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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 5, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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we'll talk about that. >> and remember this guy, green jobs czar, he used to work for the white house, left under controversy? ring a bell yet? do you remember him? the vice president doesn't and we'll try to find out why. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> this is boone pickens, you're watching "fox & friends." great show. watch it every morning. >> boone pickens, right? >> uh-huh. mr. wind power. mr. gas. mr. oil. mr. texas. >> who helped herman cain get to the right cancer doctor to save his life years ago when he had stage 4 cancer? >> guys are just a plethora of information. >> today you got mr. october on. >> wow! >> coming up in 50 minutes, reggie jackson. >> let's go some headlines before those stories. police in kansas city, missouri, launching a massive search for a 10-month-old girl who disappeared from her crib. her mother says she put her to bed at 10:30 monday night. when her dad went to check on her at 4:00 in the morning, she is gone.
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she may have been snatched by a intruder who climbed through the window. late last night, a tearful amanda knox arrived home on u.s. soil in seattle. >> right now, i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. i want to say thank you to everyone who believed in me, who has defended me, who supported my family. >> knox spent the night celebrating a belated 21st birthday from her family, something she never got a chance to do during her four years behind bars. now, what's next? knox's father says she plans on finishing her degree. prosecutors do plan on appealing her acquittal. legal experts say there's little chance she would have to return to italy. occupy wall street movement calling for college students to walk out of class in protest
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today. several unions endorsing the protests plan on joining the demonstrations as well. protests start on september 17th. spoiler alert for you now, we're about to show you who got the boot on "dancing with the stars" last night. >> on this third week of competition, the couple with the lowest overall combined total now is -- kristin and mark. >> and tv reality star kristin cavallari was sent packing even though her samba scored a respectable 24 points, hope solo also at the bottom but she made it to the next round. a lot of people were shocked, i think, because she had done so well the night before in the scoring. you know, it all has to do with, i guess, the calls from the viewers. >> and i think the message is don't depend on people. >> really? >> you know what? that's my motto. don't depend on anyone who looks like your friend. >> yeah. >> take a look at this, you're looking live at the helicopter
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that went down on new york's east river yesterday about 3:00 killing one person. it's being moved this morning and is now the key piece of evidence as investigators try to figure out what happened yesterday. mechanical failure, probably the suspected cause. the sightseeing chopper plunging into the east river just after takeoff yesterday afternoon around 3:00. one woman was killed, a british tourist celebrating her 40th birthday. also on board, her parents, a family friend, and the pilot. also a friend as well. they survived. two remain in the hospital this morning. >> to have family come here to see and experience the best of our city and end up in a tragic accident like this breaks your heart. >> no kidding. witnesses say the chopper started spinning out of control moments after it took off on the east side of manhattan. >> one of those witnesses, fox news medical expert dr. marc siegel. he was on the scene. what was it like? >> it was an unbelievable collection of both the fire department, the police department, the office of
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emergency management. they're trained to do terrorism. but they're ready for a situation like this for exactly that reason. the hercules crew who was the counterterrorism unit was actually investigating a suspicious package nearby and they heard about this. came over and dove into the water and swam out to the helicopter. the elderly gentleman were clinging to the side of the helicopter. they brought them back. two people were submerged. from a medical point of view, their lungs ended up being filled with fluid and something that hasn't been reported, brian, is they actually suffer from hypothermia because the water is about 55 to 60 degrees. they're 98.6. they're submerged to 20 minutes to half-hour. one of them, their temperature is in the low 90's. they have to get the temperatures slowly up. they were near drowning and the lungs filled with fluid. that's exactly what happened. >> why were you there? >> i was there because my office is nearby and i heard about it and i ran over and i
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was talking to the police and fire department. >> how long can a person be submerged underwater like that and survive? >> at that temperature, they can be submerged underwater for several minutes and survive. 20 minutes to half-hour and up to an hour. i'll tell you why. i'll tell you why. it depends on how much water is in their lungs and whether when they come to the surface, they're getting any breathing or not but the other thing is when your body temperatures go low, your brain lasts longer. so that's the benefit of it. but i'll tell you what else happens, your heart has arrhythmias and the young woman that's currently in bellevue hospital had a cardiac arrest but was brought back. your heart is in trouble. your lungs are in trouble but your brain lasts longer. >> and the one fatality in this was a woman who was celebrating with that flight, her 40th birthday. she was the woman who wound up -- the helicopter was upside down slightly submerged and eventually went down to the bottom where the rescue workers were able toree her. >> 40 feet to bottom of the east
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river. by then, it was way too late. because of this hercules crew, one was caught in the helicopter itself, she was freed and brought out in a matter of minutes. lungs filled with fluid and submerged and hypothermic but they're looking good. >> the father, the elderly gentleman was frantic to get back in the chopper to save his daughter. thanks to all the rescue workers out there. >> this is what new york is all about. we're geared up for terrorism but this is where we're all about. >> no kidding. a lot of people were in the right place at the right time. >> thanks for stopping by to give your eyewitness account. >> from great reaction in time of peril to one of the worst programs in the history of the u.s., that's my best i can do to transition this morning. i'm talking about the fast and furious program. as many suspected, sooner or later it was going to go all the way to the top. the attorney general eric holder in this case is up to the top. how much did he know about this gunrunning program where you put u.s. guns in the hands of drug
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cartels, thugs? how much did he know? if you listen to him in may of 2011, he just found out about it two weeks ago. but now they see memos dated back to 2010 that show he was informed of the fast and furious programs which make investigators like the judiciary committee send out a letter saying mr. president, you have to investigate the attorney general. don't let the justice department do that. >> because, technically under oath when he testified a few weeks ago, he would be lying. that would be the allegation that he lied about when and if he knew about fast and furious. now, what happened? because you cannot have the attorney general investigate himself so now some republicans are saying they need to set up a special committee to do such an investigation. republicans like lamar smith. >> have a situation where the attorney general testified before the judiciary committee that i share and basically said he didn't know anything about fast and furious. we now have documents showing that about a year before, he had
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been told about the fast and furious program. innocent people lost their lives. serious, serious misjudgment on the part of the administration to have undertaken this kind of, whatever you want to call it, sting operation. and we simply need to get the facts and need to get the truth. we're not going to get there with the department of justice investigating itself. >> there you got it. now the white house will have to respond whether they'll appoint a special counsel to investigate so the justice department doesn't have to investigate the boss at the top. we should point out the attorney general, one of his spokespeople had said, you know, he knew about fast & furious, he didn't know about the sketchy details and the questionable tactics about what was going on exactly. until much later. >> we'll see where this goes. darrell issa was on yesterday, didn't mention anything about a special counsel. "the washington post" did a poll, gretchen and i don't think congress will be happy with it. >> i don't know if it's an all
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time low because the last poll i remember in my head was that that was an approval rating of congress of 13%. this one says 14%. lowest since 1994 when i was born. are you satisfied with the way the political system was working? 79% said they were dissatisfied. satisfied 20% and no opinion are the people who pay no attention to politics, 1%. >> who exactly are those 20% who are satisfied with the job that congress is doing? this is a poll from "the washington post" and they asked whom do you blame for being dissatisfied? 39d% of you blame republicans in congress. 29% blame president obama. 27% blame both and 9% have no opinion or neither. what's interesting about -- as you look -- can you put that back up for a second, frankie? ok, you have g.o.p. and congress. you got president obama. you got both. where are the democrats in congress? wouldn't you think if you're talking about congress, you
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would include one of the parties? well, "the washington post" didn't. >> but it's been pointed out multiple times, you talk about congress in general, it doesn't really matter. it comes down to you voting for your congressman or your senator. so you might be i'm unhappy with congress. i like my guy or the woman that represents us. that's what senator john cornin essentially said, we know it's bad but i don't think congressional approval has a whole lot of relevance. >> i wonder when people answer that question, they think to themselves in their mind, the message that's been going around for the last year which is gridlock. is that why they would say they're disappointed in congress and if they actually ask, the personal question about how do you feel about your own personal member of congress. we've seen the polls. the numbers are much higher. >> this goes to the narrative that the president is out and about trying to portray to the american people, look i'm a good guy, i can have stuff done but there's a do nothing congress. it worked for harry truman. will it work for president obama? we need to tell him how he was
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pushing his jobs bill yesterday and how mitch mcconnell tried to pull a fast one. clever political maneuver. talk about that later on. >> do you remember the name van jones? one of the obama administration's most controversial czars? well, vice president joe biden doesn't remember him and this guy used to work in the same place. wait until you hear what he said. >> and herman cain stealing republican support from mitt romney and rick perry so can he actually win the nomination? he's tied with mitt romney in last night's poll. dick morris up next. [ male announcer ] ntgomery and abigail haggins
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growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the nding machine... already filled. cool bike. because the busine with the best technologyules. >> you know what? the g.o.p. field appears to be set and one candidate continues to rise to the top, we're
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talking about herman cain. in a brand new gallup poll, cain's intensity ratings are absolutely soaring. he currently doubles rick perry who has been on a downward slide since last month. and in a brand new cbs news poll, cain is even tied for the top spot with mitt romney at 17% a piece. rick perry comes in at 12. so can cain sustain and build even more support among voters? joining us with more on this is former advisor to president bill clinton, fox news contributor and the author of "revolt" dick morris joins us live from stanford, connecticut. good morning to you, sir. >> good, thank you. >> herman cain is on a tear. >> he sure is. it's the hare and the tortoise, you have romney plotting away constantly gaining a point or two each time and most polls have him in the low 20's and then you have cain shooting up. did barack obama win the democratic nomination in 2008? can herman cain win the
3:16 am
republican nomination in 2012? yes and yes. it's the -- romney is a lot easier to dislodge in the republican party than hillary was in the democratic party. and you have the same kind of phenomenon going on here. so the republican equivalent, it's sort of the mirror image instead of a person rising through the public sector, you have someone moving up in the private sector. and someone who really is speaking for small businessmen throughout the country. and i think that's truly the g.o.p. base and i think that cain taps into it in an amazing way. i'm not saying he will win but he sure can. >> sure. and dick, i read your column at on herman cain and one of the things you say while president obama teaches people to envy the rich, cain believes in teaching them they can become rich. >> yeah. to emulate, not envy. that's right.
