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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 14, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> jon huntsman comments there. not everybody loves it including rick perry's wife. >> as a health care professional, when i hear 999, i want to call 911. because it will raise the taxes. >> wow. >> but cain is not the only one that anita perry is attacking. hear who else she's going after. we'll talk to the governor today. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hey, this is deen cane and you are watching "fox & friends" this morning and so are we. >> i hope we have a superman kind of a day. we have to get right to your headlines this morning. there are explosive new developments in the solyndra scandal. first, fox news has learned new documents will be introduced at a hearing today that highlight the treasury department's serious concerns about granting loans to the now bankrupt solar company. this is "the wall street journal" reports a major investor in solyndra recommended the sinking company for a deal
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with the u.s. navy. a principal at rockport capital, one of solyndra's largest investors has a seat on the panel that recommends new technologies to pentagon. he reportedly suggested the company to the navy even though he knew they were struggling with cash flow. solyndra was on the verge of getting a navy contract but that deal fell apart after they filed for bankruptcy protection and raided by the f.b.i. a few years ago. he refused to ask questions last month. now out of a job, brian harrison forced to step down. he ran the company for a year before it went bankrupt despite having received a $535 million federal loan. and even a mike tyson connection. how can that be? solyndra wants to hire the trustee that hired the former boxing champ's bankruptcy. he would help the company restructure before it completely goes under. police are about to set more details about the deadly shooting at a hair salon in
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california. he's accused of killing eight people in that rampage including his ex-wife. last night, friends and family of the victims gathered for a candlelight vigil outside the salon. they say it's the worst mass killing in orange county history. a top haqqani leader killed by a strike outside of afghanistan. he helped plan attacks on u.s. troops. it's believed to be supported by pakistani intelligence. the white house didn't let a little soggy weather rain on its parade during last night's state dinner. the event held in the honor of visiting south korean president and the first lady of that country. after their four course meal, guests listened to a special violin performance, three trained korean sisters. those are your headlines this morning. >> big news in new york city.
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ashley webster is live in lower manhattan with the very latest. ashley, the police are telling the protesters they've got to get out of the park because they need to clean up because they're breaking the law and the place stinks. >> yeah, i'm standing in the middle of it and i can attest to that, steve, you're absolutely right. at 7:00 a.m. eastern, the owner of this property, brookeville properties is the owner of the park, says they will move in and clean this area section by section. they say they need to power wash it. they call the conditions here unsafe, unsanitary. in the meantime, in response, the protesters have been doing their part to clean up. they've been removing a lot of the debris and they in fact even called in their own private garbage truck yesterday to move some of the material out. but the bottom line, what happens now? will they in fact move when the cleaners come in? if they don't, the police will then be called in to remove them. but steve, there's another factor i wanted to add here. when the protesters are allowed back in, they will not be
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allowed to bring with them their tents and sleeping bags and all their other personal belongings they've been storing on the ground. that's when we could see a confrontation. >> yeah, that could be when it literally hits the fan. ashley, it's noisy even at 4 minutes after 6:00 down there. we understand that they are going to link arms and form a human chain so that the cops can't get them out. have they started that yet? >> no, they haven't although we have seen a growing number of people coming to the park this morning. organizers put out a call saying look, if you supporters come down at 6:00 a.m. this friday morning and show your support, we've certainly seen a large number of people joining the cause, if you like, down here. whether there's going to be some sort of organized resistance, i've spoken to a lot of folks here already. some say no, look, we'll move but we're going to bring back our tents and sleeping bags. others say they're refusing to
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move because they call this a ruse, a plan to bring the protest to an end. steve? >> thank you very much, ashley. we'll check in with you again as it continues to grow. they can probably get that together quickly. here's another important point. somebody owns it, they are allowed to make whatever moves they want and if they want to clean and keep you out, they can clean it and keep you out. number 2, i think it's important to point out, the afl-cio and the working families party have put out calls to say start arriving there at midnight. so you've got the organizers from the social media and then you've got the union who's are coming down there to have a stand-off with the nypd so you thought it was a big deal when 700 were arrested trying to cross brooklyn bridge. nine were arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct. this could get really ugly today. >> interesting thing is brookfield properties owns this particular plot of land. it's my understanding, brian, that they can come back to this area but they can't -- now, because brookfield properties is the private owner, they can lay down stipulations about what
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they can actually bring on to that property and that's why they're saying now, you can't bring back the tents and the umbrellas and the signs and any other paraphernalia. >> they should say drums, too. >> they should. >> what's going to happen now? what will this turn into? and you have to wonder about the politicians who decided to support this movement. if this is peaceful today, no big deal. if it's not, it presents a problem. >> well -- and one of the other things as we look at some more live pictures down there is after they -- they're going to clean it in thirds and after they've cleaned it and they don't get to bring in their camp gear again, they'll only be allowed to sit on the park benches. they can stand. they'll not be able to lay down and so, you know, the level of the lounginess of it certainly will be gone later on. >> but in the east, the winter might decide that will thin out the crowd. listen, not that anyone is looking at what's happening right now with the economy. wall street is saying, wow, wall street is great and the next generation has it easy. what are they complaining about?
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that's not the fact. wall street has got its act together. they have everything to do with what went wrong in 2008 and if you're a young person graduating college or going from high school into the work force, the stats are pretty overwhelming and you could see how they could be frustrated with the reality is. >> yeah, because there is really not a great job market for young people right now. and so there's an interesting editorial in "the wall street journal" today that says maybe these protesters have a point. but they're protesting at the wrong location. maybe they should be in washington, d.c. where at least the person who wrote this editorial believes that's where the jobs would be created. they should not be going up against the financial services industry, the energy industry, the millionaires and billionaires because in fact those are the job creators. >> so they understand the frustration but, perhaps, the wrong target. >> unemployment at 18% for youth as well as one -- they say there's one job for every five young people that are searching for that job. so the frustration is built into the system right now. >> absolutely. and somebody who is trying to take a look at that frustration
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and harness some energy behind his plan to change things in this country, herman cain. we've heard him talk about his 999 plan. there he is right there and we've heard him at the debates refer to, well, it's the product of my friend and economist rich lowry down in cleveland, ohio, now as it turns out we're finding another one of his economists advisors, art laffer, one of the top guys during the reagan years, he is behind 999 as well and loves the plan. here's art. >> what you really want to do on taxes is you wanted to lower the tax rate and broaden the tax base so you provide people with the least incentives to evade, avoid or otherwise not report taxable income and give them the least places to which they can escape. you want the very efficient tax codes that people don't try to cheat on or get out on and his plan does exactly that. it broadens the base
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dramatically and it lowers the rate and it's especially important getting rid of the corporate rate which is really a silly, silly stat. >> one of the things that people -- critics are afraid of if you give the government sort of the ability to change the whole tax code in this manner, that then who is to say they wouldn't raise that to the 20-20-20 plan at some point. so some critics have a problem with giving the government a green light on being able to do that. a lot of people say they love this plan. paul ryan most notably yesterday said he likes this plan. and haley barbour, the governor of mississippi who at one point was considering a possible presidential run himself says he also likes the plan and he went on to say he believes if herman cain were the republican nominee, he would sweep the south. his direct quote. >> yeah, so haley barbour in support unlike mitt romney who had a surrogate out there ripping it and bolstering his 58 point plan and you have michelle bachmann who joins us yesterday, she is not obviously for it but
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there are factions within the republican party who see a lot of merit to and including someone like paul ryan who is a head of the budget committee over in the house. when it comes to a vice presidential pick if you're the number one guy according to rasmussen and you're leading in florida and south carolina, if you're herman cain, you have to think about a number two and he brought out two big names. >> he did yesterday, he was talking on the steve gill radio show that is syndicated by radio america and he said -- >> is there a phone number where -- >> 1-800-radio-america. >> thank you very much. >> he said that he would be looking -- now, he's not giving them specifically these particular names, guys like paul ryan and jim demint. he likes them, in particular for what they stand for economically. he thinks the guys like that would fit into his cabinet. could be a good vice president. >> i brought up newt gingrich to him when he was here on his book tour last week. he said that's good. they might have a problem because they're both from georgia. apparently, you can't be from the same state. >> one state only. >> all right. ok, we're talking about haley
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barbour likes it, different people like 999. what do you like? do you like the plan? e-mail us, friends at we'd like to clarify a story we told you about yesterday during our program. the story was about a possible apology from president obama to japan for the u.s. dropping atomic bombs on that country during world war ii. we want to be very clear. there was never a plan for president obama to apologize to jap japan. we should have been clear about that and we're sorry for the confusion. all right, 11 1/2 minutes after the top of the hour on this busy friday. >> all right, coming up, unemployment benefits are set to expire come january. even though our next guest has been out of a job for more than two years, he says extending those benefits is the wrong thing to do. then -- >> anita perry fighting for her husband calling out herman cain's 999 plan. why she says she's ready to call 911. >> and former godfather pizza ceo herman cain surging in the polls. many polls have him ahead of mitt romney. yeah. now, he hasn't said who he would
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>> welcome back. the unemployment rate in the united states remains stuck at 9.1% and come next january, jobless benefits for millions out of work will expire. but under his jobs bill, president obama wants to extend those benefits again for the eighth time in his presidency. but our next guest is unemployed and he says they should not be extended. dan tollison is a researcher and a writer and he's got a ph.d. in politics and joins us now live from houston. good morning to you, dan.
3:16 am
>> good morning, steve. >> why do you think they should not extend the unemployment benefits again? >> because they have the alternative of doing what needs to be done to let the economy grow. that's what needs to happen so we can actually get people hired. you can extend unemployment indefinitely if the economy is not growing, what good does that do? >> so you want the federal government just to get out of that and let the free market take over and people find jobs on their own? >> the government needs to get out of the economy so that companies will have the freedom to hire people. i'm not sure if you remember that before the obama administration, there were many fewer regulations. that is slowly suffocating the economy.
