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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 8, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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we begin with an election alert. ron paul is big winner in the valued voters summit in washington. hello, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. this is brand-new hour. herman cain surging in the polls as well and doing well walking away with a second place finish but the results not so good for some of the big name candidates. doug is live. how surprising were the results or were they surprising? >> reporter: i think it's very surprising, indeed. a lot of people are walking around on the shell shock side. a fascinating thing about this both of perceived front runners, big money guys in the republican race finished very poorly. mitt romney and rick perry. other big surprise is ron paul the live and let live
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libertarian comes out on top on a group of very socially conservative republicans. here are the results. paul, 37%. cain, 23%. santorum, 16%, perry only 8% tied with bachmann. romney only 4%. gingrich, 3%. huntsman, zero and undecided got more than huntsman. asked about the surprise win, tony perkins had head of family research council, they said its testing crowd. there were a lot of young people. mitt romney was speaking on the auditorium, ron paul was having a meet-and-greet, mostly young people, literally hundreds of people. paul also tried to tie his libertarianism to the teachings of jesus christ. he quoted one biblical passage,
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chapter one, verse 8 where he warned about the danger of kings. >> in samuel he knew he wasn't going to be around long, he advised the people of israel, the king he warned would not be generous. he would be undermine their liberties. there would be more wars and more taxes. >> reporter: he went on to say the governing body that most matters is their family. he said that we in washington have been paying way too much attention to a king, that line got a lot of applause in this auditorium. >> heather: what about the perry and romney controversy? >> that continues very much. i expect it to be in play for many case. mitt romney was introduced by the radio talk show host and former secretary of department
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of education bill bennett. he skewed that remark of morman being a cult and he was followed by romney that gave angry words without using any names. here is mitt romney. >> we should remember that decency and civil it are values good. one has crossed that line, poisonous words. >> the statement reads, governor doesn't agree with every single issue with everyone he knows that supports his candidacy. he is running for president to get the economy back in o track and create jobs. this thing has gained momentum. it will be interesting how it place down the road with christians. they make up in iowa and the state of south carolina about 50% of the gop vote. they are paying close attention
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to this. >> heather: doug, thank you so much. gregg, you have a little more on this. >> gregg: let's turn to shane, editor of campaign and elections magazine live from washington. what is your reaction to this vote? >> it's interesting. i had think the margins by which he won 37% was a little surprising to me. the simple fact that ron paul has won another straw poll isn't earth shattering news. one thing that his supporters are good at is packing auditorium and we've seen it at c-pac for a straw poll victories but they have never translated into actual momentum in terms of the gop primary. i'm not surprised that ron paul has won. perry has to be concern for him, fourth place. >> gregg: something that may be meaningful, is new hampshire,
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latest out of new hampshire, one of the first primary states, republicans, romney, 37%, her man cane jumping up to 12% and paul, 9% and perry is way down 4%. bachmann at 2%. is that something as opposed to the straw poll we really should be paying attention to? >> certainly. think the polling coming out of places in iowa and new hampshire in south carolina much more important and useful as to what happened this afternoon at the straw poll. you see cain's place in the new hampshire poll, it's very strong showing as a valued voters' straw poll. her man cane is on the -- herman cain is on the rise and that the interesting component of this and see where his campaign goes from here. perry's collapsed which i think
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is fair to call at this point. >> gregg: perry, it was the pastor job ert jeffers equated mid romney any's faith with a cult. then as our reporter mentioned, bill bennett excoriated that remark as bigotted. do you their he first ripped rick perry? >> i don't think it helps rick perry. given the state of his campaign right now. the last thing he needs is another controversy. last thing he needs is continually answer questions with the remark made by this pastor and to continue answer those questions. he said he disagreed with those remarks when asked about it but i don't think he outright denounced them. i think the questions are still going to keep coming. >> gregg: i they had most people
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would category romney as a social moderate and he may stand the best chance of appealing to independents and beating president obama. polls seem to show that. today, mitt romney tried to appeal to this conservative crowd with the following. take a listen. >> he faced a recession, he made it worse. he announced a recovery summer. a year and a half later, we're still waiting. 25 million americans are out of work without on hope. chronic employment is higher than it ever has been in recorded history. home values and retirement funds have been devastated. all this didn't come cheap. one term he has amassed more debt than all of our prior presidents combined. we needed stability and sovereignty. we got solyndra. >> gregg: he called the president a failure. is that the team we're going to
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be hearing over the next 13 months? >> reporter: yes, i any so and it does connect to that electricity built point. more perry slips, questions about he is the best republican candidate to go up against president obama. more that plays into the hands of mitt romney and he will be talking about electricity built in all the -- electability. >> heather: new leads in the search for a missing ten-month-old from months, lisa irwin snasmd from her crib in the middle of the night. police are combing a nearby landfill searching for clues into her disappearance. julie banderas has the latest. any new leads?
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>> julie: at this point when you talk about the landfill. f.b.i. has said they have gone back to that landfill twice. they are not exactly saying what led them there and why they are searching there and what they are looking for. at this point there are reports that police have questioned a teenage neighbor of the parents and the teenage neighbor has the security codes to their garage. they have taken dna evidence from that neighbor, as well. police are not commenting on that either. let's show you the pictures of this adorable baby who has been missing since last tuesday. according to the parents, they say she was snatched from her crib sometime monday night or early tuesday. in an interview with judge, the parents described their horror as the father arrived home discovered baby lisa was missing >> come in the bedroom and
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lights were on. and we had the doors open and we always closed it when she went to sleep at night. he came in the room, where is lisa, where is he is at. she is in the crib. she is not there. we got up and started screaming and looking everywhere. she wasn't there. >> julie: ten mo's old mother failed a lie detector test. they say police never showed the test results and denied knowing anything what happened to her daughter. the father said he offered to take a test as well but police said it was not necessary. meantime, the parents say the police have been treating them like suspects. bradley in particular has actually been preparing for herself of charges being filed
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against her. then on thursday night a new twist. kansas city police announced their within and bradley have decided to stop talking to detectives. you this the parents said they only needed a break and say they have been cooperative since k-1. there is still no suspects in this case. you can watch the entire show tonight on special edition of 9:00 of justice with judge jeanne. they say they don't have anything to do with the little girl's disappearance. >> heather: hopefully they can find her safe. julie, thanks. >> gregg: i'll be talking to the judge about this case. once again, here is how police of how it unfolded. baby lisa is last seen by her mother at 10:30 at night when
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she says she put her in her crib. the father says she returned home from work at 4:00 in the morning to find lisa missing. next day parents hold a news conference asking for lisa's safe return. october 6th, the police claim that the parents no longer cooperating with them and yesterday her parents speaking out on national television denying they had stopped cooperating. >> heather: one more time, judge jeanine sat down with the couple here is a preview. >> when she wasn't in the home, was your first thought? >> no one came to mind. no really, it was just panic. you don't think when something like this happens. there is nothing goes through your head. it's not real.
