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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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word. >> bill: another controversy surrounding rick perry. this one has to do with racism. is the hunting club deal a bogus situation? brit hume will analyze. [chanting the world is watching] >> bill: anti-capitalism protesters continue to run wild in new york city costing the taxpayers big money. what should be done with these people? we'll have a special report. >> all this time i have been paid to say what is on my mind. you don't get any luckier in life than that. >> bill: was andy ronnie good for america or just another left wing idealogue? bernie goldberg has some thoughts. >> dogs are nicer than people. >> bill: also tonight, the amanda knox case. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the talking points memo on how the democrats are spinning the economy will be in the next segment where brit hume will analyze. brit will also comment on rick perry's recent controversy dealing with race. first, the lead story tonight, 24-year-old aamanda knox free this evening. an italian appeals court overturned her appeal conviction. ms. knox had been sentenced to 26 years in the death of a british exchange student in perugia, italy. she had been incarcerated four years and gained worldwide attention. with us now fox news chief judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano who has been closely following the case. for those who haven't been closely following it. pick it up. gruesome crime, this woman had her throat cut. pick it up from there. >> amanda knox was charged with the crime. the victim is her roommate. the co-defendant is amanda knox's boyfriend. she points to a bartender in a
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bar who had nothing to do with it she basically in the 56th hour, 567 hours of interrogation, tells the police well, if it happened, here is how it happened and here was my involvement. on the bailiffs of that, she is connected. >> bill: let's stop now. there was a situation where a british exchange student who is ms. knox's roommate was involved in some kind of party? >> yes. a party that the government says was a sex party and was fueled by drugs. >> bill: okay. so she was killed, why? >> the government didn't offer. >> bill: no motive. >> correct. >> just wound up with her float cut. >> bloody footprints and ney evidence which was discounted by some the government's own expert. >> bill: you are getting ahead of yourself. the woman gets her throat cut after a party in the house. mtion knox was in the house with a boyfriend somebody else was. >> there also present is ms. knox's boss, the guy that owns the bar and another semi
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boyfriend who turns out to be a drug dealer from africa sort of floating his way. >> bill: who was convicted for slitting the woman's throat. >> amanda knox and her boyfriend rafaele slit toe were convicted of soliciting her throat. >> bill: the other two weren't convicted. >> one of the other ones was convicted of assisting in the murder. he was sentenced to six years in jail. >> bill: the italian government couldn't say hot knife wielder was with any certainty? >> that's correct. >> so then she gets sentenced to 26. she is put in jail. and the appeal process begins which culminates today with the italian government saying, what? >> the appeals process is unlike anything we have here, bill. it is basically a second trial before another judge and another jury in which the government must prove its case again at the end of this second trial, she is found not guilty of murder. she is found not guilty of rape. she is found not guilty of lying to the police. she is only found guilty of slandering the police, for which
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she is sentenced to time served. and, as we speak, she is being set free. >> bill: how about the boyfriend? he gets off, too? >> yes. so they are both then found not guilty of killing this woman who had her throat cut but they don't know who cut her throat? >> it's like any criminal case where the government said this defendant did it and the jury says we don't believe you we never find out who did it. >> bill: again, i didn't follow the case closely and i'm sure some of you did not either. the d.n.a. evidence that was introduced in the initial conviction was shaky. >> yes, it would never have been introduced in an american courtroom. because the standards for introducing it, the methods that have to be demonstrated to the judge's satisfaction are not standards that exist in italy. >> bill: what was the most compelling piece of evidence against the aamanda knox that put the knife in her hand or whatever that you saw? >> her own words. after 56 hours of interrogation, the cops said to her, tell us a hypothetical about how it might have happened. >> bill: 56 hours.
