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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 21, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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always remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tonight, presidential campaign season also means the proliferation of campaign ads. now the latest have former massachusetts governor mitt romney and texas governor rick perry going after each other, very hard. take a look at the ad released boy the perry campaign, targeting romney's record on the issue of health care. >> how do you insure the 45 or 50 million americans who are not on the books? well, that's what we did in massachusetts. we put together an exchange and president's copying that idea. i am glad to hear that. >> i was asked, is this something you would have the whole nation do?
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would you apply it to the rest of the country? >> i would. i said no. i made it very clear. we can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country. in my book, i said no such thing. >> people who were consulted by the romney administration are also being consulted by the obama white house. >> team romney is proving that two can play this game in an ad that has been pulled due to usage of cnn footage. he took on perry's shaky performance in some of the debates. >> republicans need to believe if they're going to nominate somebody, this person can stand next to barack obama on the stage. >> it was before he was -- he was before the social programs from the standpoint of he was -- >> you would die for him. >> it is not whether or not we are going to have have policy or that policy. we don't need any plan. >> perry really did throw up all over himself in the debate. >> the fact is that americans understand faith. >> rick perry, plunging in the poll, rolling the dice. >> if he would just calm down.
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he seemed very agitated. >> set the benchmark so low. >> we will wait until tomorrow. >> he doesn't have an economic plan. >> he just had to show up and smile. >> he's a shadow of his former self. >> could this dynamic lead to the downfall of both candidates? newt gingrich spoke about the current climate of the presidential race, right here on "hannity" earlier this week. he warned that it may need to change. >> the goal of this effort is to defeat barack obama and get america back on the right track. the goal of this entire project isn't to have one ego or one ambition over another and get beaten by the president because we have beaten each other up so much. >> author of a brand-new book, muzzled, juan williams and andrea tantaros. you doing all right with beckle? >> i am getting through every day am i think i need a raise, though. >> i raise?!
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>> it's getting hard. teasing. he's a great guy. >> i was watching today. you think this is a bad idea. that was your comments today. in other words, with them going at each other. >> well, i think that perry needs to go on the offensive. i think the way he did it probably wasn't the classiest. but i do think he needed to go to the offensive because people were wondering did he have it in him? it's worked. it's revised his campaign. that ad against mitt romney -- now that is a great ad. >> what about when he said, you have an illegal ilgrant that worked at your house? that did not go over with the franklin focus group. >> i don't know why he would talk about his own achilles heel, which is illegal immigration. same question for the romney campaign. why they would put an ad about his stumbling in debates when the biggest achilles is immigration. if i'm mitt romney, i will hit him on that and ignore the stuff
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about his own -- it doesn't make much sense. >> juan, i have to assume as a democrat, i assume you will vote for barack obama for re-election. is that a fair assumption on my part? >> if -- looking at the candidates that the republicans have on the stainless steel so far, i haven't seen anybody who seems as good as obama, so, yeah. >> obama -- >> i am hope thawing might run sean, or something. >> you would vote for me over obama? >> oh, i like you. i am sad to say -- i don't want to shock people. >> all right. but -- as a democrat, more left leaning, this is probably from your perspective, even though this happened between hillary and obama, this is probably from your perspective a good thing, right? >> no. look, i mean, gosh, i'm so old, i remember ron ron and george bush, the elder, going at it, you know -- >> voodoo economics -- >> yeah! so exactly.
