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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 22, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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good afternoon. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. president obama celebrating another foreign policy victory as libya braces for democracy. what effect will it have on his bid for reelection. >> gop presidential contender her man cain has gone from finishing fifth to topping a number of polls but recent controversial comments has increased media spotlight.
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>> second deadly shark attack by a great white at a popular tourist destination. the latest on the hunt for the man eater. >> president obama fulfilling a campaign promise to pull troops out by the end of the year. it's raising red flags who say the fledgling government in back dad is not up for the job but it's a challenge they say they are ready for. >> you have to do the job ourselves. you can't rely fully on the americans. they did a good job but at the end it's our responsibility. molly henneberg is live in washington. hi, molly. why does the president think now is the time to bring troops home. >> the strategy to the end the war has succeeded.
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he campaigned on promise to bring the war to a quote, responsible end and now he is following through on it. >> we've already removed more than a hundred thousand troops and iraqi forces have taken full responsibility for the security of their own country. thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of men and women in uniform the iraqi people have a chance to forge their own future. now, the rest of our troops will be home for the holidays. >> molly: why now? u.s. and iraqi officials say they couldn't come to an agreement on legal protection, meaning protection from lawsuits for american soldiers stationed in iraq. >> molly, some republicans say this was a failure of diplomacy by the obama administration. there were negotiations for a different scenario, tell us more about that. >> molly: and several presidential candidates say the president and his diplomatic team should have pushed for some
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kind of agreement to keep a contingent of troops in mc. romney put out a statement the unavoidable question is whether this is naked political kliags or ineptitude in negotiations -- >> and they put out a statement in every case where the united states has liberated a people from dictator's rule we have cut troops to ensure a peaceful transition and protect the fragile growing democracy. >> and costly protracted war in iraq, they say it's strengthened iran's influence but president obama says bringing home the troops will allow the u.s. to focus on rebuilding our own economy. >> molly henneberg, thank you. >> gregg: the united states has paid a big price for our presence in iraq. right now an estimated 45,000 troops spread out across the
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country. costing american taxpayers roughly $135 million per day since the war begin. 4482 troops died during the iraq war and more than 32,000 more have been injured. >> the withdrawal of american troops could pose big security challenges for iraq as the armed forces stand on their own for the first time. but even as u.s. troops prepare to pull out of iraq they are still waging red hot combat operations in afghanistan. president obama says he plans to wind down the mission there as well pulling out our troops within the next three years. presidential primary is getting into high gear. nevada republicans have voted to voted to move the presidential caucus to february 4th after several candidates threatened a
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boycott to the event. they changed to january 14th, but that to other states like florida. >> gregg: we're getting new predictions that democrats will win back congress in 2012. some tom harken american people are sick and tired of do nothing congress, nothing is getting done because republicans in the senate block democrats at every turn. he is confident he will hold the majority and may win back the house of representatives next year. republicans obviously disagree. now to the 2012 race for the white house. most of the gop presidential hopefuls are in iowa ahead of the candidate forum but mitt romney is noticeably absent. michele bachmann is fighting rumors of an exit and her man cain is trying to clarify comments about abortion.
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>> reporter: tonight in iowa almost all the republican candidates for president are going to get for the iowa state and freedom coalition but her man cain who won the western leadership poll out in vegas is trying to explain when he said he was pro-choice before he really meant he is pro-life. if he is president, anybody wants an abortion will have to commit a crime to get one. >> abortion should not be legal. that is clear, but to michael the decision to break the law that is that family's decision. >> rick perry says he thinks his flat tax is more attractive than the 999 plan. he was campaigning andstein here with congressman steve king. he has past supporter for michelle bachmann. she is shooting down rumors that
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entire staff jumped ship. the director they said did quit and they never -- according to a follow out yesterday has 4% support behind perry who has got 6, gingrich who has 8, paul, 12, romney has 27% and cain who is ten ahead of with 37%. peter doocy, thanks. >> gregg: good news for the cain train, her man cain winning the western republican leadership straw poll, putting his long shot campaign into clear focus
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but recent stumbles have left some questioning whether he is raid for prime time, can he survive he is recent alleged gaffes and what he needs to do. here a jamie winestein who a senior editor of the daily caller. you know cain's on ride from unknown to at or near the top, do you think it's been driven by policy or personality? >> i think it's largely, it's a mixture of both. certainly cain wins the test, which candidate would you like the nominees you would like to have a beer with. most republicans of all the people they would like to spend time with, her man cain beats out mitt romney and perry. he a very likable person. i think a lot of republicans like the idea of the 999 plan
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even more details come out and it gets more scrutiny some people may be pulling back. >> pizza goes well with beer so it does shift the suds now and again. his rise to the top has been met with increased scrutiny which is sometimes clumsy statements. here are four of them. he called for an electrified border fence to kill illegals that happen to cross, he said just a joke. he would negotiate with terrorists in exchange for u.s. prisoners, later reversed, i misunderstood the question. then he made confusing statements on abortion. this one is really important to a lot of social conservatives. then he later sort of issued clarifications that seemed to muddy the waters even more. he advocated for the 999 tax overhaul. now, he is suddenly saying, well we can fix it up a little.
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we can rework it because he has been getting a load of criticism. that invites the question, is this is the kind of inexperience that invariably leads to gaffes and how much does it hurt him? >> sometimes it's more than gaffes. he wins the beer test but loses the coherency test. air borrowings was a big one, it's not clear after all the clarifications where he stands on abortion. we know he a personally pro-life but would he want to make it illegal? would there be penalties for it? it's still not clear. then more than that, if you look at something on foreign policy, they asked him about afghanistan he says i'm not going give you a position on that right now. when i get elected to office i'm going have experts and then we're going to craft a position. >> gregg: i'm glad you brought that up. he has all but confessed he is foreign policy meal fight and
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his statements leave little doubt about that. when you are running for president of the united states, the leader of the free world, is that a curable problem or a terminal problem? >> in theory it's curable if you can hit the books and get informed on these matters and surround yourself with the right people to get knowledgeable. >> gregg: he had it in his head for president of united states, you need position papers for o every conceivable foreign policy subject. you got to memorize it. you have to have advisors on each one of the issues. you have to be in constant contact with those individuals. that how it's done, he apparently didn't do it? >> his answer would be, i'm a businessman. i make decisions, when i get into office i have people lay out the options. the fact of the matter we have hundred thousand troops in afghanistan. the american people are going to want more, i'll give you an idea
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of once i get elected. you are going to have lay out a plan beforehand. >> gregg: a political analyst pointed on out, he thinks there is no way that her man cain can win the nomination because in the end when voters concentrate because they like him now, but once they focus they are going to say, look, i can't pull the trigger on a ballot box on a guy that has no experience in public office. what do you think of that? >> i think he has a point there. these gaffes, they are more than gaffes in some instances by political inexperience. imagine when barack obama was running for president, i don't have to plan on afghanistan. when i get into office i'll make a decision, he would be ridiculed for that. cain can't make policy statements. >> gregg: let me ask you something that just broke about an hour ago.
