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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 6, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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about specific reforms that the american people would then expect the congress to pass and they will expect washington to implement. >> is -- it seems the field is now set with governor palin's announcement yesterday. governor christie's announcement the day bmplt is it about the right time? these are the field of candidates. now we are going into the heavy political season. is that good for the republican party to have that set at this point? >> well, i think it's inevitable now, with florida coming forward, you are going to start seeing at the end of the month, who files in new hampshire, who files in florida, there is a date when the door closes. somebody could get in late. but it's very, very hard to get in late and win. so i think this is the field. i think the amazing field for those of us here in georgia tonight, it's very possible that two of the three finalists will be georgians. [cheering]
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>> to support that, there have been the latest polls show a surge. and the two candidates now that have emerged, your poll numbers have come up dramatically -- herman cain's numbers have come up dramatically. two of three georgians. what's changed? you know? what do you think has happened that all of a sudden -- we watched michele bachmann go up and she has gone down. perry comes in, there was a lot of buzz, she he went down. herman cain and you are now doing well. why do you think there is constant change going on? >> first of all, the elite media tried to pick the candidates. and they spent weeks, there were something like 115 articles saying this is a two-man race. and the country looked up and said, you don't have the right to tell us who is in the race. [cheers and applause] >> i think, second, herman and i, you know, we go back to
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fighting hillary care together in the 90s. we have both tried to enter this race with positive ideas, positive idea and we are very happy to be allowed to be here. we think it's amazing that in america, people like us are allowed to run for president. we don't have any sense of expectation. so we are not knowing it's ours. when people have seen food fights between the candidates that all the candidates that get involved in the negativity shrink simultaneously. their consultants may think they are clever. what they don't realize is that when you get candidates in this kind of economy with this kind of crisis, the american people want somebody positive. they want somebody with a solution. they want somebody who cares more about the country than about their personal ambition. >> all right. [cheers and applause] >> what -- what worked for you, it seemed in '94, was very specific programs. >> right. >> i think we are at the tipping
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point. i read that book, "the tipping point." i am afraid when we have 42.2% of americans in poverty, that's scary. one in four children in poverty. one in seven americans on food stamps. these numbers are fright nifnlght in georgia, we shouldn't have 10.5% unemployment. >> right. >> it seems what succeeded in '94 was ideas. last thursday or friday, you outlined a new contract. i want to you take some time because i think ideas are going to play a big part in this coming election. tell us about the new one. >> first of all, i think that's right. i think what you are going to see, when the third quarter fund-raising report comes in, the guys raising the most money have fewer votes and the guys with the most ideas have more votes. and in fact, the country's not impressed with how big your bank roll is, but how big your solutions are. that's clearly showing up in the polling. last thursday in des moines, i
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outlined a 21st century contract with america. everybody who wants to can go to and download the contract, 36,000 people the first day. a number of them downloaded it. very straight forward. this is a legislative component, there is an executive order component. there is a training component -- i'm going to slow you down. executive orders, you say within hours of being sworn nyou would >> it's very straight forward. you finish the inaugural address. you say thank you to everybody. the band plays. you walk into the room in a capital and for an hour or hour and-a-half, you sign 100 to 200 executive orders. about the time that baccalaureate gets to air force base to go back home... [cheers and applause] >> and kitell you right now, anybody who wants to can go to
6:07 pm and offer their ideas. the very first one's simple. we will abolish all the white house czars at 3:45, january 21. >> quickly because we are running out of time. go through the others. >> repeal obamacare, follow the reagan policy of creating jobs. he create 1.1 million jobs in september of 1983. we will find out in the morning how obama's doing. american embassy policy, control the border by 2013, no excuses. balance the federal budget. modernize it to save at least $500 billion with modern management systems. use brain science to dramatically improve health outcomes and bring down costs, extend lives and increase american jobs. a new american national security policy. tomorrow, i will outline a speech on taking on the judiciary and getting it back to being committed to the american
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constitution. implement the 10th amendment to return power back home. and finally, save medicare and social security by increasing the choices of the american people so they can be good consumers and they can have a better future, that they're in charge of, not the politicians. [cheers and applause] >> that's popular. mr. speaker, it's great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. >> coming up... >> the president sympathizes with the wall street protesters. we will check in with dana perrineo and bob beckel. and oliver north is here and comedian james foxworthy and our great, great, great american panel. much more to come on this special 15th edition of "hannity," live from atlanta, georgia. don't go away. >> what were some of the toughest moments have you had in this office? >> by far, the toughest moment was to make the decision to put men and women of our military
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into combat. >> do you think hillary could be president? what do you think about barack obama? >> well, that's going to take a lot longer than have you on your show. >> you seem even more at peace now. >> i am at peace. i was thorned serve the country. i gave it my all. i feel very strongly as i look back on that period that as i wrote about it, that... what we did was the right thing to do.
