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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 28, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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it's maybe a subject for speculation on google but it's not -- >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanc embarrassed. noon pacific, 3:00 eastern don't miss it tomorrow. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> how do you change at the age of 50 or 60 positions on life, on guns on traditional marriage? >> bill: as tensions are rising. some say perry can't win he will make sure romney is badly damaged. laura ingraham will analyze. >> apologetic about your loss. you like to live well. >> bill: barbara walters has a special on millionaires even as wall street people demonize the wealthy. we will talk with mr. walters tonight. >> did our president kill people? talk back to me. you have made your president an
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assassin. >> bill: once again the nation of islam lashing out over president obama this time over qaddafi's death. >> now muammar qaddafi lie dead. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the republic party on the brink. fox news poll among likely republic primary voters has herman cain in the lead 24-20 over mitt romney with newt gingrich at 12%. rick perry at 10%. the rest of the candidates are in single digits. rise interesting taken from michele bachmann and governor perry as conservatives rally to the biz man's engaging and direct manner. even though herman case number is running nontraditional
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campaign his popularity is the story of the race thus far. but today the "new york times" reports that cain has just six paid workers in new hampshire and iowa combined. the story goes on to say that his campaign is disorganized in the extreme. be that as it may, there is a stunning difference between the national and state-by-state polling among republicans. according to a cnn/"time" magazine poll in new hampshire romney is at 40%, cain at 13%. south carolina, romney 25, cain 23%. in florida, romney 30%, cain 18%. and in iowa, romney polls at 24%, herman cain 21%. but mr. cain hay may have a secret weapon against mitt romney and that is rick perry. no question governor perry is targeting romney and has millions of dollars to spend on advertising. mr. perry is highlighting romney's big weakness a history of changing his mind. >> how do you change, at the age
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of 50 or 60, positions on life, positions on guns, positions on traditional marriage? i mean, those aren't minor issues, bill. so, to change those at age of 50 or 60 tells you all you need to know about that. >> bill: now, there is a chance that rick perry will become the new best friend of both herman cain and barack obama. the governor's poll numbers have been slow to rise even after he unveiled his tax plan earlier this week. but perry is in it to win it and will aggressively campaign in the months to come. he could do enormous damage to mitt romney or even to herman cain if he chooses to do so. politics is a contact sport. and there are some very hard hits coming down the road. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from reaction. radio talk show star and author of the big best seller of thee i zing laura ingraham. first of all, what did you think of the "new york times" reporting on herman cain today?
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they used anonymous sources. but i want you to incapsule late it for our viewers tonight, laura, because many of them haven't read it and we will save them the trouble. what did you think of the piece? >> basically the piece, quoting mostly a lot of anonymous folks this campaign is kind of in chaos. there are moments where the candidate is supposed to show up, for instance, at an event where there are a lot of potential big donors who could raise a lot of money and somehow the campaign forgets that the event is taking place. things like that. and, look, bill, what we know about the media, right, is that they love these types of stories. they love to report on these types of stories. and pretty much every campaign is going to encounter stories like this. they are always going to be staffers who feel like they're under valued or not being used right. and they will be grumpy and be happy to share their stories with the press. every campaign. gingrich, bachmann, perry to some extent has had to deal with these types of issues. now cain. what we also know is that if you
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are serious about running for president, while you can expect the media to jump on these types of things, you have to be able to run your campaign in an efficient, and professional manner. you know, everybody is going to stumble and everyone is going to forget things, but that can't be routine, right? it can't be the it new normal for the cain campaign. that's where we are. and the "new york times," you know, unsurprisingly is going to cover that angle. cain has to be ready for it. >> bill: all right. because we only have two months now before the first vote january 3rd in iowa. you know, about two months and a couple of days. if herman cain only has six paid employees, i guess you would divide it three and three. three in iowa and three in new hampshire. i don't know if that's true. hard to get inside baseball. >> we all, i think, can conclude that herman cain is probably more surprised than anyone out there that he is where he is on the polls. >> bill: going on now for two or three weeks that his poll numbers have been climbing. >> he isn't a professional
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politician. >> bill: wait, wait, wait, laura. >> he didn't move in the beginning in a way that would have led most people to think he would ever get to the place are he was at. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. we have herman cain on tuesday so he will speak for himself on this. but if i am a candidate and i see my poll numbers rising and i'm doing well in the debates, i got more than six people working for me. come on. it doesn't take a long time to hire people we have 9% unemployment rate in this country. a lot of people like to work for herman cain. it sends a message. >> i don't know. if i were doing this i would handle it differently. if you were doing it you would handle it differently and neither one of us has run for office. he will have to answer that question for himself. >> bill: interesting and that might not. look, what the "new york times" says all we can say. we don't know for sure. on the rick perry front, there is no doubt that rick perry and mitt romney more than just political rivalry here.
