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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  October 15, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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need. i think the president could better spend its time to preter protect us rather than turn into a basketball game. >> paul: thanks it for the journal editorial report. thanks to you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you next week. >> jon: and fox news watch. >> i thought it was the price of a pizza. simple answers are always very helpful. >> i think the devil is in the details. the first person to fire is bernanke. >> we need to focus how we'll get america working again. >> republican candidates square off again on issues, looking to break away from the pack. and pushing to gain in the poll and garner more media attention. but has the media spotlight been too scorching for some? >> controversy, swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing, but the truth. >> jon: the congressional investigation into the government's failed gun
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running scheme moves into high gear. the attorney general served with a subpoena to give up details of who knew what and when did they know it. has this caught the attention of the media now? >> occupy wall street protesters. still at it. standing their ground. begging for media attention to further their cause. whatever that cause is. but are some in the media taking a guiding poll, defining the cause? >> the cause was acute propofol intoxication. >> the trial of michael jackson's death pits big media coverage with dis details and unsettling testimony. >> and a new test for budding journalists who want a job in our nation's capital. >> and on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor, judy miller. syndicated columnist cal
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thomas, jim pinkerton, the american conservative magazine and talk radio news host ellen ratner, fox news watch begins right now. ♪ >> well, republicans seeking the g.o.p. nomination and an opportunity to take the oval office from the current president, and yet again this week, going head to head on issues related to our u.s. economy. the debate produced by bloomberg television. >> this is the first for bloomberg, how did they do? >> i thought that the debate was okay. it was the coverage of the debate that was really quite jaw dropping at times. >> really? >> yes, i mean, i was astounded, first of all, ron paul, no mention of him almost anywhere, one article in msnbc and no one talks about the spin room afterwards and what their particular people were
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saying about them and apparently, like anti-everybody. and so, i felt the coverage and i also thought the pre-coverage and post coverage of a candidate cain was minor at best and i thought they reduced him and i thought this idea of calling him pizzaman. >> we wi'll get to that in justa moment. and hard to know how many people were watching, bloomberg is not rated in the rating system. and one baltimore sun critic said, oh, it's boring. >> you know, i think tgestalt was perry, he didn't have an economic plan and three story lines, one-- of the debate. one was decline of perry, second rise of cain and third was romney proceeds yet again closer to winning the nomination. >> some said that perry looked like he was asleep and had the
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camera shot on him a lot of time when he wasn't speaking and seemed either bored or asleep. cal, is there a media mormon fixation going on with the stories and publications delving into mitt romney's he religion? >> of course, the media dislikes anyone who worships anyone higher than the government. even they they may go to church like president obama went to reverend wright's church for many years, they really don't believe it. they'll come out on the side of abortion for everybody, and liberals things. you can worship anything you want, a tree. the thing about mormonism it falls into like the dallas pastor said, a cult-like thing, sacrificing chickens in the back yard for them. let's talk about herman cain, i want to get into the race issue. al sharpton questions his
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authenticity. cornell west, get off the symbolic crack pipe and harry belafonte. >> this is business as usual, he called secretary colin powell, i believe, a house slave, i think it was. i mean, the-- of considers, herman cain, a conservative, is going to get beaten up. not only by many black americans on the left, but also by the media that just can't take him seriously, as a candidate. but, i think that perry really hurt himself badly in this, in this debate by not walking an away from the mormon cult accusations. >> and perry and juan williams came to his defense and said, look, people like cornell west are threatened by an independent thinking herman cain, jim. >> they are, and they are he' threatened by any evidence that as juan williams said in
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that segment, that the country isn't just alive with racism. i mean, as juan said. the fact that obama got elected, a black president, elected four years ago, they, in the mind of al sharpton and the rest, it just didn't happen. and now, of course, the prospect of a second african-american getting on the ticket, perhaps, it's just, again, there's only one solution for them, which is denial. >> a lot of coverage about perry being, you know, half asleep and not being there. but there was really only one or two places that mention the fact that he had this economic plan and yet, then he didn't come out with it and i thought, i mean, if they were going to be sort of fair about it they should have really gone after him for that rather than his-- >> and here is what the media hate about herman cain, he's a self-made man, did it without help and affirmative action and liberals say you can't make it in america without us, and he's a threat to that
