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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 12, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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underpants. enjoy the trial. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home tonight. shep is back tomorrow. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> the united states is going to hold iran accountable for its actions. >> bill: a stunning terror plot uncovered by the f.b.i. and the d.e.a. two iranians try to enlist a mexican drug cartel to assassinate an ambassador and blow up two embassies. we'll have the details. the occupy wall street protests continue. more than 100 arrests in boston where we are tonight. and a "factor" investigation has uncovered the real reason these people are in the streets. >> and we will have a look back at 15 years of "the factor."
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>> when you're finally in the no spin zone. >> hide the children. also tonight, chris christie endorses mitt romney. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from massachusetts. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from boston, massachusetts. thanks for watching us. we're here to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the fox news show. boston is my second home. my parents met here. i attended boston university at harvard and i worked local news in the city so we are very happy to celebrate tonight in massachusetts. we will have the talking points memo on the far left protests getting even more intense in our second segment tonight. but first, a lead story. a stunning terror plot uncovered by the d.e.a. and the f.b.i. two men both tied to the iranian
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quds force, a radical iranian operation based in tehran tried to enlist a cartel to blow up two embassies in washington and kill the saudi arabiian ambassador. attorney general eric holder made the announcement earlier today. >> the complaint alleges that this conspiracy was conceived, was sponsored and was directed from iran and constitutes a flagrant violation of u.s. and international law including a convention that explicitly protects diplomats from being harmed. in addition to holding these individuals accountable for their alleged role in this plot, the united states is committed to holding iran accountable for its actions. >> bill: here now to analyze what should be done as far as iran is concerned, our rock and a hard place duo. two guys arrested, one is in custody and apparently cooperating. he's an iranian-american arrested in texas and another on the lam but as attorney general holder said, the united states
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and the obama administration, they're going to hold iran accountable. what does that mean? what should they do? >> what does that mean? exactly. they're in a difficult position because the plot was not carried out. and the suspect had no explosives in his position so it complicates the case. what they're going to try to do is ramp up sanctions on iran. we have a whole array of sanctions already in place against the iranian government, against the revolutionary guard corps as well as the quds force and we singled out individuals to sanction but in the past, the united states under president obama has gone toward a multilateral approach where they've waited on other countries, the europeans, for example, or they've gone through the u.n. security council. in this case, because it looks like a direct government to government hostile act, an act of war against the united states because if this plot would have been carried out, it would have been carried out on u.s. soil which was flagrant act of war against the united states, that what they should do barring any kind of military strike which i
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think is probably off the table given this administration is go forward with ramped up sanctions, serious ones, punitive ones that are really going to bite this regime and, of course, ahmadinejad is denying any kind of involvement, of course, but go ahead and do it unilaterally, don't wait on the europeans and don't go to the u.n. >> bill: i don't know if we have enough clout to make it painful for iran to make a difference. >> we can freeze iranian assets. we work wlt european union who has iranian assets and we have to work with the international community to convince -- >> bill: we've tried to do that for eight years. >> we tried to do it. i think in a plot like this having been thwarted with more information becoming available what their true intentions are, we'll probably get more cooperation from the international community. of course we will. the chinese, the european union, for example. >> bill: doesn't matter, though. if russia and the chinese don't cooperate with sanctions, iran can survive and that's the crux of the matter, it always has been. we can lean on europe. both say military action not a part of this equation.
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>> no, i don't think it's on the table. >> bill: ok, you know, i think you're right. i mean, we have iraq and afghanistan troops there. we got to punish them somehow, though. and it's got to be in a public way to the world sees it and the united states sees it, whether we make some arrests of people. >> we don't know whether this is a rogue faction and within the quds, how high up it is. probably a rogue faction. we don't know if it was approved by clerics and ahmadinejad. >> bill: they're always going to deny it. you have to assume if it's a quds guy that they knew about it. in iran, they're not freelancing. >> exactly. look, you were talking about the biggest long term state sponsor of terror in the world. >> bill: in the world. >> since 1979 and the islamic revolution, this country has been exploiting terror. >> bill: that's what makes it so important for the next election to have somebody well thought out about this. >> that's why these candidates on the g.o.p. side need to get serious foreign policy questions and not just selecting a -- selecting -- >> bill: by and large number
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one, but iran is number two. >> and also working on nuclear weapons. they're carrying out these kind of terrorist plots and if they're armed with nuclear weapons, whole other ballgame. >> bill: thank you very much. appreciate you coming up to boston. next on the rundown as we continue from massachusetts, the occupy wall street protesters getting even bolder and a "fact "factor" investigation uncovered what they really want. we'll tell you.