3:17 am
we've got to start repealing these regulations and letting the economy grow again. i've heard an idea that capital can be repatriated from overseas. that's an idea. that might help the economy grow. >> sure, but there are still millions of people out of work who would need some sort of income. and the government right now in some cases is all they've got. >> that is correct. and the sooner we change that, the better. >> so, you know, there are some who say, look, even unemployment benefits stimulate the economy because you give it to people who are out of work and they're going to go and turn around and spend that money on food and all sorts of stuff right now. >> yeah, but where did they get the money from? they had to tax it from somebody or they had to print the money. that makes the whole economy go down. >> so -- >> you see where the -- what we need to do is shrink -- we need
3:18 am
to shrink the government and let the economy grow. >> gotcha. >> well, dan, we know you've been out of work for a long time off and on over the last couple of years. we wish you the very best of luck. >> thank you, mr. doocy. >> thank you for joining us live today from houston. all right. 18 minutes after the top of the hour. still ahead, drug smugglers getting creative. how they're getting across the border for a quarter. plus are you tired of seeing celebrities like these make money while throwing morals out the window? one college student is and she's taking action. courtney friel met with her and exclusively joins us next. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
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>> some quick headlines now and it's a fox news alert, you're looking live now at libya. you can see black smoke rising out of qaddafi's hometown of serte, right now, the country's new regime fighters retreating under heavy fire and mexican drug cartels are getting very creative in another story, they're not only dugging tunnels underground in arizona, they're cutting holes in the pavement and then they park cars over the holes to sneak the drugs right into the vehicles. >> clever. >> big shovel. >> one college student is fed up with celebrities that have a bad rep so that student is trying to put good role models back in the spotlight and courtney friel is here with this great new web site that's come out. >> happy friday, everybody. problem is the consumer keeps
3:23 am
buying and watching stuff with these type of people in it so aren't you sick of fame hungry starlets being worshipped in the press? one philadelphia woman sure is. she's launching a war on celebrity. >> the temple university student said she's fed up with talentless reality tv stars like the kardashians and jersey shore crew being brought up because of their salacious behavior. >> it's not like that it takes any brains or self-worth to do what they're doing. >> they are cashing in. mike the situation reportedly raked in $5 million last year. guiterrez says she doesn't think he's the best role model for her hard working peers. >> people that are making the money are acting stupid and immature. >> so she wants people to join her on-line community at that promotes hard work and traditional values. >> there's nothing wrong with
3:24 am
having morals, values and brains. you can go out, have fun, but yet still stay on track with what your goals are by using your mind. >> for reality tv, is hollywood bothered? actress kristin bell doesn't mind. >> i don't fault anyone for capitalizing on what's at their fingertips. the kardashians have built an empire and as much as we want to discount it, they're making money and they're very successful. people say reality television takes away from the jobs as actors but it's also driven by what good entertainment is. i watch "jersey shore" and i love it, you know, and it's a train wreck. >> train wreck. the creator of has already won support from nfl and nba athletes that have contributed articles and she plans to donate part of her site's proceeds to charity. i want to point out she does love celebrities beyonce and jessica simpson, ones that give back that are educated and have some business oriented things going on. jessica simpson, for example, is very successful at a clothing line. >> it's interesting because i'll hear from my kids, you know,
3:25 am
they'll watch "jersey shore" or the housewives show and stuff like that, it is a train wreck like that woman said there at the end but at the same time, they don't look to them as role models. they watch it like look at those people. >> as she was saying, it's so hard to get a job out of college and you see mike the situation making $5 million last year? from doing ridiculous -- >> so he does deserve something, i don't know if $5 million. >> occupy jersey shore. >> all right. >> i should have gone on the bachelor. >> that would have been good. i'm not sure how your husband would have felt about that. it's not the important thing! he'd understand. >> all right, courtney, thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> coming up next on the rundown, rick perry unleashing a secret weapon on his republican rival herman cain. is that weapon his wife? au >> as a health care professional, when i hear 999, i want to call 911 because it will raise the taxes. >> but herman cain isn't the only one she's attacking now.
3:26 am
>> and protesters in new york city being told to leave so the city can clean up. you're looking at live pictures of the park but they're not going out without a fight maybe. stuart varney is occupying midtown with us right now. >> happy birthday to usher. he's 33 years old and courtney says he's a very good dancer. ♪ [ female announcer ] erybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra ft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand.
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>> 6:30 on the east coast right now. fox news alert because the scheduled cleaning of the park here in new york city where those occupy wall street protesters have been going on four weeks now, that cleanup apparently now postponed and for the time being, the owners of the park are withdrawing their request for earlier in the week for police assistance during that cleaning operation so that brings in many new questions, the first one being why? why would they postpone this cleaning now? >> yes, why would the nypd change their mind, too? a showdown looms on wall street as they attempt to evacuate the protesters. joining us right now, stuart varney to react to this. first off, we thought maybe this
3:31 am
is the beginning of the end today because after that park was supposed to be cleaned, they were going to put in some new rules. >> i thought that after today, the movement would fade certainly in new york. if you can't have a sleeping bag and can't have camping gear, the numbers would not be the same. now, brookfield, that's the name of the company that owns zuccotti park that runs it, i should say, they have withdrawn their request that the police clean it up for the time being. now, why they did that, i don't know at this point, i'm going to speculate that it's because last night, the protesters started to clean the park themselves and brookfields didn't want to push the situation, they've withdrawn their cleanup request. that may be the reason. >> also, we had ashley webster with us at the top of the hour, one of your colleagues from fox business and you could hear in the background that right at 6:00 a.m. eastern time, the level of intensity was amping up, it was very, very loud and
3:32 am
the protesters had warned we're ready to get arrested and we're going to link arms and form a human chain so maybe they just figured, it's not worth the trouble right now. >> maybe avoid the confrontation because everybody knew it was coming at 6:00 or 7:00 this morning so a lot more protesters showed up. it would have been a bigger confrontation. maybe there's a desire to avoid that confrontation. look, i still say -- >> this is where i'm going to challenge you on this. i think this changes the whole equation right now. the idea that they get to stay here, stuart. >> it's just postponed for the time being. >> how is it going to be different in five days when they say we're going to clean up? more proceed toastors will come down and link arms and have the same situation. >> i think the numbers will start to fade away. rain and cold will do that to demonstrators. they haven't gotten the numbers. this is not a movement certainly in new york that numbers in the thousands. it's a few hundred mostly. let's not forget, it's the fringe of the fringe of the fringe. that's who is down there demonstrating and the rest,
3:33 am
those who are not fringe, fringe, fringe people, they're flat out socialists. >> so "the wall street journal" wrote today -- it was brought up today that it does not dismissing the fact that it's extremely tough for a young person coming out of school in high school or college to get a job, unemployment is around 18%. there's only 1 job for every five people that apply for it so i think the editorial's point is we know there are some real issues and there's nothing wrong withstanding up and expressing your frustration. >> fair point. fair point. i mean, youth unemployment in america is a very serious problem. go out and demonstrate about it. but do you really think you're going to fix the youth unemployment solution -- >> by sleeping in a park. >> by socialism? you think socialism will do that for you? give it to the government? you think that solves youth unemployment? i don't think so. >> new york magazine went down there and polled 100 of these people and they found out that only 39d of the 100 voted in the last midterm elections. 55 did not vote. five were under 18 at the time and could not vote. so it would be my thought process that the way that you evoke change in this country is
3:34 am
to exercise your right to vote. >> that's why i object to a comparison of this leftist group in the park in downtown manhattan to the tea party. there's a complete difference. >> tea party took action. >> the tea party -- >> political action. >> the tea party's influence, ceases to go through the legislative process. the behavior of the tea party people is totally different from what you're seeing in downtown manhattan. i think the adoption of the protests from manhattan by the left, by democrats and by the president, the embrace, i think, will come back to bite them. it will be an embarrassment. >> i think that's one of the components to this whole scenario where "wall street journal" suggests, you know, if you're going to target somebody, don't target wall street. tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs there, go to washington. if you really want to affect change because they want jobs, and the people who are clamping down on this economy from making jobs is our nation's capital. so go to washington! >> i should have said that myself and you should it very well, steve.
3:35 am
>> coming up on varney & company? >> well, we'll cover what's happening in downtown wall street. why was this clean up put off? why was that? what happened? >> i bet your first inclination about it, since they started to clean up yesterday on their own, even though here's one of the crazy things they did, they went out and they hired a company and then they rented a bunch of power washers, they don't have any water. there's no water in the park. that's kind a problem. note to protesters, need a tanker truck. >> all right, we'll be watching you at 9:20 on the fox business network. let's talk about this in the meantime, anita perry, the wife of governor rick perry of texas, haven't maybe seen a lot of her out on the campaign trail but now, could she be his latest weapon? could she be a good thing to try to bring his campaign back? she spoke out very openly and honestly yesterday. first, she criticized herman cain, the new frontrunners, 999 plan. >> because rick perry has been coming out with his economic
3:36 am
plan today. >> till he will you as a health care professional, when i hear 999, i want to call 911 because it will raise the taxes. if you have a sales tax in south carolina, correct? we have a sales tax in texas. it will take our sales tax that is like 8.25% and it will add 9% and it will be 17% when i walk out of here today. it will do the same thing to you. >> there she is yesterday in spartansburg, south carolina. here she is talking about her husband's plan that you just mentioned. >> it's simple. he doesn't need a 999 plan. he doesn't need a 59 point plan. he has one plan and he knows how to do it because he's done it in texas. and he has the conservative vision to get our america working again.
3:37 am
>> they admitted we've had a really tough month, we've been brutalized and beaten up and chewed up in the press to where there is a need today, we've been brutalized by our opponents and by our own party, so she feels like she's back against a wall. there are reports she was the one who told governor perry, you got to rehearse more. you got to get more sleep and refocus when you go on the campaign trail and there is enough time for him to get everything together as haley barbour went on to say, 90% of what's going to play out has not played out yet. >> yes, and also, to get back on the airwaves. a lot of people said let's hear from governor perry after those debate performances, let's get your message out there. guess what? today, he's finally going to do that and he's going to be visiting us coming up in about 50 minutes from now. live right here. he's going to talk about his new jobs plan which he will unveil later on tonight. in the meantime, the rest of your headlines and troubling news about our nation's airports. brand new report from the government accountability office
3:38 am
showing air traffic control airsors have skyrocketed in the last few years. some of the biggest mistakes letting an unauthorized vehicle or person out on the runway. if that wasn't bad enough, the report shows air traffic controllers have become twice as likely to read radar incorrectly resulting in several close calls like this one when two planes nearly collided at j.f.k. airport back in june. >> meanwhile, the mastermind behind a horrifying home invasion in connecticut now facing a possible death sentence. that guy right there due for sentencing later this month. he will face the same jury who convicted him of raping jennifer hawke and her two daughters before tying them up and setting fire to their house. dr. william petit, that is to say, the sole survivor, here's what he had to say after yesterday's verdict. >> i thought from the beginning that he was a lying sociopathic personality and probably at this moment doesn't think he's guilty of anything.
3:39 am
>> yeah. meanwhile, his co-defendant steven hayes pictured there was sentenced to death last year. he is now appealing his conviction. >> new video just into fox news. you have a chinese fighter jet nose diving into the ground at an air show. the jet crashed head first, exploded. the pilot managed to eject from the cockpit right before the plane slammed into the ground. he's ok. nobody on the ground hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> it's like the scene out of an action movie. police in florida chasing a car full of thieves at 100 miles per hour. the suspects were reportedly on the run after police caught them trying to use stolen credit cards at a nearby bank. that's when they took off. you can see them zipping down the highway before getting off at an exit and continuing to chase right through the neighborhood. eventually, the suspects fled their car and they took off on foot. that's when police were able to take them down. a little sports action because baseball is on the front lobe of
3:40 am
many people's minds. >> the front lobe, too, anybody who was watching knows it's been two great series. the tigers got a lucky bounce and stayed alive in the alcs. cabrerra rips a double breaking up a tie in the sixth. watch that. the ball goes off the base. yes, delman young has hit two of the four home runs. that's the second. game six in arlington tomorrow. they did pitch their ace last night. in st. louis, the milwaukee brewers got seven good innings out of randy wolf. as he outfoxed the cardinals. yet another clutch hit from ryan braun who put the brewers ahead for good as you're about to see, they edge out the cardinals 4-2 and tie the nlcs at two games a piece. game five tonight. coming up -- coming up amongst our guests, on kilmeade & friends between 9:00 and noon today, michelle bachmann will be with us live as well as geraldo rivera will be up there having some fun.
