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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 26, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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and if they bring the record to obama on obama's turf, he will lose. >> guys, good to see you all. i wish i saw you in person. we will be back in new york tomorrow night. that all the time we have left. greta is next. see you tomorrow night >> tonight representative paul ryan comes out swinging at president obama. he accuses the president of praying on the motions of zero sentiment. he said the president is using let recollect to sell the jobs plan. >> you came out swinging at the president. why? >> it's disappointing. i don't enjoy doing this because he gave ausmussage of hope three years ago, of uniting and not dividing. what we are getting is class warfare. we are getting very polar rising rhetoric that pits people against one another and i would say social unrest and class resentment does not make america stronger, it makes america
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weaker. >> why is he doing it? either for political reasons or he's given up working with congress or he's a bad person. >> i wouldn't say he's a bad person. i don't think that. >> but if you are creating class warfare and you are trying to cause trouble, that's not a person -- i mean, those are harsh words. >> it strikes me as an i had logical thing and it's a political decision i think he's made. he decided not to work with congress by sending us a jobs bill that had a chance of passing, by sending us the idea we know we agree with him on and he send us another round of stimulus. then he spent months going around the country, and setting up strong man arguments, basically saying republicans are for dirty spare dirty water and against people with health insurance. basically picking a partisan conflict versus going for connell prom mice. more of the point, i think it's the rhetoric of class division that is destablizing. this is not the american idea.
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we believe in a system of upper mobility. we believe to get the hurdles out of people's way so they can rise in society. we don't believe like talking to people like they are stuck in a class and the government is here to help them cope with their station in life. that's the kind of rhetoric that he is using that gives you, a, bad policies,, and, b, it social unrest and, c, it doesn't work. why don't we stop the corporate welfare and crony capitallism and why not stop people on programs they receive instead of raising tackings. using this to sell massive tax increases is not going to work to create jobs. it's going to pit people against each other. >> are you for dirtier water or dirtier air? >> no, i'm not. >> so it's lie. >> it's not accurate. it's a strong man argument. it's basically trying to affix to your opponent positions they don't have, to then knock them down and win the debate by default. that's why i call it an
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intellectually lazy argument because it's not a sincere debate on the facts. it's not a sincere debate on the people that disagree with you on their actual positions. so to me this is conflict. this is starting the campaign in 2011 when the election is not until 2012, and the difference is nothing gets done. so what we are saying is let's get some compromise on things we agree on and stop the devicive rhetoric. >> i know people who have great uncertainty, people don't have jobs, people's houses are under water, they are losing their homes, i mean i don't know how you can say anything, i don't know how you can say anything other than it is bad? i mean, you soft pedal your comments and say it's an ideology. and whether it's a republican or democrat, when you go out there and make political statements or do whatever, assuming it's true
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and i'm sure republicans are doing the same thing on the other side, that is not -- you are not -- that is not for the good of the american people. and anybody who is doing that is, you know, it's disgraceful. >> that's my point. i think it's not good for the country and i think it does come from a difference in philosophy, which is the american idea, it's about quality and opportunity so people can make the most of their lives. >> if you are saying you are for dirty water and dirty air, that's not a different ideology. that's not accurate. >> focusing on class warfare, that i think flows from a philosophy that government ought to equalize the results of people lives versus out comes. very different political philosophy, and i think the polls he's been pushing or more in this political philosophy era and the result of it is more wealth distribution, punitive taxes on job creators and less prosperity. instead of focusing on the kinds of ideas that actually create jobs in economic growth, instead
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of working with us on these ideas, we are paying on people's sense of answer i-tis. let me say it this way. 80% of all businesses in america, they file their taxes as individuals, as people. he wants to bring their top tax rate to 350%. you and i come from wisconsin. over the shore of lake superior, the canadians next year, they are taxing their businesses at 15%, and president obama is saying the top tax rate that most of our jobs come, the successful small by necessary america should go to 50% is and he's using the class warfare rhetoric, envy, resentment, fear to sell this job-killing agenda. it's very, very disruptive. >> to the extent it's ideology, and republicans in general say don't raise taxes and democrats in general say we have to raise taxes, that's an ideology. >> that's a different economic doctrine. >> very different and there's not going to be much agreement on that right now, do you agree? it's very hard to find --
