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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 12, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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always remember the spin stops here as we are looking out for you. >> several media outlets write off michele bachman as a viable candidate for 2012, but is she really giving up? she is hear to respond. the republican presidential candidates square off over the economy and jobs. we have the highlights from last night's gop debate. and herman cain continues to ride a huge wave of momentum, but some african-american leaders are choosing to attack him. >> i think he needs to get off the symbolic crack pipe. >> juan williams is here with questions. and is are issued to eric holder over the doomed "fast and
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furious" investigation. hannity starts right now. >> the presidential contenders collided last night. the round table, at first economic debate of the season was posted by the washington post and bloomberg report. let's look at the highlights. >> what would you do specifically to end the paralysis in washington? >> two things. present a bold plan to grow this economy, which i have put 9-9-9 plan on the table. >> i think it is a catchy phrase, in fact i thought it was the price after pizza when i heard it. >> it's time for another american declaration of independence, it's time for energy independence. >> you can't get the country in the right direction and washington to work if you don't have a president who a leader. >> it is nonsense to say we will disarm the united states unilaterally because we are too stupid to balance the budget any
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other way. >> i was the leading one against obama care. that's why i was the first member of congress to introduce that bill to repeal obama care. >> joining me from washington with retook last night's debate, minnesota congresswoman michele bachman. how are you? >> great, sean. good to be with you. >> newt has been saying this, and i know there are distinctions and right now herman cain is up and mit romney is up, but everybody on that stage would repeal obamacare, or at least on order as saying so, everybody would lower taxes and end regulation, and move toward energy independence, is it hard to find distinction? >> there is a real distinction. when it comes to obamacare, i have the commitment to do the actual repeal of obamacare. remember two governors on the stage. one governor, mit romney, put a plan in that was very similar to obamacare. he said he would issue waivers
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to that plan. that's very different than congress actually repealing obamacare. governor perry said he would issue an executive order. you can't issue an executive order and get rid of a bill that takes over one-sixth of the american economy. i understand and would understand as commander in chief from day one that what we have to do is we have to repeal this at the congressional level. and this is going to be tough. this is going to be very, very tough. it's going to require leadership from someone who understands this plan. i understand it from the inside-out. i understand that the federal government is involved in almost every agency obama care will infiltrate. the same it is in every state government. i get the bill and i know how to defeat it. we only have one chance, sean, in 2012 to get rid of it. that's why i believe i would be the strongest candidate for president because ubs did a study three weeks ago and they said the number one people that
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people aren't hired for job creation is because of obamacare. it's got to be repealed. i am the best candidate on that stage to do it. i understand it, and i know it's going to be done, i'm tough enough and i have the commitment to make it happen. as nominee i am not interested in being tied up in knots for four years in the white house. it will be my business to have 13 more like minded republican senators so we actually repeal this bill. >> what do you make of how topsy-turvies these polls have been? tim pawlenty up, down, out. you were up, now you have come down a little bit. herman cain is surging right now. mit romney has pretty much been stable the whole time. rick perry up. he comes in strong and he goes down. how do you think people will interpret that? >> well, i think that the media is intent on what they try to do every four years which is to
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choose the candidate. but the debates are wonderful for the people to be able to vet the candidates and see who they are. i am very pleased with the debates. i think they have gone very welch we get a glimpse into the soul of each candidate. i'm encouraging everyone watching the show tonight to go to my website. i have the 11 point economic plan for recovery and job creation. they can't wait 14 more months. we need millions of jobs created now. i just came from the united states capital where i just voted to pass the free trade agreements. this will create thousandings of jobs in the united states. these were negotiated under president george bush. he wanted to pass these so we could see job creation. we could have done it four years ago but it was stopped by pelosi and reed. we got it done. that's one of my points in my plan but we have so much more to do. we have to act now and i have the commitment and no-how and fight, and i have been fighting for five years on the front