3:41 am
>> big show kicking off. >> at 9:00 a.m. eastern. straight ahead on this friday telecast, demonstrators taking on the government's crackdown on lemonade stands and now they can wind up in jail for a couple of months. what? judge andrew napolitano here to break down that case. >> plus, julianna and bill let you into their home on the hit reality show and now they join us in our home. they're live in the control room and on the way to the curvy couch.
3:42 am
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3:45 am
he is suspected of robbing six banks in that area. he got the nickname because he wore a wig during the first heist. meanwhile, apple fans including co-founder steve wazniak waiting on line to get their hands on the brand new iphone 4s. today. goes on sale 8:00 a.m. eastern. he said he preordered two iphones but wants to get a third for his wife. that's nice. speaking of wives and husbands, gretchen, you got one of which up there. >> i got a great couple here. marriage certainly isn't without its ups and downs and viewers of the hit reality series "giuliana & bill" have gotten a chance to see just that including the couple's struggle on their journey to become parents. >> dr. craft feels very optimistic about our chances which i think is a breath of fresh air. >> absolutely. we haven't had this much hope in a long time. this is very, very nice. you think we'll be good candidates? >> i do. i do. >> joining me now, bill and
3:46 am
giuliana. great to see the both of you. >> good morning. >> last time you visited the curvy couch, you said you were going to take a break on trying to have a child. >> uh-huh. >> what was the impetus to say, hey, let's try this again. >> we do what we called our year of fun and we did everything we wanted to do, everything we probably couldn't do if we were going through it and she was pregnant. >> drink a lot of wine. >> absolutely. >> stay out late. you know, took a trip at the drop of a hat. it was nice. >> it was fun. >> now you found this doctor in colorado and in vitro fertilization, you've had your difficulties of having to get pregnant the regular old fashioned way. what gives you hope about this doctor? >> a lot of people would come up to me and whisper to me, when i was getting a manicure, wherever i was, they were like go to denver. what's going on with this denver? and this doctor? and i looked it up and the guy has a 72% success rate to get pregnant. number two here in new york city, cornell medical center and
3:47 am
they're at 50%. >> somewhere in the range. >> honey, i've done my research, ok? >> i bet she has! i've looked up the statistics. for me, you know, if we're going to do it a third time, i want to go to the best and i just, you know -- >> because it's a very emotional struggle and it's painful and you have to do all the shots and now you're traveling to colorado. i want to talk, bill, about the rumors that when you were in italy on your show, people said maybe they're going to adopt a baby from italy? is that true? >> it's something we've -- we're not opposed to, certainly we're taking advice of our doctors and our doctors, especially dr. schoolcraft really thinks we're going to get pregnant, you know, through the ivf process. if that doesn't happen, we're open to all options and fortunately, there are a lot of options out there whether it's surrogacy or adoption, we're going to explore everything at our fingertips. >> in the meantime, you want to find a great couple. tell me about this new year's eve search for the perfect couple. now, i understand -- do they have to be good kissers? how does that work? how does that factor into the search? >> kind of.
3:48 am
no, it's for nivia's kiss of a lifetime contest and basically we're looking for a very deserving couple. a couple that's been through a lot this year and really triumphed. and the winning couple are going to come spend new year's with us in times square. >> vip style. >> who's this kiss sng>> that's us. that was bill kissing me last year on the nivea's kissing platform. >> that's how you apply if you think you're one of the deserving couples. >> we did it last year and the best way to bring in the new year's. you're from new york and obviously working. people don't realize how amazing it is to be in the center of times square with a million around you. it's an amazing way to bring in a new year. >> when you watch it on tv, it seems really chaotic. when you're there, there's this really nice calm that comes over times square. amazing place to be. >> it is a wonderful place to be on new year's eve. no other place to be other than there, right? people can go to this facebook
3:49 am
page and we'll link it to "fox & friends." >> good. >> good luck. >> thank you. we need it. >> hopefully next time you'll come back, you'll be pregnant. >> i hope so. i hope so. >> coming up next on "fox & friends", they were in the pursuit of lemonade liberation. now they could go to jail for months. judge napolitano opening up his freedom files next. one waitress didn't get the tip she was looking for. it was a big fat zero. instead, the customer gave her a tip, though, to lose weight! but then her revenge backfired. you don't want to miss that story. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> it's friday and we're dipping into the freedom files once again. this week, three people protesting the government's mindless crackdown. this is our first story on lemonade stands. they were arrested on the lawn of the capitol building. guess what they were doing. selling lemonade. yes, you can take your hands off your kids' ears. but for those three protesters, there was only -- that was only the beginning of their trouble. here with more on this story, fox news's senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. what's so bad about selling lemonade? >> there's nothing so bad for selling lemonade. for some reason, the government across the country have been cracking down on lemonade sales. typically, you know, $0.10 a cup. they decided to sell lemonade and what is essentially a public park but is adjacent to the capitol building. they get arrested because thur not allowed to sell anything on federal property without a permit. that's the beginning of their troubles. because they were in a federal judge, they had to give urine samples. they refused to give urine samples because the government can only require urine samples
3:54 am
from you when you're arrested for a felony, more than a year in jail. guess what? 180 days in jail for selling the lemonade and now 180 days in jail for refusing to give the urine sample. they haven't been sentenced to that yet. >> that's the potential. >> doesn't the government have more important things to do? >> i don't know, we want to find out if they tested positive for countrytime. so we never know. >> what was in their urine when they're selling lemonade. >> retain this man, he's passionate. let's talk about federal agents because they get off the hook, judge, after wrecking a $750,000 ferrari. >> the ferrari. >> how could you wreck somebody's ferrari on a test drive and get away with it? >> the issue is called immunity. the ferrari was stolen. it was in a federal lockup. an f.b.i. agent and a federal prosecutor said that's a sharp car. let's take it for a ride. they took it for a ride and destroyed it. the owner of the ferrari from whom it was stolen, perfectly
3:55 am
innocent person with a fabulous automobile sues the federal government for the $750,000 value of the car. and the federal court says nope, the feds are immune. whatever they do to evidence is their business. if it happens to be property, it's too bad. >> it's not fair. any proof that this test drive had anything to do with any case? >> no, they didn't. it's just the desire to go 100 miles an hour in a sports car. >> of course, you never let me borrow the ferrari which is part of the reason that we're here today. >> right. >> "freedom watch" also has a follow-up and it is about a newark lawyer and a u.s. district court judge william martini. >> that's paul, he's a lawyer defending himself in a conspiracy to commit murder. he's a former federal prosecutor. so in the same courtroom in which he once prosecuted people, he is now defending himself. because he was perceived as a danger to others, judge martini said i might put this ankle bracelet on you and let the federal marshalls tase you if you say something
3:56 am
inappropriately or do something inappropriately during the trial. >> during the trial. >> judge martini, great defender of the constitution that he is, changed his mind and decided it would be in essentially -- there's bill martini, an unfair trial if this guy had the ankle bracelet on and the threat of a tasering. >> he backed off. >> he did the right thing. paul against whom the evidence of guilt is overwhelming will get a fair trial. >> and judge, what you can do if someone is out of control in a courtroom is essentially warn them or send them out and that's back to the old-fashioned way. >> that's correct. >> so judge, correction made. the judge made a correction. going to watch you on "freedom watch" tonight. >> i have charlie rangel. >> what does he sound like? >> brian kilmeade, good morning! >> now, i remember. where's the judge, brian? >> you'll get the judge. tonight at 8:00, right? >> on the fox business channel. coming up straight ahead, the botched fast & furious operation
3:57 am
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so, why settle for gold when you can have so much more? chase sapphire preferred. a card of a different color. apply now at >> tgif, everyone. it is october 14th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. a fox news alert. the attempt to clean up the mess on wall street has been postponed this morning so what changed overnight? we'll have a live report from zuccotti park. >> and another day, another poll. herman cain in the top spotted but as cain climbs, governor rick perry sinks. does he still have a shot? governor rick perry live this hour. we'll ask him! >> excellent. plus you better be careful if you skip the tip on that waitress. she started social media man hunt to catch a cheapskate. one problem -- she found the wrong guy! and then it hit the fan.
4:01 am
"fox & friends" hour two for a friday starting right now. >> hi, everybody, it's deborah norville. good morning. you're so smart. you're watching "fox & friends." >> thanks, deborah. >> thanks a lot. fox news alert for you this morning. moments ago, the owners of zuccotti park in new york city calling off the cleanup efforts after a tense showdown between wall street protesters and police. that meenlz the protesters can stay for now. david lee miller live for us in zuccotti park. the number one question people want to know is why did the private company that manages that park decide to call off the cleanup? >> that is a question we simply do not know the answer to at this hour. i can tell you, though, there was a great deal of drama this morning. it was about 6:30 brookfield properties that announced they in fact had reversed their decision, wanting the park to be cleaned. the actual announcement made by the deputy mayor for new york
4:02 am
city, a statement was issued that said late last night, we received notice from the owners of zuccotti park that they are postponing their scheduled cleaning of the park and withdrawing their request from earlier in the week for police assistance. let's take a look at videotape we recorded a short time ago. they can use what they call a human megaphone. they can't have amplified sound. someone says something and another group repeats it and that way thousands can hear what is said. here is how the actual announcement was made this morning at the park a short time ago. listen! >> many here shouting that people united will not be defeated. they say they still have plans to march on wall street. there are plans for this weekend to have a march in times square. the cleanup itself has been indefinitely postponed.
4:03 am
those that i talked to say they have no intention of leaving. they see what happened here this morning as a victory for the demonstrators. many of them feel emboldened and say the demonstrations are going to carry on. back to you, gretchen? >> david lee miller live for us down at wall street right now. thanks very much for that update and that's big news because a lot of people thought if they cleaned this park and got rid of the protesters and then put in those rules they couldn't bring back their camping gear and all that kind of stuff that this would end but now there seems to be no end in sight. >> think about the merchants down there who have had their businesses boycotted or people avoiding that area or if you want to open up the door and smell the sewage that's across the street which has just emerged or people who keep on busting in, ripping off sinks and breaking toilet bowls or demanding to use the bathroom without buying anything, think about them, how disappointed they are. they have to make a living, too. >> sure and i'll tell you, somebody who has done ok in this is the police. so far $3.2 million worth of overtime to go ahead and keep an eye on those people. there is one other addition to
4:04 am
david lee -- absolutely right, the owners of the property brookfield properties did send the note to the mayor's office last night saying, you know, we're going to postpone it. according to the wires right now, they believe the brookfield company does, that they can work out an agreement with the protesters that will ensure the park remains clean, safe and available for public use. as you look at the live pictures right there, you must figure out they were braced for trouble because the fact that apparently some of the protesters. so far, they've gotten $150,000 worth of donations across the country. they took $3,000 yesterday and bought brooms and mops and rented power washers as well to try to clean up the park on their own. problem with the power washers, though, they forgot there's no water in the park. so they just rented something and it's sitting down there right now. >> i wonder if there was some legal issue as to why this [field properties company, though, decided that they maybe shouldn't kick these protesters out if in fact the protesters were doing the cleanup on their
4:05 am
own. there's probably a legal component here, folks, as to why that private company decided they better just let things stay as they are right now. >> well, when the guy, the ceo of the company sent a letter to the commissioner on tuesday and said in the letter, requesting help in getting the people out, that they were breaking the law. and because they -- you know, it's a public space owned by a private company, the law would be on their side. >> all right, the fact is "the wall street journal" wrote an interesting editorial today as they often do and they just talk about, look, there's no doubt about it, that's a youthful group that you see down there. most of them in their 20's and some are homeless just walking around saying it sounds like finally i have company but some of these kids are essentially one out of every five of these graduates whether it's high school or college have trouble finding a job. there's only one job for every five -- there's only one person who will get hired for every five that go for an interview. now, for youth unemployment, it's at 18%. so they have a real gripe. but in the wrong place because if they really are upset which
4:06 am
they obviously are, they should not be upset for millionaires and billionaires for those in wall street. wall street is paying their taxes and millionaires are paying about 29% of their income on the most part pour their taxes. and by the way, those -- the average taxpayer, excuse me, is 22 and for those earning between $50,000 and $100,000, they're paying 10% of their income taxes. who are they mad at? >> i think they're mad about the bailouts number one because they saw the bailouts, the federal tax dollars going to the banks and the banks ended up making a profit in some situations and handing out record-breaking bonuses over the last couple of years. that's, i think, what their main point is down there. should they be in front of the white house or the capitol building in washington, d.c. if they're upset about not being able to get a job? because is that where the effort should be right now to be angry? a lot of people would say there's too many regulations on businesses and obamacare, etc., and that's why people are not hiring. >> yeah. >> maybe a good point about why -- some of the things they're protesting but maybe they're in the wrong place. >> go to washington.
