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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 24, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the lighting of the torch cameras comes this friday october 28th the same day that the statue was dedicated in 1886. thank you for watching. "studio b" starts now. >>shepard: thank you, megyn, against lawyers for michael jackson's exercise -- personal physician kickoff their case. and rescue teams in turkey are searching for survivors after a massive earthquake killed nearly 200 to 300 people. libyan officials say muammar qaddafi had enough cash to give every libyan citizen $30,000. was he the richest man not world? all of that is ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york, a mystery man caught on gas station surveillance video is raising new questions
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about what happened to the missing baby whose parents say she disappeared. the video is dated october 4, at around 2:30 in the morning two hours before baby lisa's parents recorded her missing. a plan in a shirt walking by the wood near the family home, after at least three witnesses reportedly told officials they saw a man with a baby if that area that same night. you will recall the mom has said she was drunk. and she may have blacked out when the baby disappeared. last week investigators focused the search on the family home and say a cadaver dog has a possible hit for the scent of human remains near the beside the missing baby's parents but a lawyer dismisses the significance of that. and now, mike is in the midwest newsroom. how significant is the surveillance video? there is no proof or evidence of anything, is there? >>reporter: police say the mystery man in the surveillance video is not new to them he is
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only new to the public. we can show you this video. it shows a man dressed in white, caught by surveillance video in a poor shot 59 a gas station, two miles from the irwin house significant because at 12 clean 15 the night she disappeared a witness described a man wearing white carrying a baby. 2:15 the surveillance video catches what could be him and 4:1059 another location another witness spot as man fitting that description carrying a baby. the defense attorney representing the family wants it know why we are only learning about this now. >> i am not here to question law enforcement tactics but i hear about allegations being cast on my client and this is stuff that is what investigations are made of. these are, this is watershed stuff as far as i'm concerned. >>reporter: the baby was only
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wearing a diaper on a cold october night and that is why it caught their eye and police will only say they have not identified the images. >>shepard: that is a new part and the other is the dog hit on something inside the family home. what is the family saying? >>reporter: they are speaking through another attorney who says what has her attention is the fact that on that location where according to the affidavit the cadaver dog alerted the police, they have not removed the section of carpet and says it is abnormal for them not to preserve the evidence when you have something like a cadaver dog alerting indicating that something died at the location. also, through the attorney, she said the parents will only sit down with the investigators if the kansas city provide new investigators because the former investigators broke test and the parents are fearful of the former investigators, those who are working on the case. >>shepard: "fearful," and now to the lawyers there is a lot to
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discuss. arthur aidala is a defense attorney, and josh is a district attorney in brooklyn and playing prosecutor today. i'm trying to think to i ever stole a baby how often i would walk and with it in my arms, first in the neighborhood, then we to the store andvg there is o evidence that this video has anyone connected, it justs sounds like a bunch of hooey. >> we are talking three or four weeks after the baby disappeared this comes out. everyone comes out immediately, immediately in this day. if this came out everyone would know so they should look at it but not focus. what they are focused is the mother is where the proper focus is. >>shepard: arthur, full disclosure, you are friends, and that said, watershed stuff. why haven't we learned about
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this? the cops no more have to tell us what they are finding than the man in the moon. it is stupid. >>arthur: you are right, they don't have to but they have been saying a lot and they have said we follow-up on 1,000 leads and they did say the cadaver dogs smelled a dead body inside the house. now, that's damning evidence to the parents, right? they released that. i'm sorry, immediately. but they did not release seeing the guy with the body. your common sense approach is right on the head. people stealing a baby and walk around the neighborhood holding the baby? it is odd they held that back for so long. why? why tell us of the dogs fining the scent of the body but not tell us of the guy in the neighborhood. >> it is not that important, this will mutty what they were looking at, a woman who is not cooperating. what does that say? my child is missing but i don't want to cooperate.
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so now suddenly my child is still missing but i will not cooperate? that doesn't --. >>arthur: she will not meet with the police or media. she met hours and hours and hours. >>shepard: she never mentioned the drinking until megyn punched a hole in her story. >>reporter: if your child is missing you will put every truth before the police and tell them to figure it out. >>arthur: the cops say we know you did it, but, boy, doesn't that burn you up? i'm coming to you and the first thing you say is i know you did it and now we will talk about how you did it. >>reporter: i was drinking, i blacked out the father was not at home but was working.
