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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 27, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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it's maybe a subject for speculation on google but it's not -- >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the dow soars. what put this thing on tract best month in nearly 25 years. plus, verdict in the case of the teacher accused of having drink and drug and sex parties with her students. prosecutors say she invited five teenagers to her home, let them drink and smoke weed and have sex with each and every one. the defense claims she is the real victim here. tonight, the final moments of the trial for the teacher accused of offering private lessons in sex ed. lawyers for michael jackson's accused killer now shifting tactics but can conrad murray's
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fellow doctors really keep him out of prison? plus, the couple who called police after getting lost in an apple orchard. >> this is very embarrassing. i'm a grown man how can i get lost in a flipping apple orchard. >> the answer and the 911 call tonight on "the fox report." >> shepard: but first from fox this thursday night, positive economic news all over the place today. at wall street, way up. and a bit of new hope that we just might be able to avoid a double dip recession. the seeds were planted overnight in europe when word broke of a deal who stabilize the continent's growing debt crisis. then big news for the american economy. the commerce department reported the gross domestic product of our nation grew at an estimated annual rate of 2.5% between july and september. you can see that quarter on the far right of the screen there. and you can also see that is nearly double the rate of the previous three months.
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analysts say this kind of growth really isn't enough to help with the unemployment but, remember, the g.d.p. is the broadest measure of the nation's economic health and seeing seeing it rise provides at lease a bit of reassurance in very tough times. wall street investors were clearly extraordinarily happy with today's developments. stocks soared up around 3%. the dow closed 340 points higher to finish well above 12,000. the nasdaq gained 8. s&p 543. here is a little perspective. so far the dow is up nearly 12% for this month. and with two trading days left in october, that puts the index on track for the biggest monthly gain since january of 1987. nobody is sure how long this streak will last. but it is good news for today and we have team fox coverage. ashley webster on eurozone and economic recovery there first ed henry live at the white house briefing room tonight. to ed at least it seems like at the white house they are being cautious about these numbers. >> they are for two reasons,
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shep. number one, as you mentioned, this is still, you know, positive growth is good but it's still not cutting the unemployment rate and that's the real number the american people are paying attention to. that's the real number that's going to help determine whether or not this president gets reelected next year. the second one is that they also want to keep the heat on congress and make sure that they act on the president's jobs bill and not get complacent because there are other economic signs as you know that suggests things are not so good. on the flip side republicans say, look, they have passed about 15 measures that would create jobs. the real problem is those measures have gotten stalled in the senate. take a listen. >> 2.5% growth may be better than it was the previous quarter but it is not good enough. absolutely not good enough. >> the president says we can't wait to take action on jobs. and i agree. so, i will call on the president today. mr. president, help us with the united states senate to pass these bipartisan common sense measures that will get our
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economy moving once again. >> now, the white house is still hopeful of getting a deal on the president's jobs bill in part because of the recent poll they found congress' approval rating is only 9%. jay carney joking at the podium behind me today that he knows 9 is a very popular number in the republic party right now because of herman cain. but this is one 9% in approval rating you don't want. >> shepard: there is positive news in a brand new fox news poll for the white house. >> this is a really interesting number because we asked people basically what -- why is the economy still struggling? and basically 52 percent said the president has good ideas but not enough things have gotten passed. that seems to fit right into the white house talking points. only 37% say the president has bad ideas and too many of his initiatives have been passed. so that suggests it's good for him. if you look at this second number it, shows that people are open to his ideas but he still hasn't made the sale. we asked if you were in congress would you vote for the jobs bill or against? 48% yes. 44% no.
