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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 8, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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leader. >> and outrage directed at bank of america, the same financial institution planning to charge cufert mers for simply using their debit cards. now, wait until you hear how much money these ousted bank execs are walking away with. >> it's a lot. and the feds busting medical marijuana shops in a state where the drug is legal. we'll tell you why, coming up in a live report. >> all right. we are going on begin, though with campaign news. texas congressman ron paul, the big winner in today's presidential straw poll at the values voters summit. but issues among attendees at the annual meeting of social conservatives. doug mckelway is live in washington. >> reporter: ron paul is not typically associated with social conservativism and evangelicalism bump he did something very, very effectively
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today. he translated and connected his libertarian views and politics with biblical passages. he made reference to biblical passages being a sign of the dangers of centralized, large government. he said that the morality of the people can be translated into laws, but that laws cannot change the morality of the people. he even used biblical passages to make reference to the failed monetary policy of the united states of america. here's his reference to that. >> about the time we had row versus wade, we had the breakdown of our monetary system, the rejection of the biblical admonition that we have honest, decent measures and honest money. >> reporter: all of that went over very, very big among the social conservatives here at the hotel. paul benefit from the fact that there are a lot of young people here. there were 600 registered voters. it was a secret ballot, so we can't break it down
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demographically. but when he had a sheet and greet here, young people lined up by the hundred toss meet him. they did a straw poll for vice-president and produced these results. bachmann 12%, herman cain, 11%... but the big story is ron paul's victory, with 37%. he's had a very strong showing in these kinds of strow polls, whether he can translate that into victory or better showing in the primaries of course, is the big question that remains to be seen. >> doug, you know, the straw polls, they are all over the place. you don't know what to expect these days. >> reporter: you really don't. yeah. >> okay. i wasn't sure you could hear me. >> a series of white house emails, shedding lighted on the solyndra scandal, accusing a top obama fund-raiser of bankrupting the fund, after he was recused from doing so. we have the latest from washington.
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>> reporter: a white house aide described solyndra as the administration debated whether or not to give the troubled solar panel company another $5.4 million as energy secretary stephen chu and his staff wanted to. the aide wrote something we can't say on t. that's the tip of the iceberg in hundreds of pages of new emails obtained by fox news. we learned that steve spinner who, raised over half a million for candidate obama in '08 and got a gig at a top department of energy official was a main driver of the deal within the administration, which is problematic because at the time, his wife was working for a law firm, renting solyndra and suggest that the highest levels of the government were very aware and here's an example. quote...
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other emails suggested some inside the administration thought the department of justice should be cult consulted on some of the loans because there were concerns they might have been illegal issue but the department of energy moved ahead with that deal, anyway. >> peter doocy, thanks so much. >> eric holder is pushing back against the heat he's been getting over the fast and furious scandal, the botched gun trafficking sting connect to the death of a border agent. the attorney general saying he was truthful when he testified before congress about when he first learned when the firearms were popping up at crime scenes and blasting comments from an
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arizona congressman that government officials were, quote, accessories to murder. >> folks from far away, as far as wisconsin and kansas turning out in nashville, tennessee, for the maker of an iconic guitar. supporters of gibson guitar saying they are unfairly being targeted in a federal investigation in nashville and memphis, after government officials seized what they say are illegal ebony and rosewood, shipped to the guitar maker. here's a senior executive at the rally. >> i am proud to stand here and say that we are going to fight the injustice and the un unfairness... together. we will make sure other companies and other people do not face bullies with guns. being webcast all day this afternoon.
