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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 28, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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the way the bill is structured there are disincentives for women to marry and disensigntives for women to work. for a bill that is supposed to make americans healthier, that is startling. >> glenn: they will find it more advantageous to be single than married because it's easier to afford health coverage. why? the new law has subsidiaries for those without insurance to buy it on the new exchanges but the subsidy is tied to an income level. incomes not based on individual but a family. that creates a perverse incentive. >> two single could earn $43,000 and have help with the federal government with the premium. if they got married and combined the earning to $86,000 they would be far
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above the limit. >> they would lose the subsidy and be on their own for thousands of healthcare dollars. democrats say it has other advantages that it covers preventative care with no co-pay. >> each individual has unique circumstances and challenges, there are generally significant benefits that result in good healthcare laws of the american public. >> when it's implemented families will have new options in good economic times and in bad. >> critics say it doesn't change the fact that getting married would make it harder for many to afford health insurance. >> millions of families are stuck in no man's land. it took years to get the marriage penalty out of the tax code. economists said this morning it would come storming back in
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the healthcare law. one other note, this should not be seen as an excuse for people with commitment issues to avoid getting married. but it might affect their health insurance. >> bret: today, they voted to repeal a law for state, local government to withhold 3% of contractor fees until they pay their taxes. the repeal vote goes to the u.s. senate. nancy pelosi today refused to endorse medicare and social security cuts proposed by senate democrats. she also said a counteroffer from republicans on the deficit super committee is not bold or balanced enough, because it does not include tax increases on the wealthy. >> good news for seniors, medicare basic monthly premium will not go up as much as previously agreed. last spring, the prediction
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was more than $10 a month. younger beneficiaries who pay higher rates will get a cut of $15.5 a month. some cities are moving ahead to visit local protesters who have taken up the occupy wall street cause. they hope to avoid problems experienced by others this week, including atlanta and oakland. >> demonstrators were out of site huddling under tarps to escape the steady rain. wednesday night in oakland, cams, they did not stay in the plaza that has been declared off-limits overnight. this was the scene tuesday when they cleared the area. demonstrators responded with rocks and bottles. >> when protesters act, we
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take appropriate responses. our job is protect the life and property and make sure sits of oakland are safe. >> police are now investigating how one demonstrator, an iraq war veteran suffered a cracked skull in tuesday's skirmish. scott olson, 24-year-old marine upgraded from critical to fair condition. police chief say they are investigating the incident as vigorously as they would a fatal police shooting. hundreds marched in support of the demonstrators. occupy wall street protesters are getting professional help from the veteran activists who work for acorn. it has a group acorn for change that are supporting the demonstration. and why they decline fox news demonstration to discuss the story but issued a statement saying in part, the fox news is trying to discredit occupy wall street. we don't pay protesters and
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any monies raised by the nycc's canvass are used in support of our own campaign, period. they say they will keep braving the element the make their point. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> bret: federal agents working with the u.s. border, with mexico say environmental laws keep them from patrolling large swallets of land there. they say the illegal immigrants and smugglers know where the lands are and use them with impunity. some lawmakers are trying to give agent unfettered access to the areas. environmental groups oppose the effort. still to come, why a lot of people want to get rid of a law you probably never heard of. residents of one country asked how much toleran
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>> bret: secretary of state hillary clinton says she found out about the operation fast and furious by the news media. she was grilled on any interaction between justice department and the state department over the failed gun trafficking operation. >> we have no record of any requests for coordination, we have no record of any notice or heads up my recollection is i learned about prit the press. that is my recollection. >> bret: fox news learned the homeland security suspect wants to question two suspects from guantanamo bay about involvement of an american born cleric in the 9/11 attack. the committee is seeking answers from the jordanian national and syrian national who were reportedly part of the 9/11 support network with