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you still see a deep divide. interesting because when you put it in context it was seven weeks ago tonight the president made that speech to a joint session of congress about jobs. he has been out selling this thing and he has still not made that salesship. >> shepard: ed, thanks. three quarters of american voters are not happy with the direction of our nation that's according to the same fox news poll. 24% say they are satisfied. 76% say they're not. that's nearly back to the levels we saw right before the president took office in 2009. republic candidates working to tap right into this dissatisfaction. more on that ahead on fox report. now, to that european debt deal that changed our markets today. president obama praising the agreement and saying it's an important first step. >> the key now is to make sure that it is implemented fully and decisively and i have great confidence in the european leadership to make that happen. >> shepard: the deal is, it requires banks to take 50% losses on greek bonds.
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eurozone countries and the international monetary fund will also provide another $140 billion in bailout money for greece. all of this is to protect the euro from collapsing. in the words of the german chancellor angela merkel, this is the biggest crisis since world war ii. she went on to say it would be irresponsible not to assume the risk. the fox business network's ashley webster is with us now. if you would explain how this deal works. >> what this does is initially buys greek breathing room if you like. there are those that say okay we will forgive 50% on every dollar you have lent. 50 cents, that's not enough. are they going to repay all the debts that they have? probably not. what it does do though is gives banks opportunities to get assets written down. what we don't want to happen is for the contagion to spread around europe. that means they have added fire power to bailout fund in europe up to $1.4 trillion. is it enough? what if italy runs into problem and starts to, perhaps, default
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on its debts? they don't think that $1 trillion, shep is enough. we have to wait and see. the banks themselves are being told they need more cash on their books just in case. all about confidence. this is a good start. but by no means is the debt crisis over. >> shepard: how does it help our economy though in the u.s. >> like it or not we are intertwined all over the world. certainly the european and american economies. european downturn means u.s. products and services are not going to be in demand. what does that mean? that's a drag on the u.s. economy. it's also a drag on jobs. and don't forget, there are u.s. banks out there that have tremendous exposure. not only to greece but to italy, portugal, spain, and island. if those loans start to default, shep, those banks will be in trouble and trigger whole new global recession. that's why this is so important. >> shepard: thank you so much. a teacher who had sex with five teenage students is now headed to prison for four years. she was a high school gym teacher from lebanon, ohio,
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crying as officers cuffed her and took her out of the courtroom today. the judge didn't buy her insanity defense in which she claimed the teens took advantage of her. >> clearly have some mental health issues which i'm considering and will continue to consider as i deal with you, ma'am, but you crossed a line. >> shepard: before the sentencing emotions boiled over in court as some of the victims' parents explained how the sex had affected their families. >> psychologically, our son and entire family has been impacted greatly by her choice to have sexual relations with these five young men. these young men may appear as if they are tough guys but, in reality, they are truly hurting. >> shepard: well, in all, five teens testified that their teacher hosted drug and alcohol-fueled sex parties at her home. all of the x rated details came out in court. >> since we had all the oil on our back, that's what led to us getting in the bubble bath. getting in the bathtub.
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>> you had oil during your back massage? >> yeah. >> shepard: in all, the judge could have sent the teacher to prison for 80 years. steve brown with the news. is he live in our midwest newsroom tonight. steve, i don't know, will she actually be locked up for four years? >> well, there is the possibility, judge peler left that open that she could be eligible for judicial release in six months. eligible and getting it, two different things. judge was also judge and jury in this case. it was a nonjury trial. and judge peler had this assessment as not very convincing at all for the defense team. >> your attorneys have made a valiant and compelling argument on your behalf. i cannot make the magnificent leap required to accept a proposition that at the time of the commission of the offense you did not know as a result of severe mental disease of defect
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the wrongfulness of your acts. >> in addition to her sentence whether it's six months or four years she will have to register as a sex offender and be on probation for five years, shep? >> shepard: the parents were indicating today that these bubble baths and oil massages and all that go along with it were very distressing to their teenage sons. how are they doing? >> well, according to one father who spoke just before sentencing was pronounced, he said that his son had essentially been completely transformed. >> he suffered through depression. he lost motivation, almost didn't go to college. he didn't want to be around family or anyone. my son is not who he used to be. >> the same story from the other parent who spoke just before sentencing that their sons have had to go through counseling and now they have trust issues with authority figures. shep? >> shepard: steve brown live tonight in chicago. steve, thanks very much. did michael jackson turn into a drug addict in the days and months before he died? that was the testimony today at
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the trial of the doctor accused of killing the pop star. we'll have details. plus, remember those exotic animals that ran all over ohio or at least a town in ohio? police killed most of them but some survived. and there is a fight now over their future. and a showdown at the zoo. that's just ahead from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. congratulations. congratulations. congralations. today, the city of charlotte can use verizon technology to inspire binesses to conserve energy and monitor costs. making communities greener... congratulations. ... and buildings as valuable to the bottom line... whoa ! ... as the people inside them. congratulations. because when you add verizon to your company, you don't just add, you multiply. ♪ discover something new... verizon.