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this is what you expect from politicians in the course of a legitimate debate. from your point, you asked the question, you think, david axelrod, the obama team, they had no idea that governor romney has ever flip flopped or that governor rick perry has had trouble if a debate and appears at times as brit hume said, throw up on himself. >> but there is something about when a republican criticizes another republican. it's in their words. i am sure the obama ad team is laughing, saying, let's take that footage and use it against them -- >> i have no doubt. >> these are the only ones that have the money to go on the air, with these attacks. >> i don't think this is going to matter. i know that, as juan is pointing out here, they will try to make the case, this is not a referendum on obama. this is totally a reverendoum his failed policies. he will be held actable for his
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promises. it seems to be desperation this week. we have seen the class warfare by democrats and racial language that i find so, you know, the republicans want blacks hanging from trees -- >> women will be raped i. i was going to get to that's. biden said that rape and murder are going to go up if the second stimulus, in other words the president's plan isn't passed. and the president said that the republicans' plan is to have dirtier water and dirtier air and fewer people on health care. >> they have been beating this drum from day one f. we don't pass obamacare, women's health is in jeopardy f. we don't pass a medicare bill -- [overlapping dialogue] >> in 2010, harry reid said fwe don't pass my jobs bill, men will go home and abuse their wives. >> remember that? >> let me just say -- >> it's desperation. >> this is -- desperation. what do we have all the time
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from the republicans. the desperation and the way they have absolutely mocked president obama and they say that their job is to defeat president obama, rather than govern the country. the news that comes out of these ads is that the anti-romney forces right now -- we are not talking about coalescing -- >> wait. >> let me put some emphasis on this. the vice-president of the united states says, if you don't pass the president's jobs bill, more women -- >> that's over-the-top rhetoric. >> the president said i. no. >> republicans want their -- they desire dirtier air and dirtier water. now, do you think i want dirty air and dirty water? do you think conservatives want women raped and murderd? >> you want. oh, stop. the rhetoric is over the top. >> oh, okay. >> i think the president and the vice-president have a legitimate point, if you take cops off the street, at some point, there
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might be a tipping point at which -- >> absolutely not true. >> the data -- >> the last few months. >> the data -- >> it turned out to be false. >> it might be a tipping point where it starts to be the case. the point is, your guy who says more drilling, more drilling, right? everybody drilling offshore in the arctic reserve. so you can't say -- >> no, i don't want deep water drilling. i want to drill closer to shore where it's safer and if we have an accident, we can plug up the hole. >> we should stay on the race -- [overlapping dialogue] >> people -- i am saying, people on the coast line, people in florida won't be able to go swimming. >> all right. we are not going to resolve this tonight. but we are going to talk about how this vice-president has used misleading data to back up a claim that is blatantly false. if the democrats want to have a debate about crime, like they did with the clinton crime bill, let's do that. but don't take a union bailout
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for obama's buddies and turn it into some kind of violence against women threat and make republicans -- juan, you know, this is a strategic move by the left to make republicans look like we are okay if women get raped. >> this is crazy. look i. nobody's saying -- >> wait a minute. >> have you to -- [overlapping dialogue] >> can i talk for a second! i. more women will be raped and more murders will occur. >> that's not what he said. what he said -- he said if you don't pass the element of the jobs bill that provided -- >> he didn't say the element of the jobs bill -- he said the bill. >> he was talking specifically about that part of the bill. the bill has, as you know, been rejected. so they are looking at the various parts for money for first responders. >> the washington post fact checker said, in fact, that the vice-president's data was dead wrong. it was a lie. and the white --
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>> i said that to you. i said that to you that if you look at the rate of murder, rape, robberies over the last -- i think since '09. >> '08. >> those rates have gone down. but i also said to you that we may reach a tipping point, that if a tipping point is where have you too few cops on the street, you may see a ?urj crime, given the high unemployment rate in the country. so it's not ridiculous. >> from now until november, the electorate should be prepared to hear every kind of attack, they will stop at nothing, republicans are after granny, women, everybody. it is political fodder, so they keep trying to pass this jobs bill, the goodies bill for their political friends and allies. they are doing it for political theater. >> you know -- >> it is not going to work. at the end of the day, he needs jobs. >> have you to give the president credit. he did help out the jobs -- the car company -- what was it --