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line. i know exactly what to do on day one as president of the united states. >> let me ask you this. we've been covering a lot the occupy wallstreet protests. we will put up video in a second. but i'm looking at this and saying balm bach is supporting nancy pelosi is supporting them. and i'm looking at a poll that came out in the new york magazine, and they say the united states is worse than al-qaeda, that capitalism doesn't work, it's not going to work, and i'm thinking, okay, is this the president of the united states supports these people down there? let's see, you have people having sex on the sidewalk, walking around topless, doing drugs in the streets. are we looking at barack obama's democratic party when at the look at this? >> it looks like it. and george has been behind it,
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who funded and all these organizations. this clearly has nothing at all in common with the tea party, which was truly a grass roots movement. i think the president has to do anything but distract from his terrible program and agenda and job creation record. he's doing disastrously in the polls, but what is worst he's been a disaster for the viewers who are watching your show tonight because all across america people's houses are underwater. all across america they can't find jobs and he has no solutions. i want people to look at my job creation turnaround plan. we can do this. we can turn it around but we have to do it pretty quick. >> this is the worse housing crisis since the great depression. >> it is. 1 in 4 kids in poverty. american can do better and i think quickly. good to see you. we hope to see you out on the campaign trail. thank you. >> you will. thanks, sawn. >> coming up, more highlights and analysis of last night's gop
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>> you have seen a few highlights from last night's debate at dartmouth college in
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new hampshire but there are a few moments we want to roll for you. herman cain pitched his 9-9-9 plan aggressively. here's what he said when asked about what he would do to end the gridlock in washington and all the blow-back. >> present a bold plan to grow this economy, which i have put my 9-9-9 plan on the table, and it starts with throwing out the current tax code and put it in the 9-9-9 plan. >> it's a catchy phrase, in fact i thought it was the price after pizza when i first heard it. 9-9-9 will pass and it's not the price after pizza because it has been well-studied and well-developed. >> i think herm cain is giving naively a tool in his 9-9-9 plan of giving washington a new tax opportunity to get money through a sales tax. can we trust you that with your lack of experience you won't continually give washington the ability to take freedom away from freedom living people here?
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>> mit romney was hit on all sides on the subject of romneycare. > your chief economic adviso, glen hubbard, who you know well, he said that romneycare was obamacare. >> i care about people. our plan isn't perfect. glen hubbard is a fine fellow. i'll take a look at his quote. some people say that and just because they say something doesn't mean it's true. if the people of massachusetts don't like it, get rid of it. right now they favor it three to one. we all agree with repeal and replace and i'm proud i put together a plan that said what of i am going to replace it with. >> your plan is not going to do anything. >> and joining me is the author of the brand new sex thriller called "it's classified." nicole. and lori is with us. good to see you both.
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>> thank you. nice to be here. >> i say that because it's the first female president, the first -- it was in episode one and she has an affair in episode two. >> something like that. >> i haven't read it yet. >> i know. i don't want to ruin it for you. >> good to see you guys. all right. you got the two frontrunners here right now. this has been up and down. we just had michele bachman on. herman cain, mit romney, 9-9-9, romneycare, do you think anybody scored points? >> the liberal rick teak against the republican party, and the media goes along with it, we don't have any new ideas. you have to give cain credit for putting out a new, bold idea. he set the frame of the debate on the economy. they were all talking about his idea. washington is so broken i don't know why people would overreact to a bold, new idea. and it's what people are responding to. >> if at anytime in history i think the american people would
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be open to scrapping the income tax all together, it seems like this might be the moment. do you agree? >> i do agree. and the 9-9-9 plan is brilliant by herman cain. he's ahead in the latest poll that came out tonight. it's fascinating because it resonates, it's easy to understand, income tax, corporate, and national sales tax. but herman cain, and this is my problem with it, when he was challenged on it and they did analysis, he just said that analysis is uncorrect. >> what do you want him to say, i agree, i was totally wrong? >> no, i wanted him to defendant it. >> the economists that support him in this. >> they do but he doesn't have an actual economist on his team right now. >> he referred to one guy. he did say an economist has broken it down. he will have to answer questions about is it really revenue neutral. here's a concern that some conservatives called into my show on radio said, what if 9-9-9, once you open door to consumption test and income tax, what if it becomes 14-14-14?