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>> bill: personal stories segment tonight, talking points memo, the real reason the occupy wall street protest is taking place. earlier this morning, 100 people arrested here in boston. members of the so-called occupy wall street group. these anti-capitalist people getting a lot of attention usually with a question -- what do they want? well, "the factor" has found out. number one, the group wants income equality. that is the feds taking money from the affluent and from corporations and giving that money to the poor and working class in the form of tax breaks and entitlements. number two, the left well understands that president obama is in big trouble because of faltering economy so move on in big labor who are partially funding the demonstrations are
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using the protesters to demonize the wealthy, the strategy being to link rich americans with the republican party. the plan is kind of devious. to convince the american public it is the wealthy and corrupt wall street people that have destroyed the economy. and that the republican party is supporting the bad guys. in that way, president obama is not responsible. it's the g.o.p. no for the no spin truth. there are some bad people in finance. here's an example. the former head of merrill lynch stanley o'neill bankrupted the company by trading in mortgage derivatives. o'neill was fired but walked away with a $160 million payment. disgraceful. we sent jesse waters to visit o'neill. >> how are you? millions of people lost millions of dollars at merrill lynch. you pulled a lot of money out of there and didn't do a very good job. how do you feel about that?
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you know, a lot of people trusted you. you don't have anything to say? >> bill: o'neill had nothing to say. he is the poster guy for what's wrong with wall street. but the present economic mess is not o'neill's fault, problem we have now is because barack obama's bet that almost a trillion dollars in federal stimulus could turn the economy around failed. president took a shot. it fell flat. all the protests in the world will not change that fact. so what you see on the streets of new york, boston and other cities is not what you get. there are heavy politics involved. and that is a memo. now, for another view on this, are the poor and middle class americans getting hosed? this week on pbs, tavis smiley running a series saying yes, they are. there are about 46 million americans living below the poverty line. 15% of the population.
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in 2010, 560 billion dollars, 16% of the entire federal budget was spent trying to help the poor. that's up an astounding 5,400% since 1970. but here's the stat that may provide some perspective on poverty. according to the department of health and human services, about 9% of americans have some kind of substance dependence, most of those people cannot earn a living. so let's do the math. 15% poor. 9% addicted. maybe poverty is not exclusively an economic problem. joining us now from los angeles are tavis smiley and professor cornell west who teaches at princeton university. so professor, dealing with you, where am i going wrong here? >> well, i think you're going wrong because i think the lens that you're using still is not acting on fact that 1% of the population, we've had 100% income growth go to the top 10 peppers. 1% of population had 81% of the income growth in the last 25
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years. what does that mean? those brothers and sisters there at the plaza, i was blessed to be there with them. and i'm blessed to be part of their movement, they're not calling for entitlements. they want jobs with a living wage. they know that corporations do not pay taxes. $2.3 trillion of off shore tax havens for the well to do. working people pay the taxs and they're also losing jobs so you have to look at, my dear brother, bill, from the vantage point of poor and working people and the ways in which you tend to want to promote rather intensely not only doing well but then too greedy. my brother. >> bill: we're chasing stanley o'neill down the street, i don't think i'm promoting anybody who is doing untoward things about that. look -- it's not that the -- >> chronic -- >> bill: wait a minute. no filibustering here. it's not that the message is wrong. it's not that the message is wrong. we do need to tighten up the loopholes. everybody knows that.
