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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 24, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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jon huntsman tomorrow. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, new help for homeowners under water on their mortgages. it's not for everyone. the missouri mom with the missing baby. could there finally be a real lead in the case? >> she claims somebody snatched her daughter from the crib. cops seem skeptical. but now there is a video that might help back up her claim. tonight, chasing down the mystery man caught on camera. a monstrous earthquake crushes buildings and anile lats communities. [screams] >> shepard: hundreds dead, hundreds more missing. and tonight a race to rescue the people buried alive.
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want a better look at the stars? try getting a little bit closer to them. >> sometime in the next few years this may be the premier instrument in the world for observing space. >> shepard: we'll check out the view on board nasa's flying telescope. but, first from fox this monday night, president obama says we cannot wait for congress to bass this jobs bill. so, in the meantime, he is trying something new to help americans hang on to their homes. the republic national committee calls it a campaign stunt to try to help the president's re-election bid. but this time he does not need lawmakers to sign off on it one bit. the president unveiling the plan today in las vegas where analysts say 60% of all homes are under water. that means the owner owes more on the mortgage than the home is actually worth. the president says it's a real drag on the entire economy. >> when a home loses its value, a family loses a big chunk of
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their wealth. paying off mortgage debt means that consumers are spending less and businesses are making less. and jobs are harder to come by. and as long as this goes on, our recovery can't take off as quickly as it would after a normal recession. >> shepard: so, the white house says it's updating a program it launched two years ago. one to help americans refinance their mortgages. now, you can qualify no matter how deeply underwater you are. as long as you are still making your payments. the white house says it's cutting the cost of refinancing by getting rid of some fees and eliminating most appraisals. ed henry is traveling with the president in las vegas tonight. ed, the president is apparently taking this housing issue pretty darn seriously. >> he is, shep. trying to take matters into his own hands. the strip way behind my shoulder a business is starting to boom again. i'm standing in a neighborhood about 12 miles from the famed strip, it's not doing so well here as the neighborhood full of underwater homes.
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and the president tried to use this as a back drop to say look, if republicans aren't going to give them this jobs bill he has been demanding out here on the road that they pass, is he going to take matters into his own hands. take a listen. >> we can't wait for an increasingly dysfunctional congress to do its job. where they won't act, i will. >> but republicans say, look, they have been acting as well. in fact, congress back in 2009 helped the president push through earlier versions of this where basically the president promised that he would prevent up to 9 million people from being foreclosed upon in their homes. and that plan has largely not worked. so conservative critics are saying tonight, look, some more government tinkering around the edges is not going to work. take a listen. >> we can try these things all day long, but we need to let the free market sift through what is out there. we are going to have to absorb it. we have to bite the bullet before we can recover.
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>> bottom line is that right now all around the country there are about 10 million homes under water where the mortgage is actually worth more than the home itself. that is a huge number for a president about to face the voters next year, shep. >> shepard: of course, ed, this trip to nevada is also -- in fact republicans might say largely about politics. >> sure. i mean you have got six electoral votes up for grabs in this state in 2012 in a close race. every single state like this will matter big time. the republic national committee chairman was out there today saying the president is not really worried about jobs in nevada. is he worried about his own job. and, in fact, the president did have a big fundraiser at the fancy be ladies and gentlemen joe hotel and casino before he came to this middle class neighborhood. bottom line the president beat john mccain by 12 points. that's being to be hard to replicate when you have homes under water as i mentioned, unemployment really bad there was good news quote unquote in the newspaper here a couple days ago when unemployment went down
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from about 14% to 13%. still far worse than the national average. if that's good news, it shows you it's pretty bad here right now, shep. >> shepard: ed henry live in las vegas. there is word that u.s.' credit rating could be downgraded again that comes from analyst of bank of america, merrill lynch. the downgrade could come in november if congress doesn't come up with an agreement on how though cut the budget. that could, again, devastate our economy. congress' so-called super committee, the one charged with trimming the budget, has just four weeks to reach some sort of a deal. you will remember standard and poors downgraded the rating in august. analysts say a second downgrade would rattle the already rattled housing market. police in kansas city have not yet identified a man captured on surveillance video near the house where a baby disappeared. little lisa irwin went missing three weeks ago. her parents say somebody took her from the i can crib in the e of the night.
