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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 28, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> i don't think i've ever played that before. former congressman alan grayson is back and now he's comparing republicans to o.j. simpson. "fox & friends" starts, i don't know, you have the time? >> now! >> this is toby keith. here's my a ducks for -- audition for the new "fox & friends." ♪ news you can use again and again ♪ that cost you seven digits. >> that's why he's going to be on today. he passed the audition. >> he's a mountain of a man. he makes a ton of money. >> we'll look forward to that. a horrific accident leaves seven people dead. a minivan hit a deer in the highway.
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a semitractor-trailer slammed into the back of it. seven people who didn't make it all passengers in that minivan. a plane crash in canada, remarkably no one was killed but everyone on board was hurt. someone in the ground was also hurt. three others in critical condition and the others are expected to be ok. plane crashed while approaching the vancouver airport. witnesses say the beach keen air 100 almost broke in half with part of the plane catching fire. no word of what caused that crash. brand new developments in the case of missing baby lisa irwin. the interviews of her older scheduled for today now scrapped. their parents canceled plans for a trained specialist to interview their 5 and 8-year-old boys. the specialist was set to take d.n.a. samples from them. no word on why it was canceled. perhaps a feud between the family's two lawyers could be to blame. there are reports that attorney joe tacopina has fired cindy short now but moments ago, cindy fired back said he's not in a mocks -- position to fire anyone.
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several others are wounded after a bizarre shootout in the st. louis suburbs. the shooting spree started as a home invasion and carried all the way down the block to the supermarket. whole thing believed to be gang related. police have no suspects at this time. brand new video out of california, delta 2 rocket blasting off from vanedenberg air force base 15 minutes ago. >> three, two, one, zero and liftoff of the delta 2 with the npp satellite. blazing the way and technology for climate research and weather forecasting. >> beautiful shot, the rocket is carrying nasa's brand new weather satellite. it will track everything from temperatures to ozone level. and those are your headlines. >> all right. we'll be using that pretty soon for weather, i imagine. >> i can't wait. >> hopefully that voice-over guy, too, he was excellent. >> he was excellent. in the meantime, investors hoping for a repeat performance
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after a scorching day on wall street. the dow jones industrial average soared 340 points to close over 12, ooo but will there be another big day for the stock market today? >> doug, you're live in washington and you have the latest. what's the deal, doug? >> everybody has their fingers crossed. we'll see, the futures market is down a little bit today. might not be that unusual given that we had a huge day yesterday. there may be some profit taking here. we may not see the same sort of exuberance today. but a couple of big factors in play yesterday. first of all, positive gdp growth in the last quarter. 2.5%. still kind of anemic but double of what we saw the quarter before that and the fact that there was any positive growth is a good sign because negative growth would mean we might be headed into a second recession and that's been the big fear. the other big issue, the european debt crisis and a potential solution there, european leaders have been working out this deal to bail out greece. the banks have agreed to take a
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pretty big haircut. and so that may put them, perhaps, on a path to figuring this out and even the possibility of reaching some kind of decision there really sent the markets up and president obama reacted to that news as well. >> there's no doubt that it's progress so the key now is to make sure there's strong follow-up, strong execution of the plans that have been put forward. some potential storms on the horizon. first of all, you have the big deficit cutting super committee working here in congress to try to hammer out some kind of deal to begin paring back the debt. they have a deadline coming up on thanks giving. that could hurt the markets if they don't reach some kind of a deal. other thing is the european debt crisis. yes, there's been headway but still the phootential for probls ahead. an analyst put it best like putting a 3-year-old to bed, you might put it there but it won't stay there so they still have
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some things they have to hammer out with that deal. greek debt is still enormous and there are other european nations, notably, you know, italy, spain, portugal, ireland that have problems as well. back to you guys. >> good way to put it. all right, doug lazader in our nation's capital. thank you very much. yesterday the stock market was smoking and now herman cain is smoking. we're not just talking about that chief of staff smoking in his ad. herman cain is raking in the dough big time now that he's at the top of the polls. >> so just in the last month alone, he's brought in $3 million. this is just since october now. if you compare that if you're looking at your screen, july through september, during that entire quarter, he only raised $2.8 million and he actually took $175,000 loan from himself during that time period. so this obviously corresponds, brian, with the poll numbers that we've been seeing from herman cain recently. >> he's leading them all. not from state to state necessarily but in the overall last fox poll, he's got about a four point lead and has 65,000 separate donors so he feels good
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about being in the top spot but does not feel good about getting critiqued by karl rove, the infamous g.o.p. pundit who wrote a best-selling book and is extremely insightful and direct. >> that's right. and mr. rove has said in the past that herman cain, he's great. people love him. he's got enthusiasm and right now, he's in the top of the polls but he cannot win. he said that in the past. mr. rove has. that has bothered mr. cain. karl rove was on last night here on the channel and did a little explaining about the critique. >> i understand he's a little thin skinned. my job is not to be a cheerleader for every candidate because they have an r behind their names. i get picked by the fox news to call balls and strikes what i said about him is he had an opportunity here and he needed to exploit that opportunity by showing up in the early states. iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. instead, he's doing things like he's in arkansas tonight and i also said what's really got his goat was everybody gets
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mulligans. he gets more mulligans than others because he's so passionate, he's a businessman, he's not a politician. >> so i guess what the argument here is because karl rove has been in that position and has been with campaigns, specifically president bush and knows what it takes to start from the beginning and push it through, it's his belief herman cain needs to be spending more time in new hampshire and iowa. cain's campaign says they have organization set up in all 50 states. maybe herman cain is going to do it a different way this time. politics are completely different in my mind this time around than the last 10 years. >> there's no way he has an organization in all 50 states considering he was just raising money for his campaign. in the overall picture, it reminds me of rudy giuliani. he had great ratings but state by state, didn't seem to do too well. herman cain believes that karl rove wants mitt romney to look. if you look at what karl rove has done over the last six months, it's what mike strahan
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has done is he sits there and talks about his own teammates. when he's consulting, he's consulting and when he's trying to critique, he's working an honest day's work. >> you know what? good using strahan to describe what's going on with presidential politics much the way doug lazader just used a 3-year-old to describe what's going on with the markets. >> there's a big push on the couch for people to dumb it down for us. we're dumbing it down. >> let's talk about what's going on with regard to the presidential candidates. have you heard about this? there's an interesting debate going on between herman cain and newt gingrich. it's like a lincoln douglas debate but it's going to be 2011, obviously. this is a hot item. people are paying a lot of money to be able to go and see this in person. general admission selling for
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$200 a piece although when you add in another expense, it's about $205 or so. prime seating, $500. real prime seating was $1,000. students, $150 and that part of the auditorium already sold out. >> yeah, you know, it's interesting back in 1858 when steven douglas and abe lincoln visited seven counties, there were thousands of people in the audience to hear these two go mono on mono, there was no moderator. this will be a modified thing to benefit the texas tea party. back then, absolutely zero. this is what you had to pay. >> steve, stubhub said they were going for $75 back then. i think you're way wrong. i think you should check your stats. who the heck is paying $250 to watch newt gingrich debate herman cain? you can get them free on all the channels. those are the two up and comers, let's say. i wouldn't pay $250 to see all nine of those! >> why not? this is why they're paying for it. because no network sponsor has
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signed on. you're not going to be able to see it on tv. >> closed circuit. >> maybe what people like about this is it's only two candidates except the hodgepodge of nine of them standing up there so they may be able to make more points. that's why rick perry isn't doing the debates. >> if glenn beck is a big viewer, why not gbtv? why don't they pick it up? >> make a bet on it, somebody might pick up this. >> really? >> then loren petterson is in on this bet. she gave me the genius idea. >> what was the genius idea? >> to have gbtv pick it up. >> i don't like the idea of the debate, it does away with the moderators which means the three of us. >> it's really about us. that's fantastic. >> let's talk a little bit about alan grayson, remember once upon a time he was a congressman from the great state of florida. there he is right there and as we played at the top of the program, he famously said that the republicans' plan for health
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care was for old people to die quickly! now he's comparing republicans to the juice. listen. >> for paul ryan or any republican to talk about this -- to talk about the president inciting the politics of the vision is much like o.j. saying he's going to devote his life to finding the real killer. they're the real killers! >> talking about o.j. simpson, of course. >> he's -- >> i don't know how to follow that up actually. >> he's come back. he wants to run to try to get his seat back in florida. >> absolutely. >> you know what? joe biden has praised him saying you're doing a lot of great work for us. appreciate what you're doing. let's see if the white house gets behind alan grayson and getting him back in the mix. would certainly provide a lot of soundbites for us. >> we know we have a lot of viewers down in his district in florida. do you want him to come back? do you want him to represent you again in florida? e-mail us, friends at or twitter us as well on this very busy and by the way, it did snow in parts of the tristate area in new york
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city. >> if you have a weather watcher to verify that, i'd go with it. >> we just sent up the satellite. >> students at a catholic university claims the students are hanging crosses. now they're calling the crosses offensive. should the school be forced to take down the crosses? it's a catholic school! we report, you decide. >> all right. plus they said they were too injured to come to work. but some were caught playing golf. some were caught playing tennis. and some doing triathalons. now you'll meet a dozen employees arrested for scamming over a billion dollars. stuart varney is here next with more on the billion dollar pension bust of the long island railroad. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>> they said they were too injured to work but now 11 long island railroad workers, some who were caught playing golf, tennis or even biking hundreds of miles have been arrested in a scam to defraud a disability fund. what's more? hundreds may be involved in this scheme. >> the headline in the cover of "the new york post" says it all. "gravy train" and stuart varney joins us live. stuart, it sounds like we were ripped off to the tune of a billion dollars. >> well, it would have been a billion had this scheme not been uncovered. $300 million has been paid out, believed to be fraudulently. here's how it works. you retire from the long island railroad. you go to -- >> as he remember as age 50. >> thank you very much. as early as age 50 for heavens sake. you go to see a doctor, couple of doctors in particular, you say i have back pain and i have knee pain. i can't stand up straight. i got pain. you get, therefore, a disability
3:17 am
from that doctor. you get a disability pension which is higher than the pension you would have gotten and you get a tax break on that disability pension. you have scammed the system. then you go back to walking, hiking, golfing and aerobics. now, those doctors, one doctor in particular, he gave a disability to 839 long island railroad employees. gave a disability to everybody he game across his doorstep. he got for that $800 to $1,200 cash for each of the people that he put on disability. >> so these people knew, go to see that doctor. >> scam. >> give him money and he'll give -- >> another doctor got 222 retirees on to a disability pension. look, there's national implications here. there's outrage locally in new york. for all kinds of reasons. real outrage but there is a question about nationally here because it is union pensions for state employees that have broken the bank in countless states
3:18 am
across the country. are there examples there of gaming the system as there have been here on the long island railroad? allegedly. >> like we saw with some cities over in california but let's take a look at some of the examples. we're not saying that everybody went out on disability for the long island railroad is a scammer but gregory noonan did this, he's 62 years old. he gets $175,000 in combined annual payments, he's claimed to suffer from crippling pain from gripping tickets. he was caught playing tennis and golf in nine months. >> here's regina walsh, she receives $108,000 in combined annual payments and claim the desk work made her unable to stand without pain. she was caught shovelling snow and pushing a baby stroller. the stories goes on and on about people in triathalons, absolutely apparently fine. >> look at the size of those pensions. you're talking $100,000 a year plus with a tax break thrown in for life plus free health care for life.
