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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 28, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that's it for "special report" tonight. i'm jim angle. good night from washington. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, more twists in the case of the missouri baby missing. why baby lisa's brothers are not going to be talking. and herman cain visits talladega, home of the speedway. his campaign signaling it wants to put on the brakes. >> republic rivals fighting for the same state. tonight, presidential candidates mitt romney and rick perry with duling events in new hampshire. plus, why the businessman herman cain may actually want to slow down his campaign death at the millionaire's mansion. this woman was naked, tied up, and hanged by her neck.
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police called it a suicide. the family is not so sure. now they have just dug up her body in an effort to uncover the truth. plus, this lady looks pretty good considering her age, and she is about to get a big makeover. tonight, lady liberty at 125 years old. but first from fox this friday night, the republic presidential candidate herman cain opening up about his campaign. he said today his organization is growing. his campaign is getting more donations, and he believes the journey he is on is something that god wanted him to do. herman cain spoke with the fox business network shortly after fox news latest national poll showed him leading fellow republicans. >> i would say that i am one of the frontrunners because, as you know, if you are within, you know, 3 or 4, even 5 points that can change next week from one poll to the other. i don't see myself as the clear frontrunner because i don't have a double digit lead but i would
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say i'm right up there in the pack. >> no question that's true at least when you look at the whole country. presidential elections are won and lost in individual states. consider new hampshire, first in the nation primary a a real clear politics average of recent polls shows massachusetts governor mitt romney is out in front of herman cain by more than 20 points. today governor romney and texas governor rick perry are in new hampshire and molly line is there for us as well tonight. tell us what the candidates have been doing. it looks like a good crowd. >> that's right. hi, shep, i'm in the back of a town hall meeting in new hampshire. this is one of the great new hampshire traditions. where the people of new hampshire have a chance to really grill the wanna be president which is what they are doing with mitt romney. romney leading in the polls despite that. this is a chance to sure up the votes that he will need to make new hampshire his fire wall. here is what he had to say about the president. >> i happen to think that the president's philosophy and that of the people around him is extraordinarily misguided.
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i think they take their inspiration from those that government knows better how to run our lives and run the economy. [ laughter ] >> with less than 11 weeks before the primary he doesn't have the state to himself. rick perry was here to today to sign the paperwork. is he one of 30 republicans who have signed up for the primary which will take place 11 weeks from now. >> shepard: molly, governor perry weighed in on the debate issue again, huh? >> caught a lot of flack from this not just from the pundits who talked about debate and lackluster performance but the possibility of pulling out of future debates and spending more time on the campaign trail. he didn't clear things up. take a listen what he had to say. >> i don't know we are going to forego any debates or not, you know. there is going to be a lot of debates. i mean, shoot, i may get to be a good debater before this is all over with. [ laughter ] >> offering a little bit of good humor on the subject but it doesn't really answer whether or not he will be standing on one of those debate stages any time
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soon. shep? >> shepard: herman cain feels differently about debates it appears. >> yes he does. he likes debates. if will is stage, he will be on it. take a listen. >> debates are my friend. if they have a debate i'm going to be there. governor perry's rationale for not appearing in all the debates that's his campaign and his call. debates have been good to me. >> so we know where herman cain will be. there is an interesting development from his campaign today. they told the daily beast that he might be slowing things down a little as the debate moves forward. he has been leading in national polls and want to make sure things stay that way and avoid any mistakes in the future. shep? >> shepard: new england correspondent live in manchester, new hampshire tonight. investigators are trying to find the missing baby lisa irwin. could be following up on missing information they got from her older brothers. they could be doing that but they are not because the interview they were supposed to have with lisa's older brothers
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got called off. the family attorneys postponed it. we don't know why. police say they don't know why either. one thing is for certain, time is not on investigators' side here. every day that passes, with every day lisa's trail grows colder. she disappeared more than three weeks ago, we're led to believe, from her parents' home in kansas city. folks say somebody grabbed her from her crib. the mom later told fox news she was drunk when the child disappeared. investigators interviewed lisa's bureau brothers 5 and 8 years old. they were supposed to do that today but it didn't happen. they felt it was not in the family's best interest to tell investigators what they know. mike tobin is live in kansas city tonight do. we know what's going on here, mike? >> you know, shepard, the legal team representing the parents had a very public spat and then broke apart. the local attorney, cindy short is her name, issued a very brief release today one sentence saying she will no longer be