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>> apparently not. >> all right. and this is what i think that he would also say if he were here but he won't come "on the record" i might add. he would say how do you expect me at this point, when we have -- he says and senator mcconnell said their mission in the senate is get rid of him, make him a one term president. so he's probably going around the country saying i've given up on congress because the republicans in the house aren't going to go with me, and especially the 91 freshman. we so disagree on ideology how to get money into the economy, and you have the senate leaders saying their goal is to get rid of them. >> here's what i suggested today. we passed 15 bills to create jobs over the summer. go back and look at the budget. it says get rid of lower tax rates and loopholes for job creation. he says he agrees on that on business suppose let's do it together? the other thing we say is let's stop subsidizing the wealthy,
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let's sop subsidizing the corporations and stop the crony welfare, and let's not subsidize warren buffet's health benefits as much as his secretaries. these are things we think we can get agreement on so let's do those anything we aren't getting that cooperation. >> you are 16 blocks apart. i understand where the divide is on the ideology, but where you tell me and democrats tell me this is where we agree, and i go great, let's go with it. >> we passed these bills. they are sitting in the senate now. all they have to do is pick them up on the senate is pass them. >> hear reed runs that. >> that's his party. >> and president obama won't call harry reid and say. >> i don't know the answer to that question. >> but it is an important question. if you are telling me the bottleneck is in the senate, sed they don't even look at some of the things you say you agree on, it seems to me the president should make a phone call to senator reed. >> to get the economy going you have to have good fiscal and economic policy.
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the way it works in our government you pass a budget that contains fiscal and economic policy. it's been over the hundred days since the cincinnati bothered to pass the budget and they won't pass one next year. >> why? >> i can't answer your question, i'm not in the senate. we passed our budge net the house. we reformed taxes and got rid of the loopholes and crony welfare, and we stopped subcy dieing wealthy people. we have a policy to get more domestic scores of energy. we did these things to get pros tearty to fuel economic growth and to get upward mobility in the society. what i'm saying is it is a convenient to feed into the class warfare and class envy, but it is no substitute for actually getting the job done on growing the economy and creating growth. unfortunately i don't think at the end. the day he's interested in seeing these policies through, otherwise why wouldn't he pick them up and pass them? >> so it's a motive? >> i'll let the results conclude
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themselves. >> all right. so what's your thought on why the senate won't pass the budge net is it they can't -- is it 60 votes? >> they actually had a budget drafted, as far as i know, and i just don't think they were willing to show the american people the kind of tax increases they have in store. 50% tax increases, 50% savings. we already have about a $1.5 trillion tax increase starting in 14 months in america. the small tax rate small businesses play is going to 44% in 14 months and they were going to throw another tax increase on top of that. so we are going to see a mammoth tax increase coming in 14 months if they brought the budget to the floor, the one they wanted to pass. so i think they basically decided to do nothing in schedule, and take the criticism they aren't passing the budget versus show the american people the tax increases we have in store. >> you are chairman of the house budget committee. do you of get from the white house, let's talk? >> no. >> do you get a call from the senate, let's talk? >> no. >> you understand the insanity?
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people send people to washington think nobody can talk. >> we should do our jobs, here's what we think is the right thing to do, put them in regulationlation and pass the legislation. we are stack up bills like cord wood at the united states senate and what we are saying if you don't like what it is you have, tell us what it is and let's talk. >> that makes sense and the president should call layer reed and go through the bills and let the house know what you don't like so they don't keep passing bills that don't go nowhere. would that help? >> that would hen. >> it's always nice to see you. >> go packers, 7-0. >> go packers. we aren't going to get a lot of friends, you and i with that. straight ahead karl rove and the presidential candidates. which ones? start guessing and stick around. and plus we get you thought this never would happen, nfl players accessorizing on the playing field and they are wearing pink. not exactly a guy color. what is the nfl commissioner doing about this? the commissioner is right here to go on the record.
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>> good policy for governor mitt romney. he is leading in the first four states to vote.