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barack obama -- >> what do you mine by tighten? >> bill: barack obama has chosen not to do that. you have to have a flat tax where everybody pays. there aren't these kind of dodges. you can't park money overseas, that kind of stuff. yes. but what these -- many of these protesters and maybe you, but i want to direct my next question to tavis. you want the government to forcibly seize the assets and then distribute it to other people who they deem worthy of the money that they have. that's socialism and that's not going to work here. what do you say? >> three things. number one, it wasn't socialism apparently when we bailed out the banks in the first place. that pretty much fits a textbook definition of socialism, what we did for the banks that you don't want to acknowledge, number one. number two, you're right about the fact that stanley o'neill respectfully should have been chased down the sidewalk. he should be asked to account and it raises a couple of questions. number one, i know you don't -->> bill: what do you mine i lied about it?
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what did i lie about? >> bill, i said you were right -- you were right about. >> bill: i apologize. >> calm down. calm down. >> bill: i'm calm. >> everybody lies. bill, you lie, too, brother. >> bill: i don't lie, professor. so there you go. >> i don't know about that! >> bill: i'm right about o'neill. but i had to correct the professor who is saying that i'm promoting that and i'm not promoting it. >> you're right about -- >> bill: stop. >> you haven't asked a question yet. >> bill: get down to what the protesters want. this policy is income redistribution, tavis, that's what it is and that's what you and the professor want. you want forced income redistribution. >> i'm still going to finish my point. you're right to go after stanley o'neill. i know you didn't mean to do this. i don't want to believe thaw meant to do this but stanley o'neill, there are four or five black ceo's in this country. you choose a guy at merrill lynch to make him -- >> bill: knock it off with the
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black business, will you? >> bill, why o'neill? >> bill: one of the things that happened. we treat everybody the same here, tavis. >> you do not. >> bill: it doesn't matter whether they're black or white. >> bill, the bottom line is what we're talking about here is fairness, we're talking about justice here, we're talking about not protecting wall street, not one -- they've been arresting protesters, bill, left and right. arresting protesters left and right, now the talk on fox news is that it's costing taxpayers money for police to do their job, not one banker, they can arrest hundreds of protesters but not one banker has gone to jail for his crimes. >> bill: they didn't violate any laws. >> how do you know? >> bill: hold it. knock it off! >> all the predatory lending. why would you say something like that, brother? you don't even have the evidence. you don't know. >> bill: professor, hold it.
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if you're going to make an accusation, professor, as a learned academic that o'neill or the other fat cats on wall street broke the law, back it up! what law did they break? >> if we were able to engage in investigation and look at what was going on between 2007 and 2008, my hunch is we would find some behavior, my brother. >> bill: your hunch? >> yeah, we can't get to it. >> bill: maybe that's right. you can't make an accusation on a hunch. >> bill, there have been -- >> bill: you just -- >> major text out there. you're a reader. you're a reader. you know that. >> bill: you guys come up, you take your law school at princeton or wherever else, you develop an illegality and i will put it on the air. now, tavis, poverty in america. this is the focus of your pbs series this week. i just presented stats that show that poverty is not just an economic problem, it is a social
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problem and a social responsibility problem, personal responsibility problem. you know that's true. yet, you don't mention that. >> no. first of all, that's not true, bill. here again, do your homework. you just told dr. west to do his homework. you do yours. you've not seen the special and not read the transcripts. we talked to persons who are substance abusers this week. you're wrong again, my friend. we do talk about that issue in the special. check it out, number one. number two, it is a social problem but it's also a political problem. the ranks of the poorp poor in this country are growing exponenti exponentially. most of them women and children. almost 50 million americans are living below the poverty line, it's not just substance abusers and the bottom line is that the worst thing you can do to any human being of all races, of all colors, of all creeds is to make them feel invisible, to make them feel disposable and after thought -- >> bill: very specific question. i have 30 seconds. >> we don't eradicate it. >> bill: tavis, you calm down now. you told me to calm down. you calm down. i got 30 seconds.