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>> we are coming to you live from centennial park in downtown atlanta, georgia, as we continue our celebration of the 15th anniversary of the fox newschannel. meanwhile, back in new york, the up on wall street protest continue. and earlier today, while the movement gotae aicism theghtic shoutout from the president of the united states who says he understands their anger. >> yes. i think people are frustrated and -- and the protesters are... giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system works. >> now, meanwhile vice-president joe biden is busy giving your kids a crash course in
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economics. earlier this week, he sat down with a class of fifth graders in florida and explained to them that america's fiscal problems are actually president bush's fault. explaining, quotes -- funny, isn't it? because things got really bad before we came into office, we said. and an awful lot of companies are saying there are no more yobs for you here. oh. joining me is bob beckel and former white house press secretary, dana perino. a warm atlanta welcome. thank you. let me start with dane amount of good. >> i started calling the president -- bob told me to stop doing this. sometimes bob's right. i was saying that president obama's president cry baby because he blames kiosks and atm machines, the arab spring, the japanese tsunami, the earthquake -- everything but his own policies sympt don't forget
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george bush -- >> when all else fails. >> don't forget sean hannityiment sean hasn't risin to the level of getting called out. >> with all due respect, president obama called me out nine times during the campaign. >> but he got smarter after that. >> someone told him not to. >> when president obama gave his press conference, you could not have seen anyone more depressed than he seemed to be. i am not saying that he himself is depressed. but a president at this time should be able to get up some emotion, not anger, but something that would inspire people. instead, i think he is caught in this trap of saying the same thing over and over again, trying to please the left wing of his barks losing the independents and hoping that somehow people just won't like the republican candidate and he'll get another four years in office. >> that's a given. >> obama's disapproval rating is
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56%. his approval's at best high 30s, low 40s. does there come a point, even james greenberg and james carville said, isn't not working, blaming everybody else. >> i don't know what joe's talking about. you own the economy. he owns the economy. he said, he's an underdog. kigo back to wall street? i want to see, you are jumping on the protesters. i want to see the day when the people who put the economy in a hole, these wall street bankers, who sold those cheap mortgages, why don't they go to jail? >> wait a minute. hang on a second. there are two points. wait a minute. i agree with you, as a conservative, i think fannie and freddie, the bailout of bank, wall street company, financial institutions, i don't think it's the business of the people of at atlanta or the country to do t. but i think worse than that -- is the president and government
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spends too much money, bob. >> kiget back to wall street for a second? >> sure. >> back on wall street, they have a right to protest and they have a right to see some of these guys get sent away to jail for hathey did to this country. if you support these bums here,im amaze. these guys from goldman sachs and the rest, they got the taxpayer money and all they do is screw you. >> that argument might hold water if that's why the protests were started t. took three to four weeks to settle on, oh, that's right, our message should be against the banks. if they don't watch it in the administration, they are talking down corporate america so much that they're going to having to possibly consider another bailout. >> here's the bottom line. 15% of americans don't pay federal income tax. the top 1% pace 40. the top 15 percent pays 75 and
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the president says they need to pay their fair share. is that fair? >> yeah, it's fair. >> how much of every dollar -- >> everybody are on out there. >> i was here with this crowd, they have been very nice to me. but nice in atlanta, scbk all of that. but the fact of the matter is, i'm for a flat tax. i have been for a flat tax for 6 years. >> how many of you prefer the fair tax? [cheering] >> what is the fair tax? >> that's a consumption tax. >> the contu.ion tax. >> i don't think there is anything wrong with a consumption tax. >> not on top of the income tax, we eliminate the income tax. >> we eliminate anybody but you is what i want to know. look, i can understand people don't think it's a fair distribution of income. that's why we need a flat tax and everybody ought to pay their fair share. but the idea that the rich new