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so you have rick perry and he he has to take on the guys that are in front of him he has left cain alone pretty much concentrating on romney. he could start to go after herman a little bit. but it seems to me that they're going to spend their time and money on devaluing mitt romney and that's going to be a problem for romney. >> i actually don't think it's perhaps in the end going to be a problem for romney. it is interesting, bill, on entrade today the betting site to game who is going to be on the top and bottom. entrade has romney 62% likely be the nominee. herman cain is way down and romney is way -- perry way down. >> bill: i'm not a better. >> entrade. >> bill: thing on the internet where you can actually bet real money on who is going to give you best odds a-2, 4-1.
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romney is getting the most action. >> about 62%. look, perry knows that he has got to score big against the guy who unless something crazy happens a lot of people think he will be the nominee. it could change. gingrich could be the new choice. a lot of people looking at gingrich. perry has to score big. he came out late in the game with the flat tax plan. a lot of people are taking notice now. that's good. >> bill: if i'm governor perry, i'm looking at the field. governor perry's support, some of it went to herman cain. it didn't go to mitt romney. >> he doesn't think herman cain is going to be the nominee. he thinks mitt romney is going to be the nominee. >> bill: i have to go to where the support went. i don't think romney people are going to vote for rick perry. even if you slime him, are they going to go over to rick perry. >> he probably thinks that cain is probably going to unravel himself over time and while i like cain a lot and i think a lot of people do i think perry thinks if not cain, cain supporters will eventually go to
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him anyway. got to take down the top dog and train everything toward romney the quote flip flopper and people think he should have said that a long time ago about romney. see how it plays out at this late point. >> bill: there are less than 40 days. >> got to hurry it up. >> bill: bill o' poll question we would like you to consider beside fox news what would be your first choice in tv news. give you the results tomorrow. barbara walters has special on billionaires even while some on the left are demonizing some in america. she will be here. six graders will be compelled to learn about sex in a veryúy
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>> bill: more arrests as the occupy wall street continues. about a dozen protesters taken into custody to try to block city streets in connection with with those arrested in oakland, california. fascinate americans. barbara walters has a special billionaire secrets what they know that can change your life it will run on 20/20. ms. walters joins us from the abc studios in new york city. good timing here as rich americans are in the news every day now. >> absolutely.