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its not a dream, its nightmare. >> heather: watch the full one hour special at 9:00 right here on the fox news channel. >> gregg: a growing debate now over the issue of medical marijuana, feds cracking down on potted shots in california for the first time in 15 years. department of justice saying the state law is being used as a cover for drug dealers who set elaborate trafficking rings without helping sick patients at all. casey, i think it's reefer madness there is california. what prompted the crackdown? >> reporter: the obama administration has said it would toughen it's stance when it comes to medical marijuana laws which is why the justice department sends out a memo to
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some of these pot shops to saying they would prosecute them because they would prosecute them because they are in violation of federal law laws. they are legal in certain states with a doctor's prescription but it's still illegal to sell or grow it under federal law. so they are issuing dozens of letters giving them 45 days to close up shop and targeting those 1,000 feet of a school or park or playground first. >> i understand there are people in california that believe marijuana stores should be allowed to exist, but i trust that these same people will all agree we don't need retail marijuana outlets across the streets from playgrounds and schools and little league fields >> reporter: feds say they have compassion for people who are ill and especially with chronic illnesses that use this drug for
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its intended purpose with a prescription. gregg, they say the reality is a number of folks are going about getting these prescriptions when they don't really need them. therefore, this is translated into more recreational use of the drug. also concerns it is falling into the hands of minors and that is the reason for this crackdown. >> gregg: other states could be next? >> reporter: in fact, 15 other states in this country have similar laws allowing you to have medical marijuana so long as it is used for medicinal purposes. now we are hearing reports in why, nevada, oregon and washington have been warned of similar crackdowns. the feds say they will even go after landlords that are caught renting their space to dispensaries and leaning on banks to close the accounts of dispensary owners. medical marijuana advocates say
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it's violation of patients' rights. another example where the federal government is going where they don't belong and some of the cash strapped states could stand to lose till yons of dollars in texas revenue that medical marijuana sales generated and the number of jobs that the industry contributes to the economy. >> gregg: i haven't heard so much about pot since cheech and chong. >> al davis has died. he was 82 years old. they won three superbowls in the 70s and 80s and he was elected to the pro football hall of fame. he will be remembered by many as a rebellious spirit with little love for authority. he did help mold the n.f.l. in what it is today. the commissioner reacted to his
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death saying, he is defined the raiders and contributed to pro football at every level. the respect was evident in the way people listened carefully every time he spoke. he is a true legend of the game. his impact will be part of the n.f.l.. >> gregg: i lived in the bay area, he was so beloved for what he did for oakland and the raiders. >> heather: do you agree with that rebellious. >> gregg: very colorful figure. everybody said a great guy. new fallout from the solyndra scandal, what new white house e-mails revealed about a top fund-raiser. his connections to the bankrupt company raising serious questions. >> heather: plus a dramatic air landing on the high seas. why this plane ended up in the pacific ocean and why the pilot's quick thinking helped
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>> heather: new concerns about members of obama administration went to guarantee a loan to the now bankrupt solar company
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solyndra. according to e-mails, they overstepped his authority by actively pushing for solyndra's application. >> reporter: white house aide describes it as the administration debated whether or not to give the company another $5.4 million as energy secretary and his staff wanted to. the aide didn't, they wrote something that we can't say on tv. that is the hundreds of pages of new e-mails obtained by fox news. we also learned that steve spinner that raised half a million for president obama and got a gig as an energy official was one of the main drivers of the deal. his wife was working for a law firm that represented solyndra. the highest levels of our government were very aware of
1:23 pm
what was going on with the loan. any word from omb and breathing my neck down on this. we want to get our questions. -- congress is saying, quote, when asked about solyndra, president obama proudly pro claimed they went through the review process and people felt like it was good bet but solyndra is evidence of regular review process and we have significant problems and taxpayers could be on the hook for billions. other e-mails some inside the administration think the department of justice should have been consulted but the department of energy moved ahead with the deal anyway. >> heather: peter doocy, thanks. >> gregg: pakistan acting like a
1:24 pm
ally, rounding up al-qaeda and they stopped calling on stopping the drone strikes. can we expect the this to continue. >> a car that lets you log on to facebook while driving. good idea, bad idea? we'll take a look at it. kind oy using powerful medicine and natural ingredients from around the world. he called it vicks vaporub. today, the vicks journey continues. introducing new vicks nature fusion cold & flu syrup. powerful multi-symptom medicine flavored with natural honey instead of artificial flavors and dyes. so you can feel good about what you take to feel better. but last year my daughter was checking up on me. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian and she suggested i try boost complete nutritional drink to help get the nutrition i was missing.
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1:29 pm
praying on company time. the drivers are required to clock out first. >> gregg: the possible warning in america's uneasy relationship with pakistan. pakistani military capturing several al-qaeda operatives including one of the senior leaders. pakistani government is stopping their demand that the c.i.a. halt drone strikes. can we expect some cooperation to continue? is it sincere? rick served as a spokesman for the last four u.s. ambassadors to the united nations. good to see you. pakistan has a long and distinguished history of deception and duplicity in the relationship with the u.s. do you view this with caution and skepticism? >> yeah, you hit it right on the head. we have a lodge history of being suspect about our relationship
1:30 pm
with pakistan. i think we should. a couple of points. you have to remember pakistan held told multiple administrations they were not holding nuclear weapons even when we faced them with evidence. they denied it. in 1998 they did a missile test, we realized they had a nuclear weapon. we were told for years they didn't know where osama bin laden was only to find him in pakistan. i think we have a history of hearing one thing from pakistan and having evidence say and suggest other things. >> gregg: rick, this is actually a fractured, i wouldn't say government, military intel service, is it possible that the isi is clandestinely working at cross purposes with the military or the government or in both to protect al-qaeda, the taliban and others?
