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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 29, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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responding. that's going to do it for me in washington and america's ne headquarters rolls on. kelly wright and jamie colby are standing by in new york it take over from here and don't miss rick perry's sit down on fox news sunday. make it a great day, everybod everybody! >> a fox news alert. a tragic day for our troops. a homicide bomber striking an n.a.t.o. convoy, killing 13 soldiers and all of them are american. and hi, everybody, i'm jamie colby and it's sad news. >> indeed. something weever want to hear. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters, the single deadliest attack on foreign forces in ten years of war in afghanistan and it's just one of several today. and insurgents staged across the country. our connor powell is streaming
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live now from kabul with the latest. >> kelly, the taliban launched a string of attacks across afghanistan, including a very rare female suicide bomber, attacking a military pose in kuhner province, and the attack in kabul, explosives hit a u.s. military con killing 13 military troops and four afghans, including an afghan police officers, the deadliest day since august when a taliban rocket brought down a u.s. helicopter, killing 30 americans. the violence in kabul has been continuous, it's been ongoing for the last year or so, particularly hitting new heights here in kabul, just in the last few months. but, the taliban had begun to lose ground in other parts of the country and are focusing their attention here in kabul and today's attack is similar to what we've seen in other parts of the city where the taliban are focusing on
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military targets and focusing on afghan military targets and afghan government officials. now, the attack today is similar to what we've also seen on the road, the southern part of kabul. we've seen similar attacks like this on u.s. military convoys. and the taliban has taken some hits across the country, but here in kabul where the afghan security forces have taken control. the taliban seem to be able to still launch attacks, despite the fact that the afghans our lead security forces in kabul and there's a concern about how capable and ready the afghans are, if they can't handle security in kabul. will they handle it across the country as troops are transitioned out of afghanistan, kelly. >> yeah, we appreciate your report. keep us posted on what the latest developments might be, as they occur. connor, thank you. >> here is comes, folks, a fox extreme weather alert. i guess winter is here, after
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record heat and hurricanes, mother nature is putting the icing on the cake. anywhere from four to eight inches of snow, could be more in your area, more expected along the east coast and even in new york city, a live look at time square, not even november, and flakes are coming down and people are beginning the winter preparations ahead of schedule, and very few smiles to be seen. >> it was like, oh, oh, not happy at all. and i was surprised that we were having so much the the thought of one to six, anywhere going north and it was disturbing to us and destroud my weekend plans. >> i think it's kind of crazy, honestly. i didn't think it would actually come and i thought we'd get there sooner than unusual, but i didn't think it would be now. >> and neither did we, mary harrigan and chief mlgs reich reichmuth got it right. uh-uh. what's up? >> it's hard to believe, and three times it's ever snowed
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in new york city in the month of october and this is the fourth time now and likely to break the record. we had eight inches in october and this is what it looks like derry, pennsylvania and why i point it out. see the snow falling in that tree there. that tree has the leaves on it and a lot of trees still have all the leaves and it's going to be a very heavy and wet snow, that means it's going to knock over a lot of trees and it's going to be a very extensive tree damaged storm and a lot of power outages for people and it's going to be so cold tonight and tomorrow night if you're without power, it's a rough one and do everything you can to take your precautions now. here is what we're dealing with. winter storm warning from the the virginias to maine and 12 different states dealing with winter storm warnings and we're here in the latter days of october. very heavy snow he has fallen across the virginia and west virginia and continuing as it winds down and now it's pulling to the north and a lot
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ever pennsylvania dealing with it and the snow line is pulling off towards the east. so, places like philadelphia and you're starting to see this mixing with a little bit of snow and washington d.c. start to go see snow and new york city it's crossed over into snow as well. the interior sections, 6 to 12 inches and coastal areas, the city, one to three inches of snow, the earliest we've seen, take care. >> it could be a long train ride for me getting back to d.c., in the meantime, a different kind of reaction in vermont as folks grab their boards and gortex and head to the mountain. the ski resort now officially open for business, snow worshippers getting some early season turns as long as the snow will last. and killington management decided to get the chair left spinning after some nine inches of snow fell in just 24 hours on friday. and they say that staying open will obviously depend on the conditions. >> and is it snowing here you? that's the question we have
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for you right now. if you've got great pictures or video you want to share? please e-mail them to us at the address on your screen. you can see it right there. and give your name and location and a brief description of what you're looking at just outside of new york city and hill side, new jersey, for example, john sent us this picture, as snow starting to accumulate late on cars there, and keep sending them all. we'll try to get them on air and be safe while you're doing it. >> jamie: meanwhile, a major development in the fast and furious investigation, the justice department now confirming that attorney general eric holder is being called to testify before a house committee. and facing some serious claims that he lied about how much he knew about the failed gun running sting, but apparently that's not all lawmakers want to ask him about. and peter doocy live in washington with more on that. good morning, peter or good afternoon i should say now. >> and tell us when do you expect the attorney general will testify?