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>>arthur: they have been working in that direction for three weeks and they have nothing. a dog who sniffs around and started barking. >>reporter: that is nothing? nothing? nothing? could it have been years ago, and experts say the dog could have -- a dead body 30 years ago? i doubt it. it sounds like it is lining up to show it happened in the house. >>arthur: and everyone is presuming the mom specifically -- they have zero. not a bit of evidence. not d.n.a., and the doctor was talking about maybe she was drunk she rolled on the baby and killed the baby by accident and disposed of the child. okay, they looked, they have been digging in wells and digging up landfills and looking for the child and they have not found her. they have to keep going and follow-up on the lead with the guy carrying the baby. >>reporter: it will come out. no question. >>shepard: why do you say? >>reporter: do you not get a mother who says this is not the case, i will not help the
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investigators anymore, so, stand still and don't do a thing while the baby is somewhere else, it does not make sense. >>shepard: just getting started on this case. but another legal case is in new york city, a courtroom today, a man accused of taking part in an iranian terror plot in u.s. soil pleading not guilty. our senior correspondent is outside the federal courthouse in manhattan. what can you tell us? officials have changed the iranian america with planning to assassinate saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states. >>reporter: yes although he confessed and is operating. a 56-year-old resident of corpus christi and lived in the lone star state for three decades and been a used car sales man and now charged with having been recruited by the iranian quds force to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador in washington
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and sat in court in a prison jump suit. he is accused of aning a $1.5 million pay off to a man he thought was a mexican drug cart temperature hit man who was a confidential informant for the d.e.a. and he passed on $100,000 he got from tehran to the confidential informant, money he says, he got from the iranians. and the iranians though, call this case baseless and call it "hollywood." >>shepard: tell us about the evidence if you could. >>reporter: they have reported telephone conversations and he has been cooperating and actually made some records phone conversations back to tehran where they say he was directed to carry out the killing. about the bombing of the restaurant? in would have been hundreds of americans, all to kill one man, the saudi arabian ambassador who is a very prominent and respected member of the
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diplomatic community. according to the indictment he said "they want that guy done, if 100 go withism, f 'em, and he said he would shoot them up." whatever, whatever is easy to you, echoing two terrorist attacks in argentina, in 1982 and 1984, a jewish center and the israeli embassy which killed 114 people, shep. >>shepard: thank you, eric, from manhattan. so, why would iran put such a complex and deadly plot in the hands of a used car sales man? and now to judge napolitano who is with us. that part of it is a big hole in this, isn't it? >>judge napolitano: you cannot make up a question like that but it is a brother fund -- profound question that people in law enforcement and intelligence
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are asking. whether you think iran is a monster or acting in their interest, they have a sophisticated intelligence community that normally would not reach out, has no-hit of reaching out to someone like this so here are a couple of questions. was the justice department a victim here? did this guy manage to insnare the justice department and corruptly get it to believe that he was an agent for iran when, in fact, he wasn't? was he work for another country that wanted to set up adversity between the country and iran. the government does not want the events scrutinized under oath in federal court. it will do what it can to get this defendant, the used car sales man from houston, to plead guilty so there is no trial. >>shepard: but barring a guilty plea they will have to come up with some sort of tie here and make this story that seems to have been put together by them make sense to everyone else. >>guest: they have the tie. they have a locked up case
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against this guy. the question is, did he really have the ability to do what he said he was going to do? or was he living in a fantasy world just as the f.b.i. agents and d.e.a. agents were pretending to be mexican drug lords interested in jihad? mexican drug lords interested in jihad? and did he fall for this? or did he concoct it? that is what will come out in trial. >>shepard: great to see you. you can catch "freedom watch," weeknights on the fox business network. the most powerful name in business news and the author of a new book "it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." on store shelves now. congratulations judge. one of muammar qaddafi's judge is still on the run and making it clear he wants revenge for his father's death in a live report from libya, next. the big ever volcano in europe blows its top.
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>>shepard: was muammar qaddafi assassinated? the head of the libyan government agreed to investigate whether that happened. the officials say the bullet hit muammar qaddafi not head when crossfire struck the car holding the dictator. the western government officials and human rights group say it appeared rebel fighters may have executed muammar qaddafi in custody? and the only one of his 8 children still unaccounted for reportedly promising revenge for his father's death and there he is, syrian television reports he says "i say go to hell you rats and nato behind you, this is our country, we live in it and we die in and it we are continuing the struggle." not sure who "we" is.
