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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 23, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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show" show, log onto the web site for the rest of the costumes, we'll talk about it there, and the paper doll and the painter as well. >> clayton: and a cup cake. >> dave: thanks for filling in for alisyn, see you next for alisyn, see you next weekend, folks! captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> jamie: good morning, a significant day. libya officially declarings its liberation today after 42 years of iron-clad rule. there is a ceremony getting underway in benghazi to formally end an 8-month war to topple muammar qaddafi. and it is great to have you here, i'm jamie colby. >> eric: i'm eric sean, welcome to america's news headquarters, preparations set the stage for the creation of a new constitution and elections following qaddafi's death and david piper is streaming live from tripoli. what is going on right now?
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>> reporter: well, as you said, the ceremony is about to take place, to announce libya is completely transformed and changed, and the gadhafi regime is over and the whole place is now liberated, of course, been dizzy is a significant place for the revolution, it was created there on february 17th, and, also, gadhafi's forces were pushing towards that city, back in march and, their tanks were only topped by french jets, who have destroyed the convoy. and, also, that ceremony, will probably remember, perhaps the 30,000 people estimated killed in the fighting here and another 50,000, back to you. >> eric: a lot of controversy about qaddafi's body, in a storage center in the ice box, basically in the shopping mall? >> reporter: yes, that's right, it is still there and people are
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queueing to view the body, and, we understand that gadhafi's family asked they be given the body and can bury it but the transitional council said in the past they plan to bury it secretly so no shrine can be created. >> eric: we'll stay on it, throughout the program, thank you, david. libya prepares to set up an interim government, within a month and there are, though, serious concerns about the political turmoil that could come on the road to democracy and leaders there hope it will happen within the next two years, what is next and can it happen? we're joined by ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor who joins us every sunday, about this time. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: how do they build a stable country when there has never been a democracy there
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before. >> it will be difficult. today is a festive day, b but the hard work begins tomorrow and the tnc, the governance body the rebels set up is divided and they have quite different agendas and there are unreconciled supporters of muammar qaddafi in the country. it was a civil war, these last 6 to 8 months, so i don't think we should underestimate the difficulties, especially, because there are some from outside the country, like iran and al qaeda, fishing in troubled waters and it will have to remain a high priority for american foreign policy so we can do what we can, which is not unlimit to try and get a pro western regime in power. >> eric: what if there isn't a pro western regime at the end of the day and you see iran is fishing, how could that invade the democracy there? >> there are a lot of people prepared to hold elections under the principle of one person, one vote, one time.
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and, the fractiousness among the rebels, and their own access to gun supplies, you could have hostilities break out again and one scenario that i think is plausible is an anarchy threat in libya like in somalia today and obviously we hope it doesn't happen but it is a long road from where we are now, the celebration in libya, to a functioning, stable representative government, and nobody should have any illusions about that. >> eric: it seems we have been there before with iraq and with what happened after that. how do we prevent that from happening and talk about the divisions, look at misurata. way than the a piewant a peace because they killed gadhafi and want in on the power structure. >> the reason they made the progress they made is, there were american forces there, providing the necessary stability and, even that was a very long and costly slog for
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the united states. now, we have pulled out of iraq, and, we'll see what happens within the next year because of president obama's decision, i think libya, much smaller country, but, perhaps, equally complex politically, so, i think the transitional national council has to get some things right, right now. they have got to ensure order and stability in the country, and they've got to provide both the political environment and the wherewithal to get the oil fields pumping and exporting again so they have a source of revenue, personally, i would not rush to election and it is more important to prepare the groundwork and allow political parties to develop and free media to spring up, all the while providing stability for foreign investors to have confidence to come back and get the oil fields going. >> eric: and there is controversy about secretary of state hillary clinton's reaction when she was told about this. the cbs cameras were rolling.
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>> we don't have any confirmation, we are trying to get it. good, i mean, absolutely. >> (inaudible). >> we came, we saw, and he died. >> eric: they are laughing about that, and she's joking, is that appropriate? >> secretary clinton channels her inner julius caesar and that is this way she felt and the way we all felt and i suggest you take the clip and put it into a safety deposit box for a future secretary of state who may need somebody to cut them a little slack at some point. >> eric: ambassador john bolton, thank you, always good to see you, every sunday. >> thank you. >> jamie: we'll stay on top of the developing story and coming up in a few minutes, chris wallace, the anchor of fox news sunday will join eric and i live with a preview of his interview with secretary of state hillary clinton, including her reaction to libya's liberation today.
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>> eric: a "fox news alert," for you, there has been a massive earthquake this morning that tore through eastern turkey. this earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.2 and, collapsed at least 45 buildings and turkey's main seismology center estimates the quake could have killed between 500 and a thousand people. there are reports, right now, pouring in of at least 50 people who have so far been taken to the hospital and, we'll bring you more information, on this unfolding disaster, this morning, as it comes into our newsroom. >> jamie: we have seen the debate and have seen them at the early straw polls but with the g.o.p. presidential race now in full swing, many see it more of a contest of character and, candidates dishing out harsh criticisms on-line and on the stump and tackling very
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controversial topics, here's peter doocy to tell us what the candidates are saying about a particular tricky issue and, peter, good morning to you, abortion. >> last night at the iowa faith and freedom dinner, herman cain felt like he needed to explain again he is pro-life and there were questions about whether he supported abortions and he said families should be able to choose to have abortion when the loved one is a victim of rape or incest and governor perry wanted to be the foil and said there is no doubt on where he stands hope to issue of abortion. >> i would not sign any legislation that -- where a government funded abortion and i believe it should be clearly stated as illegal across the country. >> i have taken an unwavering stand in defense of life, and signed the prenatal protection act. >> reporter: and newt gingrich was another speaker there and got one of the biggest laughs of
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the evening and he said next year, around the holidays, this time, christmas will be dramatically better, as it's the good-bye obama christmas. >> jamie: let me ask you about staffing, john fund will join us and, in new hampshire, michelle bachmann lost a few staffers. what is she saying will happen for her in iowa? >> reporter: her campaign is saying, that they are basically going to camp out in iowa, and tell the caucuses that is their intention and this morning she wouldn't go so far as to say she's all in, in iowa but she said what she thinks, the people there want from a candidate. >> i can until, here in iowa, people want to be sure our nominee is 100% pro-life, 100% standing for marriage between a man and a woman, and, certainly don't want to see terrorists, like khalid sheikh mohammed released from guantanamo bay. that is nonnegotiable. >> the congresswoman in the latest university of iowa poll, that came out on friday, has 4%
