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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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new jersey governor chris christie finally puts months of speculation to rest. >> new jersey, whether you like it or not, you're stuck with me. >> dana perino and stewart varney are here with reaction. but did he make the right decision to not run for the gop nomination? pollster frank luntz has the new dials with that answer. with big moves in the gop presidential field, what should republicans be looking for in their next candidate? bill bennett is here to break it all down. plus a new book alleges a racial agenda at the department of justice, former doj official jay christian adam social security here with a shocking new book. we're on the road to 2012 and hannity starts right here, right now. >> after months of speculation, rumors today, new jersey governor chris christie, he made it official. he is out for 2012. he announced his big decision at a press conference in trenton,
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new jersey, this afternoon. let's take a look. >> over the last few weeks, i thought long and hard about this decision. i've explored the options. i've listened to so many people and considered whether this was something that i needed to take on. but in the end, what i've always felt was the right decision remains the right decision today. now is not my time. i have a commitment to new jersey that i simply will not abandon. that's the promise i made to the people of this state when i took office 20 months ago. to fix a broken new jersey. when i look at what we've accomplished so far, i'm proud. but i know we're not nearly done. i've made this commitment to my state first and foremost. the people sent me to trenton to get a job done and i'm just not prepared to walk away. >> the governor said he would not rule out a run for the white house in the future. however, his decision to remain on the side lines in 2012 is one
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likely going to disappoint at least some republicans. according to a recent poll, 34% of gop voters still say they are not impressed with the current field of candidates. and that brings us to this bombshell report from according to that site, an attorney with close ties to former alaska governor sarah palin has reportedly been investigating what the drop dead deadlines are for entering the race. so governor christie officially out, could governor palin be preparing to join the field? here with analysis, the one and only, of varney and am can, right after the i man on the "fox business" network, stuart varney, and the co-host who deals with beckel five days a week, dana perino. how are you? >> great. >> i don't know what's harder, dealing with imus or beckel every day. >> that is a toss-up. >> different people in different ways. >> that's right. >> imus wants to poke you and bob just wants to get under your skin. >> and he knows exactly how to push my buttons for getting --
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he just says something bad about president bush and i'm on top of it. i nearly lose my temper. >> i watched the governor -- first of all, i thought it was a classy speechn his part. i think it's probably good, i think people were getting a little tired of, are you in? are you out? i kind of thought at the reagan library it was definitive, but then it became a big issue again. what went into this? >> i'm sorry he's not in because i wanted the widest possible field of talented candidates from which republicans could choose. i get the impression the whole process is now really speeding up. with him out, the big money that was maybe going to him is now going to move quickly. >> to? >> probably to romney, i would suggest. probably nobody else is going to get in unless governor palin does. but the field is now set. there's a big debate next week. i think that's a crucial debate for governor perry. i think things are speeding up and i think pretty soon we're going to know who is going to be
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the next president of the united states, 'cause it's going to be a republican. >> what do you think? >> i think governor christie could have given a better speech last week at the reagan library if he had made this decision before hand because i think it looked like he was -- there were so many people calling him and asking him to run and he just wasn't ready. he wants to finish out his governorship. the other reason that stewart is right, that this race is speeding up is that the rye marries are soon. you really only have about 90-plus days in order to get organized and ready for that first primary. so all of this is like the ground rushing up to meet you. >> is it possible, could governor palin get in? >> technically yes. but i think that her support right now would be so low that she would not -- >> why do you think that? >> because i don't think -- all of these other candidates are doing a lot of spade work, they've been working very hard to cultivate the presidential nomination, the republican nomination. and i don't think that the voters are going to say -- the
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republican voters are going to say, yeah, right. now we are looking for another choice and we want sarah palin. there is not a grand swell of support asking her to run like there was -- >> i will tell you this, she is -- i got it tell you, she's a rock star. >> absolutely. >> is she a winner? >> i don't know. >> above all else, they want someone to win. i think there are severe doubts whether she could win. >> she indicated last week on greta's show that the presidency might be too much -- shackling is the word she used. where she couldn't be the maverick and rogue she wants to be. >> one way or the other, i think she'll have an impact on the race, whether she gets in or not. >> they both will. governor palin's endorsement will be much sought after, as will governor christie and both did a lot of campaigning. >> i agree. especially with the base. now, the interesting thing, if you watch the polls now, governor perry had taken a hit over the immigration policy in his last debate in orlando.
