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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 15, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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in this state. it's an mccalculation. thank you for sharing your views. that's it for me here in washington. but america's news headquarters rolls on. and taking over from here, jamie colby and kelly wright. and an interview with diane feinstein. >> jamie: this is a fox news alert. an american drone strike in yemen reportedly killing the son of an american born cleric awlaki. and just last month the u.s. drone strike killed anwar al-awlaki in the arabian peninsula. this is certainly the story, folks, we're talking about it, the new effort by the u.s. to end violence and atrocities, against the people of central
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africa and means more american boots on the ground and yet, another foreign land. hi, good to have you here, i'm jamie colby. >> kelly: i'm kelly wright, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters and president obama announcing the deployment of about 100 u.s. troops, jamie to uganda in hopes of removing this man that you're looking at. from the battlefield for two decades now, his lord's resistance army has murdered, raped and kidnapped tens of thousands of people. the white house saying our troops will be armed. but will only fight in cases of self-defense. and molly henneberg is following the story right now and joins us live in washington with more details and what's the exact mission, molly? >> hi, kelly, hi jamie. president obama says our troops are sent to help regional forces in central africa take down that man you were just showing, the leader of the violent rebel group there, the lord's resistance army or lra, the first of the troops deployed on tuesday and then in a letter to congress,
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deployed by wednesday and in a letter yesterday to congress. the president said, quote, during the next month, additional forces will deploy, including a second combat equipped team and associated headquarters, communications, and logistics personnel. the total number of u.s. military personnel going for this mission is approximately 100. and they'll go to uganda and likely south sudan, the central african republic and democratic republic of congo as well. they'll there be in a training and advisory roll and will not be fighting lra guerillas directly unless you're saying it's a matter of self-defense. >> that's the big question right now. because you're looking at this and seeing we're going in an observatory kind of roll, but what's the reaction on capitol hill to this? >> congress was notified late yesterday afternoon that these troops are being sent to uganda and that did raise some eyebrows, but largely, there was support for a mission to help the people of africa who suffered at the hands of the lra for decades.
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while, also some concern that this operation may increase in size. >> i think it's probably the right thing to do, but i think we ought to make sure that this isn't an escalatory kind of situation. >> reporter: and the top democrat on the house armed services committee, congressman adam smith said in a statement yesterday, i applaud the president for sending a small, but capable number of troops as a comprehensive response to this affront to human life. congress passed a law and the president signed last year calling for more u.s. help in africa fighting the lra. the defense department says that additional troops were not available to send until now. kelly. >> molly, thank you for the update. an interesting report coming out of africa as well. new protests breaking out in europe and that's going on today as well as worldwide anger over the benefit cuts, the debt crisis and corporate greed grows. in rome, for example, some demonstrators are turning violent. smashing windows, torching
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cars and you're looking at it, seeing rising from the capital. police out in force expecting about $100,000 protesters and some of the demonstrators even turning on each other. peaceful protesters meantime throwing bottles at violent ones, thousands also marching through the streets of germany, descending on berlin and frankfurt, which is continental europe's financial capital, 5,000 people there protesting in front of the european central bank. >> let's not forget what's going on here at home. the occupy wall street movement picking up steam yet again in new york, and the city where it all began. events are expected throughout the day today, including a march on a bank and later what organizers are calling an occupation party in time square. and an i am prooment tu march breaking out in downtown oakland, take a look there, and lots of chanting and cops kept them together and gathered them back towards the plaza where they have been
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camped out. the protest inspiring similar demonstrations around the globe. hundreds taking to the streets of melborne and sydney, protesting what they say is corporate greed, inequality at least as they see it and taiwan's capital city the scene of a demonstration and a couple of hundred gathering in front of taipei's financial district. >> kelly: an even bigger demonstration on streets of washington today. that's where thousands of people are attending the so-called jobs and justice march. apparently calling on congress to tackle the nation's high unemployment rate. the massive rally also coinciding with the scheduled reopening of the martin luther king, jr. memorial. peter doocy is live in washington with more. peter? >> yeah, kelly and right now we're actually standing just about halfway between the washington monument you can see behind me and the martin luther king memorial and they're going to march after
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al sharpton are done talking behind me, over to the martin luther king memorial. and you're talking about the occupy wall street, occupy d.c., occupy everything protest and a lot of complaints about those have been they're very unorganized. this is about as organized as a rally could be. look out, a lot of civil rights groups and labor groups, a lot of organized labor. a lot of the speakers here, very pro union. the slogan for every single speaker has been no justice, no peace and it gets worked up about it and justice that they want and social justice and the way that they think they're going to get that and since they had health care now, they want the jobs bill and right now not only are there no jobs, but there's also no equality. and so, everybody here has been very complimentary of dr. king and remembering him and urging everybody in the crowd to remember him. at the same time they've been complaining the way things are right now. not just in the country, but also in the economy and also in congress.
