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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 28, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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megyn: it is interesting development because, if you've got one local lawyer saying, don't let them reinterview your boys and one national lawyer who represents you saying do let them interview the boys and the local lawyer just got fired by the parents and police and family sources are telling us the boys will be provided to the police for interview, what does that tell you? i mean we don't know what happened in this case but that seems like a family that wants to cooperate. what does that mean? only time will tell. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: coming up later in the show are.
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when i spoke, with the parents, they gave me some information on the timeline that night with respect to the two boys. and one of them in particular could prove to be a critical witness on the timeline from 10:30 in the evening all the way forward to when the father came home and discovered that the baby was missing. we'll talk about in half an hour with our legal panel. stay tuned. fox news alert out of south carolina. 10 schools in green villoched down at the moment. the move sparked by a manhunt for a gunman on the loose. the man shot at an officer during the check of a license plate. we're told the police officer was not hit. the lockdown affects elementary schools and high schools and greenville technical college. more news as that comes into the newsroom. new video of gop presidential candidate herman cain kicking off a two-day campaign swing in
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alabama. speaking at tea party event short time ago. take a listen. >> i'm not supposed to be running. i'm not supposed to win. and i'm not supposed to be standing up here with this hat on but i'm doing it. megyn: mr. cain's remarks come as we learn interesting new details about his campaign manager or chief of staff. his name is mark block. he was made famous this week in this viral internet ad that shows him smoking a cigarette. here's a clip. >> we need you to get involved because together we can do this. we can take this country back. ♪ . ♪ i am america, one voice, united we stand ♪. ♪ i am america, one hope to heal our land ♪. megyn: mr. cain is smiling in the ad. mr. block's past campaign work coming under fire. associated press releasing
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reports suggesting he has been accused of voter suppression, banned from running wisconsin political campaigns for three years and faced foreclosure on his home. so have a lot of americans. tax warrant by irs. and lawsuit for unpaid bill as well. and he admits he was arrested twice for drinking and driving. mr. block was on "america live" this week defending the unconventional ad, not to mention his smoking habit. >> i'm a smoker and a lot of people and staff said, just let block be block. that's what it was all about. to tell people that the cain message is resonating across america. i'm not the only one that smokes in america, for god's sake. it is a choice that i have made and it was at the end of the ad. but the real message that we're trying to get through was the cain train is on a roll. megyn: on a roll it is. mr. block said the cain campaign raked in $3 million in october. that is more than cain raised for the entire third quarter. we're taking your e-mails on
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it. do you feel like the chief of staff is subject to press attacks and investigations into their history when they put themselves on an ad as mr. block did, or is that unfair? new video from the campaign trail. texas governor rick perry officially filing his paperwork this afternoon for the upcoming new hampshire presidential primary. today is the last day to do it. mr. perry facing an uphill battle at the moment in the early crucial battleground state. look at the new "rasmussen poll" showing mitt romney as the clear frontrunner in new hampshire with 41%. interesting there. jon huntsman he has 7%. he told me on this set not long ago his entire campaign comes down to new hampshire. he want to do well. i think he necessarily expects to win. he wants to do well. according to the polls he needs to do better than that. you can see rick perry also significantly behind with just 4% in that state primary race. romney and perry have been fiercely attacking one another on the campaign trail.
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so are they breaking ronald reagan's 11th commandment? thou shalt not criticize another republican? michael reagan is here to comment on that coming up less than 30 minutes away. new information on efforts by the white house to jump-start the economy. president obama issuing more policy changes that do not require any action by the house or the senate.
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at a time when they're dealing with much bigger issues, much bigger federal regulations like implementation of dodd-frank financial reform. president's health care reform initiative, et cetera. jay carney in his briefing a few moments ago pushed back on all that. the president is certainly legally entitled to do this, take a listen. >> also consistently throughout his presidency used his executive authority where appropriate to advance his agenda of helping the american people as they manage and struggle through this difficult economy. he is continuing to do that. stepping up that effort because of the instruction, obstructionism that we're seeing in congress from republicans. >> reporter: jay carney also said we have not heard the last of this. there will be more
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initiatives of presidential memorandums and the like going around congress in the days ahead. what is driving all this is very clear. white house feels that if the congress is not going to move forward on the president's jobs bill he will take these other steps to try and help the economy, last night, actually it was seven weeks ago last night the president had the joint session, a speech to congress, to the nation unveiling a jobs bill. since then he has been all around the country stumping for it but still has not made the sale. megyn. megyn: henry, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. megyn: fox news alert now, a shooting spree in front of the u.s. embassy in sarajev described as terrorist attack by bosnia's president. a gunman caring military weapon, wear a long coat and having a dark beard, firing on the street injuring two police officers before he was shot and arrested. it is not clear if the gunman survived or what the exact motive was. ready for some snow. what the heck, it is
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halloween. they will put christmas decorations up on tuesday. it is already coming down in parts of northeast. is it heading your way? a live report next. plus, border patrol agent here behind bars right now for mishandling a mexican drug smuggler. he has been isolated from his family are. raising the heat on the campaign trail. tphapbding mitt romney releases his tax returns. is he breaking president reagan's 11th commandment of politics to not criticize a fellow republican? michael make began with strong thoughts and that next. >> i think in his own words he says listen, i need to say whatever i need to say for
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megyn: new signs of growing discontent that could spell big trouble for president obama. a stunning number of americans are not happy with the direction of the country. we asked, are you satisfied with how things are going in the country. 76% say no, they are not. that's up from 69% who felt that way back in april. 24% say they are currently happy with the way things are going. that number is down from april. well, so much for ronald reagan as 11th commandment of politics, thou is that right not kreut kaoeus another republican. governor rick perry of texas ratcheting up his attacks on former massachusetts governor mitt romney calling him a fat cat and urging him too release his tax returns. here is the texas governor
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hinting at some of his frustration on other issues earlier this week with our own bill o'reilly. >> you can't be for banning guns and all of a sudden you're for the 2nd amendment. you can't be for the issue of abortion and then you're pro-life. >> you think he's a weasel, you think he has no principles. >> i think in his own words he says listen i need to say whatever i need to say for whatever office i'm running for. how to you change at the age of 50 or 60 positions on life, positions on guns, positions on traditional marriage? i mean, those aren't minor issues, bill, so to change those at the age of 50 or 60 tells you all you need to know about that. megyn: so, is governor perry, or both of these candidates for that matter breaking ronald reagan's 11th commandment? michael reagan is chairman of the reagan group and a political pundit. thank you for being back with us.