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support in the state behind perry, newt gingrich, paul, romney and cain, the leader with 37%, and that is in iowa. and in new hampshire, we learned governor john sununu will endorse mitt romney, tomorrow when mitt romney files his candidacy papers up there. in the north. back to you. >> jamie: peter doocy, staying on it for us, live from d.c. thank you so much. and, despite herman cain's recent surge in the polls, some recent stumbles are prompting questions over his readiness for the white house. so, can the cain train make it up? the political hills ahead. or will it run out of steam, john fund, senior editor for ""the american spectator"" magazine. >> good morning. >> jamie: was it a leak that was beneficial or detrimental for herman cain? >> it was two steps back, i mean, fumbles, on guantanamo and, whether or not we would release terrorists as part of the negotiation and the abortion, look, people can make
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mistakes, but he's introducing himself to new voters every week and he's very impressive in some respect, but, when voters who might not know him well, hear about the stumbles, they say is he ready for primetime, he has enormous assets but he has to get his act together. >> jamie: he's not a professional politician, one thing many voters and critics alike have said may run in his favor, what do you think? >> his fans are very forgiving. you know, herman himself will say, look, i don't know all of the answers, i don't know the leader, who is... if i meet with him as president i'll be fully briefed and have the smartest people around me. that is fine, but, beyond that, he is stumbling on foreign policy issues, which involve not just knowledge, but, whether or not he actually understands how american foreign policy interacts with other countries around the word, and, again, i think that his speaking style carries him a long way, sincerity, all of that, but, a
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successful campaign includes more than that. >> jamie: how particular to voters, including the ones he needs, the issue of pro-life and is he a flip-flopper op the issue? he says he is not. >> i think he has enough background as a pro-life activist he can overcome any rhetorical stumbles and made a good stab of doing that last night in iowa. i think iowa is very important, because it is evangelical voters in large part and caucus voters, and they are often the most committed voters, and they are very pro-life and the problem herman cain has in iowa, in a caucus situation, you really need volunteers and paid staff to push the turnout. because, it takes a lot longer time to vote in a caucus and you have to spend the whole evening, and i think that he has to get a bigger staff than iowa or will be behind the 8 ball. >> jamie: he was in the parking lot of a mall and didn't have people with him, handing things out, almost a one-man band at
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certain times in the campaign. what does he do about that? he's hired a new campaign manager, at least i didn't wa and what do you think his track record is, steve grubs, i think? >> steve grubbs is a competent professionals and shows herman cain is upping his game and we only have two months left of the iowa caucuses and he's to build infrastructure from the ground up. >> jamie: can he? your estimation? >> well it requires money and herman cain raised $3 million, by september 30th reporting date and i don't know how his money is doing now and i suspect, he's taking in more money, and he wants to run a debt-free campaign but he has to have the basic infrastructure to move forward, he's obviously gone further than anyone would have expected at this point. but, the next step, the critical step, to actually challenging rom my and pney and perry is a >> jamie: thanks, great to see
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you always. >> eric: a day of liberation in libya. let's look live. the crowds, 10,000 and more, now forming in benghazi, libya's second largest city. the nerve center and was, of the rebels and the action against muammar qaddafi. can you imagine, 42 years, this is a nation that has never had a democracy. never had free and fair elections. never knew what it meant to really be free. and, now they say they are with the eradication of the gadhafi regime, they are celebrating. though all the controversy over the way gadhafi's killing went down and expect to have elections upcoming and hope to have a government in place within 20 months, the national transitional council says they will cede power to whoever is democratically elected. on this sunday in libya, we're following it live. >> jamie: incredible live
7:15 am
pictures, and we'll be going back and forth to show you what is going on in libya and we're also learning new details about an incredible story, there was a shark attack off the coast of australia and an american diver was killed and we'll tell you who he was, they've now disclosed his identification. and what his friends actually witnessed, they are still searching for the shark. >> eric: and, afghanistan president hamid karzai, is he snubbing us? wait until you hear his latest comments, we have some wondering, just that. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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>> jamie: welcome back, everybody, we now know the identity of the 32-year-old american diver killed in a shark attack off the coast of australia. police say george thomas wainwright died while driving on saturday, he was reportedly living in the city of perth, on a work visa, and his friends told police they spotted the shark while pulling their injured friend from the water. >> the coordination center, a male had surfaced from a diving trip, and, they put him on the boat and recovered him from the boat and suffered from a fatal shark attack. my understanding is they will place bait out there, probably underway, right now, in the
7:20 am
vicinity of where the attack occurred, and, if the shark is still in the vicinity, they will try and catch it. >> jamie: why is there a manhunt for the shark? because it is the third fatal shark attack off of australia's southwest coast in recent weeks. serving president obama making major waves when he announced u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the end of the year. the secretary of state, hillary clinton was just explaining that decision with chris wallace, on fox news sunday. >> chris, i think we should put it into the appropriate historical context. first of all, president obama said that combat troops would leave iraq by the end of the year, but before he ever said that, the bush administration also committed to withdrawing all troops by the end of this year, so, you have a bipartisan commitment, to withdraw combat troops and that was viewed as appropriate, given the development of the iraqi
7:21 am
security forces. but, we always made clear we were open to discussions with the iraqis, if they wanted some kind of continuing presence. >> eric: and joining us now, is the anchor of fox news sunday. good morning, chris. >> good morning, eric. >> eric: the decision to withdraw the troops has come under criticism for the republican candidates for president, though mrs. clinton said it was bipartisan. what is the defense? >> well, the defense of the obama administration is really two points, the first that she made was the fact that it was president george w. bush back in 2008, who negotiated the status of forces agreement with the iraqis, that all troops would be out by 2011, and, also, the fact that, as she argues, we created a sovereign nation, democracy in iraq, they decided that this is what they wanted, and, you know, that is the reason that we were trying to create an independent government there and the flip side of that is the fact that the pentagon, the commander,
7:22 am
u.s. commander, in iraq, was asking for 15,000 or more troops next year, because iraq was not able to stand up on its own and the obama administration talked about 3 to 5,000 and, up to a few weeks ago, hillary clinton's state department was trying to negotiate with the iraqis to get 3 to 5,000 troops there and in a sense it was a failure of diplomacy that led to this. the administration obviously putting the best face on it, but, the republicans are saying, you are -- you know, we have spent nine years there, 4,000 troops dead, $800 billion spent. and, maybe it will now go to waste. >> eric: the pentagon doesn't seem 100% confident but is mrs. clinton confident, do you think, iraq can stand on its own? >> she certainly says she is, but, you know, as the secretary of state to the president, she's there to sell her brief and the brief is that this was the decision of the iraqi government
7:23 am
and she also makes one other point and that is, that -- and makes it clear after we leave, it will be negotiation, to try to bring back some troops, as trainers and advisors, but, i think we're talking in the hundreds, far less than the obama administration wanted a few weeks ago. >> eric: and, on libya, today is the day of liberation and what did she say about that? >> one of the points that she makes and, the obama white house makes is that all of the criticism they got for leading from behind, it now looks -- the policy looks a lot better, the idea of folding into the nato coalition, having a very small u.s. footprint and they point in time o-- point out, not a singl u.s. soldier died and they are aware, as what happened in iraq that he have toppling of saddam hussein, the fact gadhafi is gone and is being, what, stored in a meat locker somewhere, doesn't mean that everything is going to go great in libya. there is always the risk of sectarian violence, in this case, it would be tribal