4:07 am
they had a protest down there, occupy washington, d.c., it really fizzled out. why? maybe as it gets a little colder here in the northeast, people start to gravitate down towards washington, d.c. in a month or so. maybe they'll get some action. >> see what happens. they definitely have the wind at their back now here come the weekend and it's going to be decent weather. they'll probably be in midtown. >> let's do other headlines for your friday. explosive new developments in the solyndra scandal. first, fox news has learned new documents will be introduced at a hearing today that highlight the treasury department's concerns about granting loans for the now bankrupt company. this as "the wall street journal" is reporting that a major investor in solyndra recommended the sinking company for a deal now with the u.s. navy. a principal at rockport capital, one of solyndra's largest investors has a seat on a panel that recommends new technologys to the pentagon. he reportedly suggested solyndra to the navy even though he knew the company was struggling with cash flow. solyndra was on the verge of
4:08 am
getting a navy contract but that deal fell apart after solyndra filed for bankruptcy protection. the solyndra ceo who took the fifth refusing to answer questions when congress drilled him is out of a job. brian harrison forced to step down. he ran the company for a year before it went bankrupt and there's a mike tyson connection now. solyndra wants to hire the trustee who handled the former boxing champ's bankruptcy to help the company restructure. police expected to release more details about the deadly shooting at a hair salon in southern california. the suspect, 42-year-old scott decrii suspected of killing eight people including his ex-wife. they were involved in a bitter custody battle over their 7-year-old son. last night, friends and family of the victims gathered for a candlelight vigil. shooting, this one, the worst mass killing in orange county history. take a look live now at libya where heavy fighting continues this morning. you can see black smoke rising above qaddafi's hometown. revolutionary soldiers making
4:09 am
their final push to defeat qaddafi loyalists. biggest obstacle to take the town, though, qaddafi's snipers hiding in the building. the national archives opened its national personnel records center in st. louis this week and it's a must for elvis fans who are obsessed with his army years. >> newly released documents have the military records of elvis presley and jimi hendrix and general george patton. he served in the army from 1958 to 1960. >> those are the headlines. cool. we've been telling you over the last couple of days about how herman cain has skyrocketed to the top tier in the polls. but we didn't have any poll information from after the last debate. we do this morning. scott rasmussen and company called 1,000 republican primary voters and no surprise, mitt
4:10 am
romney still on top. herman cain now tied with him. but look at this, newt gingrich is in double digits. he's at 10%. >> he's on the move. i don't know, our digital, chief digital editor says if you look for gingrich to move, move up and it looks like he is starting to move up. governor perry will be joining us shortly on this show. he is fourth. he's actually coming up in 20 minutes. he is fourth and that's got to be a discouraging number. >> right. also in the poll, 51% expect romney to be the nominee. but a majority of them think that either cain or romney could beat president obama. >> newt gingrich has done so well in these debates, that's not a surprising number. if there were to be any kind of a prediction, you might say that he will continue to go up in the polls. there's 13 more debates coming up. if he continues to do well, that could play to his advantage. >> in florida, the american research group did a poll. cain is up on romney by seven and newt is in double digits, the only other one with 11.
4:11 am
>> right. >> meanwhile, friday night if you were at bimbo's cantina, you may have seen a waitress by the name of victoria and she had a customer who not only left her a zero tip and i think we've got a picture of the actual tip. i also wrote you could stand to lose a few pounds. and she got angry at that guy whose signature is right there, she looked him up on facebook but found him and then bad mouthed him on facebook. problem. she found the wrong guy. >> the wrong andrew meyer put up the wrong picture so that poor guy said he was going to hide under his bed sheets for a couple of days. he didn't want to show his face. what do you think about this? is it ok to use social media now to do your own personal grievances like this when you make a mistake? for that guy, he's saying no this morning. >> that guy was living in texas and not the one living in seattle and evidently, someone
4:12 am
has sent back 100% tip. >> another andrew meyer on behalf of all andrew meyers so victoria is a little bit embarrassed. it's been a rough week. >> no kidding. >> coming up on our show, nancy pelosi sending this message now to republicans. >> under this bill when the republicans vote for this bill today, they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor. >> why she's making that accusation straight ahead. >> then u.s. attorney eric holder under fire for his failed fast & furious gunrunning program but this is not the first time he's been in hot water. so should he step aside? our political panel will debate that and so much more when we come back. that's our political panel. >> good morning. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables
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4:16 am
>> welcome back. attorney general eric holder under scrutiny in the wake of fast & furious, the operation that put guns in the hands of mexican drug cartels. this isn't the first time that mr. holder has been under the microscope but how does this affect president obama? our political panel tackles this topic this morning. lauren is author of "republic lost." bridgette cal an harrison is a professor at montclair state university and author of "american democracy now" and former new york senator al d'amato is a fox news contributor. where's your book, al? the other two have books out right now. >> i have a book that i'm going to send you, i published it. i think it came out in 1995 called "power, pasta and politics." >> very well. i'll get myself a copy of that. let's start the discussion on the attorney general. how does this hurt president obama if at all? do the voters care? >> oh, yeah. i think the situation with the guns, fast & furious, which holder initially said i didn't
4:17 am
know anything about. you'll find out that he was aware it was and he's trying to sweep his part and the administration's part and the justice department under the rug so they've sacrificed one person, the u.s. attorney i think out in arizona but the fact is it's horrendous. here you have agents in the united states, u.s. agent gets killed with these guns. here you have, i think, 200 people south of the border who are killed with the same guns. where were they? what were they doing? how were they monitoring this program? >> i know you were an obama supporter originally. the discontent for you, does it have anything to do with the attorney general or is it more broad? >> yeah, not really. in some sense, the attorney general is the one person in the administration who is doing exactly what the campaign promised it would do. >> like what? >> for example, the guantanamo decision and the decision to change the way in which they would deal with terrorists and trying terrorists. these are all positions of the administration in the campaign.
4:18 am
now it's an interesting lesson. maybe the attorney general is not supposed to be the idealist in chief. maybe it's more like an attorney general levy is a principled and honored man but very practical about his decisions. maybe the idealist in chief may be like the president who backed away from a lot of the campaign promises he made. >> very interesting. i want to take a look at some of the decisions that the attorney general have made that some people have questioned. in 2009 reopened criminal investigations into c.i.a. interrogators, read the miranda warning to the christmas day bomber. we move on and on and on. your analysis of how this affects the president, if at all. >> well, i think that we -- two things. first off, for supporters of the president, eric holder's behavior is not going to matter a whole lot. for detractors, i think this really gives fodder to the
4:19 am
sweeping notion of incompetence. i think that a lot of times we're seeing the president painted with the brush of incompetence when it comes to the economy, when it comes to many other domestic policy issues including health care. and this is just kind of another chink in that obama armor where he's viewed as being incompetent by having an incompetent individual at the helm of the justice department. i think the other problem, however, more importantly is one of the things that we'll see throughout the next 18 months is continued questions as the senator alluded to as to when eric holder, what he knew and when he knew it, in terms of fast & furious and that goes from incompetence to corruption. that's something the president doesn't want to be saddled with. should he resign, yes or no? >> it wouldn't be my choice. i wouldn't call on him to resign. i think he's been incompetent and done some horrific things. >> should he resign? >> i think the president should encourage him to resign in order
4:20 am
to start fresh, see a new fresh more aggressive president. >> lor sneloren? >> no, i don't think he should resign. >> president obama's campaign sets his sights on mitt romney calling him a flip-flopper and going after him on romney care. is that a good idea? plus now that southwest has bought airtran airways, it's taken one of its controversial policies and doubling down. who is going to pay more? [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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4:23 am
>> time for your news by the numbers. first 189, that's how many stores the gap will be closing. 189 here in the u.s. alone.