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york bankers are getting away with making billions of dollars and these people think that they are making a contribution to america. >> last word, dana? >> when president obama says pass this jobs bill now. he said if a thousand times and it's his own senate and democrats who are blocking the passage of the so-called jobs bill. he's got a bigger problem than he thinks he has. leading up to the year, he can lose. >> a bigger problem, they have to nominate one of these people. i will tell you, it's easy to be against a generic, but you go against milty. >> how much is the bet that obama's a one-term president? >> $5,000 to charity. >> i'll tell you what, now that we know the field is down to three people -- >> you want to double bet? >> i will double the bet. >> double the bet. >> all right. good it see you. >> thank you for being here tonight. >> complete confidence in
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attorney general eric holder. i don't have it. but apparently, our commandener chief still does. when we come back, neil boris, radio talk show host and oliver north will give us their take. and up next, is he smarter than a fifth grader when it comes to politics and the economy with comedian james foxworthy. oartion, no. >> not honest to sayure are taking a survey here -- [overlapping dialogue] >> no. wait. >> this is propaganda. >> answer to your question. >> no -- >> he wants his own appointee. >> stop filibustering. [overlapping dialogue] >> reverend, i'm going to ask you the question... i'm going to ask you this question. >> how many have you read -- >> you are very angry and defensive. i am just trying to ask a question here.
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>> all right. welcome back to centennial park for the 15th anniversary of the fox newschannel. joining us, nationally syndicated talk show host. atlanta's own...
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[cheering] >> by the way, airing on sunday 11:00 p.m. paul, the battle for afghanistan, lieutenantquently oliver north is here. all right. so... i have never seen anything like this. you are a libertarian. >> yeah. >> who do you like for the republican nominees? who do you like? >> there are three of them that have a prayer. herman cain -- [cheering] newt gingrich, mitt romney. >> those are the three. >> those are the three. >> colonel? >> i am very a.b.o.? >> anybody but obama. >> i can live with that. >> when do you run? >> would you vote for me? >> yeah. >> no one else will, obviously. i love being on the radio. >> you're on tv, sean.
6:26 pm
this is tv. >> i have a face for radio, neal. the show and image is back 15 years ago. it's an honor to be back here. this is an interesting story. neal and i were competitors on the radio -- true story. and we were friends at the same time. i will lut tell the story. >> well, i left one radio station, which i have now referred to at the ex-wife. they pulled nuto do my time slot. i went to wsb. we competed and discuring news breaks, during news breaks, we would call each other and laugh about what a great time we were having. >> who pulled the better numbers? >> oh geezzz. >> we both did very well. there is historical disagreement. let me say one thing, there was one year in a row, where we both pulled 12.5 shares each, which is almost impossible. >> we owned it -- >> the city was listening to
6:27 pm
anything but. >> they were switching back and forth. >> sure. i had to go off the air for six months. and he was on the air. so when i came back, he was -- he was rolling. he was rolling. so it took me three or three ratings books to kick his -- >> this is the historical revisionism. he said he ran me out of town to fox. >> i did. you owe me -- >> it's 15 years ago. >> you owe me. >> get over it! [chuckles] >> can barack obama recover? >> i don't see how at this point. i mean, i think it's -- i think newt gingrich and dana pointed out, this is a republican victory year. the question is which republican? it ought to be one that carries the mantle of every conservative principle that the american party believes in.
6:28 pm
my beef is national security. i think he's a disaster at national security. >> what do you say, he got bin laden -- >> he wasn't on that mission. >> come on. all he defense get out of the way, sean. >> no, no. he gave the order to do tbut it wouldn't have happened if his policies against gitmo, so i give as much credit to george w. bush. >> absolutely. >> all he has done consistently is castigate the previous administration for everything. he has had to adopt a number of things. gitmo's still open, last time i checked. he has given up on the idea of trying them in new york city. what we have seen, he is giving up the idea of winning in afghanistan. tomorrow, it's 10 years since we have been at war in afghanistan. the war in afghanistan is being won. he is going to deny us that victory if he persists in his pullout policy. >> you told me that you viewed yourself as an entertainer.
