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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 24, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera. i'm live in lower manhattan. very close to wall street where these demonstrators are around me are now in their second month. we are drawn here at night because of all of the outrageous reporting that has been going on, you know, true or false i don't know in which everything rape to robbery alleged in the overnight crowd. over there if you can see that is local congressman michael grimm. he is here speaking with some of the occupy walters. hwall streeters. why are you here, miss? >> i'm here to voice my opinion
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and here to represent me individually as a person and unify me with every other individual person. >> geraldo: do you feel in peril or danger now that sun has gone down? >> by what? by voices? what are voices going to do? just to voice an opinion. it is an idea. if you are ignore rant you are scared of ideas. that is the only thing you can be scared of here. we have police forces carefully monitoring. >> geraldo: i congressman come in. do you feel threatened at all. >> no, i don't feel threatened. >> geraldo: kind of a benign crowd. >> i'm a combat veteran of the marine corps, i don't feel threatened easily. >> i will ask you later on in the program about libya and iraq. we will have plenty from the crowd as they press around. you can see they are having chanting and poetry readings and everything else you can possibly imagine. but first, i want to go to politics full contact politic
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its of a more traditional kind. did you see the last gop presidential debate? what does that auger for politics in the gop? >> what was it about the dynamic between mitt romney and rick perry that concerns you? >> well, number one, they continue to fight and it is almost as if two cats or two dogs are going after each other. >> mitt, you lose all of your standing from my perspective because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> governor romney. >> rick, i don't think that i
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have ever hired an illegal in my life. i look forward to finding your facts on. >> the newspaper. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> i'm speaking. >> once or twice last night the level of intensity particularly between governors perry and romney got to be like 7th graders in a schoolyard and i felt uncomfortable and i thought it hurt the entire republican party. >> first, did i need to walk around and get between them and say let's just get along. >> they had illegal immigrants working there and when that was pointed out to us we let them go and went to us and said -- >> do you -- >> you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking and i suggest if you want to become president of the united states you got to let people speak to let me speak. >> geraldo: are republicans, though, eating their young? one of our most gracious and measured contemporary political voices here to comment, former governor and presidential
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candidate, governor huckabee. >> is that inuring to the benefit of barack obama? >> it is good for obama. it is not good for the republican party. what we had was a cage fight and i think it was staged that andersonrpose by around son cooper and cnn. toss some meat out for the hungry lions to go after it. i think mitt romney clearly had the upper hand on that for one reason. it wasn't what he said. it was the way he said it. he said it with a smile and confidence. if you saw rick perry's body language and his face he looked really angry. he looked frustrated. and people will look and judge more by what they see than what they hear and what they saw was one candidate who said hey, you got to just kind of roll with this stuff if you want to run for president and the other one who looked like he was ready to
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take his tie and coat off and jump across and tear the other guy out of his podium. >> geraldo: i was surprised he didn't when romney laid his well manicured land on rick perry i thought the scra scrapy ranger rick would have -- >> just look over his hand at like are you kidding me and just show him that sense. but humor diffuses that kind of tension and rick perry didn't display any. >> geraldo: i thought that the plethora of debates this year was excessive. however, i must say in watching them and in watching the ratings for them they have become a reality show in a sense. >> we are virtually creating a political version of "american idol" and people are washing and calling in -- watching and calling in and getting their opportunity to score who wins and who loses.
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>> "american idol" plus the came fight. >> that is a really thoughtful -- that may be the next big show. >> abortion should not be legal. that is clear. but if a family made the decision to break the law that is that family's decision. that's all i'm trying to say. >> geraldo: did cain sabotage his candidacy with his remarks on abortion? yes. >> used the language used by the people on the left. >> geraldo: sounded like mario cuomo. >> now, he is trying to walk that back and. >> geraldo: i believe that herman cain peaked and the abortion remarks but also the 99 exceptions that he suddenly discovered the 909. it seems that his support was thin if emotional and that he will fade. >> i think he had a very bold plan and i don't think it was all that superficial.
