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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 20, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that's special report. keep it right here on fox where more news is always on the way. >> shep: this is the fox report. tonight who killed the dictator? we have conflicting reports on the demise of the former libyan leader after government forces found him cowering in a drain pipe. tonight the final moments of colonel moammar gadhafi and what he was wearing at the time of his death. he was once the most feared man in libya. he bank rolled terror that whether or not a flame packed with americans right out of the sky. his own citizens accused him of torture and murder. but today the former dictator, moammar gadhafi, is reported
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reportedly dead. >> somebody shot him. >> tonight unfolding information from the ground in libya. >> there were reports that 100 vehicle convoy tried to escape the city. >> and the wild celebration to mark a new chapter in this nation's history. and first from fox this thursday night, we knew him by many different names. king of kings, mad dog of the middle east, now moammar gadhafi seems to be just another dead dictator. one destined to be more than a forgotten footnote in the new regime. this video appears to show the very last moments of gadhafi's life 6789. he's covered in blood, staggering from a truck and even though one man shouts, we want him alive, gadhafi is likely well aware that he's about to
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die. here is how the extraordinary moment came to pass. early this morning, we started getting reports in his hometown of sirte had fallen to the libyan fighters. sirte was gadhafi's final refuge inside libya, the last holdout of his loyalists. and that city compromised gadhafi had nowhere left to hide. the first report of his death came just hours from then. and then the video evidence. the images you're about to see are graphic. but we're showing them to you because gadhafi's death representing an overwhelming sense of freedom and justice for millions of people. the amateur video shows the man of a man who appears to be moammar gadhafi bloody on the ground. people punched and kicked the corpse, flipped it over so others could see the face. one fighter described how they got him. >> we shot him. somebody shot him by gun.
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>> what was moammar gadhafi shot? >> in the body. like this. >> shep: reports indicate before they shot him, they cornered gadhafi in this drain and so the man who once promised to fight until the last bullet, instead chose to spend his last moments hiding like a sewer rat. but for the people of libya, the circumstances of his death were secondary to the fact that he's dead. and a storm of elation exploded across that country. the capitol of tripoli, crowds in cars choked the streets, everybody chanting, everybody smiling. back in the city of sirte where gadhafi came into this world and where he left it, people fired guns and fireworks into the sky and one man climbed a streetlight carrying libya's flag. some will argue it's wrong to celebrate the death of any human being. but consider how much death and pain gadhafi inflicted during
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his life. only recently the international criminal court prosecutor accused colonel gadhafi of crimes against humanity by targeting civilians in libya during this year's uprising. in 1986, forces bombed u.s. soldiers in a berlin disco. three people died. hundreds more were hurt. but his most infamous attack came in 1988 when he orchestrated the bombing of pan am flight 103 over lockerbie, 270 people died, most of them american. this is susan cohen from jersey. her 20-year-old daughter died in the bombing of flight 103 and today she says she's buying an expensive bottle of champagne to deliberate his death. tonight there are few tears falling for gadhafi. instead, people cry for his victims. in libya, they cry tears of relief and possibility because without the specter now of a ruthless man lurking in the shadows, their lives and their destinies are now their own
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again. we have team fox coverage now. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon for us tonight. ed henry is at the white house this evening. shannon bream is in our washington news room and jonathan hunt is here in new york. let's begin in a cube with david pipe who are is streaming live from tripoli. david? >> hi. the traps transitional council is claiming gadhafi was killed in the crossfire during his arrest rather than being executed. they say he took a bullet in the shoulder as they were bringing him to the car, which was going to send him to misrata, and then took one in the head as they were trying to get him out of that situation. also during the dna testing, we're being told that he didn't really have real hair and, in fact, it was a wig. also today, libya's leaders have said that one of gadhafi's sons also was killed in the fighting in sirte. but they can't confirm whether
