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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 7, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> they said it could not be done. they said there was not enough news to go around. 15 years later fox news channel and you, the viewers, have proven them wrong. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to fox news channel 15ok years fair and balanced. we are outside the studios where the channel launched october 7, 1996. and from the beginning there's been a mission. fair and balanced moves and a motto. we report, you decide. today i can report that you have decided the fox news channel is the number one cable news channel in america, and you have made us number one for more than 100 months in a row. how did that happen? you are about to find out.
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>> george bush, this is your life. >> with all due respect we've all those excuses before. >> fair, balanced and dangerous. you never know what the guests are going to say, you never know what we are going to say. >> kissinger did it, too, where he had his hand on -- >> oh, i'm sorry. >> we are still doing these very unpredictable moments which i think the people at home love. >> good job, brian! >> in the beginning it was like headline news. can i say that on fox? and then we went totally loose. >> we want to hear conversation. we are offering it in a smart and intelligent way, too. the issues of the day. >> the fox brand has a reputation for being edgy, it's movies, television shows and sports have always been innovative and fearless when it comes to taking risks. >> we are back. >> but in heart, news corp chairman and ceo rupert murdoch has always been a newsman and he
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was committed to starting a first-class news operation that, too, would be innovative and cutting edge. >> we can announce the starting of a fox news channel. >> i knew that rupert is the kind of man that took risks and put money at risk to back them. >> mr. murdoch hit his faith in fox news charm and ceo, roger ailes. from the beginning roger ailes clearly stated the mission of fox news. to report all sides of the the story, unbiased and unfiltered. >> the american people are very smart. they know the difference between new, facts, analysis, commentary, spin, and bs. the other news organizations won't tell you the difference. we will. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. >> is it better for our country to know the details of what their elected officials are doing? i would argue, yes, it is. >> there are people who don't live in los angeles, new york,
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san francisco, boston and those big cities who maybe weren't served all the time. >> it was a market sitting there waiting to be served. we served it. >> i think i am fair and balanced and fiery. >> i asked the question. >> what does fair and balanced mean to you? >> i think fair and balanced means to bring the news accurately, truthfully, but with contact in perspective. when it came out a few weeks ago from him, that he has never interviewed this accuser is inexcusable. >> when that duke story broke -- >> there was serious questions about this woman's story. i just didn't understand why they weren't being investigated. >> you smelled a rat. >> i did. >> it it was a terrific examplef a story everybody else was doing and we did it in a different way and we got it right. >> we need the issues framed in ways they can readily relate. >> everybody gets what's going on in this country. i think that they like that we, you know, we don't talk down to
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anybody here. >> you say that the more people know and viewers become educated, the better voters they become. >> i do believe that freedom of the press is really a primary function of democracy. >> my impression watching your show is that you are in an active newsroom. >> true. >> these are not extras. >> they aren't extras. >> you are gathering the news in realtime and putting that directly on tv. >> suspicious packages onboard two ups planes have forced those planes to be quarantined. >> we don't have details on what that package might look like. >> it was a tense environment and the question was these planes are in the air. what's going to happen next? >> with a young, ambitious staff working 24-7, the start-up network launched october 7, 1996 in only 17 million households. competitor, cnn, was in 70 million homes.
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>> all you had to do is walk into the newsroom because everybody here was technically getting paid less, working more and doing more but it was almost like they were all stockholders. were these people really this motivated? >> was anybody watching in october 1996? >> no. it was like doing television in a vacuum. we couldn't even watch it in manhattan because there was the argument with the cable company that had manhattan wired. >> i think we need to call mr. murdoch. >> do i have that on my visa limit? >> do you ever stop and reflect 15 years down the road and think about how far this place as gone? >> when roger ailes would get up and say i have a five-year plan to knock off cnn, i thought the guy was drinking kool-aid. >> i really do believe that overtime fox has become a really powerful news operation. >> cnn had a 16-year head start. but in five and a half years,
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fox news was number one in viewership. today fox news has an average of 1.86 million viewers in prime time. cnn has 722,000. fox more than doubled cnn and msnbc in prime time. >> you came from cnn. what struck you when you got here? >> when i was working at cnn we had a large staff. >> we have a super large staff. >> we have like twelve. everybody has to be nimble in order for us to stay on top, to stay competitive, and to stay number one. >> and you know you talk to roger ailes about that and how you stay fresh, and he constantly encourages us to think outside the box and to do something different. >> you may be great, but that part is so slow! >> what would you say about our correspondents and the work they do? >> i think they are the best in the business.