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once he started changing it he loses what was appealing which is the simplicity. >> geraldo: michele bachmann. new hampshire staff quitting. is she over? >> may not be over but has to get control of her schedule and strategy quickly. winning, iowa is important but she has to have an organization that can help her. she doesn't have to win, new hampshire, or south carolina but she has to be competitive in order to keep going. the first three states really determine who moves on and who moves out. >> we hind every successful man there is a loving caring woman. but you wouldn't know anything about that dan because you wouldn't know what is behind a failure. >> jane, you ignoreant slu. >> it do you remember the old saturday night live kit? >> yes. >> is that what the debates are going to be. >> it is a dangerous thing to get into the kind of free for
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all cat fight we are seeing in the debates because ultimately they have to watch it in the opposition commercials that will be used against them. >> you just don't have credibility mitt when it comes to repealing obama care. >> you had your chance. let me speak. >> you are out of time. you are are out of time. you are out of time. >> two more fox news debates coming up. >> great to see you, geraldo. >> geraldo: thank you very much. we will have more on the republicans and whether or not they are cannibalizing each other, the candidates. we will have much, much more from occupy wall street at night. the latest on baby lisa and libya, particularly the savege death of muammar qaddafi what does that bode for the country. and iraq. we're pulling out by the end of the year. back in a flash. stay tuned.
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>> who won the debate last night? >> romney. perry lost decisively. nobody likes a dirty fighter. >> says romney wins the debate and you say? >> i would hand it to rick perry. him showing a little bit of energy and fight landed a couple punches. he did as well as he has done in any of these debates. >> who won the debate last night? >> i am going to make it a horse race. i am going to say obama won i am going to say in the two slot we had romney in the show position we had gingrich, i am going to say my guy her man finished out of the money. i am going to say rick perry you may have to bring out one of the hospital screens and put him down in the back stretch. >> i think tennis miller hit it on the head with lobing ccal congressman michael grim former
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fbi agent now here occupy wall street. want to show you what was going on. appreciate him coming down. what about the debates? too rough, too visceral too cutting? >> no. this is a very very important election. it will be a tough mrierm re. we knew that. people want to hear a robust debate no punches pulled that's what you are seeing. >> noah joins us she is in little rock tonight. bill blakeman also here former george w. bush. because i miss named you brad let me get you first. what do you think of the debate? >> i think the debates certainly were more reality television. having said that i think it is te time for candidates to get more substantive. don't get suckered into reality
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television get above that and start showing who supports you start telling us who are your foreign policy experts to rely on economic experts and trade experts. now is the time to set yourself apart from substance and not get suckered into the back and forth got you questions and parlance between the candidates. >> noel brad says stop the bickering. on the other hand aren't you really loading up the democrats with sound bytes to use as governor suck bee said in t-- governor huckabee said? >> no, not at all. >> this is a campaign not a couple by a -- cumbia campfire. we elected someone inexperienced and we see the result of that because we didn't hammer him that much. we have to hammer all of these candidates. if it's a fight it's a fight. they have to defend their
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positions and they need to let us know what they stand for. i am sorry if it's too shhot in the kitchen, get out. >> brad, you have a president who is looking good at least in libya. that's usually the strong suit in gop foreign policy. is he the potential dark horse? >> no fun intended? >> i think obama is in real trouble. he has had foreign policy successes. can't take that away from him. capturing bin laden and others is good. he made a good is he significan -- good decision. let's see if he gives some credit to george w. bush for the policies he was against this election will turn on the economy it is all about the economy. this is where that president has failed us.
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>> noel will republicans use the iraq pullout just announced by the end of this year? >> yes, absolutely. i do feel obama is toast. he was nothing but a brand. obama was elected just as you would market bmw, coca-cola and gucci. he is nothing more than a brand. he has no experience. yes he has done good things on his watch but the military should be cred itded for some of those good things. this is just by luck. it is going to be a republican year in 2012. everything he has done has pretty much failed with the exception of bin laden and other things. i would give credit to the military. sorry. >> that is a big exception. >> the iraq pullout? are you going to use that against obama in december? >> i don't think we should be using that politically.