1:31 pm
>> let's not hope not. i think it's probably a combination of many things, an unorganized government. a government with a lot of people who are allowed to act on their own. they just don't have a handle on their officials within the isi. what happened in kabul is very concerning to all of us. there was some evidence, admiral mike mullen suggested that we possibly could see isi working with the akani network or questionable tactics. we need to be concerned about that. the best way to get to the bottom of this is to have u.s. officials to talk openly with pakistani senior officials. we don't need to hide anything. confront their fear about these india and talk openly about those. we have to be firm. congress has a role to play in threatening to take away money.
1:32 pm
we provide a lot of military aide to pakistan. if they are not going to cooperate with us, we shouldn't cooperate with them on giving them money. >> gregg: some have said, it's an election year, but forget about pakistan, focus on india. would you agree that united states really cannot afford to abandon its relationship with pakistan because of its nuclear arsenal and because this is a country that is actually quite unstable? >> yeah, i think we should have a fear that they have a nuclear weapon and it could fall into the hands of islamic radicals. that is very real fear. i think we can do a lot by confronting this india problem that pakistan has and reeling dealing with that and lean on the indians to alleviate some of those fears. but at the end of the day, afghanistan who has been
1:33 pm
harboring bad guys, we need to push pakistan because the afghan-pakistan relationship works together. >> gregg: there is an a argue arl in the "new york times" and you are quoted. republican candidates are accusing president obama of being way too quick to apologize for the united states and willing to promote what they are calling american conceptism? >> i think it's very fair. if you look what he said in cairo, i was very uncomfortable with his speech. what he is doing is apologizing and, we got osama bin laden because of rendition some of the things that he ran against like rendition. but i think mitt romney put it's a the head, america is exceptional. we are going to move forward with trying to make american
1:34 pm
policies the priority at the united nations and other places. out of all the candidates, i'm seeing mitt romney really speaking the best not apologizing for america and taking on the obama administration. >> gregg: rick grenell, thanks very much. >> a shocking reported out of wired magazine. computer virus has infected a u.s. drone aircraft. the virus reportedly logging key strokes over afghanistan and other war zones. so far it has registered efforts by security specialists to remove from air force computers resisted -- i should say. a source familiar with it that it has not compromised any mission and no concerned incidents of information being sent to an outside source. >> gregg: dramatic sea rescue. coastguard pluck ago pilot out of the pacific ocean after he
1:35 pm
ran out of fuel while flying from california to hawaii. fortunately for the pilot he had a foresight to contact the coastguard after noticing he was low on fuel about 400 miles east. big island of hawaii. coastguard was waiting when the plane splashed down 13 miles shy of its designation. >> it was picture perfect. it was a textbook landing if there is such a thing. he came in and fly had n as low as he could and touched down. >> a lot of the plane was moving. we were like good. >> gregg: pilot hospitalized with minor injuries. always good to make sure you have enough fuel. >> heather: imagine this -- navigating through cyberspace while navigating through traffic. that is goal behind toyota's new
1:36 pm
car to allow drivers to search the web through the cellphones and it's raising safety concerns. live for us in atlanta to explain how in the world this would work safely. >> reporter: hi, heather, toyota is not alone. number of car makers are all starting to create a dash boards that have a wireless hot spots you can plug in your smart phone or laptop, check stocks to sports cores. weather and even get a dinner reservation all in response to customer demand. many of the systems are activated by voice and steering wheel controls. >> we're allowing the customer to interact with the content using the typical vehicle controls by voice, touch and steering wheel controls. that is one of the key benefits we're trying to keep the customers eyes on the road.
1:37 pm
>> reporter: some say even if your eyes are on the road and hands on the wheel, these new technologies can be distracting for drivers and unfortunately she would know. she lost her 18-year-old son when he was responding to a text message. he veered off the road and he was killed instantly. >> when you are in the car you should just drive. and all these advanced technologies in the cars, you are just tempting people to use them and make it seem like it's okay but people get killed all the time by drivers that are just talking on their cellphone, even hands free is dangerous. >> reporter: last year their family passed a no texas go and driving law. about 34 states have similar bans on no texting and driving. >> heather: i'm not sure how i feel about that one. >> gregg: i still see people on
1:38 pm
the road, last night, still holding cellphones, driving with one hand. >> holding a cellphone and driving with your knees and eating a burger. >> coming up, n.f.l. player turned to turn in his football uin fweirm the u.s. military. >> heather: sudden surge from herman cain and his surprise success in the gop candidate. we'll find out and what does it say about gop voters. dry mouth may start off as an irritant.
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>> gregg: higher calling than sunday n.f.l. football? navy recalling running back from active duty. catani says he has arrived at a frigate in jacksonville, florida. he is appealing the decision by the navy but he knows he must follow orders.