12:17 pm
and now greg palkot live from misrata. >>reporter: we have seen the last of muammar qaddafi, his body, at least, it has been on public display for fur days much of the time in the meat locker. we checked it out on saturday and now visits have stopped, the authorities have gotten criticism for this action. new reports are saying that the burying of the body could happen as early as tomorrow. we have been told that would be happening in an undisclosed location. the folks here have been reacting to the declaration of liberation coming from the national transitional council over the weekend and we went out on the streets of misrata today. here is what we saw today and what we heard. >>reporter: this is muammar qaddafi's weapons on display seized by the brigade and this is a rocket launcher and here we have homemade stuff suesed by
12:18 pm
the rebels, and you can see it is not exactly industrial grade and, here, a trophy: a statue taken from the muammar qaddafi compound commemorting the 1986 u.s. airstrike, and this ain't going anywhere, any time soon. an example of how hard it might be to unite this country, to unify this country without muammar qaddafi. >> a disturbing report coming out of sirte 150 miles from the east of where we are right now, the old hometown of muammar qaddafi where he was captured and killed, which saw a lot of fighting between muammar qaddafi and rebel forces, and, today, human rights group is saying they discovered 53 muammar qaddafi backers killed execution-style by rebels but they also have reports of killings on the other side, clearly getting to a new libya post muammar qaddafi will not be easy. >>shepard: thank you, greg
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palkot overseas. new reports on the incredible earthquake that has killed hundreds and knocked down buildings in turkey and under all the rubble a little boy waits for someone to help him. we have brand new information on victims and survivors still in the earthquake zone ahead. i'm your blind spot. [ humming ] and my job is easy. hide big things. you're good... [ crash ] [ laughing ] [ screaming ] [ tires screech ] and if you named your own price on car insurance, you could be paying for this yourself. so get allstate, you could save money and be better protected from mayhem like me. [ dennis ] shop less, get more, make one call to an allstate agent.
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>>shepard: new accounts of dramatic rescue after a monster earthquake hit in eastern tut tut. teams pulled a little boy from the rubble. still alive a day later. another survivor reportedly called for help from a cell phone as he waited through the night. and, this man almost completely in cased in slabs of broken credit before crews drilled through and freed him.
12:23 pm
this is the scene in the streets when the earthquake struck, cameras shaking as people ran from the building into safe ground. officials say at least 279 people died in a 7.2 magnitude earthquake which leveled dozens of buildings in eastern turkey near the border with iran. and the chief correspondent has been watching the satellite and the death toll expected to rise. >>jonathan: considerably. the red cross has at the catch -- camp, 2,200 buildings, and the teams are doing their best but it will take a long, long time to search through the rubble and find out how many people were killed here. and there is great concern for the survivors, temperatures are dropping below freezing overnight and there are so many
12:24 pm
people homeless with tenths and blankets and works about doing enough to those who survived the initial earthquake. >>shepard: and they affected a number of rescues. >>jonathan: and amazing stories. one air force lieutenant carrying, hearing that the earthquake had struck where his fiance lived went to the town and talk toddler friends and learned she went to a particular restaurant for lunch that day and he went to that restaurant and it was nothing more than a pile of rubble and he screamed her name and he heard voices and then he was able to say there are people alive and he brought the rescue teams there and this morning they pulled the 25-year-old fiance out alive and conscious. a bright spot in such a dark night for that area. >> amazing video of europe's tallest and most active volcano erupting over the weekend. look here, this is in italy on the eastern coast of sicily you can see flames shooting into the
12:25 pm