6:29 pm
you don't feel that way anymore. 9/11 changed you. the state of the economy changed you. remember the conversation we had. >> 9/11 changed me somewhat. but is attack watch -- do you think they are... barack obama is a bigger disaster to this country than 9/11. and you talk about changing. if you took the phrase fair share, millionaires and billionaires and passed this bill out of his vocabulary, he would be unable to deliver a speech. >> what do you mean he's more disastrous than 9/11? we lost 3,000 lives? >> because, look, the american people developed a fighting spirit after 9/11 and we responded. we went back after them. and if allowed to, the defeat it would be total.
6:30 pm
but barack obama -- what he has done to our economy, what he has done to the american spirit of individual responsibility and self reliance -- killing 3,000 people is a tragedy, sean. it's a real trag deism but killing the individualism, the self reliance and the self respect of the american people like barack obama has done is much more of a tragedy. >> all right. thank you both for being here on the 15th anniversary. appreciate you. >> are my 45 seconds over now? >> oh, stop. >> the one and only comedian jeff foxworthy is here. he'll be here next and our great, great american panel, right here, relocated to atlanta for this 15th anniversary show continues, straight ahead. >> i know it bothers you that millions of splerns gone to see my moviesism no tdoesn't bother me. i paid for my own ticket. >> he looks like a gadget mitt.
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>> and you are looking liefer at the crowd. we are here in centennial park in atlanta, georgia, and we are joined by lots of our friends and marking the 15th anniversary of the fox
6:36 pm
newschannel. here with me now is comedian, radio, television permit, the scbon only, atlanta's own jeff foxworthy. >> in my hometown. congratulations on 15 years. >> thank you so much for being here. i have been a fan of yours and larry, the cable guy. >> i listen to you every afternoon. i am very honored. i really am. how do you know if you're a red neck? >> if you your working television sits on top of your non-working television. if you have ever been accused of lying through your tooth. if you think fast food's hitting a deer at 65 miles per hour. the list goes on. >> you wrote books on this. you keep coming up with one a day? >> i did the first book in '88. i started doing the page a day calendars in 1990. it's 2011 and i am still -- every year, you are like, there cannot be 365 more of these. >> and you find 'em. >> there is not a lot of research.
6:37 pm
it's pretty much my family. [chuckles] >> first of all, congratulations, the tv show, are you smarter than a fifth grader? it's a big hit. >> i have never been on the air five years inia a row on anything. i love the show, as long as haygive me the answers. i don't pretend to be alec trabeck. >> how do you know alec really knows? >> he acts like he knows. they had a second-grade grammar question and the lady goes, i remember hom nines and synonyms andant nims. but i don't remember the difference. can you use it in a sentence? >> yeah, my antonym came over for for thanksgiving dinner. >> one thing, i watch you and the cable guy -- we live in serious times and we are talking politics here. you make me forget all of that. >> i said alternates the release
6:38 pm
valve that keeps the boiler from exploding. >> you think i would explode without you. >> everybody needs to laugh or you go crazy. we all go through the bad stuff. hifox news on for three hour, i'm ready to jump off the ledge! my wife's telling me, you can't watch it that long in a row. >> have you to get some material. you are watching the wall street proesters. here's the deal. i understand their frustration. i understand that people are frustrated. but it's where they are putting it, it's totally wrong. >> by the way -- we have done these man on the streets. we go down with a tv camera. why are you here? we are here -- to make -- global warm ago there is no coherency. >> they are protesting capitalism and i am watching them with their ipads and iphones, capitalism gave your dad the money to buy that for you. >> exactly, exactly. that's a good point. you know, we lost steve jobs.