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i was there recently. they were worried about keeping them safe in aggression from iran. it's a real issue. something we have to look at. our troops had a big victory we don't want to give that victory back. >> thank you. i will never call you bob again. congressman michael grimm stand by. we are going to take a break much more to come the lathes on baby lisa. what's with the mystery man and occupy wall street. raise that camera high let them see what we are doing here. lots of folks on a balmy night. what happens in february? will they still be here when the winter wind blows off the hudson
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>> even a mass murdering dog never deserved to die like this. he is roughed up kicked around hooded, prodded, shot. stomped some more. then shot again. despite his pleas for his captors to act like real muslims and asking them what did i do to you? the end of qaddafi is savage and bar-baric. qaddafi's son's death is just as crude. he is caught on tape smoking his last cigarette having a sip of water before some revolutionary hero kills him, too. i have nothing against assassinating enemy dictators. they put osama bin laden down shot in the face. that came into the heat of the battle not at all like the cold blooded torture and murder of the libyan king of kings. we had the decency swiftly and
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respectfully to dispose of bin laden in the ocean. we didn't put him on display in the neighborhood meat locker. the point is like the utter lack of courage and discipline i saw during the fighting the death of the dictator is graphic evidence of how tough it is going to be to get libya patched up enough to rejoin the family of civ civilized nations. >> we are back live in occupy wall grand rapids michigan where congressional veteran house intelligence chair pete hoekstra joins us. congressman hoekstra met qaddafi several times. can you briefly give us what your feelings are on the withdraw from iraq at the end of the year? >> it is very straight forward.
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we are moving to an orderly transition going down to 15,000 troops to make sure the iraqi military the security forces could transition to no u.s. support. we are going to miss that step. it is going to be a crap chute what happens when all u.s. troops are gone. >> a crap chute it may be but it has been an awful 8 years ten times there i have seen it so many good people killed congressman, 4,400 some odd plus a trillion dollars spent. let's leave iraq for another night. let's go to libya. are you as worried as i am that the transitional government or whatever takes the place of the qaddafi dictatorship will make a bad situation worse sfwh? >> geraldo i think your intro segment got it exactly right. there's a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done in libya just like there's a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done in egypt and
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tonenesia. northern africa provided a buffer. the rulers that were in place partnered with us against radical jihadists they lept a lid on northern africa. who knows what will happen in each of these countries. what happened the last few days it's a victory qaddafi has gone. how some of these happen has to be of concern to us. >> are you worried the future will be more troubling than the qaddafi dictatorship. >> i am not sure it will be more troubling but it may create new challenges for the united states. it's a muslim brotherhood that comes to power in egypt. if they are part of the government in libya if the again the islamists have control in tonenesia it will create a whole new set of problems in the united states in our war against terror. remember this northern part of africa this is the gateway into
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western europe. we knew what we were dealing with with mubarak and qaddafi and tone nearunisia. it will not be easy. i think the problems will be very will be very significant. >> that's pete hoekstra, ladies and gentlemen. he met qaddafi several times. he is running for senate. our guy just turned his light out. thanks pete. really good luck with your race. gadha qaddafi, libya. could it be worse than now? >> that is always the problem. the devil you don't know could be worse than the devil you know. we have to hope and pray it is better than it is. qaddafi is pretty bad. >> awful and a mass murdering dog. >> the way they killed him makes you worry about. >> that is obviously the
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concern. we hope that someone will come in and give these people what they want which is liberty and freedom and treat them like human beings stop the atrosit - atrocities against humanity. there is very little we can do right now in america. it's really in god's hands to some extent. >> god and nato. >> we will be right back with the latest on baby leta alisa and more as we continue withlar"
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you're watching the most powerful name in news -- fox news channel. >> this is a fox news alert. it is a relatively mild night on wall street. the winter is am coulding. with it new york's brutal cold
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which will have a larger impact i think on what happens here than all of the political manifest manifestos. a closer look at sgluk at this zuccotti park is coming up. >> three weeks after the baby disappeared from the home nearly three weeks ago despite massive media attention being paid to alleged mystery men one carrying a near naked baby in his arms. most of the police attention still focuses as it should on lisa's parents especially her mother debbie. >> how much did you consume that day? >> i had several glasses of wine. >> when you say several more than three? >> yeah, but that has nothing to do with her. >> more than 5? >> probably. >> more than 10?