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this woman could have been delirious at that point. >> that's the point. >> bill: does she have an attorney with her. >> no. she didn't have an attorney. of course she is not entitled to one under italian law. again in an american system. what somebody said after 56 years of staying awake. >> bill: she wasn't allowed to sleep. >> no. this is 56 continuous hours. >> bill: that's ridiculous. >> that was the evidence used against her. >> bill: i don't know what happened and you don't know what happened. you put the whole puzzle together, you have to let her go. >> you put the whole puzzle together, she was probably there. and she probably knew what happened. but the government could not prove it yard and so -- beyond a reasonable doubt, outcome is just one. it's better that somebody probably guilty goes free than someone punished -- >> bill: any kind of explanation for her behavior that evening? >> no. but she was given the opportunity to address the court without being cross-examined by the prosecutor. also unheard of in our system. and all she said was it wasn't me, i didn't do it.
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i don't know who did it. don't punish me for something i didn't do. the jurors accepted that argument. >> bill: she didn't say i wasn't in the room or anything like that. because the footprints that you mentioned earlier, the bloody footprints did match that she was in proximity to this woman's body. >> that is damning evidence against her and tonight is unexplained. >> bill: okay so. wrapping this whole thing up, there wasn't enough in your opinion to keep the woman in jail for 26 years. but we don't know who killed this british woman and knox, in your opinion was there and does know what happened? >> but there wasn't enough evidence to convict her. >> you believe that she does know what happened? >> yes, i do. i believe she knows what happened because of the involvement of the boyfriend and her former boss who owned the bar who was convicted. >> bill: so tonight we shouldn't be happy about anything? >> well, we should be happy that no one was convict without adequate evidence. we don't know what the outcome -- >> bill: this poor woman is dead with her throat cut and amanda
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knox, i believe like you believe, knows what happened. thank you we appreciate it see you on the fox big -- business channel. rick perry's new racial controversy. far left protests costing new york city millions of dollars. update you on that as the factor comes right back. there's only one bottle left !
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>> bill: as we all know the u.s. economy is bad. president obama as he approaches three years in office. speaking to chris wallace yesterday. the ceo of fedex was very pithy in analysis of the economy. >> our investment levels are significantly low where they have been in the past. so our corporate tax code, our energy policy, our trade policy, and the tremendous increase in regulations are all impeding the economy's ability to grow at reasonable levels. >> bill: that's the best analysis you are going to see. and mr. smith is correct. the private marketplace has lost confidence in the obama administration's economic policies. as i remember as that. therefore -- simple as that. the democrats have a huge problem. how can they elect mr. obama if the economy is so terrible.
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speaking on cbs martin o'malley a uber democrat laid out strategy. >> there are two going to be two economic plans that the country will choose from. one, that was the failed plan proven to have failed under george w. bush, which brought us not only record deficits but, worse, record job losses in our country. and then you will have the plan that has been advanced by the president, once again renewed with his drive for the american jobs act, that will create jobs in our country. >> bill: so governor o'malley is basically saying mr. obama will continue to demonize former president bush putting forth that more federal spending will create jobs and that the evil republicans are blocking that job creation. in reply, mississippi governor haley bar borrow an uber republican said this. >> martin's amnesia about the fact that obama ha had the biggest democratic majorities in congress since lyndon johnson, they passed everything he wanted, including ramming health
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care, obama care down the country's throat and now they complain well, gee, we didn't get everything we wanted, those mean republicans? bill clinton never did that. ronald reagan never did that. >> bill: comes down to this. you, the american voter, will eventually have to make the call between the two strategies. talking points does not believe the democrats are in a strong position because the bent -- debt is too huge and blaming bush is too old. i could be wrong because there is one other thing in play here. we are becoming a nation of excuse-makers. younger americans especially have a tendency to accept excuses for bad behavior and failure no matter how outland dish those excuses are. court has shifted from personal responsibility to somebody's else's fault if i don't deal doo well. while admitting mistakes is hard, it's necessary if you want to solve problems. so far the obama administration has not admitted to many mistakes so there you have it.