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another son, who is very much the high profile figure in the gadhafi government, the western media, has been killed. but we do understand he was involved in a fire fight near gadhafi's hometown. now, at the same time there has been massive celebrations in tripoli over the last 12 hours. celebratory gun fire is still continuing tonight and these people understand, shep, that now there is no chance of gadhafi's regime returning. back to you. >> shep: david piper tonight in tripoli and even with gadhafi gone, a lot of problems remain in libya. there are thousands of weapons missing. some that can knock planes out of the sky and the very real concerns that libya become has new hub of terrorist activity. might whatever comes next be worse began gadhafi? jonathan hunt looks at those issues coming up. but first, we're learning more about colonel gadhafi's final moments. officials say u.s. predator drone and a french fighter jet
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fired on that convoy as he tried to escape his hometown of sirte. the french defense minister says local fighters on the ground intercepted his vehicle and we just saw what happened after that. team fox coverage continues. jennifer griffin, to the degree you can, take us through the series of events. >> this morning nato aircraft saw a large aircraft leaving sirte enroute west of sirte, armed u.s. predator drone and a french war plane both fired on the convoy. that's confirmed from both nato and u.s. officials. gadhafi escaped from his vehicle and tried to hide in a sewage drain, as you reported. he was pulled out alive, but died enroute to the hospital. a bullet wound to the head, shep. >> shep: there is concern, i'm told, about thousands of weapons that appear to be miss not guilty that country. >> that's right. so much concern that the pentagon has sent a team to try and track down some of these
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20,000 silver head missiles, some which could bring down commercial aircraft. leon panetta expressed concern that some of those weapons have reportedly shown up in weapons bazaars in egypt, close to the gaza strip. >> shep: friday morning over there now, what can we expect today? >> we expect in the coming hours that moammar gadhafi's body will be buried according to muslim tradition. it has to be done in the first 24 hours. it will reportedly be in an unmarked grave and nato officials plan to meet tomorrow and we are hearing that they are likely to decide to call off the air campaign. >> shep: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thanks very much. the president responded to the reports of gadhafi's death today. >> this marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya. >> shep: president obama offering a the libyan people a message of hope and a promise of support. the details of that coming up. plus, more, much more from the
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lockerbie victims' families, including why one woman says that she would like to get her hands on gadhafi's remains. from the journalist of fox news, this is a thursday fox report.
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>> shep: you have won your revolution. that's what president obama is telling the libyan people tonight. he says they took the first brave steps to bring about this momentous day. >> one year ago, the notion of a free libya seemed impossible. but then the libyan people rose up and demanded their rights. when gadhafi and his forces started going city to city, town by town to brutalize men, women and children, the world refused to stand idly by. >> shep: the president stressing when the u.s. did take action, it was part of a coalition that included arab nations and did not include a single u.s. service member on the ground.
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not war may not be over. i'm guessing the president's feeling some degree of vindication. >> that's right. the short answer is yes. the president was careful in the rose garden to say this is a victory not for the u.s., but for the libyan people. that's true. but on the other hand, the fact of the matter is this president was pillar i don'ted several weeks ago by republican when is he said he would not put u.s. boots on the ground, that the u.s. would only be in a lead role for days, not weeks, then handed over to the british and the french. so today the president made closure he does believe it was the right strategy. take a listen. >> i think what this shows is that on a whole range of international issues, there is enormous capacity and we are able to leverage greater resources, more effectiveness at lower cost when we're able to work together. >> you may have heard a little noise. that's because there was a blackberry in the oval office making that noise.
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not mine. it might have been picked up. but the bottom line is, you talk about cost, the u.s. still spent, accord to the pentagon, about $1.1 billion on the libyan operation. there is some talk tonight that perhaps, because of the frozen assets from gadhafi, some of that money can come back to the u.s. >> shep: a lot of detractors from this not war. in fact, a lot of republicans were saying it took too long and cost too much. >> yeah. and tonight they're changing their tune a little bit. mitt romney was at a campaign event in iowa, was asked should the president get credit for this and he said yes, yes, absolutely. and senator marco rubio of florida, a republican is somebody today who said look, in the end, the president's strategy was right. but he still hit him for taking too long to get there. take a listen. >> let's give credit where credit is due. it's the french and the british that led op this fight. the capture and killing of moammar gadhafi, would have happened months ago and libya would have been well underway. instead this months of uncertainty allowed for some other issues to arise.
