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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 24, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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plan to end federal student loans program. >> i went to school when we had none of those. >> presidential hopeful ron paul joins us live from texas. are the occupy wall street protests in new york city responsible for a spike in violent crimes? a shocking new report says yes. and a revolution has ended in libya, but things could soon go from bad to worse as concerns are rising that the law could be implemented. and another record low. all that plus the great, great
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american panel with balk beckel. we are on our way to 2012 and has been right now. >> knew some today that voting sot. the south carolina support reas as float preideas -9sdz let's look 1 flush stood.
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they are a trillion dollars in debt. we don't have jobs and the quality of education went down so it's a failed program. i went to school when we had none of those. >> joining me now is the man himself, texas congressman ron paul. dr. paul, good to see you, sir. >> thank you, sean. good to be with you. >> when you laid out your plan, here we've got at the end of the last budget deal it's going to be $16.7 billion in debt. we are robbing from our kids and grandkids. you have said from the very beginning, you actually had a bill poured back years ago about the government and it said let's put big government on a diet or something to that effect. >> right. uncle sam, put big government on a diet. >> that was in '76. things have not only not changed, they have gotten worse. you have a plan i support. you want to cut $1 trillion.
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how fast can you do it and where would that money come from? >> it all depends on the people understanding and the congress willing to go with this. but you could do it at one time. people say it's impossible to do this. but we had a pretty good history of slashing spending after world war ii. we brought $10 million home and cut taxes and the economy was revived. you don't are have to wait. my program is designed to do it, like said in the clip there, yes, student loans should be phased out. and there is a fund that will tied some people over. but it is a failed program. and my argument is that it's unconstitutional. so much what we do now not only is it not only is it unconstitutional, we don't have the money. the question is how serious do the other candidates and the people of the country think the debt is? i happen to think it is very serious. like you pointed out, i was
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concerned in the '70 hes. i thought it would lead to ending spending and debt and that's where we are. i think we have to take this very seriously. >> do you think you can knock a trillion dollars off the top? do you think you can do it within year one or two years? how long do you think it would take you to say, wait a minute? because right now we borrow 40 cents of every dollar. we stay in 2.2 and pend 3.7. it's unsustainable. how quickly do you think you can knock off $1 trillion in spending? >> my program says in one year but you have to be willing do it obviously and you have to think that cutting is less painful that runaway inflation and having another down grade on our credit, which is about to come soon. so, yes, but i list five departments to cut out, too. so, no, i'm not bashful about cutting spending. but it's just that i see this sovereign debt crisis worldwide is more serious than anyone wants to admit.
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i don't think anybody in washington is offering a cut. it's the cuts and proposed increases and so far the markets haven't been reassured and people haven't gone back to work and we have things under come. that's why i think it's so serious. >> i have one we of a personal nature for you. i have said for years that i think you have been somebody that has been, you know, out there warning of the dangers of big government and the fed. i'm not a fan of bernanki, i'm not a fan of tim geithner, not a fan of monetary policy in this countryism think we can do better. i'm a supporter of the mac-penny plan that will freeze spending at 2011 levels, cut 1% for six years and the next years keep it 18% of gdp. you told me the other day you think that's a good idea, right? >> yeah. it doesn't make the point quite as dramatically as i make it because i think it's so serious. but if i couldn't get my plan passed, that would be certainly a lot better than what we are