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speaking of making money, i hope you are making a lot of money in your lincoln book. this is unsolicited testimonial. it is a very good book. >> bill: thank you, ms. walters, i appreciate that when you talk to these billionaires. >> yeah. >> bill: you talked to one guy on paul mitchell, co-founder, that's the hair spray people and the cosmetics people, right? >> let me tell you why we picked these people. these days and you are right, with the marches and everything being a billionaire is almost a dirty word. but we chose four people who started from very humble beginnings. you mentioned john paul. he used to sleep in his car with his son because he had so little money. i will tell you about each of them briefly. but what we wanted to do was to show you four people who made it themselves. they are not bankers. they are not hedge funds. they are people who were entrepreneurs who had failure who succeeded, who will tell you maybe what it takes and who are giving back. besides they happen to be very
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interesting, entertaining people. >> bill: you don't have to tell me about them. people can watch your special. but the theme of it is, listen, these people succeeded in our capitalistic system, all right? they have risen to the top. here is what they did that you might learn from. >> yep. >> bill: in your own life. so we like that. that's all positive. it's all positive. >> okay. >> bill: but the subject of money now in america has taken on political implications. >> yes. >> bill: you are a wealthy woman. i'm a wealthy guy you started -- your father was a little bit more elevated. he was kind of a show business guy. >> lost everything. >> bill: lost everything, right. >> that helped me because i had to work. it wasn't, you know, oh well if i work it's okay, if i don't -- i had to. that's part of the story of these people, too. they had to work. >> bill: i want to ask you, do you feel guilty about money? because i don't feel guilty about money. i give a lot away. if i can do something, you know, and i have it, oh, man i have
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it -- i didn't feel guilty about it because i worked for it. i didn't hurt anybody to get it. >> i didn't think we should feel guilty and that's not what the marchers are talking about. they are not saying that any of you who have made it or been successful should feel guilty. what they're saying is there are certain aspects of our society where they feel they were taken advantage of. where they feel that things should change, where they want either different things in government or different things in the financial area that should be changed. not -- we are a capitalistic society. >> bill: most of those people don't want us to be. they want us to be quasisocialistic. >> i don't think that's true, bill. i don't think that's true. >> bill: really? >> i think there are all different groups that are marching and they are saying we need to have some changes. some of them don't want changes. some of them, you know. >> bill: hard to generalize about any group but the theme that is coming across to us. >> i don't think they are saying we want socialization, we want capitalism wiped out we don't
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want anybody to be successful. >> bill: they aren't saying that. they want the government to control the success and distribute the success. you see a difference between these people in america and than in greece and italy blowing things up because the government says we can't give you as much as we used to give you. they are going wild because they want that socialism. you see a difference between the two groups. >> we are not greece and we are not -- what was the other country you said? >> bill: italy. >> they have their problems. england has its problems. most of the countries in the western world primarily have their problems. it's not that i don't see the difference. i don't think every marcher wants a socialist country. what they want is changes in the financial world maybe some things that help them get jobs. i don't think they are saying if you make money then you are no good because most of them would like to work. most of them would like to make money. most of them would like to support their families. so i don't like this blanket indictment. >> bill: maybe they can go to
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work for herman cain. one of the people who has given capitalism a bad name is bernie madoff this thug, all right? now, you went to prison and you interviewed madoff without a tv camera so you don't have any actualities there. why did you do that? >> tv cameras are not allowed in the prison and neither are tape recorders. bernie madoff can make collect calls and be recorded. i think this is unfair to electronic journalists. you can come in with a pad and paper and write anything down but you can't come in with a tape recorder. that's not something that i'm in charge of. that's something that. >> bill: madoff told you. >> let me finish. madoff told me things that i could write down and quote him exactly. and that is what i did. i wish i had a camera, sure. >> bill: one of the things that he told you was he doesn't really feel that bad about the people he defrauded. he feels bad his family got destroyed and turned on him but the people -- the quote that you
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told good morning america was i made rich people richer. this guy is a narcissist. he is a sociopath. is he not. >> that's a different thing. he may be both. in many cases he says that there was greed. he was greedy. you know, he kept people's money. he didn't want to admit that he was doing terrible things and a lot of these people felt that they should feel guilty, too. he tried to return the money sometimes. they didn't want the money. they stayed with him because they thought they would make more and more money. >> bill: you don't sympathize with him do you. >> you asked what he said. i'm reporting. >> bill: do you sympathize with him at all. >> when i'm reporting on something, i don't make character judgments. you can't sympathize with this man. he did terrible things. what i was trying to say is this is who he is. some of the things he said were amazing to me that he is happier being in prison because for the first time in 16 years he feels safe. he is not afraid. the people look up to him, especially the young people. he thinks that's wrong in
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prison. this is a chance to see a portrait of the man. >> bill: i would have done it, too. okay, ms. walters as always. watch "20/20" friday night for the billionaire special. john stossel not quite a billionaire. almost. talking about people earning money. forcing sixth graders to learn about explicit sex. back in a moment.
