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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 17, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> bill: hi, i'm bill relittle hely. -- o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what carter does not understand. you don't see much of president carter these days at 86. he keeps a rather low profile but he does believe barack obama will win re-election next year
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even though he seems to understand that mr. obama is in deep trouble. in fact, carter believes the president is facing the same dilemma he did. are. >> decided to run against me some of the more liberal democrats didn't want to see me have successes. i experienced a little bit of what president obama experiences every day. that is almost total reluctance on the part of any republican in the house or senate to give him any support that would bring credit to his administration. so he has difficult, almost insurmountable problem in dealing with economies. >> bill: that is true. there are some republicans who simply are are not going to cooperate with president obama because they want him out of there. out of the white house with any cost. what jimmy carter and barack obama do not understand. it's no longer about congress. it's no longer about pundits like me, not about entity. the presidential election in 2012 is about the folks, period. many americans feel insecured,
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dependent on employers. if they lose their job, disaster could befall them. insecure nation not going no re-elect this leadership. franklin roosevelt said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. with respect to fdr that that's no longer the case. americans have a will he expwrit mat fear that government is out of control. spending the nation into bankruptcy and failing to fix economic problems. that fear is real. and it's a present danger. what dick morris said on wednesday is true. if the election were held today, president obama would lose by a substantial margin unless his owe pony negligent had less credibility than he does. if the republican challenger presents economic solutions to the nation. it's hard to see how mr. obama can succeed because of his economic track record. this is not a partisan analysis. when president obama took office, i knew he was an income redistribution guy. in fact, i challenged him on that in our first interview during the 2008 campaign. but once elected, i decided to give the president a chance to see if his economic vision, big government management of the
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economy could turn things around. well, we all know things have gotten worse, not better. american voters are angry, frustrated and again many of them are scared. jimmy carter faced that back in 1980. you can look up what happened to him. that's the memo. karl rove who joins us here in new york city. i don't think that presidt obama understands and morris made this point as well on wednesday. the depth of fear and anger that's going on in this country. you travel around all over the place. granted, you are a partisan. granted you only hang out with like-minded individuals. >> that's not true you are hanging with the regular people. >> yes and i have a lot of democrat friends. >> bill: they say they are your friend. they are not. >> yes they are. i am the judge of that, with all due respect mr. o'reilly. >> bill: morris believes and i believe it too, that there is a growing fear when people are
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afraid they get angry. fear and anger are intertwined. i don't think jimmy carter and president obama get it. >> jimmy carter in the exact point in the year running up to his re-election had a 47% approval rating on the economy. at the same point in 2003, bush 43 had a 45% approval on the economy. both of them proceeded to win one by 49 one by 51. bush at the same time in 1991 had a 36% approval. and he got 37% of the vote. 36% approval on the economy. president obama has a 33% approval on the economy today. no president has ever been reelected with numbers this low on approval on the economy and overall approval at this point in his first "time" term. >> the good news for president obama is. >> 14 months to the vote. >> here is what i wanted to ask you and i'm glad you are here
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today. >> when president bush's numbers started to go south during the iraq war, he never recovered from that. >> even when the surge was successful and it was because of president bush that it was. okay. his numbers never recover. >> they still stunk. you are right. 2005 by the fall of 2006, after four years of war, the numbers were an ugly place. but president obama is at that place two and a half years in. >> but my question though is can -- once that perception seems in, the confidence is lost. >> i think they could in all fairness, i don't think they will. but they could. but here is the problem. these are dismal numbers because the economy is dismal. the numbers are not going to improve until the dismal economy approves. this week the president, look, federal reserve says they aren't going to improve. the president's own office of management budget this week the cbo came out and lowered estimates for growth and raised its estimate of unemployment. they say -- they were saying it could go as low as 8.5%.
