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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 21, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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probation was revoked when an angry judge reported she was not keeping up with service but partying instead so we lean you with that thought and that image what she is doing today. thank you, everyone. "studio b" starts now. >>trace: i'm trace gallagher for shephard smith. we have breaking news. for 17 days we have been telling you that there are no new leads in the case of baby lisa, the missing missouri baby, who disappeared october 4. that has just changed because fox news has just gotten a copy, now, of the search warrant in this case. remember, the police searched this home a number of times but two days ago they decided to get a search warrant and they told us the reason they got that is because they wanted to get their legal ducks in a row because the parents have a lawyer and we found out, in fact, on october 17, which was monday, police got
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a positive hit from a cadaver dog for a scent of a deceased human being on the floor in the room of the parents, which, of course, being deb where bradley and her husband. we are told by the reporter on scene that, in fact, the "hit" was near the bed on the floor near the bed. you recall when they went in for 17 hours over the past two days they brought in x-ray equipment to x-ray the walls and the floors and the pipes and they brought out a number of carpets and bags and, now, we know why. we have been asking all along, why in the world would you get a search warrant when you had full access to the house? to get a search warrant you need to go to a judge and give them a spoke reason why you want to go back in there. now we know that reason. cadaver dog on monday got a scent of a deceased human being.
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we are in the process of contacting the police and parents and finding out exactly how accurate the cadaver dog are. much more on breaking news as it comes in to "studio b" on the case of baby lisa. in washington, where, today, president obama declares an end to the u.s. war in iraq. >> today i can say our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> after nine years the president says all u.s. forces will leave iraq by january a draw down of the estimated 40,000 troops on the ground. >> the next two months our troops in iraq, tens of thousands, will pack up their gear and board convoys for the journey home. the last american soldier will cross the borders out of iraq with their heads held high, proud of their success, and knowing the american people
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stand united in our support for our troops. >>trace: the united states innovated iraq in 2003 and since then 4,000 american troops have died. some 30,000 have been hurt. according to the department of justice, the war has cost this country roughly $135 million. a day. today, president obama calls the mission a "success," but did not mention the failed negotiation whether several thousand u.s. forces would remain in iraq beyond this year. and chief fox correspondent is live for us in new york with more on that, but, first, ed henry is live at the white house. in some ways this isn't a huge surprise. >>reporter: that is right, not a surprise. this president's entire campaign in 2008 was premised on the idea the iraq war was a mistake and it fueled his rise in the primaries against hillary clinton and promised he would end the war in the first term and, in fact, it was then
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president obama at the she throwing news conference in 2008 who set this in motion by the agreement that basically said troops would be coming home by the end of 2011. the last thing the white house will do is weigh in whether it was a victory but it was interesting that the president tried to cast this in kind of a wider victory for his administration in the days ahead. >> i note that the end of war in iraq reflects the larger transition. the tide of war is receding. the draw down in iraq allowed us to refocus the fight against al qaeda and achieve major victories against the leadership including osama bin laden. >>reporter: and iraq was never going to be a place like germany or south korea where we kept thousands of troops for many years especially in the wake of muammar qaddafi's death, and the arab spring, keeping u.s. troops in an arab country very controversial right now.
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>>trace: but some republicans have been very critical of the process that led up to all of this. >>guest: that is right. republican senator lindsay graham, bipartisan figure on the issues, was withering putting out a statement and saying that he believes the president's decision will haunt this country because he thinks this is too quick of an exit and wanted it see some u.s. troops still on the ground and senator john mccain, the rival from 2008 early this week in anticipation of this announcement was claiming it was a diplomatic failure and the u.s. wanted legal immunity for u.s. troops to stay behind and they could not get an agreement with iraq and that is why they are not staying and if the u.s. focused sooner they could have gotten a deal. listen to senator john mccain. >> we did not have any priority to the issue and, then, it took them up until a month or so ago to decide how many troops they wanted. for every military leader, everyone, recommended around
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13,000. >>reporter: he said this could be a victory for iran but white house officials are being firm in their belief iran will be held accountable by the special community if it tries to do anything to take advantage of the situation. >>trace: chaw, ed henry from the white house. and despite the progress the united states has made on the ground in iraq, analysts say it remains a very dangerous place. violence has dropped to recent years but reports point out deadly bombings and shoot insurance -- shootings happen daily. a top military official told a lebanese paper that al qaeda swirl pose a "serious threat" to that country. and jonathan hunt is live in new york city. how serious are the threats from iraq's neighbors? >>jonathan: serious because iraq is in a dangerous neighborhood. to the west, the long border
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with syria and the president could cause trouble across the border to deflect from troubles in his country. to the east: the longer border with iran and they certainly according to every expert, has no interest whatever in seeing any sort of stability inside iraq. listen. >> iran and the allies want to destabilize iraq and they do not want a democracy in iraq. they want iranian-style government and to spread it. the risk of that increases as the security presence decreases. >>jonathan: all foreign policy experts tell you that iran is already still, hard at work sending in proxies to do what it can to destabilize any sort of progress toward democracy in iraq. >>trace: what about threats from inside iran? >>jonathan: there is the threat of sectarian violence.