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>> december 8th, jamie, just over a month from now he's going to testify before the house judiciary committee and a lot of people are looking forward to that because we're going to hear his side of this story, homeland security janet napolitano was grilled about this week. >> for you to have two dead agents and never had a conversation with eric holder about fast and furious and about this, is totally unacceptable. >> no one takes the death of agents more serious than i and also, that one of the reasons that we have not directly dealt with the attorney general on this is he's very quickly and appropriately put this matter in the hands of the inspector general. >> reporter: the 8th day of december is when we're going to here from holder. as of today. eight members of congress have already stepped down including joe walsh who says, quote, i asked that the attorney general resign immediately and take responsibility for the united states as accessory to violent crimes connected to
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the mexican cartel as the chief law enforcement officer to second amendment of the constitution and the role he played in the subsequent coverup of the failed fast and furious oranges and if he fails to do so, i would ask that president obama dismiss him immediately. and wants the president to hire a special council to figure out if the attorney general lied to congress the last time he spoke to them. it's worth pointing out the last time president obama asked about holder, he said he had complete confidence in his attorney general, jamie. >> jamie: peter, thanks. >> kelly: action heating up on the campaign trail. g.o.p. accusing mitt romney of the global warming and tea party groups calling for michele bachmann to exit the presidential race is sparking major controversy. doug luzader is following the action. and mitt romney, he's spending
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off a familiar charge and that is that he's chief in flip-flopping. >> yeah, hello, kelly and that fits in with attack from the rick perry campaign which accused romney of flip-flopping on a number of issues, and the latest charge comes after romney spoke to a group in pittsburgh about global warming. >> my view is that we don't know what's causing climate change on this planet and the idea of spending trillions and trillions of dollars to try and reduce co 2 emissions is not the right course for us. >> the perry camp says that questioning the cause of global warming is a flip for romney and romney's campaign says he has said all of this before. >> let's talk about michele bachmann right now. she of course is defending herself from a major tea party activist, what's going on there. >> this doesn't help bachman's already struggling campaign and comes from american majority president ryan, he's a big tea party backer and said this, quote, it's time for michele bachmann to go to the last two years, and i've
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been cautioning about the dangers of individuals and organizations trying to present themselves as leaders of the tea party movement. now, michele bachmann, very quickly, shot back, here is what she said. she said, quote, it's no surprise this came from a perry supporter. i'm the tea party candidate and have been since i came to congress. now, for its part the perry campaign says it had nothing do with this attack and they learned about it, they say, from the media. >> kelly: okay, let's not forget about herman cain and a lot of people talking about his commercial and he's still on a role with big fund raising numbers. >> big. it's a projection, but a big one. 5 million dollars just for october fund raising, more than a million dollars a week and if it's true, throw times the pace that cain set through late summer and early fall and he doesn't have a big campaign operation. >> kelly: all right. doug, always good to see you. thanks, much. tomorrow on fox news sunday, chris wallace sits down for an
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exclusive one-on-one interview with presidential candidate rick perry and the the program would be broadcast live from austin, texas and you can catch that exclusive interview tomorrow only here on fox. >> politics again, house speaker john boehner is blasting the attempt to fix the economy calling the move the president announced this week in his speech laughable. but americans are not laughing about the state of the country. check out this new fox poll. it shows 76% of voters, that's both parties, are dissatisfied with how things are going these days. the, but what all the partisan work there in washington. everybody's watching, is it possible for both sides to pull it together and get anything done? joining us now to talk about it, daily beast columnist, a fox news political analyst and the house republican conference, ladies, great to see you. >> hi, good to be here. >> let me start with you,
