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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 11, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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the sn starts right here. -- bumptious. we are definitely loo for you. [ applause ] >> shep: breaking news in the presidential race just one week after announcing he would not seeking office, chris christie is endorsing mitt romney for a job. in a jointed press conference, the governor called it, quote an easy decision. >> america cannot survive another four years of barack obama and mitt romney is the man we need to lead america and we need him now. he gives a great private sector experience and the experience of governor of massachusetts knowing how government works. not a legislator trying to figure out how to use executive
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power but will use executive power to make american lives better. that is why i'm endorsing mitt romney for president of the united states. >> shep: it came hours for the debate at dartmouth college. joining me is christy, how are you? >> great. >> shep: i understand you have protestors and --. >> sean: i understand you have some protestors. is this occupy new hampshire? >> i really have no idea. they are arguing and yelling a lot of stuff. free speech is alive and well in new hampshire. >> sean: let's talk, first, let's talk about your decision. you really said you said no, no but people kept coming back to you. tell us about the process. why do you think people kept coming to you and how close did you come to maybe getting into the race? >> would you ask them first of all. i think it was because of the record we developed in new
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hampshire. two years balancing $13 billion in deficits, no increased taxes, a third less regulations. more state workers and government workers cut by percentage than any state in america in the last 20 months. we promised smaller government and lower taxes and we are delivering on that. i think that is why. i thought bee could apply it to the rest of the country. but as far as my thoughts it was always no but you have people serious coming to you. they said, we need to give this is a serious reconsideration. we did but i just felt my commitment to new hampshire was to server out this term. need do that. i feel like i want to do that. so it really wasn't that hard a decision in the end. >> sean: you said you spoke to some of the other candidates, you spoke to huntsman, gingrich, basically all the candidates throughout the process, but you've been in touch often with
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mitt romney. then you had a weekend together. tell us about why you chose governor romney. >> first of all because i think governor romney is the best candidate to beat barack obama next november. we cannot have another four years of barack obama in the white house. so first i believe that is the biggest reason to support mitt romney. this is guy who has executive experience in private and public sector. he knows how to use government authority as a governor and how to turn things around as an executive in business. lastly i believe in integrity. we had a great time to sit down to talk to them. he is somebody i believe can win. i believe we'll take our country in a different direction. >> sean: you were asked about being his running mate. quote, that is not a decision i have to think about right now. i cannot imagine it happening.
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i can imagine it happening. >> maybe he should ask you then. >> sean: i mean for you. >> i can't imagine it. the bottom line, you don't run for something like that. the opportunity to make the choice the person he thinks will best serve him as a running mate and serve as have the country as vice president. if need be can serve as president as well. that is going to be his call to nominate a party. i got a lot of things to do in new hampshire. i'm committed to doing my job in new hampshire. i'm not going worry about stuff i have no control over. >> sean: i think you went out of your way today. the indictment against the other candidates, i just chose governor romney. if any of the other candidates were to emerge and were to win, would you support any of them? >> of course, absolutely. you are right. i think governor romney is the
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best candidate, but the republicans to have choose from this cycle to be the nominee and ultimately be president of united states. i've had conversations with number of candidates. i have great respect for them. in the end, i don't think it's a close call, governor romney is the person that can win this election. we can't have another four years of barack obama. i know you understand it. i believe governor romney gives us the best chance to be able to beat barack obama next november. >> sean: he certainly has maintained consistency in the polls. bachmann has fallen back, perry has fallen back, herman cain is surging. what do you think of his candidacy he is doing so well at this moment? >> i think everybody has their moment in this race. certainly mr. cain brings a lot to the table given his private sector experience.
