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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 10, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> that's a pretty big chunk. >> i agree. >> anti-capitalism is un-american. >> we are out of time. gretta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> it's spreading from new york city to the white house to boston and indianapolis and across the country and even san diego and that is certainly not all. frustrated americans from all walks of life are demanding economic equality. and in washington d.c. over the weekend, protesters with a different message are stopped in their tracks. guards at the national spare space museum using pepper spray to turn back anti-war demonstrator. they are protesting a drone exhibit. >> how do we feel? >> how do we feel. >> about our congressman. >> about our congressman. >> and the national assembly.
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>> and in atlanta a civil rights hero, congressman john lewis tries to lend his support to the group but they use some bizarre tactics to stop him from speaking. one man is speaking his mind about the way the protests, thas herman cain. >> part of it is jealousy. i stand by that. and here's why i don't have a lot of patience with that. my parents, they never played the victim card. my parents never said that we hope that the rich people lose something so we can get something. no. my dad's idea was i want to work hard enough so i can buy a cadillac, not take somebody else's. and this is why i don't have a lot of patience for people who want to protest the success of somebody else. >> and harsh words, of course, from mr. cane and fox business network senior correspondent dennis joins us. good evening. what is it, if you know, that the protesters want? i realize they are protesting in
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several spots across the country. but is there one single message? >> if there were, the protests would be a lot more -- a lot more effective. unfortunately they are all over the map. and there are so many different threads of anger. there's the green anies on the environment, there's the anti-bank crowd who want to cripple wall street. there's people upset with government. there's people upset with ceo salaries at companies that aren't banks. the one message should have been about jobs. it should have been, you know what, the fact we can come down here at wall street and spend three weeks is because most of us are out of work. i just wonder, though, as they lament the economy and government and business, how many of the people in these protests are on government unemployment benefits? how many get part of the 45% of homes that get some form of direct aid from government? as they are now whining about their lot. i know there's an awful lot of anger and frustration out there
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and people with a lot of time on their hands. the problem is i believe that they are targeting the wrong culprit. i believe they are saying some things that are, well, i read a blog entry today that said some of the things are silly or plain stupid, and you wrote that blog. >> well, actually the thing i wrote about is at one point online one group of them or somebody posted something called the new economic charter. and the new economic charter, and what i have blogged about it on get wire, is that it seemed like assumed idea that had the message of frustration with the government. knew charter put lids or salary caps on certain occupation like doctors shouldn't make more than $28,000 a year was part of the new economic chart. now that's -- i hope that that is not what is the source of everybody's anger. i hope that's not the goal. but these americans are upset, much like i think, you know, there are other americans.
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the tea party are upset with the government. it's not unique to have some frustration with the government right now. >> but occupy wall street, which they use this acronym because they are in pain, they aren't anti-government, they are anti-business. they want to eliminate capitalism. they said in the occupy wall street journal, which that newspaper ought to sue them. rebellion will not stop until the corporate stayed is finished. this is what happens when our president spends almost three years demonizing, sniping at corporate jets, los angeles trade shows, and they even take up obama's one percent. they got the sign and say we are the other 99%. i'm sorry, guys, i'm in that one percent and i worked 30 years to get there. i grew up poor. i had to take a brown bag lunch to elementary school because we couldn't afford 35 cents for the hot meal after my father left. okay, i deserve what i earn and
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when i get a $100 a week raise, $51 goes to various government agencies. that's a lot. how much more do you want? how can obama say that i'm not paying my fair share? >> dennis, i take it you don't disagree they have a first amendment right to protest? and we certainly see what's going on in syria and egypt. >> absolutely. >> you disagree with their message? is that a fair description. >> that's fair. >> i think that is sometimes confused. people think because people disagree with the message they think people don't have a right. you would add vo indicate for the right, i take it? >> it's a great story and they have a right to protest but light a candle, don't just curse the darkness. you have to at least make sense. and furthermore don't just come out with a purely negative message aimed at hurting corporate america, aimed at hurting banks. they are so upset with banks. the 20 biggest banks paid back tarp at a profit. what are we so angry about?