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kristin and ask you what the president said on tuesday, that this increasingly dysfunctional congresssional isn't getting it done and he'll do it on its own, other than reform for housing and helping people afford their homes, and student loan programs, what does he have in mind? >> well, i mean, i think that those two things that you just mentioned are actually pretty huge and it's something that he had wanted to do before and he's now, you know, deciding that he's going to go around congress and do this instead because they're not doing anything and you know, i find john boehner's criticisms of him, even calling it laughable sort of troubling, frankly. there's people really suffering and the president is trying to do something to help with their underwater, you know, mortgages and students who are overwelcomed with hundreds of house of dollars in debt and you know, to call that laughable, i don't really understand what's funny about it. >> jamie: well, gretchen, boehner is not alone. some democrats have not approved programs and 76%,
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that's a huge increase. there was one statistic in my research that a hundred days in, just 53% of folks were not approving of the way the country is going, with president obama at the helm and there are claims that what he's doing is unconstitutional. what do you think? >> well, there are those claims and there is an increase in the public being dissatisfied where this nation is heading as it should be. the economy continues to drag on and unemployment continues to be high and yet, leaders, regardless of party, have the right to question the president, and they have the right to question each other and that's what democracy is all about. and that is what we have here. we have a democracy, and we need to enjoy it, we need to enjoy the freedoms we have and we need to challenge each other to find the best solutions for this country. >> jamie: kristin, the chief of staff, obama's chief of staff, also saying this week he's even frustrated with some of his fellow democrats. what is it that the president can do to not only bring his
10:14 am
space and his supporters behind him, but come up with programs that can be approved by both parties, time before his reelection campaign is up to the voting time, it's running out. >> welcome, i think if he thought he could do that he would be doing it rather than using executive orders and one of the problems is, is that what members of congress need to do and what the president needs to do are a little bit at cross purposes now that we're in election year so you're seeing, you know, basically it's every man for himself and you have democrats, too, maybe in a conservative district who just are saying, i can't get on board with any of this stuff because i have constituents who don't want to see anymore spending or anything. and he can't-- they're just, they're not going to be able to get on the same page in an election year. >> let me ask you this and gretchen respond. if the job of the chief executive not to get the system to work in the favor of the american people? if there's an idea that he believes in that he thinks needs to be implemented, as
10:15 am
chief executive should he not be required to bring both sides together rather than the extreme position of an executive order? kristin, you first. >> i don't think his positions are extreme, first of all, but i do think that you-- >> no, the procedure. >> what we're saying, we have to resort to that. >> yeah, these claims that are unconstitutional are silly, nothing unconstitutional about what he's doing. you would like to have a chief executive who is able to bring the people around. i think that defenders of the president would say it's impossible to bring them around because they don't want to give them any kind of success, so there's nothing he could do. i think other people feel like, well, bill clinton really was able to bring people like newt gingrich around and kind of find common ground. so, i think-- >> let me let gretchen crihime in. would we have the same situation in with a republican in the white house and consensus building, the way
10:16 am
that washington is working right now. >> it's about personalities and right now the personalities aren't wanting to work together and because we are we're he in an election year and the way the economy is heading. maybe i'm a naive oklahoma girl and if people put the jobs aside and put the american people first. they could work together. what the president did, he should have consulted with congress first before doing it and pulling it out of thin air. it's not something thats' talked about in any of his plans. >> thanks so much, good to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> new video coming in now of violence breaking out in syria. you're hearing the blasts right know going on and security forces reportedly pounding the city and sweeping raids one day after activists say they killed 40 people in
10:17 am
one of the bloodiest crackdowns in months. rina ninen live from the jerusalem bureau. what's the latest of the government crackdown in syria? >> hi, good to see you as well. three people killed today and as you mentioned yesterday was one of the deadliest crackdowns since the upsizing began in march. one of the didleyest recent months and what made it so deadly. the president assad of syria, his security forces after the protests happened, went with machine guns and tried to hunt them down and kill them and that was part of the problem. it wasn't the typical shooting during the protest, kell, it was afterwards that most of the bloodshed took place, kelly. >> kelly: that's interesting. reena, as we've seen the anti-assad protesters they've been able to manage to keep the heat on assad all of this time. will he fall anytime soon? >> reporter: he's continuing