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federal prosecutorses confirming there is a federal investigation underway into gibson since the day after the raid. but the specifics have been filed under seal in federal court. >> right now in libya, a fierce battle for control of muammar al-qaddafi's home town, sirte, the last major city still in the hands of regime loyalists. nato planes are circling overhead and rebel leaders say their forces are leading an assault on the main base used by regime fighters. let's go to david piper, streaming live from tripp lee. >> revolutionary fighters are fighting into the heart of qaddafi's hometown. they seem to be making major inroads. it does seem to be a coordinated assault come from this east, the south and the west, with different militias taking part. they are supported by tanks, rocket-propelled trucks and also pickups with heavy machine guns on board. at this time, they are meeting
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stiff resistance, but they have been helped over the last 24 hours by some nato airstrikes. i understand now, they do have control of the main convention center, which was a qaddafi stronghold and they have taken the main hospital, which over the past week, had hundreds of injured people brought into there. there is concerns at this time that civilians are still stuck in the middle of this battle. the revolutionary command allow many to leave over the past week. and those who did leave, many of them said they were still qaddafi supporters and opposed the revolution and also nato. also, at this time, the libya national transitional council is saying once sirte is taken, they can declare libya free because they have control of all the major ports in this country and they can then rebuild as they go on. but at the same time, there is another stronghold for qaddafi
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supporters, bali walid, 90 miles southeast of here, holding out, despite being encircle by revolutionary forces. they look like they want to make a final push, but they are facing heavy weapons and difficult terrain. so that one may be a tough nut to crack. back to you. >> all right. david piper, thank you very much for that report. >> a cryptic message from yemen's president suggests he may be stepping down in just days. saying on state television that he will quote, reject power in the coming days. he offered no specifics on the plan or who might replace him t. comes after eight months of massive protests, calling for his ouster. he has ruled yemen 33 years. but after reports of hundreds of protesters being killed, many in his own government joined in the revolution. >> the coast guard plucking the pilot of a small plane out of
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the pacific ocean, after he ran out of fuel while flying from california to hawaii. fortunately for the hilt pilot, he had the foresight to contact the coast guard after noticing that his cessna was low on fuel. you can believe this? 400 miles east of the big island of hawaii, the coast guard was waiting when the plane splashed down, 13 miles shy of his destination. >> picture perfect. it was a textbook landing, if there is such a thing in the water for an airline like that. he came in, wings level and brought in as slow as he could and touched down. >> to see him come out of the airplane, moving. we were overjoyed, like, he's good, airplane was intact. >> that's what i was noticing, the airplane didn't break apart. the 65-year-old pilot was flying solo and is historyized with minor injuries itch just amazing. i bet the first time he got an opportunity to practice that -- was then. >> i'm sure.
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it was spot on. >> good for him. >> desperate search for a missing 10-month-old from missouri, coming up empty. lisa irwin snatched from her crib t. happened nearly a week ago. police are hoping a nearby landfill may be able to shed light on her mysterious disappearance. julie banderas is live in the newsroom with the latest. this far into the case, it cannot be looking good? >> reporter: it really isn't. no sign of lisa. the fbi has searched a nearby landfill twice now, not a good sign, either. they are not saying what led them there or what leads they may have that may indicate that she is no longer alive. there are reports that the police have questioned and collected a dna sample from a teenaged neighbor of the parents. but authorities are not commenting on that either. the neighbor was at the home the day lisa vanished and also knew the access code to the family's garage. baby lisa irwin's parents say
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she was snatched from her crib sometime monday night or early tuesday n. an interview with judge jeannine pirro, the parents describe their horr horror as they discovered that baby lisa was missing. >> him coming in the bedroom. he said, why are all the lights on? you know? why is the screen popped out of the window? lisa's bedroom door's open. we always closed it when she goes to sleep at night. he ran back and checked and he said -- he came in the room and he said, where is lisa? where is she at? i said, she's in her crib. he said, she's not there. we started screaming and looking everywhere for her and she wasn't there. >> the 10-month-old's mother says that police told her that she failed a lie detector test and accuse her of being involved in her baby's disappearance. on thursday night, a new twist. kansas city police announcing in a press conference that irwin
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and bradley have, quote, decided to stop talking to detectives. but in a statement the same night, the parents insisted they only needed a break from incessant questioning and they have been cooperative from day one. they have been in contact with police by foarngs but haven't sat down and spoken one on one since that interview. you can watch the exclusive interview tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on justice with judge jeannine. >> there is a deadly outbreak of listeria, leading to a slew from a seattle lawyer. six sureties have been filed against a colorado cantaloupe grower, genson farms and marlowe's firm is behind them all, probably best known for the $15.6 million judge judgment in an e. coli lawsuit against jack-in-the-box in the 90s. 21 people have died so far from