3:17 am
you know, i have on my web site, thanks for mentioning it, i have -- i interviewed cain and today, this morning, or not this morning, but about 11:00 this morning, i'll be posting a video of that interview. we did it two days ago and it's really about his surge. i think this guy really has a potential to do it. because if you look between the foul lines and just look at the parameters of the game, you got to assume romney has the edge. but if you look at the politics of phenomenology, the politics of movements, of just, you know, stuff sweeping, you really have it here and he has an ability to say to the country, barack obama, you're misleading the youth of america and you're teaching them victimization, minority youth victimization was unteaching them imitation. >> one other point, it's a small point, had chrissi christie gotn
3:18 am
into the race, herman cain is a zinger machine but so is chris christie so now the spotlight can stay on herman cain with christie out of the race. >> cain has his program, a 999 program that is a fundamental change in our economy and nobody else is pushing somebody quite so drastic. it would be interesting. >> simple to understand. dick, stand by. he'll stick around for this, a look back at other leaders who have used president obama's stimulus package and they're in the political graveyard now. should we be learning about the past? we'll be talking about that and the sign is postered right above his head. no phones on the bus. so why is that bus driver texting on his phone? [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> glad you're up this morning. a couple of quick headlines for you. massive amounts of wreckage left behind from a blinding dust storm in arizona. 24 cars involved in three different pile-ups on interstate 10. 15 people hurt. three in critical condition. and it was a squeaker, democrat earl ray tomblin remains the governor of west virginia. he defeated republican bill malony 50% to 47%. the race being as a referendum on president obama although the democrat came out on top. steve, brian? >> supposed to create a ton of
3:23 am
jobs but with unemployment at 9.1% and, perhaps, rising, critics say it was nothing more than a washington jobs killer. with us right now, dick morris. dick, there's a poll out that's got to disturb every congressman and woman in washington right now. who do you blame or are you dissatisfied with congress? 39% blame republicans in congress. 25% blame the president. 27% blame both of them. of course, democrats didn't make it into this poll but in the numbers that we have, what does that say to you? >> well, it's interesting. i was initially concerned about those numbers because they mirror other findings and they certainly show that in that zero sum game between obama and the republicans in congress, obama is winning. his more people are mad at the republicans than are mad at him. but then i looked at a gallup poll nationally that said
3:24 am
nationally if you're getting congress or whatever, which party do you think is doing the best job of trying to restore american prosperity? and republicans win that by nine points whereas formerly they had been losing it from 2003 to 2009. the democrats won that category. so it's kind of funny, gretchen was right. your individual congressman is kind of ok. congress as a whole is really bad. the republicans in congress are worse. but the republican party is ok. so it's interesting, it does mean, though, that obama's unpopularity is bleaching through into the party itself. >> one of the things he wants to do, dick, is he wants another stimulus essentially with his jobs saying it really is a stimulus but there was an item in "the wall street journal" yesterday that talked about how temporary targeted policies, a lot of politicians think this is going to be good for me and going to get me re-elected, it didn't work for gerald ford. it didn't work for jimmy carter.
3:25 am
ronald reagan wouldn't do it. instead, he had permanent tax cuts and that worked for him. >> yeah, and the most classic example, of course, is that for 20 years from 1990 until 2010 and really continuing, japan has systemically used stimulus to try to get the economy going and they have -- all they've succeeded in doing is increasing the debt to 250% of their gdp. ours is 100% and the average stimulus of growth has been like 1/10 of 1% a year. the problem is that while the money itself goes out there, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. and the consumer isn't spending, the banks aren't lending and the businesses and investing because of the political climate and their fear of what obama is going to do to them so it doesn't -- it's like you have a dog that's 20 years old and you're playing out leash.
3:26 am
give him all the leash that he wants, he just wants to sleep on the floor. >> the money is there and the possibility is there when confidence comes back, it could all come back in hyperspeed and that's what we all hope. thanks a lot, dick morris. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead, this guy on the right you're about to see, that's van jones, one of the obama administration's most controversial czars. but vice president joe biden doesn't remember. he used to work for him or with him. >> really? and something secret got slipped into the debt reduction bill. a law that makes it easier for debt collectors to track you down with your cell phone! oh, great. stu varney in studio e to explain. >> and happy birthday to steve miller. the singer turns 67 today. angela ] endless shrimp is our most popular promotion at red lobster.
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>> did you guys see this in a new interview, president obama revealed that steve jobs gave him an ipad last year before it
3:31 am
was officially released. unfortunately, it broke when biden thought it was an etch-a-sketch and started shaking it. >> joe, say it ain't so. >> remember two weeks ago, he was on a florida radio station and said, by the way, i don't care what the polls say, we're responsible for the economy and it looks like president obama kind of had the same tact last week. people thought that was -- actually a couple of days ago, his strategy when he was talking to george stephanopoulos, he said you know what? we're not better off than we were four years ago. you can forget that being a gaffe but this one with the florida radio station might go into the gaffe category. >> maybe because he wanted to forget this guy. remember, joe van jones -- van jones is who we're talking about who used to be the greens czar for the president of the united states until some information came up about 9/11 and whether or not he was a truther and that sort of thing and he had to step down from his post so here was joe biden yesterday on a radio
3:32 am
show trying to recall that guy. >> we have been in this period where there's just nothing but fighting and so you have on the one end, van jones' guys, whoever he is, talking about -- >> used to be in the administration. used to be green czar. >> all right. well, you know, the point is talking about the excesses of wall street and there's some truth in what he says and the tea party, there's some truth in what they say. i don't have a disagreement -- >> are we sure that was joe biden talking about the tea party because he was almost respectful there and in the past, of course, he has referred to members of the tea party -- tea party in congress as terrorists but there he was talking with jack harris on wfla radio station down there. but what mr. biden, perhaps, forgot was van jones not only worked in the same building with you, in the same administration, but they traveled together to denver back in 2009 for a special project. but i guess joe just forgot.
3:33 am
>> the big question is occupy wall street and tea party. they're actually equating the two? one was an organic movement that started across this country without one definitive leader, they talked about getting spending in order. occupy wall street, you can't get a definition of what they stand for. >> and this van jones is sometimes tangled up in occupy wall street. there's a big difference between occupy wall street, occupy washington, occupy boston than the tea party. for instance. when was the last time 700 people got arrested at a tea party rally? >> they said they were trapped to blocking the bridge. >> now they want to sue the police. good luck on that. >> let's do some headlines for you now. begin with a man hunt for a mass murderer in montana. f.b.i. agents searching for this man, 22-year-old sheldon bernard chase accused of shooting three victims on an indian reservation. they were shot with a high powered rifle. chase has a history of mental illness and is considered both armed and dangerous. >> a brand new terror scare in the air as well.
3:34 am
it happened on the same flight targeted by the crotch bomber. an unruly passenger causing quite the scare on board that same delta flight from amsterdam to detroit. this guy was reportedly shouting about terrorism and hijacking. one passenger sitting next to him claims there were three air marshalls on board who jumped up and took over. >> like a possessed person, you know, when they keep going on and on and on about how he wanted them to shoot him. he wanted them to punch him. he wanted to fight. he was calling them all sorts of names. >> great. the incident comes on exactly the same day that jury selection is scheduled to begin for the underwear bomber. he tried to bring down a similar plane as it landed in detroit on christmas day two years ago. the f.b.i. says the incidents are related. >> more recordings of michael jackson's slurring would be played at his doctor's manslaughter trial today.
3:35 am
>> all right. on the new tape, jackson reportedly slams his family for taking his money. yesterday, it was the complicated love life of dr. conrad murray taking center stage. prosecutors called three of his girlfriends to the stand trying to show he was too distracted to take good care of jackson. he was on the phone with one of his girlfriends when jackson stopped breathing. >> a bus driver from new jersey caught on camera texting while driving a busload of passengers down the highway. he's oblivious to the sign above his head that says "cell phone use is prohibited." his bosses put the brakes on the driver. they actually suspended him. >> uh-oh! those pictures, of course, taken with a cell phone. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at what the weather is like as you head out on this wednesday. it's a wet day as you can see from the rockies westward and actually some heavy storms moving through north central portions of california at this
3:36 am
hour into nevada and a little bit of action in portions of new england. and very southern florida. otherwise, the coast is clear and as you -- if you're in raleigh-durham right now, you have about 50 degrees. same for cleveland and chicago. 60's all the way from the northern plains to the southern plains along the gulf coast. currently in caribou, maine, you have 45 degrees. later on today, you see the bank and it's got the time and temperature, temperature will be 78 at 4:00. 84 for atlanta. 80's as you can see along the gulf coast up through the central plains, it will be a beautiful day and 69 degrees later today in cleveland, ohio. and that's your fox travelcast. >> we'll call them all the president's debt collectors. the federal government hoping to crack down on late payments to student loans despite the fact that unemployment remains at 9.1%. >> now, president obama wants to help those debt collectors
3:37 am
harass you by making it legal to robo call you on your cell phone. stuart varney is outraged. >> well, i find this a little strange because the president wants to allow these robotic calls, mass calls to your cell phone from private debt collectors looking to collect government money. >> pay your bill. >> pay your bill. now, at the moment, private debt collector can only make a personal call one on one to you on your cell phone. now, it will be a mass robotic series of calls if this measure goes through. at a time when the economy is in deep trouble. a lot of people are hurting. and this is a democrat proposal which will hurt, i would say, some democrat voters who are behind on their student loans. so it's a little strange that the president should be wanting to do this at this time. i think it will have big impact because the delinquency rate on student loans is very high and a lot of people will be getting these mass calls on their cell phones if this goes through. >> right. nothing the matter with somebody who is owed money saying hey,
3:38 am
pay us back but if you do the robotic thing, they could call every five minutes. >> yeah, you don't think this is a big deal, do you? >> no, i'm just listening. >> wait a second, there's over a trillion dollars worth of student loans that are outstanding. a half trillion dollars worth -- >> that's my question. my question was how much money is it and does the president face a problem if he doesn't crack down on this and then other things? see, that's my issue. >> maybe there is an impending debt crisis in the student loan area. there's over a trillion dollars worth of them outstanding. they've written a half trillion dollars worth of new student loans since 2006. the economy is in the tank. all kinds of people are not being able to pay back these loans. the government needs the money. and it wants to head off a student loan debt crisis. it's a much bigger deal than just our debt collectors can make robo calls on your cell phone. bigger deal than that. >> the big question is why are they so lenient when it comes to housing?
3:39 am
all the banks pressured to give up some of the value of these houses and the mortgage money but yet, it's susuch a stickler student loans. >> student loans cannot be discharged. you can declare bankruptcy but still owe the student loan. >> you cannot get out of a student loan. if you borrow that money, you got to pay it back. >> is that the only category that would fall in? >> i can't say that for sure but getting out of a student loan is virtually impossible. you've got to pay it back. and that saddles a lot of people just going out of college in a lousy job market. >> what if you can prove you didn't learn anything in college? >> is there a money back guarantee? >> i have a feeling you used that. >> yeah, i did. and i'm free. >> very good. >> you got me! >> you're not suggesting that if somebody owes money, they should shirk away from that. if you owe money, you should pay it. however, this borders on you feel harassment. >> i'll saying the government is coming to get you on your phone with a robocall but i
3:40 am
don't think this measure will go through. >> i look forward to you being on the fox business network. >> thank you. coming up on the show, bank of america slapping customers with new fees and you're not alone. up next, how you can get around them! i'm going to pay attention to that. >> and right after that, mr. october himself, reggie jackson scrambled to our green room to tell us what happened late last night in the playoffs and more with the great military program. he's up next to tell us how he's hitting home runs for heroes. ford fusion has now been named the most dependable midsize car by jd power and associates. we go to kimberly.