10:18 am
and despite the pressure from the protesters. the three big difficulties tis they face. one, they're in so much different groups and factions, they're not able to organize under one big banner, and assad's community which makes up 10% of the population, they're not able to get them to move over to the opposition and these people are key in government, they're key in business. and the third problem is that much of assad's security forces, we haven't seen large defections take place and that's part of the problem, as to why president assad is able to continue to he remain in power. >> kelly: yeah, we continue to see the loss of life there. r the-- reena ninen. have a good day. >> jamie: and police are learning who he is, who he may have been working with and why he was targeting a building with a high powered rifle. we'll be rooeb. right back. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs
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>> los angeles is home to hollywood, the the walk of fame and movie stars and while celebrities get most of the attention in the city of angels, there are some remarkable moments worth noting, like the l.a. urban league which recently gave 31 students from crenshaw high school the experience of a
10:23 am
lifetime, an all expense paid trip to china, another example of living life beyond the dream. >> some students from crenshaw high school in los angeles never traveled beyond the city, but recently 31 students toured china, seeing all of the great sights, the great wall. tiananmen square and the forbidden city. >> how many times do you get the chance to say i did something that was life changing, literally life changing, like i would not be the same person right now if i didn't go to china? >> jordan williams is one of the 31 students from crenshaw high school to traveled to china in a rare exchange program of sharing their african-american heritage from some of the top students in china. >> i'm just so happy and you know, grateful that i got to have this experience and i wanted to show the rest of my
10:24 am
peers in school they can do the same. it was just so beautiful and amazing and something unbelievable, like me coming from crenshaw and all of us coming from crenshaw in this neighborhood, you would never think, you know, that you could go across the world. now that we've done it, i just i feel that everybody else could do the same in my school. >> kelly: issa taylor, a senior at crenshaw was captivated. while touring there he ran to the top of the great wall and claims to have learned the secret for chinese students being he so smart. >> they come home and do four hours of homework, eat, three to three hours and go to sleep and do it all over again and go to school way longer than us, when we come home and have kids in l.a., be on facebook, and that stuff, they don't have. >> kelly: the l.a. urban
10:25 am
league prepared the crenshaw students with ten weeks of learning how to speak mandarin chinese. >> the experience was amazing. we took 31 students over to china and 25 students have never traveled on an airplane before and 21 out of the county of los angeles, so, the experience of just being on foreign soil and understanding that you're within a new cultural context is really, really just helped to just open a window of opportunity for the students. >> kelly: after arriving in china, the students, along with bernard and callel, made several presentations on african-american history, at chinese schools and universities. the and one of the great collections of african-american history and art were instrumental getting the crenshaw students to china. >> the chinese had no concept who we were and what we did and we wanted to bring them something they can't do anywhere else, and that's the african-american story. >> we're there being able to share our history, but have a
10:26 am
younger generation do it and see the cycle that they're not only learning in, you know, as part of the process, but they're also teaching. . >> kelly: some of the students were members of crenshaw high school's gospel choir and showcased their talents on the steps of the great while and wheel they learned about culture from the american visitors, the students of crenshaw high learned a lot about themselves. they now feel empowered to do great things beyond the dream. >> you know, frederick douglas once wrote, be it far better to build great children than repair broken men. that's exactly what the l.a. urban league seeks to do, build great children and an even better, greater community. >> jamie: and back in washington. there are a growing number of lawmakers that are calling for attorney general eric holder to testify before congress over the disastrous gun running operation going bad
10:27 am
and now they're getting it. >> when did you first speak with eric holder about fast and furious? >> i don't believe i've ever spoke with eric holder about fast and furious. >> why is it that an operation that big and that important and that much in the news, you don't have the details on? >> rst young men. the pioneers. the aviators. building superhighways in an unknown sky. their safety systems built of brain and heart, transforming strange names from tall tales into pictures on postcards home. and the ones who followed them, who skimmed the edge of space, the edge of heaven, the edge of dreams. and we follow them up there