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more than a week after this happened little lisa's mom told fox news she was actually drunk when her daughter disappeared. now we are getting look at surveillance video that shows a man coming out of the woods near the family's home at 2:30 in the morning. you can sort of see the guy there dressed in white. but it's really not clear whether he actually has anything at all to do with the little girl's disappearance. let's get to our own mike tobin tracking developments tonight. this surveillance video isn't the only clue to this mysterious stranger. >> no. in fact, the only reason it may end up significant, shepard, because it may tie in with some other witness claims. i will show you the video again. it's a pretty poor shot but it shows an image of someone walking from a group of trees pretty near baby lisa's home. back that up now 12:15 a.m. a witness claims to have spotted a man fitting roughly that description carrying a baby. two hours later, the video image we just showed you was captured on surveillance video at a gas station nearby. two hours after that, another
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witness claims to have spotted a man fitting roughly the same description carrying a baby fitting roughly the same description. police cannot say if it's the same individual. can't identify the man on tape. they can only say that they have known about this mystery man for some type, shep. >> shepard: mike, the police and the parents in this particular case don't really seem to be working together on this. >> no. in fact, an attorney who was working for the parents right now says they will only continue with police interviews if the investigators they have been working with are replaced. it? >> there is some detectives that really have a broken trust. so there is it's going to be counter productive to try to sit down with those detectives again. it would be better to bring in some detectives who are fresh-eyed, fresh-eared to listen to the parents and then the parents, i think, would feel more comfortable and less afraid. >> now, that attorney cyndy short claim police affidavit that a cadaver dog gave a
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positive hit on a section of carpet in the house. she says if that dog gave a positive hit the police should have moved the section of carpet to preserve the evidence. she says they did not, shep. >> shepard: mike tobin reporting live tonight. thanks very much. a man who prosecutors say planned an assassination plot on u.s. soil pleaded not guilty. the iranian american suspect pleaded guilty in new york court in new york city. the feds say he was working with iran to kill the assault and battery did i arabian ambassador to the united states by blowing up a restaurant in d.c. the white house says the plot stretched to the highest levels of the iranian government. a claim that the iranians have flatly denied. meantime, people who knew the suspect when he was a used car dealer in texas say he is no religious extremist. they say he was just probably after some money. friends also call him clumsy and forgetful. one former business partner even saying he clearly was not the brains of the operation. our senior correspondent eric
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shawn is live in the courthouse in lower manhattan. eric, what exactly happened in court today? >> yeah, shep, he pled not guilty even though authorities say he has confessed and is cooperating fully. he has lived for three decades in texas. is he from corpus christi. police say though he was recruited by the infamous quds force that he wanted to kill the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states. part of an alleged iranian terror plot that would have touched our very soil. in court, he said in the courtroom and simply said not guilty when he was accused of arranging $1.5 million in a payoff to a man that he thought was a member of a mexican drug cartel like hit man who turned out to be a dea informant. bob allegedly passed on 100 grand from officials in tehran to that confidential informant, but iran calls these charges baseless and says it's part of a, quote, hollywood scenario. shepard? >> shepard: yeah, but clearly, eric, it appears at least they
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have a lot of evidence against this man. >> yeah. that's what prosecutors say that they have recorded phone calls, they have those bank transfers. they even have several calls, they say, of him talking to an official in tehran planning and ordering the hit. the alleged taferght is one of the most prominent members ebbs of washington's democratic corps. the saudi arabian ambassador. he allegedly said, quote, they want that guy done. if 100 go with him, f him. i'm going to blow him up or shoot him. whatever you want said the informant. he allegedly replied yeah, it doesn't matter, whatever is easy for you. at the united nations the saudi arabian ambassador said his nation would not stand idol while iran makes these. >> the u.s. is telling iran not to get any ideas that american troops will be leaving iraq. but there are new concerns tonight about the iraq forces
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who will soon be in charge of their own security. we're live at the pentagon with new developments there. plus, wikileaks, the founder there julianne assange has a bit of a problem on his hand. he is out of money. and that man says the web site could soon shut down for good. the details straight ahead from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report. [ male announcer ] this is lara.