1:43 pm
he played football for the u.s. naval academy before graduating in 2009. >> heather: he may have a been the godfather of pizza but herman cain says his rise to the kingdom of the gop pack does have the town falls. he feels like he has a bull's-eye on the back and despite constant questions, he is in it to win it. joining me now daily news columnist, andrea tarerats and mary walter and welcome for the first time for mary. thanks for joining us. let's talk about the latest news on the herman cairn front. that, of course, being the valued voters straw poll. we have the results tha before we began at 4:00, herman cain
1:44 pm
coming in second with 23% of votes. ron paul winning with 37%. i'll begin with you. big surprise you to here that cain continues to rise his popularity? >> values voter poll, he is probably the most socially conservative but he is gaining momentum. i think people am in gop have such a hung foer for a social conservative. if you see from each poll the support that has disintegrated for bachmann has gone to cain. it hasn't gone to romney. romney has maintained a lead but herman cain seems to get the support and it's growing. more voters hear about him they like him. >> and cain can take some of the accomplishment vote. cairn supported romney, i
1:45 pm
supported you last time. now it's my turn. and herman cain won the first south carolina debate. there he was the first debate, cain won, florida he won and now the straw poll he is second. >> he has to win in the next debate. >> more i worry about him hear about him the more i like him. but what people are hungry for, he speaks like a leader. he speaks very plainly and doesn't speak like a politician. that is very marketable. people haven't heard that in two years. i think that is what he really thinks. >>. >> heather: next topic. this is what i'm wondering. zr from the very beginning, where all the pundits came out and this guy is so great and he
1:46 pm
won it. that continues to happen but it's followed by the but -- >> cain said people are asking why are you running for president. i'm not going to disneyland. people said of barack obama not to defeat hillary so i'm not so sure that cain can't defeat romney. >> he has to brush up on his foreign policy but don't count him out. >> heather: new twist in the saga of the company of solyndra. e-mails obtained by fox says the white house they considered pumping more money in, another $5.4 million. as recently august of this year. mary, i'm going to start with you this time. big surprise you to? >> it's not a surprise. clean energy, green energy is one of their markets. that is one of and picking and choosing. which businesses to succeed and
1:47 pm
they wanted to put $5.3 million, considering they put in $500 million to put in, that is nothing. so to point to it, here is a green energy company that is creating jobs. >> this is smoking gun and barack obama, he knows that solyndra represents washington, d.c. cronyism. steve spinner was named as a top energy official and his wife worked for solyndra and her husband lobbied to get the loan. >> you look on the president's website. he was going to funnel money into tech projects. he did it through the stimulus. it was bailout essentially. but here is the skachbld. the real issue is whether or not an obama donor george kaiser was
1:48 pm
pressuring to get the loan. he put his own money. did he pressure them to give them a loan and then did he also get preferential treatment in bankruptcy court. remember he was paid back before all the others. >> george kaiser wares top obama fund-raiser. >> heather: we still don't have answers to that but we'll see what happens because a lot more will come out. we have to take a break and as we continue, the search for a missing baby, pressure on the parents are growing. the mother says she vanished during night but police are accusing her of playing some part of the incident. i do believe we have time to talk about this. judge jeanine will be talking to the parents coming up at 9:00 p.m. >> it's like the anthony situation. she took a lie detector test.
1:49 pm
i'm hopeful. >> i heard part of the judge, they interviewed and, husband gets home at 4:00 and wakes up the wife and all the lights are on and front door is unlocked and there is a screen missing but he didn't go check on the baby right away? i want that clarified but what robber turns o all the lights on before they leave? >> missing cellphones. that doesn't add up. >> but the parents in any incident like this, so traditionally they are looked at first. the mother in this case being particularly the last one at home with the baby. >> they are not good sleepers, they hear a noise and they are
1:50 pm
concerned about their child. >> heather: now we're going to take a break. steve jobs the thomas edison of hurry time why his life touched so many. we'll about that coming up. is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the nding machine... already filled. cool bike. because the busine with the best technologyules. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! ♪
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>> heather: world is still reeling days after the death of steve jobs. jobs responsible for ground breakers like the i-pod, ipad, also the computer mouse and some of the earliest commuters ever. back with our panel. i begin with you this time. with the passing of steve jobs not as expected but it's still a passing that will be noticed and felt? >> it is. he is the father of technology. he is like the thomas edison of our time. and he hold to his life and for the passing. for the new ceo to take over, he dies the next day. it's something. he is a very strong man. >> a lesson you can learn from him. mother rather than having abortion gave him up for
1:55 pm
adoption but he working out of his garage, not taking government money. not with handouts. really an entrepreneur of the truest sense. >> it's the american dream. >> what i found interesting in the protests it's such a dichotomy. they are raling but instead of starting their own company like he did, they are going to stand there and complain and use his products to spread the complaints which i thought it was so interesting. instead of learning from this and seeing what it is. it's a total blank wall. they don't see that much. >> my co-host on the five, there are makers and takers. takers. >> heather: thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> gregg: we have new developments in indicates of the missing months baby.
1:56 pm
we're going to have very latest on that and a baby's parents giving an exclusive interview. she will be joining us next in what they revealed to her. at adt, we get financing from ge capital. but they also go beyond banki.
1:57 pm
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>> hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. >> i'm gregg jarrett. welcome tow a brand-new hour,
2:00 pm
inside america's news headquarters. topping the news this hour... syria, edging close tort brink. the government reportedly opening fire on thousands of mourners at the funeral of a murdered opposition leader. >> with no leads and no suspects, the fbi now searching landfills near the home of missing 10-month-old lisa irwin. judge genine shapiro has an exclusive interview with the baby's parents. >> the up on wall street movement seems to be picking up steam. but with mixed messages in no clear direction, what do the protesters really want? >> ron paul, the big winner today among social conservatives. paul, taking the presidential straw poll at valued voters summit, speaking out, herman
2:01 pm
cain. but a bombshell dropping yesterday. a pastor supporting rick perry referring to mitt romney's faith as a cult. doug mcelway live from the value voters summit in washington. before the cult controversy, how do you explain ron paul winning so big among social conservatives? >> reporter: i think a lot of people are scratching their heads over that as we speak right now. one does not associate social conservativism with a lot of young people. but there were a lot of young people, 600 people were registered to vote. it was a secret ballot. we were unable to break it down by demographics. at the same time mitt romney was speaking to a packed house in this room, outside this room, ron paul was doing a meet and greet and people -- especially young people -- were lined up by the hundreds to have a chance to meet him. ron paul did something else very effectively here from the podium here in this room. he equated his libertarian views
2:02 pm
to biblical passages and quote from the book of samuel, where samuel warns people about the danger of kings, saying the kings want to make use of the people. here's where paul picked it up from there. >> i think a lot of that has happened to us in this country. we have too often relied on our king in washington. and we have to change that! [cheers and applause] >> reporter: and there, you hear a lot of applause for that remark. theifiable results from the values voters straw poll now, ron paul 37%, herman cain, great showing again -- 23%. rick santorum, 16. no surprise there. rick perry, a disappointment at only 8%, bachmann tied at 8%. romney, 4% and gingrich 4% and huntsman zero and not decided got more than huntsman.