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>> welcome, it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. a homicide bomber, killing 13 american troops and the taliban is claiming responsibility. >> jamie: here in the northeast we're dealing with snow and he yes, we are. some places will get a light dusting. up to ten inches in other areas. >> kelly: wow. investigators say two deaths on board the norwegian dawn cruiseship were not the result of foul play. a woman and man were found
10:32 am
dead aboard the ship on frid friday. >> that's mysterious to say the least. this one, the picture says a thousand word. the calendar may not match up with what you see from your videos. check out new york city. this is a live look at times square and let's talk with julie banderas. before i came in, i could not believe the size of snowflakes and it's sticking. >> it's coming down hard and sticking and typically in new york city especially with the warm weather you've been seeing you wouldn't expect it to stick, but it's heavy and costing tens of thousands of power outages and they're expecting power lines to go down, knocking down trees being knocked down as well. let me shoi you, actually, what it looks like here in new york city, bob, pan over. this is the sort of stuff that's sticking on the ground. and it's pretty much slush
10:33 am
making for slippery conditions and the cars parked on 6th avenue in front kind of give you an idea, all eyes are on this. take-- so rare for new york city, i believe that was thunder. and this is really incredible to hear thunder on top of all of this and this is all happening right before halloween and if you take a look at the trees and so forth, just in the city, just to give you an idea, this nor'easter is crushing the entire northeastern and the mid atlantic and new england hard and fast and here in the city at about 11 a.m. and in earlier parts of the northwest, and walking through philadelphia, and today's storm will shatter records in terms of the early season arrival and unprecedented amounts of snow, most trees feel full and the snow would be capable of snapping the tree limbs due to the sheer weight of the snow, to make it worse some areas are going to
10:34 am
be seeing strong winds and the roads conditions are treacherous, at the least air travel will also be slowed dramatically. not just in parts of the northeast and in maryland and washington d.c., but across the country because of the delays and this thing is going to be packing a punch through the weekend. we will he' stay on top of it. >> we will, and if our viewers can safely take pictures send them to, come in, julie and dry off for a moment. kelly. >> kelly: all right. let's talk about something else going on, it's serious right now. the outcry for eric holder's resignation, he of course is the attorney general and growing louder. eight republican congress members now calling on the attorney general to step down. this, as holder agrees to appear before the house judiciary committee in december, december 8th to be exact, to testify about the botched gun running operation, fast and furious, so, what's next for holder and the
10:35 am
investigation? here now, byron york, chief political correspondent of the washington examiner, always good to talk to you and thank you for joining us, this is important topic because eric holder, the attorney general is actually going to appear before congress to answer questions about the investigation of fast and furious and we know some republicans want his head and are calling for him to resign. what do you think has to take place when he goes before that committee. it's not going to be a pleasant experience for the attorney general in front of that committee because the republicans are angry and curious to learn more what happened with fast and furious, socially how much he knew. >> the attorney general angled republicans when he told them in may that he had only learned recently about fast and furious and later, e-mails came out to show that he had learned about it or been informed about it in a whole series of e-mails in 2010. they are still upset about
10:36 am
that and lamar smith, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, called on the white house for an independent investigator to look into this and now, eight republicans have called on holder to resign. >> it's even troubling to the standpoint though that homeland security secretary janet napolitano, when she received news that one of her border patrol agents had been killed because of this program, didn't in all of this time, talk to the attorney general about this. that's got to be alarming and not only to the republican members of congress, but even to democrats. >> well, that's right. now, napolitano says the reason she didn't do it, because there was an inspector general investigation of this. here again, republicans are going to want to know more what's going on and as far as holder's status here, the interesting thing, the most damaging thing that happened to eric holder and the obama administration, is that republicans want control of the house last year, that gives them subpoena power and we've now seen darrell issa,
10:37 am