3:19 am
how can any organization, a railroad or a state, how can you afford that? >> right, and the only -- they only have charged, apparently, 11 people in this. it sounds like it's going to get bigger. >> could be. >> it's scaring a lot of people from putting in disability. we know they claim that applications are already down. stuart, thanks so much. we'll watch you at 9:20 today on the fox business network. >> thank you. got you. >> straight ahead, you heard it right here. dr. michael badden, forensic expert says baby lisa's mom may have accidentally killed her daughter but our next guest has a very different theory. his expertise, his own baby was kidnapped from his own home. >> and the tea party says they were charged thousands of dollars to stand exactly where the occupyers are standing right now for free. and they want their money back. 
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>> you want some headlines? we got some for you on this friday morning. take a look at this incredible video. a 13-year-old boy in turkey being pulled out alive from a collapsed apartment complex. the boy was stuck for almost five days after the 7.2 earthquake has struck. 570 people are dead. 2500 are hurt. and here's something to chew on. did arianna huffington steal the idea for her liberal blog, the huffington post. a judge says she can be brought to trial by two former advisors to john kerry's presidential campaign who say she swiped
3:24 am
their proposal. earlier this year, huffington sold the web site to aol for $315 million. all right, gretch, over to you. >> a lot of eyes are on baby lisa's parents who continue to deny any involvement in their daughter's disappearance in missouri. recently, the parents actually met with our next guest. gill abata, a colorado man who experienced a similar situation in 1986. his baby son christopher went missing from his crib 25 years ago and has yet to be found. and gill joins me now. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> i can't imagine the pain you've gone through in your life not knowing where your son is, whether he's alive or not with us anymore. >> yeah, that's correct. and that's exactly when i went to meet with the family is that i came to help them and to give them advice, show them what we had gone through and they could pick up from that.
3:25 am
and that's one of the things i told them. i said you want to be like me? you want to go 45 years looking for your son because it never stops? you will live this -- you will carry with this forever. >> your situation was what? it sounds similar. you lived in colorado. your son was taken from his crib when he was 7 months old. what were the circumstances? >> well, almost the same as what you have here. he was taken somewhere between 12:00 and 6:00 in the morning. the door was open because i have seven kids. and the teenagers coming in and out at different times. so we were 3 feet away sleeping. and he was in the crib. and like i said, when we woke up in the morning, he was gone. and so -- and we didn't hear anything. you have high house noises in there when you sleep so you sort of go through that. everybody said you would have heard something. you don't. you never expect somebody coming in to take your child. >> were you, gil, presumed to be guilty as, i guess, the irwin and bradley family feel?
3:26 am
like they're presumed to be guilty? >> we went through exactly the same accusations, same speculation, same, you know, they focused in, i think this is a mistake when you get into something like this. they focused right away into the family. i believe that it is around the family but i don't think it's the family. in some cases. that's what they did with us. we went through the lie detector test, my wife failed it supposedly and we went through everything they've gone. only difference is we were very open. we would talk to anyone and the press is very helpful. we had people coming in every day delivering food, giving us cards, flowers, there was a support system built in. these people don't have anything as far as support. >> let me ask you this, gil, i know that your one major piece of advice to people -- them was that they should be cooperating with police. what does it say to you that they're not? >> let me sort of give you a
3:27 am
bird's eye view of how i see it. when i went in there that day, i had seen them on tv. i had received a lot of information so i had everything pretty well ready. but, you know, i ran into something that i can't figure out and that is why are they doing this? is somebody telling them? why are they not cooperating? why are they hiding? and i've come up with somewhat of a conclusion that these people have no leadership. they were given a private eye from somewhere. they were given an attorney from somewhere. they never -- they just took over. and these people had -- just had a big incident like this, they didn't know what to do. they're young. they're in their 20's. and all of a sudden, they're overwhelmed. they're attacked by everybody. they're scared and as i looked in there, it reminded me of, you know, a bunch of rabbits in a cage. they don't know what to do. they're -- i don't think they can even figure it out. so what they do is they hide. they sit there. >> do you think they should do the separate interviews like the police want to do? the mom and dad separate? >> that's a judgment call and,
3:28 am
you know, yes. you cooperate to whatever. you really have to. >> if they have nothing to hide, you think they would do to. >> i want to put up the image of what your son would look like today. you believe he's alive. and -- >> we always will. we believe the baby girl is alive also. you know, we're very positive. it's sad when you hear shovels around you and they're looking for somebody dead. i don't understand that. but we tolerate it. >> gill, i hope you can find peace in your life and be reunited with your son. amazing hearing your stories today and similarities and comparisons. thank you, sir. >> yeah, we're -- ok, thank you. >> wow. still ahead, muslim students attending a catholic university complaining about crosses in their place of prayer. but they're the ones that decided to attend the catholic school. so should the university be forced to take them down? we report, you decide. coming up also, we've been showing you all week these
3:29 am
adorable little dogs. they need your help in a home. just ahead, how you can adopt a new best friend. first, happy birthday to brad paisley, the singer turns 39 today. ♪
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>> ♪ i feel safe >> you know, you see these stories every once and a while where people drive into buildings. guess what that is? let me tell you the story. it's normal for teenagers to total their car in some cases but one young woman crashed hers straight into the dmv on her way to take the driving test. this happened in sioux falls, south dakota. police say the 16-year-old accidentally hit the accelerator when she meant to hit the brake. she jumped the curb. smashed through the wall. no one was hurt. the girl not cited by police but you got to figure she probably didn't get the license that day. >> no, maybe a lot of pressure on them to parallel park. you're off to a bad start. you use your air bags during the driver's test. it's not a good start. >> that's your mulligan. >> there's your mulligan. >> don't hit the pylons. >> the only time i did that, luckily not in a car, i did it
3:34 am
on a moped. my husband and i were in bermuda. auto you got in an accident on a moped? >> with myself. i thought i was going to reverse it and instead i gunned it right into a brick wall. >> and -- >> spent the night thinking i was going to have to do dishes at the hotel to pay for the busted up moped until i found out i had bought insurance. yes. >> you tried to go backwards on a moped? >> yes. now which one is reverse? >> yeah, and i gunned it straight into the -- luckily it wasn't for my moped test. >> let's tell you about this. in northeast washington, d.c., the catholic university that's been there for a very long time. great campus, and good school as well. a professor at george washington university across town, he has filed a complaint with the d.c. office of human rights and now they are investigating whether catholic university violated the "human rights" of muslim students by not allowing them to form a student group and not
3:35 am
providing them rooms without christian symbols for their daily prayers because at catholic universities, there are crucifixes and images of priests and things like that everywhere because it is, after all, catholic university. >> this is one of the craziest stories, i think, i've ever heard unless i don't know all the details. i mean, it's called catholic university. it's not even like it has another name and they observe the religion of catholicism there. come on, if you decide to go to a catholic university and you are not the believer in that faith, tough! tough! >> don't go. >> that's your choice. that's what makes america great. you have the choice of actually going there. but to then demand that they have to change who they are to honor what you believe is absolutely and utterly ridiculous. >> i have a theory. the muslim students thought this was named by the vikings. remember the vikings that named iceland greenland?
3:36 am
maybe the muslim students were like this couldn't possibly actually be a catholic university. >> if that wasn't so funny, i wouldn't feel so desperate about this. the problem is this is encroaching into every part of our society and you got to wonder, you got to wonder where this stops. >> it's encroaching across the board at the public level but keeping it in mind, not only is catholic university a catholic university, it is a private university. it is a private school. it is not a public school. and so the professor has filed this complaint. will they wind up with what they want? stay tuned. we'll keep you posted. >> now, to your headlines for a friday, the defense wrapping up its case in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. it's coming down to a battle now of propofol experts. that's the powerful antistetic that killed michael jackson.
3:37 am
his testimony continues today. >> the tea parties in richmond, virginia, now demanding a huge refund from the city of richmond. they say richmond charged them 10 grand for three rallies at one of the local plazas. but that occupy wall street protesters weren't paying a dime so the tea party had to pay a lot. occupy wall street didn't pay anything. tea party says they paid for permits, portable toilets, police presence and emergency services. they also had to buy a $1 million insurance policy all things that occupy wall street did not have to do. >> bernie madoff speaking about his ponzi scheme and he said his victims were as greedy as he was. madoff spoke with barbara walters in an off camera interview saying "i understand why clients hate me. the gravy train is over and i can live with that." madoff who is now serving 150 year prison sentence also said he considered killing himself at one point. but that he "didn't have enough courage to do it."
3:38 am
>> meanwhile, it is time for sports and i will do that. it may go down as one of the greatest world series games ever played. rangers and cardinals. game six. we pick it up with rangers just one strike away from victory. bottom of 9, rangers up seven. david freese up for st. louis and he rocks that ball to right field. it falls in. two runs score. we're tied at seven. we go to the extras. josh hamilton puts a hurt on that one. a two run bomb to right. it's 9-7 rangers but the cards aren't finished. bottom of the 10th. it's now 9-8. lance berkman, game tying single to center. can you believe it's 9-9 and one inning later, it's david freese once again blasting it to deep center and gone. walk-off solo home run. cardinals win. 10-9. they force a game 7. >> we just kept battling. that defines our team, you know, that game. the way we just kept coming back
3:39 am
and we've been doing that for, you know, a long time. >> they did it last night. and this was a picture of freese's jersey after the home run. almost in shreds because his teammates were all over him. game seven tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on the fox broadcast network. all right. mr. kilmeade? [dogs barking] >> today is our last day in our all week long series paws for a cause. where we give you a chance to save the lives of animals who have already been rescued. these organizations need your help. these animals need homes. so let's see if we can put it together again. deborah allrich is back with us. she's the founder of forgotten friends mixed breed rescue based in austin, texas, and she is a board member and a foster volunteer and with us here are bitsy and nelson, as you see and amanda west is wide right.
