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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 8, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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high unemployment rate do voters care about anything. >> mitt romney acknowledged a wipe at his religion and ron paul will join us live . we have new e-mails show an obama fundraiser . rangel gives anti-protestors a shout out . another grass roots movement. tea party earned nothing but his scorn. we'll ask him why. i am uma and america's news headquarters starts right now. just remember these are values, too. one of the speakers who will follow me has poisonous language that doesn't advance our cause.
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>> a day after his mormon came under attack from the backer of rick perry. mitt romney is warning not to let religious differences override them. he urged republican to pick a presidential nominee who has the best record on the economy. they are joining us live with more on all of the controversy. high, doug. >> good afternoon to you and interesting back and forth in the value's voters summit over the remarks by dallas pastor robert juvries in brucing governor perry called mormonism a "cult". rick perry said that the pastor hit it out of the ball park fast forward and mitt romney peeking here and he was introduced by a talk radio show host bill
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bennett who -- listen to his remarks. >> i would say to pastor jeffreys. you stepped on and obscured the words of perry and sanatorium and cain and bachmann and everyone else. you did rick perry no good, sir in what you had to say. >> and then romney took the stage and he is adroit and managed to weigh in on the issue and remn above the fray. here's romney. >> speaking of hitting it out of the park. how about that bill bennett, he is something else. romney received a warm welcome from a socially conservative crowd when he addressed one of the issues red-hot to them. on abortion. >> the law may call it a right. but no one called it a good and
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in the quiet of conscience, people of both political parties know that more than a million abortions can't be squared with the good heart of the america. >> rommny went on to say he supported the hyde amendment that ends federal funding for abortion and stop funding planned parent hood and overturn roe v wade of who should be alowwed an abortion . i know you are speaking to ron paul. he received a warm welcome and after his remarks in which he equated libitariums to jesus christ. he had a meet and greet. that crowd lined up thousands people long for a chance to meet ron paul . he remains a force in the rank and file here. back to you, uma. and thank you for the update . a lot going on there.
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>> religious conservatives are putting their stamp of approval in the traw poll. ballot just ended . the only cand date on the poll who did not speak was jon hunts man and we'll see how herman cain did. this last month he made's splash in the recent straw polls and that has begin him a wave of momentum that he's still riding on today. >> this long shots may not be a long shot any longer. one of the other questions that i awn get as i close, why are you running for president in to be president. [laughter] [applause] what did i miss? i'm not running to go to disney
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landd. >> that's the word from herman cain. one candidate who does well in straw polls is congressman ron paul who is joining us live from the value's voter summit. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> the nation's unemployment numbers are high at nine percent d this week the president took republicans and took aim for blocking his efforts to pass the jobs bill. he said if it doesn't pass we could have double dip recession. is that hyped up threat or is it true? >> it is not true. i don't think we got out of the recession. i think we have a continuous recession that is turning into a depression and will not do any good until we recognize how we have financial bubbles and why they must burst and why we have a correction we can't solve the problem.
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that deal monetary system and huge debt. unless you liquitate debt you couldn't have economic growth again. i have heard no serious proposal other than our campaign of how to proceed with liquidation of debt to get back to economic growth. >> are there parts of the president's bill that you can support? >> i haven't looked it in every single detail. but it look it is like he want to spend money. if a family is deep lein debt you don't spend more money and things will be okay. what we are doing rightt now. free market is challenging the model on economic policy. we are in a recession because people will not spend their money. but they don't have jobs and can't spend money. the idea of people spending more money is a flawed philosophy and until we recognize this we can't
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expect recovery. we can't deal with a debt problem and the accumulation of more debt. >> we reported about the fighting going on in the two front runners. you think that mormon is part of a cult as high profile perry supporter jeffreys put it? >> no way. >> what do you think of the remarks that were made? >> well, i just disagree with them and i don't know why people make remarks. they are not wanting to deal with philosophy and want to deal with words and try to be negative in the way they make these charges . i continuing is unnecessary. since i don't believe it is true, i think we should talk about unemployment and our phone policy and talking about our federal reserve system and
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dealing with the issues that the government is dealing with. this whole idea that the most important thing between two candidates right now is the definition of ct and trying to make it sound negative for one person to get the edge over the other . i think they are encouraged of course, by others to keep this thing going. i don't think that is the issue of the day. liberty and our constitution is the, of the day and too much government. that is not the definition of a cult. >> you are doing well in the straw polls in the past. where do you come out in the value straw poll this weekend. >> i expect to do well. i don't do head counts and all i do is deliver a message that i have delivered for 35 years and i was pleased it was well received. a lot of times, i am critical of myself and i see my flaws.