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the late cleric anwar al-awlaki who was killed in a c.i.a. operation last month. in overseas news, the u.n. security council voted unanimously today to end the authorization of military action in libya on october 31. meanwhile, a british team is helping in the search for gaddafi era weapons that are unaccounted for. other news, one of gaddafi's sons reportedly crossed the libyan boarder to niger. he may want to fly to the hague and turn himself in to the war crimes court there. american civil rights activist jesse jackson made a trip to sweden to advocate for multiculturalism. there is a serious debate going on in the country how far the globalization effort should go. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg went there to see what is happening. >> sweden a country known for social tolerance, open door to the persecuted and hungry, some say it doesn't look that much like sweden anymore. >> it's credit a society where
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the swedes don't feel at home anymore. >> the far right sweden democrats got in the parliament last year for the first time. with the help of this campaign ad. burqa clad wed filed past to get their benefits. the demographic equivalent of small side muslim city bring up from sweden each year. >> the people from somalia does nothing more and we expect them to be benefit to a society. >> the waves of immigration and growing resistance to it led to the outbursts of violence; particularly, in malmo, the city with the largest concentration of newcomers. many in muslim neighborhoods feel unwelcome. there have been riots. firefighters have come under attack in the mostly muslim neighborhood of rosen guard. >> after their experience with the riot. firefighters will often refuse to answer calls without a
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police escort. the main mosque was torched a few years back. head of the islamic center shows some of hate mail he received. he blames bigots and extremist muslims that don't like the message that immigrants should try harder to blend in. >> even for me, it's strange to see a woman wearing a burqa. >> they invite non-muslim students to learn about the culture. the mayor believes rather than cut way back on immigration as the sweden democrats propose, swedes must work harder to help bring newcomers in the fold. >> they have young people coming in the school. coming directly from the conflict zones. in different parts of the world. and carrying with them trauma. >> swedes are torn between humanitarian responseability to help those looking for a better place to raise families. and the need to protect the
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swedish way of life. a debate that clearly resonates in many parts of the world. in malmo, sweden, amy kellogg, fox news. >> bret: saudi arabia has a new crown prince tonight. he is interior minister prince niyettte and he replaces the prince who died of cancer last week. today is the final day of the three-day mourning period. he known as a conservative who may not necessarily favor political reforms. a u.s. senate candidate who claimed to be the mother of the occupy wall street movement is backing off. that is next in the grapevine. students getting two days off for teachers not to go to a co
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. public school students in wisconsin are enjoying a long weekend thanks to an annual two-day teacher union convention. that won't actually take place. many districts had already sent their calendars before the state's largest teachers union canceled the convention. after changes in the state law weakened the collective bargaining. some districts are in session while others are off for one day. others are off for both days. a wisconsin state journal columnist at home watching his kids today writes maybe administrators and teachers who despite the school calendar always contend they work way more than 9-1/2 months a year anyway, will
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agree that there may be legitimate reasonser canceling classes in october, but that union conventions are not among them. u.s. senate candidate elizabeth warren is clarifying remarks she made claiming credit for occupy wall street movement. the massachusetts democrat told the daily beast, "i created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do." today, she said she meant to say she has protested against wall street abuses for long time. prior to warren's clarification today, the boston globe quoted democratic governor duvall palt rick saying, "it's kind of patronizing for politicians to adopt the movement as their own." more support for occupy wall street from unlikely places. in recent days iranians staged protests supporting occupy wall street. chanting anti-u.s. slogans and calling for the united states and human rights groups to get involved. north korea's official news
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agency says capitalism benefits the privileged class, while, "the working masses are forced to poverty and debt." ♪ ♪ >> bret: we focus on the republican candidates sniping at each other, saying one thing or another. but there are a few things several of them agree on. one of those is repeal of an obscure provision of the law that was intended to combat accounting fraud. chief washington correspondent james rosen on why so many people want to get rid of it. >> it's 2012 mantra for 2012. >> sarbanes-oxley. >> sarbanes-oxley, done by the republicans, it cost trillion dollars, too. >> you got section 404 of sarbanes-oxley, which i would, i would repeal. >> a decade ago, amid the passive accounting scandals that toppleed enron, worldcom and