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and karl rove joins us. i imagine those are the policy -- i mean mr. herman cain is ahead nationally, but the state policy are important, very important. >> well, herman cain has good news in this, too. he's clearly the number two and three out of the four states, and statistically tied for second place in the third state -- or excuse me, the fourth state. national policy mean something. they sort of show the flow of the conversation, ups and downs. but what really matters in the early states, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada and florida -- nevada was not included in the series cnn did -- because they take their job seriously. when they make a decision it tends to be on the basis of more activity, more, and they tend to stay more stuck than the rest of the population. >> i saw one high number, i think 70% in iowa, they said they made a decision but they are unwilling to come off their decision. that is rather --
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>> they are wobbly. >> and that's what we have to say in a poll. we never say i have made a commitment but they do tend to stay committed. >> what does mit romney do, governor romney do? he can't just coast. >> no, he can't. he coasts and he loses. this is still close enough. we have less than 70 days until the iowa caucuses. if you down out the holidays, we have roughly 45, 46, 47 effective days of campaigning, and you better be in there in the early states in every one of those days you possibly can or somebody is going to come up and nip you. take iowa. 24 for romney, 21 for cain. if you are romney and you start to coast, that 21 could turn into 24 and that 24 could turn into 21. >> i thought governor romney is on probation with a lot of republicans, as we say in the criminal court system. and i thought today that at least he's been accused of flip-flopping on the union issue in ohio and first he was for it, then he was against it, now he says he's for it again.
7:17 pm
whatever is the truth, it appears that he's like a rather fluid in his been on it. >> well, i wouldn't say that he flip-flopped. i would say it's a different problem than that. it looked like he was there in ohio and tepid in his support of it. now, i have a little bit of sympathy for him because we went through this in 2000 in bush who had a policy of saying i'm not going to intrude into the affairs of another state by telling them what to do. but if you are in a state like ohio, you either need to say you are for it or against it, and you can say you are for it by saying i know it's up to the people of ohio to decide this issue but let me tell you what i would like to do in my home state and define it in such a way people understand where you are coming from. i thought he made a mistake yesterday by saying, you know, it's not up to me. i thought it was smart of him to recognize how problematic that was and come back today and say i want to be clear, i'm sorry if i offended anybody by not being clear. >> the minute you say if i offended, the minute the "if" comes up they roll their eyes. >> he didn't look that, i'm
7:18 pm
sorry. >> he looked squishy on it and it's a state issue. >> that's the problem. he looked like he was not strong enough to step forward and say this is an important battle, i'm with you. >> but it's not just an ohio issue. ice an issue you see in wisconsin and indiana. it is more of a senate issue. when he doesn't step up to the plate one way or the other and he's on probation, i would think if i was running his campaign i would be a little nervous because some of the other candidates are much more decisive on the issue. >> absolutely. and who didn't think about this issue when they knew they were going to ohio and going to a phone bank where they were calling people on behalf of proposition 5? so, look, this happens in a campaign, but this is problematic because it adds to the narrative that he is not strong. the good news is so far he's stronger than the rest of the pack. >> except that i guess the problem is that -- as i said, i think he runs the risk of being on probation so he doesn't have quite as much.
7:19 pm
i don't know how for giving the voters are. >> everybody is on probation. nobody is running away with it. four years ago we had a similar situation, rudy giuliani in front and thomas in second as of today. but twelve years bush was in the 60%. it was settled. it wasn't settled once he went to new hampshire and lost. but everybody is on probation. this is a different contest. people are looking at these candidates saying we want to beat obama so we want to know how good you are. show us yourself, prove us you are capable of doing this thing. and sing to my heart with your values and philosophy and attitude and issues, but i want to beat obama and everybody is on probation until i'm convinced you can do it. >> does that mean that senator santorum has a shot in iowa? and speaker gingrich has a shot in iowa? >> gingrich has had good debate performances. the question is whether he can transfer them into the early states. he's started to move up in some of the policy and the national policy. you have to remember the
7:20 pm