4:24 am
struggling retailers set to triple, though, the number of stores they've got in the country of china. next, 25. that's how many cruise lines will be offering major bargains this monday. the nationwide event being called the world's largest cruise sale. the love boat. and finally, two. that's how many seats airtran customers will have to pay for if they can't fit into one. the controversial policy comes from southwest airlines which just took over the company of airtran. all right, over to you and the panel. >> president obama's re-election team now going after g.o.p. frontrunner mitt romney. their goal, to portray him as a flip-flopper. >> one of his problems has been he hasn't inspired a whole lot of confidence, enthusiasm among republicans because i think republicans -- you know, across the political spectrum, people have the same question, if you -- if you are willing to change
4:25 am
positions. >> will this strategy work or does the president's team need to find a new tactic or maybe a new frontrunner? the polls keep changing. we're back with our political panel right now. let me start with you on this one. is it smart for the obama administration to assume that mitt romney is going to be the candidate and start the attacks now? >> well, i would think they would want mitt romney to be the candidate because what the republicans should fear as the democrats should fear is that the populous base does not turn out to really support the candidate and romney is not the candidate that the populous base on the right will turn out to support just like many on the left are disappointed on obama not taking up the charge to change the way washington works. so if he's going to be facing this deficit because people are going to stay home because they're not excited the way they were in 2008, i think they should want a candidate on the right where they will also have people not as excited who will not turn up, whether or not the core would support it. >> let me show you this latest
4:26 am
poll, bridgette, and i want you to comment on this and al as well. in head-to-head contest between romney and obama, romney wins at 40%. president obama at 33%. of course, the big, huge category there, not sure, 27%. what do you make of that, bridgette? >> well, i think that there is enormous dissatisfaction with the president. there's no denying that. and right now, the republicans are in campaign mode. so you're going to be hearing positive things, lots of information. the war has not yet begun. tactical battles that -- whoever the nominee is will clearly sully whoever the nominee is and will continue to sully the president. so i think in the knockdown dragout, there's still a lot left to be decided. i think if you put any candidate head to head with president obama right now, it's looking dead even because he really hasn't started the campaign and there's so much dissatisfaction in the country. >> how do you see it with the focus effort to start attacking mitt romney now? >> i think it's good for romney. i think they are projecting him as the frontrunner. and while the professor might be
4:27 am
right in the theoretical sense, if you could have that center right candidate that the party could get behind, but there is no one there. there was a big hope that perry would be that of tbut he kind o shot himself in the foot right from the go. he's been diminished. herman cain people have come to. but in the fullness of time, the party, right wing included is going to say, anybody but obama and they will galvanize, i believe, behind romney. he's not their first choice. but they are so desperate to win and obama is so intensely disliked by center of right that i think they'll put aside the fact that romney has these moderate positions in some cases that they don't adhere to. >> we got to leave it there, unfortunately. i do want to mention we have rick perry coming up on the show in just about five minutes from now. and in fact, he'll be joining us live. so we'll ask him all those questions about immigration plan
4:28 am
that's caused some controversy as well as his social security comments. and he also is going to be telling us about his new economic plan. then when a little girl steps on stage for her spelling bee, she didn't think that spelling sergeant would be to this. watch this. >> do you know a sergeant? >> my dad. >> wow, her dad is a sergeant. >> coming up this hour. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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for a free brochure, call the number on your screen. >> president obama's jobs bill got blocked in the senate the other day. he told the florida audience, that's ok, because he's a fourth quarter player. he said if late in the third quarter, but he doesn't miss his shots in the fourth quarter. the only problem is he's down 14 trillion, ok? that's a little hard. >> also took a big call from boehner yesterday. >> all right, meanwhile, that was jay leno and here we are. the polls are all over the place for the g.o.p. presidential race but the latest numbers are out. as of yesterday, the first poll we could tell since the debate earlier in the week and they showed that rick perry has slid
4:33 am
to fourth place by newt gingrich, mitt romney and herman cain. >> presidential candidate, governor rick perry joins us from pittsburgh. good morning, sir. >> good morning. how are you? >> just a moment ago in that commercial time-out, it sounded like you were singing a lullaby. >> i was telling the ladies here that they'll sing that song one of these days to their children. >> what song was it? >> it's just a lullaby that we sang to our children when we were growing up. >> i understand. all right. let's talk a little bit about the polls. you've slid into fourth place in the rasmussen poll after the debate the other night. what happened? >> well, polls are going to go up and down. i've run for governor three times in the state of texas and i've been ahead and i've been behind and now is not the time to be worrying about your position in the polls. we know they change. i don't know how many people have been ahead but people are not worried about polls right now. they're worried about jobs.
4:34 am
and that's why in pittsburgh in front of u.s. steel here in a couple of hours, i'm going to be standing up and sharing with americans a plan that will get 1.2 million americans working. don't need congress' involvement, just a president who has the courage to stand up to open up our federal lands and waters, to pull back those job killing regulations that have been going forward and to rebuild the e.p.a. those three sounding simple issues can truly get americans working. there are people sitting around the coffee table this morning in their living rooms worried about the future of this country and worried about how they're going to get back to work. this is a plan that will open up this treasure trove of resources we're sitting on in this country, make america energy secure and create millions of jobs. >> and i think, governor, it was so important that you did come out with the plan now today because, of course, herman cain has his 999 plan which has been getting a tremendous amount of attention and mitt romney had his 59 point plan. i want to go back to the poll
4:35 am
numbers because i think you have to be somewhat disheartening to have come into this race and be the frontrunner right away and then people started hearing potentially about your policies, specifically immigration, and paying for in state tuition for illegal immigrants and i think some conservatives said they just didn't want to be on board with that. your response? >> well, again, i'm not going to spend a lot of time worrying about the polls and after people really find out what we did in the state of texas that those individuals pay full in-state tuition and the choice was going to be whether or not we picked up the cost of having them on government programs or they paid full state in state tuition, they were pursuing citizenship and becoming part of the skilled work force. texans chose the latter. every state can make that decision on their own but in the state of texas we decided we'd rather have taxpayers than tax wasteers. >> governor, what would you feel we should do with the illegal immigrants that are here right now?
4:36 am
not only with school but what happens to them? >> well, this is an issue that has been pushed upon the governors of all the states, frankly, because of the federal government's absolute failure to defend that border and i think that's the issue that we got to get focused on and i've been dealing with it for a decade as the governor of texas. we put $400 million on that border to help secure parts of it for drug cartels, putting our citizens in danger. we put texas ranger recon teams and boots on the ground and the federal government needs to truly affect it. >> that would be great to keep them out. what about the people that are here? what do we do with them? >> that's a conversation that we've got to have with congress and the country. but i go back to -- that is not an issue that we're going to be able to deal with until we secure that border and securing the border with the boots on the ground and the technology to secure and create a virtual wall, i know how to do that but
4:37 am
you have to have a federal government committed to it and at that particular point in time, we can have a legitimate conversation about how to reform immigration in this country. >> let's talk a little bit about -- we just heard about herman cain's 999 plan reminding that he's shot up in the polls. i know your wife took a little shot at 999 yesterday. we'll play a clip of her from south carolina first. stand by, governor. >> as a health care professional, when i hear 999, i want to call 911. because it will raise the taxes. if you have a sales tax in south carolina, correct? we have a sales tax in texas. it will take our sales tax which is like 8.25% and it's going to add 9%. it's going to be 17% when i walk out of here to pay. soed it will do the same thing to you. >> governor, when you hear 999, is that what you think? 911 you better dial. >> i think my wife is pretty
4:38 am
spot on with that, you know, i can't think the voters in new hampshire are dying to get a 9% increase in sales tax because it's zero up there. >> income tax code down to 9%, though. >> a lot of people would like to see their taxes and me being one of them is flattened and simplified this tax system that we've got but the idea that we're going to keep that in place and add $0.09 of sales tax, americans, i'm going to suggest to you, are going to push back on that. it's a catchy slogan but when you really look at the details, americans are not going to buy into or trust washington, d.c. to leave that nine in any of those three places so you need a balanced budget amendment. quit spending the money. that's the real issue. like we did in texas, we've kept our spending under control. had a tax system of fair regulatory climate, fair and predictable and a legal system
4:39 am
that stopped what's been going on and created a million jobs while american was looming at 2 1/2. >> i have to is you about your secret weapon, your wife. are we going to see more of her speaking the truth as she sees it and is this part of your new strategy to get anita perry out there in front of people? my wife is very passionate about this country. she's a health care provider, nurse and daughter of an old country doctor and she knows that obama care will destroy this country's access to health care. you better believe she's passionate and she'll be out on the campaign trail professing her belief that america needs a president who is focused on creating jobs, getting rid of things like obama care. pulling back these job killing regulations and focusing every day on giving people who don't have a job today. hope that there is someone who is running for president that's focused on creating an environment in this country where job creators know that they can risk their capital and
4:40 am
have a return on their investment. 2 1/2 million jobs have been killed by this president and his activist at the e.p.a., for instance, we need a president who will open up our federal lands and waters, they'll pull back these job killing regulations and they will rebuild that e.p.a. where it's not a job killing agency. >> governor, good luck in your first big policy speech today in pittsburgh. thanks so much for joining us. hope to see you on the couch soon. >> you're welcome. we'll be there. >> this couch. >> all right. let's do a couple of headlines now because we have troubling news about our nation's airports. brand new report from the government accountability office shows air traffic control errors skyrocketed in the past few years. some of the biggest mistakes involve letting an unauthorized plane, vehicle or person on to the runway. and if that's not bad enough, the report shows air traffic controllers have also become twice as likely to read radar incorrectly resulting in several close calls like this one when two planes nearly collided at new york's j.f.k. airport in june.
4:41 am
>> now facing a possible death sentence. you have joshua due for sentencing later this month. he'll face the same jury who convicted him of raping jennifer hawke petit and her two daughters before tying them up and setting their house on fire in 2007. dr. william petit, the sole survivor of the attack, here's what he had to say after yesterday's emotional verdict. >> i thought from the beginning that he was a lying sociopathic personality and probably at this moment doesn't think he's guilty of anything. >> the co-defendant steven hayes was sentenced to death last year. he's now appealing his conviction. >> meanwhile, the house of representatives passing the protect the life act after an emotional floor debate yesterday. the proposed law makes it legal for hospitals to deny abortions to pregnant women with life
4:42 am
threatening conditions. house democratic leader nancy pelosi blasting house republicans for supporting the bill and attempting to withhold health care from women. >> they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor and health care providers do not have to intervene, it's just appalling. >> well, despite a strong showing in the house, the bill is unlikely to pass in the democratically controlled senate. >> overnight, two tornadoes touched down in central virginia. the storm damaged a number of buildings and ripped off the roof after this 18th century plantation home. so far, no reports of injuries. >> all right. meanwhile, we'd like to clarify a story we reported on yesterday on this program. the story was about a possible apology from president obama to the country of japan for the
4:43 am
united states dropping atomic bombs on that country during world war ii. we want to make sure this is very clear, there was never a plan for president obama to apologize to japan. should have been clearer about this and we are sorry for any confusion. 17 minutes before the top of the hour on this busy friday. >> this little girl got quite the surprise during a school spelling bee when her deployed father came from behind the curtains. they both tell us about their tearful reunion next. >> known as the tough guy in "avatar" but now steven lang is back with us stepping into another huge role and here to tell us all about it live. [ male announcer ] every day, thousandof people are choosing advil®. here's one story. [ regis ] we love to play tennis. as a matter of fact it was joy who taught me how to play tennis. and with it comes some aches and pains and one way to relieve them all is to go right to the advil®. i have become increasingly amazed at regis's endurance. it's scary sometimes what he accomplishes in a day.
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4:46 am
fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. >> welcome back, everyone. he commanded the screen as colonel miles in the biggest movie ever "avatar." now he's calling the shots at colony leader, nathaniel taylor
4:47 am
on fox's "tara nova." >> i'm not going to expend colony resources on a hunch. you would be walking right into an ambush. >> out there being hurt. >> yeah, if i had some proof, that would be one thing. i got the word of a little girl who managed to deceive me and every damn person in this colony. >> i know that but commander -- >> the answer is no. that's an order. >> that is an order. and joining us live this morning is actor stephen lang. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. good to be here. >> in this movie and in "avatar", you play such a good military guy. what kind of military experience you got? >> zero. >> that's called acting. >> did you watch "patent"? >> i watched it repeatedly. i think that's one of the greatest performances ever on film. >> how do you make the transition from "avatar" to "terra nova." >> well, you have to flip the coin.