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come on in. let's go. wow, this is fantastic. ge capital. they're not just bankers. we're builders. they helped build our business. >> shepard: a warning tonight for iran don't think about causing trouble when the troops leave this year that's a strong message from leon panetta today. >> for iran or anybody else that has any other ideas, let me take clear that the united states maintains 40,000 troops in that region. america will maintain a presence in that part of the world. >> secretary panetta says more than half of those troops are right next door in kuwait but
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tonight one iraqi leaders says other neighbors are already stirring up trouble. jennifer griffin is live for us at the pentagon tonight. i guess what seems to be the message here is that the iranians are just sort of waiting in the wicks for us to get out of there. >> that's right. and for the first time we're hearing iraqi leaders themselves express their concerns about iran after the u.s. troops lead. quote, if neighboring countries see that iraq is weak and incapable of protecting its borders and internal security then definitely there will be interference. this interference does exist now. both sunni and kurdish leaders are stepping up saying they are concerned about after u.s. troops leave and what role iran will play. >> shepard: jen, a troubling new report is out that indicates this program that the united states has to try to train iraqi police may have turned out to be a wig waste of money. >> that's right. this is $800 million program
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that is supposed to be overseen by the state department next year to train the iraqi police. it has been plagued with trouble. today a report from a speble inspector general for iraq said only 12% of the funds even go to training, quote, the police department program could become a, quote, bottomless pit for u.s. dollars intending for mentoring, advising and training the iraqi police forces. the u.s. taxpayer has already spent $8 billion on training the iraqi police since 2003. shep? >> shepard: jen, thanks. well, wikileaks could go out of business in the next few weeks. that's the warning from the founder giuliani assange. the web site has exposed hundreds of thousands u.s. secrets documents. american officials say some of those leaks put people's lives r card, bank of america, papal, western union all stopped processing donations to that site. julian assange says that cut off 95% of his funding.
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>> as a result, wikileaks has been running on cash reserves for the last 11 months. the blockade has cost the organization tens of millions of dollars in lost donations. >> shepard: asanction says he has stopped accepting and publishing secret documents at least for now to focus for the time being on fundraising. a devastating earthquake rocks the nation of turkey. next, the race to help save people buried alive. and what we're now hearing about some remarkable rescues. plus, we all know how moms to be should not be hitting the bottle, certainly. but what about bottled water? a new study on plastic and pregnancy coming up. [ ma announcer ] the cold aisle can overwhelming. [ coughs, sniffs ] especially when you're sick. now, with new simpler packaging, robitussin® makes it simple to get the right relief for your symptoms.
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>> shepard: at this very moment people are trapped under concrete and steel waiting for rescuers to find them before they die. still no way to know how many people died after that massive earthquake slammed turkey yesterday. the 7.2 magnitude quake hit in the afternoon there. it was centered in the eastern part of the country. surveillance video shows how much everything was shaking during that quake. the disaster brought down hundreds of buildings, they tell us. and at lease 279 people are reported dead. but rescuers are still finding people alive. among the survivors a little boy who teams carried out hours after the earthquake hit. we do not know what's become of his parents. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us now. there were so many questions what's going on there. now the biggest of them all what's going on with this search? >> a desperate search for survivors right now. according to the red cross today, some 2,000 buildings in
4:22 pm
total collapsed in that entire region. so even with the dozens of rescue teams there, even with the turkish army mobilized, it's going to take a good deal of time just to go through all of that rubble and find out whether anybody is alive. beneath it there is also great concern tonight for the survivors who lost their homes. they are sleeping out in tent cities. there aren't enough tents. there aren't enough blarkts and temperatures tonight, shep, dipping toward freezing in turkey. >> shepard: some extraordinary rescue in large part thanks to all the cameras that are everywhere. >> amazing rescues. in fact we just got video in of the latest one. this happened late tonight in turkey a 24-year-old man pulled from beneath the rubble on a stretcher as rescuers shout "we did it. we didn't give up." he though was one of the luck i couldn't knows with. the rescuers believe there may be as many as 60 people left beneath the rubble of that particular building. so, every hour that goes past, it gives less and less likely that anybody else, of course, shep, will be pulled out alive.
