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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 26, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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will he jump into the race and shake up the 2012 g.o.p. field? dick morris is here with reaction. herman cain wins the florida straw poll. is there room for a so-called second tier g.o.p. candidate to move up in the polls? presidential candidate rick santorum says yes. more name calling. this time it's the anointed one calling out the congressional black caucus. >> stop complaining. symptosymptomstop grumbling. we're on the road to 2012, and hannity starts right here, height r50euright now. >> sean: a bombshell report over the weekend send shock waves. new jersey governor chris christie is considering entering the race for the white house coming reportedly after he met with a number of high powered republican fund raisers in recent weeks, all of whom are urging the outspoken governor to step up and challenge the
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anointed one. the report said he promised donors he'll make a final decision, quote, within two weeks. however, a close friend and advisor to the governor told the ap that, quote, nothing has changed when it comes k34s to his press aspirations. from the moment the store crossed the wires, reaction is pouring in. presidential candidate ri rick perry told the a p chris christie is a x-ray great candi. michael bloomberg weighed in on the topic. >> he's been a good governor in new jersey and shaken things up in a state that has problems. some things he does i agree with, some things he does i don't agree with. if he wants to run, he certainly should get in there and do it. >> would he be a formidable candidate? >> i think he would be a credible, formidable candidate. >> sean: the speculation surrounding the governor is tomorrow night he plans to deliver a major address at the
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leadership forum of where else, the ronald reagan presidential library. joining me with more on all of this, former clinton advisor and author of o a "new york times" best seller, dick morris. it's real, he's giving a lot of thought to this. i think the odds are a lot better than they were a couple of weeks ago that he's really thinking about this. what do you think? >> well, first of all, sean, let me apologize for not being in the studio. i'm doing the lord's work. i'm here in ohio campaigning for josh mandel who is running against acorn's favorite senator brown. >> that's the lord's work. >> i don't want anybody dragged into this. if you want this job, you got to want it yourself, but anyway, you go. >> i think he would be a great candidate. i think he's been a terrific governor. i was proud to help him in his
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campaign for governor, and i hope he gets into the race. but it's kind of hard when he first set i'm not ready to be president. if he said the family didn't want me to run or something like that, but i'm not ready. what is there about four months later that makes you ready? i'm concerned about that. i also this this contest -- think this contest has been dominated by the person who isn't there, mike huckabee, donald trump, sarah palin, mitch daniels, chris christie, and we have a field of people who are there who are fabulous, who are very good candidates, one of whom is going to be the next president most likely, and let's focus on them. there's a poem i love. when i was coming down the stair, i met man who wasn't there. he wasn't there again today. i do wish he would go away. >> here's my thought on this. it seems like, for example, perry jumps in the race,
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instantly races to the top of the polls. after the debate a lost people learned -- a lot of people earned his position on immigration and instate tuition breaks for children of illegal immigrants. the hpv vaccine. some people are angry about that. >> opposing the border fence. that's what i'm angry about. >> sean: another issue. even governor christie will have issues. the state's been downgraded. he'll have his own trouble, and it seems like people are putting these guys on a pedestal, maybe at such a level that actually none of them can live up to. >> pro romney's done pretty well surviving that stuff. people are down on him over romney care and they have every right to be and his flip flopping over abortion, but he's largely come through that. perry had some hubris in entering the race and not
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adjusting his positions, not reconsidering some of them. i mean, who wants to carry that social security position around all november? the interesting thing to me, sean, is that you have sort of a group of voters who are going to be for romney. you have a group that wants somebody else. originally they went for a cast of people that wrent running, and then they went for perry. now it seems to me they're looking at cain, they're looking at bachmann. if beginnin gingrich could put e personal negatives behind him and talk about the elephant in the room that he never talks about that's holding everyone back, maybe he could get into this seriously. santorum you can't count out. perry has faded too much now. >> all right. so the president announced to ay 36% approval rating, 56 prs disapproval rating.