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>> quick headlines for you from the control room. the first batch of checks from
3:44 am
bernie madoff's ponzi scheme are in the mail. the payments go out today. madoff serving 150 years in prison for bilking people out of $50 billion. and watch your step, buddy! in yesterday's playoff win over the rays, adrian beltray of the rangers hit this home run. as he rounds third base, the cameraman bites the dust. he sees him go down but he keeps running. the cameraman by the way -- camera guy is ok. there he is at home. brian you're at home as well. >> right. >> by the way, in that move, he had nothing to do with it but the guy standing right next to me knows a lot about hitting home runs in a clutch situation. baseball playoffs were in full swing and new york yankees had a huge win and part of the yankee organization and part of their legacy. they beat the tigers in a must win situation. they beat them by the final score of 10-1 in game four forcing a game five.
3:45 am
reggie jackson, welcome to the show. you're here with a great cause but first thing is first. the yankees, curtis granderson, 41 home runs for a center fielder and that catch last night. >> well, he made a couple of good catches last night. the one in the first inning, they even talked about maybe he didn't get a good jump on it but he tracked the ball very well and made a great play with the bases loaded and, of course, then the play later on in the ballgame and he's been hitting the whole series and our guys came out last night and got the job done. a.j., you know, pats on the back -- >> a.j. burnett. >> and we survived to live another day. >> alex rod wreriguez is a frief yours. you tried to help him out. like barry bonds, great numbers but having trouble in the post season except for one season. how do you explain the fact that he's -- i think he's still hitless. >> he got a base hit last night. i got to shove that on you. he's also played some great defense and not in any defensive alley, swinging the bat well. he's going to hit. he hasn't hit for a couple of
3:46 am
days. we're 2-2 without him performing like he can offensively. swish has only got a home run. we have a few guys that haven't done well and we're still there with it. that's what's important. >> guy that used to try to hit against nolan ryan and his texas rangers already threw. how do you explain the sense he's had as an owner? >> you're talking about nolan ryan? >> yes. >> first of all, he walked in with some pretty good talent, ok? but nolan is, you know, obviously hall of famer, been a great pitcher, great guy, understands the game and i think that's what it shows but at the same time, no matter how bright a guy he is, no matter how much knowledge he has about the game, you have to have the horses in order for the jockey to perform. you know, i really do think he's certainly helped to put that club together in the last couple of years. but there is some talent in that organization before he got there. >> talking about talent, one thing you are extremely patriotic and you are -- you've gotten a hold of a program that we have been all over, too, on
3:47 am
"fox & frids", has the heroes program. tell me about it. telle what you're hoping to do. >> the neatest thing about it is it's connected to the military and so many people kind of forget on a daily basis what it's like to walk around the country here and be free and have the freedom to do the things that we need to do and care to do. at the same time, we forget that people give lives. young people, young men are giving lives every day as to what's going on in different parts of the world to protect us so we can live like we are capable of here at home. folds of honor is a group started by major rooney. >> major dan rooney. >> great, great guy. he's raised $12 million over the last four years which is amazing to me. and companies around the country that have been very successful like budweiser, they're doing their best to support that. they're giving $2 million.
3:48 am
started out by giving $100 for every home run that was hit so curtis granderson contributed $4100 by hitting his home runs. the yankees led the major leagues but their $2 million is trying to cover the gap because what they're making sure what happens is all children that lose their father or a spouse that survives that needs additional education going to college to provide scholarships for children. so if a child is 10 years old, 5 years old, they set the money aside for that college education in the future. and so, you know, thank goodness for budweiser and some of the other companies that participate in this and continue to do their best to cover that gap that's necessary and needed. you can go to fabudweiser's facebook, go to folds of and find out how to make the contribution. i'm saying either give $0.44, give $4.44. $44.44 for the contribution to help budweiser and all the
3:49 am
people to make a contribution. >> so far this season, 4,322 home runs at $100 a pop. >> something like that. >> that's exactly it. >> a lot of home runs. it will help a lot of people in their lives. >> it's a great cause. i'm proud to be a part of it and it's nice when someone can call you up and ask you to do something to participate and help out. >> of course, you're reggie jackson. when reggie gets involved, it's going to be a success. thanks so much for your time and good luck with your yankees. >> thank you and root for the yanks and remember, go to budweiser's facebook and you can make a contribution. >> all right. great to see you. thanks. coming up straight ahead, the dream dating is over for republicans. chris christie is officially out. who gets his supporters in the race for the white house? the latest bank fees are nuts. like bank of america charging $5 just to swipe your own debit card? but there's a way to beat the banks. even if you have as much money as reggie jackson. wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm
3:50 am
[ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the nding machine... already filled. cool bike. because the busine with the best technologyules.
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3:53 am
>> bank of america about to charge you $5 a month to start using your debit card. there is a way to beat the banks? >> joining us is the chairman of, adam levine. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we have some scenarios you want to help us save some money, right? >> absolutely. >> first up, a lot of people are going to be charged for debit card usage and free checking going away. how do you beat that problem? >> the way it is, you find alternative banks. local banks, some of the smaller regional banks, credit unions and on-line banks. >> so it's the big banks that will get you? >> the big banks are definitely out to get you. they need the money. they want the money. >> sure. >> the next problem is a mandatory minimum balance. a lot of people find this out when they go to open a checking account. how do you rectify that? >> what you want to do is
3:54 am
collapse and merge other accounts you have into one account. so that's one of the things you want to do. >> in an e-mail? >> the other thing you want to do, also, is have notification where you're notified by e-mail or text that you're getting close to the balance and you want to check your accounts every day on line. >> not only will big banks start charging for using your debit card but also if you bounce a check, the fees are going to get jacked up. how do you get around that? >> the way you get around it is you have to stay aware. first thing is sign up for an e-mail or a text program. also, it's possible that you can consider having direct debit on your credit card for certain bills. but then you have to make sure that you pay those bills every month. >> what does the e-mail do? does it say you're getting close to your limit? >> yes, it would. you set a limit or say you want to know every transaction in excess of a number and then it notifies you so you can sort of stay on top of it. >> that's a good idea. what about the higher atm fees? you go to take out 50 bucks and
3:55 am
you pay $3 to do that. >> $3 and some are talking about $4 and $5. you want to find banks like on-line banks that have huge networks of atm's or you've got to face facts. do you want to walk the extra block, drive the extra mile. where is the pain -- the threshold for financial pain vs. convenience. >> all right. and finally, speaking of convenience, what do you do if, you know, they haven't met your needs. who do you complain to? >> you can complain to them or a lot of people are complaining very publicly these days. you've heard too big to fail. now it has to be you're too big to be ignored so you get together in groups and do that. >> not necessarily with the bank but i did call up a service company that started charging us a tax for no apparent reason and complained about it and said it wouldn't be on your bill next month. there is hope. >> there is definite, definite hope and the other thing you need to do also, if you're going to be charged the fee as part of a bundle, at least make sure it's a bundle that you want.
3:56 am
make sure that part of the services have to do with fraud detection or fraud notification. >> great idea. >> so that at least you're saying i'm getting something for my money. >> a little service. his web site is, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, sir. thank you. >> coming up on our show, our nation's top cop part of the investigation because of this testimony. >> when did you first know about the program officially, i believe, called fast and furious? >> i'm not sure of the exact date but i probably heard about fast and furious for the first time over the last few weeks. >> problem is that's not true. so is it perjury? a live report top of the hour. >> then an exit strategy for newlyweds, new marriage rules allowing couples to opt out after two years. maybe tina was right, what does love got to do with it? once ye new fiber one 80 calories... ...with its sweet honey taste, 40% daily value of fiber...
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♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. >> top of the morning to you.
4:00 am
it's october 5th. it's wednesday, isn't it? thanks for sharing your time on a wednesday today! attorney general eric holder denied that the u.s. government knew they were putting arms in the hands of mexican drug cartel but new information tells a different to her and now congress wants some answers. >> you heard him, timing is everything! >> but in the end, what i've always felt was the right decision, remains the right decision today. now, is not my time. >> all right. now -- so now that we know it's not chris christie's time, who is the g.o.p.'s top dog now that he's officially out? >> and if your marriage doesn't work out, you can get out scot-free with no fault of your own. yeah, one city looking to let you opt out of your vows, you know, the till death do us part part. details straight ahead. "fox & friends" for a wednesday, hour two starts right now.
4:01 am
>> hi, i'm eric trump. dad, no matter what you say you can't fire brian and you're watching "fox & friends." >> that's very good. >> and donald trump will be with us very, very shortly. got a new book. >> does he have the power to fire me? >> brian, you're fired! >> i guess he does -- you're right. i'll go with it. >> as we wait for donald trump, let's do a couple of headlines and let's start with the fox news alert. senior commander of the taliban's lead haqqani network and two of his henchmen killed by a nato air strike in afghanistan, it happened near the pakistan border. the dead haqqani commander had ties to the haqqani leader captured by nato last week. police in kansas city, missouri, launching a massive search for a 10-month-old girl who vanished from her crib. her name is lisa irwin. she put her baby to bed at 10:30 monday night. when her father went to check in at 4:00 a.m., lisa was gone. detectives say the window of her first floor bedroom window might have been tampered with and the
4:02 am
infant may have been snatched by an intruder who climbed through that window. late last night, a tearful amanda knox arrived home in seattle. >> right now, i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. what's important for me to say is thank you to everyone who's believed in me, who's defended me, who's supported my family. >> knox spent her first night of freedom here at home celebrating. her family hosted a party for amanda's belated 21st birthday, something she never got a chance to experience during her four years inside an italian prison. what's next? she plans on finishing her degree. prosecutors plan to appeal her acquittal. experts say there's little chance she would from to return overseas. live pictures now from brooklyn,
4:03 am
new york, where the helicopter recovered from yesterday's crash in the east river is being held pending an ntsb investigation. right now, mechanical failure is a suspected cause of a deadly plunge. but we're expecting an additional update from investigators at 11:00 a.m. east coast time this morning. one woman unfortunately killed when the sightseeing chopper spun out of control right after takeoff. the british tourist in town to celebrate her 40th birthday. also on board, the woman's parents, a family friend and the pilot, they all survived. one of the witnesses on the scene, fox news medical analyst dr. marc siegel. >> something that hasn't been reported, brian, is they actually suffer from hypothermia because the water is about 55 to 60 degrees. they're 98.6. they're submerged for about 20 minutes to half-hour. one of them, their temperature is in the low 90's. they have to get the temperatures slowly up and they have to get the water out of the lungs. >> they were drowning. >> they were near drowning. >> an nypd counterterrorism unit happened to be in the area and
4:04 am
raced to the rescue within minutes. >> some of the biggest names in america's military gathered in washington last night for the prestigious keeper of the flame ceremony. this year, the honor went to chairman of the house arms services committee buck mckewan but it was congressman allen west who stole the show with a heartfelt speech honoring our armed forces. >> the flame that is the united states of america, ladies and gentlemen, shall never be extinguished. it shall shine brighter because the greatest days of this republic is ahead. i don't care what stands before us, our forefathers who first brought that flame to light in lexington and concord, are looking down upon us right now and we shall not let them down. so -- >> congressman west who is a colonel and served 20 years in the u.s. army, his speech scored a standing ovation. and those are your headlines for a wednesday morning. >> very, very nice. >> meanwhile, moving on, in may, attorney general eric holder testified in front of
4:05 am
congress, he only recently found out about the fast and furious program but new documents show that may not be the whole truth. and house republicans are calling for an investigation. william lajunesse is here with latest. >> the house judiciary committee chairman wants two things. one for the attorney general to appear before his committee to answer questions they consider either a contradiction or less than candid testimony and they want the president to approve a special counsel to investigate. >> when did you first know about the program officially, i believe, called fast & furious? >> i'm not sure of the exact date but i probably heard about fast & furious for the first time over the last few weeks. >> it's that comment by attorney general eric holder under oath that prompted house judiciary chairman lamar smith to call tuesday for a special council to investigate the attorney general. >> i'm not suggesting perjury. i'm suggesting there is a conflict between what the attorney general told us and
4:06 am
what these documents that were just released show us. >> smith refers to two documents sent to holder. one in october 2010 where a key aide told holder that prosecutors were ready for a takedown in operation fast & furious. a few months earlier, another high ranking justice department official mentions fast & furious by name and tells holder it's "responsible for the purchase of 1500 firearms that were then supplied to the mexican drug trafficking cartels." both those predate when holder claims he had heard of the operation. and appeared to contradict this statement less than a month ago. >> but the notion that somehow or other, if this thing reaches into the upper levels of the justice department, it's something that at this point, is supported by the fact. >> a doj official claims that holder did not misstate the facts. there's a difference, she said, between knowing about an investigation and being aware of questionable tactics employed in that investigation. she claims holder did not know
4:07 am
his office knowingly allowed guns to be bought, transported and sold by criminals. house oversight chairman, republican darrell issa is not convinced. >> we've been misled by eric holder when he testified before congress. if these people are so incompetent that they come to give sworn testimony before the congress in our oversight role and they don't come with the facts, i think the president should question their competence. >> if the president approves of this request, someone in justice other than holder would pick the special counsel who is independent but does have subpoena and prosecutorial powers. no response from key democrats. we could have a political showdown over this request before it becomes reality or not. back to you. >> good point. all right, william lajunesse live in d.c. with the latest. >> the president was out on the stump, excuse me, he was out speaking for the country. >> he was on the stump. >> sorry. he was talking about his jobs bill that he needs passed. he seems to be missing the point that democrats and few in the
4:08 am
house are in support of his jobs bill. he came forward and said we don't have the votes the way it's currently written to pass it. they said we can take it piece by piece and this my way or the highway stuff isn't going to fly today in washington. >> yep. >> then the president decided to call out eric cantor by name in this particular portion of his speech. >> yesterday, the republican majority leader in congress, eric cantor, said that right now, he won't even let this jobs bill have a vote in the house of representatives. this is what he says. won't even -- won't even let it be debated. won't even give a chance to be debated on the floor of the house of representatives. think about that. i mean, what's the problem? do they not have the time?