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remember, there are still very controversial figures with powerful backing inside iraq. remember sadr behind the attacks against u.s. troops and behind a lot of the militants in the country. he still is committed to furthering his own power base. you will likely see an uptick according to the experts in sectarian violence as the u.s. troops pull out. so, all in all it is going to be a very dangerous time for iraq. we said yesterday in the wake of the death of muammar qaddafi, the hardest part is now beginning. in libya, anyway. and it could be the same in iraq the next 12 months. >>trace: jonathan, thank you. and now, more on the iraq draw down is deputy national security advisor. sir, i am not sure if you heard the previous reports but a lot of analysts have said, again and again, that once american troops leave iran will exert more
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authority in iraq. is that a concern? >>guest: well thank you for the opportunity to be with us. i say two things: be clear about the status of the situation that iran faces. it is more isolated. weaker. economically weaker. and more dip mitally department diplomatically isolated so we feel good about that. that is one. two, as it relates to the situation in iraq, what we have seen is, as a result of the very capable and remarkable work of our troops on the ground, the training, the partnering and the efforts they have undertaken we see the iraqis are very capable to take on the threats they face. it is always good for the foreign policy analysts to be doom sayers, that is how they get open the news but we feel good about where the iraqis are. >>trace: the administration believes iraq can secure themselves but top military
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authorities disagree. your secretary of state hillary clinton wanted 10,000 troops there. so, clearly there is a concern this is in the a secure country. >>guest: i am not sure, i would like to see your facts on this to get the assertion to catch up with the assertions you have made but i will say this: every assessment over the course of the last six or eight months as we have aggressively dug into this and we is worked on it for three years suggests again, because of very fine work of our troops, the training, the partnering, and the operations they have carried out, the security forces in iraq can carry out the functions and missions they need to carry out. that is fact one. fact two, it is obviously a very dynamic situation. but over the course of the last several years politics has broken out so iraqi political leaders now resolve their differences in the parliament, among each other rather than through a civil war and through
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violence. that is good for us. and good for the region. at the end of the day we will have a very robust security partnership with the iraqis and that is in our interests but it doesn't mean we have to permanently business troops there to do it. we think we protect our interests here and you have seen the president demonstrate we can protect our interests without facing a lot of troops. >>trace: if the administration came to a deal with maliki on immunity for troops in iraq would there be some troops left behind? >>guest: well, we did come to an agreement with prime minister maliki. that is what the president talked about, fulfilling the security agreement president bush negotiated in 2008. we have come to an agreement on the kind of future we want together, a robust security partnership, a normal diplomatic relationship, and the kind of partnership at a moment in a region that allows us to say
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iraq is a model for the region. we think that is very important. >>trace: thank you, sir. coming up in a few minutes we will hear the republican take on this decision from florida senator rubio. and breaking news on the case of baby lisa, a cadaver dog got a hit, a scent, of a deceased human open the floor of the parents' bedroom. cadaver dogs are extraordinarily accurate, well above 90 percent. and we will get breaking news on this story ahead. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
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>>trace: the last american soldier on the ground in iraq will leave there by january, the word from president obama today. after that happens he says the nearly nine-year long war will be over. fox news anchor chris wallace joins. there are 40,000 troops on the background and by last month, we are told of the generals wanted 10,000, they said they could make do with 10,000 and the administration says 3,000 and now it is zero. that is not a big surprise but it seems it is. >>chris: not a big surprise because this was a report a week ago on associated press that it would be below 1,000. clearly the negotiations between the obama administration and the regime, the administration of prime minister maliki did not go well. a large reason, i am not sure either side wanted u.s. troops there, the president, of course,