2:03 pm
the disappointment, i think is for rick perry. this is an audience that was tailor made for his marriages but they didn't respond to it. >> what is the latest with that cult controversy we mentioned at the top? >> reporter: yeah. you are talk about the pastor, the dallas pastor, robert jeffers with a flock of something like 10,000 in his dallas church who, in introducing rick perry refer to the mormon church as a cult. bill bennett and the former secretary of education in the reagan administration absolutely lambasted jeffers for those remarks. here's bennett. >> i would say to pastor jeffers, you stepped stepped ond obscured the words of perry and santorum and cain and bachmann and everyone else who has spoken here. did you rick perry no good, sir, in what you had to say.
2:04 pm
>> reporter: now the governor issued a statement, the governor's campaign issued a statement and said... >> reporter: but the big story here today, it ends with ron paul pulling out another straw poll victory with 37% of the vote. heather, back to you. >> ron paul does it again. thank you very much. >> all right. new reports today in the disappearance of a 10-monthof old baby in missouri. investigators looking into two new leads which could be the first real progress since little lisa irwin vanished from her kansas city home on monday night. her dad says he returned home from working an overnight shift, only to find his daughter's crib empty. julie banderas is live in the new york city newsroom with more. what new leads are police getting? >> reporter: they are saying
2:05 pm
they have two leads. essentially, someone, a teenager that lived next door to this house, apparently is being questioned by police. they are not exactly saying why they are talking to the neighbor. but the neighbor was home at the time, at the time that lisa vanished and also knew the access code to the family's garage. investigators are also looking into reports that a couple in california was seen with a small child fitting lisa's description, according to a relative. but experts say the first lead is more feasible than the second from the west coast. so they are really hoping that maybe someone that lives in the area will come up with something viable. >> any suspects? >> reporter: you know, police are saying they have no suspects in this case. they have spoken with both the parents. in fact, the parents say they believe they have been treated like suspects. the mother, in fact, in particular, deborah bradley, says that police told her she failed a lie detector test. and she is actually being
2:06 pm
prepped, i suppose, for the possibility of charges being filed against her. on thursday night, kansas city police announced that the parent, quote, decided to stop talking to detectives. and that same night, the parents insisted they needed a break from the incessant police questioning and they have been cooperative from day one. the father, in fact, jeremy irwin, offered to take a lie detector test, but he was told it wasn't necessary. so it seems all eyes are on the mother at this point. >> what's the latest on the search for the missing baby, baby lisa? has it been scaled back? >> reporter: yeah. they are still looking, despite several leads, no sign of baby lisa. you may have heard that fbi agents visited a nearby landfill where they searched twieses in the last week. they declined to discuss what led them to search there. the 10-month-old's mother denies knowing anything.
2:07 pm
it was her father who noticed her missing, at 4:00 a.m., after arriving home from work. all the lights were on, a windo was open and lisa was gone. the mother checked on the daughter at 10:30 p.m. monday. the couple later said that three cell phones were missing, which police say produced no solid leads. so a very frustrating investigation for investigators and police. >> julie, thanks very much. judge jeanine went down there and we will talk to her about that in just a moment. >> we will be very interested to hear what the parents have to say from their own mouths. >> that's right. >> new developments in the solyndra scandal. bombshell emails revealing that the white house was warned of a possible conflict ever interest regarding the now bankrupt solar panel company, including one message with inappropriate language to describe the messy situation. peter has the latest on that for us from washington.
2:08 pm
>> reporter: that's how a white house aide described solyndra as the administration debated whether or not to give the troubled solar panel company another $5.4 million as energy secretary stephen chu and his staff wanted to. the aide wrote something we can't say on tv. that's the tip of the iceberg in hundreds of paiblg pages of new emails obtained by fox news. and steve spinner, who raised over half a million dollars for candidate obama and got a gig as a top department of energy official was one of the main drivers of this deal within the administration which is problematic because at the time his wife was working for a law firm that was representing solyndra and spinner's email suggest that the highest levels of government knew what was going on here. any word from omd, from the white house's office and the president...
2:09 pm
>> reporter: steve spinner no longer works with the department of energy. but now saying... >> reporter: other emails suggested some inside the administration thought the department of justice should be consulted because there were fears they could have been illegal. but the department of energy moved ahead with that deal anyway. >> thank, peter. >> folks in north western illinois returning to their homes after a freight train loaded with chemicals derailed, sending flames high into the air, rocking a tiny village. take a look at how one resident described it. >> big boom. boom. and then the burning, the
2:10 pm
fire... was very loud. i mean, the noise from the burning itself was extremely loud. >> well, the freight train loaded with highly flammable ethanol crashed early on friday, between 700 and if 1,000 people forced from their homes after the accident as a precaution. but several rail cars are still burning this hour and firefighters will be working through the night, pouring water and foam onto the flames. >> the doctor who reportedly helped u.s. force locate terror mastermind bin laden now facing charges of treason. dr. shakil afridi afridi allegedly used the pretense of a vaccination program to gather dna samples from lad scplad his family to aid u.s. forces in identifying him. the u.s. is pressuring pakistan's government to release him. but that request has so far been denied. fridi has no lawyer and faces the possibility of a death sentence for aiding a foreign
2:11 pm
government. >> now to libya, fighters loyal to the interim government, stepping up their resolve against one of the last strongholds of muammar al-qaddafi. a barrage of rockets and artillery cells pounding the birthplace of the new fugitive libyan leader. troops saying they are making huge gains and making a final assault on the city. but they are facing heavy resistance as they advance. streaming live from tripply. david? hi, gregg. yes, revolutionary fighters are fighting their way into the heart of qaddafi's home town of sirt. they are facing stiff resistance. but they do seem to be making inroads. they have moved a mile and-a-half into that town. now, after what is really a coordinated assault from the east, west and south. and pickups with heavy guns, tanks and rocket launchers have been leading the advance with
2:12 pm
street-to-street battles ongoing at this time. they are also being helped by nato airstrikes over the last 24 hours. some of the qaddafi loyalists are holding key areas, such as the stadium and university and the main hospital. but they are also coming under fire from the air and the ground at this time. there are fears about civilians perhaps trapped in the middle of this fighting. many have got out. many hundreds have been escaping the fighting over the last few days. but some of them that are left, still swore their loyalty to qaddafi. and they were complaining about the revolutionary fighters and also those nato airstrikes. now, libya's national transitional council says once it false, they can begin rebuilding this country and form a new government because that will mean they control all the major cities and ports in this country. but at the same time, there is one other qaddafi stronghold,
2:13 pm
holding out. this is bani walid, 90 miles southeast of here in tripply, there has been stiff resistance there with heavy weapons used by qaddafi loyalists in that town. reinforcements have arrived to help them. but at the moment, they haven't made any inroads into that other stronghold. back to you, gregg. >> david piper from tripply. thank you. >> a new report of syrian security forces opening fire on hundreds of mourners. the violence killing at least two people. the funeral of a prominent kurdish opposition figure, according to activists. the latest unrest coming one day after the u.s. called for the syrian government to immediately step down, saying that it rules through terror and intimidation. gregg. >> the wave of up on wall street protests is spreading a little bit, now reaching hartford,
2:14 pm
connecticut. several dozen people kicking off the demonstration in the march to the statehouse in the city. >> about time that people finally stood up in the streets against what was happening on wall street. >> hartford police watched the group chant. on its way from bushnell park to a down ton town base camp. >> we are the 99%. >> seemingly experienced protesters joined by first-time up oners. >> people don't usually do this, like myself. you know? but it's time to voice, the people be heard. >> this is what you would be doing on friday night? >> no. >> this is not my normal thing. >> the march marks the afternoon commute of a different type, causing some drivers to hit the brakes. >> i thought it was so great, i had to be part of it. i am going to wall street on wall street. but this is better. this is my home state. >> a state of unrest among the all-ages crowd. some traveling by stroller. >> i think this is important.