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and obama, he stoked this, the democrats stoked this and now the republicans are saying i can see why they are upset. >> dennis, i have to go. i am flaterd that you read greet greet -- grettawire. i have to admit that. >> thank you. >> and eric cantor is caution the protesters mobs and the democrats are almost embracing the protesters. house democrats are urging people to stand with the movement but is that a smart idea, a so-so idea or political suicide? tell me, are democrats embracing it or just sort of a couple democrats. >> they were slow off the block but i think you are seeing more and more democrats are saying they want to get behind or even join in trying to own this movement. >> what part of it? what is the objection? >> well, the objection -- first of all, the reason they are raising it in the first place they are desperate to see some kind of organizing on the left that matches the tea party energy on the right.
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they are very excited what they see is a possibility for them to go behind. the problem, though, is in a number of issues that are raise the." first of all the message is so diffuse it's hard to make heads or tails what they want and what they are urging congress to do. the other problem they have is the anti-establishment hanger is in part aimed at democrats who are part of the establishment. the tea partyers have the advantage of having the republicans entirely out of power at the time. it's more awkward when you have people here on the left saying they don't like the establishment when you have a democrat in the white house. of course, democrats are controlling the senate. >> as long as they have a message that's consistent with what the democrat message is, that it's probably wise and prudent to shore up your base. to the extent they are saying things like the new economic charter where it limits the pay of doctors to $28,000 and their tuition for one year far exceeds $28,000, i imagine that sort of undermines it and they might want to dial that one back. >> that's right. i think in it's broadest rush,
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what the rally of the occupy wallstreet folks are talking about meshes pretty well with what the democrats are trying to do right now and the push president obama is trying to do around jobs. you talk about trying to get the rich to pay their fair share. that's something the occupy crowds would love to see happen. if it develops into something that spirals down the road then i think there's a real possibility here. but it's difficult to corral that kind of energy out there to actual political action. >> any idea who started it, who got is going, who is the leader or is there a leader? all of a sudden there are little pockets of dissension and all of a sudden it sort of overtook and in many cities. i realize some of it is the social media gets people going but who is behind it? who is the leader. >> i don't have a sense of someone pulling the strings. you have a number of groups trying to own it as the tea party started as a grass roots things and people came in and owned the movement as it went
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on. i don't think it has one or two people sitting behind there and figuring it out. there's a lot of groups coming together, connecting on social immediate way and it's happening organically. >> is it anti-capitalism or anti-agreed or anti-government failing to regulate matters with the housing industry, credit swap crisis or what is the message? >> i think a little of all of that. >> which hurts them. >> which hurts in trying to get something done. every time i have written about it or blogged about it or tweeted about it, i get people saying you don't understand what this is about. this isn't about the regular political process. at some point it has to be because that's how the system works. otherwise it's a bunch of noise. they need to corral things into a political agenda and move things because that's the way the system works. >> it's interesting because you have like leader pelosi embracing part of it but i assume she wouldn't embrace all of it, to the effect the anti-capitalism, that's not going to help the democratic party. >> that's right. it may be something big and it may help democrats ultimately but there isn't enough known
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about this movement and what it's potential is to see if that's the case. >> tomorrow is a big vote in the united states senate. the one we've all been waiting for is the president's job bill going to pass or is it dead in the water? the senator from wyoming john barasso joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> will the jobs bill pass tomorrow? >> i don't think it will pass tomorrow. it will never get to the president's house. and you know i don't think he wants to get it to sign. i think he wants to use it for the campaign manifesto for the next year and a half because he's only interested in one job in this country and that's his own. >> how can it help them? the senate votes it down, does that help him? >> i think he wants to use it in a way to divide our country. what he's been doing with the class warfare and vilifying people who have experienced the american dream, that's a dangerous message to send to the american people. >> on the flip side, you know, i
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hear people say he wants to use it, but i know you introused a jobs bill. did yours ever get voted on? >> harry reid has blocked things all the way. the western caucus jobs frontier, a lot of senators comes together to support it. it gets us focused on energy because you have lower cost energy. that's an important part of a vibrant economy. it's also part of senate security because if we are providing more american energy offshore, on federal land and in alaska, that's a good thing. >> the reason i raise this, in order for be to be a political idea, i came up with an idea and sent it to on and they vote it had down, the republicans have to be sort of void of any ideas. and the fact that the republicans, the fact that you have a proposal, whether a good proposal or not, sort of defeats that. it isn't a very powerful weapon to him if he uses his democratic machine or essentially not to bring yours up for a vote. >> they have been blocking the efforts to vote for this. we have to get a rid of a lot of
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regulations. if you really want the economy to grow. gretta, there are 14 million americans who want to hurt. about 4 million of them have been out of work for over a year. there's a better chance they will never work again those people who have been out of work for over a year than they will get a job. people are hurting around the country and i think for the president to play politics with this is a mistake. this is a way to get people to work. we have all these regulars. this president and this administration is on a regulatory rampage. expensive. >> and, of course, you talk about people out of work or want to work. there are those unemployed people who would like to work full time or would like to return to jobs commensurate with their work experience. there are a lot of people who are underemployed too that aren't even factored into your number. it's even worse, bleaker than that. >> it is. you take a look, we know what doesn't work. more borrowing and spending and overregulating and threatening tax increases doesn't work. the first stimulus didn't work and this won't either. >> and i have heard republicans say this is stimulus, too.