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he is credible candidate but i don't think he brings the breads of experience as romney. what is so good about romney's experience he has the private sector and experience of being governor. he noets knows the opportunities of executive power in a governmental position. >> sean: you charged governor perry and running an ad against romney who is still the front-runner based on the polls. what happened this weekend at the valued voters summit when he was introduced by a pastor that referred to mormonism as a call to governor perry. the romney campaign and you challenged him. governor perry to repudiate those remarks. do you think he will and do you think it matters? >> listen, i think when governor
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perry, he a good and decent person. think we have an opportunity to get away from the spin there is no place for that type of bigotry in our politics, certainly not in presidential politics. i don't think any serious presidential campaign would support that kind of language. we should judge the folks on their experience organization their character and integrity. what religion they worship has nothing to do with it, sean. i want people of experience and integrity. when governor perry takes a deep breath, gets away from the handlers and act like a normal regular person, he'll say, i repudiate those comments. i think he'll do it because i think he is a good person. >> sean: you've been known for taking on the media and being outspoken at townhall events. it's the occupied wall street
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movement occupation, if you will were going on in the state of new hampshire for four consecutive weeks, however, would you handle it? >> i tell you, it is going on in new hampshire. we had some of these folks in trenton, in the state capitol, small group compared to new york. last week, the fact of the matter is this, even if it's another example how frustrated the american people at the lack of leadership by object obama. fact is whether you are the far left or right of the spectrum or somewhere in between, the one thing everybody is agreeing this president's economic policies are a failure. i don't agree with the occupy wall street folks but their frustration and anger is about the failure of this president. everybody can agree on that. >> sean: 46.2% americans in poverty. i'll say it every night, in america has to do better. you can't have combined
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unemployment at around 18% and under employment -- governor, we'll let you get back inside. thanks for being with us. senator john mccain and hank williams, jr. and hundreds of ang agree gri protestors. today they moved uptown to march in front of homes of wealthy new yorkers. our cameras were in. we caught up with them. have they come up with a coherent message. and the question, do you understand the occupy wall street protestors' message? do you know what it means. those results and
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>> sean: occupy wall street protests continue across the country, dozens were arrested in boston for their antics and meanwhile in new york, they engaged in a millionaires march that targeted the homes of some of the wealthiest residents. we went back down to wall street and the chaos is to see why the protestors are angry at the evil rich. take a look. >> i'm angry at the top 1%
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because i feel they are keeping themselves as the top 1% rich. >> they are killing the planet. >> because they can fix corruption with corruption. >> i'm sing of it. >> we don't have a democracy. we elected gore. >> they got rich off of our broken backs. >> capitalism puts a price on everything, including me and you everyone is commodity and the earth is a commodity and it's a race to the bottom. >> never trust money to begin with. >> corporate america has changed the entire world's economy for their own greed. >> we want housing and health care and human rights and we want our jobs back. >> i think.... >> sean: great intuition from the people down frefgt. joining me is the president of
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the institute of the black wall and distinguished lecture and ron daniels he a syndicated television daytime talk show host bill cunningham. people get rich off of our backs others backs -- let me ask you a question. you create a service, people want me to desire that. they buy it. kids of iphones, computers, they get rich. how is it off the backs of others if people get wealthy? >> first of all, you are looking at a situation where, let me say messy is a terrible term. it's not a mess. people are protesting. >> sean: its garbage bin down there, some people have not showered in weeks? >> i was there yesterday. here the point. we have the greatest inequality
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between the rich and more since the great depression. you ought to be ashamed of that. you have the greatest gap between the rich and the poor. how does that happen? >> sean: you don't answer my question. i said if you create goods and services and people buy them and choose to. >> wealth wasn't created that way. the slicing the derivatives. >> steve jobs created jobs, these people that dire derivatives on wall street haven't done it. >> sean: your take on this? >> i would say this. the tea party has given us occupied movements. what is going on the leftists believed they had jeremiah wright and bill ayers in the oval office, ended up with bad jimmy carter. they are making sure that obama goes to the left so he gets re-elected. imagine a world in which ayers and wright sit in the office
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that is what they thought they voted for. it turned out rendition, gitmo continue and bush tax cuts continue which most normal people support. but the reaction of the tea party on the left, you see functioning americans who clean up after themselves. when you go to occupied rally, you find filthy people that can't find work. america is becoming like an hour glass with the top and the bottom and the middle is getting squeezed, not because the rich succeed but because of fannie mae and freddie mac and government. i would say to my friend, ron, one of the main reasons we're in trouble, is because of government and fannie mae and freddie mac. so government calls this and now you want to give more power to government? are you kidding me? >> it's interesting. deregulation of wall street that created the mess. you have consumer protection and you have bank of america trying
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to charge people $5 from their own account. same people who created the mess now have people like gingrich saying dodd-franks want to get rit rid of it. come on, ron. >> raped? >> as the crime, a corporate crime. i do not want to take it back. >> i want to ask you a question. >> anybody who has a mortgage and unemployed, how much occupied wall street. >> they pay property taxes, how much should i keep of every dollar i make? >> we want fair taxation. >> he won't answer that. [ talking over each other ] >> we have a system that works.
