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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 18, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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me tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, awake and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: welcome to st. louis. we're gearing up for the world series starting tomorrow night on fox here at bush stadium in st. louis. tonight, all the action is in las vegas. the republics who want to be president getting set for a big debate. >> the businessman herman cain gaining ground in the polls. but when candidates rise too high their rivals try to cut them down. tonight, the republics in vegas get ready to rumble. surprises in store on president obama's bus tour. old rival are trading places. for years, palestinians held this israeli soldier captive now
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shah lit is finally free. >> i have been waiting on this for five years. >> we will check his condition and see what he says about his years as a prisoner. the deal that won his release sent hundreds of freed militants poured into gaza. celebrations in the middle east streets and new warning from the israelis. plus, the 12-year-old murder suspect. prosecutors say they are charging this boy as an adult. >> it's not my job to forgive. it's my job to follow the law. he is just a kid. >> tonight, the case of the child accuseed of killing his brother. fox this tuesday night good evening from bush stadium in st. louis. home of the nl champs cardinals and texas in town getting ready for the 107th fall classic super bowl world series starts tomorrow night.
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texas rangers set to take on the cards game one on big fox should be mighty exciting. two teams have met up once since 2004 and their bats are massive. cards have just wrapped up practice on the field behind me. winners of the national league wild card race enjoy home team advantage for the first time. catch all the series on the fox broadcast network. of course, bring you preview. much more from busch stadium as fox reports tonight. but, first, fox news is america's election headquarters the republic presidential contenders are getting ready for a big faceoff. most of them any way. more on who is missing in a moment. the former massachusetts governor mitt romney already on the attack. out with a brand new web video going after texas governor rick perry campaigning as america's top job creator. look at this. ♪ ♪
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>> of course, lately herman cain has been the biggest threat to mitt romney. the georgia businessman is on defense tonight after what he calls a joke about an electrified border fence. and campaign carl cammeron has it all live tonight in the desert. high desert for tonight's debate. cain is apologizing but it doesn't much sound like is he backing down at all. >> that's right. and you will probably hear a good bit about this tonight. the debates about national security, economic security and border security. this is a state where the economic security is in jeopardy. 13.4% unemployment. the highest in the country. and the population here more than one person in four is a latino. so immigration is also a very big hot button issue. recently herman cain says that he supports a border fence between the u.s. and mexico. he would electrify it and put a sign next to it that would say caution, it will kill you. well, there was some offense taken by that he said in
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retrospect it was a joke but he still wants a fence and he would electrify it and he is not backing down from that here is a little bit of his apology. >> i apologize if it offended anyone. mea culpa. i'm not walking away from that i just don't want to offend anybody. >> so he would elect phi the fence not with enough current to kill somebody but electrify it. all of this started because when texas governor rick perry entered the race it was soon that he opposed a border fence. a lot of republicans think that's the wrong position for conservative republic candidate. >> shepard: not at tonight's debate. a few are boicketting nevada. >> you are talking about former governor jon huntsman skipping tonight's debate and a boycotting the silver state in protest. he and four other will join tomorrow after the debate.
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precommited to attend tonight. adding that january nevada's selection of january 14th so early it may force the primary into december of this year. five republicans have decided that that is unacceptable think that it should not happen and nevada should change its date. there they are you see them there three republicans who have refused to take the boycott pledge, rick perry, mitt romney and ron paul. for that they can expect serious criticism. already begun in the newspapers in new hampshire. mitt romney may have splaining to do in the adopted hometown of new hampshire. >> shepard: who is screaming at you, carl? that's not right. [chanting] >> it's the occupy folks. they are occupying las vegas and they have arrived here at the debate site. >> shepard: occupying vegas seems like the right thing to me. carl cammeron take care. new pressure on republicans to
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pass part of this jobs bill after the senate blocked the entire package just last week. the president says democrats will try again in sort of piece by piece way cafeteria style. he took a shot at the g.o.p. alternative which includes a ban on new government regulations. >> the republic plan says that what is standing between us and full employment is that we're preventing companies from polluting our air and our water too much. we, on the other hand, have said that let's put teachers back in the classroom here in north carolina and all across the country. >> now senate democrats say they are planning to vote as soon as they can on the first piece of the president's plan, that's the $35 billion to help states keep cops and firefighters and teachers on the job. now republic leaders say that sounds like a lot of stimulus which they claim didn't work. >> at home we say there is no education the second kick of a
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mule. we have already done this. we have tried it. it failed. >> then on day two of his bus tour through north carolina and virginia, political types point out those states could be crucial in next year's election. and the republics are accusing the president of campaigning on the taxpayer dime, which, i guess, every president does. at any rate, ed henry traveling with the president. he is in emporia, virginia tonight it looks like a campaign trip. that's obvious. >> that's right. good evening, shep. the bottom line is this is a taxpayer financed bus tour and the white house aides keep saying these are not campaign events so i guess i just saw not a campaign event the president had here in virginia where he at one point said yes we can, the slogan you will remember from that campaign about three years ago. the president also trying out some potential campaign lines for 2012 at this event. and basically charging that the republic jobs bill would help corporations, take a listen. >> let's see what you have got.