2:15 pm
to say, she was out here, part of the 99%. >> 100% have a long road ahead, planning to camp out in their ongoing occupation of hartford. >> it's exciting. i think it's the beginning of a revolution. there is going to be a lot more of us here. but we will be cold. >> careful to say they are not an organized group, there is an web site, up on wall street dot-org, with demands such as free college education. the professors will teach for free? maybe the students will cut the grass, trim the trees and cook the food. >> sure! >> a comparable protest in washington, d.c. is shutting down the u.s. air and space museum. we will have more as we get details. free education. >> like you said, lots of beans and rice. >> yeah. >> you think? >> couldn't afford the beans. only the rice. >> after four years in italian prison, amanda knox is spending her first weekend at home with her family. her father says she's yet to
2:16 pm
open up about her time in prison. though he is sure that she will over time. however, knox apparently has reached out to cbs news. in a letter to a correspondent, knox claimed she was sexually harassed by a high-ranking italian prison administrator. >> a concert honoring michael jackson creating a wave of controversy across the pond. tens of thousands expected to attend the star-studded michael forever tribute in the u.k. this is as dr. conrad murray is standing trial in this country for jackson's death. the show has been surrounded by turmoil because of the timing. some of jackson's siblings will be performing and others are not supporting the show. >> president obama not winning any favors from voters in his home state in illinois. yeah. apparently dropping below 50%. how will this impact his bid for election? our political panel weighs in. >> plus, new legal developments
2:17 pm
in the saga of casey anthony, a florida mother found not guilty of killing her daughter, back in court today. we will tell you why, straight ahead. get coverage of every nfl game on nfl mobile. call "star," "star," n-f-l to download it now. only from verizon. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ]
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2:21 pm
>> welcome back. here's the stories making headlines. at this hour, casey anthony appearing in court, via a video feed from an undisclosed location for a deposition by a woman who claimings anthony ruined her reputation. >> cities north of the capital of manila are underwater days after a flood. the british army captain is getting two months of military training at the military training facility in el centro. >> the president losing ground in his home state with a brand-new poll showing that his approval rating in illinois is dropping just below 50%.
2:22 pm
take a look, 49% of voters there, in illinois, approving of the job that president obama is doing. 46% disapproving. the president still ahead of the leading republican candidates, but the lead is nowhere near his huge margin of victory back in 2008. let's bring in our political panel, cal thomas and daily beast columnist and fox news contributor, kirsten powers. >> hi, heather. >> let's start with whether or not this is a sign of political trouble for the president. kirstin, he launched his political career in illinois issue has a home there. what does this mean for him, if anything? >> li mean, i think it's pretty safe to say he's been in political trouble for a while. so this is consistent with what we have already seen, which is much lower approval ratings nationwide than this. yes, it's his home state.
2:23 pm
but the economy's bad in illinois, like it is everywhere else. i think that he's -- he can't expect to keep, of course, the really high ratings he had when he came in. and this is a natural result of what's going on with the economy. >> cal, what do you think? what do you take away from the numbers? >> first of all, if the president has to defend illinois, he's going to have to spend money that could be well spent somewhere else. look, i think this is just a moment in time. you have the great chicago attack machine there with mayor rom emanuel and david alexred rod, all of these people who were around inuent 2008 and the democratic voters -- the dead, illegal immigrants, convicted felons and people with names like mickey house and babe ruth and they will turn out and vote as they do in every election. but i think the president's in trouble. but the respects have not nominated a person yet, as a candidate.