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>> shepard: another day loaded in court today with drama calling another witness in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's physician. interesting to note the nation's other top propofol doc testified last week for the prosecution. we're told they were best friends but not after this. of course, propofol is the drug that led to michael jackson's death, they tell us. the jury also heard that michael jackson got regular shots of a pain killer along with botox
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injections in his arm pits and his groin don't ask me. that apparently to top excessive sweating. the defense says that jackson was going through withdrawal symptoms from the pain killer and that he gave himself a deadly dose of the propofol to help him sleep. but prosecutors say dr. murray was negligent in jackson's death when he gave the singer regular treatment of the powerful drugs normally used in surgery. they showed the jury pictures of the singer's nightstand covered with those prescription bottles, remember? they played audio of michael jackson like we had never heard him before. >> >> shepard: now as the defense wraps up its case, dr. murray is facing the possibility of four years in prison and the loss of his medical licenses if the jury convicts him. adam housley with the news live
4:16 pm
outside the courthouse in los angeles this afternoon. adam, things got a bit heated in the courtroom today. >> yeah, shepard. a bit of a surprise. the defense called two expert witnesses today. their final two witnesses we're told. first by the name of dr. robert waldman addiction specialist who basically told the defense that he thought michael jackson according to his calculations may have been addicted to some of these drugs. during cross-examination the judge had to basically break up the prosecutor and the witness several times. they sparred back and forth. here is just one example. >> you, of course, in your experience, have had patients come to you that had previously received subpar or incompetent addiction care and then came to you and you were able to help them, correct? >> your words, sir, not mine. >> is there a reason why it's so difficult for you to answer my questions and so easy for you to answer mr. chern notify's? >> objection. >> i have no answer. i think -- i never made such statement. >> i didn't ask you if you made that statement.
4:17 pm
>> you are actually putting the words in my mouth. >> your honor, would the court instruct the witness to answer the question? >> shepard, you could see it got contentious in court a number of times. the jury a couple of times chuckled, shepard. >> shepard: the lawyers believe the propofol expert is going to be the most important. what did that expert have to say. >> court just ended about 15 minutes ago. he started right after lunch. he was on the whole afternoon. still the defense attorneys talking to him. they haven't had a cross-examination of him yet. paul white is his name. his credentials are absolutely exceptional. as strong as the prosecution's star witness. so far what he says is that he believes michael jackson may have, in fact, overdosed himself. something that, of course, the prosecution star witness says that didn't happen. take a listen. >> the elephant in the room being conrad murray has been accused of infusing a dose of propofol and leaving his
4:18 pm
patient. you can justify that? >> absolutely not. >> as you can see, the defense attorney got right to the point, shepard, early on and then got to more of the medical terminology. that's where they are at shepard as court ended today. back on the stand first thing tomorrow morning. >> shepard: adam housley at the courthouse in downtown l.a. a woman showed up at the columbus zoo today and said i want my animals back. the animals that survived that run loose through the part of ohio last week. the zoo's response? you can't have them. investigators say the woman's hospital shot himself shortly after he released dozens of wild animals including tigers and lions and bears and monkeys. police shot dead most of them. but the columbus zoo took in the survivors, including three leopards and a grizzly. hours ago the man's widow arrived at the zoo armed with a truck and a lawyer to try to get those animals back. instead, the state ordered them
4:19 pm
quarantined. >> that means that the animals will be staying here until the department of agriculture decides they can leave. >> shepard: we're told the quarantine is indefinite. attorneys for the former presidential candidate john edwards have been trying to get a criminal case thrown out before it ever gets to trial. and tonight the judge has decided what's next for this man next. plus, lawmakers asking secretary of state hillary clinton about the fast and furious drug -- i should say gun scandal. and she did not appear to like the questions. how that went down coming up. what ya usin' there, kevin? lipless crankbait, jamie. seems you'd be best off with a red eye shad.
