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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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york city. our cameras were there to capture all of this madness. we even asked them hathey thought of little old me. take a look. >> really, i can't stomach him. it's too much. it's too crazy. he hurts middle-class people too much. >> how does he hurt middle-class people? >> i think the policies are so far to the right that they have nothing to do with the planet that me and all of these people live in. >> i actually am that person. i'll explain more later. we'll have much more later in the program. the anointed one is frantically trying to explain his complete and utter failure to turn around the american economy as the dow dropped over 240 points, the biggest quarterly drop since the financial crisis of late 2008. according to the president, the problem lies with you, the american people, not with any of his policy proposals. now, here's what he toll a florida television station just yesterday. >> the way i think about it is,
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you know, this is... you know, a greater des moines country that had gotten a littl soft and, you know, we didn't have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. we need to get back on track. >> you know, the anointed one's starting to sound more and more like jimmy carter. he also blamed the american people for his political failures. for example, remember this? >> the threat is nearly invisible in ordinary ways, it is a crisis of confidence. it is a crisis that strikes at the very heart and soul and spirit of our national will. we can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the meani of our own lives and in the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation. >> who knows, maybe the president is trying to make it easy or as easy as possible for
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one of his republican challengers to unseat him. mitt romney and rick perry seem to be holding their place as front runners, minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann has not given up the fight. she joins us tonight live with her take on the very latest from the president. congresswoman, welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you. good to see you, sean. >> you kw, we have a crisis in confidence. you know what? everybody watching this program this friday night, you're soft. have you given up. you are too soft. 46.2 million americans in poverty, soft. 18 million americans unemployed. they are soft. under-employed, they're soft. nothing to do with obama. he's right. it's all our fault. right? >> well, he's the master of negativism. but i have a very positive story to tell. in order to get more competition back into our economy and to get a pro-growth economy, this is a simple question to solve. we have to repeal obamacare, a
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study came out from ubs last week that said that's the number-1 reason why employers aren't hiring. that's simple. i have that bill to repeal obamacare. the other thing we need to do is clean up the financial services sector. dodd frank does to the financial services sector what obamacare does to health care, in other words tdestroys competition. obama has had only one impulse, to monopolize and centralize more of the economy under himself, under the administration. so we need to have a competitive tax code, get rid of his monopolistic policies. the problem is his policies. >> what is it -- i'm trying to understand this. him and his wife, they fly on separate planes to and from martha's vineyard. more golf outings than any
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golfer that i know. he plays basketball. they got concerts. they take these fancy vacations. i'm thinking, you know, it seems a little out of touch here, with maybe, you know, a little bit of spice of arrogance and detachment. do you see that? what does it tell you about him? >> well, every day, i'm somewhere else on a plane, meeting people all across this great country. i just came from north carolina. i met with a group of business people in north carolina who are looking for a way out so we can see the economy grow again. they tell me 90% of their problems are come from this federal government. so let's go back to the federal government and solve those problems. they're entirely solvable. we could legalize american energy production. we could pass the already negotiated free trade agreement. we could pass a mother of all repeal bills and repeal the job-killing regulations that are costing $1.8 trillion a yearful or stop putting out the billions
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of dollars from the department of energy for all of president obama's big political donors and stop crony capitalism. there are a lot of places we could start, but the president is so out of touch, he's living in a parallel universe while the rest of america is waiting to produce again. >> here's the vice-president, joe biden. they got to buy him a teleprompter. somebody needs to get him up to speed. i don't blame the people for being mad. we're in charge. let me play this for and you get your reaction. >> there is a lot of people in florida that have good reason to be upset because they have lost the jobs. even though 50-some percent of the american people think the economy tanked because of the last administration. that's not relevant. what's relevant is, we're in charge. right now, we are the ones in charge and it's gotten better, but it hasn't gotten good enough n. states like florida, it's even been more stagnant because of the real estate market.