7:24 am
violence or there would be some kind of an effort, at an islamic takeover and the u.s. wants to remain engaged to prevent both of those things from happening. >> eric: certainly, concerns about that. chris, thank you and always good to see you. look forward to watching it and you can watch the complete interview with secretary of state hillary clinton, on fox news and, chris sat down with michelle bachmann, boy, two for the price of one, fox news sunday on the fox news channel, at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern time. jamie? >> jamie: another story that we're following, developing, a grandmother, of a missing arizona girl, making a public plea for her safe return. coming up we have a live report on the frantic search for jesse shockly, and, why critics say the media turned its back on this little girl. exclusive to the military. and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military
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>> jamie: a quick look at the headlines fox is following for you. police in chicago arresting more than 100 anti-wall street
7:29 am
protesters, in the occupy chicago movement. about 1500 people marching from the city's financial district to a downtown park. and, more reports of oil leaks as crews work to drain fuel tanks on the stranded container ship, off the coast of new zealand, it crashed into a reef on october 5th and rescue crews in thailand are racing to save lives and trying also to protect infrastructure and it is the worst flooding they have seen in decades, the death toll, in nearly three months of flooding is now nearing 400 killed. >> eric: america's election headquarters and this morning, g.o.p. presidential candidate rick perry previewing the economic plan he plans to unveil later this week, among proposals, ditching the tax code and replacing it with a flat tax and last night the texas governor told the iowa faith and
7:30 am
freedom coalition banquet he will not accept, in his words, a second-rate america. >> special... by my principles, no matter what comes my way, my principles stay the same. defend freedom, value live, make policy decisions based on what is best for our families. i will not accept today's status quo as the fate of america. i will not accept an america, that is less productive, at home, and less influential abroad. i still believe in american exceptionalism. i still believe, like abraham link done, america is the last best hope of mankind and when i'm president i will not apologize for our country are our values, i will protect them. >> eric: and, the top presidential candidates attended last night's event in iowa, mitt romney was a notable exception.
7:31 am
>> jamie: true, true and michelle bachmann campaigning before the event last night and spoke to a crowd at the madison county dessert factory and made an impression on the audience. >> we're thinking, my wife and i are kind of undecided now, but we're looking at herman cain and michelle bachmann. >> reporter: why. >> i like his 999 plan, and i think that is good, everybody pays a tax. and, lessens taxes for the middle class, i believe, and, michelle bachmann has a lot of good ideas, as far as taxes go. and, i like her immigration policy. >> jamie: congresswoman bachmann plans to spend most of her time in the hawk way state until the iowa caucus on january 3rd. >> eric: mitt romney spending this weekend in new hampshire. the former massachusetts governor paying a visit to his
7:32 am
headquarters in manchester. he attacked president obama's iraq policy. >> i believe every, single person on the stage in that last debate, would do a better job than president obama, and, if rick perry were the nominee i would vote for him and often feel he's qualified as the other people on the stage and i believe i'm the best suited to beat president obama. and, that is why i'm running. so the other guys are fine, and gals, they are just fine, but i don't think they bring as much to the table as i do or i wouldn't be running for office. >> jamie: there is also news on the election calendar, nevada agreeing to push back the date of the republican presidential caucus, and that paves the way for new hampshire to hold on to the coveted first in america slot, and, last month florida announced it would move up the date of its primary, the order in which they told their contest, it is fiercely
7:33 am
competitive and has led to earlier and earlier voting dates. >> eric: republican louisiana governor bobby jindal coasting to a second term in a landslide election, the popular in cup bent taking 66% of the vote, in an open primary. the contest giving an outright win to any candidate who gets over 50%, jindal is the nation's first indian-american governor. considered by some to be a future presidential contender, but so far the governor ruled out a 2012 white house bid. >> jamie: there are already more than 100 officers and volunteers scouring the neighborhood where little jesse shockly went missing in arizona almost two weeks ago. her frantic grandmother is making a new desperate plea for more help. david lee miller joins us live from the newsroom with more. hi, david lee. >> reporter: jamie, 12 days after she disappeared.
7:34 am
family, friends and maybeneighb held a candlelight vigil in glendale, arizona, she was abducted from her home while her mother was running an errand and, it led to the family's accusation of unfair treatment, fingers pointed primarily at the media. the last few days, her grandparents spoke out: >> i believe it is... she's a little black kid. yeah, arizona is known for that kind of behavior. >> i'm thankful that everybody come out and supported us. >> reporter: police say the girl's race does not matter to investigators and everything possible is being done to find her. and her mother seemed to contradict the family's earlier plea for attention, lashing out at reporters... and the story nook another unexexpected turn
7:35 am
and her mother was serving a sentence for child abuse, and, was paroled and is not a suspect in her daughter's disappearance, but, other children have been removed from home and placed in foster care and yet another development, a cousin who helped take care of her came forward saying she recently called child protective services to report suspicions that the little girl had been abused. her mother says that cousin making the allegations is simply not to be believed. authorities now are offering an $11,000 reward, that is in addition to $5,000, that the family is putting up for information on her whereabouts, anyone with information, the tip line, 623-930-4357. spells out the word help. >> jamie: we are praying for the little girl. >> eric: and the police department is focusing everything they have on the search for the little girl. the sergeant, a media relations supervisor for the glendale police department and joins us now. thank you for joining us this
7:36 am
morning. what is nobodying at this moment of your investigation? >> thank you and, thanks for allowing me to come on, though there may not be as massive and observable effort of the area of 45th and glendale the first 50 hours, there are dozens of detectives behind the scenes, and they are analyzing every interview that has taken place, every tip that has come in, every bit of information and, they are setting it in front of a new set of eyes to be sure that nothing has been missed. but, it has been 12 days and still, it just seems as though the little girl has fallen off the face of the earth. >> eric: is there any reason to potentially doubt the family's story? the reports are the mother said she went to -- on an errand, left the little girl in the care of her other children, 13, 9, 6, and she walked out the door. >> yes. the initial report was that the mother was on an errand and when
7:37 am
she returned found the five-year-old not to be there. you know, we believe that anybody and everybody really is a person of interest. there has been nobody named as a suspect and the family is still working with us, in hopes that we find jahessye safe and, "silent witness", our local crime stoppers and the offer of $11,000, we would help there is someone out there, that, for whatever reason, are fearful of, will call and offer us that bit of information that will bring her back safely. >> eric: as of this moment, can you say if you have any witnesses who have seen her walking someplace or any surveillance tape, for example, that could show that? >> you know, there have been well over 100 tips that have come in on various sightings, all of which really did not turn up sjahessye and the initial
7:38 am
report of her getting into a dark colored chevy product vehicle, we don't know the validity of the tip but that was one of the most specific tips early on. we don't know. >> eric: it is heartbreaking and our hearts go out to her family when it happens. sergeant, thank you so much for joining us, again, she is 3'5", and weighs 55 pounds and, again, the number, where people can call? >> yes, you know, with respect to the silent witness and our reward for her safe return, and bringing to justice of those people responsible, you simply call 480-witness. 480-witness. >> eric: all right, sergeant, thank you so much. >> jamie: both sides of the aisle saying the president has had some major foreign policy successes in recent months, but, will it translate to the need to turn our economy around? a lot of folks looking to the president for that, too, a fair and balanced debate, straight ahead. keep it her on fox.
