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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOXNEWSW  October 18, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. >>megyn: thank you for watching, everyone. here is shepard. >>shepard: good afternoon from st. louis where the numbers begins anew. huge celebrations in the middle east as the palestinians release an israeli soldier kept for five years. in exchange, hundreds of palestinian prisoners go free. a live report. a lawyer for the mother of a missing ten-month-old baby girl says his client has nothing to hide. he is a high-from file lawyer as we learn more when the mom claim she last saw the little girl alive. all the details ahead. plus, bear alert. a cub caught wandering through the aisles of a grocery store, all ahead unless breaking news changes everything.
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welcome to a special program live from busch stadium in st. louis, missouri, the arch over the back, here, and we are ready for baseball the 107th world series starts here tomorrow night. the rangers from texas taking on the home team, st. louis cardinals. here we are, the sportswriters expecting a lot offense from the two best-hitting teams in all of baseball. we will take a closer look at the cards and the rangers. we also can expect to hear special guests from tomorrow night. we will keep that a secret but, picture, the first lady scheduled to appear with the vice president's wife welcoming military veterans returning home from wars overseas. major league baseball dedicating game one of the world series to veterans and their families all around the world. we will be here tomorrow to pay tribute to them and to get things started on "studio b" and fox report. but, first, fox news is
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america's election headquarters. at 2:00 here in st. louis. the republican contenders for the white house set to meet just hours from now happening in las vegas a key battleground state of nevada with the highest unemployment rate in all the nation: 13.4 percent officially compared to 9.1 percent but in las vegas they will say the real number is closer to tenth percent. las vegas has seen the jobless rate jump to the highest of any major metropolitan area in the nation and the housing market has crashed. tonight, businessman herman cain will walk on stage as the frontrunner, one of the frontrunner and he could be on defense yet again this time not just over the 9-9-9 tax plan but, also, a recent comment about immigration and building an electrified fence on the
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mexican and american border. carl, herman cain says he is kidding and apologizing. >>carl: tonight debate is about national security and border security is a very big part of that and he is a georgia businessman and in arizona yesterday where he spent time with the sheriff arpaio and he talked about the support of herman cain for a complete u.s. mexico border fence to keep illegal immigrants on their side of the dividing line and cain talked about electrifying the fence the object to kill people trying to cross when he was called for that, he said it was a joke and that the country needs to get a sense of humor and apologized. >> i apologized if i offended anyone, i'm sorry. i'm not walking away from that. i don't want to offend anybody. >>carl: he is not walking away from the idea of it, just that
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he didn't mean to be flippant with the suggestion it could kill people and he is getting criticism from the management. not a president but the former president of mexico, president fox talking about the drug war and the drug problem in mexico and specifically about the remarks of herman cain. >> look at this guy. putting electric wire on top of the fence? so the my grant die! (inaudible) it is incredible. nonsense. what is going on with the oldest democracy in the world. >>carl: criticism from a mexican former president for herman cain would would like to the next president of the united states. it is getting nasty. and immigration will be part of the debate tonight. >>shepard: and the candidates have decided not to campaign in nevada but all are taking part
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in the debate. >>carl: well, yes. jon huntsman the former governor of utah is not coming and one of the by cotters. three candidates are debating who will not blow off the silver state and the caucus: mitt romney, rick perry, and ron paul have all said they will continue to campaign and participate in the debate and then in nevada but, however, the rest of the republican field has essentially said, no way. they are not going to take part in the nevada caucus although many of them will come to the debate don't, they were precommitted and they argue what nevada has done by placing the caucus on january 14, could very possibly force new hampshire to hold the first in the nation primary in december of this year so the candidates are protesting. they have pledged not to campaign in nevada until they change their day and the consequences of that could be tough for mitt romney who is leading the polls in new hampshire, his must win firewall
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state and a lot of republicans say if he does not boycott nevada, first in the nation primary voters could punish the frontrunner when it comes time for the primary polls. >>shepard: he cannot afford that. thank you, carl. and the "wall street journal" newspaper reports that support for governor romney has remained relatively steady through all of the recent debate. the "wall street journal" is owned by the parent company of this network. look at the numbers from the real clear politics average, after rick perry the governor shot to the top of the pack but in just one month, the numbers have shifted. and dramatically. now, the polls show that herman cain, businessman, surging into the lead all the while, former governor romney's support has barely budged. and our next guest says that could prove to be the greatest strength in the race.