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the caucus was reshuffling, it's been a free for all. rnc had a well considered plan well in advance and everybody regarded with impunity. nevada is pulling back. they say, we're not going with the january primary. we're going back, february 4th. what do you make of this? >> it makes it easier for the candidates. all the candidates are trying to get up to new hampshire, nevada was disrupting the traditional primary schedule. jon huntsman was the biggest of them all. he boycotted the nevada debates to curry favor with new hampshire voters. they don't have to boycott nevada in order to curry favor with new hampshire. >> gregg: in election there is a
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lot of kissing up that has to be done. >> no question. >> gregg: good to see you. we're getting new confirmation about the chaotic moments after moammar khadafy capture and how he died. that the dictator was assaulted by revolutionaries. meanwhile, celebrations on the streets of tripoli today as the burial is being put on hold. greg palkot is streaming live from misurata libya with all of that. >> reporter: a little bit of celebration on the streets of misurata, and you are hearing gunfire in the background. there are questions about the exact circumstances of the death of former libyan leader moammar khadafy but authorities here set
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those questions aside again today. they put the body on display for all the public to see again today under some very unusual circumstances. take a look. what we saw and what we heard today in misurata. >> a very bizarre scene. these men and children lining up to go inside this meat locker, cold storage room to see the man dictator who has ruled them for decades, moammar khadafy and his son laid out on a dirty mattress on the floor inside this storage room after being killed on thursday. these people are saying god is great. they've been fighting for the past couple of months. they are pleased with what they see. they are satisfied their country is now liberated. they have the proof. >> this is the end of things like this. he ruled us for had he years.
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he was a mad dog. >> authorities say there will be no more post mortems. there were four different doctors. they decide the cause of death was a bullet to the head and a bullet to the stomach, a little one official admitted those bullets could have easily have been shot in anger, not just a crossfire or friendly fire result. as for the burial, i'm told the public display will end tonight and the body will be handed over probably to the family of khadafy for a burial we're told at a secret location. they don't want it to be turned into any kind of shrine for followers of khadafy. this should pave the way for a post khadafy future. transitional government here tomorrow will declare national liberation and look forward to
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elections upcoming, they say, in a short time as a month. yes, we were inside the meat locker and looking at the body presented by the government here of moammar khadafy, you could clearly see the bullet wound to his head. we also noted and other people noted that how short he looked on the ground, found with the former dictator when he was killed in platform shoes. back to you. >> thank you. >> gregg: a new bill creating controversy on capitol hill. it would require employers to run background checks. will it will work to keep our borders safe? and deadly shark attack. witnesses describing this shark has as ten feet long. coming up where this vicious killer was spotted.
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>> gregg: this is pretty scary, an attack by a great white shark kills an american off the west coast of australia.
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this is the second shark attack in the last 12 days. the man was diving by himself near a popular tourist spot. police have not released his name. the body was recovered by a boater. other witnesses describe the great white as at least ten feet long. they are not sure it's the same shark that killed a swimmer nearby on october 10th. >> patti: a new bill to cut down on illegal workers is keeping up a controversy on capitol hill. measure would require employers to run background checks on immigration status of their employees. critics say the measure will backfire creating a gaping hole in america's work force. casey stegall is live in los angeles with more on this. >> reporter: good to see you. according to pew research center there were 8 million illegal immigrants employed right here in america last year.
1:23 pm
representing about 5% of the total american work force, of course, at a time when the national employment rate hovered at about 9.1%. in an effort to combat the problem of illegal immigrants being hired in this th country, the department of homeland security you may remember launching a program in 1996 called e-verify. it checks social security number to ensure they are legally authorized to work here. at that point. e-verify is voluntary with about 250,000 companies currently participating but if some lawmakers get their way, it would be mandatory soon for all businesses to help stimulate job growth. >> i think the e-verify may be the most popular way to create jobs in america. all we're saying that the jobs now held by illegal workers
1:24 pm
should go to unemployed americans. >> reporter: obviously not everyone happy about this. agriculture business, one relies heavily on workers south of the border is fighting this bill. farmers from florida to california fear requiring e-verify would dramatically narrow the pool of employees and it could cripple the farming industry. reality most americans will do the labor that is required for these jobs even if they are unemployed. >> we're not taking american jobs. we are not taking local jobs. nobody wants to come out and work for me in the vineyards. people that are willing to do the work is mostly hispanic, coming across itself border from mexico. >> reporter: now the legal work force act has already been passed by the congressional committee. next it will make to the republican house and we will be
1:25 pm
keeping a close eye on it. >> patti: casey stegall, thank you. >> gregg: american troops pulling out of iraq, what does the u.s. have to show for the thousands of lives that were lost. are we declaring victory. or is it political stalemate, a retreat? [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made?
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>> patti: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. n.f.l. going across the pond. the league is having a few teams play in britain to build a fan base. >> gregg: crown prince has died from an unspecified illness in new york. he was a prince in saudi arabia and now who is next in line?
1:30 pm
according to cable he had been receiving treatments for cancer since 2009. >> patti: some banks are being told to take bigger losses on greek debt. a new report suggesting the white house some may be up to 60%. >> new era in libya. celebrating the downfall of a dictator and declaring the liberation tomorrow but the road ahead could be a bumpy one. rick grenel the spokesman for the last four ambassadors to the united nations. rick good to talk to you. how difficult is it going to be to establish some asemblance of democracy there, mahmoud ga bril talked a lot about democracy but in reality? >> i think it's really going to
1:31 pm
be difficult. this is where the rubber meets the road and where we'll see if there is some semblance of democracy. you have to do the hard process of writing a constitution, of electing leaders, multiple parties. you need to give the people a choice so there is a real sense of freedom of an election. this is very difficult. i think this is where the international community is going to have to step up and help. they don't have experience in libya of having political parties. there is not a system in place. so it's going to be difficult to start from the beginning. >> gregg: we had a leading role in nato that eventually led to the demise of moammar khadafy. we also provided military and humanitarian aid but financial aid, as well. is the u.s. well positioned here to help and gaining some benefit as a consequence? >> that is a great question.