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>> finland. >> he's helping the finnish economy. >> how about our car companies? you let the republicans beat up on the president -- >> solyndra -- >> oh, please. >> company in finland. >> oh, yeah. logger jobs that go to -- >> how about -- [overlapping dialogue] >> wake up. >> sean: i didn't know i was asleep. coming up while qaddafi's death marks an important place in history, what is more mrnt important is what happens next. can the people build a democratic nation? or will the post-death power grab pose new robbery problems like in egypt? we'll explain. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
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>> sean: the anointed one is urging libya to use this opportunity to build a new democratic nation. but should the u.s. be so quick to assume that what these rebels want is good? qaddafi's death opens the door for power grabs with groups whose agendas will, quote, often be anything other than what meets the eye. revolutionaries may claim to have democratic ideas, but this shows two members of libyaa national transitional council
6:16 pm
resting in front of a sign that reads: today libya, tomorrow wall street. there is the threat of radicals take over the anti-semitic, anti-american muslim brotherhood. they are fighting for power in egypt and in the new libya. in this new-found freedom, will it translate into a stable government? we have the president of america together foundation and the author of the book, stop the islamization of america? >> one day, tell roll off your tongue. >> >> sean: i got t. good to see you. all right. you and i had this argument during this whole tahrir square egyptian thing. i was right and you were wrong -- by the way, good to see you in person. i told you, michael, muslim brotherhood would aline with the military and it will be worse than mubarak. they were saying, get ready for war with israel. it appears that's what's
6:17 pm
happening. >> it's happening. i think it is going to change, sean. this movement came from the young people who wanted to change. and if somebody's going to come and rob them of that change, they are going to rebel again and get out the brotherhood and hopefully a democracy will come, not today, but within 5 or 6 years. >> sean: in the meantime, there may be war with israel. i mean this is -- go ahead. >> i don't think, israel is a very powerful country. they know -- iiranian proxy war like hezbollah and others. >> it never stopped them before fighting with israel. al qaeda had a significant role in toppling qaddafi. the providence with the rebellion sent more fighters to raise jihad against americans than any other place in the world. the leader of the transitional national council has said that the government is going to be
6:18 pm
established, is going to be a shirria government, that discriminates against women and non-muslims and discriminates against the freedom of speech. there are no indication it's we knew back in march that al qaeda and jihaddist elements were in the rebellion. and what about the missiles, sean, that were missing? >> 30,000 surface-to-air missiles that could be used to take out american airlines. >> have appeared in gaza. >> sean: in gaza, okay. here's the problem, michael, you thought the best-case scenario would happen the first time in egypt t. didn't happen. i am glad qaddafi's dead. no-good, evil, murdering thug, dead. happy. the problem is that the obama administration and the world don't think how it could get worse. mubarak, as bad as he was, is probably who kept the peace with israel for 30 years. i don't see that happening with the muslim brotherhood, calling for war against israel. you saw what happened against
6:19 pm
the christians. >> it's a bad situation. we cannot make it worse. we have to work with them, sean -- >> sean: how do you say to evil people, say, "please be nice"? sugar on top. >> if you don't deal with the enemies, who do you deal with. maybe they are not going to solve the problems -- >> sean: if i was president obama. i would join with israel and knock out iranian sites tomorrow. knock every one of them out special make sure that that evil regime never got nuclear weapons. >> i think we have to question why we went into libya. libya had, after the bush doctrine abandoned their unconventional westbounds and wmd, was selling toil us, less than the saudi arabians. why didn't we go after the real devil -- >> sean: let me ask you a question. what percentage of muslims in
6:20 pm
that part of the world do you think are radicalized? >> i think they for devout. i think -- >> sean: in other words, would buy into jihad, emergence in heaven? >> a large part. >> sean: give me a percentage. >> i can't. but even if it's 10%, that's 100 million. you saw women -- you see no women in libya. you saw eyeliner, lipstick, in iran. and obama -- obama did nothing. he mowed them down the streets. syria, a basal state of iran, lebanon, he's doing nothing. why allow the ascent of isalmostic imperialism. >> sean: radicalism. >> i don't think it's more than 5%. even that amounts to 50 million. -- >> sean: 50 million lunatics. 50 million evil people. >> only a few hard-core
6:21 pm
lunatics. most of them are siding with them. if they are taken out like anwar al-awlaki and bin laden, they will fall out. i got you a copy of the koran. i thought you would be reading the koran. there were two wrong translations. >> sean: that i gave you? >> this is the right translations. >> i am going to give him a book, stop the islamization of america. >> peace and israel. >> sean: you know how i define peace, the ability to defend yourself, not the absence of war. the ability to kick your opponent's ass. >> you are a fan of reagan. i am a fan of reagan. >> sean: we have to run. coming up, louisiana governor bobby jindal. we will talk 2012 and whether or not he is supporting governor perry. and he is up for re-election tomorrow. how's the campaign going? we'll check in with him next.