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hallmark cards have introduced layoff sympathy cards. that's how bad things have gotten in the country economically, so the president is lashing out and we'll get into this later, fighting with the black congressional caucus, and on the one hand, how does he pull independenc independents ie other hand? he's got himself in quite a box. >> republicans have quite an opening. herman cain is the guy that could really score. he should go up there and say mr. president, are you encouraging young minority students and people, kids, to embrace this victimization rhetoric. you're encouraging them to hate entremendous pareengage in clasr than personal ambition and striving and hard work. i represent the alternative model. you did it through community organizing and a career in
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public life. i did it by boot strapping to the commercial sector, and i don't embrace class war far because when i meet someone who is more successful than i am, i want to be like him. i don't want to hate him. cain can do that in a way nobody else can. i think if he does, he's going to strike a tremendously residue nant chord because obama is so playing this class warfare card. >> are you saying at this moment in time that you can't make an accurate prediction who's going to win this primary for the republicans? >> oh, absolutely i can't. absolutely. i mean, at each given moment i have dairch theory as to -- a different theory as to who is most likely to win. right now i have to say romney is, but oh, my god. we don't know if governor christie is coming in. if he's not, you can't say who is going to win. perry could come back because suddenly he's not the frontrunner and people will lay off him. he can kind of reenter in humility in the shadows and begin to move up. cain could do it.
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bachmann will get a lot of support that perry's losing. she lost her third place finish because perry took the votes away. now she can get them back. santorum is the national security candidate, and gingrich, everybody agrees he would be the best president. he's the best debater up there. they don't to bac want to back m because of the skeletons in his closet. >> i was surprised. friday night the overwhelming consensus was against governor perry especially on the immigration issue. the con sten consensus was thatt romney won the debate. what can perry do short of changing his position to take up a position on immigration that resonates within the base of the party. >> he has to walk that back. >> how do you do that? >> i used to advise bill clinton. i'm an expert at that. you talk about the border fence and you say listen. my preference is boots on the ground, but if the jeanls and
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the national -- generals and the national guard tell me that a fence will enhance the viability of the boots on the ground, i'm not going to impose my strategic judge over theirs just like i won't do in afghanistan. you take the instate situation and say it's a decision for each state to make. the people of texas felt it was important. i certainly would not support federal legislation. you take social security and you say yeah, i believe in a theoretical way it nigh not be constitutional, but we're not going to do that. what i advocate is bush's plan. >> we've gotta run. >> you apologize. there are ways to walk it back as opposed to what he did which is just stand up there and say you're heartless if you don't agree with me. that really alien nated everybody in the country including me. >> dick morris, good to see you. appreciate you being with us. coming up, the landscape of the republican field dramatically shipped this weekend -- shifted this weekend
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with herman cain wayne. rick santorum will join us live. later, a war of words explodes between president obama and congresswoman maxine waters.