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>> shepard: the occupy protesters' tents popping up in oakland, california this time the cops aren't trying to stop them. this is the police chief promise as vigorous investigation into this week's quite violent
4:23 pm
confrontations with demonstrators. clashes that left an iraqi war vet seriously hurt with a fractured skull. [explosion] >> shepard: you can see an explosion going off just feet from the injured man. not clear exactly what the former marine was hit in the head with antiwar veterans group claims it was some sort of police projectile and today in new york where the occupy wall street protests began, cold rain dampened the demonstrations in lower manhattan, a very different scene from last night. [shouting] >> shepard: protesters shot this video during a march against the police crackdown in oakland. organizers say the images show uniformed nypd officers roughing up citizens. meantime, we're getting an idea of how the nation views the growing movement. 48% of folks in a fox news poll say they would rather see their children grow up to be wall street executive while 26% say
4:24 pm
they want their kids to occupy protester. think about that. around one in four americans would rather their children live in a tent in a public park backing drums than be a big wig on wall street. tells you how much times are changing doesn't it? >> trace gallagher live from west coast news hub. we are learning more about what may have hit that iraq war vet. >> police acknowledge they were using beaten bags that night as well as gas canister. it was not a bean bag. he is iraqi war vet. one man claims after olson was hit in the head he was trying to help him but police began firing at him. he says he was hit and he knows what he was hit with. here is the accusation followed by the chief of police's response. listen. >> i was trying to like carrying him away and they shot me in the side. >> what was that? >> it was a rubber bullet. >> to my knowledge, none of the oakland police officers used rubber bullets. we don't have that in our inventory.
4:25 pm
there was also rumor that we used wooden dows. we don't have that in our inventory. >> other agencies were also on scene. the chief was asked if they might have shot rubber bullets and he said they certainly should not have. shep? >> shepard: the cops are promising a vigorous investigation. have they explained what that means exactly. >> they call it a level one investigation. they say it's the same level as if one of their officers was hurt which means they will have internal review and the d.a. will look and process all the evidence. this videotape is key to that. it picks up right after that iraqi war vet was hit. you can see people gathering to help him. now watch a police officer spot shadowed. he will actually throw some more tear gas, see right there into the crowd and the crowd disperses again. listen again to the chief of police now. >> we are gathering the footage of the incident. we are investigating that. that will be at the top of our list to determine what happened, who used force against him. whether or not it was justifiable.
4:26 pm
>> trace: and that investigation begins immediately. scott olson is now listed as being in fair condition. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles. thanks. still october but snowing in texas. and another storm that could bring the same to the eastern united states. a live report from our -- that's ugly, isn't it? man, kill joy. plus, police suddenly expanding the search for that infant who disappeared three weeks ago. details on where they have looked now and why straight ahead as fox reports live tonight.
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>> shepard: police expanding their search for a missing baby in missouri. officers used a bolt to scour the lake near the parents' home in kansas city. police say there was no specific tip that led them there and they were not able to find anything. there has been no sign at all of lisa irwin for three weeks. that's when parents say somebody snatched her from her crib. they don't seem to buy it the family is exhausted. you will remember last week cops said cadaver dogs picked up the scent of a body in their home and little lisa's mother admitted to fox news or said to fox news at least that she dranked heavily and may have blanked out the night her daughter vanished. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the presidential candidate rick perry says he is going to skip some of the upcoming g.o.p.
