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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 11, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that i care about are going to get cut but no one wants to touch these loopholes. >> rich people pay for all those programs. without them the country collapses. >> sean: thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. >> greta: tonight a blockbuster night in new hampshire. can it fire into the hot race for president. mr. herman cain is on the stage and they are going to be right here to ought record. you don't want to miss that. this is a fox news alert. a scorching defeat for the jobs bill. senate voted to kill the $447 billion jobs packet. things have been heated in the senate. earlier today a different kind of action in the senate. it was chaos. anti-war protestors demonstrate in the office building. capitol police arrested half a dozen demonstrators. frustrated americans say they
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are fed up with war and the economy. so what is next on the front? now that the bill has failed. >> we expected the bill to pass. >> it didn't pass and it's not a big surprise it didn't pass given the fact we have to remember this president has brought us $800 billion in stimulus, 4 trillion dollars in debt and that has brought the unemployment. the president's job bill would have gave us more of the failed policies. >> greta: and the president issued a statement and among other things, the statement says that your party obstructed the senate prosecute moving forward on the jobs bill? >> that is interesting given it is his party during the time of the majority has undertaken a process filling the tree. far more than any other party.
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>> greta: what does that mean? >> it means that you block the other 'party from introducing amendment. the amendment process is the hallmark of the legislative process. it's the hallmark of robust debate. when you fill the tree you have to take the bill as is. you cannot amend it, you cannot have any other options other to take it lock, stock and barrel. >> greta: he said independent economists have said that his bill would ruin the economy and >> we have to look at history. what his proposals has brought us. they brought us more unemployment. we need to get government out of way. we need more proposals like cut, cap and balance. we need to restrict what congress can do. the federal government right now is consuming about 25 cents out of every dollar that moves through the american economy. that is too much. that is causing us problems and
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bringing about unemployment. we need to remove it. >> greta: balanced budget. but the balanced budget amendment is not going to fix things now. the president's job bill failed. the republicans have one and what is it and how fast can you get jobs to americans because we are running out of time for them? >> there are things we can do in the short term future. i heard the president say twice this year as americans we not on to have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. we need lower that. what he has told us in the past, we have to pass this bill, the whole thing note just parts of it. we do need to reduce that part of it. i'm in favor of declaring some kind of holiday or a granting some kind of permanent relief for repay trace of income
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overseas. >> greta: by corporations, they ought to be taxed. >> i am introducing that would bring the tax rate to 5% so permanently we could encourage money to bring that back home to use it to invest. investment leads to job growth. >> greta: and as an independent economist. i don't know who these people are. economists are not led us in the right direction. any thought on independent economists? >> not all economists think the same way and carefully omitted was the identity of the economists, whether particularly as a broad class. he hasn't told us who they are. what we do know is that these policies, these same policies that he is now trying to push us to pass again have made matters worse. >> greta: he object willing to
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go for a piecemeal. are you willing to take his jobs bill and vote piece by piece? >> of course, you can't answer that question with a yes or no without nobody the particulars. >> greta: do you oppose the voting on the bill? >> contemporary. i think piece meal is what we needed all the time. when we listened to the president giving his join address to congress, that we needed the whole thing without any amendments. i like the piece meal that will allow us to find common ground. >> greta: thank you senator, good luck. >> and surprise from chris christie, he didn't change his mind. he is not running for president. no, means no to the governor. but he did inside who he wants to be president. he endorsed mitt romney. >> i think governor romney is the best candidate to beat
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barack obama next november. we can't have another four years of barack obama in the white house. so first, i believe that is the biggest reason to support mitt romney. this is a guy that has executive experience in the private and public sector. he knows how to use government authority as a governor. he knows how to turn things around as a guy in executive in business. lastly i believe in his integrity. we had a great time to sit down and talk, myself and mary and wmitt and anne. it sealed the deal for me. i believe he can win and take our country in a different direction. >> greta: so what will governor's endorsement mean to mitt romney. rick cline joins us. >> the other side of this, he is the biggest rock star in the republican party.
