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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 11, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? [ bottle #2 ] i hear it came from space. no. from a very clean alien civilization. that's crazy. crazy clean. what?! come on. [ male announcer ] mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber. its clean is out of this world. >> neil: i'm neil cavuto, coming from ground zero where they are prepared to close for the evening the world trade center
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site known as ground zero. it's technically federal park land, declared that today with the official opening of this site now as federal memorial site. tomorrow the museum, 9/11 museum will be open officially to the public for the first time. all of this occurs on the a busy day on a ten-year event, including president obama laying a wreath at the pentagon the site of american airlines flight 77 that collided into the pentagon more than 180 lives lost there. close to 3,000 lives in all that fateful day. the president has already left the pentagon we are told. it was a day of mixed emotions for anyone connected to this horrific day including this next woman who is among greeting both presidents, president bush and
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president obama. her name is debra burlingame. she is the brother of the pilot of that plane that crashed into the pentagon. very good to have you debra. obviously on a day of mixed emotions? >> yes, absolutely. it's been quite stunning to see 2980 names to be put around the waterfalls. human impact hits you and to see the families for the first time after ten years, it's very emotional. >> neil: i notice when president obama is greeting you, looks like he was saying something to you afterwards, michelle and then president bush, they are all talking to you. what were they saying? >> i shook the president's hand and told him that i was very honored that he came to this
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memorial. that his presence signaled the importance of this to the world. he said it was humbling experience and he was glad to be here and hugged me. to mrs. obama she hugged me right away. i said please tell the world what happened here. she saider will. president bush, i met himefore throughout the years. i said you are my guy and i shared a picture, i gave him a picture when he was little boy. that little boy grew up to than the pilot of flight 77. mr. bush sez was saying i hope you are all okay today. >> neil: obviously what was going on in pentagon and shanksville with this memorial
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opening yesterday, do you feel a closure, but do you feel somewhat more at peace? >> no. i tell you why. we have had to walk a great deal today to get to the site where this was the frozen zone, thousands of police officers because there is a terror alert. three americans are targeting a flight. the presence of those police officers is a reminder that we are a country when will we ever be able to exhale and remember 9/11 as an artifact of history from long ago. that was very real to me. standing in front of my brother's name, when they had the momen of silence, right when with he was standing there, from the plane going into the pentagon. i felt rage that they did that and looking at my brother's
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names and passengers including five little children. to think they are unrepentant. we are expending billions of dollars putting new york city police officers to get intelligence to stop future attacks, that makes me very angry. i do have mixed emotions. i am very proud of my country. i'm very proud how we rallied that day. i think we showed the world who we are. >> neil: you have been a noted critic of how we try to be politically correct about going after radical extremists and not calling for what it is. critical of this information, critical of how the move in congress among so not to offend the muslim community. you turned around and said it's ridiculous. over the years do you think people have come to your way of
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thinking or politically correct way of thinking? >> there was an article in the a.p. , the new york police department is doing intelligence gathering in mosques and islamic centers -- excuse me, muslims have died as a result of radicalization, why wouldn't they want to be protected, as well. if that is where the radicalization is happening, i'm not saying that every muslim is tha goes into a mosque and prays is a potential terrorist. we know some of the imams are radicalizing people. in saying to pretend that is not happening, ininsane for the president after fort hood when $14 in a secure military base are shot down in cold blood and 32 others are shot and maimed for the president to say to those families, this was an event that was unimaginable.