4:48 am
corwitch was such a vicious cynic and nathaniel taylor, the role i play on "terra nova" is a total idealist so although they start from maybe close to the same point, the trajectory gets very split very quickly because he's got a heart of gold although he's quite autocratic. >> right. it looks like you're back out in the jungle. where does this take place? >> it takes place 85 million years ago on earth. >> why not? >> could be detroit. but it was lush back then. but we shoot it in australia actually. it's lovely there. >> lucky you! >> you were successful before "avatar" but how do things change after? you were here before, everybody had a sense it was going to be big but the records, i don't know if many people predicted that. >> no, no one anticipated the impact, the global impact that "avatar" would have. and, you know, it opened up a lot for me. things have, as you pointed out, things have been good for me
4:49 am
before. i've had a good career over the years but things sort of just changed a bit after that. >> did you change? become a little bit more arrogant and more pompous? >> yes, i've become a complete -- >> that happened to us. >> i'm a miserable person. >> turn me over to his agent, get me out of here! >> hey, i'm talking here. i used to be a relatively nice person. >> no, now -- i can't do anything for myself anymore. >> right. >> you had a man pick you up and put you on the couch. >> exactly. he's over there. come get me off -- >> you're a great actor. we're delighted you would be in the new fox series "terra nova" mondays at 8:00. >> thank you for having me. >> we're open for a walk-on part if you want to yell at us on camera. >> you've seen the heart warming video. meet the father and daughter reunited at a spelling bee. >> on this day in 1988, "red, red wine" was the number one song. >> i'll drink to that. >> it's a little repetitive but i like it. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
4:50 am
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it's that simple. [ male announcer ] apply online or at a bank of america near you. we're talking 3% back on gas.
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4:53 am
>> it was supposed to be a regular spelling bee and then this happened. >> do you know someone who is a sergeant? >> my dad? >> your dad. wow! her dad is a sergeant! you have a very special sergeant. >> how great is that? >> here with us, those two people in the video from jacksonville, florida, staff sergeant theron johnson and his daughter skylar, good morning to both of you. >> good morning, how are y'all? >> i'm doing great. skylar, they asked you, you're at this spelling bee and they asked you to spell sergeant.
4:54 am
that can be a tricky spelling but you knew -- how long have you known how to correctly spell it as you did the other day? >> well, my teacher had just taught us how to spell that word and i had forgot how to spell it so i pretended i was sitting in the classroom and then looked back at the board and then i saw how -- because everybody kept getting it wrong and we all tried. so she finally wrote it on the board and i just pretended i looked back on the board. >> that's great. that was a trick that paid off because you correctly spelled it and behind the curtain was your father. and sergeant, as you -- you're behind the curtain. and you're listening to your daughter spell it, what was going through your mind? >> well, i still haven't seen her up to this point. when i heard her voice, i was welling up and tearing up and i
4:55 am
couldn't believe in a few minutes i was going to see her and i was -- miss kahn was operating the curtain. i was like open the curtain. i felt like i wanted to open the curtain and go -- it was hard to hold back. >> i completely understand and we look at that embrace and there's some tears there. you had not seen your daughter since christmas, right? so this was -- this was quite -- this was quite a homecoming and reunion. >> oh, it was considerably. like i said, it was christmas holidays since i've seen them so it was a good while. >> well, it was -- it was such a good surprise and you had worked with the school down there in boca raton for two or three weeks to make it happen and it came off perfectly because the expression on your face and your daughter's face, absolutely priceless. skylar, how cool was it to see your dad in person? because you didn't know he was coming home. too cool.
4:56 am
and exciting and amazing! >> what else? >> a blast! >> yeah, i can understand. and you have been together ever since this week and what have you done? i understand you went to disney and other stuff, right? >> yeah. we went to disney world and magic kingdom and then we went to epcot. >> that's great. >> and blizzard beach. >> i love all those places and, of course, at one of those places is the happiest place on earth which would be in the arms of your father which you are. staff sergeant, we thank you very much for joining us with your daughter. we know you head back to iraq on monday. sir, thank you very much for your service and joining us live today. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> it was a blessing. >> all right. and skylar, have a great day at school today. >> thank you. >> you bet. that's great, isn't it? all right. still ahead, they've been occupying wall street for weeks and getting support from big
4:57 am
money making celebrities. so are those celebs heroes or hypocrites? geraldo rivera was down there and joins us live. plus can you talk like yoda? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute. ah, well played sir. get the app. try smart balance buttery sead. 's heart-healthier than butter. with omega-3s. 64% less saturated fat. andlinically proven to help support healthy cholesterol. ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ andlinically proven to help support healthy cholesterol. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. o
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's october 14, i'm gretchen carlson. thank you so much for sharing your time. i forgot to say tgif. fox news alert, so much for a showdown. the occupy wall street protesters, guess what? they've been allowed to stay now and the park canceling the clean-up. why? we're live from downtown manhattan. >> steve: and u.s. attorney general eric holder in hot water over the failed fast and furious gun running program. but this wasn't his first slipup. should he now step down? bill o'reilly joins us live with his take on the scandal. >> brian: look who it is. the founder in line for the new iphone. well, you have a chance to get it. if he's got to wait on-line. "fox & friends" starts right
5:01 am
now. >> steve: good to see that even millionaires and billionaires sit in the same folding chairs that we do when we're in line waiting for stuff. >> brian: i'm sure he does it for rock concerts as well. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines for friday. new developments in the solyndra scandal. first, fox news has learned new documents will be introduced at a hearing today that highlight the treasury department's concerns about granting loans to the now bankrupt company. this as the "wall street journal" is reporting that a major investor recommended it with a to deal for the u.s. navy. one one solyndra's largest investors has a seat on a panel that has recommends products to the pentagon. he recommended the company even though he knew it was struggling with cash flow. solyndra was on the verge of
5:02 am
getting a navy contract, but it fell apart. the ceo of solyndra took the fifth, refuse to go answer questions. now he left his position. brian harrison forced to step down. he ran the company for about a year before it went bankrupt. there is a mike tyson connection to all this. solyndra wants to hire the trustee who handled his bankruptcy to help the company restructure. police expected to release more details about that deadly shooting at a hair salon in southern california. the suspect, a 42-year-old man, accused of killing eight people in that rampage, including his ex-wife. they were involved in a bitter custody battle over their seven-year-old son. last night friends and family of the victims gathered for a candlelight vigil outside of the salon. the shooting, the worst mass killing in orange county history. new video from libya where heavy fighting continues. you can see black smoke rising
5:03 am
from gadhafi's hometown. rebels making their final push to defeat gadhafi loyalists. the biggest object stahl coo? gadhafi snipers hiding in the buildings. if you ever wondered how cavemen spoke, scientists say their primitive language sounded something like yoda? >> it's so powerful. >> gretchen: geraldo asks the question, how would they know that? researchers created a family tree linking all languages and found most early languages followed a subject-object-verb order as in, i you like, which is just how yoda would say it. interestingly, his speech is the word pattern children tend to learn first. those are your headlines, and your explanation, geraldo.
5:04 am
>> i you like this. >> gretchen: you like the protesters? >> don't bother me. >> steve: it was announced, we had planned for a big scuffle probably with the police because the police told the protesters to get out, but at the last minute, the company, brookfill properties, we've decided to postpone closuring them out because we're going to work with the protesters to clean the dump up. >> i think that was the right idea. let the freezing rain drive them away. to cause unlines physical confrontation, people get hour hour -- hurt, for what? it's funny. i drove down fifth avenue on the way to work, past the apple store right on 58th street there. and i swear to god, when i looked at the huge line on-line for the new iphone, they looked exactly like the protesters. they are basically young people n their mid 20, on their
5:05 am
parents' payroll and they're having the time of their life. >> brian: what do you know now after spending the weekend there that you didn't know then? >> they are sincere, brian. they're sincere about the disquiet that affects many people and you can't scoff at it. there is a tremendous frustration and fear. for the first time, people i know, people who have been high rollers are worrying about downsizing. they're worrying about their children's future. they're worrying about the huge cost of a college education and the rest of it. they're flailing around for someone to flame and they're also similarly trying to find a way to take this rage that they have, or this frustration that they have and channel it into something that becomes something. i don't fault them. i think that eventually the emotion will be spent, if they don't have a specific agenda. at least they're doing something. >> gretchen: this morning in the "wall street journal" there is a piece saying they understand some of the frustration because
5:06 am
it's so tough to find a job. i think of every one job, five people are vying for it. >> it's true. >> gretchen: unemployment for young is 18%. but are they protesting at the wrong location? this editorial says maybe they should be protest not guilty washington. >> i guess yes and no is my answer. at least in my opinion, wall street did lead us down the primrose path with the bundling of sub prime. aside of the lack of judgment in washington that allowed a policy where people without down payments could buy homes, then wall street compounded the sin by bundling them as securities and making a bunch of mumbo jumbo and saying, here, by these. and what happened? we tanked the global economy. >> brian: the securities, too. but as you know better than most people, too, is that fannie mae and freddie mac -- >> lost all our money? >> brian: right.
5:07 am
but you understand a lot of people that were affected by it. but fannie and freddie, if they were not there to back it up, it probably wouldn't have happened. >> i agree. i'm not going o debate what happened from 2008 on. i'm merely suggesting that i understand the motivation of these young people. listen, i'm very active in brooklyn law school, my alma matter. it used to be 100% of the people immediately went into a law firm, got a job. it was automatic. a slam dunk. now it's not so. now the best and the brightest get the jobs and the kids in the middle are really flailing around. they all have student loans. some kids are graduating -- i graduated with $15,000 in student loans. at that time, it was like i owed the gross national product of nigeria. >> brian: i plan to get some money from some nigerian prince. >> you got that e-mail? >> gretchen: could there be a legal angle to why these protesters suddenly are not going to be kicked out today? could that private company that
5:08 am
owns that park, could they face a legal challenge? >> excellent question. i hadn't thought about it. but of course they would. let's say forces used at the landlord's insistence to clear the sleeping bags. one little girl is holding on and they throw it into the back of the garbage truck. someone gets hurt. i believe they could conceivably be a legal action. absolutely. i want to briefly say one thing about hypocrisy and russell simmons and all these celebrities going down. >> steve: kanye west. showed up in a $350 shirt. >> cast your minds back. most of the audience watching, too young to remember the vietnam protests. in them, people were absolutely laying out their entire heart and soul. they were in the cause. they wanted to end the war in vietnam. but what was the secret motivation of the vast majority of those protesters? the men. it was the fever of being -- fear of being drafted. it wasn't the vietnam war, per say, they were protesting. it was them. their ass on the line and
5:09 am
getting killed. it was a matter of their life and death. so protesters are often self-interested specifically. kanye west, whether he's there with his 70 million or alec baldwin or some of these others, russell simmons, the rest, let them have the same right to speak out as anyone else. let them go down there and say, look at me. maybe you could be rich leak me. >> brian: even advertising for a bank. >> charles payne and russell simmons were on my show. charles payne said to russell, your down here protesting about wall street greed, you own a debit card company. you charge interest to these young people. how did you get the $100 million fortune? yeah, it's good point, but on the other hand, rich people can't protest? this is america. >> steve: all right. in america, people watch the geraldo rivera show. >> sunday night, 10:00 o'clock, we will be back in wall street.