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>> bill: stossel matters segment tonight, as far as libertarians are concerned it's fine to makes a much money as you can legally. some believe there should be constraints on earnings. john stossel appears on the fox business network each evening. >> tonight. >> bill: very smart. tonight is thursday.
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>> i wanted to make sure they did. >> bill: obama administration put a lot of financial regulations on stuff but it's not nearly enough for the occupy wall street protesters. regulation is not enough. they want the government to basically say stossel can have this much money but once he goes over that much money, we are going to take the rest and give it to sally over here and nor man because they don't have very much. no matter what anybody says, that is the theme and they do it through taxation. >> that is the theme and the polls show people are very uncomfortable with the income distribution in america and 1% of the people do earn 35% of the assets. that makes people uncomfortable. >> bill: couple of things. there is no income distribution in america. >> that poll says distribution. >> bill: that word is wrong. because nobody distributes and i got letters i will read one at the end they distribute welfare. it's not wealth it's a safety net. you earn it, you steal it, you inherit it, whatever. okay. now, that's always the way it is
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in capitalism as barbara walters demonstrates. you have got four people and they hit on a theme. i write a book that goes through the roof. i didn't know "killing lincoln" was going to be huge. it's huge. okay? i didn't feel guilty about that. >> good. >> bill: i worked hard to write the book. but the central theme of the democratic party right now is that people who make this big money and control this wealth, the 1% have got to be punished, we have got to reign them in. >> and in barbara's special, the abc press release, these people made it themselves the old-fashioned way. didn't just shuffle money around and barbara said like bankers. i defend the bankers. shuffling money around means they are trying to make money by directing capital to its best use. that's how we get facebook and google. it's a good thing what they do. >> bill: i think you make a good point and it pains me to say that, you know how much it does. there is an element in wall street that con men, that they invented this subprime mortgage
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thing that wrecked the economy, that they will do anything, they will leverage inside trading, we see it every day. there has to be oversight on these people. does there not? >> no. there does not. we have rules. you need rules against killing people and stealing from people. >> bill: if there is no oversight who is going to enforce those rules. >> we have overtight. attorneys general, district attorneys, prosecute people for cheating. that's enough. >> bill: who is going to find them? >> the government. >> bill: the sec sat it out for the last 10 years. >> if we didn't have an sec bernie madoff wouldn't have gotten along for it as long he wouldn't have had the allusion of government protection. >> bill: do you want government protection or not? >> i want government protection against people stealing from he or killing me and that's about it. >> bill: how about inventing a con that destroyed the economy even though it's not illegal? >> government invented most of that con by -- >> bill: they encouraged it. there is no doubt about it. they didn't invent it. it was invented by green heads who destroyed the economy.
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it wasn't illegal what they did. >> the free market set out by letting those people go broke. if they make a bad bet they should go out of business. >> bill: the folks got hurt. the people owning the homes got hurt. those people you have to have regulations, very tough regulations to prevent that. >> but they don't work. we had these regulations after enron. we had sarbanes oxley. >> bill: pollution. >> we need pollution. >> bill: pollution of the financial system regulations. >> now we have dodd frank 200319 -- 2319 pages. that's insane. >> bill: smart guys who make rules that have to be followed. >> if i make a bet with you a contract it's unfair to you because i'm smarter than you. these regulators cannot anticipate how they can protect you and laying on regulations. >> bill: if they see things that are brought to their attention they have got to get it out to the public and they didn't. stossel, always provocative thank you very much.