3:40 am
all right, so what kind of dog is this a pomeranian? >> how old is this dog? >> we don't know for sure, probably over 8 years. >> and the thing about pomeranians and smaller dogs, they live a long time. up to like 18 years old. >> uh-huh, yeah. >> who are you holding? >> bitsy, she's a long haired chihuahua. >> right. and is he a little nervous? >> she is, yes. she's very nervous. >> yeah. >> hence the little -- the paw gyration. >> it's very typical of chihuahuas to be shaky. >> one thing we do appreciate which is underappreciated is the fact that you're dressing your dogs for the holidays. i mean, what is -- this is a firefighter. >> wait a second. go get the cookies that are on the table over there because we do have a quick treat for them. now, how many dogs do you have over in texas? >> we have about 30. >> you have about 30 dogs. >> and where can we find out what dogs are available for adoption because we have a situation over the past week, we get a ton of people who are interested. >> yeah, it's www.mixbreed -- i
3:41 am
don't know if he can eat it. >> why did you give it to me? >> for that one. look. look. >> there you go. >> she's scared. >> she's a little scared. >> she might have had a lot of candy. >> this little boy, he came to us with his teeth so rotten his jaw was broken. and we had to fundraise to have half of his jaw removed so he doesn't do good with bigger pieces. >> right. and what about this guy? most of them have been through some type of trauma, am i correct? >> not necessarily. a lot of them, their owners for some reason or another can't keep them or choose not to keep them. and give them away thinking that, oh, it's a great dog. but people don't understand when it's an older dog, they're not as likely to be adopted. >> all right. so when we want to go to mixed breed and we can find out if we get these dogs from homes today. >> right. the thing that we did want to stress is the value of smaller dogs, they can bond with you.
3:42 am
they live a lot longer than people through. they're calmer and they have a value in life. to be able to give a senior dog a great home in its golden years is a huge value. >> plus they're usually paper trained and don't usually eat your pillows. i'm not saying mine did that but i'm not saying he didn't do that. thanks so much. >> all right. thank you. >> good luck on halloween. >> all right and soon, it's ok. it will be over there and you can stop shaking. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, we change gears a little bit. the doj giving itself a license to lie. judge napolitano exposes the stunning proposal that could make crucial government records disappear. by the way, the judge adopted a dog. and not only does she write the songs, she also helped judge them. i'm talking about former "idol" judge kara deguardo talking about her life story. [ ma announcer ] the cold aisle can overwhelming.
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>> you know her as a former judge in the "american idol" and one of the most sought after songwriters in the music business. there's more to kara dioguardi that you probably don't know. >> now in an e true hollywood special, she reveals her long struggles towards success. >> i've been denying that i've created and not really singing that much. so there were all these things swirling around in my head and food became my crutch. i started to get depressed. and the food became sort of my drug of choice. it numbed me out. when i would start to feel something inside, i would just eat a lot of sugar and fall asleep. >> ok. joining us right now is the hugehug hugehug hugely talented kara dioguardi. >> i haven't seen that yet. >> what did you say when you saw
3:47 am
the picture? >> definitely eating a lot of chocolate cake. >> what's going on in your life? >> i've struggled with my own addiction. one of them was food. that was really my comfort, what i use to numb myself out and luckily, i found what i love in life. and it's my passion and it helped me battle that. i think any time you have an addiction, it's your body and your mind telling you that something's not right and you need to look at that and until you look at it, it's going to be hard to battle those demons. >> you got over that and now you're an inspiration to a lot of young girls who may be facing those same demons. you're starring in "chicago" right now on broadway. >> yes, i am. >> many people know of you as a songwriter but i remember from "american idol", you know how to sing, too. >> it's been a blast. i mean, it's such an inkred -- incredible play. i think it's the longest running play. >> you're roxy, right? >> yeah, she's a survivor and
3:48 am
you can bring that personality to the show. >> you go back to food. it's such hard work and it takes such -- it's so grinding that you can eat pizza all day and still be fit with a great butt. >> now i can because i don't -- >> excuse me. >> great butt, did i say great butt? >> well, you know, the thing is -- i definitely love pizza. and the only place to really have great pizza is new york city. and before when food used to be sort of my comfort, it's now -- i don't look at it the same way. i don't need anything to kind of make me feel better. i feel good about my life. >> and you should! >> i thought you were going to say chicago was the best place for pizza. you might have an argument there. >> let's talk about something else near and dear to your heart. the national drug facts week. and you're announcing a winner. >> there's a great song called "like a phoenix" and it was written by amanda and harvey
3:49 am
duchay. >> you're announcing the winner right now. >> i am. just announced it. >> congratulations. >> yep. and what an incredible song. it raises awareness to drug addiction and goes into what these kids have been dealing with and how they're overcoming it and we built these studios at the phoenix house, west l.a. music and me and the phoenix house, to give these kids a place to download their emotions. where they're not judged, where the music inspires them to talk about things that sometimes they don't want to talk about in therapy and i want to give a shoutout to the guy that runs the studio out there at lakeview terrace because he works with these kids day in and day out. >> that's really nice. it's great that you would announce on our program. >> yea! i'm always glad to see you guys. >> if you want more information about our program, go to our web site and we'll link to yours. >> i'm so glad that i decided to change this morning because i had those same pants on. we would have clashed. >> really? >> i put them on from your dressing room. >> don't tell all the secrets.
3:50 am
>> i had to pin them a little. >> she thinks i have a dressing room. >> these are like steven tyler pants, baby. >> let's just end it right there. >> thanks. good to see you, kara. >> you, too. >> military recruiters are allowed in schools. should anti-war groups be allowed to recruit students, too? it's happening. we'll look at both sides of that story. >> then the department of justice changing the rules so it can lie to the american people in the name of safety. what's that about? judge napolitano explains next. two. three. one. two. and, three. [ male announcer ] with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, earn more cash back for the things you buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% cash back on groceries. 3% back on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. it's as easy as one. -two. -three. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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>> welcome back. the article you requested, sorry, it just doesn't exist. what am i talking about? under a new plan, the department of justice would be able to not only refuse freedom of information act requests but also to pretend they just don't exist.
3:54 am
say, doesn't exist even though it does. can they do that? here with more on the story is the anchor of "freedom watch" the author of the new book "it's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong" judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning. >> what they're saying is a lot of people file freedom of information act requests but now, the federal government can say, that doesn't exist even though it really does. >> the whole purpose of the freedom of information act which is a 40-year-old law is to compel transparency in the government. a lot of people in the government have a tendency to think that they don't work for us. they can keep what they do away from us. they can keep documents away from us. so congress enacted this statute that basically says if it doesn't involve sensitive national security, sensitive military, sensitive diplomatic secrets, you can get it. the purpose of the justice department's administration of the statute is to enhance the statute and make it easier to get materials. this regulation would cut the heart out of the statute. >> absolutely. >> right now, if you ask for a document and the government says we're not going to give it to
3:55 am
you, you can get a federal judge to review that document in secret and the judge will decide whether or not you get it. under this regulation, even the judges can't review the document. the justice department and the government can lie and deny that something that's really -- claim that something which really exists doesn't. >> that's crazy. >> this is a proposed rule. you can ask the congressman about it when he comes on the show in a few minutes. members of congress have a right to veto the rule. >> it is a crazy rule. what i worry about, though, is who is going to decide, who is the decider in your -- >> bureaucrats will decide rather than federal judges. >> that's right. >> which way will they decide? >> says don't exist, sorry. >> they'll decide in favor of secrecy rather than transparency, this regulation from the administration that promised transparency attacks the very heart of the federal law. >> this can't possibly in an election year, this can't possibly pass. >> congress should invalidate. they have 30 days to do it. the time is ticking. congress should and can invalidate this rule before it
3:56 am
becomes final. they'll need to do so before thanksgiving. >> very good. what's on your show tonight? >> more of this kind of stuff, stevie. >> it's good stuff. it really infuriates people to think that the federal government is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. >> this is something worth getting angry about and people should write to their members of congress and say you cannot let this become law. we have a right to know what the government does. the government works for us. >> very good. his new book is called "it's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> e-mail us. that's crazy, right? still ahead, the school board says anti-war protesters can set up shop right next to military recruiters in high school. is that fair? is that right? we're going to report and you're going to decide. and remember the pink gloved dancers? i loved them and they're back and this year, there's a twist no one saw coming. the whole crew performs for us live. they're live right now.