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>> eric: two senators are introducing legislation they hope will boost the sagging housing market. senators charles schumer plans, if you buy a house, you get a visa to come to our country. realtors say it would help lower foreign investors who want to buy a house in our country. >> we think it is a huge opportunity in the real estate business, to help the community, and to help everybody get rid of some of the distressed inventory, by getting investment coming from outside of the united states. >> some of these investors, don't have visas and want to put their money where they can, like, travel or they can see their investments, personally and if they have -- happen to get a visa, happily they can come down and invest their money here. >> eric: you know how much foreign investors spent last year to buy house and real estate in our country?
7:44 am
get this: $82 billion. >> jamie: and there is a growing debate over america's immigration laws and now, it is right in our nation's capitol. that's right. washington, d.c. police have announced new guidelines, everybody is talking boughs they say they will not ask folks they come in contact with about their immigration status, even if they are suspected of a crime, for many it is a sharp contrast to states like alabama and georgia, where laws are getting tougher. and, as homeland security secretary janet napolitano points out, the feds could really use the helpful -- the help. >> there are 10 million or so illegal immigrants, probably in the country, and the congress gives us the resources to remove approximately 400,000 per year. the question is, who are we going to prioritize? >> jamie: and whose job is it? joining us now the
7:45 am
communications director for the federation or american immigration reform, or fair and, and immigration attorney fransisco hernandez. whose responsibility is it, the feds or the states? >> it is absolutely the federal government's job. i mean, alabama and georgia and arizona, passed laws to do what the federal government is supposedly not doing and washington, d.c. is saying we will not do the federal government's job, and, quite frankly it is not the local police officers' job to be determining what immigration laws apply or don't apply and it is asking for mistake and mistakes have been made for years. >> jamie: what about if the local authorities decided they are in d.c. to say, we're not going to ask, we cannot ask, we can't even call in i. c. e., if we need to? >> it is like san francisco east now in washington. you have most of the country moving to more of a fix-it mentality to use the impact of illegal immigration because the
7:46 am
federal government is not doing it properly and now you have a mentality here in washington, sanctuary city policies are dangerous and counterproductive to reducing illegal immigration, i mean, how can a politician, in mayor gray in washington, whose job it is, to provide limited community services, to legal residents, justify advertising washington, d.c. as a safe haven for illegal aliens encourage more. it is completely wrong. >> jamie: francis could, explain your feeling on this. the feds and the state, if they don't work together there will not be any enforcement, potentially? >> of course they work together. washington, d.c. still has to make the computers and databases available and they didn't say they weren't going to report serious crimes, they just will not go around asking people whether they are here with residency or citizenship or a visa, or anything not within their scope of their duties as police officers.
7:47 am
>> jamie: you are in favor of limiting law enforcement on this? >> not, limiting law enforcement. you don't need washington, d.c. for immigration to do their job, they have the same ac as anybody does and can check every day on their computer database and washington, is telling them, look, we are not going to be out here for you to determine who you want to hold and who you don't want to hold. >> jamie: it seems like the d.c. policy, correct me if i'm wrong, bob, is saying that they won't ask, even if they suspect there's a reason to ask, an, let's put up the map, of all of the sanctuary cities, at this point. i mean, these they're places where illegals can go and, even if they commit a crime, they won't have to worry about being asked and they won't be deported. >> don't ask... >> jamie: rob, you first. >> will checked at the jail. >> they don't ask, don't tell policy and in effect it is come one, come all and is asking los angeles to do something that goes around every grain in their body, not to identify the bad
7:48 am
guys and release them out on the streets, and compromise public safety, i guarantee one thing, tonight at some point in washington, d.c., a police officer will come across a vehicle, there will be five people in that car, no one wail have registration, a drivers license, proof of insurance, social security card, no one will speak english and at that point, now, common sense, would dictate you inquire about immigration status. but evidently for the mayor of d.c., we're in a catch and release mode. compromising public safety. >> jamie: before we go i want to ask you, you look at governor brewer and the regulations, sb-1070, the claim is the federal government was not funding or enforcing policy enough. do you think there should be changes made to the system? >> but they are completely wrong, if that is their argument, every person who goes through a county jail is vetted
7:49 am
through the federal sim anyway and don't need the local community cooperation. even in washington, d.c., somebody is arrested for a serious offense they will run them through the immigration database anyway and, immigration decides whether they want to put a hold on them or not. so it is not... >> jamie: i have to... bob, i have to leave it there. a hot-button issue, thanks for the fair and balanced comments, both sides, being heard today. >> eric: talk about a hot button issue, have you heard the controversial comments from the president about afghanistan. as our troops are in harm's way and fight to keep his country safe, wait until you hear what hamid karzai says, and willy get reaction from fox news military analyst, major general bob scales. [ female announcer ] for frequent heartburn sufferers,
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> jamie: "fox news alert," and it is a very fluid situation, in turkey. where they have had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, today. so far, state-run television in turkey is estimating at least 30 people are killed, 150 injured. but, these numbers are sure to change. turkey lies in one of the most active seismic zones in the world, and, u.s. officials have already estimated at least --
7:54 am
within three hours, 8 aftershocks, including two with a magnitude 5.6. pictures coming in, details, too, we'll have them all for you. straight ahead. >> eric: good news to tell you about, this sunday morning, for u.s. seniors, social security benefits, will get a bump in the new year, increase of more than 3.5%, and it will be the first raise in social security benefits in two years. will it be enough to help? and what does it mean for the future of social security? joining us now, is the senior business correspondent, brenda buttner, whether or nanchor of bears" will it help seniors and the country? >> it will help seniors, who are struggling, definitely. i mean, $39 a month, $467 a year, and every little bit helps, i think, you know, you
7:55 am
can definitely agree with that. but the problem is, there will be higher medicare premiums and that could take a chunk out of this, of up to a quarter. that is a problem, an issue. >> eric: you've got a trade-off here? >> absolutely. yes. but, you know, they've gone without an increase for two years and that has been because there is a... a complicated formula, that makes up the consumer price increase, and, this year, it did go up, so, they are getting an increase, and, that will be very welcome, because, for two years, it did not increase. >> eric: how do you think it will impact the economy, or can it? you are talking about $39 a month, a little more spending, at the same time, maybe seniors will try to start saving it? >> well, i doubt that it will be saved. i think it will absolutely be spent. when you are at that level, and, seniors are relying on social security, many of them, that is
7:56 am
their only form of income, they'll be spending it, and, you know, it could be a little bump to the economy. >> eric: we'll see if that is indeed, indeed has an impact and good news, finally, good news. thanks, brenda. jamie? >> jamie: all right, we'll u.s. troops are officially withdrawing from iraq. president obama basking on the heels of another foreign policy success, many will say but can his overseas accomplishment translate to here, at home. >> eric: and and fbi cadaver dog picks up this scent of a dead baby in the parents' bedroom. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin.