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the latest illness breakouts. the feds have not found an exact source. >> new controversy on the campaign trail. what one of rick perry's supporters said said about mitt romney's faith and what perry's campaign is saying about it now. >> flames in a connecticut factory. we have the latest on what firefighters are saying about. >> it bank of america says its financial problems are so severe, they are charging debit card fees and lay off tens of thousands of employees. but wait until you hear how much cash b. of a. is handing out to two ousted executives. watch every touchdown from every game
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>> time for a quick check of headlines. a massive fire in a connecticut manufacturing company, causing the building's roof to collapse. investigators are still searching for a cause. talk about a real-life patriot, eric catony with the new england patriots, called back to serve in the navy. he is appealing the decision, but knows that he has to follow
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orders. and iran sending a message to would-be attackers, don't use drone, posting a new radar system, capable of detengtding small, unmanned drones. iran has been working to beef up its air defenses since june of 2009. >> bank of america blaming its financial trouble for new fews on debit card users and tens of thousands of layoffs. yet, bank of america did manage to find $11 million in severance pay for a pair of ousted execs. sally crosscheck who led investment prayings and is walking away with $6 million. and joe price who, led the consumer banking division is congratulate $5 million. here now is richard salvo, the former managing director of morgan stanley. hi, richard. >> hello. >> okay. you wonder why these protesters
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are spitting mad? we are not condoning anti-capitalism, but this is unfair. bank of america is a private company. how did they justify this? >> here's what happened. okay? it's very simple. the $11 million that you talked about a few moments ago was not something that they sat around after they decided to let them go. this is negotiated long before they got hired in the first place. i am not defending t. i am saying that the problem started at the time of hire, they started negotiating this. why they do this is because they feel that they can. they feel they have leverage, if you want to hire me, you have to make sure if there is any change in control of the company or i'm fired without cause, i want, quote, my protection, my piece of the pie at the end. >> how do you forecast how big the by's going to be in terms of growing while you are there? >> this to me is the fascinating point. as you mention, my title at morgan stanley, i lived in this world. i felt this and saw this all the
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time. how some firms view this as everything -- it is want what you get, it's what you negotiate. that's one way that wall street looks at things. there is another way the firm looks at thing and that is a ameritacracy. our base salary is not going to change the world. but change the world was we worked hard, we had shareholder value and drove revenue. if i did those, i got a big check or if something happened, i might get a check on the way out. you don't get it for just showing up. >> the people are take their negotiations to the street. you know, the protesters who have been occupying wall street for four weeks, getting support, protesters from los angeles and all over the country. although they're passionate, do you expect anything to change, rich? out of this? >> what -- i don't know, the answer. but here's what i hope will change. i can't expect, but i will hope, that's that the wire houses or the broker dealers and the
3:21 pm
people we are talking -- bank of america, morgan stanleys and create a self-regulatory organization and creating some type of a unification or unified program that says when an employee of a high position in power, like sally, if they come on board, why can't we put together some type of an incentive compensation program for an exit package that's unified. where if she performs well, there is well on the other end. >> hey, a lot of people don't quote/unquote get why the protesters are there. let's take a look at a graphic from the congressional budget office. pop up. it's a winners take all graphic.
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h.p. boss got $35 million plus package settlement. where does the buck stop? >> well, what i haven't seen is the buck stopping. and as a matter of fact, further into that chart is something like this. from the standard&poors 500 companies, 470 of those ceos have packages right now, severance packages, prenegotiated packages that range anywhere from $20 to $thirty million, based on how the exit's going to be done. >> you are giving me a headache. what's the point? i might as well get fired. >> it's -- you don't get what youary, you get what you negotiate. >> speaking of that, bank of america received $45 billion from the government. they are borrow from this folks, laid off 30,000 workers. then you give the fired execs $6 million severance checks. i ask you, where does the buck stop?
3:23 pm
>> okay. to me the buck has to stop at the white house. here's what i mean by that. if i was the president -- if i may -- if i may be so entitled here -- i would say if i am going to give thumoney, it's conditional. it cannot be used to pay out bonuses and salaries like a.i.g., remember that? >> yeah. >> it needs to be paid out for lending. it needs to be for lending or jobs stimulus. otherwise, you don't get it. >> that sounds good to me. >> sounds good to me. >> we will see if it changes. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> if they gave you $10 million, would you walk away. >> show this shot -- i'm outta here! mid-show. no. i agree. >> afghanistan 10 years later with the boots on the ground, talking about progress made and the work still to be done. >> and the issue of one g.o.p. contender's face taking center stage. what do republican voters really think of mitt romney's religion?