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plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. farrakhan lacing over obama. megyn kelly with more. ordered to stand trial in
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. new york city will begin mandatory exed classes for sixth graders next year. some of the instruction will be very explicit. parents can only opt out of the birth control classes but the kids have to sit through everything else. >> we have a responsibility when you have an out-of-wedlock birth rate and sexually transmitted disease rate that we have in this city to try to do something about it shame on us if we don't. >> bill: question for the culture warriors tonight is new york city undermining parental authority? here now the warriors gresham carlson and margaret hoover. let me outline this for the audience. we are not going to tell you guys what they are going to teach because some of it is very, very graphic. and it doesn't have to do with just man/woman. it's everything you can imagine.
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all right? this is sixth grade we are talking about. these are 10, 11, 12-year-old kids? >> 12. 13, 14. sixth through 12th grades. >> bill: younger edge of, this okay. so the parents of new york city, many of them can't afford to go to private school, which i always recommend if you can afford to go to private school, please do so because you don't have to deal with this craziness. they have no choice. even if they don't want their kids hearing about alternative situations, they have to. something wrong. this disturbs me. >> i appreciate that on the one hand. on the other hand, bill, we spend a lot of time on this show in this segment talking about how parents these days are advocating their duties as parents being active in their kids life and teaching kids what they used to talk to kids about. >> bill: here is why your argue. crashes. >> hold on.
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>> bill: you ready? take notes here carlson for hoover. >> i haven't said anything. >> bill: the derelict parents won't object to this. >> their kids won't have kids. >> bill: that's fine with me. i want an opt out for the whole program, carlson, from parents who are responsible and have a point of view that we'll handle. this derelict parents not going to say anything to their kids at all, all right, let new york city do what they do. but the other parents, this is undermining their authority. >> see, i don't know if it's an erosion of parental authority as much as it is an erosion of parenting in general. >> bill: i don't make the distinction. but you have a new york city telling parents blank you if you don't like it. we're going to do it. >> so the parents who would normally address these issues at home are the ones who will suffer. >> bill: correct. that's an erosion of their authority. >> that's right. so now if they opt -- and it's very unclear as to how they can opt out. >> bill: didn't they make it very hard and there is a stigma
2:33 am
to the kids. >> you can only opt out of the reproductive type. >> bill: we have already set that up. you agree that parental authority is being undermined; is that true. >> completely. >> bill: you disagree. >> i disagree. in some cases i think there probably is i disagree with a how draconian you point this out to be. do you know how many high school kids are having sex almost 50%. urban city in the new york area kids having kids out of wedlock in some cases in some communities hispanic communities 50%. it happens with kids have kids. >> bill: you believe instruction of this kind is going to lower that problem, going to make the problem less intense? >> no. >> bill: is that what you believe. >> i believe that if somebody is not talking to these kids and probably their parents aren't. you trust the left wing. >> i don't trust the left wing with anything, come on stop. >> bill: teachers to execute this in a responsible way? >> i don't trust the left wing to do anything about this you a
2:34 am
and you know about this. >> total difference educating kids how not to get pregnant and some of the junk that's going on in here. >> bill: that's right. >> i wouldn't want to read about some of the stuff that these 11-year-olds. my daughter will be 11 years old. >> bill: you think teachers in this kind of a situation in new york city, all right, are going to be responsible in the sense that they are going to discourage this stuff. do you really believe that? >> let's also be fair. a lot of these recommendations, they are ridiculous recommendations. but there is a need to talk about sex and talk about prevention and we don't think that all of these things. >> agree -- who thinks of these things? >> bill: is there a web site where you can get more information because again i don't want to go into it? >> it was reported by "the new york post." >> bill: go to "new york post".com if you want to read the specifics about what the city is going to impose on sixth
2:35 am