1:32 pm
i think we've done some but we haven't done enough. we were slow to recognize the transitional government. french and british beat us to it. we didn't invite them to the white house. we were slow to release funds that is their funds that is held up in banks. we've been slow but we're not the top country they are going to be thinking about. that is going to be problematic for our relations going forward. >> gregg: let's turn the page to iraq and the president announcing, of course, all u.s. troops essentially will leave iraq by the end of the year. is victory, retreat, how do you describe this? >> i don't think this president has any credibility on the iraq issue. he has been against the intelligence gathering techniques to find the terrorists. he was against the war. he rose to the presidency because he was against the war. so no one is surprised that he
1:33 pm
is abruptly pulling troops out of iraq and not listening to his generals. i thought it was really telling when the president came out to make his announcement about pulling all the troops out of iraq. he came to the podium in the press briefing room. the first words out of his mouth as a candidate for president, i promise this. here is a president who framed this entire issue in political terms. nobody is really believing the fact that he has listened to the generals. this is a decision that has the best national security criteria in mind. this is a purely naked, political kliags on his part. that is exactly what mitt romney and michele bachmann called him out on it. i think the president is very vulnerable because his strategy doesn't seem to be there. it's very hit or miss. we are going into uganda but
1:34 pm
pulling our troops out of iraq and doubling down troops in afghanistan. there is no strategy. >> gregg: let me switch to pakistan. obama administration on friday intensifying it's pressure on pakistan to do more to crack down on some of the terrorist groups and militants there. at the same time, we learn that the u.s., we learned it from secretary clinton, united states was secretly engaged in talks with very violent militant group taqqani. was that a good idea -- haqqani. on the face of things we don't negotiate with terrorists? >> let's look at the facts. on the face of it, it always make sense to talk to the bad guys and try to get them to try to calm down. most people want to say you should talk. the problem is we tried that for decades and it doesn't work. let's look what happened. this summer the obama
1:35 pm
administration told secretary clinton that they could have some discussions with the haqqani network. they responded by attacking our u.s. embassy in afghanistan. it clearly didn't work. either this administration is a terrible negotiation tactics or a bad strategy. they haven't learned from other administrations. clearly this haqqani can't be treated as a normal group with typical demands by sitting across the table from us. >> gregg: we'll be talking to you more in the future. we'll also be talking with ambassador bolton in the next hour. >> patti: hillary clinton vowing the u.s. will continue to support iraq as it moves toward democracy. making those remarks as she wrapped up a trip overseas.
1:36 pm
without mentioning iran, clinton warned the neighbors against meddling saying that u.s. and iraq will remain close allies. >> gregg: students in iran showing their support behind the occupy wall street protestors. dozen of hard lines students showing their solidarity, holding a rally in front of the swiss embassy in tehran, chanting slogans against the united states and calling for the end of capitalism. the swiss embassy looks after the interests since the u.s. and iran don't have any diplomatic relations. they have given full coverage to the protest movement in the past ten days. >> patti: after years of budding heads, u.s. relations with north korea are showing signs of of a thaw. recovering the remains of troops killed in the korean war, some
1:37 pm
8,000 are still missing with 5500 of them thought to be buried in north korea. it comes days before nuclear talks. >> gregg: a louisiana man walking out of prison after spending 30 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. last month, court ordered dna testing proved that henry james that spent three decades was not the rapist in 1981 case. his release came one day after he overturned his conviction, he was sentenced to life without parole. >> vice president says the key to lowering crime is passing president obama's jobs bill. republicans say he is playing politics and our power panel weighs in. what is wrong with wearing your halloween costume to school? a law that is ban that go practice and one school is clamping down that and other
1:38 pm
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>> patti: vice president joe biden creating controversy rejecting the jobs bill will lead to more violent crime in this country including murder and rape. is that real or fear tactics. let's bring in our power panel, thank you all for joining us.
1:43 pm
so number of officers went from 201 to 132 and during that time, murder did go up but rape went down. they say flint officials gave them for all sexual offenses. >> i don't like the scare tactic part of that rape is most serious crimes ever. to put it and make it political like this, if you don't do this, all these bad things are going to happen. that is really demeaning towards women. >> mary, white house press secretary, it would be hard to find anyone that doesn't degree with the simple equation that fewer police officers on the street has a direct effect on the crime rate? >> a lot of it depends on where you live. i live in a tiny town, we have two officers on duty at any given time. we don't have a lot of crime. you can have one officer on duty
1:44 pm
and i don't think our crime rate is going to skyrocket. it depends on where you live. what bothers me about this, biden says so many things that are so out there and he gets a free pass. can you major if sarah palin said something like that? >> they would be all over here. >> and they are going after her man cain, as though is he ready for prime time. >> it's so outrageous to talk about rape in this context. its scare tactic. if you shall going to make those assumptions, those types of statements, get it right and don't do it in a way to really scare us. >> second topic, misery index, it rose last month to the highest point in 28 years. its mathematical equation to some of the country's inflation and unemployment rates that currently add up to 13, which is
1:45 pm
the highest since 1983. mercedes we'll start with you? >> you see occupy wall street, individuals that have graduate degrees, never out on the streets they can't make their mortgages their homes are in foreclosure, there is a level of desperation and we see it everywhere. people are saying recovery so the way, hang tight. >> there is no good news around the corner. it does lead to the idea, misery index, everybody goes through tough times. we have personal family, work, money, all of that, but then you think tomorrow will be a better day. it's not forecasted to be better time for a long time, even our children are worried about what kind of benefits where are they going to be going. that is what is scary. >> don't you think, but in this
1:46 pm
country, people are complaining that we don't have jobs to do it on their i-pads and phones. come on. compared to other countries, misery is a joke compared to some other countries. >> in the united states people that are classified below poverty level have flat screen tvs but there are some that have to give up their car because they are cutting back on gas. >> but they still have food. poor people, compared to other countries. >> the work force, 20-30 years. >> i know an attorney has to work in home depot because he couldn't sustain his job whatever degree.
1:47 pm
>> and all right. we have a lot mother topics to cover. newlywed couple, kate and will have a son, he would become the king after his father, but what if they have a daughter, under a 300 year rule she would have defer to her brother but that may change coming up.