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upcoming hinge how much reality americans are willing to accept. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. actually not the top story. we did have the top story now for the story in the b block. governor rick perry, is he facing another controversy. apparently a hunting camp that he and his father leased had a racial slur painted on a rock outside the front gate. mr. perry now has to deal with that joining us from washington fox news senior political analyst brit hume so the "the washington post" broke this story on sunday. it seems to me i read this story that the rock was painted over and maybe if you had a magnifying glass you could see this objectionable word on it. it kind of stretching, right? >> it doesn't seem to me to be as big a story as the "the washington post" played it. after all the properties you pointed out was leased. the perry family didn't own this land that was used as a place to hunt. and eventually, i guess the exact time of it was in some dispute. the offending word that was, i
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guess, part of the name of the property or name of the area was painted over. you can't see it anymore. the story was based on a lot of anonymous sources which always raises questions. i just think it's not helpful to perry for this reason, bill. every day you spend talking about something like this with regard to perry is a day that whatever else perry is saying or doing doesn't get through. >> bill: this is the way the media operates. this story was 1983 story, too. >> it's old. it goes back long way. >> bill: you are basically -- and you correct me if i am wrong, because you live in washington. i'm not slamming the "the washington post" here but maybe they deserve to be slammed. they are looking and hunting for anything. here is a hunting situation where the perry family leases the land so they can go shoot stuff, okay? and on a rock outside the gate is this objectionable word disparaging blacks. somebody paints it over, okay? it happened 27 years ago, 28
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years ago. and there it is on the front page of the "the washington post" indicating, what? that perry is a racist? there is no backup for that. >> no. that's right. and the other thing about this, bill, it wasn't as if somebody painted that on there as a racial slur. apparently this was a word that was used. it was the name of the place. name of the area. the name of the. >> bill: that doesn't matter because that's a racial slur and anybody in 1983 would have known that. >> i understand that. but the point was it wasn't. >> bill: they should have painted it over but it looks like they did. >> yeah, they did. i think the herman cain, fellow republican, who on "fox news sunday" said he was disapproved of this. outraged by it, and thought it was a sign of insensitivity on perry's part may mistake. an awful lot of republican voters who don't have the racial bone in their bodies this something old to cast undeserved slur on perry and his sentiments
5:16 pm
and will not appreciate herman cain adding fuel to the flame. >> bill: i agree with you. i didn't think that was a wise move by mr. cain because he should be giving perry the benefit of the doubt and here's the reason that cain has been called every kind of vile name in the book by left wingers and he knows theain that that brings. so that herman in this case, might have said, you know what? i'm not really sure what happened. i'm not going to take a press report that is obviously designed to denigrate a candidate. i'm going to -- if he was serious about it, herman cain, he would have called perry. would have gotten his side of the story before he made any kind of public remark. i will give you the last word on it. >> well, i don't disagree with that bill. i think that this is the kind of thing an experienced politician looks at a story like this and has to make a judgment as to whether to try to use it as an opportunity or not to. i think a more experienced politician than herman cain and
5:17 pm
maybe herman cain after a while is looking at something like this would have a different reaction. >> bill: we will try to get herman cain on this week. we had a little problem with his staff last week. he was supposed to be on. they are a little chaotic. we will try get herman cain on and we will talk about it brit, as always, ahead, wall street protesters run wild here in new york city. what should be done with these people? but next, class warfare, juan williams thinks it may work for the president. back in just a few moments. [ male announcer ] at transerica,
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we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ >> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, class warfare no question president obama the democratic party seeing advantage to dividing americans along money lines. new poll by the "the washington post" ask who is helping the haves and have notes? 47% of americans say the republicans in the congress do
5:21 pm
more to help the haves than do more to help the have notes. just 15% say obama administration is doing more to help the haves than have notes. quite a gap. mary katharine ham has the night off and juan williams. herman cain reacting to "the washington post" on the thing. i thought mr. cain should have been more circumspect. >> i didn't. i thought you know what? i guess i'm saying this as a black person to you, bill. the idea that anybody would have that kind of language around him for a long period of time and not think, you know what? we should get this thing out of here right now, why is this here? this is a deeply offensive. it's not representative of my character or my belief, why did he just let it lay there and why did it stay there rick perry tomorrow. he let it stay there. i don't know the detail. >> quiet clearly, juan.