graders. vai got to go. >> okay. >> bill: fair? good? kelly file, john edwards being ordered to stand trial on federal criminal charges. that will be a dog and pony show. kelly is next. lu? i don't trade on luck. i trade on fundamentals. analysis. information. i trade tradearchitect. this is web-based trading, re-visualized. streaming, real-time quotes. earnings analysis. probability analysis: that's what opportunity looks like. it's all visual. intuitive. and it's available free,
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wherever the web is. this is how trade strategies are built. tradearchitect. only from td ameritrade. welcome to better trade commission free for 60 days when you open an account.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment tonight, federal judge in north carolina has ruled former vice presidential candidate john edwards must stand trial on criminal charges. the government alleging that he used campaign funds to support his mistress and cover up the situation. here now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly, you see her at 1:00 p.m. every weekday. so, if convicted edwards could get? >> probably between 3 and 5 years. >> bill: so it's not a heavy load. i mean, obviously a guy like that. >> tell that to the person going to jail. around like 33 months would probably be the minimum. >> bill: the government is going to have to spends tens of millions of dollars prosecution
2:39 am
heal bring in every high profile lawyer in the world. >> i don't know about tens of millions but it's not going to be cheap. >> bill: this is going on two years appeal and this and ruling and that and hearings it will be over $10 million. >> no. it won't. >> bill: you don't think so? by the time the government and all of the resources. >> not tens of millions of dollars it's going to be millions but, no. it's expensive to litigate cases that's true in every case. that can't be the governing concern when you decide whether somebody has committed a crime or not. either they did it. either you as a prosecutor they did it. in this case the government believes they have him. >> bill: edwards' lawyer say you have got to throw this out. >> politically motivated. >> bill: going to trial. how strong is the government's case in your opinion. >> tough to say because they haven't really shown their hand entirely but from what they have so far basically alleging that he was using campaign cash to cover up the affair. edwards lawyers come out and say hey, he is allowed to get gifts and use them however he wants.
2:40 am
they weren't campaign contributions. it was this old lady who was helping him and his campaign finance chair who were working to cover up his affair. those weren't campaign contributions. >> bill: correct me if i am wrong, i don't think edwards put the gifts on his income tax return which you have to do over $10,000. i mean, if he did, he had to pay tax on those gifts. >> the reason he didn't do that because they say it never went to edwards. it was the old benefactor who gave the money directly to his campaign finance chair who then used it to put up the mistress. so, it's very sir cute tus. >> bill: are you ready? guilty. >> that's right? you heard it here first. >> bill: yeah. >> i can't tell you. >> bill: state of kansas and planned parenthood. kansas is ground zero for the late term abortion debate in this country. and planned parenthood is up to that to its neck. so, they wanted to get some records from planned parenthood, referrals for abortion referrals to see how late they were, what
2:41 am
the situation was and kansas destroyed the records. >> what happened was planned parenthood needs to keep records if it performs abortions. >> bill: right. >> in particular if you have young girls going in there under the age of 14. >> bill: because of statutory rape. >> that's right. when they perform an abortion like that they have to keep a record and let the state know. and the prosecutor at the time, the attorney general phill cline who the viewers may know by this point, says that he had proof that there was up to 166 abortions performed and they only had a record of one from planned parenthood. >> bill: the reason the client allege -- cline as planned parenthood didn't turn that over to him when they asked for it because they were statutory rape cases which are mandated to be reported to the authorities in kansas. >> right. so he is saying where are the other records? so he at the time says he got records from the state because planned parenthood has to report all the abortions in the state. he went to the state department of health at the time and got records showing that planned
2:42 am
