much more. >> sean: forbes, right? >> greta: up from 84 that was 10 years ago when i was some place else. >> sean: they never pick me nor do i want to be picked. except, i believe in your case, they are right. >> greta: you are very sweet, thank you. but it is the staff and the platform if i weren't at fox i would have no platform and it would be greta who? >> sean: it would not.
6:44 pm
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel. former deputy assistant secretary of state and one of the stars on the hit show called the five bob beckel. seen editor of the american spectator john fund is back. she assistant district attorney in brooklyn, new york contestant on trump's reality show, she did great. al gore, your father and you marched in the civil rights movement. al gore's father was nowhere to be found in the civil rights act of '64, voting rights act of '65. with that said, watch when he compares bull connor -- >> there came a time when
6:49 pm
racist comments would come up in the course of the conversation and in years past they would just, you know, natural. there came a time when people said, hayman, why do you talk that way? that's wrong. i don't go for that so don't talk that way around me i don't believe that that happened in millions of conversations. and slowly the conversation was won. and we still have racism, god knows. but it is different now and so much better. we have to win the conversation on climate. >> sean: he talked about older generations. doesn't talk about his father's votes. i find the use of that, if you disagree on climate change because science has been hyped up as we know those e-mails. you find that disgrace full? i do. >> that's one of your -- leading questions.
6:50 pm
i find the use of that word in any other context than what it is meant to be a sacred wore in the sense of the civil rights movement. yes his father was a southerner, i stan that. for al to use this in connection with global warming is a poor choice of words. -- my reaction to people who don't believe in global warming, they are just flat dumb. >> sean: you're calling me dumb? >> yes. >> sean: what about the manufactured e-mails? >> that was a small part. i thinkal of all people should not be using that -- i thinkal of all people should not be using that word -- >> al gore has been able to get away with this because he no longer answers questions from anyone. go to an al gore speech, he will never take questions. the great moderate force on global warming he refuses to debate him, testify with him before capitol hill. al gore has become an 0
6:51 pm
believe yeah for. no one challenges him. he doesn't let anyone challenge him. >> what i say is that this isn't new. you have representative jackson from texas saying the debt ceiling debate is not due to our 15 trillion worth of debt but because of the president's race. you have representative clyburn south carolina talking about the 20 century civil rights act which is obamacare, if you didn't know sean. this is another example. i think it is disgraceful. what is interesting, no longer a conservative just in general racists now they are getting more specific, tying it to specific agendas, pieces of legislation. if anything they are trying harder. >> very strong point, progressive movement i've never associated conservatives with racism, nor would i ever. i think you are giving examples of people who are pretty extreme. frankly they get a lot of news but they don't speak for the majority of people who are
6:52 pm
progressives in this country. >> let's just give al gore a rest. maybe we can give him some kind of a gold watch. >> sean: more with -- when we come back. barack obama's was arrested here, illegal immigrant. drunk driving charges. he said he wanted one phone call, he wanted to call the white house. >> that makes sense if you had to get out of trouble. >> sean: we'll continue straight ahead. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. my name is lacey calvert and i'm a yoga instructor. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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. >> sean: barack obama's uncle arrested here in the united states. by the way, he was referred to in his book, illegal immigrant from kenya, buffed for drunk driving in massachusetts -- busted for drunk driving in massachusetts and wanted to make a call to the white house. >> back in my drinking days and had i been busted i would like to call the white house myself. most of the people i called refused to take my calls. >> sean: how many more of obama's relatives are here illegally? >> i don't know. i don't think you know. i don't think it matters, does
6:57 pm
it? >> when we find them, for example his aunt who was found in 2008 or so, she was supposed to be deported. she got off. this fellow was supposed to be deported. it will be interesting to see what happens to him. >> sean: you think he should be deported? >> i don't know the facts. if he is here illegally, yes. what i think you have to hold people accountable for their actions. i want to know what president obama is going to do if this guy -- [ talking over each other ] >> if you are the president and your relatives get caught you ought to give them a break. that's the idea of having friends in high places. i don't understand the big deal. >> there's something called the rule of law. >> not necessarily. >> not necessarily? [ talking over each other ] >> sounds like liberal interpretation of the rule of law. >> sean: you don't believe a word of what your satisfy
6:58 pm
saying, do you? >> i don't believe we are talking this. >> i don't believe your answer. >> sean: obama declined a speaking opportunity in san antonio this week. the first time in 112 years that either a sitting president spoke or at least sent a high ranking official obama at another event. could it be rick perry is going to be at this event? >> i don't know. i hope he is i would expect if rick perry is given 45 minutes to speak he will make another blunder -- >> sean: you mean like navy corpsman. what is a navy corpsman? >> i think it is -- it is a term that people sometimes use. listen -- >> sean: did you know we have 57 states? >> did you know rick perry -- >> sean: what is the austrian language? >> australian. i had an affair with a french
6:59 pm
teacher, i got a passing grade. what's wrong with that? >> sean: nothing bob. >> the president offered susan rice to go to the convention. they wanted a high ranking official, the president or the vice president. what was vice president biden doing? [ talking over each other ] >> i think at this point they might have been worried that somebody might have booed him. if they boo a president it doesn't look good, no matter who is right or wrong. >> he's speaking to a veteran's group that day. >> sean: i think fund nailed it many by the way, do you know the difference between memorial day and veterans day? if you are speaking at memorial day would you say i see many of you here? >> what? >> sean: on memorial day the president was honoring people


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