5:22 pm
murky about when it was painted over but it was painted over way way way back and how long the perry family had access to the property before it would have been two hours after they got the lease to that property could have come out with a spray thing and painted over it, waterboarding. i want to, juan. i think it was a mistake until he talked to perry. give me that courtesy. what i'm saying to you as it was reported in the "the washington post" indicates it was painted over, still visible and the idea is that perry and his family did nothing about it for a long period of time, bill. >> that's not what the story says. it says it's murky about who did what. it doesn't say they didn't do anything for a long period of time. >> they didn't remove it. >> bill: removing and it painting it over. i don't know how big the rock was or anything like that.
5:23 pm
>> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> bill: let's get to the class warfare deal. you think that -- i don't think this going to work for the democrats next year. i don't think people are going to go, except for the solid, you know, liberal we got to change the system, it's not fair, those folks, if you are going to vote for barack obama no matter what. the independent minded people, i don't think they like this class warfare stuff, juan. >> well, you know what? first of all, look at those -- the occupy wall street movement that you are seeing right there firsthand in new york. it's now spreading around the country this weekend it's in l.a., san francisco, pittsburgh, boston. >> bill: you don't think this is spontaneous, do you? >> yeah, i do. i think it's organic. >> bill: groups behind it professional people. these people. >> that's like saying. >> bill: we sent jesse watters out there. they just wander around. these aren't vietnam. >> they are jobless young people. >> bill: because they don't want to work. they admitted it to us. >> that's not true.
5:24 pm
>> bill: don't want to work for the corporate man. >> high unemployment because this economy is doing such trouble finding work. >> bill: let me break it to you. if you have a college degree in this country, unemployment is 4.5%. okay, juan? so all of these people. all these people has to take a shower and they can get a job if they went to college. that's all. >> no. what you are missing is they are under employed. they are taking jobs that. >> bill: underemployed. what, i was underemployed for years that's what happens when you build a career. i made 150 bucks in pennsylvania writing gag lines for you think ted's ghoul school. >> you were starting your career as a pressure journalist. >> bill: what are they doing? >> at the rung you wanted. these people can't find jobs or finding jobs flipping burgers. very unhappy. a lot of young people. guess what? you said the independents won't
5:25 pm
buy. this there was a fox news poll last week that said is president obama's class warfare strategy hopeful or divisive and the fox poll said 56% of americans agree that president obama's class warfare strategy described by the republicans as hopeful and positive and guess what most independents agreed with it. >> bill: i don't think so. i mean maybe the poll the way the question was worded, i don't think americans want this country to be divided over money and class. i agree that there are a lot of fat cat gang centers on wall street. i have been very outspoken about those people. >> sure. have you gone after the oil companies. >> bill: right. and g.e. and the companies that don't pay taxes. >> bailouts for wall street. >> bill: absolutely. >> bailouts people on the left and the right upset. >> bill: that's not what this is all about, juan. this is i hate capitalism. i want the socialist nirvana. i'm going to disrupt everybody's life to make my point. that's wrong. i will give you the last word.
5:26 pm
>> here is what you are missing. most americans in the fox news poll. taxes raised on people making more than 250. they agree right now that the rich aren't paying go back to wall street. those guys are getting big bonuses. big payouts. the government bailed them out. >> bill: if i said do you want taxes to be raised on your fellow americans and continue to waste all the money we are wasting. >> waste is a separate issue. now. >> bill: the issues are connected. >> i will tell you, president obama and the democrats are creating a pitch fork brigade to go against the tea party and it seems to be working. >> bill: we will see. juan williams, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. andy rooney says goodbye. was he good for america? protesters running wild in new york city as we said. what should society do with these people? hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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>> bill: factor follow-up segment tonight, as we reported last week few hundred protesters are roaming around new york city capitalism and establishment in general. anonymous. guild and busters. far left of course loves this. >> i think we desperately need a popular uprising in the united states. none of us know. i study movements. we don't know the exact formula, when those movements erupt. but it could be and if that's true, then these people who are here are really wonderful. and i would do anything to help them. >> bill: recognize that lady? that's francis fox piven who was glenn beck outed communist
5:31 pm
sympathizer who teaches here in new york. executive director of the american values institute. now the thing i object is they are disrupting people's lives, the brook lib bridge, a thousand arrested. you know, i don't know if this is the right way to convince anybody. hearts and minds, you know. >> well, i think this is about civil disobedience. when you have very limited opportunities to actually express yourself, those are very legitimate acts. there is a lot of rage out there. >> bill: is there a legitimate cause? civil disobedience understand gandhi and all of that, martin luther king is a legitimate cause. is this legitimate cause tear down capitalism? >> bill: oh they are too. >> trying to find a way to channel the rage. too big to fail banks have been completely sitting on lots of cash. opportunity for americans to get back to work. time someone start to hold them accountable.