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now likely to be 9% at the time of the election. >> this has been a terrible week with the so he lynn dra scandal and i think even worse than that, this department of energy coming out saying you know what? we already paid a bunch of green corporations 2 obillion and it created 3,000 permanent jobs. a billion dollars a job. $5 billion a job. that's worse than solyndra. >> this is going to get worse. because in january of 2009, and a credit committee at the energy department made up of career employees of the energy department unanimously said solyndra's application should not be accepted. yet, the final waning days of the bush administration, yesterday, a few days later, somehow or another that application which had been rejected unanimously at the staff level is somehow approved. we don't know yet how that happened. what's going to happen and i guarantee this is the obama administration is going to say we were hood winked. they lied to us. that's why the fbi son us now. >> what caused them to change
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their mind in the staff said this won't work. >> because they probably -- they will say the company came in and a showed us books that were false so they need to go to jail. it's enron. it's enron. >> we have outside auditors who say this company is in bad shape. we have government auditors taking a look at it saying this is bad. we have a committee charged with making an evaluation of the secretary of energy to recommend or not recommend say no who unanimously say no. how does it then get approved? >> because obama wanted it approved. they wanted to do the green energy deal. >> that will come back to haunt wanted him and haunt him badly if the white house put their thumb on the scale of this thing because this is not a policy question. this is a question of rewarding one particular company who ironically enough has a major benefactor who is bundler for obama. >> kaiser, right? >> george kaiser making numerous visits to the white house during the period. >> staff said don't go with us. that ought to be a first warning sign you shouldn't go with us.
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>> bill: terrible week for the obama administration. it seems to me and you it will palm more and more democrats are bailing. that's right. this afternoon, david axelrod says it's nonnegotiable. got to take as it entire package. today senator bob casey democrat of pennsylvania says i can't vote for a bunch of the stuff. >> bill: mansion in west virginia won't either. >> the president is not serious about passing this bill. third paragraph from the end he says now i know there is a different point of view. people who quote want to shut down the government, hand back the money end all the regulations and tell everybody they are on their own, that's not the american way. he just called every republican in that congress first of all distorted their views and called them unamerican one of the famous straw arguments. what basis you can get bipartisanship if you have the president signaling in his speech to the congress that i'm going to go in and excoriate you as being unamerican.
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>> bill: everybody knows put the republican party in a corner. if you don't pass it blame me if you don't pass it blame you for the jobs. >> biggest chunk of this is continuation of the payroll tax cut which weaken social security and been in force for a year. not creating jobs. our economy isn't any better. most of the bill taken up with things we are already doing which is not creating jobs. >> bill: mr. rove, thank you. testimony freidman will join us. he will talk about fear in america and how things might get better. mr. freidman has some solutions. later lou dobbs on the billions of taxpayer dollars is it criminal? how exactly
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>> bill: continuing with lead story. fear over the economy. joining us from washington tom freidman columnist for the "new york times" and author of the brand new book that used to be us. how america fell behind in the world it invented and how we can come back. mr. freidman first of all are you surprised that the america's top down big economic policies have failed. >> big bill, from the very beginning of this administration, and the recession starting the bush years, my argument has been we cannot bail our way out of this. we'll can't stimulate our way out of this. ultimately all we can do is invent our way out of this. we need startups not bailouts. i'm not expert on stimulus and how many jobs it produced and
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how many it didn't. ultimately though my focus has been bill on how we get more people starting companies. that's where jobs come from. >> bill: that's where the diversion of opinion comes assume people believe the private sector have to be let loose through tax breaks and incentives. liberals say no big government has to do that through stimulating directly into the free marketplace. you are a paper and you don't remember your paper editorially it was big on let's go, big government. cut it in. the argument was well the stimulus didn't work because it isn't big enough. that's krugman. isn't big enough. we should have doubled the debt. americans are now getting scared because of the 14 trillion-dollar debt that you point out in your book rightly is eroding our power everywhere. >> you know, bill, i think what we need to do right now. this has really been -- argument of the book and argument of my column. we need to do three things. we need to cut spending. we have made promises we cannot keep. the same time i think we do need