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and they've been saying, whoops, congress, you've got to get the jobs bill through. president obama, you've got to sign the jobs bill, but they've been very clear for the most part that they all are very supportive of the president and to think that he is the guy that can get the jobs done and want to get the job done and look out here, a lot of the speakers have mentioned they think the president is going to get reelected and a lot of people in the crowd, union t-shirts and afl-cio are wearing shirts from the obama buying campaign in 2004. back to you guys. >> peter doocy reporting from the nation's capital here on the grounds of the monument. thank you, peter. of course, catch extended coverage for the official dedication of the martin luther king, jr. memorial. that's starting tomorrow morning, sunday, october 16th, right here on fox news. >> back on the campaign trail. herman cain may have been the underdog, rather, for just a
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while, but a new poll shows the business exec turned g.o.p. darling, we've seen it before. candidates surging in the polls only to have the numbers fall sharply and fast, but while some struggle to find a reason for kane's rise. cain says it's no surprise to him. >> the american people have decided that they do not like the road that this administration has this nation on. the american people have decided that they are tired of political answers, political responses, and politicians, they want a problem solver in the white house. come 2012. >> so, is herman cain the real presidential deal or a flash in the g.o.p. pan? here to discuss it, fair and balanced. doug schoen, a former pollster in the clinton campaign and of "the five" andrea tantaros, good to see you. >> doug, who is herman cain's
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base? i read that al sharpton said that herman cain's politics, what did he say, basically absurd or a joke? >> it's certainly not al sharpton and his supporters, but it is the tea party, jamie. as rick perry has fallen, the bulk of his support has moved in the direction of herman cain and his supporters of outsiders and anti-systemic and they want small government and they want someone who has a message of optimism and change, which is what herman cain is offering at a time when people are deeply dissatisfied. >> but, andrew to make it be really in the forefront as he is at this point. does he not need to sway independence and perhaps some democrats that have become disenchanted? >> not right now. it's most important for herman cain to solidify the g.o.p. base and i think that doug is right, the reason that a lot of people are flocking to h herman cain is two fold.
