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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 29, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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trick-or-treating over the weekend, everybody. thank you for being with us tonight. ♪ ♪ i'm tv andy levy filling in for greg gutfeld. turns out some things are so terrific. also for those of you listening to the show on serious xm radio, let's go to the comedian for our pre game report. i guess a lot of people are out of town or something. paul, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, andy. >> controversy in portland, oregon. the school board votes to allow anti-war protesters to set up alongside military recruiters in public high schools. we will debate the issue and decide what the military says they have done. and a boy in colorado wants to join the girl scouts. a transgender trend or has someone been reading andy
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levy's diary when he was 10 years old? and finally french manicures soon could be a no no in this man's army. could the relaxing cucumber mask be next? andy? >> thanks and welcome for wearing your suit. >> thank you. >> i am here with attorney and former contestant on "the apprentice." her new book comes out on friday. jaime weinstein. he has a made uptight tell according to his boss tucker carl -- carlson. and bill schulz, i think he is dressed as billy joe armstrong from green day. and sit sitting next to me is constantine marules. his hair has its own publish sits. and he goes into the pale because his news is stale. hi, pinch. >> today in home and leisure they discuss the best way to child proof one's home. want to know how to pinch
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people? put things on shelves. due to lack of any uh pen denses -- appendages i cannot walk, lap or jump. what are you doing? can you bring slash carry me with you? anyone? hello? >> are -- you are the dumbest pawking paper. >> go back to your box. >> dumbest talking paper on tv. we are stoutering the show jie. should we hope the door? they voted unanimously to allow smelly peace loving freaks to set up aside recruiters in schools. fair and balanced people. fair and balanced. the idea is to give students in oregon a more balanced view of what it might mean to enlist. explains the board's vice chairman, quote, there is nothing in this resolution that says there is a condemnation of military service. there is a desire on our part for our students to become more educated in the choices that they are making. and adds another piece, the
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military is not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes the way it is used is a bad thing. but others are outraged. with one veteran calling it an insult and asking what are they saying suggesting about all of us who had served. you know who remains blissfully unaware of this debate? skateboarding dog in paris. >> masa, what do you make of this? should portland be giving in to these recruiters? >> i don't think so. my father-in-law is 82 years old, but he was a military recruiter and he would go to the high schools and go to the fares and try to get kids to sign up. i don't think that they are using any lies or trickery. i don't think it is necessary.
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>> but in fact isn't the school board suggesting here that the military recruiters might be being less than honest to the students? >> it is not really suggested that the military recruiters are lying, but they are not smart enough to use google. of course when you make a decision like this you weigh all of the pros and cons, and frankly we should honor those who choose who do it because they understand what they are going into. what are the implications of this? you will have a truther come in to explain the counter side to 9/11? >> i don't think so. >> if a kid wants to join the military the counter recruiter will not stop him or her. >> definitely not. kids make their own decisions. there is a little crunchy granola over there. i am not totally surprised, but it is not terribly negative.
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they can make their own decisions and as long as they are not fighting it out in the cafeteria or something like that, it is good. >> bill, as a sequential huh maf raw dite you are not eligible for military service even with don't ask, don't tell. and i think that is shameful. >> waiting for a question. >> my question is basically none of this matters to you, does it? >> and he ends it with a doesn't it. that could be considered a question. >> absolutely. >> well, is it the military by definition? is there not a whole idea of a big defense so we don't have to worry about going out and fighting? they are agreeing with these groups. i also maintain that this group that claims to be anti-war will not be nothing but respectful to our troops. i will one up you and say i had a dad in the military, no the a step dad, and he was a vietnam vet. and he was treated terribly when he got back. i don't any of that. even the most hipy dipy kids
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respect our troops. >> i will one up you. i was in the military. >> i knew this was coming. >> but the point is not that they were anti-war. most people in the military are anti-war. >> right. >> it is that -- they are setting themselves up as counter recruiters. they are not saying let's go to war. they are telling people, you shouldn't join the military. it is two different things. >> it is, and it is annoying. i'm sure if i walked by, they won't look at me. i might want to punch them in the face. >> it is just information. they are of onering information. as long as it stays in a civil place, i think it -- especially there. >> i will tell you where they need it, the college level for the lawyer days, they should have a counter person telling them don't go into law because no one likes it. >> you should have it when you are choosing your major in college. don't be a liberal arts major. >> i will go further than that.