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less than a week ago, people were begging him to reconsider his decision to run for president. >> but the reason people are begging him is because they were unhappy with governor romney. i thought it was sort of insult to governor romney? >> that is what makes it potentially powerful to turn forward. the biggest impact is the snam it sends to the big donors that have been sitting on the sidelines. now you are telling those folks, right behind mitt romney. you are starting to see republicans coalesce. >> greta: money is huge? >> money is huge factor and energy and momentum from mitt romney. it's a critical time in the primary. we have seen a lot of flux elsewhere. he would like to coalesce support and establish as the lead front-runner.
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>> greta: the people associated with the tea party, they hate healthcare bill. they want us to go which many people have been protesting, at least some of them. today there was a report that many of those who despised the massachusetts healthcare bill was what white house talked to on national healthcare? >> i don't think it's a surprise for a lot of folks that watched this. massachusetts went first. president obama has said what romney did was an inspiration. >> that didn't help mitt romney at all. >> this is not a helpful story line but it's spinning for a long time. mitt romney answer the question. there is a feeling in the romney camp you are never going to get
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the exact answer on he'll but you can move beyond it. this is a distraction and distraction to perry that would love to keep going. >> greta: it seems like the new litmus test, was roe versus wade if you are for or against healthcare. he is somewhat married to healthcare in massachusetts. i can't see how that is an impediment to his race. >> he is not going to disavow his previous positions. >> how does he draw the line? >> state versus federal. but what was for massachusetts is not necessarily right for the whole nation. he will say as he did tonight at the debate, i would repeal obamacare is one of the first acts. he takes credit what he did at the state level. there is no question, what he did in massachusetts makes him an absolute non-starter as a candidate. he has to overcome that. it's one of the things that has
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kept his numbers from rising even higher so many people have these questions. can he overcome that? not necessarily get people what he believes in healthcare but despite that that is someone i can support. >> greta: i would imagine that good endorsement would be governor jeb bush? >> two names, huge endorsements, jeb bush and rubio. chris christie, a day when he is tryingo coalesce people behind his candidacy. >> greta: rick, thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. terror plot on u.s. soil stopped in its tracks. according to the u.s. authorities, this terrorism plot is coming from a high up in iranian government. news of the terror plot raising new concerns. members of congress are deeply
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concerned. iranian plot crosses the line and senator calling it a declaration of war by iran. to kill a saudi ambassador to the united states and the bombing of two embassies. john bolton joins us. good evening. >> glad to be here. >> greta: so do you think the obama administration recognizes paying seriousness of this? >> the iranian the drug car tells that president obama has been helping to arm through the justice department fast and furious gun running scheme. it really is incredible. >> greta: what do we do? >> well, number one, i don't know why anybody is surprised to see this. the government of iran has been a state spoow of terrorism for decades. it's the leading financing of
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terrorism around the world. it's engaged in assassination for decades as matter of policy. it's conflict with saudi arabia is well known. what is starting and what ought to be a red flag, everybody who thinks it's possible to negotiate with the government of iran is they plan to carry out this assassination on american soil. the first thing that needs to happen is a complete reality check for everybody in the administration and in congress who still thought there was any chance to negotiate with iran over the nuclear weapons program. it's not going to happen. >> greta: what caught my attention was the report on network that the pentagon has indicated that there is no planning to respond by force. that is a good idea or bad idea, i was a little bit touched by the idea, why are we doing that? much like we told khadafy, we're
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not going put boots on the ground. >> i think that is what the iranians believe, they think our response is likely to be so weak that they were prepared to take the risk of killing foreign diplomats on american soil. that statement by whoever it was by an anonymous pentagon official confirms in their mind they were going to get a weak response. it highlights the conflict between sunni, saudi arabia, persian, shea, iran, it has been breaking out. syria is one example. all of which is exacerbated by iran's progress toward nuclear weapons. if we don't pay attention to this, we're going find a conflict in which our interests are deeply involved because we have sleep walked past the graveyard by allowing iran to