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8:00 am
we start with an alert. leaving iraq.ç new reaction to president obama's decision to withdrew troops from that country. some republican leaders blasting that decision. saying a complete pull-out could lead to more stability in the middle east and give an open door to iran. good morning i'm eric shawn. welcome to a new hour. >> i'm jamieç colby. iran is the big concern. something they are talking about and concerned about. the president's decision is stirring emotions on capitol hill and raising new fears over iraq's ability to defend itself. steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> the u.s. now prepared to end this war in iraq.
8:01 am
what is the reaction to that news today?ç >> reporter: some republicans don't like it. secretary of state clinton a defender of the decision in her interview. she says we negotiated with the iraqis and an to a small training mission in iraq and expects to have a continuing strong security relationship with iraq for years to come. some say this is not the time to pull all the combat tr out of that country. >> it is a serious mistake. there was never serious negotiations between the administration and the iraqis. they could have clearly made an arrangement for u.s. troops. >> at a time when we need troops in iraq to secure the place by intervention by iranç we are going into 2012 with none. i was the obama administration's job to end this well. they failed. -- >> reporter: secretary mccain
8:02 am
suggested that iran might have an increasing in the region. all combat troops will be out of iraq by the end of the year. >> what is the impact of the death of muammar gadhafi? whatç do officials here in the u.s. say about that? >> reporter: something else secretary clinton talked about. questions continue as to whether gadhafi was killed in a firefight or executed? the secretary of state saying she wants to get to the bottom of it. gadhafi ruled libya with an iron fist for 4. the circumstances surrounding @ir death are anything but clear. secretary clinton supported the idea of an investigation. >> from my perspective, i think such an investigation would be very important to establish accountability, rule of law and pave the way for the inclusive democratic future that the libyans tell me they want. >> reporter: the u.n. and new ers of libya calling forç
8:03 am
such an -- new ers of libya, calling for such an investigation. >> steve centanni. president obama's decision to withdrew troops from iraq seen by some supporters as another foreign policy victory following the killings of bin laden, al-awlaki and deposing of gadhafi. with his reelection campaign kicking intoç high can he translate success overseas to popularity at home? let's bring our panel. jonathan collegio and director of communications for america cross roads alexis, jonathan alexis, let me start with you how do you think this will impact voters 13 months from now? >> i think voters will remember the fact that with when this president started he inherited not only an
8:04 am
atrocious economy which will continue to be the number one issue. but he inherited a really diminished standing in terms of our standing in t@e world community. because of the previous administration's emphasis on going to war, really under false pretenses. i think they are going to support the idea that the president has shown real leadership in terms of bringing our troops home. which is what many of them care about. >> some argue it wasn't false pretensesç that the administrations, president clinton's administration all thought iraq had weapons of mass destruction. obviously, unemployment wasler than it is now when the president took office. >> yes, i think that's right. but i think what we've discovered in the course of the last eight years is the fact there wereç no weapons of mass destruction. and this president is doing
8:05 am
the right thing. he's bringing these s home but also leaving troops to continue to train and work with iraqi military. it is not irresponsible in terms of making this transition. >> the main thing it does is it takes off the edge of the hillary clintonç criticism of obama in 2008. when she ran that 3 a.m. ad insinuating he wasn't ready to take a late night call from a foreigner leader. in terms of voters looking at the 2012 election this is not going to have much impact. voters are concerned about the economy. for the last threeç years we've seen no skwhrob growth. we've seen the economy get worse despite the stimulus and all the things the president has tried to do the james carville axiom about the economy stupid is going to be the driving force of this debate. i don't know this is going to
8:06 am
have too big of an i am -- of an impact in 2012. george w. bush led aç successful liberation against kuwait against saddam hussein he approval rating of 90%. president obama has 42%. >> and it continued. after that you had romania falling all of the eastern soviet bloc countries following up through the 1992 elections. voters said that isç nice, that you mr. president bush we think president clinton is going to turn the economy around and president clinton was elected. these foreign policy things voters like to see a baseline level of competence. in terms of voting on the issues, doesn't happen unless there's an active war time issue. >> alexis, final wore. >> i think itç is more than baseline confidence. i think it is actually about leadership.