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>> i pay 40% is plenty. 1% pay 40, top 70% pay all the taxes. half pay nothing. >> my good friend jeffrey immelle. >> these people who are down on wall street. they are not concerned barack obama. they are trying to give a backbone to really, once and for all close this gap. >> i say take it back and get a job. clean up and acted like the tea party rally. >> i think we ought to take a bath. you need to clean up water street. >> i don't care. >> let me ask you a question -- >> i'm sorry. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: and washington what
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about they borrow three-tenths of every dollar? >> this is obama's tea party. >> they are against corporate greed. >> they or obama maniacs. >> sean: take a bath. [ laughter ] and senator john mccain joins us and later hank williams, jr. is here. he as a song for football. he is going to give his side of the story. is there any chance that hank williams is back in football? [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. new v8 v-fusion smoothie. fore!
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>> sean: there are two stories developing out of washing. a short time ago, out of washington. jobs bill was defeated, totaling $450 billion would have authorized another round of infrastructure spending and more tax hikes on the so-called wealthy. other news out of washington, an iran plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the u.s. has been foiled. according to eric hold are one
9:25 pm
iranian american was taken into custody on september 29 but another co-conspirator remains at large possibly in iran. factions of the government are believed to have approved the operation that was slated to take place on u.s. soil. joining me is john mccain. senator, welcome back? >> thank you, sean. >> what happened to the president's job bill, what happened and he is lashing out to eric cantor. what happened to the senate? >> in the senate, mitch mcconnell asked for a vote on the president's jobs bill, something that you might recall has been arguing and shouting for all over the country. harry reid that we would not have a up or down vote on the president's jobs bill. only bill that harry reid may have in the future. so the next time you hear the
9:26 pm
president say pass it now, well, maybe we ought to ask harry reid. >> sean: it seems the democrats wanted to put together some face saving measure for the president. so it's still going to be a variation of raising taxes and talking about a surtax on the rel think in the country. on top of it the president city wants to spend money. what happened to nearly i trillion dollars we gave the president? >> as you know when i read the liberals it wasn't big enough. i thought that is what you and i believed. the fact it's more of the same. by the way, rand paul and i with the blessing of the leadership are working on jobs bill that can truly be a jobs bill that would be deregulatory, cut taxes and encourage that money to come home and be spent in the united states and a lot of other provisions that would restrain the epa and regulations. we're working on an alternative.