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>> foregot to mepgdz, it's nice to be with you. >> good you are still here. glad you didn't take the $6 million and run. >> bottom of the hour and top of the news. the family of the man responsible for a shooting spree in california saying they have no explanation for what happened. oman gunned down three people and injured six others earlier this week at the plant where he worked. he was killed by police. no word on a possible motive. >> new signs the united auto workers may be close to sign egg contract with chrysler. union reps could sit down with union leaders as early as monday. >> a major loss in the sports world. al davis is dead at the age of 82. the controversial hall of famer died saturday at his california home. no word on the cause of death.
3:29 pm
>> as we reported at the top of the hour, ron paul, the big winnener today's straw poll at the values voters summit. casting a big shadow over the meeting, a prominent evangelical pastor for rick perry said about mitt romney's faith. robert jeffers, pastor of a baptist church in dallas says, quote... here to talk about this and romney's chances of getting the nomination, justin safee, spokesman for former governor jeb bush and endorsed mitt romney earlier this week. justin, let's start with you. a lot of people believe that mitt romney's religion was going to become an issue in this campaign.
3:30 pm
has it as of this weekend? >> i think you have one person who made one comment. certainly there are some voters who are going to pay attention to that. in my view with the unemployment rate at 9% and the federal government running a $1.3 trillion deficit two years in a pro roe and a trillion-dollar deficit as far as the high eyes can see. i think the voters are more focused on which candidate is going to do the best job of restoring america's promise and getting the american economy growing again. that will be the top issue. certainly, some people will have an issue with religion. but i don't think that's going to be the overwhelming majority of people are not going to be concerned with that. >> david mercer, mitt romney didn't mention in the summit at the speech today. but it is the elephant in the room. do you think he needs to address this? perhaps in a similar way that barack obama did his faith in 2008? >> actually, i think that rick perry needs to address it, much like clinton did when he had the
3:31 pm
sister soldier issue, where he went before the rainbow coalition and chastised that kind of intolerance. i think that is always a problem that keeps creeping up with the republican party. yeah, we do, as justin says, want to talk about the economy. we want to get a jobs bill passed. we want to put more money in the pockets of the middle class. we also want to provide for veteran when is they get back from serving our country and making it more secure. we want all of that. but somehow, this issue of religion and intolerance always seems to pop up. we have all felt it. but they are feeling it themselves now. the question is whether mitt romney can rise past it and not be pulled down by it, as rick perry and others -- especially the baptist minister who called him out and said that mormonism is a cult -- >> do you think this is his reverend wright moment? >> i think while there may be some separation, i think it is. we need to know from rick perry where he stands, not with just a
3:32 pm
one-liner that that was his centil and the he doesn't believe that mormonism is a cult. but i think he needs to take a stand and lead, rather than letting those like the reverend go on believe ity in forums like this and taking up all the oxygen in the room on a weekend like this to talk about real issues, want to let the issues overwhelm us anymore. >> justin, if mitt romney hopes to become president of the united states in 2012, he will need evangelical voters. they make up a third of the republican party. can he excite evangelicals? or might, as some people have suggested, including reverend jeffers -- stay home? >> well, i think that's going to be a challenge for him. certainly the evangelical voters are important in the republican primary process. however senator john mccain was the nominee of the republican party in 2008 and evangelical voteezers were not excited about mccain. can mitt romney win the
3:33 pm
election? can he get enough evangelical supporters? right now polls are showing that he has the best chance to defeat president barack obama. when you look at the head-to-head matchups, i think that's important to the voters -- >> which candidate is the best to defeat barack obama in the general election? >> that may be, mitt romney. i think it will be. the problem is going to be whether mitt romney is going to have his campaign hijacked as mccain did, by having to stick palin on the ticket for excitement, but not for substance on how to get this country back on the right course. i think that's the dilemma that romney's going to have, especially when his vote totals along with newt gingrich kind of the moderate, establishment republicans represent 36% of the support now. but are being outweighed by 39% of the bachmann perry and the cain voters. that will be the predicament.