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>> when you cast your ballot at this straw poll, send washington a message. they're ready for a problem solver, not another politican. they're ready for solutions, not
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more speeches. that's what the united states of america, the people are ready for. send washington a message. >> the road to 2012 has already been filled with a number of twists and turns, but one of the most surprising developments came over the weekend when businessman herman cain upset the two republican frontrunners in the state of florida in the straw poll. cain received 37% of the vote. governors perry and romney received a combined 29%. with these surprising results in mind, does this mean there's an opening for one of the so-called second tier candidates to move up in the polls. joining me now is a malib man wo scored age pressive fourth place, it's senator santorum. >> we weren't able to have you on after the debate, and we want to be fair to alternate candidates. i thought it was interesting. i don'i don't like the idea of e
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polls right now h meaning a whoe lot. they give us a big picture, but i think that it was interesting from my perspective that candidates that weren't polling as well including yourself did very well in the florida straw poll. why do you think that's the case? >> well, look. i've been getting a lost comments -- lot of comments both in florida and here in pennsylvania tonight. people are watching the debates, and the thing i hear more than anything else is let all the other candidates be heard from. i think they were tired and several of the early debates of two or three candidates getting half or more of the time. they want to hear what the other candidates have to say. now that they are, you're starting to see the ramifications. these other candidates' support is starting to wane and there's peaked interest in some of the ideas and the experience and the record of the people who are on the, quote, second tier. i think this race, as i heard
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dick morris say, it's a wide open race. i'm very, very excited about it. i think we've been sort of the tortoise in this race, slow and steady. we haven't had our big moment in the sun, but we continue to sort of keep picking up and picking up, and that's the kind of progress you want to make. >> sean: there was a fiery exchange between you and governor rick perry. the issue was immigration. let's roll the tape. >> you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they've been brought there by no fought of their own. i don't think you have a heart. >> governor perry, no one is suggesting up here that the students that are legal in this country shouldn't be able to go to a college and university. i think you're sort of making this leap that unless we subsidize this, the taxpayers subssubsidize it, they won't bee to go. most folks who want to go to the
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state of texas or out of state have to pay the full boat. the point is, why are we subsidizing. not that they can't go, they can go. they just have to borrow money and find other sources to be able to go. >> sean: senator, i had governor perry on my radio show on friday and asked him about your exchange. his answer was to me well, wait a minute. you're saying it's okay for the children of illegal immigrants to go, and the only area of difference is on the subsidy side. in other words, the instation 125euin -- theinstate tuition b. children of illegals, it's okay with you to go to public schools and universities. >> children from anywhere around the world can go to our public universities. >> sean: i'm talking about people in the country illegally. >> they're here illegally from what country? pick you can. if they were in that country, they can come, pay the full tuition. a public university subs subsid.
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you're paying higher tuition as an out of state student. i have no people from mexico coming to the university of texas or people from canada coming from the university of texas. they should pay a higher rate. >> if they're here illegally. there's two issues. you made your point on whether or not they get instate tuition breaks. there's a clear difference between you. what i'm trying to ascertain, is there a difference if children or people are in this country illegally, should the they be allowed to go to american schools if they're in the country illegally? >> well, sure, because we are allow people not from this country to go to our schools as long as they pay tuition. i'm not going to penalize people in this country and not allow them to go to schools when we allow people from outside the country to come in to go to schools. no. i don't think anyone is suggesting that, but they have to pay the rate that, in fact, subsidizes the instate people for their lower tuition.
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>> sean: i think what happened here, this is my analysis, governor perry went right to the top. i think this is a position that lot of conservatives feel strongly about. people that did not respect or laws -- our laws and sophomore earnty shoulsovereigntyshould n. our schools are overburdened, overcrowded. it's impacted the criminal justice system. >> you're talking about -- you're talking about public education. i'm talking about higher education. we allow anybody around the world to come to our schools. >> they have to come in legally. if you're here illegally, you would still allow them to go? >> right. i would, but the key here, and i think what upsets people and certainly upsets me is that he would suggest somehow we're heartless if we don't subsidize people to go to school. the other thing that bothered me is somehow or another, i think
9:20 pm
he made the comment that if, in fact, we don't subsidize them and they don't go to school but somehow they're going to become wards of the state as if people don't go to college, somehow they're going to be on welfare. that was another sort of leap in trying to, you know, point at the heartlessness of america which i think, frankly, doesn't wash at all. >> sean: senator, look forward to seeing you at the next debate. i think there's going to be a few more before we get to january. thanks for being here. >> look forward to it. thanks, sean. >> sean: who is the latest hollywood hot shot to jump on the bandwagon and call the tea the bandwagon and call the tea party racist? ♪ ♪ ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes fr here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there ♪ ♪ track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that ♪ hurry up no time flat that's logistics. ♪
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>> sean: president obama had a special message for the congressional black caucus over the welcome, but california congresswoman maxine waters wants none of it. >> put on your marching shoes. shake it off. stop complaining. symptostop crying. we're going to press on. >> i found that language a bit curious because the president spoke to the hispanic caucus. he certainly didn't tell them to stop complaining and he would never say that to the gay and lesbian community who really
9:25 pm
pushed him on don't ask, don't tell or even in a speech to apac. he would never say to the jewish community stop complaining about israel. i don't know who he was talking to. we're certainly not complaining. >> sean: you could have fooled me. heid talk to the congressional black caucus. meanwhile, another liberal in hollywood is calling the tea party racist. this time it is academy award winner morgan freeman. now, g.o.p. presidential candidate herman cain shot back at the actor's accusation. >> the tea partyists who are controlling the republican party, their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that obama only serves one term. what underlines that? screw the country. we're going to do whatever we do to get this black man, we're going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of here.