9:27 pm
we hope to have it soon. the jobs bill is just more of the same. >> sean: i've been advocating the mack penny plan. rand paul is one of the senators rubio supports it. we can balance the budget in eight years. freeze spending at this year's level. cut 1% every year for six years and spend 18% within gdp. is that something you could sign on to? >> i think it's a good idea. as you know we have to have a deregulatory entitlement so businesses will be eager to invest now. the chairman i think was coca-cola it's easier to do business in china. i think we have to cut taxes. we have to take immediate steps in order to get this economy going again. that is going to have to be cutting taxes, cutting spending and cutting regulations or a
9:28 pm
moratorium on regulations in order to get businesses to invest and hire in the short term. >> sean: you ran against barack obama. he wins and he becomes president. by every measure, every metric out there he is failing. american people are leaving him in droves. i'm watching the president, why does he not have, maybe you have more insight, why doesn't he have the ability to change course because i don't see it? >> i don't know. we saw bill clinton do that to great effect. i notice with joe plumber was going to run for congress. you might remember when president obama, candidate obama said we have to spread the wealth around. remember that? that is dealing with the philosophy and policies reflected by the president's view and this administration. it hasn't worked. given half a billion dollars to
9:29 pm
a solar panel company that is going fail, whether it be costing $200,000 per job created by investing over a trillion and wanting to do more. >> sean: bernanke said the recovery is faltering. joe biden said i don't blame for people being mad and president said we're not any better off than four years ago. what kind of reelection campaign is that? >> let me talk to you one more thing. it was the housing crisis that started this recession. until we stabilize the housing prices and the housing situation in america, i we had a proposal to buy people's mortgages and give it back to them at payments they can afford. we still have not addressed the housing crisis. they certainly haven't in my state where half the homes are still under water. they are worth less than the mortgage payments zbleis
9:30 pm
government force the financial institutions the banks to make the loans. the standards were there for a reason. you got to have the ability to pay it back. i agree with the foundation of this. we've got the field for the republican nomination set. you have not endorsed anybody. is there one or two or three people that you are looking at that you think would be the right person to defeat barack obama? >> i'm happy with the field that we have. i feel that we're going to have some very good candidates. i'm sorry that governor christie didn't run because i think he would have been a fine candidate. i think rudy would have been a fine candidate. i'm confident in our selection and not ready to endorse anybody. >> sean: do you think eric holder, on the verge of deciding whether on special prosecutor should be appointed to look into his inconsistent statements as it relates to the fact about the
9:31 pm
controversy, do you think the attorney general has, let's say, less than forthcoming? >> i think mr. holder has to be subpoenaed and appear before congress. i'd like to see what he has to say before i make that judgment. i hope he will appear before congress and explain his actions and what has happened in this terrible tragedy. on the iranian thing real quick, we need to impose more sanctions. we need to stop their central bank from doing business with anybody. we also -- is it possible, scene that the iranians may think we are weak and in decline? do you think they would have tried this with ronald reagan? what they've done is pretty bizarre, but it shows a certain arrogance on the part of the
9:32 pm
iranians that can be bred by concern what the united states might do. >> sean: coming up next, his controversial comments about president obama and iconic monday night football song pulled from espn. he says he bailed out on them. hank williams, jr. is here to ♪ [ female announcer ] the road is not exactly a place of intelligence. highway maintenance is underfunded, costing drivers $67 billion a year, and countless tires. which drivers never actually check because they're busy, checking email. this is why we engineered a car that makes 2,000 decisions every second. the new audi a6 is here. the road is now an intelligent place. ♪
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the song has been played for decades but football fans will no longer played hank bill yams, jr.'s classic songs and comments he made on fox and friends, happened on october 3rd. >> remember the golf game they had? remember the golf game. it was one of the biggest political mistakes ever. >> why? >> that turned a lot of people off.
9:37 pm
you know -- it just didn't go over. >> you mean when john boehner played golf with president obama? >> oh, yeah. >> what did you think they didn't like about it? >> it would be like hitler playing golf with netanyahu. a lot of people do. they are the enemy. >> who is the enemy? >> obama and biden, are you kidding the three stooges. >> sean: now the same day, they polled hank williams, jr. song from monday night football and late last week, espn was parting ways with the country music legend for good. we have decided to part ways with hank williams, jr. we appreciate his contributions over the past year. the success of monday night football has been about the games.