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>> no. >> were you slurring your words or stumbling? >> is it possible you had a blackout? >> it's a possibility. >> if you drink you don't remember the things that happened. >> that she had been drinking had drunk passed out it falls into a category of mom's or parents sleeping on babies while impaired by drink or drugs. i don't think she has an alcohol problem at all. she drinks alcohol. more important is the two witnesses that came to light yesterday. that's a vital fact in this case. cadaver dogs are used in an investigation but not to bring somebody to justice. two witnesses a mile apart saw the same thing 142 pounds baby in a diaper. the morning hours of the
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disappearance. >> here we are we are live now the same forensic pathologist dr. michael baden. >> arthur idol law you did one astute observation i thought. >> she was drunk and maybe accidentally killed his kid. >> the most common reason a baying bee dies sleeping with a parent intoxicated rolling over on to the child suffocating the child. this has been true for bsince biblical days. >> king solomon had a baby that died because of the mom rolling over. >> slightly over weight or over weight woman drunk rolls over.
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>> that is the most common reason for babies dying. she was drunk she blacked out. if she put the baby in bed with her which was likely she rolled over the baby she woke up found out the baby was dead suffocated been embarrassed. >> in a panic. >> if that happened geraldo. >> in the state of new york it's a $50 fine for illegal disposing of a body. improper disposing of the body. >> what about the mystery man the one walking with a near naked baby. >> law enforcement has followed up on that a a thousand leads they haven't gotten anything. you can't blame them>> you don't want them to rule out the bottom line is you have a man haunted
2:35 am
f f -- manhunt military, the national guard. everyone looking for the child dead or alive and they can't find her. they have to keep going and going and going until the mystery is solved. >> the intruder came through a screen window there would be a treasure trove of forensic evidence of people leaving behind prints, dna, fibers, hair. i don't think there's any evidence that there is an intruder. >> somebody handed that child through the screen to an outsider. what if dad came home, you know how much that baby is worth on the open market a healthy infant like that hundreds of thousands of dollars.
2:36 am
>> that's an unlikely way it happened. it's very unlikely. >> it is a death an accidental death and outside job. >> people are hearing everything that's going on. we will focus on occupy wall street after dark. people are compassionate open minded we have others who are not nearly as nice. you may be hearing some in the background. generally speaking you are getting the story told.
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>> geraldo: a warm october night here in new york but winter is coming.
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it will impact what is going on here. it is packed. a couple of thousand people. you know, the mood sometimes joyous, sometimes angry but generally speaking letting us do the program. craig spent the night here on friday night. here is his report. >> since the 17th of september, occupy wall streeterss have occupied the park here in down ton ma manhattan. their own library. a clinic here. a lot of different facilities set up for the people staying here and intend to stay here through the winter. is that right? >> stay here as long as it takes to get real change in the economy. >> even if that was possible it would take time and most are less cities are less patient in new york. in chicago, for example, 130 were arrested for refusing to leave grant park. 11 more busted today in cincinnati. >> they are sleeping her but in
2:42 am
addition using this as a gathering space for all kinds of people who are frustrated that the economy isn't working for the 99%. >> it was an illuminating night in the park, discover is how is here and outages the occupation works. >> the core of the people who are sleeping especially sleeping on the ground, really cold here, by the way. sleeping on the ground night after night are young people. >> organizers have a media desk and even a legal department for protesters arrested during run-ins with the cops and an onsite medical unit. >> what are the ailments? >> the most the common in the last week hypothermia. >> any other injuries. >> drummers come in with 20 blisters all over their hands. >> occupational hazards. >> and noise complaints have poured in forcing organizers to go easy on the bongos. sanitation is also a concern. >> i think it as mess. >> why.