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so i don't blame them for being mad. we're in charge. >> i don't blame them for being mad, we're in charge. we got you here. >> you can always count on the vice-president to tell the truth. that's what he said about solyndra. he says, that's what the stimulus is for. like nancy pelosi said we had to pass the bill to know what's in it. they have failed the american people. here's the great news. again, i am out every day with people across the country. they have made up their mind, obama will be a one-term president. now the issue is, are we going to settle for a candidate that is less than a constitutional conservative? that's what we need to have, a strong, bold cons constitutional conservative who is going to do what needs to be done, with repealing the terrible laws and putting into place permanent, private-sector solutions to grow the economy. that's what i aim to do. >> all right. you use the words "we can't settle." have you a new web ad out that
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says we can't settle on immigration. is your position that the other candidates in this race, if they win the nomination, that we would be settling? >> sure, we would be settling if we don't build a fence on the southern border. we have to build that fence on every inch of the southern border. we have a narco-terrorism threat and a threat of potential terrorists across that border. and it's killing our economy with billions of dollars in cost to the economy and costing us jobs. >> some candidates support your idea for a fence. you're not the only one. this is a big issue for governor perry and his position on in-state position. but a lot of candidates support your idea on the fence. but you seem to be saying no, no issue no, i have the strongest position on immigration. how is yours different? >> what i am saying is that i will build the fence. i will make sure that we have
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the border security. i will have their back. i will have the i.c.e. agents back. we will end taxpayer subsidy for illegal immigrants. we will have a wholesale change. i believe that english needs to be the official language of the federal government. >> where are you off to next? you have any time off? >> i will be in iowa. i will be with my husband tonight, which i can't wait. we will be back to the wonderful state of iowa. >> all right. congresswoman michele bachmann, thank you for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> coming up, the president's own campaign team is looking at the electoral map and getting nervous. word is, they are going back to the drawing board and charting a new strategy. we will look at their new plan for what they think will bring the victory for 201 next week, the fox newschannel's 15th anniversary celebration continues. we hit the road, a very special audience show, atlanta, georgia. tune in next thursday night, october 6. if you are in atlanta, you can
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join us from centennial park. we will announce an incredible lineup on monday.
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it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> the president's re-election is going to be a titanic struggle. according to the new york times, the president's campaign team is taking a hard look at the electoral map and charting an entirely new course to re-election. his approval rating is plummeting with blue-collar
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voters in ohio, pennsylvania and michigan, all which have he won in 2008. according to the times, the obama campaign is instead focusing its attention on traditionally republican states like colorado, north carolina, virginia. so will that strategy allow him to pull off a victory in 2012? here's the reaction of karen hanerty, former dean campaign manager and worked for governor brown in california. and joe trippy, guys, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> if you are going to write off ohio and the polls in florida are awful and he thinks he will win north carolina and virginia and he could lose michigan and wisconsin -- why does not this add up in my head? it's not possible? >> well, look, i don't think this is good news for the republican nominee at off. what -- what you have to worry about is him refrenching -- from a democratic point of view,
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retrenching in the 10 states and pumping everything in there and having to win every single one of them. he will have more money than the republican nominee for a lot of reasons. you have the republicans having this donnybrook. they are going to spend themselves down to nothing by the time they get to the convention. he doesn't have to do that. he has no primary. he will hoard his funds and push this out into other states. >> i have the strategy. he has a billion dollars. but here's the problem -- he can't run on his record, karen? >> no. he can't. you know, while joe was talk about this financial advantage that the president will have. first of all, he won't get to $1 billion. there is no way he is going to get to that. we are seeing that the president playing class warfare, trying to pit wealthy against the middle class and the lower-middle class, an interesting dynam dynamic is taking shape. the president does much better in states that are affluent, better educated. and he does much worse in states
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with high numbers of blue collar workers, lower education levels and states that are more religious. he cannot afford to completely ignore the rust belt in the hopes that northern virginia is going to win the day for him -- >> that's missing the point. they are not giving up on ohio or michigan. they'll go in with everything they have. it's the dean strategy when he became chairman of the democratic party and did the 50-state strategy to push organization and resources into the states that democrats have never competed in before. obama picked that up in 2008 and went into states like virginia and north carolina and won them -- the bigger problem -- >> here's i. the bigger problem is the tea party itself because when you look at nevada and colorado, where there was a tea party candidate on the ballot. they rejected that candidate and went for a democrat --