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>> all right. >> bill: 9% are addicted. all right? they can't work. they're going to be poor. you know it. all right? also, child abuse, 70% of it is because of substance abuse. what do you do with those people, tavis? do you let them -- does the government pay them? what does the government do real quick? >> i can answer in 15 seconds. one, you don't demonize them as you have done. you don't criminalize poverty as you like to do and you find programs to work for those who have problems but the majority of americans, again, of all races, bill, of all colors, of all creeds are not substance abusers. they don't have work because wall street raped and pillaged the national treasury. >> bill: all right. i'll give you one more stat to think about. the unemployment rate among college graduates is 4.5%. all right, we'll have more with the guys and it's a lively discussion. we appreciate them being here and engaging in the debate. we're going to discuss why herman cain is being attacked by some african-americans and later, 15 years of "the factor" we have some highlights for you. crank up those dvr's, we'll be
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right back.
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>> bill: continuing now with a personal story, how to deal with the bad economy and handle poverty. as you may know, republican presidential contender herman contain a b cain a big self-reliant guy and now some in the african-american community are going after him. >> he's totally false in the needs of our community and need of our nation. i think he's a bad apple. >> bill: here's what i don't get. if you disagree with herman cain and i disagree with him on some
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issues, why do you have to personally attack him? bad apple and he said other things that i just didn't even run. bellafonte. why can't you disagree respectfully? >> bill, i totally agree with you and i try to engage in respectful and civil dialogue but let's be clear about this, herman cain struck the first blow. when you tell black folk that they're brainwashed. when you tell the poor if you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourselves. when you start making those kinds of comments, you should expect to have americans push back on you so that's not disrespecting his entrepreneural genius. i respect the fact that he's a cancer survivor. he's done some good work but you don't pick up votes by insulting people. that strategy is not a winning strategy. >> bill: ok, and i agree with you. wait, let me pose a question. i agree with you, tavis, that he should be challenged if you disagree with what he said. but, bellafonte is not challenging him. he's denigrating him.
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he's trying to hurt him, professor. and that's what we have to get away from. that was a subject of the arizona speech by president obama, knock it off if you want to debate like we are debating here, you two guys and me, all right, that's what the folks want to hear. they don't want to hear bellafonte's cheap shot at herman cain. >> no, but the point is, you know, first, herman cain when he says racism is not leaving anybody back as if indigenous people, immigration laws to brown brothers and sisters, the stop and frisk policy in new york, 600,000 people stopped, 8% are black and brown, 2% are arrested. that's a small example of how it's still at work. for you to say somehow it's personalizing allows both him but also you, brother bill, to trivialize the suffering that's out there and that's what i've said, brother tavis and i about it trivialize the suffering that's out there.
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>> bill: not trivializing anything. i give away more than a million dollars a year to help the poor, professor. >> we're not talking about philanthropy. we're talking about justice. >> bill: you said that i don't feel sorry for the poor, that's exactly what you said two seconds ago. >> i said you trivialize the suffering. >> philanthropic and trivialize their suffering. >> bill: what i'm saying here -- wait, wait, wait. hold it! hold it! >> do you believe what -- >> bill: i'm speaking up for the freedom of herman cain to speak his mind. >> he can have the right to be wrong. he has right to be wrong. >> bill: absolutely. and bellafonte and the other zombies don't have a right to run him down -- >> bellafonte is not a zombie, brother. you just attacked him personally. he's not a zombie. >> now, see -- >> bill: he's an intellectual zombie and you know it. >> no way! >> the next minute you're engaging in name calling. that's not fair. it's not right. it's not just. >> bill: i'm describing his mind set!