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to raise revenue because we also need to inves in the traditional pillars of our success. we need to do all three of those things at once. one of the things we found in doing the book, we went around to manufacturers in this country. it's hard to find one who doesn't tell you i can't find two, do the kind of high skilled things we need. that's why so much of the infamous on our book is on education. my view, bill, we are in a long-term problem. this didn't just start in 2008 that's argument of the book inner city schools in particular and i taught in one so i know what i'm talking about are in trouble. right now you have $10,300 in invested in taxpayer money in every single public school student that's enormous record breaking amount of money. bush starred it and continued it
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i will submit to you and you say we need more. i say no, we don't need more. the problem here is bad parenting. that's why these students are falling behind because their parents are lazy, derelict. they put them in front of the computers all day long. don't encourage reading and don't discuss things with the children. for a teacher, very hard to overcome that. >> as you know in the education chapter in our book, we say this is a collective problem. my wife is a school teacher. mi' wife taught in d.c. i think the reform efforts like we have seen in d.c. and other parts of the country to find better teachers and incentivise them. >> bill: what happened to michelle rie who did that? the superintendent in d.c. was fired by a liberal mayor who wanted to control the school system. i are in a big battle there. >> her successor who follows her beliefs was kept on. bill, important point we als add in our book is as you know
2:16 am
we say exactly we need better teachers. part-time concerned about the concerns in their neighborhood whether they have kids in them or not. we have kids come to school. >> you can't force parents to be responsible. that's always where it breaks down. >> that's a leadership issue. you know, obviously you can't. there is many factors that go into it this is a collective problem. >> i understand that solution isn't pouring more money in it. killing them. he they can't pay any more taxes. >> if you look at some of the schools in our impoverished neighborhoods. >> make special schools. i'm for that you can't raise any more fax taxes on the folks. i went over this last night the. i hope you saw it you can't tax the folks anymore. i will cut the payroll tax. fine. raise the tolls in new york city to $14. okay? you can't do it anymore. everybody is up to here. this bricks me to your gasoline
2:17 am
business and here you go absolutely crazy, mr. freidman. $4 gasoline is killing the working man. you want to raise it higher because you don't want to consume gasoline. i understand that but we don't have any other alternatives. they have tried. they don't work. it's not here yet. you can't add more gasoline tax. >> well, bill, you know, first of all, we are going to have to cut something, all right? now do you want your social security cut? >> bill: i'm not going to take my social security. i'm lucky enough i will give it back to the government. >> you and i have that advantage. a lot of people don't. we have got to get revenue from somewhere. >> bill: you can get revenue if you flat fair tax it not gut the working man. not make him pay more in gasoline, more in tolls, more in this. that's got to stop. and finally in the talking points memo. the anger. do you understand the anger
2:18 am
growing in america? unfortunately president obama is going to take that anger. >> i'm from the midwest. i get the anger, believe me, i feel some of it myself. >> your odds of him being reelected? >> i think whether the president gets reelected will depend entirely whether he can come up with a program for cutting spending, raising revenue and investing in formula for success that the people believe is credible. >> better hurry up, mr. freed map. book ishat used to be us. appreciate you coming on tonight. far left students at the university of wisconsin disrupt discussion about who should get federal money and preference. and then new england patriot tom brady being criticized for comments he made about drinking. those reports after these messages. this is not only the master of all droids, it's the master of all machines.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. equal opportunity linda chavez trafford to wisconsin to talk to students about affirmative action. things quickly went down hill. [chanting power to the people] >> people power. [cheers and applause] [chanting] >> bill: joining us now from denver is linda chavez. first of all, before we get to that interruption. what is the main point that your group wants to get across at the university of wisconsin and other places, the main point? >> well, the main point is, bill, that we are an organization that believes in colored blind equal opportunity. we believe that you should not be judged by the color of your
2:23 am
skin. you shouldn't be discriminated against on that basis. but you also shouldn't be given preference what we have done over the course of the last 16 years is study admissions policies across the country to find out what role rice plays in admissions you are latest study was at the university of wisconsin. what we found there is that race plays a huge role in deciding who gets. in blacks and hispanics are favored. whites and asians are unfavored. >> bill: how much are they favored? blacks and hispanics? how much advantage do they have? >> let me give you analysis. everybody has heard if you smoke you have a likelier chance of dying of lung cancer. the odds of that are 14 to 1. let me compare that to what the odds are of getting into school at the university of wisconsin madison if you are black, compared to white or asian. you have a 576 times greater chance being admitted if you are black with the same grades and