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>> but here's the deal -- >> in a bad economy, guys, i mean, sean, this is what i think. we agree on a lot of things -- [overlapping dialogue] >> but you pick one race here -- hang on. look. put marco rubio on the ticket with any of the republican candidates. he loses florida. he will have a very hard time in pennsylvania, ohio, michigan are extraordinarily bad for a sitting president. i have to move on to another topic. it seems the obamas have been reading some of the polls. i assume the people around them. now, joe, you can pick this ascpart tear me apart if you want. but i have to put up a picture of michelle obama. there she is, igcognito, at target. now, you know, she's got an image problem, as has the president. martha's vineyard, golfing, you know, basketball, extravagant trips, a lot of diamonds, all of
6:17 pm
this stuff. so here's her picture at target. and it just so happens an a.p. photographer happens to be there. i am sure it was by accident, right? >> i don't know if it was accident or not, but i mean, target's not a bad place to shop. >> i shop there. >> i do, too. >> we are being manipulatorred here is a better word -- go ahead, karen. >> listen, there is a much bigger point than michelle obama going to target. and that is, the president is doing so poorly with middle-class voters, particularly missed-class white voters. they are not going to turn out for him the way they turned out in 2008. he is not going to be toget the enthusiasm from the youth vote the way he did in 2008. even african-american voters, while they support him overwhelmingly, even their support has dropped. the president is not going to
6:18 pm
get the same numbers he got when he went into office. he is going to have to fight a lot harder than he did last time. and he is going to have to work a lot harder to appeal to the middle-class and blue-collar vote voters. he is losing in every state n. 2009, there wasn't one state in america with a 50% or below disapproval of the president. now you have 39 states with a disapproval of the president. 50 or below. she can go to target all she wants. but that is not the focus of where the american people are right now. they're absolutely -- >> i have to give karen the last word. we like to do that to you because it's fun. i'm kidding. thank you for being here. by the way, goldie hawn will drop by. but we sent our "hannity" cameras to wall street for the left-wing radical protesters in
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what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain.
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>> now, hundreds of liberal protesters have flocked to the streets of new york city. their mission, up on wall
6:23 pm
street. now the group heads attracted the attention of law enforcement, the media and of course, left-wing celebrities. so today, we wanted to find out exactly hathis movement stands for, so we sent a team to the talk to these liberal protesters and dpiend out what they are thinking. let's take a look. >>. >> reporter: what brings to you wall street? >> this is the enemy of the working class, in these buildings. >> this is the beginning, not the middle. you are in the infancy of this movement. >> reporter: what brings to you wall street today? >> i am here because our democracy has really turned into a capitalism. >> this really needs to happen. the world's going to hell in a hand basket. i don't even know what a hand banket is. this is the beginning of what is hopefully a growingovement. >> there are many different views here. >> it's about believing and loving. >> we are trying to let people know what's going down. >> i am not a radical revolutionary, but i do believe
6:24 pm
the system needs to be fine tuned. >> i was born to be here, right now, the founding fathers have been passing down the torch to this generation to make our country great again. >> there are many things to complain about, especially health care and our government's resources we need to use renewable resources. >> reporter: i couldn't help but notice, are you receiving acupuncture? >> yes, i am. this lady next to me came down here in support of the cause and is offering free acupuncture. >> what's happening is a lot of discussion, trying to figure out what's going on. >> reporter: has the acupuncture been working? >> i do feel an energy in my hand. >> reporter: what have you seen that do you support? >> well, i take pictures of all of those signs over there, i probably agree with 75% of them. >> reporter: if you could list a few of the concerns that people have in the park, what that would include? >> that would include environmental degradation, the
6:25 pm
intrusion of corporate dollars, influenced on democrats and republicans. >> reporter: if you were to select a candidate to become president, is there a name that you could give us? >> yeah, mao tse tung. >> joining me is bill schultz and the co-host of "the five." i think my favorite was "i'm born to be here." no, you were born to be at a grateful dead concert. >> environment, health care, democracy has turned into capitalism. genius. greed. believe in love. what -- >> woodstock meets burning man meets people with absolutely no purpose or focus. they have nothing but free time. they make up a slogan or a cause as they go along. they are looking to go out there and dirty the streets. they really don't have any idea about what they are doing there. >> you were down there -- how long were you down there?