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and here is what the plan boils down to. we're gonna gut environmental regulations. [boos] >> we're going to drill more. [boos] >> we're going to roll back wall street reform. >> now, as you mentioned, the president is hoping as soon as this week to start getting some votes on the senate in at least pieces of the jobs bill. even if some of those pass, the way it looks right now is he not going to get anything to that original 447 billion-dollar jobs bill. maybe he will be lucky to get half of that, shep. >> he is having a very difficult time with the more conservative the republic party but it now appears that he is having trouble telling the mod democrat problems at well, ed. >> yeah. even after he is beating up republic leaders at some of these events, in north carolina, then here in virginia, the president kept insisting, look, i want to reach out with republicans, work with them on some sort of a jobs bill. one of those you would expect him to work with olympia snowe a key moderate republic was back
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in washington today at a hearing and gave a tongue lashing to the treasury secretary tim geithner, take a listen. >> rome is burning. and with decimation of our communities and they want help and they feel they are not getting any deference from the administration and yes in congress for that matter. >> the president may have trouble with former democrats. john mccain not attending the event any of the events tomorrow even though the current mcdonnell is not going. bottom line republicans think that's because kaine is running for a senate race. >> meantime police in virginia are reportedly investigating the theft of a pentagon truck full of equipment that the president uses when he speaks to crowds on the road. among the items they tell us that are in that truck, the president's teleprompter which obviously displays the speech so
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the president did read it lots of talk about that we're told the truck also contained presidential seals and podiums and sound equipment. cops found the truck but we have no word yet on whether they recovered what was inside. well, at least for the moment, the mideast is home to celebration and perhaps even a bit of optimism. just hours ago, the israelis and palestinians went forward with a huge prisoner exchange. the deal here, one israeli soldier for more than a thousand palestinian prisoners. they sound lopsided but that israeli soldier is somebody very special. just ahead, of the homecoming of gilad shalit and party for the palestinians. that's a tuesday fox report live from busch stadium in st. louis where we are all getting ready for game one of the world series on the fox broadcast network. th, veggie style.
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shoulder >> shepard: an extraordinary day in the middle east ended with the kidnapped israeli shoulder it icon of israeli after militants attacked his tank more than five years ago went right across the border snatched him and took him captive. he was just outside of high school serving in the military as all israelis must. officials spent years trying to win his release and today as part of a deal to free more than a thousand palestinian prisoners gilad shalit finally walked free there he is. officials say he shows signs of malnutrition and he clearly hasn't seen much sun. he told interviewer that he feels good. he said he first learned of the deal a week ago and spent days worrying it would all come apart. just one month after militants took shalit way back in 2006, i say down with his father in the north of israel. we had no idea then how long this ordeal would last or whether his son would ever come
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home. his father told me at the time it was already taking an enormous toll on his family. >> especially his mother, my wife. she suffers very much from this period. it's a might mayor for her. we would like it to end soon. as soon as possible. >> shepard: were it my son i think i would be begging. i would do most anything. i'm sure you would as well. >> i don't know who to beg. we don't know who keeps -- who keeps him. the only thing i want them to do is to bring my son back.