6:39 pm
i got my ifwoan here and my ipad. i think, all right, some people on the left had their way, when he was 25 and he had 250 million dollars, he would have stopped creating great things. when did becoming successful become a crime in america? >> i don't know. because to me, america was built as the land of opportunity. it wasn't the land of guarantees. it was having the incentive that if you worked hard at it, the second month i did comedy, i made $20. the first year i was on the road, di427 shows and i made $8,370. i did 500 shows a year. i was working. nobody knew my name and i am one of the bless people because it worked. it's that opportunity. >> my first pay job was $19,000 a year, you know. i didn't get into any of this
6:40 pm
for fame. i loved it. the light went on, i had fun. i enjoyed it are you political? i probably shouldn't put you on the spot? >> i never wanted to be a political comedian. i would watch them and half the crowd immediately hated you. didn't matter which half. i get up at 6:00 in the morning, i read the paper before anybody in my house gets up. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> you love news. i think larry the cable guy, he named his daughter reagan. >> yeah. that was not by accident. >> i don't think it was. listen, we really appreciate t. give us a couple more -- you know you are a red neck if >> if your son's name is dell dale jr. and your name's not dale. i know some people in nascar. you can't do that, you have to be a dale to have a dale jr. >> there is a lady in the crowd who named her son after greg maddux, the great pitcher for the atlanta braves.
6:41 pm
>> you near braves territory here. >> how are you? >> can you catch a football? >> here you go, maddux. all right. bad throw. >> stick to radio. tv. >> i'm trying. jeff foxworthy, appreciate it. >> thank you so much. here's to another 15 years. >> god bless you. by the way, you can see jeff and him perform with our friend, larry the cable guy, october 14. baton rouge, louisiana, send our love. let not your heart be troubled. why? our great, great, great, great american panel is next. straight ahead. >> what's the procedure from there when you catch it? do you wait for other people to get in the car? >> secure the group, the area, see swlaw and take it from there and call in for transportation. >> why are you crossing over? >> i don't have no papers. >> have you crossed before? >> yes, i have. >> how many times? >> i have crossed twice. >> so you are taking a
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity" live in centennial park in downtown atlanta, georgia, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the fox newschannel. he is the author of the book, "always a bulldog." he has his own show on cbs, the sports network, tony barnhart is here. >> thank you. >> and a democratic strategist, joe trippi is here as well.
6:47 pm
>> tough crowd. >> thank you! >> and the author of the book, "bullets and blood" chairman of the faith and freedom coalition, ralph reed is here. let's start with the announcement. it looks like the field is set for the republicans. governor palin announced, she's not going to run. chris christie is not going to run. >> i think it was a good week for mitt romney. when chris christie didn't get in and rick perry looks like his star is starting to burn out. you take him and herman cain -- i think herman cain is a wonderful story and we got a lot of work to do. >> okay. so when you see these new polls, there has been a lot of up and down, michele bachmann, perry, herman cain is rising, newt's coming up. romney stays steady at the top. does that tell you anything? >> this thing is very, very
6:48 pm
fluid. it's still early. there is a lot that's going to happen. i think it's rom scprom herman cain, i really doi. what do you think about that? >> i think romney... it's questionable if they will settle for romney, or does newt have a shot. i think newt's the one to watch in the field right now. i think if -- if somebody's going to catch romney, it is going to be newt turns -- >> why -- why is newt the one to watch? >> because i think he's actually thought more about running for president and more about what he wants to do and is talking pretty bluntly about it. he has baggage and that's something that -- i don't know if people will look back. >> in fairness, doesn't have every candidate have "the" annoying question. i have romney 30 times about romney care and i have asked perry about the immigration and the hp vaccine. newt gingrich is on stage when you realize, this is a pretty
6:49 pm
smart man. >> that's what i am saying. i think he has done well in the debates. he has done very well. the only thing holing him back is the feeling that he's from the past. >> does it hurt hurlan -- he worked for coke here in atlanta. he's worked for pillsburry and burger king. he's the ceo of god father's. does it hurt or help him that he has no political experience. >> it helps him. >> what do you think, ralph? >> look, i think it's the most wide-open fight for a republican nomination in my career. i mean, when you look at the movement, trump had his day in the sun. bachmann got n. perry got in like a whale in a bathtub and immediately dropped. >> can he come back? >> i think he can. i don't count him out. he has won five statewide elections in the second largest state in america. he put up $18 million and you don't count a guy like that out.