6:26 pm
too long, sean. >> i heard people have been living there, not showering and it is stench is horricoific. >> it's equal parts pachuli and urine and sweat. >> i tell you, i interviewed that one guy getting acupuncture. i am here to tell you, that man is full of heroin. i can't say that for sure -- >> he had energy in his hands. >> he hadding something in his hands. >> did it inspire him -- >> look at how much more presentable i am after being around that stench. >> our team of crackerjack producers asked what they thought of me. i thought for fun, we would play some of that. >> reporter: you watch sean hannity by any chance? >> you know what? really -- i can't stomach him. it's too crazy. >> reporter: do you like fox news? >> i do like fox news. >> reporter: do you watch "hannity"? >> i haven't watched "hannity"
6:27 pm
in a while. >> we have similar backgrounds, my father is of the depression. we have a building business, which my brother took over. my brother loves you, he's a tea party guy. >> reporter: what turns you off about sean hannity? >> timingwise tdoesn't sync up with my schedule. >> reporter: have you ever seen sean hannity? >> umm... >> reporter: what do you think of him? >> he's okay. i mean -- i didn't have no comment. >> reporter: what do you think of that show? >> i believe he's incredibly didactic and demogogic. >> reporter: you would say he has extreme views? >> of a particular kind, but i have listened to sean hannity on the radio on -- you have listened to sean hannity? >> i used to listen to him -- >> didactic. the one lady -- i was interviewing her at that moment on my radio show. >> on the radio show. >> she started by saying she hates me, by the time we were finished -- my grandpatients
6:28 pm
came here from ireland, they were broke. my father grew up poor in the depression. i started out with newspaper, scrubbing pots pots and pans. she was like, wow. >> you wanted an opportunity to work and make something of yourself and provide for your family. what are these people doing -- bads that nice lady. >> that one guy, you used to date -- the long-haired dude. >> oh, yeah. >> bad move. >> i am not surprise that the timing is bad for him. a lot of people don't wake up until 10:00 at night to start their day. >> this is early for me. >> red eye, legalo! >> you -- hello. >> you interviewed a woman. we have that tape. >> you are nothing! nothing but -- [overlapping dialogue] >> reporter: i am not getting paid to be insulted like this, madame. >> yes, you are. you insult yourself. >> reporter: i insult myself? >> you insult yourself.
6:29 pm
>> she didn't like you. >> what i do like, the peabody i like for that package. that's wardrobe. i brought the signs. as you know, i like to do investigative journalism. i brought the signs. >> what hit you the most? drugs? >> they like word play. we have -- we asked them, am i right? this one, i thought, was a little firm. but a lot of people did agree. there was a big bagel crowd. this one, everyone seemed to agree with. >> give me your money. >> that was universal. and then, the old standby. bring back "growing pains." that was a quality sitcom. >> a serious question of you -- you notice the class warfare -- greed, capitalism, where did that come from? the president? >> it comes from the president. his rhetoric is divisive. he continues to employ this, including in his campaign
6:30 pm
strategies and policies. if you look at the people who are protesting wall street, wall street employs hard-working americans. what's their point. >> if he wouldn't stay up all night making signs and staying there for weeks, they could be working instead of begging the government to take other people's money. it's an interesting concept. >> i'll go down there and lecture them. >> i'll give a speech. >> you wait another week, there will be more growing than flower beds. >> good to see you, both. appreciate you being with us. not legality your heart be troubled. our great, great, great american panel is next. [ kristy ] my mom is well...weird.
