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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 30, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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so which one? and why? here's the former [speaking spanish] newt gingrich. nice to see you, sir. >> great to be with you. >> okay, so yesterday, you unveiled your 21st century contract with america. i have gone true it, or the 23 pages that i have of it, frankly, i don't know how it's any different -- essentially from, the other republican candidates, other than that it's ur name on it and it's your packaging. so help me out. how is it different from the other candidates' proposals? >> well, all of our viewers can go to and get a copy. it has a section on brain science and things to save trillions of dollars that i don't think anybody's talked about. it has a section on taking the judiciary back into balance. it talks about a substantial rethinking of our national security strategy in a way i don't think anybody else has addressed. it talks about the use of modern
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management techniques to save up to $500 billion a year, fundamentally replacing the entire civil service process that goes back to the 1880s. in addition, there are specific proposals to replacing the environmental protection agency with a solutions agency. i don't know anybody else who talked about that. there is a proposal for an optional flat tax. and there is a proposal to create a 21st century food and drug administration that is, i think, again, pretty significantly different from other folks. you know, some pieces overlap. there is no question, a number of us believe that a zero capital gains tax. i think that herman cain and i talked about the chilean model of allowing young people to have personal social security accounts. michele bachmann introduced the bill to repeal dodd frank. there are some overlaps and some areas that are really uniquely newt gingrich's 21st century contract with america that i
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don't believe any other candidate has talked about yet. >> all right. one place said that to secure the border, you might send half of the 23,000-based homeland security employee there is, ones that are based in washington. does that mean someone in accounting in washington might be on the border? >> they might be retrained. my point is that don't tell in a multi-trillion-dollar budget we can't find the resources to control the border. viproposed two things. one is a bill to be offered very early in my term which would wave every other federal requirement and allow us to focus on getting the border controlled by january 1, 2014, period. no environmental impact studies, no complexities, no bureau of land management. get it done, as if it's war time. if we need manpower, i would rather have a wave of homeland security people in texas,
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arizona than to sit in washington, doing paperwork. >> every good idea that comes through washington can run into an obstacle in the event that you have a divided house and senate. i know the republicans are hoping for two republican houses and the democrats are hoping for two democratic houses. if you have a divided house and senate, do you have any ideas to make these ideas more likely to pass, to nav nateigate the horrible waters of washington? >> sure. i will give you a specific example. but before that, let me say that my past shows we can work together, in the reagan years, i worked with bob michael and others. tip o'neill was speaker. we had a in theic house. in order to pass the reagan program, which was very bold, we had to get a third of the democrats to vote with us and we did -- >> how? >> to get the bill signed by
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president clinton, we had to work in a bipartisan manner. when we passed welfare reform, one out of every two democrats in the house voted with us, 101-101. that's darn bipartisan. i would urge the house republicans right now, pass the webb/warner bill, both democrats from virginia. it provides for development of oil and gas off shore tgives the federal government half the royalties, 37 1/2 force virge. send it as it is to the senate. i don't think harry reid could bottle it up. have you two democratic senators introduced it. tim cane has endorsed it. if it goes through the senate, i don't see how president obama could veto it. the fact is, it increases american energy, increases american jobs. how's obama going to veto that? i think that people have to be more agile and a little more focused on finding bipartisan
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things that we agreeomp you don't have to compromise your values. but virtually every republican would agree with the webb/warner bill. why not pass it? >> why isn't it passed -- >> back home -- >> why isn't it being done? >> finding things you can agree on. >> why isn't that done, if you say it can be done? because every republican and democrat i speak to is .ing fingers and each says he wants to get things done. but we are locked up all the time. >> well, that's part of why i am running for president. i have lived through this twice in my life. i lived through this as a gerne junior member in the reagan years and as [speaking spanish] in the -- as speaker of the house. i am as disheartened as everyone else by the message in washington. i think i could make a pretty good difference. i think that at we have laid out a very bold document
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for the 21st century. but it relies on the american people. if the house were to repeal dodd frank, which it could do easily. if the house would repeal it, the american people would put pressure on the democrats in the senate to repeal t. but you have to get motion and have things happening, not just press conferences and arguments. as president, i would work very hard with the democrats and the republicans to find the ways to pass the contract with america, which is a very bold bill for job creation, balancing the budget and returning to cons constitutional government. >> let's start with the florida primary date, being moved to january 31. last night, senator rick santorum that he thought in essence, that the fix was in, my words, this is a governor perry, governor romney influence that one had something to do with it. your thought about the florida primary, january 31.