8:07 am
and the fact that the right has such a hard time giving this president credit for showing real leadership for foreign policy and improving our standing around the world is troublesome. i think it shows when we are talking the economy something like the american jobs act that republicans are tryingç so hard to create obstacles to pass. again, it is showing they are much more interested in trying to prove that he's not a leader rather than serving their country. >> 13 months to go. we'll see if foreign policy or the economy is the rain issue in the voting booth. -- is the main issue in the voting booth, thankç you thank you. fox news alert. we are watching pictures all morning live. it is liberation day in libya. what you're watching is the new transitional government celebrating that nation's new-found freedom. and it is a long time coming. the ceremony is underway in
8:08 am
benghazi. it formally ends the war toç overthrow muammar gadhafi. today's declaration paving the way for the creation of a new constitution, even elections. david piper streaming live from tripoli. dave tell us what is happening today and what the reaction is to this huge change for the people of that country? >> reporter: as you can see from the video coming from the cityç of benghazi, massive celebrations. they are still waiting for the official announcement that libya is completely liberated. at the moment there are speeches from senior figures if the revolutionary council. one of the ministers of martyrs was speaking a few minutes ago. i believe he was remembering the dead. we understand perhaps as manyç as 30,000 people died in this eight-month-old civil war. another 50,000 injured. even though there are celebrations at this time, we
8:09 am
have to remember the dead. >> if democracy is to be had by the people there, it is a concept they don't really know. what will be next for libya? what do the people there think they want?ç >> reporter: well, the governing council has pledged to push ahead with free and fair elections in several months time. it is like lie -- likely to be announcement on another interim government in the next few weeks. the interim prime minister has announced he will be stepping down. there is lots ofç changes. at the moment they are just happy to have their freedom and being able to celebrate the end of the gadhafi regime. >> as i said, a long time coming. you can see they are very happy. these are live pictures we'll bring them to you throughout the morning. thank you david. tony blair expressingç
8:10 am
optimism about easing tensions between israel and hamas. pointing to a recent prisoner exchange as a sign that relations between the two may be entering some type of new era. blair calling for renewed peace negotiations. as the palestinians are pursuing that controversial u.n. bid for statehood.ç some pretty strong comment afghanistan's president in a new interview. hamid karzai telling a pakistani tv station that his country would support pakistan if it was tacked by either the united states -- if it was attacked by either the united states or india. >> if pakistan is attacked and if the people ofç pakistan need afghanistan's help, afghanistan will be there with you. afghanistan a brother and with the united states and pakistani tensions this has not had an impact in our attitude towards pakistan.
8:11 am
>> is karzai creating a divide between his country and america? very important topic. let's bring in retiredç army major general, bob scales. you and i have talked a lot about pakistan and the concerns we have not only for the united states and what goes on there, but also in the -- and the nukes, but also for our troops in afghanistan. hamid karzai's comments mean what for the mission? >> what it means is that karzai is a fickle leader. he's a very, very weak read r the nato collision. i haven't met a senior military official that has had anything good to say about karzai. what karzai is doing, he's hedging his bets. think for a minute. this precipitous and somewhat embarrassing withdrawal from iraq has sent a signal to afghanistan and other nations in the region we areç out of foreign in -- entanglements
8:12 am
any idea that -- leading from behind in libya signals are obvious for foreign leaders. what karzai is trying to do is establish new bilateral relations with pakistan and oh by the way, india. neither nation isç particularly popular in afghanistan. karzai wants to stay in power after the americans leave and he has to start now to put in place, the conditions for him to do that. >> mention of india, i found particularly interesting. if afghanistan were to stan behind pakistan as karzai has pointed out, what sthrepbt does it have we'reç there to try to train the afghans to protect themselves now they going to defend another country? >> india is pretty much a benign ally. they've been in the background. they've to insinuate
8:13 am
themselves into pakistan but it has been subtle. it is the pashtun connection between afghanistan and pakistan that isç powerful. the ability of the haqqani network and the taliban to stay in power really refs on this very -- rests on this very strange bipolar relationship between pakistan and afghanistan. the key player in this is how well karzai is going to get along with pakistan, once we leave. >> how about how well he's going to get along with us?ç both countries are taking our money. i'm not expressing an opinion, let me state. these are the facts. do we not need afghanistan to be on our side as well? >> oh we absolutely do. obviously, karzai is playing both sides against the middle. as you and i have said on this show, many times, the real military center of gravity is pakistan. getting it right withç pakistan to get them on our side. to have them society
8:14 am
themselves with the -- have them society themselves with the haqqani network in afghanistan that's why our relationship with pakistan more important our relationship of relationships with karzai with all of his fickleness. >> thank you generalç, always a privilege. >> thank you jamie >> now, on to the campaign trail. newt gingrich criticizing president obama's policies at the faith and freedom coalition last night. mr. gingrich promising a new era of change as he put it. >> next yearç we will decide whether the disastrous policies of class warfare, bureaucratic socialism, radical judges, and bureaucrats who three us as subjects rather than citizens, will be continued in office. i predict to you, late on
8:15 am
election night, as it is clear that obamaç has been -- defeated and the democratic senate has been defeated late that night the recovery will begin. [ applause ] ohio will hold its first caucuses barely 10 weeks from today. republican presidential candidateç herman cain in iowa. decked out for the iowa state football game. wearing the red and yellow cyclone gear, talking the polls. >> what some people are missing is that i didn't just start coming to iowa. i started coming to iowa last fall. and i've been here on a regular basis talking to a lot of groups.ç the fact that we are leading in the polls in iowa shows when people get on the cain train they don't get off.
8:16 am
they don't get off because of the flavor of the week. that's so exciting and that's why i'm happy to be here in cyclone country. >> meeting and greeting worked in florida. the polls over the past few weeks shows cain leading the pack atç more than 28% beating out romney and after attended the iowa state homecoming game he showed up at another college game, the university of iowa hawkeyes. he likes football. >> that's the way to run for president, especially in iowa you have to show up for the football games. new developments in the search for missing baby lisaç. cadaver dogs have picked up a scent. the family's attorney says the dogs are unreliable. we'll speak to an expert. an unwelcomed guest in one neighborhood, five foot predator. they don't usually have these
8:17 am
here they are taking many by surprise. >> we don'tç get a call of an alligator everyday. >> it is close, homes on the other side of the pond. it concerns me a little bit. >> . at adt, we get financing from ge capital. but they also go beyond banki. we installed a ge fleet monitoring system. it tracks every vehicle in their fleet. it cuts fuel use. koch: it enhances customer service. it's pretty amazing when people who loan you money also show you how to save it. not just money, knowledge. it's so much information, it's like i'm right there in every van in the entire fleet. good day overall. yeah, i'good. come on in. let's go. wow, this is fantastic. ge capital. they're not just bankers. we're builders. they helped build our business. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa auto repair? gary... he hung up. ...why do we have so many a's in our name? so we're listed first in the phone book. ya know, gives us an edge. you know fedex can, gives an edge. how? well, fedex ships auto parts from factories around the world,
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8:21 am
one oregon town dealing with an unwelcomed neighbor. a five foot alligator. making himself at home in a upon in suburban portland. animal control officers responded quickly. they say there isn't much they can do. they set a trap. officers believe the gator was someone's pet and either escaped orç was let go. used to be part-time jobs went to students. in today's tough economic times, many are relying on those skwhrobs to pay their bills. -- those jobs to pay their bills. today we wanted to take a look q= get one of those part-time jobs you may be able to turn it into fulltime job. joining us president of manpower group. a huge company you put a lot of people to work. thanks jonas. >> thanks for having me.