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when certain people, who shall be name less, suggested they are not journalists at fox news i want to look at them and say, really? and the way in some cases they literally risk their lives to get after a story. >> right now they are firing tier gas. >> the forces have gun to fire at journalists. >> you were the first person publicly throughout all media to mention the same osama bin laden. why did his name come to mind? >> i'm a private pilot and i knew bin laden had been implicated in that plot to blow up airplanes over the pacific. when airplanes threw into buildings into new york after the first 15 seconds i mentioned his name. >> this has to be deliberate. some of the key suspects that
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come to mind, osama bin laden. >> what changed for you of a september 11th? >> it all changed on september 11th because it became more about the news and less about everything else. >> after a firefight, they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> bin laden is dead. multiple sources. osama bin laden is dead. >> the rescue of the first of 33 miners in chile trapped underground for 16 ag nicing days. people are holding vigils, people like lisa, her family. >> barack obama is the next president of the united states. what a ride it has been. >> you can count on fox news channel for the latest in politics and the events from our nation's capital. and we count on team washington. straight ahead, the timely
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>> covering washington is like drink from a fire hose because it comes nonstop stop. it is flowing. >> i want you to listen to me. i am a going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations
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with that woman. >> on january 26, 1998, the same day that president clinton gave that stunning denial, fox news managing editor brit hume was told by the washington bureau chief the time was now to launch a nightly program. that show, the special report. the bureau chief, brit hayes hume's wife, kim. >> i called roger and he said, egossed for a moment and said she's right. >> welcome to washing on. i'm brit hume, and i'll be here each night on the special events that -- >> roger told me it was a big deal to get you. >> it was a big deal for me to get here. i was excited about it. in the meantime more news is on the way. fair, balanced. >> brit hume led "special
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report" for ten years and today continues as a fox news channel contributor. >> welcome to washington. i'm brett bear. >> what advice about brit give you before you took over? >> he said two things, one, be yourself, and two,(t) drive the show. >> this is why i need a humvee. >> and the news has taken brit out of the studio and on the road and even on a 100-mile bike ride with wounded veterans and president bush. >> i must confess, you beat expectations. >> it must have been pretty low. >> yes, they were. [laughter] >> special report has been on top for 100 months in a row. why do you think people watch at 6:00? >> i think it's a formula that works. it works when brit create the the whole structure. it is news driven.