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>> the second thing is this, i absolutely hear your point and i told you earlier, i agree with you, we must have respect and civil dialogue in this country about our policies. when herman cain insulted black folk and said they were brainwashed, when he said to poor people if you're poor and you're not rich and you don't have a job, blame yourself. did you check herman cain but you want to check bellafonte now? >> bill: hold it, i disagree with herman cain on a lot of things. on this one, i'm giving -- >> on this issue, do you agree with him? >> bill: listen to me and i'll give ut last word, tavis. he said a third of the african-american community is politically brainwashed because they vote democratic every time. that is a point worth discussing. i'm not running a man down for that. go ahead. last word, go. >> ok, last word. one is he's not going to get -- everybody else not brainwashed. you have to acknowledge that
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when you disrespected president obama in the interview, that was a certain kind of personal attack, too. and we -- >> bill: how did i disrespect him? >> by not even allowing him to answer when you have an exchange. everybody acknowledged to the way that your disrespect was unjustified, brother. >> cutting him off. >> bill: professor tavis, that's your opinion on the obama interview but you know who liked the obama interview? obama! >> i'm not saying you can't ask tough questions. i'm saying play the tape, everybody in america saw you keep disrespecting him by cutting him off. >> bill: i interrupted president bush just the same way because there's a time limit for these interviews. and i -- >> all right. >> praying for you. praying for you! praying for you! praying for you! >> bill: i'm glad you love me and you're praying for me. i'd hate to see if you hated me. plenty more ahead as we move along this evening. south austin, big democratic
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bastion. will that change in next year's presidential vote? we won't down there to find out and 15 years of "the factor" we have some highlights that you might want to dvr. hope you stay tuned for those reports as we continue this evening in boston.
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♪ >> bill: in the impact segment tonight, 15 years on the fox newschannel and we have had quite a ride. we are number one in primetime news in america and have been for 12 years. why? take a look. >> i think you're a fascinating, stimulating woman but i just don't know why you would say the stuff that you said. you must have known you were going to get in trouble. >> why? >> bill: come on, this is america! we've seen a steady erosion in their commitment to disapprove
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of drug use. that's one problem. the second problem is -- >> stop you there for one. we'll get too far ahead of it. i disagree with you. i disagree. >> so wholesome and clean cut and you have great teeth. you know, i got all my teeth knocked out playing hockey and my father had just given me -- he had a heart attack. do you know why your friend biggie was killed? >> i would never want to speculate on why he was killed. >> bill: how old were you when you got so big? >> i was always bigger than the other children. >> bill: you don't want to kill anybody, do you? >> i want to treat you the way you treated us. you've killed our men, our women, our children and our babies. >> bill: i know i'm a killer but i'm not going to kill anybody. new yorkers get your humor and all that. in nebraska, though. >> up in their tractors, you know, it's like who is watching the manure pit while you're in the town? >> bill: how come you didn't turn into a hollywood phony? >> i'm out tied to a stake, and i'm saying to myself, what the hell am i doing here? >> bill: never took it
2:34 am
seriously. >> never. >> bill: most children don't understand why you're acting bizarre and this be very, very troubling to children who don't have direction. >> i think it's my job as an artist to be out there pushing people's buttons. >> bill: there is a kind of self-censorship. do you really censor things? i never do. >> i never do! >> bull feathers. my mother lives in the house i grew up in. you're invited to come there. you're not invited to dinner. i would never eat with you. if i was the c.i.a. i would follow you wherever you went. >> has said we're not a threat to national security, even the government itself said we're not. >> bill: ok, all right, doc. i'd still shout at you. i'd go to denny's with you and everywhere you went. someone who wants to cut down on aids transmission, hey, we'll have our parties but we're not going to allow any illegal drugs in there and you're going to behave yourself. why aren't you saying that? >> illegal drugs don't equal unprotective sex! >> bill: every study says -- >> can i be -- remove h.i.v. out of the morning --
2:35 am
>> can you shut up for a minute? >> bill: funny accent. >> i'm in america. are you telling me that foreign people don't have the same rights? >> bill: i was told you might have snuck across the border. i might have to make a citizen's arrest. >> no! >> bill: you're finally in the no spin zone. >> i'm dizzy. >> bill: you're dizzy with excitement. >> with excitement. >> bill: it took a long time to get you in. >> i had to sacrifice myself. i'm not talking to any children to remove the taliban, would you? would you? that's my next question. >> no. would you sacrifice yourself to remove the taliban? >> to sacrifice my wife to track down the people that killed 3,000 people. >> everybody saw a threat in saddam hussein. my opponent saw a threat in saddam hussein. >> you better get him on your show "the factor", i don't want to put words. if saddam hussein were in power today, we'd be a heck of a lot worse off. >> bill: you're not a hollywood kind of guy. i can't see you calling anybody babe. >> not always, babe. >> bill: you wouldn't send your children to this war, bill. >> my nephew just enlisted in