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arthur andersen, it was a republican president who signed in law the public company accounting reform and investor protection act. better known as sarbanes-oxley after the two sponsored or sox for short. >> free markets are not a jungle where only the unscrupulous survives. >> sox's heart and soul is section 404 which requires publicly held companies to include in the annual reports their own assessment of the internal accounting controls and that of an independent auditor. conservatives site compliance cost of 404, originally estimated by the securities and exchange commission to be $91,000 per company. but later revived upward by the sec to $2.8 million per company. >> smaller firms pay lower amount but higher cost of revenue. results in lower, decrease in ipo and u.s. exchanges. >> former congressman oxly defends his signature legislation but is open to amendments. >> i think a lot of people i talk to now say they feel it
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was tough medicine but we needed that to restore confidence in investing public. >> president obama jobs coun several, house republicans expressed support for revising sarbanes-oxley to ease support on the mid-size companies. it has a frequent flier program where firms with excellent records can post their required audit every other year. in washington, james rosen fox news. >> a federal judge in north carolina refused to dismiss criminal charges against the former democratic senator and presidential candidate john edwards. edwards is accused of using campaign money to cover up an extramarital affair and lying about it on the financial reports. his trial is set for next year. we will talk about the new economic numbers. stock surge today and the euro zone deal. when the fox all-stars join me
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i was very pleased to see that the leader of europe recognize that it is both in europe's interest and the world's interest that the situation stabilize. it will definitely have an impact on us in the united states. >> yesterday, a new lead was turned in europe and a number of hopeful days are ahead of us, for europe and the united states. as the economies and our fate in many way in the world are tied together. >> bret: a euro zone bail-out deal reached. agreement by european leader ins belgium late last night. they came to that agreement. that was good news for the market today. here in the u.s. the dow shot up about 340 points. big day, putting it over 12,000. added to that was the news that the gdp, the gross rate
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here in the country 2.5%. double what it was. but still not where it needs to be. according to the administration. and the economists. bring in our panel. juan williams, columnist with the hill. eastbound -- nina easton. we start with you on the euro zone deal. we talk to gerri willis about this, how firm it is. >> the market reacted well but you have to ask whether this isn't pushing problems down the line. it cuts the debt payment of greece. but the debt of greece is still 120% of gdp. it is still high. greece hasn't taken the hard decisions it needs to take like cutting government wages. like lowering investments to -- lowering the barriers to foreign investment in the
1:40 am
country. bringing in the shopkeepers to taxpayer system. it hasn't taken on the hard decisions. neither has italy. you still have problems hanging out there. it reacted well because it's culmination of the scrabbling that made them nervous. there is political leadership to come together and take a good step is a sign. but there is more to come. >> bret: so it feels like the tarp deal this you get over the hump. there is stuff out there. do you agree? >> i do. excellent synopsis. the perspective is more from an american and political perspective. this is an ill tration of how structural issue affect the economy. it's 5% of the american bank assets would have been impacted if you had a default
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over there in europe. that would have had cratering effect on a fragile economic recovery in the united states. looking down the line, i think that the market responded well is that there was evidence of political leadership. hand the problem to keep it from spreading here to the united states. that means capital locked up in the united states, for the big corporation now may have a reason to say you know what? it won't get worse. we have reason to have optimism. this is critical going to holiday season. for the investor class, banks and corporation, good news for america. >> bret: there is still tough austerity measures ahead for the european countries. some of them are still december pilot this deal on the precipice of not a great -- despite this deal on the precipice not a great economy. >> we don't know if the bank in europe will get the default
1:42 am
notice to act as the insurance, because it involves many bank taking as will of 50 cents on the dollar or the euro if you will. the other thing to note is we have seen over the past couple of years that stock market will have a great day. a great week. a great month. we get a good gdp number. down tic in unemployment if you will but we haven't seen a full-throated recovery, month over month, housing, construction, services, manufacturerring. i think what we have seen today is very good news. particularly if you are somebody that works in washington. maybe the american people can look at this and go we have had a good day but we don't know what this means because as we have seen, what satisfies the investor class over the past couple of years as juan put it. aptly so. doesn't always make entrepreneurs and businesses around the country feel like time to start investing cash. >> bret: here is what the white house said about it today a the house speaker went in on the politics.