3:57 am
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all on america's fastest, most reliable 4g network. no wonder more businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. verizon. >> tgif, everyone. it's friday, october 28th. i'm gretchen carlson. hope you're going to have a great weekend. a huge win on wall street. stocks skyrocket. this will bring you a good weekend. best month for the stock market in nearly 25 years. but will the surge last? how will it affect your wallet ultimately? live report two minutes away. >> not many people know that. remember back in 2008 when president obama said this? >> we have the chance to go ahead and say to lobbyists in washington, your days of setting the agenda are over! >> well, the president found a loophole. political hypocrisy at its best. we'll explore. >> plus military recruiters
4:01 am
have been inside high schools for decades. well, now, anti-war recruiters are being allowed inside those same high schools as well. is that a good idea? we're going to report, you are going to decide. "fox & friends" hour two for a friday starts right now. >> ♪ do you ever feel ♪ drifting through the wind on in the sky again ♪ ♪ do you ever feel >> good morning, everyone. you are watching a live performance of the people in pink gloves, i love this segment. we do this every year. remember a couple of years ago, this thing went viral when an organization and a hospital decided to get behind and make videos honoring breast cancer awareness month in october. now, it's gotten to be such a huge thing that they're actually having a contest with videos, 140 applicants they put together videos and we'll be announcing
4:02 am
the winners coming up on our show just 30 minutes away. and i'm looking at the coordination with the group that large that big, that diverse and i'm wondering do they all go to alvin ailey's school of dance? they have really evolved. look at this. >> they have light sticks. >> and they are -- it is dark right now and we're going to see the big show. they've been with us a couple of times. it's fantastic. look at how happy they are. i can't believe how coordinated they are. >> i know. >> come on, guys. >> i'm doing their dance. >> where's my light stick? >> ok. >> here's your pen. >> ok. >> ♪ you're original >> i'm more into ymca. are they going to get into that? yeah. >> i think we just -- >> i heard! >> i'm not sure. >> very cute. so if you want to be inspired, stick around in 30 minutes, you'll see whot -- who the
4:03 am
winners are. anyone need an examination while i have the gloves on? >> know how to clear a room. >> you can go to the side of the set while i read the headlines. >> that's all right, steve. first, i got to eat my deductible. >> not sure how i do a hard turn to news after that. so i'm going to attempt it. here are your headlines. new video just in. check out this plane crash in canada. remarkably, no one died in this amazing plane crash there. plane split in two. everyone on board was hurt, though. someone on the ground also injured. three people in critical condition. it crashed on a street while approaching the vancouver airport. witnesses say the beach keen air 100 almost broke in half, as i said, with part of the plane catching fire. no word of exactly what caused that crash. another horrific accident overnight. seven people have died. it happened on the indiana toll road in bristol, indiana. a minivan carrying 10 people hit a deer on the highway fortunately the -- the van came
4:04 am
to the stop in the middle of the road. all passengers in the minivan did not make it. the delta 2 rocket zooming its way to the heavens right now. >> main engines start, 1-0 and lift often of the delta 2 with the mpp satellite blazing the way for new technology for climate research and weather forecasting. >> beautiful image to take in this morning. the rocket blasting off from vanedenberg air base in california an hour ago. it's carrying nasa's brand new weather satellite that will track everything from temperatures to ozone levels. and now, brian, the honors with the world series game last night. >> maybe the greatest game in world series history. if you stayed up to watch, you saw an incredible end. game six of the world series, a thrill between the rangers and cardinals. you see it there, cardinals tie the game in the ninth inning with two runs. they have to get four extra innings, into the 10th trailing
4:05 am
two runs again. they come all the way back and in the end, win it in 11. david freese with the game-winning homer. cardinals now force a game seven. that will be tonight. twice, they were within one strike of giving the rangers their first world series in history and twice they came back. no word yet on who the starting pitchers will be. it could be carpenter. they talk about jake westbrook but this world series, many people thought the yankees aren't in it. the dodgers are out. forget about it! now everyone is watching. >> that's cool. >> good thing for baseball. >> in the meantime, good thing for people with money in the market. we made some yesterday. investors now hoping for a repeat performance after a great day on wall street. the dow soared 340 points to close over 12,000. what can we expect today? >> joining us live from washington, d.c. is our own doug lazader. bring us good news into the weekend. >> good news is we did cross 12,000 yesterday. that's huge and october is shaping up to be just a fantastic month for the markets. now, having said that, we may
4:06 am
see a little bit of a down day today with some profit taking, dow futures are off just a little bit. but yesterday was so good, that may just overshadow any kind of a little dip we see today. a couple of big factors in play. first of all, we saw a positive gdp growth last quarter. not much. about 2 1/2% annualized. pretty anemic. the fact it's in positive territory is a big deal because it means it would lend credence to the idea that we're not heading back into a second recession. the other thing and this is probably even bigger, this european debt deal or at least a partial deal to start dealing with greek debt and have banks write down about 50% of it, investors really saw some good news in that and the president did as well although his optimism was somewhat tempered. here he is. >> there's no doubt that it's progress. and so the key now is to make sure that there's a strong follow-up, strong execution of the plans that have been put forward. >> yeah, and that is the big issue because they still have to figure out what they're going to
4:07 am
do about the long standing debt that greece has. and there are other countries in europe as well, you know, spain, portugal, italy that have similar kinds of problems that have to be worked out. now, i don't mean to throw water on what happened yesterday because it was good news but there are some concerns in the near future here. first of all, you have a lot of jobless folks still out there. and as they begin to flood back into the market, we still could see the unemployment rate tick up even if there is some positive job creation. the other thing is consumer sentiment heading into the christmas season. will it keep up? and will we see a good retail season? you know that, you know, spurs jobs growth and that in turn kind of leads to that upward growth that we'd all like to see. but it's just not quite there yet. back to you guys. >> all right, doug in our nation's capital. thank you very much. speaking of our nation's capital, the guy at 1600 pennsylvania, barack obama when he was running for president, he made it very clear, i'm for this hope and change thing. hope you are, too, and one of
4:08 am
the things he said in my administration, we will not have any lobbyists in the administration and i'm not going to take any money in them as well. there's a front page story in "the new york times" -- >> "the new york times." >> "the new york times," not only does he famously have a lot of lobbyists in his administration and, you know, they've filed waivers to have them be part of it. but now, apparently, they've got a number of lobbyists raising money for his re-election. even though he said he's not going to take money from lobbyists, he's taking money from people who are bundling it and they are lobbyists. >> here's the thing. they're indistinguishable as lobbyists because they're not technically lobbyists because of the byzentine way of which we describe a lobbyists. you can be one of these bundleers and be a former lobbyist but not consider a lobbyist in present time and not register as one. >> it's a difference of language
4:09 am
in general. 15 of the bundleers are involved in lobbying or consulting shop or private companies. take the example of sally sussman. she's donated money to the president and bundled for him. she's raised a lot of money. half a million dollars and at the same time, she is as executive at pfizer, she's also leads pfizer's powerful lobbying shop and has been to the white house four separate times. so technically, is she a lobbyist? i don't think so. is she lobbying? yes. is that a -- is that such a nuanced line that the president is violating his own principles? >> he made it sound like i'm not going to take any money from lobbyists but because she is not technically registered with the u.s. senate as a lobbyist, kind of out there in that gray area and so she's a bundler and "the new york times" has got just a litany of people who have raised so much money who are clearly lobbyists and yet, it flies in
4:10 am
the face of what the president said when he was running for president. >> i guess it's one of those things where you got to be careful about the promises that you make when you're on the campaign trail because they can come back to bite you! and this might be one of them. i mean, the other side of the coin is that a lot of republicans do accept money from lobbyists but they don't say that they weren't going to so you got to be careful in what you promise to the american people. in the meantime, what do you think about this story? let's go to portland, oregon, because in that state, i believe it's portland, oregon, right? >> uh-huh. >> i wanted to make sure it wasn't portland, maine, the school board there has approved now anti-war protesters to recruit kids in the school. remember for a long time, some schools did not allow the military to come in and recruit because of the gay policies within the military and things like that. now, those people are back in recruiting. >> can't use that anymore. >> now, they're allowed back in but now we want the other side. i'm wondering when you have an anti-military recruiter, what do they tell the kids? what do they say to the kids? don't go into the military? >> there's no way you can actually put on parallel pads,
4:11 am
the military and the people that don't like war. one is an anti-war protest, the other one is a -- is a department, is an armed forces network, you can't possibly look at both organizations equal although this school is. >> they are going forward. here's the statement from the school district. the intent is to provide students with as much information as possible so they may make informed decisions. that according to the official spokesperson. meanwhile, let's listen. here are both sides of the argument about whether or not in high school there should be military recruiters and anti-military recruiters. >> the recruiters have worked hard selling their program, trying to win our trust and enlist our son will. but we have never felt they have been dishonest or that will needed any additional information provided to him by a pps sanctioned anti-recruiting group. >> it's just really a matter of fairness. i mean, congressman -- mandates
4:12 am
that the schools have to invite recruiters in. we feel there should be some response. >> isn't that the personal choice of the parent and the kid to actually seek out that recruiter who comes to the school on behalf of the military? i mean, what happened to personal responsibility and personal decision making? this doesn't add up to me. someone tell me what the anti-war person would tell the kid if he goes into the military room and then goes into the anti-military room. >> one board member says what's key is giving them all the information they need to make good decisions. military recruiter is quoted in one of the portland newspapers this morning as saying he's not worried about this going forward. he says "a person who has made up his mind that they want to do this is still going to join the military." >> all right. 12 minutes after the hour. coming up straight ahead, people making a lot of noise in the background. 3 out of 4 americans are losing faith in washington and want the country to move in a different direction but why and who can change that? our political panel who really enjoy each other's company will be debating that live in a
4:13 am
moment. >> some people wear pink ribbons to show their support. these people grab their pink gloves. and they're busting to move! the pink glove dancers are back. i'm going to bust to move with them coming up. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. [ coughs, sniffs ] especially when you're sick. now, with new simpler packaging, robitussin® makes it simple to get the right relief for your symptoms. new simpler packaging, same effective relief.
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new simpler packaging, same effective relief. come on in. (camera flashes) leanne...leanne! how do you feel about your new focus? oh my god, i love it. (laughs)
4:16 am
what would you say to a friend who might be skeptical about ford? just that they make a quality vehicle. does the sound system stand out for you? yes. and when do you use it? um, i use it all the time. i love listening to jazz in the car. you know the only thing that stinks is you can't have a martini. (laughs) >> our country still has awfully high unemployment and a very weak economy. and americans are holding apparently their elected officials responsible because a brand new fox news poll out yesterday shows that 3/4 of americans are dissatisfied with how things are going in the
4:17 am
country. so should the president be worried? turn to our political panel, republican texas congressman louie gomer, democratic strategist julie radinsky and former new york senator al d'amato. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> julie, let me start with you because your guy is in power right now in the white house and yesterday, james carville said, you know, i look at things, we're going to play the soundbite right now. he's worried about the future. listen. >> everything worries me in this environment. nobody has gotten elected with these kinds of numbers. so i'm worried in the general election. i profoundly admit that. >> james carville profoundly says that he's worried about, you know, barack obama's re-election. >> he should be. i'm worried. barack obama is worried. i'm sure david axelrod is sitting in chicago worried. it's not looking -- they're not great numbers. the economy is not in great shape. and so anybody who says, oh, yeah, obama is going to coast to a second term is smoking something.
4:18 am
>> congressman? are americans holding the president responsible or all of washington? >> you look at the polls, they're holding everybody responsible. i'm one of the 76% that's upset with the way things are going. you don't help things by demanding people pass a bill that you haven't bothered to write and then go on a speaking tour demanding they pass a bill that you still don't have created and then you don't get anybody to follow that. that's not -- and then people still act like the only thing we have to do is pray and then you're told you can't and don't have a prayer. >> al d'amato, you're out and about these days. i'm sure people grab you aside and say hey, you know, what is going on? things are dark! >> they're doing that. they're concerned. they're anxious. some are angry. but everyone that i see is very much concerned and i have to tell you, when you get the two extremes who are controlling both parties to a certain extent. one says you can't touch these
4:19 am
programs, they're sacrisanct and the others say you can't raise taxes at all and then you have the president running around campaigning. >> don't you think all of you, we're almost out of time, people want fundamental change. that's one of the reasons that herman cain is doing so well. you're a democrat but love herman cain. >> i love the cigarette smoking ad. i don't know what that was. that's the best thing i've seen in probably 20 years of being involved in politics, you know, herman cain is a flash in the pan. as a democrat, i hope he's the nominee but i think he's done pretty well. >> he's not a flash in the pan. >> i hope you're right. i hope you're right. >> no, no, and he's fantastic! he's got some real solid ideas. i'm not big on the sales tax. but he's going to do well. >> our panel will stick around for this. governor rick perry has been bombing in the debates and it's hurting him in the polls. so now he could take a pass on future debates. that a good idea? we'll talk to the panel.