9:38 pm
joining me with reaction, hank williams. you love to be in the middle of controversy. you were born for this. it's a good group of people? >> it was fantastic. you know i watch their reaction back on tuesday. they said, hey, it's an analogy. >> sean: you pulled out an dictionary? >> i said analogy. would you read the definition. elizabeth, why don't we invite a bunch of yankee fans and red sox fans and have a love lunch. it's not going to happen. they did what? my daughter, said, daddy, they are not showing you tonight. are you in trouble? i said, oh, well if i am, all are. next day i went fishing. i called my manager. you can tell espn adios tonight.
9:39 pm
so the next day i'm fishing. >> sean: here is the question i have. you said, i talked to your publicist. who pulled out first? >> what i just told you, i called him that night, i said -- let me tell you something, buddy my daughter, you've hurt my family. i was hot at 5:00 p.m. daddy, i said you can call them and tell them i am out of here, adios. >> sean: i read the statement. you talked about the first amendment. you talked about freedom of speech. i shouldn't have used the hitler analogy. what do you mean -- but then today on the view you said -- i
9:40 pm
want you to explain it. >> the whole things that golf game in the shape that this country was in and is in and these four politicians are out there jiving and high-fiving, it was absurd it was ridiculous, dumb political move. >> sean: and you pointed out something that is actually true. >> it was a disaster. >> sean: why don't people interpret -- you talk about three of them out there. >> i forgot about four. there was four. boehner, biden and the president and case itch. >> sean: the governor of ohio. and we know they are not getting along. explain what you think. it was absurd to be out there, oh, boy, it's ridiculous with
9:41 pm
what is going on not to mention. they had won the fall election. why are you playing golf? you know. i was up there, you know this, i was up there in ohio for john kasich in portland. i was outraged. >> sean: i don't understand this. frankly i'm glad that you said, i'm not apologizing. everyone gets in a middle of a controversy. i'm sorry. you are not sorry. they are just sorry that you said it, isn't that the truth? >> my fans, the e-mails. let me tell you, i have been recording and touring for five decades. there has never been a more special time. the wonderful e-mails. my fans, you are the only ones that stands up, speaks his mind
9:42 pm
and speaks for us and the way it really is. >> sean: i love football. >> i do, too. >> i'm going to miss your open. >> well, stand by for 2012. its free country with lots of options and lots of choices. >> sean: we may not have heard the last. >> we've been contacted today. the song is mine, sean. let's talk about the poll. they had a poll. who would you like to have on the monday night -- 53%, me. you don't look as good as faith hill but that is another network. there are other networks. >> sean: fox is one of them? >> i have real close friends in the football world. >> sean: i got to run.