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it will be interesting to watch and see how -- if he's able to recover. that's why this process is so healthy. the vetting system is good. the two people that keep coming up in the polls now, herman cain and newt gingrich seems to be making a move at this point. what do you make of that? >> herman cain, everybody likes the man. >> i love the guy. >> he's got a great sense of humor. >> he had his best interview of the presidential election cycle with you last night. i thought he was the most personable and success agrees with him. every time he does a little bit better, a little more confidence, a little more relaxed and a little more able to explain his policies. >> that plan, 999, is very easy to understand. it's -- >> you like it? >> i'm not saying i like it or dislike it. but it's a very interesting plan. >> she asked a good question. we usually put her on the spot. what do you like about it or don't like about it? >> i like it because it's simple, not simplistic, it's essentially a flat tax by any
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other name and that's what i like. it's very easy to understand. is it possible to impose on implement that kind of thing? almost certainly not. >> that kind of surprises me, though, because i thought that you would not like it, that it was an income tax and a sales tax at the same time, which is what you had in britain. >> there is plenty not to like. what wants a consumption tax at 9%? that's not going to be very popular. but -- >> it brings the underground economy into the mix. so in other words, people hiding their money, they buy a new car -- >> then the rich pay more. >> you would never see this implemented because the 47% of the people who work will pay no federal income tax at all would now be paying 9% of their income, unless there is a large exclusion. getting that through congress, getting that to a vote and having it pass is highly unlikely. yes, it's a great idea, yes, it would be good, but likely? no. >> i wonder if this is the moment, though, 'cause the country is so fed up -- we have the recent polls, i have a poll
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here, 80% -- 81% dissatisfied, has a negative view of government in the country. if ever there was a moment in time, in history where dramatic changes to the tax code could take place, this is it. >> real, serious tax reform. lower tax rates, get rid of many deductions. bring in more revenue. get the private enterprise system going. that's the answer. >> that's actually congressman paul ryan's plan. the chairman of the house budget committee. what you just describe is actually what he would bring to the table and has introduced and there is still no presidential candidate it's really pushing something. >> i think dana called you establishment tonight. >> no, she did not. >> no. >> by the way, bowling does that again, we're going to bring him back here. >> we cut that segment last week and then we didn't make it in the show because of chris christie's speech. >> that's right. i was going to defend you. >> well, you did. and i'm dying for you to put
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that on-line or something. >> attacks me? >> you could afford it. you and neil cavuto. >> good to see you. coming up next. a former doj official opens up about what he says is a shocking racial injustice that has taken place within the justice department. first, they're the two names on everybody's lips today, herman cain and chris christie. frank luntz is here to break down the impact they're having and a programming note, this week is the knocks news channel's 15th anniversary and our celebrations continue. we're going to hit the road. a special audience show in centennial park, atlanta, georgia, thursday, 9:00 o'clock eastern and if you live in atlanta, come on down and see us
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>> so new jersey governor chris christie announced he's not running for president. arguing that his original decision not to run remains the right decision today. meanwhile someone who is running, pizza mogul, herman cain, he continues to climb in the polls. brand new numbers from abc news. he is tied for second with texas governor rick prayer, behind former massachusetts governor mitt romney. here to break down the impact of cane's momentum of the gop race, christie's decision not to run, the one and only frank luntz. how are you? >> hello.