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>> patti: back with our power panel. our next topic, elementary school in massachusetts three fall holidays are insensitive. principal sent home a memo mem oh, should be careful marking columbus day, when we were young we were ignorant of the atrocities that he committed against indigenous people and it's an insult to those people that he annihilated. >> enough of our children are on antidepressants. [ laughter ] >> let's make them miserable all the time. why do laid our children with
1:52 pm
adult views. they are kids. let them wheelchair their halloween costumes. >> what is appropriate anymore. >> no one talks about it. you exactly right. giving thanks to blessing, it's family time. nobody talks about that. >> it's thanksgiving and she has got issues, and christopher columbus and this halloween where the children are banned from wearing halloween costumes to school. >> frankly i'm not sure if kids really need to wear the costumes. >> it's over the top. inappropriate as long as the girls are being too wild and boys aren't being too wild. what's wrong with it? and the moms get to go out. >> and trick-or-treat.
1:53 pm
i don't know. >> everybody has to get valentine. you have to give one to everybody. >> i'm okay with certain ones. who gets a valentine in the real world? [ laughter ] >> all right. we've got a pittsburgh steeler who left the game injured and then he returns, he borrowed a cellphone from his trainer to call his wife to tell his wife he did not have a concussion. this player was fined $10,000. method sides? >> isn't that outrageous. he wants to make sure that his kids, i'm actually fine. especially with all the injuries in the n.f.l. >> and call in and check like that, i'm fine, i'm thinking
1:54 pm
about you. for them to use no judgment and say complete lack of judgment. you are banned and you have to pay that fine because you called home. >> i think in 2003 where a new orleans player joe horn scored a touchdown and pulled out the cellphone and he was fined $30,000. >> there are rules, i get that but the n.f.l. or any professional sports league enforcing rules seems to me a tad critical. considering the list of offenses >> you are going to get fined $10,000. >> he is not allowed to have a cellphone on the sidelines. he didn't. >> his wife saw the play and was worried. >> here a good role model so
1:55 pm
they fine him. but for assault and battery -- >> if the future queen and king of england and son would leapfrog succeeding the throne but change could be in the air. prime minister david cameron flowing the idea to leaders of other countries. they have a summit where they are talking about overturning this reel rule and result would be if kate and will, daughter first the daughter would be monarch. >> yeah, i would think so. absolutely. doesn't make any sense. i know history, we know all about it but i got it. it doesn't make sense. poor daughter is not going to be able to be queen when she should be the monarch. >> she succeeded the throne but she wasn't married at the time.
1:56 pm
good for her, but she said absolutely. i have to tell you, i think it's all the middleton effect. i think they must have heard this, if she was a daughter, make her the queen. >> molly: we have to thank you all. >> thank you all for joining us. >> gregg: i would vote for the queen instead of the king, i really do. >> a dictatorship cracking down moammar khadafy and sparking widespread celebrations in the streets of tripoli but controversy, we'll tell you about it. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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2:00 pm
>> patti: hello, everyone. i'm patti ann brown. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news red quarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news this hour, it is a new day of jubilation in libya over the death of moammar gadhafi. we'll go live to miss kata where greg has viewed gadhafi's body. >> patti: new ditails on what police dogs detected in the home of baby lisa. judge jeanine talked had her
2:01 pm
parents' attorney and she's with us in moments. >> gregg: a star studded farewell to a superstar lost a week ago this sunday. >> patti: but first, pro defending his decision to end the war in iraq. after nearly nine years of war and almost 5,000 u.s. troops killed, americans want to see our troops come home. now the president is pushing back against claims that the iraqis are not yet ready to defend themselves. the president giving his weekly address today. what did he say? >> hi. that iraqi forces have taken full responsibility for security in their nation and that now it's time to bring all u.s. troops home as the president promised during the date campaign. he says as the troops come home from iraq, in time for the holidays, and as the u.s. draws down troops from afghanistan, it will allow our country to start looking inward. >> a trillion dollars on war
2:02 pm
borrowed heavily from overseas and investd too little in the greatest source of our national strength, our own people. now the nation we need to build is our own. >> the u.s. and iraq could not come to deal an legal immunity protection for u.s. sources in iraq, which is why the troops are coming home this year. >> patti: molly, some republicans are saying this is a risky decision. >> yes. some of the republicans presidential candidates contend the obama administration should have pushed harder to come to a diplomatic agreement to keep troops there. texas governor rick perry put out a statement saying, quote, the president was slow to engage the iraqis and there is little evidence this decision is based on advice from military commanders. former utah governor jon huntsman said, quote, the president's inability to reach a security agreement leaves iraq vulnerable to back sliding. thus putting our interest in the region at risk.
2:03 pm
huntsman says it would have been better to get some type of deal to keep a small number of u.s. troops in iraq to help train iraqi security forces and to help, quote, vital counterterror efforts. >> patti: molly henneberg live in washington. thank you. >> gregg: right now american troops are stationed overseas throughout a dozen countries. there are about 280,000 u.s. troops, including 100,000 in afghanistan and more than 40,000 in iraq now set to return home by the end of this year. >> patti: a new warning of a possible terrorist attack in kenya. the u.s. embassy in nairobi saying an attack is, quote, imminent and likely targets may include several places possible laugh with foreigners such as shopping malls and nightclubs. the embassy won't confirmed who might be behind it.
2:04 pm
>> gregg: celebrations in libya now side tracked by controversy. several human rights groups calling for an investigation into the death of moammar gadhafi, suggesting the killing could be considered a war crime. greg got a firsthand look at gadhafi's body. >> those questions are once again being put aside and as battle ground city of misrata, you can hear celebra tri gun fire. almost thee days since the killing of moammar gadhafi and the people here are still thrilled about it. in one way they're expressing their joy as in a most bizarre fashion, by viewing the body of moammar gadhafi. that has been laid out by the authorities here in a meat locker, in a cold storage warehouse and in an industrial park on the fringe of the city. not only men showing up, but
2:05 pm
women, children and entire families making it a day out to look at this man who ruled for 42 years in a dictatorial style over this country. a lot of people here very pleased. they went inside, they saw the body, both of moammar gadhafi and his son. we, in fact, did the very same thing. we could see the wounds clearly evident on the head, for example, of moammar gadhafi, a bullet wound to the head, thought to be one of the key reasons that he was killed thursday. as you know, gregg, there is questions about the manner in which he was killed. the council here, the transitional council had been saying that he was caught in the cross fire. that's how he was killed. but one official did pull me aside and said perhaps he might have been killed in anger. that is revolutionary fighters, rebel fighters now government fighters killing him. also the question about this display of the body and perhaps
2:06 pm
a burial might be a little bit more tasteful right now, even for a long-time dictator. i'm told this display should end today and that a secret location for the burial of the body should be found, maybe as early as tomorrow. tomorrow, gregg, a key day for this country. it's been billed a national liberation day. that is the day when formally the war is declared as over, a post-gadhafi libya is looked towards. there should be a formation of yet another transitional government and in eight months time, we're told actual elections in this country. again, which was led for -- has lived for decades under a harsh dictator, moammar gadhafi. i can tell you firsthand f what we saw, he is gone. back to you. >> gregg: all right. greg streaming live, thanks very much. the death of a saudi prince now casting serious doubts on the future of u.s. relations with one of its strongest allies in the middle east.