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>> and that's not cain's fault, that's washington's fault. this is a moment we hold all institution, but especially the levers of the federal government in the the lowest esteem since our country's founding. that's not an unreasonable concern on the part of your callers and listeners. here's the other thing that i think was made really clear last night, that romney is looking stronger and stronger. and he is showing us the benefits of having done this before. and i feel better and better about his strength as a voice for our party every time i see him. >> i thought he was very sharp last night. i thought newt was very sharp last night. >> newt is always sharp. >> he's a great debater. his numbers are slowly creeping up. he's now at 11, 12%. >> he's improved his standing and he's also had a following in the republican party. but more people are -- again, the liberal critique of the party as a party of no ideas, couldn't watch the debate last night and not think we have ideas. >> this is a point that newt made in previous debates, that all of those guys on that stage
9:17 pm
would repeal obamacare, they would all cut tooks and they would all end burdensome regulation and all help us become energy independent so we have a dramatic contrast with this administration. >> absolutely. this is why question, why does the gop does not seem to be content with mit romney even after the chris christie endorsement this week? >> thank you for inviting me on your show. >> we are pandering here. and the stakes are so high. it's so emotional. but i think it's misread sometimes for discontent. we just want to get it right. >> that's why -- somebody called today, and said i have not decided, and people do not believe me, people say i think you are supporting herman cain, and another say no, i think you are supporting this one. the next 100 days is going to separate the men, women and the boys and girls. and in one sense it's going to make whoever gets the nomination stronger. and they are going to need it with the billion dollars of obama money be thrown at hem,
9:18 pm
right? >> absolutely. and it is interesting now covering wall street, wall street was his biggest backer and they are totally not there at all. in fact they are watchling a lot. there's a huge war right now or a lot of competition as to who is going to garner the most of the campaign dollars right now from wall street and banks. and with everything going on with the occupy wallstreet protesters. >> and who gets the nomination in the end? i will put you on the spot. >> i feel good about romney now but i would be proud to have cain represent our party as a nominee as well. >> definitely on the spot. i think cain because he has come out with a plan. >> i think it's too early to tell. >> you tricked us. you tricked us! [laughter] >> well, you know, that's my job. i was suppose to trick -- no. go back to 2007, it was rudy and fred thompson. >> and wesley clark and howard
9:19 pm
dean in '03. >> and this 100 days is important. >> nobody really shot them he was in the foot last night, which is interesting. >> good point. guys, good to see you. >> thank you. >> congratulations on your sex thriller. >> my dad heard that. >> he is going to kill me. >> and will it tarnish the white house once again? michelle is on the case. let's just say her momentum may be build be across the country but several african americans say they are not about to jump onboard the cain train. we are going to tell you why. and why are liberals attacking herman cain?