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there's video out there not released until yesterday. we had the opportunity last night to dial it. this is with a group of swing voters, half democrats who vote republicans and half republicans who vote democrat. it's one of the most powerful one-minute video i've seen for someone who doesn't run. let's take a look at just how powerful this video was in the attempt unsuccessful attempt to get chris christie to run. >> they believe in bigger government, higher taxes, and more spending. they call me a bully. they hadhis big rally. i don't understand what they mean pause this is how i define bully. a bully is on the ground standing there bleeding. i say if you punch them, i punch you. you should really see when i'm
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pissed. maybe you might say honest and refreshing. maybe we can see that in your paper tomorrow. i believe in less government, lower taxes. that may lead to a disagreement or two. we can't afford it. we don't have a money tree. i'll put up our record of accomplishment against anybody's in the country and i think we will do really well. we have to get realistic about telling people the truth. >> you are done. it's 4:30. you have maximized your tan, get the hell off the beach! >> wow, pretty powerful. >> shawn, it's very rare that a politician in this day and age can appeal to republicans and democrats. we know that christie's actual record had some issues that would have caused him a challenge in the republican primary. but when the division as sharp as it is right now and people so polearized.
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with his ability to appeal to people on the left and right, it would have been good to see him run. >> there's a cs poll that shows herman cain is in the lead in one poll. michele bachman was surging, now she's fallen off. rick perry surging, now fallen off. mitt romney seems to be the contestant frontrunner, leader, and he doesn't seem to lose is that status. newt gingrich is on the coming up. and herman cain is on the rise. >> it feels like speed dating. >> yeah, i speed dated my whole life. usually it was like do you want to go out on a at date and they would say no and that would be speed dating in my world. >> well, republicans want someone of principle. they want to know that's a
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person who say what they mean and mean what they say, number two, they want someone who is intelligent to have the ability to make the changes. and three someone that can beat barack obama. all the candidates have two out of three but to a typical primary voter there is always someone missing when i is why they examine a candidate and fall back, examine a new candidate. >> i'm undecided. i'm the quintessential undecided voter. president obama policies have failed, the country can do better, and i don't want to see 46.2 americans in poverty because i know we can do better. i don't think one in seven americans ought to be on food stamps. the process i think is going to make whoever e candidate is stronger. they have dollars thrown at them. here's my question. as we look at the top tier now, and that would be mitt romn, perry has fallen off, herman
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cain, newt gingrich is surging a little bit, if you look at them they have all had good debate performances or in the case of perry he kind of stumbled a little bit in orlando. i guess we can argue this those debates that you are dialing matter. >> they matter a lot. and what is the challenge for the gop, and no one has really looked at this, back in 2008 democrats who liked hillary clinton could still vote for barack obama and vice versa. in twelve there's a greater division between rick perry and mitt romney and the only candidate that seems to transcend all of the republicans, and everyone's second choice, is herman cain. the challenge for him is to go from someone who they like to someone who they vote for. start newt gingrich, everyone agrees he's the most intellectual, that the most challenging ideas. the challenge for him is to go from someone they respect to someone who they would vote for. i think we will see this go up and down several times.
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we've got half a dozen debates between now and the end of the year. each one of those, and the fox news debate was the most watched debate of the year so far. we will continue to watch we will continue to change your minds, sean, this thing isn't done yet. >> the one thing we can learn from the christie tape is passion, a strong belief system, comparing where you stand versus where the president stands and his failed policies. i don't think you can be passionate enough because if somebody is out of work and somebody is struggling financially, and somebody is living in hoverty, and we don't like the direction of the country, people want a fighter. they are going to want somebody to take this guy on and to be able to defeat them in a general election. fair observation? >> absolutely, sean. they are looking and sizing them up. who is the person they want to stand toe-to-toe with barack obama in those debates in september and october of next year? who's got the brains, who has the quickness, who has the ability to speak to the heart.