9:26 pm
>> it's not necessarily racist. >> it is a racist thing. >> i doubt that morgan freeman with all due respect who is a great actor has never been to a tea party. most of the people criticizing the tea party about having a racist element have never been to a tea party. name calling is something that is going to continue in this because they don't know how to stop this movement. >> sean: joining me now with reaction, the spokesman for the congress of racial equality and a fox contributor. you're wearing your pastor. >> i want to remind people who i am. >> let me ask you about this. he's had some trouble back and forth going on with the congressional black caucus. he blames kiosks and a tsm m ate ?iewn, for him to say stop complaining and stop crying and take your bedroom slippers off, what's that all about?
9:27 pm
>> in his own way he thought he was rallying the troops. there's a lot of anger and frustration. it's not the congressional black caucus. there's 5,000 people in the room who are black american leadership from coast to coast, and i think the widespread reaction in many quarters that i talked to is they were offended or they were not connected to that statement. >> sean: let me ask you because the reality is the president made a lot of promises. the youth, african american unemployment rate in this country is near 15%. african-american community unemployment near 18%. it's a legitimate question. are you better off with barack obama as president and you know, for his -- he got the majority of the black vote and then some. i think the answer is no. >> the latino unemployment rate for youth is over 30%. for african-american youth,
9:28 pm
forever 40%, and some cities like detroit, unemployment for black men is in the 40s, the 40th percentile. it's outrageous for the president of the united states, the last time i checked, he's not empor remember o emporer ofd states. he's elected president of the united states. he's actually telling elected officials that represent these communities that are in the midst of the obama depression, depression level unemployment statistics. he's telling their elected officials shut up, don't complain, take off your bedroom slippers. black foaks and latinos and americans don't have money in an obama depression to buy bedroom slippers and certainly don't have tam time to spend in bed. they're trying to get off the unemployment line, get a job, and survive in this economic depression that barack obama has put us in. >> some of us had on our marching shoes when barack obama got to washington and we came to
9:29 pm
the dinner. the only good news in all of this politically speaking is if you look in this moment of despair, if you look at the choice, rick perry is imploding. michelle bachmann is in reverse. romney can't seem to get it together, and so the alternates are not presented, and herman cain is on the rise. >> the republican party has not provided any outreach of significant means. >> sean: let me tell you where i disagree. all of the candidates running for republican will repeal obama care. they will end wit burdensome regulation. they lower the tax rate go to the reagan economic policies and have a tougher national security posture. the issue is there's going to be a choice in this election. more of the same, he's had four years. now he has a track record. how does he run against his own failed policies? >> it's not an abstract policy. it's an individual. >> sean: so you're saying his
9:30 pm
track record -- >> the rick perry that we've been hearing about who stormed onto the center stage. >> sean: the guy that created half the jobs in america. >> the guy who is falling like a stone amongst the republican party because he's now -- people are getting a second look, and they don't like what they say. >> sean: this is going to vet itself out. niger, i don't believe this is going to be everything including a big referendum on obama. people will say this is what he promised and this is what he delivered. this is where we are economically. he said he would get us out of this. >> the one person that my good friend jacques left out is the guy who won the florida straw poll by crushing the competition is herman cain. hermaherman cain's idea are goio be a mainstay of the republican nomination should it be he or someone else. i think that no nominee will bea