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doing. it would reassure the markets to some degree and it would be worthwhile. and i think -- >> listen, i would rather go with you. i would say we have to balance the budget and live within our means immediately. but then you went out, and you were asked a question by a reporter, do you think people like me and rush and mark fear that you are making us obsolete because your views reveal them as status -- i have been called a lot of thing, but i have never been called a status before, and you said i think if i gain influence it's embear meant to them because they aren't limited government people but they make their livelihood fooling people into thinking they are the real leaders of limited government. i'm thinking i agree with you in cutting $1 trillion. i agree with the mac-penny plan. i thought the republicans spent too much money and this president is four times worse. where did that statement come from? >> somebody put the words in any
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mouth and i didn't deny it. what i talked about for 40 years is now becoming pretty conventional. with the monetary policy and and the fed and cutting. i put a lot of pressure on them. if you look at it, i didn't go out and volunteer this, but i do think that there hasn't been anybody really leading the charge and saying, look, this is serious. we need to cut. sometimes i think there are a lot of -- and i deal with a lot of so-called conservatives in washington. sean, you know they aren't as conservative as they pretend to be or we wouldn't number this mess. >> but of since i was on radio and tv, i have used government waste, the citizens against government waste, i've talked about money miss managed and misappropriated. i didn't support the drug plans when the republicans were spending too much money. in the latter part of the bush years i said they are spending too much money, as did a lot of
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conservatives like mark and rush limbaugh. but i look at what's happened in libya, and i look at -- i don't think this president thinks through what he's doing. i never thought the arab spring was going to be the democracy movement it is or that they claimed it would be, rather. i'm worried about islamic extremism. what is your answer? i know you want to cut defense, i know you want to pull the united states back from a lot of these areas, but don't we need to be proactive in going at them? you seem to believe that we are causing it by being involved in any way. wouldn't that be putting our head in the sand in terms of extremists that already have had a desire to kill us and have shown so? >> no. i think it always backfires on us. tunisia just had an election and they will have radical islamists in. and the buying of friendship with egypt, we will have a
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friendly that's less friendly to israel. and we have others under attack by the turks and iranians. we are driving these people into the arms of the chinese. i think this hurts israel and our national defense. besides, we are broke. i want to cut this military. you said i want to cut defense. i don't. i want to cut military. even with the cuts we will have five times as much as china spends on their military. no one is arming themselves to invade this country, and i do not believe that they should be in -- we should not be involved in the interior affairs of other nations. it's not part of our constitution. and it was strongly advisedpy our founders, and others warned us to stay out of this. but, sean, this policy now, they get the authority from nato and united nations. >> we are nato.
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we are nato. >> i know, but -- >> i agree with you. >> but congress, don't you care about the congress? >> i agree with you. >> okay. my point is we don't need the alliances. i don't want the president to defer and get his authority and nato and the united states. if we need a war it should come to the congress, we should declare it and we shouldn't have any beef whatsoever and say let's go in. >> congress, and the president is the commander in chief, so they are very strong constitutional distinctions. but congressman we will have you back. you are welcome anytime. >> you know why they don't do that because if you fund it they say you are unpatriotic and opposed to the troops. so once the war starts it's never happened they defund it. >> thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> okay. >> coming up, voice president
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biden wants to lame republicans for increase in violent crimes but a shocking report reveals it's occupy wall street movement that is responsible for a spike in shootings in the city. and the mad dog of the big east is gone but who will fill the power vacuum? we had have a report on that, and the great american panel. much more coming up on hannity. plank plank
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>> the occupy wallstreet demonstrations is responsible for a spike in violent crime according to high ranking police officials. the story by the post reveal the number of people shot skyrocketed more than 150%. two weeks ago when 56 people were hit. meanwhile last year during the same week only 22 people were shot. four top nypd officials contacted by the post point out that the finishinger is pointed directly at the protesters. normally the task force is used in high crime neighbors. we have a lot of shootings and robberies, but not more. they have been reoccupied with the occupy wallstreet movement. all this comes as vice president biden has been blaming republicans for a rise in violent crimes because they thee pose president obama's jobs bill. >> this whole jobs bill, and this, but this is just contrary. let me tell you, it's not