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and that's already happening in this presidential contest. let me invite those viewers who are watching right now, if they want to participate in the dial sessions -- >> wait a second. hang on. i want to warn people, if you dial one of frank's groups he's going to yell at you a lot so you have to be able to take the heat. >> sean, your viewers are the toughest viewers on television. i'm sure they can handle it. sign up and i'll pay you and for the next debate i'll be nice. >> wait a minute, it's impossible. >> i'm just warning people, one day it's going to be on youtube, you better speak up or you are out of here. true or false, have you ever yelled at a crowd about that. >> my job, sean, is to produce accurate and insightful television. hopefully that's what i do. >> you do a great job. >> listen, i think those focus groups are phenomenal. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> the man who blew the whistle
6:21 pm
on the refusal to prosecute the new back panther party. startling revelations tonight about the obama administration's approach to administering the rule of law. and america is facing a crisis of man hood. he sat down me to explain that and why he pushed rick perry and others to jump into the gop race. that and deidre in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm getting an upgrade. [ male announcer ] as you wish, business pro. as you wish. go national. go like a pro. now through january earn a free day with every two rentals. find out more at ♪
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>> as primary season rolls along, republicans across the country are grappling with what type of person they want to see as our next president. the next guest says there's a collective failure to educate and discipline young men in america. his new book tackles that problem, it's the book of man. and i talked with him with that and his ability to get some top stars to jump into the base. >> it seems likes you were pushing perry to get into the race. >> i was. >> and he's had problems. he has this whole immigration issue. i didn't think he had a particularly good debate and i think he would acknowledge it in orlando and when he said basically you don't have
6:26 pm
compassion, it got a lot of negative feedback from conservatives. can he recover? >> i think he can. i haven't endorsed rick, by the way. i encouraged him and get and i encouraged the others to get in also. and those two have been guests on my radio talk show. >> bill bennet. >> he's had a tough series of debates. and texas is a big state, the governor is a big job but nothing like rning for president. that process is railroad tough. there are a lot of critics of this process. i think we are finding out important things about these guys. we will find out good rick prayer, whether he can bounce back and recover. >> you look at herman cain, you look at the polls and straw policy, do you think he can win the nomination and be the next president? >> i think he can and i think several of them can. he's a first-steer candidate now. what he has, what washington
6:27 pm
said, he's a first class disposition. >> the funny, never gets uptight. >> you know what happened in that debate i pound so interesting when it was announced that he had beaten cancer, the audience just spontaneously applauded. >> that was great. >> people admire that and they take it as a morale strength. but the disposition that comes out of that, when you have looked the grim reapner the eye. >> he had stage 4 cancer. t look at the company. it's interesting. i have been probing and getting more depails. he's worked for coke, he's worked for pulse bury, worked for burger king and he was the ceo of god fathers. they were headed tore bankruptcy and it was a turnaround. and it's a very impressive business background. >> and he speaks to the business guy in a different way than romney does. romney, i have to say, is very impressive. i think he's much better this time around and i think he's had a great series of debates. he may be the last man standing.
6:28 pm
and i think he would do very well against obama. >> i think romney has in a good performance every debate. in this last debate, in particular, our frank luntz focus group gave it to him by a long shot. >> i think it's very interesting because a lot of con serves tis aren't dispositionally inclined toward romney because they don't know, they're not sure. but i think they are open to it. but what they want to do is beat barack obama. what i hear more than anything else is who can win. >> who best meets that definition? >> i don't know yet. i think it matches up right now, the numbers the polls say mitt romney does because he gets a good chunk of the middle. let's see what herman cain does and see if perry bounces. >> "the book of man." , we have a man problem in society. >> we have a man problem and there's a lot of evidence. you can talk to women in their
6:29 pm
20s, what about the men? the women coming of age now getting out of college, for the first time in history, will come with more ambition, more education, more achievement than the men. we have reversed things, for example, in education. 1970, 60% of our college graduates were men. now 62% are women. it's good for the women. we said go, girl, go, and they went and they have done great. but there's been a problem with the men. fatherlessness, lack of conviction, seriousness. they are living with their x-box five, six, seven hours a day, and the whole question about what it means to be a man we may have lost site of in a lot of contexts. >> you go back to great men of your source of inspiration. >> right. >> i thought that was a brailleient idea. >> a marine, and i have people like ronald reagan.
6:30 pm
and mark marco rubio. >> i think he will be president one day. >> i think he will. >> and also the people in the book profiled who are listeners to my radio show. just folks. guys home schooled with six kids in houston, kurt scott. he's in the book, too, because you have to make it plain one doesn't have to be famous. men can live pretty well, ordinary lives and live with disstings. we have to fight the culture because the consult sr. degrading men and telling them they can act like jerks and there's no expectations of them. >> doesn't it come town to partying? i'm responsible for how i raise my kids. i'm responsible if they get a good education. i can blame the school system, that stinks in a lot of places, but in the end if they aren't doing their job it's my job to step up. >> you are right. the man who introduced me,,
6:31 pm
every culture, every society knows one truth you can't raise boys to maturity without men. >> it's called "the book for men." >> and to be the kind of men they need to be. >> coming up, it starts with eric holder and stretches up to president obama. next the whistle-blower who explosioned the black panther voter intimidation lawsuit. he's here with his book and he explained how attorney general eric holder has not just politicized the d. o. j., but radicalized it. g new pronutriens from centrum. omega-3s go beyond heart health. probiotics go beyond digestive balance. and fruit & veggie has antioxidant properties. new pronutrients from centrum. help make nutrition possible. she won't eat eggs without hot sauce. she has kind of funny looking toes.