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get nuclear weapons. >> greta: and about 1:00 we got news we begin to get details this plot and the fact it had been stopped. within a short time, the attorney general and f.b.i. director f.b.i. spoke. we got a statement out of iran about eight hours ahead of us in time. it's almost as they were ready and armed with the statement. they knew this was coming down. maybe we told them this was happening. i was surprised how swift their response was. they minimized it and basically it was a joke. >> it could be they had some indication that the planning had been blown and that the indictment might be about to be issued. obviously is an indication that the approval for the assassination effort came from the highest levels of the iranian government. before we hear the statement by
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some people that it was a rogue element of the revolutionary guard, it came from the top of iran and explains the promptness of their response. >> greta: what do you think israel is thinking right now? are they sailing, we told you so they will stop at nothing? >> the israeli embassy in washington was one of the possible targets according to the information from the justice department. i just think it under lines the unmistakable clarity that the iranians are determined to cause us and our friends harm. assassination is an act of war against saudi arabia. it certainly a hostile act against the united states. i just want to under line, it pales in significance compared to what iran would be capable of doing when it gets nuclear weapons. we can avoid talking about it. we can pretend it's not happening. we can pretend that sanctions are going work. they are not working.
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they not going stop them. this problem is imminent. the nature of the regime in tehran is what most revealed by this plot. this is a regime capable of conducting systematic assassination attempts against other nations, diplomats on our soil. >> greta: ambassador, thank you, sir. special programming note, right here, speaker of the house john boehner is our guest. you don't want to miss that. that is tomorrow night, 10:00 am eastern. it could be getting a lot worse, solyndra scandal. did the energy department break the law. why did we pay for their legal fees? and vice presidential candidates turning up the heat on the president. they all say the president is dead wrong on the economy. gingrich and herman cain go on gingrich and herman cain go on the record [ ma annncer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> greta: big night in the republican presidential race but was eight game changer? the president's policies and each overideas, former house speaker newt gingrich joins us.
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good evening, sir. >> good to be with you. >> greta: i love talking about the issues of the dare to see exactly what kind of candidate is going to be. if you were with president of the united states or the end of september when is the first arrest was made of the terrorists, how would you lead? >> well, my belief strategically we have to replace the iranian regime. it is deeply committed to the destruction of israel. it's deeply committed to drive us out of the middle east to prove it's contempt to the united states. the thought they could plan an assassination attempt in the united states is a sign of how much contempt they have for the obama administration. so i think strategically, we ought to have a policy much as reagan had with the soviet union to have a message to undermine the dictatorship.
10:22 pm
we will never live in a safe world as long as the iranian is trying to get nuclear weapons and plotting to kill people in the united states. >> greta: and with the election, when protestors hit the united states, that might have been missed opportunity. you mean nonviolent and what hillary clinton has said, up the sanctions and going to get our allies. are you suggesting that sanctions is the way to go, nonviolent means. will that provoke them.... >> sanctions is a tiny step in the right direction. we should fund every dissident group in iran. providing communications mechanisms. all you have to do is go back to reagan years, we did a movie about pope john paul ii's impact on poland on undermining the
10:23 pm
soviet empire. it shows what he did. and thatcher and pope john paul ii were doing, they were bringing pressure to bear on every angle. economic pressure, helping dissidents organize. providing them resources. developing a radio free iran, a television free iran, an internet free iran. there are lots of things to replace this dictatorship and it's a mistake not to find to deal with them as obama has because in the end they are our mortal enemies. >> greta: and in the sense, there was more unity against them. now with the internet we've got so many countries that are with syria and dirty dealing and leaks in the term of commerce and sanctions. is it possible to employ the
10:24 pm
laying anesque posture? >> in both cases you have a narrow dictator sitting on top of an amazing number of unhappy people. in syria, you have a small tribal dictatorship, 6% of the country, the other part of the country wants to get rid of him. in the case of iran you have a dictatorship in a country that is 51% speaking and 49s% speak other languages other than farsi. younger iranians overwhelming hate the government. if you had an intelligent clever approach to these things you should be able to make a replacement movement. why can't you have an iranian summer. this arab spring talk, we ought to have a cuban spring,
10:25 pm
