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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  October 1, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> ain't happening, no. >> jon: new jersey governor chris christie pressured to get into the race. >> i'm not running. >> jon: speculation over his candidacy hits fever pitch. >> no more vetoes, only titos, yeah. >> jon: the push? >> the media is trying to create story, by pushing chris christie into the race just like they tried to create a story sucking rick perry into the race. >> and herman cain did win the florida straw poll. are the media ignoring his success. >> stop complaining, stop grumbling stop crying. >> jon: president obama gives a speech, did his effort hit home or miss to the mark. >> you would never say to the jewish community stop complaining about israel. >> did the media take notice. >> jon: solar gig, fast and furious, anti-bailout ads, are
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these all real scandals plaguing the white house? do the media know the difference? and 60 minutes resident curmudgeon andy rooney faces his exit. >> each of us face an important question each day of our life, the question is this, should we clean up when we finish or leave it till later? >> on the panel this week writer and fox news contributor, judy miller. national review editor rich lawrie. jim pinkerton, the competitive magazine and most of the alan colmes show on news radio, alan colmes, i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. ♪ >> what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm the not running. i'm not running for president. i'm not going. a zero chance i will. i don't want to run for president. >> you feel in your heart you have no business running.
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>> i'm not arrogant enough as one year as governor and seven years as united states attorney i run for president. >> the heart felt message you gave me also is not a reason to do it. that reason has to reside inside me. >> jon: asked and answered is he running? and moves us to the next topic, is he running? and more specifically, jim, are the media pushing him? he can issue all the denials he wants to and the speculative stories still pop up. >> i think the media are desperate for him to run. >> jon: why? >> two reasons, one, they love the adventure of it all, the more the merrier. as i've said for several weeks, there's a strain within the mainstream media has had it with obama and wants somebody, they don't want rick perry or some-- and nbc news, last week, ran the clip of christy at the reagan library, including the woman saying we need to you save the country. and that's editorial, in an
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hour speech to pluck out that ten seconds is editorial made by your old colleagues at nbc, they aren't completely averse to him getting into the race. >> and the attention at all if he was running for president, the speech would have gone unheralded in the first place. >> the reason we're talk about it is a big deal and the media want him. that's the question. >> jon: is it a case, judy, the media doesn't like the current crop of republican candidates or there is he' another agenda. >> i think the republicans don't like the crop of available candidates and they want to see a more exciting show. and common, chris christie in his definitely not running mode has left open a lot of questions about whether or not he is running. and every other day, there's a story about whether or not he is in fact, as cline called the reagan library speech his rashman speech and heard the-- >> one of the reasons he says he's not running because of his weight. he's the first one to poke fun of himself because of his
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girth. the question, is it fair for other media to do it? take a look. >> chris christie offers something that say rick perry and bachmann don't. >> krispy kremes. >> let me make one point, the last fat president we had was president taft years and years ago. >> i remember him, i dated him. >> and they had to make a special bathtub for him because he was too fat to get in it. >> okay. >> i don't think the country is ready for a fat president again. >> jon: what do you think about that, rich. >> sophisticated political analysis. look, i see it fair game to make fun of him for it, it's inevitable. we make fun of political candidates in all sorts of ways, but you've got people very seriously arguing because he's fat he's unsuited to be president of the united states. you know, if he had an affair no one would care particularly, but he's overweight, apparently that's disqualifying. >> jon: alan, if he were liberal would they make fun of him?