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or a bleeding condition, like stomach ulcers. or if you take aspirin products, nsaids, or blood thinners. tell your doctor about l medicines you take, any planned medical or dental procedures, and don't stop taking pradaxa without your doctors approval, as stopping may increase your stroke risk. other side effects include indigestion,stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, ask your doctor if pradaxa can reduce your risk of a stroke. for more information or help paying for pradaxa, visit >> back to has beenty. jay kristen adams is a former attorney for the department of justice and in his new book he exposes what he says is the radical ajane at the obama administration. he says he experienced the lawless necessary -- lawlessness
6:36 pm
of the d.o.j.. >> to give the background you worked five years in the justice department in the voting section of the justice department? >> that's right. >> tell us what that is. >> we enforce federal election law all around the country, whether it's the voting rights act, election day monitoring. improving of voting laws in 16 states under the section 5 voting acts. a lot of work. >> the voting rights act is obviously needed, and we have this whole issue that came up with the new black panthers outside a polling place in philadelphia, and what did the department of justice do? >> they dismissed it. the case went to default and they decided to dismiss the case in 2010. >> and that had an impact on you? >> i brought it. >> exactly. and why do you think they dismissed the case when you got these guys banging on these clubs, obviously a form of intimidation as people are trying to vote? >> look, everybody knows that the holder d.o.j. has become
6:37 pm
politicized. what they don't realize, and i detail this in injustice, parts of the d.o.j., particularly the civil rights acquisition where i was, has become radicalized. it's not just politicization, it's radicalization. give you three examples. >> in new york city and dayton, ohio, they have forced the police and fire departments there to hire minority plants who actually failed the entrance test because of their race. failed the entrance test. in upstate new york they have sued a school district to accommodate so children can come to school dressed as transvestites. short skirts, wigs. and texas, in 2009 they actually allowed an illegal election to take place because they were wait to go see the race of whatever won the election. when the right race won, they didn't do anything about it because the right person won. >> you used the term racialist
6:38 pm
in the book. why do you use that term? you talk about a shift, a mind-set shift under eric holder. eric holder once challenged the country, we don't have the courage to deal with racial issue. and you also tell a mississippi case in there, as well. why don't you explain what changed. >> racialist means people do things based on race t doesn't mean they have racist in their part or are a racist. it's a tool for people in the civil rights division. whether it's not going after voter fraud around the country, not cleaning up the voter rolls. race has become the predominant factor for a lot of policy in the justice department. >> i talk about march of 2007 is an interesting time, and you go back to a rally that barack obama was at in a town in alabama. it was march of 2007 where i interviewed on has beenty and
6:39 pm
colmes the reverend wright and then we got into it. what is black liberation theology, we asked, and it became a whole series of specials we did and great investigative reporting that the media ignored. you talked specifically about this speech because he was not as well-known in the after can american community -- in the african american community. so he goes to alabama. >> the week before he went to selma, ccbs on 60 minutes was criticizing him for not being authentically black. so he goes to selma and he appears at the celebration of the selma-montgomery march. but showing up with him is the new black panther party. who announce how they came to support barack obama. after that they go outside and barack obama shares a podium with shabaz. >> in march of 2007 he's sharing
6:40 pm
a podium with the radical, head of the new black panther party, and you have pictures. and they also released video of this, and it didn't get as much pickup in the media as i thought it should have gotten. >> they must be concerned about things in texas as opposed to what we know is actually happening. so they go outside and they speak at this event, shabaz and obama, and hillary was there too. make no mistake about it. but the panthers came for obama, and they said so. then they march over the bridge and the black pans thers are behind senator obama. >> you can see obama and two people behind them is malik, you see it clearly, and you have other people holding up the black power sign with their fist in the air. >> that's correct. and i'm not suggesting that he's a secret member of the new black panthers, but how has this escaped media attention until we publish "injustice" in 2011? it doesn't make any sense.