2:07 pm
crown prince was long considered a moderate figure in saudi arabia and a strong u.s. ally. president obama issuing the following statement saying, quote, crown prince sultan dedicated himself to the welfare and security of his country and was a valued friend of the united states. on behalf of the united states, i extend my deepest condolences to king abdullah and the people of saudi arabia. reena ninan has more. >> hi. he was a man believed to be next in line for the throne. he died in a new york hospital. he was 85 years old. for decades, as served as saudi arabia's defense minister. he may have been brain dead for the past month. widely known he wasn't in good health and suffering from colon cancer. the king of saudi arabia is only two years older. a lot of focus will be placed on who replaces prince sultan.
2:08 pm
the likely successor is believed to be the current interior minister. he's controversial. he initially believed jews were behind the september 11 attacks and he's against reforms, especially for women, that the late prince sultan supported. usually the king declares who the successor will be. but many of the princes of the royal kingdom are against his appointment. so he might leave that decision up to a group of his relatives who make up the allegiance council. secretary of state hillary clinton said the prince will be missed and she offered her condolences. a saudi plane will take the body from jfk to saudi arabia. his funeral will take place on tuesday. he's survived by 32 kids and multiple wives. >> gregg: reena ninan reporting from jerusalem. thanks. >> patti: and now to the campaign trail. in about an hour, a majority of the 2012 republican candidates will take part in a forum being held by iowa's faith and freedom
2:09 pm
coalition. mitt romney noticeably absent of the michelle bachman is fighting reports of a mass staff exodus and herman cain is trying to clarify recent comments he made on abortion. peter doocy reports from washington. >> tonight in iowa, almost all the republican candidates for president are going to get together for the iowa faith and freedom coalition forum in des moines. before they do, herman cain, who won last night's western republican leadership conference straw poll in vegas is trying to explain to the social conservatives that when he said he was pro choice, he really meant he's pro-life and that if he is president, anyone who wants an abortion will have to commit a crime to get one. >> abortion should not be legal. that is clear. but if that's their decision to break the law, that's their decision. >> on the economic side, governor rick perry says he thinks his flat tax is more attractive than cain's 9-9-9 plan. perry is campaigning and hunting. king is on the tea party caucus
2:10 pm
and has been a past supporter of congresswoman michelle bachman who is working hard this weekend herself to shoot down some rumors that her entire new hampshire staff jumped ship. her spokeswoman tells us, quote, not all her new hampshire staff quit. two people did. we didn't know yesterday because they didn't talk to us. they just went to the press. it would have been nice for them to talk to us. we have paid staff. we understand they want to campaign and work more. it's just that we are spending our time and efforts in iowa. we're basically camping out in iowa until the caucuses. bachman, according to a university of iowa poll out yesterday, had 4% support in iowa behind perry, who has 6. gingrich, who has 8. paul, who has got 12. romney, who not in iowa, but has 27%. and cain, who is ten ahead of that, with 37%. >> patti: peter doocy, thank you. >> gregg: calendar fight over
2:11 pm
this year's primaries and caucuses forcing nevada republicans to change the date of their caucus again. the party deciding to shift caucuses back to february 4 and avoid penalties from the national party for meddling with the election calendar. about two weeks ago, nevada state party leaders said mid january for the nominating contest. they said moving the date up would give the state a big early roll in determining the nominee. >> patti: new details in the search for lisa irwin. police are revealing why investigators carry out an intense search of her parents' home earlier this week. according to documents, cadaver dogs picked up the smell of human remains. now that story. >> on wednesday, we saw police searching both inside and outside the house where baby lisa irwin disappeared. they dug around the outside of the house and in the backyard and now these court documents explain why. in the application for the
2:12 pm
search warrant, police needed unrestricted access to the home to conduct a thorough and time consuming search, including excavation of a garden area where dirt appeared to be recently disturbed or overturned. on wednesday, we saw police removing carpet from the house. the court papers show the day before getting the search warrant during the search that the parents consented to, an f.b.i. cadaver dog got a hit in the parents' bedroom near the bed. that means the dog got the scent of a deceased human. police also indicate that mom has been giving investigators conflicting information. bradley also told investigators that she hadn't looked behind the house for her child because she, quote, was afraid of what she might find. in a statement to the media, baby lisa's parents' attorneys emphasized that the parents are cooperating with the investigation, consenting to searches and hair samples and almost 40 hours of interviews and they continue to work with police even after questions turned into pointed accusations.
2:13 pm
the statement also says they will continue to offer their help to find their beautiful little girl. however, police tell fox 4, they are standing by the original statement that the parents haven't been as cooperative as they would like. >> patti: that was tess koppelman from our affiliate. judge jeanine will join us with more on the search for baby lisa at the bottom of the hour. >> gregg: new fallout after president obama declares an end to the iraq war. what will an iraq without american troops look like on january 1? ambassador john bolten is here to tell us whether iraq is ready to defend itself. >> patti: we'll get reaction to the president's decision to the families of our fallen heros. >> i would hate to think that my son was over there, gave his life and as soon as we pulled out, it was all back to chaos. a. the two trains and a bus rider.
2:14 pm
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>> patti: time for a quick check of the headlines. air force f 16s intercepted two civilian aircraft in separate incidents near washington today. in both cases, they were later allowed to continue on their way. occupy wall street protesters making their voices heard in manhattan.