air and the stream of lava flowing down the mountain. the volcano erupts regularly and covered some villages and an airport with the ash but it poses no danger. >> against in the trial of michael jackson's doctor now laying out its case. brand new today, lawyers for dr. conrad murray facing a mountain of evidence and explosive testimony from the other side. we have a live report from the scene, and in libya, word that the dead dictator, muammar qaddafi, may have been the richest man in the whole world. so if that's true, where's all the money? [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the to which the news. the prosecution rests in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's personal doctor. this after the jury heard more from an expert on propofol. the expert wrote all the wantings on the labels. and propofol killed the singer. the expert says he drank it before the trial started to prove it would not kill anybody. remember, the defense had initially claimed that michael jackson downed some of the drug himself, but dr. conrad murray's
12:30 pm
lawyers changed their argument. necessity now claim that michael jackson injected himself with the drug and took other sedatives along with it without the doctor's knowledge or supervision. and they say thatñi is ultimate limit what killed him but dr. schaefer believes dr. conrad murray's meg conference caused the death and pointed to a dozen mistakes he claims dr. conrad murray made any one of which could have killed the singer. and, now, live, outside the courthouse in los angeles this afternoon, how did the prosecution end its case today? >>reporter: they ended with dr. schaefer and he was one of 33 witnesses, the 16th day of testimony in los angeles, and this witness was on the stand longer than anyone else, even close with cross-examination began on friday with the defense team and today re-direct by the prosecution and recross-examination by the against and by most estimates he was a strong witness. the defense did get a couple of shots in when dr. schaefer
12:31 pm
admitted he did some investigation on his own before he was asked to be part of the case, and, also, that he had testified before in a trial against a doctor whom he didn't like the insinuation being he didn't like dr. conrad murray. >>shepard: what have we heard from the against so far? >>reporter: they have only called two witnesses, both were los angeles police detectives helping set the timeline and their contention is dr. conrad murray did not wait 30q minutes to call 9-1-1 and by the time you added up to the fact he talked to the fire department and was transferred to 911 and setting up the time element here. the interesting part of this against is, one, whether or not dr. conrad murray is killed t- called to the stand and whether dr. white will take the stand. he is are asked the other expert and a long time colleague of dr. schaefer and they were friends but, now, may have a falling out over this case. >>shepard: thank you, adam, from downtown los angeles. thank you very much. so, we will bring this back to
12:32 pm
the legal panel, arthur aidala is back and assistant d.a. in brooklyn, josh. it sounds like this will come down to propofol and two witnesses. >>arthur: a battle of the experts and the prosecution deserves credit they had very well prepared expert doctors, various degrees of qualifications who put on a very simple explanation to the jury about the misuse of the drug. the against has to come in like a steamroller and do the same thing. they are setting the table by saying, look, he called 9-1-1 in a reasonable amount of time after he spoke to the fire department and after he talked to his girlfriend. they can only make chick be salad out of what they got and it may be chicken poop but they are trying to do the best they can, what they really need to do with the four or five doctors saying, although this is not the perfect way to use propofol this
12:33 pm
is not control and may not be negligence. >>guest: you are talking about a defense that will bray -- bring in doctor after doctor. what will happen is the jury will sit down and go,ñi listen, this doctor had access to the propofol, he brought it into the room and every drop was because of him whether michael jackson took it himself, he is responsible for bringing it in. >>arthur: well i would believe that if the defense could prove that michael jackson was able to stick it in his arm. >>guest: come on. >>shepard: the defense's original story was that he drank the stuff until the defense found out, well, drinking it will not kill you and now the dense story is he injected himself and it wasn't just that, he injected other stuff, too, come on. >>guest: what are we doing bringing this interest a room that is a not surgical procedure.