6:41 pm
>> let's talk about eric holder. i think he has big problems with the fast and furious. i think a lot of people learned a lot when he didn't prosecute the black panther case. but you go into some details about him, and it's black first, attorney general second, you write. explain that. >> well, this is an injustice. he carries something in his wallet. it's something he's carried a quote for decades, and if of it says' singsly that blackness is more important than anything else and that the black u.s. attorney as common cause with the black criminal. i think it's something that most people in america thought we put behind us. i think it's something most people thought we were past but obviously this attorney general doesn't think so. >> unbelievable. >> this opened my eyes a lot, and if anything, i think it reaffirmed a lot of opinions, sadly, that i had about certain members of the administration. but it's a must-read "injustice" exposing the radical agenda of the obama administration.
6:42 pm
you will be under fire the next few weeks. hope you enjoy your time. >> i do. >> and let not your heart be troubled. the great, great, great, great american panel is next capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50 percent annual bonus. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash.
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>> tonight on the great, great american panel owes a radio talk show host, tea party organizing, based in los angeles, tony katz is here. greg ball is with us. and she is the founder president of the deirdre imus environmental health center in hackensack university center, cofounder and co-director of the imus cattle ranch for kids with cancer, she's a best selling author, and wife of -- >> shut up! >> i've been to the ranch. i love the place. >> thank you. >> i love what you do up there. it's good to see you guys u spend the summer out at the ranch. all right. i know don was talking about this today, and that's hank williams junior was on fox and friends and it's created controversy that got him
6:47 pm
suspended from introducing monday night football last night. roll the tame. >> remember the golf game? that was one of the biggest political mistakes ever. >> why? >> that turned a lot of people off. >> you mean when john boehner played golf with president obama? >> oh, yeah, yeah. and biden yeah, yeah. >> what didn't you like about it? it seems to be a pivotal moment for you. >> come on, come on, it's-like hitler playing golf with -- >> he said some of us have strong pens, my analogy was extreme but i was trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me, how ludicrous the wearing was. they are polar opposite, made no sense. they don't see eye to eye, and never will. i have always respected the office of the president. and then he went on to talk
6:48 pm
about the economy and how people are suffering. why is this that people say, that's it, no more monday night football. >> i think they blew it out of context. he wasn't calling obama hitler. anybody who uses that analogy gets hammered. it was kind of stupid to do, but at the same time what he just said in that quote there is what his intentions were. what he was just trying to say they are that polarizing. >> can you imagine monday night football without hank? >> i know, the whole opening. i think espn is weesling on this. >> and people are trying to imagine monday night football at all. and we shouldn't use the hitler reference to anyone else because it diminishes what hitler did. but this was espn. they were okay. and they were okay with a vegas radio duo on espn talking about mike tyson or talking with him about the rape of sarah palin. that was okay. but this isn't okay?
6:49 pm
>> is espn owned by disney, though? >> yeah, it's owned by disney. >> there you go. >> but they have these double standards, too. >> that's a great point. >> they have a lot of double standards. >> hank tried to clarify t let's move on and put him back on monday night football. agree? >> actually i don't. i think it's assumed comment. >> it's a big business. >> do you ever make a mistake speaking in your life? >> well, look, he shows up to the show dressed like the unibomber and makes a stupid mistake. >> there it is. >> oh, that's who he is, though that's who he is." now you are criticizing what he looks like? >> do you know whyer wears glass? >> wearing a baseballs cap. >> do you know why he wears glasses because he had an accident. >> yeah, he almost died. >> very unprofessional. >> your view is hank williams is a rock and roller? he's a country singer. >> doesn't make a difference. >> he doesn't look like you.