5:32 pm
>> bill: that's legitimate point people are angry. people are sitting on this money. derived by taxpayers. not helping out in the situation. isn't that a legitimate point. >> certainly is that's not anything i have heard from. i have not heard one coherent thought from any of these people. this is like less miserable except without the good music. they are having a good time. ironic thing, bill, all the new laws that have been brought in to go after wall street have wall street down to the lowest level. they are firing hundreds of thousands of people, i think they are three years too late. >> bill: we went out, ms. johnson, last week and talked to some of these people. and i have to disagree with you, they want to destroy the system. they want a quasisocialistic system like europe or a real socialist system like cuba. that was almostniform to everybody we talked to. they don't like capitalism. they think it exploits the people and, you know, when americans hear that they reject it. >> i think there are some
5:33 pm
sentiment rage out there. you will find, in any movement you are going to find a sector that espousing some very extreme ideas. >> bill: all the extremists. >> we see that in the tea party. rand paul. >> bill: extremism in every movement. everybody we talk to was down with the pigs, whatever it was. >> a lot of sympathizers down there who just care about their property values right now. they care about getting back to work. >> bill: i don't believe that for a second. 4.5% unemployment in the college educated. i keep going back to that you know. go ahead, tobin. >> bill, again, the tea party, they could learn something from the tea party. if they were going to say, for instance, when i read that this is all about how money has corrupted government. they about 300 miles too far. if they took down k street then we would have an issue. this is an organized sort of mayhem, bohemian i don't have a job today i will go down and hang out.
5:34 pm
it's disappointing. i have seen better things at a hockey game. >> if congress had been harder on financial reform. if they had actually taken up derives. asked the too big to fail banks to take down mortgages. absolutely we wouldn't be seeing that kind of energy. >> bill: that's president obama's fault though. >> no, it's not. >> bill: you want a harder line on the derive banks that did this big fraud and i'm with you on that. that was horrible. president obama has had three years go after these guys and hasn't. >> i think the challenge. >> bill: wait. president obama has had three years and hasn't. >> i think that congress and the administration bears responsibility for. this i completely agree and i will be happy to critique him from the left. >> bill: you have got to be fair. >> i do. now that we are seeing the presidential race happening. we are seeing this expectation of a billion dollars being raised and the fundraising in congress happening, the real issue is going to be campaign
5:35 pm
finance and politics. >> bill: very interesting debate. tobin, if you can say it in 10 seconds say it? >> with all due respect, they need to get a better coach down there, all right? >> bill: all right, guys. thanks very much. when we come right back, andies rooney gone from tv. is that a good or bad thing? bernie goldberg has some thoughts upcoming. [ male announcer ] if youe gonna build a fuel-efficientar, the first thing you got to do is make a car that's worth building... one with character and conviction... that has all the luxury you'd expect. then you put in an 8-speed transmission that gets 31 miles per gallon. that combition of luxury and efficiency only cos from one place in the world. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days,
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forever, i can't though. but i'm not retiring. writers don't retire. and i'll always be a writer. a lot of you have sent me wonderful letters and said good things to me when you meet me in the street. i wasn't always gracious about it.