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s' reaganesque, and a lot of people are looking to an alternative to mitt romney and herman cain is garying net particular and they're flocking to him and he needs to solidify and raise money. that's what's going to get him through the caucuses and primaries. >> jamie: herman cain says his 9-9-9 plan shifts the tax paying burden to those who least afford. can he overcome that challenge? >> well, in a republican primary that's not going to be a problem and andrea is right, that at this point, it's the republican base he needs to worry about. what he's getting with the 9-9-9 plan, jamie, is the sense that he's going to scrap the tax code, do something radically different, and give people a chance to have much lower rates, seemingly, and hold more of their on income. he so, i think it is an aspirational plan that says that at least he has new
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ideas, where the republican field arguably has 59 point plans. >> isn't that, andrea, a given, with the the g.o.p. base, that the lower taxes, will be attractive to that base? so he needs to show that he has something more, for example, prove governor policy intellect or experience? >> yes, he has to prove all of those things and that's a good point, jamie, if i were herman cain, i would be rolling out every week a different plan on energy, not just tax reform to do. he did tax reform and do energy and do a number of different things, foreign policy and come out and give a big speech every week to get get earned media, the media you don't pay for and to prove that he knows his stuff. but his message, i have to say is one of the best out there. it is a message that resonates with everybody in this country that hard work, if you work hard, if you have no excuses like he did. you don't harbor bitterness and i just put your nose to the grind stone, you can be a success in this country and that's a message that
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everybody should hear. >> is it a plus to not be quote, unquote, a professional politician in these times? >> absolutely. one of herman cain's distinguishing points, he is he' the only nonprofessional politician, he's never held office at a time when, with the protests we're seeing, the tea party, everybody is angry, i think, justifiably and bottom line, herman cain plays into that anger, with the sense that he's different, he's new and he's got a bold, different approach. >> what do you think, andrea, with the protests not only being here, but global? what the impact is on the administration and reelection? >> well, i think the administration wants this, and i think that they feel that they need this, because their base has been so flat for a long time and i mean, if you look back to the debate on the debt ceiling, the reason that the left lost is because they were nonexistent. the tea party that was really pulling the other way, and was able to influence what happened. so, i think that barack obama needs this echo chamber.
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i mean, they're spouting the class warfare rhett particul, a rhetoric, i think is going to back fire. people don't like this disobedience and disrespect in pennsylvania, ohio, so the crazy protesters are not helping the democrats. >> jamie: doug, finally, the economy is still the number one issue, the business experience of owning godfather's pizza is one thing. and running the country as a global leader is another. can he convince the american people he can turn around an economy in crisis? >> jamie, that's the big question, andrea made a very big point when she said he needs to roll out policy positions on a range of issues facing the country. right now, he is the real deal. whether he can close the deal is still the big question. >> jamie: that's a good point, too. doug and andrea, great to talk about it and we'll be watching he and the other candidates as
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every week goes by, thanks. >> yes, we will. >> jamie: thanks, guys. >> kelly: all right. tens of thousands of americans lost their lives in the vietnam war. now, the new way these heroes are being honored. >> jamie: are you looking for a loan to start a business or buy a home? we'll explain how you can get the money you need and guess what? you don't have to bother with a bank. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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>> welcome back. they sacrifice their lives for their country and now, there's a new effort to put a face to the thousands of names that appear on the vietnam memorial wall in washington. and julie banderas was live in our new york news room with all the details, julie. >> hi, kelly the vietnam veterans want to account for the men and women who loz their lives in the vietnam war. the campaign that launched this week, asking americans who lost anyone to submit pictures online via e-mail or through u.s. maim. and a miniature wall of the memorial and travelling exhibitions starting touring to collect the pictures. the photographs will appear on a wall of faces like you see
10:19 am
here, and this animation at an education center to be build next year near the vietnam memorial and online. the and the president says it will make visiting the memorial more powerful by showing the faces and telling the personal stories, but in order to do so they really need the public's help. >> the call for photos is a really important part of this exercise, because we need these 58,000 photos. we now have over 22,000, important because the photos really bring these people alive. you can identify with them. they're just not names on a monument. these are the real people. >> and the new education center will celebrate the service of not just the vietnam vets, but the servicemen and women going back to 1775 to iraq and afghanistan and the vietnam veterans memorial was built in 1982 and hoped to break ground on the education center in 2012. volunteers across the country
10:20 am
are being asked to help out and contributions are needed as well. anyone who wants to send in a photo or donate can go to build the back to you, kelly. >> that's a great operation, thank you so much, julie. >> sure. >> looking for a loan and hoping to avoid the banks? you're in luck. a new place people are turning to for help. going to each other. a website linking generous folks with loan seekers and many wonder what is the incentive. casey stegall with more, tell us about it. >> jamie, there are a couple of incentives. the concept is two fold. this is good for people who are looking to borrow money, but good for people who are looking to make an investment. so, if you cannot afford or you do not qualify for a loan, from the traditional bank. how about borrowing from a strange? you heard it right. that's what peer-to-peer lone companies like facilitate.