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the correspondents drive it. and then to have analysis at the end of the show with the panel, it's an equationñr that worked. >> and you think about special report, you think about fox news sunday, you think about the people who sat in 245 chair, tony snow, god rest him, and chris wallace, yourself, brit. >> tony was a newcomer to television. and a very bright and talented guy and a sweet guy and people could sense that about him. chris was a legitimate star at abc news, and he brought this very high degree of professionalism to this task here and it kind of shuts down the idea that this is a bunch of conservative oddballs who had an axe to grind and so forth. >> fair and balanced is the fox motto in our coverage, in our reporting, in our questioning. >> how do you respond to people who say that your campaign has been a mess so far? >> and sometimes we get
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surprising answers. >> i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. >> but surprises, they can happen any where. >> and mitt romney -- >> hey, karl. >> what a great surprise. >> good to see you. >> the relationship with the obama white house has been complicated. when i watch press conferences, ed henry is a bulldog, he's on our team now. >> creating and -- >> that's not what i'm doing. >> he and jay carney go at it back and forth. and there was also some sniping at you where somebody from the white house calledda lunatic. >> what the american people care about the fact that their premiums are going up 25, 40, 60%. we have to do something about it. >> let me insert this. >> you had a significant interview with president obama right near the climb max of the healthcare debate. >> the legislation is not left,
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not right, they are -- >> i understand. i really don't talk about process but there are a lot of questions in the 18,000 that talk about process. >> some have criticized you calling it an interruptathon. what do you say to that. >> if you are not getting answers or you are getting filibustered answers where he holds the ball for a long time, you kind of owe it to viewers to press. >> i apologize for interrupting you so much. i'm are trying to get the most for our buck here. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thank you for your time. >> the final question for you, my friend. if this job were to go belly up, i understand there's a second option for you as a career. [laughter] >> now what would that be? >> oh, i don't know. rapping? ♪ i'm a hip, hop, hip, hip, you don't stop rockin'] >> i was feeling the moment and went to a charity event and they said what can you do? i said i can't to. i remember a rap when i was in
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high school. they said you are on third. and i got up there and fortunately i remembered it ♪ the bang-bang, and look the beat. so you can ♪ i] >> brett bear joined fox news a couple years after the launch. in fact he started the atlanta bureau in his apartment with just a phone and a faction machine. put 14 anchors and correspondents have been here from the beginning. who was the first on-air talent to be hired for fox news? that answer after the break. and coming up, sean hannity, let freedom ring. >> do we want to be a freedom society or do we want to be a nanny state cradle to grave?
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>> who was the first on-air talent to be hired for the fox news channel? the answer? lauren green. >> a lot of issues. >> 9/11 was the biggest, katrina, the financial meltdown. >> keep your hands out of my piggy bank. >> you can't talk about the black value system. >> listen. >> do you know the liberation -- >> i studies theology, i went to a seminar. >> i didn't ask. >> what do you say to the critics that say that we are far from being fair and0lxd balanc( >> i gave up caring what critics think a long time ago. my passion is politics and it seems to be what the audience cares about. >> my taxes and yours. >> if i double myax t,es, that's
7:22 pm
twice what i'm making and 20%. >> you don't pay 60% in taxes. >> michael, i pay 60%. >> you have half the country that doesn't pay any income taxes and the other half literally paying all the bills and getting a baseball bat to their head saying you are aren't paying enough. >> the time has come for affordable healthcare in this country. >> and healthcare is a subject hannity and his guests continue to debate. >> and you ask your crony government do this kind of stuff all the time. >> you want to be let out of here? you are welcome to go. >> listen, sean, i don't have anything to apologize for. not to you or anyone. >> this is about the systematic dismantling of this country. >> i'm only 35 years old. i have never been interested in politics. you have awakened a sleeping giant. >> this is not what the constitution wrote. this is not a welfare state. it should not be a welfare state. >> do we want to be a freedom society or do we want to be a
7:23 pm
nanny state, cradle to grave? >> freedom is a big part of your program. >> put america's freedom up against your tyranny that would force women to -- >> the real answer is freedom. >> when you look at the words of our founding document wheren do- where. he ndowed by our creator, not our government. >> i think this is a major turning point as americans stand up and say to their politicians, enough! >> what do you think makes the fox news channel such a success? >> field of dreams. if you build it, they will come. and there was a vision for fox. >> we need a fighter right now to fight against the political establishment. >> is that a bad thing, that there's actually alternative
7:24 pm
views and voices out there? >> i think the constitution should dictate what the federal government does and they shouldn't do anything that wasn't given to them by the people. >> we aren't asking for a handout, we want to farm. >> you can go back and i hope and pray you are not going to show, you know, the first show that i was on. >> senator bob dole, we will give you back more of your money >>. >> all you have to do is show up and last night bob dole proved that. >> i was a nervous wreck. i did not have enough experience of hosting on television so those tapes now are under hopefully an armed guard. >> they are in the lock box. >> hannity and colmes has on the air for the channel's first twelve years. the conservative and the liberal personified fair and balanced. >> i was expecting more from the report than monica lewinsky. >> did we read the same report some. >> i think we did. >> overwhelming evidence, abuse
7:25 pm
of power. >> whitewater? >> in spite of our political disagreements, we've had a wonderful twelve years ago. >> thank you. >> you are a personal friend. >> this is going to kill you with conservatism. >> i'm going to miss you. >> you have a great instinct, you know what the audience >> the kids are out of the house and i'm in the mood. >> all right, did anyone see my face? red. deep red. >> you said no cursing.