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>> shepard: jonathan hunt, all the best to them. thanks so much. a new warning tonight that the chemical commonly known as bpa could effect children's behavior. researchers at harvard university and centers for disease control and prevention say there is evidence now that exposure during pregnancy may harm girls specifically so. where do you find bpa? it typically turns up in plastic bottles and metal food cans. according to this new study preschool aged girls whose mothers had high levels of the chemical during pregnancy scored worse on tests measuring anxiety and hyperactivity. we're told it did not seem to effect the boys at all. the f.d.a. maintains that low level exposure to the chemical appears to be safe but the agency backs efforts to minimize bpa in food containers. a week after a season fiery crash killed dan wheldon, some indycar drivers today acknowledged the sport will never be 100% safe. but they say they can try to
4:24 pm
make racing safer. more than a dozen drivers meeting with indycar officials today. their regular season gets underway again in six months. and some drivers say that they discussed ideas ranging from modifying their cars to making changes to the racetracks themselves. 15 cars were involved in that wreck that killed dan wheldon. the former massachusetts governor mitt romney picking up another big endorsement as he officially enters the nation's first primary contest. we're getting a better idea now where that vote will happen this year and whether it will happen actually in this calendar year. we're live on the campaign trail. plus, defense attorneys at the michael jackson personal doctor trial today kicked off their case. it's the defense's turn. the latest on the manslaughter allegations. and the biggest volcano in all of europe blows its top. the video coming up. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back!
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>> shepard: there is a manhunt underway tonight for two inmates for from a prison in florida. the cops say the men are very dangerous. the inmates shared a cell. reportedly escaped through a vent in a maintenance hallway. police say they are searching a wooded area near the vero beach airport. they say they were holding 52-year-old ron del reid on first degree murder and other charges. a court recently convicted his cell mate the 25-year-old leviticus taylor of first degree murder. police say a loaded handgun fell out of somebody's checked bag at
4:29 pm
the los angeles international airport. it happened yesterday as handlers placed it on alaska airlines flight that was bound for portland. in other words, it got through the security. the gun was apparently in an unzipped compartment of a duffle bag. gun owners are required to unload the guns before leaving them in checked bags. cops questioned the gun's order but allowed him to board a later flight. new video of yump's most active volcano spewing lava. this comes to us from mount etna in sicily a camera with a long dance lenz reporting as the volcano erupted for the 17th time this year. the rock flew hundreds of feet into the a the smoke and ash forcing the shutdown of a nearby airport. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. mitt romney now officially run for president in the state of new hampshire.
4:30 pm
the governor filing his paperwork today it looks like the nation's first primary will not happen before christmas. officials were threatening to hold it in december to avoid being too close to the nevada caucuses which were set for january 14th. but this weekend nevada republics agreed to delay the caucuses until february. new hampshire now expected to vote 11 weeks from tomorrow. molly line is live at our new england newsroom this evening. molly, former governor romney still -- where is she? flying in. way up in the polls? >> had a steady consistently in a number of different polls here. you know, he is the one with the local connection. he has the home here in new hampshire, a vacation property and he was also the governor of the next door neighboring state of massachusetts, of course, so he has had some pretty solid support. he got a significant endorsement today from the former new hampshire republic governor john is i knew knew. a former white house chief of staff under george h.w. bush and
4:31 pm
acted as the state's g.o.p. chair in 2010 when made major gains there in the state of new hampshire. romney made the win in the granite state sandwiched between iowa and south carolina where there is more socially conservative voters. dal car lining things up. likely to see the new hampshire primary now probably january 10th as you spotted there on the calendar. shep? >> shepard: rick perry, the texas governor has been going down in the polls but tomorrow a new tax plan unveiled. >> absolutely. he is heading to south carolina, actually, to reveal his plan. it's an optional 20% flat tax with an individual deduction of $12,500. what the optional part means if you don't like, this stick with the current tax system if you like it. his plan is pretty different from herman cain's 999 plan, of course. the perry plan does not contain a national sales tax. and just to offer a little further contrast since we are talking about economics, as far as romney's plan is concerned, not a flat tax plan, of course, but a 59 point economic plan that he revealed back in
4:32 pm