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entire system. >> i've got to get to this. abc's george stephanopoulos does an interview with herman cain and the lower third says pizza man. it was stephanopoulos dismissing of herman cain. >> well, stephanopoulos has an irritating habit quoting democrats, perhaps because he spent his life working for democrats. the i think it's kind of fair game to do a new york post or daily news tabloid approach to herman cain. if you can't think of a really good story to help explain why he's catching on as he has. >> i've got to squeeze in one more thing. can you roll the chris mathews, msnbc sound boat. >> and suppose they say gordon
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gecko, one of the bankers and making tons through lobbying washington and keeping taxes having to have been paid? >> mathews offering advice how to beat romney. call him a pig. >> i think if chris went up and held a 7-eleven he could plead guilty by diminished capacity. i haven't the foggiest what he's talking about. >> that's what i was going to say, makes no sense. >> beyond diminished capacity to full insanity. we're going to take a quick break. first to keep up on media stories during the the week, go to our website ab watch the daily bias bashing and check out the watch list section. next, are the liberal media in lock step with the wall street protesters? >> those demonstrations on wall street. they are anti-capitalism. they are free markets. >> occupy wall street protesters and others like them get more of the media
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spotlight this week. but have the protest sites become camp sites for a bunch of whiners and the liberal media? and congress issues subpoenas attempting to get the truth about a government failed gun sting. have the media tried to get the truth, too? details next on news watch. [ ] the real power in these tools isn't just the motor. it's the potential to turn plans into projects and rooms into remodels. it's the freedom to turn a single lithium battery into hours of doing. with guaranteed low prices on the names we know and friends in orange with all we need to know, let's unleash the raw power of possibility. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get a free ridgid hyper-lithium battery worth up to 99 bucks with select ridgid cordless tools.
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>> if a brick came through, i believe that they would be more gentle. >> political cometator and sometime comedian bill maher, take ago shot at this news channel for coverage of occupy wall street protesters. some of those protesters part of a millionaire's march. and to an affluent community in new york city. all right. cal, has lower manhattan sort of become a campground for the liberal media? >> when has it not been. you know the song "i'll take
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manhattan", you can have it. look at the coverage, the nbc reporter ludicrously pronounced it our arab spring. isn't that wonderful? and brian williams called it a protest against economic and social inequality. well, as business commentators on this channel on this very day have properly noted. the media and demonstrators ought to be out in front of congress and outside of the white house and fannie mae and freddie mac. that's where the problem started and where it continues for the 14 trillion dollar debt. >> or up in washington d.c. in front of the white house or congress or above. and you've been listening to npr's coverage of the protesters and what do you hear? >> my particular spin and president is that i agree with wall street he protests, however, given that being said, i listen to ncr's coverage and had one of my interns done that kind of coverage on radio. >> why? >> because it was totally unsided. >> and npr, i'm shocked to hear it. >> they interviewed people and
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it was basically a kiss up wire you hear, whatever, no real interest in demographics or outlining who was really there and nobody from the other side and 0 nobody from wall street. again, i believe, look, i'm in agreement with them. but it was very one-sided and-- >> were they playing violin music there? >> i almost drove off the road. >> if i can comment on that. i sense that the npr is quote, invested in this story, as a story, because npr was there at the beginning when nobody else was paying much attention to them. now, i'm he an independent member of the media ayn went down there and i was impressed by what i heard in the beginning, the question for me, and i haven't seen a lot of kind of inspiring stories on this, is where do they go? does this kind of peter out? does it build. >> and is this-- and what-- >> is this the liberal media's tea party? >> well, i think so. i think that the media research center, you know, has done some quantitative work on
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this and we can all intuit that we short of think that the media were much more critical of the tea party two years ago and wall street this year. but, the nrc did a study and said listen, in the calendar year 2009, that's 365 days, that three broadcast news shows did 13 stories in one year on the tea party. by contrast, the first 11 days, of occupy wall street they did 33 stories. >> sure. >> of course 88% according to the nrc was positive and that's something the numbers are discouraging. >> back to you, nbc's matt lauer said if the protesters are mad at president obama for not taking on the wall street fat cats. is he making up their cause? i'm the not hearing that down there. >> well, you can hear that and you can hear a lot of other things from the protesters. the amazing thing about this rally is that it continues to grow its numbers while not coming together with a kind of
