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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 25, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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don't pay taxes, start with his own g. e. and council. this is enough. >> thanks for being with us. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. tonight donald trump tweeting about president obama. this time he's not accusing him of doing a bad job, he's accusing him of not working at all. we spoke with donald trump about it a short time ago. but we asked him about another controversy that isn't overy. donald, nice to talk to you. >> hello, greta. >> i have a lot of topics. >> you always do, greta, you always do. >> this time i wrote them all down. >> that's good. >> governor rick perriry said that he had dinner with you recently and that you did not believe the president's birth certificate is real or not? is the governor correct that you don't believe it? i thought you were satisfied. >> i'm not a major believer. i don't know how it just miraculously appeared. we will see what happens. but i've never been a major
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believer. all of a sudden of a years and years it was produced out of nowhere. some people have serious, serious doubts as to its validity. i frankly really want to get on to much more important subjects, although that's a very important one because if in fact it's not 100%, he's not supposed to be the president of this country, which is a pretty important fact. but nevertheless, i want to talk about jobs, i want to talk about the economy, i want to talk about how china and opec and others are ripping us off. but i'm not a fan. >> i thought last april that it was finally put to rest with you? >> no, no, never to rest. i'm at a point where i say, look, the country is going to hell in a hand basket, and something has to be done about it. and we shouldn't be talking about the birth certificate, but people love to talk about it. for instance, it's your first question. i guess at a luncheon or an interview, governor perry mentioned that i said i'm not a big believer, and i'm not. people look at the hospital, there are no records that his
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mother was of there. there are many a things that are really suspect. so, you know, out of -- after years of hillary wanting it, and mccain wanting it, and everybody wanting it, and i put the big pressure on, all of a sudden it appears and people have real questions about the validity. now, i don't want to talk about that. i want to talk about jobs, i want to talk about how to get this country great again. but i'm not a big fan. >> all right. i actually -- i'm convinced it's the real deal. >> that's good. i'm glad you are. that's okay. and some people are and some people aren't. you know, i'm just not as easily convinced. >> okay. the other thing, you are very active on twitter. you just tweeted recently, does barack obama of work? he's constantly campaigning and fundraising at both the taxpayer's dime and time. not fair. what provoked that? >> it is not fair. i watch television every night, he's making speeches, he's taking air force one and all the
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great planes we have with huge crews and huge amount of security and limos and everything else all over the place. he's not paying for it with his campaign and yet he's campaigning. i think it's very unfair. air force 1, which is a 747 airplane, a boeing 747, costs hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour to fly. and hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour just to sit at airports. why isn't he paying for it? that's all he does is campaign. he ought to sit behind his desk in washington and get the country properly running again. >> does it make a difference to you if, a, the campaign pace for part of it, it's part official business, part campaign, and,, about, that that is what presidents have historically demon my guess is president bush 43 likewise because when he traveled to fundraisers he had to travel on air force one but i'm understanding campaigns pay a share and the taxpayers for
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any unofficial business along the way pays for that. >> i have a never seen anything like t he's constantly out campaigning and he will make a speech and another speech, they are campaign speeches. there's a different between work and campaigning. campaigning is work, too, but that's work that he should be paying for out of his -- all the money that he's raising from, i don't know who because it's hard to believe people are contributing. but out of all of the money that he's raising. >> all right. flat tax versus 9-9-9. compare and contrast. tell me, you know, which you think is a wiser idea or not such a good idea? which do you think is more likely to pass, which is a better strategy? tell me what you think. >> there are a lot of different concepts of taxes, including the ones we currently have if you take away deducts and simplify it. but the code is so complex right now, it's thousands and thousands of pages and simplification would be a fantastic thing. even if you took the existing code and that starts getting
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into the flat tax. the only problem i have with the 9-9-9, and i like herman, the sales tax will be tough on people of middle income and lower income status. i think the sales tax aspect of it is pretty tough for them to handle. >> what if there were some sort of modification? i don't know if there is, for instance -- >> it's hard to modify that because how do you tell somebody you can buy so much stuff. it's hard to modify the sales tax aspect of the 9-9-9. you know, what you need is simplification, and ultimately a flattening out of the tax and that would be a very positive thing for the country. too complex, too many pages, too many rules and regulations that are just -- i mean, it's a very, very complicated tax. it's too much so. people don't do things, and they don't do deals and they don't do business because they don't even understands their own tax code. >> i read someplace that warren buffett pace 17% on his earned income, not capital gains but
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earned income. i pay 35%. the flat tax governor perry is suggesting is a tax cut for me but a tax cut for warren buffet. >> that's true. that would be right. and it's very simple. it's a simple tax, that's true. a lot of people like the idea of the flat tax because it's a simplification. >> the interesting thing; you know, you can pay more taxes if you want wishes is the criticism of warren buffet who is complaining about the very wealthy not paying taxes. >> people say that and use that but i think it's verbiage. it's not going to happen. but certainly a simplification is what this country needs because it's too complicated. >> one of my colleagues, jenkins, says you have to ask donald trump this and i said okay, i will. he said's not likely to run for president, not completely thrown it out, but at least you told us no pretty much, but grif wants to know what about vice president? because all the people coming up to talk to you. would you consider the nod as vice president on the ticket?