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you believe what, yes they are? >> attacking the issues is one thing, attacking each other is something completely different. that's what ronald reagan was talking about, don't speak ill of another republican, if you speak ill you attack character. those things come back and haunt you in general elections. i was watching bill o'reilly's show the other night and you just replayed it. ronald reagan was protax and antitax in his 50s. ronald reagan was proceed choice then proceed life in his 50s. ronald reagan signed the no fault divorce and then was against it in his 50s. so people evolve and they evolve all the time in politics. everybody knows about mitt romney. mitt romney is not new to the campaign. everybody knows who he is. what rick perry needs to do is tell us who he is. megyn: why shouldn't rick perry take shots at romney along the same lines that we are going to hear if romney winds up being the republican nominee. it's basically what he was saying on o'reilly is that he's a flip-flopper an doesn't have a
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core. this is not particular news to those who are looking for ways to criticize romney, that's been out in the bloodstream. why shouldn't the guy who is trying to beat romney raise that now? >> everybody who is going to vote in the primaries knows who mitt romney is. that's why he hasn't got even over 25%. they want to know who rick per rise. and rick perry has spent so much time attacking mitt romney that he hasn't been able to define who he is. he is being defined by the debates instead of being defined by himself and actually who he is. he needs to spend more time in fact doing that. don't attack mitt romney. start attacking barack obama and attacking the issues and sell us on why you should be the president of the united states of america. they could have done the same thing to my father in those debates if you really look at it. you would have had rick santorum attacking my father on the profamily issues. michelle bachmann attacking on the proabortion issue.
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all of them attacking my father on the tax issue. you could call everyone of those people on that stage in one way or another a flip-flopper because at some point they have changed their minds on issues of the day. you look at the people who are going up in the polls, they are attack being the issues not each other, we're talking about herman cain, talking about newt gingrich, they are moving up the scale while mitt stays steady and rick perry goes down. megyn: what about newt. he has had a consistent message from the beginning. he is notably loathe to criticize the other republicans on the stage with him. he makes the point the country will be better with any one of the people on the page than it is with barack obama as president. he is always keeping his eye on his democratic opponent as opposed to his gop opponents. how much do you think that is helping propel him in these polls? he is on the upward rise. >> i will tell you, if people believed, if the republican party actually believed that newt gingrich could win the general election he would most likely win or come very close to
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winning the primaries, and winning the nomination of this party. his biggest problem is selling the republican party on the fact he could win a general election against barack obama. megyn: how much damage do you think perry is doing, in particular to romney? romney has taken shots at perry too, but it's been, you know, a lot of incoming toward romney in particular from perry lately. how much damage is he doing? and in a way is he doing mitt romney a favor, because if mitt romney becomes the nominee barack obama will have a tough time finding something to throw at him that hasn't already been thrown. >> he's going to remind everybody u know, what rick perry has said about mitt romney. in honestly, mitt romney hasn't been hurt at all by rick perry. you see he's staying at what 25% in the polls. the only one being damaged by the attacks is in fact rick perry, not mitt romney. that's what rick perry needs to understand. as i go out to speak and i speak to a lot of republican groups, republican women the other day
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the fact of the matter is they are very upset at the attacks going on. they want to see it get back where they are living by the 11th commandment. the party is living by the 11th commandment and rick perry and mitt romney are know. megyn: whenever newt gingrich makes this point at the debate you hear rowdy a phraut applause in favor of not making attacks at other candidates on the stage. good to see you. megyn: the parents of lisa irwin canceled plans for the police to interview their two sons and now one of their attorneys is officially off the case. our legal panel weighs in. plus she was lacking clothes but not speed. new details about the woman busted for drinking drunk, not to mention topless and in a g-string. plus a snowstorm, yes i say a snowstorm moving up the east coast and it could dump anywhere from a dusting to over ten inches of snow on parts of new
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england. looking forward to a white halloween? you may get it. janice dean next. ♪ man, it doesn't show signs of stopping, and i've brought me some corn for popping. ♪ ♪ ♪
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megyn: an ohio teacher found guilty of having sex with her students. a judge sentencing 33-year-old stacey schuller to four years in prison. prosecutors say the former high school gym teacher invited five teenagers to her home, let them drink and smoke marijuana and then had sex with them. schuller blew kiss before officers cuffed her and took her out of the courtroom. the judge did not buy her insanity defense in which she claims the teens took advantage of her. that claim outraging the victims' parents who made truly emotional statements at this
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hearing. >> these events have changed him greatly, not only in his relationships with girls, but in addition towards society as a whole. it broke our hearts to hear him say that he lost faith in authority figures and how hypocritical they are. he lost faith in god and felt people are evil. megyn: think about it, so many people say, oh, they were teenage boys they probably enjoyed having relations with this woman. what a bunch of pwa loan aoerbgs these parents talked about how these boys -- can you imagine having your child's first sexual experience being with some teacher who is replying them with alcohol and drugs at some party that you don't have any idea about. in any event, look this woman faced decades behind bars. she only got four years. she can ask a judge to free her from prison in as little as six months. fox news extreme weather now. if you live in the northeast you might want to dig out your snow shovels. it's not even november.