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>> you talked with jennifer griffin about the weapons. the white house says they're willing to spend $40 million to try to track down those weapons that gadhafi had to make sure they're destroyed and don't wind up in the wrong hands. >> shep: ed henry at the white house, thanks. i finally have justice. that quote today from a woman whose daughter died in the bombing of pan am flight 103. that attack over scotland killed 270 people, mostly american. it was days before christmas in 1988, 20-year-old woman was one of throw dozen syracuse university students heading home from london for the holidays. today her mother told fox news she has no problem with the news media showing a picture of the dead dictator. >> that picture is wonderful. i'm glad that it's out there. i would like to put that picture on my mantle piece and actually throw darts at it from morning 'til night. listen, if i could, i'd go in there and mutilate his body some more. i can't do that.
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>> shep: some victims' relatives say this does not give them closure, especially after the release of the convicted lockerbie bomber. you'll remember a scottish court sent him back to libya after doctors said he only had a few months to live. that was more than two years ago. we're told he's still very much alive. a one-time aide to colonel gadhafi says it's about time somebody killed his former boss. in fact, he once tried to overthrow gadhafi himself. you'll hear his story ahead, plus what about libya's huge stash of cash? and where is it going now? and we've been watching fierce protests play out in greece for more than a year now. but today they've taken a deadly turn. the details are ahead as fox reports live tonight. t's time to make our floor look better and feel softer. how 'bout we start with the guaranteed low price on the carpet... the pad, and installation. let's get peace of mind for a lifetime. it all adds up to better carpet at a better price
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>> shep: continuing coverage from the fox report on the death of a dictator and news of colonel moammar gadhafi's demise, giving investors hope that the oil markets might finally stabilize. little or no oil has been leaving libya for months now as companies halted production when the fighting began there. the uncertainty helping to push oil prices up world wide. libya has the largest crude oil reserves in all of africa. before the uprising issues it but pumped out 1.8 million-barrels a day, 2% of the world's crude oil exports. most of it went to europe. meantime, gadhafi stashed $150 billion in libyan assets in banks around the world. banks which froze most of those assets after the fighting broke out. now the question, what is today's news mean for oil prices and what becomes of all that gadhafi cash? the "fox business" network's jerry willis is with us. any sign that his death might take away some of the oil market's instability? >> i think it very well might.
4:21 pm
we've seen prices come down dramatic since the war started. prices were were high, they're at 86.38. went up marginally today, mostly for technical reasons. here is the deal, this is the 12th largest oil producer on the planet. high quality oil coming from libya. the traders love this stuff. can't get enough of it. and they believe this is going to come back on-line sooner rather than later because a lot of the damage done during the war was not to the infrastructure of the oil. so they're hopeful that this will turn around quickly and it's going to tell traders out there that may, hey, we have a stable supply, it's back on track. >> shep: big money for the libyan people who weren't exactly getting this oil money. >> exactly. over the last 30 years, libya moved some trillion dollars worth of money from their oil reserves. that was the total. you have the number at the top, about 115 billion that gadhafi got. it spread all over the place.
4:22 pm
it's in london, in dubai, it's in banks all over the place. it's in real estate, palaces. as you probably know, the sons also spent a ton of it. they hired american pop artists like beyonce, to perform for a million dollars at individual parties. they gave it to charity, but spent money like it was water and now, of course, hopefully some of this money fingers crossed, will get to the people. >> shep: we can hope. catch her on the willis report at 5:00 o'clock eastern. 4 central on the "fox business" network. there were a number of coupe and assassination attempts during his more than four decades in power. a former libyan diplomat who worked for him for nine years says he was part of 500 people who tried to overthrow the dictator in the 1970s. he says colonel gadhafi's regime executed nearly every last one of them and today on studio b, the now former aide now a