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irvetionr. >> sean: as we continue on the road to 2012 issue the momentum remains on the side of the republican party. tomorrow in the great state of louisiana, voters will head to the poll, all indications are that they will overwhelmingly re-elect my next guest, bobby
6:26 pm
jindal who, has endorsed rick perry in the race to the white house. how are you? >> great, sean. >> sean: fireally wanted to be a smartalec. i would say, your unemployment rate is 6.9%. but you told me that. 6.9%. the coincidentry's 9.1%. how many months of consecutive job growth? >> 12 months in a row of private-sector job growth, decreasing govern of the jobs. every month i have been governor, it our state has been below the southern and national averages. we have $10 billion in private capital investment, three years in a row, louisiana has been named the best state in the south, and we are the most improved state in the country. we are showing in louisiana, that fiscally conservative principles work. we have cut government spending 26%, $9 billion. we have fewer state government
6:27 pm
employees than we have had in 20 years, the best credit rating in 25 years. we understand, you cut taxes, cut government spending, that's how you grow private-sector jobs. >> you are doing all of this -- north dakota has a lower unemployment rate of 3.5%, but they had a massive oil discovery that they are moving forward with. now, if they awlow oil drilling in the gump, you lost a lot of jobs with that, but still, you know, you are over, about 2 1/2 points below the national average with unemployment. seems to me, if you get your oil industry back, so a lot of jobs will come back? >> absolutely. sean, if the president would get out of the way. you look in the gulf, 11 rigs went overseas. 10 still not here. we are not close to where we were before the moratorium n. 2012, to get back to where we were premoratorium, where we would have been otherwise. it is not just the moratorium. you look at new corp, investing
6:28 pm
$3 billion in my state, 1200 permanent job, they delayed over two years, thanks to thanks to d trade. japanese pvc company that want to invest $120 million in our state in louisiana, they are thinking about putting the money overseas thanks to the epa and regulations. our economy is better than the south, better than the country, we need the president to stop raising taxes and stop regulations in the way of job creators. >> sean: this is what i want to understand, have you gone in the opposite direction of what we are doing initial -- nationally. 26% of the state budget you cut in the first term and you gave the largest tax cut to the state of louisiana, $1.1 billion over five years. you cut a lot of loopholes and accelerated the elim nazeination of other taxes and elimb liminated capital gains tax on the sale of businesses.
6:29 pm
how do you do all of that and the results are good? why don't we do this nationally? it seems like you are doing a good job. how did you cut spending, cut taxes and end up with a better situation? >> sean, it's basic economics. this is common sense, what you have been talking about. we sold a thousand state cars, privatized group home services that cost $600 a day for the state and less than $200 a day for the private sector. we have gotten rid of wasteful government spending. here's most telling. every 25 years of exporting our people, for four years in a row, more people moved in, rather than leave. people are voting with their feet. harry reid got it wrong. he went to the senate floor and said the problem was public-sector jobs, he wasn't worried about private-sector jobs. he was worried about expanding public-sector jobs. that's what is wrong with washington, d.c. they are trying to grow
6:30 pm
government spending. we are doing the opposite in louisiana. it's working, our best credit ratings in 25 years. we have had to make tough choice, but who what the voters and the taxpayers want. that's why i think this is a one-term president. >> let me ask you, you supported early on, governor perry of texas. he came out gang busters. struggled a little bit in some of these debates. do you think he can recover? >> absolutely. look, this is going to be a long-term fight for the nomination. that's a good thing, by the way. for too long, we have pre-ordained our nominee. i think a heated and open contest of ideas is a good thing for the nominee, whoever it is. i am supporting rick because of his economic policies and track record, creating nearly half the jobs in our country, whoever our nominee is will have to go up against the obama machine. he will have a billion dollars. we need a tough nominee who has
6:31 pm
been tested and velted. i think this process is good. governor perry has cut taxes 65 times in the state of texas and president obama has cost our country 2 million jobs and under governor perry, they have created a million jobs. he has done tort reform. he understands you don't tax your way into prosperity. >> it look like you are going to win this race and be a two-term governor. a lot of people mention your name as a possible vice-presidential candidate. if one of these guys, when they get the nomination, if they were to come to you next summer and say, governor jindal, you did such a good job in louisiana, i want to put you on the ticket and run with me nationally. how do you say no to that? >> my focus is here in louisiana. we have made a great start. i am supporting whoever is on the ticket. i am supporting rick perry. i don't want a job for me, i want a job for millions of