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>> now a short time ago a bombshell new poll released that could dramatically change the race for the republican nomination. herman cain is now the frontrunner, garnering 27% of the primary vote. now that is a 22-point surge in over a month. mit romney is second with 23%, rick perry is a third place finish. and if you are wondering where herman cain's new-found support came from, notice rick perry dropped 22 points since august and as cain rises to the top of the republican field, liberals are circling the wagons in an attempt to knock him back down
9:24 pm
and that includes cornell west. take a look at this. >> what do you make of what herman cain said? he did acknowledge that racism exists, but he said, you know, it doesn't matter that much. that more of it is about actually working hard and making opportunities happen for yourself. >> well, one, black people have been working hard for decades. i think he needs to get off the symbolic crack pipe and acknowledge the evidence is overwhelming. >> crack pipe? here was reaction. and a terrific new book, muzzled, the assault on honest debate, fox news political analyst juan williams is back. good to see you. >> thank you. >> and sorry about what happened on cbs -- >> mpr. >> it's almost a year. >> almost a year. right in the front ever the book i talked about how we had done a show that night. i didn't say anything to you and we were talk -- walking off the set and you said what's wrong
9:25 pm
with you? are you okay? and i said i just got fired. >> i'm so glad you worked here because of the series of events that happened. you got your roll increased, and i think you got a big raise, didn't you? >> oh, stop. >> yeah, but you did. >> what really struck me coming out of that, for people who say you and sean go at it, you two scream at you all of a time and all of a sudden there was a side of you where you were saying what's going on? >> well, people, politics is not our entire lives. >> no. >> it's most of my life. [laughter] >> but obama defeat is my number one goal right now. >> but there's a human side. >> and we talk about kids, and my kids play sports, and we can disagree. i think we may actually agree on this. i've known herman cain for over a decade now. i am not surprised by his rise, his personality, his warmth, what you see, his gregarious spirit. it's real. >> here's the thing. i was down in florida right
9:26 pm
after the florida straw poll and then i went to iowa as my new job here as a fox news analyst, and he said you don't appreciate herman cain people sadism don't understand what is going on. it's not that he's the flavor of the month, trump was at the top and bachman was at the top and rick weary. they say you know what? he's a real conservative. he is not a flip-flopper. we know he's a conservative. he has a coherent economic plan. he has that 9-9-9 plan that has great appeal to people, and secondly, they say he's the kind of modern comes into a room and has a presence, a warmth that they just eat up. >> why is this a phenomenon? and i hate this, if you are african-american, if you are a black conservative in this country, it's free reign. the proverbial crack pipe, bad apple, oreo, uncle tom. token. >> you know, and you think about it in terms of my book. you think about how the media doesn't grant any authority to
9:27 pm
anybody who is a black conservative, a black republican. you think about do they ever put on people like condy rice, do they put on thomas, and alfonso jackson? no. >> thomas sole is on tomorrow night, by the way. >> and i'm saying those advises are judged in authentic, not real. what you are thinking when you watch them, cornell west, they are so threatened because they know herman cain has real appeal and will bring conservative arguments to the black community that hasn't been there in generations. eisenhower got about 40% of the black vote. nixon, 32% of the the black vote. the republican party, for the most part now, writes off the black vote. they don't put money or time into organizing. >> reagan did. >> he tried briefly. but the republican party in the whole does not invest a great deal of efforts. but when herman cain said he can get a third of the black vote, i don't think he's playing games. i think a southern black man
9:28 pm
with his credentials, and his economic plans, the fact he was a success in business, you know, the fact he's a gospel singer and church going, about two-thirds of black americans in this country, according to pugh, they are conservatives and open to herman cain. >> your book is about this, and why in this day and age is this type of rhetoric, it's almost acceptable that conservative african americans are attacked in the most vial, vicious, hate full way, and it happens with regularity, juan. and i find it despicable. and you do, too. >> let me tell you something. on a personal level people attack me as a black conservative. compared to you, it's crazy necessary." but you have to understand the minute you vary from their box you are outside the box and you are to be viewed as a threat because you are challenging their way of thinking. and i think that's what is going
9:29 pm
on with herman cain for a lot of this kind of black political establishment. >> who came to your defense more? because you are a liberal. you voted for barack obama. you cried the night that he won that election. >> well, i don't think there was any american that didn't have pride in what happened, the first african-american president of the united states. >> that was a good thing. >> but when you talk about it, and people say are you a liberal or conservative, i say if you ask me about something about guy rights or gun control, i'm on the left but you ask me about family values, about religion faith, about education, the importance of education, i am a conservative on those issues. it's hard to put me in a box. but people want to know exactly where you are in the box every time. but i'm saying to you here tonight that i think when it comes to herman cain, a lot of these folks are threatened by herman cain, and they understand that herman cain is bringing new ideas to the table. i think specifically on the tea party front, people who want to say the tea party are a bunch of race cysts, they say how come the tea party is supporting