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ran for office and was elected opposing the iraq war so i am not sure he had great enthusiasm for keeping troops on the ground although some pentagon officials and commanders in iraq wanted north of 10,000. and maliki was getting a lot of heat from the shiite supporters particularly sadr, the radical clerk, who wanted all u.s. troops out so there was a lot of pressure from the administration and the white house and the maliki administration to cut it all off. end our involvement of u.s. troops in iraq. one of the ways pallicy did it, he put in the poison pill and said we are not going to allow, the question you asked your guest, the iraqis were not going to allow legal immunity for our troops. that is a nonstarter for the americans, some american troops gets involved, involved in a
12:18 pm
shooting defending himself, does he submit to an iraqi court, so that was a way for the iraqis do not make a deal. >>trace: and putting this yet up that just came in from speaker boehner saying and i quote, "american forces not only freed earthquake from a vicious tyrant but under the strategy developed and implemented by the generals and the leadership of president bush and president obama ended a violent terrorist insurgency that threatened the iraqi people and provided an opportunity fort iraqi government to build the capacity needed to effectively meet the needs of the country." so he is saying that he thinks, okay, well, maybe iraq is secure and the question people are asking, what about iran? how does this play if iraq starts going south? >>chris: well, you are exactly right. that message from speaker boehner different from the messages we heard, the
12:19 pm
statements from john mccain and senator graham who hammered the administration forgetting out and said we risk sacrificing, or, rather, losing the sacrificing both in blood and treasure over this last decade. interesting he did not follow suit in criticizing the administration. if things in iraq go south obviously that will hurt president obama but i do think speaking politically, now, not in terms of national security, it allows him to keep faith with the left. he ran as an antiwar candidate. now he can say "i kept my promise," and ended the war in iraq. that will be popular with the antiwar left, the liberal base which has problems with the president on other issues. >>trace: thank you, chris wallace, host of "fox news
12:20 pm
sunday," and talk about the death of muammar qaddafi with hillary clinton. thank you very much. we are still coveraging breaking news new, on the case of baby lisa. we got the search warrant and the affidavit says that scent dogs on monday get a hit, a positive hit on a deceased human being on the floor of the parents' bedroom and we just got more of the search warrant and it turns out there are other discrepancies in the story of the per. that is ahead. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years.
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>>trace: breaking news in the case of baby lisa and fox news has a copy of the search warrant of the on monday the dogs got a positive hit of the scent of a deceased human on the floor of the parents' bedroom and our fox affiliate reporting the police were investigating freshly turned dirt if the backyard of the parents' home which is why they may have been back there for the past couple of days, digging, and using x-ray machines. and judge jeanine pirro is here, and you know this case, judge, when you hear about the cadaver dog, we did search, the dogs are very accurate. what do you know? >>guest: they are accurate, and i just got off the plane and my police sources sent me information that the search warrant and the return was released. there is information in this search warrant that the police are trying to have sealed and they are locking to seal this
12:25 pm
but the bottom line is, there is a lot of information in the application for the search weren't that is very disturbing, including a cadaver dog hitting open the floor of the parents' bedroom. from being a d.a. and a judge these cadaver dogs are very well trained but even more disturbing is that now we understand why police kept going back. they made an application for a search warrant to a judge and they said, look, judge, based upon the inconsistency in the statements of bradley and that our information leads us to necessity our doing more work than just a view of the house, we have to go in there. what they say in the affidavit, by the way, which was written by a 13-year veteran detective of the kansas city crimes against children unit, not only did the
12:26 pm
dogs hit in the bedroom, but, the land includes a garden area with portions of dirt having an appearance of being recently disturbed or overturned. this is damning information that the judge decided was significant enough to allow the police to execute the warrant. what i can tell you, they came out of that house with a multi colored comforter, purple shorts, and why is that significant? i have been following the case since day one. mama says she put the baby to bed in purple shorts and a disney shirt and she said had animals on it, and a die, and a blanket, rolls of tape, and a tape dispenser, a whole new ballgame. it has been coming for a few weeks, the statements that she made to me in my interview of her and her husband were
12:27 pm