6:32 pm
americans. i want to continue to be governor of this great stai. zei made great process, but we have more taxes to cut, more private-sector jobs to create, especially in k-12, we have to give parents more choices so their kids are not trapped in failing schools. we have a glait program started in leans leerngsz but we have more work to do. >> appreciate, as always, you be being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: my great, great, great american panel is next. what's this guy doing? dude. [ laughs ] whoa! whoo! no way! go, go, go, go! are you kidding? [ cheering ] oh, my god. did you guys see that? maniac. [ male announcer ] the midsize nissan frontier with full size horsepower and torque. innovation for doers. innovation for all. ♪
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6:37 pm
people, carol swain is with us. and he was the former mayor of the great city of providence, rhode island, the one and only, buddy cianci, hosts his own radio program, buddy cianci show and the author of politics and pasta, vincent buddy cianci. i forgot i took off my mike for a second. let me start with this new video came n. i want to warn everybody, very, very graphic. we saw a video of muammar al-qaddafi just before he was killed. this is right after he got captured. now, if you get queasy when you see a lot of blood, don't watch this. but this was immediately after he was captured. you are going to see very graphic images here. you know, as i watch this, we will keep playing it, what's your reaction? >> my reaction is that that is the result of tremendous number of years of oppression, of tremendous violence, of killing people, of being the kind of a person who would bring about this kind of reaction.
6:38 pm
>> sean: good point. carol? >> i don't think anything justifies the brutality toward another human being, no matter what he did. to me, it shows, these people are not ready for democracy. >> sean: in other words, what are you seeing there? >> i am seeing people uncivilized -- >> sean: we are supposed to expect that the rebels that are going to be in charge now... look... i just hate to see this. you know, as he's an evil man, a murderer. he has killed americans. i want him dsmd i want him out. is it hugh that war is ugly? >> yeyeah. and the tribal passions and the rage builds up. that's why iraq was so brutal after 2003, sectarian and terrible tribal violence. it's such a bad thing we that we are leaving that the president come scpowts retreats. but that's what is going on in the middle-east everywhere. >> carol brings up the most
6:39 pm
important point, are they ready for democracy? what happened happened, but let's be concerned about the future. >> sean: right. >> they are also killing people that were seen as supporters of qaddafi, the black african immigrants that were brought to the country, that's not getting enough media attention. so -- >> sean: this bothered me during the arab spring. somebody wrote a column attacking me, it turned out that the media was telling us, this is a democracy movement, celebrate, the same media went laur logan was raped and beat tone an inch of her life and other journalists were punched in the face. our media's telling us this is democracy? >> i was in israel when egyptians allowed the hamas terrorists to exit and kill a bunch of travelers on the red sea and released rockets. it's a very unstable situation. you are very right to warn. we don't know which way this is
6:40 pm
going. and i don't think this administration has any clue how to do this. >> what will happen with the missiles and the weapons that they have that are unaccounted for in. >> sean: 30,000 surface-to-air missiles. >> you have people like that, imagine what they can do with a little horse power, gun power. >> sean: i mean, if those weaponsen up in the hands of a terrorist organization, i brought this up with colonel north, i pray to god i'm wrong, but if they make it across the border, it wouldn't be that hard to do, hugh? >> no. >> sean: wouldn't they plan an attack in however many cities they get the weapons in? you wake up and simultaneously, how many jetliners would be ripped out of the sky, targets. >> targets. >> sean: they will be shot down. >> obama is -- president obama is threatening other dictators. i find it very problematic that he is engaging us in conflicts without getting congressional approval,. >> sean: i'm against the war
6:41 pm
powers act, as every president has been, including obama. one area we agree o. but the difference between him and the other presidents are he is claiming this is a nato operation. we are 65% of nato. >> i know. >> perfected leading from behind. he's trying very hard to disguise retreat as a victory. we near big trouble. i hope foreign policy moves to the center of the presidential campaign soon. we have to talk about an appeaser in chief who is bringing a period of ruin to the middle-east. >> sean: we have to take a break. we have another scandal. your tax dollars, funding a really great car. leonardo deripcap rio loves it. sneak peek of 19short minutes. >> we are going to talk about that. i have a gripe. why are we helping publicly held companies, why not privately? if it's public, everyone can buy into it, if they want.