12:34 pm
>>arthur: what they will focus on, the 20, did he make mistakes? yes. did he live up to earth california standards of a doctor? no. is it criminal, ladies and gentleman? they have failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what he did is crime. is it murder? this is not murder. >>guest: it is simple. you bring a nonsurgical procedure into a room, into a home, into the living room and say here is what we will do to put you to leap because you have a sleeping disorder, that is not due caution. >>shepard: but this judge makes you feel good and michael jackson was depressed and we have not talked about that and i am surprised the defense has not mentioned that michael jackson needs something to make him feel euphoric. >>arthur: people in the hospital settings abuse the drug for various small personal consumption to get that feeling of euphoria and if the defense
12:35 pm
is able to be minutely successful in showing that michael jackson had the opportunity to self injects himself, they have a prayer of getting . >>guest: someone that took an oath did not live by the oath but cared about the $150,000 a month salary and gave action sets to everything. >>shepard: isn't the phone call to the girlfriend before the 9-1-1 potentially a problem? >>guest: certainly. it û+
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after the bank went bust. >>shepard: president obama says we and not way for congress to fix the economy. we may soon find out what the president can do on his own. the plan from the white house is ♪
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bank of america forecast concerns could force a second major rating agency to strip our government's long held aaa rating and s&p s&p did it firstd experts say a second loss of the country's top credit rating would be another huge blow to the economy. according to the research note, this next possible downgrade would be triggered if congress doesn't grow to a credible long-term plan to cut the deficit. the president today visiting the state with the highest foreclosure rate in all the nation. and there to unveil a new plan to help struggling homeowners. white house officials in nevada say the president will program note new rules for federally guarantee mortgages to help more borrower whose have little to no equity in their home refinance at a lower rate. the fox business news giving you the power to business network'si willis is there. you can finance even if you are
12:42 pm
underwater. >>gerri: this targets throws who are country, not people who are having trouble, people paying their mortgage, but they owe more than the house is worth. so they will allow the people to refinance it at today's bargain rate mortgage rate at 4.1 percent, no appraisal so if the bank will not come in and say your house is worth half of that and waive or reduce fees a fascinating effort to try to pump life into the dead housing market. >>shepard: with people who have done their best, current after six months and i am curious how the other programs are doing. >>guest: no good. in short the president promising he would help nine million people and he would spend $50 billion but he spent $2.4 billion, and a lot of the banks did not want to work in the programs or go along to get along because they were worried about losing money and it raises questions, frankly, about this program because the banks would have to forego some revenue streams they thought they were
12:43 pm
going to get and have to lock in rates at 4 percent or lower than the 6 percent they thought they would get. >>shepard: not good, airs 5:00 eastern and 4:00 central. and now, the president of emerald partners public relations consulting and author of "the practice of public relations." it depends on who you listen to how this is playing but your sense in a broad scope of things. >>guest: he obviously is trying to get the mojo back we have a year left for the campaign so he now is in campaign mode and a good campaigner. the strategy basically two words: do something. this guy has been criticized for being in unin-- indecisive. and establish offs says he is
12:44 pm
frustrated because he never doing in. now he doing something and now he is taking it to the streets bypassing congress and people don't like the congress but what they don't like, worse, is the congress. so, that is good. and, third, with the p.r. strategy trying to put the republicans in a box of no, a box of stall, and a box of running out the clock until obama leaves and his slogan leader which the republicans we don't like, which is, we can't wait and as gerri said a lot of people are underwater, whose mortgages are underwater, student loans, need jobs and so on, and he is taking it correctly, it seems to me, and this is the only strategy left, and it seem as good one. >>shepard: there is no indication that congress would pass anything or is there. >>gerri: no, and he can do this. he does not need congress to put this plan into play. the spending on the part of the fed, fannie mae and freddie mac will do more spending and at
12:45 pm
love the loss goes to the bangs so at the end of the day he can do this just by flipping a switch. >>shepard: it founds from the feedback we get from viewers that what the people want is solutions and they are not interested in politics where both sides are engage. >>guest: that is the key. the republicans make a big mistake if they confuse the antipathy to the president with endorsement of their behavior or action. people want action. we don't like any of them. we want something done. that is the point. >>shepard: if the president is able to say to the people, congress has not done anything we know will fix this, it is a matter of figuring out who to blame and the president will say the president is not effective and the president will say congress will not pass anything. >>guest: that is what gerri said, he is working with fannie mae, working with freddie mac, he is working with the banks and bypassing congress, and if this thing works and it may, it is to
12:46 pm
his credit. >>gerri: there is not a lot of optimism because we have had so many programs that did nothing, and not many people helped and just look at the housing market this minute to know we have not found the magic bullet. >>shepard: what he needs is a magical p.r. recipe. >>guest: the strategy makes sense and people are equal opportunity despisers of politicians. we want someone do do something. if he looks like he is trying to do something, it will be to his benefit. >>gerri: thank you. >>shepard: thank you both. and mitt mitt romney picking up a powerful endorsement. and remember wikileaks, releasing thousands of documents from the u.s. government put whistle blowing on hold?