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>> it's interesting, they do come up, and i have really developed some friendships over this and i have a lot of respect for a lot of the people i've seen. the fact is i represent millions and millions of people that don't want to see this country ripped off. we are just being ripped off by so many other nations. and they talk about education, they talk about all these things, but the fact is we can never be great again if opec is going to raise prices of oil. they sit around a fastball and they raise the price of oil every time the economy gets a little bit better, and it drives the economy to get worse. and china and so many nations, we don't make good deals n the good ole case, we made all good deals. we were the smart ones. now we are the dummies. we have leadership that's not smart, and we are the dummies sitting around the table. everybody makes good deals against the united states. and that has to stop. so what i said, and i represent a lot of people, and that's why people want my endorsement because i think i do have millions of people with me in that way, they are smart.
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the public is smart. they see what's happening to our country and if we choose the right person, i'm all for it, and i will be the happiest guy in the world, and i spend to endorse somebody i believe. but if we doan, if we choose somebody who is not right, and the economy continues to be bad, which i think we will because we have leadership that doesn't know what it's doing, i would certainly consider running as an independent, yes. >> that's running as an independent. suppose someone is nominated who you really admire is think is a strong candidate and that person says, donald, i would like you to be my vice president. is that something you would consider? >> it's so far-fetched now. you know me. i love what i do, and i do it just about better than anybody and i'm having great years in business and i love business and many other people love business. but it's hard to do business nowadays because of ruse, because of regulationings. so many different obstacles are put in front of the united
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states business person. so i just love what i'm doing. i don't see that happening. i think i do a good job. i tell you what, our country wouldn't be ripped off any longer. those days would be over. but i don't see that happening. i mean, they will peck some very good pretty cal guy. hopefully the right person. people don't tend to vote for the vice president, as you know. hopefully some great person gets the nomination and can take this country back from obama because he's destroying the country. >> and you say you have millions of people who support you. actually, you know, it might be an unusual time, you know, this might be an unusual choice to get aegis person leak yourself. but if you have got -- you met help the text if you have millions of people. >> greta, i don't think they support me, they support my ideas. they know what i'm saying and they are tired of seeing what is happening. if you look at today's newspapers, you will see. it's in conservable.