2:24 am
test scores as if you are white or asian. race plays a huge factor. >> bill: you are going to get admitted or white or asian person might not. >> that's exactly right. >> if you are black or hispanic student in high school and your scores are lower than the competing white or asian studen you can still leapfrog over that. >> you are still going to get admitted. that's exactly right. in fact, the highest scoring student black or hispanic actually scored lower than the lowest quarter of asian students it's a huge factor. >> the chancellors at the university are unrepentant. i mean, they don't like you. they don't want to hear it they did give you perms to come on campus. they also gave permission to disrupt your proceedings, correct? >> i think they did more than give permission. the vice provost actually egged on the minority student groups, called a meeting of them basically lied to them and said that our purpose in our organization is to outline these
2:25 am
kinds of groups and make sure there are not students of color at the university of wisconsin. it was propaganda and outright lie. this is vice provo for diversity and climate. i guess the climate in madison, wisconsin is cold but they do have a provo for climate up there in wisconsin. so is he a loon. and he said, quote. i am most excited about how well the students represented themselves. show some more beroll of how the students represented themselves. passion which they engaged and tone in which they did it. thoughtfulness of interactions. in your opinion ms. chavez were, the students respectful to your representatives trying to get their point across at the school? >> absolutely not respectful. in fact, they were so unrespectful that when we had our press conference, the manager of the hotel had to issue a statement. he describe dollars the group as
2:26 am
a mob more than 100 students forced their way in. not employees to -- knocked employees to the ground. stopped proceedings from taking place. the president of our organization had to essentially be escorted out. >> bill: police were called. students were respectful. we have contacted all these university of wisconsin people. they can come on on monday if they want. they won't. they are going to run and hide. it's the same con game. we are going to do what we want. it's a state run institution with taxpayer money. okay. we are going to admit who we want. if you don't like it. we are going to shout you down and have a mob mentality. do i have it correctly? >> that is exactly right. they don't want to ideas. they want to shout you down. >> bill: linda thanks very much as always. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. brutal attack in the capital city has some americans very worried. geraldo on the case. lou dobbs on whether the billions of dollars scawn fer
2:27 am
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from post-office revenue while the postal service is forced to overpay billions more into federal accounts. congress created this problem, and congress can fix it. >> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight. four star general william shell ton told a congressional committee that the obama administration pressured him to say things he did not believe about a company that is under investigation. here now fox news anchor geraldo rivera to explain the situation. you know, a lot of people, i don't think, remember because you are now so old. >> ha ha ha before g.p.s. >> bill: you were a very good investigative reporter as was i when we were younger guys. >> then you got lazy and got anchored to that desk. >> bill: i didn't get lazy. i got smart. >> i'm still getting shot at. >> bill: i have got guys trying to kill me. let me make the big money and mouthing off. now, in your opinion is, this general shell ton's story a big scandal oar is it nitpicking the
2:31 am
obama administration. >> well, if it's true that telecom company got expedited approval to build a brand new powerful nationwide 4 g phone network because it's owned by a democratic fundraiser and that this general who was extremely critical of the plan for technological reasons was attempted to be silenced by the white house or somebody in the obama administration, then poo potentially the story has legs. >> bill: no money was given in this company but it would have been if it had been approved. >> didn't give them money. they put up license to put up these towers and create 4 g network. everybody's better broad band service. giving them the opportunity to make more federal dollars. no federal money involved. >> bill: no federal loans like solyndra and stuff like that. access we the government will give you permission to guild these towers. >> give you a license to make money. >> bill: okay. i'm looking for the name of the
2:32 am
corporation it just escapes me. >> it's light square. >> bill: light square. >> the s is capitalized. light square. in order to get that access, congress has to sign off on. >>it fcc has to sign off. >> bill: bunch of people in washington has to sign off. he comes in and says hey, they are telling me to say things i don't believe because apparently shelton believes this company, their technology is going to interfere with military technology. >> gigantic towers and satellites they use enormous amounts of power. it's a fact that the physical effect and they are located next to g.p.s. transmitters. either on the broad band behind the frequency used or proximity and drown out g nts. >> bill: shelton say the obama administration won't want me to say that. >> he testified to his credit. the general answered heads up the air force space command if you put the system in place.