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and now, a washington bureau chief for the "wall street journal" and it is great to see you. mitt romney, steady numbers throughout all of this tell us what about his long-term endurance? >>guest: he is steady in politics and there is a core of romney support. people locked at the glass as half empty saying look, he hit the ceiling and gets 25 percent of the republican primary vote and you cannot go higher than that. and there is an element of truth but what he has is a steady core of support. and when i looked at the numbers of our polling it is well spread out across the republican electorate. men. women. young. old. they all support him at the same level. and interestingly in our poll 21 percent of tea partyers in the republican party support romney for the nomination, thought to be a weak audience, and maybe it is northeast at weak as we think. >>shepard: 21 percent tea partiers is a low number, isn't it?
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>>guest: not in a nine candidate field. not worse than herman cain's number among the audience and he is the conservative flavor of the month and he himself puts it. and the reality is, the rest of the electorate in the republican party has wandered around from michele bachmann to rick perry, to herman cain, some still like people like santorum and they move around but the romney support stays remarkably steady especially when you ask people in the republican primary who is your second choice? romney wins that race so all the people who could be somewhere else now find him acceptable which is an us in the hole. >>shepard: jerry as we move forward in this, you call herman cain "flavor of the month," and he has call himself that. does that suggest the poll numbers will drop? >>guest: one problem herman cain has and it clearly struck a
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nerve and the popularity is real, a problem he has, he does not have a real traditional campaign structure in place to sustain the moment he is going through. very little staff. very little money. and he is paying, spending a lot of the time selling becomes in states that do not have a republican party so it does not lock like a campaign as a phenomenon. rick perry is well positioned for a second wind and he has a real campaign and raised $17 million last quarter and that will buy a lot of tv and when you get in the trenches in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, that matters. >>shepard: thank you, jerry, from new york. and, now, the historic prisoner swap, now, that has been years in the making. militants freed an israeli soldier after holding him for more than half a decade. five years ago we met his family. they were forewarned. the one thing they were positive would not happen was a prisoner
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swap. it has happened. exchange for his freedom the israeli government agreed to release more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners, a soldier for a through prisoners, for one prisoner. hundreds took to the street for sergeant schalit and similar scene in gaza. and, now, reaction from gaza strip. but, first, low land is outside the young soldier's home. i met the family years ago and they really had not a lot of hope, but a whole lot of prayers, and i wonder what they think of the israel government agreeing to pay such a high price for their son? >>guest: the bet word is "thankful," there is a promise made to every mother who sends her son off, it is mandatory service and that promise is we will do whatever it takes to bring your son home and they were fortunate enough to bring
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schalit home alive and there was not a dry eye in the place as this 25-year-old man pulled here in a large van, with his hand over his heart to thank all the people who have done so much do bring him home and of course recognizing what a large price this country paid to bring him home. he was payment. he has not seen the sun for five years and held in gaza malnourished because of bad food but he was in very good spirits as he came back here with his family. he is a celebrity, his parents have done a lot including an interview with you to bring him home. 80 percent of the israeli public agreed with the deal. they were for it. they said that is what we need to do to bring this young man home, the leadership in the country realized that bringing schalit home could mean more kidnappings and raises the price of every israel soldier but the
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important thing is fulfilling the promise to mothers of bridge the son home. nothing says come home like a home cooked meal. he is eating now and we are told his mother for the first night home after five years cooked his favorite mill, being pasta with red sauce and chicken noodle soup which he is enjoying as we speak. >>shepard: i bet he is. and the family told us that when we met them five years ago. we will have some of that conversation tonight on the fox report. and as great a comfort as it is, everyone serves in the military in israel and a greatest dust is, in matter what i will get my child back alive if possible if that means releasing 1,000 prisoners, it does. but the other side knows that. which is part of the reason that board snatch happened five years ago, many of the 500 prisoners in israel that were exchanged were serving life sentences for
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killing israelis. and their release violate add long-standing pledge not to release those with blood on their hands as the israels put it. in gaza, tens of thousands of palestinians celebrated the release of the hundreds of prisoners, some calling on those released to kidnap more israeli soldiers for future prisoner swaps and the cycle continues. and now the news from gaza city. how is the prisoner release going down? >>reporter: it is as though they won the super bowl. you might be able to hear the gunfire and hopping behind me. it is a celebration. as you minutes, one israel soldier in exchange for more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners not only killed industries but some kill american citizens and it is considered the most lopsided deal in israeli history but 80 percent of the population of israel supported this deal.