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but -- in conceivable. but we are supporting china. who would believe this when they are making trillions of dollars and we are losing trillions of dollars and they are supporting china. you get in the car made in finland and the solar where they put up $535 million. this is tremendous amounts of money, and it's weeks later the loan is wiped out. weeks later. what are we doing this for? so people see what i say. and i don't think they support mism think they support my ideas. >> all right. you are probably the only person who could squeeze a dime out of gaddafi. >> i did, indeed. i did, indeed. >> and so i wondered what your thoughts are as we look at what has been going on in libya with gaddafi dead and there's a controversy, of course, as to how he died. i just want to get your thoughts on what's going on there. >> you know, in this country where we've become so weakened and so paw net kick so
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politically correct and you always say oh, did you read his rights, did you read her rights, and here's a guy gets two bullets through the head. there were no rights red to. gaddafi." if you take libya and look what's going on with libya, we spent over $1 billion. they say a billion and that means many times more than that. what do we get out of it? what do we get? you have absolute radicals taking the country, they have taken the shoulder missiles which are very, very dangerous, and thousands of them are now gone, the arsenals are empty, we have no idea where that stuff went. you look at what's going on in libya. china gets their oil that libya, we doan get oil from libya. we spend all this money and it will be worse than gaddafi. at least he had control over his weapons, he had control over the country. i think what's going in there is going to be worse. you know what? when you look at him, i con careless for gaddafi, but when you look at the way they treated him, i mean, these are the people that we are going to be
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dealing with. do you think we really made a bargain there? we spent billions of dollars and we got nothing. now what i said," and i think it's 100% correct, and the so-called remember bells, a nice term like with gone from the wind, the so-called rebels were route the, gaddafi won, they came to us and said we need help, we need help, we could have said we are going to give you help but we want 50% of your oil for the next 25 years. you know what they would have said? how about 75% of the oil. we will give that too. what do we get out of it? we get nothing. we get nothing. so, you know, people talk about like libya is a victory. libya is not a victory. i think it's a disaster. but why didn't we ask for things when they were being routed? it was over. and when they fight, sure, they thought but we go into areas, bomb the hell out
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people. >> donald, as always, thank you. hope to talk to you next week. >> thank you very much, greta. bye. >> thanks a lot. governor rick perriry releases his tax plan, a flat tax of 20%. do you-like that? don't decide yet. newt gingrich says he has a plan and it's 15%. anyone for ten? brit hume joins us. who would have guessed, governor perry brought the birther issue up. >> there's no gain in this issue for the republicans, for any republican. this is an issue that's been settled to the satisfaction of every reasonable person in
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america. here a guy comes out with an interesting new tax plan and gives content to his campaign which is kind of lacking and he steps ton by wading into this issue. a big mistake. >> why? just careless? >> he's new to the national scene. he may not have followed this controversially closely. >> he couldn't have missed it. >> he seemed to be familiar with it to some extent. i just think he makes mistakes. he's new. he's a rookie candidate in national politics and rookies make mistakes. herman cain has made a few. same problem. >> let's go to governor perry's plan. 20% flat tax. his plan, like everybody else's, is dependent on a robust economy. your thoughts on the 20% plan? >> he said his plan would help generate a robust economy and at although of conservatives and republicans will agree with that, lower tax rates will help grow the economy. he qualifies you the choice, if you like the current level of taxes you pay and it's better than 20%, opt for the better system. there will be criticism of the plan because there will be people who doubt that it will
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raise enough revenue to finance the government. but it gives this man -- >> and let me ask, how could it? if you are paying more than 20%, you opt for his. if you are paying less than 30%, you opt for the old one. >> but if everybody gets a tax cut, you are going to end up with less revenue. >> right. by giving the option, you right away are guaranteeing you aren't going to have enough money. >> the only thing that can cover that would be a surge in growth that would bring in a gusher of tax receipts. this has happened before. this is the way it works. but when you score the -- when the congressional budget office, another official government agency score, that is to say totaled up the consequences of that program, they don't do that kind of analysis. they don't account potential growth growth. they do a static analysis. that's likely to show this will produce a revenue shortfall. same with the social security idea. he wants to let people have private accounts, much as former president bush proposed. if you do that, it takes money
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out of the social security trust fund and unable to pay current benefits and we're running short to do that anyway so it blows a hole he has to find a way to fill. >> i'm wondering how much the american people are willing to take a risk on something like that as compared to maybe other programs that don't quite have it this opportunity to use your old -- the old system. i think it makes his system riskier than speaker gingrichs, which is a lower a. and we are told so many things, like the stimulus, the unemployment rate was going to go down to 8%. >> yeah, stable eyes at 8%. >> but it's a harder sell on the american people. >> the first sale rick perry needs to make is to the voters in the republican party. and i think they will find the idea of a flat, simple tax plan very appealing. a lot of americans do, too. you would be surprised, these flaks flat tax proposals poll pretty well. >> why wouldn't speaker gingrich's poll better?