5:10 am
so occupy wall street, last weekend you lied about me and said you drove me out when, in fact, my show was over. i'm going back there on sunday. so we'll see who drives who out. >> gretchen: i wouldn't want to go up against you. >> steve: check it out, 10:00 o'clock, saturday and sunday. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, an unbelievable sight aten air show. chinese fighter jet takes a nose dive into the ground, but the pilot lives. >> steve: one law maker wants to put a stop to new rules until unemployment is back to where it was when president obama first took office. senator ron johnson joins us live. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories --
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5:14 am
>> brian: 60,000, new regulations new businesses have been hit with. according to the small business administration, those regulations cost businesses $1.75 trillion each year. that was not missed by wisconsin senator ron johnson. he says we need to stop the parade of new regulations and he joins us "right on the money" here live. senator, not only do you say you need to stop, you even though the threshold to start again, and it's just over 7%. >> good morning, brian. yeah. thanks for having me on. you mentioned the $1.75 trillion. we mention that figure a lot. but people really need to stop and think about that. that's a larger figure than all but eight economies in the world. it's 12% of our gdp. that's what we heap on job creators every year. my act would stop the issuance of all new rules and regulations until the unemployment rate dropped below 7.8%, which is where it was when president obama took office.
5:15 am
>> brian: people will say, wait a second. another republican trying to drop regulations, so we have a polluted society with bad air and no ozone. >> brian, we're not talking about -- we do need to start rolling back some of these harmful regulation, but we're saying stop them. let's put a moratorium on and allow job creator, businesses to expand, and let our economy heal we start looking at the new ones. really, we do need to start rolling things back. nobody is talking about unfettered capitalism. we all want a clean environment. we don't need as many as we have today. >> brian: senator, now that you put that out there, have you heard any positive response from anyone on the democratic side? >> yes, as a matter of fact, we have. on a we're trying to work with other democratic senators to get their buy in. listen, every member of congress, when they go back in their districts and even as businesses come and talk to them in washington, they are enundated with story after story of businesses saying, this agency or that agency, get them
5:16 am
off our back. it's destroying our business. epa is one of the worst actors in this process. >> brian: senator, this week you had a chance to vote on the jobs bill. it did not parks not only did it not have a single republican, even lost some democrats and more would have voted against it if they didn't know it was going to be stopped. and the president has vilified you and your party to the point where you have protests going to your wisconsin office. correct? >> yeah. they went to milwaukee when i knew it was in washington, d.c. demanding a meeting with me. we certainly offered to meet with them. but they just came there with a lawyer, they wanted to get arrested. i don't quite understand their point. >> brian: but the president said, let your law maker know that you're not happy, that you're not voting for the jobs bill. do you hold the president responsible for some of the angst that's happening now? >> listen, i certainly hope -- hold the president responsible for not getting our economy moving again. no doubt, he came in with a tough situation, but his
5:17 am
policies moved this country in a 180-degree wrong direction. all the regulations created a high level of uncertainty, lack of confidence, that's when what's preventing job producers from having the confidence to expand their businesses and create jobs. we need to put the blame where it really deserves to be laid and that's at the president's feet. >> brian: my last question to you, you as a business person, have they tapped you, anybody tapped you to find out what is wrong with the economy and what you would do as a business american and not a republican? >> the voters of wisconsin tapped me to do. come here and try and fix this very broken system. brian, the federal government was never designed to run a quarter of our economy. that's what we're asking it to do. there is a reason this government is dysfunctional. it wasn't skyed to manage 25% of our economy. we need to start rolling back the size of government. that's really the solution. get government out of the way. >> brian: that's what you're doing with your regulation, when
5:18 am
unemployment goes below 7.8%, you can put more in there. senator thanks so much. >> thanks for having me on. >> brian: coming up straight ahead on the rundown, one waitress didn't get the tip she was looking for. instead, the customer gave her a tip to lose weight. plus, yesterday on the show, hulk hogan says he's the one man who can beat up bill o'reilly. how does bill feel about that? the king of cable joins us live. he's ready for the challenge perhaps. my name is ron orsini,
5:19 am
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>> gretchen: 21 men attention after the top of the hour. apple fans, including co-founder
5:22 am
waiting in line to get their hands on the new iphone 4s today. he says he preordered two iphones, but wanted to get a third for his wife. the white house didn't let a little soggy rain on its parade last night. the event held in honor of south korea's president. it followed the signing of an historic trade agreement between the two countries. pretty dresses. >> steve: meanwhile. >> brian: we've been telling you about the story. ten-month old baby in kansas city and it's really mysterious because we thought it was a horrific story of parents who had their baby stolen and now there is questions that there might be much more to that story. >> steve: yeah. the parents say that the little baby was abducted from the home in the middle of the night. jeremy irwin, discovered her missing when he got back in the middle of the night at 4:00 a.m., and the mom said that she last saw her daughter about 10:30 at night.
5:23 am
front door unlocked. several lights were on and one of the windows, they say had been tampered with. the couple also said their cell phones had been taken. >> gretchen: joining us with more details on this case, host of "justice" with judge gentleman mean -- jeanine, live in kansas city. good morning. i think the number one thing that's important this morning is that that surveillance video showing the mom going to the grocery store the night that the baby disappeared, there was some talk she was with an unidentified man who now police say is her brother. right? >> well, yes. my law enforcement sources told me that it was her brother, that it was an innocuous visit. even more than that is the fact that she was buying wine with her brother. so everybody thought she was buying wean with some gone and it might be scandalous. but she was buying baby wipes and baby food. and in addition to that, gretchen, she didn't have a license and she never drove to the store by herself.
5:24 am
so you've got behavior that certainly is not only innocuous or harmless, but it's almost exonerating. it was an ordinary day. she's buying baby wipes. this case is one honestly that has stumped law enforcement. over 1,000 tips at this point. they have tried everything. they have searched, they've rappeled from cliffs. they've ended up searching wells and they are following all the tips. but this is a case where the parents' story is consistent. they were on my show saturday night. they are consistent with the fact that she went to bed, that there was a baby monitor, but there was a dog barking or they had a dog that would have barked as well. so the question is, why didn't anyone hear anything? but the parents are consistent in their story. >> brian: did they take a lie detector test? >> well, the mother has indicated that she was told by police that she failed the lie detector test. now, whether or not she actually did, we don't know.
5:25 am
but we are now in the process of reanalyzing this story. they are investigating every lead. but i've spoken to the neighbors. i was on the street last night. everyone says this was a great family. they saw them with the baby. both the mother and the father. they were a loving family. no problems. what's unusual, guys is the fact that the one night that he goes to work until 4:00 o'clock in the morning, the one night that the door is unlocked which she normal low locks the door, is the night that the baby is taken, if you believe that. and the monitor should have indicated someone was there. the dog in the back should have indicated. you again, the parents just don't seem to be the kind of parents to do this kind of thing. but then again, you don't know. >> steve: yeah. there is a new face in this whole thing, too. bill stanton, a private investigator, you know, he's working on behalf of the family. >> brian: hired by the family. >> steve: he's working on behalf
5:26 am
of the family, looking for what he can, right? >> look, i spoke with bill stanton yesterday. i just got off the phone with him before i walked into this studio. whether or not a high dollar benefactor is funding him, he says he's bringing in a team of individuals to knock it out of the park and he'll find out what's going on. but let me tell you this, i have worked with police for 30 years. this kansas city police department is solid. they are working with everybody, state, local, federal, and they are boots on the ground in this case. over 300 cops involved in this investigation. so you know what? as i always said as d.a., whoever wants to come in and help, join us. but at the end of the day, the cops are the ones who are the ones with all of the information that can put together the puzzle. but make this case so unique and interesting and now the parents are releasing video of the baby to try to keep the story alive and we're going to be doing the
5:27 am
whole hour this weekend on "where is baby lisa." and we continue to talk to people, talk to the apparent try to figure out in this case. >> steve: we'll be watching. judge, thank you for joining us live from kansas city, thank you. >> gretchen: still ahead, rick perry now in fourth place in the latest poll. one of the voters -- what are the voters trying to tell washington? chris wallace will join us coming up. >> brian: then hulk hogan told us yesterday that he thinks he could take bill o'reilly. not sure, but thinks so. we asked bill how he feels about the challenge. maybe a few other things, like "killing lincoln" this hour. >> steve: watch your back, o'reilley. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> brian: welcome back. we have 29 hips until we can call it a weekend. hop in the shower soon. what movie do i sight when i say a good movie. >> gretchen: fred clause. >> brian: i have a new one. it is "real steel." and sugar ray leonard was here last weekend. finally a movie about robots boxing and i've been crying this
5:32 am
since gigantor went off the air in 1972. and finally we have it. >> gretchen: what's so amaze, my husband and i finally went to a movie and that preview, it came on. and we're like, what is that all about? and then a kid came in after the movie we were seeing, which was "moneyball" and he was raving to his dad how much he loved the robot movie. >> brian: see if you can plunge again. when you talk about news and politics, you talk about fox news sunday. that's where i find chris wallace every week. hi, chris. >> and let me tell you, i saw a movie this week, "the ides of march ," worth seeing. and you know, fair and balanced. all i can say is it's not a puff piece for the liberals or conservatives. in fact, they all look bad in it. >> brian: any robots? >> no robots. and then you wonder, brian, why they make fun of you. i don't understand. then you wonder.