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coherent message. so, you hear what you listen for, and that's what nbc was listening. >> cal, i've got to ask you about this. i was reading a new jersey newspaper and a high school teacher there of journalism, none of the less, announced in his letter to the editor that he sports these protesters down there. i'm going to read from it. i teach journalism, i'm all for the occupy wall street movement and your coverage focuses on the political situation that has made this pro pest popular the more it works to expose the hipocracies of our ruling on and on. and as a journalism-- >> why the newspaper, the circulation is down considerably. the advertising lineage is down and people aren't paying attention to it anymore and they have alternative sources for news and information. namely, this schanl, the internthe-- this channel and if you see something that you see is
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evidence of media bias, watch it at news watch,.com. coming up next, the media and the michael jackson trial. >> we do know the leave a parent unmonitored. >> courtroom drama unfolds as details of michael jackson's final moments gets portrayed to the jury in an alcon stuming press. are the details too detailed. >> the attorney general gets slapped with a subpoena in the fast and furious investigation. will the media pay attention now? find out next on news watch. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> the attorney general is dodging, lying perhaps, but more likely dodging. he certainly knew fast and furious. he should have said, i have known about fast and furious
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for months or a year. his answer was only a few weeks ago. that did not meet the legitimate test after top law enforcement officer sworn to give us the whole truth. >> california congressman darrell issa wants to know what the attorney general knew and when he issued a brand new round of subpoenas. eric holder it week demanding that holder provide more details about the failed gun trafficking operation known as operation fast and furious and so far the story has received scant coverage from the mainstream media cal, will that change? >> i hope so, i don't have a lot of faith. there's a difference between the way the media cover scandals or allege improprieties when a republican like george w. bush was in the white house and h henry waxman on every night and accusation of skull duggary and conspiracies and the rest, to democrats in the white house. we'll see, when eric holder walks out after news conference because he didn't
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like a question about fast and furious, that's an indication that at least some of the coverage is starting to get to them. >> ellen, would be appear to be a big story, fox news has covered this ten times as much as cnn. >> i thought that fox's article was the most balanced. the daily caller to the right. on talk radio stations i'm on and we do many hits a day. every single one of them, right, left and center has been asking me about this. >> you know, jim, cheryl akerson of cbs made some phone calls to the white house and got screamed the at, she says, because she was asking about fast and furious, here is what david of the baltimore sun had to say. the obama administration is in full campaign mode when it comes to answering questions about fast and furious and they prefer the media organization to come on bended knee, like nbc. do you think there's truth to that? >> i think there is, there's an emerging sub plot on this
11:53 am
story, which is restaurant the justice department and attorney general holder released the information about the alleged iranian plot to terrorize washington as a way of kiboshing, to be proven, but nonetheless provocative. >> jon:. >> you're shaking your head. >> i was skeptical of this iranian plot, because it didn't meet any of the way the pratts of the way in which, could normally do business you, but i don't think they'd go so far as affecting a timing of release of something so sensitive. >> let's move on to trials grabbing media attention these days, again, the trial of dr. conrad murray got a load of attention this week. you know, jim, for a while, people really weren't paying attention to trials or teleadvised trials and now suddenly clawed their way back into the public's consciousness, why? >> well, i mean, i guess maybe, a cycle, i mean, a fad, if you will. and simply, the trials are kind of ridiculous and absurd
11:54 am
and so on to begin with and the coverage of them, but dan abrams, a little reporter of nbc, and a website called media hype. there was, if you will, a golden age of john benet ramsey and laci peterson and court tv changed to something else and because of the horrible cases, casey anthony and conrad murray, they're making a comeback. >> michael jackson trial act these days? i mean, things are really-- >> i think when the public is interested in a trial you're going to get rather large ratings. and the pictures in this trial entered as evidence were extraordinary. and when you had a five foot nine inch michael jackson, 126 pounds at death. a doctor on trial who could go to trial for many, many years, i think it qualifies as news. >> showed the body online, and horrible, horrible. >> i agree with cal, i was
11:55 am
horrifying. >> if you don't know the outcome, that gives it-- like sports. >> and reality tv. >> amanda knox became a great american drama for a while. >> and casey anthony's lawyers, but thr ey're the girls next door and i thought, boy, not a-- >> from tv standpoint. cheap to produce and produce good ratings so ideal for the profit motive. >> i use today work for court tv for eight years, full disclosure, real life human drama. all right, we have to take a break, when we come back, a new challenge for wannabe political reporters. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios... five whole grains, 110 calories.
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