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it's lower, number one, and it doesn't have the alternatives, as far as i know. >> when he introduced his plan, i didn't hear about it. i don't think many of us did. only now we did. now that herman cain got tracks with 9-9-9, which is not as simple as perry, but simpler than what we have now and now speaker gingrich's idea is beginning to be heard more. he didn't emphasize it much but he is now. prayer gets a big splash out of this. it's long-awaited. it's much-needed because the problem with perry's campaign in part is it wasn't about anything other than him and that isn't enough anymore. now he comes out with an energy plan a lot of people find that interesting. now he has a tax plan and gives him something to talk about i'm rick perriry, i'm from texas and we have a lot of jobs in texas, vote for me. >> and then his remarks about being the birther thing. >> and he keeps doing this thing and the guy needs something that's very hard for politicians to adopt and that's self
7:18 pm
discipline. >> you have governor romney's program, 59 points, which is sort of complicated. >> yeah. >> and i think when it gets complicated you start to run into trouble with viewers. i mean with voters. >> you won't find a single votener america who doesn't work for mitt romney that can recite all 59 points. i doubt he can. it's all the ideas, and i read through it, all ideas that would appeal to republican voters and making a as well but it's complicate asked hard to make a slogan out of it. 9-9-9 is a slogan, 20% tax rate, can make a slogan out of that. and unfortunately it's necessary at times to have something simple and catchy you can run on. >> governor romney has a complicated program, and vague. >> vague on tax rates. >> and you've go the problem he hasn't moved in the policy and you have herman cain with a simple one that people seem to have -- at least it's catchy, and he's surging upwards. >> he has. i think he's made some recent
7:19 pm
mistakes that he may begin to lose altitude. you can't predict that for sure but i sense that may be coming. prayer has an opportunity. he dug -- perry has an opportunity. he has dug a deep hole that he's trying to climb out of with some substance, which is the right way to do it. if he doesn't step on himself too many times like talk about birther issues, he will have a shot. it won't be easy but he has a shot. >> how about the speaker? >> how about the speaker? >> yeah, how about speaker gingrich? >> the speaker is not -- it's hard for him i think, everyone to give him a new look. he's a familiar figure. many people admire him, a bright guy, but i think he's hurt by the fact he seems to be yesterday's man. and it's hard to come back from that. people are looking to the future. he may seem like yesterday's man. >> brit, thank you. thank you for staying up so late. >> glad to do it. >> straight ahead, herman cain has a new political ad that is smoking but maybe it just needs a warning. you decide. you are going to see it. that's next. and the obama white house is
7:20 pm
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>> mr. halt caligos. of of --. mr. herman cain's new web campaign and it's raising eyebrows. here it is. >> since january i have had the privilege of being the chief of staff to herman cain and the chief operating officer of the campaign. tomorrow is one day closer to the white house. i really believe that herman cain will put united back in the united states of america and if i didn't believe that, i wouldn't be here. we would run a campaign like nobody has ever seen. but then america has never seen a can indicate like herman cain. we need you to get involved because together we can do this. we can take this country back. ♪ one voice united we stand ♪ i am america, one hope >> that was mr. cane's chief of
7:25 pm
staff, mark block, smoking in that ad. it's certainly creating lots of buzz. we are joined by david. i was corrected during the break, and speaker gingrich's tax policy is like governor perry's. there's an alternative, you can do the flat tax or go back to the other code. i want to correct that. the ad, what do you think about it? >> i was going to bring my pack of marlboros but i will leave that to mark. it's interesting. herman cain has the name at this point. five, six months ago you do an ad like this, it can go viral, can get a lot of attention on the campaign not a lot of people are aware of. at this point he's leading in most national polls, he's leading in most state polls, there's no need to deflect attention from herman cain the candidate. i think herman cain at this point would have been much better served by an ad that was a little more conventional that
7:26 pm
featured herman cain's charisma, maybe even his 9-9-9 plan and any other plan he has and let himself himself. because what we are talking about tonight is not the candidate, we are talking about his campaign manager and an unorthodox ad and it deflects attention from what has been this candidate's strength. >> except for one thing. this was a web ad that doesn't get to play locally like a local ad would get. like if you put it around iowa, everybody is watching this ad now. it's almost like an add on crack now that it's really got a lot of firepower behind it. everybody sees it. second i'm wondering if there is a voter out there that said you know, i was going to vote for herman cain, i like the 9-9-9 but now i see the chief of staff smoking, i'm not voting for him. >> i think you are speaking to my point. i don't think it serves him well at this point. >> does it hurt him? >> i don't think it hurts him, but i think if he ends up not
7:27 pm
making it to the finish line, if he doesn't win the nomination, we might look back at this and other things and go, oh, it was that thing that turned people off. i think one thing herman cain has to be aware of, yes, people like a sense of humor, yes, if you are a happy warrior you have a better chance of winning, but people also want a sense of seriousness from the nominee. fur going to be president at some point you have to show that you are -- you are able. and i think when you make too many jokes, and you do too many unorthodox things, people start to wonder if you are up to the job of being president. and an audience might be one thing. people are happy to have a reformer, tell it like it is and he can get away with a lot more in the primary than he could in a general election campaign when the sitting president is going to come after him and say we are in serious times, we need someone with serious plans and who is not going to make a joke to some prime minister.