september. so some real contrast being drawn here as this race goes on. shep? >> shepard: molly line in our new england newsroom tonight. molly, thanks. libyan's interim leader has ordered investigation into former dictator muammar qaddafi's death. was he assistanted? it comes after growing pressure to find out exactly how the ousted leader died. libyan government officials say crossfire killed colonel qaddafi last week. but some western government officials and international human rights groups say they want to know whether rebels executed him while he was in custody. and now a man who says he fired the deadly shots is taking credit on youtube. now, we can't verify this clip but in it the man shows off a ring which he says he stripped from one of the dead dictator's fingers. meantime, the only one of qaddafi's 8 children still at large apparently is vowing revenge for his father's death. syrian television reports safe al islam qaddafi is still in libya and adds quote go to hell
4:33 pm
you rats and nato behind you. this is our country. we live in it and we die in it and we are continuing the struggle. greg palkot with the news he is streaming live tonight from ms. rot that. greg? >> hey, shep. we have no information about the fate of the body that muammar qaddafi as well as the sun and and -- meat locker. there is reports that they have been moved. the words is also that they could be buried we're told at undisclosed location, maybe as early as tomorrow. this amid those lingering doubts and guess about the killing of qaddafi. we went to sirte, the scene of the killing to look at the situation for ourselves. here is what we saw. >> you are looking what's left of a convoy to try to get muammar qaddafi and others out of sirte. the wreckage is still here and
4:34 pm
so are the bodies of those who were killed inside. this all the result of nato air strikes including its reported a u.s. predator drone missile. now, qaddafi survived this attack, fled from one of the vehicles to a nearby drainage pipe but shortly after that he would meet his end as well. meanwhile, we're getting other disturbing news from sirte reports that rebel fighters there could have killed as many as 53 qaddafi followers execution style. no comment yet from the national transitional council. this is just one sign, shep, of how difficult unifying libya with all of its factions, all of its groups could be in the coming months. back to you. >> shepard: greg palkot live this tuesday morning in libya. the u.s. has now pulled from syria its ambassador to that nation after what officials call credible threats to his personal safety. government workers attacked robert ford more than once after he spoke out against the deadly
4:35 pm
crackdown on demonstrators there. this is amateur video from last month. again we can't verify this and can't do much of anything because syria won't let our journalists into the country. that's how it's been for a while. ford showed up at a protest back in july. a few days later hundreds of government supporters attacked the u.s. embassy. supporters say that embassy will stay open for now. after ford went back to washington syria ordered its ambassador of the united states out of our country. laying out the case in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's after the prosecution rested. physicians claim dr. conrad murray gave the singer sedatives chief among them propofol to help him sleep. the drugs ended up killing him instead. jurors heard from another doctor who at one time treated him for insomnia. the sleep problems had been going on for more than a decade. >> i would say over 15 or 20 years i knee sleep was an issue
4:36 pm
particularly after performing. he could not come down. he asked me about intravenous sleep medicine. >> did he happen to mention the name of this medicine? >> i think he used the word juice. >> shepard: juice. the doctor said michael jackson never named the drug but we now know through the course of this trial that michael jackson had been taking propofol for months before he died. and the defense now argues jackson injected himself with the lethal dose of propofol without dr. con conrad murray's knowledge. the prosecution rested and we heard from the defense. what else did they give us? >> well, they started off, shepard by bringing a couple of detectives to the stand and laying out the time line. they contended he did not wait 30 minutes to call 911. started that early in the day. got to medical practitioners that you spoke of. dr. metz gear also had a bit of
4:37 pm
a gotcha moment for the prosecution. during cross-examination, in fact, the prosecution made some points. take a listen. >> did you ever give michael jackson propofol. >> never. >> is there any amount of money that you would have -- that would have convinced to you give him intravenous propofol in his house? >> absolutely not. >> once again, that's dr. metz g.p.s. ger who was the second medical on the stand, shepard. >> shepard: the prosecution ended its entire case for that matter with a star witness, right? >> yeah. dr. steven schaffer. he started on the stand over about a week ago, actually. but because of some delays ending up being about three full days. he by all accounts was the star witness. the defense though did make a couple of inroads with him. why that is important is. this they have their own expert steven schaffer's good friend dr. paul white who is also considered one of the two top experts in the world on