4:23 pm
professor at western connecticut state university discussed his time with gadhafi. >> when i was working for him, he never slept in the same bed two nights in a row. he never went to sleep at the same hour two nights in a row. that tells me what kind of man he is. >> shep: the former gadhafi aide also said that he never thought he would live to see this day. wow. that was the secretary of state hillary clinton's reaction when she heard about the news on gadhafi. remember she was in libya just a few days ago. live team fox coverage of the dictator's death continues. new details about the man who released his own personal pack of lions and tigers and bears and monkeys and more into an ohio neighborhood and what one of those animals did to him after going free. if the guy let you loose and offed himself and you were a big
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>> shep: moments after the owner of that farm in ohio shot and killed himself, a large wild animal started biting his head. we got that word today from the sheriff there in zanesville, ohio, where investigators say terry thompson, this guy, reloosed dozens of his exotic animals from cages yesterday and then shot himself. it appears the gunshot hadn't
4:28 pm
killed him, or if it hadn't, the tiger would have. >> mr. thompson did have a bite wound to his head area that the doctor said would be consistent with a bite from a larger type cat or tiger or a bengal tiger. >> shep: he said that bite likely occurred within seconds of the gunshot. police and sheriff's deputies shot and killed dozens of his animals after released them. 18 he dangered bengal tigers. court record reportedly show thompson was deeply in debt, owing $68,000 in unpaid income tax. the cops and the feds teaming up to bust an immigrations agent on drug charges and that tops our news across america. arizona. the feds say they began keeping tabs on this guy in september when they got reports of
4:29 pm
possible corruption. when they tried to stop him on a highway, he took off, tossing drugs out of his car window. >> he is throwing anywhere between 10 to 14 bundles of marijuana out onto the highway. >> he now faces charges of possession with intent to distribute. california. authorities say a car and a pick up truck collided on a highway and the car went right into the los angeles river upside down. the driver able to climb out on her own. the pick up's driver reported low shaken up after spinning into some trees. illinois. winds near 60 miles an hour churning up chicago's lake front. the waves reportedly almost 25 feet high. the rough weather did not keep folks indoors. though it certainly wasn't easy for them to walk around. texas. this man is on a mission to save these, a bee rescue and
4:30 pm
proposing a no kill policy to stop extermination. >> einstein has a theory that after the hunting bee becomes extinct, human beings will follow. >> that's a fox watch across america. >> shep: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. in libya's prime minister announcing that a dictator's 40-year reign of repression is now finally over. revolutionary fighters say they've killed colonel moammar gadhafi. the former leader in hiding since the rebels tossed him from power. first reports of his death came two days after secretary of state hillary clinton made a surprise stop in libya. she got the news when an aide passed her a blackberry during press interviews in pakistan. she said the news would have a lot of libyans breathe ago sigh of relief. >> they expressed to me their concern when i was in tripoli two days ago that if he remained
4:31 pm
at large, even after they liberated sirte and declared that the entire country was liberated, that he would wage a guerrilla war against them. >> shep: in tripoli on tuesday, she said the u.s. hoped that the rebels would capture or kill gadhafi soon. it now appears they've done both. we should warn you, this video is quite graphic. it seems to leave little doubt about the ruthless leader's fate. rebel fighters firing guns and cheering over what looks like gadhafi's lifeless body. we're told they found him holed up in a drain pipe in sirte and that the mad dog of the middle east yelled, don't shoot! but the revolutionary forces report that's exactly what they did, bringing a violent end to a life marked by bloodshed and misery for millions. shannon breen working the state department for us tonight and commenting on secretary clinton. what else did she have to say?