1:43 am
>> 2.5% growth may be better than the priest quarter but it's not good enough. absolutely not good enough. >> american families and small businesses are struggling. that's why republicans are focused on finding common ground between the two parties. to put the americans back to work. >> bret: a lot of talk of finding common ground today but not a lot happening on that front. >> i have to say, if i was the white house i'd take the 2.5 as a political matter and run with it. it's good news. but, you know, when you talk to business leaders as i have had the opportunity to do in the last week, high-level ceos, the focus is not on the third quarter, it's on the fourth quarter. there is fear on the volatility. david put his finger on it. the market went like this, but it could tank on tuesday because super committee comes to -- >> bret: lagerhead. >> on something. day before thanksgiving they come to lagerhead on something. what was interesting about the ceos is that they say yes orders are up.
1:44 am
a lot of cash on the balance sheet. some of them are hiring a little bit. but they have the gut fear in their stomach about uncertainty. it's uncertainty over political leadership. political leadership in europe, and the super committee is hanging out there, once again we are going to see the market gyrations as they, you know, come up to a deadline. they agree, they don't agree. what is going to happen? there is a lot of fear about that. >> bret: on the politics side, juan, republicans talking about a number of provisions that have passed the house, that have not been taken up in the senate. they believe they could change for the positive. economic situation. the white house is asked today about speaking with speaker boehner, and if the president had done that. apparently he hasn't since the trade deals passed. >> he is in campaign mode. he is out there campaigning and he is campaigning and apparently according to the polls that we have at fox having some effect. if you look right now, i think it was 50% or so. just looking here at any
1:45 am
numbers. 30%. said they think that the -- 52% think president obama has good ideas but too few of them have passed. you stop and you think about that. people think that president obama is doing something. but failing to get it passed through this congress. that is a political message i think he has been out there hammering on campaign mode. republicans respond and it goes back to what you said, everybody is talking about common grounds. they want to make it clear they have been taking steps. maybe not steps that the president agreed or the steps that the democrats agree with. but they want to be on the record to do something constructive to create jobs in the economy to counter the political message that republicans want to oppose and block anything he proposes. >> bret: if you ask another question, same fox poll, 77% of the republicans
1:46 am
dissatisfied with the direction of the country. >> people say we like the extension of the payroll tax cut, the poll you refer to. but they are not happy with what the obama policies have done to the economy. >> it's a leadership quotient. this is where the president loses even if he can blame the republicans in the house for not moving his agenda forward. they are going to blame him in the sense he is the coach of the team. you can't get him to act, we'll hire somebody else who will. that's what you have to worry about. >> bret: next up, the latest 2012 campaign news an polls. 2012 campaign news an polls. stay with u nationwide insurance, what's up ? what's vanishing deductible all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductle. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? the next year... that was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side
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they say one person, who has the, pearance -- [ inaudible ] and the solutions and the
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smartest came pain. now we want to keep moving forward. >> the debates are set up for nothing more than to tear down the candidates. it's pretty hard to be able to sit and lay out your ideas and your concepts with a one-minute response. >> i use the word "choice" talking about a specific situation that he was trying to pigeon hole me on. that's what they use to try and come after me. i am pro-life. from conception. end of story. >> the key to a tax policy to reduce the tax burden on the people who have been hurt most by the obama economy. that's the middle class. >> just a flavor of a few of the candidates on g.o.p. side. as we just brought up last night, the newest fox news poll of this race. national poll that shows herman cain topping the list at 24%. there you see mitt romney at 20%. newt gingrich, quadrupling his percentage in the poll. other state polls -- back with the panel -- have mitt romney
1:51 am