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temporary when that 911 call comes in and a room it being raped and a cop shows up to late to prevent the rain. it's not temporary in that woman. it's not temporary to the guy whose store is being held up and a gun is pointed at his head and the cop shows up and he's not killed. that's not temporary to that storeowner. give me a break, temporary. >> we are still waiting on vice president biden to condemn the occupy wallstreet movement for taking cops off some of the most violent streets in new york city. for the reaction tonight, james is back with republican strategist noel. first of all, biden was wrong about his rape statisticsdy a long shot when he was speaking in flint, michigan. why are you laughing? >> sean, biden doesn't care. he makes up this stuff in his head. he's the king of gas. he doesn't care what he's saying. he's condemning republicans but he won't say anything about the
9:17 pm
people out on the occupy wall street. >> there's a sinister side to this because he's out there saying republicans, you don't support the president's plan for another stimulus, rapes and murders are going to go up. he was wrong in his statistics, that's number one. number two, the president is out there saying the republicans have a plan, they want dirtier water and dirtier air. >> just like harry reid said he didn't want women to get medical examinations and so forth. this is absolutely. >> women would be lying on the floor. >> absolutely. what is he doing other than drinking the obama administration's kool-aid? this is ridiculous. >> there's one other thing biden left out of his little description of crime rates on flint, michigan. they did have to playoff policeman in flint. the rain was when the city was having financial troubles and tried to get the union to reduce some of their benefits, they
9:18 pm
balked. they prefer layoffs to reduction in benefits as a rule. this underscores the complicated relationship that the left has with the police. the left tends not to like the police so much as enforce as public order, but they love them as collectors of benefits at taxpayers' expense. >> well, does this strategy, show, work of just making things? republic wants want dirty air and water. i have to admit i'm a registered conservative, and this has been my wish for years. i just haven't admit it had publicly. i want want for my kids dirtier air and water. and we have no problem with murder and rape. how sick is this? do people believe it when they hear it? >> no, sean, they laugh. when they see joe biden go on one of his rants hike he did before he got to be vice president, they actually look and they laugh. no one is believing it. >> before i came on the air i put dirt in here before i drank
9:19 pm
it. delicious. you can't tell but it's really dirty water. >> but he's just trying to -- it's an election year, two words, election year. he thinks he's helping his good ole buddy, barack obama out. >> it seems they can't run on their record, keep the country distracted. does it work? >> they are losing. >> we will see if it works a year from next week. i suspect not because with unemployment at this level it will be hard for them to win. and in biden's case, also -- >> the kneel -- -- >> i don't know. >> i don't think that's fair to him. >> he stole the line and a life story. he just didn't steal the line from the guy, he stole that guy's story. >> i understand. but that was 20 years ago. i think he's kicked the habit of plagiarism. but, the thing about biden, when you don't give him a script, he says the most wonderfully absurd
9:20 pm
and entertaining things. and that's what i -- that's how i take the comments about. >> he needs a teleprompter. he needs a teleprompter. >> maybe they ought to buy him one. >> he would benefit from a teleprompter, sure. but this murder and rape stuff is just over the top. it's even more over the top than the -- >> the media has ignored the empty sentiment. >> the point-blank, the way that i am getting it, the occupy wallstreet movement really didn't have a clear message or a clear goal. >> but it's there with regularity, and they rapid their arms around the movement. they claim the tea party was this, this, and this. they wouldn't prove it. >> but it's so different because the tea party had a goal, they were clamoring around and loud and they are doing something about trying to change it, they
9:21 pm
are getting people elected into office. these people are mad. some of them don't know why they are mad. they need to go to the white house if they are concerned about agreed. >> got to run. good to see you both. >> thanks. >> hopes of democracy are abruptly dashed in libya as leaders of the newly freed nation say they may now adopt sharia law. why didn't the administration see this capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪ would you like 50% more cash? no! but it's more money. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? woah! [ giggles ] woah! motorcycles, boats, even rv's.