ahead of the oversight committee in the house and the republican, subpoena documents from holder and there are going to be continuing fights between republicans in the house, where they're in control, and the administration over documents, you're going to see more republicans call up for holder's resignation. if holder has the confidence of the president, he doesn't have to step down, he can, he's fine, as long as no democrats are involved in this and nothing else is discovered that is damaging to him, but the problem is republicans are very determined to pursue it. >> and byron, that being said, one could go so far as to argue that the republicans are taking some overreach with this. the president says he's standing by his attorney general, and that the-- the investigation will go on to find out what happened, where all of this went awry and we should remind people that fast and furious was an operation that went awry because the united states government is up selling weapons to drug cartels to keep track of what the drug
10:38 am
cartels are doing and ended up in the wrong hands and causing the death of some, of a border agent. that's not good. >> you're absolutely right and the facts of the case are going to determine the future here. we talked about how republicans are angry about what holder said in may. if that's all there is, if ne don't find anything else damaging about it, then, holder will probably be fine, the republicans are still going to be unhappy about it, but it's unlikely that democrats would break ranks. the fact of the case, what's discovered in the next few months are critical in this investigation. >> critical indeed and a lot of people will be watching when the attorney general actually comes in to talk, a lot of people will watch, including myself. >> including us, yes, okay, thanks. >> good day to you. >> and this is one of those stories where you're so happy it had a happy ending. >> there was a boy missing in virginia and found alive six days after he vanished during a family hike.
10:39 am
he's robert wood, jr. >> he has autism and volunteers found him combing the woods. he's in good shape and taken to a hospital checked and spotted lying in a creek bed all alone. >> robert woods, jr. has been found and reunited with his family. he was found at approximately 2 p.m. on martin marietta quarry property. it was approximately three quarters to a mile from where he was last seen. the search is over and the investigation continues and there are a lot of people to thank. >> jamie: robert went missing while hiking with his family on sunday. and he doesn't speak, which search crews say made the search very difficult. we're so happy he's home. >> kelly: indeed. and are you a spender or a saver or a little bit of both? turns out americans are making a little more money these
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she had planned f every eventuality. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. >> how about this for a reward. a sip of rare wine leon panetta's reward for bin laden. he made a met over last new year's eve, saying he would uncork get this, a $10,000 bottle of wine if he caught bin laden. he took that bet five months later bin laden was dead and the restaurant owner plans to open up the rothschild at this year's party to honor leon
10:45 am
panet panetta. >> jamie: obviously, that restaurant owner as going to be spending some money and americans actually are making a bit more money and they seem to be spending a lot more, too. maybe not from that bottle of wine though. and one possible reason is, you can't count on interest. five months ago 3.6% and now, it's around 0.23%, which haven't much. and so is all of this additional spending good or bad for the economy? the end, if you want to save what's the best way to do it. >> joining is michael, uni, private strategies, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> do you think we will he get back to the newlies, 3.6 sounds really good right now. >> it sure does and you know, on your introduction, that hit the nail on the head. what we've got here is just a very simple case of human nature and discipline. when you're earning 3.6% or
10:46 am
back in the day when the money market was 5% not that long ago, you had a real incentive to say to yourself, i'm not going to take that money. you know, and spend it on something, i'm going to keep earning my 3.6 or 5%. now, as maybe your cd's are coming due or your savings accounts aren't paying much. there it sits, lying there, not earning anything, and the temptation is very great to spend it. that's for sure. >> what happens now that people are earning just a tiny bit more, if they are earning at all? and they're spending, proportionately more than they were before when they were actually bringing home more money than before. where does that leave us, economically? >> well, of you've got to two edge sword. consumer spending accounts for 70% of our economy, so, clearly, you know, an increase in spending does have a positive affect on the overall economy. now, i think you may be seeing a little bit more consumer spending, as you so rightfully said from those that do have
10:47 am