4:20 am
take a look at these live pictures. you're looking at the pink gloved dancers warming up now in south carolina. we'll talk to them live in a few minutes about why they're busting to move. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. we're just concerned about the price. we're starting a family. it's a really good deal. [ car alarm ] show me t carfax. show me the carfax. but it's a really good deal. [ car alarm ] show us the carfax. yeah. before you buy a used car,
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4:23 am
>> welcome back. the first televised presidential debate was back in 1960. it was richard nixon vs. john f. kennedy and it was a defining moment in that election. those who listened to the debate on the radio thought that nixon won and those who watched it on tv thought kennedy won so if debates matter so much these days to the american public, why is governor rick perry deciding to cut back on the debates he attends? we continue now with the panel. don't you think he's cutting back because he entered the race
4:24 am
at the top. he was number one in the polls and then with each appearance, didn't do so well with them, julie. >> what a mistake, though, as he bails out of the debates if he can't take on herman cain or rick santorum, how is he going to take on barack obama, how is he going to take on ahmadinejad and the world leaders that he doesn't only have to debate with but be in the public figure with. >> he's ducked debates in the past and he still gets elected and re-elected. >> that's the old political adage, you don't help your opponent get more visibility than they have otherwise. but he -- i haven't found anywhere that he said he's not going. he said the same thing that mitt romney said, they'll have to take a debate at a time. i really think and i hope rick will do this. take the position that since you can't be on the debate unless you have like 1% or 2% of the votes, they ought to say, you know, we're not going to have a debate on any cable news show that doesn't have one of the top 10 in cable shows. and that means all of them will
4:25 am
be on fox. >> well, you know, one of the things about this particular debate season is, you know, everybody has to have answers in one minute and then rebuttals in 30 seconds. it is kind of like -- some have described it like a game show but the debates, senator d'amato have been so important this particular political season where it seems like people are making up their minds of what they see on tv. >> i think if he does skip the debates, he's making a mistake. if you were -- >> can he get elected? >> can he get elected? i think right now, he's not going to get nominated. i don't think he's going to win the nomination. i think herman cain is cleaning his clock and really hurting him. he's a showman. he's a real entertainer and because people aren't happy, they say we go to cain. i think eventually it will be romney. >> i agree. >> i don't think you should rule out anybody. it's what i love. this is an exciting race. a lot of really good friends. rick is one of the hardest working campaigners you'll find and michelle bachmann is. i don't think you ought to rule out anybody. i think it's going to be fun all
4:26 am
the way to the finish. >> like survivor, keep voting them off the island until you're left with mitt romney, i guess. >> you're quoting the president of the united states. >> is that what he said? >> to jay leno. >> remember, debates can be defining and they were defined with ronald reagan in new hampshire when he said -->> i paid for this. >> and i'm tired of conservatives giving more writings to some of these other cable networks besides fox that never get that good of ratings. shouldn't be helping them. >> we are delighted that we have been number one for a very long time. congressman, julie, senator, thank you very much. julie, you're outranked. >> i know. i need a title. i'm kind of lame. >> thank you very much. muslim students attending a catholic university now suing to have a private space on that campus to pray free of christian symbols. did i mention it's a catholic school? it is. and remember the pink glove dancers.
4:27 am
>> ♪ let your colors burst ♪ you're going to leave them in the sky ♪ >> i love them. and they are back. and this year, live pictures right there. there's a twist no one saw coming. the whole crew performs live for us from south carolina. as "fox & friends" rolls on for this pink gloved friday.
4:28 am
4:29 am
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4:31 am
>> time for the shot of the morning. call him the pope, king! you're looking at a meercat looking inside a jack-o'-lantern. he's looking for something to munch on. >> this is the problem with using a real pumpkin. we've had this problem with the squirrels and also the little chipmunks and stuff. they just chew on it. to them, it's not a jack-o'-lantern. it's an appetizer on the porch. >> they don't understand the season like i don't understand the season. >> here we go. >> i'm just saying. >> you for one will be glad when it's november 1st. >> i will. >> get the music? the twist? got to twist that pumpkin off the cat's head to get it off? >> i did not get that. >> that's the segue. >> wow! >> is that true? >> very deep for a friday. >> no kidding. >> let's do some headlines for
4:32 am
you right now because we got to get in the mood to do some dancing right after. brand new developments in the case of missing baby lisa irwin. interviews of her older brother scheduled for today have been scrapped now. their parents canceled plans for a trained specialist to interview their 5 and 8-year-old boys. earlier on "fox & friends", we spoke to gil abayta, a colorado's man whose own baby son went missing in 1986, 25 years ago. he has spoken with the irwins and here's what he has to say about the way they're handling the case. >> we're scared and as i looked in there, it reminded me of, you know, a bunch of rabbits in a cage. they don't know what to do. i don't think they can even figure it out. so what they do is they hide. >> cooperate to whatever. >> if they have nothing to hide, you would think that they would do that. >> you have to. >> the irwin sons were set to give d.n.a. samples today. that's reportedly been canceled as well. >> all right. 28 minutes now before the top of the hour and 24 libyan rebels
4:33 am
wounded in combat against forces loyal to muammar qaddafi. uh-oh. they're being flown to the united states tomorrow. the united states bringing them to the hospital for treatment as a gesture of humanitarian aid. u.s. officials say the libyans, their injuries right now require that they come to american hospitals so they're going to get that great medical service. that's what john mccain was saying they needed to do. >> hurricane rina weakening to a tropical storm as it makes landfall in southern mexico overnight. look at these pictures. this is playo del carmen where many tourists have abandoned the beaches. it was once a category 3 storm, wind north of 100 miles an hour. now right around 50. people took off for dryer ground before rina came to town. >> if all newlyweds, william and kate's first baby is a little
4:34 am
girl, the princess will be eligible to take the royal throne before her younger brothers. the laws are changing as of this morning to give women equal rights. the old laws put the monarch's sons before the daughters regardless of birth order. >> welcome to 2011. it all started, speaking of years, back in 2009 when workers at a portland hospital put on pink gloves and danced in support of breast cancer awareness. today, the original pink glove dance video has been viewed over 13 million times and is the inspiration for hundreds. now the company behind the internet sensation is looking to continue the cause launching a contest for the best pink glove dance video. john marx is the director of public relations with medline. bill neese is one of the stars of lexington center's pink glove video. he's the one with the mop. and they join us now this morning with over 400 pink gloved dancers in west columbia, south carolina.
4:35 am
good morning to the three of you, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning as well. >> so we're going to have some big news this morning, right, john? because we're going to be announcing the winner out of 140 video entries of pink glove videos, right? >> we are. and i'm proud to announce after a half million votes and over a million views from all over the country from 14 e 0 -- 14 e -- 140 videos, the winner is lexington medical center from west columbia, south carolina. >> wow, do they know behind you that you have won? >> they do! you guys know you won? >> whoo! whoo! >> i got to go to bill neese because bill, you are part of this video. you're the guy who is holding the mop! >> well, it's good to have
4:36 am
y'all here in west columbia. hello to everybody. >> what do you think about winning? >> well, this is -- this is incredible. i love every bit of this. this is something brand new to me and i'm loving every bit of it because, of course, it's for breast cancer and it's awareness. >> now, i understand, bill, that you have a personal connection to this. your father recently diagnosed with breast cancer. how is he doing? >> he is doing fine. his story was what kind of motivated me to light up the lights for this video for breast cancer survivors and those who, unfortunately, have passed away because when i found out the news about his situation, he took it like well, bill, i'll be fine. don't worry about me. i'll be fine. you worry too much! you worry too much! and i said ok. so i took it worse than he did and i thought well, if he can do that, i can. and so can everyone in america.
4:37 am
and around the world. >> yeah. >> you could bust to move for that. hey, mark, i got to get your input on how you got all of these 400 people behind you to participate in this dance. how did it happen? >> well, absolutely incredible organization. put the e-mail out that we were doing this, every department, almost every department in the hospital asked how they can get involved. and we asked everybody to come out originally behind us, we had like 300 or 400 people out. and they were out here dancing for two or three hours so the enthusiasm was contagious. that's absolutely people here are very passionate about this hospital. they're passionate about the community. and they're passionate, they're passionate about cancer. >> we can say that it's a $10,000 prize that they just won will be donated to charity. guys, if you don't mind, let's watch them dance. >> all right!
4:38 am
>> ♪ it's always been inside of you and now it's time to let it groove ♪ ♪ baby you're a firework ♪ come on show them what you're worth ♪ ♪ make em go high, high ♪ as you shoot across the sky ♪ you're a firework ♪ come on let your colors burst ♪ ♪ make them go high, high, high ♪ ♪ you're gonna leave them behind ♪ ♪ boom, boom, boom ♪ even brighter than the moon
4:39 am
♪ moon, moon ♪ boom, boom, boom ♪ even brighter than the moon, moon, moon ♪ >> all right. those are the winners. lexington medical center west columbia, south carolina. the public voted on the internet. $10,000 prize. we should mention second place goes to highland hospital in rochester, new york. $5,000. third place to victoria hospital, prince albert, canada. $2,000 prize. there are the winners right there. all that money goes to charity. fantastic! favorite segment of the year probably. >> ♪ baby you're a firework >> congratulations. coming up on the show, muslim students choose to attend a catholic school and now they say the christian symbol violates their human rights. huh? yep. and they're suing about it. they want those crosses taken down. do they have a case? plus there's no war on halloween here. the cutest costumes for kids and
4:40 am
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get your cash back! oh, hi. which cash back booth looks better to you, chase freedom or the largest cashback card? oh, i'll try the largest. oh, that is too bad. apparently you don't know chase freedom guarantees you 1% cash back. 4 times more than the largest cash back card, which only gives you a quarter percent until you spend $3,000 every year. but have fun. bob and weave once you're in there. don't get short changed. get your cash back. chase freedom. >> muslim students at catholic university of america have filed
4:44 am
a complaint saying that christian symbols in their prayer rooms are malice and violate their human rights. so why even go to catholic school? why even pick that college? catholic college. joining us right now for a fair and balanced debate, the president and founder of american islamic forum for democracy, dr. zudy jasser and an attorney is with us, practicing muslim and a pakistani american. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> good morning. thank you. >> you are someone who understands the islamic world. do you understand why they're offended? >> i have no idea. and i think these muslims are being used by this leftist attorney with an agenda who one week wants to use muslim and the other week wants to talk about not having same sex dorms and basically what they're doing is they went to a catholic university, they were given spaces to pray. i mean, my family prayed at a catholic church for years until our mosque was built in wisconsin.
4:45 am
khalif omar was asked to pray in a church and he refused because he said it would disrespect their institution and turn it into a mosque so this is really unislamic and it's really supremacist. they're imposing their ideas on a catholic university that's a private school. and i'm offended as a muslim that they're doing that. >> first of all -- >> are you deeply offended? >> no, it's not offensive at all. people have the right to bring lawsuits if they feel they're being discriminated against and, you know, dr. jasser hasn't talked to these students, i assume, who he says is being used. that's offensive actually. the lie that's being told is they want crosses and things taken off. that's not true, ok? these students are paying $30,000 a year to this institution and they're saying give us a space where we can pray like everybody else. there's nothing wrong with that. >> you haven't read the complaint. >> let me finish. doctor, let me finish. >> real quick. you can't hog the whole time. >> the issue is very simply this. we are in a catholic society. this is an american institution,
4:46 am
private institution and what they need to do is understand that the other catholic universities like georgetown and notre dame have all of the exceptions. so what's the problem here? >> something to keep in mind. when i was looking for a school, you have certain things you want, is the major there? is the sport there that you want? is it located close or far away from your home. if one of those things you want to do is practice the muslim faith, maybe you don't want to pick catholic schools. i'm not sure. >> that's a fair -- >> here's the actual complaint. >> it's called this -- >> pipe down. hold on. hold on. here's the complaint. >> that's not a true statement. >> it suggests they are acting improperly and probably with malice. they do have to pray five times a day and to be sitting there trying to do muslim prayers with a big cross looking down is not very conducive to their religion. >> sure. >> dr. jasser? >> exactly. yeah, mr. alahi has not read the complaint and it's interesting that he cites georgetown. sure, georgetown has hush money of the saudis of over $10
4:47 am
million to accommodate muslims. >> that's conspiracy nonsense! islamaphobes make these arguments. >> hatred is your defense of supremasim. they can go to another university. they were given a space to pray and they don't want that space to have crosses in it. i'm sorry? >> it's an american right to lawsuit and have a referee decide whether there's discrimination taking place at night. that's the ambulance chasing of muslim civil rights. that's not americanism. that's ambulance chasing of muslim civil rights that i and many muslims want nothing to do with. >> and that's fine! >> many muslim don't want your islamist agenda pushing on us. >> why do you want to take away their rights to sue? >> nobody is taking away their rights. >> could decide to go somewhere else because they have a right -- >> or they could just pray -- >> or transfer out. >> or they could just pray in
4:48 am
the room they were given. >> they should say that. and catholic university should give them that option and if they want to go somewhere, they can. but they accept -- -- >> change catholic university, maybe that name is offensive. >> that's a lie! that's a lie! >> maybe that's where we're heading, ok? if you're going to catholic university, it's incredible. >> that's incredible and not sustainable logically. >> right. ok. thanks so much for your point of view and dr. jasser, i appreciate it. good job, guys. if you still need a costume for your little pumpkin, stick around. we have some really cute kids in really cute outfits just for you and we'll tell you how to get them. not the kids, the costumes and in 1990, vanilla ice had the number one song. i was humming it this morning but i wouldn't admit it until now. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables?