inconsistent with subsequent statements and now we know the police had information of cadaver dogs and dirt being overfunded and we have the shorts she said she put the baby to bed in. troublesome stuff. >>trace: and now, take us, forward. does this compel or can this compel the police to be able to interview. they said the parents are not answering questions, can they now make a case we want to sit down with the parents and get this on the table. >>guest: i spoke to the captain of the kansas city police department and he said we need them to answer the hard questions. it seems they have been more focused at talking to the national press than the police. this is serious. this gap of four hours we just heard about when she last saw the baby the police wanted to talk to her and they say they are cooperating but i am not sure, it is time to come
12:28 pm
forward, there is too much at stake in this case. >>trace: and suddenly new information, and you can see judge jeanine each weekend and i am sure she will have breaking news on this. more new video showing the former libyan dictator, muammar qaddafi, moments before he died. what he reportedly said to the rebels before he took his final breath. and the battle over what to do with his body, that is next. every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's notust good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know
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>>trace: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the to which the news. new details on the death of the former libyan dictator, muammar qaddafi. this is brand new video showing rebel fighters pulling him from the last hiding place which was a sewage pipe. here is another new video showing a bloody qaddafi wiping blood from the face as he shouted to the captors telling the rebels "what are you doing, what you are doing is forbidden in islam," and "do you know right from wrong." before losing consciousness. today, questions about his
12:33 pm
burial. and now, live from tripoli. david? >> his body was to be secretly buried but it has not 457ed after a third party we believe, the international criminal court, got involved to examine the body and now the body is on display in a freezer in a supermarket in a town of misrata and people have been cueing up, today to view the body and take pictures. now, misrata was devastated early not war as the forces tried to take that town. there is a lively debate of what happened, exactly, when qaddafi was captured. now the fighters have spoken to us and said he was alive at the time, and, now, the government has said when he was taken to the car he took a bullet in the stomach, perhaps, during cross foyer, and, also, another bullet when he was in the car and being transported to misrata and
12:34 pm
wasn't executed but, there isn't really anymore information about that. ing in to confirm exactly how he died. also, fed, it has been confirmed that one of his sons actually died in sit and there has been video displayed of that, and, also, pictures have been released of video of him in the same clothes alive shortly before so there is questions being answered what, exactly, happened to him, also, and another son, a high would file son, is believed to be on the run at this time, trace, and, perhaps, headed toward algeria to escape the forces. >>trace: david, thank you from late evening in the capital of libya, tripoli. some leading republicans were not in favor of pulling out all american troops from iraq this year. early this week senator john mccain said a full american withdrawal could spark a return
12:35 pm
to the violence that peaked dug the iraqi insurgency in 2006 and speaker boehner credited both president bush and president obama as well as the hard work and sacrifice of our service member. joining me now is florida republican senator rubio. thank you for joining us. you see speaker boehner believes it is okay to pull everyone out and others do not believe that. where do you stand? >>guest: we would like to see the end of the engagement in a part way. we have invested a lot of money, unfortunately likes and sacrifice my american soldiers to bring stability to iraq. my fear is in the pull out is too fast iran and the surrogates will take over and create havoc. do we need a reminder of what a bad group of people the iranian government is? that is what the conditions are being created. the concern of iraq not getting immunity but i hope we work hard
12:36 pm
to figure out a way, figure a role, in terms of providing security. as this stands we will have less soldiers in iraq than in honduras. that does not make sense. >>trace: what happens if this does go south? is there a plan (b)? what is your assessment? >>guest: if it goes south there is nothing at that point to do if we are not engaged. to reengage after it goes south is terrible and iran feels cornered with syria in trouble. without syria iran is limited with the damage they can do. the dictators in the region are looking at libya and now now wel give them breathing space by allowing iraq to give them space where iranian surrogates can take over? i respect what the president is trying to do and we would like an end to our engagement but do it in a way that is smart and does not threaten our security.