8:22 am
>> more and more people are considering this, everybody is trying to bring home a paycheck. how do you pick the right company to work for? you don't want ifç give your skills and time to a company that maybe is fly by night. >> when you think about the jobs that could be good for you, for future employment, you want to look at industries that you feel good about and work that you are passionate about. make sure you work with a company that pays you at the right level, at the wagesç that are prevalent to that industry that pays the taxes. also, look at specific industry that you think might have a long term future where you can see expansion. >> where are the part-time jobs? >> part-time jobs across all industries. 20% of the u.s. workforce works in part-time jobs about 30 mill[on people every month work in part-time jobs. 2/3 of those work in part-time
8:23 am
jobs out of choice. it fits their lifestyle. they have other obligations. 1/3 of those working part-time jobs but would like to have more work. they are what we call the under employed. when you think about the unemployment rates or the segment. >> some of the tips, if you get one of these part-time jobs and you want to turn fulltime you say you have to be a good fit for the company and tell the employer from the beginning i'll work temporary, but i want permanent. why is that a good strategy? >> exactly. 2u want to have the right mind set and be enthusiastic. approach this tune as you would a permanent position. you want build relationships with decision-makers. you want to understand the business. you want to know what challenges they have and where you can help the most.
8:24 am
look at your skills, -- lookç at your soft skills, how you fit into the team. last but not least tell the employer that you are interested in a more permanent job or more hours, make sure they know. >> that sounds important. what are soft skills? >> your ability to fit into the team. more and more we see the hard skills are essentialç to in the door. but to stay in the door, you have to be able to fit into the corporate culture. you have to be able to work with your colleagues. you have to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. that aspect is equally important in many cases when employers then make a decision to hire somebody fulltime. >> that sounds appropriate to be a team player andç flexible, great advice. i wish we had more time if you get the temporary job, go for it, try to get permanent
8:25 am
employment. thanks, nice to meet you. >> thank you james >> for more on how you can take charge on the name of consumer issues go to click on america's news page for the show. look for a link you will seeç many of the -- new information about a story fox news first broke earlier this year. allegations of voter fraud. one man's family insist he was a victim in a case that highlights concerns about vulnerable adults and the ballot box. the grand jury has weighed in. details coming up.ç almost tastes like one of jack's als. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good. [ male announcer ]alf a day's worth of fiber. fiber one.
8:26 am
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welcome back. quick look at headlines. sunday mass at st. peters square disrupted by a man burning a bible while pope benedict xvi named three new saints toç the catholic church. the pope appeared unphased and
8:30 am
carried on withjq, mass. >> queen elizabeth ii and her husband were in australia attending morning mass where nearly 1,000 gathered to greet them. >> game four of the world series tonight in arlington, texas. cardinals holding a 2-1 edge over the rangers.ç now to the exclusive fox news voter fraud beat, grand jury in minnesota issuing no indictments in the case involving allegations. we break the story last spring about a man whose family charged he was a victim of voterç fraud. jim suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was 12-years-old. he saved&; ;t the life of his sister heather. the activist group minnesota freedom council said four were
8:31 am
legally declared incapable of voting the owner of the group home denied any wrongdoing saying he wasç supporting his clients' right to is what jim told us about his voting. >> who did you vote for? >> ford. >> you remember voting for ford? you mean gerald ford? did they move hand or mark it for you? >> no. just told me toç vote -- me who to vote for. >> they just told you who to vote for. did you know anything about the person you voted for? >> no, i didn't have a clue. >> you did not know? >> didn't have a clue. >> county attorney ryan told us, there's a lot of second guessing and accusations. obviouslyç, the grand jury did not feel prosecution was warned. i know there are those who
8:32 am
won't accept that. i hope as a community we can talk about it. the decision was based on the facts. jim's father is outraged. this stinks he says. he says it is open see soon -- open season on vulnerable adults more vulnerable after thisç decision if the grand jury than they were before. joining us dan ryne gold, executive director -- -- dan reiggeld. thank you for coming out today. >> how vulnerable are vulnerable adults. how can theyç be protected? >> it is a tragic situation there are ways that vulnerable adult be protected. the primary way to create family and election official involvement in group homes in mr. stein's case his family is involved in his care. had they been able to be
8:33 am
involved in selectingç a candidate it would have been a god protection for him. similarly, election districts need to become more involved in group homes and nursing hopes where you have people who have cognitive impairments, but still capable of voting. one of the best ways to encourage a systematic approach for absentee ballots which would allow for greater involvement in the group home. more involvement withç candidates participating. candidates should visit folks in various group hopes and institutions and encourage them to be -- to be involved in the process. >> we have e-mails from family members who are sickened. a mother with alzheimer's changed the voting registration. people saying they can vote. they suspect there's a lot ofç hanky-panky going on. >> you are right. this is a perfect storm. when you take a look at how fight elections are these days.
8:34 am
president bush won florida by 913 votes. if there had been fraud in a number of group homes that could have turned the tide one way or another. you have folks isolated in group homes. and the other thing is every state hasç different laws. the potential for fraud is huge. the potential for confusion is huge. unfortunately, many of our folks living in group homes and thursdaying the homes who are capable of voting and expressing their right to vote one of the -- are prohibited due to negligence or outright fraud. >> group home owner in this case said he was protecting the rights of hisç clients there was no wrongdoing. advocates say you don't want to deny someone's legitimate right to vote. >> right it is a foremost constitutional right. absolutely, you do not want to disinfranchise voters. therefore, there is a presumption of capacity and the ability to vote unless there is a specific judicial
8:35 am
determination an individual isç unable to do so. >> dan, your advice for families? >> my advice is be involved in the care of your loved one. not just on the election issue but every aspect of their care if you live nearby, obviously distance is an issue if you live nearby, participate in the roses. encourage absentee voteç -- voting no need to transport people, less opportunity for fraud. >> dan riengold, thank you so much. thank you. >> we will continue to follow these cases. if you suspect voting fraud or election problems where you live, we want to know. reach us at voterç new twist in the search for lisa irwin. cadaver dogs picking up a
8:36 am
scent in her parents' bedroom. the family attorney says it has nothing to do with the disappearance. we talk with mark fuhrman, next. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪
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8:40 am
top democratic on the house foreign affairs howard berman joins us live to talk about the president's announcement about troops leaving iraq. >> it didn't work when he ran for president but steve forbes says the flat tax could be rick perry's secret weapon. >> pete hoekstra met with gadhafiç many times what he thinks will happen next in libya. >> florida elementary school in trouble for allowing prayer
8:41 am
around the flagpole. those stories and more at the top of the hour. we've been following this case of baby lisa irwin. there are new twists and developments. aç cadaver dog allegedly picking up a scent of a dead body in her parents' bedroom. the lawyer for her parents are insisting there's a reasonable explanation. let's bring in our guest mark fuhrman. good to see you. >> thank you jamie, good morning. >> are you surprised there t "ñ this case is not coming together quicker particularly after the cadaver dog goes in and police officials say they picked up a scent? >> well, i think it is going along fairly rapidly, considering the feet-tkhrags of the mother. her -- feet-dragging of the
8:42 am
mother. her attorney says she cooperating, butç cooperation in her eyes and a detective's eyes in investigation for a kidnapping and/or homicide which is now most probably a homicide are two different things. her actions and her statements have put more heat on her than the detectives most probably would have been able to do, with the lack of cooperation. >> theç family gave information to fox news when megan kelly did her interview and judge pirro as well, it is questionable whether police had all that information there is a theory that the mom said she was drinking heavily, five drinks or more, may have rolled over on the baby. the baby mayç have fallen off of the bed. is a scent only of someone deceased or if a baby crawls on a floor did you have the same scent because that baby
8:43 am
was there at any time? >> well, jamie, the -- you gave me a title that i don't deserve, i'm not a forensic expert. i listen to experts. you have to be awareç when you are in any kind of investigation. but, the process of decomposition starts at clinical death. in other words, the body starts -- stops functioning and bacteria in the body cells breaks down at that moment. how dogs are trained to do this? a different expertise. buff to believe it in. i think the attorneyç for the family should -- the attorney for the family should realize as i said last night on judge pirro's show if he was to walk into a building where a bomb sniffing dog alerted, he wouldn't go in. it is the same type of training. a very solitary mission that dog has. they have one thing that they detect, a bomb, narcotics orca s.