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and the ones who followed them, who skimmed the edge of space, the edge of heaven, the edge of dreams. and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve. >> he is the editor of national review, syndicated columnist, rich lowry. a former pollster for jimmy carter, adviser to george mcgovern's presidential
6:35 pm
campaign, fox news contributor, pat caddell is here. a wonderful actress, best known for her role in "dallas," not in real life the mean person she was i. thank you. >> good to see you. heats go to herman cain, did well in the florida straw poll. he said this caused a minor controversy. >> african-americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view. i have received some of that same vitriole because i am running for the republican nomination as a conservative. so it's just brainwashing and people not being open minded. pure and simple. >> 95% african-american community, votes democrat. he has been accused of being race -- that he's a race ifert. >> i know, i know. that's the old m.o., isn't it? >> we are getting a lot of that. >> run to the race card because they don't have anything else. >> can't run on their issues. so what do that -- so what do
6:36 pm
they do? they pull that out. we look at who we have running on running on the republican side. they look pretty good to me. and all i ever hear is they get bashed, they have nothing. i think they are pretty good. i really doi. we will get to that. you are jumping the gun. pat? >> i think this is what goes on. i think the race issue is the one thing that the pres who supports obama uses because they keep wanting -- it is not for blacks, blacks will vote for him. i don't know how well they will turn out. but it's to get white liberals -- any black movement is a problem. the real problem for the african-american community is this, only voting for one side, they don't get good. i can tell you -- democrats -- take them for granted. they are in the pocket. so no voting group in the country should do anything but
6:37 pm
mold their votes or be able to distribute them because that's how they get treated -- that's where the twheel gets greased. you know what bothers me? historically, who did lyndon johnson go to? al gore's father wasn't there. former klansman, a leader in the united states senate. yet, somehow democrats, you know, are able to say, no, no, no, they forget that -- somewhat recent history, you know? >> who had southern segregationists as a key support of his entire political coalition? fdr did. this herman cain episode shows that the charge of racism has so total do with animist towards black people, it's a political bludgeon to use against anyone who annoys the left. if you are a black conservative, you are particularly going to annoy the left. >> exactly. they look at their voting after
6:38 pm
clarence thomas. same thing. >> but they have for his entire career. >> but you look at where the black community is right now and the unemployment is so high. >> that's why i think, right now, i mean, they are getting hit the hardest. >> they are! and whether or not enthusiasm will be there. i think it's questionable. >> it's so shameful to have a president of the united states go in front of a gathering of black people w16% african-american unemployment antell them to stop complaining. >> stop whining. >> exactly, exactly. >> all right. let me put up a poll. chris christy, i thought he answered the question. apparently, he's reconsidering. 44-43, in some have same poll, romney is leading obama. >> yeah, i think all of them -- christie, romney, perry, are all
6:39 pm
up there with obam a. i think the key is that he didn't answer the question. he didn't repeat, no again. >> he said look at my other answers. >> but he could have issued a crushingly nuclear denial. again twould have stopped us all. >> would it be advisable for him to do it soon? >> yes. he has to make a decision. we have a reporter, bob costa, almost living in trenton to track down the speculation. he is hearing that probably not over the weekend, but it has to be soon. people close to him think it's 50/50. >> i think he will close it out next week. >> the problem now is that since romney and perry engineered this pushing up the process so we have the primaries starting right after new year's, on the day after new year's. this is crazy. it is to keep him out. that's one of the reasons. nobody's talking about it. keeping him from being able to run. >> keeping christie out? >> but he he doesn't have the passion to and run is being
6:40 pm
coerced to running, that would be a huge mistake. >> i don't think we should beg people i. i don't think we should, either. [overlapping dialogue] >> one last gut check. >> exactly, exactly. >> stay right there. time to check in with greta. >> sneak peek. >> great email tonight. we share -- we have a huge area of agreement. >> i know. it'sun believable. if our emailings ever get out, we are probably out of this business. >> by the way -- >> indeed. like i said, we will both be looking for yobs. just kidding! we have former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. and the taish are attorney general from virginia. there is big news in the fight over national health care and byron york is here and more. >> greta is not kidding. 19 minutes. "on the record." i'm telling you the truth. more with our great, great, great american panel, next. he 5.