venezuela spring, a north korean spring and iranian spring. there is no reason, we should finish the job in syria, using nonviolent techniques to maximize opportunities. >> greta: tonight at the debate you took on congress. you said you are talking about some people on the street taking on the business community you said that you thought they should be taking on the politicians. is that the heart of it and the congress. are you running against congress? >> i'm certainly running against people like chris dodd and barney frank. i think the house republicans ought to repeal the dodd-frank bill next week. i think its terrible bill. i think bachmann has it right. it's a job killing homeowner killing, small bank killing, small business killing bill. they ought to repeal it and build pressure on the senate to repeal it. the fact is the congress and federal reserve and the u.s. treasury, i suggested tonight
10:26 pm
bernanke ought to be fired. geithner ought to be fired. people are mad about the economy the right place to focus is washington, washington is a destroyer of jobs in this country. worse under obama but the general underlying bureaucracy, the general regulatory pattern has been building for a long time and killing jobs in america. >> greta: and any of your other candidates say tonight that surprised you? >> there was a lot of interesting conversation. i think that whether it was rick santorum was a very good proposal on manufacturing. her man cain was endlessly funny. i didn't realize but i forgotten he had served in the federal reserve bank of cans wand as on the board in -- in kansas city of how much he knows and he and
10:27 pm
ron paul are going to have conversations about the federal reserve system. ron paul was very happy tonight to have all the conversations about bernanke and the federal reserve and the need to audit the federal reserve which is an issue he has been pioneering for 30 years. >> greta: mr. speaker, thank you. >> coming up, a new firestorm in the solyndra scandal. serious allegations about the energy department. did someone break the law? and herman kain is here. if he were president what would he do about iran and he do about iran and assassination or endless shrimp is ourn
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call or click today. >> greta: tonight, sharp new accusations against the obama administration the solyndra scandal. did someone at the energy department break lawsuit? a coming man is making those ciegz accuse siagsz. did they break the law? >> i think they did. the department of energy subordinated taxpayers to two hedge funds. yet the energy policy committee of 2005 says you can't do that. it's backed up by mary miller who is the deputy assistant to the secretary of treasury sent a memo to omb and what are you doing, you can't do this. we have the administration not
10:32 pm
even agreeing with what d.o. d.did, mary miller. >> greta: i saw her august 17th letter, i thought was the weirdest. what she said was, the we have been asking for this stuff for years and didn't get it. this is two weeks before you declare bankruptcy and suddenly this woman sends this letter out she may be absolutely right and legitimate letter, that letter was bothering. >> and she goes back to 2010 e-mail. so she is covering herself, i told you so. where is the evidence to show that you are not doing this. >> greta: and the way the law is broken, in the restructuring, the restructuring allows investors to jump the line and get ahead of taxpayers should the company go belly-up. >> no one should get priority
10:33 pm
over taxpayers' money. >> greta: is that was that law broken? >> its one sentence law. you cannot subordinate taxpayers to any private investors. here we had $535 million subordinated to two hedge funds one owned by george kaiser. when you look at this deal and all the documents that were dropped. >> greta: i didn't look at all of them. >> there is a great cause for alarm. political influence that is started to contaminate the loan guarantees from the department of energy. all these people, wealthy donors of complete access to the west wing, inner circle of the white house and whole process of influence and the department of energy and the loan guarantees. >> greta: and i want you to get a copy of the legal bills. i was reading in the l.a. times,
10:34 pm
in preparation for this that solyndra paid $2.4 million to a law firm, frps did but we paired for for this law firm to push this thing through. i don't know what cost $2.4 million. i practiced law and i would like to see the bill. i would like to see what they did to shove this thing through. >> the other question, steven spinner who was pushing the solyndra loan. >> greta: he had been getting the phone money out. >> steven spinner two weeks out he is working for solyndra. he is not there anymore. >> greta: and last week, i thought he was a scapegoat. if he wasn't there authorizing the loan and i go back to the l.a. times because it's an
10:35 pm
eye-opener story he was apparently, he is the one trying to get it through. he had his fingerprints trying to move it through. >> that is true. so the e-mails we show i am pushing it, even after he was supposed to recuse himself, he broke the ethics law. >> greta: i would like to get the legal bill. i would like to see what we paid for $2.4 million. and why are we paying for that to begin with? why are we paying for solyndra's legal bills to get money out of us. >> you are a lawyer yourself. obviously you got a good feel for this. they ran through two and a half million dollars. >> greta: we did. >> and taxpayers and now they subordinated all this money to two huge funds. >> greta: get the legal bill. get a copy.