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the mvp of the prisoners created hamas military wing in the 80's, and he is calling for more palestinian prisoners to be releaseed and gaza saying that translated to kidnapping more israeli soldiers. >>shepard: thank you. more americans are having problems paying back the money they have borrowed with bad numbers from the big banks and 162 games, two rounds of playoffs to get to this point. minutes from now the texas rangers have a teamwork out at busch stadium. tomorrow, game time, the weather? wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour with temperatures in the low 40's! [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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>>shepard: and "studio b" live from st. louis. more americans are having trouble paying their bills according to the credit card companies. five of the six card companies reported jumps in late companies, five of six.
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each increase amounts to only a few cents of a percent but the experts say it is significant because it is the first time in two years so many companies reported higher delinquency rates. it is not just credit cards. officials say the number of late mortgage payments is rising. and new gerri's two cents from the fox business network like in our studio in new york. >>gerri: the reports coming from the banks getting lots of details of how consumers are doing. not so good. citibank results, they say mortgages that are 90 days beyond due rising. and j.p. morgan reporting that mortgage delinquencies are rising and wells fargo saying consumers are behind on credit cards and mortgages, the first increase since 2009. so, as you dig into the bank statements you get a crystal clear view of how consumers are doing. >>shepard: we are hearing that the government may have a new housing plan not works.
12:19 pm
>>gerri: it is not just the federal government but, also, state government since they have come to a resolution on the foreclosure issue. >>shepard: demand it? >>gerri: the basics are that people who are behind on, rather, underwater, but not behind on payments, could get a new loan from their bank at the low, low interest rates and this would help them avoid foreclosure. now, the question is, will banks go along with it? frankly, they have not gone along with a lot of proposals we have had for new programs to save housing, and the devil is in the details. but, a big question about whether this plan can go anywhere. >>shepard: sorry, we didn't mean to interrupt you. we were trying to figure out if we would do the normal gerri is part of the best team in business, catch the willis report tonight at 5:00 eastern or 4:00 in st. louis, on the fox
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business news giving you the power to prosper. and if you don't get the fox business network, demand it! we will demand it. the conrad murray trial has not been in session since last week. he is the doctor who still seems to be losing ground in the michael jackson trial. coming up, why new forensic test could make it harder for the defense to show that dr. conrad murray did not cause his death. and after playing more than 100-degree days many more finals they can count the texas rangers willing get a blast of winter weather in st. louis. the opening two games of the series start wednesday night on the big fox network. i was away e-trade's techno-magic -- thanks martha -- triggered my stop loss orders... saved me a pantload. [ crying ] oh great. every time i fly. my ears! swallow! [ male announcer ] upgrade to first class investing technology... at e-trade. who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy,
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>>shepard: secretary of state, hillary clinton making an unannounced trip to libya the
12:24 pm
highest official to do so since the regime fell. and brought words of encouragement to the new interim government and $11 million in aid. >> we are working together to return billions of frozen assets and we have re-opened our embassy. we are going to put even more money into helping libya secure and destroy dangerous stockpiles of weapons. >>shepard: the battle for complete control of libya does criminal and the former dictator, muammar qaddafi, is still out there. somewhere. the chief fox correspondent has the news. jonathan hunt is live in new york city. libya could be free but this is still a very dangerous trip into our "not" war country. >>jonathan: it is. as evidenced by the fact that secretary of state, hillary clinton flew into tripoli, aboard a military c-17 aircraft, armed with defense systems
12:25 pm
specifically designed to protect it from potential rocket attack. the secretary of state was keen to point out from her point of view the real dangers were faced by those libyans who stood up to muammar qaddafi. listen. >> i am proud to stand here on the soil of a free libya and on before of the american people i crate all libyans. it is a great privilege to see a new future for libya be willing born. this is libya's moment. this is libya's victory. and the future belongs to you. >>jonathan: said the united states will stand by libya as it rebuilds its economy, its education system, and sevens for qaddafi's missing weapons. >>shepard: and searches for qaddafi, for that matter. this is far from over with him still out there. >>jonathan: it is. and the battle thousand is
12:26 pm