6:50 pm
that's ridiculous. >> any linkage to the president of the united states and adolph hitler, you should never make that analogy. >> fair enough. but you know something? bill mahr says more in one week that hank williams has said in his entire career and you want to chop his head off? >> if you looking to commentators watching on fox, you watch the body language, bill o'reilly was here, they pulled back. they knew the moment the comment was made -- >> we agreed, don't use it. >> but then he went back to that question, by the way. they didn't drop it. she went back and readdressed it. so it was kind of fueling the fire there, i thought, too, when she went back to what he said. >> if you can have people on the floor of the senate telling people not to bank with bank of america based on a plan he implemented, but then hank williams makes a mistake by one comment. >> and a congressman from
6:51 pm
florida said tea partyers want blacks hanging from trees in america. should they be fired? >> any disgusting comment like that, whether a comment against african americans, jewish, other people. >> who is going to judge it? >> if he signs a contract and not supposed to be engaging in political activity, he should be held accountable. >> this is why we have the problem in this country because look at this. this is so polar rising. what he says i completely disagree with. >> i hope you don't misspeak because if you misspeak i am going to demand you get fired because you have no sympathy and don't let people revise and correct their remarks. >> that's not the point. >> anybody can make a mistake. why do we have to give the death meant for saying something stupid? >> did i suggest the death penalty? >> no, but lose his job. >> they thought there should be repper dugs initially and be
6:52 pm
penalized. >> hank williams did not call him hitler, he made that unfortunate analogy big difference. >> big difference. i agree with you. we will come back with the great, great american panel next.
6:53 pm
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>> we continue with the great american panel. these are the recent comments of michael moore about these kuk
6:56 pm
wall street protesters that have spread to other cities. let's roll the tape. >> i think that not oy is this going to continue, the cities that you mentioned this, is what is so wonderful about this, there isn't anything driving this other than what wall street has done and what those who are in charge of our economy have done. they weren't just happy enough with having multi-billions, they wanted tens and hundreds of billions and trillions. >> they are kleptomaniacs. it is a sociopathic illness and he this wanted us to live in a cleptosity. >> i'm picking up where you commented about hank riel jams wearing a baseball cap and the clothes he had on. >> what about him? >> how come he can get away with
6:57 pm
that. >> i'll call them as i see it. >> he needs deirdre diet. oh, my god. >> you are a state senator in new york, right? >> i am. >> what is the income tax there? >> right now? >> oh, 7 -- >> you don't even know. >> the sales tax. >> depends on the county. >> about 8, 9%. >> about. >> and i live in in a county with the second largest income taxes. half i make goes taxes and here is michael moore saying you don't pay enough, you have to pay more. when does that happen in america? >> you see all the protesters when they are interviewed on tv asking. >> they're dumb. >> they didn't find the smart ones. it's anarchy and they just go around. a lot of these do this, they
6:58 pm
have no idea. they just want to tax the rich and somehow they want to end one that money. >> it's fun to say but there's an interesting thing going on. if you take a lock at their points, their demand, they demand free education and demand single payor healthcare which means free healthcare because they also demand the government gives them a job. it matches up exactly with the ten point plan of the black panthers. they aren't just out there trying to protest and angry, they are marxists, just like the black panthers. >> half the country doesn't pay any income tax, nothing. ten percent pace 75 and incomes, like michael moore and president obama, they take a baseball bat and hit you over the head an say you aren't paying enough. >> but the people in the middle, they are getting screwed, whether failed immigration policy, whether outsourcing or trade policies. >> but job creators. >> the small businesses create over 70% of jobs and many pay personal income tax
6:59 pm
>> but is 15% enough? i pay 15% in your state. >> we have to do everything we can to push it back. >> but obama is happy about this. this is where they want people to go, the classes are fighting, i think. >> do you think his rhetoric about class warfare is fewing it? >> absolutely. this is real. >> do you think it's tied together. >> i think so. >> the class -- >> you see it. the energy is connected. >> if the desire is to recognize or believe that america isn't the greatest nation on the face of the earth and that what has created america, capitalism and the free markets are actually evil, then you have to go after the people who do those things. they have infiltrated the media, and education, and now they. >> the most important is middle class and in the corporations. >> but defend freedom. >> the middle cla -- >> thanks, guys. getta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> this is a fox


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