12:47 pm
they are running out the cold hard cash. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>>shepard: and now a teenager shot at a school in north carolina, cape fear high school. we are told from authorities the injury to this young lady is very serious. she has been taken to cape fear valley medical center and she is in stable condition. no one else heard but the locals are saying the school board, the head of the school board is saying that this person was hit, they believe, either by a drive by shooter or a hunter in the area. no one in custody and everything seems so be fine there. >> word the secret sharing site
12:51 pm
wikileaks is in serious financial trouble. and officials behind the site say they will not publish anymore confidential documents for a while. until they can fine another source of cash. wikileaks's founder reportedly blaming "blockade by financial companies in the united states," claiming they destroyed 95 percent of the organization's revenue and officials at visa and master card dropped processing donations for wikileaks after releasing hundreds of documents from the war in afghanistan to detainees at gitmo and the federal government shut down almost every payment source phone to man from papal all the way up and down is he is out of money. fox news is america's election headquarters. and republican presidential hopeful romney making it official in new hampshire, the former massachusetts governor is the latest candidate to submit the paperwork in the state that holds the first primary
12:52 pm
traditionally and leads in the polls there and god a key endorsement but several other candidates also focusing on the state with the primary now just 11 weeks away. and now carl is live in washington this afternoon. no votes in december? >>carl: not from new hampshire or for president this year or next year for that matter. we should be done. yes, the primary calendar has been established we and iowa goes first, january 3, new hampshire in january 10, and the talk of the possibility of voting next couple of weeks will not happen but the first caucus is ten weeks from tomorrow and the new hampshire primary, in 11 weeks. romney got filed, registered, to be on the ballot and participate in the first presidential primary and a lost republicans were angry accused him of pushing nevada into having the caucus in january and he pressured them to stop and they pulled back and it is now fixed. romney leads the polls in new hampshire in a tie with herman
12:53 pm
cain in iowa and close to a tie in south carolina with herman cain. and he is making the argument that he is the best suited to win the general election but, first, he has to get the first tests in iowa and new hampshire out of the way with rick perry and herman cain a big deal. >>shepard: and rick perry has a new tax plan. >>carl: second tomorrow, that is the big perry fire and romney has to win in new hampshire but rick perry tomorrow will unveil plans for a single, optional, 20 percent flat tax in lieu of the current i.r.s. structure. you can choose either one. more details to come tomorrow, but this is his attempt to come up with a simple tax revision and reform plan that can compete with herman cain. rick perry needs traction, fast, the time is running out rapidly and he is backed by double digits and then some in a distant third and fourth and 5th place if some polls. in large measure it will serve as a stark contrast to 9-9-9
12:54 pm
plan of herman cain which is more complex and has been revised and some abet tax hawks think because of the sales tax it is a nonstarter. >>shepard: the surprise thing for me has been that rick perry has gotten back on the birth certificate crazy train. i thought that train was parked and safely in a rail yard somewhere. i mean, crazy talk. why? >>carl: you refer to questions about the latest "parade magazine," in that he was asked if he thought the president was a u.s. citizen and he said he had no reason to believe he wasn't. the interviewer asked further questions and he said he had dinner recently with donald trump who does not believe the president's birth certificate is real but when pressed repeatedly he said he doesn't have any information and doesn't know and said that is a distraction and the president of the united states, he is the president of the united states and, so be it. but it is the kind of thing that
12:55 pm
provide as distraction for rick perry on the eve of a flat tax and distracting. >>shepard: giving the haters a lot of time to hate. u.s. officials are reporting an increase in laser attacks on planes. despite a recent crackdown. the experts say the laser beams can blind a pilot and incapacitate crew members at the controls. as of this summer anyone caught pointing a laser at an aircraft faces up to $11,000 in fines but according to either woulding of the "usa today" newspaper the federal aviation administration reports 2,700 laser strikes so far this year. that is on pace to spas the number last year, and, also, way above just 300 incidents reported back in 2005. the softy and sand wish that has sparked fan clubs has gotten a
12:56 pm
sidekick. more ahead. hi i'm barbara eden
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is to help everyone have the retirement income they'll ed to enjoy every one of their days. ♪ prudential. bring yr challenges. >>shepard: today every mcdonald's got something new on the menu. usually the local franchises choose, but mcdonald's says demand is so strong that it is bringing the mcrib back until november 14th. bringing it back every so often "adds the excitement," the pickle is good, too, but each mcrib has 500 calories and ten grandmothers of saturated fat, 50 percent of the daily allowance. ten grams of saturated fat in one. with the fries, i don't what happens. the dow had a


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