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representing the family. all of this meltdown seems to be linked to that decision to allow representatives of the police to talk to the older siblings of baby lisa. that was supposed to take place today. it has been postponed until possibly sometime next week. meantime the other half of the legal team representing the parents, the lawyer out of new york. normally very media friendly joe tacapino has buttoned down and he has quit commenting, shep. >> shepard: interesting. any new developments in the search for this child? >> the last thing we have seen the police do really in any numbers is the search of that lake about 10 miles from here. police say they searched that lake only because of its proximity. there wasn't any bit of evidence or information or a tip that led them to that body of water, so they went and made a brief search. they turned up no traces of baby lisa. the search continues, shep. >> shepard: mike tobin in kansas city. thanks very much. police say they shot and arrested a man who opened fire on the american embassy there. you will be able to see the gunman pacing in the middle of
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the screen here and cameras captured the moment when police took him down. >> there you have it. moments after the gunman dropped cops rushed to secure the scene. the man had wounded an officer guarding the u.s. embassy there and fired bullets at the building before the backup arrived. he apparently held off police in the streets for about 30 minutes before they shot him. we're told the bullet caught him in the leg and that he should be okay. here's some better images of that suspect. the mayor says the guy just got off a tram within a automatic weapon and started shooting at the embassy. one official called it a terrorist attack. but the mayor said the guy must have been some sort of lunatic, his word. we're told u.s. intelligence officials have started checking his background for any links to terror but so far they tell us nothing. when a millionaire's girlfriend turned up hanging naked over a balcony with her hands tied police called her death a suicide. members of her family made it perfectly clear they were not convinced. they just dug up her body to get
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a second opinion from one of the world's best known expert in forensics. we will hear from him what he is going to be looking for on that body. plus, a cruise ship. a cruise ship went out loaded with people. when it returned, two passengers were dead. and now investigators have some questions. mystery at sea just ahead from the journalists of fox news on this friday fox report. [ cellph] cut! [ monica ] i have a sml part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at
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no wonder more businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. verizon. >> a mystery at sea a cruise ship returns to dock with not one but two dead passengers. norwegian dawn. the cops say a 67-year-old woman from rhode island died on board, apparently natural causes. another passenger a 23-year-old from new hampshire also died on the ship. investigators say they do not suspect foul play and that the two deaths are in no way connected. months after police called it a closed case, a grieving family is conducting a second autopsy
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might prove those cops wrong. rebekah howell hanged herself in july in her boyfriend's mansion in san diego. that boyfriend a wealthy drug company executive. the howell's family don't buy the story at all expecting. the howell's body naked, her hands and legs tied. they found a strange painting on a bedroom wall. now the family says they hope a renowned expert can solve this mystery once and for all. trace gallagher is in our west coast news hub with that dr. cyril wecht is the guy and i understand you spoke with him. >> i did, shep. i spoke with him shortly after the autopsy. he says it lasted two hours. despite the fact that rebekah can has been dead two two months the body is in' good condition. his focus was on her neck and then on her head. specifically bruises on the top
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of her head. listen. >> those are the areas of greatest interest, the neck, because of the hanging and the head because of what was reported in the original autopsy report of some scalp larr images. the bony skull. so those are, yes, extremely important and highly relevant. >> and the zehu's family bruises on top of the head will prove she did not throw herself off of that balcony,. >> shepard: shep does dr. expect the findings to change the investigation. >> he won't know for 10 days until the full toxicology reports come back. he he will notify the family of the results and then notify the media. dr. wecht has been fascinated by this case from the very beginning and very critical about the san diego coroner's office. he says he has done second autopsies in his career that have been total game changers and he thinks he got good information from this one. listen. >> i'm pleased that i was able
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to find the things that i need to find in order to arrive at conclusions. not a matter of being happy or pleased. i have no horse in this race. you know, just try to do an objective scientific job. >> dr. wecht is hoping to give the family closure. the family, on the other hand, is hoping his results will help reopen a brand new investigation. shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles this afternoon. trace, thanks. well, how would you like a three month trip to aruba? sounds pretty relaxing. not in jail though. a judge has just ordered an american man locked up for another 30 days in the presumed death of his then travel companion. is he jerry giordano he was snorkeling when the current swept her out to sea. he met her online and traveled with her to aruba. today, the judge in this case ordered giordano held. he denies he did anything wrong. his lawyer says there is no evidence.