2:43 am
in. >> they don't have not one single cause. look at them. they are doing hula hoops. what, did they learn that in college. >> it has also become a magnet for tourities. >> if everybody doesn't come out we have no reason and no right to complain. >> it represents trying to speak up and make a difference. >> you better come up with some solutions to the problem such as people losing their houses. unemployment no, jobs. >> like mary. >> you lived through the great depression. what do you think when the government says we don't have the money because we are in a recession. >> also with social security, what they talk here now with well, let's see what we will do with it. why are you doing anything with it? it is our money, it is not yours. the government shouldn't be touching it. >> you are not sleeping here, are you? >> no, i didn't bring a change of clothes. >> 6:20 p.m. and there is news here in zuccotti park other
2:44 am
than the protesters a fire broke out in a high rise, the equitable building on the 28th floor with debris falling to the ground. this glass actually hit sally in the arm. >> yeah, from 28 floors up. it hurts. >> you see significance just in the firefighters being here as well in terms of this movement. >> it is interesting. first of all, firefighters in new york are part of the 99%. they have as much at stake in fixing the economy as the folks do in the park. >> it is 7:00 and there is a group practicing yoga together. getting their exercise as well as expressing their opinions. it is now 8:30 on saturday night and things have quieted down. there is no more drumming as part of an agreement that the occupy wall street protesters have with the neighborhood watch groups. what you hear in the background is their general assembly. a meeting to decide what the group is going to be doing the following day. it is 9:00 and people are now
2:45 am
starting to set until for the night. they have their plastic tarps here. the other day there was a terrible rainstorm and a lot of people got saturated but they still remained. >> 10:00 friday night, some protesters brought their small children for a sleepover. >> i love my child and my family and my country and i want him to also share that love of country as he grows older and i'm just not sure how that is going to be possible if things don't change around here. >> with sex, drugs and rock and roll if there was any confined to the privacy of the pup tents and tarps, the night passed uneventfully except when this 21-year-old scaled the park's 70-foot high sculpture threatening not to come down until new york's mayor bloomberg resigned a goal only slightly more possible than the protesters' desire to end greed on wall street.
2:46 am
>> these people are sleeping on the ground they believe so strongly in our economy and in america and in our democracy that they want to participate with their own bodies. that the embodientment of our nation and founding story and what our country is to allow us to do to participate in our political process. >> geraldo: craig is here with me live in zuccotti park. i saw the general assembly in your piece. do they have an agenda. >> the agenda is the occupation. right now that is the main thing that they do. the general assemblies for the most part are discussing how they continue the occupation. they have an occupation halloween coming up and occupation 11/11 where they all go to central park. lot about how they will put the occupations together rather than the specific line they are going after. >> geraldo: what is your goal? >> my goal here is to occupy everywhere possible.
2:47 am
i think what you are seeing here, geraldo, is a large amount of people that have been deeply and profoundly [ bleep ] by the system. >> geraldo: don't use a bad -- >> that's raw. i hope you bleep that. you wore t wore to me, no cursing. that's lame. >> i'm one of the occupiers and i represent the people of america. i have been here since day one. >> geraldo: for what? what is going to happen with this aside from the fact from hypothermia and then sue moania >> we become one voice and we are changing the system that is corrupted. >> that is why there is support coming from the community with thermal blankets. we also are going to think about doing other things to keep people warm. we have a general welfare we are trying to promote.