9:31 pm
formidable choice. >> over at newsbusters they have a tape. i spoke with herman this afternoon. they have a tape where they interviewed people at the congressional black caucus event. he was called an oreo, a traitor, a bunch of really incendiary remarks that are often made over the years about you and your dad. if you are african-american conservative. why is that happening in this day and age? >> actually, i think it's happening less and less than it used to happen, and i think the black community and the latino community is a lot more open than they ever have been to an alternative point of view within those communities. that's why barack obama's popularity is dropping like an iron in the ocean in the latino community and even in the african-american community. that's why he has to go to try to rally the troops. >> i have to agree with the
9:32 pm
fundamental point. his popularity has diminished. there is unhappiness and there's the potential for a realignment and a reexamination of the republican party if they would reach out. that's what i'm saying. the republican party is missing an opportunity. >> sean: how have they not reached out? >> they have no -- at the congressional black caucus weekend, there was no presidential candidate. i'm saying there are eight candidates. >> sean: would these guys have been invited. >> we've gotta go. guys, good to see you. good luck in va vegas. we have our o0 c1 2 o0 [ telephone rings ] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa auto repair. gary... he hung up. ...why do we have so many a's in our name?
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>> sean: all right, tonight on the great american panel, he a former deputy assistant secretary of state, "usa today"
9:37 pm
columnist and fox contributor, he co writes with our other guests. congratulationses on your success. he is a syndicated op ed columnist and he does the piece with bob. that's fox news contributor cal thomas. she's the current vice-president of the young americas foundation, kate is with us. this is funny. not bringing this up because it's just a phenomenon that you can help me explain. al gore speaks before a predominantly black audience, goes into this preacher mode like he's in a church. i'll give you an example. here's hillary doing the same thing. watch this. >> i come too far from where i started from. nobody told me that the road would be easy. i don't believe he brought me this far to leave me. >> and so obama speaks before
9:38 pm
the congressional black -- you're laughing because you know it's true. what is this? >> the funny part before we got on, i said i've watched al gore in a black church trying to do amazing grace. he had it on his wrist like a quarterback does. everybody is moving this way and grooving and al is going the other way. it was a collision problem. you know, you've got to speak to the group you're speaking to. hillary clinton was quoting. >> sean: it was a speech. >> of all the thing going on in america, that's about the last thing i'm worried about. >> let me tell you something. if george w. bush had gone into the naacp or the congressional black cautio caucus and startedg in stereo typical african-american dielectric, he would have been called a panned 357panderrist. >> bill clinton does it better than barack obama does, but it's
9:39 pm
a dangerous time right now for obama with his core constituents, even african-americans are realizing they're being hurt more than just about anybody in our society. >> so president obama talked to the congressional black caucus. by the way, this is president crybaby, he blames the tsunami, the earthquake, kiosks, and he says stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. >> i never in all the times i talked about george bush i would never use something like that. the strategy to get reelected as a sitting president is to solidify your base to start and move towards the center. he solidified his base with health care reform, then he moved more to the center. now he's moving back to solidify the base. get is does he have enough time to get back to the center. i'm trying to explain something to you about political analysis which you're behind on.