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>> i think the floridians want to maximize their impact and be the first really big state -- they have been talking about this long before rick perry got in the race. frankly, since governor romney lost the state, he out-spent john mccain 10:1 in florida and lost it. so yolk i don't know that it's a fix. i will do what the states decide. my guess is that we will be in iowa over christmas and vote on january 2 or january 9. i suspect that the first primary will be in new hampshire a week later and then we gallon to new hampshire and south carolina probably the saturday, either saturday or a week after that and then will come florida. i think there is a possibility that you may get one or two more states piling on at the same time as florida. this will make it very complicated. i don't think anybody will have the pure amount of money to dominate this. the earned media, debates, ability to have a message, all of those things will be very, very important.
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if you look iowa, which mike huckabee won. he was outspent 10-1 in iowa and won. i think that money is useful, but it is not a substitute for ideas or people deciding you could be the best president. >> president obama today, happened yesterday, quoted today, saying this has incurred the wrath of many people, especially republican, saying that the way i think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that has gotten a little soft. and, you know, we didn't have that same competitive edge we needed. we need to get back on track. he said that to an nbc affiliate and that reference about a little soft is what has grabbedded -- grabbed the headlines. >> we have been the most dynamic country in the world, we have had an economy of extraordinary
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capability... you know, this is like jimmy carter. jimmy carter was in a total economic mess. he couldn't figure out how to solve t. so he gave a speech and said, look, we are going to be miserable, but we can share it. and the american people said, no, the problem is you. they fired him and brought in ronald reagan and the recovery started almost immediately. the only thing soft about america is a president. united states who doesn't understand america. if barack obama ceases to be president, we will start to have a recovery. i think that that is what he can't come to grips with. he doesn't learn, he doesn't listen. he doesn't understand america or economics. he doesn't understand job creation. he is the person who is soft. it's his ideas that are soft because they are wrong. the american people are as tough as ever. the young man i talked to who had just come back from afghanistan and the iraqi national guard, i don't think they think they are soft. the business owner in
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philadelphia who rubs a small steel mill. he doesn't think he's soft. the school teacher i just talked to in iowa, she doesn't think she's soft. it's barack obama who is soft. and the sooner he leaves, the sooner we will be back on track. >> do we seize too much on words? he says the words about getting a little soft and immediately, it completely saturates the airwaves and that's his entire thought. if you look at him,at i mean, today, he had a significant event to put under his belt with the killing of two al qaeda in yemen. is it fair for all of us to seize upon the one comment and hit him over the head with it? >> look, i think it's inevitable. every time i made a comment that gets hit over the head, it's part of the business. let me say about today. he did the right thing. i want to praise him for that. it was exactly the right decision. he has -- in his role as
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commandener chief, while i disagree with him on some other things, on this particular disirkz he did exactly the right thing. any american who is actively at war with the united states, any american who is encouraging the killing of other americans is clearly an enemy combatant, subject to being killed as an act of war, is not protected by our criminal justice system and president obama did the rightening in ordering the killing of these two people in yemen. >> if you are the president in the united states and a solyndra scandal happens, would you ask for the resignation of the secretary of energy? and if you didn't get it, would you fire him? >> i would fire every person involved in the decision? i would make the decision process public. i would make the documents public. i would get every person out of the government who approved it, including those in the white house who, scheduled the meetings with the billionaire democratic contributor to the
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company. this thing smells. there is information that there are more things coming down the road. a president like eisenhower who was concerned first for the reputation of the united states would have cleaned house and made sure that everyone was gone who was involved in that decision process. >> all right. a consumer question. bank of america announcing it will charge $5 a month for using its debit cards. as president of the united states, what is your position? they got a nice, big, hany bailout from the american people. a lot of people are very upset about being charged $5 a month for a debit card. >> my advice is, if you don't want to pay it, go to member else. you are not trapped by bank of america. if you think that's too much to pay, don't buy t. go somewhere else. some bank is going to come along and have a free debit card because they want the use of your moan. you know, i think there are times let the market work its way out. if people will pay it -- it's
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like the ads i watch as i fly around the country, the ads i watch where southwest decided that free baggage is a big selling product. they have very funny commercials about shipping your baggage for free on southwest. people will decide. you want to have a lower fare but have you to pay for luggage or fay a higher fare and don't pay for luggage. these things sort themselves out. that's why we have markets. if people don't like it, don't buy it. >> what about the buzz with governor christie, he denies he's in and the surge of herman cain. step back and pretend you are not a candidate. reflect -- [laughter] >> first of all, herman cain has had a great couple of weeks. he was very, very powerful in the debate the other night in tampa. he did very well in the florida poll. my hat's off to him. i have known herman for many years. we fought hillarycare.