2:18 pm
thousands of demonstrators also joining in cities across america and around the world. excessive monday moon rains drowned a third of thailand since late july. a nation's prime minister says the flood waters may take up to six weeks to recede. >> gregg: new security questions being raised with the president's announcement that all u.s. troops will leave iraq by the end of the year. critics say a complete withdrawal threatens the hard-fought gains of american troops because we're leaving behind an iraq whose future stability is uncertain at best. am bass done john bolton, former am bass done to the united nations, always great to see you. do you think this was a political or a strategic decision by president obama? >> well, i think it was an ideological decision. i think he made it a long time ago, even before he took office and frankly in his message, his saturday radio address today, he
2:19 pm
confirmed that. he again criticized the underlying rationale of the war itself and signaled this was a kind of -- his george mcgovern equivalent come home america decision. so i don't think that really there was much prospect that we were ever going to have troops after december 31 of this year under president obama. >> gregg: the president reportedly went against the advice of his own military commanders, many of them on the ground, who strongly urged him, you got to keep anywhere from 10 to 20,000 residual troops here beyond this year. then there was this column today in the weekly standard making the following point. i'll quote. our efforts in iraq end neither in victory or defeat, success nor failure, but in retreat. then it went on to argue that iraq is not sovereign or stable or self-reliant as the president promised it would be before he ever ordered troops to leave.
2:20 pm
do you agree with that? >> yes, i think that's exactly the kind of analysis that the president himself went through in reverse. he's proud of this decision. he's proud of the decline of american influence. he's proud of withdrawing from iraq. this is a war that he never thought should have been engaged in and it's something that i think for his own political purposes, he sees as very beneficial. i think it's contrary to american interests. i think it will harm us in the persian gulf region. i think it will harm us with iran. and i think it's going to have consequences really world wide because of the signal of weakness that it sends. >> gregg: john mccain said this the rather thans are achieving their number one goal, to get the u.s. out of iraq. you think senator mccain is right? could the iranians, through al-sadr, gain some measure of control over iraq and then what? >> i think senator mccain is certainly right. the iranian also try and increase their influence.
2:21 pm
i think we have been following the mistaken course in iraq for quite some time. i don't blame president obama exclusively. but there seems to me little doubt that a withdrawal of americans there, the expected further withdrawal of american forces from afghanistan all says to friendly regimes in the region, the united states once again is losing interest, turning inward and they're going to cut their own deals with iran for their own safety sake. >> gregg: in what ways could this risk or imperil the national security interests of america? >> iran has made little secret of its desire to gain in the region of the persian gulf, the oil and natural gas producing region that we fought so many wars to try and protect our economy from the adverse impact of losing that supply or having it available only at very high prices. iran continues to support terrorists in and around the region. they continue to pursue nuclear
2:22 pm
weapons. and if they gain the upper hand in iraq as they have the upper hand now in syria and lebanon, our friends, israel and our arab friends in the region are going to be sorely pressed. >> gregg: is it possible that eight years of american efforts, almost a trillion dollars in money, but most importantly, the cost of precious american lives could all be for naught? >> i think it's a very real risk and i think the president just failed to understand the significance of what he's done, both in terms of the cost we've already borne and the risks and costs we may bear in the future. >> gregg: ambassador, many things. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> patti: gregg, we're getting reaction to the president's decision from iraq war vets and from families who lost loved ones during the war. jody ambrose with fox kmsp in minneapolis has more. >> outside the home in woodbury, the stars and stripes are a symbol of pride. the gold star, one of sacrifice.
2:23 pm
>> we look at it that everything is changed. every aspect of our life has changed. >> ken lost his son, army specialist dan, two years ago. >> a little piece of my son is still there. >> the 22-year-old died when insurgents attacked his military base in bursera. >> very emotional. i want to see all of them come home. >> but he says he's not sure if now is the right time. he has mixed emotions about u.s. troops leaving iraq by the end of the year. >> i would hate to think that my son was over there, gave his life and as soon as we pulled out, it was all back to chaos again. >> this veteran ryan lived through the chaos at the height of the war. in 2006, he lost his leg when a road side bomb went off. >> i don't want any other soldiers to get hurt over there. >> he believed the war has lasted too long, but he also questions the timing of a total troop withdrawal. >> i hope that they're making
2:24 pm
their decisions based on the good of the people, the good of the community, the good of the soldiers, the good of the country of iraq. >> with so many unknowns, many who have served and sacrificed aren't ready to celebrate. they say the troops' homecoming will be bittersweet. >> it's difficult. they're all gone and he never came home. >> jody ambrose in minneapolis. >> gregg: hundreds of family, friends, colleagues and supporters saying good-bye to indy car driver dan weldon. the public memorial held this morning in st. petersburg, fellow platform he was remembered as a devoted family man and loyal friend. two-time indianapolis 500 winner was also one of the sports' most popular drivers. he died last sunday in a firey 15-car wreck in india car season finale in las vegas, nevada. >> patti: president obama says it's time to shift our focus
2:25 pm
from iraq to the economy. but will his foreign policy success translate into economic success? a fair and balanced debate straight ahead. >> gregg: louisiana is just hours away from electing its next governor. the latest on the opposition facing the state's republican incumbent. >> patti: plus, imagine picking up this at a drive through. a nearly 400-pound burger. that's not all. wait 'til you hear how much it costs. >> gregg: how do you cook that all the way through? that's what i want to know the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. the spark card earns double miles... so we really had to up our game. with spark, the boss earns double miles on every rchase, every day. that's setting the bar pretty high. owning my own business has never been more rewarding. coming through! [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet?
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2:30 pm
bobby jindal facing opposition from nine competitors. the voting booth will be open until 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. >> gregg: libya's new leaders now hours away from declaring total victory. it will mark the end of an eight-month rel onagainst the country's long time leader, moammar gadhafi, who was killed on thursday. >> patti: in his weekly radio address today, president obama touted his decision to withdraw all u.s. troops from iraq by the end of the year. now he says the nation must turn its focus to the u.s. economy. >> over the past decade, we spent a trillion dollars on war, borrowed heavily from overseas, and invested too little in the greatest source of our national strength, our own people. now the nation we need to build is our own. we have to tackle this challenge with the same urgency and the same unity that our troops brought to their fight. that's why we have to do everything in our power to get our economy moving again. that's why i'm calling on
2:31 pm
congress to pass the american jobs act so we can rebuild our country. >> patti: all right. so can the president pivot from foreign policy success to economic success here at home? joining us now, former ohio republican congressman and senior fellow of united and purpose, bob, and former white house special associate council to president clinton, adam goldberg. good day to you both. >> hello. >> patti: so starting with iraq, the administration started out negotiating with the president there to keep some troops there, but they couldn't agree on the terms. so some republicans are saying this pullout is actually a sign of weakness, gop presidential candidate mitt romney saying president obama's astonishing failure to secure an orderly transition in iraq has unnecessarily put at risk the victories that were won through the blood and sacrifice of thousands of american men and women. so adam, what about that? >> i think it's absurd on its face. if you're going to criticize president obama for not keeping
2:32 pm
troops, you have to recognize what you just said. this is an agreement. the iraqi people, a sovereign government. they have their own military, own police force that we helped train, that hopefully will continue to help train. and they didn't want us there. one strong example of why the military was so in favor of us get out of there is that the iraqi government refused to give our soldiers immunity for actions they might engage in during military operations. there is no way we could keep our soldiers in that kind of harm's way. >> patti: is iraq ready? >> as you know, 34 months ago, barak obama became head of the world's only super power and in less than three years, he has total collapsed of where our allies are kicking us out. finest defense facilities on the planet built with 5,000 lives, 35,000 wounded, a trillion in treasure is now going to be turned over to the iraqis because this man has an incapacity to understand the strategic mistakes he's making throughout north africa, throughout the middle east, and
2:33 pm
indeed for the future of america and our allies such as israel. >> patti: regardless of this controversy, there are pundits on both sides today saying the president will get a boost from this, as well as from gadhafi's death and the earlier deaths of bin laden and al-awlaki. so the question today is can he ride this foreign policy success to victory in the presidential election, adam? >> i think there is two distinct issues. i think his important policy success, the great things he achieved, osama bin laden, al-awlaki and libya and his policy there is will certainly help demonstrate that he is a tremendous commander in chief capable and has and is protecting our security. i think when we come to the economic scene that, is going to be compared to who compared to what. people are going to judge that separately and right now the republicans have nothing going for them. they don't have a coherent economic policy that they're proposing. they're fighting with each other, like cats over a piece of chicken in an alley.