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while giordano sits in jail, quote, his life is being destroyed. 10 schools in south carolina on lockdown for a few hours this morning after a gunman opened fire on a police officer. cops are searching for the accused shooter, this man. is he also wanted in connection with a robbery at a fast food joint last weekend. today's incident happened after the cops tried to pull over a driver of a stolen suv. after a brief chase, the police say the suspect fired shots from an apartment complex in greenville. the officer shot back. but the suspect apparently escaped into the woods. we're told that officer was not hit. a company going bankrupt leaving taxpayers on the hook for half a billion dollars. and tonight the white house announcing a response to its jakub going scandal with the company solyndra. plus, the attorney general answers a request to testify on capitol hill about that botched fast and furious gun scandal. that's coming up tonight on the fox report. ♪
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>> shepard: a new polling low now for the president's health care law a poll from the kaiser family foundation. a nonpartisan group that reports today that just 34% of americans view the affordable care act favorably. that's down 7 points from last month. dropping mainly among young democrats. and now more than half say they have an unfavorable view. the lowest support yet for that law. and, by the way, the same industrialists founder, the kaiser health care organization and the kaiser foundation. there is no association between them at all. the white house has ordered an independent review of the government loans that went to the solar company solyndra not long before it went bankrupt. the california firm filed for bankruptcy last month despite
4:20 pm
getting more than half a billion dollars from the u.s. energy department. that means taxpayers. meantime, house republicans are considering whether to subpoena white house documents related to this case. ed henry is at the white house tonight. how extensive is this review going to be do we know. >> pretty yex tensive. ordered by bill daily. he wants to bring in independent team. take a look at the entire portfolio. a couple dozen other green loans. make sure they don't have another encephalopathy solyndra on their hands. report back in two months. bill daily says the president is committed to investing in clean energy. while we continue to make sure the u.s. remains competitive in the 21st century, energy economy, we must also make sure we are strong stewards of taxpayer dollars. that last part important because as you noted more than half of $500 million. half a billion dollars lost to taxpayers because of this whole debacle the bottom line is the president wants to continue to
4:21 pm
have green jobs as a key part of his agenda. under assault from house republicans because of all of this mess. they want to try to show, look, this was one bad apple but we will see at the end of the review whether that is really the case, shep. >> shepard: interesting timing on the release of information on a friday. don't want much information out of this thing. >> borrowied in saturday's newspapers. the white house has done that several times with solyndra in the last couple of months. right now the energy secretary steven chu is under fire. he has just put a statement a short time ago insisting he is going to cooperate with this white house review that they are more than happy to turn over the information. he is also cooperating with house republicans. in fact, next month steven chu is going to testify about solyndra for the first time in this entire story. and the bottom line for the white house is they say, look, mistakes were made with solyndra but there has been no evidence, after all these investigations, of any political malfeasance. so they are saying they are cooperating, there so no need for the house republicans to put out any subpoenas, shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the
4:22 pm
white house tonight. thanks. eric holder has now agreed to testify before a house panel on the fast and furious operation. that was a gun sting meant to track how weapons moved from the united states to mexican drug cartels but the feds admit they lost track of hundreds of guns. and investigators say they found two of the weapons at the scene of a border patrol agent's murder. an american border patrol agent. the attorney general eric holder had previously said fast and furious went down without his knowledge, but house republicans clearly are not satisfied with that explanation. so the attorney general has now agreed to appear before the judiciary committee in early december to discuss this entire operation. well, an american scientist can soon be out of the hospital two months after a health scare at the south pole. doctors say she began experiencing speech and vision problems back in august while managing a research lab on the world's coldest continent and that she may have had a stroke. but the company that owns the site denied an emergency evacuation because it was 72 degrees below zero outside.