parenthood had wound up -- it wound up understating the number of cases it had done to try to protect itself to try to down play. he kept those records. he moves on. he is no longer the d.a. the d.a. that's now in place is pursuing the case against planned parenthood trying to claim that they have falsified their numbers. that they haven't been straight with authorities. okay. planned parenthood says produce the records. prove it. what records do you have? so this current d.a. goes back to the department of health and says, okay, let's see the records. they say we shredded the records years ago. six years ago we shredded them so you d.a. can't prove your case against planned parenthood the d.a. say what the -- i can't prove my case my own department of department of shredded the records how could this happen? >> bill: should they have shredded? >> they did it when kathleen sebelius was governor very pro-choice and new that bill kline were sniffing around. hasn't been proven but the allegation is that when she was governor she stepped in to cover up the documents that's the
2:43 am
allegation. >> bill: does the state of kansas routinely shed documents after a certain amount of time. >> they do. but -- but the question here is whether you would ever do that when you knew. >> bill: there was criminal activity going on. >> there was a criminal investigation going on. that's highly unusual. there are rules. >> bill: so you, megyn kelly, think something may be wrong. >> i think something stinks. something stinks here. >> bill: do you really? >> i don't know who has got their fingerprints on it. one of the things i find highly suspicious is why didn't the department of health go to the d.a. he has been litigating over these documents and say don't argue over those. we destroyed them in 2005. why did they wait. >> bill: think were afraid the whole screation was going to blow up. >> you tell me. >> bill: watch her at 1:00. halloween edition. very scary things are about to happen here on the factor. and then louis farrakhan, talking about scary. attacking president obama over qaddafi. wait until you hear this. we're coming
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz the halloween edition. here they are the spooky steve doocy kind of rhymes playing for carol from mexico, missouri. and the always delightful martha maccallum representing john from fairfax, virginia. if you would like to win some great prizes simply go to bill o' and sign up. got the black thing going on there and cat womanish. >> so i'm spooky and she is delightful. >> exactly. >> bill: question number one, lots of folks this weekend will be carving pumpkins into jack jk owe lanterns. practice comes from old irish tradition which involve which pump vegetable instead of pumpkins? cards up, please. and the answer is, roll the tape.
2:48 am
>> between heaven and hell coal walking around and it turns out in the carved out turnip. >> bill: a carved out turn in. turnip not a pumpkin. >> turnips are popular in ireland. >> bill: jack lantern is really a carved out turnip. yes, it is. that was morina talking about halloween. michael jackson had a spooky hits three decades ago with ""thriller"" ♪ this is "thriller," "thriller" night, no one is going to save you from the beast about the strike ♪ you know it's thriller, thriller night ♪ they're fighting for your life ♪ inside thriller, thriller. >> bill: i can do that. [ laughter ] >> right. >> bill: this week forbes reported that michael jackson was the top earning dead entertainer, raking in $170 million last year alone. which deceased entertainer was a
2:49 am
distant number 2? cards up, please, the answer is c, yes, elvis. that was easy one. it is a tie. you both got the first two right. and that hue united states me. make them look bad and they got the first two right. >> you have plenty of time. >> bill: question number three the american film institute has released a list of the top movie villains of all time. according to that list who was the number one villain in hollywood history? >> bill: roll the tape. >> once tried to test me. i ate his liver with some beans and a nice candy.
2:50 am
>> bill: i'm giving out those for halloween. got that one right too, hand bell lecture. >> frightening you. >> bill: two questions to go on the halloween news quiz. i'm killing time here. question number four, president obama went on leno this week and talked about his wife handing out treats on halloween. >> halloween is coming up. >> yeah. >> and she has been giving for the last few years kids fruit and ravens in the -- raisins in the bag. >> i said the white house is going to get egged if this keeps up. you need to throw some candy in there. >> bill: according to business week, what is the best selling candy in the united states of america? cards up, please and the answer is m&m's. >> like martha maccallum.
2:51 am
i should have known that you both got that wrong. >> i always pick the reese's over the m&m's. >> it's not up to you. >> bill: that's what i was going to say. it's not up to ms. martha. >> it is all about me. >> bill: all about you but not in this case. >> all right. >> bill: okay. tied one to go. during the 2008 democratic primary barack obama appeared on "saturday night live" halloween's episode. in the sketch he attended a cost tomb party at bill and hillary clinton's house dressed as what? a >> bill: roll the tape. >> who is that under there? [cheers] >> hello hillary, hello bill. >> nice to see you barack. so you dressed as yourself. >> you know, hillary, i have nothing to hide.