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he served on a tax commission i created in the mid 90s. he has a great future in government, i think. ironically, the two candidates who hail from georgia have more vote it's the two of us in the last poll have more votes combined than romney and 10% more than perry. so it's kind of interesting to see the georgians are doing all right. i am not doing as well as herman, but i think i will catch up. but i am happy for herman. he's earned t. he's a terrific person f. governor christie wants to come in, he ought to come in. as somebody who admires him and thinks he's done a very good job in new jersey. understand, as i think governor perry discovered, the second you cross the line and become a presidential candidate, you are in a different league. different questions are asked, different people investigate you. there are different news media all over you every day. you know, it's a rough and tumble business. he's a good guy. he was an effective prosecutor.
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he's a very effective governor. he would be an interesting person to have in the race. i would say the same thing to governor palin if she comes in, the race is wide open. everybody told us a couple of weeks ago, it's a two-person race. now they understand how silly they look. it will be wide open. the first vote will be iowa, second or ninth of january. the second in new hampshire. until those votes start coming in, nobody knows anything for sure. and so, if governor christie wants to come and play, i would be honored and delighted to have him at the next debate. any chance that anybody will come in as an independent. donald trump has made that remark, a lot of times. governor sarah palin has been with noise as a tea party candidate. do you expect anything unusual? >> look, if we do nominate somebody, i don't see anybody who fits this. so i am going to be careful. if we were to nominate somebody
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who infuriated the conservatives, then we valid a problem because they would be so angry. the fact is, americans want -- those american who is want to beat president obama want to beat him so badly, they are so committed to getting him out of the white house, that they would be very hostile to a third party. i get more comments that are positive about the fact that i refused to attack my fellow republicans because people are so concerned that we be unified in order to defeat obomb a. i don't think there is any space in 2012 for a third party in the right. there may be on the left. if he continues to decay, if the economy continues to decay, i think you could see a third party on the left. but i don't think there is room for one against obam a. i think everyone wants to beat obama and will vote for the main candidate. >> are you suggesting, not necessarily a third party on the left, but someone in the party challenging him? do you foresee any of that at
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all? [laughter] >> i am not suggesting. it i am saying, you can't have a president who is this ineffective approximate who wanders around doing things that make no sense and who -- he has given up being president. he runs around and campaigns. he doesn't sit down with the congress or try to get anything done. if this economy decays much more and we end up with unemployment going up, i could imagine a circumstance where some democrat is going to decide to run against him. i am not saying it will happen. but i think he is in greater danger of a third party from the left, protesting his presidency than we near danger of anybody splitting the anti-oobama vote. >> a top al qaeda leader is killed by the u.s. congressman and candidate for president, ron paul is calling it an assassination. that's coming up. and also news in the national health care battle and virginia
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>> anwar al-awlaki is dead. a cia drone strike kills the senior al qaeda leader. the american-born radical cleric preached jihad against the u.s. and was linked to the christmas underwear bombert and ft. hood killer. many are cheering, but some like congressman ron paul are criticizing our government for killing him. why? we have the author of a book called the next wave, on the hunt for american al qaeda recriewrts. good evening. tell me, is this as big as everyone's been saying? does this really hurt al qaeda? or someone else will step up into the position? >> lit's a great question, greta. it does hurt al qaeda because anwar al-awlaki is really the leader of al qaeda 2.0, the new generation of american recruits.