doing well in early states. we should note that. that are out this week. what about the perry campaign coming out and saying, not saying definitively that they are not going to play, but noting that 16 debates over 12 weeks coming up are a lot of debates. then what he said about debates on bill o'reilly's show. >> i have sympathy for him. we are a little over 60 days to the iowa caucuses. debates are a big waste of time when you want to be on the ground and meet with voters. you have four early states that matter and you want to get over the place. you want to focus on tv ads and messaging. perry has one problem. he did horrible in the debate. the last one he showed fire but even then you could pick apart, because he too mean or too overbearing. for a candidate to do lousy in a particular venue and say i don't want to be here, so
1:52 am
given what it did to his poll standing that's the wrong approach. >> bret: the campaign hasn't pulled out of any debates yet or said they are not going to do it. they are noting. >> they raised the issue. it's not like we suggested maybe he won't show up. so we could criticize him. if he had done really well in the debate, by the way, i'm going great. i don't know if he wants to show up. we'd go ho-hum, he is fine. that is not the case. >> full disclosure, my husband is a romney advisor. the real story in this is the debates are defining who is topping the poll. whoever did well in the debate is top of the poll. herman cain is a likable guy, conservative guy. a simple plan that the washington elites can dismiss, economists can dismiss but it connects with voters. that has helps his rise in the poll. on the perry thing, when i hear him say maybe i won't come to a debate, i think of meg whitman run in california
1:53 am
for governor. where she had trouble, she stumbled on some complex issues early on. as a result pulled back from press access, from the media access. the story line became the imperious meg whitman. that is what is going to happen. that is what he is playing with. that is the fire he is playing with. >> the new tax plan, economic agenda. once again, we're not talking about it. >> bret: governor perry will be on "fox news sunday" this weekend with chris wallace. juan, herman cain. it seems like he is getting some forgiveness from the g.o.p. electorate for some stumbles along the way. things he said. but he automatically comes out and says listen, that is either taken the wrong way number one or i said it wrong, i misspoke. it seems like his likability factor right now gives him a few mulligans. >> teflon. he is a charmer. a strong presence. what is interesting to me picking up on something that nina said people see him as
1:54 am
authentic conservative. you just heard him having to go back on the abortion issue and explain himself, because he was totally incomprehensible as to what his position was. it sounds like he handn't thought it through or he was waffling. instead he comes in and says i'm purely pro-life. we think about the 9-9-9 now, the 9-0-9 plan and the admission, there are flaws there. you think about the conservatives who have actually eviscerateed the plan in terms of the economic good sense. saying it's not good sense and it could raise our taxes. none of it is having any impact. i say there are two things going on here. one is the precipitous drop of mr. perry who looks like he is saying i'm taking my ball and going home. and the fact that herman cain seems to have inherited the anti-romney vote. we see gingrich rising up a little bit. but not the -- he is only, what, he is -- >> bret: 12% in our poll. other polls he is third. you know, gingrich has seen a
1:55 am
surge after the debates. where arguably he performed well. >> what is interesting about the primary and the reason so many republicans have been a little bit less enthusiastic than you might have thought about the field. and what herman cain brings to it so far, is the idea of being inspired and offering a moral underpinning for why you want to move the country in a particular direction. we have seen most candidates offer agenda. most of them offered a level of competence that shows okay, maybe you could be president. but it's very few have yet to show why. why do you want to take me here? herman cain has begun to show that. what he has to show next is he can be presidential. he reminds me of inventor of a great product. the company takes off and he is either the ceo or bring in conventional guy to run the country. >> bret: ron paul was on center seat and made news in the online section in that he said he would not rule out an
1:56 am
independent run, third party run if he did not get the nomination. he essentially said i wouldn't rule it out. that would be a big deal. >> it would be a big deal and have a huge impact. bigger than ralph nader in 2000 and it wouldn't ross perot level in '92. >> it might hurt the republicans. >> absolutely. >> still in the game and wants the nomination. that is it for the panel. got to run. stay tuned to see if the president is thinking about
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>> bret: finally tonight, rumors have circulated that president obama might be making a switch on the ticket next fall now we may know what he thinks about that. >> if you googled yourself today, you would find suggestion that perhaps you would be vice president. that you could do -- there would be a switch radio and you might possibly be the vice president. biden would be secretary of state. is there any chance you would be vice president in the second temple? >> no. there is not. >> is it in the realm of possibility. [ laughter ] >> i d't


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