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$447 billion, his job plan and the first one was 850 in february of '09, stimulus one. are the democrats really pushing this? are they standing behind it or going -- i don't get the sense the democrats in the senate are heavily advocating for this. >> to the point they actually, harry reid changed the rules of senate last thursday night because the democrats did not want to vote and do not want to vote on the president's job proposal. the one that he said passes a dozen timings he said pass this bill now, no changes. the democrats have said and over half-dozen have said we don't want to vote on this, we will not vote for this. even chuck schumer of new york didn't want to vote on the president's original proposal. they are spending time trying to rewrite it. not to make it better from the standpoint of actually helping people get jobs but to use it for of a political weapon in a campaign for the next year and a half. >> the one voting on ads the millionaire or billionaire tax, is that correct? >> yes.
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>> that's the rewrite. with the rewrite are the democratic senators thrilled? >> not all of them and some said they aren't going to vote to even get to the 60 votes tomorrow. they might proceed to it, but wouldn't vote for it in the end. even the president a year ago said you shouldn't raise taxes on anybody at a time like this. and the department of treasury says about four out of five people that will be affected by this are actually the job createtors of this country so if you raise their tacks they are less likely to hire people. we need to get people back to work, greta. >> i take it no republican will vote for it. how many democrats do you think will vote against it tomorrow? >> i know a couple. joe lieberman has already said he may vote to go to it but won't vote for it. ben nelson said he will vote against it tomorrow. >> appear the vote tomorrow if the vote doesn't pass tomorrow the republicans come out and say i told you so and the others come out and say the bad republicans don't want to create jobs. >> and i say we want to create jobs and the western caucus
7:15 pm
approach is a good one, red, white blue jobs, american jobs, putting people back to work and making us more energy secure and getting rid of these regulations which are very expensive. >> has the president had any sort of presence, make phone calls or anything at capitol hill to push this. >> doesn't look like he's lobbying for this even with his own members. there was an article in the washington post about it this weekend e doesn't seem to be making the calls or the visit to the hill because i don't think he really wants to get it passed. >> thank you. tomorrow is the vote. we will see what happens. >> thanks. >> coming up, a big surprise on wall street today. what is going on with the stock market? gop hopeful rick santorum goes on the record next. also new calls for the immediate resignation for eric holder. and we are learning terrifying new information about operation "fast and furious." it's probably worse than you thought. and why are police breaking into the home of a missing baby? you will see. the latest on the search for
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>> this is a fox news alert. there is violent rioting erupting in egypt.