4:31 pm
debates. a campaign spokesman tells fox news that the texas governor will decide on a case by case basis. this comes after the governor's admittedly poor performances in recent debates and a sharp drop in the polls all with less than 10 weeks to go before the iowa caucuses. doug mckelway is live in d.c. tonight. doug, skipping the debates. this should come as a big shock to nobody. after all he said he wasn't any good, adam. >> that's true. conventional thinking suggests that maybe it is understandable given the shear number of debates. there is still something like 16 or more of them tentatively scheduled. some candidates have complained that all of this debate preparation after all interferes with real job at this time of the year campaigning. skipping debates is a very risky strategy, especially for a candidate like perry who has admittedly not done very well in them. >> if perry decides to forego debates, it's simply going to the add to the belief that he is not up for the debates and, hence, not up for the debates with president obama.
4:32 pm
there is no way you are going to be able to avoid the debates with president obama. >> the new fox poll out yesterday shows how precipitously perry has dropped from frontrunner status in august from a high of 29% he has now dropped to 10% among likely republic primary voters. shep? >> shepard: doug mckelway on capitol hill. thanks. secretary of state hillary clinton getting into quite an exchange with one lawmaker over operation fast and furious. officials say that operation's goal was to see how weapons move from american stores to mexican drug cartels. but, instead, the feds seem to have lost track of hundreds of guns and investigators say they found two of those weapons at the scene where somebody murdered this u.s. border patrol agent named brian terry. that was last year. today the republic congressman coney mac asked secretary clinton about her department's involvement in fast and furious. >> did the state department issue the justice department a license or a written waiver in order to allow for the transfer of thousands of weapons across
4:33 pm
the u.s., mexico border? >> well, congressman, you know, this is the first time i have been asked this. and i can tell you that based on the record of any activity by the bureau that would have been responsible we see no evidence but, let me do a thorough request to make sure that what i'm telling you reflects everything we know. >> sit on the panel. thank you. >> shepard: in fact, secretary clinton says as far as she can remember the first time she learned about all of this it was in the press. well, the criminal trial of the former white house hopeful john edwards is now set to start in january. a federal judge today shot down a request from john edwards' attorneys to throw out charges that he illegally used campaign funds to cover up his illicit affair. prosecutors say edwards used close to $1 million in campaign cash to pay for his mistress' living expenses during the 2008 campaign. of course, the former north
4:34 pm
carolina senator has since admitted to fathering a child with that mistress. one time campaign aide. defense attorneys argued the dismissal calling for the charges politically motivated. a fox weather alert now and dangerous caribbean storm is making landfall. reportedly forcing some 10,000 tourists to get out of there. it's tropical storm rina formerly known as hurricane rina, it's weakened as it reaches up cancun, mexico. still hitting the beaches pretty hard with maximum sustained winds topping 17 miles per hour. rick reichmuth is with us now and there were some questions about whether this storm might actually hit south florida. >> yeah. some indications that it could have hit south florida. the keys maybe now i don't think we are talking about. talking about a weakened storm. winds around 60 miles per hour. kind of a slow moving storm. it's been battering places like cancun for a very long time. track of the storm though is looking good. it's going to move just about another 20, 30 miles to the
4:35 pm
north and dive back down to the south and dissipate. we are not really too concerned. for anybody in the u.s. from this storm. >> coagulation -- i'm seeing ugliness in the northeast. >> we had snow in amarillo, texas today. that's today also a big storm today across far interior sections of the northeast. places like vermont, new hampshire, higher elevations getting some snow. get ready. we're potentially talking about first snowflakes flying in d.c., philadelphia, new york city and boston by the time we get towards saturday afternoon. take a look at that shepard. that white right where new york is that's saturday afternoon. d.c., philly, same story. >> shepard: the temperature dropped like 15 degrees during "studio b" today. we went outside. it's nuts. game six of the world series tonight in st. louis. >> no problems at all. >> shepard: they didn't postpone this one. >> they won't postpone it. if there is another game tomorrow looking better. tonight is going to be a cold
4:36 pm