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have them at high schools with the college recruiters warning you about the refacts about an otherwise supposed college. i wept to emerson. that is not college. the only thing i had to do was maintain while on acid in middle eastern studies. where am i? >> right on. we are currently fighting a bunch of wars. i think it is 13. we need people to keep joining the military. do you think this counter recruiting stuff could be harmful to our national security? >> i don't think so. the biggest problem is my high school had career day, and people would come and college recruiters. you had vocational recruiters and maybe you wanted to be an electrician or plumber or whatever it is. these people serve no purpose. you can google which see what the downsides of being in the military are. they are not showing kids an alternative career path. i think it is silly and i wonder if they will start a big fight in the cafeteria. >> i have to say my recruiter was completely honest. he gave me every chance to back out. >> are you serious that you
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were in the military? >> yes. i did know soldiers when i was in who said their recruiters were -- i don't want to say lying and less than completely forthcoming about what military service might entail. >> there has to be people like that giving misinformation. >> and a perfect example, you wanted to fight in the gulf war, right? and they showed you that would happen. where did you end up? >> they didn't assure me. in lovely korea. >> that's where the gulf war was, right? >> it is not the first gulf war. >> that is where saddam was hiding, right? >> are you thinking qaddafi. >> kuwait is next door. >> no, you are thinking qaddafi. >> we will learn about that. >> there is one upside. if they do it across the country there will be a lot of employment prospects, and maybe they will get -- >> that is actually a good point. with unemployment as high as it is, college costs are off the scale ridiculous. joining the military is actually a great offering for a lot of kids. these protesters might be
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hurting the very people they are trying to help. >> i think kids that want to be in the military, they know from an early age. i don't think it is something you pass by the cafeteria and that's a pretty great idea. let me go to -- let me be in the army. i figured that out over my wheaties. >> do we know exactly what sort of information they are giving out? >> no, this is -- we want to know what they are saying. it is just information. >> i'm sorry. anytime you make a decision in life whether it is to go to law school or go to med school or join the military, there is always a downside to it. it is up to you to take that upon yourself and for you to research it. >> being on "american idol" doesn't mean -- you can come in top six and doesn't mean you can be carrie underwood. >> what? >> now i completely forgot. what i was going say i am with you as long as these people are not lying and in the same
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way i am hopeful the military recruiters are not lying and they are giving actual real information. i don't have a huge problem. >> the whole idea is the kids going to the military are not researching this. it is silly. there has been several wars since 9/11. they understand if they go to the military there is a real possibility they will engage in combat. it is not like a willy nilly decision and they listen to the recruiter and don't do research themselves and it is lieucris. >> there is a chance i might be in combat, and then there is another thing to actually see the results of what can happen in combat. i think joining the military is a great thing and most people should do, except bill. but as long as this is just information being given out, i'm okay with it. and we are going to end there because i get the last word. from military recruits to gender disputes. will he stand out as a girl scout? i speak of a seven-year-old colorado boy. are there any other kind? he is joining the all gal group after initially being rejected. the saga began when he wanted
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to join his sister in the girl scouts and mom didn't mind since she says he has dressed and behaved like a girl. a local troop leader said no way, but now the group claims they gave the family bad info and adding in a statement, quote, if a child identifies as a girl and the child's family presents her as a girl, the girl scouts of colorado welcomes her as a girl scout. and boys living like boys will not be admitted and girl scouts usa says the transgender youth will be accepted to a case by case basis. who can forget our own bill schulz breaking barriers? >> i can watch that every day. >> oh my god. >> i don't like this show. >> constantine, what do you think? this kid apparently is identified as a girl. should he be allowed to join the girl scouts? >> by the way when i was a kid , they had brown knees first
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for seven-year-olds and that was the intro into girl scouts and cub scouts for boys. >> sure, why not? >> but when you start to blur the line is the case by case scenario. you will sit and judge a seven-year-old if he is girly enough or whatever to be in the girl scouts? that's weird. >> i'm assuming they are not -- i would assume they are not expecting 500,000 of these cases. but it could get out of control. i don't know. >> i don't think so. and i say let the kid be a kid. if that's what he wants to do. girls play football sometimes, right? there are some girls that have tried to be on the high school football team. >> i don't think it is legal for girls to play football. >> there is a kicker who was a high school girl kicker. >> we condemn that. >> let's not talk about it. >> what about the other girls in the girl scout troop? what if they are not comfortable with the boy being there with them? does it not matter?