7:28 pm
>> and you may have forgot the president used it be a smoker. >> presidents can move markets and say things that move other country's battle groups. at some point you need to transition from somebody who says things to get noticed to somebody who realize they have arrived and tries to move forward from there. >> i think it is just a guess, they didn't do it because they thought it would be some huge movement on the numbers, i think they did it because it was goofy and an unwise thing to do. he's lucky, i don't think it hurts him whatsoever because i don't think any voter is going to make a decision based on this particular ad. i think it's more dangerous what happened with governor perry when he was trying to unavailable the flat tax today and he has us all talking about the birther issue. >> of. that's worse. >> you have to say governor perry probably has a better chance of winning the nomination -- >> how do you say that? look at the numbers >> tell me what they are when
7:29 pm
they are four to six weeks out and he spends his, his known he's down 6%. he needs to spend now. >> i've seen candidates go up, down and come back up so i still think you have to say he has a serious chance of winning the nomination. take a look at today and this goes to your point. he's making a comeback. he comes out with a bold, reformist agenda. what are you and i talking about? the birther issue. >> it's a total decline. if you lock at herman cain, he's going to trend straight up and you have governor romney flat. >> and how many times have we seen candidates that shot straight up and went right back down? >> i don't think that. >> and cain came from the bottom and moved. it's about timing and when do you peek. >> someone has to hurry up pretty fast because we are approaching january 4th. >> i think it's 70 days to the iowa caucuses. >> you down the dates. and i'll call you for a number but it is close. david, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, very liberal san francisco editorial page
7:30 pm
practically barbeques the obama white house. wait until you hear this one. and also maybe a tougher place to be than the campaign trail. president obama caught in the middle of the late night tv wars. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choo any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-se or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ ale announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a o.
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7:34 pm
editors. at the may set your hair on fire just for asking. the very liberal editors at that paper sound furious at the white house. they published today that the obama white house's restrictions, media access to it's fundraising event makes a mockery of their claim to be the most transparent administration in history. they say if anything, there's almost a nixonian quality to the level of control, pair noah and lack of credibility, this white house has demonstrated on the issue of media access to the president obama's fundraiser. wow. there's blood on the floor. >> and i feel like we have to get people encyclopedias. there were other people in between here phoenix son and hitler. they want to go to the fundraiser, they want to send the media, and the white house said no. >> right. and there were reporters in the
7:35 pm
room. a white house correspondent was in the room for a fundraiser. there is still a degree of transparency. you have a showdown between a specific number and the white house press office. that kind of stuff is happening more and more often. you have a white house that's wounded and weak and there's going to be an effort to control the president's image. maybe more heightened than it would be otherwise. >> but why would the white house, a liberal democratic white house, take on the san francisco chronicle? if anything, that is their pal. that's an area that's been very high-voting for the president. why would they do that? >> i think there is a rigidity to the rules that i toil in every day. i know a newspaper like the san francisco chronicle, this is something that happenings maybe two or three times a year. now i'm not going to side with the white house over another reporter, that's certainly not the case. but i think what happened here is a reporter went in with the video camera, it was supposed to
7:36 pm