2:48 am
we are occupying wall street because we want the general welfare to be inhabited over there by wall street. >> geraldo: i'm not sure what general welfare. i guess you mean the constitutional. >> why are we so angry and yelling and all that. >> we were concerned about the platform being used for any one's personal political gain. we are here for freedom and justice and equality and we are living needlessly and greedlessly in the shadow of wall street. >> geraldo: why are you ducking away. dr. michael baden, you remember the '60s? >> i was in medical school and medical students don't get involved in things like this. >> geraldo: they say if you remember it you weren't really there. a pretty good mustache there. >> we got a competition here. mine is a little better. >> geraldo: where are you from? >> this is prepostorrous. >> where are you from? >> from los angeles. >> and you came just for this? >> yes, i did.
2:49 am
>> so craig, section sex, drugk and roll with you no crime? >> they are here and have been controlling themselves and they self-policed and for the most part things have been fairly calm. >> geraldo: congressman michael grimm the republican from staten island joins us after this short break to give us his take. we'll be right back after this.
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>> a protester occupied wall street proposed to his girlfriend. his exact words were would you occupy my parent's basement with me until i get a job? >> funny. we are back live here.
2:53 am
ladies and gentlemen i apologize for what that one person did with the obscenity. we are really live live so we couldn't bleep it in time. we will for the reruns. it was so lame. i hope it doesn't mean we won't be able to come cover this any more. congressman michael grim from nearby staten island and brooklyn. why did you come down here? >> i don't want to be a hypocrite. i want to lead from the front. i have been interviewed a lot by occupy wall street. they said come down and talk to us. i am here to talk i haven't had my questions answered. not exactly sure what the message is. i started off as research analyst and small cap equities.
2:54 am
>> i think it is bigger than that americans pitting each other against americans. against capitalism. that is what this country was founded on. i think when times get tough america is known for coming together. that's what wished be doing coming together with a nation and not class warfare. >> it started with glass warfare. >> taxing the rich republicans want to protect the rich. that's not true. we want this country to grow. >> we are going to do that by working together. >> why are you here? >> i agree with having to do something to actually get noticed. it will make people noticed. >> that's all i want. i am happy with that. i am a welder and i can't find a job i. praying that --
2:55 am
>> for real? >> i am serious. i pray the union takes me in june. who knows. that would be $60 an hour. i don't know what that means to you to be honest with you. with me that is tremendous. i could do all that. why the majority of occupying are going to pay me $13. i am a we would der. i think 19,000 dollars i paid so i could get the certificate. i invested in myself. >> let me get an answer from the congressman. >> the government is not always the answer. what i think were the big misses government should be creating an environment where a prosperous economy can grow. from that the by product are jobs. when the president talks about creating jobs -- >> i am a welder.
2:56 am
cross that bridge you can see the steel beams. why aren't we working on that? this is supposed to be the best city in the world. >> why did we wait on the stimulus package and do no infrastructure package. >> waste a trillion dollars in there. >> ladies and gentlemen thank you. congressman you are really a good man and i appreciate you. that's what i hope comes of this real dialogue not the freak show. >> i want people to check it out. here it is. we are at occupy wall street. no rapes, no robberies, but a lot of disorder. mostly friendly. what's that david? >> any welders local in jersey call david stewart. >> i think this will go on really until the weather gets cold but one day intends to
2:57 am
accomplish what they hope to accomplish i don't think they know any more than we do, but we will continue to cover it if we can. we have at least somebody who was chanting. craig are you going to come back? you got your spot reserved? >> i have my spot reserved. you can see a warm welcome. >> warm welcome. >> very warm. >> all right. lots of bodies to push you around. we have been live from zuccotti park. thank you very much for watching. once again i apologize for the obscenity. keep watching. thank you very much.
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>> hey, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. i'm gretchen carlson. qaddafi, as we all know is dead. libya liberated. but it might not be the libya the united states is looking for. uh-oh! the interim leader showing his radical colors. instituting sharia law. it means men can have a bunch of wives. >> oh, boy! meanwhile, it's the economy, stupid. right? well, not so fast. one republican leader telling presidential candidates to focus on the real threat and it's not a lack of jobs. >> all right, plus who did president clinton call for advice on monica lewinsky? apple mastermind steve jobs, of course. how that conversation went and more. shocking details about the life


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