4:09 am
they just had a week off! i -- is it inconvenient? >> here's the thing, there are a slew of democrats who also are not in favor of this particular bill and by the way, nobody has bothered to co-sponsor this bill in the house. it was introduced many days after the president presented it by a democrat so it's a little disingenuous to say it's only er eric cantor or republicans who are not in favor of this particular bill, all or nothing. >> the president has made it clear, you have to pass the whole works. you can't go a la carte on this. eric cantor tweeted back saying the president seems to be in full campaign mode. we in the house are going to try to find areas of commonality to work for the people so that was going on in the house. but while the president was speaking, saying pass my jobs bill, mitch mcconnell on the floor of the u.s. senate brought it up and he said all right, he read from the president's speech and he said i do think the president makes an important
4:10 am
point that he is entitled to a vote. let's have it right now. brilliant political strategery and harry reid got up and said this is a political stunt. we're not going to vote on it right now because what he wants to do is he wants to change the bill and sock millionaires, that whole class warfare thing. >> down in mexico city, i don't know if you heard, but there's going to be a new kind of a law, at least they're thinking about it right now that would allow no fault divorces, it's kind of like an opted out after two years. so basically, they have a 50% divorce rate there as well. >> i think we do, too. >> yeah, we do. we're not doing so well. i guess partners in crime together is not doing so well. they're going to allow them to rethink -- >> just cut bait. they should call this the c.c. sabathia opt out clause. that's what he can do to the yankees at the end of this season. if you can go into a marriage and after two years you can get out and you know that coming up
4:11 am
to this deadline, i think this could make a couple closer. they can't take any day for granted. >> how is it different than any other divorce? >> they have a prenuptial. >> it's almost set up to fail. in two years, we're going to decide yes or no whether or not we're going to continue. the catholic church has come out in mexico and said this is stupid. . >> guaranteed contracts don't guarantee performance. look at a.j. burnett and the new york yankees. three good starts. but you put a football player in that situation with a small signing bonus, they perform every day, am i right, guys? so therefore, marriage should be a day-to-day evaluation, mexican people are way ahead of us. >> mexican people of mexico city. >> why get married? if you think you're going to get divorced in two years, why get married? >> if you're not in for the long haul, don't worry. >> who are you talking to? >> to people of mexico city. >> you're looking at joel.
4:12 am
>> joel, if you're not in for the long haul, don't get married, all right? >> fine. you got to write us, write us and tweet us and tell everybody how right i am as opposed to these two. because i think it would make a marriage even flourish because you know -->> he wrote the book about marriage. i'm sitting in the middle listening to the two of you. i'm just listening to the two of you. >> listen, you cannot go into a marriage, ok, i'm not so sure whether or not this is -- we're in for the long haul. that's crazy. >> i like you on tuesday. not sure on wednesday. >> exactly right. >> what's wrong with that? >> exactly. >> i feel for don at home, any time there might be any issue in the marriage, you bring up a baseball analogy. >> she's bringing kristin to music right now. >> e-mail us, friends at >> after four years in italian prison for murder, amanda knox is finally a free woman and back on american soil. how is she doing? someone who helped bring her home joins us next.
4:13 am
>> plus, the courts suggest the obama administration knew that solyndra was a stinker especially with taxpayer money. so why did the president take the risk? >> donald trump, brian. >> he's coming in. that's what he looks like. he'll take risks and talk about how entrepreneurs can be successful and a common mistakes they all make only here on "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style.
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4:16 am
>> back on american soil, amanda knox is speaking out for the first time as a free woman. >> i'm really overwhelmed right now. i was looking down from the airplane and it seems like everything wasn't real. thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who has defended me, who has supported my family,
4:17 am
my family is the most important thing to me right now and i want to go and be with them. so thank you for being there for me! >> the spokesperson for the friends of amanda campaign group and she was with us -- she's with us right now from seattle over in amanda's hometown and ann, you've been on her side for a long time. you didn't get a chance to see her yet. you talked to her on the phone when she was in prison. what was your thoughts when you were watching her yesterday? >> it was just overwhelming and she was perfect in thanking -- a big thank you to the world, all of her supporters, to seattle and you know, the applause that you heard was all the press and the press that started with her was so negative. it was gratifying to see her support for her innocence and the welcome home she got in
4:18 am
seattle. it was fabulous to see her, that she's actually on the ground, in seattle, going home to be with her family. and then she's free at last. >> now, i know as one of the members of the friends of amanda campaign group over the last several years, anne, that you were responsible to try and put out a more positive spin on the p.r. that she was receiving. tell us what you did to try to change the course of the way the world was looking at her. >> we had to turn around a supertanker of false, salacious information, leaks from closed proceedings that went on for a year and the family really couldn't say anything. amanda couldn't in italy. look at the kind of defamation charges that have been made in this case. can't really speak out in italy so we took it upon ourselves to do that. and what we really started were the crime scene tapes that now we've heard at the end of the day, these independent experts say that the evidence was contaminated, compromised, unreliable and not admissible. but we put that out years ago like 3 1/2 years ago to show
4:19 am
that there was no evidence whatsoever in this case for amanda. we hit the airwaves, hit the print media and talked to italian journalists, u.k. journalists, everywhere. we were here for her and i think the evidence really supported this, we tried to turn it aro d around. i could go on and on. but it was a real labor of love for the friends of amanda knox. >> and to finish this off, they'll be redoing the amanda knox movie that was out six months ago. adding to it. how about this? is it time for amanda to tell us exactly what happened? are you urging her to do so? >> you know, i think she will and i think the world is her oyster right now but, you know, the story right now is amanda's, everybody has written books, there's this movie, all these different articles, worldwide press but right now, it's amanda's time to tell her story. she's thanked everybody. but she's got a lot more to say. and, you know, what a wonderful time for amanda knox. >> right. and a lot of bills to pay off with her family. maybe if she writes a book -- >> we got to wrap it up. >> unbelievable. >> thanks so much for filling us in on the next steps. >> thanks for having me. >> see you soon.
4:20 am
>> steve, tell us what's next. >> thank you very much, brian. the dream dating is over for republicans chris christie is officially out. so who gets his supporters in the race for the white house? we'll talk about that? and talk about letting your tax dollars go to the birds. one town bought dozens of rubber chickens. and the people of that town stuck with the bill. what? >> looks like he's choking the chicken. [ female announcer ] introducing new pronutrients
4:21 am
from centrum. omega-3s go beyond heart health. probiotics go beyond digestive balance. and fruit & veggie has antioxidant properties. new pronutrients from centrum. help make nutrition possible.
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4:24 am
david, why did the organizers of the parade in your town say hey, we should buy $1,000 worth of these at taxpayer money and throw them at people? >> well, they're saying that they were using it to promote a local celebrity who does the saturday night horror flicks and they think it's an investment. >> investment in what? >> well, precisely. they think it brings popularity and p.r. to the town. p.r. meaning public relations. >> right. >> and, of course, i think it's a waste. >> sure and that's why you started your own watchdog group. now, let's talk a little bit
4:25 am
about your town. i understand your property taxes, david, in cicero have gone up how much? >> they went up 45% in 2008 as the value of my husband won't down 35%. >> oh, man! so, you know, you're over -- between a rock and a hard place there with your property taxes going up, your house value going down. >> absolutely. >> and currently, you're unemployed and then you find out your town is blowing 1,000 bucks on rubber chickens to have some horror show host from chicago throw them at people. that drove you nuts, didn't it? >> well, of course, and the portion of my property tax bill that goes to cicero, you know, the township/municipality, that is around $2,000. so basically, if you look at that, that was about half of a year's worth of property taxes that they threw out at a crowd as rubber chickens. >> oh, man! >> now, here's the thing that ultimately is at the core, the rubber chickens were bought at a
4:26 am
place called you & me, a novelty store. who owns you & me? >> it's not a board member of the town specifically but it's a board member of one of the -- it's one of the independent boards of the town. so there is definitely the appearance of a conflict of interest and/or quid pro quo which definitely deteriorates our faith in government, you know, at the local level. >> sure. >> i'm sure your town council is watching this right now or they're going to watch it later on the replay. what's your message to them? >> hope so. >> stop it! knock it out! >> david -- >> don't waste my money. >> it's that simple exactly. don't waste my money on rubber chickens. >> it really is. >> or p.r., we don't need p.r. either. >> all right. great. david jenkins joining us today from chicago, illinois. he is from cicero. sir, thank you very much and good luck with those high property taxes. low home values. >> thank you. >> and finding a job. >> yes, thank you very much, sir. >> that's really something, isn't it? what do you think about it? e-mail us, friends at
4:27 am you think your boss is bad, at least he didn't enter you into a firing contest survivor style. you got to hear this to believe it. it's coming up. and here's one boss who everybody loves. donald trump! from the president to those wall street protesters. what is irking the donald? we'll find out on the other side of a brief commercial time-out. come on in, donald. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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4:31 am
>> the folks at nissan working with swiss scientists to develop a car that can read a driver's mind, tell what the driver is going to do. i don't know, that's going to be tough. can you imagine mitt romney driving, i go left, i go right.