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tomorrow not in a year or two. >> shepard: he wanted his son back tomorrow not in a year or two. instead, it's been five years and four months until gilad shalit's father could have this moment. this video in hours ago father and son finally united. finally home. team fox coverage of this development and what it means in the big picture to all of us. reena ninan in gaza on the release of the palestinian prisoners. leland vittert at shalit's home. >> he walked out here a couple of hours ago. he looked like a changed man. the weight of the world had finally been lifted off his shoulders, the nightmare a that began more than five years ago is over. he thanked everyone who worked so hard to bring his son home he said he felt like his son had been reborn. as gilad shalit came in here today in a car driven by israeli defense forces.
4:17 pm
he looked like someone who had truly had the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders there was not a dry eye in this place. what happens next, there will be a big dinner for him at his home he just finished that included some pasta with tomato sauce. chicken soup and very long recovery for him as he begins tomorrow. shep, back to you. >> shepard: leland vittert gaza israeli for the free palestinian prisoners. the crowd shouted the people want a new gilad. in other words capture another israeli soldier or more of them to get more prisoners released that's how it works. freed 477 prisoners as part of the deal with hamas. another 550 scheduled to go free next month. among these prisoners released today, mass murderers according to israel, serving life sentences for attacks that killed innocent israelis. today, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned that every release terrorist who returns to terror
4:18 pm
will pay with his life. those words of warning apparently did nothing to quiet the celebrations in the palestinian territories where some prisoners were seeing their families for the first time in decades, our reena ninan with that part of the story is live in the gaza tonight. reena? >> hi, shep, gazaens say this is the best thing that has happened to this area since well before hamas took over in 2007. and hamas is laughing up the -- lapping up the victory for this prison release. >> the prisonerrers families arrived shouting our regards to hamas' military wing. >> a little under half of the prisoners being released today won't be allowed to return to their homes in the west bank. they will be exiled to gaza, jordan, can qatar and turkey. among the prisoners beings released the founder of the military wing. those who kidnapped and killed israeli soldiers and civilians. like those involved in suicide attack on a restaurant in jerusalem. >> the leader that was released today whos what the head of the
4:19 pm
hamas military wing wants more israeli soldiers kidnapped so they can get more prisoners out of israeli jails. shep? >> shepard: reena ninan live this early wednesday morning. word today that there may have been a sighting in the case of that missing baby lisa. this as the mother who claims he she was drunk off boxed wine while her daughter vanished may have created more trouble for herself after a recent media tour. we will give you details of that. plus, some members of congress want to ban another substance from major league baseball. one that everybody else in america who is of age can use and has been using for hundreds of years. details next as fox reports live from busch stadium in st. louis. fox broadcast network. úy
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>> shepard: a little more than 24 hours away from first pitch of the world series, going to be cold in st. louis tomorrow in the low 40s at game time. 30 mile-per-hour winds. gusts to 45. but not as chilly as the reception some ball players might give to a new proposal to get major league baseball to ban all tobacco. dip, chewing tobacco, all of it. do away with the big wads. u.s. senator dick durbin, frank lookoutenberg, harken, richard blumenthal. asked them to agree to voluntary ban. chewing tobacco gives kids wrong impression despite the fact it's a legal product. a sighting of a baby who has been missing for two weeks. cops say somebody reported seeing two young women with a child that looked a lot like the 11 month old lisa irwin 140 miles west of kansas city where lisa's parents claim somebody kidnapped her from her home. they believe their daughter is still alive they say whoever
4:24 pm
took her also stole their cell phones. >> we were told by law enforcement source that there was a call on your phone at around 2:30 a.m. that night. >> we were told that too. >> yeah. >> was that you? >> no. i was sleeping. >> who could that have been? >> whoever took her. >> i don't know. >> shepard: now, get this. they say they never even called those phones which they believe were stolen by the kidnappers to see if somebody might pick up on the other end. never called them. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub tonight. did mom say why she didn't call those phones, trace? >> she says at first, shep she didn't even think about it when she did she didn't want to get in the way of the police investigation. remember, the reason they delayed calling 911 is because the mom said the cell phones were missing but they later realized that dad had his work cell phone and that's how they eventually did call 911. now, remember, police investigating this case, the mom says they told her they actually located and tracked those
4:25 pm
missing cell phones and the pings were coming from around their home. the mom now thinks police were lying to her just to get her to confess. and their new attorney believes police should stop focusing on the parents. listen. >> i'm not talking about the nature of the questions, the depth of the questions, or how often the questions are asked. i'm talking about things that were said during interviews regarding certain individuals' opinions of guilt of one of these two parents without any, any evidence to support that. just rank speculation. that's not something, in my opinion, that needs to be done in this case. >> police have not formally interviewed the parents now for 10 days. it's unclear if the mom told them that she was drunk and may have blacked out the night baby lisa disappeared, shep. >> shepard: i wonder if police are taking seriously the possible sighting today. >> it happened in manhattan, kansas, outside of topeka at a