9:30 pm
herman cain? >> well, a rationale was this proves they are racists. >> they, they want to make him into a puppet, a token that's correct he's being manipulated by the white republican establishment. here's the news for them, herman cain is in fact breaking barriers and people should be proud of herm campaign his accomplishments. >> and one year ago you got a big raise and now you should be happy, you are in the top 1% and now you have to pay more taxes 23 obama has his way. >> if i can make as much as you, i'm glad to give. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> another scandal brewing for the white house in the wake of the solyndra loan. the solyndra loan. michelle is her [ courier ] the amazing story of whether bovine heart tissue can make it from australia to a u.s. lab to a patient in time for surgery
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>> as the white house tries do damage control, tax funded solyndra loan, there is another scandal surfacing. another loan provided sun power, a solar energy company. reports reveal the company received a whopping $1.2 billion federal loan guarantee. that's almost double what so lin draw got. and we are now learning this company, too, is in deep financial trouble. this should come as no surprise. questions are being raised about the timing of the lone and the company's political connections. the author of the new york times best-seller, michelle. >> i sense the white house is now being engulfed in scandal. you have the subpoena now of eric holder, you have so lin draw, and i think this is
9:36 pm
something people understand. you bundle money, get to the white house four times in a week, you get $535 million and it goes down the sue we're, and it seems like the good ole boy system. now you have this case, twice the money, 1.$2 billion, and we have the same scenario unfolding here. what do you make of it? >> it is a fiscal nightmare. and the spawn of solyndra are popping up all over the c side. there are many, many questions news outfits are rising, our colleague at fox business, elizabeth macdonald pointed out that it's very questionable why they got this money in the first place because after they got the the loan, they then turd around and were able to get another billion dollars worth of
9:37 pm
financing from a private french company. the political connections raise a lot of eyebrows. they should. george miller, the california democrat who has been pushing federal financing for this thing for a long time, has a son, george miller iv, who was a lobbyist, just so happens to be a lobbyist for the company, and they took interior secretary, ken salazar, on a nice little cozy tour of this facility last october as they were angling for this loan. and on top of all of that, the company is mired in all sorts of lawsuits over it's questionable accounting practices. why did they get the money in the first place when they were able to get private financing and, more importantly, when we are talking about the need for american jobs. this thing is going to create countless jobs where? not in america, but in mexico where they manufacture the photo solar panels that go into them.
9:38 pm
>> you can't make this up. >> no, you can't. >> there's one other point. the company carries $820 million in debt. this is before it even started. 20 million more than it's mark of capitalization and they still go the 1.2 billion from the government, guaranteed loans. one other point, congressman miller, democrat, now apparently he failed to mention top lobbyist, he's pushing for this, he failed to mention how george miller iv is the top lobbyist at sun power. can it get any more unethical? >> these things multiply like a virus. we talked before about a company that had a pelosi connection, that is also based in california. and then we have the solyndra thing that is still unresolved.
9:39 pm
we only had one head roll in that case, the department of energy loan officer resigned quietly but there are questions about when knew what and when. we have the countless friday document dumps that show a lot of people certainly should have known. ron emmanuel was named in some documents and the chicago press have been pressing him on that and he is still denying he had any roll in that or any knowledge. it's wonderful how these people have the convenient bouts of amnesia when we are talking about millions and billions of dollars. and in colorado, which is supposed to be the government success. we have the sons and daughter of solyndra where each of the jobs so-called created cost millions and millions of dollars. it's a bad bet. it always is for the taxpayer when you entrust these people who know nothing about the free market to pick winners and losers. we are always the ultimate losers. and both democrats and republicans have to be put on notice and put on record about that.
9:40 pm
>> i wonder -- i agree with you that both parties have been guilty of this, but we've never even it to the extent that this is happening. canada was in a recession in 2009. they have drilled their way out of it. unemployment in north dakota is just in the 3% range. guess what, they had a big oil find. it seems like they are forcing something on the free market that the free market is not ready for, or else the free market would have created it, right? >> well, yeah, and that's the point about circling back to the sun power example. if they can get private investments on the free market, why are they forcing and redistributing tax dollars to these risky bets in the first place? >> michelle, great investigative work as usual and we appreciate you being with us. >> you bet. take care, sean. >> time to check in with greta van susteran. by the way, i had to run defense for greta today. she had such a good show last night that there are some very angry people, but i am proud of you and couldn't be happier for you but i want you to know i had your back the whole day.