2:33 am
when you call 911, they won't be able to find you. most importantly, airplanes will crash because they won't be able to -- >> bill: i'm getting back to the accusation that the obama administration didn't want to say that. >> obama administration asked him to modify his statement by doing two things. number one saying that broad band is a great idea. we should try to work this out. and the administration and the company pledged within 90 days that they will have these technological problems worked out. wasn't comfortable with doing that. >> bogus. >> now you know where it is and we will follow it to see if it's a big deal. kabul, afghanistan, and both geraldo and i have been there this is supposedly the most secure place in that country because we have a huge embassy there and a lot of military presence there and so does nato and taliban guys get this and there cause all kinds of trouble. so now people are saying, look, maybe this thing is just out of control and never going to get under control. you say? >> i say i was optimistic of the
2:34 am
surge. both you and i as i recall say give the administration -- give the military one more chance to win in afghanistan. >> bill: right. >> what this is evidence of, very clearly, is that the taliban is not defeated. they are, perhaps, undefeatable in a country that is as backward as regressive about -- as afghanistan is. more importantly, for from my personal point of view, bill, is the fact that usama bin laden has been killed. why did come to fox news? why did we go to afghanistan? because we wanted to kill theson who took down the towers. >> we have accomplished that. >> we have accomplished that 10 years later to now try to remake afghanistan in the image of san francisco is not going to happen. >> they will never get that radical. those afghans will never get that radical. you can still buy gold fish in afghanistan but you can't in san francisco. >> that's right. you need a license. >> bill: let's give them a break. you say that look bli have done what we need to do there let's
2:35 am
withdraw in a orderly manner and get out of there. >> i think the timetable 2014 is okay. trained as much as they can. most importantly hardened bases now. the cia with general david petraeus is in charge. using drop strikes to kill the remnants of al qaeda. we'll keep doing that but we can't. >> bill: just be fair to the military which is the best in the world. they want more time to train these afghans to protect themselves. >> 2014. >> bill: i'm with you. geraldo rivera check him out on the weekend. lou dobbs on al gore making on green energy while taxpayers are losing billions. dobbs is next. @?ñ
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the lowe's the boss. number of investigations going on one into the solyndra solar
2:39 am
panel company which received $527 million from the feds and then declared bankruptcy. where is that money? also the department of energy says about $20 billion have been loaned to green companies with very few jobs being created. in fact, the massive loan package averages out to $5 million for each new permanent job. isn't that nice? add that to the fact that al gore continues to make huge money from the green industry. we are pleased to present lou dobbs to sort it all out for us. let's start with solyndra. so here we have, as i said earlier in the program, i believe the obama administration is going to say it was fraud. that these guys told us x. they knew it was going down the drain. we believed them. we will prosecute them. that's why the fbi is in there. it's not our fault enron go get them. >> support of that view and with a bit of a twist. one of the top officials testifying before the house energy committee for the obama administration tried to blame
2:40 am
the bush administration even though as karl rove told you the records are clear the emails are absolutely unambiguous. the bush administration absolutely tried to forestall any movement at all. >> bill: they did gor stall it. they shut it down. as soon as the current president president obama took office they start it up again. >> one of the officials actually had the at temerity to say it ws the bush administration's fault. >> bill: they blame everything on the bush administration. >> unbelievable. >> bill: did you know that the recent hurricane. >> so this people you think is a viable scandal that's going to be around for a while solyndra? >> absolutely. the investigation is underway. >> got to be criminal charges here. it has to be. so much money. >> the fbi, bill, did not move into this because they thought it was routine incompetence on the part of this administration. and the money, that's where we
2:41 am
are going to find out next is through the audits but $525 million is up in smoke. >> bill: conservatives and republicans say that the reason the obama administration has failed in the economy is it throws money and doesn't really watch it and it throws money at their friends, all right? energy report we gave 20 billion with a b dollars in loans and they created 3250 jobs or something. averaging out to $5 million a job. now, americans who are struggling as we said, you know with gasoline $4. they are going to say look, we want these bumps out of here. throw the bumps out. i don't see any other way. >> i can't imagine any other response either. but the house energy committee. we are watching the house oversight committee. this administration is now under investigation for not only solyndra, fast and furious, the botched atf, justice department gun running scandal.