4:26 pm
deli. two women walked in with a baby that very much looked like they believed baby lisa and when the women apparently saw people looking at them, that's when they got up and left without eating their meal, which is why kansas city police now have an alert out for a black car with missouri plates, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles for us. trace, thanks. investigators say our tax dollars gave guns to mexican drug cartels and now the senate is trying to make sure that never happens again. the latest fallout from operation fast and furious straight ahead. plus, people on social security are about to get something they haven't seen in years. what it is coming up as fox reports live from busch stadium. s opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. live at busch stadium site of tomorrow's game one of the world series. highest ranking official to visit libya since the fall of qaddafi's have a jesus' name. secretary clinton says the united states will continue to support transitional government with millions of dollars and other resources and training. but she is warning that it may take some time for all the libyan people to come together. >> it's going to take longer than anybody wants to to take. you have to start on this journey step-by-step. and you have to be somewhat patient with each other fry to
4:31 pm
organize yourself. i have every confidence you will be successful and the united states will help you. >> shepard: meanwhile the battle for complete control of libya continues even now. former dictator large and not war is still ongoing. fox report's cront shawn than hunt with update. dangerous trip. >> dangerous in the sense that pro-qaddafi forces are still capable of carrying out attacks. so, for that reason, the secretary clinton arrived in tripoli aboard a c-17 military plane equipped with special defense systems in case of any attempted rocket attacks. as for the symbolism, this was a chance for the secretary of state to pay tribute to the courage of the libyan people, listen. >> the united states is proud to stand with you and we will continue to stand with you as you continue this journey
4:32 pm
respecting your sovereignty and honoring friendship. this is libya's moment. this is libya's victory and the future belongs to you. >> the secretary of state also promised the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to help build this new free libya. >> still no signs of muammar qaddafi, right? >> no signs at all it is shaping up to be a long and difficult search for the former libyan dictator. the fighting now is centered around his hometown of sirte where the rebels clearly believe he may be hold up. but there is, as you say, absolutely no sign of him. interestingly, hillary clinton spoke about qaddafi's fate today off camera with a bunch of libyan students and he she said, and i quote: we hope he can be captured or killed soon so that you don't have to fear him any longer. unusually blunt language from the secretary of state, shep. >> shepard: sure enough. jonathan hunt live for us in new york city. the senate voted unanimously to
4:33 pm
cut off the cash for gun running operations like fast and furious. investigators say the government program put weapons from american stores in the hands of mexican bandits who killed, among others, a u.s. border patrol agent named brian terry last year. officials say the goggle of this operation was to track the weapons back to the mexican drug cartel but, instead, the feds admit they lost track of hundreds of them. >> why is the administration allowing guns to come into the mexico as part of u.s. government policy? why is the u.s. government arming drug cartels? >> it was poorly planned. poorly executed. had broad leadership and definitely of questionable strategy and valued. >> strategy part of atf strategy for a long time. that's not an unusual strategy. it's a typical strategy. it does not involve allowing guns to walk. >> shepard: investigators say in this case it did allow guns to
4:34 pm
walk why the into the hands of a killer u.s. border guard among others. u.s. attorney general holder says he did not know until months after agent terry's murder. house attorney has sent subpoenas to the attorney general and other top justice department officials demanding documents related to this operation. well, the feds reporting that they deported a record number of illegal immigrants in the fiscal year that just ended in september. according to the head of the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement are ice, the agency deported nearly 400,000 people. we're told that among them were more than a thousand convicted murders and 6,000 sex offenders. another 80,000 said to have been involved in drug offenses and driving under the influence. we're told that two thirds of the people the feds kicked out had recently crossed the border or had done so repeatedly. >> millions of americans are about to get a raise in the form of bigger social security checks. a cost of living increase used
4:35 pm
to be automatic but this year will be the first one in years. rich edson live from d.c. tonight. why did it take so long to give this raise. >> inflation, shep or lack of it. track prices consumers pay when prices increase so do social security checks. for the past two years prices have failed to top 2008 levels meaning no social security increase until now. prices are up again and folks getting social security checks can probably expect a little more next year. the government announces details tomorrow, shep. >> all right. well, at the same time, credit card companies report more americans are having trouble paying their bills, not surprisingly. >> more americans are late paying credit card bills. for the last couple years the number of those at least 30 days late paying had been steadily falling. forbes reports top bills jumped from 3.13% to 3.17%. analysts say that's a small increase.