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>> as we continue now, all right. answers are going back and forth. we debuted on the program, a new romney ad, attacking governor perry. is it effective? we will ask our panel. let's roll the tape. >> who supports governor perry's decision to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants? >> i want to publicly recognize governor perry in the state of texas by having taken that step forward which you decided to give access to mexican migrants in texas at universities. >> if you say we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other
6:46 pm
reason than they have been brought there by no fault of their own, i don't think you have a heart. >> a big fight once with this sunday fox when he wouldn't acknowledge that illegal immigration existed. he said migrants. it drove me crazy. the line that he since apologized for that is "you don't have a heart" that caused a lotted of controversy. how big an issue is this for in-state tuition? >> i think it's going to be a big, big issue. i really do. i think that that ad is very effective, whoever put that together for romney is very effective. i think it just takes it and it just, you know, it digs right in there. that's going to be tough for pertree overcome t. really is. >> i will tell what you it does, it goes after, when perry vaulted into the race, he did it with conservatives, a lot of them thinking he was a genuine conservative. this goes right at that. by the way, i find it ironic for the man who did romneycare and
6:47 pm
obamacare. but he has perry on the defensive. if they go to cain, that's fine, bachmann, as long as he droves them from perry. >> that's why the "they don't have a heart" line was so devastating. he seemed to be calling his own supporters uncompassionate, heartless. >> but it's still early. i think perry can recover from that. >> how does he recover from the support of the policy, though? >> i -- that's going to be tough. he's going -- he is going to have to really get out there and do damage control on it. he is going to have to explain his position because he is tough on the border, you know? >> it's like, mitt romney has been asked a zillion times about romneycare. he has this, the hpv vaccine. wait a minute, if governor christie got in, he said, there is no such thing as illegal immigration. he has a controversial appointment for a judge. he's going to have his
6:48 pm
honeymoon. but it's going to be the same -- >> they all have it. >> part. but the problem for perry is it goes right to the heart of the support. it was conservatives and particularly hard conservatives who were for him. they are the one who is are really angry. this is personal to them. >> it's also interesting -- >> this is emotional. >> people thought that, okay, romney is the governor of massachusetts, so apparently, as governor of massachusetts, you do things in massachusetts that won't be popular. this is something that you do in texas that goes against -- goes with the grain in texas, that can create a wedge. romney is working it -- >> i am going to put you on the spot. who gets the nomination? >> whew. gosh. it's so early. i don't know. but i'll tell you something, i like newt gingrich. >> coming up in the polls, he released his contract with america yesterday. >> i know, he difficulty fox
6:49 pm
poll shows him rising. >> i think he has performed very well. >> he has been the star of the deitates. >> he has been. >> everybody knows he's brilliant i. because hashe's got all the baggage from, you know, baggage where he was in the 90s. >> but they balanced the budget, they got welfare reform. >> but his ideas are great, he's a terrible candidate, except, by the way, when his consultants fired him. >> i don't have an answer. i was hoping you wouldn't get to me. >> i suspect that romney i. who gets the nomination? >> i have no idea. it's very volatile. someone will surpriseinous iowa [overlapping dialogue] >> that's for sure. >> goldie hawn is next. you don't want to miss her, right here in "hannity."
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>> my next guest says that children are over stressed, over worked and over scheduled and it's our job as parents and teachers to remind them to take a break, take a breath. goldie hawn has spent the last 10 years studying the brain and how to manage mental energy and he has a new book, 10 mindful minutes, giving our children and ourselves the opportunity for healthier, happier lives.