raging around his hometown of sirte where qaddafi himself may or may not be. the rebels pushing in there, trying to find if he is there and trying to get hold of him if he is. secretary of state, hillary clinton today said to the students at a townhall meeting, and i quote, "we hope he can be captured or killed soon so that you don't have to fear him any longer." unusually blunt language from our nation's chief diplomat. >>shepard: jonathan hunt live with us in the studio. thank you. with us the former united states assistant secretary of state for public affairs. right now he is at the oman bradley chair for strategic leadership, good to see you. what do you make of the fact after all these months, muammar qaddafi has escaped our "not" war and is still out there, not
12:27 pm
caught. >>guest: we went through this with saddam so i am not surprised. the united states admitted we did not know where he is. it is important to get him because this is a fear factor here. just if the last few difficulties, libya has torn down the walls of the compound and that is constructive but he has the ability and probably the money to be able to lead a difficult and, perhaps, violent insurgency if he chooses. >>shepard: the most difficult aspects has been with the dictatorship, over this period of time, very difficult for groups to organize during the process and put together some sort of structure that might eventually become political. to what degree has this interim government been able to come together and begin the process of, well, governing? >>guest: that process is going but they have other issues, including lots of militias and a critical element is getting
12:28 pm
command-and-control the all the groups that participated in the rebellion. as the previous reports have said libya is awash with weapons including shoulder fired missiles why she came in on a c-17, and they have to be able to get control of those, and destroy those. they have to show the beginnings of the transition, and what they will do about a constitution, and when they have elections so they have to show they have the legitimate support of the libyan people, and, finally, going to grow and more diversify economy, egypt, rather, libya has oil and it is valuable and too reliant on oil as a pillar of its economy, and needs to diversify going forward. >>shepard: that is a challenge, thank you, p.j. the mother who says she was drunk on all the boxed wine when her daughter disappeared, or something, has a brand new lie profile lawyer who many of you will recognize, and he says her
12:29 pm
story has not changed. even though a number of interviews indicate her story has changed. what are you talking about? the latest on the case of the missing baby lisa. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" and i am shepard smith at the bottom the hour and time for the top of news, in st. louis, game two of the world. and the mother of that -- the lawyer of the mother of the missing baby says she has not changed the story. they do not have anything to do with baby lisa's disappearance and two weeks since they reported her missing claiming someone broke in snatched the child through a window from a crib and they liared the high profile attorney a day after telling fox's megyn kelly they didn't need a lawyer. >>megyn: why are you talking to the police? >> we don't need a lawyer. we don't need one. >>megyn: aren't you worried they will come after you? >>guest: it is a possibility, yes, it is scary.
12:34 pm
but we don't have one because we felt like we didn't need one. >>shepard: but they have one now one of the highest profile lawyers in the nation. the mom told fox she was drunk when the baby was missing and that was yesterday's new story. trace is live in the west coast news hub, did the police know the mom was claiming she was drunk off that box of wine the fight her child disappeared? >>trace: well, we talked to the kansas city police and they say the detectives did not know before they know now but they have not had a chance to reinterview her. it wasn't just the bombshell of being drunk but she may have blacked out the night her baby disappeared and in spite of saying the last time she saw her baby was when she put her to bed at 10:30 it was actually 6:40, and she doesn't know if they checked on her beyond that point. that is a four-hour time in the
12:35 pm
window and that could be huge and it could change the entire focus of the investigation. but the new attorney for the parents say the police are wrongly pointing the fingers at them. listen to him. >> i'm not talking about the nature of 9 question or the depth of the questions or how often the questions are asked, i'm talking about things that were said during interviews regarding the individual' requested of guild of one of the parents. that is not something that needs to be done this this case. >>trace: the last time the parents were interviewed by the police was ten days ago. >>shepard: and, trace, now the police are saying the parents are cooperating. they sat down with two hours with megyn and went on and on and they have done interviews with others but the police say they are not cooperating with them. that is pretty unusual for parent whose have not done anything wrong and have a missing baby. >>trace: it is and that is
12:36 pm
what police point to saying they should be answers specific questions about this yet they bringing the case to the media and answers specific questions from them and one of the big confusions is about the cell phones in the case. remember, million now says that the police told her they picked up some pings from the cell phone and showed her a map of where the ping could have been and they were and the house, now, mom says that the missing cell phones actually delayed the investigation because it delayed their call to 911 and they later admitted, well, wait, dad actually had a working cell phone and that is with we used to call 9-1-1 and now the mom is saying, well, even though we believe the person who took the cell phones also took our baby, they still have not called those cell phones to see who might answer them own the other hand. >>shepard: that is a fascinating turn of events. first of all someone climbed through the window.