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does it matter? >> my heartbreaks for this little boy or boy -- or girl trapped in the boy's body -- whatever. >> your heart is breaking. we can hear it. >> no, but i think i have to question it. it would have to be a case by case basis and where do you draw the line? can this little boy go into the lady's restroom with the other girls? can this little boy join the girl's soccer team and what if he is stronger and hurts them. i feel bad, but it is kind of strange for the other little girls on the girl scout team. >> i want to go to jaime. jaime uhave a background as a bio jennette tau cyst. -- geneticist. i think it is clear that there are boys who identify as girls and vice-versa for biological reasons or whatever. this kid is seven. is he old enough to make that determination? >> my point exactly. i think he is too young. why is he choosing that me wants to go into the girl scouts? how much does he know about
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the girl scouts? >> his sister wants to. >> it is the parents' job -- this will only confuse his identity more by putting him in the girl scouts. obviously it is a private organization and the girl scouts can have any policy, but i don't think it is good for him in the long run. >> do you think it is possible this kid likes the girly stuff because he wants to be like his older sister? >> it is very, very possible. there again it is the parents who say you are not your older sister. why not try the boy scouts? >> bill, you play with barbies, and you love football. are you an inspiration to kids where you can sort of have it all? >> i am an inspiration to kids. >> look at you, i know. >> haven't we seen this episode on season two of "the brady bunch"? as we all know peter is warped into being the sunflower girl because marcia is trying to do the same as the rangers or whatever the boys' version is. and in the end peter quits. we end up losing tiger and no
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one knows where he went and marcia's nose is beaten by a football. that's what will happen to this kid and it is very sad. >> you just added nothing to the conversation. that was amazing. you said a lot and spoke for awhile. >> those were all words. you can look them up and form a sentence. >> and yet it made no sense. that's the beauty. they were actual sentences and a paragraph and it meant nothing. masa, is it possible that this boy's parents are over indulging him? >> what struck me was when he was two years old the mom said he just liked girl things and they leted him dress like a girl and act like a girl. i don't know much about the transgender community. >> i do. >> i have to defer to bill, but i don't know. >> at two years old? how does a kid know at two he wants a dress? >> it is called the fabulous two's. you have the terrible two's and the fabulous two's.
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>> what if he thought he was a monster? >> that would be awesome. >> you can think of a lot of things, but the parents are supposed to guide him. i don't know if this is all his decision. >> when people are two years old you can be gay or straight or whatever it is. i have seen it in my life, and maybe it is true for the transgender community. >> you may well be right. 2* may well be that this kid knew early on that he was by logically identified as a girl early on, and that's his life. >> let the i had kid be in the girl scouts. >> could a girl join the boy scouts for the same reason are we assume ?g. >> i think so. >> didn't you hear my speechment. >> i think we have seen this. every few years there is a case like this. if the kid wants -- i played with dolls, and then we melted their heads. >> you mutilated dolls. >> there are still interviews
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you need to answer as far as authorities are concerned. >> we solved that crisis. what is the scarest movie of all time? it is your face. you are watching "red eye" on fnc so stick around.
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failure to launch, princess for diaries, these are move res we will not discuss as the scarest of all time. it is almost halloween, the christmas of the halloween holidays so we shot we would kill five minutes by discussing films that scare the poop out of us. it was a slow news day. we asked for a list of the top 100 scary movies so let's get to it. your top 100 scary movies and we have 10 seconds jie. "godfather." >> wait a second.