one. bundle up for that game. >> shepard: rick reichmuth. good to see you pal. >> you too. >> shepard: if you are going to visit any farms in the future bring along your g.p.s. because for at least the seconds time this month somebody has gotten lost and called for police. they needed a rescue. >> this is very embarrassing. >> shepard: i bet it is. this man and his wife were enjoying a day of apple picking in stow, massachusetts, northwest of boston. plenty of fun until it was time to leave. >> i just followed my wife. she is a speech pathologist. she a teacher. she knows everything. >> shepard: should note that guy is a former meteorologist. a guy who studied maps for a living. he wants to blame the wife. okay. >> she goes follow me i know where we are going. i said oh really? she brought me down this dirt road. >> shepard: except that road didn't lead back to the car. >> if you go off the beaten path and you are walking through the woods, you have no idea where you are. >> shepard: with darkness falling, the couple had to make a decision. >> if worse comes to worse, we will call the police. i said i don't want to call the
4:37 pm
stow police. i said i'm a grown man. how can i get lost in a flipping apple orchard. >> police. >> we're in honey pot orchard and we can't find our way out. we're walking and it's getting dark. >> shepard: more than an hour later help arrived and the couple returned to safety and milwaukeery. >> it's not really a maize, it's an orchard. ridiculous. >> embarrassed. it was getting late in the afternoon. we had people that can't find their way but we are usually there to help them out it was later in the day and we had gone home for the night. >> former meteorologist had just one question for the owner. >> i said hey, by the way how many people actually get lost? he goes nobody. [ laughter ] >> shepard: maybe not at that farm. but remember what happened a couple of weeks ago in nearby danvers mass when a family got lost in a corn maze. >> i don't see anybody. it's really scared. it's dark and we have a 3 week old baby with us.
4:38 pm
>> relax your husband is with you, right. >> yes. >> i understand. and the police officer is on the way. >> shepard: they got out safely as well. no injuries to either family except for the pride. well, after the raid that took out usama bin laden in pakistan, u.s. military officials say our communication with that vital ally broke down. now it seems the icy relations are finally starting to thaw or it seems. but what is pakistan doing to hunt down the terrorists who were attacking u.s. troops? a live report coming. plus, lindsay lohan's father, picture of excellence. is he under attack for the second time this week. and police say michael lohan took extreme steps to avoid going to jail. one week, two arrests, hang on. and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military
4:39 pm
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>> shepard: the not war in libya is not a not war anymore. finished. that from the united nations which today ended nato's
4:42 pm
military operations there exactly one week after the death of that country's former dictator muammar qaddafi. meantime over in iraq the pentagon's scheduled to withdraw just about all u.s. troops by the end of the year. withbut in afghanistan the end s still apparently a long way away. and recent reports suggesting pakistan's intelligence service was behind a series of attacks in the afghan capital only really makes the situation even hurricanier. get to jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. there was another one of those drone things in a place where we are in the middle of a not war even. >> pretty significant strike. six missiles were fired at a vehicle traveling in south waziristan inside pakistan killing five top taliban militants within a network that until today had been treated with kid gloves by pakistan. the commanders belong to a network run by muzire who commands 1200 firefighters. >> i made it very clear to the pakistanis that the attack on
4:43 pm
our embassy was outrage and attack on our base that injured 77 of our soldiers was a similar outrage. >> clinton was in pakistan last week with general james matis the head of centcom and cia director david petraeus, shep. >> shepard: is there more cooperation for pakistan now, jennifer that the secretary had that visit last week? >> it's not clear but secretary of state clinton told u.s. lawmakers on the hill today that the pakistan's intelligence service the isi had asked her to meet with the leader of the hakani group to ease tensions between the two sides. a top u.s. commander suggested pakistan may be playing a double game. >> we have seen indications where fires have originated from positions that were in close proximity to some pakistan outposts which, as you might imagine, give us great concern. >> there are four times the number of firings across the border from pakistan into
4:44 pm