4:38 pm
propofol. esteemed an thesologist. they used to be friends in this case. there was a falling out. that could open the door for dr. white to step in and somehow get this jury in favor of dr. conrad murray. shepard? >> shepard: adam housley live outside the court, thank thanks. we got word today that a 15-year-old girl was shot in the neck during lunch hour at school. officials evacuated the building. but so far no sign of the gun or the shooter. tonight what the investigators now think happened. plus, why u.s. tourists headed south of the border may now get armed guards to protect them free of charge. a live report coming up. the border wars. that's just ahead. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
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yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? >> shepard: police say a 15-year-old high school student in stable condition after at school today she took a bullet in the neck. went down during lunch break at cape fear high school in
4:42 pm
fayetteville about 60 miles south and west of raleigh. the county superintendent there says that the police have not recovered the gun used in the shooting. and the investigators say this really could have been the work of one of two things. a drive by shooter or a hunters' stray bullet. parents say this was likely a gang attack. two weeks ago there was eight gang fights in the parking lot of cape fear. and now they are trying to say that it was a hunting accident. no, it's not no hunting accident. >> my children has said that there has been some girls from gangs who are dating boys that are part of the gangs or something like that. so it was basically girls fighting over boys is what i initially heard. >> shepard: officials plan who have heightened security in place including metal detectors when classes start up again tomorrow. speaking of hunters, hunters here in america no longer are the only ones packing heat on mexican game preservative there are armed cops now tagging along with them. every year thousands of
4:43 pm
americans visit hunting and fishing ranches south of the border. the blood j drug violence there is hitting that industry and hard. hundreds of those lodges have had to close. the hope is that these armed escorts may keep the tourists safe in a region that killer drug cartels have put under siege. police harrigan following this live from our south florida newsroom tonight. steve? >> shepard, right now it's the peek of dove hunting season. ordinarily thousands of americans hunting those doves in northern mexico. we were just there for several days. it was hard to find one american hunter that's how dangerous things have gotten just south of the border. [gunshots] >> if you plan on taking a hunting or fishing vacation in mexico this year, you may have some company. armed guards now used by many lodges to keep their clients safe from run-ins with the drug cartels. crime dove, bass near the border
4:44 pm
are battle zones in mexico's drug war forcing more than 250 hunting lodges to shut down, threatening the country's tourism industry. >> we have lost about 95% of business. people from the states used to come here a lot. >> a five year battle between the government and the cartels has left 43,000 dead. and exposed mexico's police force as complicit. [gunfire] >> entirely new force the civil guard is being formed to fight the cartels. [gunfire] >> there is also training to defend against what may be the most potent weapon in the cartel's arsenal. the 100 peso note. [speaking spanish] >> that's an ethics class they are trying to drill it into the new recruits' heads do not take bribes from drug cartels. they hope paying them triple the
4:45 pm
average rate of a policeman about $600 a month will keep them honest. shep, back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan in south florida, thanks. a huge high school approaches and that tops our news as we go around the world in 80 seconds. australia. more than 150 firefighters battling flames that shot up more than 30 feet. police also evacuating several homes west of the capital sydney. school officials relocated those students to a movie theater. the fires now under control. we're told the fire officials say this could be the work of an arsonist. thailand. water levels rising to nearly 10 feet on the outskirts of bangkok. part of the country's worst flooding in more than 50 years. officials just north of the capital city had to get people out of what was a major evacuation center. more than a thousand of them leaving for higher ground. india.
4:46 pm
[shouting] >> shepard: police tackling protesters outside the chinese embassy in the capital city of new delhi. the demonstrators at the bit continue exiles protesting china's rule over that region. you can see it took several officers to carry each protester into a police van. new zealand. local media estimate that almost a quarter of a million people turned out for a celebration in the streets of auckland, the largest city in new zealand after france rugby cup. the all blacks nicknamed for uniforms hadn't won the championship in 24 years. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. the next era of space exploration could happen on a jumbo jet. nasa officials showing off a flying telescope that they say will give astronomers a new view of the stars. we're show you how it works and why nasa has so much riding on it.