4:32 am
go down to the center. >> very funny. let's do a couple of headlines before donald trump joins us on the couch beginning with another terror scare in the air. this sounds strangely familiar. it happened yesterday on the exact same flight tarpthed by the crotch bomber, as brian likes to call him. unruly passenger causing a scare by screaming about terrorism and hijackers during his delta flight. three air marshalls responded fast, a passenger says. >> like a possessed person, you know, keeps going on and on and how he wanted them to shoot him. he wanted them to punch him. he wanted to fight. he was calling them all sorts of names. >> the incident comes on the same day as jury selection is scheduled to begin for the underwear bomber. he tried to bring down a similar plane as it landed on detroit on christmas day two years ago. the f.b.i. says these incidents are not related. >> meanwhile, a horrific story out of scranton, pennsylvania, two parents under arrest after
4:33 am
they locked their child inside a coffin. they called it punishment. the 7-year-old boy was rescued after neighbors heard his cries for help. cops found the boy duct taped to a chair. the boy and his 2-year-old sibling are now in foster care. >> a man from texas released from prison after spending 25 years behind bars for the murder of his wife. new d.n.a. proves he did not do it. >> i've prayed for it and i had faith it would arrive. i will say this -- colors seem real bright to me now. women are real good looking. >> the case not yet closed. morton's lawyers say important evidence was hidden from the jury and they are investigating. >> think your boss is bad? a store owner in iowa held a firing contest. he offered 10 bucks to any employee who could guess the next person to get fired. that's horrible! and he made the game official with this memo. here's what it said. to win our game, write on a piece of paper the name of the
4:34 am
next cashier you believe will be fired. write their name, today's date, today's time and your name, seal the envelope and give it to the manager to put in my envelope. the store owner now being sued. you think? well, that's good -- that's a good employee management system there and for more on that, let's go to donald trump. >> it's incredible when you see what goes on in the world, the coffin and the -- >> i know you watch the news all the time. when you're looking at this, you should be on the couch. you should be doing this every day. you don't sleep anyway. >> i like it much better from my apartment. no, it's so much easier. brian, you're looking good. >> we want to talk to you about this, the big story last night was amanda knox finally home in seattle after four years in jail in italy. you know, the family ran up at least a million dollars worth of legal bills. you have reached out to the family to help them. why? >> well, i've been helping the family for three years.
4:35 am
and i've always felt she was innocent. i never thought she did this and i just watched -- i was watching one of the shows and i saw the evidence and i saw the prosecutor who has a terrible past and a terrible record and he's under investigation himself all over italy. and i said this guy is a maniac and she looked innocent to me and the evidence wasn't there. and i contributed substantially to the family and i helped the family. i spoke to the father yesterday. and i'm very glad she's free. it was a terrible ordeal but i don't believe she did it at all and her boyfriend didn't do it either. >> between $5 and $20 million for a book deal. do you know the book business? is that an accurate price? >> i don't think that kind of money will be thrown around. it will be a lot and something good could happen with her. she's a beautiful girl and she's supposed to be very bright. she went to italy and learn italian. the good news is she learned italian. she speaks beautiful italian. now she has to speak english as well as italian. >> just think before she was going to speak english. let's go back to politics for a minute because officially
4:36 am
yesterday, the governor new jersey chris christie said guess what? i'm sticking to my word and not running for president. who now gets his support? one of the big millionaires, the person that came up with home depot has decided to go to new jersey. do you think that will be a trend now? >> a lot of people are saying romney will benefit. chris is a friend of mine, and i don't think he's going to do that. i was a little surprised. even knowing that, i was a little bit surprised. i think he wanted to. he made the right decision for himself. he's a great governor, doing a terrific job. i have a lot of property in new jersey and i'm very happy for the state of new jersey. >> here's the thing, too, about governor christie, he said he took it up until the last night before until fully decide what he was going to do. it reminded me of you a little bit during the press conference because his press conference let everybody know why he would have been liked so much. he was blunt. he's being sarcastic with reporters, talking about his family, being self-depricating,
4:37 am
acknowledging pluses and minuses. we don't have that right now. maybe herman cain is the closest. >> i met with herman cain also and i think the republicans have some pretty good people and it's going to be interesting to see. but now the confusion of chris, because chris was causing a certain amount of trouble within the republican party. >> no one was writing checks. >> all of that confusion is now gone. i don't see anybody else coming in. i think that's your panel. that's set. and it will be very interesting to see what happens. >> most money, people think it's going to romney. are they wrong in thinking that most of the -- >> i think romney could be the big winner in this. i think a lot of the people that would have supported chris are going to be going to romney. that's probably a likely outcome. >> you had said if you did not like the republican field, you would consider to get into this race as an independent. now that you know that the field is pretty much what it is, what do you think? >> i think the field is starting to look pretty interesting and pretty good and look, the key is that obama be beaten. you've got to get rid of obamacare, we have to put this country back in order. we have to stop china from just
4:38 am
ripping us and left and right. we've got to do something about opec. by the way, as soon as the country starts getting better, you watch. opec will raise the price of oil and that will kill any recovery so you can have a recover't hav. >> we don't need opec, our president is devoting so much money to harness the energy of the sun. that's why we gave solyndra a half a billion dollars. what's coming out now -- this is going to haunt him during the presidential campaign. what's coming out now he was told by top advisors, this is a bad bet. we shouldn't do it. they wrote the check anyway. >> it's interesting, i watched solar analysts saying solyndra was so expensive in terms of per square foot of making these panels that there was no way they could have made it because they were twice what other people were so that was no good. and i'll tell you, solar energy, i love the concept of it. i tried it at a few of my places. i was going to put it in at some
4:39 am
of my places, 32 year payback. after 10 years of sitting in the rain and snow, you'll put new ones up. you get your money back in 32 years. i said that doesn't sound so good to me. >> right. and without government subsidies, it doesn't exist. that's what e president says. sometimes you take bets. is that the right le of thoughts? sometimes you take risks with somebody else's money. >> i think it's terrible and what people don't understand, you know, if some guy is driving the cab or a construction worker or doing what i do, whatever it is, $535 million, half a billion dollars. it's inconceivable. my father and i used to go to h.u.d. and would want to do an apartment house and we'd get a subsidy for half a million dollars. it's this huge thing and we build a building. $535 million. more than half a billion dollars for a company that doesn't even exist and never had a chance. i think they should be ashamed of themselves. it's either criminal or very stupid. and really, neither are
4:40 am
acceptable but it's either criminal or stupid. there's nothing else. >> what's your upon aboopinion e proceed tsors down at wall street? >> i think they're very well dressed. george lopez said they're the best dressed protesters we've ever seen. one of them had a suit that was so beautiful, i want to find out where -- >> when you boil down your mission to one sentence, you can't get the same explanation from two protesters. >> i know. nobody knows why they're protesting but they're having a good time. i said on your show and it was picked up all over the place, a lot of them are down there for dating purposes. >> it's true. they're down there to meet people. >> that's ok. >> why wait for the bars to open when you can get up at 9:00 in the morning? >> why aren't they -- my question is, are we supposed to assume they're unemployed? >> they don't look unemployed to me, many of them. and their parents look like they really probably work on wall street. >> it sounds like some of the moveo
4:41 am
moveo move people are involved. >> you have a book that you co-authored and you're excited about it. >> he wrote it with his friend and fellow millionaire and they're going to explain how regular people can get the midas touch. get out your pen and paper for your tips. >> as he comes over to talk about the book, you're trivia question of the day born on this date in 1975, this british actress holds the record as the youngest performer in history to earn six oscar nods. who is she? ♪
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the peace of mind of owning a 2011 iihs top safety pick. the all-new volkswagen passat. >> so we're back with donald trump and joined by entrepreneur robert kiwasaki.
4:45 am
they've teamed up again to share their secrets to business success in the new book "midas touch, why some entrepreneurs get rich and why most don't." you see that title, bob, you're thinking, i got to buy this book to find out how i become the one who does. what's the key? >> well, we broet this book for two people. one as a guy sitting at home or at work saying i might have it. you never know. you don't know until you try it and the second person is the person who has already started the business and wants to grow it. but as we both know, it's a tough road. >> what you did is you came up with five points and you used them like the fingers on your hand. >> let me do them, ok. >> let's start with the thumb. >> the thumb is a strength of character. i mean, we hold no punches back, all our failures, our ups and downs. the index finger is vision. as you point. it's focus. focus stands for follow one course until successful. this one we all know. >> yikes! >> whoops. >> this stands for -- >> you know what one stands for.
4:46 am
>> i know. can we use it? just kidding. >> i watched the hitler guy, i don't want that to happen here. >> continue. >> what it stands for is your brand. the trump brand is an incredible brand. he stands for the best of everything. rich dad stands for financial education for everybody. the ring finger is for relationships. you've got to have good relationships. cause you can't do a good deal with bad people. and then the little ring finger is the little thing you do that makes the big difference. for example, domino's pizza, pizza in 30 minutes, you know, they did -- built a whole business around that. wal-mart was everything was built around low prices. donald, it's the best. i was impressed, the best. >> when you read the art of the deal. >> right. no, but the good thing about hanging out with this guy is you -- i hear it again and again. he goes the best. and i went out and bought a better built, look at, nobody is
4:47 am
going to see it. >> i love how you wrote this down to -- i mean, this is very easy to remember and to relate to. but the number one reason you say that entrepreneurs fail is what? >> they quit. they give up. they have an idea, it can be a good idea. sometimes it's a great idea. but they don't have that stick to itness, that power to keep going. if there's a concrete wall in front of you, go under it, go around it, go over it. don't necessarily go through it. that can't be done. you've got to find a way through that wall without necessarily just destroying yourself. so the biggest thing is they it. and, you know, robert and i, we wrote a book a few years ago and it became a number one bestseller and we said let's get together and do another one and really, this book is about how to get rich. how to, you know, make your family happy. money is not the end all but it does help in terms of education, in terms of doctors' bills and in terms of -- and really how to make money and especially making money in a bad economy and we are in a bad economy.