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already 26 people killed, mostly christians. they were attacked by thugs while peacefully protesting an earlier attack on a christian church. attacks are raging in downtown cairo. this is the worst sectarian violence in egypt since the ouster of the president. there is growing fear tonight the clashes will set back the transition from military rule to civilian rule. republican presidential candidate rick santorum is here. good evening, sir. i want to talk about the race and campaign but one thing you would do as president of the united states, you would be dealing with the issue of egypt. so tell me what would you or would not be doing? >> this is a powder keg for a while and this is a real serious problem the obama administration has had, and that is not speaking up and talking about persecution of christians in the middle east. while not as violent as we've seen in egypt, we've seen a continual problem in iraq. a country that is supposed to be
7:21 pm
more free and more western as a result of our presence there and the liberation of that country. and yet that persecution continues to occur there. it's been occurring in egypt for quite some time. there have been churches bombed and all sorts of violence against the christians in egypt. and this administration has said nothing. i've been speaking about it for quite some time. and the president should make this a high priority. he has not. >> what would a president santorum do about it now about this? whether something should have been done before or not, right tonight if you are president what do you do? >> you make the case that one of the things that is the interest of the united states is to make sure minority populations, christian populations in muslim countries have to be given contribute and tolerance. we aren't asking for that in this country. we are talking about tolerance and allowing people to peacefully be able to do what they need to do in their own
7:22 pm
faith traditions. against -- again, you speak out about it. talk about it at the united nations and you send a clear signal that if you want cooperation with the united states, of course, we send a lot of money to egypt we continue to send money there, if you want cooperation and continued cooperation with our country, then you will protect these persecuted minorities. >> let me talk about the peaceful demonstration necessary the united states. if you are president santorum tonight in the white house and protests are erupting across the country about issues, that they are objecting to, their discontent, what do you think? >> well, i think this is -- we've seen this before, greta. this is a group of the radical left and the labor unions, and the progressive movement in this country trying to do what they always do, which is use protests. it was anti-war protests, it was environmental protests and now it's wall street protests. it's the same old we need more
7:23 pm
government, we need to con strain business, we need to shut down the profits and we need to confiscate wealth and redistribute it. that's their agenda. >> so what do you tell them? as a president, if this continues to erupt across the country, what do you tell them? >> well, you tell them that the answer to the problem is not government con first skaggs. the previous president, if i'm president now, the previous president is the one that voted for the wall street bailouts. he's the one that passed the dodd bill that did protect the big financial operations there in the too big to fail. if you want the united states to work well you need to believe in free people and you need to believe in free markets and that's what we are going to be about. we are going to be about opportunity for all. i'll talk about my manufacturing plan to get people back to work so lower income people can have good middle income jobs because manufacturing is going to be brought back to this country. you provide hope instead of what this president has done, which in many respects has insighted
7:24 pm
this with the class warfare rhetoric he has been spewing throughout this country that it's millionaires and billionaires, the haves versus the have-notes and you go the response from his people who take to the street for the have not. >> we only have a minute left. the washington post just put up on their blog and said you don't do blog debates, you are traveling by yourself and fly on the same commercial flight as reporters. what is your path -- what is your current strategy to get the republican nomination. will continue to work hard in iowa and south carolina. we will focus on the three early primary states. we are putting together a great grass roots team in iowa. we picked up several endorsements today in new hampshire. we feel very, very good. we are working with the activists we are working with the people who really make these primaries here in new hampshire and the caucus necessary iowa of all the difference in the world.
7:25 pm
it's not going to show up in the polls now. we aren't going to peek early. we are going to peek just at the right time. if we can find out when the caucuses and primaries are, that would help. but as soon as we find out we will gear our campaign to peek at that right time. our money is getting a lot better. we picked up a lot in the last two or three weeks. and we are starting to get a little bit more attention paid by the press because we are talking about ideas, we are talking about someone who has been experience, someone who has been a consistent conservative and we're able to winnie leks in states that are important to win if we are going to be president. >> i have to go. thanks for coming and hope you come back. >> thank, greta. >> coming up, it could be heating up big time. operation "fast and furious" is kicked up a notch. dozen of assault weapons just turned up. where were they? that's the troubling news. we will tell you where they were. and our guest, you will be outraged. remember this guy? he's joe the plummer and he wants to work for you but he doesn't want to fix your toilet. find out what he's up to coming up.