2:34 pm
right now there is no good alternative. president obama put forward a powerful plan which they immediately create up to a million jobs and the republicans are opposing that. >> patti: bob? >> well, as you know, when president anwar sadat and mubarak made peace with israel, it offended the muslim brotherhood, they set about to kill them and work effectively to remove him from power and anyone who had a relationship with israel and the united states. now our president is siding and rejoicing in his comments today rejoicing in the success of the destruction of friends and allies in the region. economically, as you know, he is more than doubled, first of all, more debt in the first two years than our nation's first 200, has doubled the price of gasoline, of unemployment and foreclosures. this man and the question is, what will america be like, what
2:35 pm
will the free world be like in another 12 months under this man's leadership? >> patti: adam, after bin laden's death, obama's approval rating went up. but a month later, it was back down and it continued to drop, most people say due to the economy. if the economy doesn't turn around, will he be a one termer? >> i don't think so. we see here today and what we see here in recent weeks is that the president coming forward with strong policy proposals that would make a difference in this country and the republicans making it their business to try to make sure he's not reelected instead of trying to put people back to work. the way that -- bob, it made it sound like you were unhappy that moammar gadhafi is unseated and that mubarak is unseated. these two gentlemen were dictators, human rights violators, and it is true that george bush normalized relations with gadhafi, but it's a pretty horrendous thing. >> patti: all right. >> if you're rejoicing in the killing of the coptic
2:36 pm
christians, burning of their christians and attacks on israel and dissolution of the peace treaty with israel, then that would be a position that you and mr. obama can take. i don't rejoice in that. i sponsored a bill -- >> patti: we'll have to leave it there. >> thank you so much. >> patti: sorry to cut you short. bob and adam, thank you both so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> gregg: let's talk a little business now. your name can be everything in the business world. now there is a company that is proposing a way to protect your good reputation. it's called reputation guard. the insurer behind it has a lot of experience repairing its own reputation. david lee miller is live in our new york city news room with more. >> gregg, remember aig? that's the insurance giant that almost went belly up during the 2008 financial crisis and bailed out thanks to billions in federal money. ever since it's been trying to stem the tide of bad publicity, now an aig subdivision is
2:37 pm
selling insurance to help other companies overcome bad pr. the insurance is called reputation guard and it pays for advice from two pr firms specializing in crisis communication. help could be provided in the event of a scandal, environmental disaster or injury resulting from the use of a product. there you see the sample policy. according to one expert from a pr firm that is partnering with the insurance company, advice is offered not just after, but also before a disaster becomes front page news. >> there is nothing better than a crisis plan to make sure that a company is ahead of the curve. crisis moves so fast today that if you don't get ahead of the curve by having plans in place, you're bound to play catch-up and you may never get there. >> now, not all types of corporate disasters are eligible for help. he can inclusions include labor problems, financial ratings and some product glitches. >> manufacturing, when a product is put out that is not working
2:38 pm
as it was designed and perhaps the company didn't realize it, but this causes a real operational crisis, that sort of thing would not be covered. >> a republic was invited to talk on cameras, but premiums start at $10,000 a year for a small business that has some type of crisis communication plan already in place. as for those companies really in hot water, it might be reassuring to know that reputation guard's policies max out at $25 million. gregg, that's a lot of public relations. >> gregg: yeah. no kidding. $25 million. wow. david lee miller. thanks very much. >> patti: a brand-new survey reveals the sad state of health among u.s. workers. the gallup poll showing 86% of full time workers are overweight, obese, or suffering from at least one chronic health problem. and those pounds add up to dollars and cents.
2:39 pm
unhealthy workers miss 450 million more days of work each year than healthy workers. and that costs u.s. businesses $153 billion a year in lost productivity. >> gregg: yep, that's a boyga. not for folks watching their waistline. this weighs 338 pounds. we hear it took six people to lift it at detroit's mali sports bill and bar. they're famous for cooking up giant hamburgers. about 100 people ate some of the burger. they didn't finish it. by the way, if you're counting calories, it packs 540,000-calories and cost only $2,000. that looks almost as good as an in and out burger, which is my favorite burger. how about you? >> patti: i'm getting really hungry. i have to try these. >> gregg: in and out and burgers
2:40 pm
are out west, so you can't have it. but here in new york and elsewhere, five guys. there is one a half block away. >> patti: i'm definitely going there. >> gregg: it's a short walk. five guy, almost as good as in and out burgers. >> patti: they'll be paying you later for that endorsement. new developments in the search for missing baby lisa irwin. cadaver dogs smelling human remains inside the baby's home. that triggers a thorough search of the grounds. why the attorney for lisa's family says we should not jump to any conclusions, coming up. v? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? today i own 165 wendy's restaurants. and i get my financing from ge capital. but i also get stuff that goes way beyond banking. we not only lend people money, we help them save it.