9:40 pm
>> i love all the commentary about how obama has decided not to be a compromiser any more. when was that? did i miss that when he was compromising and had toned down rhetoric and there was thinking? >> what is to say. >> we're talking about the republicans right now. they're saying obama has -- >> you're talking about two guys on common ground. you know what i think about the republicans? to hell with them. >> are you a little panicked? >> when has a republican reached out? >> what's amazing, what maxine waters said when she was asked about the president saying stop whining, stop complaining. she said who is he talking to? you've got 16% black unemployment in the country. you have a huge number of african-american trapped in failing schools. the liberal democrats and the teachers unions are standing in the schoolhouse doors to keep them in. >> and the republicans want them to stay out of work because they
9:41 pm
want the unemployment rate up. that's what the republicans are about. they love to see the unemployment rate up. >> stop for a second. >> sean: this is a serious charge. you're saying republicans want the country to fail so obama's -- you're saying they're putting their party over the country? you're questioning their patriotism? >> the people on capitol hill -- i didn't say i'm questioned their pate rism. they believe their patriotism is getting rid of obama. i will tell you this. >> when the democrats -- we're in darre different mode here ate moment. when the democrats are in the minority and a republican is in the white house, look at george mitchell, look at harry reid, they did everything they could to try to make a republican president a failure. this is part of the politics. let's be honest about this. >> kate? >> nobody on the right wants
9:42 pm
obama to have second term because of what he's doing to the economy. >> republicans have demonstrated they're absolutely desperate for the unemployment rate to come down. they said the only thing you have to do right now is cut corporate tax rates, bring it down from the second highest corporate tax rate in the world and you will immediately and cut back some of those regulations that are keeping businesses from using their money to hire people. that's all you have to do. how dare you suggest that republicans don't want to lower the unemployment rate? they are begging obama to take the one or two small steps, cut taxes and lower regulations. >> you think it was so crazy when reagan cut the tax rate from 70 to 28%? revenue doubled and unemployment went down. >> i didn't know that. that's an amazing thing. >> sean: you know, this is your fault. every show you're on, this is your fault, beckel.
9:43 pm
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. all right. a lot of talk that governor christie of new jersey may get in the race. i'll throw this to you, mr. beckel. what do you interpret from that? i guess we can put up the florida straw poll results and herman cain kind of ran away with it, 37%. rick perry 15, romney 14. santorum, paul, and gingrich at 10 and 11. reaction? >> my reaction is that straw polls are one of the great waste of time and resources of a campaign. i did it before. perry did not have a good debate, no question about it. he touched on key issue for republicans. had he apologized right away on the heart thing, i think he would have been all right. the idea that he's been written off so fast. >> i'm not writing him off. >> you're not. a lost the media -- the subtext is the guy's gone.
9:48 pm
the attention will turn to romney and he'll have a tough time. >> sean: i don't think they thought through the issue, nor did they understand how the issue resonates with conservatives on illegal immigrants. >> this is a game the media plays. who's up this week? we'll go after him and try to attack him and bring him down so we can bring somebody else and get the interest going. there hasn't been a single vote cast. the iowa caucuses aren't until february or january. this is a media game. >> we're looking at the candidates. >> while republicans agree any of these candidates are better than the guy in office right now, there's a bit of a sense of dissatisfaction with the choices. romney is the next guy in line. we've seen what happens with mccain and dole and what happens with the next guy in line. >> he had a good debate. >> republicans are hanging back
9:49 pm
because they have a real opportunity here to win, and they know that. so what they want is somebody who's actually a conservative. when they get them, they'll put them in. >> i think christie would last 5 minutes. people will realize he's not conservative. >conservative. >> sean: i think agree. we've got a fred thompson moment. people are looking in the wings, waiting for the savior. >> look at the first question perry got on foreign policy. herman cain said about pakistan, about afghanistan, he would consult the generals. it's one thing to run a state government, even a large state like new jersey and the good job he has done. quite another to get on a national stage. >> sean: what do you think that tells you, cain winning in florida, christie and some people trying to draft him. how do you interpret that? >> i think there's dissatisfaction. christie is the wrong guy for the republican party. if you're talking about a pure
9:50 pm
conservative candidate, i could argue -- >> he's an effective conservative candidate. his problem is, first of all, getting in this late. he's never been in a presidential race. >> clinton got in october of '99. he was very well known around the country. christie has only run one time. he has a big record on the unions, but the other stuff is controversy. i don't think he'll win. it's now between perry and romney. >> he wouldn't have trouble building a grassroots effort and that would be sarah palin. >> oh, oh no. >> just wait. just wait. >> we go through this every day. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> when we come back, are we teaching our kids about our framers, our founders enough in school? we'll talk about that and much more coming up straight ahead. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. your core competency is...competency.