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>> that was scary. >> it was a scary movie. >> it is genuinely one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. it is a horrifying ballerina goes overseas and the witches are killing other people. >> do you watch a lot of scary movies? >> i i do. i went to film school. what i think is more important than what you guys think, i will tell you that you know what bothered me -- >> i am going to keep going, you don't need me. >> one final point, they had m knight shamalan, some movie being number 25. >> "signs." >> they being iowa 9 .com did a thing on this which we did not base this segment on. >> i remember "signs" being poorly reviewed. i didn't think people liked it. >> he is horrible. i get up and walk out of his movie. one time his movie was good. but every other movie.
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>> "unbreakable" was great. >> i thought "lady in the water" was under rated. >> they put him ahead of polanski. >> i agree. she didn't find the movie in itself scary. what she found scary was the stuff mel gibson was muttering under his breath. it was ugly. it was monstrous. it had no business. >> that was scary. >> he made germans look bad. >> constantine, what movie scares you? >> "pet cemetery" and i remember when it came out scared the hell out of me. >> yep. >> that was intense. zelda and what was the kid's name? gage. that was insane. but there is a more current movie that is freakin scary called "the fourth kind" and it is based on this real story from these alien abductions that were happening in alaska. a lot of abductions up there.
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it is cool because they split the screen with real footage and the re-enactment. really freakin scary. >> jaime, you watch a ton of scary movies. >> the only reason to watch the movie is if you have a hot date and you want to get closer. apparently i haven't had many of those because few on this list i have seen other than "signs." if i had to choose a scary movie can we count herman cain's latest commercial? >> in the short category, yes. >> it begins and ends with "the exer cyst." >> it does. it is one thing to watch "the exer cyst" and another thing growing up raised catholic and watching it. have you the movie one of the most frightening things on film and then you have a mom you go up to and say, mom, could that ever actually happen to me? and she looks you straight in the eye and she said, yes, son, i'm afraid it could. i had a night-light until i was 20. >> here is the thing. i don't know if you remember, but i got "the exer cyst" on
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blue ray because i am advanced like that. when it came in the mail from amazon i said i am now betting that i might never have a girlfriend again. there is no way in hell i am watching this by myself. it has to be with somebody that will be there the whole night. >> i have seen "the shining" by myself which is up there. but i don't think i will ever see "exorcist it is" by myself. >> "the ring." and "ring 2". "nightmare on elm street" the original one. >> with johnny depp? >> yes. "event horizon. "poltergeist,"" sex and the city 1 and 2". and the first three years of the obama administration. >> someone is up for review. >> do you think guys like
12:25 am
horror movies more than women? >> i think they are trying to fill time. i like horror movies and scary movies. what i like more is true crime stories. your husband kill u.s. or the wife kills the husband. like "48 hours." >> like anything on lifetime? >> anything on "lifetime." >> that's what i thought. >> my theory is, the only kind of movie i consider horror movies is they have to be supernatural. "silence of the lambs" is put on this list. that's not a horror movie. it might be scary. but to me it is not a horror movie. >> i don't know the difference between horror movie and torture porn. >> i don't get that. >> i don't either. if you blink you will miss me. but there is a small thing where i get it ripped off while chained to a closet. i was also in the second one and didn't even watch it.
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>> this is absolutely true. so do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. to leave a voicemail call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from paul mccurio. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by bottle houses. the structures built out of and containing items made from plastic bottles. thanks, bottle houses.
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welcome back and let's see if we have gotten anything wrong. for that we go to paul mccurio. >> why are you siting sitting and not standing? >> because if i stand i look like a giant. this stage is built to gutfeld's specifications. everything on this set is miniature. >> so it is man on top of wedding cake size. >> this table is a foot and a half off the ground. >> stand up, let me see. >> we have done this bit before. >> oh my god. >> well a shot on me doesn't prove anything. >> are you ghoulishly giant. >> that's a big man. >> all right, well let's get to this. on the recruiter story, jaime you said it is not as if people joined the military without weighing their options at this stage in their life. can i remind you that these are high school students. they don't weigh text they
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send or facebook. do you think they have the semblance to weigh something as heavy -- >> post 9/11. they understand if they join the military they are possibly going to go into conflict. #*eu can't imagine -- i can't imagine anybody makes that. >> if you look at the navy seals, you are like one european whore of being a man of mystery and espionage. there is that little bit of pushing the envelope. i know andy didn't have that problem when he was recruited because he is not a bright guy. but there is something to be said for full disclosure, don't you agree? >> fine. it would be interesting to see who they will choose as the anti-war protesters. a lot of these guys are not giving credible information. a lot give the nonsense propaganda. >> fair enough. they do have to pick the right. i do agree with one thing.