4:32 pm
>> she said as long as gadhafi was alive, there were real worries he would try to hire an army to fight for him, to pay mercenaries and use assets like gold that he allegedly hoarded and hid until now. she also said his death is just the beginning for the libyan people, adding this. >> they have a resteep climb ahead of them to try to bring together libya, build institutions, start on a new path to the future. having him out of the picture i think will give them more breathing space. >> she noted there is plenty of rebuilding to be done, shep. >> shep: what are they saying is he state department about what's next for libya? >> they say essentially when it comes to the overall nato mission, there has to be a consensus about what happens, but, quote, the end is in sight. a deputy spokesman here told us there are three key steps for the libyan people themselves. first of all, unifying these militias that have been fighting
4:33 pm
autonomously all across the country. second, setting up an interim government and ultimately get to go fair and free elections for the people. he told us there is no hard time line for getting those things done. shep? >> shep: shannon breen live at the state department. thanks very much. gadhafi's death does not guarantee stability or security at all for libya. tonight there are very real questions with whether that nation will become either a land of peace or a problem for the rest of the world. jonathan hunt is with us now. this is not a question anybody is going to be able to answer today. >> it's not. gadhafi's four-decade dictatorship leaves precious few libyans with political experience, so there is a vacuum. it leaves an opportunity for democracy, but also the danger of revenge, reprisals and civil war. it leaves a worrying opportunity for islamists to push for power and it leaves libya awash with weapons that could find their way into the hands of
4:34 pm
anti-american terrorist groups. first the weapons. arguably the most pressing issue for the u.s. to deal with. possible low chemical and biological weapons and certainly tens of thousands of service to air missiles are unaccounted for. they're the sort of weapons that can bring down commercial planes and they're the reason secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in tripoli this week aboard a military aircraft specially equipped with rocket defense systems. >> we owe it to the american people to be ahead of this. we don't want to see these weapons end up in the wrong hands. so the only way you can physically do that is by good intel and physically get not guilty and trying to find out where they're going. >> and control of those weapons may well depend on who has political control in libya. a u.s. friendly group or islamists with possible al-qaeda ties. >> all these fighters, whether islamists or nonislammists, need to be willing to put down their weapons, go back to work, go
4:35 pm
back to their jobs and that i think will be the real critical question in the next weeks to come here. >> and then there is the possibility that libya could simply descend into chaos and become a new haven for terrorism and terrorist training. the u.s. will have a crucial role to play in preventing that doomsday scenario. >> the key has to be to bring in some strong institutions into libya. they've had no institutions for 40 years. civil society programs, elections, get all the rebels together. they did come together in the end. >> they did indeed come together in the end, but this is not by any means the end of the story. in fact, it's more likely the beginning of the hardest part of the transition. the bad guy is gone. now we have to find out exactly who we've been helping and whether they really are good guys dedicated to democracy or just different bad guys committed to chaos. >> shep: the beginning of the hardest part of it all. thank you. coming up, how what happens next
4:36 pm
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>> shep: the mad dog of the middle east as they called him may be dead, but the coming days and weeks could still pose a special challenge to american diplomacy. not just in libya, but across the entire of the middle east and that part of africa where the so-called arab spring has triggered months of violent unrest and overthrown entire governments. fox news contributor judith miller, she's interviewed gadhafi more than ten times. >> gosh, yes. >> shep: what now for these people? this isn't the end, as jonathan was reporting. >> this is just the beginning. and this is the most dangerous part of the whole libyan transition, shep.
4:40 pm
>> shep: who is in position to come in? one thing about a dictatorship, it's hard to organize around a dictatorship. so who is organized well enough to do something? >> that's the problem. we're not sure that the tnc, the transitional national council you've been hearing about is in a position to do that. there are as many as 12 militias just in tripoli and outside of tripoli, there is not a lot of law and order. a lot of these people and militias do not want to give up their weapons. they do not want centralized authority back. they just had it for 40 years, they didn't like it. so the real challenge now for the tnc is can they extend security to enough of the country that they can claim to represent all of libyans? >> shep: how are the relations -- it sounds like france, germany, the united states will play big roles here. how are relations with this interim government and to what degree can we expect maybe they'll listen to a guiding hand? >> i think it was really very fortunate that hillary clinton just happened to be in libya two days ago.