12:37 pm
>>trace: you mentioned libya and you were this recently, do you believe the 140 tribes in the different clans can come together or are we looking at chaos like we saw in the post saddam iraq? >>guest: my worry of the protracted conflict it creates an environment where that happens and the tribes and the groups and militias go their outbound way and weapons are missing and that is what happened. i was there two or three weeks ago with senators and the people libya want a new future. they do not want the violence but they have a lot of challenges. there is only so much we can do. one is medical assistance which they are will to pay us for. i hope it turns out well. i think they have a chance. >>trace: and qaddafi is laid out on a mat dress in a grocery store, this, clearly, for the rebels is something they need to publicize to get legitimacy that this was our kill and not nato's kill. >> an opportunity to town the page in terms of the end of the regime of qaddafi allows them to town the page and start a new
12:38 pm
chapter in the future of libya. the people of libya want a new future. there is in guarantee. only so much we can do but we have the opportunity in libya to see the emerging of a pro-american muslim country and that is positive development. >>trace: the "washington post" took a swipe at you saying you have embellished the story of your family saying your parents came to this country post castro after the revolution when, in fact, your parents came to miami, or florida, in 1956. your response? >>guest: if they want to attack me forgetting the dates wrong, they are right, i don't want around with my parents' passport in my pocket. but the essence of the story does not need to be embellished. my parents were exiled. i was born did two people who could not return to the nation of their birth because it was under communist controlled and they tried to return and they
12:39 pm
realized what they were dealing with and came back permanently. >>trace: but in fairness there is a point, i work floridaed if and we know in florida there is a big difference between those who came as immigrants to florida precastro and those who came as exiled post castro and some are saying you, for political gain, pull your parents in the later group. >>guest: that is not fair. and that is not true. a last cubans living in the united states because they were not happy with the regime. they now not, isles because castro took over? my parents tried to return in 1961 my mom moved back for four weeks and realized it was communist and came back to the united states weeks before the bay of pigs so, there is in need to embellish that. my parents were never able to return to the country of their birth. not to visit. or to live. to say they are not exiles is outrageous. there is not a single credible voice in the cuban exile community that would agree with
12:40 pm
that. not one. >>trace: and we have collected and you have said many times that your parents came to this country before castro took power in cuba. senator rubio to florida thank you, good of you. >>guest: thank you. >>trace: can your cell phone give you cancer? researchers, doctors, and cell phone companies have been debating that question for years. today we may finally have an answer. that is next. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. in fact, it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief, twice as fast. [ male announcer ] test our fast relief. love it, or get your money back.
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>>trace: the biggest story conducted whether cell phones cause cancer. danish researchers looked at 350,000 people and found no link. the study, the largest of its kind, took place between 1990 and 2007. but it comes five months after the world health organization concluded cell phones are possibly carcinogenic and critic whose believe there is a cancer connection say this new research
12:44 pm
didn't look at long term risk. pointing out brain tumors can take decades to develop. and now to our medical news a team the author of "inner pulse." doctor, we talked about this a few months ago and then it did cause cancer. now it doesn't cause cancer. >>guest: we are looking at observational studies. they are not proving cause and effect. you are not taking a group of people making them use cell phones and another group doesn't and see galveston they develop brain cancer. the problem is we have had five billion people in the world that use cell phones and the incident of brain cancer is only five to ten million a year so, and the other point, it is not increasing. with all the cell phone use increasing, brain cancer is not increasing so i am not surprised to find the largest study so far is not showing a connection. they looked at everyone that
12:45 pm
registered for cell phone use over 17 years and they found $350,000 people and the group that did not use them had no difference than the group that did use the cell phones. >>trace: you go back 100 years and you talk about smoking and the studies that said, no, no, no, smoking is fine and then in the 40's, it is dangerous and it goes back and forth. cell phones have only been around about 18 years, don't we need two or three decades to get a feel of the impact. >>guest: yes and no on that. the preliminary information looks good but you are absolutely right, they need longer term studies and one significant weakness if this study in addition to being observational it didn't show for people that were heavy users and i have a concern about heavy users and a concern about the cell phones back in the 1990's had more radiation than the ones now, so it is a slippery sleep. it is always changing.
12:46 pm
we are shooting a moving target. the kind of radiation cell phones emit for the most part does not appear to cause any containing to human d.n.a. so i say i don't expect this to end up being an issue but we have to look at heavy use specifically for a long period of time. >>trace: so this is not a grown light to talk for eight hours on the cell phone because in the 1990's we had the big bricks and it was $10 a minute and now you use them all the time. >>guest: that is bad because look at all the car accidents people texting. i believe in head phones, by the way, and, i believe in limiting this how about people talking to each other. that is not a bad idea. >>trace: dr. marc, thank you, author of "inner pulse." >> steve jobs warned president obama he could lose the upcoming election if he didn't do more to help businesses.