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they work as a middle man, matching you with investors anonymously and the people investing are just regular folks like you and me, looking to make a return. >> right now, i can get about 2% interest on a cd and i've invested with people like prosper and 7 to 10% so i'm playing bank. it's a little bit after gamble. these people could default on the loan, but that's why i decided to do it, get a little more than 2% on my money. >> now, the borrower has a fixed interest rate that's often lower than bank loans and credit cards, they pay it off with the same amount each month over a few years, the best way for people to protect themselves is to use reputable lending companies like prosper, or another big one is called lending club. and take kathy chan, for example, she started her office design firm with one of these peer-to-peer loans. she thinks it's an excellent choice for financially responsible people who need a little bit of help.
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>> if you're using it for the right reasons and present yourself correctly and you're actually know you're using the money for something that's going to come back to you. if you know what you're he doing, then peer-to-peer is a wonderful resource. >> and the popularity, by the way, skyrocketing. some data out there suggests that the number of peer-to-peer loans made in 2010 was up 800% from the year before. jamie. >> that's a huge, growing trend. thanks, casey. >> it is. >> american forces being deployed to yet another foreign land will break down their mission. >> and she's one of the most famous singers in the world. and kelly got to meet her, shakira using fame to help those in needs in a you few moments. and wait until you hear her inspirational story. ♪ 4g-- the next evolution in wireless technology.
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>> welcome back. everybody. time for the top of the news. u.s. special forces now head today africa. 100 of our troops will advise and fight against the army. decades of human rights violations and a potential showdown ends with a surprise in new york. and force troops to leave and pushed back overnight. the same folks turning violent in rome. thousands calling themself indignant and some smash windows and torching cars and attacking news crews. ♪ >> in america, one in four latino children are living in poverty. the white house is trying to change that through its initiative on educational excellence for hispanics and enlisted the helps of one of
10:28 am
today's most popular performers, shakira, a woman of great talent and as you'll see in today's beyond a dream. a latino woman with great compassion for those in need. ♪ >> her music and her signature hip shaking dance moves are electrifying. shakira has been mesmerizing audiences around the world from the moment she launched her career. and hard work paved the way for the colombian born singer, song writer and record producer to win coveted awards, like the grammy. beyond the stage and screen, shakira is using her career to bring academic excellence for the latino hispanic community here in the united states. the star was recently sworn in as one of the commissioners on
10:29 am
the white house initiatives on white house excellence for hispanics. >> latinos are the fastest growing group in america. and latino children are living in poverty more than any ethnic or racial groups. and they drop out of school and far too few finish college. as i've seen in my foundation work, the only road out of poverty is education of that i'm convinced. >> shakira knows that education can turn lives around. she explained she grew up being exposed to poverty and inequality in her native country of colombia. so, 15 years ago, at the age of 16, shakira launched a campaign to break the cycle of poverty. >> and working with kids who live in extreme poverty and who are very vulnerable to conflict.