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>> just as hopes were running high that libya would embrace it's recent liberation and establish a democracy for the people, the transitional government said the nation will now be run as an islamic state based on sharia law. speaking to a celebratory crowd, the leader of the transitional matt council, he announced over the weekend that they will legalize polygamy, throw out any laws that do not conform to sharia law. but in an attempt to avoid spreading fear, he said i would like to assure the international community that we as libyans are moderate is lams. and joining me now is fox news political analyst kirsten
9:26 pm
powers. >> everybody said this is great, get rid of the dictator and in comes the muslim brotherhood and in comes the military and i was one of the few that said it would get worse. how didn't they know the rebels they were supporting would likely support sharia law? how could you not think this through? >> i was saying the same thing you were saying at the time, sean. it's true you were one of the few people, and frankly there were conservatives and liberals along with the administration who were all getting caught up on what was going on and not asking the questions of whose going to take over. there was a lot of excuse making for the muslim brotherhood, even the administration embracing them and saying they are moderates, which anything that knows anything about what's going on there knows it's complete and utterly nonsense. and they met with them and believed what they said. even though they run their campaign saying theocracy is the
9:27 pm
answer. >> it's a terrorist group. >> here is what sharia law will represent, at least in other states. saudi arabia being one. they require women obtain permission from their husbands, and execution of people who are guy, engagement of polygamy. forced child marriages. requirement of testimony, and four male eyewitnesses in a woman is to commit rain, stoning, lashing of adulterers. and some cases female genital mutilation and i can go on and on. this is sharia as it is applied in many countries. where is the outrage? why at any time this administration see this coming? everyone was so happy.
9:28 pm
i'm glad gadhafi is dead, but he hasn't been a problem in recent years, as he? >> no, he has not. at one point gadhafi in 2003 signed an agreement decide to go basically give to the united states 30-ton of mustard gas. he was turning around after what we saw in iraq. because of the lack of administration of showing strength and dealing with iran, gadhafi began becoming empowered again. and what happened was the rebels right now that we stood behind, without understanding who they are, what they are, what they are up to, what their goal is, america did the exact same miss stack we did in afghanistan when we stood there without knowing much about them. we wanted to get rid of the soviets. so we gave them arms and money and here in libya we did the same thing. invested $1 billion only to end up with the worst enemy in the long run than we did with gadhafi. >> the question is where do we go from here when you have north
9:29 pm
africa, you have the middle east, and, of course, the hand of iran over a lot of this. and the possibility of syria, maybe jordan. we are talking about a significant portion of the world that could end up being radicalized through their governments. libya had 30,000 surface-to-aramis else. is that now in the hands of islamic militants? do we even know? did the administration think about it some. >> look, i never supported in invading libya, i never thought it would a good idea. in terms of egypt, i don't know what the administration could have done. were they going to back him? he was not the person he was made out to be. by our standards, of course, he was very bad. but compared to, you know, he was no saddam hussein, let's put it that way. i think there were plenty of people saying it's better to let him stay and ultimately step down have a transition of power.
9:30 pm
>> i'm glad he's gone, too, but the problem is this. and george bush at least pushed through iraq, even under a lot of pressure to withdraw. we might argue now that we were withdrawing earlier. but the military efforts that the white house denies is even military. we will use nato. america is 65% nato. so this was really our operation, in spite of their efforts and the effort to get around the approval of congress. i don't buy their word games they are playing. but these actions seem ill-conceived. they haven't thought through the ultimate consequences and the national security interest of the united states long-term in terms of the possibility of what emerges here. they don't seem to have gotten that. >> they do not get it. listen, president obama was negotiating with the muslim brotherhood and saying they are moderates. obviously this administration does not know much about foreign policy. they do not understands the middle east. they do not understands the role that tribal loyalty and the
9:31 pm
loyalty plays within the islamic nation. they are pacing their decision on false facts. so when you are basing your decision on misinformation, how can you come up with a solution that will solve the problem? meanwhile the middle east is going to drag the whole world in a very bad situation, especially with iron developing a nuclear bomb and basically looking to have jiminy over the middle east. >> the worst fierce could be reality. good to see you both. appreciate your time. coming up, a brutal beating is caught on tape and police are charging the teenagers' families. we will show you you the video. that and the great, great, great american panel is all coming up. american panel is all coming up. fore! no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot
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>> a feist fight posted on youtube land two florida teenagers and their families in a lot of trouble. adults can be seen on the video watching a fight and not
9:36 pm
intervening. police determined that the adults were related to the teenagers and were actually encouraging them to use violence. >> they had been planning on fighting. their parents learned that these issues were occurring so they helped engage this fight. they actually brought them to the scene. detectives were able to determine that this was a mother and an adult mother and adult sister encouraging both of their smaller children to fight. >> now, n longoria and the other were charged to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. the two teenagers, they aren't getting off any easier. they are charged with being involved in a public brawl. joining me with reaction, defense attorney rebecca, and you have never lost a murder case? i don't want to go up against you. >> i'm fortunate. >> i'm surprised, i was a kid
9:37 pm
and played ice hockey and roller hockey and street hockey and we used to fight a lot. why are you looking at me with that face? >> i knew what you were going to say. i know you were going to say being too hard on the kids. >> i had a number of fights as a kid that may surprise you and i survived. i don't wants kids to be to the point where we are. >> i'm with you on that in theory a lot of kids got away with stealing candy or getting high and doing things like that. however, if it's in. face of law enforcement or prosecutors, you can't ignore the law. if you listen what the sheriff office said, this is a big problem. what they are doing in part is using the laws they have to try to combat it. you might feel differently if they were using like sticks or bats and it would only escalate if they didn't stop it. >> this is like brutality, pull the hair, punch hard and everyone standing around, cheering. you know, i don't get the
9:38 pm
parents being there for that. >> this is a bit of an issue with the defense strategy here. it's a little difficult because the parents are -- well, parents and an older sister. we have two separate. for the two minors we have a parent and older sister. we have a problem because they are in frame. you see them. and apparently the back story is there was a feud between these two families and the family got together and said let the children fight it out. this is not a fight in a schoolyard that happened. this is a prethought-out, intentional sort of fight. and i kind of understand where florida is going. they are saying we can't have this sort of, you know, people taking justice into their own hands. >> i agree. i agree with both of you, it can escalate, justice in your own hands. but what should the punishment be in this case? >> look at the kids. they are 11 and 15 years old. they aren't going to adult court to be with, you know, the robbers and the murders. they are going to family court but it's not going to give them a permanent criminal record. hopefully they get counseling.
9:39 pm
look at the role models they have. they have role models egging them on. they brought them there. >> i give my kids pretty tough rules about fighting, and my son in particular took karate when he was a young kid, and if he hits anybody he's going to be in major big trouble. i don't want my kids fighting. but on the other hand, if he's picked on, you know what? he's got to defend himself. that's the way life is, somebody hits, you you hit them back. >> with bullying issue you hear that, stand up to the bully, don't accept the fighting. but this is a little different in that the parents in sin waited and pushed these children. >> they are standing there. i would say break it up, let's talk to each other. >> and they are worse. they are there and scheduled the fight. this is alleged, these are all alleged facts. >> next we wilmó find out theres betting going on >> so it starts to become a little, well, how far can law enforcement go to overlook this? there has to be a spot where we stop. >> maybe your role was a
9:40 pm
prosecutor, how many murders have you tried as a prosecutor? >> we are getting close to 40 now. >> you have seen brutality at its worse and you have been to crime scenes. >> many, too many. >> you have seen dead people. >> too many. >> maybe starts out the history of fighting and escalates into murder. >> you know, i say it all the time. a lot of times i have even the school records of the people that come before me from the time they are little kids and it won't be a surprise to people you start to see problems. i'm not saying they will end up in the shoes with the people i come into contact with, i hope not, but if you can stop it. and their parents aren't going toston it. there's a little kid out there, a little girl in pink, maybe five or seven, and she's either going to be frightened or traumatized or desensitized. >> what should the penalty be for the parents that stood by and encouraged this. >> for the parents would like to see the book thrown at them. whether it's community service, have to go in there and maybe
9:41 pm