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to whom? not to me. not to the families of those people down there that are being memorial onized and certainly not to the dozens and dozens of victims who died all over the world in similar events. yeah. the political correctness i think is suicidal. we have to fight against it. i don't think the american people are buying it. they are very respectful -- i think it could happen again. that is why i think the memorials, they don't just remember who they lost. they are reminder to the world that this is a living history. it ain't over. we have to stay vigilant. and the museum that will open next year will round that message home when people see not just the sanitized names surrounding a beautiful water fall but the destruction and magnitude and scale of that destruction where they used american technology, flights and
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skyscraper technology to kill people at that level, yes. >> neil: they are going to be graphic about it when it opens tomorrow. >> no, the museum. >> the memorial museum, will be open tomorrow. >> the memorial museum will open next year. the memorial is opening tomorrow but the museum. >> neil: i get it. that is the one that doesn't get too graphic but it could and you are okay with that? >> i told the director, i'm on the board there, you should be as graphic as you can get away and still be tasteful not sending people to the exit. there will be locations where you can walk away. they are not going to put graphics in there that hurt people. you don't want to pretend. >> neil: there is no way to
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gloss over what happened? >> that's right. >> neil: you honor your brother. you are relentless. i wouldn't want to get on the bad side of you. [ laughter ] >> neil: there has been some controversy what is going on with the religion and the role of firefighters and why mayor michael bloomberg decided to do what he did keeping both away in an official capacity from today's event. why was that? mayor bloomberg after this. my brother, captain charles frank burlingame iii, fighter pilot who fought with every last ounce of strength he had to save passengers and crew. we miss you and love you.
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is. there is a separation of church and state if our constitution. >> neil: that doesn't moon clergy play a role. >> but which clench did i describe do you want. my religion, her religion. >> neil: it was that one comment and follow up that has generated the most controversy and all the heroes and tough politicians, mayors and governors and senators alike over the course of the last couple of days. michael bloomberg excluding clergy of the official services, separating church and state and
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constitutional reasons but beyond that simply a concern about inviting so many up on a limited day and limited room where all the families were he had to address that and separately going to churches and the like the religious elements. he said he did. nevertheless, it's fixed a lot of religious folks and we talked to a priest, we have a monseenor with us. you are in seattle. sorry. but what do you think about the mayor was talking about. constitution which is considerable disagreement but about they were represented here, but you don't need to be officially represented. you don't need someone like you up and around to know there is a religious component here? >> i think the mayor was being concerned about being
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politically correct. which religion do you choose? obviously god was part of this day. when i first heard this, i was upset. i think many clergymen and women were, as well. good could not be kept out of the ceremony today. >> neil: you would have to invite someone from the muslim community, and he but this was not the case no rabbis, no ministers or nothing. >> i had a personal conversation with the mayor after he said this. you know, i think the thing is we could have come together. i said to him, we could have come together all the religions and compose add prayer and then have may be a family member or children read the prayer so all religions are represented. obviously how do you choose one over another. we live in a world where everybody has to be politically correct. that is what happened here.
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>> neil: i knew you would be coming here. i'm catholic but i did notice mass last night knowing that i would be here all day and among the readings gospel was one from matthew. i want to read with you. it's about forgiveness and it starts out. peter went up, lord how much i forgive my brother. i seven seven times. not seven jesus said, 77 times and go about the servant that wasn't that forgiving. that is a tough sell to folks around hire, forgiveness? >> i have to say god works in strange ways. the readings are on sunday are on a three-year cycle. jesus said years in advance,
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every three years we read the new testament and all these gospels every three years. ironically, september 12th, 2001 the same reading was read because it was in the weekday cycle. >> neil: what is the message here? we have to forgive. >> we recall what he said on the cross, father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. >> neil: they knew exactly what they were doing and killed all those innocent people. >> i think their minds are distorted. there is no person in their right mind can think of harming innocent people like this and killing people. >> neil: here is something i wrestle with. i see this, the hell that was caused. >> i was there that day. >> neil: and there are a lot of folks, catholic, muslim,