7:26 pm
i haven't said the f-word once. >> you have been good. i'm going to give you. >> the great american panel. how did that evolve? >> it's designed to be fun, a little more lighthearted, and also to bring people on television that you don't see everyday. if i didn't have this show and i didn't have radio everyday as an outlet, i would be driving around in the car talking to myself, i would be asking questions, giving answers, i would be the host. >> you would be driving your wife nuts. >> that too. >> every night after hannity comes "on the record" with greta van susteran. she follows her curiosity to people and places in washington and around the world. but 15 years ago gretta and i were both watching fox news channel when it launched. we will tell you about thatch the break. host: could switchino really save you 15% or more
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>> from america's news headquarters i'm mary ann rafferty. the american economy added jobs but it included 45,000 verizon workers rehired after coming off a strike. it takes about 125,000 jobs every month to keep up with population growth. and the death toll from listeria and cantalope is rising again. the outbreak has killed 21 people. 109 people have become sick from
7:30 pm
the tainted fruit. it's been link today cantalopes from a farm in colorado. >> they are searching a land full in connection with a ten-month-old baby lisa. the mother failed a lie detector tore test. they claim the child was snatched from her crib sometime late monday or early tuesday. now back to our 15th fox anniversary special. >> welcome back to fox news "15 years, fair and balanced." for the past ten years, "on the record" with greta van susteran has been number one at 10:00 p.m.. the reason? let's find out. >> i think work here is at 10:00 about what is going on. i think the viewers get that. it goes out to the camera.
7:31 pm
we enjoy our job. >> a short time ago senator hatch went on the record. >> why do you live in washington? >> because this is where the action is. you see behind you the united states capitol. that's where all the stories are. >> he needs to quit doing what he's doing, quit spending, quit borrowing. >> if it doesn't work we are all in trouble. we are all in trouble if it doesn't work today. >> we were just there in the joint session so he could make what was a very political speech. >> if i go to capitol hill and interview senator orrin hatch i will run into four senators around there. i get information, i get to meet their staff and we put it on greta wire so the viewers have a much more intimate relationship with our show, so i have the jump on every single other cable news show and they have to do these by remote, satellite, set them up and hope the people show up. i can put my hands right on their throats. >> searching for clues,
7:32 pm
motivations and the consequences of crime. they were staples of "on the record" for many years. but greta has expanded the focus. now her show goes to wherever her curiosity leads her. to people. >> what did she say? >> she said nothing. nothing until she was on the boat and then she's, hey, you are not going with me. >> we receive a lot of the glory we also receive a lot of the blame. >> its impossible to shut down, isn't it? >> it is. i have a lot of experience with that. shutting down rumors is certainly not something i know how to do. >> greta's curiosity also takes her places. >> is there any way to sort of measure the damage to the infrastructure? >> you take your show on the road? >> a lot. >> north korea, with billy graham. >> this is a show with over 20 million people and if we don't get to them quickly, 6 million people are at risk. >> you went to haiti with sarah palin? >> the irony of all of this, it
7:33 pm
is a hop, skip and a jump away from the united states of america and from what we are so blessed with. >> you have been on the u.s. border with the governor of texas, rick perry. how does that visit or that trip impact the information you put on your program? >> it's all -- first of all, it's always better to see, to actually put your hands on the story. so that helps immensely. >> it wasn't going over the gaps, there wasn't a letter. >> you don't have boots on the ground, you cannot defend that border. >> i have been to pakistan a number of times. it's scary. >> and the united states conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> the fact that fox news channel sent me multiple times to pakistan gave me an ability to be part of the presentation that night. >> the other big story, though, is pakistan is once again been exposed for double dealing. >> you and i worked together at
7:34 pm
cnn. >> yes. >> at the same time that the fox news channel came on the air. >> right. >> do you remember your first memory or the first image you had of what fox was? >> yes. >> then? >> yes, but i'll tell you, it's a little different. i remember what msnbc got launched because we were all concerned about msnbc which was about 3 months earlier and they spent all that money on a set. look what that did for them. >> msnbc had the money of microsoft and general electric. that was a fierce competitor. >> right. >> but no one paid attention to the fox news channel. that was a pretty big deal when you went to fox. >> yeah. they told me it was going to ruin my career. that's what he told me. ruin my career. >> how are you doing now? >> okay. we've been number one for almost ten years so we are doing okay. >> and with my departure, i won't take the credit, but coincidental with my departure from cnn, that's the last time,
7:35 pm
september, 2001, that was the last time they were number one. >> up next, the king of cable, mr. bill o'reilly. he is boulder and fresher than ever. find out why he's been number one for eleven consecutive years and counting. first another trivia question. which fox news foreign correspondent has reported from the most country? that answer when we return. i know you're worried about making your savis last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you.