4:41 pm
>> shep: you don't think that was a happenstance? >> no, i think it was a lucky bit of foreign policy and you know what? you'll take luck wherever you can get it. she actually laid down the law. she said look, you guys have got to stop fighting with one another. i don't have got to get your act together. they have some things going in their favor. the islamists, the really extreme muslim fanatics are also very tense among each other. so the tnc has an opportunity to reach out and say, we speak for all of libyans, which is why it's so important that the killing of people who are aligned with gadhafi stop. this must stop immediately. looting, there must be no looting. everything must be done to maintain stability and order or libya will not hang together. >> shep: are there outside agitators who will try to facilitate not hanging together? >> absolutely. there are always people with different agendas and some claim to be our friends. but there are many people who
4:42 pm
are supporting the most extreme religious elements. libya is not an extremist country. they're only about 4.5 million of them. we've been saying 6 million because we include the egyptians and other foreigners living there. but they can left to their own devices, with a little bit of luck and a lot of advice from friends, if it's low key, kind of make a go of it. i am guardedly optimistic, but i am not jubilant because i know how difficult the coming days will be for them. >> it would have to be. judy miller, great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> shep: thank you. violent protests rocking greece again today as lawmakers voted in favor of a very unpopular plan to slash the country's budget. officials report dozens of people are hurt and they say one man died in the chaos of an apparent heart attack. estimated 70,000 people were protesting the cut backs which international creditors demanded in exchange for helping greece
4:43 pm
avoid bankruptcy. critics say the plan is too tough on the nation's poorest citizens. many analysts say if greece defaults, it could trigger a chain reaction in the u.s. and global financial markets could be in big trouble. one nation sends thousands of troops into the country next door. pay back for what officials call one of the deadliest militant strikes in a three-decade insurgency and tonight at least 21 people were reported dead in that counter offensive. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. turkey. soldiers hunting down fighters from the kurdistan workers party in northern iraq. it comes 36 hours after the rebels ambushed a turkish army base, killing at least 24 soldiers. their coffins heading to their hometown for burial. australia. a baby barely escapes death as a car crashes into a shop in
4:44 pm
sydney. the boy's mom rushing to get him out of the stroller as his sister takes off to the back of the store. we're told the baby's doing fine and nobody else is hurt. china. this is only a drill. swat teams from cross the country meeting in an eastern province. they're if full gear taking aim and dodging explosions. all part of a national field training exercise and simulated terrorist attack. france. they love their rugby in this southwestern village. it's home to the our lady of rugby chapel. seriously. there is even a stained glass window showing baby jesus holding a rugby ball. fans are praying extra hard this week. france plays new zealand sunday for the rugby world cup championship: and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
4:45 pm
>> shep: the police are still searching for the missing baby in missouri and say they checked out close to 700 tips. but no sign of little lisa irwin. officials armed with shovels and search warrant wrapped up the search of the missing ten had month old's home. they say her parents are now refusing to answer some of their questions. cops hauled off bags of evidence after they searched for 17 hours. you'll remember the infant's mother, deborah bradley, admitted to fox newses, or at least she said she was drunk on boxed wine when her baby disappeared. surveillance video from that night shows the mom buying that box of wine with some unidentified man. she said she may have had as many as five to ten glasses and admits she may have blacked out. it's been more than two weeks since lisa's father said he came home from work and discovered the baby was gone. he have says somebody came through a window and snatched her from a crib. some of the gop presidential
4:46 pm
hopefuls are back on the campaign trail today. including the former massachusetts governor, mitt romney in iowa where folks will vote for a nominee in less than three months. meanwhile, the new front runner, herman cain, surging to the top of some of the polls on the back of his 9-9-9 deal. but that plan is about to change. details on that right ahead. there's only one bottle left ! i've got to tell susie ! the vending machine on elm is almost empty. i'm on it, boss. new pony sorry ! we are open for business. let's reroute greg to fresno. growing businesses use machine-to-machine technology from verizon wireless. susie ! the nding machine... already filled. cool bike. because the busine with the best technologyules.
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>> shep: fox news is america's election headquarters in the former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, going to iowa, january's first in the nation caucuses. more than half of the candidates who won that contest in the past four decades went on to become their party's nominee for party,
4:50 pm
including george w. bush in 2000 and then senator barak obama in 2008. today governor romney vowed to campaign in iowa again and again and folks there seem to be responding. the latest real clear politics average of the iowa polls puts governor romney in second place. closing the gap with herman cain. speaking of cain, we're learning his proposed tax plan may no longer be as easy as 9-9-9. it may never have been. you'll recall herman cain pushed the idea in recent debate and campaign stops as a way to fix what he called a convoluted tax code. >> this economy is on life support. that's why my 9-9-9 plan is a bold solution. it starts with throw out the current tax code and pass the 9% business flat tax. the 9% personal income tax, and the 9% national sales tax. >> shep: but now cain is apparently changing that plan, or at least adding to it amid backlash from critics who say it
4:51 pm
puts an unfair burden on the poor. let's get to james rosen following these changes today. he's live in d.c hello, james. >> shep, good evening. in detroit, tomorrow morning herman cain is scheduled to unveil the last major piece of 9-9-9 and it is already drawing fire from organized labor. recent studies concluded that 9-9-9 would raise taxes on most u.s. households, especially poor people. the campaign's answer to all that is tomorrow's proposal. details of which have been obtained by fox news to create opportunity zones. under this plan, tax breaks will go to all citizens who live and work in both blighted areas that eliminate what the campaign calls barriers to growth. campaign sources tell fox news that the qualify a zone could, among other things, abolish minimum wage laws, institute school choice for parents and establish right to work conditions allowing workers to refuse to join unions. >> it's tough to take anything like that seriously. look, workers are working hard and their wages have stagnated.