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presents test tenant and see the same and wonder that must be avenged. what do you think? >> according to man's standards and earthly standards, yes, but if we are people of god and if are people of forgiveness and people of love, then we cannot --. >> neil: would you have not gone into afghanistan or tried to track down al-qaeda. maybe i'm being too literal and forgive me but you would have turned the other cheek? >> probably not. i'm not a politician. i'm a priest. i try and we have to try to set the example. that is all we can do. believe it or not so many people i have consoled, so many people that i counseled that lost people also have this forgiving heart. they are looking for revenge at
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all. some may but a lot of them aren't because after experiencing so much loss and evil and sorrow, i think they want peace. they want peace in their own lives and peace in their children's lives. i think that is one reason they do it too, because they are looking to the future. >> neil: thank you very much. we appreciate everything. >> thank you. >> neil: we have a lot more coming up. a man that helped the stock exchange and capitalism itself back to life almost ten years ago after this. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] unlike some car companies,
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races. but to get capitalism back on
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its feet, even wobbly feet. and dick grasso. good to have you. it's funny in preparing for this anniversary i'm always reminded, it's familiar stuff but a lot of folks don't know when it came to the exchange, you were under enormous pressure to open asp but as you rightly pointed out, hello -- we have a frantic search for victims. there was a hope we could rescue hundreds and thousands but that never materialized but you were only 2,000 feet of what would ultimately be a large burial site. how do you juggle that and get the exchange back up and running? >> neil, most important issue in those five days was never getting in the way of that rescue effort. as you rightly point out we had
1:24 pm
assumed initial there were thousands and hundreds and hopefully tens of people still alive under the pile. we had some courageous firefighters and crawling around. >> neil: when did that hope wane? >> by thursday, we started to really lose the momentum, then by friday morning, the president came here. that was very uplifting. together with the treasury secretary and securities exchange chairman, we made a decision the country was better off to take the weekend to catch its breath. it would give everybody an opportunity to step back and rationally look at the resumption of trading. >> neil: you knew you were going to face a massive sell-off but you just wanted to show buying and selling the wheels of
1:25 pm
capitalism were moving? >> remember, that opening bell that morning was perhaps the most important opening bell in the history of financial markets because. >> neil: the world was waiting. >> we were sending a message to al-qaeda and bin laden, you have killed thousands of people here in washington and in the fields of pennsylvania. you've destroyed billions in property but you failed, the engine of capitalism with the ringing of that bell would restart and send a message that this institution representing america's capital system would rise and we would prevail. most important message to the terrorists was no matter how long it takes, no matter where you are, we're going to find you and we're going to bring justice. >> neil: i remember there were a lot of magazine covers and front page stories how we would
1:26 pm
economically would be hurting for a while, maybe years. within months we were coming back. i thought we were economically in better shape. now, we have new debt piled up and massive deficits. i'm not blaming republicans or democrats but it's out of control. are we more vulnerable to a financial meltdown to in what we had at the end of 2008 that would in a financial sense be quite devastating? >> remember, resumption of trading produced a day that was down about 6.66% while it was dramatic it was less an 1/3 of what we experienced on the 19 of account back in 1987. so from a financial standpoint, it was mark down ofequity values but the economy was in a stronger position at that point.
1:27 pm
i think the quit markets a year later this -- equity markets shrugged it off. >> neil: a lot of people we have little financial wiggle room despite the horrors of this day, if something were bad on to happen akin to that today, with all these countries in debt, very little money, germany fighting amongst itself and world bank, we're a hurting world much more so financially than we were back then? >> the world turns around the united states of measuring. as difficult this position in europe as it may be apec our debt got marked down and people flooded in to buy it. the world is not waiting for the e.u. or the pacific rim to rise.
1:28 pm
if you are going to bet america you are going to lose. we'll prove it again. >> neil: it's been a career fighting and you are doing okay. >> i'll continue to do that neil because there is no better place on earth than this one. god bless all those souls that we lost. let us never forget, 25,000 people walked out of those buildings because 343 firefighters, 37 port authority police officers and 23 new york city police officers gave their lives. i hope those 25,000 today celebrating. >> neil: people talk about that, it could have many more times worse. people forget how crazy. i remember watching it, it was scary stu. when we come back. the prime minister from a country we call a very good friend that just so happened to
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be in the neighborhood at the time. john howard, head of australia then, with us nicks. >> i love you the idea for having me. you gave me the gift of life and i wish you could be here to enjoy it with me. some constipation medications can take control of you. break free. with miralax. it's clinically proven to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects. just gentle predictable relief. miralax.