6:54 pm
i sat down with the oscar winner to discuss this and much more. how are you? >> really well, thank you. >> everybody knows goldie hawn. i have to tell a story about you, i was telling you off air, great story. my son who is now 12, one and-a-half years old in the stroller, my wife's shopping, i wasn't there. you're in the store. and my wife comes home that day and tells me, you were playing with my son for 15 minutes, in the middle of the store. >> i have been blamed for that before. >> is that common? >> i hear about that more often than i can remember, really. but i do love children. >> now have you two grandchildren. >> actually, four. i have four. >> have you one brand-new new one. >> exactly. i can't take it. i haven't seen them enough. i am flying down now to see them tomorrow. it is. i do, do, do love children. >> reading through your book. i'm a big believer in mental toughness. we were talking about this, most
6:55 pm
people -- i don't think we learn anything about our brains. but all of a sudden, people are lost in their head and the constant repetitive theme, over and over and over and it spins and not aware that they are thinking, half the time. our kids go before tv or the videogames and they are num. b. >> right t. has a tendency to numb them. >> you came to this through personal pain. >> yeah. >> you tell the story, you talk about in your life and you have told the story, you suffered from anxiety, depression, you know, you never really wanted to be famous. you. ed to own a dance studio. >> right. >> but you had great anxiety problem when is you started performing. >> i was afraid. it wasn't what i had planned. i was afraid. i was outer of sorts, so i was having panic attacks. didn't know why. i didn't do pills and they didn't have that then. i am a task master, i want to
6:56 pm
figure things out and di. i went to a psychologist for nine years. i did it because i was fascinated with the workings of my own mind and the capabilities of how i could attend to it to feel better about my day. and understand more about my emotions, which is what i think this attending to self is what my book is about, for parents or teachers or care givers. apply the oxygen before you give it to your kid. it's the same thing. >> great analogy. >> it's a perfect analogy. if we are not formed and fit and ready to g. we can't attend to our children, we can't hear them or know what they issue really saying or watch them on that video machine or all of this -- this informs highway, which is rewiring their brine brains. i think that it's stealing our intimacy with our children. we need that. we have to get -- >> they need that. >> we need that. they need that. >> this is interesting. you developed this for kids in school.
6:57 pm
the parents would hear it and they would be interested. you talk about a conference that you were once at and you talk about mindful minutes. this is something i didn't realize i do tbut i make sure before my radio show, i take 10 minutes, quiet time to be with myself. i notice there are birds in the world and they turlly sing. but it gets me in a better place because i think, i am more insightful, you know, the calmer, the more peaceful you are. before this show, i get revved up because i look at pictures of bob beckle and obama. >> you get all jacked up. >> i get all jacked up. >> but it's really your brain that's doing that. when you get calm tquiets the emotional part of your brain. >> we don't have to have kids lining up for ritalin. >> i would hope so. one in three of our kids are medicated. >> a lot of schools like it because it's like a -- a medical baby-sitter. in pill form. >> when we begin to numb our
6:58 pm
children, some of them need it -- i am not going to say that drugs are not helpful to a lot of children with severe issues, but giving them to make them concentrate better, there are many ways to use this technology with the awareness. >> this is important. why did this become so important to write a book, go on a book tour? >> for the honest reason that i cannot bear to see an unhappy child. i know that sounds clishade or made up. i have adopted children all over the world, nobody knows about it. i have watched them grow up, to live in this world. i have lost some children, i have won some. i couldn't think that the united states of america could actually say that we are the harbors of the second least happy children in the developed world. >> we are? >> yes. >> is it because -- because of stress? >> yes! our stress, our expectations. >> i don't remember that -- so parents can look at this. they are going to get a lot of
6:59 pm
it. >> even people who are not parents. >> i never react, when i am mad at my kids, i always go, breathe. then i come back. because if you don't let the emotion pass, you will never be effective. >> you have done it. i do it. take the extra beats before you come in from work. just get quiet, guys. and feel your insides. get ready because your kids need every piece of you. >> you are a very enjoyable person, very happy. good to see you. >> sean, i love this. >> you look great. thanks. >> okay. >> that's all the time we have left. as always, thank you for bing with us. i hope have you a great weekend. see you monday. >> tonight, presidential candidate newt gingrich blasts president obama for not firing a


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