5:39 pm
it's hard to accept being liked. i don't say this often but thank you. although if you do see me in a restaurant, please just let me eat my dinner. >> bill: here now to analyze mr. rooney's impact on the country mr. bernard goldberg. how well did you know. >> i saw him around the halls. i had one particular experience with him where his segment is a few minutes with andy rooney. i don't think they were his best few minutes. and i say that acknowledging he is a american icon. is he beloved by millions of americans. but i saw a weakness in him that i don't think is attractive. do you want to know the story? >> bill: absolutely. >> my first book bias came out 10 years ago. and i was on every radio and tv show. you know how that works. >> bill: sure. >> i wasn't on larry king live. i have no constitutional right or any other right to be on ha
5:40 pm
show. i have no problem. the book was number one without larry so i was cool. larry had a number of high profile journalists on talking about the media in general and about my book in particular. let's just say they weren't thrilled with the book. it was about liberal bias in the news. he had andy rooney on, and he asked andy rooney what he thought of "bias" the book and the topic of bias in the news. andy said bernie has always had a great ncaa -- knack for being a jerk. i have no problem with that. >> bill: that's true. [ laughter ] >> not only is it true, i have been called worse. but then he said and i'm going to give to you with sentences here. then he said there is no -- but there is no question that i, andy rooney, that i, among others, have a liberal bias. now, i'm watching this at home and i say i don't care if andy rooney has a liberal bias. he is a commentator. what does he mean by "i among others" he answers it with the next sound bite or the next
5:41 pm
question to larry king. he says "i think dan, referring to dan rather, i think dan is transparently liberal. now he may not like to hear me say that. i always agree with him. but i think he should be more careful. after i fell off the couch at home and got up, i'm saying i have never said anything that inflammatory about dan rather. this is unbelievable. he is saying conservatives have been right all along. >> bill: making the point in your book valid. >> yes, yes, exactly. so, he gets called -- taken to the wood shed. >> bill: he got yelled at. >> by senior executive who we both know. the senior executive said he was disloyal. i know this because andy rooney told me that in a phone conversation. so this would have been the end of the story. so what does andy rooney do? he has a nationally indicated column. he writes a column about this column in which he said i was a guest on the larry king show and i said some things that i would have been better off lying about
5:42 pm
or avoiding. what's the translation? if the subject is bias in the news, dishonesty is the best policy but even better policy is taking the fifth and not even talking about it. look, he is 92 years old. he has had a remarkable career. he is an american original. but my few minutes with andy rooney in that episode showed me that he wasn't a standup guy. in that episode and he didn't lack -- he should have stood up and had more courage than he did. he was powerful enough. >> bill: he did tell the truth. >> he did tell the truth. absolutely. and then he backed off of it. >> bill: how many -- he didn't back off. >> yes, he did. >> bill: maybe it would have been wiser for me not to tell the truth. he didn't say i was misquoted or anything. >> you are absolutely right. listen to what you just said. a news man. but how many on this subject none of them. >> bill: one of the few, beside you, all right, who actually told the truth. >> bill, i know you.
5:43 pm
we have known each other for a long time. if you say something tough today that's true, you are not going to come back tomorrow and say, you know, i'm sorry i told the truth. i shouldn't have done it, the world can't go around when people tell the truth all the time. bill: they were doing the corporate loyalty thing on him. you can't talk about your company that way. da'da da'da da. migrate rooney story is i was in the elevator with him on 57th street. he looked up and said you'll never make it i go thanks, andy, nice to meet you. that was the first time i ever met him. he was right i didn't make it at cbs. here i am which gulls the heck out of him. >> have you ever noticed how people eat corn flakes these days? >> bill: i actually laughed when he said it the guy, the reason i respect andy rooney and 60 minutes, the two, is that 60 minutes is an honest broadcast.