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there is appreciation for the solidarity on the australian people and the presence of the prime minister today in this very difficult time. thank you. [ applause ] >> neil: australian prime minister john howard was planning a state visit with president bush at the time and 9/11 hit. he was to address a joint session of congress and you know what happened. australia is the first country to commit troops and support, not only for the war on terror but almost everywhere we went after that. that former prime minister is joining me on the phone. prime minister very good to have
1:33 pm
you back with us. you must greet about th day with mixed emotions? >> well, i do. like everybody else i remember the terrible loss of life and the people that lost people. it's also a day to be positive. we hear a lot of talk about the fact that the war on terror is still going on. the question we should ask ourselves is simply this. if we had not done what we have done in the last ten years, where would the world be? could anybody imagine if retaliatory action had not taken against al-qaeda, not been taken and does anything think for a moment the terrorist would say thank you very much. we won't attack you anymore. the last ten years, this idea that we are losing the war couldn't be more wrong.
1:34 pm
i think it's remarkable there have been no further attacks on the united states. the biggest rally the president had and so many americans had was when and where, not if another attack was going to take place. >> neil: prime minister, many had criticized the aggressive battle on part of.. you stood by him. but many leaders got cold feet and increasingly got critical of this president. you never did. why not? >> because i thought the reaction was fundamentally correct. he believed his first responsibility as president of the united states after this attack was to do everything he could to stop another attack. the first observation any head
1:35 pm
of government is to protect his or her country from attacks. this as the worst on the attack since pearl harbor and bigger and more surprising attack than pearl harbor because pearl harbor occurred in the context which we are all familiar. he succeeded in that task, in that obligation for another seven years. he led the country and leaders are blamed when things go wrong. when things are right, leaders are entitled to a certain amount of appreciation. i admire the commitment to the security of these countries and it was successful but president obama has continued the leadership that the president bush displayed. >> neil: finally, globally everyone seems to be running
1:36 pm
oust of money. we have a debt that swamped all countries combined but certainly nothing new in europe to degree in your country but across the globe, ere is a sense money is tight. they have to cut. defense is being cut here and considered for further cuts here. you've warned about that. what is your big worry? >> i continue to think that the one area that should not be capped, that doesn't mean you have every area of government but we are very foolish if we see a long term benefit in -- we may need to understand the main reason we have successfully resisted so many more terrorist attacks that we have invested heavily in intelligence and
1:37 pm
national security assets and we should all continue to do that. >> neil: prime minister, thank you very much. continue with good health. when we come back, proof that all the money in the world can't shield you from disaster. wall street titan that lost his son but did not lose his focus. ♪ [ doug ] i got to figure this out. i want to focus on innovation. but my data is doubling. my servers are maxed out.
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>> neil: it brought a wall street firm to its knees but the terrorists didn't know who they were wrestling with. john duffy found the light and a focus.
1:40 pm
john duffy had a window on the world in 2001 he was co ceo of kbw. his office sat on the 89th floor of two world trade. shorter of the twin towers. ten years ago today, something unimaginable happened. september 11th 2001, terrorists hijacked four planes and crashed two of them into the twin towers. john was running late that mornings. he was on his way to the office when he heard the news, at first one plane and then 20 seconds another plane. that second plane would prove deadly to kbw. it exploded floors below the office. all told, 67 employees and more than one-third of the investment bank were dead.