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plus, verizon has the largest selection of 4g lte devices and the most 4g lte coverage for your business. all on america's fastest, most reliable 4g network. no wonder more businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. verizon. >> patti: you do have to admit there is damning evidence in that affidavit for the search want, including the fact that police say that an f.b.i. trained cadaver dog hit on the scent of a deceased body in the bedroom of deborah bradley on the floor near her bed. >> judge, that doesn't even concern me a little bit. it doesn't even cause me to waiver one second in my
2:45 pm
conviction that this woman had absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of her baby. >> gregg: that is an exclusive interview with the attorney for the parents of missing baby lisa irwin after new court records reveal cadaver dogs picked up the scent of human remains. the decomposing human remains inside the family's home. that sparked an intensive search all over the property. but now another family attorney is saying the cadaver dogs may be leading investigators astray. joining us now, judge jeanine, host of "justice." good to see you. you came back again, 1:00 o'clock in the morning. you came back about 1:00 o'clock in the morning. >> yes. as soon as i got off the plane, i got a call that the return on the warrant is out and we got an exclusive. we got the affidavit, which is the underlying, as you know, probable cause to establish that a search warrant is necessary. of course, a judge believed that
2:46 pm
there was probable cause. what we found in that warrant was the police said we took a cadaver dog in, it hit on a floor near her bed. there are conflicting statements that she's made and so they we t in and did a more authorry investigation. >> gregg: the family attorney says well, the cadaver dogs are not entirely reliable. they may have been led astray. in fact, i was reading a different report from another so-called expert who said sometimes they'll take a hit on something that happened 20 years earlier. this is an old home. >> look, it's something to be argued in the future. the bottom line is this is an investigative technique. to be honest, there is over 90% of these dogs make an accurate hit. this isn't about the dogs. it's about conflicting statements. i interviewed the mother about ten days ago and her interview with me and answers are absolutely contrary to things that she said this past sunday to three different networks. so what you've got to ask is,
2:47 pm
why are you not saying the same story here and i've got dr.-- >> gregg: like what? >> like the last time i saw the baby was at 10:30. and now all of a sudden it was at 6:40. excuse me, you missed four hours? >> gregg: she was hiding, it's pretty clear, the fact that she had been drinking and drinking heavily and she was ashamed of that. i'm just playing devil's advocate. >> then let me me play. if you're ashamed of drinking after we already know you bought a bottle of wine, then what i want to know is, what's more important, people think you had a few too many pops or finding your daughter who you say was kidnapped. >> gregg: you're very intelligent and well educated and you've been a judge. you're thinking rationally and logically, not everybody thinks that way. >> i'm thinking like a mother. it's got nothing to do with being educated. >> gregg: you mentioned the affidavit in support of the search warrant had rather curious statements by the mother. here is one of them. bradley made the statement she did not initially look for her baby behind the house because
2:48 pm
she was afraid of what she might find. what in the world does that mean? >> well, you know, the question is, what does it mean to anyone who hears that? what does she know? what we do know is that she apparently drinks regularly. we know that she is worried about what she could have done, that she could have blacked out. so -- >> gregg: that doesn't make her a killer. >> of course not. and having an affair doesn't make awe killer. we've been down this road on all these high profile cases. >> gregg: i got to ask you this there are three separate witnesses in the town that night who swear up and down they saw a man carrying a little baby that looked exactly like lisa and both people, two of the three people say the guy was wearing a t-shirt and they both said we thought it was so strange because it was cold out, 45-degrees that night. and he was hardly clothed and the baby was hardly clothed. >> right. the baby just had a diaper. what's interesting is the return
2:49 pm
on the warrant, gregg, says that they took blankets, toys, and the very clothes that she described putting the baby in. so it continues the mystery. who was this man? was it baby lisa? >> gregg: is it fair to say police are looking on multiple tracks, one track is looking at the mother and the other is looking at a kidnapper? >> no question. the police are all over this in every direction. >> gregg: judge jeanine will have much more on the case tonight on "justice" with judge jeanine coming up at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on the fox news channel. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. >> patti: brand-new poll reveals a large number of americans say now is not the time to sell your home. we'll find out why these numbers hit an all-time high with pollster scott rasmussen when he joins us next. knowing that i could smoke during the first week was really important to me. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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>> gregg: welcome back. americans weighing in on the death of libyan leader moammar gadhafi. >> patti: two days after gadhafi was killed, a new poll on libya reveals the number of likely voters who say the obama administration's response to the libyan situation was good or excellent, that jumped 12 percentage points from a week ago. joining us now is scott rasmussen of rasmussen reports. hi, scott.
2:54 pm
>> hi. >> patti: so you compare that poll with the very next poll, which actually says that the fewer people agree with our initial u.s. military involvement in libya. more people say obama's response was good, but fewer agree with our initial involvement. how do you make sense of that? >> there is two different time frames. he's got a nice bounce in the polls from the last week because the mission was accomplished. gadhafi, people expected that he would be removed there power. people were waiting for this. it put a nice way to wrap up the military aspect of this. the other question about the decision to get involved, the president never convinced the american people that the national security interest of our country would stay here. one in four ever believed that. americans overwhelmingly say there is no reason to send u.s. troops abroad unless our interests are at stake. >> gregg: scott, let's switch to campaign 2012. how is the president stacking up against some of the leading gop
2:55 pm
candidates? >> the top two candidates for the republican nomination, herman cain and mitt romney are essentially even with the president. cain up by a couple of points. romney down a bit. romme in the last nine poll has been a ahead a few times, but essentially even. rick perry is trailing by 8 points. that's a little bit of an improvement for him after this last debate. the real story is that whoever leads the republican nomination is going to be pretty even with the president in the polls. >> patti: of course, that is the big question, who is president obama going to be taking on? let's look at your latest poll of gop voters in iowa. tell us about that. >> herman cain, like he is everywhere, is surging in iowa. he's got a 7 point lead over mitt romney and nobody else is even close to those two front runners. i think governor romney would be happy with a second place finish in iowa, but for herman cain, the danger, he's raising expectations, he doesn't have much of an organization in iowa
2:56 pm
yet. and he's going to have to build that because in a caucus, you have to work hard to get people to show up. >> gregg: it may be a sign of the pessimistic times, but you polled people on whether they thought now is a good time to be selling their home. obviously people are struggling with their mortgages. what did you find? >> 80% say no, this is not a good time in their area to be selling a home. that's the highest level of pessimism we've ever found, even higher than in the worst days of early 2009. it's part of the pattern. only one out of six say they expect the value of their home to go up this year. >> gregg: scott rasmussen, thanks very much. >> patti: that will do it for us. rick folbaum and arthel neville taking over. >> gregg: have a great weekend. see you tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ntgomery and abigail haggins
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