4:23 pm
that makes transportation very risky. she had to wait two months until a u.s. air force plane could air lift her to new zealand last week. now she is in baltimore where doctors say her condition has improved dramatically. today she says the fear never got to her. >> i'm going to say i wasn't scared at all. it's one of those things that at least my personality is trying to stay cool and calm as much as adversity. >> shepard: doctors claim she could be out of the hospital tomorrow. the scientist says she has not ruled out a return to the south pole. speaking of, winter has come early and it's likely that some kids will end up trick or treating in the snow. and if as much as an inch falls in new york city, it will be the most snow this early in the year since the war between the states. we're tracking a rare october blizzard that's on the way. look out. we'll be right back.
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4:28 pm
if prince william's first born is a girl she will eventually become queen. the ban on marrying roman catholics also gone for good. the old laws just don't make sense in modern times. two bombs exploding on a busy seat reportedly killing 18 people and hurting dozens more. that tops our news on around the world in 80 seconds. iraq. the explosions moments apart in baghdad. the first blast killed a policeman and the second went off as people rushed in to help the wounded that second bomb left 17 more bodies amid the debris scattered in the streets. pakistan. this is reportedly capable of carrying a nuclear war head with pinpoint accuracy. military officials providing prg this video that we're told is the first test firing of their new stealth cruise missile. the launch from undisclosed location. those officials claim the missile can fly 435 miles a
4:29 pm
little more than the length of arizona. chile. volcano alert south of the capital city. officials warning of possible major eruption in the coming days after a jet of steam burst through the creator and christian terred an avalanche. forced more than 100 people out of their home. australia. at 2,000 pounds and more than two and a half feet across, it may be the world's largest coin. coins at -- folks say it took 18 months to create did. we mention it's worth a million bucks? the coin 99.99% pure gold and a showcase for the mint's gold coin program and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report it's the
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bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. biggest eviction threat for the occupy wall street crowd is not the cops but the cold. temperatures in new york city are set to drop into the 30's for the second straight night. the group vowing to stay through the cold weather. stockpiling supplies like coats and scarves and in denver protesters are dealing with the season's first snowfall. we're told two demonstrators were in a hospital with hypothermia. meanwhile the occupy oakland crowd back in california is defying the police. you will remember riot squads forced them out with tear gas earlier this week. iraq war vet was among the protesters and got seriously hurt in the process. cracked his skull. to the south in san diego, one woman says the outdoor protests have ruined her coffee cart business. she says people even threatened her when she wouldn't give them free food and cigarettes. >> never supported us. every morning i was threatened and i could not come to my place
4:31 pm
of work and my family and i are out of business. >> shepard: police later cracked down on the group in san diego and made several arrests. the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt is with us back at the football. update on the iraq war vet who got hurt. >> apparently now conscious and acknowledging family member in the hospital. scott olson injured on tuesday night. family and friends say he was hit by tear gas canister fired by the cops. there was a candle lit vigil for him last night in oakland. we appear to be seeing more clashes between protesters and police across the country now. not only the clashes on tuesday night in oakland but last night in nashville and also in san diego. it appears that police forces in several cities now, shep, have made the decision that they need to move these protesters out of those public parks and plazas they have been occupying. >> shepard: some people were surprised that the cold weather hasn't done that snow hasn't
4:32 pm
done it they say they will stay no matter what. >> they stay they are determined to stay. be a chilly weekend here in new york, for instance. subtemperatures approaching freezing. over this chilly halloween weekend. they say though that they will not move despite the fact that cops here in downtown manhattan took away generators and other items that might have been used to help them with heating during some stoppages there today. the cops went. in there is also a growing problem apparently here in manhattan, at least with crime. the protesters say that there have been more robberies, more assaults. i spoke to one young man confirmed that today having been down there past two weeks. they want to police that themselves rather than have the cops come in. >> shepard: but mostly overall peaceful. >> mostly overall peaceful, yes. this is the protesters saying admitting that there have been some issues. >> shepard: thank you. hope that 12 hours of autumn was fun. it's gone. look at this, snow storm making its way across the northeast
4:33 pm