10:23 pm
he was a -- digital jihaddist, emailing or blogging, he was like the facebook friend from hell. he leveraged social networking to spread the ideology of hate. but al qaeda in the aircrafts rainian peninsula, behind the last two major strikes against the u.s. is more than anwar al-awlaki. they have nasir al-wahishy, and another guy who is considered one of the best bomb makers, working today. he was behind the nonmetallic explosives in the attempted bombing on christmas day, greta. >> how did he slip out of the country? i was talking to you or reading your book, and i read he was embraced as a source of information and it turps out tdevelopped into this? >> well, you're right. one of the things i lay out in the book and we discussed on your show in june is that in
10:24 pm
october of 2002, anwar al-awlaki was held in federal custody, until an fbi agent ordered his release, even though there was an active warrant for his arrest. what our fox investigative team has reported and has never been challenged by the fbi is that the bureau was trying to develop an intelligence asset relationship or track him inside the united states for intelligence. the reason that matters is because what we showed is that this information about the fbi wkt with anwar al-awlaki was never shared with the 9/11 commission or with congress. and his life in the u.s. in 2002 and his connections to the 9/11 hijackers is the subject of a congressional investigation right now, greta. >> what did the fbi first have wind of him? i take it it was post 9/11 and not pre 9/11 snitch the fbi had an investigation before 9/11 because he had some suspicious
10:25 pm
contacts, one with the yemeni charity. but that investigation was closed in 2000, just about the same time that the first two hijackers entered the united states and developed this relationship withan anwar al-awlaki. the question has always been whether anwar al-awlaki was somehow radicalized after 9/11 or whether he was really part of the 9/11 plot and part of a support network. what we have shown in our reporting and i lay out a compelling case in the book, his contacts with the 9/11 hijarkers were not a series of coincidences, but newly declassified documents and phone records and bank records that make the case that this was evidence of a purposeful relationship, greta. >> now that, of course, it is the controversy because he's the first american to be killed in this. i mean, on the capture or kill list. i imagine that's causing consternation within the fbi in discussion tonight. >> well, it is.
10:26 pm
what we had today is two of the republican candidates, gary johnson, also ron paul, saying that the killing of an american overseas under the orders of the u.s. president really set a very dangerous precedent because here's the problem. what we had today was the u.s. government acting as judge, jury and executioner for an american citizen overseas. this happened at the same time that the obama white house wanted to bring the 9/11 suspects, all people who are foreign born to a federal court in the southern district of new york to give them the presumption of innocence and also the full cons constitutional rights of an american citizen. so there is a disconnect here. this is important because what i have shown in my reporting in the book is that there is an entirely new generation of americans who have joined al qaeda. so we are going to face this problem again in the very near future. >> any likelihood of revenge? is that any clatter that there will be reaction to the two
10:27 pm
killings today? any chatter reaction that we should be worried about? >> excellent question. the chairman of the house homeland security committee told fox news radio earlier today that he was very concerned about revenge attacks by anwar al-awlaki followers inside the united states. and he thought that may be the short-term cost of taking out someone who was so important to al qaeda's message and bringing it to the west. i haven't heard anything separately from that from my intelligence officials. but it's certainly a consideration because he was a digital jihaddist and his message really lives on in the virtual world much beyond his life that was ended today. >> thank you. >> coming up, a giant week in the health care law battle, a big announcement and virginia's attorney general cuccinelli is here to tell you about it. and a media relations course. did you hear what president obama said? and he said it about you.
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if you missed it, don't worry, you will hear it right here in a few minutes. stick around. [ male announcer ] in 1924, italian food came to ohio. vine-ripened tomatoes and real italian seasoned meat. the food got famous. and soonso did the chef. hello, i am chef boyardee. quality ingredients noreservatives still in every bowl.
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>> virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli is here. >> we filed forked. we won in the trial court, lost in the fourth circuit, on standing. they said that states don't have the right to defend their own laws. >> basically, meaning it's none of your business. >> right, right, get out. you can step outside of health care. forget helt care. this is the only circuit to ever do that. none of the circuit courts of appeals have ever denied the state the ability to defend its own laws. >> all right, now, the virginia case is different from the 26 states because you have a specific statute, which make its so different. the other states didn't get bounced out on standing. is that standing issue just sort of -- is that standing only because of your particular stature? >> yes, that's what we have been advancing it on, yes. they have individuals in addition to the states involved in the florida case, so with
10:33 pm
different judges, they hook onto different things. but the state standing issue has arisen in that case, but it's been a check box. it really shouldn't be a point of -- point of conflict. it never has been in the past. while it may be a point of annoyance to the federal government, states have the right to protect the areas of their legislation from federal pre-eion. >> do you have any dowpt doubt in your mind that your decision was strictly a legal decision, exercised with good legal judgment? or do you think this has some element of politics in it? >> vitrained myself to answer that one way, it's a pure legal decision. but when it's such an outlier. remember, we had two cases in the fourth circuit. we had virginia's case from the eastern district and the liberty case from the western district of virginia. and between the two, there were three completely unique elements to the rulings. one, it's the only case where
10:34 pm
states have been denied standing to defend their own law. that's one. over in the liberty case, they kicked that case out on standing. it was the only court to apply a law called the anti-injunction act, which we talked about sometime ago because it arose in our case as well. even the federal government concedes that doesn't apliesm but these folks kicked it out on that. and then one of the judges actually ruled, the only judge in america opined that he would find the act cons constitutional as an exercise of the taxing power. >> nobody said to tax. >> nobody. >> when the statute was passed, everyone ran from the concept that it could be taxed. >> flaming right winger, george steffanop lis. >> nobody wanted to be accused of creating taxing. has virginia moved forward, has the governor moved forward,
10:35 pm
getting ready to implement this statute? are you ready in the event you lose with the supreme court? >> let's say this was all cons constitutional, which it's not and it was going to roll forward. we couldn't keep up with the schedule they laid out in this statute in the first place. so attempts are being made to be prepared if we have to comply with this law. really, the governor's caught between a rock and a hard place. so we are trying -- trying not to get caught so far behind the eight ball that we can't possibly catch up. so some things are going on in that respect. but we are obviously going to try to solve this problem by beating it. >> you know, that's what -- that's my rub with the united states supreme court. they put all of these states in the awkward position of spending money, get ready or not, when they all nine of them knew it was coming. >> yeah. well, and -- excuse me -- we asked earlier in the year, for them to expedite it and they declined.