12:32 am
i was a lawyer and i thought it was going to be money and whatever. it turned out to be 23 hours a day of my soul locked in a box with my sex drive so i agree with you on that. >> to be fair, that's because you were a crappy lawyer. >> there are people who become good lawyers and they are successful and happy. >> i am actually goggling that. >> why don't you stay seated there big man. >> i guess where i am with you on this is you say anti-war protests don't offer kids anything. i agree with you that this isn't a career path to be an anti-war activist. but it is an option for someone to think about, well, what is the downside to pursuing something like this even though they may be poor and their only option is to make some money and earn a living while getting shot at. >> i don't think the recruiters for the most part,
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i think there is shady people everywhere. for the most part i don't think the recruiters are lying or tricking people to joining the military. >> i am not saying they are lying or tricking people, but i do think that there is another side of it that the kids should hear. don't you agree? >> i do agree, but i also think there is another side of law school. there is another side of getting into the ad agency. any big choice you make there is a good side to it and there is a bad side to it. there are a million, different wonderful things. for some people isat is a good route. i don't have a problem going in and telling kids about it. like a lot of people here, who are these people that will be going in? >> constantine, if you are a high school student and somebody told you, hey, this is the option, going into the military, do you think you would have the semblance of maturity to make that decision when you were in high school? you were playing with dolls and blowing them up. so it sounds like --
12:34 am
>> that i was. and i still do. the best is with a magnifying glass and the sunlight. >> you are a perfect guy to go into the military then. >> i know. they definitely want me in there. >> i was a fairly smart guy in high school. i think i could have figured it out for myself. like i said, i think certainly in a place like portland, everybody is pretty chill there, whatnot. there is no harm in offering information and just having conversations and just encouraging a conversation about the whole thing. just think things through and see both sides. what kind of people are actually recruited to be recruiters in the first place? it seems like maybe not -- i know it is your grandfather or -- >> you have to be a damn good soldier to be a recruiter, right? >> is that right? >> yes. you do. >> i buy that, but it is a conversation. it is information they are offering. >> what we have learned is if we ever invade the valley of
12:35 am
the dolls constantine is the first one in and last one out. >> i think it also propogates a myth that the people in the military were duped to go in there and they had no other options. >> you are going to the other extreme with it. i think that's unfair too. i agree that not everybody is being duped, but at times one tour of duty turns into 14 tours of duty and people are scratching their heads. moving on, are you all wrong and constantine is right. moving on to our next topic which is boy scouts. jaime, from my point of view you obviously have an issue with this. you are not talking about a boy who wants to sell cookies and by the way this is his actual motive. he just wants to get close to the cookies. what do you think? >> i think i am very well into the kids. you say i have an issue with
12:36 am
this. it is a private organization. they can choose what they want. at some level what a seven-year-old kid wants to do, his parents are their parents and they should be adding. >> at two or three he doesn't know. but at seven you read the story and look at the footage. this kid is committed to being a girl at this point. it is fair he made that decision and is old enough to make the decision. >> you think that at 17 you are not capable enough to go into the military, but at 7 you can make a decision whether you will be a girl or guy and change your gender identity? there is a big contridiction there. >> let's be clear. i am the ombudsman right now, not you. bill, going to you, you object -- obviously look like you are ready for some organization, but i am not sure what it is. >> i have been recruited by the kiss army. >> you are doing a fine job. >> show me your tongue. >> not on national tv.
12:37 am
i think at the end of the day, and i did say at the end of the day -- >> a slippery slope. this is a slippery slope. >> masa's point about where we draw the line is actually a valid one. in terms of where these -- a transgender child like this wants to go next, girl scouts feel fairly harmless, but where does it take us if you want to be in the locker room with the girls? how would you handle that if you were a principal of a school? >> i am stuck on you being so surprised that i made a valid point call. >> you should let bill wear them. >> he is going to borrow them for tomorrow night's halloween party. >> you mentioned it was rodney dangerfield movie called "lady bug."