4:36 pm
they and credit cards are concerned about trends in the economy. americans paying on time turn around. shep? >> shepard: rich edson in d.c. thanks. 10 years since deadly anthrax attacks terrorized the nation in the wake of the attacks of 9/11. now, there are brand new doubts about whether the guy the fbi blamed is the right guy at all. plus, prosecutors in the state of florida say a 12-year-old boy murdered his little brother. is 12 too young a person who charge as an adult? in the face of a murder charge? we'll report. you decide as fox reports live from the home of the cards on the eve of the world series in st. louis and to think this team was 10 and and a half games back. the cards are the 10th wild card team to reach the fall classic since the playoff expansion in 1994. four of those teams actually won the world series and the cards will too unless the rangers have something to say about it. ll fo.
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>> shepard: fox reports live tonight. busch stadium in st. louis where the world series opens tomorrow night in really unlikery matchup between the hometown cards and texas rangers. those two teams only met once and that was seven years ago. analysts are predicting a real slug fest because the starting pitching isn't much for either one of these teams they will admit that. texas is a slight favorite. today on "studio b" we talked about it with a fox sports senior baseball player rosenthal. >> the texas offense is this dynamic 1 through 9 menace. so they are a very potent offensive club and one of the key questions here in this world series will be can they slow down or can st. louis slow down the texas rangers. >> shepard: that's a good question. the cardinals got in on the wild card. they do have home field advantage. they have also won 10 series titles second only to the bronx bombers. fall classic live tomorrow night 7:00 st. louis time. 8:00 oont east coast right down
4:41 pm
the dial on the fox broadcast network. how outcome is too young for a murder charge? a florida state attorney has decided to try a 12-year-old boy as an adult, a 12-year-old for the first degree murder of first degree murder of 2-year-old brother. christian hernandez pushed his brother against a book shelf while the two boys were home alone and the little boy suffered a serious head injury. but, when their mother returned home she reportedly waited six hours before taking her injured son to the hospital. it doesn't end there. the mother now also faces charges and her own son could have to testify against her. it's a complicated and sad case and phil keating live in south florida with the details. hey, phil. >> hi, shep. tragic by any measurement here. christian hernandez 12 years old. when he was born his mother was 12 years old. as children together raised in foster homes. allegedly abused and beaten by a
4:42 pm
stepfather. right now he is the youngest person ever in the city of jacksonville to be charged with murder as an adult. >> wearing inmate orange and handcuffs, 12-year-old christian fernandez is facing trial for intentionally killing his 2-year-old brother david. is he being prosecuted as an adult for first degree murder. >> yes, i have compassion for christian fernandez. but it's not my job to forgive. it's my job to follow the law. >> the grand jury found christian fernandez used premeditation to kill his brother by shoving him so hard into the book shelf twice that he fractured his skull and caused massive internal bleeding. cause of death, homicide by blunt force trauma. allegedly he has confessed but what's created international outrage and this online petition signed by nearly 200,000 people is that prosecutors won't treat him as a juvenile. meaning this 12-year-old boy could spend the rest of his life in prison. according to the fbi florida
4:43 pm
sends more children to adult children than any other state. nearly 400 in 2009. fernandez' attorney hopes a plea deal will keep this 12-year-old boy among other kids not convicted adults. >> juvenile courts were set up for juveniles kids are different. >> now it's possible but still allusive plea deal could send the juvenile to juvenile prison but monitoring after that. as for the mother she was in court in jacksonville today. the judge set a trial date for february 27th. charged with felony child abuse, aggravated manslaughter of a child. a doctor told police that had she not waited hours to rush her2-year-old who was unconscious to the hospital, instead, going there immediately, he may have survived. and there 12-year-old boy wouldn't be charged with murder. shep? >> shepard: phil keating live tonight in our south florida newsroom. phil, thanks. there is a new twist tonight in one of the most infamous and