see what happens to these kids later on. i don't care for the parents. look what they are doing to their children? the kids i feel differently. i want counseling. >> you are tough, i got to tell you. >> that's what i'm here for. and you have the defense attorney to keep me in check sometimes. >> they are facing serious charges because in florida now the attorney general, and the hulls bury county district attorney, they are going to pursue this strongly. they are facing adults, five years or $5,000 or both. >> have you of watched ultimate fighting, either of you? >> i have like this with my eyes covered. >> brutal. have you seen a big hockey fight where people are bloody. >> yeah, but consenting adults. >> so we ought to be allowed as consenting adults so if i want to have fights on the show, you will come to my defense? >> oh, yes, i will, sean. i will come to your defense. >> and you will throw the book at me. >> that's my role. that's my role. >> good to see you guys. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the great, great
9:42 pm
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>> tonight on our great, great american panel, former secretary of state, usa today columnist, five co-hosts, he loves shrimp, bob beckel is here. >> very funny. >> and columnist, fox news contributor and he writes that column with bob in usa today, cal thomas is here. she, director of the law fair project and director of the children's rightsins statutes, our friend brook goldstein is back. thanks for being here. and we are seven days out of iowa. i will start with cal because once he gets the floor, we are done. seven days out. how do you see this breaking down? what do you make, is herman cain, are his numbers sustainable, and what do you think about mit romney's support? it said steady, high and constant. >> first on romney, it's staying still around the mid-20s. his major problem, and you have addressed this when you have had him on the program, a lot of
9:47 pm
conservatives are not sure he won't flip again. when he was governor of massachusetts he tried to out-kennedy on abortion. he was for same-sex marriage and now he says he's come over and he has the conservative position. a lot of conservatives want to know if you get pressure from the media or politicians of a different stripe, you are you going to stick with your principles or are you going to flip back in the other direction. i think that's holding him back. and i agree with bob on herman cain. he's a very, very interesting person but i believe he's a flash in the span will not sustain for the long haul. >> you do? >> well, let's look at it from a strategic standpoint. mit romney was going to avoid iowa and put his mark down in new hampshire where he should win by a fairly large margin. because there's no front runner iowa, he will be forced to be in iowa. he can either come in there and compete and come in fourth, or whatever wins iowa, who will not be romney, can go in and take 15
9:48 pm
points off his total. he's in a difficult position. and he lost nevada. he has to go to south carolina and 1/2. having said that, i'm picking an upset. one of two people, either perry or newt gingrich in iowa. >> perry can make a return? >> yep. >> who do you like? >> i like cain and i think a lot of people like him. i'm not a political junkie but he's a straight talker. i saw him at the manhattan meeting and he was impressive. romney obviously equally impressive but he's nothing new. he's a straight talker, he's cut and dry. >> i think he's a better candidate than he was in 2008. >> the whole thing is we need a likable candidate. when you look at the polls you see that people want to vote for a republican president but when you pit obama begins any of the candidates, the policy so people will vote for obama. like ability is a factor here. >> i'm concerned about lack of experience. we've just had almost four years of somebody who was a community
9:49 pm
organizer, no executive experience. i like herman cain a lot but there's a big difference between building a business and tearing down a bloated federal government. >> who do you think you will be supporting then? >> i'm not supporting anybody. i'm a columnist. >> who can jump out then? >> see, i don't think the problem is in the white house. i think the problem is in expectations. i think even too many conservatives project expectations on candidates and when they are unable to fulfill them, this are disappointed. that's been one of our problems with politics all along. our founding document begins we, the people, not you, the government. so we need to stop putting faith in government and more in ourselves. >> cain is clearly a hot commodity among republicans. he atracts big crowds. the problem is there's been a lot of people like that in iowa where it requires organization to take advantage of being hot and that's one thing cain does not have. 99 counties to organize and he will not be able to organize them. i've watched a lot of hot candidates go in there and
9:50 pm
fizzle because they can't deliver the vote. >> what happened with the shrimp story? i know you mention it had on your show but maybe people didn't hear. >> i -- >> you nearly die? >> i did nearly die, that's correct. there are a lot of people in your audience that probably wished i did. but we were having shrimp. and i got a shrimp and i couldn't breathe. i'm a diver and know how much air i got. which is about 3 minutes total and i'm gone. our boss noticed i was turning purple, and he tried to get his arms around me. he gave me a short breath, and that, eric, who works at fox came over and did the heimlich. i saw the white light. i didn't see relatives or anybody else, i don't know where it was headed -- >> maybe they are in another place. >> maybe. but i thank them very much. there's nothing quite as frightening as being out of
9:51 pm
breaths. >> any regrets? >> i've had a few. >> but too few to mention? all right. we will take a quick break. we have a lot more. we are glad you are with us. >> thank you. >> and sounds like a pretty chilling experience. >> you are taking me out for shrimp is what you told me, right? >> right after the show. >> he's having oatmeal. >> more of the great, great, great american panel next.