9:43 pm
you found songs in the garbage of your dad and mom. >> they were in the garbage. they are old. this is such a treasure. i found one of dad's from 1939. he is 15 years old. this icon, this complete master of the very first rock billy of all is in the charts again. >> sean: we got to run. and i have one of your facebook football night guitars. >> i guess there are 20 and the two belt buckles, we're selling them and giving to them charity. >> sean: i want you to sign this. hank williams, you are a great american. we appreciate it. ♪
9:44 pm
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>> sean: tonight on our paneling he editor at daily call, tucker carlson. he was founding partner of hill top, mo is back and he is known as donald trump's right-hand man and the trump organization. michael cohen is here. thanks for being here. we just interviewed hank. he puts out a song. 150,000 downloads in less than 24 hours, the popularity -- what do you think that is response to. people are fed up with political correctness? >> people are fed up across the board. you see it across the streets in new york. now, they are moving uptown and all over the country. people are disgusted with what is happening in washington. there is no other way to
9:49 pm
describe it. >> sean: he said he shouldn't have used the hitler analogy, nobody apologizes, i think people are fed up with the environment? >> i total disagree with his politics. >> he said he shouldn't have use i had on the view. now, he said it why didn't espn say, don't do it again. why can't we let something go? >> they freak out. they don't know what to do. incoming e-mails come in. they don't know what to do. >> they are not like that. >> you say to somebody, i insulted somebody therefore you are going to take away from the demographic and you know
9:50 pm
servicing about ratings. so if somebody is going to be insulted because they brought up hit lever and not a smart thing to do, it should be forgotten. >> in the end, if i can make a point, his audience responded to him a utterly sympathetic way. rush limbaugh, whoopi goldberg all agree is something wrong with espn. >> sean: donald trump? >> he said many times if he is not satisfied with republican candidate is going to be, he will enter the race. we call that the furious race for glory. >> sean: i like donald. my life i love his success and
9:51 pm
outspokenness, if he runs the independent he splits the anti-obama vote? >> i think you are right about that. either he wins or obama wins and the republican is eliminated. >> i think if he gets in, it would be too late for him to enter into the republican primary. if he runs as an independent. >> i like donald trump less what i heard just what he said. the truth is republicans, it's really important to beat obama. come on. >> that is not what it's about. what it's about, we cannot afford as a country to have obama in the country for another four years. he is not playing around. right now what he is doing he is weighing his options. >> it hurts the republican
9:52 pm
nominee. >> right and he also said he will not do anything that will hurt the republican party because he is 100% adamant that he is not going to allow it. >> you got to really want to run for president. >> it's because you believe at this moment in history you are the right person. >> that is exactly right. >> and he is allowed to make that decision in june and he says he is going to do that or going to endorse somebody. going to endorse somebody. >> sean: we have lat more to i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that fes like copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... keepinmy airways open... ...a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintence treatment that does both. and it's eroid-free. spiriva doesot replace fast-acting inlers
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>> sean: back to the great american panel. results of our poll, we asked, do you understand the occupy wall street protestors's message. here are the results. thanks for all that voted. we continue with our great american panel. i don't understand the message. >> i don't think anybody understands. 46% that say they do. there are two many messages there. if there are 10,000 people in the crowd there are ten thousand messages. they need a unified message. >> i think there is a global message. the global message we feel that corporate america, we've got
9:57 pm
policies that are benefiting corporate america at the expense of the middle-class and expense of lower income. >> that is the global message. when you start to break it down to specific policies. a lot of people with different opinions in that crowd. >> did corporations force them to buy their products? >> no. do they force them to work for them? no so when did america becoming from the land of opportunity and freedom and choice and responsibility -- oh, i want the government to take that guy's cadillac and give it to me. >> that is why some people in the party have missed the message. i generally agree that we need to have some balance. it shouldn't be -- i don't think it is an issue of being anti-corporate, we want corporations to succeed in america. at the same time when you are
9:58 pm
talking shared responsibility and shared sacrifice and dealing with our deficit, a lot of the people on the lower end of the spectrum are getting hit the hardest. >> that is not true at all. >> it's very simple, this is highly appealing message to a lot of people. it's a comforting message, someone else is at fault. a despised minority, very rich are responsible for the problems. you had nothing to do with it. when, in fact, that is not true. we are broke because the middle-class, the great bulk of america takes more entitlements than it pays in. so they blame the disparity. >> i remember i used to read the newspaper and talk people about donald trump and carnegie, these are the people that i aspire to be like. i want to be able to make money
9:59 pm
like them. i always remember, those are the people we looked up to. these are the people i aspire when i read his book "a are the of a deal." doctor the art of a deal? >> we are being ostracized. >> i never got a job from a poor person. i was 12 years old scrubbing pots and pans, i hung wallpaper. i painted. i laid tiles and you know what, i never had resentment when rich people hired me or came into the restaurant i was working at. >> it's fashionable, it's not about resenting them. nobody wants them to hire you but you take hits from a lot of people, a lot of the


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