1:41 pm
among the dead 21-year-old son christopher. >> when you heard what happened, you had no communication with christopher that day, but one of the other sons going to school in vermont did. that was after the second plane had already hit the tower. he was, i believe, trapped in a stairway? >> christopher was on trading desk of kbw. i did call the office after the first plane had hit the north tower and had spoken with one of my assistants, people in the south tower were fine and they weren't sure what had happened and even the north tower at that point in time. it was five to ten minutes after the first plane had struck. when i attempted to call christopher later, cellphone service was out and after the second plane had hit. there were a group of employees from the trading desk that were trying to access the different
1:42 pm
stairwells to find an exit route but weren't able to. so kevin was the last person who spoke to christopher. >> neil: and it didn't look good? >> correct. >> neil: do you feel better the building is not there, but not immediately evacuating people? >> i think the events of that morning were really unfathomable that two planes would fly into the trade center and certainly there were things that probably should have been done differently. it's hard to criticize individuals. i really don't think it was in the scope of our consciousness that something like what happened actually happened that morning. it's difficult to process. >> neil: you worry though after this, it subsides? >> it's natural with the passage of time, people's memories become a little less clear and natural to put it into the
1:43 pm
recess of your mind as opposed to the forefront. >> neil: after the attacks, he took a couple weeks off to grieve for the loss of his son. but deep down he had work to do and he knew he had to get back to work. 67 families had just lost loved ones. 67 families needed help desperately. john wanted to make sure those families were taken care and the best way he knew how to help was to rebuild the firm that was all but destroyed. kbw. >> i remember one person said, here i thought all wall street guys why jerks. you put a face and a heart to them. do you ever look back at that and that is what you were trying to do, not only rebuilding the firm but trying to make something good out of something so horrible?
1:44 pm
>> it was helpful for us that people cared enough to hear about our story to frankly, we certainly had doubts in the early weeks and months our ability to pull this thing off. >> neil: pull it off they did. five years after 9/11, they took kbw public. it was the strongest offerings of the year. today, they employed three times as many people as they did in 2001. 75 people that worked before 9/11 still work there today. the company is now one of the largest publicly traded investment banks in america. international with offices in london and tokyo but as time passes on, john wants to make sure no one forgets what happened ten years ago today. >> there is a memorial. i want to show it to you. we want to have something in t office. a friend of mine is president of
1:45 pm
tiffany's. >> a silver chalice, the names of kbw staffers killed on that september 11th morning. but it's not the only reminder. this flag was painted by the wife of a surviving employee. it hangs in a conference room that is used mostly for internal meetings. the name of lost colleagues make up the red and white stripes. including in those stripes, christopher duffy, john's son. >> it's a picture of the trading desk. he was back on a christmas break. >> neil: how long was he with the firm? >> a little over a year. he graduated in may and joined that summer. its great picture. >> then there is this. a sculpture made from metal pulled from ground zero.
1:46 pm
>> on this side, you can see fellow that created this piece, created a cross out of the steel from the trade center. there is a lot the front and back resembling the trade center and american flag. very impressive piece. >> neil: impressive just like john did you have any fi. one year after a terrorist attack killed his son, his colleagues book wrote a book, triumph over tragedy. he doesn't make a dime from the book. he donates all the profits. >> neil: how are you personally doing these days. i mean obviously you have people to look after and that keeps you going. >> yes. you wake up every day and do what you can. >> neil: they work about four miles north of ground zero in a midtown manhattan skyscraper but
1:47 pm
this time they are closer to the ground, four floors up, fine for a man if you rememberly grounded in taking life day by day. >> we took out osama bin laden. we took out his number two. so the folks that did all this horror, that killed your son for many of your friends and co-workers, life can return to normal, what do you say? >> i think it's normal further removed you are from the events of 9/11 to want to go back and assume everything is normal that we don't have to worry about these things. i think we'll always be worried about them because i know i won't forget. >> neil: all the money, all the power come back in the world will never bring back christopher duffy. he knows that but he has tried. a rich wall street titan that could have retreated like so
1:48 pm