6:42 pm
that's another issue. karl rove will be here and tell you how every single republican candidate could win the nomination -- or maybe. maybe he won't tell us that. and we have steve hariggan in mexico. president calderone is accusing us, meaning the united states, of dumping criminals on the border. >> did you eat a fried twimpgy at the fair? >> they have, i am not kidding -- >> sean: arizona. >> arizona. they have maggot sandwiches. not kidding. yeah. >> sean: what?! >> that's the worst. >> sean: i hope nobody's eating dinner on the west coast tonight. we will continue more with our great, great american panel, next. no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot
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6:47 pm
this, by the way -- $529 million loan guarantee to a company building an electric car in finland. here it is. beautiful car. created a lot of jobs in fin planned this leer jet limousine liberal, leonardo dicaprio is a fan of the car. how many instances of wasted millions and billions are we going to hear about? >> let's be thankful and glad that biden and obama didn't give the loan application approval to the iran nuclear weapon factory -- >> sean: we don't know yet. >> what can you possibly say about a $500 million, whoever it was, going to another country? we are trying to save the american automobile industry and we have jobs being created in finland, of all places. in fairness, the company says none of the loan guarantee money is being used to create the jobs in finland.
6:48 pm
but i don't believe that. i believe they would not be able to get where they have got were it not for our money. it's just awful. this is what breeds the occupy wall street movement and this is what breeds all of this other stuff on capital hill. >> sean: crony capitalism -- socialism. but go ahead. >> what really bothers me, given the unemployment situation in the u.s. and the democrats are criticizing the republicans for blocking the president's jobs bill. in the mean tile, the president is doing everything he can in many ways to undermine jobs. i am not enthusiastic about the trade bill he just signed. i think it would be like nasta and even more u.s. jobs go overseas. >> sean: you are probably right. >> mr. fiscker, did us a favor. he leaned into this story, he said, i can't afford to build in california because the regulations, because of taxes. so the only good part of this story is that if we want to bring manufacturing back, we
6:49 pm
have to get rid of people who don't understand that the epscpa state and local agencies are killing the ability to make a car in the united states. >> sean: all right. >> in world war two, we were able to mobilize our economy and building owe build thinkenings. i live in the smallest state in the union, i bet we could have found a flies build the car. >> sean: there used to be a lot of manufacturing in rhode island. >> sure. >> sean: let me ask carol, you have a situation in vanderbilt i. yes. >> sean: it's like vanderbilt versus the christians. now congress has gotten involved. a number of congressmen have written a letter. >> vanderbilt is a private school, so there is a feeling that they can do what they want to do. but they have a new policy that student organizations cannot require that their leaders share their beliefs and in a correspondence with one of the leaders, he was told that christian groups could not ask their leaders to lead bible studies and worship services.