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> answer to the question of the day, charlie daniels, of course. the winner is tracy from tennessee. congratulations. it's that time of year again when the ghosts and the witches and the goblins come out to play and halloween, of course, is monday so are you ready? guess what? it doesn't too late to make sure your child is able to dress up like their favorite cartoon character and here to show us some of this year's top costumes, from, gray chun. we're about to see some adorable little babies and 1-year-olds coming through. we're going to start. by the way, these are all staffers' children here and it's so nice when they get to bring them in. the queen. >> absolutely adorable. >> gavin and mom tracy. how did you choose lightning mcqueen?
4:53 am
>> well, he's absolutely in love with "cars". he wants to watch it three times a day so we thought it was only fitting that he be lightning mcqueen, race car driver. >> very cute. >> grace, tell us about the costume. >> over here, we have a full jump suit, a lightning mcqueen jump suit. retails for $75 and you might think that's kind of a high price point but it comes with a super cool feature and -- >> which is what? >> which is i'm going to walk over here and show you. all right. so if you just push right here, his costume actually lights up. >> very cool! >> yeah. >> so it's -- >> and there we go. >> he knows how to trick or treat. >> all right. next, we're going to have jackson rochet and he's superman. gosh, look at this face. he's got a superman costume on. it's only $15 and this is really great for kids because it's comfortable, it's soft and it's really easy for the kids to put on. >> gavin hadden sr., i know it's
4:54 am
not senior. what are you like the 4th? he's talking me in my ear as a produceser, that's his baby we just saw. jen, senior producer downstairs, this is his beautiful child jackson and he's a smiley boy. >> he's a happy baby and he loves to dress up. he likes tv. >> look, he wants to be -- oh! oopsy! that's not clean either. so cute. all right and now we have another senior producer who is coming in with her beautiful children. all right, first we have sophie and another gavin. >> sophie is wearing the dora the explorer costume and again, for infants, this is great because it's soft and easy to put on and my favorite part about this costume is this adorable hairpiece with dora's classic hair style. >> another gavin, right? >> gavin over here with handy manny costume. he has a tool belt with all his
4:55 am
friends. he has a toolbox that's available on amazon for $10. >> that doesn't come with the costume. >> you can get it separately. >> michelle, how is it having two? >> i'm exhausted! but, you know, twice the work. twice the fun. >> yeah, well, beautiful children. let's bring all of our characters back in here. now, the interesting thing, grace, you want to tell us it's not too late to get these on amazon. >> it's not too late. you have to act fast. thousands of costumes are still available and you'll get them in time for halloween. >> all right. thank you so much for being here. guys, you did a great job! we didn't have a dirty diaper or any kind of a crying fit. that's positive. you did better than the dogs earlier. great to see you guys. coming up on the show, the tea party says they were charged thousands of dollars to protest exactly where the occupiers are protesting for free. a case of a liberal double standard? geraldo will weigh in on that. there he is. plus country superstar toby is here live. he'll be performing this song "made in america". that's coming up next hour. don't miss it.
4:56 am
♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's friday, october 2. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time with us. deadly attack on an american base in afghanistan. several people are dead. we will have latest on this breaking story. >> steve: meanwhile, the tea party charged to protest on property exactly where the occupiers are protesting for free. is this really fair and balanced or is there a double standard? geraldo rivera is going to report on it. >> brian: who always has high standard. and you just saw the heated debate over this muslim story. muslim students say christian symbols inside catholic schools violate their human rights. we want to hear what you have to
5:00 am
say about that. a fair and balanced debate starts pretty like now. ♪ >> steve: there e. the pride of norman, oklahoma, toby keith, live this hour, "fox & friends." got a great song to sing to awful us on this wet day in the northeast. >> brian: wait a second, we get to talk to him and hear him sing and probably in the after the show show, he's got his entire band here. >> gretchen: looking forward to that. so stick around. he'll be joining us about 8:45 eastern time. a fox news alert from afghanistan, afghan interpreter killed, eight other people wounded in a taliban attack on a u.s. base in kandahar. four of the terrorist attackers were also killed. the home countrieses of the injured personnel not known. we will keep an eye on this breaking story and bring you any
5:01 am
additional information as soon as we get it. check out this video. hard to imagine anyone made it out of that plane alive. but remarkably, everyone on this plane in canada did survive. everyone was hurt. some on the ground also injured. at least two people are reportedly in critical condition right now. seven others in serious condition. two more were hurt when the plane actually struck their car. if crashed on a street while approaching the vancouver airport. witnesses say the plane almost broke in half with part of the plane catching fire. no word on what caused that crash. nasa's delta 2 rocket zooming toward the heavens right now. >> three, two, main engine start, one, zero, and lift-off of the delta 2 with the npp satellite blazing a way a new technology for climate research and weather forecasting. >> gretchen: the good way to wake up in the morning, watching that image. that's a rocket blasting off from california, two hours ago.
5:02 am
it's carrying nasa's brand-new weather satellite which will track everything from temperatures to ozone levels. remember this guy? >> the republican health care plan is this: die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> gretchen: well, former florida congressman allen grayson making more outrageous remarks now. grayson coming under fire for saying house majority leader paul ryan and other republicans are exactly like o. j. simpson. >> paul ryan or any republican to talk about the president and citing the politics of division is much like o. j. simpson saying he's going to devote his life to finding the real killer. they're the real killers. >> gretchen: okay. o. j. simpson and their killers, grayson, trying to get back into congress making remarks like that. so far he raised more money than any other candidate in central florida. and those are your headlines. and the laugh you heard from the
5:03 am
side lines was geraldo rivera, who covered the o. j. simpson. i used to watch you religiously. >> thank you. good morning. that was quite a saga in our history, but that's whacky. when you start comparing elected officials to mass murdering dog, it's a little extreme. he should run for mayor of zukati park. >> steve: occupy wall street. a while back, the tea party was going to have a reallily so they had to spend $10,000 on permit, insurance policy, port a potties. it turns out occupy richmond is in exactly the same spot and they're not having to pay and there is apparently a double standard and now they want the money back from richmond. >> and the question, steve, is? >> steve: is that fair? should they get their money? >> i think they have a reasonable beef. i think there is -- >> steve: double standard? >> equal protection argument to be made. it's kind of a silly case in the sense, but there is a principle to be upheld and if occupy
5:04 am
richmond is indeed occupying the same space and there are requirements and the requirements cost money, if there is an entity that can be sued or billed and that's obviously the problem. >> gretchen: with all the silly lawsuits in this country, kind of like the one brian interviewed just recently about the muslims being upset because they have to see cross, this may not be so silly because we're tucking about actual money that they could get back. >> ten grand, it's not a lot -- >> brian: come on. >> steve: what about the $5 million the taxpayers of new york city have spent on security to watch those guys? >> the problem with occupy wall street in terms of its being infective movement is it has no leadership or corporate structure. it has no specific agenda. that's its weakness. that's why i think it will fall apart ultimately and that's also the reason you can't sue it. who are you going to sue? you going to go into one of
5:05 am
those pup tents and say, you're served? it's extremely difficult because they are so nebulous, it is their weakness, but in terms of litigation, in terms of being shut down by government, they have no form. >> brian: let's do a comparison. fox news did a comparison in how people feel about the tea party as opposed to occupy wall street. the people who think it's good? 45% think the tea party is good. occupy wall street, 38%. bad, 37-41. mixed, about even. and unsure, is about even. >> edge to the tea party, but what is the news there is how similar those numbers are. they are not that far apart. and i think although the people who believe they are positive movements come from different sides of the political spectrum, i also believe that there is a segment in there, the libertarian segment that i think i belong to, which encourages activism on right or left,
5:06 am
that's not important. they're getting off their curvy couches and becoming engaged. they are putting their bodies on the line to cause some social change they feel necessary. >> steve: curvy tarps out. >> brian: judge napolitano has someone to hang out with. don't you think the occupy wall street movement is really starting to walllow? >> it is. >> brian: democrat heavyweights say that's not really my constituency. you got to wonder if democrat also start running from them each and every day. >> we have been there -- >> steve: we saw the video. >> craig slept there. >> steve: how is the food? >> fantastic. again, that's one of the weaknesses because the kitchen got a grade a from the city and they've got half a million dollars in anonymous funding. now the bums, to use an expression, the guys that hang out outside the salvation army for breakfast now say we'll go to the salvation army for
5:07 am
breakfast and to the occupy wall street for dinner and they're getting really nice food. so it is affecting the make-up of the constituency there so much so that the kitchen staff said wait a second. this is not feeding the movement. we're going to give them brown rice. the skid row guys are like, brown rice? take it back. >> brian: the guys that want the handouts are tired of handing out free food to the prisoners. >> gretchen: if you can keep all that straight, figure it out. let's move to the department of justice and freedom of information act request. how do you see this story? >> in the '60s, there was a great pressure building up during the vietnam war, early days, 1966, when the johnson administration, to have more disclosure in government, more open government, less secrecy. so the freedom of information act was passed over president johnson's objections and it has
5:08 am
been for decades the way americans access their government and all of the secrecy. but the freedom of information act is not give an absolute right to people to access everything and what they noticed were that criminals, for example, under investigation would file a freedom of information act request and say, am i under investigation? they want their files. so even if you say your file cannot be given to you, aha, that tells the criminal that he's under investigation. just the denial of his access. so now the government is allowed to lie. i ask if i'm under investigation, they say no. and so this is codifying government being allowed to lie under certain circumstances, terrorism case, for instance. foreign governments, or foreign terrorist entities were filing requests for freedom of information and saying are we under investigation and obviously that's a national security issue. so i think the government is right to codify that they can
5:09 am
lie under certain controlled circumstances. the aclu disagrees with me, but they would. >> steve: brian had a great debate about a half hour ago where he told a guy to pipe down and it was great because he was filibustering and he would not let the other side talk. the debate is this. john at the george washington university, a professor there, filed a complaint with the district of columbia, on behalf of a number of muslim students who go to catholic university, they're upset that they don't have a room at catholic university, a private entity, to pray without a crucifix and catholic stuff on the walls. >> what was the name of the school again? >> gretchen: catholic university! >> find another school. maybe it's because i'm half catholic and half jewish, but i have a very ecumenical sense about religion. i enjoy nativity scenes. i like walking past st.