4:44 pm
complex crimes of the past decade. the 2001 anthrax attack killed five people, infected 17 others. now a new report. in report raises questions about whether the fbi blamed the right suspect. as you may recall, it was just a few weeks after the attacks of 9/11 and the nation was still very much on edge. then letters containing a deadly poison anthrax turned up at the offices of two u.s. senators as well as several media outlets including the parent company of this network. in fact, it was in our building. the post office had to decontaminate facilities all over the nation. the feds investigated hundreds and hundreds of leads with potential suspects but no luck. eventually they focused on this man, a scientist at a by lage call in maryland. bruce ivins killed himself fbi concluded the dead guy did it. but now several scientists say the evidence may not be as strong as the feds were
4:45 pm
claiming. catherine herridge has been investigating. she is live in washington. catherine? >> well, thanks, shep. congressman rushhold says as many as seven anthrax letters were mailed from his new jersey district. he saw the fbi investigation upclose and he said it did not inspire confidence, quote. director fbi robert mueller acknowledged the case against ivins was almost entirely circumstantial it does not have any direct physical evans tieing ivins to the attack. this letter called the quantico letter may be the missing link in that case. sent in the fall of 2001, the same time frame as the anthrax letters and warned of a bioterror attack by a arab scientist. quote. this guy is potential terrorist. this guy has access to many dangerous biological poisons. >> i showed them, statement by statement how they are similar and how they might be coming from the same source. >> scientist dr. assad was cleared by the fbi in the
4:46 pm
anthrax case. asked about the quantico letter and asked whether it was sent by the same person who sent the anthrax, the quantico letter was thoroughly investigated. the person mentioned in the letter did not mail the anthrax and we were unable to determine who sent the anonymous quantico letter. congressman holts wants a special committee to investigate why the fbi pursued the wrong leads for so long including scientist steven hatfield who reached a $6 million settlement because the feds publicly identified him as a person interest of in that case, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> new claims now of voter fraud going back to the 2008 election. we'll tell what you it could have to do with the u.s. secretary of state and the president. that's next. plus, word today of a setback for a company that bills itself as the future of commercial space flight. and the texas rangers making their second straight trip to the world series. this time against the cards in st. louis and we're live at
4:47 pm
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>> shepard: back to this special edition of the fox report live in st. louis tonight home to games one and two of the world series. it starts tomorrow night on the fox broadcast network when the cards play ball against the texas rangers. we're learning some other big names will be now claims he has found evidence as many as 1 a 50 forged
4:51 pm
signatures on petition put president obama and the current secretary of state hillary clinton on that ballot. our senior correspondent eric shawn has been looking into this. he is in new york, hey, eric. >> hey, shepard, the election fraud was far reaching and apparently systematic so says college student who uncovered it prosecutors tonight calling in the state police as they investigate indiana's 2008 democratic presidential primary in saint joseph county, the northern part of the state. as many as 150 signatures may have been faked on the petitions need to place the names obama and clinton on the ballot raises questions about whether the obama campaign even had enough legitimate signatures to put his name on the ballot in the first place. former indiana democratic governor joe kernen for example told me his name and signature were phonies. the alleged scheme by ryan, a yale university jr. whose major is political science. intern in fact at the obama
4:52 pm
white house last year. well, ryan uncovered the alleged election fraud while interning at a political newsletter. >> maintaining the integrity of elections in the united states is an important thing and this was fraud that occurred not simply out of laziness, but it occurred out of apparently malicious intent and by people who not only knew what they were doing but actively attempted to conceal what they were doing. >> growing scandal caught caused the state chairman to resign last night. he says he didn't do anything wrong. ryan told me he he started digging in all of this because election undermines the integrity of our voting process and our very democracy, shepard? >> eric shawn live in new york city tonight. eric, thanks. word today of a bit of a hitch in plans for commercial space flight the crude on board virgin atlantic forced to make landing after it dropped like a rock