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but i felt good about the reception. >> what flaws are those? >> well, i mean, i look at what i do. i could have said that better. you know, just the things where you can improve ones self. i am trying to improve and i don't change my message. but tried to improve. you know, i could have that better and make that point. maybe i forgot to make a point. i don't walk off the tage saying i am the greatest speaker in the world. i look at how i can do better. >> wish you all of the best. thank you . occupy wall street is spreading the message beyond lower manhattan. they are protesting today including new york where the movement began last month. the city has spent almost two million on crowd control and
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mayor bloomburg is accusing the crowds of trying to cripple the city's economy. in the harshest critanism yet. he accused them trying to take jobs away from people working in the city. >> we have the biggest financial crisis since the great depression. huge collateral damage in the country and all over main street . yet, you're still seeing the same folks who acted irresponsibly trying to fight efforts to crack down on abusive practices that got us in the problem in the first place. >> that is from president obama who sympathizes with the frustration of the occupied wall street protestors. and the movement atrack thed the detractors it has the defenders, new york congressman charlie rangel is lending his support. thank you congressman for being
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here today. >> it is a pleasure. >> why do you support those folks who are occupying wall street and what is the main message there? >> it is a constitution and a price of being an american, and government has failed . it is above party and moral issue and dreams are being shattered and no body is anything. they are standing as spectators on the sideline while the nation's economy is being shattered and so here we have a group of people in a democratic way and not hurting anybody saying they are fed up and angry and somebody should be doing something. i can't see anything more american than it is inconvenient and costs a lot of money and that's what the american revolution and civil right's movement and all of these things in conveniences. but we have people who are living through nightmares and that number is groying. >> the president said the
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protestors are giving voice to the broad base frustration of how the financial system is working. why didn't we see the support from the democrats for the tea party to lower taxes. >> guest: i don't know what motivates people. this generation kind of believes that they are being bypass dreams and hopes that their parents and had is not there for them. the tea party on the other hand believe its is their way or highway. they believe that the country should face fiscal discredit by the international community and not allow this president who they hate with a passion to raise the debt ceiling. no president has been denied that. >> as i understand it. they are calling for lower taxs and want the debt cut in a dramatic way and want limits on government. they are also talking about liberty and the basic principles
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that the country was founded upon. is that foreign to what you believe? >> guest: no, no, no. that's american as apple pie and i don't know about the end of that with the constitution, but it is clear in every econsays that to get the economy growing. we have to reduce spending. they are under a belief that closing loop holes and reforming the system and having people to pay just their fair share of taxes is immoral and they are prepared to let the american people go down the tube to get rid of obama. the difference between the two are night and day. one is saying everyone comes together. our religious leaders and churches and synagogue and mosque and temples that come together to get the congress to function. not just democrat republicans, but the whole system demands people come out. young people are the only ones
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out there. >> you said it is a peaceful protest when it has been violent at types. there are over 700 arrests of people who went after the police and breaking through the barricades. don't you -- do you think it is justified even though there is widespread frustration and people are paid to be in the protest. >> guest: i think they are wild rumors and accusations hike that should be put up by facts. no question that the police chief and president are out there to avoid crime and it doesn't appear to me they produced anything violent. even though a group this big, you will expect some persons that are out there that are not dispoliced. the truth of the matter is. this is one of the largest peaceful rallies. i had seen .
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there are reports from the police that arrests were made. >> this group was marching across the bridge. they had police on one hand and other. they wasted until they got in the middle and arrested them. what is the moral of the story? they wanted to send out a message. it was not that they were hurting anybody but holding up track on the bridge. this is not the first time it happened. >> many of those protestors condemned capitolism when they are carrying ipads and iphone and they are hypocritical to protest the companies that did it in the first place. >> they may not know the target and they can't control the thens of voices that are out there and whether they shoot at the politician or bankers or
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capitolism. all i know americans are mad and frustrated and everyone agrees member should do anything about it maybe it will wake them out and get them back to work and stop the pain. they are not causing the pain it is the people who are not responding and when our economy fell and they are not responsible for that. >> they don't have to be right but saying do nothing. >> thank you for your perspective. we appreciate it you think it will help our hurt. tweet it at hurricane uma and i will read your responses later in the hour. >> now more on the solyndra deal
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that went bust. newly released e-mails puts an energy advisor in the spotlight and raising fresh questions about the 535 million dollar loan. peter doocy has more. and in late august solyndra was dying and some inside of the obama administration wanted to keep them life with giving them 5.4 million on top of what they had loaned. it was the secretary of the energy diameter. and a white house aid responded with one word that we can't say on tv. (bleep) show. it is bracing for a disaster when details about the failed solar panel deal came out .