12:47 pm
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>>trace: breaking news now on the case of baby lisa, the missouri baby missing for 17 days. we just got a copy of the search warrant. there are some bombshells in this. the cops had to go to the judge to give specific reasons why they wanted to go out and search the parents' house. now we have three big ones: on monday a scent dog got a positive "hit" on the scent of a
12:51 pm
deceased human being on the floor of the parents' bedroom. and, number two, police now revealing not search warrant they found signs of dirt in the backyard that was freshly dug. and now we are learning the morning the police interviewed the mother, deborah bradley, she told them when they said let's look in the backyard she said no, because i'm afraid what i might find. they have been back out there with x-ray machines and digging up the backyard, x-raying the walls, the floors, the pipes at judge pirro reported they took out shorts and a shirt that may have been what the mother said baby lisa was wearing on the fight she disappeared. they have also taken out carpeting and budgets of evidence, clearly, there is now breaking information on the case of baby lisa as we get more we will bring it to you on "studio b" continuing into the fox
12:52 pm
report tonight. you are headed for a one-term presidency is what steve jobs reportedly told president obama. according to a new authorized biography on the late apple founder. the book is due out on monday. but some excerpts have leaked out including that warning from jobs telling the president last year his administration noded to be more business friendly. but it seems steve jobs saved his harshest criticism for the biggest competitor, google, which created the droid smartphone according to the author, he lashed out at the company saying and i quote, "google you [blank] ripped off the iphone, wholesale ripped us off and i will spend my last dying breath if i need need to and every penny in the bank to right this wrong, i will destroy droid because it is a stolen product." and now, a p.r. consultant and president of emerald partners.
12:53 pm
he didn't pull any punches. >>guest: he didn't. this is, it sounds fascinating, the one and only authorized biography jobs gave the author unlimited access in three dozen interviews. what it reveals jobs was your mad genius. he thought differently than the rest of us mortals. and, number two, he was a consummate ego maniac and he thought he could do everything better than everyone else. >>trace: you talk about giving the author unfetter access. he said "i wanted my kids to know me," he says "i wasn't always there for them and i wanted them to know why and to understand exactly what i did." back to your point, we talked
12:54 pm
about the president saying you are a one term president on the way to becoming a one term president and he would not agree to meet with the president after the president called and, finally, he did but he criticized the meals, the president. this is a guy who was salty. >>guest: he criticized the menu, the gift list, he was fascinating in he was so ambivalent to obama. he l jobs was a card carrying san francisco democrat on the one hand but on the other hand he was an arch capitalist in spiritual clothing. so he hated the fact that obama was a bureaucrat and seemed to be incapable of action. >>trace: and this is my favorite. here is what he thought bill gates, the richest guy not world. he says bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything which is why he is more comfortable now
12:55 pm
charities. >>guest: as a microsoft shareholder i resent that. but the guy was vindictive, a criminal freak, and he was a fastnating character and this book will be number one one way or the other. >>trace: all right, thank you, a fascinating book and i am note sure when it is out. >>guest: on monday. >>trace: on monday. the head partner of public relations firm and all though of "the practice of public relations." good to see you. a 28-year-old pro runningback not process of getting traded from the lions to the philadelphia eagles, and the trade fell through and the reason may have actually saved his life.
12:56 pm
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>>trace: a failed physical preventing a detroit runningback from going to philadelphia eagles may have paveed his lie. he mentions during the exam which was required for the trade that he was having headaches, and that is when the doctors reportedly discovered he had a brain tumor. the lions coach schwartz refused to comment calling it "a privacy issue," and harrison is not expected to play again this season but according to one report, his long-term prognosis on-and-off the field appears to be "good." well, take a look at the dow at 269, up 269! if your 401(k) is on fire, you made good money today, 268 at the corner of wall and brad the closing bell happened in 15 seconds, that is it for "studio b" today, remember, continuing coverage of breaking news in the baby lisa case on fox news because there is brand new information from the certain warrant. the searc


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