10:36 pm
congressman, thank you. >> here is a look what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. >> bill: latest on terror plot. what should the u.s.a. due to iran? that is an interesting question. plus, a wild segment on the wall street protestors, they are up here in boston. we'll see you tonight. >> greta: and coming up, no long ear long shot. we know about 999 but how would he respond to a crisis. breaking news to iran a plot to at adt, we get financing from ge capital. but they also go beyond banki. we installed a ge fleet monitoring system. it tracks every vehicle in their fleet. it cuts fuel use. koch: it enhances customer service. it's pretty amazing when people who loan you money also show you how to save it. not just money, knowledge. it's so much information, it's like i'm right there in every van in the entire fleet. good day overall. yeah, i'good.
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the u.s. state department issuing a travel alert for americans, following the destruction of an alleged iranian terror plot, the state department say that this foiled scheme might, quote, indicate a more aggressive focus by the
10:41 pm
iranian government on terrorist activity. earlier, two men were charged with cop spiring with the purported mexican drug cart toll kill the saudi ambassador on u.s. soil. there is no evidence that michael jackson gave himself a fatal doafs a powerful anesthetic, cricketing the claims of his doctor, conrad murray, now on trial for involuntary manslaughter. murray insists that jackson gave himself the deadly shot of propofol. the coroner also testifying that 50-year-old jackson was healthier than most people his age when he died. for. a plan to assassinate to blow up at least two embassies in washington. they are hutd go for another suspect. they don't know what his capabilities.
10:42 pm
if cain were president tonight, what would he do? good evening, sir. i don't know if you saw the introduction, but what would you do if you were president that were thwarted what would you could? >> i would have done something earlier that would have encouraged not to do something like that. that is one of great capability is about a it will particular missile systems that could be upgrade and we would kurt put them there in that part of the world. only thing that iran understands is our mill capability but unfortunately they believe they can do something like they did today and this nation is not going to react because they see this president as a weak president. they would not see me as a weak president and i would send strong signals to let them know that we would be prepared to
10:43 pm
take whatever actions we needed to take. >> greta: under my hypothetical, the situation today where it is actually happened, we're being told by the administration that high up in the iranian government, they now have, at least we're told, they tried to half a plot. we have a democratic congressman coming out with details. mark kirk has details and you have the situation where iran is hungry for nuclear weapons. hillary clinton, she wants to ratchet up the sanctions. what do we do? you are the president and this is for better or worse a potential crisis? >> like i said, i'm all for sanctions but that alone is not going to do that. we have to show them our capability. one of the capabilities that this president is not maximizing is the use of these ballistic missiles, ae gives warships that
10:44 pm
we have. we are not flexing our muscles. iran and a lot of other countries see this president as weak president. this is why they challenge us. they see him as a weak president they basically have their fingerprint on this plot that thankfully was broken up today. >> greta: we have a housing crisis in this country. we all know that. all these houses are under water. what would you do? >> the thing that we do, greta, we must first grow the economy. they can talk about cutting all they want to, but until we grow this economy and get this gdp growing, we won't be able to solve any of these problems. we have 14 million people out of work and several more million underemployed, this is going to supplies i, i am proposing my bold 999 plan. it will get america back to
10:45 pm
