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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  October 8, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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week. >> on fox news watch, we're going to be some companies that did not work out, solyndra was one of them. >>. >> jon: scandal over funding of solyndra, and warning the obama white house of financial disaster. >> with eric schultz at the white house. >> jon: a cbs reporter gets a slap down from the white house and justice department for digging deeper into the department's failed fast and furious guns program. now, new information surfaces suggesting our attorney general knew of the plan earlier than he acknowledged. >> no matter how many times i was asked the question, for me the answer was never anything, but no. >> jon: and chris christie gives his final answer. the washington post runs a hit piece on the governor, giving the liberal media more red meat. >> the voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media. >> jon: herman cain gets a lift in the polls. is he still being i go poured?
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>> occupy wall street protesters get more attention, but should they? and how did the associated press get this shot? >> on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor, jean miller. and cal thomas, jim pinkerton, contributing editor, the american magazine. and host of the alan colmes show, alan colmes. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. >> now, we knew from the start that the loan guarantee program was going to entail some risk my definition. if it was a risk-free proposition, then we wouldn't have to worry about it, but the overall portfolio has been successful. it has allowed us to help
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companies, for example, start advanced battery manufacturing here in the united states. it's helped create jobs. there were going to be some companies that did not work out, solyndra was one of them. he's indicated, but he was not aware what was happening in fast and furious, certainly, i was not. and i think both he and i would have been very unhappy if somebody had suggested that guns were allowed to pass through that could have been prevented by the united states of america. >> that's president obama holding another news conference this week. he called it to push his jobs bill and a new sur tax on millionaires, when it ka came time for questions, the questions surrounding solyndra and the failed fast and furious operation took center stage. first of all, jim, it seems like when the president had approval numbers in the str stratosphere he didn't hold
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many news conferences, and now that his ratings are sagged, he is hold ago one. >> and look, he's got a reelection campaign and everyone one of the press conference makes some very specific aleutian to my future-- if this is what congress wants i won't attack them-- he's holding his nose and talking to the press. >> jon: you think it's free media. >> it is free media. >> he's running for reelection, really? >> the media-- >> running fast and furious, alan, thank you very much. >> and there were some memos that surface this had week in connection with the solyndra canal, one from an office of management and budget official that seemed to be ignored by the white house and here is part of what it said. i'm increasingly worried that this business of the president could prove embarrassing to the administration in the not too distant future and then this one from steven wesley to valerie jarrett, the president should be careful about unrealistic optimistic
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forecasts that could haunt him in the next 18 months if solyndra hits the wall, files for bank, et cetera. did the media push for answers over these? >> i think the media have finally gotten on to this story, which fox news was covering from the beginning. and i think the problem for the president is that there may be other solyndras. the new york times is referring to the nevada deal, thermal power company, which only got 150 million dollars in loans and guarantees and grants. that's not solyndra, with 530 million, but we also have the trans canada pipeline problem, which is a parent-- coziness, between hillary clinton's former campaign manager and a canadian company that wants to put a pipeline. in other words, this is solyndra were an isolated case, the media might be able to say, no, no he, no, nothing here. move on. >> only half a billion dollars. right, only half a billion dollars, and-- >> the media was so quiet
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about the money lost iraqi-- and the clip you played, all of the companies have done well and investments in solar and wind, the media has hardly talked about that. where has been the stories about some of the companies that have done well under the loan guarantee program that republicans voted for? the media ignore that story. >> jon: alan, the energy secretary, admitted on thursday that he he approved more money for solyndra even after it had defaulted on 535 million dollars in loan guarantees, and, and it got zero coverage on abc, cbs-- >> and what about all of those investments that actually did pay dividends that never get covered by the media, has the president said has been in that-- >> you know that good news doesn't get covered, half a billion dollars-- >> what about the money was that made? what about the money that goes into the treasury because of investments maids under the loan guarantee program that the media never covered. you know there is he' going to