2:36 am
the army. you don't know what you're talking about! >> congratulations. >> he's a patriot. don't denigrate his service or i'll push you off the set. >> who is your primary audience? >> strippers, and crack whores and i love them all. >> that's not the issue, mr. o'reilly. >> of course that's the issue. that's what they do on the site. they do that hate stuff all the time. >> message of faith and hope and acceptance and kids are -- >> you're going to make me cry. >> bill: if two presidents of the united states sitting, the former c.i.a. guy who works for both presidents, tony blair, all tell me and you he's got them, we can't say no, he doesn't. haven't seen see you for 17 years, what have you been doing? >> none of your business! >> bill: none of this is your fault. oh, no, people lost millions of dollars. it wasn't your fault. >> are you surprised that fox news has been fairer to you than nbc news and a lot of the other
2:37 am
liberal news networks? are you surprised? >> i wouldn't expect anything less than a fair and balanced coverage of my campaign. >> bill: i know you're -- you don't know why you're the lightning rod. >> only if it is because i'm representing a normal american. >> bill: why don't they like normal americans? >> i think, perhaps, there is a little bit of threat there. >> bill: the network news, "the new york times", all the people that you hang with, they were very easy. >> don't bull [beep] me, ok? >> bill: i'd never do that! >> let's call it what it is. >> bill: no, it isn't. that's your opinion. >> think water boarding is lovely -- >> bill: i think this is harsh interrogation. this is done to protect your life, would it be damaging? auto i'lled like to answer your question yes or no. >> bill: you're dodging and you're dancing. you're supposed to be a straight-up guy. >> bill: does it disturb you that so many people hate you? that's a serious question. >> the truth is the folks who hate you, they don't know you.
2:38 am
what they hate is whatever fun house mirror image of you that's out there. >> you're the guy, bill. i want to tell you, i'll say it to your face. you are the -- >> bill: to me, i'm like working for you in the newsroom. >> you're fired! >> thank you. >> i'm a shot of levittown right in your -- with a b-12. >> bill: i think i'm going to commit suicide. great, i want to thank "the factor" producer rob monaco who has been here from the beginning putting that piece together. when we come back from boston, is it legal? will attorney general holder have to resign over fast & furious? he may be subpoenaed to appear before the house. legal is next.
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>> bill: thank you, i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from boston and in the is it legal segment, we have a very serious segment for you. attorney general eric holder in trouble, as you may know, it has to do with the fast & furious drug sting that went terribly wrong in arizona. federal agents down there working for the justice department allows hundreds of guns to go into mexico and then lost track of many of them. one of those guns killed a border patrol agent, holder says he didn't know much about the sting. fox news analysts with us. first of all, will, i need you to make a prediction and we're putting you on the spot but you think that eric holder will have to eventually resign? >> yes, because he either withheld information that he knew about and misled people or he didn't know about something that was absolutely critical to his job. either way, it's either incompetence or corruption, one or the other. >> bill: why was he critical to his job to know about a gun sting in arizona? >> first of all, not just
2:43 am
arizona, this one over the mexican board rder so you're tag about an international drug sting, talk about running drugs from our country to mexico. not even informing the mexican government about what we're doing and by the way, a border patrol agents ends up dead. >> bill: the border patrol agent dead was after that. >> after that. he must have signed off to begin with. >> bill: he wasn't truthful with congressman issa to begin with or he didn't know what was going on but he should have known. >> he will have no choice but to step down. he'll be obligated to do so. issa feels he has a strong case against him. there's a memo dating back to july 10, 2010, that shows he was directly informed not only on this occasion but five different occasions on this specific case. >> bill: he's going to be subpoenaed to testify under oath. the last testify in front of congressman issa wasn't under oath. if he did not tell the truth,
2:44 am
that is a crime. even though he wasn't under oath, it was a crime. now he gets a subpoena and has to come in. what will they ask him now? >> if they're smart, they'll ask him the exact same question. >> bill: see if he contradicts himself. >> maybe he'll come back and say, well, i did know about the title of it but i didn't realize -- >> bill: let's not put words in the man's mouth. >> when is he going to show up to -- the subpoena issued this week, they'll be in next week? >> he should be within the next week. what also that's integral about this investigation, they've requested documents specific to the department of justice. prior request with the atf, now they have named not only him but other people as well. >> bill: he's in serious trouble as attorney general and he makes the announcement today. >> they'll bring people in, if kimberly is right, they'll bring in people that are below him and issued those memos to him. >> bill: what did he know? >> exactly. >> bill: the underwear bomber, guy tried to blow up a northwest airline on christmas day.