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a big snowstorm heading for the area this weekend. look at the radar, predicting several inches of heavy, wet snow. here it comes. possibly downing trees and power lines and causing travel delays for millions of folks. already some of the first snow of the season falling in the region. these pictures are from my very own hometown of albany, new york. meteorologist janice dean in the fox extreme weather center. janice i talked to my mom last night and she said it's so pretty i. said mom, it's no in october, and she said, but it's so pretty. >> reporter: your tphopl the optimist. i used to go as a ghost on halloween, because it fit over the costume. i don't have a proper winter coat for my 2-year-old. what a bad mom i am. if we're going to have october snow we might as well break some
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records. biggest records for philadelphia over 2 inches back in 79. not even an inch in new york city for 1925. i think we are certainly going to surpass that. look at some of the snow totals, again these could be conservative depending on where the track of the storm goes. boston certainly one to two inches for you. 1 to 3 in new york. philly 3-5. allentown, 6-10. let's take a look at the radar and our future radar as we go further out in time. it goes off the coast and draws in cold air from canada and yes we'll see significant accumulations especially on the interior sections of the northeast. so there is d.c. right on the cusp as we head further out in time philadelphia getting in on the snow heading into start night and overnight, there is new york city, parts of lon long island, parts of boston toward sunday. how cold the air gets will depend on what the snow totals look like. as we head into monday,
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halloween, will we see a white halloween, yes in many cases. there is albany. there she is, there is your mom. megyn: janice you'll appreciate this. we always talk about our children. i said to yates, honey it's going to snow this weekend, big, white flakes are going to come out of the sky down to the ground. and he said, that will be very scary. >> reporter: so cute. kids love this stuff. we're lucky it's happening on the weekend. megyn: i'm excited. >> reporter: exactly. megyn: i like it. drive safely. j.d., thank you lady. >> reporter: you bet. megyn: the occupy wall street protest, by the way will they stay for the snow? we'll find out. they are getting rather ugly in places. protestors taken away in handcuffs and new threats of lawsuits by the police. calls for the attorney general eric holder to resign over the gun running operation known as fast and furious, doubled overnight. the shocking new number of
10:30 am
lawmakers saying it's time for him to go. and donors in democratic strongholds who gave millions of dollars to president obama's campaign in total back in 2008 have not yet forked over any cash for his campaign. if he hasn't got even their money, does it mean he may not get their vote? we examine that next. >> that old hope poster is fading. it's getting dog ears along the edges there. but i just want to remind all of you that we never said this was going to be easy. we never said that change was going to happen overnight. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card
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it's part of the healthcare law. so it's time to look, compare... and choose the right plan for you. learn more at 1-800-medicare or megyn: folks, police in riot gear arresting about 50 occupy wall street protesters in san diego. dozens in nashville also handcuffed after refusing to leave an area near the state capitol. this as the nypd threatens to sue anyone who hurts its officers. trace gallagher, you don't p often hear that kind of a warning out of the police. >> reporter: clearly, cities across the country are losing patience, they're reporting widespread trash buildup and drug use and even some unpleasant smells. let's begin down in san diego. these protesters had been in this park for about three weeks, and last night the city council said the gatherings are illegal.
10:35 am
the police were in riot gear, there were dozens and dozens of arrests. nobody injured that we know of, and the protesters were very unhappy, but one local businesswoman, very happy. listen. >> the plaza's full of rats and bugs, their food's on the ground, dogs are urinating on their food. this is what is going on in here. this just can't be let to go on. it can't. everybody that works through here is in danger. >> reporter: those protesters, by the way, say they're going to regather for a solidarity protest today. this is nashville, kind of the same seed as the city said the gathering was illegal, the protesters were arrested, but then a short time later a judge said he was unclear if they broke the law, so he plett -- let them all go. the cops in new york city, and the fire department, tent to tent to tent and pulling out gas canisters as well as generators saying they were a fire hazard
10:36 am
and that they were illegal. and the police now a sergeants' union has said they will actually sue the occupy wall street protestersthey hurt any of the police officers. they are trying to avoid this. in oakland, what happened yesterday when there were violent clashes between the police and the protesters in oakland, california. that's not the violence, clearly, but you saw that erupt over there. they had some officers that were injured, they also had an iraqi war veteran who was critically injured in that, and now police are investigating whether excessive force was used during that breakup. megyn: trace, thanks. well, a new report out today by the associated press suggests that tens of thousands of sporters who -- supporter who gave president obama cash in his last campaign so far holding off this time around. the president's campaign is hardly hurting for cash, but
10:37 am
what exactly does this mean for his support? alan colmes is host of the alan colmes show, rich lowry is a fox news contributor. ap is reporting he raised more than $70 million for his re-election effort july through september. but the ap's saying tens of thousands of supporters who gave him dough early on last time have not yet done so, and they are tracking some of these folks as now giving to republicans. what happened? >> well, it's just another sign, megyn, of the enthusiasm level that was so incredible for obama in '08 is not going to be at the same level this time around. last time he was just a shining ideal, now we've gotten a sense of the reality, the tides haven't receded -- >> i see a rainbow, wait a minute. megyn: he said it was going to happen. >> yeah. p haven't gotten unemployment under 9%. >> well, you know, that's obvious. that's always going to happen. you know, the second coming is never as good as the first coming, some would say.
10:38 am
so $70 million, he's raised far more than any other candidate. there's no primary season for democrats, but it's a different trajectory. megyn: but rich mentions enthusiasm, that if you don't get a lot of early donations, it suggests a lack of enthusiasm, and does he need that enthusiasm given the unemployment numbers and so on to overcome his political rivals? >> yes, he needs more enthusiasm. he needs to make sure the base gets out the vote. but his detractors are going to use this to try to pump up the idea, look, it's good for republicans, bad for him. overstated -- >> president at 43% approval is, by definition, in trouble, alan. >> name one republican candidate who's maneuver 42. you can't name one. >> will not dare to compare the president to these candidates who are squabbling among one another. an incumbent president at under
10:39 am
42% approval does not win. >> you don't know that. megyn: the report suggests the losses are concentrated on the west coast and the northeast. a lot of viewers may not realize it, wall street's pretty liberal even though they have tons of dough and, you know, they're the 1%. but it tends to skew liberal -- >> i'm not sure wall street skews liberal. even if you're a liberal, you need wall street. you need that money in order to survive. megyn: but what's interesting now is there were reports, and we had karl rove on not long ago about these wall street donors are saying, i don't think so this time around, mr. president, in part because they have been demonized by him. >> there are two things at work. a lot of people on wall street are socially liberal, but two, they also had this image as president obama as a moderate, reasonable kind of sent risk democrat, and he has totally trashed that illusion as well. >> what?
10:40 am
that's not true at all. he's governed sent risk -- >> no, he's not. >> he's doing his job. that should make main street happy, and a lot of -- [inaudible conversations] >> a 2,000-page bill that no one has any idea how it's going to work. >> right. megyn: but the question is, he wants to reach into those pockets, right? >> everybody does. megyn: of course they do. politicians want money. they need it to win. does that come back to haunt him mow? >> to some extent. romney's going to be the candidate of the rich, the fat cats, the guys that say let the rich people throw people out of their home. he's clearly the candidate of the rich, fat cat. that doesn't play well on main street. >> this is the big story here. this president, fundraising is not his problem. he's going to raise a lot of money -- megyn: [inaudible] >> he's the president of the united states, he has massive amounts all the time. it's the results that are going
10:41 am
to matter, and the economy is not where anyone thinks it should be, and that's -- >> everything you said is correct just now except that doesn't mean that -- he's got a tough campaign ahead, it's going to be a rough matchup, no matter who the nominee, but he can't take it for granted. he's aware of it. megyn: he raised more than $70 million from july to september. >> you show me a candidate -- >> his job approval has to improve. >> there is no republican candidate polling near the president at this point. megyn: got to leave it at that. rich, alan, thank you so much. we're following new developments in the investigation into the missing baby, lisa irwin. the parents canceling plans for the police to interview their two sons. why our next guest says it is in the best interests of the parents to not talk. our panel is next. what makes scottrade your smartphone's most powerful trading app ? total access - to everything. from idea to research to trade. including financials, indicators and real-time streaming quotes.