income because i think the trends are that we're seeing the data on is the american consumer that has a job is getting their balance sheet, their personal balance sheet in a little better shape by perhaps using the savings to way down debt and they don't have as much debt they feel more comfortable. and we're spending, which would help the overall economy. >> my research shows that it's still less than 1%, but americans spent .6%, three times from the previous month. is that a trend? >> could be, i'm not convinced it is trend. a lot of that was increases in energy and food prices. those are commodity-based as we know. whether it be the grains in your food or the fuel. that you use throughout the chi commodity or put in your it was tanks. and commodities go up and down we were talking about when gas was nearing a $4 price and i think the spending is going up
10:48 am
and people are driving more which could be a carry over from not driving as much. and the holiday season which is historically a spending season. >> good to see you, michael see more, great information. >> and smokers is bad for you, they can try a different kind of cigarette that isn't quite so bad. really? our medical a-team weighs in next. host: could switching too really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! man 1: don't mind if i doozy. man 3: is a gentleman with a brostache invited over to this party? man 1: only if he's ready to rock! ♪ sfx: guitar and trumpet jam vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> a cancer center in kentucky taking a new approach to kicking the smoking habit. suggesting something most health experts won't. to switch to smoke-free tobacco. you heard me right. supporters say the method is more likely to help people quit and carries less risk of disease than cigarettes. the question, is that true? here to discuss that, a fox news medical a-teamer and assistant professor of medicine at mount sinai hospital. this campaign is taking place in owensboro, kentucky. is it workable? >> it's very, very controversial campaign because people kind of are split as to
10:53 am
whether or not these tobacco or smoke-free tobaccos are as safe ands the tobacco-free ways to quit smoking and it's unclear, what they are he' suggesting using is called an snu s-n-u and tobacco-free spoke, goes into the mouth, dissolves, doesn't spit it out like chewing tobacco and chewing tobacco associated with oral canceren and this is unclear whether or not they'll be caused in the same type. >> and the name for the campaign, switching quit. make it look good and advertise it on billboards and talk about it on the radio and print campaigns. >> right. but the question, is smokeless tobacco as you've been discussing better for you? >> well, that's the-- >> if that makes sense. >> we don't know, the goal is you want to be nicotine-free, it's not just the tobacco that can cause cancer, but can cause long-term stroke and heart disease, but you want to be out of the habit of using
10:54 am
nicotine. >> 46 million people in america are still smoking and face the hazards and risks associated with that. so this kind of campaign, is this the kind of campaign that can actually undo that damage? because from all intents and purposes what's wrong with the patches and this program even talked about that? >> right, i don't know if this is going to undo that and i don't think that i-- i'm not as sold this is the best way to get people to quit smoking either. i think the goal, we have so many other ways of getting people to smoke, whether it's hypnosis, whether it's just psychotherapy, or whether-- counseling or we're talking them through stress management in addition to the nicotine. >> kelly: let's be real. if you're still putting something in your mouth. >> right. >> kelly: that oral fixation of smoking and having a cigarette in your mouth chances are you'll want the real thing eventually. i'm just saying. >> well, i think, i think what it does, it doesn't break that habit of tobacco, but doesn't break the habit of nicotine
10:55 am
and that's the problem. nicotine is addictive. >> kelly: and why in the campaign? it boggles the mind. >> i agree with you, i don't think it's the best way to get people to quit smoking and time will tell and this is a short. i think they're basing this partly on what is going on with sweden. in sweden they use the snu, or smoke-free tobacco and the incidence of lung cancer and lower than it is in the united states. >> kelly: i don't want to wax personal, but my mother died of lung cancer and doctors at some point told her she can continue to smoke even after having that and i was devastated by that news alone and what was your best advice and recommendation someone out there in kentucky who might be opting to go with the smoke-free tobacco cigarette? >> i would try to quit smoking without a tobacco substance, whether it's the nicotine patches or gum or using a medication to help you or
10:56 am
wellbutrin can help and stress management and shown that counseling through stress management, if you want to call it sigh could he therapy, but a way to keep people to break the the habit and hypnosis has been shown to work. >> kelly: and thank you for your insights. it's an interesting attempt and approach and hopfully it will work for tomorrow, but, i-- >> a message to folks, personal loss encourage people take it seriously. >> kelly: we appreciate you sharing it with us. >> jamie: great to he zoo you and have you here, good health to all of you, i'm jamie colby. >> kelly: love you guys, take care, be healthy, i'm kell am i wright. up next, the journal editorial report. stay warm and dry. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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