today and it will be coming this weekend. wow. and the "wall street journal," which is owned by the parent company of this network, reports that new york city, if it gets 1 inch of snow this weekend, that will be the earliest inch of snow the city has recorded in weather history. which goes back to the civil war. so at least that long. folks upstate already saw flurries this morning along with parts of massachusetts and connecticut. we're told they could get a foot of snow before this thing is over. temperatures plummeting today. this is rare for new york city. october snow? please. >> it's very rare. this is the second storm in a few days for interior sections. take a look new york city .8 inches is the most we have ever seen back to 1925. take a look at this. move forward and get an idea of exactly how widespread this is. anywhere the pink. >> pink snow is so weird. >> you don't want to be in the pink spot. know warnings appalachians to
4:34 pm
new england. >> shepard: why is this happening? come on. >> we are almost to november. staying october. almost a couple days. storms move forward a little bit here and we are already seeing the snow falling in across parts of say the central appalachians. it's not that abnormal to get some snow. this is going to be a very vigorous storm. it doesn't look like that much right now it will blow up once it becomes the nor'easter and moves offshore. harrisburg 4.2 inches. philly, about 2 inches. move forward. move farther up towards the north. new york city seeing snow with this. two and a half inches. 4.5 in big hamton. cat skills. scranton. go a little farther towards north. talking about some snow into new england. the big part of this story worcester mass. major tree damage from this storm. >> shepard: happy halloween. the defense and manslaughter trial of dr. jackson's former
4:35 pm
doctor argued that the singer killed himself with a cocktail of powerful drugs, right? today a witness supporting dr. conrad murray detailed just how he says it went down. a live report from the courthouse coming up. disturbing news about prescription drug addiction in our country and how health experts say it's hitting the most vulnerable people of them all. newborn babies, an addiction alert for little children. that's coming up. reat vacations?
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4:39 pm
of his father's last moments alive. saif al islam qaddafi educated in london faces crimes against humanity for calling on libyans to murder each other. today is the most important day in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's personal physician or so says the defense attorney for dr. conrad murray. he told fox news that this morning. today that attorney questioned the defense's final witness. a doctor who is an expert on the powerful sedative propofol. that's the drug investigators say ultimately caused michael jackson's death. that witness said the evidence suggested the singer injected the lethal dose himself and m.j. swallowed additional sedatives that same day. >> you would not expect to see any free lorazepam in the stomach if it was only given train screenously. the fact that there is even a tiny amount of free lorazepam is
4:40 pm
orally. >> shepard: got that doctor to undercut drm steven shaffer's testimony who took the stand last week for the prosecution. >> dr. schaffer said his scenario reconciled with all the facts in this case. i want you to tell, does it reconcile with dr. murray's statement? >> no. >> does it reconcile with the physical evidence found at the scene? >> no. >> does it reconcile with the urine concentration found at autopsy? >> no. >> shepard: the prosecution argues that even if michael jackson gave himself the fatal dose of the medication, his doctors should have known the drugs he prescribed for the patient amounted to a ticking time bomb. adam housley is live outside the courthouse in los angeles. adam, is he somewhere. quite purple at the moment. it appears to adam, i'm told, this witness just came out and
4:41 pm
said the doctor is not responsible for michael jackson's death. >> yeah, shepard. the doctor actually said a couple of things. first of all, he said that michael jackson could have given this to himself. very plausible. the prosecution argued otherwise. he said that dr. murray's story absolutely could stand up. of course, the prosecution argued otherwise. he says the prosecution's explanation ask actually all wrong. take a listen of one of the snippets from the courtroom. >> i cannot understand how it's possible that he got a three hour infusion when the evidence didn't show the infusion set-up and the fact that the elimination of the drug in the urge is completely inconsistent with the amount of propofol that would have been administered had mr. jackson received this entire bottle of propofol. >> dr. white once again basically dismantling the prosecution's star witness who has been his colleague for 30 years. now cross-examination begins with him on monday and, shepard,
4:42 pm
depending on how many rebuttal witnesses are called the jury, could and i want to underscore could get this case on wednesday. some of the jurors are appearing a bit frustrated they haven't gotten it already. shepard? >> shepard: adam housley downtown in los angeles. near ago verdict for a doctor accused of overloading his patient with powerful drugs. some lawmakers want to crack down on the abuse of prescription medicines nationwide. emergency room visits tied to prescription drug abuse have soared 97% in recent years. and armed robberies at pharmacies up 81%. it's apparently so bad in the state of florida that the attorney general there is calling for a task force to examine the effects on newborns when their mothers are addicted to prescription drugs. newborns. john reports is live in atlanta tonight. john, this thing is awful. >> just such a tragedy, shep. we have been sharing video with our viewers all day. very disturbing video.