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megyn: back, now, to our top story this hour. a surprising announcement in the missing lisa irwin case. up with of the family's attorneys booted off the legal
10:45 am
team. this is a scheduled interview between investigators and little lisa's brothers has been post phoned for now. what does allover this mean? joining me now, pat process man and joey jackson, former prosecutor and defense attorney. so she was the local lawyer, she came on the scene, tack pee that's the lead lawyer. she gets booted off the case. we have that confirmed, she was let go rather promptly. do we have any idea what's going on here? >> well, of course it would be speculating as to now, but, you know, megyn, it could be something simple or more complex. sometimes attorneys differ on strategy, differ on approach. other times you have fee disputes -- megyn: when you're local counsel, you file the papers and keep your mouth shut. >> and you defer to the lead come. megyn: you're not the lead lawyer on the case. >> sometimes, megyn, some lawyers get carried away. [laughter] megyn: sometimes they enjoy their 15 minutes of fame too much, and the lead lawyer has to say, stop doing that. i think it was yesterday she was
10:46 am
going to have a big press conference and have a pool photographer take us through the house. that's what we use for the president, one network goes in with a camera, and all the networks can tap into the feed. she was going to do that for all of us, it was very public, and then it suddenly got canceled. >> like alice in wonderland said to the queen of spades, it just gets cure user and curiouser. there's no end of questions i have. i would love to debrief, because we debrief astronauts and nonwitnesses, but i would really like to interrogate samantha -- megyn: that's the napement. -- neighbor. >> there's so many questions i have. the half-naked baby in 40-degree temperature? just endless. megyn: here's what i want to throw at you guys today because the police wanted to talk to the brothers, and it looks like now this is going going to take place, the lead lawyer is saying, yes, we'll do it next week when he gets back in the
10:47 am
country. they could prove critical. what did they hear, what did they know? just listen to what the mother told me about the two boys, the 6-year-old and the 8-year-old, when i interviewed her. there's a critical clue in here. watch this. when you went in at 10:30 after the neighbor left, what did you do? >> probably went right to my room. megyn: why probably? >> because sometimes i check on her? well, most of the time i check on her. and then the boys, their room is right next to even other -- each other. the boys had been awake, and i told them they could come sleep in my bed. and so i'm assuming that i went and checked on her too, but i don't, i don't know. megyn: she told the boys before she went to bed they could come sleep in her bed. she goes on to tell me that they both did, but then the 8-year-old went back to his bed, and the 6-year-old, she says, stayed in the bed the whole time until the husband came home at 4 a.m. when did she, if you believe she did something to that baby, when did she do it?
10:48 am
>> that's the $66,000 question. there's so many direct contradictions -- megyn: but that's a tough one, pat. you've been tough on the family. what, did she sneak out while her 6-year-old boy was there and murder her child? >> >> that's predicated on what she's saying is factual and truthful. if you say x and then you say y and then you say a and b, at some point you're misrepresenting the facts in a deliberate way. you can't be mistaken all the time. megyn: go ahead. >> and the reason it's a problem and that's why as the attorney i would put a pause on their cooperation, whenever an investigation turns from investigatory to accusatory, now you have to ask yourself are you as police more interested in finding the baby or getting incriminating evidence against my client? megyn: they just want to get their names out there and their baby's face on tv as much as possible. you would tell them at this point, stop talking? >> i would have the information
10:49 am
filtered through me, that is the attorney. so this way -- megyn: that's not what the police want. >> exactly. but the police don't always get what they want. megyn: would you tell the parents, stop talking to the police? >> unfortunately, at this point based upon the level of distrust between the police and the family, the mother is saying she believes the police lied to her and trying to get her to say things incriminating, the fact that they're suspicious of the family. all cooperation will come through me. megyn: they're saying, we'll talk to you again, but we insist on having new detectives interview us because we think the old detectives are biased. >> totally disagree, and it's not their call. the detectives in kcpd operate for the state. they're sworn -- megyn: [inaudible] >> i've never even heard of that in a movie. megyn: could the cops be changed up? >> just change everything. change the fbi up, maybe the cia. it's preposterous. >> but at the same time what you want is you want an ending to this and, hopefully, you find
10:50 am
the baby alive. you want to get to the facts, and if facts are going to be gotten to by changing the faces because of conflicts, then perhaps consider it. megyn: how assistant do you think it is that the lead attorney wants to make the boys available for an interview? the local lawyer did not, she's now booted, and the boys will be sitting for an interview? >> you get multiple lawyers, you get different opinions. on the one hand, there may be something to be said for leaving the kids out of it. their sister's nowhere to be found -- megyn: a child specialist interviews them. >> you know what? it's a person who's familiar with children, can speak to them, can get it out without being intimidating to the children, so i say you let the children speak in terms of what they know and, ultimately, hopefully, it leads somewhere. megyn: quickly. >> so suggesting like a carousel. they'd like to get the investigators that best suit what their agenda is. i just don't like it. i never heard of it before. it's ridiculous.
10:51 am
listen, investigators work on a couple premises; logic, rationale, common sense. megyn: got it. >> where's the common sense? megyn: thank you both. coming up, a growing course of lawmakers calling for eric holder to step we with e-trade's top 5 lists and use pre-defined screeners to work smarter. not harder. i depend on myself to take charge of my financial future. [ bell dinging ] see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups.