mind-set. people in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina in particular but also nevada and florida. particularly the first three, they take this seriously. they are consuming a lot of information, talking about a lot, and they want to see these candidates a lot. that's where cain and gingrich need to be spending time in the iowa, new hampshire and south carolina in order to maximize the opportunity that they have been given by their performance in the policy or their performance on the trail. >> governor perry has a new ad out talking about $2.5 million jobs he's going to bet and yesterday we not one with mr. herman cain, a web ad that's gotten a lot of buzz. governor perry's is nazi but it's pretty straightforward. >> it is and it's a positive ad which he probably needs to have. my only question is has he spent enough time in iowa? people in iowa say if i see your television ad before you have been in my community, you are a hotdog. this was mitt romney's problem a few years ago. he run a lot of ads before he spend a considerable amount of
7:21 pm
time in the state and people in iowa said that's now how we do it in iowa. it's a good first start to try to reintroduce himself. it's difficult to get a second look. >> but he's got to recover some ground. whether it's true or not, everybody says he didn't do a good job in the debates and i think he himself said he didn't do a good job, he's not a great debater and he's not coming out of the gate with a sense of strength but saying i have some problems. >> in a fox interview today he said he wish he hadn't done the debates. >> i bet he does. at least he's honest. >> but you can't. whether you like it or not, they are apart of the process. particularly in general elections. you can't say i'm not going to be doing debates in a general election. you don't even get to decide what the dates and locks are. those are told to you by the national debate commission. so he has suffered some decline here. in the fox poll he dropped from 19 to 10 from the last fox national poll. and in the early states he tends to be, i mean, he is in tied for
7:22 pm
fourth place in iowa, and fifth place in new hampshire, and fourth place in south carolina and tied for third place in florida. >> what is it mr. herman cain do to win iowa? >> show up there and build on this momentum. you can't just simply hope people show up. you now have to go there and see men it by your presence there and spend more time. i notice he's going to alabama shortly. i wouldn't worry about spending a day in birmingham and montgomery, i would be spending time in waterloo and sioux city. >> but you have congresswoman bachman doing that and the reports are she's not got the tracks she hoped. >> you get a moment and herman cain has a moment. his passionate energy has propelled him near the top of the pack. i think he's actually fallen off. if you take a look in the national policy his two highest numbers were in the middle of october, 29 and 30. he's now dropped back into the mid-20s in the latest fox poll
7:23 pm
he's at 24. so you've got a moment. you have to translate that moment into concrete support in the early states by pressing the flesh and, you know, enthusiasm and giving enthusiasm to people to turn out to vote for you on a cold night in iowa. >> and he's the new guy, sort of the razzle dad he will, the interesting guy, the one people like to hear. and you have speaker beginningvitch, -- you have speaker gingrich, and they said he's been the old guy, and you have governor perry month is sort of struggling to recover lost ground. >> the key is can you become everybody's second choice? wherever you are in this, how many people start to say, you know what, i'm for so-and-so. but if it's not so-and-so, then it could be u and that's what everybody is sort of maneuvering right now. >> why? why do you want to be second choice? >> because first you want to be first choice but if you can't be first choice be a second choice because at the end of the day second choices matter a lot,
7:24 pm
particularly in a contest like this where you have one or two people who are modestly in front and a lost vibration in the rest of the field. >> give me your estimate when we will know who the candidate is. >> hard to say because we've got a very odd calendar. you know, if somebody sweeps those early, say, three out of five of the earliest contests, they are likely to be the nominee. so we could know by the end of january or early february. but we've got this big hiatus because of the party rules in february, so it will be interesting to see how people handle this three or four week period where we will simply debates, people maneuvering and spending men on television and then we have a wave at the end of february and then super tuesday. we have two tuesdays back-to-back in march that will have at love primaries. a little more southern on the beginning, a little more mid-western and not suggest northwestern the second tuesday of march. >> anybody regret not getting in? >> better not because eats too late. and in politics, too late for
7:25 pm
regrets, but this has been a wide open contest so those who might have thought they couldn't have a shot at it might regret it. in politics better not to have regrets. >> carl, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> here is what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. >> now a big muslim group is joining the occupy wall street crowd. we will show you what is going on there. and dennis miller on the leno-obama chat last night. >> and coming up shock being words from rush limbaugh. he said he's grateful for president obama. now why would he say that? we will hear from rush himself coming up. [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market requires decisive action.