10:36 pm
>> we got started on a three-month vacation. >> that's right. but now we know this is going to be decided by june of next year. >> nice to see you, sir. we'll be watching, of course. >> always a pleasure. >> it is not over. there is more news about the solyndra scandal. there are reports that the fbi is investigating the company. as you know, the obama administration gave them a $535 million loan backing deal and then, of course, the company went belly up and all of us are on the hook for the giant loan babbing. the report states that the fbi is investigating solyndra for accounting fraud and what's going on with the energy secretary stephen chu? he is under the watch that put half a billion dollars into the money pit. jay carney was asked about it today. >> washington post reporting that secretary chu is taking responsibility for the restructuring of the solyndra loan. republicans are suggesting that that's to shield the white house. do you have the president's full
10:37 pm
confidence? is there anyone here who thinks he's to blame for what happened with solyndra? >> secretary chu does have the president's full confidence. going to the report, he is the head of that department. the department, which we have made clear, where career professionals have... administered the program, reviewed the loan application and made their recommendations, obviously, ultimately, the head of that department's responsibility for t. but let's be clear, there were numerous people involved who were career professionals and worked on those kinds of issues every day. >> so what do you think about secretary chu? do you think he should be fired or resign or stay put? go to gretawire to vote in the poll and there is a thread specifically about the secretary of energy. coming up, four words you probably don't want your president saying about you. but president obama did. the video and the whole story's next. and do you want wasabi thrown at
10:38 pm
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. president obama saying the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan will go forward on schedule. the president says he still plans to withdraw 33,000 troops from afghanistan next year. his declaration came in a letter friday to congressional leaders. and a member of the defense team representing michael jackson's former doctor is facing contempt charges. the judge said he found a "today show" interview where he criticizes a key prosecution witness, violating a previous order to refrain from discussing the case publicly. high winds stirring up dangerous waves along the lake michigan shoreline, knocking down joggers and bikers, like this one seen
10:43 pm
here. some were almost dragged into the lake. but there are no reports of any injuries. now back to "on the record." >> okay. what in the world is happening in the obama re-election campaign? first, is vice-president biden, the vice-president said in talking about the grim economy, what's relevant is we near charge. really? he. ed to take credit for the economy, not the smartest politicaltrategy. so now, listen to this. >> the way i think about it is, you know, this is -- you know, a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn't have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. we need to get back on track. >> your chief political correspondsent for the washington examiner joins us.
10:44 pm
first of all, do you know what he meant? >> well, i have been trying to figure this out, all day. he's speaking to a tv station in orlando, a very important state. he is being asked about the economy, what can do you to make the economy better? and he said that. we heard newt gingrich talk about jimmy carter's malaise speech, that this was like the speech that carter gave telling americans we are having a crisis of confidence. earlier today, we heard that it was a mixture of condescension and incompetence and narcissism all in one. i think it's simpler than that. if you listen to everything the president's been saying in the last couple of months, he's been telling audiences, friendly audiences, not so friendly audiences, that they are not working hard enough to enact his agend a. remember the speech, he said take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoe it's. >> not my fault.