10:30 am
kids that could be right now, could have been recruited by by the guerillas and instead on the way to college. >> kelly: since the early years in colombia, shakira created three philanthropic organizations dedicated to fighting poverty through improving education and her campaign, enabled her to help children in africa, brazil, colombia and other foreign countries and hopes her experiences will help her advise the obama administration on ways to encourage the hispanic, latino community to win the future through early education. >> the reason why many latino kids drop out of school and don't make it to college is because they can't have access to any type of development programs, they didn't get enough attention and stimulation and nutrition when they were young. if they would have gotten that kind of attention, then there
10:31 am
would be telling us a different story and telling a different story to this country and we care about this country and i care about this country and i live my own american dream. in my on way, and this country made so much to me, and a big portion of it is the latino community and i'm here for them. and they have been for me. >> shakira helping so many pursue their dream. and say that education is the most sufficient way to ensure economic prosperity right here in america, and she adds, there are plenty of students awaiting kids who start getting a good quality education, starting even before kindergarten and she's planning on having a joint early education summit sometime in the near future with the white house. well, nearly a half century has passed since the reverend dr. martin luther king, jr. stood on the steps of the lincoln memorial and uttered the famous words "i have a dream", this weekend history
10:32 am
will be made once again on the washington mall. a memorial to dr. king set to be dedicated. the first major memorial for an american who wasn't president and an african-american and of course, comes at a time when the first black man is president of the united states. joining us now, jehmu green of the women's media center and a fox news contributor. on the phone, julian bond, chairman emeritus of the naacp and welcome to both of you. chairman, let me begin with you, today is the day that people are looking at what's happening in the streets of america, jobs, and justice, and we're talking about dr. martin luther king, the dedication taking place tomorrow for his memorial. and at the same time, many people are beginning to wonder if president barack obama has been able to not only help the american dream move forward, but is he living up to the
10:33 am
standards of the american past in terms of the civil rieghts? >> i don't think that you can compare dr. king to anyone and say that that person didn't live up to dr. king's standards. president obama is doing his own job in his own way, facing tremendous opposition from an opposition that says no to everything he offers, if he were to say, i believe in the american dream, i wouldn't be surprised if they shouted in unison, no, no, no. so these comparisons ought not to be made. i think he's doing what he can and's going to be there tomorrow at the dedication and we're looking forward to what's going to have to say. >> kelly: jehmu, he'll say a lot tomorrow. i'm going back to 2007 when he was senator barack obama and this is what he said. let's listen and we'll bring your comment in. >> i'm here because you all sacrificed for me.
10:34 am
i stand on the shoulders. >> kelly: chairman bond, as well as jehmu, we hear him saying he stands on the shoulders of those who fought for the civil rights and wouldn't be in the position he is today were it not for the efforts of dr. martin luther king, jr. so, jehmu in terms of the civil rights leaders of today. how would they assess the contributions of president barack obama? >> well, i think that they, like everyone else, understands the frustration that president obama sees when we have 1.4 million african-americans who have been unemployed for over six months. and i think martin luther king would look at the president and challenge him to pick up the fight for economic inequality and looking at specific legislation of course, he would be pushing for something like the jobs act. probably would be pushing for more effort. and i think, you know, looking at the immigration issue as a
10:35 am
civil rights movement of our lifetime, i think there would definitely be a challenge and should be a challenge from civil rights leaders to really push this administration to take up immigration as a civil rights issue, but again, i think looking at the fact that martin luther king, when he took up his people's campaign, there are more people now living in poverty in the u.s. than were those many years ago. he would really be challenging the president to continue to fight against the republican policies that really want to cut on the backs of the poorest and low income communities in the country. >> and get mr. bond in here as well. do you think that jehmu is right f dr. king were alive today, would be putting pressure on president obama to do more. >> oh, i have no doubt about it. i'm sure telling the president you need to do more of this and more of this as he told
10:36 am
every president that came before barack obama were his life to stretch that far, every president who came after him. that was his job and what he saw as his calling and that's what he thought he was here on earth to do. to afflict the powerful and comfort the afflicted. >> kelly: i put this out to both of you. we're living in a day and time right now, as you both know. we have a hyper partisanship that is going on and we can't cross two aisles together and dr. king seemed to be able to get through that. getting you to a point where we can negotiate and get both sides of the aisle and sit down perhaps the at the table of brotherhood and chairman bond. do you think, he would address that today? >> i hope he would. i think he would. i think he'd try to, but, i'm not one who believes that we've suddenly entered into a period of hostile partisanship. i think it's part of the american system. it's the way we've always been. my reading of history tells me
10:37 am