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be a risk involved in the kms. >> let's pick up on that subject. usa today is finally doing something much of the media ignored. and the front page story had this, profits not seen in clean energy, geothermal firms face debt. now, the president says in his news conference, one thing, but the facts are catching up with him. something totally different. the question is, does investment in this kind of solar energy at the level that the federal government is investing in, is it going to pay dividends to the american people to the taxpayers and the answer is no. >> i think that cal makes a brilliant point in the larger context, it's only 500 million for solyndra, only and alan might have a point. >> the reality is, it's 35 billion that-- >> hold on, hold on. only-- if people, it's only viable with high energy prices and president obama said during the 2008 campaign is necessary for electricity for prices to quote, skyrocket, unquote and
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that's what makes it viable, is that raising carbon prices or car upon fuel prices to make it work. only a few bloggers, and tim mccarney and chris horner at the-- put the whole thing together that the usual here is 35 billion and the entire transformation-- >> and the public has voted for this loan guarantee program. the ones criticizing the president were the same ones that voted the program. >> that's why we do the larger context. >> and we talk about the coverage of fast and furious, charlie at kinson did do some digging. >> they were screaming at you. >> the doj woman was screaming at me literally screamed at me. >> who is the person at justice. >> eric schultz-- oh, the person screaming was
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tracy smoler, yelling not screaming and person that screamed at me was eric schultz at the white house. >> and would be a little upset that this thing is getting some traction. but the reporter, come on, let's not whine, people yell at one another all the time in this business and-- >> yelled at. >> not only have i been yelled at i've done my share of yelling when people lie to me or mislead me, he that's the business, come on, get over it. >> and what about one frt senate news conferences, you always have to protect the president whatever administration, plausible denieblt. and said he didn't know anything about in, but this is a program run out of the same office in tucson arizona in the bush administration. alan, you'll be happy about that-- >> well, you-- called wide receiver, how could he say he didn't know about it? >> he didn't say he didn't know about the program. what holder said was-- this is an important distinction, the media ignored, is that holder said he did not know about an
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aspect of the program where the guns actually got into the hands of the bad guys. >> and he-- no, he knew the programs existed. he didn't know that it went bad at a certain point. >> and the-- you don't know what's going on-- >> here is a memo that surfaced this week from the director of the national drug intelligence center, michael walter, to eric holder. it reads in part redacted, straw purchasers are responsible for the purchase of arms supplied to mexican drug trafficking cartels. and they also have direct ties to the cartel in the phoenix area. and 2010. alan, they knew it was purchased what holder didn't know, apparently until march of this year where the guns were going and didn't intercept them quickly enough. that was the issue not that he didn't know about the fast and furious program. >> or as bill clinton said, it depends what the definition of
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>> all right. here is the headlines. he's not running. moving on, what did the media do for a narrative in the republican race now? >> well, the media are troubled because on the one hand they wanted christy in, you know, for entertainment purposes. on the other hand they sort of like to see things settled and sort of tidied up and things are becoming more complicated. nate silver at pfizer part of the new york times made the point that ten different candidates have been at the top deither won a straw poll or top of the republican poll. that's too much for the media to handle. >> the media want christie in for another reason.
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the liberal-- they saw him being soft on immigration, soft on gun control and this is an ideal. they want the conflict and who have they got now, romney and perry? >> republicans are like a bunch of daters on one night stands and go back to romney the guy they're going to marry eventually. the fact is it's not the media, these are republican donors who wanted christy, the need didn't didn't do it. >> he's not running, he said it over and over again. >> judy. >> i'll quote joe scarboro, who is not a big donor, he's a member of the media and he he he says that watching chris christie reduced him to the status of a 14-year-old at a beatles concert. now, that is reminiscent of chris mathews, sigh over barack obama. >> what about this washington post piece on rick perry, the governor of texas? jim, a lot of the readers described it as a hit piece. was it? >> well, i mean, the facts are
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so in dispute. i mean, to this day, a week, after he ran, i don't know whether the n-word was painted over in the early '80s or as recently as 2008. the reporter is seen as, red reported three or four violations of the law. >> she went through a traffic light. >> well-- >> and a hot check, also. >> and those stories settle with what the facts are. >> the new york times on friday. what was this, a week later now, buried on page a-18 in a headline, race base names dot the landscape. listen to this, don't copy off of me, it's several hundred place that is have the word negro, it's talking about a place in western maryland in their names and still exist on government maps and the local vernacular in dozens of states and dare i say even states represented by democrats. >> are you defending it.