4:43 pm
we will take a look at it now. the reason we have been doing this is to make a very powerful point. this is what happens to a baby when its mother has been addicted to powerful prescription narcotics it goes through withdrawal. it's withdrawal that takes a long time to treat. this problem is exploding. particularly in the state of florida. all children's hospital in st. petersburg. here is some of the statistics that they have been seeing. addicted babies in 2008 nurebbed just 15. so far this year, 136 babies, 69 of them just since the first of july. that is a 9 fold increase over three years ago. and get this, of the 80 babies that are currently in the neonatal intensive care unit 30% of them were born addicted to drugs. morphine the drug of choice used to treat these young babies. here is what she told me. >> if not treated it is possible these babies would go on to die. we will intervene and start them
4:44 pm
on morphine therapy as soon as we identify that they are having significant signs of withdrawal. >> and here is another thing, shep. if a mother is identified as being an addict when she is pregnant her daughter will either keep her on the narcotics or move her over to methadone for the duration of the pregnancy. if the mother were to go through serious withdrawal while pregnant the fetus would almost surely die. >> this can't be an easy problem for police to tackle. >> no. they are doing everything they can to get ahead of it we rode out with the pinellas county road division this week. they are scoping out pill mills. bogus pain clinics where people go in for 70 to $100 get themselves prescription for a lot of very powerful narcotics. they take down people one at a time or as the d.e.a. did took down the whole pill mill ring today. some of these practices celebrate a shade of legitimacy enough to keep them above the
4:45 pm
radar of law enforcement. >> shepard: you might want to look out the window because pigs might be flying out there. one of the biggest bands in all the land announced not going to slap the new debit card fee on customers. another announcing it may scale back the very same type of fee. the who and the why next. plus, put up or shut up time in st. louis. world series game 7. cardinals/rangers playing for it all. we will hear from one of the biggest stars of last night's amazing game six. the guy who sang that epic version of god bless america. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her smartphones, laptops, tablets, mobile hotspots. but not all 4g is created equal. among the major carriers, only verizon's 4g network is 100% lte,
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4:49 pm
shown shep you are angry and they heard you. lots of folks outraged that banks are planning to charge new debit card fees whitehall low wean eve. it seems some other banks are getting the message. word jp morgan chase latest to decide they will not charge customers extra to spend their own money. here are the banks that plan to tack on fees for at least some of their customers. bank of america, sun trust, wells fargo and regions. and coming here the growing ranks of those reporting they will not chase joining city bank, pnc and others. this as small community banks report a boom in new customers fed up with the big bank fees. claudia cowan is live tonight in our san francisco newsroom. hey, clawed yanchts after eight months of consumer testing chase bank concluded that charging customers to spend their own money really cannot make a whole lot of sense. a number of other big banks in agreement on that one even bank of america telling customers they can avoid that monthly
4:50 pm
debit card fee if they keep a minimum balance for instance or use a b of a credit card. neither bank of america or wells fargo are abandoning the new fees idea all together even as americans coast to coast demonstrate against corporate greed. crisis management experts say those banks moving away from new debit card fees are doing pure damage control. >> banks see they have a credibility problem with the public. backlash from the possibility raising he fees, occupy wall street and peoples general dissatisfaction with corporations making banks step back and think about their public image and their fees. >> but even if more banks back away from those debit card charges they argue they need to make up for billions in lost revenues. somehow, shepard let's who he they don't increase it in increasing fees in other less visible areas. >> shepard: i can't imagine they
4:51 pm