6:50 pm
that's something that we only do. and the university even changed the policy that protected religious groups and removed the protection. so we are hoping that they will restore religious liberty at vanderbilt. >> sean: what do you think, hugh? >> our friends at the alliance defense fund will always defend religious liberty. it's a private university. we don't want to federalize everything, but i think the alumni of vanderbilt, a great institution have to call up their chancellor and say, what are you thinking? this is crazy?! >> how you can possibly enforce something like that? you could have the head of the ku klux klan become head of the black caucus, or the black organization. i mean, that's the way -- >> good for you for stant standing up. >> thank you,. >> sean: i hear you are running for mayor. >> please! don't say that. >> sean: when we come back,
6:51 pm
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>> sean: welcome back to scmant billy graham has been preaching the gospel for decades and now
6:55 pm
he shares his thoughts on growing old and how to live life until the fullest until the very end. his son came too touk with me about his father's new book and much, much more. joining us is franklin graham. have been, his dad's book. >> how are you? >> sean: look, your dad's 92 now. >> yes. >> sean: i watch him, they run old tapes when he was young and preaching -- you run them every week, right? >> they run them on trinity broadcast every saturday night. >> sean: let me tell you -- he was big time fire and brimstone in there. he has mellowed a little as he got older. would that be fair? >> i think that's because age mellowed him. older and less energy and so forth. he will be 93 next month. my father is as convinced today of the message that he preached when he first started in 1940s
6:56 pm
as he is today that jesus christ is the way of the truth and the life and no man can come to god except through faith in his son jesus christ. he is as convinced today as ever. >> do you talk to him about his faith and his life's journey. >> i try to have lunch with him once a week. of course, this book -- what's interesting -- he is writing this book from a bogs of being 90, almost 93 years of age, looking back at lessons he has learned. he says, people taught him how to live. he even learned from people how to die. no one taught him how to be old -- >> sean: hard. >> it's hard. >> i am going to be 50 this year. i want to play sports -- and this hurts, ow, oh, it's annoying. when he is talking about "finishing well," he's talking about dying. >> he's talking about finishing a life well. a lot of people don't finish well. it's a practical book with good
6:57 pm
suggestions. every chapter is ground in the scripture. all of my father's life is preaching minnistry. he would always go back to the authority of the scripture this. burkes every chapter is ground in the word of god. but the important thing, sean, it's a little bit of a how-to book, but a man who has lived 93 years with a lot of good insight. how hard has it been for him since your mom died? >> he never expected to outlive my mother. he always expected to go first. in life, he hulz always had health issues. my mother was strong as a horse. she went to heaven first. he's very lonely in that sense, sean. he thinks of her every day. he talks about her every day. >> well, your father has an interesting, fascinating life and some of it wasn't easy. was it hard for you because you
6:58 pm
grew up with this man and here he is preaching the gospel, america's min spher, if ever there was one and you are not a perfect kid. i guarantee you, if we traded stories, i was far worse than you -- by far. i don't care, you cannot top mine, in a bad way. but i found god and i changed my heart. but there was pressure on you -- it was hard to live up to this? >> sean, i don't know eye am sure there was pressure, i probably just didn't recognize ttoo stupid to recognize t. i decided i wanted to have fun. so i was going to try to do those things that pleased me. i found that there was an emptyness in my life. i was 22, sean, before i got on my knees and said, god, vimade a mess of my life, and if you put it together, you can have t. i said, i believe jesus is your son and i would like to invite him to take charge of my life. that was the night that god healed my heart. i felt that night that i had
6:59 pm
been forgiven and my heart has been cleansed. sean, vitried every year since then, every day since then, to live one day at a time. >> sean: when you told your father that story the federal first time, how did he react? >> i think it was relief. [chuckles] >> sean: were you that bad? he was waiting that long? >> i feel, he thought i was going to end up in jail or something. i am thankful there is a god that loved me, pure enough to send his son to save me from my sins. >> sean: your father through prayer and fasting -- >> my father and my mother -- my mother was a great influence in my life because my father traveled so much. she was the one who -- >> sean: kept everything together. >> kept everything together and ran the home. >> sean: you made it possible, last crusade your dad did in new york that i got to interview him and that was a great honor. and to this day, i


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