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7:30 pm
that's according to the "los angeles times." they have been terrorizing mexico in an area bordering the united states. we are joined from mexico city. dudley, what can you tell me about where the weapons were found and who the person is that they were found with? >> they were actually found last spring, greta, in the basement of an accused enforcer for a cartel, the guy names antonio torres. and how many cartels are there in mexico and how fierce is this snub is this one of the beggar ones or not so big? >> this cartel is the big one. it's actually a coalition as the cartel name would suggest, it's a coalition of various gangs and groups. but the cartel has been fighting the group that local gangsters in cia quarters for the past
7:31 pm
four years for control of that city. it border el paso, texas. 9,000 people have been killed there. >> in terms of the guns that were seized from this enforcer's home, what is the level of certainty they are connected to the fast and furious operation? do we know that those guns were monitored leaving the gun shops and ending up there? >> according to the press accounts, certainly i think they have traced them back. these guns were actually seized a long time ago. they were seized in the spring and i think they have just now traced them and figured out where these guns came from, from the "fast and furious" program. >> is there any ideas how many of those assault weapons have been purchased as part of operation fast and furious that are unaccounted for? >> i don't know that. but i think something like three quarters of the guns have gone missing, from what i know. but whether these guns were all, you know -- there are other guns
7:32 pm
out there unaccounted for, and with this tick gangster, i don't know that. >> where is this guy where these weapons were found in his home? >> they can't find him but i suppose he's still there somewhere. they have been battling heavy up there for four years. it's been very brutal for the people of jaurez and the people of cahcaca. >> they found the guns but not him? >> right. he wasn't there. they didn't arrest him. >> go ahead. you go ahead, sir. >> i was just going to say, i think that there's a lot of it about fast and furious down here. they cover it every time there's a hearing or new revelation coming out of washington. i think most mexican officials and most mexicans, although they are irritate bad "fast and furious," they are more irritated they have been complaining for years about the amount of guns coming from the united states into mexico and
7:33 pm
this is a drop in the bucket for that. >> is this front page every day in mexico? >> there's front page whenever there's news coming out. washington. not every day, but when there's news oust washington about it, they certainly cover t but we are all very much caught up in just the regular violence, which is tremendous right now. fast and furious is part of that, but it's not a huge part of it. >> is it getting -- is the thinking that the violence in mexico is getting worse or that it's getting tamer? >> there's a sense it's getting worse. it's moving in different directions. the violence here kind of travels like a playing to different parts of the country. right now it's hitting hardest in southern mexico, veracruz. and although jaurez and monterey, and mexico around the border is still very violent. >> dudley, thank you. >> sure enough. >> and the calls, they are growing louder for the immediate
7:34 pm
regular us nag for attorney general eric holder. republican leader saying the attorney general is refuse to go take responsibility for the crimes connected to fast and furious. one lawmaker said some obama administration officials may be alaska secures to murder. that lawmaker, congressman john barasso joins us. >> good evening. you are zeroing in on the attorney general. by the way, have you received his letter of october 7th and read his description of fast and furious and what he knew about and when? >> we read it and we totally disagree with him on what he knew. he's either lying or he's very incompetent about the way he's processed "fast and furious." >> in his letter, and congressman help me, you said he's getting weekly report that fast and four russ existed and assume those reports are available to you but within those reports it named it but didn't describe the operation. he literally gets hundreds and
7:35 pm
thousands of these weekly reports. is that a fair statement of what his letter says? >> i can't. greta, you heard the gentleman talk about the activity that's been on our southern border. over 40,000 mexican people have lost their lives. and to make sure this wasn't a priority item, give me a break. in april 2nd of 2009, he outlines tactical changes to operation gun runner that he's going to implement and the president amplifies that again on april 16th right after that in mexico. so you can't tell me that they didn't understand this and this wasn't a bullet point they were going to concentrate on. >> i actually think, as sad as it is, i don't think they have considered mexico a priority issue. i think this is a war that's been going on in mexico. i don't know if you remember hillary clinton described mexico as resembling columbia as 20 years ago and got rebuked from both the president of mexico and president obama.