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a man who raised over half million for candidate obama was one of the main drivers . he got a new job in the department of energy and his wife was working for a law firm that representative as well. it is the vice-president office. make sure we get their questions and they are getting itchy to get involved. it was involved in the deal. they asked about solyndra this week. president obama proclaim thad solyndra went through the regular review process and they felt like it was a good . it was significant problems and taxpayers .
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could be on the hook. as more coming out. and thank you very much. eric older. and from the nfl to the navy. a star runningback is called to duty. stay with us. [ female announcer ] once you taste
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long time owner of the oakland raiders al davis has died. the raiders seemed to take on the personality of their pug nacious owner whose rebellious attitude helped tod make the nfl a successful sports league in america. al davis dead at age of 72. he owed us an worry and didn't give it truthfully. there is no question about that. there is technical terms and one of the reason we wanted him back to answer full yehonesty on the subject. he owes us that. >> republican congressman darryl
9:24 am
izza fired up on fast and furious . now eriffs are calling for attorney general eric holder to be investigated. here's more. we want the truth. we want answers and we want those responsible to be held accountable. >> the sheriffs of 10 arizona counties echoed the calls for a special counsel to investigate eric holder, calling him damaged and a danger. >> what they did was disgraceful. >> agent terry died in a cause and a fight for you and me. >> today the only u.s. death is that of briantery. over time police fear more will die. the sheriff said holder shares the blame. >> every time there is a
9:25 am
shooting or crime committed on american soil, first question, were these the guns that the government gave the criminals? >> many are concerned that the attorney general hasn't been forth coming. holder released this letter to congress. i have no recollection of fast and furious on or of hearing name prior to the public controvariousy. my office typically receives over a hundred pages of so-call would weekly reports and that while addressed to me actually are provided to and reviewed by the members of my staff. this is compared to a similar operation in bush administration called wide-receiver. and both in arizona under the same atf officials and encouraged gun stores to sell assault rifle to cartel buyers . according to a memo obtained by
9:26 am
fox news, in wide-receiver, agents install would tracking devices in guns and used surveillance to track them and worked hand in hand with the mexican government to arrest suspects as they crossed the border. >> that is a continuing controversy and chris wallas will sit down with congressman izza and check in with fox news sunday tomorrow for the times and channel . a look at the top stories . latest on the missing infant in the midwest and whyy parent police remain at a stand off. [ thunder rumbling ] [ thunder crashing ] and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had gen its last. butith their raymond james finanal advisor,
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welcome back everybody. controversial remarks and peters doocy is standing by with the story and the rest of the top
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headlines. >> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is warning social conservative not to let poisonous language divide them. it comes a day after a prominent supporter of rival rick perry called romney's religion cult-like. >> and first time the obama administration had concerns about the legality . e-mails show in late august the administration considered giving solyndra a 5.4 million. >> he took a leave to play football for the new england patriots and the navy is ordering eric catoni back to duty. he will go on board of a navy ship. the navy encouraged him to pursue the goal of professional football after the completionn of the service in the navy. fans of the simpson can breathe
9:32 am
a sigh of relief. it will be here to stay for two years and fox settled a contract dispute with the show's voice cast. back to you. >> thank you very much and moving along. investigators are back in a kansas city landfall and looking for clues in the disappearance of 10 month old lisa irwin. her partners claim she was snatched from the miss missouri home in the middle of the night. questions remain in their role in the investigation . julie bandaras has more on the case and a fox news interview. >> baby lisa irwin's parents say she was snatched from the crib monday night or tuesday. the mother of the 10 month old said police told her said she failed the lie detector test and accused her of being involved .