there have always been factions and always been disagreements and probably, sadly, there always will be. >> if i could ad, kelly. >> please do. >> i think that dr. king believes that the purpose of, and this is a quote, that the purpose of direct action was to create a situation so crisis packed that would inevitably lead to opening the door to negotiation and so, i think when you look at the activities that are happening, not ju, you know, on wall street through the occupy wall street protests, but all over the country and actually being taken up all over the world, dr. king would be celebrating na direct action, the activists in him would be calling on the 99 percent to stand up, and have their voice heard in ways that very haven't in the, you know, just short few years president obama has been in office, really, combatting with the tea party. >> all right, we've got to go. like, i thank you so much, jehmu green for your insights
10:38 am
and chairman bond would love to talk to you more. i'll be there tomorrow and hope you would join me some point tomorrow to share more of your insights and spend more time with me and soak up all of your knowledge you have of walking with martin luther king, jr. >> thank you. >> kelly: jehmu, thank you very much. coverage of the official dedication of the memorial starting some morning, october 6th on fox news. >> well, engineering and on to the north pole. gary gastelu tells us the 2012 f-60 r-design may be one part rugged, but one part roadster. >> it's a sports car from a company not known for very sporty cars. the volvo f-60 r design is the swedish auto maker shot at competing with high performance combat designs. like the bmw 3 series blaming
10:39 am
its unique style with serious substance. >> they created racing poll star as in north poll, or north pole. it received aggressive new front and body work, a lower, tighter suspension, and braced between the struts and the chassis and improved handling, but the turbocharger has been cranked up to 11 or more accurately 14.5 pounds per square inch of boost, 325 horsepower and making it the most powerful volvo ever. the interior hasn't been changed much and remains very simple. but it does get new sports sets and leather steering and shift knob and nifty blue rings around the instruments that aren't necessarily supportive, but arctic circle. of course, being a volvo, there are plenty of high-tech safety features, including one that scans the road in front of you and slams on the front brakes if you're about to slam
10:40 am
into another. and torque that allows it to selectively apply the brakes and help the car steers and i louing them to go faster. the car is fast. the regular has plenty of power and this one is almost too much. and still, while it's got a great ride even on terrible roads like this, the overall sfl a little short of what you'd expect from a traditional sports sedan. i don't think that will get too many people out of bmw's, but keep volvo people looking for something more fun to drive and getting into one of those. the volume show f-60 r design. gary gastelu. fox news. >> jamie: if you want to learn more about the volvo sr 60 design go to fox car and new numbers are showing americans, kelly, spending again, it's hard to believe. is it really a sign of economic growth or just a temporary trend, retail sales? looking good, folks, we've got expert analysis. >> kelly: you look better than
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>> hooks looks like consumers are stretching spending power and sent retail soaring to the highest month since february. is it a sign of recovery or a temporary trend? let's find out. and good to see you, david. >> thanks for having me. >> i wish we had the assets to really go shopping, but apparently some folks are and i hear luxury goods especially. where is the money coming from? >> it's interesting, you know, like you said, it was a good week and friday was kind of a breath of fresh air and we had good retail sales and you know, it started off interesting for me on that day and the guy in greenwich from where i look and long lines, clearly an area that's going well and surprisingly, when you look deep into the number
10:46 am
of restaurants, and were well ahead of expectations, and the most oddest of all things, furniture was actually a surprise, i found it kind of interesting. >> and car dealerships, too, and interesting, people are buying goods at a time that so many people aren't working, and i'm just curious, if we're headed for a credit crisis. are people spending money they really have or going on a limb with credit cards? >> i think credit is clearly an issue here, i think they are starting to dip into credit more than they have been, but now what? they've repaired their balance sheets, quite dramatically in the past few years and perhaps they have more spending hour, but like you said earlier. this is one data point and i don't want to come on here and speculate that all is clear and that, you know, the all clear signal. it's clearly not that. it is one data point, but we're clearly, you know, we're flying at stall speed and one
10:47 am
engine of the consumer is working well and that's the consumer. >> what other consumer indexes or other indices or other numbers should we be looking at to decide if we're in a recession, going into another recession, double dip recession? where are we? >> where we are right now is, well, we are hovering close to the ground. we're not in a recession at this point in time. it's very difficult for us to climb out this have because one engine of the economy is clearly jobs. and we need at least 150,000 jobs per month to pull us out of this. >> jamie: we haven't had that in how long? >> i don't remember the last time i saw that. it's been a pretty long time. >> so, without it, what happens? >> without it, we'll probably muddle along, at this speed, in here. we could dip into recession if things don't get better and it's pretty clear this is what the election is about and clearly, americans are focused on electing a leader that could help dig us out of this. >> the holidays are coming and a lot of pressure on folks to
10:48 am
spend. are the retailers doing everything they can to get folks in there as early as they can or would it pay for them to wait? how are we going to feel at holiday time? >> i think online sales will pick up. we're actually seeing that. within apple, at at & t. a good portion of sales came from pre-orders online and amazon is doing great. so, online is really a hot ticket and that will do well and even ebay with the paypal is doing quite well. i think you'll see less spending in the bulk bracket department stores this year. >> watch those credit cards, folks, or you'll hate yourself in january. thanks so much. david, good to see you. >> good to see you, thanks. >> jamie: kelly. >> something we've been concerned about, the deadly listeria outbreak, it's getting worse. next, what you need to know to protect your family. we'll talk to a member of our fox news medical a-team about that. what's in the mail?