4:52 pm
they have herman cain, a serious contender on the republican side make a statement like that, that he wants to further lower wages, he wants to do away with the minimum wage, it's almost laughable. >> and in an e-mail to fox news tonight, teamsters president james hoffa says his opportunity zones appear to be an opportunity for corporate america to exploit workers and turn the united states into a third world country, unquote. sources say mr. cain himself at the last minute changed the name of this plan to opportunity zones because he felt the word empowerment too closely associated with liberal politics, shep. >> shep: james rosen on capitol hill tonight. thanks very much. fewer americans are filing for unemployment benefits, according to the labor department. analysts say it's a sign the job market could pick up in the coming months. jobless claims down more than 4% to a six-month low now. the economists say that total has to fall even more to sustain job growth. sales of existing homes fell 3% last month, according to the national association of realtors.
4:53 pm
analysts say that is part of the housing market is on track to match last year as the worst in more than a decade. and the 30 year mortgage rate barely budged, fallly slightly from 4.12% to 4.11% this week. many borrowers are unable to take advantage because they can't scrape together a down payment or meet very restrictive lending standards. a new authorized biography of the late apple ceo steve jobs sheds new light on that innovator's personal life. according to this book, jobs stopped going to church at the age of 13 after he saw a photo of starving children on the cover of life magazine. after his own company fired him, he called apple's managers corrupt people who cared only about making money. the author interviewed steve jobs more than 40 times, including a few weeks his death. the book is set to hit store shelves on monday. there is another sad light -- satellite falling from space and the experts say it could hit within days. plus speaking of falling
4:54 pm
satellites, lindsay lohan violated probation, so a judge ordered the troubled actress to work at a morgue. and america's lindsey was start to start today, but guess what?
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4:57 pm
>> you're watching "the fox report" from america's news leader on cable. coming up this weekend, satellite of doom, the sequel. scientists are warning pieces of a german satellite may rain down on saturday or sunday. they say much of the mini van-sized satellite will burn up in the atmosphere, but 3700 pounds of debris could survive reentry and they say the wreckage could hit just about anywhere outside of the north and south poles. a nasa satellite in the same situation landed in the pacific last month and didn't do a thing. another twist in lindsay lohan's never ending legal saga. she rolled up late to her first day of morgue duty today in part
4:58 pm
because she didn't know which entrance to use, or that's what a spokesman says. the coroner's official says her assistant actually called ahead to say she'd be early. but somewhere in between that and her looking for the right door, she arrived 40 minutes past her 8:00 a.m. in time. officials turned her away and marked her as a no show, all one day after a los angeles judge assigned her to the janitor job for fail to go complete community service hours at a woman's center. updating some of our top stories, libya's prime minister says colonel gadhafi died of a gunshot wound to the head after he got caught in the cross fire between supporters and rebel fighters. rebel leaders now say they found the dictator hiding in a sewer pipe. we're told -- we're also getting reports that he was wearing a wig when he died. not his real hair. there is now word that nato's air strike and the mission in libya could be over as soon as
4:59 pm
tomorrow. on this day in 1977, three members of the southern rock band, lynrd skynrd died in a crash. the plane ran out of fuel and crashed into a forest in mississippi. 20 people did survive. but ron knee van zandt, steve and casey gains did not make it out. their road manager and two copilots killed. the national transportation safety board blamed the crew, the same crew aerosmith turned down for its tour months earlier. the surviving members of lynrd skynrd reunite add decade later, but the group that gave us "free bird" met disaster 34 years ago today. and now you know the news for this thursday, october 20, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home tonight and st. louis, thanks for welcoming us for the fall classic. it's st. louis and the texas


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