be a print reporter only, the reporter caught some video of a protest. it was widely circulated and the white house called foul. this appears to be a little bit of retribution. >> so this is revenge. let's go back to the person who writes for chicago sun times in june of 2008. that's just before he got the nomination. >> i vaguely remember. >> and campaign obama, they were bragging about the fact that they would allow coverage by a print pool reporter and said obama for the first time is opening all his fundraising events in private homes and public places to a press pool as he seeks to draw a contrast between himself and john mccain when it comes to ethics and transparency. what happened to that? >> i would point out they are still doing that. like i said, there were reporters in this room. i can think of one example where i was the print pooler, and i was sitting in a van in a street in the middle of downtown manhattan while the president was doing a fund-raiser with
7:37 pm
anna winter from vanity fair. there have been exceptions made, but by and large, i would rather have 20 video cameras everywhere he goes. but this is. >> but it they have other press there, they are trying to punish the san francisco chronicle and they are fighting back. >> that certainly seems to be the case. especially from the strand's chronicle's point of view. >> if you are running on transparency, this is not the fight to pick. >> right. but that said, i guess they cover their base when they bring in at least one of us lowly inside-the-beltway types. >> i understand it. it's sort of the nature you are of the beast. everybody runs on a particular platform. he promised transparency and apparently they didn't like something in the newspaper report so they seek revenge by barring the reporter. >> i come out probably on a different side of this because i'm engaged in she's skirmishes every day. if you are battling with the white house, it's a panel of honor.
7:38 pm
it's the nfl. we play all four quarters and we play bloody and play hard. >> i see that but the american people have a right to know and if they are going to run out there and say they are barnes transparency and then do this, you know, things are a little too serious right now. >> here's the dirty little secret about the most transparent white house in history. there's also a very low bar for transparency when it comes to the white house. i think they have probably exceeded that bar but it was pretty low to begin it. >> sam, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> here's what's is coming up. >> a big interview with governor rick perry for the first time. he's on the factor. he has interesting things to say about mit romney. and we have that interview up coming. >> that's coming up. and coming up from remote african villages to madison square garden, reverend billy graham has campaigned around the
7:39 pm
world and now he takes an new challenge at 93, almost 93. what is it? his son will tell us. and is it trick-or-treat? you have to see this halloween spectacle. stay tuned.
7:40 pm
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7:43 pm
>> reverend billy graham's son, reverend franklin graham goes on the record in 60 seconds. but first let's go to the headlines. >> thank you. hundreds of protesters in oakland marching this very hour toward city hall. the occupy wall street protesters are being met by police officeners riot gear. the march comes hours after police removed some 170 demonstrators who have been staying overnight on the plaza outside of city hall. 85 people have been arrested. you are looking at live video. and turkey is specking a flood of assistance as they try to recover from a massive earthquake. the death toll from sunday's 7.2
7:44 pm
quake is 459. many more victims remain buried under thousands of collapsed building in eastern turkey. but scenes like this are keeping hopes arrive appear 2 week old baby girl, her mother and grandmother were pulled out alive today from their apartment building. >> well, no one has done what he has. 215 million people, 185 countries, reverend billy graham has preached to more live audiences than anyone else in history. now at age 92 pref rand graham has a brand new book. it's nearing home, life, faith and finishing well. here's his son. i should say he's almost 93. >> next month. >> and nearing home, when i first saw that, it was a little sad to me. >> well, he is nearing home.
7:45 pm
and he realizes that his time on earth is coming to an end. but he's learned from lessons. he never thought he would live to be 93 years of age. he never thought he would outlive my mother. he said people have prepared him how to live, but no one of prepared him on how to be old. there's just some things that surprised him being in his now 90s. but his message many changed. he believes with all of his heart that jesus christ is god's son who took our since on the cross, who died for our since, who god buried, but yet who god raised a life. and he believes that if we confess our since and repen and invite god into our hearts our lives will be changed for eternity. that's what i believe, greta. but at 93 he is committed to that message that he's of been. this book is a how-to book. >> it's an advice book, a how-to. >> it's a how-to book. he's got advice. all practice things.