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>> senator rick santorum are setting his sights on iowa. the republican presidential candidate has visited 66 of 97 counties and held many events in the state. could the push help push his campaign forward? you are going hit all 99. >> i'm up to 78. >> 78? >> yeah. we should be through 99 sometime in november. >> are you the only candidate who is making all 99? >> yeah, i don't think anybody else is even halfway to where i am. look, i believe that as karl talk about, you have to get there. people want to see you. i was in adams county, iowa, which is less than 4,000 people, at k's cafe on a monday night. and it was a small gathering. but everybody that walk out of
7:30 pm
there, say one, there was one person, but everybody else signed up to help us out on the campaign. you know, there are probably going to be 150, 1200 people in adams county in the caucus. he signed up a chairman there and if everybody recruits ten people we win the county. that's what you have to do, county by county. >> and you have people who have to get to the caucus and some are working or have to stay home with the kids. >> the interesting thing about the policy, these are policy of voters, not necessarily caucus-goers and a caucus is different than a primary. you have to get out on a cold tuesday night, as karl said, and i've been there a couple times and it's been cold both times and you have to go to a central location. you don't go to your normal precinct and there are usually several precincts and you have to sit there for a few hours. and you have to listen to speeches and you vote, and it's
7:31 pm
a process. that's why i look back at the ames straw poll. the ames straw poll, again, required everybody to come from all over the state to come to ames to vote on a saturday afternoon. that was a beautiful saturday afternoon but about 18,000 people showed up. the top three candidates, misch ball, ron paul and tim paw spent in excess of $2 million. we spent less than $100,000, finished in fourth, and just a few hundred votes be tim paw -- pawlenty, who spent $2 million. i went to 50 different counties before the straw poll and had meatings all over the someplace asked them to sign up and come, and they did. and this is the difference what is not being measured in the policy. that's what i we feel very, very good that whatever that poll number is on election day, and it's going to be a lot better than it looks like today, we are going to do much better than what the poll suggests. >> one issue i read that some
7:32 pm
conservatives question you about, the whole issue, the prescription drug vote. you voted for it when you were a united states senator in 2003 without adequate funding. they are saying not a true consecutive because of that. what say you? n÷tez the other candidates were asked if they would vote to repeal that bill and all of them said no. for those who criticize me for voting for it, every other person in the race when asked it if they would repeal for it, they said no. >> would you vote for it again? >> not if it isn't paid for, absolutely not. at the time i complained vehemently to the president and others we should be paying for it and it shouldn't be a universal system. but there were other things in the billion i thought very, very important to pass, health savings accounts is one of them. that's market base reform i've been form. and john kasich and i introduced the first health savings account 20 years ago. that was something i believe is the republican alternative to
7:33 pm
government-run healthcare. we have a big program in that bill, as well as we had the medicare advantage program, which was a private sector alternative, and paul ryan who was also here earlier, it was sort of his approach to solving the medicare problem. so there were some things i didn't like in that bill but there were a lot of things i did like in the bill. you know, at the time it was a flip of coin. said at the time it was a 51-49 vote. the bottom line is we should fix it, we should make sure it's funned and we aren't borrowing more money. we need to make medicare a solvent system and there's been nobody out there with more -- >> can you? >> absolutely we can. >> no doubt about it? >> you have to involve the consumer, you have to involve seniors. can you imagine millions of seniors out there -- >> they are scared. they are scared to beth. they are scared to death the stuff is going to be taken away from them. >> under my approach it will not be taken away from them. in fact, it will give them morrow power, it will give them the power to be able to go out
7:34 pm
and get the kind of insurance they want, have the resources to be able to make decisions, and actually do something that's necessary if we perfect going to control costs, which is get consumers involved. have them be consumers of healthcare, as opposed to, you know, when i say consumers, actually purchasing healthcare, being involved in prices and shopping, as opposed to just having a card and getting whatever they want. that's where the waste, fraud and abuse comes in. >> thank you. i should tell the viewers, two of your seven children are here in the studio. >> they are. i haven't been spending a whole lot of time at home so when i am back here at the house they came along tonight. >> nice to see you, senator. >> thank you. >> and news about your tax money and how the government is spending it. we will tell you the facts and then you tell us, outrage or no outrage? here are the facts. the state department has spent nearly $80,000 of taxpayer money, that's your money, on president obama's books. the ones he wrote about his father and the one he wrote about himself. after buying the books with taxpayer money, the books were
7:35 pm