4:48 am
>> that was my next question. even in a bad economy, you both believe if people pick up a copy of this book and read the points, they can succeed. >> we don't believe it. this is the best economy right now, interest rates are so low. amazing. >> great economy to make money. it's a great economy if you know what you're doing, there is tremendous opportunity in this economy. i mean, i bought something in virginia, tremendous winery, tremendous vineyard, thousands of acres of vineyards and i bought it for like a fraction of what they built it for. it went bankrupt. it cost $150 million, i bought it for $6.2 million. now, you don't have to be too smart to know at some point that's going to be ok, right? and there are great opportunities today if you know what you're doing. >> all right. pick up the book to help you out, to let you know what you're doing. donald and bob, great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> it's called "the midas touch." >> coming up our show, eric holder didn't tell the truth when he testified before congress but is it just an embarrassing mistake or a criminal act? peter johnson jr. on the case next. >> on this date in 1987, you
4:49 am
guys remember this? white snake. they had the number one song with "here i go again." [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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4:52 am
>> want some headlines? we got them for you. the powerful hackers known as anonymous apparently ready to strike again. the group says it's planning to take out the new york stock exchange next week. the f.b.i. is on the case and they're not messing around. anonymous is taking out the bank of america, visa, mastercard and paypal. and if you think your childhood
4:53 am
dream of being an astronaut got lost in space, think again. nasa is now taking applications for the next class of astronauts. you need a degree in math, science or engineering and three years of experience in a related career. by the way, there are apparently slots for eight to 12 astronauts so please feel free to apply. mr. kilmeade? >> all right, steve, new documents suggest that attorney general eric holder may have known more than he let on about the fast & furious operation that ended in the deaths of federal agents and now republican congressman lamar smith wants a special council appointed to get to the bottom of it all. listen. >> i'm not suggesting perjury. i'm suggesting that there is a conflict between what the attorney general told us and what these documents that were just released show us and that is that apparently, he knew about -- more about the fast and furious operation a year before he was willing to tell the judiciary committee members he knew about it.
4:54 am
>> so to do the investigation, as we bring in fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr., they want somebody besides the justice department to investigate the justice department. >> sure, because the justice department can't investigate the attorney general as a matter of law and as a matter of fact and a matter of common sense so what congressman smith is saying, there should be an independent counsel, a special counsel appointed by the president, not the attorney general or the department of justice, to look into these allegations. but at the same time, he's saying, well, i'm not saying it's perjury. there seems to be a conflict in the testimony. and the conflict being that attorney general holder indicated in his testimony apparently that he was not aware of the program. now, he's saying well, i was aware of the program, but i wasn't aware of the controversy. and so he's saying the question was confusing or the answer was confusing but i didn't intend to mislead or lie. >> but in truth, the documents reveal that he knew about it in 2010 and his testimony was in april of 2011 so it just seems
4:55 am
to me a guy of his intellect and his experience would be able to answer a question of what do you know about the fast & furious program? i only became aware of it two weeks ago? >> what was released is a memo in which the program was discussed a year before the testimony. and so what the attorney general is saying was i wasn't discussing the existence of the program, i was discussing the existence of a controversy. >> let's see what department of justice said because they sponlded saying this. "he became aware, that's the attorney general, of the questionable tactics of the operation in early of 2011 when atf agents first raised them publicly and promptly asked the inspector general to investigate the matter." does that line up? >> well, what will happen now is i anticipate that the attorney general will be brought back to the committee and asked these questions again. and obviously, he will be under oath at the time of that questioning. and so at that point, i think we will see this new story in terms
4:56 am
of what he thought the question was and why the question was answered in a truthful fashion. this will go on for a while. it will also go on for a while. now, they're saying, well, there was a bush program that was similar and so now we're back to the bashing bush doctrine in terms of a perjury question here. >> peter johnson jr., i still don't know why we had the program to begin with, it makes absolutely no acceptables. -- sense. it makes me think there's a smoking gun and it's smoking everywhere. >> keep our eyes on it. >> thanks so much. good to see you. >> next on the rundown in our final hour, democratic majority leader harry reid ignoring the president's proposed jobs bill saying it needs more taxes. will he get it? we're live at the white house. plus remember the guy on the right, van jones, one of the obama administration's most controversial czars? vice president joe biden doesn't and he was on his own team. [ female announcer ] once you taste
4:57 am
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wait, what? fret not ma'lady. i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute. ah, well played sir. download the free app and get exclusive mobile deals. be smart. book smart. >> gretchen: hey, good morning. it's october 5.
5:00 am
i'm gretchen carlson. unfortunately, a very sad story to kick off our news. the sightseeing tour turned deadly. one woman died. others still hurt after their chopper falls from the new york city sky. so what went wrong? >> steve: meanwhile, remember that guy right there screen right? that's van jones, former green job czar in the obama administration. he used to work for the white house. the guy on the left is vice president of the united states. remember him? joe biden? joe biden doesn't remember van jones. how is that possible? we'll tell you the story. >> brian: and big news for the simpsons. they could have fans saying -- >> don't! >> don't! >> brian: "fox & friends" starts right now.
5:01 am
>> steve: good morning. are about to do something that in the history of "fox & friends" going back 15 years as of tomorrow and the morning show, we have never started an hour with the answer to the aflac trivia question of the day. >> brian: i think it could be a new trend. amy ferguson knew it. she's in columbia, missouri. congratulations. i think at one point they'll meet. >> steve: we had so much show in the last hour, we had to work it in right there. we got another great hour that kicks off right now with the headline. >> gretchen: police in kansas city, missouri, launching a massive search for ten-month old lisa irwin who may have been kidnapped from her crib in the middle of the night. her mother says she put her baby to bed around 10:30 monday night, but when the girl's father checked in at 4:00 a.m., lisa was gone. detectives found a broken window screen and fear lisa may have been scratched by an intruder, but they still have very few leads. last night a tearful amanda knox arrived home in seattle.
5:02 am
>> i'm overwhelmed right now. i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. it's important for me to say thank you to everyone who believed in me, who defended me, who supported my family. >> gretchen: knox spent her first night of freedom at home celebrating. her family hosted a party for hi belated 21st birthday because that was something she never got a chance to experience during her four years inside an italian prison. still people are saying, what's next for her? her father says she plans on finishing her degree. prosecutors in italy say they plan to appeal her acquittal. legal experts say there is little chance she would ever have to return to court overseas. mechanical failure is suspected cause of that deadly helicopter crash in new york. a sightseeing chopper spinning out of control and plunging into the east river after takeoff. one woman was killed. a british tourist in town to celebrate her 40th birthday.
5:03 am
also on board, her parents, a family friend, and the pilot. they all survived. one of the witnesses on the scene was fox news medical analyst, dr. mark siegle. >> they actually suffer from hypothermia because the water is 55 to 60 degrees. they're 98.6. they're submerged for a half hour to an hour. one temperature is in the low 90s. they've got to get their temperatures slowly up and get the water out of their lungs. >> brian: they were drowning? >> they were near drowning. >> gretchen: nypd counterterrorism unit was in the area and raced to the rescue within minutes. the simpsons reportedly on the verge of being canceled because the cast wants more. >> doh! doh! doh! >> gretchen: the actors who voice homer, bart and the gang locked in a salary war with fox television. they offered to take a 30% pay
5:04 am
cut in exchange for back end profits. but the studio wants a flat 45% cut saying it's gotten too expensive to produce the show. if an agreement can't be reached, the last show would be in may. >> brian: they look like they're reasonable people. >> gretchen: i better start watching now. never watched an episode. >> brian: i think there will be a "simpsons" channel they're talking about. >> steve: i just got that little montage. doh. that's what the cast wants more of. >> brian: oh, i get it. money. >> steve: so next time you think that, they want more dough. >> brian: the president pointing the finger at house majority leader eric cantor for blocking his jobs bill. there is more to it. wendell goler live at the white house to explain. hey, wendell. >> cantor is the latest republican the president singled
5:05 am
out by name in an effort to either get congress to pass the jobs act or get republicans to pay a political price for opposing it. last month he went to a bridge, called out john boehner and mitch mcconnell. republicans say the problem is that democrats just aren't that into the bill. 16 senate democrats have expressed concerns. last night the president -- the white house believes the american public supports the measure and last night the president called on cantor to say what parts he doesn't like. >> i'd like mr. cantor to come down here to dallas and explain what exactly in this jobs bill does he not believe in. what exactly is he opposed to? does he not believe in rebuilding america's roads and bridges? does he not believe in tax breaks for small businesses or efforts to help our veteranses? >> mitch mcconnell aimed to call the president's bluff yesterday and he tried to attach the jobs bill to a measure punishing china for holding down
5:06 am
the value of its currency. democrats refused. cantor, meanwhile, tried to be the voice of reason. >> we need to all pull together and to insure that we can produce a better environment for growth and job creation. so if the president would join us in trying to do some things to actually help people, that help create an environment for growth, i think we can all see a way to work together, to actually produce a better future. >> senate democrats are considering a surtax on millionaires to pay for the $450 billion measure instead of limiting tax deductions for families making more than $250,000 a year. brian? >> brian: all right. it's going to be interesting to see this back and forth because as we know, the democratic senate majority senate does not have the votes to pass this bill. that did not come up in the president's speech, i don't think. >> no, it didn't. >> gretchen: it's as simple as that. very good and short answer.