6:50 pm
this will be my ninth presidential campaign as an operative or an organization like faith and freedom coalition. you have to remember, this is a long, bloody slog. you will need $50 to $100 million. you need an organization in 35 states, you need a initial finance team and you need clear, memorable, compelling plans on key issues. that's a high bar to clear. so in the end, tell end up in my opinion being romney and somebody else. when you combine that with the calendar truncating. you roll out of bed and you will be somewhere else -- >> we have to break. rubio wouldn't accept v.p., do you believe him, yes or no? >> no. i think rubio's an excellent candidate for v.p. >> turn it down? >> if they offered it -- >> i think he mean its now. >> he'll take it. >> he clearly means it. the question is, will there be
6:51 pm
enormous pressure to get in? >> and there will. >> i think he will turn it down. >> you do? >> i do. >> interesting. by the way, if i was john edwards, i would be going like that. >> we will have more -- nothing to do with you, joe. our great, great american panel, right after the break. >> in spite of our political disagreements. >> right. >> we have had a wonderful 12 years together. >> it's hard for people to believe that we had a relationship that preceded fox newschannel. >> we did. >> we were both in radio, which got us here. >> i don't know why our boss hired us. >> it was a big chance. >> this is my final gift to you. >> thanks for the communist manifesto. >> i got carl marx to sign it for you.
6:52 pm
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>> and we continue now... what a great crowd. with our great, great american panel, live in atlanta. by the way, ralph reed, with a novel. in a minute -- i think, honest mistake, ralph. sorry. we got the protesters down in wall street. now, herman cain did say something interesting.
6:56 pm
he went on to talk about the people down there. he said, you know what? this is the democrats here want this to happen because what it's doing is a big distraction for the obama scme failed policies. do you agree? >> i do agree. it takes everybody's eye off the ball. the fact, listen, the people vitalked to -- look, i live in the sports world. i talk to real people every day. they say they are sitting on the sidelines, holding onto their capital. we have $2.5 trillion in cash that businesses are sitting on because they don't know about taxes or health care or regulation. people want people to fix stuff and the staff wall street is an absolute distraction. >> a lot of those people are just as upset at obama as they were bush for bailing out wall street and the banks. no one's helped the american people -- as a liberal i. are you upset with obama. >> on the wall street stuff, yeah. >> no, no. i mean -- >> yeah, on the wall street
6:57 pm
stuff i. but the president's out there defending them today. generally speaking, has obama, as a democrat that you helped elect, are you disappointed? >> there are a lot of people like me on the left who are disappointed, dont think he's been hard enough on the banks or wall street -- >> what grade would you give him as president? if you were going to give him a grade? >> what he got handed, he's done a pretty good job. >> reagan, ralph reed, inherited a far worse economy. by the way -- >> when you get the keys to the oval office, you don't whine about your predecessor, you are supposed to fix the problem. all right? can i address the wall street protest? >> sure. >> this can be summed up in three words -- it's tea party envy. they have a huge enthusiasm. they have a huge enthusiasm gap.
6:58 pm
the vote won't turn out the way it did in '08 because they can't find jobs. they are disillusioned. his job approval among hispanics is anemic. so they are trying to create a tea party movement. if anyone in the tea party movement had been chanting the anti-semitic slurs that have been going on -- >> that's true. >> they would have been universally condemned. i for one, as an american, not a partisan statement -- i was very disappointed that president obama did not go out of his way to condemn that today. >> quick response. >> no. the impulse of the tea party against the leaks in the republican party and in the establishment is the same impulse that you are seeing on the left. in the wall street i. no, it's not. >> it is. >> i will live give you the last word. >> we have to create jobs. you don't demonize wall street, you say, help us out. get back in the game! that's the problem. these people are not in the
6:59 pm
game. >> guys, thanks for being with us. i want to take a moment and say something personally here. it was 15 years ago tomorrow that we started here on the fox newschannel. i was on the radio here local neatlanta. i -- in atlanta. i want to thank my boss, roger ells, 15 years ago, he gave me the opportunity and literally -- if you are out there watching, you changed my life. i personally want to say thank you for it. i couldn't have imagined 15 years ago that all of these wonderful things would happen in our life. i want to thank all of you here and all of our fan, all of our viewers, you make fox newschannel the huge success it is. thank you all for all that have you done for us. we appreciate it. thank you, atlanta. don't forget, we will be back tomorrow night. atlanta, love you. thanks to all of you. [cheers and applause] >> tonight,


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