5:33 am
>> gretchen: i was going to dig him out and say some would argue that some politicians act robotic. let's move to the latest poll instead. the gop leader board changing up quite dramatically. this is a rasmussen poll since the last debate. herman cain and mitt romney tied for first place. newt gingrich moving up to double digits. and rick perry at fourth makers 9%. what do you make of it? >> well, what i make is that perry has sunk like a stone and that herman cain has picked up most of that support. i think two things are interesting about that. first of all, herman cain is a very attractive candidate to a lot of people. he's got a terrific persona. he speaks in bold color, not pastels as ronald reagan used to talk about. 9-9-9 whether you like it or not, everybody knows what it is. and also, that's the flip side of it, is that there just seems to be a glass ceiling for mitt romney. and although a lot of the insiders, particularly after the
5:34 am
last debate, the bloomberg debate on tuesday were saying, gee, mitt romney really looks like the inevitable nominee. that's not according to republican voters who continue to look for an alternative to mitt romney and in this case, it's herman cain. >> steve: sure. and rick perry, the governor himself, says hey, hold it. the election isn't for over a year from now. hate to brag. >> no, no. but that's not true. the election is going to be in two or three months. the election -- he doesn't have to worry about november. he's got to worry about iowa and new hampshire, which could be in mid-december. >> steve: he says polls come and go. he was on the show just an hour ago and he said this about the polls. >> polls are going to go up and down. i've run for governor three times in the state of texas and i've been ahead and i've been behind and now is not the time to be worrying about your position in the polls. we know they change. i don't know how many people have been ahead, but people are not worried about polls right now. they're worried about jobs. that's why in pittsburgh in front of u.s. steel here in a couple of hours, i'm going to be
5:35 am
standing up and sharing with americans a plan that will get 1.2 million americans working. don't need congress' involvement, just a president who has the courage to stand up. >> steve: he's been up. he's been down. it kind of sounds like a country western song. but don't count him out. >> well, i wouldn't count him out. i'm not saying that. but here is an example. the fact of the matter is, he has gotten to 9% in the polls the old-fashioned way. he earned it. he's lost. he was autopsy the 25, 30, 38%, i think, in one of the polls. he's done terribly in these debates and there is a perfect example. they have a debate in new hampshire this last tuesday on the economy. what better time for him to come out with a three or 4-point plan and say, here is my plan to get the economy going. i did it in texas. i can do it here. instead, he says, well, i'll have a plan for you in a few days. he doesn't tell you what it is. no. in a debate, you got to -- romney, before he we know into these debates came out with a 59
5:36 am
point plan and he can sit there and point to it. you don't sit there and say, well, in a few days i'll have a plan. and all he kept talking about was energy and i think that's what he'll talk about today. >> brian: herman cain, you had him on at least twice on your show and his 9-9-9 plan is getting steam and he got surprising support from art laffer, and paul ryan. two people known for their economic knowledge. what do you think that does to the 9-9-9 plan? >> i think it helps a lot, particularly paul ryan. in all deference to art laffer, i think an awful lot of people don't know who he was. i do, 'cause i'm an old guy and i remember him in the reagan years with the supply side economics. but paul ryan, to have his good housekeeping seal of approval is a big deal and that's something that i'm sure herman cain will be talking about because he has seen as kind of the economic and budget guru of the new republican party these days. >> gretchen: yep. all right. thanks so much. we want to promote that coming up on your show, you'll have congressman eric cantor and
5:37 am
senator diane feinstein. that's going to be interesting because i believe that she -- didn't she go on the record and say the iran situation from this past week mean there could be more plots coming? >> she did. she's the chairman of senate intelligence and she said -- it was clear, she couldn't be too specific because i'm sure it was classified information. but it was pretty clear that she had been briefed that there are more plots, iranian plots, terror outside their borders in western countries. >> gretchen: we look forward to that. thanks so much. >> you bet, thank you. >> brian: we have more headlines. you might want to jot these down and go over them over the weekend. troubling news about our nation's airports. a new report from the government shows air traffic control errors have skyrocketed in the past few years. some of the biggest mistakes involving letting an unauthorized plane, vehicle or person onto the runway. if that's not bad enough, the report shows air traffic controllers have become twice as likely to read radar incorrectly, resulting in several close calls between planes in the air and on the
5:38 am
runway. i would get onstar if i was them. it's a lot easier. >> gretchen: look at this video. a chinese jet straight into the ground at an air show. the jet crashed head first, exploded, but here is the headline. the pilot managed to eject from the cockpit right before the plane slammed into the ground. he's okay and nobody on the ground was hurt. the cause of the crash, under investigation. >> steve: meanwhile, overnight, tornadoes touched down in central virginia. the storm damaged a number of buildings and ripped the roof right off of that 18. century plantation home. so far there have been no reports of injuries as that storm system moves through the mid atlantic and northeast. >> brian: a waitress in washington state launching a fullout facebook attack on one of her former customers. the problem? the customer left her a tip she wasn't expecting. zero cash and a note saying you could stand to lose a few pounds. she made it her goal to find the guy on facebook. so far she managed to find a man
5:39 am
with the same name and wrongly accused him all over the web. and he's humiliated and by the way, he's not in oregon. he's in texas. >> gretchen: coming up next, hulk hogan says he can take bill o'reilly in the ring, maybe. but bill not backing down. >> i think i'd be a big pinhead to get in the ring with hogan. i'd like to keep my head. but i am going to wear a bandanna tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, with the sunglasses on top. >> gretchen: o oh, oh we have the tape, o'reilley, and we're going to hold him to that when he comes up next. >> steve: you remember her as crystal carrington from "dynasty." find out what linda evans is up to when she joins us on the curvy couch. and first what's coming up on the weekend. good morning, folks. >> hey, great to see you. what are we doing tomorrow? >> member of the tea party movement say occupy wall street is no tea party and they don't like this comparison. they'll be here to explain why. >> and putting america back to work one odd job at a time. if you're looking for full-time
5:40 am
work or just extra cash, we'll tell you about a company called task grab it and how you can cash in. >> we're getting footloose with actress and "dancing with the stars" alum julianne hough that's this weekend on "fox & friends" starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. the bug is back. she's kind of pretty. >> not bad. the best approach to food is tkeep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the otr guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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5:44 am
>> steve: number one on all the charts. >> i'm glad you're reading them so closely. what do you want me to say, that the media is not covering fast and furious the way they should be? >> gretchen: i want to get your opinion. >> that's obvious. although cbs has been pretty aimpresssive. they uncovered the memos that made it obvious that holder wasn't really telling the true. maybe he forgot, i don't know. but nbc stays away from it because everybody knows it's a partisan media now. in america, you don't have an objective media anymore. it's gone. >> brian: what about the attorney general in particular, do you think he's getting an easier time than john ashcroft? he said let's close gitmo, the fast and furious, it's unbelievable, he's really hurt, which all reports are his good friend, president obama. >> he's the guy that was behind the mark rich pardon, the biggest tax cheat in american history, pardoned by bill clinton on the last day of his administration, who drove that eric holder did, look, i have
5:45 am
nothing against him personally, i don't think he's a good attorney general or in sync with the american people. >> steve: let's move on, a couple of nights ago during the debate in new hampshire, newt gingrich said look, we got problems with the system down in washington. we got problems with barney frank, chris dodd, he started naming names, telling who he would fire. before he took aim at barney frank -- >> do we have to do this again? >> absolutely! ladies and gentlemen, barney frank and this guy. >> stop the bs here! stop the crap! august 07, and 08, under your taught language, this industry was 90%! none of this was your fault! oh, no! people lost millions of dollars! it wasn't your fault! come on, you coward! say the truth. you're a coward! you blame everybody else!
5:46 am
you're a coward! >> steve: what do you think your blood pressure is right about this. >> look, when they come on and lie, what am i supposed to do? he lied! we played a tape of him saying it. >> steve: you showed the frustration that a lot of people feel. >> what you didn't show is right before the clip, we had shown a tape of barney frank saying there was nothing wrong with fannie mae and freddie mac. no trouble. then it collapses. then he denies he said it! come on! so i had to do it. >> gretchen: do you agree with gingrich he should be locked up? >> no. i don't agree with gingrich to be locked up. i think people should vote them out of office. >> gretchen: newt gingrich went up in the polls. maybe it was because of that. >> i think people may want him locked up, but such a thing called rule of law. that's what i said the other night to brother what's his name. >> gretchen: smiley? >> and cornell west. put them in jail! for what? you know, you can't just put
5:47 am
them in jail. you can do that in the soviet union, russia. you can't do it here. >> steve: sure. bill, one of the things that so many people are frustrated with is the fact -- the solyndra thing and you got so many examples of washington wasting our money. now there is this $36 million airport that was built and apparently the bridges that connect it to the planes and stuff like that, too short. >> last night on "the factor" we did this segment where casino, the federal government is a casino with our money. that's okay. here is a half a billion dollars. weee. but it might work. why don't they just go to vegas? faster. and it's green. the felt is green and red. put it on green, 'cause you're a green energy, lett the ball go around. it's the same thing. they gamble with the taxpayer dollars and when it doesn't work out, they say, well, i don't know. >> gretchen: you said you wouldn't mind paying more taxes if they would stop the waste.
5:48 am
it's never going to happen. >> last night, letterman, of course -- >> steve: name dropper. >> he was on the show, steve. >> so i told him, hey, all right. i'll pay a little bit more, but i don't want to pay for 16-dollar muffins. letterman of course doesn't know what that is. they don't pay attention to that. they don't understand the enormous amount of waste, so why are you wanting more of my hard earned money to buy 16-dollar muffins? if you can explain that, then we'll have a conversation. >> brian: it's very rare we get somebody on the couch more imposing than you. but we got that when hulk hogan said this. >> the only man that ever could beat up bill o'reilly, hulk hogan is here. >> i think he's bigger than me. >> gretchen: he might be able to take you. >> he's a monster. i met him a couple of times. >> brian: he is afraid. that's my take. >> he should be. >> steve: you told your factor factor viewers you were going to put on the bandanna and the glasses. >> i lied, though. i'm not going to do that.
5:49 am
>> gretchen: come on! >> where has this been? >> gretchen: occupy wall street. >> the glasses i can put on. i'm not messing the hair. takes 15 minutes to get it like this. >> brian: i like this. you can take him on. >> doocy, sit down before i hurt you. sit down. >> brian: and bill -- >> you want to do the news quiz anymore? sit down. >> brian: i also want to thank you because the other night, you came and went to bat for us with the whole hank williams thing and we appreciate it. >> it wasn't loyalty. you gave him a way to get out of it and hank chose not to get out of it. so what is his beef? i don't understand what his beef is. you know, i don't get these guys at all. they say what they say. you're going to say it? take what comes. don't blame somebody else. >> brian: it was a live interview. >> yeah, like this one. did you finery read "killing lincoln? >> steve: it's number one on all of the lists. i've started it. >> can we have a volunteer in tv land to come to new york and
5:50 am
read the book to doocy? >> steve: i can get the book on tape! >> that's right, you could. but you're too cheap to guy it on tape and i'm not giving awe copy. i'm not. >> steve: martha mccallum -- >> she read the book! >> steve: i know. come back in a week, i will have read it. it's the number one book in america right now, check it out. >> gretchen: thank you for coming here. >> all right, guys. have a good weekend. >> steve: put this on. >> gretchen: still ahead, linda evans shares her recipes for life. she joins us on the curvy couch right after. >> brian: she's got a new book. first, let's check in with bill hemmer. hey, what's happening on your show? >> very well. active down there, i see. right? the usual. where is o'reilley going? he's got one more segment. you guys are talking about money. why did the government give solyndra money and more on the way? there is a hearing. we'll talk about that. rick perry has a message on energy. his wife has a message for
5:51 am
america. wait for this. and now we know who was in that store with lisa irwin's mother the night her baby went missing. martha and i will see you in ten minutes on a friday edition ofrr "america's newsroom." that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> steve: she became a tv eye on -- icon on "dynasty." when her fight went down in history. >> i didn't cause your accident. just as i didn't cause your barrenness. i'm quite finished. >> i haven't!
5:55 am
>> steve: attention, real housewives. actress linda evans is taking us through her life's journey in her new book "recipes for life, my memories." and she joins us live. brings back happy times. >> i'm telling you, so many people are seeing this on television. a woman got in the elevator and says she wishes she could fight with me. i said i'm not in the mood. >> gretchen: it's so funny, because we learn in the book that actually your dream in life was to get married and have a family. >> that's right. >> gretchen: and cook! >> that's it. that's all i wanted to do. >> gretchen: now you're putting that into your memoirs. did a bunch of acting in the process, but you have come back to what you love the most, which is cooking. >> yes. >> brian: what did you bring? >> anyone can do it. lose your figure mashed potatoes as i put in there because of steve mcqueen insisting i keep eating potatoes to gain weight during a film which i've never heard of in hollywood. and john wayne, duke's crab dip. >> brian: john wayne? >> duke's crab dip. that's right. >> gretchen: 'cause you spent time with him?
5:56 am
>> spent time with him in newport beach with his wife. >> steve: unlike a lot of the new age food that doesn't have any calories, this actually has some calories and tastes good. >> it has flavor. this will please your soul. you will be pleased and people will love it. >> gretchen: what i love about your book is it's like vignettes with pictures, so it's easy to get through. and you talk a lot about your former love. >> if you're going to do it on your life, you better >> gretchen: where does she live now? we'll find out right after the break. >> steve: let's have some crab dip. looking good! you lost some weight.
5:57 am
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