5:10 am
patrick's. i like going past the synagogue, or even the mosque on 96th street near my house. there is grandeur in religion and i think that to be so petty is to be almost contrarian. it's almost like -- >> steve: all we want is a room. we just want one room to pray in. >> brian: without a crucifix in our face. >> well, you know, go outside. there are ways around it. >> steve: then you'll see the cross on the chapel. >> dude, that's just the way it goes. >> brian: did you call me dude? twice! >> so that's life. >> gretchen: thank you for making so much sense. >> it is sort of a -- to use another slang, it's lame. >> gretchen: this is why people get upset with legal cases, because they think that you can sue for anything and this is -- i think this adds to the firestorm of america's perception of the muslim religion. i don't think it's a good idea.
5:11 am
>> in fairness, i think the vast majority of these lawsuits are brought by atheists who say, i don't want to be around any religious symbolism. the muslims, i think they too often get singled ou as being weird or out of the main stream and i don't think that's necessarily fair. but i think someone goes to catholic university, for goodness sake, they should expect to see catholic symbolism. >> brian: i will say this. >> i'm pretty sure it's the same in notre dame and yesheba. >> brian: who i'm suing for lack of crosses. >> the dead sea scrolls are in that (geraldo, we'll be watching you at 10:00 o'clock,. >> steve: watch him, he's a great -- >> brian: he's jewish! >> steve: all right. have a great weekend. >> gretchen: the parents of baby lisa calling off a scheduled interview of the two other little boys who live in that house. some wonder, are they hiding
5:12 am
something? gentleman jeanine pirro has a theory. >> brian: military recruiters have been inside schools for year. now antiwar recruiters are being allowed to set up shop, too. a fair and balanced debate. you'll decide what you like. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu uss chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made?
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5:16 am
lieutenant colonel tom joins us now. he is a commander with the portland recruiting battalion. welcome to the show. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> brian: colonel, how much harder is your job knowing that there is antiwar missions going in after or before you? >> i'd like to pretend it's more difficult thing to do, but reality is, the portland public school district has never been on board with military recruiters and the anti-recruiters have really always had a certain degree of access that we just don't have. so what we're hoping is that this will actually give us increased access to school and put us on the same level as the anti-recruiters who are already there. >> brian: wait a second. so you're saying the anti-recruiters have more access to the schools than you have right now? >> yes. sympathetic teachers and school board members allow them to go in and we've had reports in the last couple of days of them actually doing classroom presentations for kids. what we would like is just equal access so we can go in and present options. 'cause we've got options for the
5:17 am
future, education, training and jobs out there that could bring them into the responsible member of society. >> brian: yeah, i've heard that. let's hear what they have to say and then i'll get your reaction. let's go. >> okay. >> it's just really a matter of fairness. i mean, congressmandates that schools have to invite the military in and we feel there should be some response. we're not telling kids not to join the military. >> brian: they're not? is that how you understand it? >> really, i'm not in the classrooms and i can't tell what you they're saying. like i said, we don't have that kind of access. but people coming out, people from different services have mentioned they're very anti-recruiting or antimilitary service. and really not bringing anything to the table. >> brian: also if you look at the schools, just the current make-up of what we hear, they're surround bid liberal teachers, they get a lot of those antiwar messages on a regular basis even
5:18 am
within basically within the opinions from the teachers. they're really tilting the playing field if they're giving war groups like war resistors more access than recruiters like yourself who are not saying you better join. they're saying, let this be an option for you. >> and that's really in the end what we're all about is trying to provide some options for these kids. it's a cruel world out there and there is a lot of things that -- a lot of opportunities that are missing if they don't look at everything that's available on the table. >> brian: i'm sure you have a great pitch and i'm sure you could sell the military well, but go to social security studies class, revolutionary wars, there would be no america without you. >> oh, yeah. it's a great place to be and i'll tell you, i'm proud every day i put this uniform on and these guys won't stop us. >> brian: i agree and i don't see you giving up. you'll continue to try to get access and talk to the kids and give them an option. thank you for joining us this
5:19 am
morning. >> thanks a lot for having us. >> gretchen: coming up, the parents of baby lisa calling off a scheduled interview of their two sons. some wonder if they're hiding something. judge jeanine pirro has a theory. she's been with the family and up next. plus, president obama student loan initiatives says it will save a ton of money. but we got our hands on the report that says it will only save kids ten a month. those details ahead. wow, it's a great deal.
5:20 am
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>> steve: headlines on this friday. take a look at this incredible video of a 13-year-old boy being pulled from the rubble in turkey. he was under an apartment building that collapsed on top of him. he was stuck for almost five days after that 7.2 earthquake struck. 570 people dead so far confirmed. 2500 hurt. check this out a teen-ager crashes her car straight into the dmv on her way to take the driving test. it happened in sioux fall, south dakota. police say the 16-year-old got mixed up. hit the accelerator when she want to do hit the brake. she-upped the curb, smashed through the wall, no one was hurt. the girl not cited by police, but probably did not wind up with a learner's permit on that day. >> brian: i don't think so. >> gretchen: new developments in the case of missing baby lisa irwin. have the views of her older half brothers scheduled for today scrapped. their parents canceled plans for a trained specialist to interview the five and
5:24 am
eight-year-old boys. the specialist was also set to take dna sames. no word why. we have judge jeanine with us because she's been following the case since the beginning. so besides those interviews being canceled, we have breaking news now about the lawyers. >> right. my sources tell me that cindy short, the local attorney from kansas city, is off the case. joe tacopina, of course, is the lead attorney. he is calling the shots. she's no longer -- >> steve: he fired her? >> i can't say that he did or didn't, did you she's no longer on the case. if you recall yesterday, the new was that she was going to take the media through the irwin's house. that was abruptly canceled, as was a press conference thereafter. with the claim that the parents were tired and they were exhausted. in addition to that, what we now know this morning is that there was a phone call made from one of those stolen phones and this was confirmed by up with of my sources in the police department, but the irwins consistently said no way anyone could have made a call because
5:25 am
we didn't pay our bills and you can't make outgoing calls. wrong again. the police located the woman who received that 50 second call on the morning the baby was missing and they now know that a call was made from that cell phone. >> brian: we don't know who the woman is? >> steve: somebody does. >> we believe her name is meghan wright. she is someone who said that apparently it went to voice mail. she didn't have a conversation, but her phone rang from that number. >> steve: do we know who the -- but do they know using the when it was made? >> they will know through tri angulation, but they're not going to tell us. >> gretchen: they've obviously known this for some time. >> yeah. what's interesting is that the irwins consistently said, there is no way that there could have been a phone call. we couldn't make outgoing calls. and by the way, with the cancellation of the interview of these two boys, almost a month after the incident, you have to wonder why.
5:26 am
i mean, i did these investigation, you bring forensic psychologists. the police are not in the room. my sources at the police department tell me that they wouldn't even be able to access the children. why cancel it? the sooner the kids are questioned, the better so we can get whatever information. >> gretchen: why do you think it was canceled? >> you know, i think it's the same reason that the parents are not sitting down with the police. >> steve: you don't think this looks good for the parents? >> it's not that i don't think it. i know it. it does not look good for these parents. if my children or your children were missing, the first thing you would say is, talk to my kids, maybe they heard or saw something. in my interview, the mother said to me, the boys heard something, but i don't know if it was before or after they went to sleep and i really don't want to ask them 'cause i don't want to upset them. >> gretchen: what? >> brian: if the police do think that these parents are guilty, is it safe to leave those other kids with them? >> you know, first of all, the police don't -- they haven't made a decision yet. it's about evidence. but in these cases, unless and
5:27 am
until you can prove that there is some wrongdoing going on, that the children are negatively being impacted, then they stay with the parents. i've gotten material witness orders where i'm taking kids out of the home where i believe they have been persuaded by the murdering am parent to say x, y, or z. right now they're not giving anyone access to the children. >> steve: you've broken news this morning. i'm sure you'll have more tomorrow on your program, check it out "justice" 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here. thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, he's not doing so well in the recent gop debates. now rick perry wants to skip some of them. will this hurt his chances of getting the nomination? we'll ask chris wallace who is sitting down with rick perry this weekend. >> brian: toby keith joins us on the curvy couch. the country superstar also performing for us live. it sounds too good to be true, but he's indeed here. it's going o happen because he left all his stuff here. i'm certain he's coming on. hey guys, i know i told you that head & shoulders
5:28 am
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>> this is really cool. president obama just announced that a new student loan plan
5:32 am
that will forgive debt after 20 years. yeah. obama said that forgiving debt is the most honorable thing someone can do and then he repeated that in chinese. >> steve: we were talking about this initiative that the president has unveiled and i know a lot of people who owe student loans are going, oh, this sounds really good. this could save me a lot of money because we depict that if you make something like $25,000 a year over the 20 years, you might pay off, what, $28,000, even though you could run up student debt as high as a couple hundred thousand. now according to something in the atlantic today, the savings for you student loan holders may be not as gigantic as you might have thought. >> gretchen: apparently it's only $10 a month by the atlantic's calculation. so maybe it is more of a selling point rather than something that's economically beneficial.