then shipped overseas to u.s. embassies and distributed as gifts in host countries. when asked about it a states department spokesperson said its not unusual to distribute books in diplomats' host countries and those decisions are made by the u.s. embassies in the foreign countries and not washington. now the embassies divisions of the state department. and no one said who made the decision and why some other book like the u.s. constitution or american history was not purchased in schedule. you tell us, go to gretawire and vote in our poll. should the state department use tax dollarss to buy the president's personal memoirs to giveaway across the world? go vote. coming up a costly penalty. an nfl player find $10,000 for making a phone call during a game. who did he call and why? nfl commissioner roger caddel
7:36 pm
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like... plus bring the kids to our great pumpkin halloween event this weekend. >> nfl commissioner goes on the record in 60 seconds. but let's go to the other headlines. >> hi, greata. tourists are packing their things and heading for the airport as hurricane rina is bearing down. it's been down gray today category 1 but it's expected to slam cancun and parts of the yucatan peninsula on thursday. then it's expected to curve east toward cuba and head toward the straights of florida by early next week. and wall street protesters in oakland are defying officials to stay away from city hall. they are trying to reoccupy the
7:41 pm
plaza. police fired tier gas and rounds of beans bullets. now back to greta. thanks for watching. >> the excitement on the football field can often turn violent but nfl commissioner roger caddel said he made football a safer game. now he's leading an nfl drive to help save lives. we spoke with commissioner goodell earlier tonight. good to see you. >> good to see you little. >> you have on your lapel, tell me what that is. >> the breast cancer awareness pin, the crucial catch. it's our effort to bring exposure to the number of people affected by breast cancer and the fact that we all feel we should promote the idea of early
7:42 pm
detection for breast cancer. it will save lives and we want to make a difference. >> and the teams are in on it. they are doing some acknowledgment in the month of october. >> they are, everyone. the players, the coaches, owners, they all are involved wearing pink as part of their uniform. >> which is sort after funny color i think for football players. most people may not think it that pink is nfl-ish. >> maybe not but that's what contributes to the impact. people don't expect to see that when they turn on the television s they realize the impact it has and they know these players are impact by breast cancer also, their wives, their sisters, their mothers. we are all affected by it and that's what i we believe we can make a difference. >> and people can buy things online at the nfl store to contribute and help the cause. >> we do. we have an nfl auction site which the money will go back in to stepping the breast cancer initiative.
7:43 pm
>> all right. the nfl safety issues, lots going on. what are you doing to make it safer? >> well, the game is safer and it's also more popular than of and that's a good thing. we are approaching it by making sure our rules promote safety and we are enforcing those rules, make sure they are safer. there are techniques in our game that clearly lead to injuries and we want to take those out of the game and i think we've been effective in doing that. second, we try to improve our equipment at every opportunity, including the helmets, and we also are contributing in research, to make sure we can identify areas we can do better on the medical side. >> i never quite understood, if i'm an nfl player and i'm going as fast as i possibly can and i have a lot of momentum behind me and the whistle is blown and to stop i bang my helmet against somebody else but i have all that momentum, i'm still going to have a penalty, right? >> again if you are using the wrong technique. so much of this is based on coaching and technique that's used. if you are using the right
7:44 pm
technique, the game is safer and you have less probability of injury either to yourself or to the people you are striking. >> if it's an accidental, with momentum, is that -- you know, i accidentally bang it just because of momentum or isn't there such a thing? >> it's up for us to determine what is accidental. at the end of the day we want to try to take the contact out of the game and reduce the risk of injury. so we don't make determinations on what's accidental. >> the steelers player just got into a little bit after problem. he had what seemed like a serious injury on the field, they suspected he might have a concussion, a lot of concern. he made a phone call to his wife and got find $10,000. a lot of people felt bad for him on that. >> well, i think, you know, it's always a problem with trying to have a rule that applies to everybody. you know, troy is a wonderful young manthere was concern about his health, and there are ways of us getting word to family when there is an injury and to
7:45 pm
make sure that they understand the player is okay. but we also don't want to have all our players using phones on the sidelines or texting. >> i actually, i sort of thought that it was the team's fault. here we have a guy who obviously his wife is watching, she's going to be worried, he got the phone from the team doctor apparently, you would think they would have an intern or somebody who could runback into the locker room and make a phone call and say he's all right. >> i think they do. when someone is injured in your family, you want to speak to the individual and you want to hear their voice and you want to make sure they are okay and that's something that probably could have happened by taking him off the field and allowing him access to be able to call his wife. >> hgh, i know a series of letters going back and forth from capitol hill, they are wondering why the testing hasn't been done? what's the status. >> we agreed to testing in the collective bargaining agreement. we have given the union a full proposal on how it will be
7:46 pm