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>> yes, it's not a lib cal, conservative thing, everything the show is liberal versus conservative. they would go after anybody who was overweight and there would be fat issues, and the real issue is a health issue, is he up to, you know, being -- i don't think he's going to run. >> and alan said it again, and slips that knife in there. oh, he's not qualified. >> i didn't say he he wasn't qualified. i didn't say that. >> and i didn't say he wasn't-- >> jim, i didn't say he wasn't qualified, it wasn't going to run, i didn't say that. >> the rhetorical, you did mt mention-- >> i never said that. >> roll, run the tape back, didn't say that. >> you can google it at home, folks. i notice that michael kinsley and eugene robinson and others are going after him because he's fat. they wouldn't do that if he were a liberal and conservative attacked a liberal for being fat, would he get clobbered. >> it's a health issue, people
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like that prone to heart attack and diabetes, people don't want to elect a vice-president who is going to be president, it's a fair issue. >> let's talk about, herman cain won the straw poll in florida and turned in a strong showing in fox news poll. won out this week shows that he is in a statistical tie at the top. do the media care? there's the poll results, by the way. and which shows that mitt romney has 23%, perry at 19 and her patton cain causing-- >> this is causing disdense. the idea that herman cain would be a credible candidate and you've got to take him seriously given the results and his clear following in this, and all the narrative that the liberal part of the media have been building up. the american people don't like obama, the fact they voted for him in the first place doesn't matter and the citadel of
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right wing racists, enembracing a-- >> talk about racism, the guy said shouldn't build a mosque in tennessee, imagine saying that about a christian church. >> apparently people didn't want a mosque-- >> here we have herman cain winning the sfrau poll, a major event and is still basically invisible and have chris christie opening the door. an utter obsession over him. >> he's tough and cain actually accused obama, perhaps he's the only one who can of playing the race card. >> he played the race card and he can do it because's black, that's the race card. >> janeane garafalo who is-- >> sometimes. >> (laughter) >> and janeane garafalo said that herman cain is probably well liked by some of the republicans because it hides the racist element of the
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republican party. >> what janeane garafalo has to say? >> the and they were all, they could use her to smear all liberals, what one liberal happens to say, ridiculous. >> jon: time for a break, for the media topics of the week go to fox news website, a number of of stores we'd like you to see, judy miller's talk on an underlying journalism class which suggests less supporting of jihad. a highly controversial topic and judy has an answer. >> up next, obama's speech to black leaders, was it a hit or a miss with the media. . >> put on your marching shoes. >> president obama delivers a call to action. speaking to leaders of the black community. in the media, did his message hit the marks or did his fiery words fizzle? words fizzle? the the answer [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
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>> tack take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes. take it off. stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying, we're going to press on, we've got work to do. . >> jon: president obama giving a fiery speech to the cbc, congressional black caucus at the awards dinner last weekend. congresswoman maxine waters, who has been critical of president obama's handling of unemployment had choice words of her own. >> i found the language a bit curious because the president spoke to the hispanic caucus, and certainly didn't tell them to stop complaining and he would he never say that to the gay and lesbian community, who really pushed him on don't ask
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don't tell or even in a speech to aipac, he would never say to the jewish community stop complaining about israel. >> jon: some people in the media thought that speech was great and others thought it was condescending. >> that's true, other people noticed there he was dropping his g's again. >> some complainin'. >> when he's talking to his folks and whenever obama does that, it annoys a lot of people. because he is kind of talking down to them. >> i'm one of those, annoyed he me, yes, one of our writers, asked what he go before a jewish or a gay audience and pretend to talk like the way he thinks the stereotypical jew or gay person talks? it was really absurd and-- >> and like the ap accurately quoted him without the g's and got accused-- that's exactly what he said and other media outlets added the g, which is bizarre. >>. >> jon: and we had the transcript of mhow the ap put
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it out for stories and reprint and dropped the g's on the end of those, as they should have, that's what he said. >> and it's important information to know that, and how condescending and ridiculous he was without that. >> there on the scream, how it was, grumblein', cryin', and they took heat for that. >> and there are racism detectors who put in play and enjoying this segment right now, and seemed to me obama kind of played the race card on the african-american community and knew as maxine waters said he knew he would get away with it with this group as opposed to, as rich said, another group. >> you have 15% unemployment roughly, and you're supposed to start complaining? >> i think that maxine waters m a fair points. >> i think he was trying to motivate his base and that's the way he motivates the base. a white candidate couldn't have done what he did. >> by telling them to stop whining? >> and he has the ability to do that based on his
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relationship with the base. >> jon: and the response of maxine waters and the response in giving it and never mentioned as far as i know, she's under an ethics investigation in congress where she sits. >> well. >> jon: he he mentioned in conjunction with her criticism of the president. >> if the ethics investigation tracks on long enough it becomes old news. what does it have to do with it? >> well, you know, there aren't that many members of congress who are-- >> and particular criticism of president obama in this case, i'm not sure of the relevance. >> cbs hasn't mentioned it since apparently october when she was put under investigation. >> and every time she's in news, oh, by the way, he's upped ethics investigation. >> not every time, but every now and then. >> every other time. >> and then this choice of words, obama's advisor, david axlerod said something this week that got a little media attention, let's listen. >> we don't have the wind at our backs in this election. we have the wind in our face
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because the american people have the wind in their faces. and so, this is going to be a titanic struggle, but i firmly believe that we're on the right side of the struggle. >> and everybody knows what happened to that ship, rich, as the obama campaign hit the iceberg? >> 40% or so in the polls using the word titanic. >> he is he' the iceberg. >> it's clearly not the obama white house. >> and the iceberg wins. >> everybody needs an editor. >> exactly. >> it's time for another break. if you see something that you think shows evidence of media bias, e-mail us at up next, are the media ignoring white house scandals? >> from the failures of an illegal gun sting gone wrong, to the ongoing investigation into questionable funding of solyndra and others.