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♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. >> which fox news foreign correspondent has reported from the most country? the answer, steve herrigan. he's filed reports from 80 different countries. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. stop the bs here. stop the crap. none of this was your fault, oh, no. people lost millions of dollars. it wasn't your fault. come on, you coward, say the
7:39 pm
truth. >> what do you mean, coward? >> you like to engage, like to debate. >> when i started, we were the after rick -- maverick jabbers, now we are the go-to program. when they need information, they come here. now i have to be a little bit more measured. i can't be whacking people in the head just for whacking them in the head. >> we passed in 1994, in fact, the bill. >> now we are back to 1994. this is bull, this is why americans don't trust the government. >> sometimes i have to. but now i have to be a little more meth methodical than i was in the beginning. >> don't you think people watching you, and millions are now, and i don't mean this with any disrespect, but don't you think they will think you are a weasel. >> they might. >> you seem like a nice guy but i'm thinking this guys sitting in front of me doesn't think these people were murdered on 9/11 when we saw when happened. if he won't say if they were murdered or not, he's a weasel. >> i'm going to be tough on the
7:40 pm
people harming folks. i punch up. you understand a lot of people feel you are a big government liberal that wants to protrude on their personal opinion. >> i think i was fair on probable cause balm, but nobody gets a pass. anybody in position of power is going to get the treatment. >> going to crackdown on those cities. >> i'm going to get to where i have -- >> are you going to crackdown on those cities? >> no, and i'll tell you what. >> what happened to his arsenal? >> i'm going to tell people off, even it it tees them off. there are millions of americans of that come to respect that, and that's why i remain number one. >> the thing i love about it, you are quite provocative, but go ahead. >> me? >> yeah, little ole general o'reilly. >> you aren't drinking french wine, are you? >> you still have this liberal strain. hysteria in you. >> oh, stop. >> i've been trying to get it
7:41 pm
out. you. i thought with the mpr thing you might get -- you agree with me. the president should have the power to order coerce methods. >> what they all want to know, meaning the miserable media, is why you are more conservative than george clooney? >> you have people who say you are biased. you are not on the air for 15 years like i am unless the folks think you are fair and honest. folks make the call. you don't like it? that's okay. most americans don't want their kids to say f-you, daddy. >> most people need to be protected and i'm going to use my power to protect them. he got jessica's law passed in 45 out of 50 states, not just me, but we drove it. >> welcome to the no spew zone, i'm bill o'reilly. >> in your daily walking around -- >> i don't walk around, i have people carry me. >> they carry you? >> oh, my god, you are hilarious. >> they do. >> you also have fun.