many others did after that had day, he simply chose not to. when we come back, remembering this tale from people who even today were celebrating it. ♪ [ male announcer ] you like who you are... the man you've become. and you learned something along the way. about the world. and yourself. ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. and knowing how to get things done. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra? 20 million men already have. wih every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is heahy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset smach, and abnormal vision. to avoid ong-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss
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>> neil: all right. we've been telling you how there were all these plans being conducted to threaten the ten-year anniversary commemorations including one that the tsa is effectively was bogus but it was a scare 3:00 p.m. eastern today. they were notified of passengers allegedly behaving suspiciously aboard an american airlines flight that was due into j.f.k. from los angeles right around
1:52 pm
now. they had trapped themselves in the bathroom the laboratory of that plane and had locked themselves in there. that got them to launch in the vicinity of plane what the heck was happening or if this was another incident what we had experienced ten years ago. we have since been told that is not the case the all. law enforcement met the flight. it will interview the passengers, there are separate reports that the three gentlemen in question were just drunk. we'll let you know what that means. we've got a heightened sense of fear and anxiety. kirk whipple, former commander, as if we need a distraction of this sort. it's a reminder, frivolous or not that people are like that. >> i think you are seeing people a heightened sense of anxiety and awareness as we come up on this tenth anniversary as we do you go through the day to day,
1:53 pm
people will be more vigilant. they are well aware this is an ongoing conflict. there are still people in the world that wish to do our nation harm. people need to be aware especially as americans anything could happen at any time because they will try to exploit vulnerabilities to take advantage of us. >> neil: today i was reminded of that with the celebrations and combination protests going on in pakistan where hundreds are gathered in the streets to protest america's involvement in the middle east and saying that the 9/11 attacks themselves were part of a grandeur design and plan to involve ourselves into the middle east and intrude in the middle east. what do you make of that? >> on one hand, it's great that they use american values like freedom of speech but they are totally ignorant when it comes
1:54 pm
to the responsibility that goes with it. clearly ignorance begets ignorance, the fact they are uneducated and stir up kind of trouble blaming the united states when they have internal problems. they have yet to root out the northwest territories. they are giving sanctuary to taliban in that area and it's unacceptable. while we continue to work with them, clearly there are issues and they should not be celebrating. they should figure out how the nation can have a strong central government who today wounded 77 americans and killing afghan civilians including a three-year-old girl. where is the protest that kind of violence that people in their country perpetuate? >> neil: you know, i think you really experienced directly the first terror attack, certainly out of terrorist elements in yemen when the cole was attacked. many said that was opening salvo
1:55 pm
for not a year later, 9/11 but our response the communication between agencies was even slower. it still exists today. despite low to mid security, are you worried for a repeat? >> i am. before 9/11 there was 10-12, we as a nation did not respond to the attack on cole. that was an taking on a warship that defends u.s. interests. think are going to continue to exploit vulnerabilities within our security system. it's a matter if not if but when we suffer another attack. hopefully we can remain vigilant and build up our intelligence services, have the agree of cooperation that is necessary between both domestic and international partners and be able to detect, deter and eventually thwart these attacks and take down organizations that continue want to do our nation harm. >> neil: all right. commander.
1:56 pm
thank you very much. commander of the u.s.s. cole. we want to let you know what we heard about the threat that turned up not to be threat. two national guard scrambled an american airlines flight into j.f.k. again it appears there was no deliberate harm intent. boy on boy, on this day, did it scare a lot of folks. we'll have more after this. ♪ i'm a speck of dust alone in the wire jungle.
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they were just of the nearly 3,000 names announced the at ground zero, within by one among the many victims, on that day, 10 years ago. they were also freak guests on this show. a couple of the many people when to talk about the markets and how thins were going. to talk about trds like that
1:59 pm
guy david alger, who had an uncanny sense of stocks that got under values. and bill meehan who looked at interest rates like no one i knew at the time and since. suddenly gone if a single day. they are part of the -- reason why i've kept coming back, anniversary after anniversary, year after year, all -- under all different conditions and i -- wondering what would happen to this hole in which they and so many others died. because having worked down on wall street for the better part of 10 years and covering this community, learning a great deal about in community, i had a chance to talk to to the mighty yes, sir and some who


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