12:37 pm
then you say you were drunk. and then you say when they stole the baby they stole two yell phones because everyone who cells babies steals cell phones and you have not called the cell phone dozen see if they answer? got it. police say so far they have cleared more than 550 leads so that means they have gotten 550 fins. they have checked them all out. not one has panned out. and new to our legal panel, former prosecutor arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. randy, back through that again: the parents say that somebody kidnapped the child, came through a window to get the child. whoever kidnapped the child also stole their i don't cell phones but they have called neither of those cell phones to say, something similar to, hello, could you bring ploy baby home. >>randy: i can't help you other than to say they should shut up. they should have never opened their mouths. look what they have given the
12:38 pm
prosecution, that the prosecution didn't have before. before. how do you possibly explain, well, my kid is again? now i will not bother to call the cell phone that he stole when he took the kid. do it know what type i left? no problem. didn't lock? dog didn't bark? look what they did are giving the prosecution because they opened their big mouth. shut up. shut up. >>shepard: given the prosecution, randy, i know you are a lawyer, and everything, and i know that is how lawyers think about things, but, arthur, come on, where else can this lead? you are the one who yesterday is so defending these people who had the series of series to a lay map made absolutely no sense. >>arthur: well, i will not deny that the this evening that stuck out the most of all the interviews, they specific to megyn and a judge and they never tried to call the cell phones, that raise add redding in.
12:39 pm
that is the obvious most basic thing to do to try to find their child. with that said, in that little piece you ran, when they went in to be questioned the cops basically told the million, the mom told megyn, we know you difficulty and we will figure out how you did it and when you did it and why you did it. if my child was missing and the first thing he says, we know you did it, and i am saying i didn't do anything, go out and find that person, it is baffling and i can see why a parent would shut down and accept the bun before -- accept the money and get their own attorney and try to have the case investigated and find the kid because the cops seem to have a closed mind. >>shepard: i know you better than that and you know better than that and that is not how it happened. to kids are on a street, a bicycle is missing, they pick up
12:40 pm
two kids and the first thing the cop will say, we know you stole that bicycle. tell us where that bicycle is right now. we will do our best to help coup you out of trowel. give us the bicycle. that is not to say they are not looking for the bicycle. and you know it. >>arthur: when you are a mother and it is your kid missing, it is different than a bicycle especially if she has nothing to do with it which in my humble opinion --. >>shepard: whoever stole the baby stole the cell phone and you did not call them, come back to reality, please. >>arthur: i agree. this woman has been questioned by a firm head prosecutor, by megyn, a lawyer, by the investigators and who knows every other outlet and they have more or less stuck to their guns, stuck to their story. in my opinion the mom rings true, the father i have not heard enough from to make a decision. >>shepard: all right, arthur, randy you did not get a lot time
12:41 pm
because you are on the wrong side. we don't know who did anything. how the heck could we know? we have not investigated anything. if i leave the iphone in my house and i cannot find it i take the blackberry and call the iphone when searching just for the iphone. if whoever stole the iphone also stole the baby, there would be added urgency. that's all. the defense in the michael jackson death trial has a new challenge now, as well, a test that folks hold is their theory on what killed the pop singer. that is big. and game one of the world series tomorrow night like at busch stadium in st. louis and in new york on special "studio b" at fnc from the home of the national league champions st. louis cardinals. every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag
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>>shepard: 2:44 p.m. st. louis, missouri, on a cold day. those are texas ranger whose have taken the field in enemy territory. getting ready for tomorrow night's very chilly start. the fall classic. this is the rangers' second year in a row in the world series. they did not take it last year. we will see what happens this year on the big fox network, 7:00 st. louis final and 8:00 on the east coast on fox broadcast network. the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor will resume tomorrow. the judge delayed the trial on monday last week to give the defense more time to study new evidence. remember, lawyers for dr. conrad murray claim that michael jackson swallow several tablets of sedatives before injecting himself with the anesthetic we know as propofol. the lawyers claim he did so without the doctor's knowledge or supervision but the prosecution says the doctor, dr. conrad murray, gave the singer
12:46 pm
the lethal dose and permitted evidence that contradicts the defense team argument. dr. conrad murray is facing up to four years in risen for michael jackson's death and if a jury convicts him he could lose his medical license. and now, the legal panel, former prosecutor arthur aidala and noted criminal defense attorney, randy zelin. arthur, there are new problems for this defense team without any question. >>arthur: new problems based on the experts who testify for the prosecution who are excellent. from what i saw on television, their demeanor and how they explain it in a simple way were excellent and they, both of them, in different ways, carrying themselves on the stand say it was gross negligence to the point where we in the legal field compare it to drives a car in times square in new year's eve. what you are doing is so
12:47 pm
reckless you should know it caused the death. that is what they hang their hat on. >>shepard: randy there have been so many in the level profession who say this lawyer, this doctor is lucky he did not have harder charges than this. >>randy: and i love arthur's example, playing into the defense with it: this case the way it is tried he is accused of being a bad driver. and being accused of driving and not paying attention. but he is not charged with that. he is charged with driving at a specific time and killing a specific person. and they have not proven any of that. and to end this case with a battle of the experts that is exactly what the defense wants. you have a prosecution expert saying, he didn't take that much of the drug, and another says you cannot say how many he tooks. >>arthur: but that is not department.