would do that, claudia. live in our san francisco newsroom. claudia, thanks. ♪ from the mountains ♪ to the prairies ♪ to the oceans ♪ white with foam ♪ god bless america ♪ my home, sweet home ♪ god, bless america ♪ my home, sweet home. [cheers and applause] >> shepard: man alive. he stole the show last night. retired petty officer first class jenardb wilson blew god
4:52 pm
bless america. i liked it so much. i asked him if he would come on "studio b" today and he was nice enough to do that. >> well, that's a lot of people are actually saying now, facebooking and doing a little twitter thing now and they are calling me the rally sailor. [ laughter ] instead of the rally squirrel. so it's kind of funny. but it's an honor. it really is to be able to be called something like that. >> shepard: 21 years he served our nation in the navy a class act all around. what a game. if you turned off early because of all those ridiculous errors. did you ever miss one of the best of the all time classic ending. they were run strike away from winning it all but the cards rallied. the game went extra innings. now to the bottom of the 11th and a moon shot straight out to center field listen to this. >> see you tomorrow night.
4:53 pm
>> that's tonight. game seven the first in nine years. rangers at cardinals, winner take all 8:05 eastern daylight time just about 15 minutes away. a symbol of america became a symbol of unity after the devastating days of 9/11. how this lady liberty replica is a symbol coming up. impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest witnfidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before invting.
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shep the rise of freedom now, look of rebuilding of the world trade center. tonight, lady liberty planners of the 9/11 pliewsm prominently featuring a 9-foot version of the landmark. weeks after the 9/11. ♪ ♪ >> whenever i come to work and see the faces you think about
4:57 pm
it. >> shepard: these are the faces firefighter thomas clinton cease at his firehouse just a block from times square. [siren] >> shepard: 15 men who left this building bound for the world trade center and infer much can came back. >> right here we had flowers and candles it was a memorial. and it just grew day by day. >> shepard: within 48 hours of the attack, a fiberglass statue of liberty aappeared among the contributes. attracting the attention of everybody passing by. >> everybody just kept putting something on the statue of liberty. a little note, a flag, something from where they came from. >> shepard: over the next three months lady liberty collected upwards of 800 items including victims' photographs, someone's ring and a note to daddy, we miss you. >> all of these were actually originally around the statue. >> it's now on display at the 9/11 museum's preview site where chief curator jan ramirez says it represents the memorials that
4:58 pm
popped up and the communities that came together. >> it was really neighborhood residents in the theater district that became the shrine tenders and they were the ones that actually helped place things or replace things when they fell off the memorial. >> i have been here a long time. prior to that day i didn't even know we had a community. people walked by. you don't really know them. but after that we got to know a lot of people in the neighborhood, which was nice. >> shepard: that statue will eventually move to the 9/11 museum. scheduled to open next year on the 11th year remembrance of the attacks. for folks who can't see it in person, the museum created an interactive feature on its web site that will allow to you zoom in and see specific objects if you like and learn more about the people behind them. you can get to that web site by visiting ours at we'll have another report on the rise of freedom next month. and on this day in 1886, then president grover cleveland stood on an island in new york harbor
4:59 pm
and first dedicated the statue of liberty. lady liberty was technically born in france as i'm sure you know. it was a gift to the united states for our alliance during the revolutionary war. its makers shipped her over here piece by piece. when workers put in the final rif vets she stood 151 feet tall. face based on the sculpture's mother or mistress. nobody seems sure. six years later ellis island opened not far away. the statue of liberty would welcome millions of immigrants. those tired, poor, huddled masses who passed in route to a new life here in america. tonight, in low are lower manhattan a celebration. lady liberty first raised her torch to the world 125 years ago today. a live look down where lady liberty sits on a very cold new york harbor tonight. now you know the news for this friday october the 28th,


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