5:07 am
thank you for joining us today. >> steve: wendell brought up in his report, very thorough, as usual, that harry reid's bluff was called by mitch mcconnell where mitch mcconnell goes, you know, the president wants us to vote on this jobs bill, so let's vote on it right now. harry reid said, you can't do that. it's a political stunt. the problem is, harry reid doesn't have the votes right now so what he's going to do is he's got a plan and apparently he told some people, this is the plan. it's not class warfare. we're going to add a 5% surcharge on the taxes of millionaires to get democrats on board. >> gretchen: so the reason that he can't pass the bill right now is not because he's agreeing with republicans on what they don't like about the jobs bill. it's because he wants to add more taxes to it. he wants to try and get the democrats who are more over on the left and less moderate to come on board with this jobs bill. so does 5% -- my goodness, by the time they get done doing the tax, some might argue the people
5:08 am
who have been successful in this country might not have nothing left. >> brian: a few things came out. buffett said ultrarich, so not millionaires. and number two, the irs came out with stats that showed the millionaires are paying more money than the rest of society. and 47% aren't paying anything. so that is the problem i think that a lot of democratic senators are saying, i can't get my constituents so vote for me and stimulus money because we wasted so much last time. now you want me to go sell $447 billion. >> steve: i think people are starting to wake up. they realize that the president is out there saying pass this bill, pass this bill, and then mitch mcconnell tries to pass the bill, but harry reid says no, no, no, it's a political stunt, you can't do that. i think there is peril for the white house in if people realize that he is using the tax bill as a political weapon to clobber the republicans rather than to fix the economy, that could be trouble for him come next november. >> gretchen: one person he
5:09 am
should maybe send out to try and get some goodwill would be vice president joe biden. that is his reputation, is reaching across the aisle. that's been his reputation for a long time to try and get things done. >> steve: except when he's calling tea party members of the congress terrorists. >> gretchen: that was the accusation. but in the past, that was his reputation. and so now maybe one of the reasons that he wouldn't is because he doesn't remember people who are actually in the administration. listen to this and see if you can pick up on who he didn't recall. >> we have been in this period where there is just nothing but fighting and so you have on the one hand van jones' guys, whoever he is, talking about -- >> used to be in the administration. used to be green czar. >> oh, is that -- all right. well, you know, the point is, talking about the excesses of wall street and there is some truth in what he says and the tea party, there is some truth in what they say. i don't have a disagreement. >> gretchen: that's what i mean about joe biden. it almost looked like he was saying something about the tea
5:10 am
party in that comment. >> brian: in the end, he was comparing the tea party and the wall street group. >> steve: brian, i got good news for you. you can now use that particular gaffe where he does not remember van jones on your radio show. i know you play a lot of them. we've got -- >> brian: a lot of biden gaffes, we do play them. >> steve: here is our vice president in action. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america, barak obama. [ applause ] (bleep). >> mom lived in long island for ten years or so. god rest her soul. and although, wait, your mom is still alive. it's your dad passed. god bless her soul. [ laughter ] i got to get this straight. john's last minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the
5:11 am
number one job facing the middle class and it happens to be as barak says, a three letter word, jobs, jobs. chuck graham, state senator here, chuck, stand up, chuck. let them see you. god love you. what am i talking about? i tell you what, you're making everybody else stand up there, pal. thank you very, very much. i tell you what, stand up for chuck. >> steve: we love the vice president. he's the gift that keeps on giving. >> brian: he seems like a great guy. people that know him say he's a great guy. >> steve: he's been on our show a couple of times. >> brian: he works without a teleprompter and goes off script. >> gretchen: that's why i said he might be a good person for the president when you're trying to get people on your side. coming up, the signs say no phones on the bus. but the driver must have missed it because look at the video here. he's texting on his phone while speeding down the highway. >> steve: oh, oh then president obama says he's a uniter in chief, promoting compromise every step of the
5:12 am
way. but do the american people see it his way? our political panel over there at the big statistic desk, they will chat about that and so much more with gretchen in a couple of minutes. >> brian: that's real glass. >> steve: it is? >> brian: no. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. in pushing his jobs bill, president obama says he's the only one in washington willing to compromise. >> i don't think that the american people would dispute that at every step of the way, i have done everything i can to try to get the republican party to work with me to deal with what is the biggest crisis of our lifetimes. and each time all we've gotten from them is no. you're not going to get too much dispute about that. >> gretchen: but there are quite a few people who actually do dispute that. so who is right? let's bring in our political
5:16 am
panel, robert zimmerman, a member of the democratic national committee. dede is a political strategist and robert is a political reporter for the national review who is free because he was covering chris christie for so many days. good to see all three of you. we have robert z and robert c. i'm going to call you bob. bob, what do you make of the president saying that nobody -- no republicans will compromise? it's a populous message. is it working? >> no, it's not working. i cover capitol hill for a living. you talk to republicans and they hear this message, they're rolling their eyes. he's in campaign mode right now. we can make fun of joe biden, but is the guy who brokers deal. at this point o'neill and president reagan were able to compromise. name one thing president obama has done to compromise. he would rather point his finger. that's going to hurt him. >> i need dramamine to go with that spin. are you kidding me?
5:17 am
more than compromise, he's given up. look at the debt ceiling. john boehner bragged about -- excuse me, because basically because president obama was not going to let the full united states be held hostage. look what that produced. 401(k) went down and stock market took a hit because john boehner was playing politics with our full faith and credit. look at senator demint, the tea party leader in the congress -- >> how about the president? >> we're talking about the role of republicans. jim demint made an -- >> okay, boys. >> gretchen: let him finish. >> demint said, if we vote with the president, then we own this economy. and that's the problem. the republicans in the house and senate do not want to take ownership of this economy, do not want to focus on the jobs and unemployment picture. >> gretchen: maybe they have a memory, though, robert, about health care and how that wasn't in their mind to compromise, or
5:18 am
the stimulus. they sort of feel like maybe those things were pushed through without any compromise behind closed doors. your thoughts? >> bob is right. obama is really o blama. he wants to blame everybody. that people have private jets, the american people for being soft. he hasn't compromised on anything. in fact, there hasn't been a plan until just recently and it's not even a jobs plan. it's stimulus 2. >> gretchen: he did compromise on the bush tax cuts, right? >> more than that -- >> that was joe biden working with mitch mcconnell. >> gretchen: i said earlier, maybe he should be sending him out more. >> your point is well taken. look at the american jobs act he produced, which has substantial support -- >> no chance on the hill. >> he has a great deal of support from the republicans -- it has proposals that have been adopted by the republicans already in the congress. but they -- >> he won't have a conversation with paul ryan about it. >> gretchen: maybe it's because the president is saying all or nothing. what about if they got together in a room and the way negotiations usually happen, and
5:19 am
they say, we like this, we don't like this. >> first of all, the white house did say, if the congress is going to pass individual parts of the bill, let them do that and then we'll come back and fight for the rest of it. but the republican leadership in the congress will not even allow a debate to take place. >> gretchen: harry reid doesn't want to take the vote and he's a democrat because he does not have the votes. >> they'reaving a super committee and trying to come up with bipartisan plan. but that's the president passing the buck. congress is not going to pass the bill. we need to see leadership from the president. he's not showing it on capitol hill. i think they lost interest in working with the president. >> gretchen: stick around because the latest polls show now that americans are fed up with congress, as bob just said, and republicans, but the poll didn't ask how people felt about democrats. so what's up with that? if it's not a choice, can you choose it? plus, would you get married if you could opt out after only two years? we're reading your e-mails on a brand-new exit strategy for newlyweds. the cold feet continues.
5:20 am
pass the two-year threshold phe.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
americans approval of congress hitting a new low. according to a brand-new poll, overwhelming 79% of americans say that they are dissatisfied with congress. and of those who are unhappy, 39% of americans blame republicans and just 25% blame president obama. there is just one problem. take a look at your screen right there. can you tell who is missing? yeah, democrats are not on that particular piece of paper. so i'm back with our political panel, robert, dd and bob. and i'll start with dede who is a republican strategist when that category is not an option, should we believe anything this poll says? >> why do we care what the "washington post" says anyway. it's a bunch of elitists don't care. that's obvious. it doesn't matter. and obama is trying to run against congress. it's not going to work. his election is going to fail
5:25 am
and he wants to blame boehner and congress. yeah, congress is unpopular. all of washington is unpopular. but it's not going to help him out. >> gretchen: bob, let's take these numbers face value, even though they don't include democrats. gop being blamed by 39% of americans. president obama only 25%. so he's going to continue with this same line, is he not? this is a populous message. >> it's a populous message. but if i'm a democrat, i'm not breaking out the champagne. look at the number, 52% of the numbers either disapprove of the way both parties are handling washington or the president. so there is no real satisfaction in washington. the democrats may have been left out of this poll, but they're just as unpopular as the republican house and right now, president obama is the figure who we have to be paying attention to and the new poll, four in ten americans disapprove of the way he's handling his jobs. >> i agree with bob on that point -- >> gretchen: which one? >> the fact that this poll is a very devastating poll about all of congress, democrats and republicans. the poll focuses on is the republican congress' way of doing business versus barak
5:26 am
obama's way of doing business. what my two friends conveniently left out and which have shown in repeated polls, when you ask who do you trust creating job, president obama or the republican congress, president obama gets 49% in the "washington post" poll versus the republican congress that gets 34%. that's a -- aal poll about the american jobs act, it's getting strong support consistently in many polls. "new york times" poll, "washington post" poll. what about blame the media. >> gretchen: that's going to be my next question to you. is it media bias to simply leave out the democrats in a poll and give people responding to it on the phone or wherever the option not there? >> gretchen, that poll was test -- first of all, no democratic congress can take any comfort in that poll. but that poll was testing the republican message versus president obama's message. and i think it had some very tough numbers there for the president, so no one can say the president got a pass on that poll. but what's most telling is the fact that the republican strategy of not compromising has failed. look at the gallup polls over the past year, democrats,
5:27 am
independents, want to see compromise. the right wing refuses to. i'm worried that the republicans are losing step with the main stream. >> you're so great. i'm sure you're worried about the republicans! >> gretchen: when we go back to compromise, which is how we started the original segment. great to see all three of you. he must have missed the sign that says, no cell phones allowed. but this bus driver busted for texting behind the wheel. then from melrose place to according to jim, and now courtney thorn smith is on "two and a half men." she's back to tell us what the show is like without charlie sheen. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
5:28 am
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5:31 am
ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. >> brian: check out this shot of the morning. if you want to run with the big dogs, you might be bitten. yesterday's playoff win over the rays, adrian beltray of the rangers, hits a homerun, high fives his coach. the camera man looking to get that shot. goes down. >> ow. >> brian: clearly he was not wearing the right shoes. he kept on running and everyone had a good laugh at his expense. that was one shot of the day. we have another. >> gretchen: brian, i also have a shot of the morning. and it's also from the world of
5:32 am
baseball. espn, the magazine coming out with its third annual body issue where over 20 athlete also pose nude and the cover goes to mets short stop jose reyes. it hits stands october 7. can i get the zoom on that? check out his arms. >> steve: i think they want you to buy the magazine. >> gretchen: well, yeah. i might buy that. >> brian: you know what the weird thing is? all those muscles he has pulled at one point. now the rest of the headline, missiles in the morning, watch. brand-new video of a new missile defense system tested out in hawaii just before sunrise. the new system passes its first test and destroyed two test missiles over the pacific ocean. >> steve: that is cool. not that chris christie is not running for president -- now that he is not, the gop field
5:33 am
appears set. but there is still one big name floating around. earlier on "fox & friends," we asked the donald if he will give it a go. >> gretchen: now that you know that the field is pretty much what it is, what do you think? >> i think the field is starting to look pretty interesting and pretty good and look, the key is that obama be beaten. you've got to get rid of obamacare. we've got to put this country back in order. we've got to stop china from just ripping us left and right. we've got to do something about opec. >> steve: now that chris christie is out, trump thinks mitt romney will pick up more support from republicans. >> gretchen: more recordings of michael jackson high on drugs will be played at his doctor's manslaughter trial today. >> gretchen: on the tapes, jackson reportedly slams his family for taking his money. yesterday dr. conrad murray's three girlfriends took center
5:34 am
stage. prosecutors tried to show that he was too distracted, i guess so -- to take good care of the king of pop. murray was on the phone with one of the women when jackson stopped breathing. >> steve: take a look at this video of bus driver from my state of new jersey, doing a good job? no. caught on camera texting while driving a bus. >> brian: he does have a flat screen. >> steve: he's apparently oblivious to the sign above his head that says, cell phone use is prohibited. his bosses put the brakes on him. they have suspended him, giving him much more time to text his friends. and former passengers as well. >> brian: mexico city has a problem. like the u.s. one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. but they think they have a solution to that problem. they'll have a chance to vote on it. they are going to offer two-year marriage deals. so if you get married, you have a prenup well, you decide who gets the kids and who gets the house, you have two years. if it doesn't work out, you walk away, no problems, no questions.