7:42 pm
you have a great sense of humor. >> a lot of the stuff is stupid and dumb and we are going to mock it, we are going to make fun of it. the people i have on all have a sense of humor. >> the thing i like about you, you do take cheap shots all the time, but you defend those cheap shots. >> that's not the only thing. i'm like a shot of levittown right in your ass like a b-12. boom! >> i think i'm going to commit suicide. >> a lot of people thought the contender fight was big last night. they didn't see you and geraldo. >> he doesn't have a right to be in this country. >> but that has nothing to do with the fact he was a drunk. >> he should have been depoured and this mayor and police chief didn't deport him. >> it was like an old godzilla and king kong. >> you want an -- >> no, what i want is fairness. >> how much time do we have? >> we have one minute. >> what are you doing on your show this weekend. >> thank you very much for
7:43 pm
asking. miller time, fridays with geraldo, is it legal? >> what do they bring to your programs? >> we build it around with charismatic individuals and you don't know what is going to happen. >> you don't think having to go through a naked body scanner is a violation of your civil rights? >> by the way, why am i scanned when i come here? i think you know me by now. >> you know why you are scanned? because the guys want some giggles, that's why. >> fine. >> i see someone who has a good eye for great television. i see a man who works his tail off and knows his audience better than anyone in the cable game today. >> i've always been the same guy. i've been to every state. i know the country. and i like the country and i like the folks who live in the country. >> i'm a big fan.
7:44 pm
i enjoy you. >> hey, you are a good guy, bill. we don't have to be afraid of o'reilly because the truth never hurts. >> when it comes to reporting business news, neil cavuto and his experienced team, they own the market. up next, how cavuto was able to break down all that wall street lingo and help you not only survive, but prosper. there's only one bottle left !
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>> for years it was like i was in the witness program and talking to roger ailes and say you know i think i have five people watching my show, and he would say, neal, that's on a
7:48 pm
good night. when he hired me he said how would you do business news differently here? and i said i wouldn't call it business. >> it's your world. >> there you go. >> i know you don't buy this. you must confessed to that you don't buy this. >> cavuto in a unique way brings wall street to main street, and he does it with conviction and humor. >> this represents the equivalent of about a quarter of a million bucks. that's about how much money we spent per minute. forget where is the beat, my friend. i think these guys are saying stop the bull. >> the economics are hurting, i can't even afford salt on my popcorn anymore. it's very bland. life has become bland. >> republicans charging today that harry would rather huddle around emmanuel behind closed doors than dance with them. harry is having trouble hooking up. and chuck, the long time love connection, and if anyone can
7:49 pm
find a connection for harry, chuck can. >> picturing harry reid and john boehner behind closed doors, dancing behind closed doors, is just wrong. >> you don't want to go there. >> you don't want to go there. >> during the healthcare debate you had a guy come on tv, he was a speed-reader, right? >> speed-reader. and he can read at ten thousand times the normal rate. he should have been done with this thing. he is not. but he came through it saying, wait a minute, there are a lot of assumptions here that don't add up, and he was the first to cite it. >> what story has gotten you the biggest reaction? >> the whole 2008 financial meltdown because that test our organization. we were going after rescues and bailouts that didn't seem to make sense. so i think it proved to people that we were neither red nor blue, just green. following green. >> do you remember the day you were in a business suit on a
7:50 pm
treadmill? >> yes. >> what was going on there? >> it was my normal workout. but my point then with the workout was to show, built into these budget deals, they are all ten-year plan. like the latest step deal, most of the cuts happen around 2017, 2018. that would be like me going to the gym and telling the trainer, which i did in this case, i don't want to push myself too much in the beginning. can you give me lighter weights and i can work up to something where maybe in ten years i can lose ten pounds. >> it could be me but i'm already feeling the burn. >> really? >> in fact, i'm already smelling the burn. >> does this mean you are giving up yodles? >> no, i'm not going to go crazy. >> you have interviewed thousands of ceos and politicians. the former chrysler, he has many pressed you. >> absolutely. he came into a dying company
7:51 pm
that had to be rescued at the time by the then jimmy carter, but he was in your face. he was a cheerleader extraordinary. it's one of the greatest corporate turnarounds in global history. >> finish this sentence for you. your closing segment, "common sense" is important because. >> we put something unusual in perspective. >> victims of the oldest con on earth, greedy enough to think they could beat the odds, stupid enough to assume they will, and i will guarantee you, my friends, it will happen again and again. >> neal's success on the fox news channel helped fuel the spin off for the fox business network. >> what if you don't get it? >> shepherd smith anchors two hours of fair and balanced programs every day. straight ahead, the secrets of success behind studio b and the fox report. at adt, we get financing from ge capital.