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megyn: new information now on a shocking story we brought you yesterday about a drunk and nearly naked woman who led officers on a high speed car chase. the amazing incident near cleveland captured on this dash cam video, of course. our fox affiliate takes a closer look at this story. >> let me see your hands! >> reporter: this shocking dash cam video is making headlines around the globe. in the early morning hours of october 11th, an uninhibited woman puts police in an unusual
10:55 am
predicament. >> i don't ever recall having a subject in such a state of undress. >> reporter: just before 4 a.m. bane bridgetownship police clock a car traveling east on 422 at speeds more than 100 miles per hour. >> driver, let me see your hands! >> reporter: after deploying stop sticks, the woman gets out of the car wearing nothing more than a g-string, tennis shoes. >> step out of the vehicle. >> reporter: when she's happened cuffed inside of the cruiser, she goes ballistic, kicking the window and screaming obscenities. the following day she faced a judge via video arraignment. >> [inaudible] >> reporter: a much more subdued woman told the judge she has three children with three different men. she enters a not guilty plea to a number of charges. turns out the mother has a long
10:56 am
criminal history, convictions include unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, ovi, falsification, loud noise disturbance and, according to the judge, she was also convicted of a 2010 ovi in stowe. >> [inaudible] megyn: you're a hazard to the public. wjw reporting on that woman's prior problems. thank you. well, a border agent serving more time in prison right now than some convicted murderers for allegedly mishandling a confessed drug smuggler. we talk to his wife about his case which is getting national anticipation now. and, we'll spr about the baby daughter that this agent has never met.
10:57 am
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megyn: fox news alert. new calls for the southern of the united states to resign. the growing group of lawmakers saying eric holder should step down. the fallout from the botched gun running scheme "operation fast & furious" leading to the call. all this after troubling testimony from homeland security secretary janet napolitano saying she never spoke to the chee law enforcement officer about the operation that lead to the deaths we think of two agents. >> did you speak to eric holder about "operation fast & furious"? >> i don't think i ever spoke with him about "operation fast & furious." >> why is it an operation that big and important and that much in the news you don't have the
11:01 am
details of? >> reporter: it's important to point out all of the congress members calling for eric holder's resignation are republicans. two democrats have cop out and saidhey support eric holder. these are the members of congress calling for his resignation. republicans joe walsh of illinois. paul gosar of arizona. now that list has officially doubled. here are the new congress members. john mica is on the house oversight committee an thinks holder is not capable of leading the justice department because of this testimony on may 3 when
11:02 am
holder said this. >> when did you first know about the program official lid called i believe "operation fast & furious." >> i'm not sure of the exact date but i probably heard about "operation fast & furious" over the last few weeks. >> reporter: holder says he was talking about the tactics of "operation fast & furious" and not the program it self. but that man, senator chuck grassley said back in january he personally had a conversation with eric holder telling him all about "operation fast & furious" and it should be investigated. then in february eric holder called for the inspector general to investigate "operation fast & furious" and yet 2 and a half months later says in front of congress i just learned about it a few weeks before that. janet napolitano is getting heat because border agent brian terry killed in mid-december. she learned about "operation fast & furious" in mid-december and never spoke with eric holder. the reason she says she never
11:03 am
spoke with him is there was an inspector general's investigation going on. but that investigation didn't go on until february. she learned in december. now you have got a lot of lawmakers say be there is two months there, a gap that brian terry -- not saying she knew of a "operation fast & furious" weapon was involved in the killing of brian terry, but why not talk about it with the nation's top law enforcement officer it's all about the time line in this case. megyn: she went to the funeral much officer brian terry in december. and eric hold were went, too. this border agent winds up dead. that's december of 2010. but did she know about "operation fast & furious" in december? do we know when she knew of that operation and that it was that operation that put the gun in the hands of the bad guy who killed brian terry? >> reporter: not saying it was one of the guns that killed brian terry. we are saying she knew about --
11:04 am
our understanding is she reportedly knew about "operation fast & furious" in december of 2010. and the inspector general investigation began in february much 2011. so too months between the time she learned about "operation fast & furious" and the whistleblowers started coming out and the indictments started coming down. then the vest nation with the inspector general came up in february. megyn: we'll have more on this in 20 minutes. the pentagon's personnel chief is stepping down. a number of complaints filed against him accuse him of creating a climate of fear and mistrust and forcing retirements and resignations since he took the job.
11:05 am
major nadal hassan telling a military judge their client needs a jury consultant because he's a muslim and is accused of being a terrorist. he's accused of killing 13 people at the texas army post in '09. the judge said he will decide later on those motions. both require government funding. new developments in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. defense calling its star witness in what has become an emotionally charged feet up for justice. the experts on the drug at the center of this case, propofol testifying he does not think dr. conrad murray should be held responsible for the singer's death. the prosecution's claims the doctor's negligence killed the pop star. it's not overstating it to say
11:06 am
sit could tall come down to this. >> reporter: it could. if you haven't been watching this crowd. there is two people you need to know about beef sides dr. murray and michael jackson. dr. steven shaffer was the star witness for the prosecution. he says dr. murray is responsible. his good friend, his colleague for 30 years, a guy who is considered an test teamed expert in propofol and someone who says dr. murray could not have don't is dr. paul white and he's the star witness for the defense. the two experts in the world on propofol are testifying against each other. so now we are in the courtroom. dr. white has been on the stand. it started yesterday mid-day. he's been take apart what dr. shaffer said last week. >> i thought there were questions if in fact murray had
11:07 am
administered the drugs that he described in his conversations with the police department and the doses that he described. i would not have expected michael jackson to have died. >> reporter: that was one of the snippets. dr. white basically saying he doesn't think dr. murray is at fault. even if the jury believes dr. white over dr. shafer. if they believe that dr. murray leaving the room for two minutes as dr. murray says of did, if they believe that's abandonment they can find dr. murray guilty of this charge. so sit comes down to those two witnesses and the possibility ofeth whether he abandoned michael jackson during this care. the judge is trying to move this thing along. he wants to make sure the jury stays engaged. they wanted to start closing arguments monday. now that won't happen until mid-week because you have got to gift prosecution a weekend to
11:08 am
prepare for the cross-examination their star with itness. megyn: he was convicted of mishandling a drug smuggler caught crossing our border. in a few minutes the wife of jesus diaz joins us live. and retired police officer passes away. family members start going through his stuff. but wait until you find out why they needed help from a bomb squad. >> it's concerning knowing the neighbors have bombs and grenades. >> i had no idea that was right count street from my house. >> i always admired his lawn. he kept his lawn perfect. i couldn't concei this as a heart attack. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now.
11:09 am
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megyn: two years in prison for suspicion of roughing up a suspected drug smuggler.