12:38 am
>> he was dressed up as a girl. >> and then there was jiwanna man. >> you get the last word on this. >> i don't know if i had a daughter, i don't know if i would be comfortable with a boy being in the same restroom with her. that is weird. >> fair enough. moving on to scary movies, constantine you said "pet cemetery" you liked as one of the scarest. "the fourth kind" i agree because nothing sexier than seeing mila really scared. it gets me of on. you are right. >> that's border line illegal. >> what is wrong with you? >> you need to see women who look scared? >> yes, that's why i like snuff films. stop judging me johnny manning among little people. >> it is the same look his wife gives when he comes home from work every night. >> usually people from
12:39 am
washington get dressed like that. >> the exorcist" bill, you are wrong. it was scary since it came out, but there have been so many parities of that movie i can't watch it with a straight face. >> here is what you need to know, that can happen to you. have you listened to one thing i said? it didn't matter what you believed in. the devil gets into your brain and you know what gets out of your mouth? pea soup. >> you have the last word. >> you are done? >> i am done. >> nicely done. >> thank you. coming up, health nazis conspiring to ruin your lunch and your life. a fair and balanced debate next.
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are changes looming for soldiers blooming? according to the times, they are considering a ban on
12:43 am
female soldiers wearing french manicures as well as earrings and ponytails. and tattoo are taboo. at least one is on their hands. explains the army, quote, i believe we can better visualize what it means to be an american soldier. those can be done through personal fwrooming standards and -- grooming standards and standards of appearance. let's skaws this -- let's discuss this in a -- whoa. i got stepped on by a graphic. speaking of not cool. jaime, is it cool you can die for your country, but you may not be able to have a tatoo? >> i don't see why you can't have a tatoo on your hand and be in the army. a lot of these guys are tough guys and sometimes they have tattoo on them. i think we should neither prevent them nor belittle them for having tattoo. veterans have them. >> but they is -- but they had this ban like face in hand. it is always exposed.
12:44 am
do you want soldiers having facial tatoos? >> it was to keep people like mike tyson out. >> just throw them in the middle of libya and be done with it. he will fight his way out. >> one thing a female soldier says she thinks things -- i should not have written those two words. she thinks things like a french manicure are bad for how other soldiers see her as a leader. does she have a point there? >> i think she maybe has a point. i never really thought about it. i think you maybe want to be taken very seriously and maybe after spending time giving yourself a french manicure it takes like 40 minutes. >> 20 minutes tops. >> once you get it done. >> you have to get up early. >> you have to get the cotton balls exactly the same size. you have the world record ones. then you are really tough and people really respect you.
12:45 am
that is hard to get your finger in the mechanism. >> the military is a job like anywhere else and they have dress codes. >> you have to have a bit of a dress code. i am not going to the military and keep this hair. >> after you were in the military you can't get more tattoo. a lot of people have tattoo. my mom has a sleep. >> that would be okay. face and hands is banned. well, hands are not banned, it is just face. but they are thinking of hands. >> no one wants to see a soldier get on a plane and have him have like a mike tyson on his face. >> no, that is scary. >> there is a difference between having a facial tatoo and something on your arm here. >> your arm is fine. >> bill, as somebody who shows up to his place of employment
12:46 am
wearing flip-flops fairly regularly, you have to be against any regulations whatsoever, right? >> first of all, no one knows i do that because as far as they are concerned i am an intern. i was bowling doing shots with constantine's mom a couple days ago and i told her after admiring her latest at few, i believe the battleship, going back kids are impressionable, and if you get one tough kid that can make a difference in the army, the option of getting rid of his at thatnd maybe signing at some point. you lose a available guy right there. >> here is my thing. i don't understand why the standards are different for men and women. they are getting rid of girls being able to wear ponytails. guys can't have it. >> a lady needs to be a lady, andy, and for you to not know that makes me sick. >> when you join the army you are not a lady. you are a soldier. well if you are an officer.