3:34 pm
we have to see whether romney's campaign is hijacked. >> i was talking about this with my seatmate from atlanta to new york, justin, perry has a difficult time connecting with the voters. and party establishment doesn't really embrace him though they have had more since chris christie didn't get in. the high school student who is asked to the prom by a guy and she says okay, but she wants the captain of the football team to ask her. >> look, republicans have had this dreamy image of some white knight that was going to ride in on a stallion and rescue the republican party and lead us into the white house. and i think that republicans have to acknowledge that the best candidate to defeat p.m. presidento barack obama is going to be governor mitt romney. i think that's one of the things that republicans need to acknowledge and accept the fact that there is no white knight in the race and that we are going to have a very combative primary process and that's the way it
3:35 pm
should be -- >> david -- >> it should be difficult to win the nomination whoi. do democrats fear the most in a general election matchup? >> what we fear not -- not who -- what we fear most, is not having the energy and unity of purpose to make sure that we uncover every stone in getting our message out as to what the record is, what we are trying to do, that it does take time. it deet took eight years to get us in the ditch. it may not take eight to get out, maybe four or five. but we are staying to that message and doing everything we can to make sure that everybody is united with us in doing it, as well as winning the campaign to continue on to do so. >> david mercer, justin safee, great to talk to you. >> great to see you. >> 10 years ago, u.s. and british forces launched the first strikes in operation operation enduring freedom. today, afghanistan is a country transformed, the taliban is no longer in charge. nato is preparing to put afghan
3:36 pm
in charge of their own security. so what do they have to say on the ground? dominique traveled to the operating base to find out. >> reporter: october 7, 2001, coalition forces invaded afghanistan. the mission to rout out al qaeda so 9/11 could never happen again. but a decade on, the mission has changed a lot. so what does the war mean to the men here at the operating base in eastern afghanistan? >> afghanistan really needs our help. taliban don't know when to stop. like, terrorizing these people. we are here to help them. >> they can drop their weapon and pretend to be a civilian. we can't. they can run across the pakistan border, we can't follow them. they can play by so many rules that we can't because they don't have the values that we do, so it's hard to near impossible to fight the war in a way that is a definitive win. >> we came in, we made a mess.
3:37 pm
we accomplished what we wanted to accomplish. so now we are trying to clean up the mess and go home and leave these weem -- these people with a sustainable government that they need to have. >> reporter: the mission is by no means over. but by the end of 2014, the afghans should be in co-charge of the country's security. that doesn't mean, however that, all coalitions force, including american soldiers will be able to leave. they are going to be here for many years after that, as they continue to train the afghans and ult ultimately hand over the country back to the people here. >> reporting from the operating base in afghanistan. >> it's a growing debate over the issue of medical marijuana. pot shots in california finding themselves in the crosshairs of the federal government for the first time in 15 years. the department of justice says the state law's being used as a cover for drug dealer who is set up elaborate trafficking rings
3:38 pm
without helping sick patients at well. we go live to los angeles. casey, what brought this crackdown? partly because of the barack obama. you may recall, recently that administration vowed to fighten its stance and take a tougher stance on medical marijuana laws in this country, which is why the department of justice sent out memos to federal prosecutor this is summer, warning that some of these medical marijuana dispensaries and growers could face prosecution for violating federal drug laws. remember, just because pot is considered legal in some states for medicinal purposes with a doctor's prescription. it is illegal to sell or grow it under the federal law. so now the u.s. attorney's office, issuing dozens of letters to dispensaries, giving them 45 days to close up shop and targeting those within 1,000 feet of a school, park or playground first. >> i understand there are people
3:39 pm
in california who believe marijuana stores should be allowed to exist. but i trust that these same people will all agree we don't need retail marijuana outlets across the street from playgrounds and schools. and little league fields. >> now the feds say they have compassion for people who are chronically ill and are truly using this drug for its intended purposes. but they say the reality is that many are abusing it. they say it's easy to get your hands on these prescriptions for healthy people and it's turning more into a ricreational use as opposed to a medicinal use. >> casey, california not the only place that has a medical marijuana law. in fact, it seems to be spreaded. could other states be next in the state's crosshairs? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. 15 other states have passed similar laws behind california. we are already hearing from colorado, oregon, nevada, washington state, that they are being warned of similar
3:40 pm
crackdowns. the feds even taking it a step further, saying they would go after landlord who is are caught renting their space to dispensaries, also even leaning on banks to close the accounts of dispensary owners. meantime, medical marijuana advocates say this is a violation of patient rights. and they say it is just one more example of the federal government sticking its nose where it doesn't belong, say that this feds should have bigger fish to fry. they also argue that cash-strapped states like california, for example, could stand to lose millions in tax revenue and the jobs that this extremely controversial industry creates. >> big revenue generator, no question about it. >> reporter: it is. >> casey, thanks. >> $104 million in taxes. >> smoke 'em while you got 'em. >> hello. all right. there is a growing outrage -- i'm joshing with you. you know that. there is a growing outrage over
3:41 pm
a new halloween costume in boston. an orange prison jumpsuit of accused killer james bulger that sells for $40 and features the word "busted" on the front and the nickname "whitey" on the back. store owners say it's all in good fun. but others think the costume is inappropriate. >> i wouldn't wear it. >> why not? >> doesn't seem appropriate. you know, he's accused of pretty serious crimes. >> i think it's outstanding. i would give you dwlon million right now. >> not offended? >> not at all. >> i don't find it offensive. >> people who lost loved ones who would be absolutely offended. >> bulger is accused of mrgd 19 people in the boston area. he was captured by the fbi in june, after being on the run for more than 16 years. >> nothing more majestic than the moose. >> is the moose on the loose?