11:12 am
jesus die as has been behind bars and ice glad it his family, held in solitary confinement. he has yet to meet his baby girl because he allegedly assaulted a mexican teenager sneaking into the united states with 75 pounds of marijuana on his back. deanna diaz is his wife and she is a border patrol agent. this case is catching national attention because while your husband was convicted of his act and no one is applauding this act, there is a question about in fact whether it occurred and whether the punishment fits the crime, two years in prison for what happened. do you believe the conclusion of the court which was that your husband assaulted this teenager? >> no, i don't, megyn. thank you first all for having me here. no, i do not agree with the court. megyn: why not?
11:13 am
this is from the prosecutor's opening statement which is not evidence. but he claims that your husband swept the feet from the kid, brought him face down, checked down, still handcuffed. struck him with his knee and foot, then ratcheted his handcuffs away from his body 90 degree ofs behind his back as the suspect was screaming and grimacing from the pain saying he didn't know where the marijuana was. that's what the prosecutor says your husband deserves to be in jail for. >> given the individual's testimony. he did not do any of that. he had opportunity to tell his story. when he was asked he said nobody kicked him and the only thing that happened to him was the lifting of the cuffs. megyn: the victim said that? >> yes. megyn: how does the court come to a conclusion that your husband is guilty and deserving
11:14 am
of a 2-year prison sentence? >> i don't know how they came to that conclusion, but given the individual's testimony he never received was kicked. it was just the lifting of the cuffs. i don't know how they base their decision. megyn: this has gotten to the point where congressman duncan hunter has written a letter demanding to know why a two-year prison term is appropriate. this was written to eric holder the attorney general. even the homeland security general's office of the inspector general cleared him of any wrongdoing yet he's sitting in solitary confinement in a prison cell for two years. >> we were very astonished. we those would get cleared because there was no way they could find him guilty with it's a common procedure to lift handcuffs when somebody is being uncooperative. his family was very set back.
11:15 am
his kids don't know where he's at. so for them life continues. it's been difficult it's been very difficult. but it hasn't been impossible. i have great friends, family to keep me going. but for him it was very, very emotional. he didn't get to say good-bye. they just took him from the courtroom straight to the jail. megyn: i know agent diaz has 6 other children at home. you have other children from whom he has been separated. and my question to you have as a fellow border patrol agent is do you believe this kind of sentence -- i moist could have been harsher. but do you believe this sentence has a chilling effect on law enforcement in terms of their legitimate duties? >> i believe it does. every officer uses handcuffs. every officer is taught the same techniques. so now there is case law where
11:16 am
it can be used against them. it can be used against a local officer, even the prison guards. megyn: explain to most of us who sit in a studio in my case or an office. describe what it's like when you are working the border making arrests of somebody who is clearly a drug smuggler what goes through an officer's mind and what emotions you are feeling. >> the main thing is adrenaline. you are driven by adrenaline and training. you always go back to your training. everything is based on your training. whatever you are trained to do, that's what you are going to do in the field. your adrenaline is pumping. you want to keep yourself safe as well as your fellow officers. megyn: i understand the act closest to your husband said he didn't do this and these claims were being fabricated. >> yes, there was an agent that stated he didn't see anything wrong with what my husband had
11:17 am
done. megyn: but apparently there was a reason to he who gave d apparently there was a trainee and do you believe he was responsible for your husband's conviction? >> there was an individual. i don't remember if he was a ryan he. but he was -- i don't remember if he was a trainee. but he was fairly new and he said my husband was using extreme force. i believe his testimony was damaging for my husband and it resulted he testified he lied to the grand jury. megyn: the trainee testified that he lied to the grand jury. >> yes, he stated during the first trial that he lied to the grand jury. megyn: about what? >> about what he had seen that night. megyn: why did he lie to the grand jury and why did he reverse himself? >> he received he lied base was nervous. megyn: did he tell the grand
11:18 am
jury something that was incriminating? >> we don't know what he told the grand jury, that's sealed. but whatever it was they used to come back as a true bill. that was used to indict my husband. megyn: there are a lot of people involved in this case wondering if justice was served. what is the earliest your husband can be released. >> he could be released to a halfway house in 6-8 months. megyn: i'm sure it's tough on your family. all the best, thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. megyn: a cruise ship docks in boston with two dead passengers. what investigators are saying about those deaths now. a pivotal day in the man salute were trial of michael jackson's doctor. the star witness for the defense whose testimony could make the difference between a guilty and not guilty verdict. we'll have that for you in "kelly's court."
11:19 am
>> to have a patient who is somewhat he datednd under the effects of drugs drawing you have at one time it may be conceivable. drawing it up six times over that period of time, two hours is inconceivable, yes. he would be knocking himself out, waking up, figuring out how to draw it up again, then whacking in another 10cc dose and he would probably be asleep before he got all 10ccs in. in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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megyn: a cruise ship docking in boston with two dead passengers. a police call to the norwegian cruiseship line. a 61-year-old woman appears to have died of natural cause.
11:23 am
other panes injuries a 23-year-old man from new hampshire. his death is not being considered suspicious. they died yesterday but the ship was only able to dock this morning. in florida we are awaiting the start after news conference with attorney general eric holder and florida's state attorney general pam bondy and what is being the street drug of choice,. easy to get prescription drugs. the addiction claiming more and more victims, some of them innocent babies. pam bondi and eric holder are against each other. she is challenging it, he's defending it, but on this issue they are have much together. >> reporter: have much on the same page. this is video of a baby going through severe drug withdrawals. you might be saying to yourself
11:24 am
is this a crack baby? no, this is a baby whose mother was addicted to prescription narcotics, oxycontin, and the baby will be going through withdrawal for a month or more. crack babies get over their addiction within a number of days. and the problem is exploding. at the neonatal intensive care unit they have 80 babies in there. 24 of them. almost a third were addicted to some sort of prescription narcotic. 2008 it hit a total of 15 addicted babies for the entire year. so far this year 136. dr. m carthy says withdrawal can be deadly for a baby. >> the baby can conceivably die because they can't feed. i have seen babives with temperatures as high as 105.