10:49 am
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>> it's not the prettyiest topic, but we have to talk about it. the listeria outbreak the worst in 25 years and experts say it's not finished. >> kelly: it can be frightening. an outbreak starting at a cantaloupe farm.
10:53 am
20 people dead and 115 stick. a recalled has been issued and consumers are warned that things might not be over yet. joining us now an assistant professor of medicine at mount sinai hospital, and doctor, we were just talking about this, this can be a frightening thing, but there are things you can do to avoid listeria and what one is to stop eating cantaloupes for a while. >> for most healthy adults not likely to get sick of the listeria infection. even if you get it less likely to set sick as other people that are immuno compromised. you need to be careful if you're pregnant, they're susceptible and newborns as well. those are the people we need to watch out for. if they et infected sick in 72 years and they can incubate for a couple of months. symptoms, fever, muscle aches,
10:54 am
stiff next, confusion and can lead to meningitis and that's what ends up causing it it would be fatal. >> jamie: why this one grower of cantaloupes. >> it's interesting why this one particular crop was cross contaminated, feces from animals or humans, and animals and cross contaminated. >> jamie: salmonella could happen in the same way, rats droppings for example, should we be watching more foods than cantaloupes? maybe there's a mention. >> you want to be careful of hotdogs and deli meats and pregnant women avoid those and unpasturized cheeses and milk and raw food. so, for raw meats and raw you poultry, you have to cook those thoroughly, at about 150 degrees fahrenheit and this particular bacteria, by the way is heat resistent so it's important to cook it that high. >> if i choose to have a cantaloupe let's say breakfast time and see a cantaloupe on
10:55 am
the table, what do i do to make sure at that i'm not going to be affected? >> you want to make sure it's been well-fridge rated. if you're going to eat it, scrub the outside of it very, very well and then cut through it and eat it, if it's at room temperature, four hours or otherwise toss it away and refrigerating it should be fine and make sure your refrigerator is under 40 degrees fahrenheit. this is resistent to cold temperatures. >> jamie: i had it before this morning and the segment i had cantaloupe and i'm not feeling well. and if you eat it in a restaurant, you know no idea how they're washed it and what about honey dew, maybe they grew other things at the farm? >> i think they pretty much have recalled most of them and generally, if you're going to buy them at the grocery store, make sure it's not rocky four brand. if you're a healthy adult you're he probably not going to get sick. >> kelly: i think for the sake of those watching we need to go over the symptoms again because the symptoms can look like something else?
10:56 am
>> right, he so, pregnant women need to be careful, generally looking at like a flu-like symptoms and generally mild, but the problem is that it can lead to miscarriage and still birth and premature birth. they pt may not get sick, but the fetus is at risk. for other individuals, fafrl with you get a fever and muscle aches, stiff neck and headaches and confusion, you need to seek medical. >> jamie: call the doctor. thank you so much. thank you so much, great to see you. >> thanks. >> jamie: good warning, folks, be careful. that's going to do it for us. >> kelly: up next the journal editorial report, have a great day everyone. >> jamie: take care. [ husband ] you ready for this? i just signed the whole family up
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