2:45 am
trial has begun in detroit. this moron is representing himself. and how long is this pony show going to go on? >> swift justice. >> bill: do you think so? >> i really do. this is a compelling case and very strong. prosecutors have mr. abdulmutallab on tape admitting that he was doing this on behalf of al-qaida under the direction of anwar al-awlaki. this is really important. >> bill: they have 100 witnesses on the plane that saw the guy on fire. >> he was detained. >> bill: what witnesses is this guy going to call? allah? who is he going to call? >> come on! >> bill: bin laden is dead, you know. >> al-awlaki. >> it's not going to be swift, though, the prosecution is going to be swift. this guy -- >> bill: who can he call? >> they won't allow him to delay the proceedings. he delayed his rights to an opening. he has standby counsel and he asked to be chambered. >> bill: this can be over in what, 9:00 tonight? > >> before we get home? >> bill: all right. as i mentioned to brother smiley
2:46 am
and -- >> that was insane. >> bill: the professor. you know, and i like those guys. even though they're so misguided in my opinion, i get a kick out of them. but anyway, the point i was trying to make is poverty is not driven by wall street shenanigans but driven by personal responsibility a la herman cain, not all of it. children who get battered by their parents so we have to say that. but now, 36 states have proposed to drug test welfare recipients because we're paying billions of dollars to people who can't or won't work. and the aclu, of course, is now challenging that in florida. >> that's right. they're suing in florida. florida started a program as of july saying you have to be drug tested for any kind of state's unemployment, for food stamps, for anything like that. housing, anything like that. and aclu came in and said look, there's a fourth amendment right between unreasonable search and seizure. what i say to that, the aclu is wrong on that one. there's state -- these are not. this is a privilege to get these
2:47 am
through. >> bill: right, you have to qualify. and one of the qualifying acts is you're not spending money on heroin. >> exactly. >> bill: interestingly enough, kimberly, once florida passed this law, the welfare recipients dropped dramatically. >> dramatically. so that shows when people know they're going to be put on the spot and they're going to get drug tested, they're not going to show up there and know they're going to test dirty and not getting the benefits. >> bill: the taxpayer is protected by this law because we want our money to go to people who need it but not for addicted people to spend on booze and drugs. >> only problem is if you're talking about single parents and things like that where they have kids at home, are they not going to go and try to get -- >> bill: if they have kids at home and they're on drugs, they're going to spend the money on the drugs. >> that's the problem. >> they should get some kind of drug assistance or counseling. 70% of the florida voters support this mandatory drug testing. >> bill: i think 70% of the country supports it. >> there you go. >> bill: thanks very much. nice to see you in boston.
2:48 am
coming back with a very interesting situation, south boston, a democratic strong hold. will it go republican next year? we went down there to find out. that report is moments away.
2:49 am
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2:51 am
>> bill: south boston is a traditional irish enclave that usually votes democratic. that tradition has been in place for more than 100 years. but now, southy as it's called is suffering economically like almost everybody else so we sent "the factor" producer dan bank down to south boston to compare two irish guys. >> wanted to ask you about a couple of irish guys, o'reilly
2:52 am
and obama. which one do you like more? >> bill o'reilly, there's no question about that. >> probably o'reilly. >> he's a real american. >> america! >> who do you like more? >> barack obama. >> i like obama. >> o'reilly all the way. >> i might be better looking, though. what do you think? >> i -- >> what do you got? >> oh, my god! >> hey, you look terrible. >> obama is not irish. >> sure, he's got irish roots. >> obama is not an irish guy. he wouldn't be able to hang five minutes. >> how do you like them apples? >> there's only one that's irish, isn't it? >> sure. >> he's more irish than o'reilly. >> you must think i was born yesterday. >> great, great grandfather is from ireland. >> that's fine. >> great talk.