2:42 am
>> bill: operation, sure. >> light squared, the deal in which we are talking about billions of dollars as you and geraldo were talking about but my god that is absolutely political interference with a four star general testifying before the congress. >> bill: that's the agencies from the general. the four star general we believe. not a good week for the obama administration. >> we can put. >> bill: this has not been a good five days. where is the president? do we know where he is? i think is he back at march that's vineyard. >> he should be. what i find interesting, bill, we can't find the jobs bill credit to congressman -- >> bill: maybe they can find it in one of their aids. i'm being a wise guy. sorry. while everyone else is suffering. our pal al gore he is doing real good. >> he is. he is having a great time generational management. his. >> generational investment
2:43 am
management. it invests in green companies. >> bill: companies getting loans from the federal government. >> we don't want to say it that way. >> bill: we don't? >> talk about a public-private partnership. >> bill: tell me if i am wrong. here is gore, the management investment company, he knows where the government green is going, the loan. he invests in that company. if he bought solyndra he would have been out on his butt. i bet you he didn't. >> i bet he didn't either. the leading investment capital firms perkins. who are partners with interestingly enough, with generational investment management. >> what is kleiner? >> leader venture capital fund in the country. >> partnering up with al gore. >> sure. it's an old thing dressed up new. they bought his influence, his connections, and his, if you will recollected brand in the green space. >> bill: none of this green stuff is coming true. it's not working. >> that's the problem.
2:44 am
>> bill: still, there is a lot of money. >> if you have got a public-private partnership, then you have got public money. your money, mine, and our fellow taxpayers' money. >> bill: right. that. >> that's the partnership they are really interested in having and that's the money flowing. solyndra or light scared squared. you name it. >> some say it's $100 million made off green investments. he does say that every profit. all the profit he reinvests into green energy. that's what he says. do you believe him? >> no. but then again i'm a little skeptical of any of those kinds of claims. because one thing we do know, the men's family state came from that dirty nasty fossil fuel much of it. this vice president has not been examined closely by the national liberal press for some reason. his personal fpszs remain untouched. >> bill: is he still doing the private jet thing?
2:45 am
>> he has carbon footprint evywhere. >> bill: you know, in order to know what global warming is, you have to get very high in the sky. is he looking out the window in the private jet. there is warming where i see it? >> that's right. i have got to give full disclosure when i fly in a private jet it's a very small footprint. little tiny footprint. >> bill: all right, lou, i will take your word for it? >> thank you for doing that bill. >> bill: southwest airlines myself. a 4 that's me. dumbest things of the week on deck. sponge bob and tom brady. get ready back in a moment. there'only one bottle left !
2:46 am
i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony ? sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-mhine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the vending machine... already filled. cool bike. because the business with the best technology rules.