9:33 am
the police never showed her the results and denied it. police say the test was not necessary for him. they are not commenting on the investigation. there you are looking at video of the land fill. they have searched the land fill twice and not commenting on what happened there and leads they received so far and not named the suspects. in the meantime police according to the parent treating the parents like suspects and bradly in particular is prepared herself for charges against her. kansas city police announced that irwin and bradly decided to stop talking to detectives and i don't have illustrate how that acts the investigation. in an statement the parents insist they are cooperative from
9:34 am
day one and bring lisa home. in an brew parents describe the horrific ordeal. panic. you don't think when it is happening. you don't think. your thoughts are everywhere and there is no -- there is nothing that is in your head. it is like not real and a dream and a night mare. >> you can catch the entire interview with the partners at 9:00 p.m. on justice with judge jeanine. >> thank you. july. >> tusan shooting suspect lost a fight to stay in arizona. he must return to missouri hospital and take drugs aimed at restoring his mental capacity to help in his own defense.
9:35 am
he shot people. >> the congresswoman continues to recover and just this week was in washington for the navy retirement ceremony for the astronaut mark kelly. >> and the feds are vowing to crack down on the medical marijuana industry in the country. they claim it is out of control and using it as a cover to run store front drug deals. casey has more. >> it is good to see you and first a bit of history. california is the first state in the country to pass a law making it legal to have marijuana for medicinal use and since that time 15 other states passed similar laws and allows people to buy the drug so they have the doctor's prescription . they are easy to obtain even for
9:36 am
healthy people and they are using it more for recreational purposes . they are reminding them it is illegal to grow and sell . they are turning it into a for profit industry. >> medical marijuana is a local law enforcement nightmare with the proliferation of retail marijuana stores that operate for profit and they are a charade for trafficking potential drugs to teens and other recreational users. >> those federal prosecutors are looking to shut down many dispensaries in the state and sending letters to operators and giving them 45 days to close their doors and taking aim at landlord and threatening to charge them with cripes if they rent to dispensaries .
9:37 am
those who are chronically ill and support marijuana as a substitute for prescription drugs say this is violating their rights. >> they are interfering and making it impossible to do good regulation. >> advocates argue that cash strapped states could stand to lose millions of dollars in tax revenue and jobs from the marijuana industry. by the way, other states like colorado, oregon and nevada and washington state have also been warned about similar crack downs. but right now, the focus is right here on california. >> thank you, casey for the update. >> cyber bullying can be devastating for those who experienced it. a new national campaign is showing younggsters they don't have to face that fight alone.
9:38 am
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>> and apple co-founder steve jobs reportedly left behind four years worth of plans for apple products including revamped versions of the ipad and iphone and mac books and secured plans for a apple headquarters in cupertino, california. a private funeral service was held hear -- for him on friday. >> a tough reality confronting many teens is coping with cyber bullies. that may have no idea how to cope with the cyber bullying threat.
9:43 am
it is dangerous consequences and some teens taking their own lives after relentless torment. teens are working together to combat the growing problem. joining us now shawn and daughter nicole. nicole knows how hurtful high tech bullying can be. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. tell me quickly. you were a victim of cyber bullying and what happened there? >> i was. i was a target of the cyber bullying attack. i was getting death threats over facebook and by tex message. >> because people thought you turned teens in for drinking? >> exactly. there is a bunch of student who is came to school on intoxicate i was wrongfully said that i turned them in. >> how did it feel knowing they
9:44 am
were all against you? >> it was horrible and i didn't know what to do and i didn't know who to trust or turn to. my parents were devastate they didn't know how to help. it was a horrible experience. i couldn't explain to you how horrible it was. >> did that impact you on the rest of the school year and beyond? >> it did. i started turning down invitations from my friend exercise tuned everything out and didn't trust and to this day it acts me but i am getting through it. >> shawn knowing it is happening to yourr daughter is upset for partners there are so few options on how to deal with this. tell me for a moment what impact it had on your family? >> it was destructive and it seemed look a lifetime of just trying to get nicole to come out and be more socially ininclusive
9:45 am
with her friends. she turned into a different kid and 15 million teens are dealing with cyber buleying issues and attacks in our country every year . that's the reason why we developed and bringing forward the noble campaign. to reallyy help put an end to this. it is a youth-led campaign and it is their job to stand up and stand together. >> this campaign gives kids a chance to produce videos that focus on anti-bullying measures and what people can do to protect themselves. tell us more about the campaign. >> yeah, it is does. the noble challenge offers 25 million middle and high school students and the opportunity to write and direct there their own videos and the cool thing about it is, we are putting that together along with a red carpet awards event for our finalist to
9:46 am
come and celebrate the noble success in a event next year. it is different and unique and exciting for the kids that participate. >> let's hope so. it is a very, very big problem and we appreciate the two of you to yoin us and sharing your story and people can take part and hopefully this will arm them with the tools they need to cope with the horrible problem. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> occupy wall street protest continue in the weekend and has the media gotten it all ong? we'll look at that accident next. there's only one bottle left ! i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless.