8:44 am
that's what they do. and theyç are -- or cadavers. that's what they do and they are good at i. >> what is the next step in the investigation >> this was really a big moment for the investigation because now they've connected inconsistencies, change of timelines, lying, the admission onç being totally drunk. the distancing of that time at 10:30 at night. now they have evidence that there was a deceased body by the bed. i think the grand jury, which is seated, i think is going to see this. if something doesn't happen as far as discovery of a body, they going to move withç the clothes they took from the house in the search warrant, which is exactly the clothes she said the baby was wearing when she would have been kidnapped. i think they will move for indictment. >> i know all hands are on
8:45 am
deck in this investigation. thank you mark for weighing in today. >> thank you. holidays are coming. you know what that means? shopping season. do you that i will help the sluggish economy? a live report, next. [ male announcer ] a moment that starts off ordinary can become romantic just like that. a spark might come from -- a touch, a glance -- it can come along anywhere, anytime. and wh it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet yotake every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right even if it's not every day. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis.
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a fox news alert. it is now official the transitional government announcing libyan liberation, following a tough eight months, civil war, hearts and maines of the people -- hearts and minds of the people kparbgs is to come? we must wait andç see. we'll keep you posted of all the details. the christmas shopping season is ramping up. retailers hiring thousands of extra workers to deal with the expected crush of shoppers. giving jobless americans newç hope. what stores are hiring? >> reporter: can you believe it is time for christmas
8:50 am
shopping season already? where did summer go? we are talking about retail sales here. eric, some of the biggest companies in america announcing plans to hire more seasonal employees this year as opposed to last.ç kohl's hiring 40,000 additional employees, up 5% from last year. macy's looking to bring in about 78,000 temporary workers all across the country, 4% increase. overall, the national retail federation estimates stores will add half a million extra workers to the payroll thisç holiday season if you are looking for one of those jobs, now is the time to apply. >> a lot of people don't think about looking for a holiday job until black friday or right after thanksgiving. by then it is too late. retailers are hiring now to get them in and trained so when it gets busy there are
8:51 am
'hrá is not clear how many of those temporary jobs could turn permanent much of that depends on how successful the retailers are this year. >> speaking of that, how well are they expected to do? >> reporter: the projections look encouraging. that's one of the reasons why they are hiring more this year. holiday satisfies expected to grow nearly 3%ç in 2011, up 5% from 2009. if all of that translates that means people could spend 466 billion dollars at stores this holiday season. those retailers certainly happy about that. >> we need encouraging economic news that's great. casey stegall, thanks soç much. speaking of encouraging news, take a look at benghazi, libya, where the transitional
8:52 am
government officially announces liberation for the libyan people. an eight month civil war is what it took to get to this moment. today a very historic day. we'll be right back. i habe a cohd. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one!
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8:56 am
mormons. has the media been fair? liz trotta joins us ?q)u$ her commentary. 1960, jfk was an issue, how about now? >> when election time comes you can always count on media for letting you search your conscience and find out what your prejudices are. at least that's what they want you to do. there's a myriad of pieces on what weç would call the mormon factor or issue. romney himself has skirted the issue. he has clearly said he doesn't believe in religion as a test for the presidency. and this is au jus day yo christian country and he's -- this is au jus day yo christian country and he's happy with that and he has followed that he hasn't gone beyond that. onç the issue of prejudice, which is what this is all about, polls are also flying
8:57 am
around appearing in various periodicals. an example, a gallup poll taken in early june asking the question, would you vote for a presidential candidate who is, look at the no column, 5% is the candidateç, >> 22% have a negative rating for a mormon candidate this isn'tç just one poll. there are several other polls that reflect pretty much the same conclusion. so, there we are. the stage is set for a real fight on this within. you can be sure the press will be pushing romney to make himself more -- to make
8:58 am
himself clear and be more detailed. you mentioned president candy and that famous speechç of 1960 in houston. kennedy was detailed about not taking any orders from anybody in his church. anybody -- any religious institutions, prohibitions, no connection, separation of church and state. we haven't heard that from romney and this is what the the media isç waiting for. >> the "washington post"s has an op-ed by heidi taylor, called the blessings of being a mormon. do you think the media is being fair? >> you can be sure pieces like are being commissioned if not coaxed by the mormon church. one of the salient pieces that came out thisç past week was christopher hitchens he calls
8:59 am
mormonism weird for one thing. but points out the reverend robert jeffress a texas evangelical supporting rick perry for the presidency, wantsç introduced or recently introduced perry as someone who was a genuine follower of jesus christ and also referred to mormonism as a cult. clearly, there's the other aspect of the war within the religious right. this is important for the iowa primary, which is practically headquarters for evangelicals. it is a very,ç very tenuous situation. >> i'm sure not the last that we'll hear of this. liz, as always, thank you. >> that does it for us on this sunday. >> great to have you here. lots of news straight ahead with shannon bream live from washington. i hope you join me at 9 a


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