work. why in? we had it scored. it will cause the gdp to grow 5% six million jobs, create six million jobs and biggest thing, it creates certainty for the business community. when i served on the corporate boards for the last 20 years, we didn't sit around and talk about how we were going to serve. we talked about growth. in the last three years, businesses have been talking about survive. with a bold plan like the one i have proposed, businesses will start to talk about growing again. the other thing that it would, do it would level the playing field on our products produced here and the rest of the world to make our products much more competitive. >> greta: let me ask you a question. i know under 999 it lowers the income tax rate of many. you would be paying 7.5 fica,
10:46 pm
it's 999 as i understand it. it seems to me, even that somebody may embrace your idea, is that there is such a distrust of congress and you create a new tax, a national sales tax. most people are scared to death of congress. even congresswoman bachmann talked about the fact, you give it to congress, it's 999 this year and it's 9-9-15 next year. >> that is the difference between someone like me who is not afraid to lead. 999 is going to pass and as president i'm not going to sign legislation that is going raise that number. secondly, the reason they are afraid that the number might get pushed up is because they are politicians. they are not serious about cutting expenses. i'm serious about cutting expenses in washington, d.c.
10:47 pm
we got the economy growing. we got expenses coming down. that is the combination and we won't be tempted. we don't need to raise taxes, greta. we've got spending on steroids and they are worried about how we can continue to raise more taxes. we don't need to do that. grow this economy and cut the spending. that is what i would do as president. >> greta: i'm your just, if anything was said by any of the other candidates surprise you or caught you off guard, impressed you, anything at all? >> i was not surprised that my 999 plan was going to be attacked so much. here is why. my plan is the only one that works on the problem. we throw out the current tax code and we impose something
10:48 pm
that is simpler, fairer, transparent and neutral. what surprised me when governor romney said, simple solutions don't work essentially because he has a very complicated plan that tries to cover the waterfront but all you basically did relative to the tax piece, he throws out one set of loopholes and brings in another set. that is what politicians do. i'm a businessman, i'm a problem solver. i believe that is why it's resonating with people. other than that, i think much of the comments that were made tonight were not that big a surprise. >> greta: mr. cain, thank you. thank you, sir. >> it's my pleasure. >> straight ahead a new candidate, even willie one-ka has never dreamed of. you may want to keep him away from this candy. and young man found a creative
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>> greta: best of rest. move on lemon drops.
10:53 pm
candy that comes to the stores. they are getting a bitter reception. they are shaped like marijuana plants and legalize. they say the candy is not geared towards children but there is a man november ban the candy in stoers in new york. >> and if this has gone awry. those are giant pumpkins and those are students. their professor gruit pumpkins and an experiment and they grew too big. these decided to bring them to the lake. turns out they were good boats. they raced their boats. the winner got a prize. and a young man, asked a girl to homecoming dance, and what else,
10:54 pm
national television. here is how it played out. >> this is from phoenix, where he asked kelly hope if he would come with homecoming with him. so we have no way of knowing. kelly is on phoenix. but we have a kelly on the phone joining us on the phone. good morning, can you hear me? >> yeah. >> ben, why don't you do the honors? >> kelly, happy birthday. >> thank you. >> i have a question. >> okay. >> would you like to homecoming with me? >> ah, sure. [ cheers and applause ] >> greta: there you have it.s a] >> greta: there you have it. good news for him. the best of rest is over.
10:55 pm
coming up. we turn down the lights. tough call for the nobel prize committee. especially in one category. find out who is not getting any awards. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> greta: flash studio lights, it's time for last call. the world is an economic tail spin. shouldn't the nobel prize go to someone that can stop it? not quite the case. >> four americans won the nobel prize today. how crammy is the economy in the rest of the world is america is winning the nobel prize for economics? i don't know who the two guys were that won, but you can rule out president obama and tim geithner. >> greta: lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. tomorrow night we


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