9:41 pm
>> there was some serious body blocking you had to do for me. i much appreciate it. hope you weren't injured. we know what happens around some places and i better keep that one pretty quiet. but we have a spectacular show tonight. the current speaker of the house john boehner joins us. and senator issa. he's interested in what's going on with "fast and furious." and the big one, herman cain surge to go number one. what do you think about that, sean? >> this is the next 100 days, greta, it comes down to this. and then we begin the process of electing a nominee to go against obama, the next president of the united states. >> and karl cameron said the primary maybe most 6th. >> then our vacation is done. >> thanks for block for me. >> no problem. >> thanks for protecting me. >> it's actually one of the great pleasures in my life. let not your heart be troubled. our great, great, great american
9:42 pm
our great, great, great american panel is next.
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>> tonight on the great, great american panel he's the editor of national review, he's a fox news contributor, rich lowry is here. president and of the new york civil rights organization. michael meyer, and the author of the book, jedediah bila is here. guys, good to see you. first of all, there was a new york magazine survey that was done. by the way, liberal magazine. it's not national review, rich. anyway, more than one third, 34% of the protesters that occupy wall street are convinced that the united states government is no better than al-qaeda. another 34% say capitalism can't be saved, is inherently immoral. i wouldn't to roll videos as we
9:47 pm
get answered here. jedediah, i look at the video and i look at these comments, and i'm thinking this is the modern democratic party. this is barack obama who he is supporting. this is who nancy pelosi is supporting. >> it's amazing the sentiment coming from there. you contrast that with the tea party who is pro constitution, pro american, and you look at the media spin of those things and you have the protesters on wall street being revered, and the tea party is demonized. >> russell simmons, net worth is $110 million according to forbes. kanye west earned $16 million last year. you have jay-z and beyonce, and apparently they went on a
9:48 pm
expensive shopping spree afterward. >> i don't believe they are anti-american. they are -- >> this is a liberal survey. >> you are stating a point of view. i happen to disagree. that's what we do in america. we disagree, protest, demonstrate. celebrities also run to the front of the line or come back on tv like michael moore and harry belafonte and the others because they want to have a sense of danielle. they want to say this is the interpretation of the thing. and numbers like kingdom, and days are numbered. that's what we want to say. it's not the wall street protesters message. >> but when 34% of that group are convinced that america, this country, is no better than al-qaeda -- >> and you can go on a college campus and get the same sort of sentiment. >> is that an anti-american sent met? >> you might get it among other class. it's not my point of view or your point of view, it's their
9:49 pm
point of view. >> they are comparing us with a terrorist organization is anti-american on its face. i think the irony of can way west and russell simmons, can way west is famous for having gold teeth, going to the anti-wall street protest. if they want to eat the rich, they could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> these people wouldn't thereby without can'tism. they are protesting the very thing that enabled they will to be successful. >> kanye earned an estimated $16 million the last year according to forbes magazine, and russell simmons, $110 million net worth. that was '09, eat probably richer. >> and susan sarandon $5 million for i guess one movie. >> why aren't they mad at them?
9:50 pm
>> they are. some wanted to speak and they did not get to speak. i believe everybody ought to be able to speak but not at my protest and not at your protest, let them have their own protest. >> did you see the atlanta video where john lewis was waiting for a 25 minute period -- i believe it was atlanta -- and they wouldn't let john lewis speak. and i'm watching this because i lived in atlanta. john lewis, a brave, front lines. the civil rights movement, got hit with bricks in the process of fighting for what he believed in. real hero. they don't let him speak. my wife said to me, they probably don't know who he is. >> of course not. >> is that possible, rich? >> yeah. one of my colleagues spent a lot of time down there videotaping and talking to people. and he said he was down there i believe it was yesterday, and one of the leaders, so to speak, of this group was standing there speaking and someone said do you support nancy pelosi, and she said who? who is nancy pelosi?