afghanistan as there were a year ago according to this u.s. commander, shep. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. jen, thanks. the dead dictator muammar qaddafi's son and former heir apparent has reportedly left libya and he may give himself up soon or that's the word today from u.s. and libyan officials. analysts called saif al islam the face of islam helping the country to end nuclear weapons program. after they stormed tripoli he said he would fight them to the death. right now he is the only one not dead and the only one on the run and official with the transitional government reports he has crossed over libyans southwest border into niger. he is apparently willing to turn himself in for the international criminal court for his role in the deadly crackdown on protesters earlier this year. u.s. lawmakers seeking to question guantanamo bay prisoners about anwar al awlaki's involvement in the attacks of 9/11. he is the american-born radical
4:45 pm
cleric killed in a u.s.-led strike in yemen last month. fox news now confirms the house homeland security committee has requested interviews with at least two guantanamo bay suspects as part of an investigation into anwar al awlaki. he is believed to have been the first american on the cia's capture or kill list. investigators say they have linked the new mexico native to the bloody massacre at fort hood, the failed christmas day bombing, and the attempted attack on times square. a warning tonight for women taking birth control pills. a study by food and drug administration links newer forms of the pill to a possible higher risk of dangerous blood clots. the report even singles out one drug yaz as increasing a woman's risk of developing a clot by 75% compared to older birth control pills. health officials are not telling women to stop taking that pill or any others for that matter. we're told the f.d.a. is planning another review in december. officials at the company that makes yaz say they are looking
4:46 pm
into all of this. it's been one of the most contentious political battles ever the entire year and there have been a lot of them. now republics and democrats have finally found some common ground on the president's jobs bill. common ground? details ahead. plus, cops in ohio pulled over a driver for speeding. and wait until you see what the cops saw when the suspect got out of the car. ystem. it tracks every vehicle in their fleet. it cuts fuel use. koch: it enhances customer service. it's pretty amazing when people who loan you money also show you how to save it. not just money, knowledge. it's so much information, it's like i'm right there in every van in the entire fleet. good day overall. yeah, i'good. come on in. let's go. wow, this is fantastic. ge capital. they're not just bankers. we're builders. they helped build our business.
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>> shepard: agreement in washington? so it seems. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle showing they can get behind some of president obama's job plan, more than a month after he urged congress to pass this bill. today, for the first time in what seems like recorded history, the house passed part of it a small part that eliminates a withholding tax on government contractors but a
4:50 pm
part nonetheless. the speaker of the house john boehner says today's vote could save thousands of jobs. meanwhile some democrats are still criticizing republicans for blocking other parts of this bill. mike emanuel is on capitol hill for all the fun. bipartisan support? what has happened? >> well, a lot of people look at this withholding tax and say it was a lot of red tape. it complicated the tax code. it restricted cash flow for small businesses. you know, the people we need to hire all the people who are out of work. here is speaker john boehner on the vote to repeal. >> this tax repeal was part of our plan to help american job creators. it's also a part of the president's jobs plan and i'm pleased that he supports our efforts to repeal this tax. i think we owe it to the american people to find common ground. repealing this tax is another step in that effort of finding common ground. >> the vote today in the house 405 to 16. it is not very often these days
4:51 pm
you see such a lopsided vote, shep? >> shepard: not at all hilarious. both sides taking credit for the same thing. going to go down in the senate, right? >> it's interesting because the senate last week defeated a republic-sponsored measure to repeal this withholding tax so senior democratic leadership aides say that senator harry reid when they get back in session next week will want to meet with his fellow democrats to talk about the way forward from here. but there will be great pressure to get this done when you consider the overwhelming vote in the house of representatives and the bottom line that the president of the united states, barack obama wants to get this done as well. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live in the echo chamber up on capitol hill. thanks very much. tennis shoes, fish net stockings and a g string. not mike emanuel but at least one person seems to consider that the perfect outfit for driving. police outside cleveland, ohio say they caught this woman speeding at up to 128 miles per hour and had to use spike strips to blow out her tires. you can see in this dash cam