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>> sean: and welcome back to hannity. so while presidential candidate newt gingrich is campaigning hard to take down the president in 2012, his wife calista is trying to educate our kids about american history. she's the author of the brand new book sweet land of liberty. good to see you. welcome back. >> how are you lying the presidential -- liking the presidential campaign stuff. >> it's been great experience.
9:55 pm
it's amazing. first of all, your book is number five on amazon for kids books already. it's just out tomorrow. >> today. >> 0 today is our first day. >> lynn cheney's books were massive sellers. >> yes. this is what stuns me. the majority of fourth graders cannot identify why the pilgrims left england. most fourth graders cannot say why hai abraham lincoln is an important figure in u.s. history anhistory. >> we have a lot of work to do. about two generations ago our country stopped teaching american history, so we have to go back to the basics and this book is meant to be an introduction of our pivotal moments of history for young children ages 4 to 8 so they can aappreciate the beauty of this nation and understand why we're so special. they can also understand the qualities that have made us a great nation. >> if you don't understand the basics, no wonder why some kids
9:56 pm
grow up and they have these proafs thaprofessors that don'tn american exceptionalism. by the way, the illustration is phenomenal. >> thank you. >> there is the elephant. >> ellis the elephant. >> was it because you could have picked ellis the donkey but i don't think it would have worked so well. >> we could have picked ellis the condy, bu donkey, but we di. we looked at bunnies and giraffes, but we picked the elephant. >> tell us some things kids will learn. they'll learn about the pilgrims, you walk through space history. explain. >> so what we've done is try to select those pivotal moments that have really shaped our history. ellis begins looking at our defining moments, looking at the pilgrims, the first thanksgiving. he imagines what it would have been like to have been at the boston tea party and joining george washington cross the delaware to help kids understand
9:57 pm
what a marvelous country this is. >> you talk about the first man on the moon. >> that's right. >> the great pie nears. >> right. we have the wright brothers included in the book. kids love rocket ships and airplanes, and we want them to know they, too, can be inventors. they can lid adven live lives of adventure. >> when i read statistics on education and there was recent study that said that america is going to be fifth economically in a fe short years, the ifm is predicting in one case that china will surpass us by the year 2060. i always -- it's just never been a thought to me that america shouldn't be number one in math and science and invention and technology. what's gone wrong? what do you think the problem is. >> i think a lot of our schools have just stopped teaching the basics, so we really have to come back and teach our founding documents and our children have to know what is the basis of
9:58 pm
being an american. >> did you create ellis for the sole reason that they respond to characters? >> well, children need a unique character to keep their attention. that's why we created ellis the elephant. >> what would we call the democrat? i thought of some names. >> maybe book two will have a brief mention. >> what about when you send your kids to school? what advice would you give them. i get calls on the radio about this all the time. they say my teacher says this which is factually inaccurate or my teacher tells me obama's the greatest president ever or my teacher says that george w. bush is killing women and children. what advice do you give kids when they find themselves in that predicament. >> i think if they go homend tell their parents, their parents have the right to speak up. tell the teacher that they don't agree. >> sean: i experienced in college that in college and you risk a lower -- i experienced that in college and you risk a
9:59 pm
lower grade. >> you have to be true to what you believe in and true to our american history. >history. >> sean: are you going to take time away from the book tour? you'll be on "fox & friends" tomorrow. >> yes, i will. i'll do book siengs and school visits and we'll just share ellis across the country as we travel. >> sean: you'll have ellis the elephant, you know, memorabilia? >> stuffed animals. >> sean: there's ellis there. we love ellis. i have a character who will travel with me, and he'll say hello to the children, take pictures and get them excited about american history. >> sean: great to see you again. thanks for being with us. we'll see you on "fox & friends" tomorrow. that's all the time we have let this evening. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next. donald trump is back and he had a big shot visitor. is it the star power that atracts the visitors? a few hour


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