2:24 pm
and you are going to see the attack machine try to tear that person down. so these numbers will change. i don't expect him to lose illinois, as george mcgovern lost south dakota in 1972. >> cal, you mention some of those potential republican candidates. let's take a look at some of the other numbers. if the 2012 election were held right now, registered voters would favor mr. obama giving him 50%, versus mitt romney's 35%, other matchups, they look similar. obama 52%, versus rick perry's 30%. >> he's 10 to 8% short of where he crushed john mccain in 2008. so how do you think this
2:25 pm
reflects on his chances for re-election? >> well, if you look at numbers, i would say, those are specific to illinois. so we can't take that much away from them. but the big issue is, who is the nominee going to be? and how is that nominee going to fair in the general election? i don't think -- that's the big question. if we just look at numbers, obama's in major, major trouble. there is no questioning that. a very strong candidate could get beat him. i think the white house expects it to be a very close race. until we know who the candidate is, i think it's very hard to say. >> cal, i have another question. you sort of referenced this. do you think this election is going to be a case where we see obama 2012 campaigning against obama 2008? >> that's a great question, heather. i don't know if he will be campaigning against himself in 2008. but he is certainly going to be campaigning against what he stood for in 2008. he was going to bring the people
2:26 pm
together. not just a blue or red america, it is one america. he was going to lower the oceans and part the mountains and all of that other baloney -- hope and change and all of that stuff. that obama is no longer there. he is out there, behaving like a good, old democratic pol. heville to answer -- what happened to that obama? of course, he will blame the republicans. he will say, i tried but they didn't listen. he doesn't have a record to run on -- well, he does have a record, but he can't run on it. so he has to attack, attack, attack. you will see the two obamas, from 2008, eclipsed by the one ahead ofinous 2012. >> kirsten, i heard you mumbling. i know you want to respond. but we are out of time. but thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> 10 years into the war in afghanistan, some troops are coming home, and taking their fight to capitol hill. we will take a look at remarkable journeroys from
2:27 pm
soldier to lawmaker. and now, shocking details in the frantic syrup for a missing baby in cansta sass city. now police putting the pressure on little lisa irwin's family. >> we saw the press conference at 7. we want the public to know, we have never stopped cooperating with the police. we have been cooperate 45 day one. we continue to assist the police with the investigation. the main goal has always been to find lisa and bring her home. that remains the sole focus of the parents. ,
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
2:30 pm
2:31 pm
>> it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. obviously, family values, very penitentiary to ron paul, winning the voters values presidential straw poll in washington. >> 21 deaths linked in the nationwide outbreak of listeria in cantaloupes. the centers for disease control saying that number may grow. 109 people have been sickened so far. >> and there is joy in
2:32 pm
springfield. the hit show, the simpsons, reaching a new two-year deal with 20th century fox, settling a salary dispute for next year. >> lthe feds are vowing to weed out scores of california pot operations -- get it -- weed out? the government cracking down on mary jane, targeting those they call the worst offenders, those using the cover of medical marijuana to act as storefront drug dealers. we go to the ganja beat. >> reporter: gregg, how many more puns can you fit into the intro? you are having too much fun with this story. you know, california became the first state in the nation, gregg, to legalize marijuana for medical use. that was back in 1996. and since that tite time, 15 other states have passed similar laws that allow patients to buy
2:33 pm
the drug so long as they have a doctor's prescription. but the feds say there is just one problem with that. they say that getting those prescriptions often too easy, even for healthy people. and they say the system is being abused by those who are really using it for recreational purposes. so the u.s. attorney's office wants to remind people that pot is illegal to drow and sell under federal law. buplus, officials contend marijuana growers have hijacked the medical component and turned it into a for-profit industry. >> the facade of so-called medical marijuana has become a local law enforcement nightmare with the proliferation of these retail marijuana stores that operate for profit. and they a charade for trafficking potent drugs to teens and other recreational users. >> and now the federal prosecutors looking to shut down
2:34 pm
many dispensaries across the state of california, sending letters to dozens of operators, giving them 45 days to close their doors. they are also taking aim at landlords, threatening to charge them with crime fist they rent their space to dispensaries. but those who are chronically ill and support marijuana as a substitute for prescription drugs say this violates their patient rights and advocates for legalization are furious. >> the federal government has created legal anarchy by interfering and making it impossible to make regulations. >> reporter: they argue that cash-strapped states like california, for example, could stand to lose millions of dollars in tax rev new and also jobs if this controversial industry creates. other states like colorado, nevada, oregon and washington state have also heard of similar crackdowns and officials in those states bracing as well. so it looks like this could
2:35 pm
expand out, not just to california. >> could be just the beginning. live from los angeles. thanks very much. >> the 10 years since the start of the war in afghanistan, many soldiers have served our country proud. when leaving the battlefeld, some are continuing their service and duty. jennifer davis reporting on how a number of veterans are running for elected office. >> reporter: the polished capitol hill halls that duncan hunter walks now are as different as you can get from the war zones he used to patrol as a marine. but he says the two jobs have one thing in common -- service to your country. >> the translation of duty from the marine corps service to service as a representative. >> reporter: the day after the september 11 attacks, hunter quit his business job and joined the marines. he served three overseas combat tours, including one in afghanistan. when he came home to san diego, he ran for office and became the first marine combat veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan
2:36 pm
elected to congress, still driven to serve his country. >> once you serve and once again see all the good things that this government can do and see all the bad things that people want to do to american people -- especially if you have a family or a wife or a husband and you want to protect them. and that's a logical transition. >> reporter: there are currently 8 iraq and afghanistan veterans in congress. six won their first terms last year. nearly 30 ran for office in 2010, and similar numbers are expected in the next election cycle. >> things look helpless in washington right now. there is gridlock and high unemployment. i think that this generation of warriors has that special attitude, that let's work together, let's get things done. >> reporter: kirn lawler started a commission in 2007 to help soldiers transition to
2:37 pm
statesman, like candidates, the navy intel officer who is running for congress in connecticut. >> veterans know how to put personal differences aside and fight for the common good. i think we need more of that in congress. >> reporter: from the front lines to the home front, veterans are learning duty to your country can live on. >> thanks to jennifer davis in washington. >> we owe those folks so much. >> i think it's great had they run for office. a great background to pull from. >> a series of break-ins in a quiet, omish imhunt where the target isn't money or goods, but it's hair. the police now may have broken the case. >> a 10-month-ole, lisa irwin, reportedly snatched from her parents' home on tuesday. her parents say they are doing everything they can to help the police, telling a different story.
2:38 pm
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oism omish on omish violence, suspected in eastern ohio. listen to this. a series of beard and hair-cutting attacks have taken place over the last few weeks. the cutting of a beard of an omish man or woman is considered a serious insult. now, the bishop of a braicaway sect, ironically named mullet -- not making this up -- denies he had anything to do with the attacks. the jefferson county sheriff says so far, four people have been arrested. >> to go out and tell the children they are pray for example them. my response was, pray for them after we put them in yale. maybe that will be a better time to do that. >> authorities have not named any suspects but charges could include burglary and assault as some of the beard and hair-cutting victims did have slight injuries. gregg? >> what can i say?
2:43 pm
him coming in the bedroom. he said... you know, why are all the lights on? you know? why is the screen popped out of the window? lisa's bedroom door's open. we always closed it when she goes to sleep at night. and he ran back and checked and he said, he came in the room and he said -- where's lisa? where's she at? i said, she's in her crib. he said, she's not there. and we got up and started screaming for her and looking for her everywhere and she wasn't there. she will be 11 months on the 11th. her birthday's next month. >> that's a preview of the parents of baby lisa stit sitting down in an exclusive interview with judge jeanine piro. missing since monday night, triggering a massive search by the fbi and police. this is, the police say, the baby's mother failed a lie ditector test. judge jeanine pirro is here now.