5:35 am
>> steve: no fault insurance. no fault marriage. if it doesn't work out after two, you just cut bait. we asked you whether or not you thought this was a good idea and let's take a look at some of the e-mails. >> gretchen: tonya in georgia says there must be an in for the long haul mentality. however, part of that is constant effort to work on the relationship. yes, anyone who is telling the truth when they're married knows that it's constant work! come on! it's not an easy just hey, the biggest part is the wedding. that's the most fun. you got to work at it. >> brian: listen, not really for me. it's effortless. i will say this, if you watch sports, you know the athlete always has the best year in his contract year. so if you know this is my final year of marriage and you want to keep it, you're going to act on your best behavior as opposed to this lifetime contract role. >> steve: let's look at a e-mail from dawn. >> brian: that's not true. >> steve: mike in iowa says
5:36 am
after a 30 year army career and three failed marriages, i decided i would take a business-like approach. but a six-month retainer with options for renewal is fine. >> gretchen: earlier brian gave that sport analogy because his wife was taking his daughter to music lessons and wasn't watching. what's your excuse now? >> brian: i was going to say that marriage is a lifetime contract and i just don't think this has a place in society. >> gretchen: that's called wishy wash. >> steve: joining us here on the curvy couch, tv star, she's written a book and so much more, courtney thorne-smith. how are you? >> good, how are you. >> steve: what do you think of that idea in mexico city, you can be married for two years and if it doesn't work out, you just walk away happily? >> isn't that what people do anyway? really? >> steve: they do. >> brian: especially in hollywood where you're from. all these marriages. >> yeah. >> steve: you wait a week. >> brian: i think -- don't you they individuals need incentives to get along? like if you stop arguing with me, 20 bucks.
5:37 am
[ laughter ] >> i'll start with five. there you go. >> gretchen: let's move on to why she's here. she's going to be back on "two and a half men" and as you recall, she was the love interest of john cryer and you kind of are on and off again. i understand that some of these scenes are a little steamy. >> they were steamier in the beginning. in the first three episodes, i wore nothing but lingerie. i told him, i forgot to tell him we're making out for the entire scene. so they said action, and i just went, i got nothing. all i can think about is i didn't tell my husband. >> steve: in your head while you're kissing him, you're thinking, my husband is looking. >> roger saw john and just went... . >> steve: that's my wife! >> gretchen: let's take a look at you in action. >> steve: really in action. >> what is wrong with you? >> nothing. i'm just here with my girlfriend having a little birthday celebration. >> what are you doing?
5:38 am
>> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. i love it when your hair is down. so sexy. >> that's right, it is. >> steve: all right. you got that sexy hair right now. >> thank you. >> brian: how does the set feel -- how different does the set feel? >> it feels great. but you know, charlie was wonderful and charming and talented and funny and ashton is wonderful and charming and talented and funny. it was a great set rapport and great now. >> gretchen: show business is -- you actually did one of your first films with charlie sheen. >> my very first with charlie sheen, yeah. >> steve: can you tell us, give us a little thumbnail sketch of what's going to happen this season? >> no. first of all, i don't know anything. even if i did, i couldn't tell you. it's great. i'm sure people are watching it. >> brian: do you watch? >> i do watch "two and a half men." i watched it before i was on it. >> brian: so does it bother you to see yourself on television or do you love it? do you look at it and say, i am a genius? [ laughter ]
5:39 am
>> i do that anyway. especially when i watch myself on tv. you know, it's such a great character and so well written that i can actually get lost in the show. >> brian: wait, that's me. >> gretchen: how are you managing your career right now? i know you're a mom of a four-year-old boy. so have you taken time off? >> i'm mostly a mom. "two and a half men," i work like ten weeks last year. so it's great. i have the best of both worlds. i get to be mostly a mom. i have nothing but gratitude. >> steve: can we ask you about your beauty secret? >> yes, you may. >> steve: what is it? >> what is it? i'm actually here today -- is that what you're seguewaying into? healthy woman about dea survey and they found women have questions about botox cosmetics and they asked if i would speak about my experience. >> steve: you have used it for ten years. >> i have used it for ten years. >> steveweren't you freaked out 'cause every once in a while you hear a story about someone
5:40 am
whose face gets stuck? >> i made sure when i went to talk to my doctor, i said i want to look very natural. people say, have you lied about it? i said no. i look natural the whole time. and my message is really it's important to talk to someone who knows what they're doing and know what you want. you can say, i want expression. i still want to be able to move my face. >> gretchen: people at home are saying, courtney is so beautiful anyway. how will this help me? >> well, i mean, it's up to individual women. it's an individual choice. if it's something you're curious about, go talk to your doctor about it. there has been such a taboo because people have used too much or people look strange and i'm saying, you don't have to. talk to your doctors about your specific fears and desires and if you want to try it, try it. >> brian: are you worried about the future of wrinkles if this continues? what happens to the people who want wrinkles? >> you can still have wrinkles. that's the thing. >> brian: like a long bath.
5:41 am
>> you can have as many wrinkles as you want. you can sit in the sun and squint. >> steve: this is america! >> brian: does it hurt? >> does it hurt like any injection would hurt? yeah. i mean, people have varying degrees, but sure, it hurts for a second. >> steve: the price of beauty. >> the price of beauty. it's a small price to pay. >> gretchen: continued success on "two and a half men" and any other endeavors that you face in your life. >> thank you. >> gretchen: great to see you again. >> great to see you. >> steve: straight ahead, we showed you what was happening just minutes ago in greece, workers running wild because their government can't pay its bills. oh, my goodness. can you imagine? why are so many countries on the verge of chaos? coming up, the author of "moneyball" and his investigation. >> gretchen: surprise. florida fast tracked its presidential primary. but an early christmas rarely makes for a better christmas. why florida will be this year's grinch for the gop candidates.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
>> gretchen: 45 minutes after the top of the hour. a couple quick headlines. another scare in the air, but this one sounds strangely familiar. federal air marshals detained an unruly passenger yesterday on board the same detroit-bound delta flight targeted by the underwear bomber. the man was screaming about terrorism and hijackers, but has no connection to the attempted attack back in 2009. singing superstar adell just got silenced. forced to cancel the rest of her sold out u.s. tour because of a hemorrhage in her vocal chord. she postponed a few shows earlier this year due to laryngitis. bad news if you have a ticket. steve? >> steve: all right.
5:46 am
the special animation of sabato ascaris taliban ball. is florida the grinch that stole 2012 and christmas? the state's decision of florida to move its republican primary up to january 31 spark ago major primary shuffle mean other states may be forced to move their primaryies into december, around christmas maybe. so is this bad for the candidates and the voters? dr. larry sabato joins us now. he's the creator -- the director, that is, of the center for politics at the university of virginia and the creator of the crystal ball. good morning to you, larry. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: florida is the grinch that could have stolen christmas. right? because it looks like things are going to get -- it looks like new hampshire, the primary, could be in december. >> it's a live possibility. look, steve, we all love the cartoon, the grinch that stole christmas. we're not going to like this reality and there is one bad guy, i'm sorry to say, we all
5:47 am
love the state of florida. we do not like what they've done in moving their primary up to january 31, sticking it to their own party, the republican national committee forcing the small states to move forward and florida says, well, why should they go first? look, it is the reality of political life. their souls are almost bound up with being first, being the first caucus, the first primary, the first in the south, the first in the west. so the four early states, iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, they're going to move up. and it could be december or right after new year, but it's bad. >> steve: that means we would have a negative campaign ads on tv throughout the month of december and during the charlie brown christmas special and everything else. we're going to show folks the original primary dates. iowa caucuses originally january 9. the new hampshire caucuses, february 14. and nevada, the 18th.
5:48 am
south carolina, the 28th. and florida, march 6. but then they've revised everything. now new hampshire could be december 20 or the 17th. not official yet. nevada, could move up, as you can see. south carolina as well. larry, i get why florida doesn't want to be at the back of the pack. they want to be significant in choosing the next leader of the free world. >> absolutely, steve. and they could have been fifth! exactly what they're going to be now. they could have been fifth in february. they didn't gain a thing by doing this really, other than upsetting their party and the other 49 states. everybody played by the rules except for florida. i realize it's an 800-pound gorilla, but nobody likes a bully. >> steve: yeah. there you go. by the way, larry says that candidate who could benefit the most from this would be mitt romney. read all about it at his web site, crystalball at the center for politics. larry sabato, we thank you for joining us from joining us from
5:49 am
the university today. >> thanks, steve. >> steve: you bet. meanwhile, chaos right now on the streets of greece, people taking to the streets because their government out of money, can't pay the people. our next guest says that is just the beginning. the author of "moneyball" and "the blind side" on a brand-new investigation. meanwhile, let's investigate what happens in 11 minutes, let's talk to martha mccal lull. >> you're a crack investigator. i'm gog spill the beans. thank you very much. coming up, he was the first witness to this chopper crash yesterday. he watched it from takeoff to crash and he immediately called for help. he is here in america's news room to tell his story to us first this morning. and folks are mad as hell at bank of america, but did the very regulations that were supposed to help consumers end up biting them in the you know what? bill and i, top of the hour. we'll see you then. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
5:50 am
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5:53 am
>> brian: he traveled the world following the onset of the global economic crisis to see how it impacted different nations. what he found was the dark side of cheap credit and a world of problems that many reflect many of america's current problems. michael lewis is back with us. the author of "moneyball," the same guy, the big short "the blind side." his new book is called "boomerang" and you travel to the third world. michael, a man walked up to you while you were writing the last book and said to you what? >> i walked up to him and i said, what happens next? it was a hedge fund manager in dallas named kyle bass. he had been right about the sub prime crisis. he made a lot of money off the collapse of that. he said, that's nothing. what happens next is that these debts that everybody is accumulated and have now been nationalized and taken on by governments are going to cause governments to become less credible and governments are going to start to fall. >> brian: you got to put them
5:54 am
off until it started happening and it began to happen, let's first stop, iceland. what did they do wrong that crashed its economy? >> it's incredible story. nation of 300,000 people. so you're talking about peoria, illinois. they took their three banks and took -- turned them into three global banks, they owned $340 billion in assets. they thought they turned themselves from a nation of people who did fishing for a living to a nation of hedge fund managers and investment bankers and they didn't know what they were doing. they told themselves a story that we were general ethically predisposed to being financial people. but they didn't know what they were doing. and they bankrupted the country. so many times over that it's preposterous. there is not any hope they'll pay it back. >> brian: ireland is going to pay it back. the miracle of ireland, it fell apart in 2007. >> this story, to me, is so interesting 'cause it's in this country as well.
5:55 am
effectively what happened is we piled huge sums of money in a dark room with different cultures and they decided what they wanted to do with it. it was a story of temptation. and different cultures wanted to do different things with the money. iceland, what they really want to do is stop fishing and do something else. the irish, they turned to ireland in -- >> brian: they bought ireland? >> they bought it. they went inside and they built -- you could drive around ireland now, there are ghost towns that are brand-new. >> brian: politicians agreed they pay all the money back. so it's going to be tough sledding for ireland. did you see the video this morning of what's happening in greece? >> i didn't. >> brian: watch this together and describe what's happening there. for us, this is -- a lot of us became aware of how much greece affects us here in america. what did they do wrong? >> well, they had a dysfunctional and bloated government already. they treated the government as a source of patronage. all the political parties did before all this happened. and people went to the government basically to steal from it and they didn't pay
5:56 am
their taxes on the other side. they didn't have a vibrant private sector. when the money came in, when the money was put down to tempt them, what they wanted to do was bloat their government in a crazy way. and they have now accumulated debt that they clearly can't repay. the question is, what happens when they don't repay them? it's going to happen. how does that ripple through the world? it gets to us. >> brian: lays perfectly into what we're going to talk about who did it right, germany. back with more in two minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your dtor about viagra?
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