7:36 pm
i've of the mind they haven't been paying attention to this. >> you know, out in arizona anything we do, even when we sneeze, we get some addressing from this administration so i don't think that's the case, greta. and to have this any other way, if there was a vigilante group as far as the justice and atf, that's worse. that's incompetence. >> what do you want the attorney general to do? do you want him to resign or come up to the hill and of it under oath, what do you want? >> i would love to have him comply with the subpoenas. i'm glad congressman issa put out new subpoenas so we will have a high ranking justice officials coming forward to tell because they know. but what we are seeing here is main street is held to a certain set of rules, and yet the bureaucrats and department of justice is held to a whole different standpoint. that's ludicrous, and particularly when the mean people find out they were used as pawns here. their lives. they aren't going to find these
7:37 pm
guns except on crime scenes. we allowed people to take the guns, and in many cases told the gun sales people to sell the guns. and then we did no surveillance, we did no tracking, and so what were we asking for here, an accident to happen? and that's exactly what is occurring here. >> do you have any, not suspicious, but actual any proof of how high up the authorization of "fast and furious" went in the department of justice. >> we are seeing some of the memos coming out from earlier on in april of last year where we are starting to see the cognizant aspect. we see hundreds of it from mr. holder's speech in mexico that outlines a tactical change on the boarder. and they are going to put the resources on to that. this work straights exactly what you see in fast and four russ, greta. >> i'm hoping that they quickly come up and give you an answer to your question so we can get this one sorted out because i actually think there is a war going on in mexico, and to the
7:38 pm
extent that we can have a lot of attention on that war, it would be very helpful and i think both the people in mexico and to the americans. we will see. >> i agree. we were used -- go ahead, greta. >> no, go ahead. >> this is so egregious that it never followed any type of, you know, law enforcement rules. they broke every single rule. when you see a special agent, greta, coming forward and testifying saying they took this book that i professed a note to uphold and defend this country and to protect people, but then they put these high-powered weapons in criminal hands, what were you expecting? they took that book and ground it up. this is egregious and i think the more people understand, this is about america and it's about how we do things in america. and this was wrong. i do know what's right and what is wrong. i hope mr. holder understand that as well. >> i hope we get answers and find out exactly what did happen. congressman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta.
7:39 pm
always. >> coming up, a scene, not from csi, it's real. the police tactics in their search for a missing baby. we have the latest on the investigation. that's next. and a dream come true for football fans. find out how you can own an nfl team. and it's not just any nfl team either. by the way, you don't have to be a billionaire. stay tuned. exclusive to the mi. and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. from free checking to credit cards to loans, our commitment to e military, veteransand their families is without equal. ♪ visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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7:44 pm
since july and the key disputes are over salary caps and revenue sharing. libyan rebels pushing into moammar gadhafi's hometown. they are the last royal to the regime and a seaport. they say they will control the ports and har bores and declare the country liberated from gadhafi. it's likely he's hiding out in the southern desert. back to greta. >> a bizarre scene at the home of a missouri baby, a missing baby in missouri. it looks like someone is breaking into the house, but that is the police climbing through the window. it's the window that baby lisa irwin's parents say was camperred with on the night she disappeared. the police are trying to reenact the alleged kidnapping of the ten-month-old. we go live to eric burke from fox affiliate wdaf. what is the latest in the hunt for this child? >> well, the latest right now
7:45 pm
it's very quiet out here in the irwin neighborhood. there was quite a bit of activity this afternoon. detectives came back here to the house. you kau they were going through that window but detectives also spent a lot of time going around the backyard, hopping the fences and also taking sticks, not scientific tools but stickings and poking the bushes out back and scraping on the grass. it took them up the block to about four or five away. but they left without anything being collected. >> very early on in the report, two things caught my attention, number one i heard one report, i don't know if it was verified or not, that a neighbor saw someone carrying a baby sometime in the middle of the night. i don't know if it's true or false. maybe you can help me. the second is that the parents were not cooperative. the mother allegedly failed a polygraph but thousand now they are cooperative. what's the story with the parents now? so both those issues. >> okay. the first issue there was a neighbor that said they saw a man sometime after midnight carrying what looked to be like a baby, maybe a newborn that
7:46 pm