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>> aim he not defending, says a washington post-- >> the word it wasn't negro. >> the point is race related names are used on stein posts. >> i guess it makes it okay for rick perry to-- >> i didn't say it was okay, i am not-- but even though on "the view" for instance, the women of the "view", debated whether or not you're allowed to say the n-word especially if you're my color. >> barbara walter said, used the word, and one of the women said whoopi goldberg can use the word. >> conrad black, conservative jailed millionaire called him the cowboy archie bunker of republican field. this guy has a lot of of problems and this is the latest of them. >> and one point on a more positive note on race
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relations, herman cain has done well and it's confusing to me he's done-- race republicans are all racist everybody knows that, and the journal has an article on friday, one article, cain's post-- >> other half journal, other page is it's an attack editorial policy on the 999 plan. i find it encouraging as he he could be recorded as another candidate just like the rest. >> he when he says stuff like blacks are being brain washed by anybody who votes for democrats, i don't know how he gets beyond the race issue when he brings that stuff up himself. >> time for another break, if you see something that you think shows evidence of media bias, e-mail us at fox news up next, the media and some really mixed up messages. . >> occupy wall street protests go from media blackouts to media mess, with members of the mainstream press rushing to report on the mayhem and mixed messages from the
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protesters. has this now become a true media circus? >> and how did the associated press end up with this picture? find out next on news watch. watch every touchdown from every game on sunday afternoons on nfl mobile. call "star," "star," n-f-l to download it now. only from verizon.
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>> why are you here? >> my country-- (inaudible). >> what are you trying to accomplish? i would like to say if you can
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summarize in a sentence. >> i think, i think people are sick and tired of being exploited. i can hear whitney houston singing "i believe the children are our future" some protesters in the occupy wall street marches. the movement started near wall street in new york city a few weeks ago and spread to cities across the the country. jim, is the protesters, many of them have said we are a liberal version of the tea party. but when the media has portrayed these folks as disorganized slackers who don't really know what they want and are rather anti-business at the same ti time. some say it's not fair. >> if they say that it's not fair to show that on the show. if someone spews anti-semitism and national review, oddly the mainstream media don't pick it up. the tea party, everybody who
11:53 am
said nasty and horrible made to seem as a spokesman for the tea party. >> are you going to claim alan these are the the same as the tea party. why is it that fox news promoted tea parties and let this-- the comments here about these grass roots protesters who are not dealing with the big money that the the tea party falsely claimed they were not corporately sponsored did. and i see among-- mocking them, but yet, they're big tea party. >> and if i may, these are not grass roots protesters, these are crabgrass. >> there you go. there you go again, organized in the kinds of people every father with a daughter fears that his-- >> and they're well dressed and-- >> wait a minute, wait a minute, the tea party is a great patriot, love america and these people are a bunch of bums? and why, why is there a double standard? >> not a double standard at
11:54 am
all. the tea party was spontaneous, oh, this like by founded by george soros, the labor union. >> and what about the tea party by the koch brothers and-- >> blackberries and apples and the fruits of technology that they want to tear down. >> jon: back to the way that this has been covered, judy. >> yes, right. well, i actually am part of that coverage because i wrote a piece for the daily news since i live near there, i went down, actually, and asked the people what they wanted, and in fact, the fox news reporter got it right. what you hear is a lot of different things. and now, people said you see, you you don't know what they they want. i draw the opposite conclusion, they know what they don't want and that brought them into the scare and i agree with alan, the same impulse that got the tea party going in the first
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>> jon: first lady visited a target store last week and an ap photographer just happened to be there. this photo casually dressed in a baseball cap and sunglasses. there was a flurry of suspicion whether they tipped off the ap. the white house has not provided details about her personal
11:59 am
activities her spokeswoman said that it's not uncommon for her to slip out on an errand and enjoy the city outside the white house gates but no one will say how an ap photographer happened to be the only news photographer inside a target store. all i can say it was a result of good source work on his part, ap spokesperson said the washington post declining to elaborate on the source. >> is maybe he had to buy a lens. >> and we have to wonder what was in the first lady's target cart. perhaps it was a bunch of party hats so the white house could celebrate fox news 15th anniversary. >> right. >> jon: that is a wrap on fox news watch this week. thanks to our panel and i'm jon scott. we'll see you again next week for another fox news. closed captioning services, inc


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