4:47 pm
but, first, a lot of love today for an icon of the civil rights movement. hundreds gathered in birmingham to remember the reverend fred shuttlesworth. he died earlier this month at 89 years old. reverend shuttlesworth was a truck driver who studied religion at night and became a pastor of a church in birmingham. during his fight for civil rights, the reverend survived a bombing and at least one beating and he says police arrested him 30 to 40 times. the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. once called reverend shuttlesworth in the center there one of our nation's most courageous freedom fighters. today, dr. king's son was among those who spoke. >> though we join in mourning the loss of this giant of a civil rights movement, we also share in celebrating a courageous life well-lived and a great hero whose shining example will live on in the hearts and minds of many forever. we thank you, fred
4:48 pm
shuttlesworth. we thank your family for lending him to us. god bless you. [ applause ] shep ♪ ♪ ♪ when your chain of supply ♪ goes fr here to shanghai, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ chips from here, boards from there ♪ ♪ track it all through the air, that's logistics. ♪ ♪ clearing customs like that ♪ hurry up no time flat that's logistics. ♪ ♪ all new technology ups brings to me, ♪ ♪ that's logistics. ♪
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>> nasa revealing what is called the on or about tore. a panam jumbo jet now a 17-ton flying telescope offering scientists views of space they could never get from the ground. the souped up boeing 747 is designed to 34,000 feet aboveeth and come back home again. claudia cowan is live in san francisco tonight or this afternoon tonight what's the goal. >> the goal here is to advance the science of infrared astrom any and hidden universe. it almost never reaches the ground because it gets absorbed
4:52 pm
by water vapor in the earth's it gets above it by flying above it 42,000 feet. you can see the difference when compared to visible light images. clouds of dust and gas that contain what scientists call stellar nurseries. >> this is the region of the spectrum where we can see stars forming and planets forming. we can see the molecules. >> taken 34,000. thousand research hours every year seeking out that unique infrared radiation that is present when a star is born. >> fascinating. not just nasa and the u.s. involved. other countries too, right? >> right. this is a joint venture between nasa and germany's space program which is costing half a billion dollars. scientists say without any more
4:53 pm
shuttle missions to fix telescopes in space like the hubble, this kind of airborne on or about tore will become critical to space exploration. it can be repaired and maintained each time sophia lands. it's getting kids excited about science because teachers are going up on some of these flights on this particular day, one of them here came back and gave her whole class a tour of this very special plane. and reporters are going up too and, yes, shepard, we have put in a q. >> shepard: very nice. i hope you get to go. claudia cowan live in san francisco. claudia, thanks. a plane lands right in the middle of a suburban road and that tops our news across america. virginia. that pilot says he was circling his home when his small plane had some engine trouble. >> and it quit. and i just glided to a landing. i was fortunate this road was here. >> shepard: he landed on this four lane road outside of norfolk.
4:54 pm
officials say the landing gear failed to lock in place and that forced his nose to hit the ground. the pilot is reportedly doing fine. michigan, police say five people are dead after a wrong way crash okay the n-10 highway outside of detroit. sedan and suv collided and burst into flames. varies have not said which vehicle was going the wrong way california. a brush fire burning through land 50 miles east of los angeles. nearly 100 firefighters battling flames. at least one of them hurt. illinois. folks outside chicago aiming to break boston's guinness world record for the most jack lanterns on display. they lit more than 30,000 of them. >> i just like cutting the pumpkin up into a bunch of pieces. >> shepard: meantime organizers say those pumpkins will become feed for cows and pigs.
4:55 pm
that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: another day, another dead satellite crash lands into our planet. but where on earth did this latest set of hunks of space junk fall? that's next. and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get bk to these invoices... whh i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. so they can focus on serving their customers. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's notust good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know
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>> shepard: big satellite smashed into earth over the weekend. we don't know where it hit. a physicist says it appears to have crashed over southeast asia. if it hit anybody, he says we probably would have heard about it by now. before we go tonight, team's top five things of the day. the house from mtv's jersey shore now available to rent at $2,500 per night. number four, word ben affleck and matt damon are teaming up for another movie this one about whitey bulger. number three the dow closing near 12,000 points on better than expected news about european debt. number two. police investigating the disappearance of a baby in missouri studying new surveillance video. and number one tonight.
4:59 pm
president obama announcing a new plan to help americans refinance their mortgages even if they owe more than their homes are worth. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1901, a 63-year-old school teacher became the very first person to take the plunge over niagara falls in a barrel. annie edison taylor was reportedly low on cash and looking for some fame. on her birthday, two assistants helped strap her into an old wooden pickle barrel with nothing but some cushions inside to help break that fall. she came out of the barrel with her place in history and some pretty deep bruises. she later said she would rather have a cannon blow her to pieces than make that trip again. she made the long fall and got back up 110 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, october the 24th, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us in tonight. we're all back tomorrow, noon pacific. 3:00 eas


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