7:46 pm
how to talk to your honor children, how children need to be talking to he wouldler -- talking to elderly parents, and he has how to prepare to stand before god. >> it's interesting because it has so many things, it's a how-to book and tells you get your legal matters in check, it's the faith, how to prepare for death and his profound faith. a little humor. he says he doesn't understand why people call it so golder age. he said it's not golden, it's olden. >> yeah, take the g out. >> there's a little humor in it. but the one thing i e-mailed about you, page 27, the thing that's going to excite so many people is he may do a message on the internet? >> he would like to do that. we talked to him about it. first of all, he wanted to do a message on that, and it would almost be impossible for him to do that. but we've looked at the possibility of a message for the
7:47 pm
internet. you can reach a lot more people. you can reach millions and millions of people around the world. >> forever. good stuff >> we are trying to encourage. if you come down to north carolina, you and john, encourage him, he just might do it for you. >> i will come down and do it because i think it will be exciting and i know a lot of people would like to hear him. i would come down and encourage him because i think that would be huge if he did that. >> it will be. but for me as a son, reading this book, i'm now -- i'll be 60 this next year, i'm learning from this. and it's going to help me as i prepare because we're not that far away. we want to be ready for not only our retirement, but we want to be ready to stand before god. >> and he talks about very practical things. he talks about alzheimer's being a terrible disease, like with
7:48 pm
president reagan began. and he helps people deal with the day-to-day things that so many people face. >> it is. and because my father has lived through it. he has had these experiences with his friends works his family, and for him at 93, the loneliness that he's experienced losing my mom. >> it's a love story, too. he does. he keeps going back to your mother in the book. >> he does. >> and how he misses her. he remembers going to the door and -- >> it's been very difficult on him, but he's learned to live through that and to move on. this book was good for him. we encouraged him after my mother passed away to do the book. and he would work a few hours, then, you know, put it down for maybe a week or two and get back and work on it a little bit more with his staff. so i'm proud that he has done this. it's a good book and it will help a lot of people. look at the millions of people, the baby boomers now, greta, that are going to be retiring the next few years. >> and it's very practical.
7:49 pm
there's a story about a pilot and his wife who retired to the state of washington and they gave it up after they found out it's dull. but it's a great book. i think anyone reading it would get an awful lot out of it. i'll come down and talk him into the internet. >> do it. >> always nice to see you, ref vanned graham. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> the cat is out of the bag. you will learn the secret to protecting an endangered specie. you don't want to miss this video. and move over, hand houses and pumpkin patches. there's a new and exciting halloween attraction in town. is it your town? stay tuned. my name's jeff.
7:50 pm
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>> here is the best of the rest. it goes terribly wrong for a california man. he got stuck in a baby swing like this one for nine hours of a betting his friends $100, the man lube indicated himself with laundry detergent and squeezed swinging overnight. the groundskeeper found him in the morning and he had to be cut out of the swing. and derek holland taking on a different role in game five of the world series. fox sports broadcasters gave holland a headset and let him call part of the game from the
7:54 pm
dugout. he launched into an impersonation of announcer harry kerry. >> jump in any time you want. >> i'll take it from here. >> c.j. wilson out here. house he going to throw? here comes the delivery. the swing. and he will have to get the ball here. the throwback from the umpire. all the way down. and that was catcher mike napoli. >> you are unbelievable. >> by the way, holland has a pet boxer named wrigley. maybe that's why he has a soft spot for the cubs. and in australia, another kind of cubs are stealing the show. a zoo in sibley is showing off these cubs. the triplets are born in august but they are now making their debut for the cameras. they are part of the zoo's breeding program. this species is endangered. there are only 400 left in the
7:55 pm
wild. the zoo is running a contest to name the cute baby tigers. and check out this house in riverside, california. it has thousands of dancing lights, strobe lights and glowing tombstones. but the highlight, four flashing pumpkin faces. they swing along with the song "halloween" and there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, just when you thought it was safe to watch late night tv, another round is fired in the late night wars. stay tuned. ford fusion hybrid emerges as the clear fuel economy leader over camry hybrid. kimberly? the fusion hybrid holds a 10 mile per gallon advantage in the city over the toyota camry hybrid. uh... that's not good. i would like 10 more miles. he's going to have a a lot to think about, kimberly. and there you have it....fusion hybrid. with best in class city fuel economy.
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