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>> they hired 250 foreign workers. they are not even hiring american workers. i think a total of seven were hired. i am thinking, why doesn't obama have to explain where all of that money went? >> i think what happened in oregon was absolutely shameful. the stimulus was promoted and sold to us on jobs created for american job-less, not for foreign workers, employed on a visa program. what you have in oregon is you have four companies in particular, taking advantage of
9:56 pm
huge loopholes in the law. and have you the drafters of those laws that are to blame and the companies as well as are being unjust. >> i forgot one other, the electric car company in finland. we are helping them, just like we are helping brazil drill and we will be their biggest cust customer. >> the way to stimulate the american economy is to reduce the debt. we have a debt not because the american people are taxed too little but because the government spends too much. i know fispend more than i take in, i am going to be overdrawn and have to pay a penalty. the united states of america is overdrawn and we are paying a penalty, in hoc to the chinese and future generations. remember when there was a republican in the white house, where the democrats, debt used to be a republican. now it's no big deal. >> don't you ever change that song -- ronald reagan has been gone a long time. >> forget that song. let me ask you this, when you hear about this wasted money -- >> i don't think it's wasted.
9:57 pm
>> solyndra's not a waste. >> when you fall as far behind in alternative energy as we have because the oil companies compae dominated the politics -- >> ever hear of free-market capitalism. >> when you have decide that dinosaur dung is not going on run out-- the idea of alternative energy, it takes a while. we have allowed the chinese to get in front of us. and the reason the finland company didn't start here is because we didn't have the facilities to build it here. >> that elephant dung you are talking -- >> dinosaur dung. >> dinosaur dung. if we drilled like we did in canada, canada was in a recession in 2009, they're out t. you know what the unemployment rate is in 3.9%? they are drilling. >>ung it's going to be there forever. >> we have hundreds of years. you and your liberal friends get off the government payville and create it yourself.
9:58 pm
>> if we could harness hot air, we valid no problem at all. >> now that you have let the chinese and everybody else getd get in front of us which is the great free capital system, which is stacked against anybody who tries to compete n. oregon, they were advertising for american workers -- yes, they were. too. that's absolutely -- >> excuse me, bob. they advertised in local newspapers. there was a federal i. they advertised i. there was a federal investigation. and it said that the local workers probably didn't know that the jobs existed. >> did they advertise snitch they advertised in obscure newspapers, purposely, not to get american workers? >> really? [overlapping dialogue] >> the bottom line, solyndra was wasted and they knew it. sunpower, wasted. the oregon money -- wasted -- >> you want no solar power in this country? >> excuse me. listen -- >> do you want solar power?
9:59 pm
>> when it's so good, we will buy it from you. >> so you are going to depend on dinosaur dung. >> listen, bob, i building in free markets, like we created the free market i. name me a free market. >> america's not a free market. that's the problem. >> we have been dealing with b.s. in washington for years. >> thru go. thank you. >> the reality is, this capitalist system, the greatest in the world, when it is played under fair rules and a fair game. it is not being played with fair rules or fair game. when the government bails out industries and banks. >> i agree with you on that part. that's what the occupy wall street crowd has right. we shouldn't be bailing out banks. nor should we be telling banks to lower their standards i. we should put them out of business and they don't have a chance to lower their standards. they don't have a right to be in business. goldman sachs -- >> go on down the list. they are all a bunch of crooks. >> i think we have lost the plot. the point of the story isha


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