5:33 am
>> brian: the atlantic goes while the president's heart may be in the right place, his effort isn't likely to have much impact when you average 4 and $8 of savings a month. >> gretchen: time to bring in chris wallace from d.c i know you'll have a biggest this weekend. first i want to get your take on the poll, the recent polls, there was a cbs poll and fox news poll that has herman cain on top now. let's look at the fox news poll. cain gets 4%. romney, 20%. gingrich, up in third place now at 12%. and perry slipping to fourth place at 10%. when you see that, what's your initial reaction, chris? >> you know, cain doesn't have the biggest war chest, he doesn't have much of a ground organization. he's barely been in iowa and new hampshire. but he's got one thing, voters like him. that is the great attribute to have. it's the great strength and i still have some doubts as to how long he's going to be able to stay up there given some of the mistakes he's made. but interestingly enough, i
5:34 am
think because he says i'm not a practiced smooth politician, i'm a businessman, i'm not from that sector, voters are able to give and willing to give him more of a free pass. but we'll see. the fact that he doesn't have a ground game in iowa and new hampshire really can come back to bite him and my question is why not? maybe he didn't take it all that seriously in the beginning, but he is doing so well, he ought to hang out in iowa and new hampshire. but of course, why am i giving him advice? he's first in the poll, i'm not. >> steve: there is an item that says that herman cain is no longer the flavor of the week, he's a regular menu item because unlike perry who was at the top and then flamed out and michelle bachman, other has staying power, at least over the last couple of weeks. and they also quote a huffington post poll of republican insiders, you know, famously karl rove has said he can't get elected. but these gop insiders,
5:35 am
according to slate and huffington post, 74% of them think cain could beat obama in the presidential. >> listen, he has shown remarkable staying power and there is no reason -- in the end, we think we decide this thing and for the good of the country, we don't. you folks out there decide this. there hasn't been a single vote cast. if cain continues to make his case and people like it, he'll be the nominee. >> gretchen: i think the underheadline is newt gingrich being third. i think that he may continue to rise in the polls, if he continues to perform well in the debates. >> brian: he quadrupled his outpet, his voters and supporters. because we have a relationship off television, i already know how you feel about this. governor perry has communication director come forward and say, i don't think i'm going to be sending my guy to all the debates coming forward and being that he struggles in them that,
5:36 am
a bad signal, almost as if he's acquiescing? >> i'm flying down this afternoon, has nothing to do with the fact that there is a nor'easter coming up the coast here to austin, texas, and i will be interviewing governor perry live on sunday from the state capitol in austin. his first sunday show interview since he became a candidate and what a strange ride it's been, from 30 plus percent in the polls down to 10. some polls even 6. and he's trying to reboot his campaign to try to get people -- a second chance to make a first impression. it did come out yesterday that -- not that he's not going to participate in any debate, but not in every debate. i think there are a couple of points. one, probably there are too many debates. i think there are 16 in the next 12 weeks and the voting is starting the 3rd of january. but he isn't the one who should be making the argument because it's obviously a weakness and it looks like he's skipping out on something he doesn't do well in.
5:37 am
not that he doesn't say it doesn't fit my schedule. and the other important point, and brian, we talked about this yesterday, is that why are people laughing -- is the fact that the republicans want somebody who will be able to stand up to barak obama in the fall, in those three crucial presidential debates and make the case against him and perry has yet to show that he's that man. and it's obviously a question i'll be asking him on sunday. >> steve: remember four years ago it was rudy and fred thompson in first and second place and john mccain, who eventually would be the nominee, was in third place. we know what happened there. all right. we're going to be watching sunday. >> brian: real quick. i got people inquiring why you're being so nice to me. >> yes, and you were going to tell me yesterday, did i win one of the autographed george w. bush books? >> unfortunately, you were a finalist. i said my most informative caller, rather than the guest.
5:38 am
>> brian: i have bad news. you came in third. >> once again, brian, you have disappointed me, but not surprised. >> gretchen: chris, as a little bit of a surprise, i have one in my office i can send it to you. >> an autographed book of george w. book? >> gretchen: i do. >> i would love that. thank you. >> gretchen: all right. text me your personal address. >> brian: now you're hayes favorite, great. >> gretchen: let me know your info. >> steve: have a great weekend, mr. wallace. >> good-bye. >> steve: i'm not sending you anything. >> gretchen: your headlines for a friday. defense drafting up a case in the manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. it's coming down to the battle of the propothol experts. that's thence thet thetic that killed michael jackson. but his final witness says he's not convinced dr. murray was responsible for jackon's death. his testimony continues today. >> brian: bernie madoff says his victims were just as greedy as he was, he said, i understand why clients hate me. the gravy train is over. and i can live with that.
5:39 am
madoff, who is serving 150-year prison sentence, also said he considered killing himself at one point, but, quote, didn't have enough courage to do it. >> steve: the tea party in richmond, virginia demand ago big refund from the city of richmond. they say that the city charged them $10,000 for three rallies at one of the local plazas, but at the same time now today, occupy richmond protesters aren't paying a dime for using exactly the same space. tea party says they paid for permit, port a potties, police presence and emergency services, along with a big insurance policy that they had to take out for a million dollars. now they want their money back. >> gretchen: october is breast cancer awareness month. what better way to raise awareness, bust a move with pink glow sticks. watch this. ♪
5:40 am
>> gretchen: earlier, 400 employees from the lexington medical center in columbia, south carolina performed for us live and they found out right here on our show they won the nationwide contest for the best pink glove dance video. the prize? 10 grand to the charity of their choice. fantastic. >> steve: that's very nice. straight ahead, dinner at chick-fil-a never so exciting as this. >> (screaming) >> steve: a woman -- that woman right there gets a gigantic surprise from her soldier husband. the rest of their story right after the break. >> brian: and someone who supports our brave men and women, toby keith making his way down the hall, get out of his way. he will sing his new song "made in america." reports are that's his favorite nation of the he'll do it right here on "fox & friends." he's getting closer. oh, he's getting closer.
5:41 am
make a right. >> steve: that door. >> pension outrage, teachers getting a huge payout for one day of work thanks to a loophole. >> and not all the news is bad when it comes to the economy. we'll tell you where unemployment is actually down, business is booming and get this, real estate is even up. >> and we can top that with yoyoma. he's trading in back for some bluegrass music. he'll be here performing live, all this weekend on "fox & friends" starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow morning. listen to how peaceful that is. at bayer, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin.
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>> steve: toby keith in just a minute. he's sitting -- he's a foot away from me. that's his hand right there. first the headlines. some of the first plaque soldiers to join the u.s. marines getting the recognition they deserve. they received the congressional gold medal nearly 70 years after risking their lives in world war ii. check this out. (screaming) >> steve: right there is the local chick-fil-a. staff sergeant chris reed sevenning autopsy big surprise to his wife, amy, there in florida. she goes to a restaurant every tuesday night. she had no idea her husband would actually arrive home from afghanistan early and unannounced and gave her the surprise of her life. how great is that? >> gretchen: fantastic. joining us now, someone who does
5:46 am
so much for our troops, country music superstar toby keith. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: you never get used to watching those videos. they never get old, do they? >> see a million of them, i love them. they're amazing. chick-fil-a is the newest one though. >> brian: you've been in afghanistan and iraq? >> i go every spring for two weeks and we're at 180 shows and counting and it will be our tenth anniversary of going over when we go next spring. >> brian: how would you characterize those audiences? >> they're off the hook. first time i went, i went for just a little bit and thought, man, this would be in mondayor of my father who is a vet and i thought, i'll go over there and get to do it and i'm nine years later, we're still rocking. it's the most unbelievable history and geography lesson and get to see all the heros and the welcome you get, and there is such a void there, that we've become real close friends with the u.s. -- in fact, my best friend -- one of my best
5:47 am
friend's booking agent has been on the board for nine years and we're completely dedicated to it. >> steve: obviously they love seeing somebody from home perform for them, but what does it do for you here? >> it does everything for me. it's my -- i figure i've got in 180 days, so if i can do this ten more years, i'll have one full deployment. [ laughter ] >> brian: i wouldn't be surprised to see your face painted in some special ops mission. you don't want to see you coming. >> gretchen: let me ask you about this because in portland, oregon, the school board has allowed the regular military to come back in to try and recruit some kids there, or at least let them know about the military as an option for jobs, and now they're also approving the antiwar protesters to recruit kids in the school. their argument is that they want the died have a fair and balanced approach to that. >> fox is fair and balanced. right? >> steve: there go. >> brian: that should be demanding in every school. >> when you -- our military is very necessary. even in times -- i've been out in this whole world and i see
5:48 am
afghanistan, iraq, libya get all the headlines. we are global. we're everywhere. we have especially navy and stuff, our air force, soldiers on the ground, all over the world. and our military is very important to our security here. >> brian: they got to understand that. i got to tell you something, i'm really thrilled you have a new album could you tell, you say you hone them down and say they're the best. but the story of clancy's tavern, even better. tell us what it means, what it symbolizes and how it impacted you. >> clancy is my grandmother. she had a nightclub in fort smith, arkansas and she operated it for years. her husband died when her kids were four years and younger. there was three of them. she left them with her parents. moved into town, worked for a gigantic dixie cup factory. and became the first shift manager in a male dominated
5:49 am
factory. took cover charge at this supper club. when the owner retired, she took it over, bought me my first guitar and i spent my 12th summer with her in that nightclub and watch that man play every night. >> brian: and you would work your butt off? >> so i wrote this song to bring all those characters in that nightclub back to life and when i was a kid and called it clancy's tavern. >> steve: you're going to bring one of those it tunes from that brand-new cd to life right over there in just a minute. you ready? toby keith coming up next. >> gretchen: looking forward to it. let's check in with hemmer for what's on at the top of the hour. happy friday. >> by the way, it's safe to go outside. it's safe to look at your 401(k). >> steve: finally! >> at least today. we'll see what the markets do in 40 minutes. the man leading the questions, energy secretary will join us live to find out what in the world happened on solyndra. is rick perry skipping debates? why did the parents of baby lisa change their mind and not allow
5:50 am
their kids to talk with police yesterday? martha and i will join you in about ten minutes on our friday morning here on "america's newsroom."
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> steve: this is going to put you in a good mood. country superstar toby keith is here to perform "made in america" from his brand-new album "clancy's tavern." you ready guys? >> yep. >> steve: hit it! ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, man, spend his life working ♪ ♪ dirty hands and a clean soul
5:54 am
♪ foreign cars ♪ where the cotton didn't grow ♪ got the red white blue flying high on the farm ♪ ♪ senper fi ♪ ♪ he's just made in america ♪ ♪ loves his wife ♪ deck rates on the fourth of july ♪ ♪ every day is independence day ♪ ♪ man, he teaches school ♪ some folks say that isn't cool ♪ ♪ but says pledge of allegiance anyway ♪ ♪ got the red, white, blue flying high on the farm ♪
5:55 am
♪ semper fi tattooed on his arm arm ♪ ♪ there ain't nothing he can't fix with wd 40 ♪ ♪ he's just made in america ♪ got the red, white, blue flying high on a farm ♪ ♪ semperfi tattooed on his arm ♪ won't buy nothing that he can't fix with wd 40 ♪ ♪ he's just made in america ♪ ♪ made in america ♪ man made in america
5:56 am
♪ seen my old man, southern man ♪ ♪ made in america >> brian: "fox & friends" back in two minutes. awesome. that was great. ♪ if something is simply the color of gold, is it really worth more? we don't think so. chase sapphire preferred is a card of a different color. that's because you always get two times the points on travel, from taxis to trains, airfare to hotels,
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5:59 am
>> gretchen: that was fantastic. i know you for a while were not sipping as many patriot iraq songs, or writing as many. but you came right back with that one. >> i've only done three ever. that's all you need. that's my quota. >> brian: what are you doing in the after the show show? >> gretchen: what song? >> "clancy's tavern." >> brian: what's the red cup for? >> the song we were getting ready to do right now


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