2:44 pm
>> thank you very much. good to see you. what was your takeaway from the interview? what were your impressions? >> i was intrigued by this case from the beginning, which is why i flew out to kansas city. hian extensive interview with the mom and the dad and police investigators on this case. what you see in this interview which we are going to air on our show tonight, is a mother and father who have no clues as to what happened. she put -- >> seemingly have no clues. >> seemingly, this is hathey are saying. their version is, look, i put the baby to bed. my husband was on an overnight job. i go to sleep. he comes home at 4:00 in the morning. the lights are blazing through the house. the front door is unlocked. one of the windows that i left open in the computer room, there is a screen that was bent in somewhat, but not enough for someone to come thriew. so the issue is, what happened to baby lisa? >> all right. there are a lot of tears in the interview that you have with the mother. but i well recall that susan smith shed a lot of tears and,
2:45 pm
of course, she drowned her children and falsely claimed abduction. >> the kansas city police have been very clear that the parents are not suspects. they don't want to use the term "persons of interest." but the mother said, hey, look, the police tell me, i failed a lie detector test. she announced it. they didn't. so at that point, you have to wonder wloos going on here. but at the same time, statistically, gregg, this baby is probably still alive because infants who are abducted are usually abducted -- if there was an abduction, by someone who wants their own child. >> they spent two days searches a landfill. so obviously, the child would be dead in a landfill. does that suggest to you that they are looking into the possibility that a parent could have dumped the body in the trash, landing in a landfill? >> you can't rule anything in or out. have you 300 law enforcement -- state, federal, local, atf,
2:46 pm
everybody's on the ground with this case. this is the second time that thea fbi has gone to the landfill. but they haven't found anything. the fbi has seized evidence. the kansas city police, i have to tell you, they are sharp. >> yeah, yeah. they are first rate. >> very impressive group. >> all right. >> we are trying to find out. >> here's captain steve young of the kansas city police. take a listen to this. >> first and foremost, it's important for me to stress that we are continuing and will continue to track down lisa as we -- leads as we get them whether we dep them or they come from the tips hotline. earlier, the mother and father decided to quit cooperating with the police. but our door is always open. >> "mother and father quit cooperating." juxtapose their statement... >> what do you think?
2:47 pm
>> i said, look, there is -- there are reports that you were very animated in a discussion with police, you took off in a car. next thing we know, your wife is saying that she failed a lie detector. police are saying you are not cooperating. they say that they are cooperating. we will get to the bottom of it tonight. >> what does your gut tell you? >> my gut tells me not to form an opinion. we need the public's help. in the event this baby is still alive, there is time to find her. >> you find the mother believable? >> i think this mother was a woman who is clearly heart felt, when you look at it. the police saying to her, you failed a lie detector, certainly raises questions in anyone's mind. but the pain is palpable. beautiful 10-month-old baby. a real loss. the parents have given no one reason to suspect them. >> watch the full one-hour special, where is baby lisa tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on justice with judge jeanine right
2:48 pm
here. good to see you. >> i will be there. >> it is not the miracle on the hudson, but it is a dramatic planning of a plane in the pacific ocean, more details on the pilot's white-knuckle landing, coming up. eft ! i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the nding machine... already filled. cool bike. because the busine with the best technologyules.
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>> the up on wall street protesters have been at it now for a few weeks. their demonstrations are going national. how does the american public, though, feel about taking part in the movement? >> according to a new rasmussen reports poll, voters are nearly split between liking and disliking the protesters. but a larger paringsage has no opinion at all. thanks for joining us, scott. >> happy to be with you. that last number, the fact that a plurality had no opinion is the key. normally, the negatives go up faster than positives. we will be tracking it next week. >> you know, scott, you got down to some very specific ideology and statements by this particular group. you polled whether folks agree with the statement that the big banks got bailed out and the middle class got left behind. what did you find?
2:53 pm
>> that came from a protester chant. 79% of americans agree. overwhelming support. it is tapping into the same hatred of the bailouts that the tea party capitalized on. the tea party basically says, nobody should get bailed out. near as i can tell, the up on wall street answer is, where's our bailout? >> it's clear that the majority of the protesters, they do unbelievable more government regulation of big businesses. they think that will help the middle class. but the majority not in sync with that, right? >> not at all. 60% say that the better way to help the middle class is for more free market competition. we see this all the time. mishs dislike crony capitalism. they think when the government gets more involved, all do you is open a new revolving door for regulators. >> how about the long-term unemployd? what did you find? >> this is an area of big concern to the nation. 31% of americans now say that
2:54 pm
the federal government should assume financial responsibility for these people, either by hiring them or by extending unemployment benefits indefinitely. 32% take the opposite view and say the government should do nothing. 25% say let's help them with retraining, but after that, they're on their own. >> scott, when it comes to the politicians, campaign 2012, we may vote for them, but we sure as heck don't believe them. >> 6% believe that most politicians keep campaign promises. this is the fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, people have heard politicians make lots of promises. >> you are not fooling anybody, scott. you are great. thank you so much. >> you can catch his radio talk show tomorrow, 3:00 p.m. streaming line online. we will be -- he will be interviewing herman cain. we have have have been talking a
2:55 pm
lot. >> back to the protesters on wall street. we sent reporters to ask them, why are you down there? a lot of them don't know. they just don't want to miss a good protest. my favorite sound bite is from a protester who said i want to kill capitalism. the reporter said, what do you want to replace it with? and he froze. >> was he holding the starbucks coffee cup. >> they are nicely dressed. that might tell you something. >> that's it for us on this hour of america's news headquarters. john roberts and arthel neville are standing by. >> have a great weekend. catch our 15th anniversary special, that's tonight, 10:00 p.m. senior time. some of the defining moments that made fox news so great. don't miss it tonight, 10:00. at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief.
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>> hello, everybody, i'm ahel neville. >> and i'm john roberts, topping the news, he may be the g.o.p. frontrunner, but mitt romney having a tough time appealing to the far right. can he ultimately win them over? scathingor


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