2:53 am
>> what is it about obama that you don't like? >> i don't like his sneaky eyes. >> i don't really agree with all of his policies. >> we have obama trying to clean up all the messes. give him a chance! >> what don't you like about obama? >> everything. >> why is the economy in such dire straits? >> because of the republicans. >> didn't barack obama have a democratic congress for two years? >> yes, he did but then bush screwed it all up. >> that's how guys talk to one another. >> a lot of people fishing and not working. i don't think he's doing good at all. >> what do you like best about bill o'reilly? >> he really tries to be fair. >> like barney frank, did you camp that interview ? >> bill: that's a joke! that's a joke! >> the spin stops right here. >> the spin stops here. >> what's your favorite thing about o'reilly? >> well, his nose looks good. >> that thing is good.
2:54 am
>> have any words of wisdom for o'reilly when he comes to boston? >> yeah, tell him he has to have a lot of money. >> you want him to help stimulate the local economy around here? >> yeah, i could use a few bucks myself. >> any advice for him? >> you have to come to dorchester, ronald reagan came here. >> this happened on my watch. >> are you going to go see him? >> absolutely not. why should he tie up the traffic? >> words of advice or wisdom? >> yeah, bring me up a book and sign it for me. >> do it! >> what do you like about the show? >> about water's world? >> that's hilarious. >> o'reilly might try to run for president. would you vote for him? >> of course. >> do you think he might put you on the ticket as vice president? >> it's a possibility. watch out, liberal centrists, i got your back. >> bill: and when someone from south boston says they have your back, you can take it to the bank. pardon the pun with dan. pinheads & patriots on deck. what happens when you're the conservative parents of a famous
2:55 am
liberal guy? that's next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your dtor about viagra? 20 million men already have. with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a suen decrease or loss
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in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >> bill: pinhead and patriots. first, no mail today because we are on the road. but i do have a few things to tell you about. over the weekend i was up in new
2:57 am
hampshire and number of people stopped me and said they were coming to the show later on this month, on october 29. it will be a great weekend in connecticut. leaves will be change ought coast. i will do a book signing there, as well. and tickets at segar strom theater in costa mesa sold out in three hours. but we will do a second show if i can prop mill are up. and the book is number one on the list and if you become a premium member we'll send you a copy of it finally, i have been giving jeffrey immelle a hard time and he has moved joobs jobs overseas to china and other places while being part of
2:58 am
president obama's economic team. 60 minutes did a profile on him last sunday where he said this. >> yeah, i've raised in ohio and parents are right wingers. my dad watches fire five six hours of fongs news. i called him and said, to give you heads up, i'll be with the president and he has asked me to lead this jobs council. my mother said, you said no, of course. i said that is not what i said. >> bill: obviously his parents are watching fox news are patriots. that is it for us tonight from boston. please check out the fox news website we would love for you to spout off, o'reilly at for today, to be bumpshis, i'm bill o'reilly, please remember
2:59 am
the spin starts right here. -- bumptious. we are definitely loongngngngngg >> happy hump day, everyone. it's wednesday, october 12th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for your sharing your time today. a deadly terror attack on u.s. soil? it was averted. this man, a u.s. citizen locked up now. his co-conspirator, though, still on the loose. are they just the tip of a huge terror plot that involves iran and one of the deadliest drug cartels in mexico? developing details straight ahead. >> meanwhile, herman cain, welcome to center stage. >> one thing i would say is when you take the 999 plan and you turn it upside down, i think the devil's in the details. >> i think it's a catchy phrase. in fact, i thought it was the price of a pizza when i first heard it.


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