implemented and unfortunately haven't agreed to what we agreed to back in july. >> what's the holdup? it's the same thing major league baseball has agreed to, right? >> it's the same thing major league baseball does with their minor league system. they have not agreed to it in the major leagues. but it's the same thing being done in the olympic sports since 2004. it's the same test. and frankly we believe the science is there. scientists on a global basis has told us the test is valid and we want a valid test also. we want the best possible drug problem and you have to have a valid test to do that. >> so it's the union putting the brakes on right now? >> yes. the players have not agreed at this point in time. >> but you get the letter from congress. >> we are all getting the letter, and we were called in recently by chairman issa, and the ranking member, cummings, and we understand the importance. this is a public policy issue. we recognize that we have to make the statement that hgh is
7:47 pm
not going to be in the nfl, it affects everybody else that watches us, it affects everybody else that plays us and it's our responsibility to do it right. that's why i feel strongly that not only is it good public policy, it's right for player safety because players don't know what they are injecting themselves with and they don't know what the long-term effects of that are so we need to remove it from the game. >> and you know i'm an owner. the ads that my ownerships could be diluted with more sales of shares, and i'm anxious, are we going to see more shares sold? >> i think so. as you well know, as a season ticket holder and owner, they are trying expand the stadium. probably six or seven thousand more seats for fans and there's a great demand for that. as a part of that we will likely approve another issuing of stock so you will have a chance to buy some more. >> i'll tell you what thing that there could be a fight about if there is of a suggestion to put
7:48 pm
any sort of dome in green bay. i would be surprised that that of went over with the fans because we take great pride in suffering through that snow and cold. >> i will tell you that you are not going to hear that suggestion from me. i also love to see football played in the elements. that's what the game is all about, and you know that. i think the experience of going up there to lambeau in the elements is a great thing for football. >> that was much more of our interview with commissioner roger goodell, you can see the rest online at greta straight ahead, words you thought you would never hear from rush limbaugh. what did he say about president obama? well, you will hear from rush himself. also a new addition justin beiber salina gomez. a family loses a cat at an parent but months later the cat is found. so where was the cat? stay tuned. daddy, come in the water!
7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
>> here's the best of the rest. rush limbaugh surprised listeners today by thanking president obama for his help. what made him do that? here's rush limbaugh. >> obama doesn't know how much he help us with this comment of his yesterday. yeah. what the republicans are saying, if they win you are on your own.
7:53 pm
damage -- that's right we are on our own. that's what exactly what we want to be, on our own and he's out there trying to warn people. if the republicans win you are basically saying you are on your own. today, exactly right we're on our own. we want to be on our own. we do much better for ourselves than you do, you dope. look what you have done. i love it! >> we suspect that could be the last time you hear rush limbaugh thanking president obama at least for a while. and an arizona couple said their i dos within a dust storm. the storm got worse but they even made it to the kiss. they say rain is good luck on your wedding day. we aren't so sure what a dust storm means but we wish them many, many happy years. and now to another happy couple. this one a little more famous.
7:54 pm
teen pop star justin beiber and his girlfriend selena gomez have just adopted a puppy. they pick out their new pet while on tour in canada. the husky mix is named baylor. both of them are dog lovers. gomez also owns five other rescue dogs. and now to the story after lucky cat perhaps using up one of his nine lives. jack, the cat, was missing for two months. his family lost him while moving from new york to california. he escaped from his cat carrier at jfk airport but they didn't give up. they launched a facebook campaign to find the cat and made sure the airport was searched. finally two months later it was found. turns out jack never left the airport. he was in the customs room the whole time. tonight, jack, he's just fine and american airlines will be flying him to california to reunite with his family very soon. and ready for this? the italian parliament gets into a boxing ring. tempers explode over tough economic reforms. two politicians grabbed each
7:55 pm
other by the throat and others rushed in to separate them. the parliament stopped its work for a while until order was restored. there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up, president obama just can't escape that missing teleprompter drama but now it's turned into a comedy. that's next. what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast. that's a plus. upgrade your ride. that's a plus. rewards with no blackout dates so you can redeem anytime. and it's easy to redeem your points online. already a gold member ? just select gold plus rewards in your profile and start rewarding yourself now. just go to to join. hertz gold plus rewards. journey on. [ female announcer ] who'd have thought that the person you'd grow up to be --
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7:59 pm
it's time for last call. president obama appeared on the tonight show with jay leno. did he have a teleprompter for the appearance? >> can i get you anything, a teleprompter? >> jay, i think i can handle a simple conversation without a teleprompter. >> really. that's so impressive. >> president obama and jay leno talked about everything from war to politicians to even the kardashians, and that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're


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