12:47 am
>> constantine's mom has a buzz cut, but it doesn't mean every lady has to look like that. >> apparently a double standard. we did one story in that lightning round. >> sorry. >> time to take a break, but stay there. we still have 10 minutes left of air time. we will figure out how to fill it.
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mcdonalds launched a new happy meal menu that defaults to healthier options. the meals include fewer fries and a pack of apple slices and fat free chocolate or 1% milk. fruit is offered as an alternative option at the chain the past several years, but only 11% of diners were making the switch. jaime, if you were a kid, putting this healthy stuff in a happy meal is the equivalent of can selling halloween and christmas in the same year. it is basically being the equivalent of being jewish. >> i go to appleby's for my apples and mcdonalds for my french fries. >> what? >> do i there for bees. >> apples and bees.
12:52 am
are you going to tell us it is a good thing? >> yes, sure. >> you don't have to. >> i think that mcdonalds is a treat. you go and you have the small fries that are tiny. but i guess kids are so obese right now we have to force this on them, so be it. >> then why take them to mcdonalds if they are obese. >> i think it is silly. >> that's the other thing. this is more like -- the fact that only 11% of diners were taking advantage of this, i almost feel like mcdonalds is doing this so it takes the burden off the parents of having to do it. >> i totally agree. they have made so many billions of dollars on selling us this crappy food for years. >> i know, i know. can i say that? >> you can say it, but not -- >> i don't really eat there. i don't really eat there. it is worth a shot to try to put something healthy in the kids' meal. if they respond to. it fine. obviously they are not, so it is not working. i think maybe it is just a
12:53 am
nice pr stroke for them to just be like, we are trying to be healthy, and we care about you. >> why go to mcdonalds then? >> because it is just easy for parents. i'm a young father now, and it is easy to bring kids to mcdonalds. for frys or snack after school. my kid is 10 months and not eating mcdonalds. >> in another month. >> and it is easy for parents. try to make it a little healthier. my mcdonalds in my neighborhood has turned into a club. all nice furniture in there now, and they have like -- >> cocaine. >> floor to ceiling windows. there is the ikea furniture in there. >> bill, you eat a happy meal every day, but usually out of a dumpster. are you concerned that by doing this there would be fewer frys for you know? >> yes, well either way the frys never taste like the fries at mcdonalds. they have been in the trash for awhile.
12:54 am
they are more like french noodles. >> i am a libertarian and want minimal government. i would be okay with a law that says mcdonalds can only give me fresh frys. mcdonalds frys that have just been made are the best thing -- they are crack. >> have you had popeye's curly fries though? >> they are really good. >> they are up there. >> there are a lot of good frys out there, but the fresh mcdonalds frys. >> is it just me or are we trying to court advertisers? i like tide and you know why? >> french fries with apple sprinklings. >> speaking of sprinklings, could it be something -- could we get cool, free stuff and not tide? >> i like to invest in gold. my friend told me the one standard in our market is gold. that's all i got. >> we are going to dump out of
12:55 am
this. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up. and to see clips of recent shows go to
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don't forget to watch us saturday at 2 a.m. eastern time. and a new "red eye" returns on monday unfortunately with greg. guests next week include ann coulter and rick eleven -- leventhal and gavin mcguinness. smie it is time to go back to paul mccurio for the post game wrap up. >> i always wanted to do this. i feel newsy. talking about a dress code, why no tie? you are hosting a show. show respect. >> it is freaky friday, bro. >> don't say bro, are you so white. you are ruining it for everybody. masa, what are you doing tomorrow night? >> i will be on twitter live tweeting the ufc fight.
12:59 am
tweet me, masahill. >> what do you wear when you tweet ufc fights? >> i am not going to answer that. >> come on. >> only you can turn that sexual. >> look at you. >> what are you trying to do, scare her? oh yeah you probably are. >> you really should wear a tie. >> breaking news. how does one follow you on twitter? >> that's a fantastic question. >> thought of it myself. >> you are brilliant like that. it is just my name, jaime, underscore weinstein. >> why with the under score? that's a pain. >> somebody else took jaime weinstein without the underscore. >> okay. constantine i have seen you on tv dancing with mickey mouse. what is going on with you? >> if you watch children's television, i am helping launch the fisher-price campaign for rock star mickey mouse, you know,


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