4:53 pm
test flight. getting details of it all. they keep things pretty secret. the space craft went into a nose dive shortly after a carrier plane released the thing. we're told the crew deployed the safety system and landed without any trouble at all. spaceship two back in the air yesterday to celebrate virgin's new space port in new mexico. the plan is to one day use this craft to take tourists on sub or bit tall flights. well, it's bad enough when bears attack your picnic baskets, isn't it? but when you spot them in the grocery store going after raw ingredients trouble for everyone. not one but two bear alerts to come on this fox report live from bush stadium in st. louis where the world series kicks off tomorrow night on the fox broadcast network. hear that? it's on fox, f-o-x down the dial. you know what i mean. with intuit websites. choose a style, customize, publish and get found...
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dad's a real cleaning machine. and look at mom whipping up some kraft homestyle mac & cheese. sure it's easy to make, but it looks like she's been busting her hump in the kitchen. [ doorbell rings ] ♪ let the fireworks begin. hi, it's so nice to see you. something smells good. [ male announcer ] kraft homestyle macaroni & cheese. cheesy noodles topped with golden-brown, breadcrumbs. you know you love it. >> shepard: word of a settlement in a high profile divorce
4:57 pm
fighting for custody of a major league baseball team. frank mccourt bought the dodgers in 2004 and made his wife jamie the ceo before firing her. as part of their divorce, the wife jamie asked the court to sell the team. the husband only wanted to sell the tv rights and help them avoid bankruptcy and hold on to the dodgers. now a source is telling the associated press that the wife will support that deal in exchange for roughly $130 million which is obviously what you got in your last divorce settlement. l.a. judge still has to sign off on it. bear alert times two. number one out of alaska workers at this grocery store say a cub wandered through the automatic doors went looking for a snack. police showed up but it was a bystander who grabbed the bear and released it outside alerts number two comes from montana state highway patrol officers say a momma bear got her four cubs spooked and climbed up a
4:58 pm
tree yesterday. a crowd showed up to watch, of course, and drivers caused a bit of a traffic jam. officers say the bears eventually came down on their own, no tranquilizers and in this case no trampoline as much as bears like them there wasn't one available. before we go tonight, our team's top five things of the day. number five, a group of pediatricians warning children under the age of 12 should not watch tv because it could delay their development. number four, the cost of mailing a first class letter going up by a penny next year to 45 cents. number three, word apple plans to close all of its u.s. retail stores for several hours tomorrow so employees can take part in a memorial for the late apple founder steve jobs. number two, an israeli soldier now home after five years in captivity his freedom part of a deal releasing more than a thousand palestinian prisoners. number one tonight. almost all of the g.o.p. presidential contenders in nevada tonight for another debate. former utah governor jon huntsman deciding to hold
4:59 pm
hometown meeting in new hampshire instead. that's "the fox report" top five. and on this day in 1977, the baseball great reggie jackson stepped up to the plate in the world series and hit not one or two but three home runs off three consecutive pitches from three different pitchers. it happened it was game six and sadly it was in the bronx. the new york yankees against the l.a. dodgers and end of the second inning jackson walked but in eve of the three at bats he went yards. only other player to hit three dingers in a world series game was babe ruth but not off three straight pitches. the yanks won that game and the yanks won that series and mr. october swung for the fences 34 years ago today and if you like a slug fest, the fox broadcast network may be the place for you tomorrow night. the starting pitching not so much. cliff lee is at home but those bats are massive so it's


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