11:25 am
they might have hyperthermia. they breathe rapidly. the more severe withdrawal maybeys may not survive if not treated. >> reporter: they have to give them morphine every three hour for a month to slowly wean them off the drug. how did the problem get this bad? it's accessibility. people don't have to find a street drug dealer like they would if they were after crack cocaine or heroin. they go to a bogus so-called pain clinic or go doctor shopping. we did a ride along with the sheriff's department narcotics squad and watched them surveilling these pain clinics and stopping patients as they came out. the patients had many of them a number of different prescriptions. they had hundreds of pills on them. a good number of them were women who could become pregnant. according to florida's attorney general, she says many women do
11:26 am
not realize the dangers because these are after all drugs prescribed by a doctor. >> women will come in and say i smoked marijuana, i have done cocaine. but i stopped that. they never mention prescription drugs because they don't think because of the word prescription that it can harm their unborn child. >> reporter: but it can have a great deal of harm on an unborn child. florida has a new law where all prescriptions have to be monitored. but police are worried there are loopholes. doctors don't have to check the database and they don't have to enter the prescription in the database and pharmacies don't have to check and they have 7 days before they have to report. so there is a window of opportunity for people to go doctor shopping, get hundreds of these pills for their own use or they can take them to other states in the nation where a pill they would buy for a dollar
11:27 am
in florida could go for as high as $30 a pill and they take the problem across the country. megyn: what are the attorney general of the united states and florida going to do? it's been questionable trying to charge a mother for abusive conduct to her unborn baby because of pro-choice and pro life issues. what can they do here? >> reporter: certainly that was an issue that came to the forefront during the crack baby epidemic. what the attorney general will be talking about here is something called pill-nation. in south florida the dea and local authorities targeted pill mills. they are now targeting those in the middle district of florida. that's what that press conference will be about. we should point out making comparisons to the crack epidemic. i talked to the incoming sheriff, and with pam bon dirks,
11:28 am
all of them who said this current crisis is far worse than the crack baby epidemic ever was. megyn: that's heartbreaking video. we don't show it for sensationalistic purposes. but to show how americans need to take most what's happening here. thank you very much. a key ally of iran seeing some of the worst violence in months as demonstrators take to the streets in syria. the dem tray towards were hunted down by security forces in house-to-house raids. the stunning admission from the u.s. homeland security secretary. janet napolitano saying she never spoke to eric holder even after she learned the botched sting operation was linked to one of her border patrol agent's
11:29 am
death. >> for you to have have had a conversation with eric holder is totally unacceptable. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices? sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get bk to these invoices... whh i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie. [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's better for xerox to automate their global invoice process so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. then you may need help finding the right plan for your needs. call now to find out how a medicare plan from unitedhealthcare medicare solutions may have the coverage you're looking for. the annual enrollment period is earlier this year. it begins october 15th and ends december 7th; so now is the best time to review your options.
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and the ones who followed them, who skimmed the edge of space, the edge of heaven, the edge of dreams. and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve. megyn: new violence in syria. the deadliest day in weeks in the country's 7-month-old uprising. syrian forces opening fire on protesters. even hunting them down on house-to-house raids.
11:33 am
>> reporter: when the president of syria bashar al-asaad met with arab leaders he promised his security forces would not fire a single shot. today at least 35 people were killed from bullet wounds according to a syrian human rights group. protesters are dubbing today no-fly zone friday. they are urging the international community to impose a no-fly zone. it's unlikely they will get a no-fly zone because syria's ally iran would retaliate possibly and because syria shares a border with iraq and the fear is syria might retaliate against u.s. troops who will remain there until the end of the year. despite all of this violence it's amazing that with 3,000 people who have been killed since these protests started in march. they are still continuing to put
11:34 am
the pressure on al-assad. megyn: new questions in the wake of testimony from the homeland security secretary this week. janet napolitano telling congress she never spoke to attorney general eric holder about "operation fast & furious." >> when did you first speak with eric holder about "operation fast & furious"? >> i don't believe i have ever spoken with eric holder about "operation fast & furious." >> how many agents since you have taken office, how many of your agents are been killed in the line of duty? >> too many. >> do you have a number? >> well, i would have to double-check, but i would say at least 12. >> how many guns from "operation fast & furious" were detected
11:35 am
crossing the border? >> i do not know. >> how many guns from "operation fast & furious" were seized at border? >> i do not know. megyn: secretary napolitano claims the reason she didn't speak with eric holder was because the doj had an inspector general looking into the operation. but that didn't happen until 2 1/2 months after ms. napolitano says she found out about operation fast and furious. so what happened during those two months and why didn't these two speak. joining me is a former legal council for the house judiciary committee. and the head of the center for law and justice. she said i didn't talk to him because of appointed an inspector general. now we find out that she
11:36 am
apparently told senator grassley that she found out about "operation fast & furious" two months before that i.g. was appointed, jay. so why didn't she calm eric holder in those 2 1/2 months and should she answer to that? >> she should answer to it. here is the problem they have. a lack of a time line that's consistent. this goes back to when the southern general said he wasn't notified about "operation fast & furious" until shortly before the hearing. yet the president of the united states was on tv6 weeks before that and he said he was aware of "operation fast & furious." how could it be the atf which is under the jurisdiction of the department of justice, the attorney general did not know the program even existed. the president did, then after a horrible tragedy takes place, the guns as part of this gun running scheme end up being used to kill border agents.