9:51 pm
so these are not very sophisticated. >> they don't know russell simmons either. they know j.lo and people like that. >> and am i right or wrong to say that is, and america will see that as barack obama, nancy pelosi's party? >> sure they will. that's a reflection of them. >> no, because those people are very angry with barack obama, and also they don't know her name, but nancy pelosi, because they doan like congress either. >> will people see that as the democratic party? i believe they will. >> not necessarily but they are embracing these people. >> which will come back to bite them. >> and ann coulter said that. >> she was right about begging chris crist city. and taking his inhaler if he didn't run. >> chris christie support, did he endorse mit romney? >> i think he did.
9:52 pm
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>> we continue to the great, great american panel. your reaction to last night. we started with you last time. your reaction to last night's debate? >> perry had to have a good night and he didn't. he was confused, he was vague,
9:56 pm
he was repetitive, he was listless. it's almost as if he's given up and he felt romney will beat him every time and he won't fight and he will fight different with ads. romney, economic issues is in his wheelhouse, he is good. cain was the center of attention and did pretty well. >> what do you think? >> herman cain reminds me with the guy that ran for new york governor, the montra that the rent is too high. and he keeps like montra, 9-9-9. guess what, herm herm, 9-9-9 is two high. i think it was ron by mit romney. you have to have something more than montra to have qualified to be president. >> it is interesting. >> you can run for president, but if you are eligible, does that make you qualified? >> it is interesting as pawlenty up and out, michele bachman up and down and perry up and down and now herman cain is up.
9:57 pm
the one constant is romney and i think he's gotten better in the debates. >> romney, i had a column today and i say romney is a skilled debater. he understands the debate. he doesn't answer questions he doesn't want to and walks around them. he's good with him. his problem is his record. romneycare political inconsistency. someone like cain, even though he fumbled in a couple spots, but he has everyone and their mother out there right now looking up 9-9-9 and he can come back. >> and cain also stumbled in terms of having loaded rhetoric. loaded rhetoric like a democrat plantation. why do you need that kind of language? loaded rhetoric that is really deadvice i have like blacks have been brainwashed. you can say blacks have been weened on politics but not brainwashed.
9:58 pm
he's immature in my judgment. >> but he is starring in the policy. >> the question is will he be able to maintain it? some people of that risen up have not maintained it. newt's numbers have come up slowly, four, five percent. now he's in double digits. i thought he had another good debate performance last night. >> he's been fantastic in all the debates. it's still a very volatile race. you have the sort of free-floating conservative opinion that was previously on trump and then bachman and then perry and now it's on cain. the big question for cain is whether it's sustainable. we have a whole new level of scrutiny that will come on with 9-9-9. it's not clear how he will defend it. >> the next couple days are critical or the next weeks. maybe less. but as you look at the candidates and you say, all right, well, they all have strengths and they all have weaknesses. you mentioned romney. you can look at, well, newt is probably his past, and go through the list of candidates. rick perry it's immigration and
9:59 pm
hpv. but they all have strengths, as well. >> they do. >> so who balances their strength and weaknesses the best? >> i thought an interesting person last night was rick san top.p.p.p.p. you compare that to perry. perry was given a pretty decent amount of time and he didn't do a lot with that time. rick san tore rum jumped in there and he had some fabulous things to say. i wish they would give him more time. i think it's about articulating the message. >> perry is lost at sea. mit romney was the strongest person and ironic to he that obama came out today and attacked him as a flip-flopper. who is more of a flip-flopper than obama? >> that's a great one. >> who managed their strengths and weaknesses the best. >> romney has presented himself as the most presidential. the debates are helpful to him in that regard. but it's still very volatile. and rick santorum is doing great and sitting


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