didn't have anything about a diaper on. police have not been able to substantiate that. they looked into it and several times we asked him over the first couple days and they weren't able to track that person down, had a good enough description to put a description out so people might be able to find them. as for the parents not cooperating, that happened later in the week last week and went dark, so to speak. they were tubing the media but not police. however, they were saying they were cooperating and the police said they weren't. it was he said-she said for a couple days. but i talked to the captain of the police department and said both sides did come back to the table over the weekend and they are now talk again. where the parents were today, i do not know. but about a half-hour, 45 minutes ago just up the block from us there's a place where there's candles and teddy bears and three young girls came by and lit the candles. a white car drove up, the mother and father were in the car and thanked the girls and then drove away. they did not come to the house. >> are there other children in
7:47 pm
the home? >> two other children in the home. two boys. i believe they are ages eight and ten. both from previous relationships. >> and have the police, and this is difficult, but have the police spoken to those two children? >> you know, we talked about that in the newsroom today. we weren't sure if they in fact had been talked to. and a couple calls i put in together, that question didn't get answered. some of the specifics, when it involves juveniles especially, they don't want to let us know. again, the police department said if they thought about it, they have done it, and they have probably done it two or three times. whether or not that includes talking to her older brothers in the home, i do not know for sure. >> eric, thank you. okay. here's a quiz for you viewers. it's something i have, and now you can have it, too. what could it be? well, we are going to tell you. also, his name was almost as well-known as john mccain and barack obama. now a famous figure from the 2008 presidential campaign is
7:48 pm
back. who is he and what is he up to? we find out next. which city in america is the least active? is it your hometown? put your feet up and stick around for this one. you are about to find out. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> here's the best of the rest. he became a household name during the last presidential campaign. now joe the plummer is back on the political scene. this time he's running for office himself. samuel bocker has just filed papers to run for office in ohio. he spoke with now president obama during a campaign stop and suggested obama's tax plan would raise his taxes. the nominee john mccain seized on that and dubbed him "joe the plummer" in the final debate. >> if you always wanted to own an nfl football team, now is your big chance. the green bay packers are expected to offer for sale more stock in the super bowl championship team. the likely price, $200 a share. the money would go toward the rain nation of lambeau field. what do you get for your money?
7:53 pm
no tax, no tickets, no free cheese heads but there are voting rights and tours of the field. and you go the bragging rights. you get to brag you are an nfl owner of the green bay packers. >> just when you saw it was safe to go on the golf course, a new warning about sharks on a golf course. six bull sharks have taken up residence at a lake in the golf club. they washed in during heavy flooding and then they didn't have a way to get out. the sharks have add just well to their new home but they are posing quite a water hazard to golfers. and that is not a couch potato. that is the mayor of lexington, kentucky. the town has just been ranked number one as the nation's least active city. now the mayor decides to spoof the men's health magazine rate big riding on a meet advised couch in the parade. he even put his feet up on a coffee table. he insists they around the least
7:54 pm
active city. after the parade people played soccer and did yoga to promote healthy living. there you have it. coming up, we turn down the lights. we are going undercover. there's a new video of high profile crime as it happened. which crime? well, you are going to see it. those first young men.
7:55 pm
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the pioneers. the aviators. building superhighways in an unknown sky. their safety systems built of brain and heart, transforming strange names from tall tales into pictures on postcards home. and the ones who followed them, who skimmed the edge of space, the edge of heaven, the edge of dreams.
7:58 pm
and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve. okay, 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. now, the number of the case of the pizza stealing bear, last week we showed how he broke into a pizza shop and ate the whole pie. now a video shows how that pie unfolded. here is jay leno. >> if you read this, did you hear about the bear that broke into the pizza shop? there is the bear. okay, gets a slice there. and looks under the tray. takes another slice. there is another slice.
7:59 pm
that is what the customer thought. we obtained the security camera foot here is the bear breaking n watch what he does. he sees this. look at this, he makes -- look at this, watch what he does here, look at this. he puts pepperoni on it and puts it in the oven this, is unbelievable. >> greta: okay. that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. we want to he mind you about the e mail alert system that will send you breaking news whenever you are. i'll send you the alert directly. it's free. to sign up just go to the righthand side of greta wire. and you'll find the poll. enter your e mail address and you'll be on the system. but make sure you go to greta wire now and blog that. is not all. go to twitter, go twitter at


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