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7:54 pm
who skimmed the edge of space, the edge of heaven, the edge of dreams. and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve. >> we were fledgling for about a month, and they made fun of us for about a year. they aren't making fun anymore. roger ailes made me move to new york, which i didn't want to do. i liked los angeles. i was living on the beach and playing volleyball, which was spectacular.
7:55 pm
but within a year of living here, i fell in love with it. >> i'm shepherd smith. this is studio b. >> there's a difference between studio b and fox, of course, how would you define that. >> at 5:00 things are still unfolding. we create a run down. that's the goal. >> there's been a larger than normal earthquake. >> but the unexpected takes the viewer along for an experience that they did not think they were going to get either. >> i think of the fire alarm. >> that was quite a day. >> there's no fire. there's never a fire in here, but they go off. and in just a minute some dude like on the 50th floor will come on and say, hello, this is the fire warden, nothing weird has happened. there's a lead stuck in the toilet on the 31st floor. >> drew peterson was on your program one day. >> he was. >> the neighbors said they saw you carrying out a big blue barrel that -- >> again, shepherd, that's not what we freed to talk about. >> i didn't agree to any
7:56 pm
restrictions on conversation. i would never do that. >> okay. then i guess i have to walk away. have a good day, mr. shepherd. >> the day that sully landed that u.s. air flight on the hudson river, you were on the air that day. >> i was. >> this is a u.s. airways plane that has gone down in the hudson river. >> it was horrifying. it was bitterly cold outside. the wind was whipping through the canyons in midtown. it's just a few blocks from where we are. >> since the fox report debuted in 1999, and studio b in 2002, both cnn and msnbc have launched more than 20 shows against smith. each one has failed. >> the fox report. it is a very well-produced, fast-based, moving hour. >> there should be one hour on one channel somewhere, somehow, some time, where continues are not wanted. that's the hour. take it or leave it. so far they are watching it.
7:57 pm
>> seriously now, katrina, how did you stand in front of that camera, look into that black circle, and try and help the country understands? >> i wasn't trying to help anybody except those people there. >> do you return to that moment personally? or is that -- >> i try not -- i try not to return to many. those moments of -- of moments that i can't fix. >> for three days twelve people in an attic of a home, and for those three days they were flooded up to the second floor. more than fourteen feet of water. >> on 9/11 the fox news channel put a camera outside the studio to show the country and the world that all of new york city was not under attack. >> i had been at plenty of horrible things where people
7:58 pm
were dying, but i had never been at a place where it was my people who were dying. and it was the boss who said we want you to go to the roof and show pictures around for a while, while, as you put it, comforting the nation, and another plane is on its way to washington. >> you are working on a weekly series now about ground zero and how the reconstruction process has gone. >> i think there's some degree of anxt about how long it's taken, how cumbersome and difficult it's been and now a great deal of pride over what it's become and a great deal of hope. >> he embraces technology and uses the cue, the lard -- large video display screen that dominates his set. >> did you think back in those days you would see the enormous amount of success. >> not a chance , no way, know
7:59 pm
how, and what that shows you is i didn't know the boss. and i didn't. i can remember him telling me distinctly, we will win. we will win, we will win in all the time slots and then it will become difficult. it won't become difficult until then, shep. i love what roger and our folks have accomplished here. i'm very proud of it. >> thanks for making fox news channel number one. and from all of us, our pledge continues, we report, you decide. in new york, i'm bill hemmer, and thanks for watching. here's one more trivia question. how many different ways can you get fox news? more and more ways every single day. it's going to be good. monday night, see you then. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on.


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