3:42 pm
>> yes. definitely. bizarre sight in new hampshire. a large moose decided to take a billdip inanin-ground swimming pool. unfortunately, he didn't know how to use the stairs. the moose couldn't get out of the pool. nine people had to attach a rope to the animal and pull it out. witnesses say that it did appear to be none the worse for wear as it ambled off into the woods. >> that's nice. >> i'm happy that the moose got away and the owner's pool is intact. >> the juice-- the moose -- the moose came away. >> you like fancy cars? bells and whistles? or plain jane. >> i used to, in my mid-life crisis. but i'm past that. >> check this one out. forget cup holders and seat warmers, toyota is rolling out a new feet that you are promises to drive customers into the future. you can't wait for this live report. >> why critics say it could
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3:48 pm
use their favorite gadgets while in their cars. >> i think we are taking extraordinary measures here to make sure that we meet the demands of our cust mirs and balance that of what the regulatory community and common sense really is all about. >> but therein lies the controversy. take a look at pictures. this is a car driven by 18-year-old caleb sorahan who, died upon impact in this ax defnlt his parents learned he was texting and driving. his mother, mandy, a huge safety advocate says even those though these devices can be hands-free, she says technology needs to stay out of the car. >> when you feel what we are feeling and knowing that someone you love dearly is gone because of those technologies, it is not worth it. nothing that you can do on a cell phone or on a gps --
3:49 pm
anything like that, none of that is worth losing your life over. if people could feel like i feel for five minutes, they would believe that, too. it's just very dangerous. i think they sugar coat it and say... it's not distracted driving. but anything that you do that takes your mind off the road is distracted driving. >> last year, mannedy and her family pushed caleb's act through congress and there is a no texting and driving ban. 34 states have similar laws. you can see, there is a pull here between the car makers and safety advocates. >> indeed. >> thank you very much. my partner in crime, john roberts is getting ready for another one. that smoke 'em, as you got 'em, apparently i'm the only one in the building who didn't get. >> it you are too young. it is much too old. you know, it's fall again. you know what that means? it means football and leaves. today, in our consumer segment,
3:50 pm
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>> that means it is a lot of
3:54 pm
falling leafs. >> here now are consumer report bob, hello good to see you. it is a blower vac ... >> it is electric and variable speed. it is our top blower. here we go. >> that is good. that is good. 235 miles per hour and what is good about this you can open it up here, this is metal and also a vacume if you want and if you pick up a twig it will not break it. >> how much is this? >> $70. >> this is good. >> top of the line. >> is this good. this is excellent.
3:55 pm
this is gas and working more than 100 feet from a power outlet. this is $140. and unfortunately no gas with all of the rules. >> i are one similar to this one. >> yes. and the great thing about this is 450 and what you have here is a lot of volume and tremendous sweeping power and soy if you have a lot of lawn to do this is good. >> is this heavy? >> steel makes a backpack? >> many, many. you can get quieter. and that is why it doesn't have the power. this is speed and so it is
3:56 pm
actually good. and they are -- >> all of that is especially quiet and under 70 dba. >> it is a figure and most need regulations. >> and thank you very much. >> and here is john robert's son. and the launch of a network hachanged cable news . ♪ [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits,
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