2:52 am
i enjoy being myself. i'm not going to change who i am just because its halloween. >> bill: okay. that was hysterical. now, it's a tie. here is the tie breaking question. tie breaking question. ready? >> yeah. >> bill: the remake of dracula and franken stein came out of great britain when they remade them. who starred as dracula martha. >> frank an gel labile bill close but wrong great britain christopher lee was dracula. a very famous western, guy who played in a western started in a monster movie called them about giant ants attacking arizona. who was he? >> john wayne. >> bill: no, but close. >> clinton eastwood. >> bill: wrong again arnaz. eastwood did star in a monster movie what was the name of it. >> the blob. >> that was steve mcqueen.
2:53 am
>> >> bill: do i win? >> no. i'm exhausted. it's a tie. you both win the great prizes. if you see them on halloween, egg them. pinheads and patriots on deck. louie farrakhan going wild on president obama. right back with p and p.
2:54 am
if you sign up, you'll get a copy of my number one best
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selling killing lincoln, non-fix book. if you buy a copy of lincoln outright, we'll send you waking hours free of charge. we know money is tight these days. that's why we're giving you as much free stop as we can. bill, you claim cain's smoking ad is du. they got you to run it in prime time, didn't they? >> i also thought cain's ad was dumb. was it produced by the same people that did christine o'donnell's i am not a witch ad. i thought cain's ad was cool. we don't need the government to tell us how to live. bill, the ad is cool, and you wouldn't know cool if it bit you on the butt. no skullduggery involved. dr. bob huntington. bill, when i watch cain' cain's advisor smoking a cigarette in the ad, i thought the camera might pan down and show the smoke coming out from a hole in the guy's throat.
2:56 am
mike riley, bloomington, minnesota. the occupy protesters are not against capitalism, they're against phony capitalism. why aren't they campe camped acs from the white house, mike? hershey, pennsylvania, bill, the government does distribute wealth. more than 51% of americans receive some form of aid. that's not wealth, dave, that's a safety net. they're not allowed to dictate private salaries and investment returns, at least not yet. justin, i'm with holding his name. mr. 0-14, i have a big problem. my government teacher refuses to accept any opinions that are not liberal. what can i do to convince him to drop his ideology. nothing, justin. just ask good questions when the guy gives an opinion. don't debate him. you can't win because he holds authority. gene, oak brook, illinois. here's the difference between the occupiers and the tea party. the american flag is on display at tea party rallies. excellent point, gene. signed copy of pinheads and
2:57 am
patriots in paper back on the way to you. scott from charlotte, north carolina. gets a signed killing lincoln for this verse. it's off to richmond we go with the entire family in tow. to enjoy bolder fresher will truly be a treasure though i wish we were in the front row. see you at the landmark theater on november 25th, scott, and miller and i will see thousands of you ad mohegan sun this coming saturday night. some tickets available. that's going to be one wild saturday night. prehalloween. and finally tonight, pinheads and patriots, as you may know, minister lewis farakhan was good friends with qaddafi. >> did he kill people? well, did our president kill people? talk back to me. you have made your president an asaassassin, that the only value that he has now is that he was
2:58 am
responsible for the death of osama bin laden. now moammar qaddafi and his sons lie dead, saddam hussein and his sons lie dead. what about your sons? they're dying in iraq. >> goes without saying. the minister is a pinhead, but so are the people who listen to him. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from billo' also please spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at fox name and town if you wish to opine. do not be san sanctimonious when writing to the factor. impress your friends. if you're watching us any place exotic around the world, e-mail us. we want to know. again, thanks for watching us
2:59 am
tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> good morning, everyone. tgif. october 28th. iech gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. a live report on what's happening to your money right now. >> and a battle breaking out in the republican party. herman cain vs. karl rove? >> i understand he's a little thin skinned. my job is not to be a cheerleader for every candidate simply because they have an r behind their name. >> see what started this fight and if karl still thinks herman has a shot at the oval office. >> he does have good news in this show. we'll relay it to you. remember this guy? >> republican health care plan is this -- die quickly! that's


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