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a growing list of scandals is plaguing the white house. are the media doing their due diligence or turning a blind eye? that's next on news watch. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i dot have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at
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>> i was going to stand on win, lose or draw, that's what america is-- pick yourself up and go back to work, ford is that company for me. >> jon: a new controversy
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surrounding that ford commercial now is the latest in a laundry list in allegations gebs the white house. now, detroit news columnist daniel howe report this had on tuesday, said the ad pulled in response to white house questions and presumably carping from rival gm, threatened to rekindle the negative, if accurate, association just when the president wants credit for the positive results gm and chrysler are moving forward, making money in selling vehicles and could distance himself from any public down side of his decision. now, the white house and ford are both denying those claims, but, i guess, does the issue deserve coverage? rich? >> absolutely. and i mean, i aum because they're both denying it, it's probably true. one of those kind of stories, the truth is, if this were a republican information, there would be countless columns about it and enter for all time. >> nobody is saying it's true other than the guy that wrote the article, unnamed source
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and both parties deny, where is the evidence? >> if something like this happened in the the bush administration, if you had the allegation. >> oh, bush. >> come on, and true. >> this is a nonstory, unlike solyndra, a nonstory. >> you're not addressing my point. >> what am i not addressing? >> if the bush administration had had, do you think they'd do that maureen dowd would let it go because the white house denied it. >> there's nothing to verify. >> the usual formulation for the republican administration is dogged by allegations of scandals, allegations are good enough and let's talk to the-- >> the republicans-- >> it's a double standard we know on the show, fox news watch. >> and this whole auto industry thing, the way the chrysler bailout was handed one of the companies alluded to in the act and as michael barone coined the phrase, the way the obama administration handled paying off the chrysler debtors and put the
8:53 pm
united auto workers ahead of the chrysler bondholders, that's gangster government and a right to be suspicious the way this thing handled and should be more investigation. >> we heard alan dismissing the solyndra thing, half a billion dollars of taxpayer government that apparently just gone. does it deserve more media scrutiny. >> of course it deserves scrutiny and the media, by the way, i think are giving it scrutiny and we have the white house e-mails na have he emerged about their involvement in this and this is clearly a high profile issue and i do agree with rich, alan. if this were a republican in the-- >> you want to talk about double standard, why not talking about the billions of dollars lost by iraqi provisional authority, billions and billions lost in iraq. >> it was covered, on the front page of every newspaper. >> and it was dropped, barely covered. >> why do you say that solyndra is a nonscandal? and-- >> it's something that falsely conservatives are trying to
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use against the white house when they approved the loan guarantee program, and bush approved using it against solyndra and there's a double standard giving bush a pass and republicans who had the loan guarantee, standard-- >> and green energy and green jobs, the administration gambled the policy on green jobs would make everything work and only later we discovered premised on $7 a gas and told the american people and short of $7 every one of these projects is underwater. >> jon: and operation fast and furious in which the bureau of arms and tobacco and tracking them and supposedly getting used in the death of an american border parole agent. where is the coverage on that, rich. >> and the interest in solyndra has broke and lot of fresh angles on.
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it i don't understand the neglect of the fast and furious thing. i think naturally media, a story involving illegal guns, it would be all over it, and it hasn't. >> and only now do we discover gun control, look, the government gives away guns and the-- >> and an acting atf director was on fox news saying it probably doesn't have higher than atf and trying to blame peop above that, i'm quoting a bush guy. >> and we have to take one more break, when we come back [ male announcer ] every day, thousandof people are choosing advil®. here's one story. [ regis ] we love to play tennis. as a matter of fact it was joy who taught me how to play tennis. and with it comes some aches and pains and one way to relieve them all is to go right to the advil®. i have become increasingly amazed at regis's endurance. it's scary sometimes what he accomplishes in a day. well i'd rather not have time for pain but unfortunately it does comes your way every now and then. and that's when i take my advil®. [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®.
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i was in the supermarket last saturday looking at the nuts. a lot of nuts but i was looking at the canned nuts and how mixed the mixed nuts were. >> jon: on the topic of nuts, andy rooney best known for sharing his unique and opinionated perspectives. cbs announced that the 92-year-old will deliver his last essay this week marking an end of a reiteration that begin in 1978. we wish him well. that is wrap on newsweek. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. w >> judge jeanine: tonight on "justice," the fbi and state department issue new warnings for americans.


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