10:45 pm
>> not my fault. go to the fund-raisers. white house sends out transcripts. in each one he said, i never told you this is going to be easy. you have to work hard and have sacrifice. to the people who are not his fans, he talks about shared sacrifice, meaning have you to pay more taxes. >> i went back and listen to the speech by jimmy cartener 1979, the crisis of confidence. i practically wanted to commit suicide. but in doing research, it was well received. go fog that. you know, he make its -- it's almost pathetic and self reflecting. what i find so unusual about this one is that the one great strength he has running for office was his inspiration, he made people feel great. now he's making americans feel lousy. they are soft. >> they are lazy. it's so different from his political strategy in '08. you know, it's surprising? >> they don't feel soft. they want to work. they are not enough jobs -- >> americans?
10:46 pm
>> absolutely! i mean, they want to work. but there is an irritated tone in his wordses now. you are right, that message of hope has gone from this message of you guys -- you need to work harder. you need to work hardser and he's out pushing the american jobs act. he wants to raise tax on americans, couples over $250,000 and certainly millionaires and billionaires. he's having trouble with that. democrats are not moving that -- >> that's another interesting thing, as a leader, one of the things that jimmy carter did, he read a letter from a citizen who accused him of managing the government, not leading. if he is so certain, he should be pounding the pavement and leading and getting his democratic stewards up here, pushing it. >> he's traveling the country, pushing it. >> but the people who are voting for it are up here. >> he can't get his own party on pennsylvania avenue completely together on this. but the scolding quality that has entered his speeches is
10:47 pm
really striking compared to his 2008 campaign. i don't think he's going to be able to keep doing that. as he gets into the general election campaign. >> the other thing interesting thing is that the economy is very responsive to the mood, whether hee people feel like things are going to get better, let's take a chance, let's take a risk. if you have the president making you feel bad like the speech with carter, it's counter productive for him, not just in terms of re-election, but setting the mood to rev up the economy. >> what he said today didn't make a lot of sense. you remember, he said that americans had gotten soft in the last two decades. in the last 20 years, that's the boon of the clinton years and the war on terror and the economic meltdown of 2008. >> does he ever do anything wrong? >> he doesn't really say that. sometimes he will say i. i don't know if we should demand t. but it's sort of like, at some point, you know, it's a little
10:48 pm
too perfect. >> the classic politician answer is to say, i haven't communicated what i am trying to do well enough. what i am trying to do is really great, but i haven't communicated it well enough. he does say that. >> give him credit for that. byron, nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> okay. look at this just released video. this is casey anthony inside jail when she learns that remains were found, confirmed to be caylee's in the woods, three blocks from the anthony home. you can see her watching the ff screen, breathing heavily and then she hunches over and puts her face in her hands. the video from december 2008, about six months after caylee was last seen. the tape has been sealed since june of 200 9 because of fears it would affect anthony's ability to receive a fair trial. she was found not guilty of murdering caylee this summer.
10:49 pm
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>> okay. you have seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. do you kinda, sorta, maybe want to get marryd? well, we have the city for you. lawmakers in mexico city are making legislation that will give couples the chance to apply for temporary marriage licenses. they could decide the length of the marriage. it does have a minimum of two years. if they are still happily married after two yeerzr years, they can renew the license. and if not, they can say adios without a divorce. the divorce rate in mexico city is 50%. crooks in indiana stole a man's car. police called the owner to tell them they hadh found his auto. the owner was thrilled, not just for the car, it was for something in his car. sit in the glove compartment, a 2 karat diamond ring for the owner's wife. lucky for him, the crooks were not very thorough.
10:54 pm
>> you know about the nobel prizes. what about the ig-noble prizes. harveards and the an, anales of improcresearch onto the funniest sciveg research. some of the winners, listen to this one. a lithuanian mayor who has a solution for the problem of illegally parked cars. the solution -- drum roll, please. running the cars over with armored tanks. now, here's another. japanese researchers won this one for determining the ideal density for airborne wasabi. now, why? to create a wasabi fire alarm to wake up deaf people. oh. and a professor created a theory that procrastinators can be motivated to do important things, but only if when doing those tasks they are avoiding something more important. there you have it, the best of the rest. and the studio crew is laughing. coming up, your last call.
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>> greta: conan o'brien has campaign slogan ideas for president obama. >> ob yaupa -- obama campaign is offering people a chance to win a dinner with president obama for $3. yes. that is the new slogan, i'm cheaper than arby's. >> that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you on monday. and tell us what you think about tonight's show. bill o'reilly is next. hair, we're still fans. wait until you see what we have for you from chicago. captioned by closed captioning services, inc


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