12:48 pm
>>randy: but --. >>arthur: but the case will not end like that but it ends with a summation, they will see the pictures of the drugs, they will hear the tape of -- this is circumstantial evidence. we deal with cases like that all time. >>randy: one witness said i saudi dr. conrad murray give him the drug. >>arthur: the girlfriend will say while michael jackson is dying he is on the phone with me, not on 9-1-1 or doing cpr but --. >>randy: they have proven the doughnut hole but they have not proven the doughnut. >>shepard: words of wisdom from randy zelin and arthur idol there. major league baseball preparing for game one of the world series and while the lawyers were talking you should have heard the rangers: 40 miles per hour
12:49 pm
gusts tomorrow night and it could be in the 30's by the end of the game. the texas kids? they played more than 40 games on the days when it went to 100 degrees. it will not approach that tomorrow. to there is a home field advantage part of that could be for the cardinals with all of the cold weather coming. so, there you go, the rangers are on the field, the american league champions, sadly, texas rangers.
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12:52 pm
>>shepard: and live from busch stadium in st. louis world series kicks off tomorrow night here on the big fox broadcast network. city health officials joining four u.s. senators calling for a ban on chewing tobacco during major league baseball games. seriously? come on!
12:53 pm
they want do start with game one tomorrow night. i know, i know, remember legal products? want to make it illegal? make it illegal. but millions tune in including heros and when kids see heroes chewing tobacco it is a bad message and they want tobacco ban to be part of the players' next contract. unlikely matchup, the cardinals and the texas rangers and now, ken, thank you for coming. but i cannot imagine anyone who in september would say this would be the matchup? >>guest: it is nuts. and certainly st. louis the team that no one expected -- 10 1/2 back in late august and looking bad. they had a meeting, got together, and atlanta helped, and here they are. one thing about tony, that defines him as a manager, one of
12:54 pm
the many things, he always keeps his team playing. they don't quit. they don't stop. this is relentlessness about them, and in this case that served them well. >>shepard: i guess not having lee is helpful but i was surprised the tigers did not win. >>guest: if the tigers were healthy it would be different, they had one injury after another and it hurt and the texas offense is dynamic, just dynamic. a key question here if this world series will be, can they slow down? can st. louis slow down the rangers. >>shepard: they have to prove it. if you are not a huge baseball fan, tomorrow night is a good night for you, for casual fans, they don't -- they love the offense. >>guest: both teams, neither had a starting row face pitch
12:55 pm
effectively at all and it was historic how poorly each rotation has done. the bullpens were great and it saved them but it will be interesting to see if anyone pitches better. >>shepard: what will be on the minds of a lot people in the st. louis games is the weather, by the end of the game tomorrow night it ought to be in the 30's, the wind at 30 miles per hour and gusts to 40 miles per hour approaching tropical depression strength. >>guest: comforting to me to be in the dugout, but, yes, that will affect the play. i don't know that either team will be prepared for it, but texas spent the tire summer playing in 100-degree eat and i cannot imagine it is too comfortable. >>shepard: they are down there freezing to death. see you tomorrow night in the dugout. up next because you asked, a bear alert. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms,
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>>shepard: bear alert! this one in alaska where bear
12:59 pm
sightings usually are not a big deal until they show up in the produce aisle. lows at the grocery store in alaska say the cub wandered through the automatic doors and went looking for snacks among the fruits and vegetables and the police showed up but it was a bistander would grabbed the bear by the neck and released it outside and local reports say the cub was looking for food but we know what it was really looking for. sadly there are no trampolines in the produce section which brings us to ... another bear alert. this time in montana. state highway patrol officers say a mama and her cubs climbed into the tree and crowds showed up and drivers caused a traffic jam and a slow down to catch a look so the bears came on down on their own, but the whole mess could have been avoided if only they had


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