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welcome back. the occupy wall street crowd are growing as we reported to you. demonstrations have sprung up in new york, dc and los angeles and philadelphia. many are planning on protesting in the weekend . liz who is following the developments . what is the media spin on this about? >> the media is in search of itself. i advice anybody with sense of humor go to occupy wall
9:51 am
street.comand you will hear the ravings of what sounds like the unibomber and the use of mecca a greek degree of language which i won't go into at the moment, but these people have plenty of words to say, again, i don't mean to repeat what everybody said it is unclear what they want. but it is better going down there carrying signs than going out and hitting the pavement for a job. what is interesting about this, lib ramedia is accused of setting this up for obama so he can use this as a wedge against the republicans in the election. i don't know if that is true or not. but the public service unions couldn't wait to get down there last week . there is something, it is a maginent for the disenchanted. it is not just people without jobs and old people and young
9:52 am
people. it is people who like good weather by the way . we'll see how long it lasts in new york in february which tests everybody's mettle. they missed the story starting in the beginning. officially the date on the new york times, that's why it is official. september 15th was the start of the things and stories didn't start being printed until early october. i found also by the way that one of the reasons that the washington post didn't do much. they don't have an office anymore because of cost-cutting they don't have a correspondant in new york. that was a rev to -- revelation and sorry one at that. a lot of bloging and opinions on this. but it isn't as though it is an anti-war movement as though someone referred to that. it is not an antiwar movement. at least that would be a focus.
9:53 am
but a bunch of people co-opted by the left. they don't utter obama's name or say anything about the administration and don't ask the attorney general to bring malafactor bankers to yesterday. they get out there and say the system is wrong and pouring out those words. >> all right. lis, thanks for your take on these. >> we'll cover it in day to come. >> comedian steven co-bear is buying in on the lock out and taking aim on the players. >> the players missed their shot. call your sports radio show and yell. we want our nba . >> well, somebody has to take up for the poor owners, right. we'll tell you about cobears break after this. [ male announcer ] have you heard?
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>> take a look at this amazing video. a 55-year-old pilot crash landed off the coast of hawaii last night after running low on fuel. the u.s. coast guard guided through the emergency water landing and later forced to abandon the aircraft by pulling out of the cockpit and airlifted to safety. the coast guard said the pilot is not seriously injured. >> late night comedian steven colbert is taking sides in the nba labor dispute. at the action commission produced an ad that puts the
9:58 am
pressure on nba players. >> with unemployment at a all-time high the players are demand, but the nba owners are on your side. they're working hard to save the season. so, americans don't have to watch hockey. >> there you go. the comedy central star started his own ad, uses quote the most stirring we could it afford to hammer the greedy basketball unions. no comment so far from commissioner david stern. we love hearing from you at home. we've been asking you if you think president obama's jobs act will help or hurt the unemployment situation in our country? several of you have weighed in. jim rice, i believe that president obama's jobs act will create jobs, but the cost will be outrageous and the long-term effect will hurt and frank says on facebook, no way it's going to work, it's more of the same printing money, creating a bigger deficit.
9:59 am
thank you all for sharing, appreciate it. well, finally, many of you have heard, that it's our 15th anniversary here at fox news and we have been celebrating this big milestone all week. it's remarkable that this network's roots go back to an empty warehouse on 6th avenue in new york and one of the charter members in 1996, i remember the excitement of the early days and the naysayers who said we would never succeed. 15 years later we're standing stronger than ever. thank you, roger ailes for your leadership and vision, you've built a fantastic team of dedicated journalists who raise the bar for excellence every day. here is the to the next 15 and beyond. that's it for me here in washington. but america's news headquarters rolls on and kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by to take over from here and tonight, judge gentlemjanine pirro with the


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