4:52 pm
video she got out of the sedan and showed off for the police. yeah, hello, hello. once they put her in the police car, she decided to put up a fight, they tell us and the cameras caught that, too. she has pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence and speeding among other things. the father of the actress lindsay lohan back in cuffs again today just hours after he got out of jail on domestic violence charges. police initially arrested michael lohan on tuesday after he reportedly beat his ex-girlfriend during a bit of an argument. the judge yesterday gave him a very strict warning before releasing him on bail. >> if you even dream about her and you violate my order, you will go to jail. >> shepard: but he did more than dream. his excontacting police saying she got a harassing phone call just from him last night. when cops got to his hotel early this morning, they say he tried to escape by jumping from his balcony 34 feet up. we're told he may have broken his foot. paramedics took him to jail for booking, then to the hospital for a medical evaluation.
4:53 pm
have you seen the halloween house? the one that's been burning up the internet? now the guy who built that light show is telling us how he did it. we'll take you inside presently. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent.
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ford fusion has now been named the most dependable midsize car by jd power and associates. we go to kimberly. any thoughts on this news? i have no idea what's goin on. we are out. what was that? they told me it's the most dependable midsize sedan and they ran back into their little box. shep shep watching america's leading news on cable. this is the fox report. a man who lives in the slums in india has won a million dollars on a tv game show. the guy says he couldn't afford tv set and had to watch india's version of who wants to be a billionaire from a neighbor's house. they urged him to try out for the show because he always seemed to know the right answers so he did and sure enough he got every question right and took home a check for more than $1 million from india's version of regis philbin. of course his story parallels the slumdog millionaire which won eight oscars including best
4:57 pm
picture. a house in southern california has a face and it sings. a guy says he spent years working on what he calls his halloween light-o-rama, but it only took a few days for the video to go viral ♪ party rocking in the house tonight ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ and we going to make you lose your mind ♪ we just want to see you ♪ shake that >> shepard: owner brought a program online to get the whole thing started but everything you see here is custom made including the four singing pumpkin faces. he says t took thousands of lights and 15 hours to program every 60 seconds of music for a show that lasts a half an hour. >> basically everything is controlled by the computer here and these are all the controllers and you can see i have got quite a bit of extension cords and they go out to the lights.
4:58 pm
>> shepard: painstaking process apparently paid off more than 3 million people have clicked the link so far and hundreds have lined up to see the light show in person. for the record he says his neighbors don't hate him. news from the future yet. before we go our team's top five things of the day britain's prince charles claims is he related to the mid evil romanian war lord better known as dracula. number four, officials in new york say they are investigating a pension scam involving long island railroad employees that could total a billion dollars. number three, an expert witness in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor believes the singer had been addicted to powerful pain killer before his death. number two tonight a former ohio school teacher sentenced to four years in jail for having sex with five teenage students and number one, the dow soared more than 300 points today after european leaders announced a plan to contain their debt
4:59 pm
crisis and that's "the fox report's" top five on this date in 1873 farmer in illinois patented a product that would forever reshape the american west. bausched wire. the invention had actually been around for some time but as with so many great inventions our farmer made it better. instead of a single wire the new design had two strands twisted together to hold the barbs more firmly in place. also easy to produce and easy to install. as homesteaders would soon discover, it was far cheaper than wood fencing, weather proof, and required less maintenance. and it sure kept those cows in line. before long bausched wire also changed the face of warfare and prisons and junkyards but a farmer had a sharp idea 138 years ago today and now you know the news for this


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