11:37 am
then the head of the department of homeland security says she wasn't aware of it. then when she did become aware of it. there was an inspector general report that she was aware of it 2 1/2 months before the inspector general. megyn: why wouldn't janet napolitano. she is overseeing the border patrol. one of her guys dies. it's linked to this nefarious operation. pick up the phone and called eric holder, why not. >> the key is the time line. this is a program that started understood the bush administration under operation wide receiver. december 142010 a tragedy occurs with agent terry. between and after december 14 no one knows at that point that the death of agent terry is a result of the guns blocking issue. at the ends of january, senator
11:38 am
grassley sends a letter to the head of atf. in early february, we begin to get reports that the death of agent terry may have been related to the guns walking issue. a week or two later the attorney general not only stops the program but called for an independent investigation point is not true that napolitano in the month of december after the terry tragedy occurs knew that it was a result of guns walking it, not even true she knew about it in the month of january. none of us knew until february when news reports started to reveal there might and link. as soon as theling was revealed the program was stopped and an independent investigation was called. the idea that napolitano should be speaking to holder during the course an independent investigation, both and jay would be attacking her for trying to obstruct justice. everything that was done here was done by the books it's still a puzzle to me having run this
11:39 am
government overtight committee where exactly this investigation is going or what it's trying establish. megyn: according to senator grassley's office she has given a broad time line of when she found out about "operation fast & furious." terry was killed in december and the grassley letter went out in slate january. and the inspector general wasn't appointed until february. >> the grassley letter didn't talk about "operation fast & furious." it talked about wide receiver. >> aren't you concerned -- we talked about this yesterday, these agencies haven't talking to each other. this is a major program. i think it was ill conceived no matter who implemented it. you have this program going on and an agent who is dead. then the president is on television discussion it before the attorney general even knew the program existed. >>ing about the superb southern jay is, he puts his finger on
11:40 am
the problem. the law enforcement agencies needed to have better communication. that is one issue, and that is an issue. megyn: we only have another minute. >> alleging holder did something wrong and napolitano did something wrong is a different situation. megyn: i want to you weigh in. we had a report that the number of congressmen and lawmakers calling for attorney general eric holder to step down doubled. now it's eight. they are all republicans. does this chorus continue and does eric holder survive this? >> the question will be does the president want this as a political issue? that's a decision the white house has to make. the attorney general serves at the pleasure of the united states. you have congressmen objecting. does that call for the resignation? i think the decision comes from the white house and the president in consultation with his attorney general. that many the call he makes. but if i was the president i
11:41 am
don't want this as a political issue. that much i can tell you. >> there are legitimate issues jay pointed out. the call for the resignation of the attorney general is nothing but politics. this is why the congressional approval rating has sunk to 8%. the attorney general when he found out about a program started by the bush administration stopped it. reassigned or fired the people involved in this. there is nothing he did that was inappropriate. megyn: i want to follow up. the guy in charge this at the atf did not get fired. he got moved. should that guy still be employed? >> when you get reassigned from a position it's essentially like being fired in washington. >> we are still paying for that. he's at taxpayer's expense. he's still serving after this
11:42 am
disastrous program. the real tragedy is we have a couple of dead border agents on a program that was ill conceived. they better hope it doesn't become the political -- megyn: points taken. you guys are both great. i appreciate you both coming on so much. billed as the biggest day so far in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. just hours after former patients testified about dr. murray and what a kind and caring doctor he is. just one phillips' colon heah probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. spelling out how my knowledge * may have given himself a lethal dose of the drug that killed him.
11:46 am
the prosecution is trying to convince a jury that doctor ignored orders. joining me now to discuss it, lis weihl and defense attorney mark eiglarsh. lis, apparently this guy, this is like the number two propofol in the world. the number one expert testified and said m.j. couldn't have don't. nowed the defense gets its turn -- i'll start with you on this, mark. what does the defense's key expert say? >> i don't think dr. shafer said it's all conrad murray. dr. shafer said on the specific defense theory could you rule out that michael jackson infused the fatal dose of propofol. he said no, i can't rule that out. that's the argument. now we are on the other side.
11:47 am
dr. white is leaving opt possibility that could have happened. no one can say michael jackson definitely did not give himself that dose. so jurors want to define reasonable doubt that way, they could vote not guilty. megyn: >> here is the problem with the testimony from dr. white. he's basing his assumption and analysis in saying dr. murray was truthful in his interview with the police about how much propofol he administered to michael jackson. the reason we won't get to the cross-examination until monday because the testimony is based on the key that dr. murray was telling truth. megyn: i don't want to admit everything i did. this could have been the critical testimony by dr. white, the defense medical expert. the question was so you have think it was a self-injection
11:48 am
between 11:30 and 12:00. an answered it was a self injection. you have got this defense expert saying it was a self injection by moij of the follow -- by michael jackson of the propofol. now you have defense experts saying it was black, it was white. who does the jury believe? >> if you have dueling defense and prosecution witnesses. who gets the benefit of the doubt? the defendant does. reasonable doubt like duty is in the eyes of the beholder. if they focus on the cause of death, not him leaving the room, which the defense dealt with today. >> dr. white said absolutely note would never have done that. megyn: how did they address the elephant in the room? >> it was brilliant. dr. white did not justify him leaving the room. however, the defense is going to
11:49 am
focus -- that's out of the way. let's focus on the cause of death. if there was an intervening cause, that meaning michael jackson taking his own syringe and injecting himself. that becomes the cause of death. >> that when the jurors and common sense will come into play. the defense has been all over the place it was demerol. it was propofol. he split the i.v. bag. >> you are missing the argument, lis. >> no, i'm not. megyn: make it clear for us. >> dr. klein got him hooked on the demerol. the demerol caused insomnia. dr. murray treated the insomnia with propofol. michael jackson injected propofol during this treatment and caused his own death. >> while he was tide up to a catheter, he got out of bed and
11:50 am
did that? megyn: smashing outlines the defense from the medical experts. >> that's it. megyn: plus this. watch the sound bite. >> very knowledgeable, very proactive, and took time with the patient. >> the way he cared for you and the way he makes you feel and the concern and lover he has for you. >> that man sit there is the best doctor i have ever seen. >> dr. murray is a very caring doctor. he's a very thorough doctor. >> i have gone to a lot of doctors. a lot of doctors. and i have never had one who gave me the care that he did. megyn: that's the case. that's the defense case. >> i think character witnesses are whether witnesses for the defense than these two experts because they have been all over the place. they may cancel each other out. >> they care for conrad murray as a result of those witnesses
11:51 am
saying they saved their lives. so we have a possible legal reason to find them not guilty. >> we'll be right back with a happy birthday to a lady you may know.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
♪ lady liberty. megyn: it's lady liberty's birvet day. this is part of what the statue looked like. she was a gift of friendship from the people of france to the united states and dedicated on this day in 1886. now the statue of liner
11:55 am
difficult towers over new york har beers a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. laura? >> reporter: there has been a lot of historic components to today's celebration. some honoring the tradition of the dedication that took place in 1886 and other high-tech ways to honor the lady. let's give you a live look. isn't she beautiful? she stands over 305 feet tall from the ground to the tip of the torch. that's where people will be able to get a view from the top online. the for much case part of the 125th anniversary. there is a portion of the lady that hasn't been accessible to the public. earlier today the new york harbor was singing with sound as
11:56 am
does of government, commercial and private vessels blared their horns and hot water up and out. a tip of the hat to the 1886 ceremonies water parade. 125 citizens were sworn in during a naturalization that mimics the original one 105 years ago today. as the park closes today they will widen that narrow staircase. you can still come to the island and walk around outside like you see so many people outside today. a very beautiful day in new york city for the celebration. megyn: happy birthday. it sparked outrage among debit users. charging fees to swipe your cards. today some of america's biggest banks may be having second thoughts.
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, >>megyn: i will see you on


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