5:44 pm
>> right, it is. >> bill: andy reasony, i think is an honest guy. >> bill, i agree completely. he was honest, he said something. >> bill: then he backed away because they put heat on him. we are paying you half a million bucks a year. >> you are cool with that? >> bill: that's not what i do but i understand. >> i was in a tough spot at that time. well. >> bill: he could have helped you out. he didn't care about you and he doesn't care about me. come on, you know that. in the shark infested world of tv news, how many people care about each other? this isn't up with people here, you know what i'm talking about? >> i think i do. >> bill: bernie goldberg, everybody, great story. reality check on deck. amanda knox, lee stevens, and killing lincoln, all in the spotlight this evening. check in next.
5:45 pm
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5:48 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. relate check where the truth sets us free every monday evening. check one, just my opinion, just my opinion, the murder cases like amanda knox and casey anthony are interesting to follow but unhealthy if you get emotionally involved. none of us knows exactly what happened in those situations and we have to depend on a flawed justice system whether it's here in the u.s.a. or in italy to define things for us. there is, however, a fact-based approach that does serve us well, respect the process, it's the only thing that we have to separates us from the bar barons, if things don't add up like in the anthony and o.j. simpson cases it is find to harbor a strong opinion. there is a right and a wrong in this world. check two, speaking on the abc brought cast this week jake tapper said this. >> one point about romney which is he is the only one on stage when i watch these debates who is running a general election
5:49 pm
campaign already. he is the only one who is trying to appeal to independents and democrats who are persuadable. and when i went up to new york city for the u.n. general assembly a few weeks ago i had some dinner with friends, liberal democrats who live in new york, not that -- there are a lot of them up there. >> many. >> you can hear them making their peace with romney. >> bill: of course the far left will never accept any republican just as the far right will most likely not accept governor romney. check three, singer guy ray stevens not a big fan of president obama. here is the latest on ray >> we got record foreclosures ♪ folks are losing their homes ♪ banks got money ♪ they won't make loans ♪ bringing small business to the knees ♪ owe our souls to the chinese ♪ mr. president ♪ mr. president ♪ what are you going to do ♪ take off my coat and roll up
5:50 pm
my sleeves ♪ turn on the teleprompter and give another speech ♪ act real cool ♪ and talk will soft ♪ and then go out and play another round of golf ♪ throw a party at the white house ♪ show board air force one ♪ and away i will go ♪ up to new york ♪ take michelle to a play ♪ then shoot a few hoops and call it a day. >> bill: of course, there is much more. stevens, always causing trouble. check four, medical advancements are coming quickly for the death. there is a new device called the esteem implant sherman who is nearly death switched it on -- deaf switched it on for the first time. >> technically your device is on. yeah? >> it's exciting. don't cry.
5:51 pm
you can hear me? you can hear your voice? does your voice sound pretty loud? >> no, not really. >> you will get used to all of them over time. >> bill: congratulations to sloan and her family and envoy medical which developed the device. check five. there are plenty of records around the world. one of them was broken in australia recently. the world's largest bikini parade sponsored by guinness, what a shock. unfolded on the gulf coast. 357 ladies participated breaking the old record of 331 achieved in the kay men islands. four women were disqualified for wearing too much. finally check six another big thank you for supporting my book killing lincoln amazon, books a million. sam's club says it is a top seller as well. six days 125,000 copies of killing lincoln have been sold.
5:52 pm
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>> bill, scottsdale, arizona.
5:56 pm
>> mel. >> it's war, not a crime that they are doing it. and patrick. and perry, illinois.
5:57 pm
>> lee from santiago, chile. >> we will have more on is it legal tomorrow night. they are working on that now. the description of lincoln's last hours on his deathbed was wrenching. i actually tried. you know, that's excellent, jennifer. kids need to read or lessen to this book. i get a lot of letters, what age is suitable? if it's a very bright kid 10 and up, 11, but any kid, twelve and up, this is a book that they will enjoy, they will like it, and it will get them interested in their country and in a hero, a true american hero. very important.
5:58 pm
and donald, blaine, washington.
5:59 pm
>> it's coming here, though. it's coming here. that is it for us tonight. check out fox news factor website which is different from billo' >> if you go to your dictionary there's a good chance you won't find the word blooter. it is derived from scotland. go to scotland and they may call you a blooter. don't say anything back. always remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you.


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