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sponge bob apparently got into a brawl in los angeles. that was a real fight. and there were arrests made, right? >> cartoon characters gone wild no. arrests, actually. the guy is doing his hand movement. and they were annoying and they got into a fight. >> do we know why the women hit them? he was taunting them. >> he was taunting the women? >> when you see this guy he's way too old to be doing this.
2:50 am
>> he makes money right? >> right. they make money by getting photos taken with tourists. the tourists pay them in tips. >> bill: we left gumby he was robbing a 7-11 so what happened? >> he says give me your money. clerk says you're gumby this, is a joke. he says get out of here, gumby, leave. >> and. >> bill: what happened to him? >> the going to decide. it's the first green job he's ever seen. >> oh! >> getfeld watching "two and a half men". roll tape. >> i justifying i'm going to do everything nude from now on. >> i don't know if that is a good idea.
2:51 am
really? >> yes. just whatever i'm doing, i'm just going to do it nude. let's do this. >> bill: ellen did not look impressed. >> this is refreshing because i'd rather have him naked than doubt political belief. >> greta: -- . >> bill: this is a publicity stunt that it offended me. >> did you see ellen looking? >> that wasn't a joke. she did not like it. >> bill: it's hard to believe ellen won't like it. i think she knew waits coming. my dumbest thing is tom brady quarterback probably the best of the game. he says this. go. >> and any message to the fans
2:52 am
here? >> yes. start drinking early. okay? getting rowdy. 4:15 game is a a lot of time to get lubed up. come out here and cheer for the home team. >> bill: he's taking heat for that. give the guy a break, he's just making a joke. and he wants loud crowds that. is what the joke is. they get out, scream, yell. and so brady is a good guy. i know him a little bit. he's not irresponsible. give him a break. give him a break. >> and he went to high school with him? >> i'm tired of having to apologize. don't apologize. >> bill: we're giving him a break. >>ll right. and pinheads and pait pait trits on deck, right back with p & p.
2:53 am
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2:55 am
. >> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight starring barry manilow and ron paul. >> first, as you know, we would like you to become a premium member. we are opening up the backstage conversation this is a & a -- this is q & a to everyone so you can see what you are missing if you sign up to be a premium member you get a factor pen, free.
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also this weekend, information about the bolder fresher tour and book signing in connecticut. and my new column on taxation. check it all out on now the mail: >> bill: baloney jack. i wasn't rude and i challenge you to name one misstatement of fact, you can't. you think tough questions are rude until you don't like the person getting the tough questions, then they are okay. i'm going to send you a copy of pinheads and patriots, the paperback. so you can digest the style that we use here.
2:57 am
>> bill: we are aware of the canadian news organizations largely ignored the story. it is a shame. >> bill: perhaps that's because if you don't, you go to jail. as far as caring is concerned, per capita yearly income for a chinese citizen less than $8,000 a year. how much will that buy in hong kong? wise up, i've been there. >> bill: the book will be out in north american bookstores tuesday september 27th. overseas viewers can order it on bill o'reilly, amazon or
2:58 am
barnes& i'm sending you a copy for asking, thank you. >> so you will get a facsimile of this poster signed by all five living presidents. if you want the real one the bidding is underway now on bill o' let's help the warriors. this is unique we've never seen one item where all five presidents sign together, ever. >> finally, pinheads and patriots as you know barry manilow writes the songs, but he's also involved in politics. >> i was -- i was reported that you made a contribution in 2007 to ron paul. >> i did. >> i did, i like him. >> you still like him? >> i like what he says. i do. he's solid. i an we with just about everything he says. -- i an we with just about everything he says, what can i tell you. >> bill: no truth ron paul
2:59 am
will update copacabana. barry manilow looking young, patriot for participating in the electoral process. >> we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, word of the day, do not be mock veilian. startle your friends, -- do not be machiavellian when writing the factor. i am bill o'reilly, remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. >> while you were sleeping there has been a horrible accident and now an alert the three are dead and dozens injured after a plane crashes into a


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